UK Dissident Tommy Robinson Jailed For 13 Months For Reporting On Muslim Grooming Gangs

Via Fox News:

U.K. right-wing activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested and reportedly jailed Friday after he filmed members of an alleged child grooming gang entering a court for trial — but the details of his purported sentence remain murky after the judge ordered the press not to report on the case.

Robinson, the former head of the English Defense League and a longtime activist against Islam and Islamic migration, was arrested after he was filming men accused of being part of a gang that groomed children. Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetuated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men.

Video shows Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, being surrounded by as many as seven police officers as he livestreamed the incident on his phone. The police informed him he was being arrested for “breach of the peace.”

But shortly after his arrest, a source with knowledge of the case told Fox News that he had been jailed for 13 months on a contempt-of-court charge.

A court listing indicated the case was “closed” by Friday afternoon.

One source said he was jailed in Hull Prison. The prison declined to comment to Fox News on whether Robinson was there. Leeds Crown Court also did not return a request for information.

According to The Independent, Robinson was already on a suspended sentence for contempt of court over a gang rape case in 2017.

The judge in the case on Friday slapped a reporting ban on the case. The order bans reporters from reporting on a case if there is reason to believe the reporting could prejudice a trial. The order prevents reporting until the conclusion of the trial Robinson was reporting on.

The gag order led to news outlets in the U.K. removing their reporting from their websites to comply with the order. Most remaining reporting in the U.K. comments on Robinson’s arrest, but not on his purported sentencing.

Sources with knowledge of Robinson’s case spoke on condition of anonymity in part because of fear they would be arrested for contempt. One told Fox that Robinson’s lawyer warned that, considering the presence of Muslim gang members in prison, a 13-month sentence was tantamount to a death sentence.

“Tommy’s lawyer said he will likely die in jail given his profile and previous credible threats, and the judge basically said he doesn’t care,” the source said. “He sentenced him to 13 months in prison.”

Reaction to Robinson’s sentencing from commentators and right-wing politicians was fierce, particularly as it is the latest in a series of commentators — particularly those who are critical of Islam and mass Islamic migration into the U.K. — being locked up by British authorities.

“What kind of police state have we become?” tweeted U.K. Independence Party leader and European MP Gerard Batten.

“I am trying to recall a legal case where someone was convicted of a ‘crime’ which cannot be reported on,” he added. “Where he can be cast into prison without it being possible to report his name, offence, or place of imprisonment for fear of contempt of court.”

“Arrested for “breaching the peace” while reporting on a Islamic grooming gang trial?” Dutch MP Geert Wilders tweeted. “Is this Saudi-Arabia?” Wilders also submitted parliamentary questions to the Dutch minister of foreign affairs on the matter.

In the U.S., actress Roseanne Barr, star of the ABC revival of the sitcom “Roseanne,” retweeted a number of supportive messages for Robinson, and tweeted out her own outrage.

Robinson has long been a polarizing figure in the U.K., with supporters saying that he speaks out against political correctness and the growing influence of Islamic extremism, while opponents claim he is a racist who stokes fear and division. A counter-terror police official said Robinson’s material was partially responsible for the radicalization of a man who committed a terrorist attack on a mosque last year.

Robinson upset former CNN host Piers Morgan by brandishing a Koran and claiming it cites “murder and violence against us” in an appearance on “Good Morning Britain.”

“Put that book down and show some damn respect for peoples’ religious beliefs,” Morgan said. On Saturday, supporters of Robinson protested outside the gates of 10 Downing Street.

Robinson is the latest right-wing figure to fall foul of the authorities. Canadian right-wing activist and journalist Lauren Southern was turned away from the U.K. in March shortly after she had made a video in Luton, an English town with a relatively high Muslim population, and put out a stall declaring: “Allah is gay” as an experiment to see what the reaction would be.

Also in March, “Generation Identity” activists Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone, were refused entry to the U.K. after being judged that their presence was also “not conducive to the public good.”

