Children Car Seats Are A Symptom Of Our Pussified Society

The car seat is a metaphor for America’s treatment of its children. The parents have to take their child somewhere, invariably a place that they, not the kid, have chosen. They stuff him into the car. Even being in the car means that he is totally under the control of the adults; he has no influence and makes no difference. But – they strap him in. Wrap him and so he can’t wiggle around like a normal kid. The idea is to keep his body at an attitude where he will be perfectly safe in the unlikely event of an accident. So, if an accident happens once in every million outings, the kid spends the other 999,999 in a straitjacket, being driven someplace he doesn’t want to go by people who are fighting traffic and swearing and speeding a bit in order to get them there.

This is not a recipe for raising a healthy child.  And car seats are only the beginning.

There are child guards at the head of the stairs, to keep the little ones out of parts of the house where they don’t belong. There are child locks on kitchen cabinets. Kids are subject to child harnesses — leashed like dogs to keep them from getting hurt. There’s a message in all this.  Kids are irresponsible and that life is fraught with dangers from which they must be protected. Of course there is some truth to this. But we overdo it.

How has humanity survived until now?


My grandmother and her sister rode by themselves to downtown Manhattan

It’s the same once children get outside. If and when a kid gets to walk on the street, he must invariably be accompanied by an adult. Poor neighborhoods are the exception. The kids just play on the street and they don’t seem to get into a whole lot of trouble. In Nicaragua, all the kids play together. There is not much traffic and everybody knows each other. They don’t worry about child molesters. The kids generally grow up to be healthy, sane and productive – Nicaraguans. You may not want your kid to be to become a Nicaraguan, but you have to respect that they are psychologically normal.

America has seen the recent advent of a notion called Free Range Parenting, the idea of letting kids do things independently.  Schools, government and society are working vigorously to squelch it.  A Maryland family got arrested for letting two kids, 6 and 10, walk home from a park by themselves.  The authorities insist on exercising authority!  How things have changed.  One of my grandmothers told me how in the 1890s she and my great aunt rode the horse-drawn tramway to Wall Street from their house in midtown Manhattan.  The coachmen all knew the sisters – and nothing went wrong.  My St. Louis grandmother would cross the Mississippi River on a train trestle, hanging on below the tracks whenever a train came by.

My father lived in a tent with his with his parents as my grandfather worked on the section of the Los Angeles aqueduct passing through the Tehachapi Mountains. He would sit on a dry hillside babysat by his dog. In my own youth, I started walking six blocks to kindergarten, across one busy street, when I was four.  At seven years we kids had the run of the hills behind our house after school. Our parents never knew where we were.  There were dangers – abandoned wells, quarries, and lumber stacks that might collapse. Joan Didion does a great job of describing a California childhood.  Somehow we had sense enough not to get hurt.

Cossetted and cocooned


Where a kid belongs on a summer day

For my own millennial children it was a different story. Our family lived near a lovely stretch of the Potomac River full of turtles, frogs, snakes and fish that any child should have been keen to investigate and pester. However, dynamite could not get them out of their air-conditioned cocoon.  The kids absolutely were not interested. Like all kids in the neighborhood, they were bound to the television.

America’s amusements have become financialized in the name of reducing risk.  My kids learned to swim under close supervision in the neighborhood pool.  Lady Bird Johnson had made cleaning up the Potomac River one of her projects as First Lady.  She succeeded – north of Washington it is a beautiful, clean, free-flowing stream.  But swimming remains forbidden.  My government-socialized kids never followed their outlaw father into the water, despite assurances that it was clean and cool as well as lovely.

A misplaced sense of danger


How much would they have to pay you to smile for an advertisement like this?

Kids of eight in Kyiv take public buses to school.  They are not whatsoever afraid of strangers.  They are delighted to take advantage of a short bus ride to practice their English with my five year old son and me.  Taking the bus might be more dangerous than being ferried in a car seat — one can’t tell — but it is a pleasure to witness the feeling of empowerment and mastery they develop being in charge of their own lives.

In La France Orange Mecanique Philippe Obertone offers another example of a misplaced sense of danger. Highway deaths fall every year in both the United States and Europe. Nevertheless, police expend ever greater amounts of money and restrict civil liberties through harsh enforcement measures in order to protect this statistic. Meanwhile, violent crime in France’s Muslim no go zones is skyrocketing. It is much easier to terrorize the middle class than rowdy immigrants who don’t respect the namby-pamby police and don’t want to be suppressed. That’s what we do with our children. We measure the fact that car seats make them safer, but can’t count the cost of their failing to develop.

Sex education

Is government sex education causing the falling birth rate among white children? It would follow the general rule that if you want an enterprise to fail, give it to the government. There is no surer way to take the fun out of sex, and keep it from accomplishing its intended objective, than to put the government in charge of teaching it.

Back in the bad old days we learned about these things quite naturally. Our household pets were not spayed. We watched them go about making puppies and kittens, which we would see being born on towels spread out in the kitchen. Our own sex education was handled in a process as old as mankind, starting with excited, exaggerated and erroneous descriptions by the older children. With a bit of well-directed input from our parents, everybody eventually figured it out. We had free time and free spaces to play doctor, which gave us a pretty good idea of the geography of the opposite sex.  Enticing the girls to play the game also gave us some notion of female sensibilities and appetite for risk.

Gardeners and carpenters


Free-range children: How to become a healthy Nicaraguan

The Gardener and the Carpenter is the wonderfully metaphorical title of a book by Alison Gopnik.  Her premise is that a parent cannot shape a child the same way a carpenter shapes a chair. The process cannot be totally controlled. Instead, more like a gardener, the parent has to provide a nurturing environment, give support when necessary, and pray that it comes out well. A gardener must accept risk: unexpected frost, uninvited slugs and deer that jump the garden fence. In a sense, the vegetables will grow as they will, some doing spectacularly and others failing for no obvious reason. We have to give our kids the freedom to grow, which includes the freedom to make mistakes and sometimes suffered damage. When we don’t do it — and America is headed this direction — we raise a crop of hothouse flowers without the resources or vigor to survive on their own.  This degradation of our vitality is a process that simply cannot go on forever.

Name that generation


Can our kids rise to become once again the Greatest?

I hope I am not too darkly prophetic in choosing a name other than Generation Z for my young son’s peers.  The labels are generally: Greatest Generation (through 1924), Silent Generation (through 1945), Boomers (through 1964), Gen X (1982), Gen Y or Millennials (2004).  We see the beginning of the end of the postwar liberal idyll, as the middle class is increasingly stultified, hungry, and unemployed.  Nationalist, populist movements are coming to the fore on both sides of the Atlantic. There is a sense of foreboding, ominous minor-key music playing in our background as we wait for the coming economic collapse.  Therefore I would name the generation to which my five-year-old belongs generation Phoenix, because they will surely have to rise from the ashes of the collapse of system that smothered humanity with restraints in exchange for a false promise of security.


Throwing off the shackles of car seats may be too much to ask.  They are required by law.  The premise to examine is whether the kids have to be driven at all. Can’t they get to school by foot, or at least school bus? Why are you sending them to public schools instead of homeschooling them? Do they have to be freighted every day to some lesson or another—tae kwon do, swimming, piano, dance – for which they may express no particular enthusiasm? In the final analysis, can’t you simply let kids be kids the way their great grandparents were? It was not called the Greatest Generation for nothing, and they did not earn that title without taking risks. Let your kids live a little! Maybe they will grow up to be real adults.

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311 thoughts on “Children Car Seats Are A Symptom Of Our Pussified Society”

  1. Good points made. Yeah it’s weird to see kids hooked up to dog leashes – and seems to me that it’s only boys that have the “leash” method on them.
    Some shit ya gotta learn the hard way:.

      1. When you let your dogs run free, let them lick your face, put stupid sweaters on them, let them sleep in your bed, and let them inherit millions, you know humanity is screwed.

      2. As a parent, I have an easy answer:
        The dogs come when they’re called.
        I would let my daughter run loose on the beach. No problem with that. But in some situations, sure.

      3. I’d like to put this broad on a leash and take it from there…
        Totally humiliating for the little ones..hate seeing this in public!

      4. Has anyone notice this trend where people love animals more than children?

  2. Do you remember a time through the 80’s-90’s where every 9th kid or so in class was getting diagnosed with ADHD? Not much has changed except the system has swapped ADHD for Autism. Autism is the great big lie when it comes to kids as parents are lining up in droves to have their children diagnosed (big gov handouts + school funding where I live). I should know my ex had 3/4 kids diagnosed the moment the school starting asking questions. She would have had the 4th kid put through the wringer too had I not pulled the pin on the marriage and booted her out. My kids aren’t autistic, just sat stuck in front of a screen all their short lives by a disinterested mother while I was at work all day. She was very interested in the financial incentive though.
    I agree with the Carpenters & Gardeners, although sometimes you need to check how healthy the soil is before you start planting kids. Nurture v Nature is very much alive, unfortunately I’m seeing too many parents using technology to “Nuture” (Xbox’s, iPads etc)
    Kids need to get outside in the dirt and be kids.

    1. Nothing sets up a kid for a lifetime of success then being given a brand new iPad when they are 3 years old so mommy doesn’t have to get up off the couch when her favorite daytime television shows are on. It’s what child support is for and you should be happy you pay it.

      1. Except I don’t pay it. I’m a rare care where the kids actually live with me and get to see their mother every 2nd weekend.

    2. Video games and electronics are weak sauce. Give them a tool chest and tell them to fuck off.

      1. Never let it be said that I, a gamer and a software engineer, hate technology.
        But the value I gained from getting away from the screen for weekends was tremendous. Building brush piles, shooting and processing deer, setting up and breaking down campsites, mowing lawns, and welding scrapped chairs into perfectly comfortable and durable “new” ones gave me some much-needed perspective on so many things.

        1. I’m in the tech field as well and I hate all of it. It makes me money, but outside of work I barely use it. Its all a fake reality that so many people get sucked up in. I use things like hunting, fishing, rock climbing etc to get as far away from it as possible.
          Leisure time used to mean doing something useful you enjoy. Reading a book, building something, learning how to do something useful. Now people just veg in front of the screen forever.

        2. I don’t play video games nearly as much as I did in my youth. You’re right that there’s an acquired distaste for technology that seems to come with working in tech.
          But I’ve had more pleasant evenings alone with, say, Bloodborne than alone with the television. Especially when the snow is keeping me from working on my motorcycle or getting out to the gym.

        3. Picked up a PS4 from a buddy exclusively for Bloodborne (though some of the upcoming releases sound promising).
          I think it’s Dark Souls as it should be. The only shield in the game is a joke weapon that breaks quickly and won’t block jack. Instead, you go with fast-timed parry shots from your pistol (up to 20 rounds, so be careful) or dodge-retaliate. No weight caps, fast dodge animations, and enemies with speed and power to match yours. Weapons all have their own places and techniques for proper use, and the objective best weapon (in my opinion) has low durability so it becomes a tactical choice instead of a noob weapon.
          The world design is solid, and the lore is heavily Lovecraft-inspired (with more than a bit of Berserk thrown in). Few lampposts (this game’s bonfires), but the areas unfold dynamically with shortcuts and hidden paths.
          If you like Souls games, but (like me) you were never all that good at them, this game will punish early and reward you with skills that apply to all the games.

