This Is The Time To Support Return Of Kings

The firestorm that was unleashed after Roosh announced the worldwide meetup exceeded what anyone could have imagined. The message from the attack on the meetups is clear: masculinity is a threat to the established order, and therefore it must be crushed at any cost. This is why Return of Kings needs your support like it never has before.

Why did the media smear Roosh and Return of Kings?


Over time I’ve become convinced that Western nations are plutocracies—they are governed by a relatively small number of extremely wealthy people. While these elites are not necessarily part of a conspiracy, they do share one common goal: they want to maintain their position of power. Thus, the establishment takes steps to ensure that the lower classes are appeased. We are permitted to act freely as long as it does not pose a threat to the establishment.

However, the elite will move to crush any movement that poses a potential threat. If a group poses a threat to the established order, it will be attacked in the media. If the group is compatible with the establishment, it will be permitted or even fostered.

As long as neomasculinity remained at the level of men working on self-improvement, the elites were willing to leave us alone. But as soon as Roosh announced that men would be getting together in the real world, the elites moved swiftly. In what appears to have been a predetermined plan, the elites unleashed the media in an unprecedented way to put a stop to ROK becoming actualized in real space.

And judging by the depth and hysterical nature of the attack (it was international and included major newspapers, television, and politicians—even the British Parliament), the establishment thinks that the ROK meetups pose a very grave threat indeed.

Media confirmed a dox of Roosh’s family

A “journalist” at the Daily Mail confirmed a dox of Roosh’s parents that was put out by Anonymous, which exposed his family to threats of violence. In addition to the death threats leveled at Roosh, SJWs also threatened to kill Matt Forney. But it is not just Roosh and the ROK writers who have been attacked, every man who reads ROK has been slandered by the media. We’ve been called “misogynists,” “legal rape advocates,” “legal rape fanboys,” a “rape advocate mob,” and “pro rape pickup artists.”

Roosh had to implement greater security on his websites, including this one. He also had to hire a private security company to protect his family from unhinged SJWs (he shortened his family visit and re-located to take heat off of them). All of these expenses have added up to a hefty sum. Roosh estimates that he’ll need about $10,000 to pay for extra security costs and server administration that keep us online. That’s why we are asking for your support today.

Three ways you can help

1. Drop something in the tip jar. A donation of $100 or more it would be greatly appreciated, but we’d appreciate any donation, no matter how small. You can also donate a small amount every month. If you’ve gotten some benefit out of reading Return of Kings, please consider chipping in at least a few dollars.

2. Buy ROK advertising for your business. If you have a product to sell, another good way to help is by purchasing advertising on ROK or on the podcast. I would encourage readers to buy from our sponsors if the product meets your needs.

3. Buy Roosh’s books. You can do so via Bang Guides or Amazon. If you are already married, consider getting the books for an unmarried friend or relative. If you have already read some of these books, consider placing a review on Amazon.

It also helps to get the message out to more men. Encourage your friends, relatives, and coworkers to check out ROK. Share articles that you agree with on social media. Every little bit that we do to build up our tribe makes us stronger.


The establishment identified ROK as an existential threat to the current degenerate order…

…and, they are right. We are.

We are not going to stop until we bring back the patriarchy. Their attempt to crush us has only made us smarter and more determined to help men achieve success financially, physically, romantically, and spiritually. We want to remake society into a place where both men and women can be happier. If we all work together, we can realize our goal.

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495 thoughts on “This Is The Time To Support Return Of Kings”

    1. Um no because the supporters already exist hence the absence of the need to beg “for” supporters. Think about the things you write before you write them.

      1. I think you should know that one of the definitions of begging is “Asking someone earnestly for something.” But if they aren’t being earnest then sure, they aren’t begging.

        1. But as was pointed out earlier, no one is begging for supporters because the supporters already exist. This is what you not understanding.

        2. They are asking for people to patronize their blog and make a donation but this is not the point I am making. You attempted to mischaracterize the article by suggesting that ROK was seeking supporters. As I said earlier, ROK already has supporters and they were not begging for any. You cannot beg for something that you already possess. ROK possesses support from its “supporters”.

        3. That is mostly true. But ‘GetItGoing’ claimed that he didn’t see ‘ANY’ begging. I was refuting his claim. I suggest learning English and checking what has previously been said in a debate before jumping in.

        4. This discussion is a waste of time and all over a snarky comment you wrote in an attempt to be demeaning.
          Find something better to do. There’s plenty of great articles here to read.
          Unlike at other sites, here men aren’t shamed for contributing or having honest, sincere opinions. Unfortunately it draws those who are inherently negative, such as yourself.

        5. I’m well aware it’s a waste of time. I was bored so I posted that to see what sort of offended responses I could get. I’m delighted to have triggered you guys over something so pointless.

        6. I’m not “triggered.” That implies an emotional-based response, which I don’t have.
          I was correcting your statement.
          Now if you’ll excuse me I have work to do before I go squat around twice your body weight this evening at the gym.

        7. And you look like you’re in your period.
          (Remember that period means a span of time).

        8. Why are you making this complicated? You attempted to mischaracterize the article by stating that ROK was begging for supporters and that was not the case. You were merely called out and couldn’t defend what you said. Now you are accusing me of not knowing English. That’s absurd for If I did not know English I would not have been able to correct your error. Stop being defensive and accept your error.

        9. I’m making this complicated because I like messing with you guys. Why else do you think I’d comment on this ‘article’?

        10. If you are going to mess with people then at least issue comments that align properly with what you are commenting on. You left an enormous hole in your comment when you tried to characterize the article as “begging for supporters” when it was not.

        11. Dude, while you Ave your nose in the dictionary, look up the difference between denotation and connotation. Then go back to beg and look up definition 2: to ask for something in a way that shows you are not proud. That defiantly is not what is going on here.

        12. Because you are a useless waste of DNA like most of our opponents, but we are willing to take the time to point that out to more passive observers.

    2. Based on llewelyn’s disqus profile and facebook he’s more interested in Hollywood celebrity news, anime and comic books; the pass-times of betas yearning for female approval.
      I suspect hes taking screen caps for his oneitis to prove his feminist credentials for the .05% chance of sex. But instead he has only proven his bonafide mangina credentials to a forum populated by real men.
      Do you even lift bro?

      1. “comic books; the pass-times of betas yearning for female approval.” Says the guy with a comic book/Hollywood movie villain as his profile picture. Too cowardly to let people know who you really are? 😉

        1. I liked movies and comics, then I turned 18 and put emphasis on the real world.
          I certainly don’t rely on them as a crutch and place holder for female companionship and real world skills and knowledge.
          So….you’re saying you don’t lift then? Your neck looks fragile, eat something with protein in it…stay away from soy.

        2. That loser? Happy Bunny happens to know that Llewelyn was so ugly the midwife slapped his mother, teehee.
          I hate trolls; they are loud and obnoxious, and interrupt my sleep.

        3. Actually I do lift. But I compete in a sport where speed and agility are valued over pointless bulk. So I need to keep muscle mass down.
          (Also you never answered my question about you being to cowardly to let people know who you really are ;))

        4. But I compete in a sport where speed and agility are valued over pointless bulk. So I need to keep muscle mass down

        5. It’s called fencing (Sword fighting). If you actually looked at my FB you’d have seen stuff about it (And just keep dodging the question you little coward ;))

        6. And with that statement you prove that you know nothing about sport…
          I’m guessing you’re either a bodybuilder or couch potato type.

        7. Right, because hiding behind a pair of sunglasses and keeping your account activity private makes .you a paragon of transparancy.

        8. It’s a great sport but foil and sabre are terribly watered down versions of the actual combat technique; epee to a lesser extent.

        9. I give you credit because you mentioned before you’re into sword craft. As a nod to history and culture I accept your premise.
          My point being is that fencing is an elitist sport with a limited demographic and social circle, much like yachting or equestrian riding. So when I see a pencil neck geek talking about his conditioning for his fencing hobby I envision a spoiled hedge fund brat pretending to be an athlete of sorts.

        10. You certainly don’t need the sort of capital investment that yachting or equestrian events require, nor the ongoing expenses of golf. It is bigger in Europe but not much of a spectator sport in North America, sort of like soccer I guess. I suppose some people would consider it hoity-toity but there is a certain reverse snobbery at work. When I was on the Ryerson fencing team our coach was a 1976 Olympian. The fencing team brought home more medals and championships than most if not all other teams, but do you think we could get a fraction of the funding that the football team got, even on a per athlete basis?

  1. YES. Now Is the Time for All Good Kings to recognize themselves and eachother for being Kings and think and act in support of eachother. And to fearlessly stand up for enlightened Honour, Courage, Fortitude, Virtue, Service, and Dominance.

  2. I paid for gold/silver subscription to the forum few times as I got banned few times plus I was called names. I guess I’ll stick to RoK as the forum is quite dogmatic and it’s more for the hard core PUAs.
    So that’s my contribution, not much but …
    p.s. If I was to advertise on this site I would check who the other advertisers are and I would not want to be in the company of kratom and dick pump sellers.

    1. With the way things are nowadays, perhaps we need some attorneys to advertise here.
      From all the horror stories regarding false accusations against men (especially in colleges today) they need sound legal counsel.

      1. If I was Roosh I would try to profile the type of advertisers on the site. It seems the selection now is whoever pays gets their space.
        On the other hand, if there was no advertising at all I’d be willing to pay monthly subscription.

    2. I always see way to many people banned on the forum..some after 500 posts. So he was ok 500 times then he committed the unpardonable sin??

  3. In this world, money seems to be power. And the more money you have the more you can do, the more you can control. That just doesn’t sit well with me.

    1. Money drives innovation. Without money we would be in the stone age. If you want more power contribute more to society and earn more money.

      1. money can buy lawyers. Lawyers can file endless nuissance lawsuits to break the enemy. it is their tactic, time to adopt it.

      2. I’m positive we wouldn’t have to go all the way back to the stone age to live without money, but that’s not at all the point i was trying to make. Using money to control any kind of mass of people, in my own personal opinion which you are allowed to disagree with it, is immoral.

        1. Im not saying we would go back if we didn’t have it anymore, im saying we would have developed much slower without an efficient means for trade. But yeah i agree that its immoral and people who lack morals often get ahead when it comes to business and power.

    1. Perhaps a private blog that all contributing members from ROK or RVF can access once they are approved or something like that.

    2. Tor and DeepWeb, thats the future. You better start learning how this stuff works in order to get underground. Because thats were we are heading fast,

        1. Not yet but they are working on it. Linux is your best bet when it comes to privacy. Until they will make a fully working smarphone with Linux OS i dont see it safe.

    1. I just sent in my donation via pay pal….great site Roosh, keep it happening….and btw, this is the first time I have ever contributed financially to a blog, but I do feel strongly that we need to continue countering the anti male forces in our society.

      1. …actually, the Indo-European ‘race’ of Caucasians ARE “Aryan” — that was the old name Yeats & co. used to identify the proto-race that colonized Europe, India (and yes) Persia. Quite a few Persians had ‘whiter’ feathers than southern europeans, and theres now an assertation that the Brahmins were ‘originally’ blonde haired, which was a feature sought out for intermarriage within the caste.

        1. That is true. Aryan essentialy reffers to the proto-race that later became caucasoids. Unfortunately lots of the aryans, such as light skinned indians and persians have mixed with other groups, and have thus lost their uniqueness.

          Notice Yazidi girls. Often people from Afghan and middle asia territory have green eyes. This is the ancient indo-european remnant genes

          Light skinned indians have a lot of remnant “aryan” genetics. Notice blue eyes and the european face structure. Quite different from dark skinned desi girls

          Ancient mummy from China. Tall, light skinned and has a very european face

          There is still some remnant “aryan” genes in the horn of Africa. Ethopians look different from other africans. They have lighter skin and more european faces

  4. Women have always been the gatherers in the tribe therefore if you feminized a society, they will be more inclined to spend. Becoming brainless consumers. Leading to the elites having more leverage on you. A metaphorical Ball and Chain to a society that dehumanizes us.

  5. I barely make rent each month on minimum wage, but I will be donating 20$ today. “The kings of the North”!!!!

  6. Saw that coming. The publicity may have helped bring in more income. But the simple life that did not need a lot of money to be happy. It just got made a bit more complicated. Lawyers and bodyguards are not free

  7. If anyone is in Germany and want to meet up next week contact me via PM on disqus. I would gladly host in Stuttgart.

    1. a “banned demonstration” ? ! Holy shit, I thought America is no worse than the rest of the west, but can you actually get arrested for thoughtcrimes now (Not that what happened to Roosh is much different)?

  8. You’re right about the media response being pre-planned. They’re ready for any of the various “self-determination” or anti-immigration movements to try break out of cyberspace. Whoever led them must have had ‘Pravda’, KGB, or Stassi experience — or else worked at NBC.

  9. Roosh I use to think you were cool and I use to support this site more but it went from neo-masculinity to pro white/hate filled click bait nonsense as of late. Very odd considering you, yourself are a 2nd generation immigrant but do nothing but bash other races/religions and anything not conforming to a very narrow minded fox news lite agenda. I think you would get more followers if you tried to be more about neo-masculinity and less about saying outlandish trump style things to get attention to the site. Just my 2 cents.

    1. That’s what makes this site great. You take the good with the bad. It’s a more realistic portrayal of how people interact.
      Besides you shouldn’t really emphasize on things you can’t control. Just carry on with what you can control and leave it at that.