U.S. radio talk show host Michael Savage and blogger Pamela Geller, both of whom have been outspoken in their criticisms of Islamic extremism, have also been banned from entering the U.K.

Even President Trump has faced calls from politicians to be banned from the U.K. — in particular over his views on immigration and his controversial travel ban. Trump will visit the U.K. in July, where he is expected to be met by protests.

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103 thoughts on “UK Dissident Tommy Robinson Jailed For 13 Months For Reporting On Muslim Grooming Gangs”

  1. What’s wrong with the United Kingdom? Cuck princes, Muslim migration, and 1984 style censorship among a host of other ills.
    This country used to ooze so much class, power, and among the most brilliant inventors and minds the world has ever seen. Now… all I see is “2 girls, 1 cup”. A country which leaves an incredibly shitty taste too all senses despite a pretty facade.

    1. “This country used to ooze so much class, power, and among the most brilliant inventors and minds”
      Yes, but Britain also always had a dark side, crazy aunts amd uncles in the attic so to speak. Think of all the sodomy in public schools in the old days. That was the elite mind you. The country is going through a phase of mass insanity, just like Germany went through a phase 1933-1945 and Russia 1917-1990. At least the Leftists show respect for the environment, so the beauty of the land will remain regardless of what happens to the inhabitants.

        1. You’re absolutely correct about Asians. Even Asians in the homeland are not much different, basically the continent is a collection of megalopolises and not much else.
          Asians are natural-born urban dwellers, who love to erect one condo tower after another.
          Even in rich countries like Korea and Japan the countryside is a bit on the derelict side and mostly populated by senior citizens.

        1. When it comes to western countries (US in particular), I find that Black and Asian people tend to avoid small towns like the plague. Latinos seem to be the only non-whites who are willing to live in the countryside for the sake of earning a living.

        2. REALITY
          Small towns
          1) No tech or finance. This cancels out Jews, Asians, East Indians.
          2) Walmart rules and no restaurants-cancels out Italians, Arabs, other white ethnic groups.
          3) Police presence-you cannot put your girls on the “stroll” in a small US town, they would be busted. Selling drugs is tough. This rules out other ethnic groups.
          4) Mexican illegals will take whatever work they can get.

        3. REALITY
          No tech, no finance industry, no criminal opportunities-cancels out any interest.
          J ws in particular seem to loathe small towns and half the films they make are about mad redneck cannibals.
          Blacks are hassled by cops.

      1. I wouldn’t call what went on in Germany from 1933 until about 1941 insanity at all. Sure, the elite of the Nazi party were a mish-mash of gay / pedophile / psychopaths (and surprisingly, many were part or full ashkenazi jewi$h as well!), but the absolute economic / social miracle that took place from between 1933 to 1938 is astonishing, and can serve as a template for any modern nation. To the best of my knowledge, Iceland is the only modern nation who has enacted (in terms of economic and governmental policies) some of what the Nazis did, and with outstanding results.
        Again, I’m not praising Hitler, the SS, the Gestapo or any of the douche-bags who were the Nazi elite, but life under so-called Nazi rule was infinitely better for the average non-jewi$h German national compared to the outrageous period known as Weimar Germany — which was completely ruled and degraded by the chosen tribe. Women, children, pets, domestic animals and the environment were all MUCH better considered and protected under policies developed and enforced by the Nazi regime. True story, albeit politically incorrect in this era.

      2. “just like Germany went through a phase 1933-1945 “ mean 1918-1933 right? Because fighting your enemies and killing communists is not insane. Sodomy would get you a death sentence in NAZI Germany.

      3. @goat…lol, the leftists destroyed our environment…do you really think doubling your population with third world idiots and going bankrupt will save the environment? BTW, the NAZIs were hardcore environmentalists, why, because they were smart (yes, I F**king hate Republicans environmental stance). The inhabitants of a nation decide what the environment is going to be, don’t think for one second the cholos and blacks will save the environment….have you seen their home countries? They even have a joke in Mexico City that the city flower is the white plastic bag. Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and every other environmental group use to preach against immigration back in the day, and most of our environmental laws were created by racists like Theodore Roosevelt, Republicans like Nixon, etc etc. So what are you talking about goat?