        1. Yes they are Bob, but I didn’t get my first taste of technology until I was about 10 years old. Before then it was all about going outside, being sociable with other kids, playing in the dirt etc. Nowadays they practically hand the iPad to newborn babies. I’ve seen first hand how kids motor skills and coordination are completely stuffed because all they learn to do from a very young age is tap a screen and click a mouse.

        2. Its all about balance. I started with tech when about seven. Somehow I was able to run around and play in the dirt as well.

        3. Still play them now, 25 years later. They are great. Its OK to enjoy yourself from time to time man. No need to be a complete Puritan.

        4. The difference is back then, video games were fun, but eventually they got old (or if you were limited to arcades, you ran out of quarters). Nowadays, the games are so good they keep the players involved forever – endless levels, challenges, multiplayer team mods, etc. If that were around few decades ago, it’d have been harder for me to separate from them than it was the old Atari for sure.

        5. Depends – they’re definitely more addictive, so for most youngsters that’s probably not great without some kind of effort to get them off the couch once in a while.

        6. I have to be honest. I was way more addicted to computer games when I was a kid. But as you grow up you have adult responsibilities. Keeping a roof over your head becomes more important than the latest version of Call of Duty. On that note, I actually think that older games were more addictive because they were more creative. The new ones are basically the old ones repackaged. CoD 16. FIFA 2017 which must be about the 26th version of the same game. And so on.

        7. I guess when I said old, I mean like dinosaur days old – think Space Invaders in the arcade with people lining quarters up on the machine to play next. The home based games like Atari, Intellivision (Mattel Electronics), etc. were ok, but they got boring after a couple of hours usually.

        8. I used to play the Commodore 64. It got so my mother would hide it from us. The Commodore 64 was sold from 1982 onwards.

        9. Man, you were lucky. I had to play with friends on their machines – dad opted for a Radio Shack TRS-80, which didn’t have shit for games. We used to call it the Trash80.

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    3. That’s exactly what happened to me: I was a little too weird for mums liking so she got me diagnosed with asperges syndrome and eventually put me in a special needs boarding school…at 9 years old!
      It was great for her. No accountability. She could be emotionally whimsical and abusive to me while everyone around her, including my dad, got taken for a fool
      I hope my story come as a warning against the short sighted idiocy of false diagnoses and it’s long term mental damage it causes

      1. Yes. After my ex had her first kid diagnosed with moderate functioning autism she became obsessed with the condition. The school expressed some concern with his younger brother and she was straight to a paediatrician getting him diagnosed as well. Then with her 3rd child (my first) she was actively looking for signs before anyone even said anything. With her 4th and last child I GTFO before she could label him. I have primary care of my two and I’m having my oldest reassessed as there’s nothing actually wrong with him.

    4. ADHD and Autism are completely different. Autism
      has different levels, but you have to actually be
      around a kid who has severe autism and know
      this is a different problem.
      Autism seems to happen more in people who have
      kids when they are older.
      Kids that take drugs for ADHD often end up doing
      drugs as an adult, I have a lot of experience with

        1. Well I did my share of drugs many years ago, but that wasn’t what I meant. Experience with ADHD and autism .

    5. I remember when kids got diagnosed with being a cunt and the cure was a sound beating. The kid eventually learned or didn’t learn to stop being a cunt. Cure was about 65% effective which is probably better than most cures for whatever kids are told they have today

        1. am I still allowed to spank French women in heels and stockings?

        2. “Allowed”?!?!?!?
          (just to clarify – you ARE describing the WOMAN’S attire, yes?)

      1. Well, I was raised that way! lol
        The pain lasted for just less than 5 minutes, but the lesson remain in your brain for a lifetime. That didn’t ruin my bond and relationship with my parents at all. If anything, I thank them for spanking me in the ass when I acted like a huge cunt. They had to.

        1. People misunderstand the term “abuse”
          Alcohol abuse is terrible. That doesn’t make responsible alcohol use bad.
          Child abuse is terrible. This doesn’t make responsible corporal ok Punishment of children bad.
          In typical sjw fashion they have taken something bad, child abuse, and expanded it to where all forms of discipline are wrong to the detriment of society as a whole

        2. Very good points made.
          There’s a huge difference between giving a child a spanking and punching him in the face.
          I think it’s abusive to REFUSE to discipline children. They turn into whiny fools with no work ethic, victim mentalities and a sense of entitlement.

        3. agreed. Abuse, btw, has always had to do with excess. So in an example used in a recent law suit a message board moderator was deleting comments which conflicted with his own. It was said he was abusing his privilege. He was punished for that abuse. The SJW move on this would be to totally disallow any moderator to ever delete a comment. Then the message board would be nothing but “i make 1 billion dollars a second playing with my clit” comments that no one could delete. Understanding the difference between exercising power and abusing it is important, but just because something is occasionally abused doesn’t mean it should be totally banned right?
          I thin you are exactly right. Victim mentality and sense of entitlement.

    6. I tell you what – if they had invented Tourettes and ADHD when I was in school I would have gotten away with murder! Instead I was rightfully diagnosed as an “asshole”.

      1. Tourette Sydrome? Tourette has been around for over 100 years and is when someone has more than one vocal tick and multiple motor ticks. How is that relevant at all?

    7. Yes, and the parents are too lazy to take charge, be an example to them, lead them and discipline them. I know one mother that sits in one room watching the movies she enjoys and the son sits in another room playing video games. 10 years old, already on ADHD meds.

    8. OMFG thank you for mentioning that about autism! God dang it. Some people seem to think autism is a label for anything bad socially.
      I think it’s the result of this society we live in. Somali immigrants to Sweden call it “The Swedish disease” for a reason.

      1. When disinterested/lazy parents take their child to a paediatrician and are asked to fill out an E-2 Questionnaire. Its basically a multiple choice sheet and the parent(s) can tick the boxes that a) accurately describe their childs behaviour or b) suit their own needs best. Honestly there’s not much else that goes into a diagnosis these days. Cost my ex about $200 for her second oldest child to be seen by a paediatrician twice. On the final appointment he actually asked her – “Do you want me to diagnose him?” It came down to a YES/NO answer from his mother.
        With the government funding that parents and schools get for having kids with “special needs”, Autism has become another massive social industry, and business is good. Kid doesn’t make eye contact? Must be Autism. Kid only likes dinosaurs? Autism… Kid doesn’t like to eat green vegetables? Autism….

        1. I can’t imagine a doctor who wants to keep his license would give a fraudulent diagnosis.

        2. That’s the thing though. Doctors who diagnose are working within the parameters that the health department set. They aren’t being fraudulent as such, but from my experience 2 out of 3 paediatricians, spent very little time with the child. Instead they rely about 20% on school reports and 80% word of the parents. Doctor #3 actually spent time interacting with my son (post diagnosis) and he is convinced that kid does not have autism. A learning delay sure, but not autism.

        3. In my child’s case the cause of the autism appears to have been environmental. I’ve changed it and he is much brighter, sociable and happy. He acts like…. a normal kid. Like I said earlier, a disinterested parent who sits kids down in front of technology instead of nuturing them is doing nothing for their development.
          And no Bob, there was more than one child getting diagnosed (not all at once). 1 paediatrician to 1 child. The point I was trying to make was that if you walk into a doctors office with your kid and tell them that you think there’s something wrong with them, the doctor will make sure they find something wrong with them (because you can’t diagnose bad parenting).

        4. Fair enough. There are many factors involved in causing autism. But clearly you thought that there was something seriously wrong because otherwise you would not have taken him to the doctor. That said, I am aware that the number of diagnoses of autism is on the rise. I struggle believe that this is simply down to parents convincing doctors that their kid has autism, particularly when there are other factors involved. More importantly, I have known people with autism. It doesn’t take a doctor to see that they have a mental illness.

    9. Ah, but you missed the part where they are lumping in ADHD with autism as an “autism spectrum disorder.” The number of kids affected seems to change with the wind too – first it was one in 166, then more recently, one in 110. I’ve met a few of these supposedly autistic kids – almost always boys. OK, I’m no doctor, but they don’t seem any different than a lot of the kids I knew at that age, minus maybe a father who gives a shit.
      The teachers unions love em though, since it increases the requirements for specialists (not teachers, mind you) to be hired by the school. School boards don’t always like them since they drain funding from the entire budget, which of course leads to cries to Washington for more money.

    10. Urbanization and multiculturalism bear a huge responsibility in this process. Urbanization mean your kids will grow in an apartment, in some crowded city, with no garden to run or hide and no free space to explore. Hence the technological surrogates. And multiculturalism means having the streets full of criminals and scum groups, which make the parents afraid to let their kids in the streets. Bring back homogeneous societies where people are alike, bring back the fields and the forest, and children will grow normal (perhaps even great) again.

  3. Yeah just look at the casualty rate of kids on US Indian reservations due to not being in a car seat. Dumb article

    1. I disagree with the title of the article, but not the content. Keeping your children restrained (metaphorically & physically) will keep them safe from harm but they will not grow up to be bold independent adults. Car seats are a valid safety device though, because standard adult seat belts can actually cause more injury to a child than if not wearing one at all.

      1. FWIW – While I fully endorse baby seats, for 4+ year olds?
        No.No special seats.
        There are fittings you can use to adjust the shoulder strap position, and you can put them in the back seat (given modern air bags) until they’re > 100

        1. My boys are 5 & 8. They wear standard sash/lap belts in the car and just sit on a booster seat so they can see out the window haha. Sometimes I let my 8 year old ride up front with me.

        2. I think it’s sad and an indictment of capitalism that car companies didn’t solve this rather easy technical problem. For starters: A sensor for the back seat to remind the driver if there’s someone back there when they exit the vehicle. I know that many people think it’s idiotic that someone forgets a child is back there, but I know when I drive my daughter that she’s a sweetheart in the back and dozes off and I get busy and could forget she’s back there when running errands so I do special things to remind myself.
          I checked and there are numerous patents out there (even expired) that would allow the auto makers to easily, and without royalties, to easily disable an airbag if the child is in the front seat in a car seat or remind the driver if the seat is in the rear.
          I think part of the reason may be the seat manufacturers themselves wanting to use non-standard interfaces in order to push parents to buy new seats rather than buy one used. Effers.

        3. “Indictment of capitalism”
          COMMIE ALERT!
          It is very idiotic to forget a child in a car.
          No matyer how busy a person gets or anything else, its very idiotic.

        4. I hate the term “middle of the road” but I’m more like someone who pisses off the left and the right. Both systems have their flaws.
          In answer to your later point, why have “idiot” lights on a car? Don’t bother with stupid engine indicators of oil level! If you don’t check your oil every time you drive, then you DESERVE to have your engine fall out, yes? Oh, and seat belt bell reminders? If you forget to buckle up, then why be annoyed? You should remember to buckle up, or not. Also, if you run the radio and get distracted, that endangers yourself and others so only use it to stay awake but if you’re just having fun, you’re an a-hole.
          All that said, there are times I’m an ‘Idiot’ and I don’t view myself as such. I just had an ‘idiot light’ moment about 2 weeks ago: I went to lock my car doors via the door button and leave and the car wouldn’t let me. I was getting annoyed and realized I had left the keys in the ignition. I almost had locked myself out of the car. Great feature! But hey, I was an idiot!
          So sure, sometimes I’m not being perfectly careful and thankful for some helpful ways to catch me. I like how my phone reminds me of events that I otherwise should have remembered. That I’m not perfect and that’s ok.
          But I do know some people who seem to get off on critiquing others and being type A and never making a mistake and in general, they are stick-up-the-arse jerks who are uncreative and not very pleasant to be around.
          I’d rather be a commie (not that I am, but there are worse things to be.)

