Knockout Game & Misguided Masculinity

Knockout (also known as the knockout game and knockout king) – a violent activity played by sucker punching an unsuspecting bystander with the objective of knocking that individual unconscious in a single punch. (Wikipedia)

If you haven’t heard of it – a host of news stories surrounding this game have been surfacing lately (Example 1 / Example 2).

Black children are brutally injuring, and even killing unsuspecting victims. And while these actions are clearly wrong, I think they reflect something larger. Whether they’re due to the lack of a father figure or a violent adolescence, I’m not sure. But I do believe these acts are a good example of misguided attempts to assert one’s own masculinity.


I’m sure the need to feel some sense of power – both over the victim and among their peers – plays a large role in the attacks. Some sense of being a man. And in this case it’s obviously wrong. But it got me thinking – how different are these acts from the common tough guy attitude so many bros take assume on the streets or in the bar.

Whether it’s purposefully bumping someone with your shoulder as you make your way to the bar or staring someone down on the streets, and then taunting them upon making eye contact – I don’t think it is too far removed from the violent knockout game.

Sure, it’s 10, 20, or 100 times less violent – but it’s seeks the same artificial approval that you’re a real man. These behaviors strive to make a grand display of one’s physical prowess. But in the end, all they show is insecurity – a trademark of something far different than a masculine man.

What is masculinity?

All of this begs the question to be asked: what is true masculinity?

Physical prowess, and the ability to defend yourself is undoubtedly on the list. But cheap shows of intimidation demonstrate weakness. It is often noted that premier martial artists are some of the least threatening people you will meet – as well as some of the most masculine. And this is because their physical prowess manifests as extreme self confidence in public – with no need to prove themselves to everybody at the bar. And so true masculinity, as everything seems to do, ties to self confidence in the end.


Something else an accomplished martial artist has that contributes to this confidence – is a purpose. Their purpose being striving to improve and perfect their craft. Being on a mission of some sort or other is another bullet point on the list of masculine traits. And when you’re caught up in dedicating your life (or at least a portion of it) towards a particular mission, staring down alpha males at the bar falls pretty low on the priority list.

And this leads me to another point. The truly masculine man appreciates others who share his qualities; his first instinct is not to attempt intimidation. Rather he finds it refreshing to meet and interact with someone else who’s on his level, whether it’s through sharing ideas or slaying broads. Yes, none of this supersedes competition, another masculine trait, for sure. But even after two prize fighters try to wreck each other for 12 rounds, they embrace after. And is trying to intimidate a stranger walking down the street competitive?

Sure, other masculine traits exist, but I find these are the ones that closest relate to the tough guy mentality, and its misguided intent. All of this goes to show that using cheap tricks to accomplish a feeling of power or control is not masculinity, but actually insecurity – quite the opposite. And this goes for killing a stranger with an unsuspecting punch – or trying to fight everyone at the club on Friday night.

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246 thoughts on “Knockout Game & Misguided Masculinity”

  1. “Knock out game” is nothing more than a media creation.
    A very few isolated incidents, made to look like a horrific new trend. The hand wringers post and repost the same two videos over and over. Then it is picked up by national media and overblown to feed the 24 hour monster.
    Then, a bunch of punk teenagers, fulfill their part by imitating the actions shown on TV.
    Bingo, the news media creates it’s own story.
    The recent Manosphere hit piece should be a lesson. The news creates the controversy, and then resells it to the sheep, to forward an agenda.

    1. This has been going on in some capacity for years, but with the advent of smartphones/portable cameras, and social media Internet culture where people post their stupid exploits to become pseudo-celebs with their buddies, things like this have taken off.

    2. What you’re saying is the opposite of the truth.
      The media has intentionally downplayed, ignored, and excused black violence for decades now. They’ve gone into this coverage (which the smartphone-and-internet age has forced upon them) kicking and screaming. What you’re seeing now isn’t an invented trend; it’s the first cracks in their carefully crafted egalitarian narrative.

    3. Fuck off, my best friend got punched in the back of his head in broad daylight in Brooklyn six months ago (before the media tried to “forward and agenda”) by a pack of young black wanna be thugs. Push that “very few isolated incidents” shit somewhere else.

  2. If you want peace train for war(go to the gym). Weak body weak mind, only the weak get attacked. Squat big, bench big, and fuck aesthetics its about powerlifting. Another thing, karma is a bitch and you will get yours.

  3. Agreed. However, you discuss not harming someone or asserting your power over someone to prove your masculinity, and the same should apply to how you treat women. Therefore, until you change your mindset about that, you remain a total hypocrite. Men who think they have the right to control a woman or use them for their benefit, are more likely to engage in rape or physical and verbal abuse, making them not men, but the same monsters who punch innocent people on a street. Bonds between men and women should be based on mutual respect, not superiority and inferiority. I’m sorry that all the men on this site have had bad luck with women, but the stereotypes you have created to justify your rejections and thus, bring less pain upon yourselves, are in fact going to keep you from ever forming a functional relationship. So while you devise evil plans to outsmart women and girls, your fleeting victories are corrupt self-gratifications, temporarily convincing you that you are not unhappy, like food/drugs/porn, and inhibiting you from seeking true connection with another being. You are wasting the lives your mothers gave you.

      1. There are a few regulars that are earnestly here to learn, provide some insightful comments, and I actually learn something now and again from them. I’d like to see them stay.
        The femitrolls are hilarious but the hard core bitter and argumentative ones need to go.

        1. Negative. The zero tolerance policy is apt.
          The female perspective is almost completely irrelevant to the project of RoK, and compromising on the basis of NAWALT is a surefire way to undermine that project.

        2. They’re trying to infiltrate like a trojan horse once they realize that their (lame) shaming methods don’t really work. If a female is genuinely interested, her first instinct won’t be to spew out her opinions about what we should or shouldn’t do or say or believe, but rather read a lot of articles and provide support for this cause of spreading red pill ideas.

        3. At CH I’ve never really learned anything from a woman that I haven’t heard from a man. They load up the board with their female feelie verbal diarrhea which, no matter how you cut it, is empty of any worthwhile content. I agree that women should have a blanket ban on them. If they want to read, that’s fine, but they should just shut up and listen.

        4. Still, it’s been particularly interesting seeing the ones that were so fixated on what we were saying on here. The ones that were so crazy they literally blow up your inbox. They were getting quite annoying tho.

      2. Of course you are, you pathetic stain. How brave of you, to be banning any dissenting voices. You really are a bunch of pus-dripping herpes sores, aren’t you? You sad, lonely, insignificant, tiny-dicked fucking losers.

        1. It’s not really a “dissent” worthy of the term. Typical female feelie verbal diarrhea? Certainly.

      3. I agree. The few (very few) women who comment on here might have something constructive to offer, but they are far outnumbered by the little feminazi trolls who only show up to lecture, hector and scream invectives at us. No women commenters is an excellent policy.

      4. Is there a “no mangina” rule too? Because one of them actually said this to me.”
        “What is a female anti-feminist? Is that like a slave that doesn’t realize
        he’s a slave?”
        This is what manginas actually believe.

      1. Ms. Feminist,
        Please do not post a full body photo. Body weight and BMI numbers are acceptable and will be retained for statistical purposes. But, seriously, not photos. Thanks.

    1. Ms. Miller,
      Please post a full body photo so that I might better judge whether you’re worth my time and attention. No favorable, high-angle shots. Also, a photo of your tits in a snug, finely knit sweater would be helpful. Thanks.

  4. The Knockout Game:
    – Ignored by leftist media
    – Starring fatherless boys
    – Raised by single mothers
    – Cheered on by the Marxist Feminist Kollective
    – Created by cultural Marxists
    – Predicted by Daniel Patrick Moynihan a sensible liberal
    – Described in the Moynihan Report written in 1965 and condemned by leftist media
    “Conservatives of all stripes routinely praise Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s prescience for warning in 1965 that the breakdown of the black family threatened the achievement of racial equality. They rightly blast those liberals who denounced Moynihan’s report”

    1. It’s interesting how this sort of violent behavior is clearly a race thing in the USA; white kids doing stuff as bad as the “knockout game” is very rare. But when I was a kid in England I saw thug white kids doing this sort of thing often. Multiple of my friends got random beat downs on the street. I was with a kid when he got drop kicked from behind outside Waterloo station for no reason. One time I was walking alone down the street and some young bicyclist coming the opposite way tried to punch me in the gut for absolutely no reason.
      The common denominator on both sides of the pond seems to be welfare. The thugs were all council estate CHAVs in the UK.
      Had I never left the USA I would have assumed the crazy violence on World Star is just a black thing. Instead I think we can look forward to hordes of psycho violent feral white kids as well in about fifteen years, as the newly enlarged crop of fatherless white welfare cases come of age.

      1. I’m curious to know if those white kids in England have a rate of fatherlessness comparable to black kids in the U.S.
        I’d bet it’s pretty close.

        1. Working class whites in England do have quite a high percentage of single no father households. There is usually a good deal of alcoholism and drug use in working class white families too.

        2. Sure, dudes. Show me the thousands of videos of Thai kids, or white British kids, or Israeli kids doing this. Show me the website (like WorldStarHipHop or LiveLeak) with thousands of these “fatherless” kids attacking random strangers.
          They don’t exist.
          Race is the constant variable. Race is the cause.

      2. I grew up in Ireland, a place with no kneegrows until 15 years ago. We did not have mature adults being sucker punched by teenage thugs in broad daylight but they did beat up teenagers that did not look “tough”.
        No matter the excuse: fatherlessness, Hip Hop culture, the legacy of slavery, welfare dependency; the solution is the same. YT needs to grow a pair and stand up for himself.

        1. 70,000 sub-Saharan African asylum seekers in 15 years in a country of 4 million with no requirement under international or European law to take any, as we have no direct air links to any African nations. We had to get rid of our anchor baby rule.
          25% of children born in the country last year were born to foreign mothers. Few know this as it not reported in the media.
          Our current Minister for Justice has granted citizenship to 75,000 foreigners of all nationalities in the last 3 years. That’s more than any other Minister in the history of the state. You would think that a Hewish man with close ties to Hisrael would understand the need to keep illegal infiltrators at bay. He must be some kind of highly unusual exception.

        2. I was going to make a joke that you must have jeeews in your government or something, but apparently it’s no joke. First up on the agenda: flood your country with blacks. Next up: produce a relentless stream of public media that aims to convince your women that black men are sexy, strong, and cool, while white men are boring, nerdy, and old-fashioned.
          You see, the problem with Ireland is that it’s just too white, too proud, and too independent. The Zionists just couldn’t let that go on.