    2. What’s wrong with “pro-white” stuff? Is “pro-black” stuff okay? Self-determination, sociopolitical realism, and racial/ethnic “as such” support is a necessary part of all autonomy, anti-coercion movements. The difference between them is fuzzy, if non-existent. When you try to segregate, create a firewall around, such a movement, like MRAs do, you end up with things like ‘A Voice for Men’ — basically liberal SJWs for men. And that’s because they don’t understand the foundational principles we’re rebelling against.
      The Elites want to bring us all down; we will stand together, or fall apart.

      1. A little bit of pro-white in 2015 is certainly not going to suddenly lead to kkk and the various extremes we’ve had in the past. It needs to be that way. The world is the way it is because of white people, we need to acknowledge that and show some respect, whatever our colour.

    3. You see, you’re more than welcome to write about Latin Alpha Prowess or Black’s Hierachy in Africa. I mean, 90 percent of us would still enjoy that.

    4. No doubt ROK scared way some advertisers by narrow-casting their message. ROK could potentially be selling ad space to divorce lawyers, fitness industry, travel industry etc. But not if it drives away more business than it captures.

      1. Nah bro, ROK will just take Kratom and Brawndo. That’s the only shit we assholes buy anyways.

    5. If you want to split hairs Roosh isn’t white. And this site has never been pro-white. Neomasculinity, transcends race. We want all men to do well. In my opinion it goes like this…we want all men to do well and recognize who are enemies are who don’t want that. Those are feminists and homosexualists.

      1. I feel that men do indeed need to meet up to discuss issues. I’m sort of on the fence though when it comes to outright excluding homosexual men. I mean I certainly dont support politicized sexuality (e.g. LGBQT) but not all gays are the same. Some are very conservative to full on tranny-flamboyant.
        As far as the conservative types, would it be wise to exclude them from these sort of meetups? I mean they are still men at the end of the day.
        One of the reasons for feminism is that they got the gay community to white-knight for them. If the men’s movement started to erode this, what affect would it have?
        Whatever the case, this is a question worth considering at least. Its a numbers game, they have more. That’s the only reason why I ask.
        I will add to this though…Could gay men be brought to support traditional masculinity?

        1. There are some gays out there I respect and admire, but gays have been completely feminized, most importantly most lack manly virtues and we don’t really want the added attention.

        2. I think it’s more a distraction than anything. I have a semi-close friend who is gay and I can talk about red pill stuff with him more than almost all my straight friends. And that gay guy Milo seems to be one of the strongest voices for masculinity haha!
          Roosh has taken the position that gay issues have led to further degeneracy, and while I have supported pro-gay policies in the past, when you look at where we are today, I must agree. I guess if someone was gay and agreed with everything else, the best advice would be don’t talk about having sex, basically don’t ask don’t tell.
          But then again, if you already agree with most masculinity issues, I’m pretty sure you have learned the skill of not broadcasting your preference for buttsex to the world by now, so why are we discussing it at all?

        3. The homosexual angle has been used as a division in culture. To be frank I don’t really care about 2 guys or girls hooking up. What does bother me is the endless parades and cultural signalling that injects “gay culture” as something exclusionary and praise-worthy past heterosexuality and modesty.
          Gay culture sits up there with black culture and fem culture and furry culture and blah blah blah…how about we just work with American culture and everything else is something you do in your own home privately that you don’t brag about and demand legislation for?
          I will begin having more respect for the gay population when they regain control of their narrative from the politicians and institutions using them as weapons against cultural norms.
          Until then…..fag, faggot fag and more faggotry.

        4. I think we need to keep things simple. You’ll get lost splitting hairs trying to categorize different kinds of homosexuals. Facts are facts, and right now, homosexuals have way too much power. And the vast vast vast majority of homosexuals are homosexualists. Shit, they’re trying to ban conversion therapy in a few more states..this is insane. I hear what your saying and the conservative good homosexuals will find us and already have, Milo is one. We can mend with them on our territory and terms. But, as you can see, those kinds of homosexuals are infinitesimal and even if there are lots of them staying silent, you’re still talking about a small percentage of 1.5-2% of the population. Here’s my statement to you – who are the people trying to take you down? Answer: women and homosexuals. That’s all you need to know. Neomasculinity is a very open and tolerant ideology, but, we can’t be open and tolerant to the forces that seek our destruction. Its not my or your fault that feminists and homosexualists hate me and you and making policy to undermine us. They started this bullshit and they’re actions demand we act. If we loose some of the good homosexuals its a cost of war, but frankly, Milo is doing fine ergo without doing anything or changing anything I think we’re good.

        5. I will probably be banned for this, but I’m a gay man. And I am completely on board with you guys.

        6. Exactly.. Do it in your own homes, don’t honour it in the media, don’t shove it in the faces and down the throats of the heterosexual breeding majority

    6. Just my $0.02, but if you think stating that feminists target white males is pro white/ hate filled click bait you haven’t been paying attention.

      1. It’s not that black men never get hit by feminists, but they do usually look for white men. Interesting how often the SJWs typified the tribal meetings as ‘white’, when there was a very racially diverse crowd n most.

    7. Why do you equate “pro white” with “hate filled?” It appears you already made up your mind to ignore any sensory input that contradicts your inner model of reality.

    8. This post is perfect example of what’s wrong today – this whole notion that everything someone espouses has to fit one’s own ideological agenda.
      Ideology isn’t reality. You don’t have to agree with everything someone else says but you’d be wise to accept that reality more often than not isn’t nice and streamlined to one’s personal beliefs. That little “fox news lite” jab also speaks volumes about how impressionsable and receptive you are to pop culture memes.
      The notion of the “progressive utopia” has infested the minds of so many. It’s a real shame.

    9. I agree that the white nationalist narrative can go overboard at times. That being said, it’s impossible to ignore the reverse – that excessive claims of racism (like Black Lives Matter) are being used to divide Western nations. I think someone who points this out is just being honest – not an extremist.
      It’s about being willing to speak the truth, regardless of how PC/un PC it might be.

  10. “We’ve been called “misogynists,” “legal rape advocates,” “legal rape fanboys,” a “rape advocate mob,” and “pro rape pickup artists.””
    What about “shitlords”? That’s my favorite.

    1. The same assholes who bitch the loudest over the extreme political bias at Fox News.
      “But… but… this is different. We’re on the side of the angels. We have a monopoly on the truth. Us: Good. Them: Bad.”

  11. Why not support an actually worthwhile cause instead? Feed homeless children, don’t enable pathetic basement dwellers.

  12. roosh organised it al to boost profit. He’s hired feminists and leftists to throw slurs – will it pay back?

    1. I’m pretty sure with all the money he makes he’ll be able to send you a nice tinfoil hat.

    2. If so, he sucks at the disinformation game: He’s paying too high a personal price for his return on investment.

    3. Roosh hired feminists?
      You mean they would take money to help him make more money?
      How could anyone have engineered such an irrational response to guys getting together for drinks?

  13. Donate losers, u anyway don’t deserve the money u make. feed the troll how great he’s

  14. Just a thought for anyone who’s been here a while, or lurked elsewhere in the manosphere-at-large…anyone who’s been on the fence, getting a lot of good mojo from what you’ve been reading but not willing to pay the cost and really commit 100% to a neomasculine lifestyle:
    Now’s the time, today’s the day. Sure, a donation to RoK or buying Bang is fine, but that’s not really committing.
    I know there are a lot of you out there. Start now. Get thee to a gym (even planet fitness is a fine start if it gets you off the sofa). Start reading heavily and investing in yourself. I mean seriously, totally, absolutely commit yourself this time. Saying you are a casual fan or that you agree is not enough.
    Football season’s over and the Lenten season is about to begin. Lent is a really good opportunity for you to begin; even if you’re not a Christian, Google it and learn about Lent, and figure out how you can get started now building a new world.
    Just please, for the love of all fuck, get cracking right away. Action is all that matters.

      1. Nah my man. Think about it like this. Say Joe Lazyfuck is sitting out there somewhere and he reads this post and thinks, Yeah man, I’ll give $100 and go on about my day, having done my fair share…then he continues sitting on the sidelines admiring himself. Fuck that. If 10% of those guys would read the writing on the wall and get their shit together, they’d start building fortunes an in 5, 10, 20 years they’ll be able to invest hundreds of times what they can today…not to mention all the other lives they will have changed by example in the meantime…I don’t know…I’m just tired of hearing people say they’re all about it, only to learn they’re using this shit as a mental crutch as they become weaker and weaker by the day. It’s sad and embarrassing. I want to see a strong and active army built here. Not just an American Legion post.

    1. “even planet fitness is a fine start if it gets you off the sofa” that’s not a bad place to work out i heard. It’s cheaper than other gyms but at the end of the day running 5 miles a day is even easier. Get yourself an app and some upbeat music and when you hit that 5.00 you’ll feel like winning.

  15. I’m in university and I had a class today where the whole thing with Roosh was brought up by a female-feminist student. When I corrected her, in her assertion that it was a “pro-rape” rally and the whole thing with the media lying about Roosh, Cologne, etc, it would like all the air was let out of the room. But what was evident from the guys in the class was that I expressed things that they were too afraid to say. None of the females had a rebuttal for me but I could tell they were pissed. Not even our professor said anything in rebuttal.
    I for one was looking forward to this meetup. I live near Toronto and I could count on 1 hand the number of men I’ve ever known who didn’t give a shit, who spoke thier minds and who were unapologeticly masculine. It is a truly dismal state of affairs with men here. Men do indeed need to meetup to discuss issues of the day. The establishment does not want that because that was how, historically, revolutions were started. When like-minded men met in pubs and coffee-houses to discuss their greivences.
    Im going to start up my own meet-up blog for my area. Simply a blog with a disqus section. Like-minded men who want to meet can do so, invite other men who aren’t aware, and spread the word or red-pill and inform them of ROK and the manosphere.
    That’s the solution. Roosh is one man. Let them try and come after all of us.

    1. …when i go onto Return Of Kings,I see advertising. Doesn’t ROK’s get anything from this? I assumed you got $1.50 cpm…

      1. How would I know? What are you talking about? There’s advertising at the top. Click on it a few times.

    2. Right on! And congrats for standing up. When I was in Uni, I was probably not comfortable with rocking the boat and calling someone out on their bullshit.

    3. What all men need to do is what you did in that classroom: speak their mind. Feminists are rarely able to offer a rebuttal because they only think and do what they are told by others (usually celebrities). Since it is not their own original thoughts and beliefs, they can’t come up with a rebuttal, only an opening argument. Instead, they need to go back to social media and see if someone else has thought of a counter argument for them.

      1. Most men are too busy chasing pussy (whether successfully or not), playing video games, etc. to look into any of this beyond the 5 second headline scan which tells them what we know is complete bullshit.
        They’ll either just accept it as fact, or at best question it privately but dare not utter a word for understandable fear of being ostracized and being banished from pussy forever.

        1. Nonsense Geoff. Most men are too busy working hard to make a living and support their families while constantly being indoctrinated by the mainstream media to take the time to really investigate these issues.
          Try not to let your insecurities taint your view of the world. Better yet, confess them, embrace them and resolve them.

        2. Yes they are too busy working, but I’ve had men admit to my face that they don’t want to argue with them about these issues because it might cost them a fuck etc.
          It’s just how a lot of men are.

        3. Funny that… I find that when you do tell these truths to women they love the fact that they’ve finally found a real man. A lot of guys don’t realise that women want real men as much as we want real women.

        4. I’ve found this to be true as well. Go direct if you know you’re right. Forego this PC nonsense. We’re the prize after all.

        5. So true. Wife’s friends married to guys that can’t “do anything” like plumb at toilet, clean the eaves out or don’t understand how cars work are always giving her compliments on having a “real man” type husband. On a visceral level women like manly type outspoken men even when society tells them we’re wrong and bad..

        6. Its true. This chick tells me how sexist I am and how much she loves it!
          Another female friend of mine constantly bemoans the lack of real men in the West (she’s from South America).

        7. do you realize how sad it is for your to periodically visit a website solely to hate on women? lmao get a life bro. you clearly have issues + no life.

        8. As opposed to visiting that same website, registering an account to comment, all just to be a white knight? You funny, my man. Real funny.

        9. I joined this site to put dumbasses like you in your place. I don’t actually come here to hate on women and mope around on the internet sucking up to other men and. Losers like you piss me off.

        10. Oh… in that case you should probably know that you readily come off as someone with a lack of emotional depth and severely diminished intelligence. You’d be better off trying to sort out whatever problems are making you angry in your own life rather than wasting your time looking like an unequivocal moron here. The most you’ll accomplish is being laughed at and getting more and more angry with yourself.
          No one gives a fuck what you think. I don’t care what you think. Your mind is feeble and your thoughts are insignificant. Go and learn something instead of being angry with the internet, you blithering idiot.

        11. That gay shit is all you. Maybe you registered at the wrong website. This is for masculine men, not for homosexual men. Easy mistake to make for one of your mental stature.

        12. Have you listened to yourself….Psssst women dont like men who spend hours ranting on here just a hint buddy

      2. exactly. I was banned from the forums for saying roosh was being a little too paranoid (instead of notifying me about the level it reached on Facebook, which I found out irl later as I’m not on social media, they just banned me). I’ve been asking roosh and the contact on this site to be unbanned or at least put me in email contact with a meetup chief so I can be vetted – no response.
        why would I donate to someone who clearly gives no fucks about me?