      4. Apparently Tommy will spend his time in jail writing an autobiography titled ‘My Struggle’.

    2. He was actually arrested at his home later, not while making the live webcast outside the court. Very strange arrest, effectively this guy has been ‘disappeared’ by the British authorities.
      I’m glad I left the UK, it’s becoming a very dangerous place for white men.
      But Muslim pedophiles preying on white female children have no problems.

    3. A big big part of what makes rural country living worthwhile in the USA is the right to keep and bear arms. I couldn’t imagine living rurally in a conntry that bans firearms. Entire rural Mexican villages are slaughtered by drug gangs where the civillians are disarmed. They’re like sitting ducks outside the cities. Saddam’s disarmed Iraq fell to the coalition like clockwork too. They had no citizen militia. No citizen soldiers – humpf. Likewise I don’t see how disarmed UK citizens will ever on Earth comb and purge the rat’s nest of establishment occultists and cabalists from their island. It takes citizen soldiers keeping and bearing arms to checkmate the type of despot authority the UK. By disarming their citizens, the powers create a full insurance policy which guarantees that they continue to remain imbedded in the system.

      1. Decent British citizens should do everything they can to legally own a firearm/s, whilst they still can.
        If enough did that, any authority that tried to disarm legitimate “hunters” and “target shooters” would have a hell of a job on their hands.

        1. Requires spine to do that. The best they can manage is almost perfect untrembling upper lip….

  2. Resurgence in Comicsgate, Stan Lee finally being freed and now this. These last few days were crazy.

  3. In the U.K it is perfectly alright to rape and murder, as long as it is by a refugee or Islamic psycho. But it is not alright to criticize that. No wonder Archie Bunker called them a fag country.

  4. I had what I call a very bad Asia day, thanks for substantially improving it through this reminder of how lucky I am to be 5.5k miles away from that pile of rotten cockroach shit known as Europe.
    Free Tommy Robinson

    1. AJ
      Scary thought.
      When I was a young man in America I could not get laid with the snotty bitches but I’m sure glad now.
      Thank goodness my life bottomed out at 25 and I had nothing to lose throwing my meager possessions into a suitcase and just bolt.
      No matter how advanced a country is if enough stupid, low-intellect, destructive people land there it will turn into a pile of shit out of somebody’s asshole…

        1. If I were a young man again, I’d find my way to Vietnam.
          Philippines? Thailand? Sure, there are some attractive women there, but the Phlips are not particularly intelligent or attractive and the Thais are, well Thai. More attractive for sure, but few would be able to cross the cultural divide and be worth the effort.
          China and Japan are also possibilities if you want more of a first world feel.

        2. Malaysia is a great place to base yourself and just take the tourism side trips to the countries further north on the 30 day visas etc.
          It’s fairly advanced infrastructure wise, English is common, Internet is good, AIr Asia is cheap as chips to go elsewhere in SEA, and it’s quite affordable beyond big alcohol taxes. All the more reason to just be productive and bank $.

        3. Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines are all great places to live.
          Thailand is the most expensive and the hardest to stay in.
          Vietnam is the easiest to stay in if you marry a local (5 year visa $40).
          Philippines is easiest to stay in long term (3 years), and probably provides the least culture shock for Americans.
          I like them all.

        4. Some good info., visiting and seeing which one you fall in love with seems wise too. What are your thoughts on Cambodia Dodds?

        5. Grapefruit,
          Cambodia is a lawless dug and crime riddled shit hole.
          Outside of the Phnom Pehn, Siam Reap and Sihanoukville it’s bandit country and extremely unsafe for foreigners.