        3. the seeds are already sewn for the obliteration of traditional ireland – your young women have already become feminist, materialistic, whorish little mudsharks

        4. LOL, they probably arrived before your ancestory did. Niger val dubh doesn’t look white to me.

      3. Bullshit.
        Zero other races do this, or anything like it. Not Arabs, not Indians, not Whites, not Jews, not Asians.
        Blacks only. Therefore, blaming “socio-cultural” factors is false. The common denominator is race. Period.

        1. Sorry, but this is plain bullshit. Come to England, and you’ll see white people behaving like this all the time. It used to be called “happy slapping”, and was a phenomenon mostly restricted to “chavs”, a white sub-culture.
          This is what happens when you cross the channel from having the balls to say what’s true, even when it’s socially unacceptable, to pure ideological racism.

        2. Show proof. There is none, because you’re full of shit.
          Innate collective violence is exclusive to blacks, worldwide. This is why every black city and every black country, no matter what spot of the globe, is a savage hellhole.
          IMPORTANT NOTE: Black ways are only “savage” to non-blacks. We should have no desire to impose Eurocentric “values” upon blacks. Blacks are free to have their own ways. And Whites must be free to have our ways.

        3. I live in England and you are talking out of your arse. Clearly you go by what is reported in the mainstream media to keep the farce of the multicult “utopia” alive, as opposed to reality.
          The footage of the white girl walking down the street that gets punched in the back of the head by the black and knocked out cold, that has been played alot in the US, was in the UK.
          White people who indulge in this behaviour are called “chavs”, blacks who do it get called “under priveleged inner city youth”.
          You’re disgusting.

        4. I also live in England and have been “happy slapped” by white trash, and seen many other people happy slapped by chavs over the years, living in a pretty chavvy area. I’ve also been held at knife point by a black dude in my area, and my dad was nearly beaten to death by an asian gang for no reason other than being white. I’m well aware this shithole is no Utopia.
          The fact is, “knock out” in America seems to be very specifically tied to black subculture. In England, the equivalent trend is much more rooted in white council estate trash. If it’ll make you happy though, the much more serious past-time of “stabbing brehs to death” is still firmly rooted in black communities.

        5. The proof is that I live in one of the chavviest areas in England and have seen this going on for the last decade? That it’s happened to me? What proof would satisfy you that white-trash subculture also produces dysfunctional behaviour?
          This is exactly what I’m fucking talking about: you conclude that white people couldn’t possibly behave in a shitty way to other white people when there are available black people to have done so instead, even in a country you don’t live in. Would you conclude also that Irish Travellers are a peaceful, productive people on this basis?
          For the record, I’ve seen plenty of neighbourhoods blighted by the black population and will usually be the first to call out PC bullshit surrounding race, but you’re letting your hind-brain take over. The fact is, in England, the equivalent trend to “knockout”, “happy slapping”, is a white thing. All this likely indicates is that the white underclass in Britain are even worse off than they are in America (higher rates of fatherlessness, greater dependence on the state etc.). There’s no need to act like a creationist reading the origin of species for the first time…

  5. The masculinity angle doesn’t have much to do with the behavior of feral black teens.
    What they’re expressing is the racial hatred and resentment that black ghetto “culture” has instilled in them from the cradle (that their welfare-enabled single mothers left them in far too often in order to go out clubbing and spawn more thuglets). It’s a resentment dutifully nourished by black community leaders and white leftist academics, politicians, and members of the media.
    The upshot is that as black dysfunction gets more and more publicity, the supply of white guilt that their parasitism has subsisted on for the past forty some odd years will likely diminish.
    Then maybe we’ll have a chance to reverse a lot of our dysgenic, blame-whitey-for-black-misbehavior social policies. Maybe.

    1. I agree. The masculinity angle is wrong; as is the idea that these kids are insecure. Its the opposite of insecurity. Its brazen and bold. The kind of bold that comes from the sense of entitlement pervading the black community. It isn’t insecure to flout the law, assault people in broad daylight, and walk away nonchalantly while another human being is face down on the asphalt. On the contrary, it is a sign of the supreme confidence that comes from knowing that you can do whatever the fuck you want to do.
      Btw, only liberal crackers and stuffy republicans on the news call it “the knockout game”. The shitheads doing it call it “polar bear hunting” because it is truly a race issue. Interesting how the media is underreporting this. If it was white males perpetrating these crimes, then the story would be everywhere and the acts themselves would be a “hate crime.”
      Personally, I’d love to see a viral video of these thugs approaching the wrong the person and getting their fucking brains blown out courtesy of Smith & Wesson. Its called the Social Contract. In a just world you don’t bother me, and I won’t bother you. However, if you cross the line and breach the contract by fucking with a stranger, then all bets are off and the consequences are on you.

    2. > blame-whitey-for-black-misbehavior social policies
      – White liberals ARE responsible for destructive social policies.
      – Blacks did not create the welfare state, they are its greatest victims.
      – White-owned media is responsible for promoting destructive black race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson.
      – People talk about black-on-black crime but no one talks about white-on-white crime which is far greater.
      – White Republicans were the first and loudest wielders of the “race card”. Remember Willie Horton?

      1. You’re right that white liberals have been nothing but an albatross around the neck of black people. But black people have been happy to have them there. Black people have been useful idiots for the left since the sixties. They bloc vote for the very architects and manufacturers of the policies that destroy their families and their communities.
        No one put a gun to their heads, however, and made them vote against their long-term interests in favor of short-term handouts. They did that.
        And no one forced the vast majority of black intellectuals and public figures, the spokespeople of the black community, to be lickspittle shills for those same policies either. No one forced them to preach incessantly the gospel of victimhood. They did that. They took that evangelical mission upon themselves.
        (Also. Just a side-note: I’m not a Republican. I’m trying to have a serious discussion here, not to the sort of hysterical shit-flinging that characterizes American “political discourse.”)

        1. As an ex-lefty and Black American I’ll have to agree on a good portion of this.
          It’s really hard for others to discover other parties when “blah people” are being pointed at for this or that, and people crying about foreigners are coming into the country to steal the janitor/CEO/apple picking jobs that honest hard working Americans so desperately apply for. If anything i’d say some parties are excluding others which is also part of the problem.
          That being said, it’s also impossible to discuss the other 4+ political parties and their position on things as most Americans have no idea there are other choices other than Democrats and Republicans.

        2. None sense, blacks probably see liberals as the lesser of 2 evils, most blacks are conservative but stay away from Republicans because of their overt tolerance for the racist segment of their party.
          Black people went to the left because the republican party decided to use the soutern strategy with nixon and embrace racism. Its that simple really. Before then most blacks voted republican.
          The architects who destroy families are liberals but conservatives are not blameless either. With all their selective tough on crime stances and permissive attitude to illegals and prison labour they have killed alot of the job market.
          Strange that you decided to racialize a debate and use charge language then turn around and act surprised people are viewing your behaviour as trolling. It looked like a post designed to stir up emotions to me rather than deal with real issues. We don’t have discussions about white thug culture, just black or latino thugs, you can’t expect people to take you seriously if your going to speak that way.

        3. You have got to be joking. liberal democrats are responsible for the millions of illegal aliens taking black jobs – and blacks vote for liberal democrats 99% of the time. Blacks are a superstitious people, and the boogeyman racist republican is a lie that has been successfully used to manipulate black voting patterns very easily.

        4. Yeah, and very few people are gonna flip over to Al Jazeera to watch the “other guys” presidential debate. Al Jazeera? Come on, now.

        5. You have no idea of what you are talking about concerning American political history especially when it comes to African American voting patterns. The majority of Blacks voted Republican not Democrat from 1860 until 1936 because it was the party of President Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves. When Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt started handing out government checks, the majority of Blacks voted for Democrats. Without Republican Party support in Congress in which the majority of Republicans supported, Democratic President Lyndon Baines Johnson could never have passed the Civil Rights laws of 1965 into effect because the majority of Democrats in Congress opposed it. The Republicans were left with no other options other than to go to the White Southern Strategy with Republican President Richard Nixon, after the Blacks betrayed and abandoned the Republican party for over 30 years even after all the good things the Republican party had done and attempted to do for the Blacks in the remote 1860s history and the more recent 1960s history. I’ve been more merciful to you than you deserve not to insult you with name calling etc. for your wrong ideas.

        6. Let me also say that it was Republican President Dwight David Eisenhower who put the appointed the Justices necessary for the decision of the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court to be in favor of the integration of Blacks into White Schools in the case of Brown vs. Education Board in 1954. Eisenhower enforced the decision with the U.S. military, and Richard Nixon was his Vice President during all 8 years of the Eisenhower presidency. Affirmative Action got started under the Nixon Presidency. Blacks abandoned the Republican Party for almost 40 years before the Republicans abandoned the Blacks, and the Blacks abandoned the Republican party harder than vice-versa. Blacks did this for government handouts which the Democrats gave more of than the Republican party since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In fairness so did the Whites, but the Whites at least sometimes reverted back to the Republicans and less government financial assistance since electing Eisenhower in 1952. The Blacks have never voted majority Republican since 1932. You can see the destruction of all moral and civilizational values in the African American community and its negative consequences which the majority of Blacks seem to love since they keep voting Democratic which is the party which is destroying them, blaming Republicans and Whites for their own stupidity and whining as well as commiting more crime as a result. Blacks have no one else to blame but themselves for their misfortunes is my opinion. I’m a non Hispanic, non-Semitic White Catholic Christian by the way.

        7. “Sure the welfare state that white liberals design and blacks vote for is grinding the remnants of black culture into the mud… but… but… Republicans are raciss!”

        8. I never denied there are liberals who let in alot of illegals and who stroke the jobless situation, it is true. But there is also a wing of the republican who is very wealthy and elite like john mccain, mitt romney etc. and depend on illegal alien workers to do hard manual labour for them and clean their house and do their gardens. Despite the lip service these guys are the MOST pro illegal even more so than the liberal democrats. You also have many republicans who oppose illegal immigration like the lou dobbs type.
          Blacks vote for liberals for one reason, republicans have become the party of racist plain and simple. Not all or most republicans are even racist, but it is the party where the majority of the racist go because of nixon’s southern strategy. No one is going to vote for a party they perceive to hate them. Rush Limbaugh is now claiming Greek people give themselves aids on purpose so they do not have to work and can get welfare from the greek government. If I was greek I;d run from the republican party. I am sure he has probably made worst remarks about blacks. There also seems to be a tolerance of anti minority views in the republican party, its not just blacks, latinos, women, asians, immigrants, all are running away from republicans except older high school only white men.
          The easiest way for Republicans to get black voters would be to address issues important to them and have a zero tolerance policy to racist statements coming from their party.