        1. Just join again with a different email and username, and from a different computer.

      3. Feminism is a symptom of a broken society. Ignoring nature’s natural division of labor is stupid. Let the Feminists go. History will repeat itself. Strong men will rise up as they always have. Just pray they aren’t all muslim extremists.

        1. I think that what you’re writing really is plain dumb. I also don’t see why you would see yourself in any category revolving around “Strong men”?

        2. Hah, trolling are we? Go read up on history. Then, get back to me when you can form a coherent argument, boy.

        3. Follows orders.. slaps her. “Why did you slap her?!” I was just following orders, and probably ’cause we’ll both be super famous right after. Then everyone will realize it was a joke, and part of the media’s plot to control the world.

      4. I’ve openly spoken my mind at work and with friends for the last 3 months. Not one single person has punched me or threatened me. Instead I have converted a handful to my way of thinking, which is no small task because these were hardcore millennials. They said I was wrong at first, but when I showed how easy it is for me to get laid they started listening. Let that be the lesson, you can speak logic all day long and get no where, or you can walk the walk and people will follow.

        1. I wasn’t talking about originality, honey, I was talking about not acting like a pussy and a cunt.

      5. What you need to do is to take a breath, and then come to the realization of you being responsible for your own idiocy.

    4. Good comment.
      ”I live near Toronto and I could count on 1 hand the number of men I’ve ever known who didn’t give a shit, who spoke thier minds and who were unapologeticly masculine.”
      All I can really say is that it is these types of men who I have to thank for, for having the confidence I have now.
      The more men become like that, the more they can influence other men, in turn.

    5. The critical point about this site should be realizing that we may all have different viewpoints on an array of different topics, however, we don’t, repeat don’t, do ourselves any favors when for example you see captions of Adolf Hitler, or the Swastika in the colors of the rainbow, think about how insulting this is to the memories of people who fought against the Nazis, who died under their rule, to Jews and Gays. Yes, it’s fine that we have different opinions from feminists, communists, and all the rest, that’s what this site should be about, but, think about, some average, moderate guy coming here and what he will think based on some of these images? He’d probably think we’re all a bunch of fascists, which, I don’t think the majority of posters here are.
      We have to mature and grow up as a movement, and, stop the digressions into this type of crap, which others will rightfully see as spreading bigotry and hate and it’s not doing our message any favors. I cannot fathom why it’s necessary to continually keep provoking and flaming the negative image of this site with stuff like this. We have to start thinking with our heads for the movement to grow into something that’s more than an echo chamber for our less than better selves, we can mature, and people will respect that we’re entitled to have a different and constructive movement against the values that we all respect and are losing as men.

      1. We wouldn’t want to offend Jews and homos by telling people the truth about WW1 and WW2, now would we? On almost every thread I see you on this is becoming a repeating pattern, and I hope other ROK readers (especially the pro-White crowd) have picked up on your tendency to invoke Godwin’s Law in one form or another. This is the type of guilt-tripping that is not only manufactured, but is destroying Western Civilization and allowing the Moslem and degenerate takeover.
        You can’t run from, or cover up, the truth forever. Do you people ever stop to think how offensive your words are to the good people of Germany who were sold down the river by internationalists during WW1, and who were lied to after WW2 through massive propaganda campaigns involving a make-believe event called the “Holocaust”?
        Do you ever realize that your words are offensive to the families of the German women who were raped and tortured by communists during the war, or to the civilians (and their families) of Dresden who were firebombed by allied forces for merely being “German”? Do you realize that your words will cause anger to the families of the German victims of the Rhine Meadow Death Camps? If you are going to lie about the elephant in the room, don’t expect to be taken seriously.

        1. 1.) Marxist ideology, a banking stranglehold, and the degenerate culture were the enemies of the German people – and their was a certain tribe who was seeking communist revolution in Germany. The same tribe that sparked the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia that was responsible for tens of millions of murders of White Russians.
          2.) If the Jewish elites sold me down the river in WW1 through the Balfour Declaration at the Treaty of Versailles, and then declared an international boycott against my country in 1933 ( ) that was starving my people, then I’d say I’d have pretty good reason to have ill feelings toward the Jewish community.

        2. It’s not about my personal “feelings”. I was merely letting that poster know that it works *both ways*. On my quest for the truth, I put my feelings aside to look at the cold, hard facts.
          A growing number of Americans, European Nationalists, and Russians are finally waking up to the lies we were sold about WW2 and the anti-White, anti-Nationalist agenda.
          Who do you think controls a huge chunk of the press that attacks us? See the following figure:

        3. I’m not disputing any of the points you make. However, Hitler had a complete disregard for the well-being of average Germans, and got much worse with regards to soldiers on the Eastern Front: hundreds of thousands died needlessly as a direct result of his most outlandish and bizarre orders. This is a well-documented fact, and not mere opinion.

        4. I’m definitely familiar with some of the strategic errors that were made – so I’ll grant you this.
          My overall point is that the World ganged up against the *wrong* enemy. The world had a chance to crush Communism in Russia. I understand Hitler pulled the trigger against his former ally (Soviet Union), but I think he had good reason to believe that the mounting Soviet forces to the East were going to strike him and break the peace deal.
          The world could have assisted Hitler in crushing the Soviets, thus preventing the Cold War – and the spread of cultural Marxism that invaded not only Eastern Europe, but the United States as well (see lectures by former KGB member Yuri Bezmenov on how the Soviets infected our culture right here in America).
          I can’t fault Hitler for invading Poland or France though. The Treaty of Versailles (and the Zionist Balfour Declaration) were very unfair to the Germans, and the people of Germany rightly felt that those wrongs needed to be set right.

        5. On a website that does such an excellent job of striking back against feminism, I find it somewhat amusing that many still neglect to give credit to the people who *gave us* 2nd and 3rd wave feminism through their political activism and influence:
          Roosh wrote the second one himself, and yet for some reason people complain in the comments section when the topic comes up. I guess they have “cognitive dissonance”?

        6. I was talking not just about the Jews (here we go again) but also the thousands of French, Poles, Czechs, and other nationalities who were wiped out under Nazi jack boots.
          It’s this type of Holocaust denial crap that gives this site a bad name. It happened. It’s a settled historical fact. It’s recorded in the annals of the Third Reich archives which you can examine in the National Library in Berlin. In Paris, likewise the National Library have records from the Vichy Government that detail both Jews and ordinary French people who ended up in the concentration camps. I’ve visited one or two of them over the years to finally confirm the fact about what happened and it’s an undeniable, immutable historical fact. Yes, it caused guilt among the Germans for a long time, and, I agree that you cannot foist this guilt onto the shoulders of today’s generation for the crimes of their grandparents. Germany has to move on, and, I believe that Merkel’s attempt to open the borders to all refugees from Syria recently was symptomatic of her generation’s mind-set that’s still hung up on feelings of guilt and shame, unlike younger Germans who’ve even learned recently to make fun of Hitler.
          But, when people like you bring up this shit about the holocaust never happening, you’re slashing open and poring the salt of hurt, shame and guilt back into the souls of both Germans and Jews alike. This serves no purpose and as a man with wants to lead and be a King you’ve got to discern fact from fiction, the truth from lies, the light from the darkness, my friend.

        7. The Holohoax is not a historical fact.
          This is why it’s illegal in over a dozen countries to refute the supposed events by presenting *facts* from the archives.
          Also, Roosh himself up-voted the comment further down the page that shows a picture of Adolf Hitler talking about the Jewish controlled press. So, is Roosh himself now giving this site “a bad name”?
          Perhaps you’d be more comfortable shilling over at Breitbart or the NRO.

        8. The science is settled. LOL.
          When an israeli went to map Treblinka with ground penetrating radar, he found the mass grave sites were actually undisturbed ground.
          Yeah, people died. But not JUST jews.
          Fyi-that was 70 fucking years ago.
          Give it a rest.

        9. Pardon me if nobody gives a fuck for your well thought out opinion.
          Take your bitch ass to the nearest garbage can and hop on in.

        10. We needed Patton as president. Instead, satanists assasinated him and we got one of the tribe as our pres.
          Its clearly all down hill from there.

        11. So, he didn’t get his own way with the French and the Poles and just invaded them. He was a complete dick, he was a terrible military strategist, had zero diplomatic skills, was drug dependent and couldn’t establish proper sexual relationships with the opposite sex.
          Perhaps, without this serious Nutjob, if Germany had merely become a strong nationalist country without him and his bizarre occultism, then, perhaps your argument about America supporting Germany in a fight against the evil of Stalin’s Russia might have credence. Why can’t you realize the fact that he would have destroyed like an enfeebled Macbeth the entire planet, if they had developed nuclear bombs, which they were close to doing in Norway with the heavy water plants, he’d have wiped out from his bunker, of he’d had the power, every other country even in his hour of defeat. His was a pathetic, emasculated, sniveling little excuse of man if ever I’ve witnessed one. Nietzsche would laugh with tears of bitter joy about this excuse of an ubermensch!

        12. This isnt really about a thirsty chancelor, it is about the German people raked over the coals by zionists.
          Those are the same ones raking Roosh over the coals.

        13. If folks who used to be German citizens (before the Treaty of Versailles) were being murdered and persecuted post-WW1 by the Poles in some areas – how was invading them a “dick move”?
          The German people were supportive of the Polish invasion to protect their kinfolk – it wasn’t a “dick move” or a “greedy move” to invade Poland.

        14. LOL.
          So now the story is… “But.. but… but Hitler was going to nuke everybody and destroy the world!”
          I’ve heard it all now. We’ve reached the point of absolute absurdity from you cowards.
          And, you’re just not “getting it” as to why he invaded France, and why the German people wanted this. If my country had been sold down the river by Zionists in WW1 at the Paris “Peace” Conference – I too would be rightfully seeking to make things right in WW2.

        15. Yeah, you did.
          Oh well.
          Kill the Bank. Because it is their source of power.
          They have used unlimited time and money to get where they are now.
          Theyve been at it for a long time and will continue as long as they are allowed.
          Andrew Jackson had them figured out.
          I think that if we could outlaw fractional reserve banking and make it illegal for the guv to be in the negative, these problems we are having would take care of themselves.
          We need to stop hacking at limbs and strike at the root.

        16. Would that be Eisenhower, and his Death Camps for the Germans?
          Wasn’t it Eisenhower who uttered in a letter (or out loud) that he literally hated the German people?

        17. We are on the same page.
          I HATE ike.
          Anyone who deflects from zionism and its treasonous effects as out of bounds, is here as a troll to poison the well

        18. This “Smokingjacket” has been doing this for months when this topic comes up. Can’t help himself.

        19. Snowden published info on paid trolls attempting to steer the narratives.
          A paid troll on the dole.

        20. You’ve no discernment. You’re like an automation who must be right…remember military campaigns were lost because of leader who lack this quality.

        21. Im not going to publically agree with you about the chancellor.
          Especially since he is a deflection and not the topic.
          You are a shill and a cocksucker.
          I will engage you no further.

        22. I don’t like always accepting the status quo just because it makes me popular here anymore than accepting all the PC nonsense. You know, freedom of thought.. try it.

        23. Don’t take it from me. Here is a 1961 speech by Benjamin Freedman, a man born into a Jewish family and a man who was personally at the Paris Peace Conference when the Zionist Balfour Declaration was presented by a delegation of over 100 Jews (a declaration that was unknown to White Germans during WW1).
          I don’t believe much in Freedman’s “Khazar Conspiracy”, as there is evidence that seems to refute this. But, he is dead on when speaking of the events of WW1:

        24. Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Slavs, Catholics, Communists…everyone that did not meet the “Teutonic Ideal” or made an enemy in the Party.

        25. Dont care.
          Sniveling victims matter less to me than the brave 100,000,000 that fought and died worldwide in a war where the bankers pitted White Christians against White Christians.
          Go back to the splc and play the victim drums and howl at the moon.
          You arent wanted here.
          Go be with your gypsys and faggots.

        26. Dear faggot, my profile pic is a Provo.
          Far more effective in their strategies than an invalid who collects a government check to make comments online.

        27. The Germans did not start WWII because of Versailles, and I really don’t get all this Jew-blaming.
          Hitler started WWII because he saw the weakness of will in the British and French. Their attempts to appease him (Munich agreement, selling out of Czechoslovakia) confirmed to him that he was dealing with pussies. Had Churchill not showed up, and had Hitler not attacked the USSR, we’d be living under Nazism right now.
          Nothing to do with Jews.

        28. If things were indeed run by Zionists, the USA wouldn’t be bending over for the fascism that is Islam.
          The elites in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany have all sold out their people and nation by letting in Islam in vast numbers to replace, outbreed and rape/outbreed its native peoples.
          Those don’t sound like Zionist goals to me, seeing as Islam’s strongest hate is reserved for Jews.