      1. Oh yes they are, I used to work in Langham Place, I had to survive through the whole Mong Kok paralysis in 2014. I lived in the Cayenne of the Tung Chung… why these assholes are so obsessed with money when they have absolutely no idea of how to spend it properly and in a fun way is a mystery which will forever elude me

  5. I wonder what treatment will Tommy receive in prison?
    He will probably play soap games with Pakistanis & Jamaicans.

      1. It’s good we are in Ramadan, they’ll go easy on him this month, his new Alecu snackbar friends will be too hungry to initiate him the proper way, he has enough time to loosen up.

    1. What percentage of UK prisons are non-white these days? Close to half? And are a considerable amount of the white prisoners just ruffians from Romania etc?

  6. Although Robinson is a pathetic attention seeking man whore, he clearly didn’t deserve to be jailed.
    The police state is coming to the West faster than one can imagine. I envy our fellow commenters that are far away in South East Asia enjoying the good life, whilst many men like myself choose to stupidly remain in Anglo countries.

    1. DAT GUY
      Quoting Tina Turner in MAD MAX “I was nobody”
      In the roaring 90’s of America I had nothing going for me and no connections so nothing to lose by going overseas.
      Here, I built a career at a time when a Westerner with a 4 year degree had an advantage.
      If you’re a working middle class white you can meet a better class of people. The blacks and Mestizos are violent and prey on you, the trailer trash are stupid and brutish…who wants to hang around for that shit? I personally did not feel the He-blews were running my life, but you do not have to think about them in Dubai or Asia.
      The US just went South when Bush was elected in 2000. There was nothing pleasant to come back to and by then I was having sex with Chinese hookers 2 at a time in hotel rooms.
      All thoughts of returning to the U.S. and mortgaging a house and having kids vanished once I was in my 30’s and the recession came and went.
      Also, I do what I want. As a young man in the U.S. COPS ALWAYS HASSLED ME. Of course they were nowhere near when I was mugged or when blacks or Mestizos behaved outrageously towards me.

      1. Jews are easy to deal with individually, for the most part. Problem is when Jews have influence, which they do via media. Blacks and mestizos are not pulling strings at high levels, they have no influence beyond polar bear hunting.

  7. PS
    I know the situation in America is not exactly fine and dandy but overthere at least you have substantial freedom of speech protected by your Constitution, it’s hanging by a threadbare I know but it’s still there: it’s no small feat, in Europe you can go to jail at the whim of a leftist judge.

      1. DAT
        To me there is also the issue that under $40,000 you are pretty much in harm’s way of blacks and Mexicans and cops all the time.

    1. A.J.
      If YOU were a Pakistani immigrant in NYC would YOU want to mess around in a shabby Italian-American neighborhood with a 12 year old “Gina” whose Dad probably looks like Stallone or Gandolphini.
      Everybody is a tough immigrant in America.

      1. The impression I got of the American system is that somehow it works really well when it comes to taming the midtier races in terms of intelligence and aggression: the Pinoys, the Arabs, the Pakis etc. They all do fare and behave much better in America than they do in Europe.
        The most feral ethnic groups though (Latins, Africans, Samoans etc.) seem to become even more barbaric there.

  8. How the hell do you get arrested, sentenced and tossed in jail within hours. Is there no due process? Conducting secret trials and jailing sounds like police state politically correct tactics. Also, a gag order in place to appease pedophiles. Little does the Government realize that their actions are having the exact opposite effect. Basically, this guy is a hero and exposed how corrupt the UK is.

  9. It is laughable how people boast how free and wonderful their western democracy is and mock countries like North Korea as oppressive.
    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” -Malcom X

    1. MacDonalds and US investment soon to reach even North Korea.
      Personally I think it’s sad.

  10. Uk law states that exceptions to freedom of expression include, “Reporting names of victims, evidence and prejudicing or interfering with court proceedings.” He risked causing the case to collapse all to stoke his own ego. Enjoy prison you racist little cockwomble.