      2. I didnt even read article after dumbass title, but more kids need to be on leash and slapped the fuq around. What’s this cuck Ukraine lover’s view on the military? Children are malleable, duscipline and harden them.

        1. Children are shitty because they lack self awareness, not because they are “undisciplined”. If your reasoning for not being an asshole in life is “I don’t want to get a spanking” and not “I am not an asshole”, you have some problems…

    2. “Among infants less than one year of age, AI/AN have 8 times the rate of motor-vehicle traffic deaths than that of non-hispanic whites.”

    1. At this rate, children will eventually NEVER grow up. Fuck, I hate gubmint stupidity (the one resource that never runs out)!

  4. I agree with the article overall but it reminded me of a sad incident in my community. A man had 2 previous citations for not having his children in car seats. Then one day he rear ended a car at an intersection. His air bag engaged, crushing his 18 month old daughter sitting on his lap. He was arrested on the scene for negligence.

    1. There’s a distinct line between being an over protective parent and an irresponsible one. 18 month old should have been in some kind of safety restraint and not riding on driver’s lap.

      1. I hate to agree with the nanny state, but sometimes they do have a point. That’s the problem: They take decent ideas and abuse them for their own purposes.
        I researched the consequences of an infant being in a front seat with the air bag deploying even in a child seat and it can be very serious. I don’t even want to repeat it (and I don’t want you to be traumatized to look it up either.) I think it can work quite well simply by pushing the seat back, but the way the police work is they’ll ticket you for letting the child seat in the front even so because the regulations are written too simply.
        Yeah, kids did get by in the past but a lot was bad: leaded gasoline really messed up a lot of kids. Lots of kids died in car crashes in those bench front seats. A lot of people were impaled on steering wheels with space theme SPIKES sticking out of them that looked cool. I’m not making this up.
        That being said, there is this hysteria about letting small kids run around loose because a few were abducted (and this did happen) but then again, perhaps don’t let them swim at the beach either. Heck, why should ANY of us be in ocean beaches with the sharks able to easily pick out a swimmer if they get the urge? It’s something I just dive in and accept but the risk is worth it.

        1. “I hate to agree with the nanny state” Well maybe you need to rethink your outlook on life. Just because someone has authority, doesn’t make them wrong.

        2. I never said such a thing. I sometimes agree with some authorities more often than others.
          For example, President-elect Trump will soon have authority. I agree with him on a lot of things. 🙂

  5. I drive a scooter, my 5 year old son rides standing in the footwell and holding the handlebars, no helmet required. He loves riding with me and jumps on at every opportunity, even if I’m just going to the 7-11. When he was too young to stand, I would have him sitting on my lap, when he was a baby, mom would carry him under her arm.

    1. Yeah your scenario is what keeps loaded to the gills with content. Go browse it, moron. ISIS and scooter fuckbags are 90 percent of content. Top shelf 10 percent is narco violence.

      1. Well, I AM hoping that PJclark1 is just taking the piss out of the scenario depicted in that photo. In countries where cars are scarce/expensive, the scooter or small CC motorbike is the best mode of transit. Problem is, as seen on, is that bad driving and lack of situational awareness leads to the deadly accidents to which you alluded.

        1. Many scooter/motorcyclists are simply the bloody victims of others stupidity….in fact probably 90% of their fatalities are the fault of an idiot pulling out in front of them at the wrong time or not stopping behind them.

  6. Children seat laws are getting worse by the year. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get my kids out of children seats because the govt keeps wanting to raise the weight requirements.
    I remember, or rather, don’t ever remember being in a kid seat. It was just a nonissue. When did this kids seat thing become a craze?

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if the height/weight requirements were to go as high as 5’10″/180lbs, as long as kid is under 18. Kid-car seat manufacturers gotta be lobbying DC.

      1. My youngest daughters are 3 years old and the government wants them still rear-facing in the car. Never mind the fact that their legs would have to bend at unnatural angles to accomplish this. The govt is really going overboard with just about everything nowadays.

  7. Personally, I’m not opposed to car seats per se. Having grown up in Mexican cities, where driving customs and laws are lax, people are running from one place to another, and toddlers do ride in people’s arms in the front seat, I understand car seats FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS. But when you see elementary school kids in car seats, that’s dumb.
    And yet, school buses don’t have seat belts. Go figure.

    1. I read a funny article in Reason where the author was in some South American nation and taking a shower and he noticed a plate on the shower stall wall and…
      It was the cover for the housing electrical panel. 240V was running through circuit breakers in a panel IN THE SHOWER!!!
      He jumped out of the shower while it was running and never went back in.

      1. I bet it was an illegal connection referred to, rather accurately, as a diablito, or lil devil.

        1. I know someone who has one of those. 🙂
          But I don’t think he would have recognized that as a circuit breaker panel but I suppose it’s possible that maybe some look like something electrical with a cord coming out and attached to a wall on the inside to generate an interference signal to block the meter.
          Here in the states, they certainly wouldn’t work since most places have set up remote wifi readers. Hmmm, now THAT is a pretty neat hack project to get into…I should google that. 🙂

  8. On the other hand, a lot of children didn’t make it to adulthood. The weak and dumb weren’t likely to it make hence there were a lot stronger, smarter adults in the day..

    1. Actually that is not true. The fact we allow brains to developed without being dropped has causes smarter humans.

    1. Pontiacs, Buicks, and Chryslers here — big block powered 4 door behemoths.
      Don’t fuck with Aunt Mildred and her 440ci powered New Yorker!

  9. YEA! Punk ass weak kids!
    Why arent they pulling 15 hr shifts at the coal mine?

    1. …or working 18 hours a day down mill for tuppence a month? Having to drink out of a rolled-up newspaper (tea, without milk, or sugar…or tea), and 125 other members of your family huddled in the corner of a one-room tenement, because half the floor was missing, for fear of falling?

      1. A room? A ROOM?!? Bah! When I were a lad, we lived in a septic tank and we were GRATEFUL damnit!

    2. I had grandparents who would have loved the coal mines.
      Beats hand-tilling farmland on a hot Texas day from dawn until dusk, gathering firewood to keep the stove and smokehouse going, butchering farm animals, and then curling up with your parents and eight siblings in a 200 sq.ft. house at the end of the day.

  10. Car seats make some sense. Though I’m sure anybody has probably heard of an accident or two where they either didn’t help or were the cause of a death.
    Same can be said for seatbelts of course. Generally they’re a life saver but I know of at least 2 cases where… if not the direct cause of death they were indirectly involved.
    Kids on a leash is disgusting beyond words.

      1. It’s actually lack of discipline and a total lack of control that leads to leashes. The leash is doing the job the parent should be doing.

  11. Car seats don’t even work! At least in the US, built-in car restraint systems are tested against side impact standards, child car seats are not. Thus, past the age of about 2 (or when the child goes forward-facing), it is possibly safer for a child to ride with the built-in lap and shoulder restraint than a car seat. Without testing, we don’t know.
    As an aside: I would ride the couple miles to my grandparent’s house, in the ‘burbs, sitting on the open tailgate of a pickup with my friends. A fond memory which today might be classified as child endangerment!

  12. This is a pretty dumb way to make a point. Car seats are about physics not about restricting development of children.
    OP/writer you lose the entire effectiveness of your other points which may or may not be valid when you say something as utterly moronic as criticizing car seats as shackles.
    Go start your hippie camp with babies crawling all over the place, but don’t write irresponsible ignorant crap that some young parent might try in an effort to be cool. ROK editors must be asleep at the wheel tonight of this car speeding along with the unrestrained babies in the back seat. No matter what other point there may be, or even if you mean it as a metaphor, when you ram that car into something else and it suddenly decelerates, the pussified babies don’t decelerate until they hit a tree trunk or a wall outside of the crash scene.
    You see, car seats, seat belts for adults, airbags and even crumple zones designed into cars are all about DECELERATION. Your metaphor FAILS.
    On second thought moronic isn’t dumb enough to describe this article.

    1. Wow! It took me till the second or third sentence to realize his bitch wasn’t with the actual safety device called a car seat, but with what it represented.
      It’s called a metaphor. Perhaps you were home sick when all the other children learned about them in English class.
      It’s never to late to learn.

      1. I was about to write this article off after skimming it and saw it to be a biography rather than an article. But the way it was written and woven together.. It was easy to read and by going over the top on the personal life, it made it that much more resounding. A risky move but paid off in the end.

    2. Author should go to South Dakota and listen to the radio, even the Indian radio preaches car seats to shitbag parents.

    3. Gamma male. Only gammas focus on the supposed lack of intelligence of someone they hate.
      The OP made a great point, there was nothing moronic about it.

    4. Completely agree. While the article does make a good point overall, the choice of title and attack on car seats was dumb.
      Although… maybe the OP was pulling a Roosh and purposely using the title to draw in discussion about what the author thinks is a topic rife for conversation.

    5. So what are the physics then? For a standard passenger, the diagonal section of the seatbelt goes tight upon deceleration lessening a slamming into harder objects of the car.. Then the airbags also lesson the sudden deceleration of the head and whiplash. Sure for small babies it makes sense they will not fit properly into a regular seat but once they get a bit bigger, why?

      1. Well for example booster seats keep them from getting decapitated by the section of the belt that would normally be on the chest for an adult.

    6. Babies Ok. Grown Kids pussy kids. The pussy kid generation is because of the single mother epidemic. A Mother panic when their babies start walking. A father encourage self confidence, and are more willing to let the kid to take some risk, with the parent guidance of course, That´s why you see 9 year old girl having fun with their dad in the shooting range, And for example tony hawk skating with his 2 years old son, and the women panicking, “WON´T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” When I was a kid my mother won´t let me to be without socks in my feet, ALL THE FUCKING TIME! because she fear that without them I will slip and DIE! To this day I can live without socks I feel terrible uncomfortable without, She pussyfied me. I have severe social anxiety, suffer from stutter and have thanatophobia.
      Women live in a perpetual state of fear. And if you let them they will convert your kids in fearful children.

      1. Having raised in a single-mother household, I end up having to keep her in check, to the point I have to put her on blast in public.
        You have to make the exact women experience the very wrongs they dish out on you.

        1. Well then, I still stand by my original statement, while my mother is the one I keep in check.
          Hence, you are correct about my mother, being in check.

        2. I keep my mother in check as an adult, but as a kid I was an insecure kid, My mother is not bad, just that boys need a father to fully develop. Some single mothers over protect their children.

  13. Hey I have an Idea. Why don’t we encourage women to shoot up hormones for 20 years so they can have casual sex with whoever they want whenever they want. They can they work office jobs doing meaningless paperwork and when they are about to hit the wall they can pump out their 1.6 children. Then after divorcing their man because: he’s a jerk (((I want money))), he doesn’t love me (((I’m banging my coworker))), or whatever, they can then put their child in school and daycare for 14 hours a day with the lesbians, pedophiles, and leftists. That’s a great way to raise the next generation isn’t it? oh wait that’s already happened, so is it any surprise that those people would be walking their precious little snowflakes with a leash and putting them in a straitjacket you know for safety?

    1. Roosh needs to do an article on the Amish. They get educated to the 8th grade then breed their wives out, avoid obesity, and if you dig deeper seem pretty damn happy in this life on earth.