        29. well said man, somebody gotta speak the truth on this site and fuck political correctness

        30. I really hate to see anti-marxist tendency in rok community.
          I mean you may hate communism, (well I am not communist at all) and you may hate marx.(I like him, I also like other anticapitalist named as veblen even more than marx) we can discuss but it is like you hate people call themselves “marxists” just because of stupid ones. (and I accept it is majority)
          I really love “rok” community and I started to feel like I cannot find a place in it because people would call me “wow you fucking marx lover? you are wrong go away”
          Same thing happens always in socialist group when stupid feminists talk like “wow this guy is prorape, he doesnt like feminism so throw him away from our socialist group he cant be one in”

      2. Roosh will clearly wish to broaden his appeal and capitalise on his current fame / notoriety. There will be reflection and evaluation I expect. Hopefully that won’t be appeasement though, but a thoughtful consideration of the sites strengths / weaknesses. Roosh did something quite unique in not giving in, or apologising, or backtracking (if you allow for the tactical retreat involving the cancellation of the meet-ups). The site’s great strength has been not to bow to political correctness, or to the kind of pressure that has often been exerted. Often that has meant that offensive things get posted in the comment sections for good or bad. Whatever happens I am sure it will follow on from careful reflection

        1. I don’t wish to see editorial political correctness on this website and that’s why I really like it. However, the point I’m rising is much deeper and relates to how we “react” and “think” as men. Often, there’s too much concession to frivolous emotionalism and intemperance in the remarks some guys (perhaps teenage boys) make here and it undermines their own development and likewise the hope that we can mature like man and not constantly regress back to the state of being not more than attention seeking, wise cracking boys always looking for the cheap laugh from the audience.
          I’m sure or at least hope that careful reflection and insights will be harnessed from this episode that will make us stronger. I have faith!

        2. Certainly. I’ve often thought, and not infrequently said the same. I would say that, though it might not seem like it, things have been slowly evolving all along even if the rate of change is slow. There’s is scope for a more a strategic and disciplined approach, and hopefully this will be one outcome of the present controversy: that greater attention will be paid by those who comment (and by the writers too) to both the moral issues involved and to how they as commenters / writers are heard in the wider community. Appealing to a broader base may often come at a cost though so I hope the response will not be any kind of kneejerk reaction either in terms of fist-shaking defiance or accommodation to the bland and anaesthetic middle. The now infamous article is an interesting example: to the SJWs it is still a ‘confession’ in the format: “how I want to rape women in my own home; please let me rape women in my own home…pretty please.” But to us, I think it is first blast of a trumpet on an issue which the MSM has proven themselves incapable of taking on: the responsibility of adults within society and for themselves. I think there is every reason to think that society at large will embrace this message, after all how can taking responsibility for yourself in guarding against the possibility of rape be pro-rape?
          But as the controversy demonstrates it doesn’t appear to be reasoned argument that gets through, but rather outrageous statements designed to provoke and make every decent person’s insides bleed. Persuasion is a strange thing

        3. There’s a lack of freethinkers’ websites on the internet and the majority of them aren’t either “free” and don’t allow much thinking to occur. Most are heavily censored and the majority allow only opinion that accords with their outlook, again, mostly left wing ideologies that one’s not allowed to ever question. So what’s the point of them, I wonder? If you’re really interested in getting to the truth about matters you have to go to a site like this that allows guys to agree and disagree and that’s precisely what makes it a valuable site. I generally question myself when I’m in agreement with other peoples’ opinions in life, and, on mature refection this rule is nearly always correct.
          Yes, I think it’s good that it’s not moderated by women here, it’s a man’s safe zone, and besides it would have a tendency to become nannyised. Sometimes, there are comments here that I’ve no innate problem with and clearly they’re written by people who’ve been damaged badly by relationships with women (as I was at one point in my life), however, on occasions the sheer rawness and bad taste makes me as maturer man who’s now pretty stable, in a relatively good marriage, cringe and recoil, but, then I think back to myself when I younger and remember the red rages of anger I felt towards the world, and, yes a bad relationship with terrible women caused so much of this grief. So, I do know where the anger comes from, but, emotions and hatred let you down as a man, they belong to our feminine side and if you never purge them as a man, they’ll reduce even the most externally masculine man into a screaming bitch.
          I suppose, this is what I was getting about about some of the totally OTT comments here on occasions, but, I can balance that by knowing they’re younger than I and they’ve time to develop their frame in discerning way.

        4. I don’t really notice that much anger now to be honest – maybe I’ve become innured to it somewhat. In the past there were some genuinely angry individuals. They got bannhammered an age ago. No doubt there may be a sense of anger, or if you prefer expressed emotion, and the latter may not always be edifying to behold, but I don’t know that I bother much about it: there’s racism, sexism, very rarely actual misogyny (as opposed to the feminist variety) but more often its just …err spiritedness. Crude, offensive….sometimes….buy heh, that’s what happens when women aren’t acting as a de facto police force, moderating speech and thoughts. Anger, emotion etc, may well be ‘feminine’ in the sense that you mean – I tend to subscribe at least superficially to stoicism, where maintaining control of your emotions is the ideal – but provided it is reasonably constrained and controlled perhaps there’s a place for ebullient expression as well, although I accept that the latter may not always help with public relations.
          However I’m not sure I buy the idea that this anger, if that’s what it is, can be traced back to a well-spring of hurt or some kind of bad experience with women. No doubt many men have had bad experiences, the same as women, but I think there’s a danger of possibly pathologising anger which may not be about individual experiences that can just be explained away: if there is anger I’d say its mainly directed against a ‘system’ that ignores male experience and only acknowledges men, particularly young men, to make of them a convenient scapegoat for society’s ills. Some of the analysis you find here might be a little exaggerated, and perhaps simplistic at times, but some of it is also quite astute: men have indeed been betrayed; masculinity has indeed been undermined, because masculinity itself has been pathologised and feminism is a part of that of course, but it seems perfectly true also that feminism itself has been co-opted, that it is part of a bigger problem. Maybe all of that is just the way things are, but I see this site, and its commentariat as expressive of something that needs to be addressed, and by that I don’t mean by hypocritical efforts to fight extremism, or promote tolerance or stuff like that, which is designed by its nature to portray everything in terms of risk to the public but by actually looking at – what should we call them? grievances, complaints? ….it’s more than that, those grievances and complaints relate to the whole system. So perhaps we’ve gone from one form of reduction (it’s anger against women that’s resulted from bad experiences), to another form of reduction (the system is against us)…. Maybe we should be looking for something in the middle. But we’re probably a long way from that, and given what’s happened over the last week or so, I’d say we’re even further away than before.
          If there’s anger, or disillusion or alienation or whatever you wish to call it, then that will need to be channelled, and the best way to do that, is by bringing it into the public sphere, rather than attempting to marginalise and stigmatise it – which is what the MSM has tried to do
          I take your point though, men should learn how to communicate properly and control their emotions, but would I add that sometimes, communicating offensively is a way of doing that.

      3. Negative. Fence sitters are absolutely worthless.
        “I know your works, and since you are neither hot nor cold you are lukewarm, and I shall spew you out of my mouth”
        In times like these, if a man hasnt already developed a strong opinion to whats currently happening, its because he is a bottom feeding dullard.

      4. I half agree. Yes we should not be displaying images or texts of blind hatred, swastikas with rainbows as you say. A few other points:
        1. We have all seen how the press can lie and how the majority believes it to be true. It is reasonable to draw from that that the version of history that we are given is probably less than 100% true. Where there is smoke, there’s fire. The Germans would have not carried out such an extreme annihilation without any reason at all. This is the bit that is missing from history as it is presented. The motivation behind the genocide is completely omitted.
        Here is a quote from a wikipedia article about the film “The Eternal Jew” :
        “Out of a thousand workers in Berlin, only two were Jews. For the start of 1933, out of one hundred prosecutors in Berlin 15 were Jews. Out of a hundred judges were 23 Jews. Out of a hundred lawyers 49 Jews. 52 Jews out of a hundred doctors. And out of every hundred of businessmen 60 Jews. The average wealth of Germans was 810 marks each. The average wealth of each Jew amounted to 10,000 marks.”
        “the occupational information is similar to that found in Germany by subsequent researchers unaffiliated with Nazism”
        2. Roosh has pointed out that it is not right to steal a car, but if you leave the keys in your car and park it in a bad area, it’s your fault if it gets stolen. Violent rape is bad but if a women wears skimpy clothes and walks late at night through a bad area, it’s also basically tempting the dark side of human nature. What can you conclude about the coexistence of two cultures as described in the quote above?
        It is a provocative culture. Does not mean that what happened to it was right or fair, but this is one thing which is missing from the history books and analysis. As seekers of the truth, we should not be doing any self-censorship like the MSM.

        1. Yes, even George Steiner the Jewish literary critic makes the point that there were some very valid reasons why the Jews were disliked so much in 1920s Germany, which was a terrible time of hardship in the country.
          However, the point is the difference between “some valid reasons” and also knowing the difference between disliking what some Jews were doing, and, from hating all Jews and wanting to see them exterminated. This point of discernment is very important, and as men, when need to apply it in the arguments we see presented to us today from all different angles. Falling in love with hatred isn’t a noble and admirable way to act.

        2. I hope you don’t live in Germany. These statements might cause you trouble if the wrong person sees them.

        3. “swastikas with rainbows”
          Er…. those… rainbow swastikas are meant to ….um…. represent the MacBLT community not our side.
          Only folks on the other side of the fence would actually need this pointed out to them.

        4. Thanks for the tip better take care around whom I aired such things in Germany. Am only quoting wikipedia though, and it’s the same in the German version, just checked..

      5. I disagree. (1) We’re on the internet. (2) Who actually gets offended by such images? No one I care to associate with. Here’s a Waffen SS Kitten for you.

        1. Who gets offended by a solider. No I, but adorning pictures of Hitler are real beta wack off stuff. He looked and sounded like the one balled beta testicle he was, many of his Generals were honorable men who had to follow the orders of this emasculated dick who single handed was responsible for destroying the Teutonic spirit. Nearly all top Nazis looked and acted like beta dicks and liked typical betas they ordered good alpha men to thrown themselves onto the bonfire before they would ever do.
          Hitler- committed suicide- contemptible and weak
          Goring- committed suicide- contemptible,weak beta
          Himmler- Dressed up as a women to escape- was caught and then tried to grass the rest up- ends up committing suicide- contemptible, weak, beta.
          Goebbels- committed suicide and murdered his seven children- contemptible, vile and weak beta.
          Only complete beta dicks think they’re heroes because they see a mirror of their own emasculated weakness in such characters.

      6. That is a very humble and respectful opinion.
        How do you then feel about people coming here to your forums to find out that you would like to see them raped?

        1. How do you feel knowing that the only way you can make an argument is to take things out of context and straight up lie like a piece of shit?
          If you have to take things out of context to make a point then you really have lost beforw you even began.

      7. Phuck that pc drivel you just wrote. Oh no we don’t want to offend the Jews, the Homos or the Gypsy’s. Why those groups have done so much to help masculine men, especially masculine European that we should bow down and respect their every feeling. They’re our allies after all..
        Listen you want to be a cuck and believe everything the media tells you (cause they do after all have such a good track record of honesty) that’s on you. But, you weren’t elected into a position of power where you get to tell people what to think and what to become educated on. The truth about WW2 is slowly starting to come out and that’s a needed step in men reclaiming their manhood.

    6. I hear this shit in TO constantly as well. It’s the same shit even in graduate school.
      I respect that you spoke up about the msm’s blatant lies, just be smart about it.

        1. Roosh visited for like a week and realized how overpriced and lame the city is. I don’t know how old you are but what’s sad is that Toronto was actually pretty cool in the 90s.

        2. Mid, 30s. I know what you are saying though. Was better in the 90’s. I’m getting out as soon as I can.

        3. Late 20s over here.
          Same… Getting fit and educated and once I graduate I need to gtfo.
          And btw if you make that blog and want ppl to come to your meetup count me in.

    7. It’s getting surreal, that’s what I think when I hear not even the professor said anything in rebuttal. Is like some scenes in a south park episode playing out in real life. Now that you mention it I’m thinking of setting up a page myself to facilitate meeting here.. Good idea.

    8. That is pretty much the case everytime you point out the absurdity in these types of claims, ‘no rebuttal and pissed’

    9. Im Toronto tribeleader.. Message me on here with contact info or folow me on twitter @jadeaube . We are planning a meetup in the near future, got a handful of gentlemen

    10. That’s exactly what you need to do and should do. It’s the idea that they can not kill….the meetups or discussions that men are wanting to have all over the world.
      For every one man that has some sort of debate, meetup, discussion group, etc….it is another win for men all over and it’s a push back against the establishment. We are and will win the narrative over the long haul.

    11. I live near Toronto too and am going to college soon; I hope to be the same towards the far-left horde. Props to you.

    12. I usually find a few pill truths shut them up without rebuttal far more than it starts an intelligent debate. Its probably because there is no rebuttal or other side to the debate, and they become very uncomfortable with someone saying some of the forbidden thoughts they are thinking.
      Its often the hipster chicks that come up to me after one of my comments and at least secretly agree with me. I’m still continuously surprised at how many people walk around professing one thing but secretly believing its opposite.
      All it seems to take is one brave soul to speak their mind and the rest seem to follow. And sometimes you get lucky and get some action as well. I guess its a case of women grabbing the masculine with both hands when they see or hear it, often completely without shame and right in front of their hypocritical hipster boyfriends.

    13. This never came up, but in the resource room I would often read news stories of women acting like degenerates and read them very loudly, with many over the top “WOW”s. It’s funny when they can’t argue with you. The men did tend to agree. The good looking women loved it. The fat ugly sluts hated it.

    14. Good for you for standing up for your beliefs. It’s ironic that a lot of us men want to stand up against rapists , want to support women and want to make things better. The people who lied and said the groups were pro rape groups did so because of lack of education, lack of understanding and have there own political motives to prevent dialogue.