    1. The problem is UK courts don’t prosecute immigrants for sexual assault, or if they do once in awhile, the assailants are given a slap on the wrist.

  11. What strikes me is that somehow an entirely new value system appeared and took over in the West. Robinson’s case reveals this and what this value system looks like. On one hand you hand rape gangs raping kids and on the other you have bigotry. Bigotry has because the more reprehensible sin under these new values. What the F! Bigotry isn’t good, that much is true, but, is it worse than rape and child rape at that? Over here in the US, such values are equally in place as they are in the U.K. How did this happen? I never once saw a referendum or ballot item asking “do you want a new value system and hear it is”?
    If a society places bigotry, which is essentially a individual’s prerogative and, oh by the way, their own sovereign conciseness, ahead of other societal sins such as rape and murder, then, this is no value system at all and we need to stop, reject and perform a systemic cartharsis to understand how such a condition cake about in order to avoid it in the future. Related and apropos to grooming gangs, this clarion call and ensuing carrhatic process should be heard in reaction to the push for pedophilia too.

  12. Hitler was groomed by the UK secret services, so was Stalin. Marx made it his home and so did Lenin. It seems the place attracts all the dodgy characters.
    And what about the Novichok fiasco? What a cock up and yet they would not admit the lied about the Russian involvement.
    And what about the most recent circus – Cuck Henri’s wedding! The royals could hardly keep their faces straight but they had to swallow it all in the name of multi-cultural society.
    The UK’s aristocracy have all interbred with Jewish bankers so they all share the devious mentality. Expect nothing decent to come from there any more.
    Let it burn!

  13. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. He got arrested and put in jail just like expected. It’s all a money making scheme. Many of these internet right people have a very identical profile:
    1. college dropout or no college at all (Milo Yiannapoulos, Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson etc.)
    2. no discernible skills (other than public speaking)
    3. no verified background
    4. (formerly) connected to Ezra Levant’s The Rebel Media (Southern, Goldy, Robinson)
    5. unconditionally pro-Israel

    1. So the fact he’s not exactly a rocket scientist and he’s taking a side you don’t like in the JQ is reason enough for throwing him to the wolves while he was trying to educate the ignorant masses about a horrific crime of racialized violence against Whites ?

      1. I agree with OP.
        Knowing that Robinson is Jewish himself, stirring up conflict between British Gentiles and Muslims without dealing with the root issue (i.e., Jews importing an army of Muslims) seems either suspicious or plain stupid on Tommy’s part.
        Seems kind of dumb to go to jail and risk your life if you aren’t even serious about speaking truth to power and dealing with the root issue.
        The “solution” that Tommy Robinson is proposing is to just keep importing Muslims, but expect them to not practice Islam, and instead assimilate into “British” culture, which apparently doesn’t exist anyways, when they could just take over the country using “democratic” means instead.
        I acknowledge Tommy’s courage to protest, but the whole thing is kind of stupid.

    2. ace
      1. Zero New York J ws who are movers or shakers have ever heard of Tommy. And in any event these guys are all in their 30’s or 40’s. I’m not impressed. I probably have more money and a better resume than any of them.
      2. None of these guys particularly impress me with their credentials-they had time on their hands from doing nothing to get involved in culture wars when they are 10 years older than the 20-something Gen Y SJW’s who at least have the excuse of being college kids.
      3. Their opposition have Harvard degrees, loads of money, the Main Stream Media behind them.
      4. They are talking about the same “white homeland” stuff we heard on Geraldo 20 years ago and that is fine, but such a homeland would be fairly poverty-stricken because none of these people have any money. Most near-white areas on the US are that way like the Ozarks because they lack the surplus economy to attract blacks, Jews, Hispanics or needless to say Asians.
      5. They are vague about what they want and what economy it is going to stand on.
      6. None of them are very articulate. Robinson seems incoherent.

