An Ugly African Woman Has Somehow Managed To Win Miss Helsinki

When you hear the words Finland or Scandinavia, what’s the first images that pop into your head? My guess would be vikings, blistering cold, and some of the blondest hair and bluest eyes in the world. Studies typically show that 80% or more of the population of Finland have blonde hair. And when you hear the words beauty pageant, you probably think of beauty (obviously), elegance and grace.

With that being said, I present to you the winner of Miss Helsinki 2017, Sephora Ikalaba. She’s the one in the middle. Take a second to comprehend how she won the beauty pageant for the capital of Finland.


This pageant has been all over the place. Forums are talking about this, but it’s all speculation. News outlets are conveniently omitting anything about the situation in the name of being politically correct. On top of that, many of the sources are in Finnish, and Google Translate isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed.

So let’s start with the facts that can be verified. It’s pretty well-known (and obvious) that Ikalaba is of Nigerian descent originally, and has immigrated to Finland. Her Finnish citizenship level, and when she migrated to Finland is very much up in the air. It seems she did at least learn Finnish from looking at her Instagram account, but until the pageant winners publish some sort of biography about her that’s up in the air, too.

The Obvious

Let’s start with this: I’ll wager that the vast majority of men are not going to find her attractive. She just lacks any and all of the feminine beauty that have always embodied what a beauty pageant is all about. For example, Russian girls have this in spades. Of course, people are rushing to defend her. The leftist-type thinkers are all up in arms, crying that she’s beautiful inside and out. They say it’s hurtful that people are saying that she looks like a monkey who had her head caved in by a shovel, and then stomped on.

I’ll let you be the judge:



This Tweet below went viral, and pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter. I think the majority of men can look at these picture and surmise that:

  1. Miss Ikalaba doesn’t represent the Scandinavian look that is so well-known throughout the world; i.e. blonde hair and blue eyes. Look at the featured image on this post—7 out of the 10 contestants embody this.
  2. She is definitely not the most beautiful of the contestants.

In the interest of being objective, I do realize that a pageant isn’t solely based on physical looks alone. There are other things that come into play: charity work, accomplishments, plans to make a difference in the world, etc.

What Has Sephora Ikalaba Accomplished?

Again, the media is leaving things out. They claim that beauty pageants are about more than beauty—the accomplishments and personal side of the competition have just as much pull. Except, it seems that Miss Ikalaba hasn’t really accomplished much of anything in her life. Despite scanning through the first five pages of Google and translating every page, the most I’ve pieced together is than she has an Instagram where she shows off some fitness gear.

People can claim that beauty isn’t skin deep all they want. They can claim that it wasn’t in the name of being politically correct. That Ikalaba had done some great things off of the runway. But to that I’d argue—why aren’t those accomplishments being reported? They can’t say that escaping her home country and migrating to Europe is much of an accomplishment, as Europe lets just about everybody in.


Surely if she had these accomplishments they’d be front and center, as a front for why she won Miss Helsinki. As an excuse that she didn’t win just for the sake of being politically correct and diversity. It’s painstakingly obvious that the lack of information on any personal accomplishments means that she likely doesn’t have them to begin with.

Prior Precedent

A few years ago, Miss Japan was won by a “Hafu”; i.e. mixed race. That girl though, was ethnically Japanese. She grew up in Tokyo, had a Japanese name, and was immersed in the culture. On top of it, Miss Japan was at least cute and accomplished (she had a full-time job as an elephant trainer, for starters). I can look at the gallery of Miss Japan contestants from her winning year and think that she at least looks somewhat Japanese.

Take a look for yourself and see if you can figure out who won:


The Miss Japan 2015 winner is the photo in the bottom left. She seems to resemble Thai women more so than Japanese, but it’s not as drastic as Miss Helsinki.

It seems that Miss Japan set a dangerous precedent. It was the start of fully embracing diversity in beauty pageants, across the board. It went from having a mixed winner in Japan to having a dark-skinned immigrant representing the most blonde haired/blue eyed country in the world. Quite the jump.

Is There A Line?

I grew up in a state (California) that’s fixated on diversity. I’m not stranger to letting anyone and everyone in—Latinos now outnumber whites in California, and this is only going up. This Miss Helsinki situation would be the rough equivalent of an illegal immigrant winning Miss California. As liberal as California is, I suspect there would be a bit of pushback if this happened.

It’s likely that the new Miss Helsinki will try to advance even further through the beauty pageant ranks. What a laugh it’ll be if she’s representing Finland in an upcoming Miss Universe pageant. It’ll be interesting to see how she uses her newfound influence as Miss Helsinki. Will she represent the interest of the Finnish people themselves, or will she be a walking and talking propaganda to encourage more immigration to Europe?

Sadly, I suspect it will continue to go that route as long as the Scandinavian men are looking like this:


I look at this situation and see very little way out short of actual revolution. People are now being told that their own ethnic look and heritage is no longer good enough. Think about the little girls in Finland now, who will look at this competition and see that their national and natural look can’t, and won’t, win a Finnish beauty pageant. 

Should the little girls in Nigeria feel the same way? No, but they have their own beauty pageants. It should not be a matter of sacrificing one for the other. It should be about European countries fighting to keep their culture, genes, and sense of national pride alive.

Unfortunately it seems as if Finland has completely thrown in the towel on that.

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697 thoughts on “An Ugly African Woman Has Somehow Managed To Win Miss Helsinki”

  1. Nice bod. She doesn’t have model quality face. Her face is 5 out of 10, girl next door. The manager of my gym is like that. She won some local/regional bikini fitness model competition but couldn’t go further because she doesn’t have the face to go with the bod. So this looks like tokenism to me.

    1. Agreed, that body is bangin. She is definitely a butterface.
      Honestly though, how many men even pay attention to beauty pageants?
      I’d watch the Lingerie Football League before anything like this. Those women have the best bodies I’ve ever seen.

        1. Where have you been. We all watch that during half time of the super bowl rather than the lame ass domestic violence commercials.

    2. Into thunder thighs and big asses then are you? Not my thing. Every other girl on the stage looked 100x prettier than she’ll ever hope to look.

        1. Absolutely, although my preference is for #4 from the Left.

        1. Right?
          Although Finns aren’t technically Indo-European nor actually Northern Germanic, so I can forgive them for not going Viking. Swedes/Norweigians/Danes/Icelandics on the other hand, better damned well show up at the part with drink horns, shields and really scary swords.

        2. * Jots down Ghost’s notes furiously. Waits for the Miss Oslo, Miss Copenhagen and Miss Reykjavik events. Prays some turd doesn’t end up winning in the name of muh diversity *

      1. If I ran a pageant I’d have a strictly judging aesthetic beauty rule and no virtue signalling rule eg. “I want to make it a better world by giving every child a roof & food blahblahblah”.

    3. 5 out of 10? You need glasses dude. Her body is lame and deformed and she’s ugly as shit. Maybe a TWO out of ten.

    1. I’m starting to wonder if that dude was a genuine freak or perhaps someone on our side using black-propaganda trolling on the lefties. That’s how terrible it looks.
      It’s nothing new. I recall at a gun show back in the late 90s I was there early and there was a fellow in full “KKK gear”. Yes, there was such a thing as KKK swag where you can order in a catalog all the hats, vests, and belt buckles, etc. I have seen it.
      It looked like this fellow ordered the whole catalog. Everything looked brand new too. Sure you might find a biker with “HA leanings” from time to time who might have one of the KKKs symbols on him, but this fellow was covered head to toe.
      Now this was at a gun show, mind you.
      The media showed up to do a thing on the gun show.
      The reporter bitch and camera man showed up and made a beeline right for KKK guy.
      And interviewed him. And that night everybody got a “dose” of “gun owners are all KKK”.
      That’s how they work.
      Thus in that light, and that image, even I have toyed with the idea of going to leftoid rallies in full freaktard mode of sorts – anything – like dress like a duck or something. I don’t know.
      But from what I have seen so far, there are plenty of Tumblr subscribers already doing that job. Poe’s Law comes to mind. To paraphrase Tommy Sotomayor: “Look it up, honkies”.

      1. I’ve seen similar at gun events too. I’ve even heard cameramen given clear instructions not to pan a group of gun owners if it included minorities (that would disrupt the narrative of us all being inbred white racist KKK members, you see). My perception suggests that it’s not accidental in the least.

        1. It’s almost like there’s some kind of AGENDA.
          Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

      2. The KKK is the most infiltrated group in the ‘scene’; in fact I doubt there is any real KKK now due to the infiltration level…..hell, A&E even paid some ‘klansmen’ to make scenes for a reality show!

