6 Influential Men Who Body-Slammed Feminism

We all know the tricks and trades of feminists. Now they’re using scripted claims and follow-up answers to force their ideology down your throat. Many normal men and women who come across these talking points may find themselves at a loss for words against these feminists as they refuse to accept facts like 70%+ of divorce cases being initiated by women.

Men living in the West may feel unsure of how to handle feminists without having to stoop to their level. However, here are some men who have defeated the dark illusions of feminism by using reason and logic. Let’s see how they did it.

Marc Rudov

Rudov is an investment banker who decided to stop accepting the prefabricated notions of “equality” between men and women. He argues against the societal norm that men must pay for women all the time in exchange for their company. He defines chivalry as BS—benevolent sexism, where women are put on a pedestal that creates a generation where women feel entitled to all the comforts of life generously provided by the inferior man.

Marc also argues that most women are more than able to pay for men, but don’t because they feel they are entitled to being served. Watch him shed light on what feminism really is, and how he deals with angry feminists.

One woman in the audience said men don’t know the pain women go through when pregnant and menstruating, a common tactic used. What they fail to acknowledge is the pain, sacrifice, and struggle men go through to take care of their wives and children.

Ben Shapiro

A religious Jew, Shapiro goes head to head with a pro abortion feminist. Transgenderism is trying to be pushed as normal, even though the media ignores the cold hard fact that the transgender population has one of the highest suicide rates. The feminist in the video argues for pro choice and Planned Parenthood, even though they profit off of killing babies and the founder herself, Margaret Sanger, called for the elimination of the black race.

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” – Margaret Sanger

Sanger was also one of the first promoters of eugenics, the idea of controlling population by only allowing those deemed worthy to reproduce. She even spoke at a Klu Klux Klan rally.

The fact that nearly 80% of all Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are conveniently located near Black and Hispanic neighborhoods is another under reported truth feminists don’t want to accept.


The world famous Eastern guru was put on the spot when asked the question, “if we have more women leaders, would we have a more peaceful world?” Sadhguru turned it around by explaining the yin and yang concept, and that women are brought up to identify with a perverted form of masculinity only.

He put it so elegantly that he even got Huffington herself to agree that the excessive masculinity forced on women is dangerous. Got to give the guru props for his boldness. Sadhguru even shared that who he is today is mainly due to his mother’s femininity.

Thomas Sowell

A graduate of Harvard before affirmative action was put into place, Sowell is a perfect example of what a minority can become when they stop blaming the white man for all their failures. When presented with the idea that men are ruling the world and suppressing women, his answer was the same as with everything else: show me the evidence.

Again, through common sense and cold hard facts, Sowell revealed that the opposite was actually true. Women are the ones who are attending college, making more money, moving up in career, and are getting more opportunities than men when you analyze equal variables.

Michael Savage

The popular talk radio host is known for his hard style tell it like it is fashion, and so when a caller tries to push the view that women can do everything men can do, Savage enlightens her with comparing a woman on battlefield to a male soldier.

For biological reasons, most women will find the situation unbearable and this can negatively impact the morale of troops. Of course, there are exceptions, but the vast cases are undeniably clear: most women are not cut out for military combat. Sure, it looks good in Hollywood, but the reality is the physical fitness standard in the U.S. armed forces have gone downhill in order to recruit females.

If you’re going to have women in the military, they should adhere to the same standard as everyone else and not be given a free pass.

Gavin McInnes

The loud, outspoken, and sometimes hilarious author made Sean Hannity laugh on air with his brutally honest speech. Watch him go head to head with a Fox News contributor advising her to get married and have kids instead of being miserable endlessly pursuing career success.

The light reveals the truth

Both men and women have been subject to lies and manipulation when it comes to the sexes. This is why you have sky-high divorce rates and the creation of alternative online spaces like ROK help educate each other and protect themselves.

Feminist lies can only continue for so long, because eventually the light will sweep the darkness away.

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426 thoughts on “6 Influential Men Who Body-Slammed Feminism”

  1. I realize that this is an article about “men” who body-slammed feminism, but I think you have to give Milo at least an honorable mention here. He has been destroying feminism for a while now.
    His “feminism is cancer” meme is an absolutely devastating truth shiv to the SJW kidneys.

        1. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be a person who actually packed fudge for a living, and what it’d be like to try to explain that to someone.

        2. There was a suite in my building where they did direct mailing of a product called Fudge. All day long this poor mope was in there boxing up the stuff for shipment. I’ll give you three guess what we called him…

  2. This past weekend I took my adorably sweet, feminine, 10 year younger pregnant wife camping with our chihuahua and prize winning hunting dog. I had my shirt off and pants rolled up as we fished in the river for king salmon. We sat around a campfire and listened to shortwave radio from Thailand and Japan. It was traditional and wholesome as fuck.
    Long story short, I don’t feel under attack by feminism in the least. What the hell are all you doing wrong?

    1. Same here, other than dealing with some crazy bats at work, feminism is a distant memory.

      1. Precisely. The bigger threat, from my years of experience in the corporate engineering world is the SJW beta male, hands down! C’est la vie for 5 more years, then I’m out! Small cabin home, self reliant property (as much as possible) and many scuba diving excursions (interpret as you will) around the globe.

    2. Day in and out, you’re right. If you work for a corporation though, you are in fact affected by it through clear HR policies. If you divorce you will also be *heavily* affected by it. But if you’re just going along in life, chances are almost 0% that you’ll encounter some fire breathing Jigglypuff.

      1. Ugh, corporate work. I clearly remember the day getting off the subway in DC, staring up at the cattle chutes/elevators on the way to a federal agency that had meetings to plan meetings, already sweating from the shitty city heat, and thinking no way in hell am I doing this for the rest of my life.

      2. It is not just those areas of course. I was very much in the fine art field. The museums and galleries were taken over by the feminist brigade and women have taken the top spots. We have also seen the degradation of art increase rapidly on a local level all the way tot he global level. The purpose of art, museums and galleries has changed from intellectualism and craftsmanship to “look at my pussy – it’s my power” in all aspects.
        The straight, white male has little chance in that world now even with far superior fine art.

        1. Yeah, but look who is actually being talked about with respect – Banksy, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, etc. It’s still white dudes actually making the new and original stuff (and earning money) without those failing organizations.

        2. I feel ya. Visited the local makerspace cause it sounded interesting (inventing, woodworking and metalshop), turns out the management are feminists suffering from too many chefs spoiling the soup and the members mostly pajama boys.
          Lord help any straight, white male in that space.

        3. Going to local art shows these days is essentially attending shitlib group therapy.

        4. There no longer straight white males of any masculine worth engaged in art these days. Its become the sole endeavor of pajama boys.
          If there are any heterosexual, white males left in art I highly recommend applying your talents to subversive guerrilla art in the streets of an anti-leftist nature.

        5. Banksy is a lefty vandal held in high esteem by the degraded art establishment for his anti-institutional hippy messages.
          The rest only show craftsmanship as they hire others to build their “ideas” for them. Their ideas themselves are part of the degraded system and heir to the whole Warhol system of making crap just to sell in the popularity game that is the modern art world rather than quality. Immediacy over depth. Flash for cash.

        6. Welp, that explains why all my profs in college hated me. Except for that old guy who had a career filming commercials…
          I can’t give too much away, but my current “art” is definitely subversive and masculine.
          On an unrelated note, I should get some pepe stickers and place ’em around the college towns. Many keks will be had.

        7. Women severely lack in virtues which explains why men of the cloth say women can never be spiritual

        8. Very true.
          I have known a handful of women “spiritual” leaders and several who are spiritual through their alternative beliefs (new age, or whatever one calls the bs).
          They all have the same shallow feel about them. No depth of being at all. They are playing the part but something important is missing.

      3. The corporate world is lousy with feminism. And you’re made to acquiesce or face sensitivity training and stern lectures from HR.
        The corporate world is utter fucking hell, escape while you can.

    3. I generally work in industries that involve numbers and precise operations, so obviously few women. I still have to interact with them in other departments and they are to a person inefficient workers compared to men.

    4. if we all move to alaska and start fishin for the king salmon there wont be any salmon left. on a serious note: are you no longer a lawyer?

      1. I am. I just found a great position that removes from the proles and riff-raff.

        1. something about your life screams Northern Exposure- great tv show

        2. I try. It’s a different mind set up here. Yeah, its a bit escapist, but screw being in the middle of all this chaos. People fight each other over the president’s tweets. That’s silly.

        3. Given the amount of attention a couple of typos have generated over the past few months…it’s noteworthy that President Trump hasn’t made many more spelling errors…

    5. “What the hell are all you doing wrong?”
      Wasting too much time on the internet or reacting to the news and far less time going out and experiencing real life, I believe.

      1. Exactly. After you find out where real politics begin, all this simply falls into place, and you know everything you need to know. I get so frickin bored when politics inevitably comes up at a family dinner or anywhere else, even if they are right wing, because they can’t see the big picture, and it always descends into “ya that’s ridiculous, here here!”