        1. A Bang report would be better, but would require some dank old world game to succeed.

      1. Met some of those 8th graders doing hurricane repair work in Houston.
        6’5, 200 lbs of muscle, hands the size of dinner plates. Conversant with experts in philosophy, theology, physics, and mathematics. Able to single-handedly roof a house in hours.
        Didn’t even have beards yet. Those were some awesome people to work with.

        1. I don’t know if even lolknee, with his genuinely impressive handle on the Bible, could pull that off. They have 90% of the book memorized and at an instant’s recall, and they talk about it a lot.
          ‘Twould be a sight to see, though. Roosh writing his observations by lamplight, charging his phone with potato batteries to make a monthly video update.

        2. That hoser lolknee would be like a cult leader pitching bs with tormenting fervor, trying to corner any Parisian looking 19 year old. & for the record I laud cult leader game.

        3. Hard to argue with the results. I mean, Manson certainly gets his.
          Of course, some cult leaders were…darker. Never did the research myself, but from what I hear there were some paedophilic and homosexual interactions involving politician Harvey Milk and Jim Jones.

      2. The problem with the Amish is bathing: they don’t do it often enough. More than 20 years ago walking downwind from a group of Amish broads I could smell them like 50 ft way.
        This was at Marineland. I wanted to throw them in the killer whale tank..
        Maybe things have changed, just saying.
        Other than that agree with your statement..

      3. Off topic but whenever I see “Amish” I laugh because my grandfather used to call them “those Pennsylvania Jews” lol

        1. Lolz, though they look similar due to the beard theyre pretty much straight outta Prussia

        2. I know but my grandfather was 96 and other than his time in the war and one vacation to Florida in the 80’s he never left New York.

      4. When I was about six or seven my dad would buy wholesale from the amish saw mills. I’d watch a giant man move trees with tongs, then it moved to the saw contraption with all the belts and five-foot blades. I thought it was the greatest… until I’d get yelled at for playing with Mt. Sawdust. Helped me realize hi-tech isn’t everything.

  14. It is this belief that children require such intense “care” and “nurture” that tells us we cannot “afford” more than two children. We do not have the time or money to “raise them right”.
    I saw a book at B&N, sorry, can’t remember the title, written with the premise that parents actually have very little to say about HOW children will turn out. He claimed to have a lot of studies supporting his thesis and many stories to share about his 6 or 8 kids. His point: Have MORE kids! It’s NOT hard to raise them and they’ll turn out how to be the people they are going to be!
    I only had two because my wife hard very difficult pregnancies and by the time she asked for a third I knew she just wanted the kids to keep us together. In her mind, without the kids we had no reason to be together. So as soon as they were old “enough” (they are NEVER old enough) she divorced me.
    I’ve know Mexican men in their 50s who had kids. No thanks! I was a foster parent for 10 years and had as many 10 at one time. I sometime think about going back to that life. It was great! I specialized in teens. They were the best, sometimes the hardest.

    1. If your wife had difficult pregnancies, you should have got a new wife, not looked after someone else’s kids!

      1. Well, he’s got his own already and he’s contributing to society by looking after and guiding those abandon children. A man have a heart too, and he can be a great care taker too, you know. In some cases, even better than women.

    2. Two of the best books on the theme of how kids turn out are by Judith Rich Harris. First was The Nurture Assumption, then No Two Alike.

      1. The Nurture Assumption sounds familiar but the book was written by a man. He talked about instilling morality as something children absorbed from the family, along with it’s faith. But all the other stuff people worry about, IQ, training in sports or developing gifts and talents, he argued kids would do on their own if they were interested. That was certainly true of my Late-Boomer generation. It never occurred to me that my parents would nurture my talents. I drew because I loved it. I wrote because I loved it.

  15. Back in my day, the only thing parents had to worry about having kids in a car is motion sickness. I had it pretty bad but I think it had more to do with that crappy coconut/vanilla air fresheners. I still hate the smell of it.

  16. Hell, it’s not just car seats.
    Health and safety fascism is everywhere.
    Don’t believe for a second that it’s only because of the rising cost of health care.

  17. Nah the safety backup is optional to use. Too bad, females enforcing their safe spaces on others is not.

  18. Women need to feel safe, men don’t! That’s what happens when you give women too much of a voice! These women today don’t feel safe cause these no muscular men around so they turn our environment into a extreme “safe zone” in order to feel a little safer!

    1. “These women today don’t feel safe cause these no muscular men around so
      they turn our environment into a extreme “safe zone” in order to feel a
      little safer!”
      What funny is, my sister said the similar thing just yesterday. She would feel more comfortable when she’s around what seem to be strong, decent men. She doesn’t necessarily need to be involved with them or get to know them, just the thought of them being there is enough to make her feel safe.

  19. Put your kid in a recaro car seat, preach to him to buy coupes, always get the sport package, and you formate a chicane & gut locker monster. Author should be writing for WIC dependent moms focusing their time on current boyfriend. I can attest to this, whore renter next door has her kids ringing my door nonstop for male company and last weekend 8 year told her cousin in front of me how hard it is to have no dad and a mom always in “the room with Adrian,” so dont be mean to her. Kids are honest and I dont take in a stray, but holy shit women are evil when addicted to lust.

  20. My 14 year old son talks a lot about wanting to be part of a cultural rebirth. I think ‘Phoenix Generation’ is perfect, and I hope it happens!

  21. My grandmother was ‘interbellum’, i.e. before the ‘greatest’. She’d seen it all: 2 world wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, before she died in 1988. Now that was a strong generation … and she had a strong influence on me …

  22. I live in a rural county of less than 10,000 inhabitants. A couple of years ago one morning at our elementary and middle school there were SEVEN state troopers sitting in the driveway checking for car seats. While they should be in a car seat, was it entirely necessary to have all those troopers at the school?(rhetorical question)
    On a lighter note recently while going down a lightly traveled state highway I saw five boys probably all less than 12 walking from their homes down the road toward a little creek all carrying fishing poles. An hour or so later I passed by going in the other direction and they were all walking back toward home with the catch. While growing up my buddy’s and I did that sort of thing regularly but, aside from those five boys I don’t remember the last time I saw any boys doing anything like that.
    They don’t know what they are missing.

    1. Giving the “state” the power to prosecute absent a complaining victim has been an absolute nightmare. Yes, there are limited cases where it makes sense (murder, the victim is dead; children, the victim may not be able to speak up). But those cases are very, very limited. Go to court for a day, see how many of the cases are the “state vs “. What that really means, in 99% of the cases, is that there was no actual person harmed by the actions of the defendant, just that the “state” feels those actions are wrong.
      Cases that should be prosecuted? “Overtaxed vs AssholeWhoStoleMyBike”. “Overtaxed vs CuntWhoSuedMeToGetaMealTicket”.
      And yes, if this came to pass, most stuff that’s illegal today (speeding, drugs, etc) would immediately become legal tomorrow. And, IMHO, that would be a fantastic change for society.

    2. I guess that police in the US are just like those in the UK: they go after motorists violating minor traffic regulations because they’re a soft (and profitable) touch while largely ignoring the real criminals. Story time:
      Once, when I was working the till in my shop, a man came in and asked for a bottle of vodka; I brought it to the till. Instead of getting money out, he produced a knife, grabbed the vodka and demanded I hand over the cash in the till. Rather than complying with his demands, I grabbed a hammer I kept at hand for just such occasions (or for any loose nails I noticed sticking out the shop’s wooden fittings, if the police asked what it was for). When I started running towards him with it, he ran away so quickly he could’ve won a gold medal at the Olympics. On his way out he dropped his knife, though unfortunately still made off with the vodka. I couldn’t chase him for it because I was on my own at the time and would soon have other customers to attend to. More’s the pity; with a bit of luck, I could’ve caught up with him somewhere with my hammer, his knife and no incriminating CCTV coverage.
      In this case, there was CCTV footage and a knife covered in the robber’s fingerprints; more leads to go on in identifying him than you’d get in a standard street mugging case where all there’d be is the victim’s vague description. Despite this, the police told me they wouldn’t be investigating the incident at all due to lack of resources.
      And yet if I drive 5mph over the speed limit, they catch up with me quick enough.

      1. Sounds like here, they don’t have the time or manpower for “small cases” but, they won’t hesitate to hand out traffic tickets.

  23. It was about time somebody noticed that children car seats, among with a few other child products, are completely useless.
    The idea behind those is rather simple: exploit the common instinct of people (mothers in general) to protect their children. This protection instinct is, of course, normal but it’s easily exploitable because women think emotionally and they don’t know (nor care) when enough is enough in protecting their children.
    Taking into account the fact that the majority of the expenditures is made by women, it is obvious that everything that can be marketed and sold as something that protects children are easy money. Actually, I dare to say that children became the perfect exchange currency.
    We have children seats, tons of medication for every existent and non-existent illness, parks built especially that the children can not have as much as a bruise on their knees, etc. And it gets better: if I stop and listen to every commercial about these kinds of products, I could swear that when a child goes to play, he actually goes into a war bigger than WW1 and WW2 combined with some meanie old bacteria.
    Children cannot pet dogs and cats anymore just because we have an army of scary and scared mothers, which use their disproportionate force to remove the child from the animal. Dogs are mean, they bite. Cats are mean, they scratch. It doesn’t matter that, actually, a dog will bite and/or a cat will scratch very rarely. It doesn’t matter that the child will be scared, in the future, of something inoffensive. Mom thinks short term: kid removed, kid alive, mission complete. And don’t dare father oppose, otherwise I’ll shit test him like hell, asking him if he wants the good of our child. Of course he does, but his version of good differs from mom’s scared, emotional version of good.
    More money can be made from lying to women than from telling them the truth.

    1. This health and safety racket has also destroyed small to medium sized car manufacturers, who can’t afford the 200+ crash tests that are required to create production cars. I say ‘also’ but it really the primary reason for car safety features.

  24. Although I appreciate the metaphor and do agree that we sometimes make things a little too safe (men with no scars have no stories to tell), you sir are a fucking idiot! I’m in the fire service and have run pediatric trauma alerts and seen exactly what a moving vehicle can to seven year old flesh and bone, even when it is in a car seat. (Have you?) Maybe you should stay behind your desk and write about computers, statistics and the Ukraine, or finish out that Piled Higher and Deeper degree.

  25. Are lots more children in Germany on public transport and playing unsupervised hope it stays that way. Even in the cities.
    Children aside, I support the right to turn oneself into strawberry jam as metal crunches onto concrete.. What about James Dean? It is so liberating to drive without a seatbelt sometimes.. No, not at high speed on the Autobahn of course, no way you’d want to be going at those speeds without a seatbelt especially when the airbags and crumple zones interact with the seatbelts. But doing 20 looking for a park. Breakin’ the law. Forced cushioning from the government is like a bag over your head. Of supreme annoyance is the beeping seatbelt alarm which beeps in some cars even while you are parked. It’s enough to make you have a crash.

      1. There is one for the lights, another for the key, another for the seatbelt, another for the door…….so many you don’t remember which beep is for what.

      2. People act like I’m OCD insane because repetitive intermittent electronic beeping of any kind, cellphones, computers, microwaves, whatever, drives me batshit insane. However, these stimuli did not exist for all human history up until say 70 years ago, so I’d say the people who are not driven insane by these kinds of noises are in fact sedated zombies and my natural repulsion instinct to battle this kind of irritating bullshit is stronger than theirs.
        One of my life goals is to obtain peace and quiet. That sounds fucking nuts, considering what was a given a century ago is now an expensive luxury.