        1. They disappeared when Johnson’s “Great Society” was signed. Racism is a result of people living on the take. KKK has been replaced by Black Panthers and La Raza.

        1. Anybody who upvotes a sotomayor reference gets my vote.

      1. Even with a body like that you wouldn’t bang?
        If I have low standards you have too high standards.

        1. No he doesn’t, he just has self respect.
          Bag on the head types are for guys who can’t get pretty girls who are pretty all over.

        2. You could just not look at her face, or just hit doggystyle.
          You guys are uptight about everything. I’m not wifing her. Up.

  2. Ironically most African men would probably find the white Finnish women more attractive.
    Our elites now blatantly gaslight us to deny the evidence of our senses.

  3. I’ll be honest – I’d be pretty hard pressed to rank that lineup. So many beautiful women, each with something to offer to the eye that’s different from the girls on either side of her.
    Except the girl who won. I see several equivalent-or-better bodies with much more desirable faces, and five will get you ten they’re at least as accomplished as Instragram chick.

    1. I’d vote for the 4th or 7th from the left.
      The black chick isn’t even a hot black chick… Makes no sense…

        1. KyleTrouble shoulda set up a poll… I bet the whole forum would agree with us. Would Kinda put a damper on the whole “beauty is socially constructed”.

        2. 4th from the left is definitely who caught my eye as well. S he’s the prettiest and hottest. I would go for 9th as my second choice.. followed by #6 or #7.
          I think most men have very similar taste in beauty and women.. which is why the hottest and prettiest women are getting hit on and getting attention from pretty much every man of every age out there… and why these women enjoy incredible sexual power. Young, pretty women with slender and sexy, curvy, hourglass figures (and by curvy I don’t mean “fat”!) within the age of 18-26 are what most men desire.
          On the other hand, women’s taste in men and what they consider “hot” and desirable is far more malleable and diverse. Put a bunch of women together and ask them to pick which men they desire from a line-up and you’ll get a far more diverse outcome than what men would pick from a line up of women. Some women (in their 30s) find the older, distinguished George Clooney t ype more attractive. Some younger women might go for the pretty boy like Brad Pitt in his heartthrob, younger days. Some will be affected by a man’s fame.. such that an outright ugly, tattoed rocker guy who is famous and a “bad boy” will be what some women want… remember how all the ugly, rocker guys from Guns N Roses or Motley Crue had hot, model-t ype women as their groupies and girlfriends.

        1. I find her dark, dark hair and curvy lumbar region quite appealing. Also she has mastered the ‘dress about to fall off shoulder’ effect.

      1. She was also the ONLY black one.
        You would almost think there’s some kind of AGENDA.

      2. 4th from left or 9th from left (2nd from right) for me. I usually dig brunettes but the fact of the matter is that all the blondes pass the minimum hotness test.
        And central to the argument, as you’ve pointed out, is that the black girl does not.

  4. Ironically, white people who have lived in sub-Saharan African countries for centuries are not considered “real Africans” by the blacks. Read up on the story of the whites after the independence of Zimbabwe: harassed, murdered and driven out of land that was in their families for generations.

    1. Yes, a friend of mine from Zimbabwe had to leave due to Mugabe going berzerk too. Shame, he and his family loved their homeland.

    2. Some white south Africans wanted to be refugees in Canada, because they live in fear. Canada said no. But if you a Somalian rapist claiming to be Syrian you are welcome.
      And see the refusal of the ONU to accept that the Christians in Syria (A minority) are in more danger but ZERO Christians get a refugee status. The tolerant Muslim of the religion of peace throw them to the sea and/or rape them in the road to Eurabia.
      You don´t need to go that far, look the refusal of the government and lame stream media to accept that the kidnapping of the white boy by 4 blacks was a racial hate crime.

      1. This is supposed to make the world like and admire us by showing that we’re not racist or nationalist. Liberals believe it causes everyone else to see Western countries as superior (with Liberals as the most ultimate superior whites) and be filled with admiration and awe.
        Liberals really believe this will end racism and war and make them the World Ruling Elite.

        1. And the award for most patronizing people on the planet goes to… American White women. Oops, I take that back, American white male cucks because they patronize non whites and American white women.

        2. Well allowing women to vote was the beginning of the end. Women are simply not capable of logic thought. They don’t care about their own country as long as they can help a million rapefugess.

        3. It seems that the white women you are talking about are mostly jewish women, posing as “white”.

        4. Yes. If you’ve followed the news the last couple of decades you’ll remember the female hysterias that caused so much trouble. Hysteria over children being born to be sacrificed to Satan, the day care hysteria in which without proof it was believed day care centers were places for systematic sexual abuse of children, the lesbian hysteria when celebrity females all “discovered” they were lesbians (and later, quietly, that they weren’t), the “recovered memory” panic in which women believed they’d witnessed rapes and murders (usually by their fathers) and repressed the knowledge till a pshrink brought it out….

      2. Across the regime changed middle east the Christian populations have been decimated by the forces armed by the meddlers and nobody in government has a single thread of compassion for them or even the least bit of guilt for having brought about the situation.

      3. Claiming to be an African-American while being a white South African who immigrated to the US can lead to a beat down from blacks or lead to a “check your white privilege” from an SJW.

        1. All the more reason to claim it openly to their faces. Assuming that they, like me, pack heat.

        2. claiming to be just African, born and raise in Africa can lead to that, if you are white, but if a white said that Africa is a black continent he is a racist, but a white can´t be an African, so what it is, is it or not a black continent? Depend on who you ask. 1984 Orwellian double thinking.

      4. Syrians are technically white. It seems Western countries deem them to be proper whites fit to immigrate to their countries. South Africans are the wrong kind of whites and shall suffer in their hell holes!

      1. Another thing to research is that the Bantu peoples who are the ancestors of most black South Africans migrated into the area around the early 1600s. The earliest white settlement (by the Dutch) was around the mid 1600s.

    3. Not considered ‘real Africans’ by the blacks in those countries and by many liberals everywhere. The narrative is they deserve being murdered and driven out for stealing the land from the natives, oppressing the natives; ‘Africa for the Africans’, etc.

      1. Well they did oppress them a little, to be fair..they also gave them functioning cities, roads and running water.

        1. No doubt, a lot in some places. I’m on the rebound from my former, the usual “Free Nelson Mandela” mentality.
          I should read more about African history. I was going to mention the Boers: I once read an article (and posted a comment here) about how their settlement was negotiated and justly established. I just looked them up, so as not to mess up the dates. Wow, the conventional history is nothing like what I read, I’ll have to pursue that sometime.
          It’s an interesting situation for civilized people to live with tribal people. I suppose SJWs would say equal rights, forgive the ‘cultural’ errors they make, bring them up to your economic status right away. However I could see how apartheid would get started.
          I know the Brits really messed up the Boers, threw the women and children in their newly-invented concentration camps (something like 25% died), and created the diamond monopoly for powerful interests. After that I heard a lot of non-indigenous tribe people came in and more problems arose.

    1. No. The one on the far right is ugly. A few have homely faces. You need to get out more.

  5. “As liberal as California is, I suspect there would be a bit of pushback if this happened.”
    Most of it would probably get suppressed by the Narrative Framers.

  6. Part of me wants to say that it’s just brainless virtue-signalling to make the SWPLs feel good about themselves. That it’s rather like the American high school fad of electing the retarded dude as prom king. It gets in the news and everyone pats themselves on the back. But it’s just a hollow gesture. The dude ain’t getting invited to the after-parties and he’s not going to get laid.
    On the other hand, it is normalizing the pedestalization of non-natives. If you look at the Blasian Miss Japan she was basically a mouthpiece for Cultural Marxism. She went on some rant about how Japan was racist but would be fully-intermixed and multicultural within 100-200 years. (As an aside, the mixed-race identity is baffling to me. Aside from some cool outliers they all seem like a bunch of neurotic self-loathers who are fascinated with the idea of making everyone else mixed-race and identify with their most exotic parent even if they’ve never met them.)

    1. Lots of narcissism from mixed-race folks. You’re always identified by your darker parent’s ethnicity, but, funnily enough, the most racist folks against intermixing tend to be blacks. Creates a scenario where weak-minded folks will attempt to ‘prove’ they’re worthy of their in-group.

    2. Good lord you know that there are some sluts out there that are sucking that terrified retarded high school kids wang for charity (attention).

    3. People who are part white get to claim the priveleges of their minority half (or whatever %) while being completely absolved from their evil oppressor white half. Most blacks on the US are part white. Heck Obama is half white, yet he has zero white guilt and is never called out on having white privilege. Many native Americans, mexicans, and Hawaiians have more white than native blood, yet they hate on whites all day long and are coddled for being a minority.