        1. Same here, either at work or at home, it’s the same thing. Whining that politicians are bad. A trully enlightening experience, every single time. *eye roll*

      2. “What the hell are all you doing wrong?”
        Being in the 80% women find unattractive because I’m not tall, dark, handsome, part of the dark triad, rich or famous, can’t play guitar or sing.

  3. This website has a latent cuckiness that prevents it from ever becoming a true alpha website.

    1. It would help if you’d explain your statement instead of just preaching it to us from on high.

      1. A true Alpha wouldn’t need it explained. A true Alpha would “just get it.” Lulz.

      2. I didnt mean to damage your ego. I know you invest a lot of time here.

      3. This website promotes race mixing and kikes and their shabbos goys.

        1. So you’re claiming a monolithic editorial policy that encourages this?
          I see multiple authors with different viewpoints that present ideas that may be good or bad, which are then hashed out in the comments section.

        2. Invalid analogy. This site is more like a distillery. You throw all of the mash into the still and the best rises to the top, leaving the grist below.

        3. Everyone wants to be Dylan Roof, until it’s time to do Dylan Roof stuff…

        4. Now say what you will about his actions, you cant argue with his commitment and follow-through – two things sorely lacking in his and subsequent generations…

        5. That is the most interesting take I’ve ever seen on something like that. What a strange thing it is to realize I lack the conviction of a homicidal loon.

        6. His logic kinda boggled me though, how on earth is shooting up a church supposed to start up a race war? Sounds like a bad Law and Order plot.

        7. Well, these patterns persist.
          How many articles have been published here talking about how white men should marry gook bitches?
          C’mon bro.

        8. Why would anyone want to do dylan roof shit?
          You would go to jail.

        9. But did he ever actually act on that claim? What in his actions (and murders) even supports his claim of generating a race-war? Manson was just a mediocre musician who was butthurt at getting dropped by a producer.

        10. Marry? I see “go bang in wherever” but not a huge amount of “Go marry *any* girl” articles. Maybe I’ve missed some on the weekends though.

        11. The Dylann Roof’s I’ll respect are the ones that go after black street gangs in Chicago or drug dealers or uppity activists, not cunts that shoot up harmless people peacefully worshipping in a Southern church.

        12. The book “Helter Skelter.” Written by the DA who prosecuted the case. Manson and his little clan of freaks were tried to leave fake clues to frame the blank panthers for the Tate murders.

        13. Youre right and infact that is worse.
          Degenerate race mixing on the edge of civilization collapse. What a great message to have.

        14. Yea, hitler was mad at the kikes for rejecting him from art school.

        15. Roof wasnt crazy. His actions were extreme, but logical.
          Blacks are waging war that whites refuse to acknowledged. He acted.
          Anders breviek did the same thing.
          They wont be the last.

        16. His actions were misguided and tragic.
          “blacks” aren’t waging anything as a unified front anymore than “whites” are.
          And shit if you have a problem with certain blacks, go blow them up!

        17. Im not blowing up anything.
          I leave that to the losers with no future.

  4. Michael Savage and Thomas Sowell are awesome. In the end, being accountable for one’s self is what destroys feminism and liberalism in general. Until the woman is in a place where she can no longer count on the government entitlements, there will be feminism.

    1. Love Savage…”liberalism is a mental disorder”.. “mean faced clipped haired” “Red Diaper doper baby”

  5. Feminism is the female id at its core, unrestrained and taken to its logical conclusion. Even “conservative” women in this culture are feminist to their very essence and they sure aren’t giving that cake back voluntarily anytime soon when they can eat it, too (literally, as well, with the burgeoning landwhale population).

    1. Agreed, that is why you need to teach your wives and daughters. Their natural state is not the same as their happy state.

      1. See right there, two perfectly true comments… Been sayin what Kansas said re. conservative women being ultimately feminist and cherry picking the best parts of both worlds for decades now. Tried explaining that to my clueless mom once.. the look, totally dumb-founded.

    2. It is a rare diamond in the rough who opposes feminism. My mother raised all 4 of her kids herself, stayed loyal and faithful to my father, doesn’t believe women should vote, own land, hold public office, etc. So non-feminist conservative women exist but, not all “conservative” women are going to be non-feminist.

  6. I’m iffy on Marc Rudov.
    Women are not our equals
    Not physically
    Not emotionally
    Not mentally
    Not morally
    Not in their earning potential
    They are in all ways distinguishable from men, and should be treated as such. I buy my dog food but she never buys me food. I respect my dog and appreciate her companionship and loyalty. The relationship I share with my dog is not equally reciprocated in all ways back and forth between us, yet I respect and care for it.
    The same is with Women, they are not like us, they cannot do the things we do. Women don’t earn respect by having nice jobs and buying us nice things. They win our respect through femininity and grace, by being gentle, good housekeepers, and taking care of their bodies.
    The narrative of equality has to end. Men and women are different, they should embrace their differences and be respected for the individual roles they serve in society.

    1. “The narrative of equality has to end.” – Does it end only with women? Shouldn’t it also apply to certain classes of men?

      1. It should apply to absolutely everyone. We are born to a certain degree of value and, in theory, human rights, but beyond that it’s a multi-dimensional scatterplot.
        I will never be Donald Trump, because I lack his size and money and business acumen, but I am a damn good programmer and a strong guy with a solid mind. My friend is smarter than I, but he squandered years on pot and only started to turn himself around during his years as a Naval airplane mechanic. Another friend is a great saleswoman and natural personal trainer who will probably kill herself within a few years from drug overdoses.
        No two people are truly equal, except in essence. You are as human
        as I, but on any comparative axis one of us will be better than the
        other. This inequality is natural, and it is neither good nor evil.

        1. If that’s the case, then shouldn’t we be respected for filling the individual roles we hold in society regardless of our gender?
          edit: Meaning that if a person does a job well, they should be respected. Do you respect the women who are as good at programming as you are?

        2. Only if you do it well.
          A good gardener or garbage man merits respect that a mediocre accountant or architect does not. A good husband or wife merits respect, but a poor husband or wife does not.

        3. “respected for filling the individual roles” !?
          What roles !? Are you even sure what you are saying !?
          Its the females who shamelessly expect to get “automatically” respected, just because of their gender. Showing or talking about few exceptions doesn’t change the reality !!

        4. There’s equality under the law, which is what they were actually talking about in the Declaration of Independence, and then there’s expecting equal outcomes in every subgroup, which is what modern SJWs want.

        5. If enough of you as women are not prepared to fill your role as a good mother, you are just putting sand in a machinery that eventually stops and we die out. The mother is always the limiting factor, and her role ruthlessly necessary.
          The women hanging on to the ‘be treated as an individual’ is running away from her basic role and just trying to imitate men. Pitiful.
          I treat a woman, as any person, with initial politeness, but only the devoted mother have my respect.

        6. I expect to get respect when I earn it. If I earn it being good at my job or for being a really skilled knitter, what’s the difference?

        7. I can’t speak for programming but I respect anyone who can do a good job. However, I prefer not to work with women. They disturb the ambiance of the group.

      2. Frankly the faggot liberation can be a good thing. Coming out of the closet means they are less likely to breed, and thus won’t pass on genetic traits that contribute to potential faggotry (there is no single gay gene, but a combination of genetic traits and behavioral conditioning). We have to worry about reproduction through ideological indoctrination, but unrestrained we’ll will end up with some limp wristed faries and some real badass men.
        Just being a bit of a devils avocado.

        1. Well Darwinism again. AIDS is fairly limited to degenerates & their allies from what I hear. No raw doggin’ except for babby makin!

        2. Sauce is a sweedish youtuber “Robbaz”, who sometimes takes SJW stuff to reductio ad absurdum and is often delightfully politically incorrect. I hope the Jihadists don’t get him.

        1. If you dislike my comments so much, stop replying to them. No one is forcing you to talk to me.

    2. Cats will bring you food.
      Half a rabbit or a still twitching bird may not seem appetizing to you, but it is a grand gesture on their part.

      1. My dog kills her fair share of “varmints” though possum seems to be her favorite to bring me. I could never own a cat though, never liked the beasts.

      2. Women can also try to give same things to what their men give them as a grand gesture on their part, but it’ll never be equal.

      3. It`s not a gesture.It`s “look what I can I can do,and you can`t have any.so just sit back and watch me eat and you can starve….cunt”.