    15. I’m going to suggest you get raped. I also don’t think you need to worry about taking over any establishment.

      1. “I’m going to suggest you get raped”
        …And you say Roosh promotes “rape” or “rape culture”? That is essentially what we call feminist wisdom which is in itself hypocrisy. I guess that’s why you lot turn a blind eye to female rapist and child molesters and muslim rapist who have an actual rape culture. May I suggest you go to Cologne and not ask for real men to protect you when the horde comes for your ass.
        We’re not interested in taking over any “establishment”. The one you have is already in collapse. We simply will wait in out while the weak (like yourself) feed on each other and die off.
        What feminist, white-knight, yourself in particular will be left with is bestiality because no one with any reproductive value will be interested; it’s your only option. Man or woman, I suggest you find yourself a horny animal who wont care how fat and disgusting you look just as long as you bend over and present yourself.

  16. Roosh should compare notes or contact Henry Makow of Save The Males, anti-feminist fame. Mr. Makow’s a frequent target of feminists and writes decent pro patriarchal, pro-family articles for his site. Worth checking out.

    1. +1. Henry Makow is my favourite author.
      I made the same suggestion to Roosh under another article. The two can definitely work together. Makow’s knowledge on the Illuminati is quite profound.

  17. I’m pro-masculinity and I used to love the articles written on this site. But after some time I saw the true nature of this site and most contributors. Even the comments disgusted me. The bashing on non-white people, non-christian religions and the racism on this site is huge. Even Daryush Valizadeh aka Roosh V is supporting this stuff, while he’s a “sandnigger” himself and comes from a culture where they worship a pedophile. The selfhate is big in him.
    You can all go fuck yourself. Pathetic white losers who can’t handle their own women and blame this on society. And to forget their own inferiority complex they continuously bash on other races and religions. If I have to choose between the white losers on this site and a feminist, then I choose the feminist, because she has more balls than all the bitching and whining white losers on this site.

    1. There has been a disturbing abundance of anti-Jewish and white power rhetoric recently but otherwise you don’t see a lot of racism here. Islam is not a race. Gangbangers is not a race. Feminism is not a gender, etc.
      Roosh is an American; I think Camel Jockey is as well. English Bob is a Brit and there are hundreds if not thousands of other guys here who are not of Northern European extraction, and it’s rather insulting and high handed to say they are all self-hating.

  18. It’s disappointing to see that Anon isn’t on our side, I had previously thought otherwise. After I saw Roosh was getting .gov emails I thought there was a good chance a threat could be made that cancelled the meet up, and it explains the rapid capitulation on that day.
    Never noticed the tip jar, I’m sure I could give something but not much as I’m a poor college student. I have a lot of his books already, maybe I’ll take a look again. I also noticed the forum is still only letting me see the ROK article section. I guess that’s for security and I’ll gladly make an account, finally, though I don’t think he’s approving new accounts during the state of emergency thing. I also have no idea what handle I’d use. That place is pure gold though.
    I don’t know guys, it feels like the media and the established propaganda really dealt us a blow this weekend. Especially Roosh, as we had previously thought he was untouchable. It’s just so surreal that the media can parade outright lies and get away with it. Every day it just seems to get more and more crazy. We live in a time where straight men can’t gather and have a drink and discuss issues pertinent to them without being ostracized by the media. Meanwhile the super bowl halftime show is free to shove gay flags in my face while beyonce sings about black lives matter crap. All wrapped up in “look at the kids oh gee” packaging that prevents any criticism. I can’t wait till the next meetup where we are privately vetted so this can happen and I can feel like we’re not slipping out of control down this path of madness. We need to stand together. Being fragmented like this makes us easy targets. Let them come at all of us, not just Roosh.

    1. How does anybody know that Anonymous gives a shit? Any femtard could throw out a pic with a stolen copy/paste Anonymous graphic, and the media repeated it because it makes a bigger story. I’m guessing Anonymous has bigger fish to fry. NOTHING WAS HACKED. Roosh name is distinctive and easily found in online phone books. Just google it. Its always been in public view. Posting a link to the white pages isn’t hacking. That’s not what hackers do. Anonymous deals on a much higher level like wikileaks.

      1. The real enemies of democracy are the members of ISIS, 90% of whom have Twitter accounts, with roughly 1000 followers for each account- all with the objective of wanting to bring radicalized Islam to Europe and America that are inimical to everything we stand for…and yet only in the last few months has Twitter finally decided to close down some accounts.

      2. I get feeds in Fb from anon.They have gone full SJW retard. They’ve been posting anti Roosh posts and of course they’ve waged war on Trump. Its too bad because I used to like what they were doing to the 1% ers but now they’re the hacking SJW retards.

        1. The fb page for anon that I saw had no mention of ROK. They probably have multiple accounts though. I think the anon hack was a hoax that femtards threw out, just like everything else. So what if they hack disquss? All they get is a bunch of throw away email addresses and ip addresses from the commenters, which can all be changed, and isn’t conclusive of anything. The idea that anon members were going in stealth mode to meet-ups at hooters in multiple cities is not believable. That just isn’t on their level. The anon hack was part of the femtard bluster, lots of heat and light but no substance.

    2. Anonymous won’t hesitate to throw ROK under the bus to boost their own credentials.

    3. Who’s Anon?
      “I can’t wait till the next meetup where we are privately vetted so this can happen and I can feel like we’re not slipping out of control down this path of madness” Well, next time can we drop all the secretive protocols for code names and meeting in odd public places like cars parks and shopping centers, it makes you find like a criminal or some type of outcast when you’ve nothing to hide. When you look at it logically, was it any wonder that the general public bought into the whole fabrication that was being spun by the media (a bunch of men using code words to meet each other in odd public places)
      Next time, I would suggest holding a public meeting in somewhere like Poland (in fact anywhere outside of an English speaking country) that’s open to all people who maybe interested in hearing a talk. Make it open initially to all men and perhaps their wives, who might want to wander along and just listen and realize that there’s nothing untoward about a bunch of guys who happen to be social conservatives and/or libertarians wanting to meet up. Hell, even record it and show the world what a load of crap has been spun against the meetings by a bunch of ill-informed fanatics.

      1. Anon is the group that, supposedly, doxed Roosh, listed in the article.
        Really? It was a single question and answer to verify who was part of the group, as some of us were coming from different places and not just ROK. I really don’t think that had anything to do with the media slandering all of us as “pro rape”. I doubt the average person who heard about this even knew the phrase. The media went out of their way to throw their ultimate discrediting label at us and it stuck like glue because of a satirical/thought experiment article Roosh wrote that I, at the time, thought was a mistake to come out with as it was too easy of a target.
        How is a shopping center an odd place to meet up? It’s not like we were going to hang out at the spots, it was just a gathering point before moving on. I know my location was in heart of our “downtown”, not sketchy at all.
        I don’t see how a worldwide meetup spot in one place is viable at all. We need to be building support groups in our communities. Most of us can’t spare the time or money or the logistics to fly out to Poland right now. God knows I could use some refreshing nationalism right now though. The local meetups were a fine idea, we just needed a place to register and verify ourselves so that the locations and other info weren’t sitting out there for reddit SJWs to copy/paste to their outrage groups.

        1. Yes, I think local groups with their own ethos based upon their regional or nation character is a good idea. I personally, don’t like the idea of having a leader as such, but, of course every group no matter what needs to have a sound foundation that’s built on solid principles.
          Once, men can actually establish contact with others in their own areas and form groups with common interests it stands a chance of working. However, I imagine in some areas the local groups will be cohesive, while elsewhere there might be members who are too skewed in a particular way. It would be best if the groups weren’t just talking shops, which is important, but, personally, you need sometimes to head out socially, like to the rugby, or hiking, maybe yachting which I Iove…but don’t own one quite yet!

    4. Yes, the idea of neomasculinity is one I embrace but the admin of the site lets all racists run wild. I think the site should be for all men, not just white christian (of which I am one). The antisemitics, with their conspiracy theories, drag the whole site down.

        1. Call it what you will, but if you tell me that UFO’s are real, or 9/11 was an inside job or that the Jews are secretly controlling the world behind the scenes, you are loony tunes.

      1. There are not really that many of them. And they will just need to accept Jewish, black men, Arabs whatever, whoever wants to be us. We are all men. Now as to the politics of it. They need to be of like minds or stay out. Its not the race, but having the same goals that counts.

      2. The antisemitism that’s allowed free rein on the site does us a great disservice. Although, I’m a very strong advocate of freedom of expression, there are limits to it, especially when you read the same rambling diatribe that drifts off into the ether of conspiracy theories. We’ve heard this stuff ad naseum over the years, the same with the purely skinned colored racist stuff…it should be a forum about ideas and principles pertaining to developing a strong, judicious, and honorable masculine frame of being.

  19. Does anybody know what happened to Christopher Contrary? AKA C. Contrary. He was my favorite author on this site.

  20. Support our degeneracy to combat theirs is hardly inspiring, which is why this whole thing is going to be over by the end of the year. You picked a bad leader, and you might as well just pick a traditional sect of Christianity over this limp neomasculinity narrative. Paganism, even the virtuous kind has no power and you don’t have time to hobble together some goofball cult in the face of what is coming. Check out Polish nationalism for a good template of cultural resistance to Islam and leftism.

    1. I’ve got a strong feeling that most of the men here aren’t trying to start some kind of new “organization” with this “Neomasculinity”. Many of the tenets of neomasculinity can actually be derived from Christianity. When the time comes, I’d wager that most of these men will join Nationalist (or Traditional Conservative) movements to become politically active.
      In other words, I’ve been following ROK for 2 years and the tone here isn’t “Hey guys, lets form our own nation, or form our own political party and promote ‘game’ and ‘meaningless sex’…” What started as more of a website focused on “game” has evolved into so much more. It’s becoming more and more political – and has also incorporated articles by a very wise Catholic Monk named Aurelius Moner. You can check out his work, and his strong emphasis on masculinity in Christianity here:
      The tone now on ROK is more along the lines of “Okay guys, we all know we’ve got a major problem. Let’s start taking steps in the real world to educate ourselves and others and figure out how we can make some changes to ensure the survival of Western Civilization.”

      1. Of course, Western Civilization must become what it’s supposed to be; this current version is abhorrent.

      2. I’ve been following ROK for just over a year. I was referred here by members of a conservative online forum. Game and the whole PUA thing is little more than an intellectual curiosity to me.
        While ROK talks politics, it is not political. Nobody
        here is going to run for office on a neomasculinie ticket; while Trump seems to be a favorite among many, there is no official endorsement (despite the follow on lies in the wake of Roosh ‘ s press conference); while we discuss and even complaint about the laws surrounding sexual consent, domestic violence and divorce, this is not an advocacy group (rape or otherwise) and we don’t lobby the government or start useless petitions targeting our enemies.
        Neomasculinity is not a cult and Roosh is not a cult leader. In Toronto last year he specifically said “If you agree with me 100% then there is something wrong.”
        I don’t agree with all of the principles of neomasculinity as articulated by Roosh but there is enough agreement that I identify with the project. If anything, it is a strategy to a) negotiate life in western society b) seek happiness through excellence c) improve society one man at a time (and one nuclear family at a time for those men who find a solid woman who is on board and wants to raise their kids right).
        I don’t see it as something that men will adopt as their primary personal identity. We will still be Chistians or conservatives or libertarians or in some cases atheists. However, there are enough points of convergence that we have a lot to discuss.
        Our enemies are afraid of us and don’t want those discussions to take place in the real world.
        As for supporting ROK, someone can correct me if I am wrong but ROK is Roosh and Roosh is ROK, at least in terms of it being a legal and financial entity. Last year I paid a premium to attend the Toronto event and received an autographed USB card with all of Roosh ‘ s books on it. I’ve flipped through a couple of them, but that’s not the point. You can find Bang and others on torrent sites for free if you want to read them and want to be cheap about it. If and when Roosh comes out with a book about Neomasculinity then I will probably buy that book too.

  21. I just donated $20, and I suggest that if you read this site regularly and are fortunate to have a little disposable income, you should really donate as well. Or just buy $20 worth (or more) of Roosh’s ebooks.
    Roosh and ROK need our help. There are a lot of angry enemies trying to take us down, and some are very well-funded. Now is time to step up and support the cause, support the last bastion of sanity in a crumbling civilization.

  22. I saw something sickening today. I was attending class when a discussion about cultural influences popped up out of nowhere. This huge football player expressed feminine views that were applauded by the class. He said his wife controlled everything and that he would be stupid to oppose her. This led to an eruption of cheers from the female students, who vastly outnumber the guys. The female professor complimented him on how “smart” he is to not go against his wife.
    If this situation was reversed, there would be a major outcry. If a male teacher and males students cheered while a female said she listened to her husband completely, the media would descend on that college and its “toxic masculinity” within seconds.
    Females do not want equality. This shows they want unwavering control. They want men to sit back and serve them without question. Even the most masculine men are starting to fall.
    I, of course, smarted off and scoffed at every GO GURL comments. The female students gave me cold looks, the professor about kicked me out, and I expected the male lapdogs to appear outside of class and confront me, but nothing happened.
    This is about control, men. Even back when women were “oppressed” they were allowed to make choices, but women want to manufacture men that are not allowed to have any control or choice in life. They want complete control.