  7. This reminds me of the Brazillian broad winning miss Japan last year and 2015!
    Whether you like Japanese chicks or not really Miss Japan should be Japanese.
    Here’s a proper one from 2014! look down..

        1. Those girls are hot. That’s the minimum characteristic to meet. Then work from there. And they’re ethnically half Japanese anyway.

  8. Imagine if you will that they do have their revolution and they, in recognition of this wild attempt at egalitarianism, nullify that win.
    The same people who have no problem with wrecking the lives and livelyhoods of whites, and who would pull an award from a white person – just like what the Nazis would do or have been depicted as doing to Jews – would scream and point and say “this what Nazis do!”
    Makes me wonder if every “oppressed person” of the past had it coming in some manner. Perhaps the “award pulled from the Jewish kids hands” in the 1930s was legit after all, as I see it now, the people who won’t let a white woman in a white land win a pageant should be fired and this award pulled. Right from her hands. Because the whole thing is rigged. Go ahead and color her white and she’s still ugly.
    Imagine if we start firing all those affirmative action hires? “That’s what the Nazis did!!”
    No, assholes. “Nazis” put them there in the first place.
    Yeah, I’m getting to the point where the “effort”, or ((effort)) is so naked and bold now, I’m starting to wonder if that whole Nazi thing was a reaction, not just Germans being dicks, to a huge problem already in place.
    Not that I could condone what Nazis did… but gee, what they did do sure does get used on us a lot, don’t it? When we say gun registration leads to confiscation, that slippery slope so to speak, we get called named. When we say “Europe for whites” (where they have lived for a very very very long time) suddenly it’s going to end in death camps no doubt about it.
    Thankfully “Muh holocaust” or “holocaustianity” is coming to an end and we can start having real dialog about race, nationalism, ethnocentricity, and other adult matters.

    1. Started reading “Mein Kampf” this week. I recommend reading it.
      Simply the fact that it has been banned from the stores in many countries til the present day speaks a lot.
      If it really was such a stupid book – just how german MSM always portrays it – then why not hand it out to everyone so we all have a good laugh?
      Oh, I know.
      Because it isn’t BS and it perfectly exposes (((them))).

      1. I ‘ve read Mein Kampf twice, although a long time ago, so I should read it again. I agree – it’s a great book!

  9. Judge 1: “Maybe she’s the ugly duckling which one day will transform into a beautiful white swan!”
    Judge 2: “Mama told me: Son, remember we’re Finnish, not Russians”
    Judge 3: “That check they slipped under the table will sort our family holiday this year. Maybe my wife will let me have sex now. I’ll ask her tonight”
    Judge 4: “I’ll tell the negro I voted for her and that I’ve never met (fucked) a black woman before.”
    Judge 5: “I’m black, I’m voting for that tall blonde in the middle!”
    And the winner is …

  10. Beauty may be skin deep, but ugliness is bone deep. Neither the negro, nor the oriental, in the pic of the three are pretty. Ugly is a maybe a compliment for her.
    She didn’t win, she was anointed by feminists and SJWs. Finns should be outraged

  11. The greatest difference between the African winner of Miss Helsinki and the half-African winner in Japan is that the latter was genuinely beautiful while the former is simply ugly. Maybe there was some virtue signalling going on with the hafu winning in Japan but she was beautiful enough to have legitimately been chosen on merit. There’s not a chance in hell the Helsinki winner received a single vote that wasn’t motivated by anything other than her skin color.

  12. She reminds me of the clay mock-ups of what the fossil known as “Lucy” must have looked like.

  13. Wow, this would be bad enough if it was at least some light skin Beyonce lookin fox, but instead they elect a post op Mos Def as the winner? R.I.P Euro culture

    1. a post op Mos Def

      If that’s not the thread winner, I’ll eat my hat.

    2. The nose on the sheboon is more like Snoop Dogg. Or Mr. Potato Head.
      Crap… there I go being racist and insensitive again.

  14. Throw a bag over her head and I WB.
    At this point, the playing field is so uneven that it’s time to retool the rule book. Playing pickup basketball a few weeks back, I found myself on a dominant team. It wasn’t necessarily because we were the most talented–although we did have some good players–rather, it had more to do with our communication and ball movement, as well as the opposing team’s laziness.
    After a couple of games, one of the guys on the other team wouldn’t quit bitching, so we switched it up. Although I fought against it, the majority voted to change things up. As a result, I got unlucky and drew two of the lazy guys. Despite my best efforts, we ended up losing a couple of close games, so I attempted to use their bullshit tactics against them to no avail, with them saying “the teams were now more even.”
    So what does the above story have to do with this pageant? It’s simple. Cultural Marxism has seeped so deep that the playing field has become lopsided for anyone who lacks a minority or victim trait. There’s this little blind girl who sings the National Anthem at several sporting events. She misses a ton of notes, but gets praised all over social media for her “braveness.” Surely more talented singers are being denied the spotlight (and exposure) to allow a kid with a disability to sing a poorly tuned National Anthem so all the virtue-signalling harpies out there can get their feels.
    Western societies have accepted these rules to their detriment. A retarded kid’s terrible drawing of his mommy and daddy falling in love would probably draw more praise and adulation than any of Michelangelo’s work had he lived in this day and age. The most talented among us are being suppressed to allow those with perceived inequalities shine. These mother fuckers start the game up 10-0, and still complain that things aren’t fair, so the ones with the “power” have to cut off their right hand to even the playing field.
    It’s time to burn the current rule book and get back to letting winners win. I’m fucking tired of having some untalented kook shoved down my throat just because he has some disability, or is a part of some minority group. Time to wipe the slate and start clean.

    1. A to the fucking men to that man.
      Homecoming queens and kings being disabled or mentally challenged, more often than not now, and of course you need the disabled and/or fat-ugly chick on the cheerleader squad…or else.
      And the mommies in the audience clap and smile and are breathless with “ooooh, she’s so beautiful”. I don’t mind people with disabilities at all, not in the least, and I don’t envy them. But can we just get back to something resembling a meritocracy and leave this virtue signaling crap behind finally?

      1. At this point, if I did have a disability, I would be highly insulted. It’s actually disgusting how they use these peoples’ disabilities to further their own narcissism. All these women on Facebook are constantly posting pictures of these horribly disfigured people with the caption: “Like if you think she’s beautiful!” It’s nauseating.
        I want quality, and the more we pander to those who lack the ability to create said quality, all we’re going to get are shit sandwiches that make dumb internet harpies feel good for a few seconds before they move on to the next thing.

      2. I just remember people were swooning over this baby boy with no brain, and his parents insisted on keeping him alive. The poor baby was blind and wasn’t even capable of any thought, and people were ecstatic, saying how BEAUTIFUL he was. Meh, I just saw this thing with half a head on a napkin.

        1. I not only refuse to participate in such stupidity, I’ll sometimes even call it out if I think that I can get by with it a the time.
          Our silence creates their strength.

      3. Everybody knows the fat chicks are on the squad to be bases for the triangle and so football boys can wear their outfits for the zany homecoming rally.

      4. The temptation to plant some kid whispering loudly, the equivalent of ‘But the emperor is naked” at these events just keeps getting stronger. And seeing that whisper build up to a crescendo among the crowd. And having the lamestream media or better yet, some independent video grapher upload footage of this development would be just sweet.
        “But…she’s fucking ugly. She makes ugly look lovely”
        “But..he throws that pitch like an 8 year old girl ”
        But…he flubbed his lines twice and he’s a stuttering motherfucker”
        But…he’s not qualified to drive. I don’t care if he meets your diversity quota. Try arguing with gravity and inertia, you dumb bitch. No one has won that argument since forever.”
        “But..she’s just fat. And my dick doesn’t lie about things like this. I don’t hate her at all but it’s difficult for my dick to comprehend something abstract like a nice personality. Next please”.

    2. Yeah, but then the evil Whites would win EVERYTHING and end up ruling the world….AGAIN.

    3. Men like us can spot the hypocrisy.
      Further the argument by suggesting some blind or barely qualified minority race electrician wire up their family home. Set up their home fire alarm system. Have some barely numerate member of a minority race handle finances of the family business. Have some barely functional retard kid set up the jack when they’re replacing a flat tire. Yeah, all that diversity and openness disappears when there are personal stakes involved.

  15. Wyb. If her face is ugly, put a paper bag over her head. If the thinks that’s weird, put a paper bag on your head. If she thinks that weird, she’s too repressed to be worth your time.