    3. Indeed. Don’t know why these females, without any shame always talk about “the pain” of Child birth ! Ever wondered why the population reached Billions, if child birth is “that painful” !? Ever wondered why females keep on pop out children, if child birth is “that painful” !?
      Who wants that kind of “unbearable pain” that “many times” !! And how many days they have to go through the “pain” !? Once in a year & maybe for few minutes, am I right !?
      And whats so great about it !? Any female in any damn species does the same thing ! They aren’t Inventing, they aren’t Innovating and heck, they aren’t Pioneering !
      They have “everything” well placed by the GOD.
      Then why these females are making fun of themselves by talking about child birth or pain !? Why they even expect credit for something that is 100% Natural, Mundane and Obvious !!?
      And yet coming to the so called “menstrual cycle” ! What about it !? When in fact they should be thankful to GOD that the “useless” matter is getting discharged in a “timely” fashion !
      I have seen females roaming naked and with bikinis in beeches, I have seen females enjoying alcohol, smoking and all kinds of food, I have seen females wearing tattoos, I have seen females doing all sorts of physical activities BUT hey, they still “complain & suffer” with the NATURAL process of eliminating “useless” matter from their body !!
      Talking about (not all but) these kind of (ungrateful & shameless) females is like “throwing stone on pile of shit” !

      1. Despite being a woman, I don’t understand such complaints. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I did and sometimes do suffer of menstrual pain, I had some problems during my pregnancies and didn’t feel comfortable (especially last two month), but I had never felt an urge to compare my pain, discomfort or whatever to a “lack of pain/discomfort” of men.
        Anyway, this phenomenon really seems to be more prevalent in America or western Europe (???), though I came across it from time to time in my country too.

        1. Makes a lot sense. Besides, how would women know we don’t have regular pains? Because we don’t complain all the time like they do?

        2. It reminds me, that my mother-in-law ones told me, that my labor pains weren’t so severe than those of my sister-in-law. WTF? How could she know??? Is there any device that can measure it?
          IMO such statements haven’t much to do with feminism, but pure stupidity. Those women are probably very unhappy and they assume (for no reason) that they wouln’t if they were men.
          I am happy (or at least content) that I am a woman. I have never wanted to be a man. Not because I feel any hatred towards men, because I see them as inferior or because I am (penis) jealous 🙂 … just because I like (some) of the options that women have and men don’t. For example being pregnant and feeling the child inside my body, those small feet kicking and fingers scratching. It brought a new dimension in my life. Yes, one shouldn’t expect unicorns at the end of the rainbow… there were very tough moments too … but still… i wouldn’t change.

        3. That’s great; no problem with a honest, practical & impartial opinion/comment. Isn’t it strange enough that “some” women blame MEN for “monthly discharge” ? as if… as if it’s MEN who “crafted” their Body & Biology !! Let those kind of women blame the “mother” Nature !!

        4. Err ! How could females “see MEN as inferior” in first place !!??
          Oh ya ! It’s because MEN Invented, Innovated and Pioneered almost everything you/females use in their daily lives !
          Ass wipes, Toilet Flush, Electricity/Power/Bulbs/Light, Clock, Battery, Refrigerator, Dish Washer, Microwave, Radio, Tape Recorder, TV, Telephone, Engine, Transmission, Gears, Ball bearings, Vehicles, Antibiotics, Antiseptics, Tampons, Test tube babies, GYNECOLOGY !
          (well, the list doesn’t seem to end !)
          Indeed, nothing wrong in females “seeing MEN as inferior” !!

        5. Hey, don’t catch my word! 🙂
          I have never made any research who invented this or that. So I am ready to believe that you are right (especially with tampons etc.), unless somebody proves the opposite.
          My big thank to all of those MALE inventors!

        6. Definitely. Do you blame women for your spontaneous night ejaculation which spoils your new clean bedding? I guess you don’t. Their rhetoric is lame.

        7. I (guess at least 95% MEN) never had/have so called “spontaneous night ejaculation” (and that too which spoils my new clean bedding ) !! If that’s the case with MEN, then females also “ejaculate or OOZE out ” thick (lubricating !) liquid (don’t know “spontaneous” or not !!) which spoils their “new clean bedding” !! And I am sure they will blame MEN for that !

        8. When women always tell me that they’re the ones that have to go through the pains of childbirth I just tell them then don’t do it. They think that they are heroes that still haven’t done the act. Having children and raising them is for the parent that wants them, they should stop acting like they’re entitled to special rights and treatment. I don’t give a fuck what happens to your child they’re your offspring not mine and you chose to have them stop getting the government to help you rearing that’s being a leech. And these women are liberals who never birthed children. Studies show conservative women birth children 60% more than liberal women.

      1. It’s easy to simplify, but it’s no less important or complicated than providing for and protecting a family.

        1. Thank you for thinking that way.
          Being a housewife isn’t easy, if you do it correctly and sincerely.

    4. There’s a wonderful discussion on how equality is largely meaningless:

      For most of us, life is a series of tradeoffs: I earn much less than someone living in San Francisco, but I live better (IMO) because the rent is cheaper and I save more. But perhaps a high salary is what matters to someone with my skillset there.
      Women obviously have value in that much of RoK obsesses over picking them up and engaging in mostly clown game to get them into the sack. Much of that contributes to the attention whore behavior that we deplore from women who think that men hitting on them so much validates a massive self-worth.
      Because it does.
      Without chivalry and the welfare state, women would be better adjusted because society would remind them that this massive self-worth balances out: Most women win a gender lottery that between the age of 18 to 40 or so, they are massively important to men around them. Aside from that, men have other skills that they can leverage (and this is an important thing to remind on RoK: Frame. Keep in mind that your 20’s aren’t forever and if you don’t get laid as much as you like and become successful in other ways, it will pay off.)
      Feminists try to rationalize their supremacist position by saying: “Equal doesn’t mean the same”. Well, that’s the textbook definition. If a woman earns as much as a man and votes and wears men’s clothes, she will become similar to a man (in most of the ways that are negative as it turns out). A woman with voting rights is one step towards being like a man like a man wearing a bra.

    5. My grandfather owned a russian Karelian Beardog that would run up to a deer and jump up to the neck and grab on untill it was dead!

  7. Can anyone see the schizophrenia that sometimes exists on ROK?
    “White people are being out-bred by blacks & hispanics”
    “Abortion is evil. Most clinics are located near black & hispanic communities”

    1. There is no single monolithic voice on this site. There is a diversity of opinions.

      1. Why does no one get this???? “ROK had an article 6 months ago that spoke about traditional families and now here is an article by Troy about slaying pussy! What kind of insanity is going on here!!!!!!!!!! Why doesn’t every article conform to a draconian narrative insisted upon by editors! IS IT KRATOM THAT VAGINA CRAVES OR PHENIBUT!!!! YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS”

        1. From the people who brought you Chuck Norris’ round house kick to the face!:
          Kraphenitom – now with 50% more electrolytes, Supermandro and lavender. Be The Dick.

        2. Going Sane, I have always liked you but this is above and beyond. This is the fucking best thing ever. If I ever see you in person, even if it is a decade from now, I will hug you.

        3. I just watched this for a second time. Seriously, how did I not know this existed. This is the best thing ever

        4. Remember a few months ago, when Roosh declared he read the Bible and wasn’t interested in becoming a Christian? Has that stopped the publication of pro-Christian articles on the site?
          Monolithic echo chambers get so boring. We get to fight over ideas here – that’s way more interesting.

    2. I’m all about abortion because I don’t want any more low IQ welfare babies.

      1. If there was a way to abort future feminists, I would be all for abortion

        1. They’re already doing this on there own, no new method needed. Check the web there are videos of them doing this like it was going to the Dairy Queen and trying a new frozen desert treat. They’re quite proud of the murder.

        2. Yup, they murder their own kind, but then they take surrogate children through the school system and media. Invasion of the body snatchers.

        3. There’s where the responsibility on our end kicks in. Either homeschool OR have a firm presence in your child’s education from kindergarten until graduation in senior year of high school. That stomps out that avenue entirely. Enough do this and these idiots go the way of the dinosaur in a generation.

        4. Not…so much. Regardless of how one feels about the topic, there is something really toxic and awful in the soul of a woman who would video out the murder of her own child. More toxic and awful than the normal female soul I mean.

        5. It’s kind of serial killer-esque in it’s depravity. I mean ok, you get an abortion, nothing anybody can say about it. Filming it as a You Go Grrrl This Is Fun!(tm) thing though takes a complete death of the soul to do.

        6. yeah, filming it is a little creepy ill give ya that.

        7. I knew a girl who got an abortion relatively young. One day she looked like she was struggling with a hard decision, the next she looked dead inside.
          Abortion is not a thing to be praised. If you want to limit the spread of the impoverished (as Sanger did), it’s better to just let them die through inner city violence, starvation, and the like while making rubbers readily available. At least the poor in that world eventually get sick of watching their own die, so they start thinking before they act.

        8. If she looks dead inside, then good. Just grand. I hope it sticks with her as a nightmare for the rest of her life, assuming she did it as a form of birth control and not “I’m going to literally die if I take this child to term due to health reasons”.