    3. yes he knew what he was doing that is why he was using PC language and appropriate legal terms in his video, like alleged perpetrator and accused of an alleged charge of rape, and never calling them rapist or racial slurs. And naming them from an article of the BBC The British Broadcasting Corporation, a British public service broadcaster. So their names were already in the public domain with no gag order on them. And doing it in the public place call it the street. So yeah he knew what he was doing. Stop trying to downplay the situation with your old left smear tactics and Ad hominem. MUHHH but but he is a mean bad man!!!!

    4. “2. no discernible skills (other than public speaking)”
      I suppose they know how to edit videos for Youtube as well. Then again, it just takes like an hour to figure out VideoPad Video Editor and just cut out lapses of speech and make simple shot transition effects etc.

    5. A lot of people who don’t conform drop out of college and keep their sanity. This is precisely why this kind of people are the ones to protest. They aren’t completely brainwashed and have less to lose.

      1. MR J
        Not exactly the people with the economic capacity to create an all-white homeland, or any homeland.
        And if they did I would not rate them as the ones to run it.

  14. Chickens coming home to roost for UK Cucks. Sorry boys. Your country is a goner. Its belongs to the towel heads now.

    1. Filthy rich oil barren ‘towel heads’ may own their football clubs and stadiums but the UK is most certainly owned by Yamaka heads

    1. I’m not laughing I’m actually seething with rage. I’m Italian, I visited my country last year: it looked like a mix between a shitty area of Beirut and a UN-controlled neutral buffer zone in Democratic Republic of Congo.
      No country will be spared

      1. A.J.
        How will Italy pay for this?
        In the US most immigrants support themselves. The welfare system is so shitty that most Africans work and the criminals in the US support themselves…especially La Cosa Nostra.
        But in Italy these folks do not seem to do shit. Not even survive by robbery. They just sit around.
        Who pays for this?

        1. Partially the ECB, through infinity QE, will be the payer of last resort, the bulk of the bill though will be on the general populace who can kiss goodbye whatever is left of public services in the country.
          The country is already deep in third world territory when it comes to road maintenance, the quality of public buildings, general infrastrctures, bureaucracy etc. paying only in 2017 5 billion euros (a very conservative estimate probably the real tally was north of twice that amount) for infinity negroes definitely wasn’t what the country needs.

      2. Italy has a birthrate of 1.37 (2.2 is minimum for a healthy society). After Greece and Spain the lowest in Western Europe.

        1. Nobody has money to start a family, actually Italian mothers at the age of birth are on average the oldest in the world.
          The country stil have some wealth left but it’s mostly concentrated among the oldest age groups. Most young people, even the not-so-young in their 30’s, cannot find any job paying anything vaguely resembling a living wage: for instance a 35 years old making 1500 euros a month (take-home pay after taxes) will already be considered wildly privileged.
          I’m taliking about the rich North, the South is in way worse shape.

        2. ace
          So um…who pays for this. You have a high unemployment rate, Italians were always the emigrants to anywhere else (U.S. or Argentina or Australia).
          So in a country with 40% unemployment how does the government pay for Africans who at best can be employed picking oranges?
          Not all of them can be cocaine dealers.

    2. Muslims will never be the threat on US soil that Mestizos are.
      Also, Muslims want some agenda. Mestizos just want to sell drugs and run amok because they are Indians.

      1. Arab muslims are basically just Mediterraneans with an ounce of negro blood who can’t get over the fact the descendants of the big, dumb Varangians left them in the dust on the world stage.
        Seriously this people think like Mesomopotamia is still the center of the universe or somehting.

        1. Wrong.
          Arabs are Semites with a drop of negro blood.
          Mediterraneans are Indo-Europeans with a dash of Semitic blood.

        2. V is right about Muslims having an agenda, but further Semites have more of an agenda. A good percentage of Mexicans embrace common sense racialism. jews on the other hand want to shut it down, posts I make about (((them))) are constantly banned.

        3. Mudslimes similarly want to censor cartoonists via murder, while holding a “take their kids as war booty” sign over a burning flag of whatever European country they are in.