  16. In the land of nordic beauties, where even the girl mopping the floor in the nearest MacDonald’s is gorgeous, they chose an ugly chimp.

    1. I’ve been to all the Nordic countries. The average girls is surprisingly… average, especially since they make themselves ugly with tattoos, feminist haircuts etc, but the top tier is genuinely top tier and hard to beat.

  17. would i bang? no.
    is she feminine? yes, enough. i can see a lot of men wanting to bang her. she looks passable in lingerie. curves, smooth skin, perky enough breats rather than fat, dimples and some unusual proportions.
    Face? nice smile i guess, otherwise it’s just wonky, but not the end of the world. She’s “not pretty” but certainly not particularly ugly. By that i mean if you passed her on the street you wouldn’t say she was pretty or ugly, you’d just pass her by without even noticing her– which is not particularly hot nor feminine.

    1. Ok. But would you use the qualities you note to describe what you’d normally think of as a winner of a Beauty Contest in Scandinavia?

      1. she doesn’t have enough of the qualities to compete in a beauty pageant.
        on the flip side i’ve fucked chicks who belong on a magazine cover and so have you, but they’re not for various reasons not related to their beauty.

        1. Sure. I’ve just not seen a mediocre make it to the level of a major city competition. You might find your homelies out in the county fair beauty contests, sure, but by the time you get to the Capitol city, they should have long fallen to the wayside. Point being, Ug here didn’t just win this, she also got a long line of other virtue signalers voting for her along the way.

        2. If you think that creature is “mediocre” you must think Chelsea Clinton is hot.

      1. i immediately acknowledged that i wouldn’t bang. are you retarded? CNN or MSNBC has some job offers for you with that shitty tactic. As another human being, i think that she has enough redeeming qualities to get fucked by another man, rather than saying “this chick should neva eva get fucked”

        1. “i can see a lot of men wanting to bang her”
          I can’t. My loins don’t growl at this.

        2. and neither can i, but to say that a women who looks decent in lingerie, not much fat, no cellulite never deserves the attention of a man doesn’t jive with me. Her SMV is above average at best. Doesn’t the average man deserve to get laid, yet almost all women, and i only the top men get laid? She is pretty enough to get well wined, dined and railed by an average man who finds her attractive. Beauty pageant standards? keep walking.

  18. Hot body, ugly face, no way better than all the other blonds combined. Its just the Conchita Wurst logic all over again: look at us, we are so diverse!

  19. I feel like this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of stuff like this happening. Does anyone have some of the other notable examples of cucked Miss ___ events?

  20. Actually, I do think she is cute—I’d hit it.
    But no way she was the hottest one of the bunch.

      1. My apologies. Ms. Helsinki seems like a charming pleasant individual. I wish her a happy reign.
        It’s too bad for her that all this negative attention focused on her selection.

  21. 1. Despite citizenship, or lack thereof, she’s not really Finnish. Not even a clown can get by saying otherwise.
    2. She is nowhere near even the lowest of the rungs of beauty in that lineup. Those women are gorgeous to the power of ten, and she’s some black chick who is ho hum at best. If a black girl is to win, why not a truly beautiful one? What is the deal with all of the black women “beauty contest” winners lately that they look really rough or plain? I know that there are really pretty black girls out there, so why aren’t they the ones on stage instead of mediocre-Nigerian girl, if we by all means MUST have diversity quotas in the historic homelands of white people?
    3. The girls in the lineup, outside of ugly girl, are likely sad and in need of consoling. As I’m a gentleman I offer my strong arms to hold each young lady as she suffers…to encircle her waist, to draw her into an embrace… maybe kiss a little….and the bra snaps off….er…wait, I’m not sure I had a point 3. My bad.

      1. Now those are two attractive young ladies. Exactly my point.

      2. I’m saying, I can appreciate black beauty any day of the week, would have married the love of my life if she had been black, but there’s no amount of putzlitically correct to make me say women like that one in the pageant or Machoelle Obaman are beautiful. In all fairness, I’d give that butter face some hot sex if the opportunity had arisen in my single years, since she has a hot body. But she’s not aesthetically facially beautiful. Use complicated words like that with libs, they go crazy.

        1. She’s a pornstar. She doesn’t look as good as the two chicks above me though.

        2. Lol yeah I knew who you were talking about. Should have put a /sarcasm. I enjoyed watching her ass bounce back in the day.

    1. 3. I uh…I’ll just see how they handle a drinking horn first. It’s Scandinavia after all.

  22. But, but, but….multiculturalism, diversity, makes us stronger. That black bird will blow up in another year……big ass, thick, and some poor Finn guy will tap it and throw out some more mulatto bastards…..

  23. Oh, it’s you, Kyle Trouble….why the fuck do you care?
    It’s a GD beauty pageant that no one here even watched.

    1. The pageant itself doesn’t mean much, but it shows that the media is bent on shaping and changing the story to control how people think. Not much different than the recent Ghostbusters flop. They shove this multiculturalism garbage down your throat.

      1. I mean, I guess I could see being a tad bit annoyed, but this is one of those things that I don’t have to watch if I don’t want to. Like that Ghostbusters remake. Hollywood NEEDS to stop rebooting classic movies. and come up with something new.

        1. “Cultural appropriation.”
          Like bad poker players Feminists always let you know what’s in their hand.
          They could make their own movie with 4 women, but noooo

      1. Beauty pageants are crap, anyway. No, I am not saying this because I am some ugly, bitter, middle-aged woman (give me a few more years). It’s all a bunch of BS that few people even watch any more.

        1. No. It matters That shit sets a standard. Just like vs angels do.
          And if it didn’t matter then miss Helsinki would be white rather than a coronated homely face black immigrant

        2. Unfortunately, adjudicating on beauty standards is a political battleground, and it’s feminists in particular who have made it so. There are lots of pretty black, asian and mixed girls as well as whites/scandinavian blondes, but the question is who decides on whether they’re pretty. Historically men have decided on the very simple basis of whether they fancied a woman or not; whether a woman met not merely some abstract notion of feminine beauty but whether she was – not to put to fine a point on it – was not just fuckable, but the most fuckable – that’s the reason for the sexist 1-10 ‘bang’ scale. It’s crude and I wish it weren’t necessary, but when committees of feminists are trying to tell society who men should want to have sex with and therefore what women should try to look like (which is ultimately what it boils down to) then there’s a problem. Separating the ideal of physical beauty cannot and must not be separated from the goals of reproduction, however much the history of the beauty contest has moved towards this goal, increasingly seeking to prioritise ’roundedness’ or other qualities, with a view to disguising the superficiality of what is ultimately being assessed. In the event it’s actually cruel for this girl to have won the contest. She’s got a fine body, but she’s just not particularly attractive. She was probably told to enter, and expected to come in somewhere in the middle or maybe in one of the ranking positions, where nobody would have bothered. Instead political correctness has betrayed both her and everybody else. I doubt many people black or white looking at this result will perceive this as the correct result, which is sad, because against many other women she’d look perfectly ok

        3. I don’t know. Look at the winners’ ankle. She has a wrap covering up something. It’s not part of the shoes.

        4. It starts with a few innocent nibbles. People don’t really notice. The Beast is testing the waters. The Beast is emboldened by our collective lethargy. Starts taking bigger bites. We have to draw lines early. Or it gets huge and damned hard to kill.

    2. It’s a GD beauty pageant that no one here even watched.
      If that’s the standard we used, we’d be women.

    3. More to illustrate a point I suppose.
      Another demonstration of special interest groups force feeding the ‘diversity at all costs narrative’ on us.
      It wouldn’t be a big deal if she was beautiful and won it on merit. That she happened to be of minority stock would be easier to brush aside. For me anyway.
      Fact is, she couldn’t even meet the minimum standard of actually being beautiful.

  24. How far off do you suppose we are from a male to female tranny snatching the title? I’d give it a few years, at best. The Olympics did it. Cover girl did it. Only a matter of time. Once & Future King was spot-on with the Mos Def description.

  25. Don’t beauty pageants “objectify”. So why then does the left step on their own tits to push diversity in such a regressive endeavor? Oh that’s right. The left is crazy.
    And for the record… girl on the far right is ugly. The black one is only homely. Faces, not bodies.
    Ps. Overall #7 (straight dark hair) is my favorite. Yours?

  26. Lola Odusoga who is half-Finnish half Nigerian was runner up in Miss Universe in 1996. She looked better.

    1. I thought I remembered Finland pulling this shit before…. having some nigger or half-breed represent their country. Unreal.