    1. >>>>>“This is about control, men. Even back when women were “oppressed” they were allowed to make choices, but women want to manufacture men that are not allowed to have any control or choice in life. They want complete control.”<<<<<<
      Absolutely! These fundamentalists basically close their eyes, ears and mind to reality and use anything, even an out-of-context comment about “pro-rape” as fuel for their agenda to gain total control. That huge football player type is typical of how women choose men to be obedient guard/attack dogs to exert their will upon others. They are the bullies and it shows.

    2. They can only take as much control as you give them. Remember that amused mastery is probably the best way to handle that situation. “Yeah women hate strong men who know what they like.”

      1. Women may hate strong men who know what they like and want, but they have no respect for weak spineless men.

    3. So True! I’ve been in the same situation standing up to the girls and female teacher in my class. We discussed Gender equality and I told my class that I think woman have more privilege than men, using facts and logic. At the next exam the teacher gave me 00 failed. This was a group exam and the two other girls I was in group with got 10 and 7. Ironically I did most of the work in the group. I’ve now left my bachelor study in nursing. (sorry for horrible english)

      1. I can relate to that. These people have zero integrity, have destroyed the concept of learning and have replaced it with ideology. In certain subjects your basic task is to demonstrate that you agree with the ideological position of the teacher

      2. Fuck, you guys need to not throw your money away on college and learn a fucking trade.
        When I was in the Bakken, I made over 100 grand a year, easy.
        You wont have to put up with faggots and feminists in the places I work, and you can starve the beast of your dollars.

        1. Is that so?
          I make as much or more than you do for sure and Ive not been out of work for the ‘recession’ and I dont have to ever deal with ass lickers like you.
          Im doing fine. Maybe you are just a faggot and your feelings are hurt that I pointed out the fact no one wants to have to work with you or deal with your feelings while trying to get a job done.
          Your degree is worthless next to an indian willing to work for peanuts.
          No indians taking my job and where I live, masculinity never went away and had to be revived by a bunch of urban pussies.

      3. Which college are you in? I’m going to Fleming college, most likely for Environmental technology, and I will make sure to follow your lead and challenge these ridiculous notions put before me by “intellectuals”.

      4. I don’t think you realize why what you wrote might have been dumb. What I do know is that you ignore your own shortcomings so you can blame them on the women and evil feminist-teacher in your class.

    4. “This is about control, men. Even back when women were “oppressed” they were allowed to make choices, but women want to manufacture men that are not allowed to have any control or choice in life. They want complete control.”
      And its all because they are cripplingly insecure and cant control themselves or their precious feeelllzzzz.
      Cant control yourself internally? Then control the external environment to suit you, and only you
      Thats what it boils down to.

      1. My guess is that you don’t think that you lack control of yourself internally and therefore are trying to control and blame your external environment until it suits you.

    5. brainwashing.. the system has brainwashed men. Have even seen in Germany the signs about men sitting on a toilet to pee and talked to some men who agreed with it without resistance.

      1. Well, considering there are men who support a male tax, I can’t say I’m surprised.
        -sincerely, from Canada, a nation slipping into as horrible a state as most of Europe is nowadays, especially with our new liberal prime minister.

        1. It’s now illegal to burn fires and you must register wood burning stoves because “Environment” ; chopping wood with an axe…another thing they are taking from us. A wood burning stove enables self reliance and living off the grid, and “they” do not want that.

      2. If I ever encountered a sign like that I’d automatically piss all over everything. Hell I might even hit that hand dryer so whenever it heats up they know a real man was there.

      3. Oh yes. I was invited to party af few years ago at a colleagues house and his wife had put on of those signs in the guest toliet. When I came back from using it, she asked me if I saw her sign. I let her know I did and ignored it, but I did leave the toliet seat down and she that she might want to clean off my urine off the seat before a female guest uses it.
        I was informed by my colleague the following Monday that his wife hates me. LOL.

        1. One of the managers at a former employer mentioned in his talk the need for men to pee sitting down. Can see why you were provoked enough to pee on the seat, I’d be tempted to take down the sign. The other offensive thing I have seen is no-singlets for men signs in gyms. At some level I find the current advertising in the German subway (below) discriminatory against men or boys. It translates “No violence against girls” which obviously implies that violence against boys is perfectly fine.

    6. He said his wife controlled everything
      The sad reality is that his wife actually despises him for this. Although they won’t admit it, women want to be led and dominated by their man. You ought to tell him that she secretly looks down on him and will end up cheating on him. Add a shiv to it by saying she might get pregnant and lie about who the father is.

    7. So ye, what you’re saying is actually pathetic. Like the masculine thinker you are, you really should go to war against girls or women instead of sorting yourself out.

    1. Holy shit I laughed my ass off the other day when I saw that! Women have been conditioned by Hollyweird to think they can take on men in physical combat. If any of those women went up against a man, he’d either refuse to hit her back or knock her out with the first punch.

      1. I still remember the thread about a high school soccer team that beat a professional women’s team 8 to 2.
        Apparently, it seems that they would have needed to be playing boys of around 12 or 13 to be an ‘even’ contest.

      2. Alabama vs. James Gandolfini’s mobster in “True Romance” is a more realistic fight than anything in hollywood…yeah she won but she had to WORK for it, it was kill or be killed.

    2. It’s all about imposing their will upon others by whatever method is at their disposal – – – including physical violence. This is the true face of SJW-s. They are not about justice. Rather, they are about “just” their way!

      1. Also; look how willingly the media promotes and the Establishment ignores actual threats of violence towards those they see as endangering the Narrative. Girls want to beat up guys we don’t agree with? You go grrrls!
        Nary a peep from the police, media, or politicians decrying this threat of force.

        1. Yep. The media and politicians are too afraid to step out of line from political correctness to curb this blatant bullying. We don’t even have to reverse the roles to recognize that. If one group of men was saber-rattling about how they are going to publicly beat someone else for daring to have a peaceful meeting, you’d have all sorts of outcry from the media and mediators alike.
          But, women boasting that they will smack some men around, all in the cause of “justice” (for a false allegation based on a purposely misinterpreted article)? That is to be given accolades.
          That is the embarrassment that our “civilized” world has become.
          P.S. I’d love to see even one of these superstars challenge a male boxer in the same weight class. It wouldn’t last a round.

      2. It is a good thing then that what you are doing is the exact and literal opposite. You really should keep fighting for the poor men that would like to see people raped.

      1. Well, then they’ll suck at fighting, considering the storm troopers have the worst aim in the entire galaxy!

    3. As someone who’s parents were raised in Toronto, who still has family members residing in Toronto, and currently lives 2 hours from Toronto, I can attest to it being a rotten city. Hell, it sucks when your province’s politics is largely determined by that one liberal hellhole.
      I plan to move further away when I’m on my own.
      PS the Toronto mayor (you know, the one that denounced Roosh) is technically a “conservative” (cuckservative?). Yes, it’s that bad.

        1. Yes, but he did do his job regardless, although I suppose he wasn’t the best role model for children in the city.

        1. I agree 100%! Unfortunately, they want to force us by whatever means possible to join them…

  23. The feminists that were going to show up in fighting gear, boxing gloves etc is intimidation and a threat of violence, it is communicating violence which is against the law and can be a punishable crime. Slandering our entire movement with “pro rape” headlines might sell papers but its a huge Slander/Libel case against these pathetic little brats. They can’t stop an idea, they cannot stop intelligent decisions and behaviors we learn and share here…they lose and lose they will men around the world have had enough and the threats of naked aggression show how pathetic and desperate they really are. However Roosh has it right, TPTB are worried about the 4% that will free the world again in a second revolution….

    1. Well, they wouldn’t get in trouble anyways; actually, feminists once pulled a fire alarm on an MRA meeting in the University of Toronto, all because it was a meeting for MRAs-they didn’t even come up with conspiracies about rape.
      I’m referring to the incident of Big Red, if you recognize her.

        1. Her mouth is actually a direct portal to hell/ the underworld-enter at your own risk…

      1. When the fire alarms went off, the MRAs should have turned the fire extinguishers on the feminists.

    2. Here’s the thing, if the feminists rocked up and started throwing punches and then the men beat them up, the men would be in the wrong….

    3. Women and violence is a joke. don’t even entertain the idea. 30 days at the boxing gym will make you invincible against any number of belligerent feminists. It’s their puppy dog enablers that you need to watch out for.

    4. “The feminists that were going to show up in fighting gear, boxing gloves etc is intimidation and a threat of violence.”
      Your starting to see more and more of this “above the law” behavior.

  24. eVen if the meet-up did not happen, good try. Maybe rather than having a world wide thing, break it up into regions, with emphasis on hinterland conservative areas at first. I would like to go to one of those (if the drive was 45 minutes or less).
    My city is large enough, but I cannot head one up. I want to retire with a pension from my PC job.

  25. I copped numerous Death Threats also and was blocked by Facebook after defending Roosh on his FB page and using the word “faggot”
    I have the IP’s and FB details of all of them too, just in case

    1. I’ve had a guy tell me got beat up for showing up at one of the locations meant for the meet up; a bunch of men were waiting there to inflict violence on supporters! He spent the night in a hospital.

        1. At least in Seattle
          Video above includes the “skateboarders” who eventually beat a guy to hospitalization.

        2. Seattle. The guy is actually on this site. His name is YuriliPizmyov. Here’s his comment:
          “I was nearby, so I went to the Seattle meet-up site to see whether anyone might actually show. The library had been closed already for two hours and it being the Pac NW on winter, it was already quite dark, and I thought, “this is an odd choice.”
          I waited a little while in front of the that library, and it appeared that no one would come, but there was a bald, fat middle-aged white man pulling a TV camera with boom mic attacked out of the back of an unmarked van, and I found that odd. There were some other small red flags that I might have noticed, had I not just met the most charming gaggle of bridesmaids and given the blushing bride-to-be a peck on the cheek.
          In any case, in time some young men started to form up in front of the library, and I approached them. There were no women present, and all the young men present were white, to my knowledge. Some of the men seemed to know each other. Others didn’t. They young men were all fairly tall with athletic builds and trim haircuts, but at least two were carrying skateboards and were dressed casually. They looked like young soldiers disguised as skate punks.
          Two of the young men with skateboards looked especially thuggish, and they were holding small cameras or phones aloft, filming everyone else present. One or two men tried to engage me in argument, shouting, “why dd you want to rape people?” and I thought, what an odd question. I had no interest in any such conversation. I thought it best to leave such arguments to the young people.
          There was one young, shorter, skinny fellow all dressed in black in the goth style, with two-tone dyed hair. He asked me where was the pet shop, and I asked whether he was there for the meet-up,. and he said he was. It soon became clear that many if not most of the young men assembled (maybe 8 in total) were there in opposition to the cancelled event (which in itself seemed odd), and I suggested that the young goth and I go get a beer. We walked one block west, and he suggested a left turn. Not knowing the area, I deferred to his judgment.
          Two young men men stalked us at a distance of 25 feet or so. They walked shoulder to shoulder with neutral expressions, carrying their skateboards at the ready, like M16’s. My companion observed that we were being followed, and I observed how odd it was that our stalkers and everyone else who had shown up in opposition to the event were men.
          About halfway down the block, the skinny goth wrapped his arms around me and drove me headfirst into the brick wall, shouting, “get him!” I briefly thought, what a terribly unoriginal thing to say before the first skateboards wheels connected with my face. After that, it was all skateboards, firsts and boots. It’s a hell of a thing to actually watch the toe of a boot going into your eye. I was down at some point, as they worked my ribs over pretty good.
          I wouldn’t stay down, though, and one of the “two “skate punks” shouted stay down, stay down. I have a gun and I will shoot you if you don’t stay down. And I thought to myself, “these guys have done this before.”
          I got a few lame blows of my own on the goth, but it is my blood that know decorates that corner on third avenue, as the “fight” had traveled all the way to the bottom of the hill, where the presence of witnesses finally influenced my attackers to flee.
          A brave Seattlite couple had heroically taken pictures of the whole damn thing from a distance. When the coast was clear for them, they approached me and asked whether I wal alright, as I bled profusely from the head and face. The woman called 911.
          When the police arrived, they offered that they had a guy in custody and would I want to identify him and I said sure, whereupon, the drove me me a few blocks away to where they were holding a young black guy with a skate board, and I thought fuck this, as I had clearly told the cops repeatedly that each of my attackers was white. I realized then and there that law enforcement had already rendered me all the aid and justice and I was going to get.
          The cop did take me back to my car, and offered to lead me to Harboriew Medical Center. Too bad he didn’t tell me where to park, but whatever. I managed to hike into the ER from the parking garage down the hill, and I spent my evening being cared for by conscientious medical students and cute nurses, and, in the end, my injuries proved much less severe than they at first thought, so, all’s well that ends only somewhat fucked up, I guess.”
          It’s also on video.

        3. Thanks. Shit, that’s disturbing because these thugs were no betas or manginas but military units. That’s an old tactic widely used in foreign theatres by the British Army, especially the SAS, and also the IDF. In Israel, they have a specialized army unit, called “mista’arvim” , that disguise themselves as Arabs, and pull these type of stunts. Interestingly, the SAS were the first unit to employ such tactics back in the 50’s.

        4. I know I probably shouldn’t stoop to the SJW narrative of being “oppressed”, but it is ironic that they claim that when incidences like this go unnoticed by the media, wouldn’t you agree?