        9. Fair enough, but by your logic, the democratic party has shown itself to be thoroughly anti-white, through its actions and its followers. The democrats are the party of anti-white racists, even if not all democrats are racist. For that reason, any white person who votes democrat is delusional, insane, or ignorant. I really can’t argue with that reasoning!

        10. But of course the problem for you is that if whites ever start voting for their own interests, like blacks do, it’s over for blacks and hispanics in America that don’t pull their own weight.

        11. Democratic party is mostly white people. Sure there are a few anti-white racist but they have no voice in the party, in fact they call it a “sista souljah moment” because those at the top condemned the racialist statements coming from her. There is no rush limbaugh moment because the republicans at the top refuse to condemn his behaviour or his racial baiting or any of the other conservative shock jocks.
          With the exception of Glenn Beck, John Stossel and a few others most of those guys like rush limbaugh and on fox news are a liability to mainstream republicans. Black do occasionally vote for republicans like Bush v gore or christie but when you see a pattern of republicans making anti-black statements why would they vote for them?
          I don’t know what your nationality is, mine is Irish, and if I heard democrat saying irish are ghetto this, Irish violent culture that, do you really think i AM going to vote for them? You have a propensity to exaggerate and make over the top statements.
          This activity is just mugging and that went on alot when I was in NYC in the 1980s,they can’t even find enough images they had to go back to 2006 to get pictures of a mentally ill man who ran up and punched some woman in the face. Seriously, you will fall for anything? Media is the expert of racial baiting, they want to get white men and black men so worked over the race issue that they forget their country is being taken over by the 1% of the 1%.
          Let say you are right, and racist mobs of black teens are chasing down innocent white people and beating them senseless in the streets. What do your propose we do about it, become racist to black people to combat racism? Didn’t we try being racist to black people already… seems like you’d just be going in circles
          White men stopped voting for democrats a long time ago probably since Kennedy or Nixon days.

        12. I didn’t know that, but if true then I’m not surprised as it makes the most amount of sense.

        13. I’m accurate, you’re not, and my opinion is superior to yours because it is the truth and yours is a lie, and what is really sad is that you seem to believe in and love your own lies even though you are entitled to your own opinion too no matter how foolish it really is. Both Democrats and Republicans have always had racists. However, the Republican party has always had fewer racists and less ferocious racists on average than the Democrats and still does. The difference is that the Democrats went from being the anti-Black party to the anti-White party in the 1960s with a lot of White conscious and even more unconscious race traitors supporting this. Both parties support big business although in slightly different ways. Both parties help big business through the Republicans provide tax breaks while the Democrats make regulations so onerous that no small business can even begin to supplant the big businesses existing. Republicans are more for small businesses while the Democrats are more for unions. I’m not always happy with the Republicans but it is well past time to stop calling the Republicans more racists than the Democrats because on average the Republicans are less racist than the Democrats and always have been because the Republicans have always been more neutral, just and fair in race matters and in gender matters although Republicans need more improvement in gender matters than race matters. The truth of the matter is that Whites on average have been the least racist group of people on average than other racial groups for at least 5 decades and all this has gotten Whites is punishment for under the current system no good deed should go un-punished especially if it coming from a White or a male. Real Men use facts, evidence, logic and rationality. If you want to stop being thought of at best as acting a moronic woman, you need to stop acting like a moronic woman and at worst if you want to stop being thought of as a moronic woman then you need to stop being a moronic woman. I hope you take the good advice I’ve given you.

        14. Reoublicans are the party where all the racist go, all the racist states vote republican. Yeah whites have been the least racist because we were the ones who stopped non whites from voting and underfunded those communities and stole all the land and children from the natives. You don’t use facts, your probably an indian race troll just trolling as usual

        15. You’re talking about over 50 years ago, and I’m talking about the past 50 years up until now, you fool. You’re displaying projection by saying disparaging remarks about my arguments. You’re a troll, a liar and a mental pussy. Being a mental pussy is your greatest offence, and you have the gall to call yourself a man when you lack the mind for being one. Change yourself.

        16. The republican party is the racist party of today its why no minorities vote for it in majoirty. Or I guess all those minorities are stupid and I am so blind and the whole planet is stupid except dovclove, I am certain that is what it is.
          The best argument you can come up with is puppetting precisely what I say back to me, get a brain and get an idea of your own. I’m a mental pussy for not agreeing with a crumudgeon like you who couldn’t find his dick with a magnifying glass

        17. If you can’t see my penis, it is because it is inside your girl’s vagina. She likes my dick better by the way.
          Anyone who votes for the Democratic party of today, politically speaking, is a mental midget, although he or she may or may not be alright in other areas. Yes, it is possible for a majority of people within an ethnicity, race or religion (any ethnicity, race or religion) to be politically stupid and/ or evil. Did you ever think that non-Whites could be more racist on average than Whites today? No, of course not because it is too much for your small mind to handle.Someone or some group for example a political party for example, the Republicans, is not racist just because you think so. Where is your proof? Is the USA becoming more prosperous and free or is it becoming less so? Although both the Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the decline, the Democrats are more so because the Democrats are more Socialist and tyrannical and less Capitalist and liberty seeking than the Republicans. Anything I’ve said has been backed up by mainstream unbiased historians about the voting patterns of American blacks and why they vote Democratic. Search the internet and your local library.The minorities, non-Whites seem to love Socialism and being told what to do by big government. The proof is in their voting patterns. How is voting for failed policies which have failed overseas going to help? They aren’t. I could really care less if your mental pussy hurts. Enjoy the decline, fool.

        18. LOL, I say you can’t find your dick and you start telling me why I can’t see your dick… its that small eh buddy… well I guess that explains your hatred of minorities, your just insecure about your little dick.
          Non-whites could be more racist, but when I see a bunch of native indians go into europe and did what we did here over there I’ll believe it.
          The proof is all the bigoted statements coming from the republican party. Well the USA is richer now than it was at any other time in history. So it is more prosperous now. The us has seen a decline in liberties in some ways in since george bush took office but again that is a republican’s fault. Bush was soft on terrorism, so we got attacked and then his response was to become a nazi to the american public. When it comes to tyranny it is the Republicans i the lead. There are a few fringe republicans who oppose increased government tyranny but the typical republican is too stupid to realize that all those “anti terror laws” are going to be turned on americans. In fact its a republican talking point if your doing nothing wrong you shouldn’t care if the government surveilles you.
          The only people voting republican or poorly educated white men these days, its why they can’t win elections. Your concept of unbiased mainstream historians are probably right wing think tanks and grover norquist. Yeah minorities love socialism but whites hate it, that is why the majority of europe chose to be communist until 1989 when the soviets collapsed.
          The republicans hate everyone who is not a lowly educated white male, which is why people like me who are white don’t vote for the fools. America’s greatest decline has come under george bush who took the good country clinton gave him and managed to ruin it compltely with his republican congress and senate. Sorry we tried the republicans and they ruined the nation.

        19. Are you a woman, a gay man or a mangina? We already know that you are not a real man nor a heterosexual man. Why? You think about my penis more than I do. You’re weird. If it makes you happy, and I know it does, it is because your girl says I’m better and bigger than you. For the record, I do not hate minorities as my dick has seen the inside of more non-White pussy than White pussy.
          The reason the Indians didn’t go over to massacre Whites in Europe is because they were unable to do so, not unwilling. Eastern Europeans were unarmed and massacred by Communists who were armed is why Eastern Europe was Communist for so long. Outside this country, the USA, non-Whites may behave in a more sensible liberty loving and capitalist thinking manner or not, but here in the USA it stands that they on average love the more tyrannical and Socialist party which is the Democrats. Non-Whites are on average more racist against Whites in the USA than vice-versa these days, and this is particularly true among African-Americans. Most people of any race are fine people even in this country, but facts are facts, you retard. The French have voted in Socialist Hollande though so yeah Whites can be stupid too sometimes.
          Mongolians who are oriental wiped a lot of Whites and Semites off the face of the Earth because they could until they couldn’t anymore, same as Whites later on. Indians were notorious for massacring each-other. too. No race has a monopoly on genocide.
          You are obviously a brainwashed race traitor who doesn’t care for his own race like I do. You obviously do not genuinely respect other races of people as I do because you are too supplicant to them, and no one worth anything respects an a#s-kisser. You are not an independent thinker and are a blue-pill slave wailing away on free red pill ideas on a red pill site. Why you are fixated on me is a mystery unless you want my cock or me to cuckold you in which case, carry on as I’m flattered, bottom boy.
          You are an apologist for the Democrats. I’ve stated that I’m not happy with the Republicans as they’ve made mistakes too, but they are a little bit better than the Democrats on average. Lyndon Baines Johnson was the beginning of the decline and both Republicans and Democrats are to blame. Both parties have become more leftist. Bush 2 except for the Supreme Court nomination was essentially LBJ. Clinton only did better his last 6 years with the Republicans to check him, but his beginning 2 years was a disaster. Obama is more of a screw-up than Bush 2. Reagan was much better than Clinton. Obama made everything in civil rights worse than Bush did even though he said he would repeal those onerous Bush laws. Obama lied. Obama is making the USA look stupid and weak by supporting our enemy Al Qaeda in Libya, Egypt and Syria. For all of Bush 2’s stupid blundering overseas, not even he was this stupid. This will bite us in the future probably after Obama leaves office just like when Clinton could have killed Osama bin Laden, but failed because of lack of sense and will power. The country declines no matter which party is in office, but more so with the Democrats. Republicans may be a lot of bad things, but being more racist than the Democrats isn’t one of them. The opposite is true. They have been accused of something which many fools like you believe. You’re such a good progressive brainwashed slave mentality fool who believes that he is wise, free thinking and free because your master tells you so while laughing at you. Do want a cookie? You’re such(I’m mocking you!) a good little girl,. yes you are, Daddy’s best little girl.
          You’re a political idiot whose right to vote should be rescinded because you are a problem inflicting yourself and harm on others. You are part of the reason the USA is on the decline, and I’m the opposite of you. You’re a waste of time and space and sperm—-You should have been a blowjob cum-shot swallow in your mother’s mouth. I fully expect you to have a#s-gasms after I’ve left the building. Continue to write about and moan and try to communicate with me via this blog with pleasure after I pumped and dumped your sorry A#s. I know that you’ll never stop thinking about me. I’m too good for you. Bye.