        9. And I thought viewing women as sex objects was bad.
          Seems to me, nothing reduces a woman to being simply a plaything as the concept of abortion– I’ll play, and then kill off my own progeny, so I can keep playing…

        10. What folks also fail to mention is that Sanger was against abortion and saw it, and called it as murder/infanticide.
          The quotes where she appears to support it are taken from a bit where she’s writing sarcastically about it.

        11. My reading is she saw it as a necessary evil. IIRC, her plan was to offer affordable health services to the poor (including infanticide), then render them sterile while they were in the operating room.

        12. From the stuff I’ve read, she was against it. The wrong way to go about it, the proper way was prevention of birth. Contraception, sterilization.
          But, I can’t swear I’ve read everything she ever wrote.

        13. Whether she was against it or not (I am willing to believe she was, at least on a personal level), PP was rendering abortions while she was in charge.
          I also haven’t read all her thoughts on the subject, but my read is that she was definitely more pro-prophylactic than pro-abortion.

        14. It’s an eyesore though. If they were killed before birth, the world would be a much prettier place.

        15. Having an abortion is a political statement now. A rebellion against the Evil White Patriarchy. You haven’t lived until you had a feminist in a “I Had An Abortion” tee (19.99 on Amazon) tell you she’s done nothing wrong, and really, “it’s no big deal”, and she’ll gladly have another one if only to assert her rights. Abortion is liberty.
          The gypsy in Il Trovatore, driven mad watching her mother burnt for witchcraft, steals the Count’s baby son, intending to burn him in revenge, but in her confusion throws her own baby into the fire.

  8. Great article! I agree on all points save one, Margaret Sanger being the first to promote Eugenics. There was already quite a few noted Eugenics lovers in America by then, Andrew Carnegie for example. Margaret Sanger was just more fervent but the President of the US was a believer. There was also a Eugenics Association and several states had employed a sterilization procedure. I believe it is Mendel’s Passing of the Race, which later became Hitler’s go to Bible on the utility of Eugenics.
    Outside of that aspect, great collection of figures debunking Feminism. It truly is a horrendous cancer that while helpful in allowing women to be easy to bed, ruins families better than Planned Parenthood could dream of.
    EDIT: The Eugenics Bible is called Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant. This was praised by many of the greats Like Margaret Sanger, Adolph Hitler, and even Andrew Carnegie.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is eugenics really so bad? A lot of people find it morally repulsive, but I think if it’s applied correctly it might actually work.

      1. It’s one of those really muddled terms now. I’m not terribly up on every single thing about it, but if by eugenics we mean improving the human genome, such as breeding in natural resistances to certain diseases or taking out deficiencies that make us vulnerable to disease, decay or aging, well, I have no problem with that conceptually.

        1. That’s what I mean. If eugenics is about improving humans, it’s actually a good thing.

        2. If we talk about the ideal form of eugenics where we are actually breeding a race which will be the next step of evolution it is probably a dangerous game to place…a recall to yesterday and the B-Ark….idiots, at least some idiots, must be suffered.

        3. It may well be, but if there’s some way to remove our genetic susceptibility to cancer (or alcoholism, or whatever) I don’t see that as malevolent.

        4. Well see, that’s what it’s become. I don’t think originally it was meant as such. I’m going by what little I know of its origins, not what it became under the Nazis.

        5. true. Like most things eugenics seems to be benign or even positive up to a point and then when taken to far dangerous. I mean, the very basic of eugenics is built into all animals….humans included. We look for mates that have good qualities– physical, mental, psychological etc. If we let this go on long enough, over a long enough amount of time and without malignant external influences, people evolve. Doing some sensible things to help breed out disease and mental illness would be great. The problem is when everyone wants decides they want their kids to be 6’6 rocket scientists with 12 foot dicks

        6. Right, like all tools, it can be used for good or evil OR stupid. Most tools are used for Stupid or Good, and a few for Evil.

        7. The biggest issue with Eugenics is the issue of every cultural system – being taken too far. Of course, mankind has been playing eugenics since the dawn of time, but we did it through natural mechanisms (attraction, “chemistry,” etc.) But when you begin to make a system out of it, you start to run risks.
          On an ethical level, I am in favor of limited natural eugenics but not certain I can support anything beyond that. The last wave gave us Planned Parenthood (created to eliminate blacks and latinos) and other atrocities, and limiting the gene pool even through gene modification is a huge risk (because technology is fragile, and we don’t want the downsides seen in pure breed animals).

        8. I don’t get why it would become morally reprehensible the minute you want to eliminate traits that diminish one’s mating chances and make the individual unhappy his entire life. Everybody knows that height for example is a deal-breaker for women so why not eliminate the short gene if it were possible? Or the bald gene?

        1. Eugene O’Neil the inventor of Eugenics (probably)

        2. Be happy, they could have named it after his lab partner, one Dr. Deltoid J. Hamsterlicker.

        3. I don’t know you would have to ask Marie Eponym…..the eponymous inventor of the eponym.

        4. it is actually from the greek “eu” and “genos” meaning good genes.

      2. The biggest problem is shifting goal posts. On its face it looks discernible and in your favor. But the goal posts of static IQ then becomes genetic lineage, potential, station in life, familial station in life, and Nordic relations. If you clear all of that, great, you survived round one of Eugenics. The shifting goal post is a quaintly veiled way for the elite to create harems and propagate their own while eliminating your blood line.

        1. What if it was random, market driven manipulation of just the bad parts. And I mean objectively bad (“Hey, how about we get rid of my family’s genetic destiny to get cancer by 35, from Junior”)? Not “make a custom little Aryan kid!” more “let’s stop fatal diseases”.

        2. Hey, I want a custom made Aryan kid! I also want all of his S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes to be a 9!

        3. I did that without having to get scientists involved. It was called “Marrying a germanic HB9 traditional girl”. I think that model last sold out in the late 1980’s though, so check market availability.

        4. Who wouldn’t? That world would ROCK, assuming you get power armor early.

        5. god, these morons today would go out of their way to make their kids disadvantaged to combat their privilege wouldn’t they? We want our child to be a near sighted moron who stands 4’6 to make it more fair for Somali refugees to compete.

        6. That would be something but typically the smarter of us apply that anyway by choosing attractive women to harbor our genes. We have genetic screenings we can apply currently to isolate certain genes from passing so we don’t need Eugenics whole heartedly for that stuff.
          At current, it isn’t really an idea that is popular save for the white population, and maybe some upwardly mobile Minorities, as some misbegotten way to separate themselves from being categorized as criminals. Just seems like faulty logic that still goes back to the old systems of Eugenics of Maragaret Sanger and Mendel and Kahn.

        7. They are already doing this by hobbling their minds, and making them continually apologize for existing.

        8. Maybe, but the idiots who fall for it are at least partially complicit.

        9. Kinda sorta? If we go by Germany as an example (since I noted Germanic) they’ve had a *huge* push of propaganda since at least Reunification that has swamped them in a hopeless, sad, dejected White Guilt, like, from birth to grave now. Breaking out of that conditioning when you don’t even know an alternative exists would be a pretty Herculean task.

        10. Have you heard the names that lefties give their children today? Especially boys? Talk about intentional infliction of disadvantage. No child starts with any kind of positive self concept with a meaningless, virtue signaling name.

        11. True, it is a Herculean task and that is why Hercules is special. On a far smaller scale, you and I and a lot of the guys here have simply opted out of MSM, sportsball and a million other things that I constantly see being complained about as mind control. Would I have opted out of white guilt in Germany? Impossible to say of course, but I have pretty much opted out of everything from voting to football that has any of that bullshit here so I would like to say my chances would be good. Remember, in this case I did say “at least partially complicit” it isn’t like other things where I blame the “victim” entirely.

        12. I haven’t really. I have been hearing a re-emergence of biblical names (Seth, Jonah, Noah….a few others …though I am waiting for Nimrod to make a reappearance) and I am hearing a lot of, what I would consider, old people names which I take as people naming kids after their grandparents like Henry, Margaret or my niece Eleanora

        13. A kid with a name like “Sylvester Arnold” has a name that gives him ties to other people. I, myself, am named for family named after a supreme Southern gentleman and one of the greatest military commanders in US history (Robert E. Lee). Knowing that gives me a drive – I am named for great men, and so cannot waste my life and discredit the name.
          I could never name a kid “L’Shan’doren Pencil-Sharpener.”

        14. Some boy names I have encountered in the last 12 mo: Cherry, Lucky, Bentley, Chance, Draven, Dash. That is the bottom of the barrel, but there are others out there that are still pretty meaningless but sound less like dogs’ names.

        15. I know a young couple that named their newborn son “Flash.” Good (if old-timey) nickname; good name for a golden retriever. Meaningless name for what will likely be the only child of that house.

        16. A part of the culture that they live in, for starters.

        17. wow. I thought you had to be a celebrity to name kids something that stupid.

        18. Our culture is not longer one of Jacks and Edwards. It is one of Camdens and Bradens.

        19. Actually, if they’re even vaguely nerdy there are great names they can tie to mythic icons of today (that is, comic heroes).
          Barry and Allen
          Clark and Kent
          Bruce and Wayne
          As a bonus, they’re good strong names with a history.