      1. The problem is she’s only a 6 and not really Finnish. But by all means spew the crazy.

    1. Good pick, that was the one that caught my eye the most as well.

      1. Yea but dark haired’s dont count here, she may as well be black to if shes brunette going into a Miss Hellsinki comp. She would fit better into miss Lebanon. But who are we kidding, i wouldnt throw any of them out of bed.

        1. I’m sure they arent all real blondes. And I’m sure the proof has been shaved away.

    2. Agreed. I rather like the second from the right as well.
      Actually, the rest are wash though. I’ve gotten really picky. 🙂

      1. Great pick. Instantly picked her and 4th from left. Random sampling from the commenters here would most likely lead towards similar conclusion.
        Makes one wonder what those judges were forced into thinking..

    3. 4th from the left is definitely who caught my eye as well. S he’s the
      prettiest and hottest. I would go for #9 as my second choice..
      followed by #6 or #7.
      I think most men have very similar taste in
      beauty and women.. which is why the hottest and prettiest women are
      getting hit on and getting attention from pretty much every man of every
      age out there… and why these women enjoy incredible sexual power.
      Young, pretty women with slender and sexy, curvy, hourglass figures (and
      by curvy I don’t mean “fat”!) within the age of 18-26 are what most
      men desire.
      On the other hand, women’s taste in men and what they
      consider “hot” and desirable is far more malleable and diverse. Put a
      bunch of women together and ask them to pick which men they desire from a
      line-up and you’ll get a far more diverse outcome than what men would
      pick from a line up of women. Some women (in their 30s) find the older,
      distinguished George Clooney t ype more attractive. Some younger women
      might go for the pretty boy like Brad Pitt in his heartthrob, younger
      days. Some will be affected by a man’s fame.. such that an outright
      ugly, tattoed rocker guy who is famous and a “bad boy” will be what some
      women want… remember how all the ugly, rocker guys from Guns N Roses
      or Motley Crue had hot, model-t ype women as their groupies and

      1. There’s still some commonality and women don’t prefer short & bald for example. That’s the male equivalent of fat.

  27. As a black person I find this insulting. Black people with any pride don’t need special favours. That’s like saying we’re disabled or something. This woman wouldn’t win Miss Nigeria let alone an unbiased local beauty pageant.

    1. Exactly. I mentioned below that if black girls are going to win, why not the *pretty* black girls? This virtue signaling from Finns (!) of all places is revolting, and as you say, it’s condescending/insulting to boot.

        1. This article was a bummer so might as well have some fun with it. So here’s my ranking (left to right).
          1. Chick #4
          2. Chick #6 (still sleeps with a teddy bear)
          3. Chick #9
          4. Chick #2 (best ass)
          5. Chick #8 (sluttiest of the group)
          6. Chick #5
          7. Chick #3 (probably owns a Kentucky derby hat)
          8. Chick #7 (man jaw, by far the best flute player)
          9. Chick #10
          10. Chick #1
          I want to club chick #4 over the head and drag her back to my cave.

        2. Nobody, there are exception ?? e.g. Hitlery Clinton & daughter … Frau Frumpy Rosie O’Donnell,Mochelle ?? Beside a few others, I agree ! Most of women are beautiful ??
          PS My choice of mentioning the above, was done by having a small test.. “Would I even come nearer then 100′ close to them ?? That’s from a man in mid seventies??

        3. There that FB page featuring fat women dancing, as if being fat should give one a leg up.

        4. I can see taking #4 back to the cave, but I wouldn’t want to risk damaging her lovely head by clubbing her.
          I agree that #4 is the prettiest, and #6 is the second prettiest (though I like #6 better personally – she is more to my taste). I also agree that #9 is 3rd, but don’t care much for #2, I’d take #3 instead.
          The girl who won isn’t “ugly” in the general sense. She isn’t fat, buck-toothed, or hideous. Her figure is pretty decent, but she has a very large nose. Still, she is clearly the least attractive of these ten women.

        5. Yupp… They would like me to believe it ?? But for those “women” even VIAGRA doesn’t help ??

        6. With all the land whales we see every day, I have some appreciation for any chick that isn’t obese.

        7. I live in Europe where those land whales are pretty uncommon. But poor you guys, if it is that bad that this thing can be categorized as a “chick”. How about we burn down the asylum centres infesting our genepool, then you burn down the macdonalds restaurants scarring your continent.

        8. ha, that’s the way I see it too. I look at the women walking around in my local shopping center and if the picture of the winner in the santa hat and lingerie is ugly then, sheesh there is lots of ugly in my city. The pic of the refo welcoming faggy guy offends my eyes more.
          My issue is not so much her beauty ranking (thats for the Fins to argue over) rather that she should not have been a contender, not being a natural born Finnish citizen. I feel the contestants should ideally be the ethnicity of the country in question, otherwise why have each country have a Miss World representative. You might as well have corporate sponsored beauty representatives via for miss world.
          This is the way national beauty pageants have generally worked in past decades with the winner being a typical (albeit beautiful), representative of the nation’s young women. Of course with race discrimination laws that would not hold up these days. Of course in past decades the % of different races in most countries would have been very minor as well with no say in govt policy, but with the govt/big business push for immigration & diversity, Miss Finland fits right in with their agenda. It wouldn’t surprise me if policy makers are pushing more multi ethnicities on judging panels as well to help get more diversity outcomes.

        9. You obviously don’t live in the part of Europe that the land whales have migrated to. I do. I see them every day. In their thirties and so obese they can barely walk.

        10. If you burn down the McDs, the same chicks will be buying all the prepared foods available in today’s supermarkets/warehouse clubs as well as anything in a box that can be nuked. The problem doesn’t lie with Ray Kroc, it lies in the six inch space between their ears.

        11. you forgetting something, not a vomen are pretty, but because its sarcastic i dont bother about it to much

        12. Man jaw isn’t all bad, it usually means high testosterone,
          so you can expect male levels of sex drive, and male type approach to thinking.
          Of course this can go both ways, but it’s worth exploring to find out whether you get extra logic, or misplaced self belief.

        13. Exactly, how junior high to looks shame someone, just because it’s a pageant doesn’t give the right to attack someone’s self esteem who is doing a reas job with what they have.
          If Lawrence is serious I hope he has a word with any ugly relatives at the next thanksgiving, about using adequate birth control.

        14. Be realistic.
          You being annoyed at the situation doesnt mean she isthe ugliest bitch in Africa, thats dumb.
          Shes not bad. She isnt the real winner, but not that bad.

        15. No, its best for there to be a place where all the trash congregate and leave others alone.
          Just fence off McDogChow and avert your eyes as you pass by

        16. Imagine her with white skin, same features but white skin. By those standards, you would have to agree that she is probably the ugliest woman to ever having been entered into a beauty contest.

        17. Yes, but this contest is supposed to be “The Most Beautiful Women in Helsinki”, not “some chicks who happen not to be fat”.

        18. Some of the most morbidly obese men I know complain to me that they can’t find a girlfriend because they think their money alone should be enough to attract one. After all these years, those guys still can’t find any girlfriend.

        19. Lawrence. That’s a deal! We need better cooperation and coordination between White folks across the oceans.

    2. “This woman wouldn’t win Miss Nigeria”
      Perhaps “she” has a chance of winning Mr. Nigeria.

      1. She wouldn’t have a chance of winning Miss Nigeria. Nigeria is a country of 200 million people. There are far more attractive women than this.

      2. Actually, she is below the standard in African contests, just take a look to Miss Angola, Miss Kenya, Miss Sierra Leone (acceptable because it’s the first time they go to MU competition), Miss Nigeria, she is obviously ugly next to them. In Venezuela we have some black people too, and there was a contestant few years ago called Jennifer Saa, she is stunning.

    3. you can imagine the agonising that went on in that selection panel. Forget the conspiracy behind the JFK murder. I want to see the meeting minutes of that final judgement (which incidentally is also a book about the JFK murder)

      1. LOL… Speaking of JFK… the CIA files are out later this year… We’ll finally find out whodunnit.

        1. Assuming that you can read through thick black magic marker “redacted” sections. Heh.

        2. Yeah that’s what I heard. Which might be why the CIA is so keen to “get Trump”. Ultimately it will be his decision.

        1. No haha. The older black ladies are in heat. Ask one for directions- “Alright, listen here baby, what you gone do”

      1. Lol. The Bakken is crawling with Ghanese immigrant and some of those girls are hot.
        Not a majority of them, but some.

    4. And when she gets into the real world she is going to be shocked with how quickly the offers dry up to be a rep for home goods, makeup, dresses etc…, here come the mental problems…….

    5. I believe it’s called “soft racisim.” There are people, liberals mostly, who think treating other groups as inferiors and giving them status by lowering applied standards makes them virtious people. They fail to notice their condescending actions and in the end it isn’t even about helping people, but making themselves feel good about themselves.