        20. I know you are gay… you insist I am gay then tell me that you are banging my girl. If I was a gay my “girl”would be a dude. I find it strange that a so called straight dude would openly brag about sleeping with a gay man’s boyfriend. Looks like you just outed yourself gay boy. Clearly you have gay fantasies I want no part of. The only dick your pussy has seen is your mothers.
          Nope, thats a shit poor excuse, whites were backward for most of history, if other groups wanted to exterminate them it wouldn’t have been difficult.
          You falsely tried to portray communism as a thing of minorities but its the white countries that have had the most communist and socialist governments. Funny how you forgot conveniently all the Western europeans socialist and facist like the national socialist party (nazis)
          Franco, and Mussolini which was pretty much all of europe except england has been under either communist or socialist or commie sympathsizers since ww2.
          Its not clear how the democrats can be the tyrannical party when it is the republicans who support all of the big government spying programs and stop and frisk programs. It is the republican talking line if your not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide. They think the police should be able to search you and government should be able to listen to all your phone calls and you should have no privacy rights. Any republican who does believe in liberty usually just leaves and becomes a libertarian because the republicans are basically a facist socialist party.
          Yeah… African Americans are so racist, Obama and Boehner have passed all those laws making white people sit on the back of the bus and barring them from voting.
          Whites have a monopoly on genocide, the only reason we bombed germany is they tried to steal our job, george carlin is right. You are obviously a stupid white supremacist. I wonder if your some octroon, because real white people do not obsess over race like you octroons do. I’ve lived in Sweden and Norway, they are ot obsessed with race like you octroons
          O internet tough guy telling me I am not a real man. Come say it to my face.
          Obama spended most his presidency cleaning up the mess Bush made. Bush ruined the country, there will probably never be a republican president again. Reagan was a drug smuggler. Bushs’ and Osama are family friends. Bush flew out the saudis and osamas on special plane when 9/11 happened. Al Qaeda is basically a group created by george bush sr. and the cia Maybe if they let the soviets have afghanistan in the 80’s there’d be no 9/11. At least Obama didn’t plunge us in a decade long war like bush did.. actually 2. Bush couldn’t kill Osama because they were bossom buddies and because Bush is soft on terrorism… why did it take a democrat to catch osama? Bush= incompetent… worse president eevr. Bush got us in the gret recession he is the cause of the decline of america, history will remember him as a shitty president. You want to pump and dump me… thank you for confirming your a gay… Enjoy sucking dicks gay boy.

        21. How can I take you seriously when you say come say it to my face when you have not even mentioned what county and state you live in much less your full address? If you mean what you say then post your full address. Don’t worry, Big Obama Government, I have better things to do than harm this cock-sucking c%nt wh$re b#itch sl*t,, but I’ll laugh with extraordinary SCHADENFREUDE if you maim, mutilate or murder this stupid fool with a false flag operation even if I am falsely accused of it. If you hernandayoleary ever threaten me or harm me in any way, you better kill me before I seek justice on you because I promise you there will be justice or I will be dead, and it doesn’t matter to me which happens first, you hernandayoleary internet tough guy and false toughguy. As a former American Soldier and a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I can tell you two things. There is virtually no such thing as a brave tough guy, there are only stone cold predators who prey on their victims in each and every way every day without relent and without repent until the predator can’t anymore and there is virtually no such thing as a fair fight as well as virtually all brave people were only brave when they were backed into a corner and had no other choice. Do yourself a favor and learn this through this educational experience the easy way I have provided you before someone makes you learn by experience the hard way. The second is I was part of both the Bush 2 surge in Iraq and the Obama surge in Afghanistan, and Bush 2’s surge worked and Obama’s didn’t.
          You’re not a real man because you engage in projection(calling others what you actually are), you’re irrational, you’re insane, you’re delusional, you’re an apologist for the Democrats, Obama and non-Whites(I’ve never denied the wrong doing of Republicans, Bush and Whites and in fact have subtly and overtly stated such things) who never state that they have done wrong. You also strongly imply that non-Whites are superior to Whites which is truly racist even if you are White. If you are White and think Whites are a plague on Earth who should be exterminated, then do the world a favor by committing suicide and leading by example. Yeah, Europeans were the 1st to try Socialism, Fascism and Communism and it has ruined them. Yet, after seeing the disaster which befell the Europeans for their own stupidity in the past and present, many non-Whites follow the European foolish example. Who is worse, the fool or the fool who follows the fool? Obama has made Bush 2’s Patriot act much worse, and this is one of the reasons Snowden gave as a justified reason or a false excuse as to why he did what he did. Bush 2 was bad but Obama is worse in almost every way, fool.
          I wish no harm upon other races and wish most others of any race good will. However, I will tell the truth as long as I can whenever I can and will defend my interests unlike you. The truth is that expressing my viewpoints takes more genuine courage today than you could ever hope to muster, you coward. It takes little courage to defend any of your viewpoints these days although it may have over 50 years ago. You were the first one to start talking about me having a small penis which is an unmanly thing to do. I’m not homosexual and I am heterosexual, and you I’m not so sure about your sexual orientation, but if I were homosexual and you were too then I’m pretty sure you would be the bottom boy and catcher and I would be the top and pitcher because I have a masculine psychology and you have a feminine psychology. Let me offer you a hint—-brawn does not make a man a man, but brains(rationality, emotional thoughts, emotional responses etc.) do. You’re opinion about me does not matter for you are worthless scum who it is insulting to call human. I’m done with you on this thread and maybe forever so if you have anything less than a positive response to what I’ve written, then go to sleep as one who has the lowest social market value used up c$unt wh$re b#tch sl*t that you are who has been pumped, dumped and nexted, and I told you so. Don’t come back now, hear you lunatic delusional stupid fool.

        22. Post Script: I almost forgot before I am done with you. There is no good standard for calling a White person a racist or a man of any race a misogynist. Calling a White person or a man of any race a misogynist is virtually always nothing more than an unwarranted attack on people one does not like. Only brainwashed sheeple who can not think for themselves respond to that call to harm an alleged racist or alleged misogynist by trying to unjustly harm such alleged racist and misogynist people because they are sociopaths who like to harm others and lack in being truly human if they do not ask questions first, make sure such charges are beyond a shadow of a doubt true and err on the side of mercy. It is the exact same as calling a black person of the 1920s an uppity n#gger. It is almost always only a means to unjustly control, unjustly humiliate and unjustly destroy Whites of any gender and men of any race when the charges of racism and misogyny are made these days. Now go f#ck yourself, hernandayoleary you anti-White RACIST!

        23. Now you want my address so you can come and try to touch my dick… eh gay boy? LOL.
          Bush started the war, Obama was called to fix the country after the republican took 8 years ruining it. I never said non-whites are superior. Your lying as usual.
          Socialism seems to work well for many nations and tribes in pre-colonial america, asia and africa, it was the european one that failed. Where european communism collapsed Cuban communism lives on and so does Chinese communism. Angolan communism seemed to work pretty well as the former colonialist in Portugal are begging hat in hand to Brazil and Angola for money to bail them out. Portuguese people are moving to Angola and Mozambique for jobs.
          Obama = good
          Bush = devil
          O so you are brave courageous warrior for stating your opinion but I am a coward for stating mine. Ironic coming from a man who use high tech weapons and dropped bombs and shot up innocent children in 3rd world countries with stone age technology. Tell me does it make you feel like a big man to murder poor defenseless people who did nothing to you? Do you enjoy murdering children?
          Your brain makes you a man but you act like some tough guy, trying to show off how your a big super soldier who eats guns for breakfast and burps bullets at mach 3 and how your going to attack me with your gun and when your gun shoot bullets the bullets fly out and bark when they bark they shoot bees out their mouth… please.
          You are a rampaging homosexual, they probably kicked you out the army for being a spasmodic queen.

      2. ” White liberals ARE responsible for destructive social policies.”
        Only because they allow their misguided altruism that is a product of in-group social evolution to be applied to those of an out-group that have no business being in western nations. Most of the policies you speak of are products of the Cultural Marxism that has been forced on white societies and only white societies, and stems from the Jewish Frankfurt School and the “culture creators” of the mainstream media.
        “Blacks did not create the welfare state, they are its greatest victims” –
        They are its primary beneficiaries. The people whose labour is stolen and used to pay for a race who are incapable of maintaining, let alone creating, any form of functional society by western civilised standards, are its greatest victims
        ” White-owned media….”
        Jews own the media, and are quite explicit in their admissions of that fact.
        google Joel Stein – “Do Jews Run Hollywood? –
        You Bet They Do…& What Of It?
        “People talk about black-on-black crime but no one talks about white-on-white crime which is far greater”
        It is an issue of proportionality. In terms of violent crime, blacks commit a massively disproportionate amount of crime, when the population of blacks is taken into account. Compared to whites. Blacks also commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime against whites, than compared to whites against blacks.
        For example. According to Department of Justice statistics, on average, Black men rape over 35000 white women in America every year. On average, there are fewer than 9 (not 9000, 900, or 90…9) instances of white men raping white women reported each year.
        “White Republicans were the first and loudest wielders of the “race card”. Remember Willie Horton?”
        Wrong again friend. This knockout “game” has been going on for years. In England the British media also gave it a fun sounding euphemism called “Happy Slapping”, and this began nearly 10 years ago. The only reason you are hearing about it now is because a couple of Jews have been targeted in the past few days.
        Blacks and Jews are the biggest players of the race card. Most white people I know are too scared to even refer to themselves as “white people” for fear of being called a “Raaayyyssissss”, prefering instead to parrot the Jewish, Boasian line of race merely being a “social construct”.
        This article is trying to spin an issue of black’s inherent racial hatred of whitey, into an issue of misguided masculinity. It is intellectually dishonest, and I think deep down the author probably knows it.
        So, Art….Your comment is bullshit.

      3. Do you deliberately confuse the term “white” for the term “jewish”, or is it merely out of ignorance?

    3. I don’t think it is anger or resentment at all. The black kids playing knockout have a jolly, gay demeanor like a kid who doesn’t know any better torturing an instinct. It is primitive behavior. Primitive cultures, and even chimpanzees, defend their territory by wandering the perimeter in groups and viciously attacking outsiders who get too close. What we are seeing is the breakdown of civilization in the black communities. It is the Moynihan report taken to its logical conclusion.

  6. The ‘Knockout Game’ and ‘Flash mobs’ seem to have a connection, hmmm, on the tip of my tongue, i just can’t figure out what it is…

  7. There was a story a couple months ago before this all became ‘the knockout game’ where a guy stabbed and killed one of em and the other went to the hospital…get ’emm

  8. I wish the media and po-po would just call it what the participants themselves call it: “Polar Bear Hunting”… Nah, never happen.

    1. “If you walk up on someone to hit them upside the head and knock them out, then you deserve to get shot in the fucking face [paraphrase].”