  15. Its a good thing Britain ‘won’ World war 2. They could be speaking German heaven forbid. The J has brought them cultural enrichment beyond their wildest dreams, Feminism too. Imagine the hell of a nationalist family nation of culturally and religiously like minded people working together as a community…sounds awful and racist.

    1. QUESTION (For Ajeoshi etc.)
      Why are Muslims comparatively well-behaved in the United States. Yes, there have been terror attacks but overall Pakistanis are not grooming 12 year old white girls in their New York community. Pakistani-Americans are known for domestic assault and honor crimes BUT THEY WOULD NOT EVEN THINK about running amok like they do in UK or Europe.
      Also, Pakistanis are often criminals in the UK. Selling heroin, whatever. In the US most Pakistanis and Arabs are well-behaved even compared to the Italian-Americans as a group (Who have a small but incredibly powerful criminal organization).
      Is it
      A) U.S. whites are just tough peasants?
      B) Police state tactics?
      C) U.S. immigration discourages anybody but skilled immigration?

      1. Same reason Spain gets higher quality Mexicans than the US. It’s easier for a bunch of fighting age mussie males to flood cucked Europe and for amok Aztecs to cross the border.

  16. Robinson was locked up for “speaking the truth” apparently.
    OR….he committed contempt of court, outside a court, whilst on a suspended sentence for contempt of court, in addition to his previous convictions fro mortgage fraud, travelling on a false passport, actual bodily harm, drug offences and being a fucking Zionist stooge….etc.
    But yes….lets free Tommy, hes a proper British hero and not a common criminal who bangs on about Muslims breaking the law of the land while routinely breaking it himself.

  17. ?
    Why are Muslims better-behaved in the U.S.
    Pakistanis are not trying to groom little Irish-American girls in New York (There community is on the border of the Irish one).
    Are they held in check by the J?
    Scared because US whites are often tough peasant stock from Ireland or Sicily.
    Scared of cops?

    1. A.J.
      “Taming the beast”
      When you hear that some judge has been bribed or Donald Trump was scared out of Atlantic City casinos, they are not Samoans.
      Italian-Americans have the cunning and the long tradition for eyeing weaknesses in the power structure.
      Also, blacks and other groups are shitty assassins. They are not going to break into your house and inject you with cyanide to make it look like an accident. They’ll roll up in a shitty old car and do a drive-by at your house.
      Sicilians are tough but also intelligent. The Mexicans are somewhat smarter than the other groups but not much.
      They are Red Indians on the street. The exception of course are the Cuban whites who trace their roots to Andalusia.
      But basically the Italian-Americans are the only group capable of assassinating Hoffa and possibly JFK and getting away with it.
      Samoans and blacks and Mexicans will basically just stomp around on the street. If you have a vehicle you can avoid them.
      Chances are, if you did cross the mafia over something, you are dead. Your body will never be found. Nobody will ever be convicted unless someone “rolls”.
      This is not to say that when “Italians” move into a neighborhood people complain or they ruin the schools though as KARATE KID accurately depicted there is a bravado and cockiness that can lead to fights.
      But in terms of the monetary amount drained through corruption or extortion the Italians have the shit owned.

        1. SASQUATCH
          I don’t talk to teenagers who are “internet thugging in Mom’s bathroom tugging” like yourself.
          When you move out of your Mom’s house, then you can let us know what you have learned.

        2. lock the door!!!Your Mom will catch you beating off again…
          so we can hear you talk about Heblews some more?

    2. @madman: I’ll get severely down voted for saying this, but I believe the answer is that the United States really is still a land of opportunity. The Pakis see that they have a chance to rise into the middle class doing a tough job no one wants: managing convenience stores in the bad sections of town, taking over the local port-a-potty business from a retiring white owner whose children don’t want to get their hands dirty or else are drug addicts, etc. The smart ones actually run the business, the stupid ones work for the smart ones, and the business succeed because the competition sucks. Native born Americans won’t do dirty jobs or are drug-addled incompetents. So the immigrants succeed for a generation or two and behave because they become part of the system. By the third generation, rot sets in and the kids are spoiled just like the other native born Americans, but we are not there yet with Pakis.
      My question is why do native born middle class kids in America have so many drug and other problems?