        1. what about that beeping tone when trucks go into reverse..has to be the worst of it all.

    1. 120mph on the autobahn in a cageless unreinforced Mercedes S class. The clip is from around 1999. I could cut a Mercedes body in half with heavy tin snips. They’re flimsy with lightweight but cushy suspension compared to old Detroit cars. The roof would have stayed on if it was a 72 Impala with a roll bar. The guy must have been in the center of rotation with his belt on.

  26. Past generations of humans didn’t transport their children forward at 70 miles an hour encased in steel, rubber, and fire.
    Baby car seats exist for a reason.

    1. I was not aware that I didn’t travel in automobiles as a kid, nor did my parents, nor my grandparents. Huh. I learn something new every day.

    2. My uncle told me when he was a kid my grandparents threw him out the window of their car while in motion. Not surprisingly, he was the toughest son of a bitch I ever knew.

  27. It is so manly to die as a kid in a car accident because of a missing children car seat.
    What a fucked up article. Smh.

    1. Metapher. Das war eine Metapher. Besser nicht in den verdammten Wagen in den ersten Platz.

    2. Ah, the safety obsessed German here I see.
      Strangely I grew up with a lot of kids in the 1970’s and don’t recall a one of them dying in a car accident (we didn’t have car safety seats except for actual infants).

      1. Weirdest to me has always been they’ve insisted on private conveyances strapping down the children, while school buses have never had seat belt requirements that I’ve heard of.

        1. *sigh* Buses are already way safer than cars, and seat belts wouldn’t save the FOUR PEOPLE who die on buses every year anyways. (e.g. no one is being ejected)

      2. My dad would regularly drive me and my siblings along with some grade school friends in a truck with an open bed to the swimming hole. He’d drive with a 40oz between his legs on the driver’s seat. We’d sit in the bed on our inner tubes for swimming. Never got pulled over except once for expired tag. Cop exchanged words and waved us on without giving any ticket.
        It was something about the neocon Reagan era that changed all that. In the 70s kids regularly rode 20″ bikes far and wide like kid’s pedal biker clubs. Late 70s saw some parents getting shamed who openly brought a crew of their young white kids into a supermarket. Radicals and soc marxists began scoffing at people who flaunted their large families publicly. They were tied in with both the liberal dems and the neocons.
        The 80s saw changes that were mapped out by the elitists/fem/soc marxists. Kids were going to be forced indoors and pressured into being transported around in Dodge Caravans within the next decade or two. Then we saw stickers on the minivans that read “baby on board”. Parents were being conditioned to either keep their kids confined or risk the ‘boogeyman’ getting them. The government is the only hairy boogeyman I’m aware of. I’ve never witnessed this mythical ‘boogeyman’ in the bushes that the social engineers fabricated to intimidate parents into keeping their kids confined and only letting them loose aboard a government school bus, then transported to spend 8hrs in a controlled and walled off government public school. And after school it’s all PC controlled sports. There isn’t any more wild roaming and exploring like when I was a kid. I’m so used to exploring on my own or with buddies from my childhood experiences. I can’t believe how many idiot adults today would call socialist services or the cops when they a group of boys climbing a bridge tressel. We did that kind of thing all the time as kids. Once a bearded guy spotted us and took a pic for the local paper of us having some after school fun climbing a water tower to put in the ‘kids life’ section of the Sunday paper. There was graffiti way up on the tower from teens but we were 10 or so, so we didn’t go any higher. The cool thing was to piss off the ledge and climb back down.

  28. Don’t require the 6 year old boy to wear a helmet or will let him ride in the car without the seat every now and again. He loves it without that pesky seat. Puts the regular belt on and good to go.
    And, of course, our neighbor teacher who desperately needs some cock will indirectly remark, “It’s against the law to have him ride without a seat”. Just ignore her. Let her tell the jokes, you know? I’m not a comic.

    1. nosy neighbors suck. One time I got a knock on our door from the police. Why? because our neighbor saw our daughter climbing a tree in her jammies…JAMMIES! Where was she when the cop showed up? Having a bowl of cereal.

      1. That way she doesn’t mess up her GOOD clothes – that’s just sound parenting to me.
        I rule in your favor.

      2. Our daughter was screaming her head off- stubborn kid, she’d go on for hours–when she was about 2.
        Respect to my neighbor, he came and knocked on the door himself asking if everything was ok. No calling the cops. Chatted for a bit over the noise (he didn’t have kids and hadn’t been through any tantrums), as my wife was trying to get her to calm down. Forget what it was about – we’d told her no about something like grabbing knives out of the drawer ….

        1. We are still dealing with tantrums from our oldest. We have found that physical exercise is the best way. We tell him to go run around this loop (about 2 miles through the sagebrush) By the time he gets back, hi is calmed down. When we lived in town, we made him run 30 or so laps around the house.

        2. Good advice, wished I’d known that at the time– we eventually did discover the ‘we’re going for a walk’ calming method.

    2. I don’t know. I saw a kid once go flying off his bike and land hard with a hard hit to the head when another kid going fast on a bike wobbled and slammed into him on a bike trail. That helmet would of come in handy. The kid was knocked out cold and 911 was called. Thing is you just can’t control other cyclists or drivers so having that extra cushion can be helpful.

      1. And meanwhile, 99.999% of the other kids on bikes didn’t have that happen.

        1. Yeah, but it really sucks when you’re the .001%. Got a full face motocross style bike helmet for my daughter when she was little- kind of a klutz, she could trip over air walking across the living room.
          Anyway, she did come off the bike once and slammed her head against the curb. (She was a pretty aggressive rider). Fractured the helmet, but no injury to her head, no scars on her face.

      2. You saw all this from beginning to end? Wow. Must’ve been too busy watching that someone else had to call the cops.

        1. I was the one who called 911. The other kid he was with was freaking out, the cyclist who slammed into him was injured as well but not as bad. I waited for EMS to come and they kept me on the phone telling me what to do (don’t move him watch for breathing etc) I got the kids number to call the parents. I was shaking like a leaf it was intense. Not sure why you’re being snarky. Would you like to get a call from a stranger that your child is being rushed to the hospital with a head injury?

  29. I agree that parents are a bit too overprotective (it was more dangerous for children in the 1890s than today when walking to the corner store) but car seats?
    FFS, that’s like telling someone not to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle. It’s not just about chances, its about consequences of chances:
    If there is a 99% chance that the gas station is closed, I’m not too worried. But if there is a 1% chance I’ll be in a sustained firefight tomorrow, I’m carrying extra mags.

    1. It’s a wonder I managed to survive as the gunner in the back of the 1970’s model station wagon then.

      1. You survived because God couldn’t let one of the few sane commentators on RoK die a child and forever deprive the manosphere of your calling-out of some of the less-sane members of this esteemed community.
        Sometimes, especially lately, there is a disturbingly similar vibe in some comments on this site that espouse opinions diametrically opposite to those of SJWs, but have the same rhythm.

  30. I remember as child in the 70’s riding with my mom standing up in the car without wearing a seatbelt. Of course now, I would at least have the seatbelt on when I’m doing 70 down the expressway given other drivers’ lack of awareness.
    I played on a few acres, grew a garden, had cats and dogs, and rode my bicycle around the countryside without a cell phone.

  31. I can remember driving around with a pack of friends in the Midwestern college town where I grew up, while we blared our music from the car stereo, drank beer, sang and yelled, and tossed empty beer cans out the window. Sometimes the police would pull us over. But we knew them, and our families knew them, and they always let us go on our merry way with only a warning. Sometimes, they would actually stop and drink a beer with us and shoot the breeze.
    Nowadays, the cops would call SWAT and we’d all be arrested (if not shot outright), and then we’d be tried as adults for underage consumption of alcohol, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, eco-terrorism (for tossing the cans) and a host of other criminal offenses. Times have most definitely changed.

    1. And have a record that will follow you around for the rest of your life. Which is perhaps the most damaging of all it (knowing from experience).

    2. We all fukked around a little, but I maintain that drunk drivers and litter-bugs should be executed on sight.

      1. So say a driver with a buzz that is going along minding his own business and hasn’t hurt anyone should be executed?

        1. Yes, that’s exactly what America needs is some more authoritarianism.

        2. I call it screwing somebody over who hasn’t hurt anyone. If he ran his car through a bus load of nuns that’s one thing but, he hasn’t yet hurt anyone. If we could save one life it would be worth it can be used to justify most anything.

        3. You do realize he is exaggerating right? Anyways, let me ask you, if someone started swinging around a gun in a public space and pointing it at people, would you take the risk that he “hasn’t hurt anyone yet”? I sure wouldn’t. Same with drunk driving.

        4. No I wouldn’t take the risk but if he started swinging a gun around then was disarmed with no one being injured would it be worth ruining the rest of his life over it? No

        5. Driving while not in the right mind puts everyone at risk. Yes, I’ve been guilty of it myself, but I was lucky to not do any damage. I also spent a month in the hospital from someone else’s stupidity (so yeah, this is a personal hard-on)
          I just think its the height of irresponsibility, like waving around a loaded gun in a crowd, pulling fire alarms, etc.

        6. Your life isn’t “ruined” over a DUI, you simply loose the privilege to drive on public roads.

        7. Punishing people for what ‘might happen’?
          I’m all for throwing the book at somebody when they hurt somebody else.
          But the idea that me driving along safely with a .08 BAC is a crime, because of what might happen is a feminine concept.
          Using that logic, I could be guilty of murder because I own a handgun, and it could be used to shoot somebody.
          The feminisation has to stop before we are destroyed and overrun.

        8. If you have a .08 BAC you are NOT driving around safely! Cars are serious shit – I expect my fellow motorists to be at their best.
          Though I get your point about “pre-crime”, “intent”, etc. and their feminine overtones.

    3. 1) Drunk driving has a strong statistical correlation with causing accidents, and outlawing has shown a strong statistical correlation with reducing accidents. 2) Littering makes the world look like shit. Why do you like the world to look like shit?

  32. Completely on the mark here. What is more dangerous, riding around on your bicycle without a helmet, or sitting in front of the TV for years just at the time when you are soaking up knowledge?

      1. We threw away the TV long before the kids were born. I see other parents struggling to teach traditional values to their children. No problem here. At age 10, my oldest daughter knows more about homemaking than most 30 year old women.

        1. That’s awesome. Televisions are the worst. Life ends in death for everyone. The world is a cruel and brutal place. It’s best to make that clear with young people, and challenge them not to fear the inevitable and go for their dreams. Bravo to you, sir.

    1. Do you people seriously have such a problem with helmets that you would rather sit at home than wear one? Jesus, I don’t think I am the panzy here…

      1. You missed the point. Risk is a healthy part of life. Avoiding things and restricting your own freedom is one thing, but expecting or legislating others to do the same is not good.

    1. My kids were not forced to endure that. Sure, they “had to” but I told them that no cop is going to arrest them for not wearing dork clothing. They managed to ride their bikes without looking like florescent dildos and came out the better for it.

      1. Nice…….there is something that bugs me about overprotection. I have a nephew that is smothered with crap like that. Poor kid gets counseling, helmets, car seat until he is nearly a teenager…etc. You can see it has messed him up psychologically. You play something as harmless as tackle football and he shies away, I doubt the kid will ever be willing to take a healthy risk like go after girls that are worth a crap, or try some skill, or make any serious investment.