      1. The knockout game doesn’t seem to have caught on in places like Texas or Arizona.
        Hmmmm, I wonder why?

        1. Got to love AZ, any non-felon may carry concealed. Been that way for a while. Not quite the “wild west” that was predicted by the dim witted anti-gun crowd.

        2. As it should be. I’d even say compromise w/ open carry is reasonable.
          I’ve heard intelligent arguments that you should have to pass a written test demonstrating your knowledge of self-defense laws to be able to carry. I’d agree with that.
          But neither of those seem to be popular with modern left-wingers.

        3. Actually, Texas’s murder rate is fairly high overall. It ain’t no New Hampshire in terms of public safety, that’s for sure.

        4. We’re strapped up out here in Texas, that’s why. Especially since this is an SYG state, nobody would be enough of a fool to try that down here.

        5. Whites in the south still commit murder at about three times the rate of whites in the north, and pretty much all of that is white on white violence. So it’s not just blacks making the south a violent place, though they commit murder at ten times the white national average.

      2. @9:50 “Running around with no damn guidance. Acting like the bitches who raised them; that they can act like those bitches and have no repercussions for the stupid shit they do. Those bitches are protected by the system; you’re targeted by the system (paraphrase).”
        More realtalk.

  9. But this is being a rule-defying “Alpha’ male “displaying higher value” to insecure females with daddy issues today… responsibility, self-restraint, etc. is for “Beta” losers who get punked and dey bitches taken. (Where we’re going.)

  10. The thing is, these kids have and probably will in the future attack Black people that are minding their own business as well, on top of antagonizing white folks that were already chomping at the bit to destroy Black folks. Decent Black people had better protect themselves at all times, realizing that this liberal lefty “give up your guns” shit makes no sense at all.

    1. George, the vast majority of whites are not “chomping at the bit to destroy Black folks.” That’s a lie, perpetuated by blacks as an excuse for their own failings. Whites (at least conservative whites) want to see everyone succeed financially, pay FAIR taxes, and contribute to the system rather than be a drain on it. If these youths had after-school jobs, they wouldn’t have time for this nonsense, and would get their sense of accomplishment from a job and a paycheck – not from punching people out!

      1. Read the post with the most thumbs up, I can certainly see why some blacks might logically conclude whites are out to get them. Conservative whites do not want to see blacks succeed, just look at rush limbaugh when obama was elected he said he wanted the president to fail, this was before the man even took office or enacted any policy, that is how most older conservative white men think and I know because I been around them.

        1. dumbshit, he wanted him to fail because he’s a marxist liberal douchebag with a shitty resume, and people were stupid enough to vote for him – not because he was black. you idiot.

        2. he wanted him to fail because when a communist succeeds, it will mean the death of America

        3. Even if you conclude Obama is a marxist liberal douchebag now, it is done based of his actions and his policies. Limbaugh wanted the president to fail from day one before day one before he even implemented any policy.
          To say his resume is shitty is simply not valid, he is a graduate from colombia university and harvard law worked in law, was a community organizer, state senator then national senator. You can disagree with the policies but just bad mouthing people for the sake of bad mouthing people is sounding alot like what feminist do to people in the manosphere

        4. You honestly can’t be this stupid. You can’t. It’s not possible. Rush Limbaugh is as partisan as it gets. He is Republican. Hard-core. Through and through. His audience is all Republican. Of COURSE he wanted Obama to fail from the get go. Just like if Gore had been elected, he would have wanted HIM to fail. And if Kerry had been elected, he’d have wanted HIM to fail. And if Hillary gets elected, he’s going to want HER to fail.
          Good God, I can’t believe that you need someone to explain to you that just because Limbaugh isn’t on the Obama bandwagon, it doesn’t mean that he’s racist. It IS based on his his actions and his policies. He’s a Democrat. Rush makes his living by hating Democrats. Doesn’t matter the skin color, the gender, or whatever. If a Democrat gets elected, Rush is going to try to take him down. Period.

        5. When Clinton got elected I don’t recall him saying that, and I use to listen to his shows alot. I’m not buying it, he is bigoted across the board, and he is why the republican party is losing so many elections. There is no purpose nor anything to gain from making baseless bigotted statements like greeks give themselves aids on purpose to collect welfare. There were no actions nor policies to criticize before he took office because he wasn’t in office yet. You lack critical reading skills. Frankly I care not to really discuss these racial issues they are really just distractions and people like Limbaugh are given a voice solely to distract poorly educated americans from confronting the real issues like divorce rape or paternity rape etc. More white men will be divorce raped, paternity raped, or financially raped or locked up on false domestic abuse charges by a white woman than they are to be punched by some random black guy in the face.
          As someone who boxes, I’d take a punch in the face from a black guy over being locked up and roughed up by the police and losing my job or being financially ruined everyday. Frankly when your knocked unconscious you don’t even feel a thing.

        6. ???
          I don’t even know where to start with this one. Are you an American? I’m asking, because you don’t seem to understand how American politics or American media work. First of all, Obama was a Senator before he became President. So your claim that he didn’t have a record is false. But my point is that he doesn’t NEED a record for Republicans to hate him. He’s the enemy just by virtue of being a Democrat. Just like Romney is the enemy of Democrats just by being a Republican. This is what happens in American politics. The two parties throw mud at each other in an attempt to blind Americans to the fact that, when you get down to it, both parties are virtually the same. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I’m just not naive enough to thing that Limbaugh would only say something bad about Obama because he disagrees with his policies, or because he is a racist. It’s about money and pandering to his base. Maybe he is racist. I’m not taking a position on that. I’m merely pointing out that his statement that he wanted Obama to fail is NOT evidence of it.
          Secondly, why do I have to choose between being divorce or paternity raped, and getting sucker punched as I’m walking down the street? You might not have a problem with a group of people punching you in the face for no reason, but I sure as hell do. And if you have a problem with that, you can kiss my ass.

        7. Ok, you do have reading comprehension issues, I specifically stated Obama did have a record and was a state and national senator among others.
          No, that is just what the partisan hacks and idiots who fall for it do. The Republican senators and Democrat senators and congressmen often share rooms in dc and go out and eat together and do everything together. It is just like a wrestling match, behind the scenes its all fixed by vince mcmanhon and they are all really friends. You even have the announcers and media on the show who stroke the emotions of the audience just like Limbaugh ie larry the king lawler.
          Adults see through this, children do not. Both are fake and fixed and phony. Fight in public, friends in private laughing at the people dumb enough who fall for it. You’ll have people seriously argue who is better between stone cold steve austin or the rock or hulk hogan and the giant when they are probably drinking buddies. No different than politics. If Romney was elected you’d have the same policies they’d just call it romney care and they already had it in Mass. 8 years ago.
          Look at how the issue is being portrayed, they are not portraying it as bad kids rather as a race issue and now instead of the real issues that affect men being debated like divorce rape, paternity rape etc. we are debating racism in general and who is or isn’t racist or what is or isn’t racist. Its a classical diversion strategy.
          We are devoting far too much time to the race issue that is irrelevent. If these kids are truly racist and making racial attacks they’ll be arrested and charged if they commit a crime. Its not like there going to walk free if they found out wo they are. If someone walks out there door determined to blindside a complete stranger in the face there is nothing you or I can do about it. The odds are so low its like worrying if a bumble is going to fly down your throat and sting you and kill you.
          What do you propose we pass a new law increasing the sentence for punching someone in the face. And of course you realize such a law would only be used by women against men in dv situations. An asteroid can wipe us out, I don’t worry about shit that is highly unlikely or happens to 1 in 1 million people

      2. I didn’t say that it was the majority, but all it takes is a few, or even just one to end a life. You may not want to let your guard down and get punched out by a pack of Black kids playing the knockout game, well I’m not all that interested in letting my guard down, being labeled as a “thug”, and killed either, hence, I tell Black folks to protect themselves at all times.

        1. If blacks like you focused more on trying to curb the violent behaviour of their racial kin, rather than imaginary white racsim, race relations would probably be improved immensely.
          I understand why you do it though. You are naturally more concerned for the well fare of your own people, and instinctively seek to defend their, and by extension, your priveleged position in white society.
          It is only racism when white people try to defend themselves…isn’t it George?
          If there were as many videos of whites randomly knocking out innocent blacks, there would be riots all over the US.

  11. So black racist hate crime attacks on Whites with the infamous black sucker punch is now called for publishing purposes “the knockout game.”
    I think the term “Knockout King” originated in St. Louis. The ‘Knockout Game’ variant seems to have been picked up to an extent by the professional liars in the Ministry of Truth (usually accompanied by non-racial explanations). The other term for this favorite negro passtime – “Polar Bear Hunting” has been avoided by the Ministy of Truth due to its obvious racial connotation.

  12. It’s a variation of the “happy-slapping” fad in the UK in which poor teens assault random people, including old women. In the US there is more of a racial element to it.

  13. I like the subject matter being addressed, which is really applied philosophy. If the analysis were to use ‘being civilized’ or ‘civilizedness’ in lieu of ‘masculinity, I would agree with it. The civilized masculinity frame is being projected onto the uncivilized masculinity frame. It is completely natural for males to strive to dominate. It is not a moral issue because morality does not occur except within the voluntary and reciprocating discipline of masculine political brotherhood (patriarchy).
    Being civilized is a kind of masculinity. Some men are simply not civilized, and to blame the maladaption on mental issues is presumptuous. We know women are hardwired to be not even cultural. Is it so hard to suppose lots of the punks in our prisons are not civilized in their brains rather than their impressionable minds? And if a cure is prohibitively expensive, there is no practical difference anyway. The problem is we insulate inferrior individuals from judgement by nature, and the composition of society does downhill. How they are inferior is not anything we need to prove to trust in nature. However, I caution people from thinking in terms of a self-serving, self-centric masculinity to which all men must or should aspire. Totally goes against evolution theory to think so.

  14. It is a totally racist act. In common Negro parlance, it is referred to as “Polar Bear Hunting.” Please dont miss the whiteness of the bear. It will take a bernard goetz with deep pockets in a conceal and carry state to fix this situation.

    1. Either that, or a video of a pack of would-be “knockout kings” being stomped to death showing up on worldstarhiphop.

    1. I get your point, but I think that’s a different article for a different site. The author is trying to bridge the behavior of these knockout thugs to the “tough guy” shit you see in scenes and even on the internet.
      I think he succeeded and it was rather thought provoking.

  15. That one where the black guy hits the woman is NOT that knockout game that video is old and that guy is a mental patient

      1. I hate to say it but I agree, especially since people have actually been killed because of this “game.” Someone coming to knock you out could be the difference between life and death. Too bad the liberals would have the poor fool that shot first before this could happen, go to jail.