  18. Tommy robinson is a Irish jew he’s controlled opposition he works for MI5 like many people in the “alt right”.” The alt right is controlled opposition its full of homosexuals and Jews.

  19. The UK is close to becoming the Soviet Union. The time for revolution is now before it gets worse.

  20. He’s a dirty Jew. I am very antisemitic & I don’t trust any of them. They aren’t white & throughout the history you wouldn’t find anything good they have done for us.

  21. This is a really fucked up situation Tommy Robinson is in right now. Being arrested on a bullshit charge, thrown in prison without having a proper trial at all, and most likely purposefully putting Tommy in a cellblock where Muslim Prison Gangs are ready to kill him especially for criticism towards Islam in the past.
    Based on these dirty tatics those corrupt bastards are using against Tommy they are indirectly trying to take him out for being a giant thorn in the UK government’s side for a long time due to Tommy Robinson exposing the Muslim Rape Gangs, amongst other things, that has been terrorizing the country for years causing the illusion of how “great” their Globalist utopia and the book he wrote (Enemy Of The State), the field reports and interviews he has done and posted on Youtube are living proof of the dark reality that Tommy Robinson has brought to light pissing off the powers that be, the mainstream media, and the band of useful idiots they pander too along the way.
    Tommy Robinson is the definition of a true patriot who loves his country who is willing to fight til the end of time to preserve the tiny shred of sovereignty that is left in the UK for the sake of his family and loved ones. But the scum fuck politicians and talk heads in the media don’t feel the same way considering how they sold out the UK long ago in favor of Globalist policies to fatten their greedy ass pockets at the expense of their own countrymen suffering in the long run even willing to drag Tommy Robinson’s name through the mud by labeling him a racist, far-right extremist, and Islamaphobe in order to trigger the brainwashed sheep who are along for the ride and the police to go after him in a attempt to silence him to maintain the illusion of how “good” things are.
    The good news is Tommy Robinson’s arrest has woken up a good portion of the citizens in the UK and the rest of the world realizing how tyrannical the establishment has become. God forbid anything happens to Tommy Robinson because if he is killed while in prison the people of the UK will burn that country to the earth as well as causing nationwide populism to grow more and more. A typical naysayer will claim that the country is disarmed making it impossible for them to rise up and fight back however when you are constantly being pushed to your breaking point by a tyrannical government who will crush those who refuse to follow their script the fire within burns so bright and hot you don’t give a fuck anymore and just want to fight anyway crushing those who rightfully deserve it.
    I’m definite going to buy Tommy Robinson’s books Enemy Of The State and Muhammad’s Koran when I get the chance because a man like Tommy deserves the support for being a man of honor and courage for standing his ground against the tyrants within establishment for this long and the battle wounds to show for it being the true patriot he is. #FreeTommy

  22. If I had absolute power I would have had institutionalized the execution of “enemies of our civilization”. If somebody wages jihad on my civ and claims he wants to destroy it I would have had him beaten with sticks and hanged by his intestines and displayed live on public squares and national tv. I guess all of this is because I have the male fantasy of dominance.

  23. Mestizos will fuck undersage girls at a much higher rate than Whites but these girls don’t disappear like girls in the movie Taken. A jew will groom a 12 year old in East Europe for Israeli sex slavery, sure as a mussie would groom a 12 year old English girl.

  24. No surprise. False rape accusation of beta? Guilty until proven innocent, ruin his life.
    Muslim child rape gang? We must protect due process at all costs, no reporting their names.
    Women in their prime prefer sex with damaged men.
    Until women are treated like shit by every man they meet, they will not stop. It’s what they want, what gets them hot.

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