        1. The ‘counseling’ your nephew received is intended to neuter any boy. School guidance LCSWGBTs muckrake business for freelance and state LCSWGBT counselors. Either it’s mandated by gynocracy bitchcourts or idiot parents voluntarily subject their young boys to the brainwashing. What a web of gynocracy that needs to be smashed and soon. All professional counselors took women’s studies. Many HS guidance counselors in the past two decades have been wholesale pushing on public students that the biggest growth careers are in:
          1).criminal justice
          2).social work/substance abuse counselling
          What does that say about western industry and cultural/economic health? Are these shitlib gynocracy counselors among the crying losers we saw on the morning of Nov 9? Every hospital and public school has a resident shitlib feminist counselor who peddles cultural marxism and they’re paid FAT salaries for the brainscrew snitch work that they do. We don’t need them. We don’t want them. They are extremely toxic people and are hell bent in opposition to everything we hold dear here, everything that is true. They represent total gynocracy. More must be done to call them out and clear out their office spaces to make way for the LEGIONS OF BEARDED patriarchs that will be swarming over the hill and descending on every college, school and institution soon. Schools will teach ‘patriarchal literacy’ and not disempowering ‘bitch stupidity’ under nanny state fawning tyranny. Hail the patriarchy!

    2. The fact that its dusk in the winter makes me think they are probably riding during night time, which is the only rational explanation for them wearing HV clothing.

      1. I picked a random pic but you see this all year round, day & night.

  33. Your title is very click baitish but I guess that’s the point. I think that society has been scared shittless based on the media pushing all these stories about some horrible contagious disease, accidents, crime etc etc. I used to play in the woods when I was as young as 10. I would be so far into the woods that I would sometimes see a moose. I can’t imagine as a parent now letting my children go into the woods but not because of moose, because of the serial rapist child killer I’ve been lead to believe lurks in every corner outside of my field of vision. I’m slowly starting to come out of this and let them run a bit more free because I remember how much fun I had just being a kid playing outside.

  34. I’ve been ranting about this subject for years. The whole world is laughing at western countries for these crazy security habits. There’s a new trend now whereby people walk down the street using these stupid hiking sticks ! Same in primary schools, during the winter, even if it’s 10°C outside and it’s sunny, they demand that kids put their snow pants and mittens. Hello ??

    1. It’s all about the opportunities for busybodies and henpeckers to increase thers voice and influence, an outcropping of more female dictators everywhere becoming both citizen cops citation cops in skirts. Manginas too see that they can score with the snitch hens if they too can socialize with the circle jerk talk of sniffing out infractions for the nanny state to prosecute. Men have become manginas by having their faces mashed into worry wart women’s issues. It’s like having your nose forcibly rubbed into a nasty menstruating twat. Listen to some threads on here. It used to be that NO MAN talked like that. Men didn’t sound like a ‘Safety Sally’. Men had manly he-man things to do and it was only an occasionally a mentally challenged woman in the village who was totally neurotc and would be heard cackling publicly and cooing like a disturbed hen over everything under the sun. Everyone can remember a village woman who stuck out as slightly crazy and who went off in hysteria over every little concern and it was because they were too stupid to figure out any sensible solutions themself. They could improvise nothing because they couldn’t think for themself. They were always heard hollering for help and assistance and then they’d go ape when they saw someone else doing something amiss. They were always ready to impulsively report anything that disturbed their own frail and fragile balance. The enforced nanny state culture has made men and women alike into broken confused dependent snitches just like the neurotic idiot woman from the old days.

  35. Back in the bad old days we learned about these things quite naturally.
    Our household pets were not spayed. We watched them go about making
    puppies and kittens, which we would see being born on towels spread out
    in the kitchen.

    If you have rely on your unfixed pets to teach your children about sex, you are doing something wrong.

  36. The only thing that sometimes scares me about Return of Kings is that we are all going to grow old to become grumpy men who spit on everything new, declaring the whole world to be an effeminate product of weak bodies and weaker minds, and bragging about how hard we had it. This is what my grandfather, a product of the WWI and the Great Depression did to me. That guy was as tough as nails. Wait, on second thought, that is exactly what I want to be…Fuck car seats!

  37. I grew up in an age where kids loved to ride in the back of a moving pickup truck. That said, I will never forget the abject horror on the faces of people, mostly women, and even once the police, in the late 1990’s when I would pick up my oldest son who was about 3 years old at the time, I would place him in the “government mandated” car seat that I placed in the front seat of my truck. I read an article in Road and Track magazine that chronicled how most car accidents happen because of distracted driving. By simply moving my sons car seat to the front seat where I had easy access to reach him and communicate with him both calmed his demeanor in the “straitjacket” like car seat and exponentially increased both of our safety by removing the distractions.
    The comments and looks from people were abundant, it seems many folks can’t differentiate between putting an infant into a rear facing child safety seat placing their head a mere inch or two from an Airbag that packs a punch like Tyson from a Simpson 5 point child harness seat, built like a miniaturized racing seat facing forward with a toddler in it and the air bag turned off. Once I was even warned by police that what I was doing was “not recommended” but also not illegal (for now).
    I live in an area where hard blowing snow and icy roads are the norm for nearly half the year, Things get hairy in a second or two in a moving vehicle and I’ve safely drove by many, many well meaning do-gooders who hit a ditch at speed with their kids in tow, sometimes pretty nasty. We just kept rolling. The world is full of sheep that love to poke their noses into the business of others. There was a time when people believed that their rights ended when they interfered with the rights of others.
    Sheep are everywhere and they curse the Sheppard’s of the world while cheering on the wolves in their new version of “Animal Farm”.

    1. “By simply moving my sons car seat to the front seat where I had easy access to reach him and communicate with him both calmed his demeanor in the “straitjacket” like car seat and exponentially increased both of our safety by removing the distractions.” So you removed distractions… By creating new distractions. Anyways, just because you aren’t distracted, doesn’t mean other drivers aren’t. It only takes 1 distracted drive to cause a collision.

    2. Back in the 70;s, before seat belts were widely used, before ABS, radial tires, disc brakes, and traction control, driving your family around was a selective pressure. No airbags or ABS to bail your ass out if you were a dumbfuck.
      We rode in the back of pickups, backs of station wagons, stood in the back seat, laid on the package tray in the back window etc. My seat-belt when I rode in front as a little kid, was my mom’s arm.
      I made it to adulthood in part due to the fact that my parents weren’t shitty drivers.
      The current societal trend is dysgenic and tries to make sure everyone survives, even people who would’ve gotten lost on the way to the outhouse 100 years ago. Generally speaking, removing selection pressures does not improve genetic stock.
      And that gentlemen, is the result of the 19th Amendment and a movement toward a feminine-primary or gyno-centric society.
      As another commenter astutely noted: women favor security over liberty.
      With women in charge, Columbus would never have sailed (not enough life jackets!). The Wright brothers plane would have never gotten off the ground due to excess weight of safety features. Etcetera.
      Would a woman have invented a motorcycle in a million years? I say no.
      That’s the quintessential truth of the red pill: men and women are different — both mentally and physically.

  38. We need to take the safety caps off aspirin bottles again, too. Those extra thousands of dead kids a year was good! Only the weak ones died!

    1. Cite statistic for the thousands of dead kids per year prior to safety caps please.
      Specific statistics from a reliable source, not an article claiming it hysterically.
      Thanks in advance.

      1. Actually I don’t think anyone died because of it besides people (and children) taking huge doses. The problem was many children would developed Reye Syndrome, which has a 20-40% death rate and about 1/3 of those who survive would end up with lifelong sever brain damage.

  39. A few things-
    First- the author states:
    ‘Highway deaths fall every year in both the United States and Europe. Nevertheless, police expend ever greater amounts of money and restrict civil liberties through harsh enforcement measures in order to protect this statistic.’
    The deaths have been falling due to increased safety emphasis/awareness the author is railing against. Safety seats appropriate to the weight/size of kids instead of the installed seat belts designed for adults. Crumple zones, air bags, collapsing steering wheels, drivetrains designed to be pushed away from the passenger compartment in a crash.
    Zealous enforcement of the traffic laws in many cases is more about revenue generation than safety.
    The bigger thing missed that would underline the authors point is the drastic reduction in playground equipment and types of games allowed at schools. Jungle gyms, see-saws, playing dodge ball, tag,– all kinds of stuff we used to play on and occasionally fall off of getting moderate to minor injuries have been removed. And that, is equally because of this insane idea that children can be protected from any injury and fear of lawsuits.

  40. The United States makes up 4.34% of the world. This country uses 80% of pain medications produced in the world. This country overall consumes 50% of all medication produced in the world.
    One night we had a 3-4 hour wait in our Emergency Room, It was so crowded people were inhaling each others aroma of sweat. Around 9pm I went out to measure which people could possibly be sent home and which needed to be seen ASAP. There was a young man 22-24 with his mother that had written in ‘Cough’ for his complaint. I began like this, “How long have you had your cough, is it hard to swallow and have you had fevers, chills, or colored phlegm associated with your coughing?”
    ” Well, I was driving home from work and I coughed.”
    “Not days of coughing, you just coughed once?”
    I listed all the reasons for him to go home as well as all the reasons to see his own doctor and all the reasons he should come back to the ER.
    At this point his mother interjected, “He needs to be seen.” I pointed out the wait and the possibility of higher priority of cases coming in that could lead to extending the wait time. She wanted him seen. At around 2-3 am I saw them leaving the ER with no test done, no meds given and no prescriptions given. I could go on till I die, that generation is doomed for unhappiness due the world & environment their parents are trying to create for them.

    1. This is what happens when you have a free market medical system where the industry is out to get as much use of medical care as possible.

      1. The US medical system is a government enforced racketeering scam.
        Free markets have absolutely nothing to do with it.
        Rather than write and link endlessly on the topic, I suggest starting with Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker. He’s done an exhuastive analysis and written reams about the corrupt nature of our health care system, which, according to him, violates USC 15 constantly.
        In a free market, I can ask “how much for X?” and the vendor will say $Y.
        Try that in a doctor’s office or hospital. For some reason though a veterinarian and a dentist can quote prices.

        1. “In a free market, I can ask ‘how much for X?’ and the vendor will say $Y.”
          You can do that in the US too, its just prohibitively expensive. You know, plenty of countries do operate on the out of pocket model, most of Africa for example. You know what they all have in common? Their health fucking sucks.

    2. The nanny snitch state has created multitudes of idiot hypochondriac women. A good intake person car smell a hypochondriac especially if they’ve ever lived with one that complains. Try telling them they’re fine and they’ll snap and begin having panic attack like you’re trying to illegally confine them, like they’re ready to make a federal case over it. They’ll hyperventillate as they gulp for air and grab for the phone. They’ll scream “abuse” and “you’re not a doctor”. Then they’ll find a compliant doctor who pops them all the pills they want.

  41. If you really want to depussify your chill’un, here’s my advice:
    First; go do some feel-good charity work at a nursing home. Let them learn what pain and suffering and indignity is. Hint: it’s not a f*ckin microaggression.
    Next: take them to a funeral. Pick a random if all your freinds and relatives are too selfish to die for sake of education. You’ve finally grown up when you realize and accept the fact that someday you will die.
    Finally; take them hunting. Duck, deer, rabbit, whatever. Doesn’t matter. More then another brush with death, this is how you help them realize “I can hurt, I can kill. I can destroy. My actions have permanent consequences. Regardless of, and disassociated from my intentions.”