        20. There’s nothing prohibiting naming a child anything you wish. I named my son a warrior name from my lineage and my daughter after something in my family’s heritage. Very traditional names.

        21. I feel the same. My oldest daughter has an old English name, as does my son. I named my youngest after my father. It goes back to heritage. I want my children to be proud of our lineage

        22. And I named mine after a war hero on his father’s side. It’s sufficiently odd that it could be mistaken for a new-agey name. He seems to be doing fine anyway.

        23. Better start building your time machine so you can get back to your people.

        24. I usually avoid replying to trolling comments, but in the interest of good faith I will make an exception.
          Names that are more appropriate for pets or retail products than children give no sense of identity to the child, no sense of who he is, his family story, how he came to be. Rather, they communicate the parents’ desire to sever the child from all his family identity– usually due to hatred/shame of that identity by the parents. They perfectly situate the child as one more disposable commodity in a disposable world.
          Why do this? To signal the virtue of self hatred.

        25. I hope your children enjoy their inane monikers when they’re middle aged and people have returned to traditional naming conventions instead of the Gen-X naming crap

        26. Precisely. And joining in because “Braden!” is just mindless following in order to virtue signal.

        27. Mine are named after family. Whether or not they are timely names isn’t going to be an issue.

        28. Personally I believe it is less about the name than it is about the lineage of the name. Name your son after his great-grandfather who fought in WW2, or the first of your ancestors who came to the New World. Give him a connection to the heroes of his own history.

        29. First names aren’t for stories. That’s what last names are for.

        30. Both are important, but the strength of it matters most. If your grandfather was a great warhero named Apple, people aren’t going to care about the history, they’re going to judge you for being named Apple.

        31. My attempts to name my first son Lucien have been met with resistance, thusfar.

        32. That sounds like the kind of thing you’d tell your unloved bastard.

        33. I carry the names of two relatives who died before their time, both of childhood fatal illnesses (one was a cancer), so I feel a responsibility to make up for their lost years. The name “Robert” comes from one whose father bore the same name and served the US honorably for decades, and he got his from Robert E. Lee.
          My name ties me to great men and gives me a purpose. It’s not the greatest motivating factor for my life, but it’s important to me, anyway.

        34. Love the name, though. Perhaps you could try one of the classic hero names, like “John” or “Richard/Dick” or “Victor”.
          Or go classic with Alexander, Marius, Marcus, or Aristotle.

        35. I want a name that my kid wouldn’t be ashamed to name his own son. My name doesn’t hold that power. I’ll never have a Jr, 3rd, and so on.

        36. It could be, if you make it so. It’d be so cool to have your son name his after you – it means you merit such respect from your son that, even with an unusual name, it’s worth keeping in the line.
          I wouldn’t go “Jr.” though. It’s much more rewarding to have your descendents choose your name than to foist it upon them.

        37. Also, having many family members with the same name gets confusing, fast. I’m far from the only “Robert” in mine, and when we get together I get a headache from trying to figure out which of us they’re calling for.

        38. Never liked the “junior”…
          I think the jews have a thing where they dont name anyone after anyone who’s still alive. I like that. Discourages people from trying to live through their kids and vice-versa

        39. Look back into your family history, your ancestry. Find the names of the men that did brave things, big things, or even small but remarkable things. Then one day, when your son is old enough, sit down with him and tell him who is named after, and why. It will give him a connection to his past that can be very meaningful.

        40. I look at guys like Thomas Edison, Jr. for my thoughts on that. The man was named after a very famous man, but he never amounted to a hill of beans. I suspect his father’s name was just too heavy for him to bear.
          I know a “Trey” (3rd in the line) whose dad is a popular surgeon and skilled golfer. It put a lot of pressure on the kid, and since he left home he’s never touched a club or visited even a general practitioner.

        41. Alliteration might be the wrong word. My first and last name fit together to a peculiar effect.

        42. I saw kid in clinic. His dad and 2 brothers were with him . They were named: Clint ,Duke ,Bronson… Being older and a watcher of movies of the 70’s I noticed the pattern. I asked the dad about his sons names . He nods and says “yep” I’m like fuck this guy is Golden God, named his kids after Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Charles Bronson…..

        43. Good one… Hippolyta or Antiope ( famous Amazon warrior(esses..just saw Wonder Woman…)

        44. I call those Suburban Soccer names, and they are like kryptonite to me.
          Conner, Colton, Trystynn, Brayden, Braydon, Braiden, Braidon, Briley, etc. Uuuuuugggghhhhhhh! I just wanna shoot these soccer moms right in the Land Rovers.

        45. Lolknee hears a lot about kids named Seth Jonah and Noah.

          Geez. What a (((surprise)))

        46. If only I were Hun, or Spanish, or continental celt!

      3. another actual problem with it is that gene manipulation is expensive and if you could actually make your kids into what you want them to be it would cost a fortune. It would be so far out of the realm of possibility for 90% of the world to afford this that basically the very wealthiest people who wind up having children who are genetically perfect and wealthy creating an elite that isn’t just controlling all of the money but also is in all ways physically and mentally superior.

        1. Yeah, but at one time, only the top 1% could afford a car.

        2. That reminds me of all the career women who go to sperm banks specifically to receive the semen of an Aryan, who is housing an IQ over 140, who is also famous and guaranteed to play four instruments at the level of Bach. Quite a few of them felt bamboozled when they saw their kids do the same thing other invalid kids do. Heh.

        3. On the plus side, there’s a limit to how superior one can be. Even if they were all 160+ IQ with bodybuilder physiques, one hobo with a knife can take them out if properly motivated.

        4. I don’t know, I like the chances of 160 IQ body builder physique and perfect genetics unarmed v hobo with knife. However, I see the opportunity for gladiatorial competitions.

        5. I’ve always wondered if this is real or just sitcom premise.

        6. Now that would be very entertaining!
          Call me naive, but personally I have no problems with modifying my child to be Master Chief or Doomguy. Certain options are too badass to ignore.

        7. I was suggesting that market forces make things affordable that people really desire, in time…

        8. You are, of course, 100% correct about this. However, those market forces are dealing with a relatively level playing field of people who fall in a bell curve and are about market things external to those people. If the “bell” of the bell curve is eradicated and all that is left is hyper wealthy genetic supermen and poor morons the market forces themselves may very well get shifted. I think that there are some things that just aren’t worth playing with in general because of the delicate balance of the universe and the law of unintended consequences. I am generally a fan of man over nature, but when it comes to genetics I would, for most cases, side with man’s natural tendency to pick mates with good genes. I mean, we could start sterilizing people with IQ’s less than 100 and who have predispositions to genetic diseases whether physical or mental I suppose but there are just far too many wild cards and variables that aren’t understood

        9. Right. But what if you want to modify your child and can’t afford it while I want to modify mine and can afford it. Then you have your normal dopey child and I have Doomguy and Doomguy has money and power so even more of an advantage.

        10. Sure, no problem. I only entertain eugenics as far as manipulating a gene set to remove potentially dangerous disease susceptibility markers. Everything else I think really crosses an ethical line that we don’t want to cross, ever, for precisely why you state. Designer kids? No. A child born who isn’t going to come out with a built in time bomb of cancer by age 35? Sure, I’m good with that. Maybe I’m not even arguing for eugenics, maybe my narrow scope applies to a different term?

        11. Well, it is eugenics, but it’s ethically comparable to vaccination.
          The only thing I’d want to know going into such modification is what collateral impacts that alteration of the code will produce. It’s a pretty damn complex system to tinker with.

        12. I’ve heard a lot of those kinds of problems can be linked to nutrition. For example, if a kid doesn’t get enough vitamin K2 in vitro (IIRC) and in development, they tend to develop smaller dental palettes, so they need to have teeth removed (wisdom teeth, primarily).
          I’d lay decent odds that poor eyesight and the like have similar root causes. I eat what my dad eats, and I still don’t need glasses (and he didn’t start actually needing them until he was 50, and only for the computer). My sisters eat what my glasses-wearing mom eats, and they wear glasses.

        13. There is a Hobo near my job who looks like the duplicate of the current actor playing Iron Fist on Netflix. He has a walking cane made of wood as well as walks barefoot on Michigan Ave. It would be more fascinating if it weren’t odd to see a guy younger than me living like a vagabound.

        14. I couldn’t rule it out – just been hearing “genetic” used endlessly. both my parents wore glasses, I do, yet my Asshole Brother didn’t.

        15. Where I live, there’s a whole subculture of stoner hobos. They’re not like your run-of-the-mill homeless person, because they’re teenagers and younger adults living with their parents.
          Odd doesn’t begin to describe it.