        1. True, but soft racism has been around longer than the “white guilt” tag. White guilt is just a shaming tactic used by (mostly white) leftists against whites. It is simply manipulation to control others.

        2. I have zero guilt. My family are German and English immigrants that came to the US in 1889. After the war. We didn’t get public assistance or welfare and were looked down as a swarthy poor white trash. Nothing to do with slavery. Didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.
          If you look at the immigration stats from the 1800’s onward, most of the people living today have absolutely no ties to slavery nor or we descendants of people who owned slaves.

        3. You are more closely genetically linked to uncle addie than even most other whites, which makes the power mode of your white guild extremely high. Hand over your country and ressources whitey

        4. Even those of us whose families have been here since the 1600s (verified by the DAR) have no ancestors who owned slaves. At its height, in the US, only about 2-3% ever owned slaves. My ancestors all lived in the north in non-slave states. I also have no guilt, white or otherwise. I even rejected the original sin claims of my catholic upbringing.

      1. To be fair, there are definitely some minorities who are validating what the liberals are doing. It would be different if they were doing these things and not a single minority was reinforcing that what they are doing is right and just.
        I think applying the term “soft racism” (whatever that even means) to liberals is disingenuous. It is like when people accuse weeaboos, wiggers and other people like them of similar things. They say because they reduce Japanese culture down to simple things like anime and certain foods that means they view Japanese people as stereotypes and are soft racists.
        Both liberals and the weeaboo/wigger types are fucking morons, but I believe most are just misguided people who think they are doing the right thing, and in the case of weeaboos and wiggers, people who were raised to have contempt for their own culture so they latch on to others.
        Soft racism just sounds like another bullshit term like microaggressions. Another term that is, unsurprisingly, only applied to white people.
        Although it’s kind of funny, I knew one liberal person who said my views on immigration were racist because I believed that European countries should be white ethno-states. But a few minutes later they went on to say something that I considered to be actually racist. They say white nationalism is racist, but what they said was bordering on white supremacy, which is bullshit.

        1. Sure, but there are people in every group who will take advantage of the situation no matter how obviously unmeritocratic the process is. I knew a woman admit she got her lead position simply due her being the only woman applying for the role (and better men were denied)– it didn’t stop her from accepting.
          People will apply a simple term to signify a set of beliefs or actions, but the jist of said beliefs or actions can be complete BS.
          I used to believe what you did that maybe liberals “believe they are doing the right thing” but I realized later that doesn’t matter. As they refuse to accept responsibility of the consequences of their actions, be it they are simple dullards or malicious malcontents, they are the continious problem. They refuse to learn or change their opinion or behavior as they avoid living with the results they themselves created and brother they will attack you for pointing that out.

        1. I’m surprised Liberal Faggots haven’t tried to ban or at least malign this book. It speaks truth..

        2. They were never really trying to help you.
          They were primarily trying to hurt White men.
          Africans are just pawns to play on peoples emotions.

        3. Im sure if you look hard enough, they already have.
          Sitting in a dark one bedroom studio fighting for social justice from an office chair means having plenty of time to leave no stone unturned.

      2. And everybody end up being upset with the ugly foreigner who replaced the ones who should have won. Its ethnic replacement right in your face, and further down the road – resentment, and ethnic conflict. What us happening in the west was forseen in the eighties by Glaister A. Elmer, Ph.D. & Evelyn E. Elmer, Ph.D.:
        Conflict is the rule wherever two or more well-defined ethnic groups inhabit the same territory.
        Ethnic affiliations are powerful, permeative, passionate, and pervasive.
        Demands made by one ethnic group spur demands by others.
        Ethnic identity permeates formally unrelated areas.
        Major goals of ethnic groups include cultural and institutional dominance.
        Unranked ethnic groups produce more conflict than ranked ones.
        Long-term ethnic peace is almost unattainable in an unranked system because perquisites are measured relatively rather than in absolute terms.
        Omnipresent ethnic friction creates a widespread “walking on eggs” syndrome.
        Long-continued ethnic friction often brings demands for drastic solutions.
        “. . . identity has more lives than the proverbial cat . . .” Fear of subordination or extinction can create a powerful revival.[3]
        Ethnic conflict is not necessarily motivated by rational considerations in pursuit of economic gain.
        Support for ethnic movements is often stronger among well-educated individuals with high incomes and high-status occupations than among those from lower socioeconomic levels.
        Ethnic conflict creates “tribal ethics” where the in-group supports its own and cares little about cheating or doing wrong to another group.

        1. I honestly don’t care who won, but it reflects the judges own bias and would surmize the pageant is just another virtue signalling prop. Alot of institutions are infested with it.
          I would agree that mixing ethnic groups in the same geography does lead to conflict (be it by globalists designs or the stupidity of the annoited decision makers). The ethnic replacement is being perpetrated by those of their own group. I don’t get the Scandis and their self-loathing, but you can see the same in Minnesota (where many migrated too in the past). Leftism is a destructive mental disorder.

        2. The scandis (amongst them I) are aping american media and academia trends. Our cultural institutions have been turned against us as revench for the holocust, and the ethnic flooding is the final solution to the problem a certain ethnic group has been experiencing with european national ethnic cohesion throughout the centuries

        3. Blaming America is a cop-out as the part of the world has been a leftist cesspit for generations. Furthermore Minnesota has been a left wing institution for 150 years– I think it lays with the people that it inhabit the state (Scandis). I mean it was the only state to go the democrat canddate Walter Mondale in 1984. The correlation speaks for itself.
          It would behoave you men of like mind to organize and start challenging the left at their own game. You should also think about modeling yourselves after the IRA — a political wing and a military wing until you achieve your aims.

    6. Yes.. there are plenty of very genuinely sexy, beautiful black women out there.. this one has a nice body maybe.. but not beautiful or pretty at all… especially not compared to some of those beautiful, Nordic beauties standing next to her.

    7. It’s kind of revolting that white liberals play this fucking game as if black people can’t do anything and they’ll shepherd their path through life. “We aren’t racists because we hate ourselves, we’ll take care of you.” If they aren’t racist, I don’t know what is. Handing titles to anyone regardless of who they are is demeaning to the role, office or title. It doesn’t right real or perceived wrongs someone may have done hundreds of years ago.
      Give the black woman a crown while they circle jerk over how good they are as people for having the “bravery” to select a black woman over a white woman in a country predominately white.
      Of course I’m going to be biased and favor white woman. I do recognize their are very attractive black woman. That woman isn’t one of them. Even if she were a rocket scientist that is still a beauty pageant. I’d bet money these people are going to start presenting people with deformities and disabilities and rage against people saying WTF?
      They already try to redefine standards by putting transgendered fools in front of the public and rail against people who dislike it. It’s thought control to target anyone with a sense of normalcy.
      When exactly is a white woman going to win a black beauty pageant for simply be a moderately attractive white woman in an African nation?

      1. If it is so demeaning then why didn’t she turn down the crown? You say that it is demeaning, but the African woman who won is smiling and thanking everyone.
        It’s not like white liberals see zero verification that what they are doing is right. It’s not like people who are given roles, offices or titles are saying to the white liberals “you really think so little of me?”. They are saying “you’re awesome!”.

        1. What is wrong with the judges making the statement that “beauty” doesn’t always have to be within a narrowly defined set of parameters and criteria?
          And most everyone here is assuming that a “beauty pageant” is limited to physical beauty.

      2. That the winner isn’t YOUR idea of beauty doesn’t mean the winner is not beautiful. And it does not mean that the judges do not find here beautiful.
        Beauty is MORE than just aesthetics. The winner may have a beautiful personality, a beautiful soul, and a beautiful personal story.
        She damn sure has a beautiful body. And beautiful eyes. And beautiful eyebrows. And beautiful lips.

        1. sure lets all suppose that beauty is that subjective ( it ain’t) but, more importantly she isn’t Finnish.

        2. The contest isn’t limited to individuals born in Finland. The winner is a resident of Helsinki.
          This is exactly the sort of stuff that causes you Conservatives to be labeled as hateful, racist, downright nasty and ugly people.
          WTF is that woman winning Miss Helsinki to any of you?!? You live in Helsinki or even in Finland??
          The irony of such ugly people calling that winner ugly.

        3. Dude, calling anyone a racist today has no weight. In fact most sane men wear the hateful term as a source of pride. And last I checked Helsinki is in Finland and she isn’t Finnish.