        5. Well, if it was indeed a military unit, as I strongly suspect it was, given the description from this young man, and how SAS units used to operate in Northern Ireland by dressing up as IRA men, and pulling these exact type of stunts in terms of coordination and tactics … then two things are evident:
          The so-called “establishment” really does see this “movement” as a serious threat, to the extent that they are willing to set a small but clear example in order to intimidate. I doubt these soldiers were going to grievously injure the young lad, but it was still to send a message of intimidation and fear. As well, the MSM works in tandem and are mere lackeys. Lack of coverage of this story is very intentional, and again shows how coordinated the effort was.

        6. And they think they are radicals fighting for ‘social justice’ when really are they are stooges for globalists – and probably funded by them.

        7. Well, showing it as evidence to people only pulls the wool of a select number of people; others are so dedicated to their “cause” that they’re beyond hope. I honestly believe that even if the meia did show this, the majority would say, “good! That rapist should have been castrated!” We truly are in a matrix.
          The military getting involved is just freaky!

        8. You want to hear something interesting: I bet you a bottle of Johnnie Blue (that’s Johnnie Walker, Blue Label, in case you’re not well-versed in your whiskeys!) that the person casually recording it all was part of the gang, err, unit, and his comments, etc, are all part of the *act*. It’s a brilliant move: capture the incident on video to deciminate the message.
          In our modern day, almost everything is fake, fraudulent, and artificially constructed.

        1. Who told you that? I read a guy’s comment here on RoK somewhere earlier today.
          Then somewhere else, I see a link to this video, which potentially included the skateboarders who beat him.

        2. This is the guy: YuriliPizmyov. He talked to you too?
          Honestly, these white knights are like the SS!

        3. No, I just saw his comment while perusing this morning. I don’t remember where he posted it though.
          I have this video downloaded though, in case the owner takes it down.
          It’s an interesting mindset, where leftists decry all peaceful opponents as Nazis, while acting EXACTLY like the early SS.

        4. Well, you know the media won’t show this. Honestly, our side could count as “oppressed”, yet we don’t use that label because we can take so much more than those SJWs!
          Actually, I’m Canadian-you know, the leftist paradise of North America? Think of how it is for me up here!

        5. Oh man, Canada seems like a complete nightmare, with a PM like Trudeau now and feminists running off the leash.
          I’ve run across other redpilled/manosphere sites mentioning organized meetups since Roosh’s meetup was slandered and shut down. As RoK is reeling from this past week, I see many men rallying in other ways. The time to connect in real life is NOW.
          The punks who beat down YuriliPizmyov (was he “Superman” in the video?) are running our of control. The fact that white-knight lapdogs can show up with weapons and assault someone over a meetup for beer, should tell us that the window for effectively coordinating in person is closing.

        6. Well, if anyone brings up the manosphere in person, I’ll be sure to give my honest opinion on its resourcefulness-if I get a few hits, I don’t care! Gandhi got beat up a lot, yet remember what he said:
          “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, hen they fight you, and the you win!”
          Well, India is now its own country as he had hoped, albeit a somewhat shitty country.

        7. Great. if these brave activists are so pro-feminist, anti-rape, surely they’ll dash like white knights on horseback to an all muslim neighborhood where they are grooming underage girls for sex, forcing child marriage and genital mutilation…
          Surely they will raid a mosque where an iman preaches about women’s subservience and raping non-muslim women is ok.
          Surely.. right…..

        8. Are candians really this stoopid? Keep up the misdirection. Its working well. SJWs are self parody.

  26. I’ll financially support if you writers at RoK demonstrate to us that this isn’t just about publicity. Real world connections among patriarchal minded men are urgently needed.
    This battle CANNOT be won until like-minded men begin networking, socializing, and helping each other succeed in the real world. Men who reject the disease of feminism and cultural Marxism need to start the decentralized infiltration of media, education, and politics ASAP.
    I’m going to look at Roosh’s books and also donate for now. I expect to see RoK coordinating meetups, with much stricter security, in the near future.
    Remember, When it comes to real life, the petty conflicts between PUAs, the Red-Pilled, traditionalists, and… whoever: those conflicts need to be dropped for the greater war with the degenerate elites, Social Justice Terrorists, and white-knighting masses.
    No enemies within the Brotherhood.

    1. +1 to the above
      Also, if the forums are to remain private, some sort of IRL vetting system to new members to join would be great!
      I really really hope you intelligent men are working on all this behind the scenes. My apologies I was late to the party.

  27. And this is the moment RoK and Roosh lose credibility: when they start asking for money. What separated Roosh and RoK from most other “activists” in history is that he never asked for a cent.
    Although, this is a special circumstance. Lets see if Roosh and RoK stay as uncorrupted by money as they have in the past.

    1. Activists don’t ask for money? I think your grasp of history reveals no grasp. Of course activists and their organizations petitioned for funding from their supporters.
      And what you seem to be intentionally excluding is the fact that the request for support includes but is not limited to patronizing the products of the site advertisers and those of Roosh. You seem to forget that people incurred liabilities due the need of personal security as a result of the threats of violence that came from the “peaceful” and “tolerant” SJWs. Just sayin’.

  28. In FB this is becoming a shitstorm but there are always people that even if they are not around here they try to advocate for some reason, this poor guy got raided by lots of SJW and they were all repeating the same things over and over despite evidence of the contrary, this is sad, I definitely support this the objectives of this site despite the loss of values nowadays.

  29. Legal advice with regard to defamation, slander and threats would probably be welcome. Any lawyers out there? (I’m not.)

    1. Feminists are generally a miserable lot. The trouble is that they have a foothold on the media and are spreading their lies. That is eroding society.

  30. Dear Roosh,
    Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us so far. However, with all respects, I would like to ask you a question and make some points.
    Q: until which point did you do all the meeting thing just to get personal exposure and not to trully expand neomasculinity? Why all the tweets about Australia and coming by private boat (you actually were lying to the media here)?
    Because let me tell you that if now you are asking us extra money, you did your exposure Cost-Benefit analysis wrongly, at the same time that you let the feminists score a victory. Once more, the manosphere stays online and not on the street.
    If you really want to bring this movement to real-world, you’ll have to think better what you do, especially if you want to attract talent to “neomasculinity” (very bad name BTW, neo- is a prefix used by the left to redefine anything they don’t like).
    Better Dead than Red

  31. Tribeleader of cancelled Toronto meetup here. Message me on Disqus or follow me on twitter @jadeaube . We are planning a meetup in near future, there’s around a dozen of us so far. Thanks 🙂

  32. Men,
    What you really can do on a micro level is to make friends with other like-minded men in your communities.
    We need to start our own community clubs where we can hang out, drink beers and watch sports.
    You can do this through your own friends. If you have no friends, well, make them.
    The Italians used to have social clubs where they would drink and play cards.
    Men need to hang out and be aware of what is going on.
    We also need to actively shame men who are drinking the Kool-aid. Herbavore men, trendies and hipsters who are not plugged in or are ignorant need to be informed on what is going on.
    It really comes down to the info war.
    You’d be surprised how many people are actually awake to what is going on. People are awake. Just need to connect with them.
    In the end, what I hope is that we can bring men and women together. We can defeat globalism, rebuild America and our individual countries, respect differences, and move forward as an united humanity.
    1000 evil people should not control the destiny of humanity.
    I pray to God that we all prevail in the infowar. Our futures depend on it!

    1. Drinking beer and watching sports is a very diminutive way to think of male comradery. Forming a sports team is much or meeting up for boxing is 10 times more bonding.

    2. Amen brother. God bless. I suggest HEMA groups. As in Historical European Martial Arts. Chivalry is not dead, just hibernating.

    3. Could the ROK website somehow be used to help facilitate private meetups on a regional or city-by-city basis?

  33. I donated $30 recurring monthly. Thank you Roosh for doing this. I will pray for you and your family’s safety

  34. I just bought “Why Can’t I Put a Smiley Face?” and I will adding a few more to the list tomorrow. Quite the page turner.

  35. You guys need some other means of donating. I don’t want Paypal to have all my personal info. A P.O. box where you can accept cash is a start. or accept prepaid VISA cards as a direct transaction.

  36. Dear Roosh,
    The media picked your rape article because it was a soft target — it’s easy to twist that and turn public opinion against you … it would take a lot of explaining to show the real reason: All the horrendous pieces of fratboy meathead philosophy found somewhere on ROK. Not to say there isn’t good writing to be found here, there is tons…but the bad writing is shitty to a degree where the good writing becomes difficult to take seriously. You can think of this like a nice fresh pepperoni pizza with a juicy brown turd glistening on the crust — would you want to consume that pizza? Would you care that somebody lied and called it a shitty pizza eventhough it was really a pepperoni pizza?
    Pay attention to the journalist in this link:
    You’re not the only ones calling for a defeminization and de-wimping of western society. The author seems smart and articulate, should her vote be taken away? Why do you insult the few conservative mainstream women who would possibly just maybe be on your side–like Christina Sommers–if you only grew up a bit, showed respect for somebody who wasn’t a man or your mom? Saying women’s vote should be taken away makes ROK look bad, really really incredibly fcuking bad — normal mentally sound readers won’t take you seriously at all when you say shit like that, or even worse — that women should have their decisions made by male relatives? Jesus fukcing Christ, why not just propose to keep your girlfriend in a cage in your backyard Roosh? There’s more drivel of that nature here — but my purpose is not to demean you. I’m sorry I must tell you these things because you need to hear them, since the way things stand from the outside ROK looks like an extremist movement full of those failing at life: Beavis and Butthead hanging at the public library posturing and lying to drunk sluts and thinking they must be alpha now.
    It’s fine to be against gay marriage or the gay lifestyle … but the the way you do it…I don’t know, it feels like the proposition for a public stoning is never off the table. Let homos be homos. Bigotry ain’t as cool as you think and the middle ages are long gone dude. Also, you guys extoll bodybuilding so much, WHY? Bodybuilders are practically gay: See how they’re always feeling each other’s biceps at the gym and telling their “brah” how big he’s growing? Bodybuilding makes you look like an athlete, but it’s all about appearances, it’s fake — it does have a lot in common with faking the demeanor of an alpha male to pick up chicks though. Let me add that in all of history there has never been a serious social movement that involved complete regression to the lifestyle of your forefathers. You can bring back timeless conservative values — you can’t seriously propose to roll back time (ie./the 1950’s). Nobody will take you seriously when every female commenter who disagrees with something gets called a cunt or a retard. I’ve seen tons of comments in mainstream media–people surfing to ROK for the first time–and all they notice is how the comments section on your site is full of unhappy outcasts with very bad manners. Nothing wrong with boys being boys, keeping it real and not being overly PC — but some of you need to stop acting like animals straight out the fucking zoo.
    The media knows full well that your rape article was taken out of context–at least the smarter ones do I won’t speak for all the fucktards in the media–it’s not only an orchestrated conspiracy against ROK though: The article is a soft target and for all the other pieces of bad writing on ROK you had it coming.
    Also, as it turns out the shit going down in Cologne Germany has a name for it: It’s called Taharrush (mass sexual assault of women). It’s pronounced Taha-Roosh. Must I really add how poor Roosh just can’t catch a break lately?
    Take care,

    1. You really need to just slow down and take a deep breathe. ROK isn’t some kind of MSM circle jerk. I appreciate all opinions that are well thought out regardless of their alignment with my own beliefs. Honestly I don’t like your tone one bit

    2. “The article is a soft target and for all the other pieces of bad writing on ROK you had it coming”
      Is this… victim-blaming?

  37. Sorry but the last time I donated money to a men’s site (and a pretty penny it was!) the host later deleted ALL visitor comments under the pretense of site upgrading.
    He later let the site atrophy away claiming that he didn’t have so much time for running his site because he’d recently remarried to a SECOND feminist wife and so he now once again (in his own words) had a ‘normal life’ unlike his site’s regulars.
    I’m not naming any names but I’m sure a lot of you veteran manospherians probably know who I’m referring to anyway.
    Also, before I forget, I’ll share this article that gave me the biggest brain boner an article has ever given me.
    And for some soul soothing I present this.
    skip to 1:40 for the beat down

      1. I was done with AVFM long ago. Paul Elam trying to give advice on game, that fat-ass fucktard Dean Esmay even wrote an article about guys who lift have image problems and identity issues.
        Think about that for a second. This from a guy who I am sure never lifted a day in his life and is probably still a virgin. I called bullshit on the simple fact that most guys to want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, but it is short term extrinsic motivation, and the motivation to keep going was intrinsic, and nothing to do with women, etc. If you lift, you know exactly what I mean.
        Nope. Still ademently disagreed, like he knows all about lifting. Got banned for saying just that. Fuck AVFM. Bunch of old-ass, bitch-ass, mother fuckers.

    1. Disappointed but not surprised really.
      It’s hardly a secret that they were co-opted years ago.
      I remember back in ….maybe 2011?
      I was listening to one of the first AFVM ‘radio’ broadcasts.
      A guy was ‘on the air’ talking about how he’d been involved in a false DV incident.
      He said that he barely escaped going to jail that night.
      He also said that at one point a sympathetic cop said to him “Look man, this is a blue state. Better get out while you still can.” *
      And at exactly THAT point that Karen Straughn cuts him off!
      Politically neutral my ass.
      *This remark also reflects that leftists have been unpopular with a lot of police for some time. Even in blue states.