  16. It’s too bad they didn’t all make it back to Liberia. Such a drain on society. The African-American culture is an absolute cesspool.

  17. We’ve forgotten just how much urban black violence the U.S. experienced in 1968. My family lived in north Tulsa, just a few blocks from the predominantly black part of town. After seeing the TV reports about the black riots in larger cities that year, Dad bought a surplus Lee-Enfield .303 rifle and ammo to protect us. Fortunately he didn’t need to use it. Tulsa’s blacks knew that their mostly Southern white neighbors wouldn’t let a black uprising get very far.

  18. The NAACP was founded and run by Jews for *decades*.
    There’s no mystery about this fact. MLK was advised by Jews.
    The knockout game? Ask who benefits. Cui bono?

  19. I just want to thank you sincerely for posting this article Jefe. Your view on this (as i’ve suspected may be going on) is imho a reflection on the fatherless nature of my community. I see A LOT of over masculinity in the things people do around here and it makes me shake my head.The media is taking this in some other direction and the morons on FB are eating it whole.
    Oh Blue Pills…

  20. Not to be nitpicky, but the correct phrase is “raise the question”; “beg the question” means “assuming the conclusion (of an argument)”, a type of circular reasoning.

  21. Funny, when I lived in New York back in the 80s they use to just call that getting mugged. Strange they are trying to blow it out of propotion but now its on every tv channel I am sure that it will be bound to increase as the hottest craze.

        1. Wrong again.
          Mug actually has two definitions. You only gave us a self-serving incomplete definition, no doubt a deception on your part to try and save face when I called you on it. I will provide the full definitions below…
          1) attack and rob someone in a public place or assault upon a person especially with the intent to rob
          These knockout game attacks do not include robbing the victim in most cases. Hence your failure.
          2) make faces, esp silly or exaggerated ones, before an audience or camera
          After knocking out the victim, sometimes the perpetrator does make a silly face for the person filming the action to put on YouTube….but not always. You fail again.

  22. The racist sentiment on this site disturbs me. I enjoy the articles and the comments are usually good, but whenever there’s an article involving race, hordes of racist assholes come out of the woodworks and start spewing all kinds of unnecessary filth. I’m all for free speech, and I definitely believe that political correctness has gone overboard, but there is no reason to use terms like nigger, cunt, or any of those other bullshit terms I see so often on here unless you’re some pimply 15 year old who can’t put together an argument befitting of grown, thinking people. It shows that you are weak, a “beta” in the truest sense of the term. No man of honor degrades another man, only cowards do that. Men of honor say what they mean and mean what they say, but they are able to make their point without going out of their way to insult other men.

    1. It’s definitely a black problem.
      If anything black people need more criticism since they’re the most dysfunctional race on the planet. Lowest IQs, highest crime rates and a bad reputation in pretty much every country. The self esteem movement and “blame whitey” mentality created by the left have completely destroyed your race, and pretending they don’t have far worse problems than other races won’t make those problems go away.

    2. If you don’t want to see a resurgence of white racial consciousness (what you call white racism), and white people taking measures into their own hands, which will drastically affect good black people, then intelligent black people like you would be better off trying to curb the overwhelming problem of black violence, rather than complaining because someone said “nigger” on a message board.
      But no, you excuse their behaviour, feigning sympathy whilst blaming wider American society as a whole.
      The biggest killer, statistically, of black men in America, is other black men. Maybe if your people took some responsibility and admitted you have a serious problem, more of your children would be alive and out of prison.

  23. One cannot enjoy life, traveling, and women if one has been murdered.
    The reason non-whites must understand black violence is the greatest of all reasons: self-preservation. I personally was a gullible fool who believed the media that “race doesn’t matter”, and I twice paid for it with savage attacks which cost me dearly (physically and spiritually, as I was deeply humiliated and emasculated when a dozen blacks jumped me).
    I know personally of other dumb, gullible whites who jaunt into black areas and suffer horrible consequences….and I read of other gullible whites doing this every single day. (For example, white hipster Ray Widstrand, who moved to a black area of Minneapolis, and soon after his skull was literally crushed inward.)
    Asians, Arabs, Indians, and Jews are not as gullible as European Christendom and its diaspora. In fact, most of the members of these minority communities I know are happily, shamelessly racist against blacks. My Arab friends literally boast that if a black man dared by a house in their Dearborn, Michigan subdivision, they would burn it down. They are deadly serious.
    So! The bottom line is SAFETY. Whites MUST learn to avoid blacks, especially groups of blacks. Listen to the advice of cop Bo Dietl:

    1. That’s funny, considering the fact that if those Arabs moved into a white neighborhood, they’d probably have “sand nigger go home” scrawled on their garage doors.

        1. More bullshit. Just stop now.
          I am White, and live amongst Arabs, and have my whole life. Comparing them to blacks or anything similar would only be done by a liar or moron.

        2. Your experience is not the rule. Anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiment is rampant in this country.

        3. Uh-huh.
          Generalizations save lives. That’s why Arabs have preserved Dearborn as civilized while all other cities bordering Detroit fall: by generalizing blacks, and keeping them the fuck out. God bless ’em.

        4. Haha ok. Funny you’re defending Arabs so much. In Europe they hate Arabs more than black people.

        5. Ah, so now you say all Whites are evil, in Europe and U.S.
          So you’re racist against Arabs AND Whites.
          Is there no end to your racism?

        6. I hate no one based on trivial reasons like skin color and race. I’ve got bigger problems.

        7. I guess your life is insignificant, so you spend your time “defending against blacks.” Sounds like you need some pussy.

        8. There’s plenty of articles on this site on how to get pussy. Really, you should try it, I guarantee you’ll forget all about your little crusade.

        9. Ok. Well this has been fun, but I’ve got some pussy to get (all pussy feels the same regardless of race. Except Asian pussy. That shit is mad tight).

        10. Not going to take sides, except to point out how much you sound like a feminist right now. He feels that way because he can’t get laid? What’s next? “You must have a small dick”?

      1. lol at your psychotic delusions.
        There is zero hatred between whites and Arabs here like you described. Any small animosities and competitions between whites and Arabs is .01% the difference between blacks and everybody else. Reason? Blacks are incapable of being civilized. All other races ARE civilization.

        1. Are you serious? You really think Arabs aren’t the target of white racism? And you call ME delusional? And what “race” are Arabs? Do you mean the light-skinned Lebanese, the swarthy Egyptians, the black Sudanese Arabs…?

        2. Debating Race As Social Construct psychos is dumber than debating feminists.
          Stop your racist comparison of Arabs to blacks. You’re insulting my dear friends Mario, Wasam, and Anthony. Thank you.

        3. Yep, I’m racist. Avoid black violence and save life.
          I can spot my own racist kind, and oppose your racism at Arabs.

        4. Hey asshole, i’m from the middle east, i got a little flack from 9/11, but guess most of it was from friends. We traded racist jabs back and forth. There hasn’t been a single (educated) white person i’ve met whose given me shit for my skin, in fact they actually ask questions or ask what i think about the middle east, islam (i’m not religious), and conflicts.Arabs don’t act like blacks at all. They don’t scream racism and they don’t run amuck in groups in the USA, however they do in some European countries, which is why they want to curb immigration.
          And with these knock out games, lets be real, the people are doing this can be summarized as the following:
          black urban/city youth aka “youth” or “young adults”
          Everyone want to be politically correct, at the suffering of innocents.

  24. These semi-apologist articles keep mentioning “children” or “teens” but many of the perps are in their twenties and older.

  25. A man in Lansing MI shot at the kids attacking him in this “game” last month with a 40cal handgun (legal conceal carry citizen.) He got one kid once in the knee and once in the abdomen. Lucky kid lived and is now in jail. Having a few CCW citizens shoot a few of these kids dead will go a long way to convincing them what ~real~ masculinity is … being knowledgeable enough and responsible enough to carry and knowing when to draw your weapon and when not to are real marks of a man. Coming up behind people and cold-cocking them in the head when they are not looking and running the other direction are anything but.

  26. The knockout game, which I have also heard called polar bear hunting, appears to be what Trayvon Martin was doing to George Zimmerman that night he got shot.

  27. The game is called Polar Bear Hunting.
    And part of the game is to get your buddy to video record the attack.
    Anybody who reports and ignores the above is spinning the story.

  28. Once again, issues like this reveal just how quick some allegedly “red-pill” black guys are to fall back on the same tired pattern of excuse-making:
    Step 1: Blame raaaay-cism
    Step 2: Blame Republicans
    Step 3: Blame white liberals for destroying the black family
    Step 4: Blame the hypergamy of welfare-enabled single black moms
    Step 5: Blame raaaay-cism some more
    Step 6: When all else fails, deflect the issue by pointing to the statistical fragment of white males who engage in thuggish, criminal behavior (otherwise known as, “Well, whites do it, too!”)
    Rarely, if ever, do we see a black guy who will put aside the personal butthurt and feminine shaming of “racists” to acknowledge the real heart of this issue. And the real heart of the issue is: the glorification of antisocial violence and subhuman savagery that passes for “bein’ a man” and “keepin’ it real” to such large swaths of young black males. Each and every one of these misbegotten thuglets decided, of his own free will and volition, to go out and assualt a complete stranger in as wanton and as cowardly a fashion as possible — and they did it not for monetary gain or to feed their children, they did it for shits and giggles.
    Most Americans, of whatever background, are certainly aware of this country’s history of injustice. Most Americans realize that black America has been dealt a shitty hand, historically. Yeah, black folks, we get it. But the thing is this: that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to have to be around and live around and work around blacks, on the day-to-day level.
    Not a living soul today is personally responsible for the fact that Africans were dragged here in chains. None of us in the white or Asian or various other non-black communities is responsible for Jim Crow laws or black unemployment or absentee black fathers or whatever mind-altering chemicals they’re putting in McDonald’s these days.
    And when we look at casual black savagery like this “knockout game” bullshit or when we note the way that large numbers of blacks drag down the quality of life in various neighborhoods and turn entire cities into crime-infested war zones, the general feeling is: “Why should I have to pay for their problems?”
    The general feeling is: “Yeah, I understand it might very well take another generation or two for Black America to get its collective shit together — and I sympathize — but do I have to put up with ’em in the meantime? Do I have to live around them and watch the neighborhood go to shit and deal with rising crime rates in increasingly black metropolises and put up with crappy performance in the workplace, which brings down the whole department but management won’t do anything about it because they’re afraid of a discrimination lawsuit? Do I have to put up with being potentially mugged or carjacked or brutally assaulted or raped in the name of whatever misfortune befell their ancestors, or whatever they still feel they’re owed — even with decades of government handouts, even with a black man in the White House, even with White America having neutered itself with liberal-induced shame and self-loathing? How much longer do we have to deal with black people and their rudeness and loudness and belligerence and their apparent feeling that social norms don’t apply to them?”
    To the black commenters here, I’m just curious: all this finger-pointing in White America’s direction — has it improved the lives of blacks in any way, shape or form since it became the thing to do? Does it actually make you feel any better about the myriad failures of your community? Does it help you sleep at night?
    People who actually want to make something of their lives know the difference between yelling “fire, fire” and grabbing a pail of water to put the fire out. Black America would shoot skyward in a week if the Blame Whitey Brigade put half as much energy into bettering themselves as they put into cooking up bizarre conspiracy theories to explain why blacks consistently seem to be the only group in America that just cannot get its shit together.