        16. My read is that genetics generally describe your limitations. Having a genetic marker that predisposes you to cancer doesn’t mean you’ll have cancer, if you maintain your immune system properly. Having a genetic predisposition toward obesity also doesn’t mean you have to be fat, so long as your diet is good.
          I think it’s called epi-genetics. As complex as we’re discovering DNA to be, it’s nothing compared to the slough of other factors that can influence your body and mind.

        17. it is odd when you see people in various positions that are younger than you. One of the things my maternal grandfather, gentleman farmer, once told me was that when he was a boy he looked up to all the big league ball players and boxers but by the time he was a senior in high school they were his age. Then he looked up to the police and firemen, but by the time he got back from the war, a decorated marine, they too were younger than him, but he looked up to the local town authorities, but eventually after college, becoming a teacher and serving as supervisor of the town he was looking at them as young men. He said he finally realized he was old when he referred to the POTUS as “that young man”

        18. I think that happens naturally, albeit at a slow rate. Beautiful, but poor, women are constantly folded into the wealthiest’ breeding pool.

        19. It is as real a practice of eugenics as any that I’ve seen and legal. There are hundreds of stories where women are looking to sue because they didn’t get the right sperm, either by race, or it didn’t create the IQ they wanted, or height, nor was their child the descendent of a celebrity or conqueror. All these cases makes it highly likely that white women will make it labeled as rape that they were fertilized with black sperm some day. Take a tour down Google one day searching women who sued sperm banks. It’s beyond hilarious!

        20. I still remember looking at the big kids (3rd Graders) with awe and respect. By the time I hit high-school, though, I realized that age is a number – what matters is what you do with the years, and few have done enough to merit respect.

        21. This is exactly what I tell 20-28 year old women.

        22. I get weirded out when I meet someone my age as a hiring manager. They used to be older people with years of experience, but now they’re about at my level.
          It sure puts things into perspective.

        23. I think it’s weird being around people my age. They all look really old to my eyes. I look in the mirror and see a guy at least a decade younger than them, and wonder what they’re doing wrong that made them age so rapidly. Or it might just be genetics. I mean I don’t look 21 or anything, but most of the fuckers around my age look like they’re on the cusp of being a 70 year old. Tired, worn eyes, out of shape, beer bellies, creaking joints that they’ll tell you about frequently, wrinkles, gray hair….dang, I mean c’mon.

        24. I look a bit older than my years, but so did my dad at my age. He looks like he’s a good 20 years younger than he is now, but my coworker is a few years younger and looks 90. And I know 90-year-olds – I had the pleasure to know my great-grandparents.

        25. You are no Errol Flynn either, despite your profile picture…

        26. Funny thing, when I was in 8th grade, so 13, the hottest chick in school was Jenny M. She had the biggest hair, the coolest 80’s clothes, every guy wanted to get with her. But she was dating a guy who was a senior in high school and had his own car and I thought to myself now there is a guy who really knows what’s what. Sure, he could compete for other high school chicks but he is with THE HOTTEST senior in JHS. I was telling this to my older cousin one Christmas and he was appalled. He was like, wait, she is 13 and her boyfriend is 17 that’s totally gross. Years later something happened that reminded me of it and I remembered how smart an idea I thought it was at the time and later on how gross it seemed.

        27. I guess it would have been Clinton that he thought of as a young man. He would have been older than Carter but not by such a margin that Carter would have seemed Young.

        28. Erroll Flynn, Clark Gable, whoever…Ghost of Jefferson is no conservative hero, just a paid shill from the Bay area

        29. Its called kevlar stab proof tshirts. There is no limit to how superior one can be.

        30. Clark Gable.
          Can we get some decent quality trolls now and again? Would it hurt the folks at the Troll Academy not to send out the short bus students all the time? For once?

        31. Aren`t you getting tired of pretending to be someone you are not?
          You must have a very severe case of schizophrenia

        32. I didn’t even recognize that name, heh.

        33. Still pretending to be a retired man living in rural Ohio?

        34. People, some on today’s two threads, have met me in real life. In Ohio.
          Go away, or I shall be forced to taunt you again, silly English k-niggut.

        35. You are a shill. Is your salary enough to cover your rent in SF?

        36. That’s an interesting twist on trollery. Why San Francisco? Like I said, I’ve had meetups with some here in Ohio, so you may want to switch tactics, but I’m curious where you pulled SF out of (outside of your arse)? Weird place to choose.

        37. Its a liberal, SJW stronghold, you muppet. The place for people like yourself.

        38. These types are always good for a laugh. It’s probably one of the disgruntled people here that I’ve pissed off from time to time. I can think of three off of the top of my head, and his syntax is aligning more and more with one in particular. I’ve always thought I’d have had an interesting career in forensic linguistics.

        39. Sorry to disappoint hoss, but I’m just another plain old fashioned rugged, strapping Midwestern guy with dangerous, yet handsome eyes.

        40. since your trolling is so poor, Forensic science would have been a better choice.

        41. Oh you poor thing. Bless your heart.

        42. Dang..I did Nazi that comment coming!

        43. You have already been exposed by a few regular readers (Mensch, The True Ghost of Jefferson -Zionist, etc). Who are you trying to fool? Time to find another website.

        44. Heh. I see, Mensch. Well, you can just comment to me directly instead of hiding behind a sock puppet account. If you had, you know, balls and were an actual man.
          Or not.
          You must be *really* bored today.

        45. the no1 paid shill on ROK accuses me of being a multiple account troll. Talk about Freudian projection.

        46. I think it’s pretty obvious. Single post count, a clear following of many threads and familiarity with poster names and themes, and your syntax and word choices aren’t covered up well at all.
          Do you know why you never hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
          Because the “p” is silent.

        47. No, a shill is somebody who is paid to go to an auction and run up the bid by either the auction house, who gets a cut of the proceeds, or by the seller whose stuff is on auction. I rarely if ever do that, because auctions are kind of boring unless I’m there to buy something specific.
          Oh God love you, you suffer so.
          Hey, I have a problem maybe you can help me with. You see, I want to buy a new boomerang, but I can’t figure out how to throw away the old one?

        48. Pretty lack-luster fantasy, that….I mean, if it were me I’d pretend to be something far more EXCITING!!

        49. Hey, does anybody know why GoJ is having this long-ass argument with himself?

        50. Humans have been doing just that with dogs. Cross breeding them to achieve certain characteristics.

        51. its true. Even god doesn’t have sense of humor enough to make a dachshund

        52. Are you suggesting that @ghostofjefferson isn’t actually an actor who died in 1959?

        53. Consider what will happen as certain countries begin doing this while other countries do not. China, for example, will likely allow (or even subsidize) genetic modification of children as much as possible, while Western countries will squabble over the supposed moral implications of editing autism and other disorders out of the genetic code.

        54. hey, you can call my friends faggots all you like but I will be damned if I let you say a word against Muppets.

        55. “Muppet” is an underrated insult. Timing and usage appropriate, it can be considerably more devastating and shiv-worthy that the standard epithets.

        56. There’s 52 ways to murder anyone
          One or two are the same,

        57. I saw a woman trying to defend drinking while pregnant, because “disability isn’t a hindrance” and people who want healthy children are “bigots.”
          Knowing that, I’m sure you’re correct that idiots would protest trying to improve childrens’ lives through general disorder prevention.

        58. You’d get it from both sides. The religious nuts who wouldn’t want people tinkering with God’s work or whatever, and the crazy leftists thinking being born retarded and dumb is normal and natural for their kind.

        59. That’s hilarious!
          I remember a couple of years back, getting stopped for not having a front license plate… The officer approaches my car and asks for my license, reg, ins, etc. – I lean into the glove to get my paperwork and as I lean back towards the window to hand him everything, I notice that he is the same “kid” that mowed my lawn for 3 seasons! He’s all growed-up now (at 21) in full uniform and full attitude. We were both a bit surprised, we shared an uncomfortable laugh and he “let me go” with a warning. It’s just funny – I remember he used to pull up in front of my house with is Yellow Cub Cadet mower in tow, now he’s pulling me over in a police cruiser.

        60. They’d ruin the ‘nature’ that was carefully chosen in a child, with their poor nurturing:
          Mountain Dew in a bottle; processed-foods; television instead of reading…stupid people could undo good genetics quickly.

        61. “I think it’s weird being around people my age.” – YES!
          It’s a sad commentary on the level of health these days. I’m 45, and it seems that almost everybody I encounter these days is now younger than me, yet most appear exactly as you describe – much older, with high mileage and completely worn out – rode hard and put away wet.
          Sure, genetics can certainly play a role, but you just can’t overlook a healthy lifestyle. My wife and I have devoted our lives to health and fitness and there is absolutely no denying the benefits – anybody who thinks otherwise is delusional. Maintaining proper health provides such enormous advantages – you’re much better suited to handle the stresses of life – to take on all comers. It’s really a shame to see young fellas these days squandering their “better” years by not building strong physical and mental health.