    2. I was done with AVFM long ago. Paul Elam trying to give advice on game, that fat-ass fucktard Dean Esmay even wrote an article about guys who lift have image problems and identity issues.
      Think about that for a second. This from a guy who I am sure never lifted a day in his life and is probably still a virgin. I called bullshit on the simple fact that most guys to want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, but it is short term extrinsic motivation, and the motivation to keep going was intrinsic, and nothing to do with women, etc. If you lift, you know exactly what I mean.
      Nope. Still ademently disagreed, like he knows all about lifting. Got banned for saying just that. Fuck AVFM. Bunch of old-ass, bitch-ass, mother fuckers./

      1. I lift for athletic purposes, so that tubby fat ass should do some research before he talks shit about it.

        1. They have some women as mods who are ban – happy regarding anyone who disagrees with them.

    3. Roosh recently said he sympathizes with the MRA movement and called for a truce. This is their answer. They’ve thrown him under the bus in order to virtue signal to the Feminist Horde. They are so blatantly unaware that no amount of “see! It’s him! Not us!” from their camp will ever change the minds of the Enemy. They have targeted AVFM, like the rest of the Manosphere, for destruction. Paul and his cronies had the opportunity, if not to forge alliances to work towards common goals, then to at least take a neutral position on this recent fiasco. This could have been a moment of the Wildling tribes laying aside their differences to unite against the White Walkers. They chose not to. We shall see what becomes of them. And we will look on with disinterested amusement when it comes.
      “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.”
      – Winston Churchill

    4. Left a comment on the article to try and bring them over here, at least for a look to make up their own minds, as well as the embedded video of Roosh destroying the media at his conference. I bet my bottom dollar it’ll be deleted. But if even a few people see it and a few of them come for a look, it’ll have been worth it.

      1. Ah, bless. Banned by a female moderator on a supposed ‘Men’s Rights’ site. Safe spaces for men, as long as they are controlled by women, right? AVFM, you have proven you haven’t got what it takes to go the distance. Pleasantly surprised she seems to have left my comment with the vid up for now though. Time will tell.

        1. They have a comments section on that article but according to the female mod you are not allowed to debate the content of that article. That’s very much like a SJW tactic

        2. They have a bunch of rules that are arbitrarily enforced, like saying they are an advocacy site not a discussion site, or the way they decide which comments are off topic.

        3. I just find it weird that they have a controversial article up on their site but no one can voice a counter view in the chat to it.

        4. It’s controversial for us but not among their MRA echo chamber members.
          I popped back to AVFM and they have a second hit piece about Roosh. Looks like a shy bromance club.

        5. If you are not allowed to comment or debate the article, why do they have a comment section?
          Am I missing something, it doesn’t make sense.
          If they really do not want comments, why don’t they just disable all comments?

    5. Apparently testosterone is a chemical poison. It’s probably kryptonite to a dickless punter like Esmay.

  38. Long time reader, first time poster here.
    I’ve been willing to fight the good fight for a long time now but haven’t exactly done much. But these past couple of weeks have really hardened my resolve. Next time you wanna try the worldwide meetup, I’ll try to host the Oregon one (Not sure how much interest there is in my area, I’m living in a smallish town).
    Until then, does anyone out there have suggestions for how to get in touch with fellow manosphere readers?
    EDIT: Oh, turns out this isn’t my first post. I’ve made a few posts a long time ago.

  39. Anonymous – We never forgive or forget, but we may occasionally allow ourselves to be infiltrated and co-opted by the very elites we claim to despise despite our monicker.
    White knights are cucks, no matter what advantage they have.

    1. You must be confused; it’s the SJW horde that threatens death and violence towards those they disagree with. Or haven’t you seen Roosh’s comments feeds for the last week?
      Try harder.

      1. The fuck are you talking about? I’m Sorry if I come off as a troll but I’m not. I really do hate SJWs with a passion and I hope they die. I’m sick of them ramming their ideology down our throats.

        1. Then you should know that you are doing us a great disservice mouthing off like some kind of retarded hooligan. Everyone from the Media to the NSA has their spotlights pointed straight at us right now.
          By all means burst their little rainbow coloured bubble with ice cold truth and logic, but take the Elliot Roger shit far away from here. It’s gamma as fuck.

        2. Violence is the wrong way to go and not needed.
          The SJWs only got to do what they did by lying about the original article and the reason for the meetups. Once it starts to come out all of the lying the SJWs did, they will lose support and be seen as the crazys they are.
          That is how this will be won, showing everyone how they lie and are crazy; once that happens they will be discredited.
          That is how we win.

    2. Dude never go full retard.
      That said if you are sincere I get how utterly pissed off you are . But physical violence isn’t the way. Don’t get me wrong I’d utterly fuck up one if it came swinging at me. But i feel more of a man not having a mob doing shit for me.

  40. Long, long time reader. First time poster. The international meetup was to be my time to meet face to face with other local founders of the neomasculine movement. I remember feeling both physically sick at the ill-informed attack on our community, and secretly thankful that I had watched comfortably from the periphery until then. No longer. This international media farce has tempered my resolve and proven beyond a doubt, to anyone with the brains to think, that we are on to something here. Something very uncomfortable for those who would see us as broken and willing slaves to a decayed and immoral system. Our message and philosophy has survived the blunt trauma of the braying mob; now is the time to sow further the seeds of their discontent.
    We are not going away.

    1. I, for one have had enough of SJW’s, their lies, and their vicious behavior. Rightly said.

    2. Ye, I wouldn’t ascribe you with any masculine traits. You seem like an very tender person. and I don’t think it would be an good idea for you to look to others for your shortcomings.

      1. Upvotes say otherwise, skitstövel. It’s quite obvious to everyone that has taken a moment to read your profile history that you only found RoK after finding out about the meetups, and have come here to try and troll people across multiple articles. You are wasting effort you could be using to improve yourself, and your command of English is just insulting. Fuck off back to your football channel while you wait for the European Caliphate.

  41. Even if you are married you should still buy the books. They are a great read. And you never know when you might need them…

  42. Beware of the new narrative that is titled “The Roosh Cult”. It could be an attempt to depict persons with sentiments that align with those of ROK as “mindless”; that the object central to this characterization is an opportunist and merely exploiting a sympathetic readership.
    A long time ago, Louis Farrakhan began cultivating an influence within the Black community. Many of those who found value in what he represented were finding value in the idea of self reform (self improvement). It didn’t take long for Farrakhan’s critics, led by the Anti-Defamation League, to make the growing influence about the person and not the ideas he represented. Soon thereafter came the denunciation game. The validity of an influential Black person was made to be based on whether or not he supported Farrakhan. This was a game of divide and conquer perpetrated upon the Black community and there was some measure of success.
    This is not about Farrakhan, it is not about the disingenuous rhetoric promoted largely by the Anti-Defamation League, nor is it about the white liberals and conservatives who, at that time, joined together in undermining the developing influence of Elijah Muhammad’s ideas that were reappearing in Farrakhan’s rising profile. Instead, this is about a tactic commonly employed for the purpose of enacting a game of divide and conquer; a tactic sometimes employed for political purposes.
    If you are like me, you go to sites like ROK, Heartiste (yes, I know he is a white nationalist but that does not change the fact that useful concepts are expressed on his blog), Captain Capitalism, Private Male, etc., to harvest ideas that are useful in your own personal life. Don’t lose sight of this if, and possibly when, the “Roosh Cult” narrative becomes the new angle of attack. If you are like me, the basic principle of the aforementioned blogs that influences you is the idea of self improvement as a pathway to actualizing as an individual, not membership in a collective of mindless automatons.
    “History repeats itself but muthafuckas don’t listen.”
    – quote of unknown origin

  43. This is a plausible cause for the increased rape rates.
    Rapes linked to online dating up by more than 450% in five years
    But you won’t hear the SJWs going after these sites owners. Online dating and pornography is in fact being encouraged in Sex-Communism.
    Having said that, it must be acknowledged that in the Roosh V forum there are lots of advises on “How to get laid on Tinder like a boss”. I think after this year’s events Roosh needs to clean up his act and reduce the emphasis on promiscuous sex.
    If he’s sincere about his intentions.

    1. I would agree. If he truly intends to proceed with a new societal narrative , then he needs to clean up the way he goes about certain things.

  44. Would rok be willing to take Bitcoin donations? Many of us including me are not anti fragile enough yet to provide support without anonymity.
    I am not a Bitcoin fanatic- I’ve never bought any. However, I would if it could help rok.
    Does it already and I just never noticed?

  45. Just ordered a kilogram of Kratom…
    Seriously, that was it was ever all about?
    On Facebook, I supported the site with my name and picture, because as a RoK-reader, I was outraged for being painted as “pro-rapist” by the Media. So if the meetings were really planned in the first place, then, well, life is tough. But if it was just a publicity stunt from the get go, and no meeting was ever planned… then, Roosh you are clever, fooled me once. Still no anger, this site gave me so much so far, only a tinge of sadness.

    1. RoosheDouche is a little beetch who orchestrated this PR stunt to increase his e-begging revenue. What a fegit

      1. Gave us more than all Feminists combined together so far…
        Money I wont give but kudos to him for owning the Media.

  46. I work at a university, and I must admit that it’s very difficult to come to work each day. The entire place is filled with SJWs. I’m not bashful stating my views, and want to personally thank Roosh for standing up to the BS MSM. I hope and pray, that not only men, but women begin to see what is really going on with how the media controls the masses. There’s a quote that has stuck with me since I was a teenager. I’ve posted this before, and I’ll post it again. “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” Jim Morrison.

    1. This has many permutations and origins, but basically…
      “Convince enough people of a lie, and it becomes truth.”
      ~Ron Amundson
      This is what SJWs and modern feminists depend on. It is why they use every dirty trick in the book to shut down the truth.

      1. You are great in every way, and all media is evil for trying to oppress you with evil propaganda. Feminists, and women in general are to blame, to be honest.

  47. Late to the comments but I hope this finds an audience:
    There is nothing wrong with America that couldn’t be corrected overnight — if her men would only stand and say, ENOUGH.
    I’ve been doing that since the first run of political correctness in the early 1990s, running an off-campus newspaper that took them on, head on. We beat them because we were damned if we’d let them intimidate us. “Who the hell are they?” was the attitude. It rubbed off on a lot of campus, especially the W2 employees of the administration and the townies. The feminists were gone for years before they dared return.
    So it is today. Yes, they can and will dox you. So lead with it first. Be open but don’t lead with your chin. Say what you’ve got to say in person, man-to-man, not online where you only risk some loser to justify his life at your expense. Let me tell you something: if you make a firm, manly stand in meatspace, no one will challenge you. Assuming of course, you didn’t somehow turn yourself into their pinata for the day. The internet cuts both ways. Avoid it for anything meaningful. Let it convey ideas for discussion — that’s it’s purpose. Meatspace is where you change lives, families and the civilizations they create.

  48. I’ve been reading the posts on this site since it started and I can say that even though I don’t agree with some of the geopolitical opinions there is a lot of truth to the things about the info that gets discussed here. What Roosh is doing wrong is focusing only on the “West” countries aka white countries. Aside from the Islamic world, the problems men face today in a pro-globalist “western” society are worldwide. Being from Mexico, I can say that feminism is still not important, except in Mexico City. But I bet no one would upset this meet ups if they were held here, at a big tourist destination, think Cabo. There are plenty of nice hotels with conference rooms and no media coverage from any big country whatsoever and it is certainly not a long trip, at least from the US or Canada. Besides, Roosh would realize that his work is not regarded only in the US or Europe but a much larger world is also watching closely.

  49. I went onto Amazon and downvoted and reported all the ingenuous 1-star reviews for Bang that have been popping up.

    1. Yes, I posted factually correct replies to several of the bitchy “reviews” I saw there hating on Roosh

  50. I’d be happy to host a static mirror of the site to help reduce CloudFlare costs.
    I have several servers colocated in a Phoenix area datacenter.

  51. I told feminist in my class that feminism was satanic and destroying society, and she gave me the biggest death stare and walked out the room and said “I’m not having this conversation”. Society has fallen greatly and men support homosexuality and the destruction of mankind, sad times.

    1. Balls, man.
      Depends on where you are but there is a real risk doing what you did.
      I’d replace “satanic” with some other, more down to earth label. But the does it matter since these persons aren’t exactly abiding by the rules of logic.

  52. I’ll consider giving monetary support when Roosh and the ROK members clearly communicate:
    A) Whats actually been learnt from the recent attacks
    B) How the neomasculanity movement plans to move forward
    C) How new people can become members

    1. …from a mature, practical standpoint, with the goal of creating widespread positive change in the world, not more ‘circle jerking’ so to speak.

  53. Im no elite, and i can tell you for sure i would kill you rather then let you force me into the role of feminine wife or mother, i would rather be a fucking whore.

    1. . most women are whores.. they just lie to themselves to make it feel better.
      You gals have no problem with gettn beat up by Islamic crazies. In fact, you enjoy it.

      1. Bullshit. I cant speak for everyone who was born with a vagina, but i know i cant stand macho alpha dominant men.

      2. And yes if all men were non aggressive manginas, i would be happy to fuck more of them. But they are not, so none of them are worth trusting. Im quite happy to spend my days as a nasty, ugly feminist and hit the wall with pride!
        p.s i dont have to lie to myself, bc i dont see nothing wrong with people fucking around, what stops me is not social morals, its knowing the reality of what men are like.

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