    1. Nothing to add. You summed it up perfectly. Excellent comment. I’d give you post of the day status, but I see that you’ve already bestowed that on someone else upthread…

    2. “Blame the hypergamy of welfare-enabled single black moms”
      wait how is this one wrong? also the men on this site blame western women’s hypergamy for everything but then when black men say that welfare has destroyed the black family and caused single motherhood and high crime rates that’s blaming white people?
      Also do people forget that it was only 60 years ago that blacks were marching for their civil rights, (during this time the crime rate in black communities was much lower as well as the amount of black men in jail). America did not stop being racist after the end of slavery and blacks were kept at the bottom of the society. I mean people still have grandparents who were alive during legal segregation. Now I’m not saying that all white people are to blame however the history of this country cannot just be erased. If you tell someone day in and out that they are less then and worthless they will believe it (and this has been proven to affect people’s performance). Black people have consistently been made to feel less then and there is a lot of self hatred and internalized racism in the black community. This in combination with welfare programs and third wave feminism has reeked havoc on black communities. Like most issues in this country this is complex as in there are many factors and each needs to be addressed. Racism is one of them because it affects the mentality of black people. And yes it does still exist. I do believe that black people need a wake up call in this country and it’s become difficult because these negative/self-destructive behaviors have become a part of the black identity. I guess only time will tell.

      1. All of which may indeed be true. And yet, nowhere in your response do I see a simple acknowledgment of what I stated:

        Each and every one of these misbegotten thuglets decided, of his own volition, to go out and assault a complete stranger in as wanton and as cowardly a fashion as possible — and they did it not for monetary gain or to feed their children, they did it for shits and giggles.

        Because, when you cut through all the standard Blame Racism/Blame the Past bullshit, that is the unavoidable issue that’s left on the table.
        Either blacks are free-thinking individuals capable of making their own decisions — and worthy of being held responsible for those decisions — or they’re fucking children who can’t be held accountable for their actions. Which is it?

  29. Picked up 3 more boxes of whitebox .45ACP over the weekend, Walmart is finally starting to get more ammo in stock. No 9mm alas, but I already have a few kilorounds of that.
    Fuck with a polar bear, you’re gonna get mauled.

      1. I <3 CZ. Slide-in-frame, accurate, nice and heavy steel, good feed ramp for flat-nosed/JHP. If I shoot thru both my 10rd .45ACP mags I can crack someone’s skull with it.

      2. I was told this past week that my SigP230 is not a good selection for conceal carry due to the bottom of grip magazine retainer/release. What do you think? It is the perfect carry size for me I’d rather not upgrade to the 9mm if I can avoid it (although that I will be keeping in my truck.) We will have carry in about 4 months, very exciting. Did your P238 have that same sort of magazine clip and what was your experience with it?

        1. You can get the extended clip with the rest for your pinky. I liked the gun overall. I just wanted a larger round than .380. The started making the P938 in 9mm about a year after I bought the P38. I’d get that one If I was buying it today.

    1. ” …The problem is there are no cases documented….where a person was in court saying “ok I was playing the knockout game and I hit this person, beat this person up…”, They don’t really have any documented cases of this…”

  30. Hey people, its Ms. Miller…. lol. This is a message to Mr. Gunner. I love men, too much for my own good, because as much as i want to trust them, i cannot. As long as people like you exist, i need to be careful about who i give myself to. Too many times i have been left feeling violated, humiliated and used. These days, finding a nice easygoing fun guy is such a turn on (and the sex and cuddling is always amazing!) But most often, guys are too uptight to let a night like this unfold and only care what their bros think of them. They can never just relax and enjoy their time with a woman, without judging everything she says, does and how she looks. Chill the fuck out. Love is all you need. I want to hold your hand. You people didn’t listen to the beatles enough in your childhoods. Thats my only explanation for all this spreading of hatred. if you would like some photos of myself, i wouldn’t mind sending you, but only for you to get a glimpse of what you’re missing out on. Send me your email address. I am not afraid to show you what i looked like when i was 90 pounds and a bmi of 16.2, nor am i afraid to show you my current 130 pound 23.4 bmi body. I have bigger priorities than worrying that you don’t think i am thin. These dreams require me to get enough energy and be strong on a daily basis and i know i am trying my best. But your loss, because i have yet to meet a man who isn’t attracted to me at my current weight, and I was very unattractive to men when i was 100 pounds. Weight as a number is superficial nonsense. Health matters. My BMI tells you nothing about me, nothing about my strengths and weaknesses, motivations and accomplishments, likes and dislikes, nor how generous and fun and smart and sexy i am. So sure gunner, have the numbers, have the pictures if you wish, but with an attitude like yours, you’ll never have a girl as real and loving and beautiful as me. Sorry for the confidence overload, i guess i should be more submissive if I’m writing here and just sit and watch you degrade me and accept that life is just like that. I grew up being great friends with many men and boys, who treat me as their equal and love me for me and always enjoy my company to hang out or party or study, including my brother who is my best friend and who turns to me for so much, i don’t know how we could live without each other. The girls you have made angry were only defending themselves. I apologize for the mean comments they send you, but we actually are pretty chill nice people if you bothered to get to know us. I do not like to be stereotyped as a feminist. I am a well spoken individual and not ignorant. I read a lot of the things you post on this website. Thank you for helping me pinpoint things to look out for when a guy is flirting with me so that i don’t fall into a nasty manipulative trap. The more i can learn to protect myself from my aggressors , the more i can give myself to real men and spread love to people that appreciate it.

    1. One of these pictures represent how you treat us. The other represents how you see feminism. The other represents what we essentially all want at the end of the day. Which is the best option?

  31. American blacks are beginning to lose their former white supporters such as myself. They scream that we cannot interfere with the black community because of slavery and supposed institutional racism and must hand over our tax dollars without oversight and use their vote and their remaining white supporters to silence any white criticism with termination from employment or worse, yet when blacks violently attack whites either look the other way or flat out cheer them on.
    Dear Black America – we do not believe or trust you anymore.

    1. Read up on Fishtown–lower middle class and poor whites will soon catch up to blacks in terms of antisocial behaviour, bastardy, and criminally insane violence.

    2. You were never a supporter of black people and most whites aren’t so lets cut the crap, the majority of us voted against obama in both elections especially white men. You think if a black man in corporate america goesa round punching white people in the face he won’t get fired? Seriously? On what planet do you live?
      These guys doing this are low class like white trash or bikers, we don’t say well hells angel beat up a black guy all whites are racist. This race trolling is dumb.

      1. Before the Zimmerman affair, I used to think that if I gave all the wealth I currently had and all that I would ever earn, maybe there could be peace between blacks and whites. Now I know that blacks will not be happy until I am beaten to death.

        1. You giving all your wealth to blacks? Unless your carlos slim I don’t think it amount to more than a few cents at best.
          Yes clearly all black people want to beat white people to death…. (rolleyes sarcasm)…. dumb ass.

        1. Cousin marriage is how society has been structured for most of human history, and still is in much of the world.

        2. And killing a man with a pointy stick for fun is also ” how society has been structured for most of human history” but, like fucking your cousin, that is no longer acceptable in the 21st century.

        3. Stlil the norm in most of the Middle East. I’m not personally in favour of it, but opposing cousin marriage is basically saying “we think the way white people have been bred since the 15th century is better than the way you turban wearers do it”.

  32. LOL, looks like we were all trolled again by the ultimate Indian Race Trolls.
    Turns out the “black” thugs are not even black but indians!
    Amrit Marajh, 28 knockout game king ping charged with hate crimes
    One of 3 of Marjh’s (unnamed) accessories to the crime who has since been released (source CBS New York
    Funny how the media is trying to portray this as black vs white. Since when are they counting jews as white and indians as black? It is obvious to me what they are up to here, trying to get whites and blacks (men) fighting against each other, digging up old images of mental hospital escapees from 2006 or almost 7 years ago punching a woman in England. Funny how they are leaving out that one of those indian dudes ahas a jewish girlfriend.
    FYI. Amrit is an Indian hindu name, and the fbi was surveiling this guy because he is an indian muslim who made a bunch of hate speech in mosque against jews and then went out and knocked out a random jew guy.
    The real question is how many more of these so called racial attacks involve neither whites or black?

  33. Excellent post! I agree that it is an attempt to assert some strange kind of masculinity. Back when I was a kid growing up in the country we used to fight, shoot eachother with pellet guns, hunt, and fish. Those kids do not have those resources and their parents are (often)selfish degenerate waste of oxygen single mothers. In a society that shames manliness they have no other outlet. Also when we fought when I was a kid we fought eachother. We would never hurt and elderly person or a woman.

    1. Your last line is key. If adolescent boys were trying to assert their masculinity, they wouldn’t be sucker punching old men and women, they would be fighting each other. It ain’t about manliness. The boys despise their victims who are white, asian or Juden. It’s racial.

  34. While I enjoy and agree with most of the content posted on RoK, I can say that this article is not very good and misses the point, like really, really misses the point.