        62. Fantastic comment, I agree 100%

        63. I would PROUDLY shill for the most awesomest of awesome cologne!

        64. I like to shill myself. Keeps me on point.

        65. Except they are all in on abortion, hence the dramatic drop in the number of folks with Downs syndrome in the western world…

        66. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/top-prospect-couldn%E2%80%99t-do-1-pull-up-at-draft-combine/ar-BBBVzeZ?ocid=iehp
          I’m having a hard time believing this, that a top prospect at the NHL combine could only do one pull up and a single bench press of 160lbs. (he was supposed to do as many as possible while keeping time to a metronome- so perhaps he could do more just not rapidly enough).
          I’ve got several decades on this guy and can do far better….
          Like you, I’m seeing a lot of young men who are out of shape and are going to regret it down the road.

        67. Hahaha!
          Hai Karate!
          And Canoe. And Aqua Velva.,
          Reminds me of my father’s medicine cabinet!

        68. Hai Karate was the best as it actually came with instructions on how to do some karate strikes so you can beat the women off who will inevitably try to rape your amazing smelling ass

        69. We’ve already done this naturally and without any genetic engineering. It’s also safe because we don’t need to worry about any abnormalities that may occur when tampering with genes.
          You’ll notice that the upper classes on average are smarter and better looking.Wealthier men have always got the top females from all classes. After a while these wealthier and smarter groups began mating within their group with others of their kind and have a certain look about them.
          Where do you find all of the fat and fugly looking females today? I can tell with almost perfect accuracy a person’s class within 2 seconds of seeing them.

      4. The problem tends to be the person deciding what constitutes acceptable genetics, and what doesn’t. I don’t think people with down-syndrome should reproduce. A different person might think that everyone who doesn’t have Brown hair shouldn’t reproduce. See the issue?

        1. Or short people, who have to go through life unable to reach some of the shelves at the store and in the home.
          Or fat people, who would pass on genetic markers predisposing their children to diabetes and obesity.
          Or brown people, because racist reasons.
          It’s an ideology that quickly becomes a problem on a systemic level. Individuals can make such judgments without impacting the whole (“I want to breed with a skinny blonde girl,” “I want to breed with a 7′ adonis,” etc.), though.

        2. Sure, but short people got no reason to live. They got little baby legs and they stand so low you got to pick ’em up just to say hello. They got little cars that go beep, beep, beep. They got little voices goin’ peep, peep, peep.They got grubby little fingers and dirty little minds.

        3. You could also argue that short people use less resources, so tall people must go to conserve.

        4. That’s why I think the free market would be much more efficient at deciding and weeding. If we try to codify or leave it to government incompetence, we will just wind up with people fighting over who gets to use the Idiot Monopoly to determine “undesirability”.
          I see what ya mean in regards to the moral and ethical dilemmas presented by the concepts of eugenics. But I think some Social Darwinism and free market economics would create an environment where the useless eaters pretty much take out themselves, and you wouldnt need a governing body to determine “desirability” based on stupid arbitrary factors.

        5. We don’t know what nature will throw at us, so designing people for a particular society isn’t necessarily good.
          Besides, if a “great race” passes and other ones don’t it isn’t so great and they are.

        6. It is a reference to a song from the 1970’s or early 1980’s.

        7. I don’t necessarily agree with that line of thinking. Bacteria is much more hardy than a human, but does that make it greater than us?

        8. I doubt it, but the world would go on without humans or even mammals but without bacteria it would probably be a nearly dead planet. Most life in the universe is probably similar to bacteria,
          But people constantly praise communism and socialism as superior to capitalism, yet they can’t deliver the wealth, health, and creativity it can, and in competition they collapse like the USSR or carefully change back like China.
          If it works it survives, if it’s surviving it works.

      5. Take a drive through Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky and you will be a believer.

      6. I don’t think eugenics s is so bad. What I have a problem with is the method. I hate government and organizations of monopolized violence and their parasitic incompetence.
        I much prefer the Social Darwinism that the free market provides. If there is no monopolized force to take from the productive to give to a growing useless eaters, the useless eaters pretty much take care of themselves.
        The only poor people would be ones that get help from the more fortunate and productive, IF they choose to help those people they feel are worthy of help.
        Ya wanna get rid rid of “undesirables”? Don’t put government in charge of doing it. Then ya just wind up with a bunch of nutjobs fighting over who gets to use the government to determine who is “undesirable”. The Free Market is much more efficient at doing it.

    2. When Sangar was proposing blacks amd handicapped to be sterilize, Hitler was just an art student at age 18

    1. well his evenings not complete without some meat in the seat

        1. Hahaha!
          “Valley Girl” Prom song!
          Remember the karate guy that kicked Nick Cage’s ass? He was the same guy from this:

        2. I hear you. I don’t really like him much either.
          But that scene was great, though.
          Here is the whole scene:

    2. If Milo and that Harambe from SNL focused on their common love for black dick in the booty, that whole ugly twitter thing never would have happened.

  9. Gavin Mcinnes is a shill for Israel at worst, and a formless amoeba at best. He is a COMEDIAN and fits in whatever mold he is put into and can articulate points with wit and humor. He is a funny guy, definitely, but so far his personal beliefs align with the cucked form of “Western supremacy” in that he will not even say the 14 Words and says that Israel is our greatest ally. He compares the current decline to Nazi Germany when he doesn’t know that Nazi Germany was the answer to Weimar degeneracy. He is simply at the right place at the right time when he decides to be edgy with his politics.
    Ben Shapiro is an outspoken shill for Israel. He is smart, and knows how to dismantle the left’s arguments with hard logic, and can stoop to their level and take them down with his high level of machiavellianism. Yet, he merely addresses the symptoms of the disease, and not the parasite that causes them.
    Michael Savage is the most dangerous one of them all, though. He is Jewish—a foreign agent. He is heavily pro-Israel, and masterfully uses the smoke and mirrors pro-West/pro-white platform to conceal the true destroyers of our homelands. The only other expanation I can possibly have for him is that he is genuinely for the preservation of the white race only because a destroyed goyim will eventually result in a destroyed Israel—thereby keeping the host alive while his tribe can still suck at it for shekels.

  10. Funny that you mention Ben Shaprio, as he was a hair’s breadth away from getting bodyslammed himself, by “Zoe” Tur.
    …Shapiro is a willful idiot who is currently pushing the #neverTrump narrative with zeal at least equal to any given “with Her” type. Sowell is of his ilk. Milo would’ve been a far better mention than either.

      1. No more so than at least 2 of the guys mentioned on this list.
        But I’d be inclined to claim that Milo does not want equality, based on his old writing on Breitbart. Ofc, who knows when he means what he says, but he’s even claimed at various points that the gays are the ubermensch, which doesn’t jibe with equality between the sexes.
        …Does Ben Shapiro even count as a man, referring to the article title? In the embarrassingly pathetic “fight” he had with Zoe Tur, Shapiro was a more convincing woman 🙁

  11. I’m hearing “equality” and “you can be both”, not traditional values from most of these people.

  12. 3 Jews, 2 “POC”s, and a Scottish atheist turned Canadian Catholic married to an Indian.
    False opposition across the board. I’m amazed you didn’t list MILO.
    They “stand up” to feminists just like Rowdy Roddy Piper stood up to Hulk Hogan.

      1. Ironic. I do love when someone uses a canned argument then asks another to defend their statement. How about you bub, you able to construct a sentence on your own?
        I addressed the gist of the this article: that these males are, like, total bros for “standing up to feminism.” They are part of the privileged class allowed to say things. Look at Bill Maher saying “house nigger” and getting away with it, compared to what happened to James Watson.
        It’s not courage for a Jew to say marginally disagreeable things about shit like feminism.

  13. The way to engage feminist is when their colors show – disengage. Just walk away -Then, say a prayer to god and thank him that they are some other mans problem.
    I say sign all gals up for the draft at 18 for combat just like men; or they can’t vote. You want fair. Earn it.I really don’t don’t care if woman are “weaker” in battle – die like the rest of us. There shouldnt be an argument on this topic – it should just be “equal”.

      1. That’s not necessarily the point (to actually enlist and serve). I went down to the post office and filled out my draft forms when I turned 18. If called upon to do so, I would have gone to war for my country (and hopefully I’d actually believe in the cause for that war, which would steel my resolve and make it seem worthwhile). Girls/women OTOH are not subjected to the mandatory draft and do not want it, because they are not equipped (physically or emotionally) to go to battle. Men are hardwired for it and we own that particular brand of “willpower” that women cannot fathom.