        4. HORSESHIT.
          Its OBVIOUS whats taking place hete and your misdirections are invalid.
          This African immigrant is the LEAST attractive of all the contestants.
          ✴ Doesnt mean I wouldnt fuck her. ✴
          It DOES mean I wont stoop to your level by giving handouts and making invalid excuses.
          Anyone attacking this comtestant is as stupid as you are and doesnt chamge the fact that the judges are BIASED and that you FULLY SUPPORT bias-as long as it fits your narrative.

        5. Whites are being pushed aside to make room for LESS qualified non Whites.
          When the shoe is on the other foot, you commence with wailing and gnashing of teeth, but since you are an UNTRUSTWORTHY HYPOCRITE, you refuse to apply the same standard evenly.
          Why should the voice of a hypocrite be heard on the matter?
          Im such a racist fucking skinhead who lives in a fucking trailer, right cocksucker?
          Spare me that bullshit.
          Im quite sure Id rather knock the boots with this UNQUALIFIED pagaent winner than I would with a granite jawed man hands like you.
          Pathetic nutter! People here have better things to do than post contrarian views on websites they dont frequent.
          What the fuck is wrong with you?

        6. If you think you’re going to win virtue points by calling people in this thread “racist”, you’d better reconsider. You’re probably on the wrong site, so run along, little SJW. . .

    8. “That’s like saying we’re disabled or something.”
      welcome to the liberal mindset: only THEY know whats best for ‘you people’……

    9. englishbob… There are some black Sheila that are good looking, but you have to admit, that one is just plain (code word for ugly)

    10. Totally any program, contest, job etc awarded based on your colour is insulting to you and if anything harmful to any group as a whole as they’ll seen to be without merit, even if they’re qualifed.

    11. Ive seen way hotter Nigerian girls. This girl is just a pawn, though.
      Id still bang, though.

    12. Amen, an attractive girl is an attractive girl whether she’s black, brown, white, or even green and blue like in some sci-fi movies. This girl just wouldn’t win because she just isn’t a 10/10 and must be somewhere around 5/10 according to the outrage of some people

    13. Scandinavian liberal pollitical correctness at it’s finest, man. Being a a normal thinking liberal with a basic common sense is a real luxury these days in Western Europe, it seems. And I thought Balkans are fucked up people…

  28. I’m a Scandinavian man myself, but living in Eastern Europe.
    The author doesn’t even look masculine himself. Just a typical nerd with beta beard and no muscles.
    There is a lot of Scandinavians who are also against refugees and feminism, especially outside of Capitals.

    1. Averages…..of course we know it is not a monolithic society, none is. You got to admit however, that feminism is run amuck in your neck of the woods.

    2. So you are from Scandinavia, but live in EE.
      Hmm. Please stfu. Scandanavia has the worst feminism problem of any world region.
      Accept it.

    3. The average Scandinavian man seems to be so emasculated, he may as well be a eunuch.

      1. And what about the average American man then?
        Because I was in USA two months ago, and majority of them had horrible style and no education

        1. Haha. Basically you write to me, that I should be less defensive about my own country, but when I criticizing yours, you start getting all emotionel.
          You are a hypocrite.

        2. My comment about being a hypocrite hit you? lol
          From reading your comments you sound like a 13 year old boy.

        3. The average American male is: overweight, has no fashion sense at all, and has an IQ of about 60… on a good day.
          At least if we’re talking about the liberals. 😉

  29. I’m constantly amazed at how they put ugly Africans up there when there are indeed attractive ones available. Why are they stuck on ugly!?
    But that’s the US. THIS is outrageous.

    1. It’s a power trip. When they can make you think ugly is beautiful it’s confirmation they own your mind.

      1. Actually it would be great if they actually could brainwash you into thinking ugly chicks were tens.
        All the girls no guy wants turned into 10s (in your eyes only) = loads of beautiful girls competing for your affections and not one dude in the way.
        I can remember as a teen seeing pretty girls and thinking “Do all the other guys like the same girls I like?”
        “Man, I sure hope not!”……………
        ……….”Damn it!”

    1. Liberals engage in disgusting, evil behavior. “Wickedness never was happiness”. As a result, they are unhappy people. As a collective, they want to kill themselves.

      1. As a collective, they want to kill themselves. >> Makes a lot of sense, since they are going to be the ones who die first when the immigrants impose Sharia.

    2. Looks like Gollum’s head attached to an mtf tranny’s body.
      Damn he angers me, doesn’t he realise what manly muslim men would do to him or what?

  30. Oh and about the Japan pageant… I guessed right. I just picked the ugliest.
    That said, she’s still a million times better than Miss… Whatever up there.

  31. At least get an attractive black woman….the body is alright, mainly just the boobs though.

  32. Like a lot of black women, she’s a butterface.
    C’mon SJWs or whoever is running the show, this is supposed to be Miss Finland, not Miss Nigeria, Helsinki chapter.

    1. No, the body is BEAT, too. Just because she’s not a ham planet does not make that a hot body.

      1. Thanks. 4 is yummy ain’t she. Is 10 second or seventh?
        Here’s mine
        7 4 9 8 5 6 2 3 1 10

        1. Especially if you follow the twitter link. How she didn’t win 1st is a literal crime against humanity.

        2. Pilgrim, that’s an odd order of numbers you’ve got there. 😉
          OK, so, pretty much everybody has 4th from the left as a 10. But in your numbers, 10 is second from the left?
          Maybe I’ve just been working too hard today to figure it out! Haha! 😀

        3. I don’t know. I forgot how to stare at the computer screen and spank my monkey properly.

  33. As a black dude with a preference for black and latin chicks (not really into white chicks – sorry) I have to say this chick could very well be a man.

    1. So you’re gay?
      Cause you got 9 white contestants to choose from and still can’t find a match? Hmmm.

    2. Thank you for your support. I am not to into black chicks but this one is maybe a 5 on a good day….pageant winners should be at least a solid 8 or higher.

  34. She won for the same reason we’ve had an affirmative action President for the last 8 years. A bunch of White people wanted to be able to say “I’m not racist, I voted for the Black guy!”.

    1. Yeah, but he’s not all black, is he. I agree that many people, in an attempt to seem or feel progressive, voted for Obamas black half. But you’re lying to yourself if most of those same people weren’t like, “his white half will be the sensible half”.

  35. Wow, great, but who fucking cares? This site used to be about growing, learning and becoming the best version of yourself. Now it’s become Jezebel for men. Nothing but a bunch of long winded diatribes lately. Can we go back to getting some useful positive articles from time to time?

    1. That whole wall of text thing scares you, puddin?

    1. exactly, even a non-caucasian can see that Finnish girls are better looking than that black bruce lee.

    2. Since when was he pretending to be Caucasian? Heck I don’t even follow the authors here much and I knew! 🙂

  36. Sadly, I suspect it will continue to go that route as long as the Scandinavian men are looking like this

  37. “Up is down, love is hate, and ugly is beautiful…you are getting very sleepy,” etc.

    1. And “left is right.” Which is what they are convinced Orwell was writing about rather than them.

    2. yes, progressive politics is very much a question of mass hypnotic induction. In fact one might go so far as to say that that is all it is.
      The trick is to make sure the hypnotists and stage magicians know how rubbish they are

    3. Men have always oppressed women….
      Careers are most important
      Men will ruin your life…

      Your youth is best spent on the carousel and doing drugs.
      Your perfect man will rescue you when you have used up all your beauty….
      Being a mother is tje worst thing ever

      1. They then complain there are no good men left when they turn 30 and become progressively crazier, lonelier, and cattier as time goes on.

  38. Ugly and ugly..she’s a seven that’s it, I bet she has a killer body though. Still no way she wins this.

    1. I agree a 7. But you make no sense- a seven is no way ugly. She’s OK but simply not a 10 like the rest of them.

    2. Good heavens standards must be abysmally low to have her higher than a -3!!

        1. Not a 3. A -3. That’s below the level of normally even getting a rating!! 😀
          But I’ll cut some of the guys still in the US some slack. I may have rated her higher back when I was in the states too. 😉

  39. Haha that low-T faggot with the sign can’t wait for the refugees to sodomize and then decapitate him!

  40. Nah, I think Bruce Jenner winning Woman of the Year by “Glamour” magazine trumps all in this craziness. Just think what THAT does to the minds of women all over the world.

  41. I won’t said she’s ugly… well, maybe a 6-7 out of t10. she’s in shape, she’s feminine. Thats much when you compare to lots of girls nowadays.
    But in this context, really ? With lots of girls there who are ‘true’ 10 ?
    THIS is a page of beautiful black girl
    Honnesly, how could you compare to her to them ?