  42. Actually, Free Range Kids is it’s own website and has many articles about how kids are over protected.

  43. I am truly sorry about your childhood.
    “the kid spends the other 999,999 in a straitjacket, being driven someplace he doesn’t want to go by people who are fighting traffic and swearing and speeding a bit in order to get them there.”

  44. Agreed.
    The shit I did as a kid would get parents thrown in jail nowadays (or should I say parent, since it’s mostly single moms with no dad anywhere in sight).

  45. How come they don’t have child seats on buses? Why don’t you need to wear a seatbelt on motorcycle? How come we don’t have to wear crash helmets in cars? Would full body armour protect pedestrians?
    Life’s mysteries.

    1. Follow the money. Lobbyists from car seat manufacturers bribed congress to enact those laws.

      1. No, car seats are their to keep you from being ejected from the vehicle, buses are just so heavy that your risk of being airborne is basically non existent. Even if the hypothetical situation of a very high intensity crash, seating is designed to keep children from being ejected.

        1. Don’t drive like an ass and they won’t be ejected. That includes being defensive to avoid others hitting you

    2. The physics of a bus crash are very very different from that of a car crash. Buses are very heavy, they can absorb the shock of an vehicular crash. In fact, if you look at crash fatality statistics, buses are much much safer than cars. Seat belts exist to keep people from being projected out of the vehicle, and buses 1) as stated earlier, absorb shock, and 2) buses are designed with seating and body design that prevent people from being ejected from the bus.
      Cars don’t have helmets because if you are wearing your seat belt, you have virtually no risk of ejected from the vehicle. As for motorcycles, well, do you want to be thrown 80 metres alone or tied to a 150kg piece of metal?

      1. I’m pretty sure physics is universal but aside from that fatal bus crashes occur all the time mate.
        The rest of what you said is very interesting and completely irrelevant. The point is the lack of a fixed standard of safety. If I am allow to ride a motorbike which is clearly more dangerous than driving a car helmet or not then I should be able to do it without wearing a helmet. Likewise, if it can be demonstrated that wearing a helmet inside a car improves “safety” then following the logic on seatbelt law, it should be a legal requirement that you wear a helmet inside a car.
        You may note that race car drivers wear helmets and seatbelts. Are you suggesting that they are wasting their time and money?

        1. “fatal bus crashes occur all the time mate.”
          And the “fatalities” aren’t the people in the buses. According to the NHTSA, on average from 2004 to 2013 there were 134 fatalities involved in school bus accidents, only 8% of which, or approximately 10 deaths, were people on the buses. How many people die in cars in 2015? 35,000.
          “The point is the lack of a fixed standard of safety.”
          No, different modes of transportation have very different risks, and thus different standards are applied.
          “If I am allow to ride a motorbike which is clearly more dangerous than driving a car helmet or not then I should be able to do it without wearing a helmet.”
          That logic is like saying that we are always going to have traffic deaths, so we might as well not try to reduce them at all.
          “Likewise, if it can be demonstrated that wearing a helmet inside a car improves “safety” then following the logic on seatbelt law, it should be a legal requirement that you wear a helmet inside a car.”
          I agree, but we can’t demonstrate that. Its actually been demonstrated that it causes more traffic deaths, not less. Helmets are clunky, and driving with them would simply cause distraction.
          “You may note that race car drivers wear helmets and seatbelts. Are you suggesting that they are wasting their time and money?”
          No, I suggest that they are using a vehicle is a completely different scenario than a street driver. Races are held on relevantly short tracks that are easy to memorize, they are also very wide and give much swerving room. Race car drivers operate their vehicles typically at more than twice the highest legal speed of a street vehicle.

        2. You’re arguing against yourself and you contradicted yourself. As you revealed there are fatalities in bus crashes. Therefore we should make them wear seat belts.
          Your analysis supports the argument that we should have helmets in cars. If they are effective for fast and erratic driving race car drivers then surely they should be required for street cars.
          How come race car drivers are not distracted by their helmets?

        3. “As you revealed there are fatalities in bus crashes.”
          A statistically insignificant small number of them that wouldn’t be helped with seat belts.
          “How come race car drivers are not distracted by their helmets?”
          Again, as I said earlier, race tracks are relatively short allowing memorization, and have large width allowing a lot of swerving.

        4. Andrew, for full disclosure’s sake I have studied statistics for years. When you say “statistically insignificant” do you mean that in the technical sense (i.e. that was the result of the regression analysis) or is it your opinion that it is insignificant?
          I don’t ask to be clever because I agree its a pretty small number but keep in mind in the hands of a politician no statistic is irrelevent (“if we can save just one child…”). You know what I mean.
          Regarding race tracks could I not make the same argument for roads? I.e. I have memorised all the of the streets that I typically use and I also don’t have to deal with racing other drivers. Not only that, your comments on the drawbacks of helmets also apply to motorcycle helmets and are a common complaint by motorcyclist who prefer to drive with helmets. Should then motorcycle helmets also not be a legal requirement? Likewise for pushbikes?

        5. “or is it your opinion that it is insignificant?”
          Well out of the millions of people who ride the bus every day, I can count on my hand how many of them die each year. Compare that to cars, where 30,000 die each year. Compared to cars, buses are much much safer.
          “but keep in mind in the hands of a politician no statistic is irrelevent (;if we can save just one child…;).”
          Those politicians are talking out of their asses. If they were telling the truth we would actually be working on decreasing our impact on the environment. The fact is, when they leave that stage, they will talk to their advisers who will tell them “yeah, its not worth it…” But still, as I said earlier, those seat belts wont save anyone. When the Dept of Transportation did a study on how well seat belts would work in buses, they found more children would end up dying each year with them than without.
          “I have memorised all the of the streets that I typically use and I also don’t have to deal with racing other drivers.”
          Yeah, but you don’t have 10 metres of swerve room, you don’t have a high likeliness of your head being shook around and hitting things in the car because you aren’t going 400 km/h, you have to deal with human beings on the street along with cyclists, and unlike you, plenty of other people have to drive in areas they have never driven before.

          “the drawbacks of helmets also apply to motorcycle helmets” Not really, cyclists are driving a vehicle with very high maneuverability great visibility. Car drivers don’t have either of these things, by driving in a car you already have reduced visibility.

        6. I think that your reasoning is a bit specious. Yes more people die in cars but then there are many more cars than buses. In spite of that, yes buses are safer but if we can make them even safer, shouldn’t we? And maybe, given your statistics, should we then ban cars and make everyone ride in buses? Then we can increase the safety of everyone right?
          Well you are more likely to die from a car accident than the environment.
          I don’t need 10 metres of swerve room. I’m not sure I like what you’re trying to insinuate about my driving. 🙂
          As for all of the other issues you mention about cars, well I can handle them. Have been for years.
          Interesting that you think that motorcycle helmets don’t have the drawbacks that you mention when they are worn in cars, when they are helmets are worn on motorcycles. Does some magical transformation take place when they are worn by motorcyclists? Actually motorcycle helmet manufacturers spend millions trying to fix these very problems you mention. Do you know something that they don’t?
          I have 360 degrees of visibility in my car. Yes motorcycles do have the increased manoeuvrability
          but that doesn’t make up for the lack of a protective cage that a car has.

        7. “yes buses are safer but if we can make them even safer, shouldn’t we? ”
          We should, but as I showed with that article, seat belts will not make buses safer.
          “And maybe, given your statistics, should we then ban cars and make everyone ride in buses?”
          I am actually in full support of banning cars in high density parts of urban areas. In places that Public Transit, walking, and bicycling would not be adequate such as rural and low density residential, well there you simply need cars.
          “I don’t need 10 metres of swerve room. I’m not sure I like what you’re trying to insinuate about my driving”
          You are taking what I was saying out of context. The point is that the conditions of race car driving is much different than driving a street vehicle. Race cars don’t need the visibility street vehicles do.
          “Yes motorcycles do have the increased manoeuvrability
          but that doesn’t make up for the lack of a protective cage that a car has.”
          Oh yeah, that is the other reason motorcycles have helmets and cars don’t which I forgot to mention. The risk of getting ejected off your motorcycle is 100%, with seat belts, the risk of getting ejected from a car is very very low (don’t have exact numbers).

        8. I know what you meant by the swerve room I was joking (hence the smiley). My fundamental point here is that there is always a way to make cars, buses etc. more safe. And if there was a universal and consistent standard of safety many of these absurd measures I proposed would be enacted. It is contradictory to allow you the choice of riding a bike or driving a car but not the choice of whether to wear a seatbelt/helmet or not.

        9. Good points sir. I would point out that this was being discussed on over 20 years ago. Anybody remember usenet?
          Another side effect of ‘car seats’ is: if a couple has more than 2 kids, they have to buy a much larger SUV or van to fit 3 car seats.
          We could go into a deep discussion on the safety of SUVs relative to cars, the excess fuel usage, and marketing campaigns used et al.
          I agree with the article’s premise and yours as well.
          My rule when it comes to safety for other people: GO FOR IT! Then deal with it.
          Just because SOME PEOPLE cannot safely drive a car and do any other task, doesn’t mean that all of us cannot.
          I have come to the point of disgust for the fem-centric safety first world where we now live.

  46. If you are white and want to let your kids wander around you’d better be living in a white neighborhood or build a time machine to drop them off in the 1980s or earlier (possibly the 90s in some areas). If you live in Sweden or Germany the time machine is your only option.

    1. You have an extremely misguided understanding of crime. Crime in the US has gone down since the 80’s, by a lot too. European countries all still have minority populations under 20%, and many times there statistics include people simply from other European countries as non native.

      1. I would say that it is your understanding of crime in the USA is misguided and incorrect.
        Diversity = dangerous neighborhoods for kids. Period.
        Look at our crime stats… Check out Colin Flaherty on Youtube.
        Call me whatever you want but I know I’d rather live around and raise my kids around people that look like me and share a similar culture. Trust is important in any society and diverse locales have precious little of it. Why do you think that is?
        Even uber-liberal Harvard published a study showing exactly that.
        Anybody who’s lived in both types of communities knows the score.
        Like they say over at Chateau Heartistse: Diversity + Proximity = War.

        1. “I would say that it is your understanding of crime in the USA is misguided and incorrect.”
          No, I get my information straight from the FBI and BJS.
          “Diversity = dangerous neighborhoods for kids. Period.”
          I don’t deny that diversity leads to increased crime, but explain why New York has gone from having one of the highest crime rates in the country to being lower than the national average, even has the national average itself has gone down.
          “Look at our crime stats… Check out Colin Flaherty on Youtube.”
          I don’t need to have some tool on YouTube process information for me, you can get those statistics straight from the Department of Justice.
          “Call me whatever you want but I know I’d rather live around and raise my kids around people that look like me and share a similar culture.”
          No shit Sherlock. Everyone does, and I don’t see why you feel the need to tell me this.

  47. I agree with a lot of what the author is saying, but car seats? Seriously? If he’s right about car seats, then we should all stop wearing seat belts when driving and helmets when riding motorcycles. Car seats are there, because she have to be a certain size and weight to wear a seat belt. Think of it as an adapter to the seat belt. With out it, children become human projectiles. I remember a time when people said, “was he dropped on his head as a child”. There is a reason why, some were. Some parents thought it made them tougher. Lets give the brain a chance to finish growing before we all get dropped on our heads. BTW, I had all the childhood ailments, from broken bones to stitches in the head.