        1. Enlisting and serving is definitely an important point; however, for the many young men and women who do not care for military service, there are other ways to meaningfully contribute to the health and security of the USA.
          I think if we make contributing to the health and safety of this nation a mandatory expectation; something like mandatory military OR civil service (nurse, police, fire-fighter, doctor, paramedics) for the first 3 years after high-school or college; then poverty would naturally be driven down, as our citizens contributed to this country’s health and safety with vocations that paid a living wage.
          It seems like a good way to get Americans invested in this country again; making National Healthcare and Affordable Education a natural extension of our shared interests in National Security.
          I would hope that having the same expectation of people immigrating to our country would facilitate their ‘melting into our American pot’, like it did for my Great-Grandfather, who immigrated to the United States just in time to serve in the Army during WWI; my Grandfather served in the Army in WWII; my father served in the Army, in Vietnam; and by then our family was firmly entrenched as Americans.
          “Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.”
          ― Thomas Jefferson
          Only 1% of the US population has been willing to serve in the US Armed Forces for quite some time now…we’ve been flogging our Reservists with multiple, (4-6!), back-to-back tours through the Middle East for almost 2-decades.
          In fact, “military leaders have shed light on a lesser-known national security concern: a looming shortage of qualified Americans to fill the ranks of our armed forces.
          Data publicized by Mission: Readiness show that more than 70 percent of all young adults in the U.S. would not qualify for military service, as a result of educational shortcomings and a national obesity epidemic, among other factors.

    1. They don’t necessarily have to fight. Today’s females would be happy as prostitutes.

  14. Hmmm…Baby Ben the neocon chickenhawk, huh?
    BTW, Sanger had some very good ideas.
    Not all of them, but certainly some of them.

  15. ben shapiro can formulate sentences better than most but is a cuck and not credible or qualified in any manner to define feminism. gavvin mcinnes is the shit, i’m buying that guy a beer. that mixed up broad was going orgasmic in her pleas for someone, anyone, to tame his awesomeness. beautiful work sir.

    1. Indeed…found this site one year ago. Like many others, I’ve benefited from a wealth of knowledge and affirmation in the catacombs of ROK.

  16. I think there is a real problem with manosphere sites using disqus. I have had three separate sites now delete comments, and even when changing email addresses and logins. And I looked at what I wrote, I used no swear words or inflammatory language, no libelous terms, not even particularly controversial (a lot less so than a number of commenters here, for example). For this one, I pointed out facts about physical fitness of women in tests for armed forces, yet it was deleted. I think something other than disqus needs to be used, because this never happens for reddit comments for example. When I look at my profile I see a number of posts flagges as ‘spam’, yet there is nothing indicating it is spam (unlike the google ad a couple of comments down from here). It isn’t all the comments either. Now I can hit the link next to it which says ‘this isn’t spam’ and it changes to ‘thanks we are working on correcting this’ but it never does get corrected, I’ve checked.
    So when you first submit the comment it says this is awaiting moderation by moderators (in this case ROK), but I don’t believe this is the case, I don’t think the mods here ever see the message. It looks like there is some filter in disqus that is getting used to suppress speech.

    1. [cut-paste of original comment that was deleted as ‘spam’ to see if it does the same again].
      Michael Savage gave away far too much ground, there. We are, as the article says below, having to lower standards on fighting units because of political pressure to admit women. This applies even in elite units. The Rangers were forced to lower their standards in 2012 because no women could pass, and just over 30% of men could pass. Now, more than 80% of men can pass, all so that three women could. USMC are under similar pressure to ‘justify’ having high standards. Because they want to freakin’ win battles, that’s why! A Norwegian study found that having just one woman in a company significantly decreased the effectiveness of the whole company, and as I recall (but can’t find the ref now) that when fighting against Hezbollah in Lebanon last time, the IDF mixed units had 7x higher casualties than all-male units. The British army similarly did studies and found that women could not meet standards. eg the Royal Tank Regiment does a test of loading so many shells in so many minutes, a short rest, and then the same again. No women could pass that test. You do not want to be in a tank where you can’t fire because the woman affirmative action hire can’t do the job.
      As for MacInnes, I thought it hilarious that he said that women were more emotional (an obvious statement of fact) and she denied it becoming emotional in the process. Also, somebody needs to tell feminists that they are entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts. ‘You can’t believe what some research pulled up about Clinton because of who said it.’ No lady, that isn’t how it works.

  17. Equality without equal evaluation does not work and therefore does not exist.
    But god bless the elites and their sheep.

  18. I often question the real reason why some of these feminists in the west continue to rant about oppression. I think they’re just unhappy people. The average woman just goes about living her free life.
    Why so angry? We have complete control over our lives. We aren’t forced to become breeding mares existing solely for the benefit of men, with no access to education, money, independence. If a woman doesn’t want to get married and have kids she doesn’t have to. If some man rants to her that she’s neglecting her God given biological role blah blah she can laugh in his face and continue on with her life. Maybe these feminists should start helping women who actually are oppressed in countries where rape, forced marriages and honour killings exist. They think they’re brave for screaming into a loud speaker in a public square somewhere while women in places like Yemen are secretly helping oppressed women and girls at great personal risk.
    Really, if my male co-worker makes 50 cents more than me I honestly don’t care. I’m just glad I live in a society where I wasn’t forced to marry some old fat dude or have acid thrown in my face for being raped, or be forced to marry that rapist, all things that happen to women in societies where they are treated like fuckable farm animals.

    1. Which society is that? Because all the things you talked about, like rape, forced marriages, honour killings, acid thrown in face, all happening in Western countries because we have been busy importing this very culture. And feminists have been at the forefront of making it happen and covering up the result. 54 muslim rape gangs uncovered in the UK, defended on TV by feminists. In one case, for example, the young girl refused to cooperate, so they nailed her tongue to a table so that they could rape her. And still we have feminists calling anyone who objects a ‘racist’ and out there with their ‘rapefugees welcome’ placards. We are going about this wrong. We should just ship all the feminists out to Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Northern Nigeria, Chad, etc and let them have their wish without getting the rest of us involved.

      1. There are feminists who openly criticize the gov’t for not vetting refugees properly and letting rapists in. Not all feminists are the same. Not all feminists are at the forefront of supporting the dark side of another culture. Yes the deluded ones should be shipped off to Yemen. The deluded feminists are the loudest, most noticeable and hence most likely to get media attention. Naturally, some people assume that all feminists are like that. No, just the crazy angry ones.

        1. He has a good point about some people being afraid of being labeled a racist for attributing a culture or religion to rape issues. However this doesn’t illustrate a claim that all feminists are deluded, because all feminists weren’t there. Again, the ones who get the most attention are the most outspoken and deluded ones.
          I don’t buy into the all x is y mentality. It’s like saying all men are natural rapists and it’s societal norms and laws that keep the average man in check, which is a fucked view of some feminists. I don’t know, I just don’t see the point of generalizing because there’s usually nowhere to go from there. But to each their own.

  19. dude, Jordan Peterson
    Also, Sadhguru says that a woman’s energy is shaped (read: disrupted, warped, etc) with every guy she has a “relationship” with

    1. And the more relationships she has the more messed up in the head she becomes

  20. Not as influential as these guys, but Tom Leykis deserves an honorable mention.

  21. I see Milo isn’t on this list which is a surprise after that one video where he body slammed the screeching harlot twats on some brit TV program.

  22. Someone should’ve posted Snoop Doggs “A ho gon be a ho” video…..

  23. (Re: Huffington and the guru) Change corporate leadership…change the business model….Seriously? Let’s redefine success so you can’t measure it. Is that how everyone, even men, will benefit? Participation awards for everyone. That’ll work…work to bring America to Mediocre or worse in every category. Excessive masculinity by women is not being forced on them. It is their ignorance of masculinity that contributes to such a gross distortion. By the way, the guru made more sense than Huffington ever could.
    And one more thing, Dr. Sowell totally rocks it.

  24. Out of 6, the only non-Jewish white guy you could come up with was Gavin McInnis?
    That’s the best you could do?

  25. Ben Shapiro is a beta house husband that occasionally travels and speaks on radio…
    He cut down his work so his wife could work as a doctor and he play house wife
    he may say a lot but in practice…

  26. Feminism is not about fairness or equality. It is nothing but a bunch of women with chips on their shoulders looking for any excuse they can come up with to hate on men.
    Even if you somehow abided by all their rules they’re always going to find a reason to hate you simply because you’re a man.

  27. Most excellent Sunday morning read and videos. I like that yogi guru guy. When I feel agitated at times, I will put on some soothing talk to calm myself and get inspired. I really hate that Scariana Huffpuff’s voice – like nails on a chalk board.

  28. The alt.righters must be freaking out over this list of (((you know whos)))

  29. You know Micheal Weiner is a closet faggot who wrote a book about the hidden sexual desires he felt toward other guys, right?
    Men, think twice before you take advice from some fucked loser who can’t even get a girlfriend : )

  30. McInnes is a complete arsehole.That hottie has the most bodacious set of tatas and that alone should have made him leave her alone…or at least go the grope.

  31. Marc Rudov – Jewish
    Ben Shapiro – Jewish
    Sadhguru – whatever
    Thomas Sowell – African
    Michael Savage – Jewish
    Gavin McInnes – Yeaaaaaa!
    Are you seriously asking me to read this crap?

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