  35. I disagree.I get what you are saying. But Ill play a lil devils advocate.
    But the idea of of joining gangs and exzerting your strength upon others is a masculine thing(to conquer). Thats how we are since tribal societys so the alpha male will be recgonized. To be alpha is to be better than the others(beta). Thats what masclinity is about…competittion. Not an female way of thinking that all is equal and fair.
    Its engrained in all of us, so what if they are insecure and used that as motivation to defeat their enemies and pass on their DNA. Thats why we are thriving to this day. Shaming these men by calling them insecure is a way to control and manipulate their behavour because not only is it bad for business(crime can hurt your money flow in some way) but also becomes a survival tactic for the weaker ones.(Im not biased Im build like a twig). Plus a good way to use their strength and aggresion for their own advantage(war,sports,construction,security,etc). In every great ancient civilization they had military and sports to curb that behavoiur(wrestling for example). But hunter and gather societys those men would become the leaders or start their own tribe. Survival of the fittest.
    You can find out why we are like this and its been done on a swedish documentry called “brainwashed” which is surprisingly red pill. Alot of it lines up with what Jack Donovan has been saying in the “way of men”.
    Honestly to me a coward is one that shys away from a fight even when he knows he can win(cause your pride and ego goes down since people will percieve you as weak). Duelling for example was only outlawed cause it killed off important and useful people society(doctors scholars etc). Takes years of government intervention to curb these “honor based cultures”.
    Martial arts dont fight for one reason and that is because theyll lose their fight license and media will ruin their career and fans demand they be punished. You can log on to mmalinker and youll get many people say that this fighter is bad(palhares) for the sport and should be inprisoned no matter how talented he is. Like Badr Hari and Mike Tyson will fight anyone but you cant call them cowards. Yet Some somehow will, but the guys are just being dicks not pussies. They arent running from anyone that challenges them no matter how weak or strong.(They always fight the most dangerous contentors to begin with).
    I think the only reason we are afraid to fight is because we are afraid of the state(government) thatll punish you win or lose.Because it also takes the reward of winning away(too brutal or was not an excuse to hit). I’ll admit when Its anarchist like it probably wont be the safest of times. But youll feel allive like your ancestors did.
    Because even if we lose, at least we dont feel the shame that we walked away and appeared to be weak in front of the crowd.(or am i the only one that feels that).” Be the bigger man and walk away” I garunteed it was femenists and manginas that started that(trying to be stronger and more masculine by doing the opposite..almost a mental masterbation) like “man up and marry this 40yr old ant take care of her kids”. Jack Donovan did a radio show on that on the artofmanliness that brought up this point.
    In those days your “honour” or pride or ego or reputation was more important than life and death.(spartans samurai viking etc). Its sad that the west has lost that and that the 3rd world countries are struggling to keep it as their governments get bigger and westernize more.

  36. I see even the “intelligent” writers and commenters that make up the ROK constituency are subject to buying into whatever bullshit propaganda of the moment that the right wingers spew out. There is no “knockout game.” Divide and conquer is alive and well in 2013 and if the supposedly smart people are falling for this then we are all in deep trouble.
    Black v. white, young v. old, right v. left, democrat v. republican these are OLD games people! Please wake up!

    1. I have been reading about the attacks for 4 years on all sorts of un PC blogs which document the attacks.
      A book has been written about it: “White Girl Bleed A Lot”.

    2. We have people charged with crimes who have confessed they were playing the knockout game. We have numerous clips on YouTube documenting the acts by a variety of individuals in a number of different cities.
      Against this we have Steve making an unsupported assertion that none of this exists.
      Who does he think he is fooling?

    1. If you can’t make your case in less than 5 minutes, then you lose 99% of your audience. This guy could spend four hours refuting specific cases and nitpicking others, but he can’t do it for all of them. He does have some good points, but claiming it is a myth is false.

  37. “Black children are brutally injuring, and even killing unsuspecting victims. And while these actions are clearly wrong, I think they reflect something larger. Whether they’re due to the lack of a father figure or a violent adolescence, I’m not sure. But I do believe these acts are a good example of misguided attempts to assert one’s own masculinity.”
    You’ve taken the line of blatant racism, jumped rope with it in your other articles, and now hiked far into the blatantly racist side.
    What makes you say its only black children? Why do you say its because of a lack of a father figure or having a violent adolescence?
    No really, give a decent reason.

  38. It’s insane how the author says black children as if all and only black children are a part of this so called media named “knockout game”. I wonder how much research he or any of you on this post did concerning this “out of the blue” phenomenon. I don’t know where you guys live but how many times have you seen or even heard about this nonsense where you live. I would bet zero. For the media to just take footage from YouTube and other video sites and compile years old footage is such BS. I’m sure if you wanted to you could find all races of people fighting on the internet. They keep showing the same four or five videos over and over and exactly how many people have been arrested for this epidemic? And I’m sure you all know that one of those cases happened in Europe and the attacker was a grown punk ass man. I don’t condone assault on anyone. I also don’t condone the assault on the image of a whole group of people without any real factual information to back it up. The author should be ashamed for blanketing the blame on a whole population of people and making it a racial thing.

  39. “The truly masculine man appreciates others who share his qualities; his first instinct is not to attempt intimidation.”
    This is a really good sentiment, but not just about men trying to be masculine; anyone that identifies seeks others who share similarities. Most of the time intimidation comes from dealing with someone with disparate views. There is a power struggle, through physical contact or mental games, no matter the gender involved.
    In general, those with masculine traits have tendencies towards assertiveness, dominance, and physical prowess. Those that play this game are asserting what culture tells them is masculine, not what it is to be masculine. I suppose this ‘tough guy mentality’ that you mention is just an overdose of masculinity within the dichotomy of gender. The only way to assert any side of a dichotomy is to do the extreme, hence this game.

    1. Wrong again you clueless dumbass.
      The youtube clip you cite, where this clown takes hours nitpicking small details and refuting only a few specific examples, has already been posted twice before in the comments section, and has also been refuted by other youtube clips where individuals in jail have admitted they were playing the knockout game. You would know this if you had bothered to do a tiny amount of research, but you couldn’t be bothered could you.
      And to further show how uninformed and stupid you are, here is the latest, the knockout game is now being played in prison on guards.

      1. Wait. You call me a clueless dumbass (ad hominem attacks means you lost the argument already) and say I didn’t do any research but your source is from Fox? You know, a highly biased and NOT objective news outlet.
        Good job!

        1. “Wait.”
          LOL, I clearly got under Ozone’s skin, apparently one post was not enough, he felt so inadequate he had to post a second time to get what passes for his thoughts across.
          “You call me a clueless dumbass”
          Yes, absolutely clueless to post a YouTube clip already posted twice before. And when that clip has already been refuted, you come across as a complete dumbass.
          ” (ad hominem attacks means you lost the argument already)”
          I made an accurate assessment of your mental capabilities, so no ad hominem attack. I would say two more years of school for you and you can probably move up to the level of half-stupid.
          “and say I didn’t do any research”
          If you had bothered to click on the comments and skimmed through them, you would have found your clip there twice already. It would have taken you no more than a few seconds. You would also have seen the refutations. Your post was an embarrassing failure.
          “but your source is from Fox? You know, a highly biased and NOT objective news outlet.”
          You want to provide one shred of evidence that the attack on that guard in prison did not happen, you go right ahead. Be my guest.
          “Good job!”

        2. You’re still at it. Don’t know a damn thing about me and making assumptions. So no, you didn’t make an accurate assessment about my mental capabilities because you don’t know me and never had conversation with me outside of your dumb ass assumptions. Someone needs to go back to school them damn selves and take a debate course so they can at least sound half-stupid on the internet.

        3. “You’re still at it. Don’t know a damn thing about me and making assumptions.”
          I know you are too lazy to do the slightest bit of research, you dismiss factual evidence by claiming “bias” without supporting argumentation, and you don’t understand the ad hominem fallacy or how to apply it. That is enough.
          “So no, you didn’t make an accurate assessment about my mental capabilities because you don’t know me”
          Wrong again, you revealed quite a bit about yourself from your comments. I pointed out the three facts demonstrating your incompetence above.
          “and never had conversation with me outside of your dumb ass assumption.”
          Awww, Ozone still feels bad because I accurately called him a dumbass. I made no assumptions, I gave an accurate assessment based on the evidence he provided. He can’t even come up with his own insult he has to recycle mine.
          “Someone needs to go back to school them damn selves and take a debate
          course so they can at least sound half-stupid on the internet.”
          Ozone talks to himself here and I am glad he is strongly considering my advice. A debate course may indeed help him to not lose so badly next time he comes here trying to pick a fight.

        4. “Go home. You’re internet drunk.”
          Wrong again. The correct meme is “Go home, you’re drunk.” an expression used to point out someone’s failure, which in this case would be your failure. It usually goes along with an image macro but you were too lazy to even try weren’t you?

      2. You call me a dumbass. First fail in argumentation, ad hominem. Consult your local Google search for the definition and meaning. When you do that, it means you already lost the entire argument on the basic rules of logic. Second, you cite Fox (appeal to authority aka Argumentum ab auctoritate), a news source that is publicly known as biased and not-subjective in their stories. You sound like Colin Flaherty who wrote an entire book based on deductive reasoning that centered on cherry picked evidence, which never proves anything but bias. But I’m a dumbass?
        Good job!
        I now dimiss you because you’re not worthy. Good bye.

        1. “You call me a dumbass. First fail in argumentation, ad hominem”
          Correction, that statement wasn’t my argument, my argument came later. You know, it was the paragraph you are pretending to ignore, because you can’t answer it. My first sentence was an accurate assessment of your mental faculties. When you are so stupid as to post evidence that has already been posted twice in the comments thread, AND been refuted, it is a dumbass thing to do.
          “Consult your local Google search for the definition and meaning.”
          No need, I already corrected you. Everyone, notice that Ozone completely failed to address my refutation of his claim. He obviously doesn’t want to call any more attention to the way I refuted and embarrassed him.
          “When you do that, it means you already lost the entire argument on the basic rules of logic.”
          Wrong again Ozone, my argument wasn’t based on the fact that you are a dumbass, it is based on the fact that you cited a YouTube clip already discredited. You lose again.
          “Second, you cite Fox (appeal to authority aka Argumentum ab auctoritate),”
          More laughable nonsense from Ozone, the Fox news article demonstrates that the knockout game exists in prison, the game which Ozone laughably tried to claim does not exist. Pointing out facts is not a logical fallacy.
          ” a news source that is publicly known as biased and not-subjective in their stories.”
          Notice that Ozone fails to point out that the article I cited is biased. That is because he cannot. However, the YouTube clip he posted was indeed biased, with the speaker actually denying known facts.
          “You sound like Colin Flaherty who wrote an entire book based on deductive reasoning that centered on cherry picked evidence”
          Ozone talks about himself here. No Ozone, I don’t have your problem.
          “which never proves anything but bias.”
          And you have shown your own bias. Congratulations.
          “But I’m a dumbass?”
          Indeed, next time try and do a little research before recycling refuted evidence.
          “Good job!”
          “I now dimiss you”
          And even in this Ozone fails, for once again I have answered and refuted him.
          “because you’re not worthy. Good bye.”
          And now Ozone runs away, like a frightened boy.
          Hey Ozone, don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.

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