  48. I didn’t have a car seat and almost died. I reached forward and turned the key to the off position while dad was driving down the highway. The back pressure blew the muffler off and dad would have killed me if mom hadn’t intervened.

  49. Car seats for children are a good idea because the risk is simply too big. We don’t have too many kids to experiment with safety.
    As for sex education: well, if you want even more American teenagers get pregnant, then fine, you can fight against it. :)))

  50. health and safety and general obsession with risk is a major problem for society, but focusing on car seatbelts for children seems like the weakest way to make this argument.

    1. I don’t think his intention was to talk about car seat belts, I believe is was trying to attack the overuse of special child seats way beyond infancy and toddling.

      1. sure, I just think it was the wrong angle of attack – people aren’t that rational about the safety of their kids

  51. I have a 13 month old so spend a lot of time around other parents of babies these days. Most of them seem pretty relaxed about it and let the kids do stupid things (fall down, eat paint, scratch each other) without freaking out about it. They just tell them not to do that and laugh about it. But every once in a while i see one of those psycho anal moms that schedules her kids naps, won’t let the kid get food all over his face & gives me judgy stink eye for letting my daughter crawl around the mall floor. And the kids of course look miserable.
    Isn’t childhood about being messy, foolish & carefree? And learning from your mistakes? My parents were good about this. Instead of guarding the radiator, they let my sister and i touch it once, feel it was scolding hot and “owie” we never went near it again. If you make something off limits kids will just be 10x more intrigued by it. We barely baby proofed our house. We just taught her to butt scoot down the stairs and if we see her reaching for the draino we snatch it away from her. I think people go insane with baby proofing because A) they are the anal parents mentioned above or B) they want to be able to stare at their phones all day instead of actively watch their kid.
    Now i wouldn’t quite call cushy carseats straight jackets, and i do like the extra protection since my city is full of retarded drivers. But i agree with the sentiment. Too much coddling, not enough freedom for the youngins.

  52. ‘Safety’ enforcement is but another unwanted bamboo shoot of the uncontrolled and unregulated bureaucratic culture of government. The growth of bureaucracy itself needs arrested and reversed. Who regulates the unregulated spread of departmental overgrowth? Citizens can check and balance. Shame on the fat parasite unproductive government worker who receives a gravy salary for knowingly wasting the national wealth and withdrawing funds while they live as parasites. Fat incompetent parasite government workers need shamed especially. Some obese government departments like the ‘CPS’ are terrible agressors against family/culture and are not surprisingly also staffed to a majority by obese Lesbians.
    DAVE HODGES of ‘The Common Sense Show’ did an expose of this insideous department misnamed as the child ‘protective’ services. He interviews an inside whistle blower who dealt with the fat lesbian workers regularly. Some excerpts:
    “One of the CPS agents complained that her supervisors operated on an informal quota system.”If 100 child abuse/neglect were reported, 75 children were going to be taken from their mothers”.
    The Joy of Inflicting Misery
    “One of the CPS agents is married and has children. She claims that she was in the extreme minority as most of her fellow caseworkers were “overweight lesbians with no children”. Repeatedly, this agent observed a total lack of empathy from the CPS caseworkers for the mothers who would lose their children. Some of her fellow caseworkers would act with glee at the prospect of removing a child and it was often a cause of celebration at the nearby pub during happy hour, where the agents would toast each other for their “accomplishments”. The glee from these CPS agents did not come from the satisfaction of saving a child from neglect and abuse, it was more like the joy a hunter gets from killing the hunted. “The more fear and misery inflicted on the mother”, the more joyful the job of being a CPS worker became for these monsters that would steal other people’s children!”
    “One of the CPS caseworkers complained that “the opinions of the predominately liberal, authoritarian, overweight female staff will drive the case in any manner they choose, literally.”
    “Again, one of the CPS agents has some very pointed advice on how to avoid being a victim of your state’s CPS:
    “You need to have a family action plan on what to do in case of emergencies, this includes CPS tyranny emergencies. ALWAYS obtain passports for all of your children. If your children are under the age of 18, both parent’s signatures are required for passports. Here’s why all children need passports. Marriages occur in churches, divorces don’t. If, for some strange reason you and your loving spouse’s relationship is on the rocks, or you’re embroiled in a bitter custody dispute where the odds are stacked against you; you might need an international escape plan.
    “Where would you go? Whatever you do, don’t flee to Hague Convention countries listed on this link:
    “These countries have an agreement with the U.S. government to return all missing children to their respective countries. This means if you’ve fled the country for the sake of your child and end up in one of these countries listed, you can expect to get arrested by the local military or police if they locate you. If you must flee, choose a Non-Hague Convention country, preferably bordering other Non-Hague Convention countries. If you choose this option, it will be necessary to go “ghost”. You’ll need to cut all forms of communication ties with all family, friends, acquaintances, enemies, current employers, past employers, etc. Get my drift?”
    Wow. Flee to a non Hague accord country if in a custody dispute or if you lock horns with the state child trafficking/protection industry racketeers and get branded perhaps by the oxymoron ‘parental kidnapper’. Hahaha. Who’s zoomin’ who? A parent can’t kidnap. The state does that.
    Christian fundamentalist home schoolers were traditionally the big sitting duck targets for CPS kidnappers. Also any other non PC peacable group that doesn’t fight back. If anyone had a reason to go full on apeshit against the gynosystem, it would have to be someone threatened with having their offspring kidnapped. It irks me any time I hear of someone who had their own blood progeny snatched from them without going all out jiihad fighting back, without a whimper of defense. I look at them like they’ve become a dumb animal who lives on in its stable until it then becomes their time for the butcher block. Only a dumb farm animal like a cow goes ‘mooo’ as their young are taken for special ‘purposes’ like VEAL! And reports still abound of children abducted worldwide by the various state child abduction/protection rackets where the chiddren eventually end up as medical waste less a few organs. Even in the USA many cps abducted children simply vanish into the government black hole with their whereabouts unrecorded at some point and thereafter untraceable. Why all the secrecy in women’s advocacy especially with the children?? It’s because the chldren are used as medical guinea pigs for one and if they don’t get lucky and up on the ‘market’ traded internationally by cabals from every corner of the globe (where there’s at least hope for escape), then they likely end up on dissection tables. That’s the ‘secrecy’. Some do go to actual homes for the photo op donation posters.
    I turn my head whenever I see a good parent who willfully gave up their own blood to the beast without a brutal blood fight. In scripture IT STATES “do not let thy seed be cast into the fire”. That’s a direct order and instruction from above. Be ready to defend with all the fire in your body and soul against the beast if you plan to raise a family. The war isn’t over. It has yet to begin.
    But back to the article. The article/interview where it suggests the option of FLEEING to a non Hague convention country. That sounds most survivable for all involved in any sort of government clusterfuck. Remaining in a tyranny zone is guaranteed blood fighting for survival but fleeing takes calm and prior preparation. The article is from 2014. It’s a bit dated seeing as how NOW the tables are flipping and it may be THEY the enemy who should flee. Why? Because today we’re seeing the heat cranking up a bit with vigilent patriarchal family heads. The patriarchs will soon be of sufficient force to put down and drive out the gynocrat elements and their elitist cabal drivers. The trend is clearly for the West to once again be survivable for the trad family. The transformation will come hard once it starts. Patriarchal growth and resurgence cannot be stopped at this point. The old guard of feminazi and anti family forces will be seen like war criminals soon, hounded and hunted and it is they who will jam the last trains out if their visas are in order.
    And also on the ‘non Hague’ countries, it’s a thought to entertain if you ever did have to flee domestic tyranny. Nicaragua is one shithole of a ‘non Hague’ country but the best would have to be Japan followed by Vanuatu, Ukraine, Korea, Argentina and Bengladesh/Burma if you sport a tan. Mozambique if it’s a real permanent tan. Actually the South Pacific micro nation of Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides territory of NZ) has basically no legal system (thus no divorce rape courts), it’s non interpol, no extradition, and the worlds lowest incarceration rate per capita (>10 per 100k). US has highest (<900 per 100k).

  53. Very well thought out article, however I disagree with the statement on sex-education. Sex-ed has nothing to do with teaching sex, its about teaching the risks of sex and how to prevent those risks from coming to fruition.

  54. I get where the author is going with this, but the car seat metaphor is imperfect to say the least. They make good sense. Now, does it make good sense to have your three year old wearing a helmet, knee & elbow pads while on his tricycle, fiddling around in the driveway? Not so sure.

  55. Free-range parenting works fine, but it helps if you don’t live in a crime-ridden slum like a lot of those Nicaraguan children; too many CIA-funded death squads, drug cartels, sex tourists and sex trafficking/organ harvesting rings.

  56. Got this in an Email from a friend:
    TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!!
    First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn’t get tested for diabetes.
    Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints.
    We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when
    we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took
    As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags.
    Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat.
    We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.
    We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and
    NO ONE actually died from this.
    We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank koolade made with sugar, but we weren’t overweight because:
    We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on.
    No one was able to reach us all day.
    And we were O.K.
    We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ride down
    the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.
    We did not have X-boxes, Playstations, Nintendo’s, no video games at all, no 150 channels on cable, no video movies or DVD’s, no surround-sound or CD’s, no cell phones, no personal computers, no Internet or chat rooms……
    WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!
    We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.
    We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever.
    We were given BB guns for our 10th birthdays, made up games with sticks and tennis balls and, although we were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes.
    We rode bikes or walked to a friend’s house and knocked on the door or rang
    the bell, or just walked in and talked to them!
    Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn’t had
    to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!!
    The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law!
    These generations have produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!
    The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas. We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned
    If YOU are one of them . . . CONGRATULATIONS!
    You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as
    kids, before the lawyers and the government regulated so much of our lives for our own good. And while you are at it, forward this to your kids so they will know how brave (and lucky) their parents were.
    Kind of makes you want to run through the house with scissors, doesn’t it?!
    The quote of the month is by Jay Leno: “With hurricanes, tornadoes, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks,”Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?”

  57. I agree somewhat with the apparent premise, that kids are over-protected today, but I drive a lot and the thought that a family could lose one of their children to a situation that was preventable isn’t acceptable. WAAAAAAAAyyyy too much erratic driving/dui driving the last twenty years. I learned to drive on a pickup with a 3 speed on the column, drivers back then were of a different era of responsibility. It’s barely controlled chaos now. Buckle them, stow any objects that could break free in an accident and become a projectile inside of the car.

  58. Yeah wouldn’t it be great…except in the early 20th century kids weren’t risking winding up in a Comet Ping Pong hilight reel just walking to school. Streets weren’t packed with violent “activists”, weren’t being tasked with 40-hour work weeks to learn how not to offend cat women.
    And the parents, back in the 1800’s folks weren’t getting robbed by the govt for 1/3 of their paychecks and fighting Indian H-1B imports to keep their crummy jobs. Folks could afford to have 5 or 6 kids and risk one of em stumbling into traffic because both parents didn’t have to work 60+ hours just to cover a shitty apartment.
    So yeah, how we raise kids could use work. Let’s get to it right after we finish with the public hangin’s.

  59. In regards to not spaying your pets and government sex education – what about our population growth being too high? Same for dogs, there are too many abandoned dogs everywhere

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