    1. “I won’t said she’s ugly”
      Dude, that lingerie photo looks like someone copy pasted a cartoon of a black faced porky pig over that of a pretty black girl.
      Take that back.
      She looks like someone copy pasted Bill Cosby’s face (from the 70’s).

      1. You’re cruel.
        She couldn’t win Miss Nigeria Beauty contest, but she could definitly win Mr Nigeria beauty contest.
        That means a lot.

    2. Gorgeous African women exist. I met one from Ethiopia some years ago. STUNNING.
      This Miss Helsinki however isn’t even attractive… even a little bit. 😀

  42. I posted on another article what I found on several sites, that she’s a Nigerian migrant, however you’re right the info out there is confusing and hard to pin down. Upon further search I even found a couple of sites that claim she is Finnish born.
    ( )
    Still I find her a bit homely and a strange choice to represent the Finnish people, reeks of ‘Refugees Welcome’ propaganda and the campaign to erase European ethnic identity.

  43. Bunch of racist loosers hating on an attractive Black lady. Are you upset because thee is no chance in hell for you to ever to have a quality Black woman like Ms Ikabala?
    RoK used to be decent blog and place for intelligent discussion for intelligent. Now it is just a club for racist idiots. It brings shame to the whole Manosphere. (like former RoK columnist Blair Naso did.)
    Return of Kings is officially dead.

    1. You wouldn’t know an attractive woman (black or white) if she made you watch a real man fuck her.
      PS. That bitch you are white knighting for is not pageant worthy and still won’t be letting you sniff her panties no matter how much you defend her.

    2. At least we know how to spell ‘losers’ ………. you spent too much time learning to be a SJW at school and not enough time in real lessons!
      But let’s put away the racist insults, my wife is brown and she looks better than the black winner, but not as good as some of the white contestants. If the black girl was even slightly pretty I would have been OK with her winning, but she’s a 4 by any sane person’s standards (not to mention her fat thighs).

    3. While I’m inclined to agree with the second half of what you’ve said (ROK is definitely not what it used to be), this woman is simply not attractive. There are a lot of attractive black chicks. This chick ain’t one of them.

    4. Ahoy, Captain Ahab.
      Thee is no chance in hell for thee to ever catch that whale.

  44. As a son of Finnish parents I find this story to be unbearably embarrassing. By contrast, here is what a typical Finnish girl looks like (although her hair appears to be dyed, but so be it. ..):
    The winner of this contest should have looked something like her. I also like her unabashedly tribal attitude toward her people.

    1. I must invade and impregnate the bitches of your country, by game or by rape my seed must be spread inside of your women.

  45. Hell, she’s not even hot for a black chick!
    It’s the PC equivalent of goose stepping.
    In that lingerie photo she looks like someone copy pasted Bill Cosby’s face (from the 70’s) on a black model.

  46. Anyone ever think there is an alternative motive here? Maybe there are a group of Finns who realize PC culture is damaging their country(and world). So they advocate these egregious examples of PC in an effort to convert more moderate members of society to go against PC?

  47. If the judges picked a white girl instead of her it would have been racist…..duh.
    Uglier than a slop jar full of armpits.

        1. well obviously
          but you know….i’ve seen plenty of blacks act like fucktards and it seems normal for them, so its hard to tell honestly.

        2. Yeah – he’s got a hold of one of the white man’s lightning spears and wants him some fried chicken

  48. She’d be much better looking if it weren’t for the schnoz.
    She could be harder on the eyes, but some of the other women are a lot easier.

  49. Sweden is totally FUBAR, but now I have to add Finland to this as well ??
    BTW… The loud laugh that the Fins can hear, come from Russia ??

    1. Well, let’s not go overboard. 😉
      This girl is what….. a -3? Opera is like -50. 😀

  50. That’s right Roosh keep letting the alt-right racist post this crap. This is in no way beneficial to soldifying relations in the neo-masculine community. How hypocritical of you to promote such devisive filth. Do I think a Nigerian immigrant woman should be allowed to win Miss Finland? Of course not, but this article has no value whatsoever. It is a rant piece from a little white boy who probably had his damsel taken by a darkie.
    Black American, military veteran living in Asia because America is reverting into a racialized shithole once more.
    Good riddens

    1. Sir, if you thought the article was about the black race, or about black women not being sexy enough, please have another thought coming.
      The article was not about race, or about which race is better. Even if it was, attacking adult white males for expressing their opinion as “little white boy probably cucks” is hardly beneficial to solidifying relations in the neo-masculine community. With all the due respect for ex-military men of all color and creed, from an ex-military man.
      The article was about the cultural war, cultural marxist values being pushed on white European societies. I do not envy the winner black girl for all the flak she will get, but she was pre-selected for this role and probably richly compensated.
      As a white man I can tell you this: this is a direct, calculated attack on white masculinity, white male sexuality and evaluation of women from a white males perspective, in favour of immigration and miscegenation, and an open borders Europe. See? It is not about the black girl or the black race: you are just used and abused to further an anti-White agenda of Cultural Marxism.
      Best wishes to you.

      1. It’s quite difficult to “have another thought coming” when I see an article title so crassly chosen as this one. The word “ugly” is used so frequently to describe people of color around the world that, of course, I found it inflammatory upon initially viewing it – I am a Black man, of course. And I still find it inflammatory.
        Racial sensitivity aside, after allowing my emotions to subside, I, as you, saw that this was an attempt by the cultural marxist in power to impose their ideologies on ethnic Finns, and discredit the people as well as the nation. I am a staunch opponent against all this Multi-Kulti, open-border rapefugee rubbish being imposed upon European society.
        But come on, “Ugly African”? She’s by no means ugly , although she may be unattractive according to the writer’s and European standards. The writer, I feel, was trying to incite some racial sensitivities with the title while piling on all this cultural marxist, attack on white men, blah-blah.
        “As a white man I can tell you this: this is a direct, calculated attack on white masculinity, white male sexuality and evaluation of women from a white males perspective, in favour of immigration and miscegenation, and an open borders Europe ” – you have only yourselves to blame for this. Further self-alienation from your brown brothers will not bring you closer to solving this crisis.

        1. As the old Romans said, there is no point in arguing over taste (or something along that line) and it is true on the topic of women as well. A girl who is a near-perfect 9 for me can be a simple plain jane 6 in another man’s eyes. And it is a good thing.
          So yes, she is really not that ugly. Her body is hot I think, according to all standards. Her face is not the kind of black girl face which I find hot with European eyes, though I still would not kick her out of my bed. And of course there are very hot black girls with very hot faces out there in the world, according to all standards, why should we deny that fact?
          Be that as it may, I would like to mention the fact that the young writer is half-White and half-Asian (Chineese if I remember mentioned in one of his earlier articles), which kind of makes him a colored guy too, so white supremacist intent on preserving aryan bloodline purity he isn’t.
          And as for the last thought, yes unfortunately we have ourselves to blame as well. Hopefully Europe rises again and soon. And I do not think we wish to alienate colored people, because they are not the problem. The problem is white, European, Christian people not following their tribal interests. Or rather, not being allowed to follow our tribal interests, and we are not rebelling enough against that. Every other problem stems from there.

    2. Apparently the entire point of the article whooshed right over your head. But great virtue signaling!

    3. “Good riddens”, is that like “riddens hard and put away wet?” Which is what this chick looks like.

  51. It’s a topsy-turvy world based on false enlightenment and self-aggrandizing (I’m one of the good ones) self-righteousness. Suddenly women are strong and men are weak, and ugly is beautiful and beauty is ugliness.

  52. This woman-though far from ugly as the author suggests- is far from the most beautiful woman in the pageant. To be blunt, she is a 7 while the others are a 10. Her body alone puts her far above the average woman. It seems to be a mantra here that a good body is what is most important in terms of attractiveness, judgement of female character etc. You can’t have it both ways when it suits.
    Clearly, this was some kind of affirmative action at work and a political statement.
    However, calling this woman an ugly African will only serve to make this site be seen as racist etc.
    How about a bit of balance in getting the point across? As in ‘yeah she is fairly attractive but far from beautiful so there must be something else going on here’.
    This extreme reaction is why the liberals are winning. It’s like the gay marriage thing: silly religious people saying gays will burn in hell instead of maintaining frame and saying that marriage was a sociological benefit for heterosexuals to raise children in etc.
    This article does not do the red pill path of truth any favours at all. And I believe in the red pill as truth.

    1. A 7?
      Crack is cheap in your neighborhood it seems.
      Or maybe you have a thing for giant noses and unsettling eyes?

      1. I don’t have a thing for her at all; but saying that she is ugly is overstating it. She sure has a nice body.

        1. I know this comes across as too picky, but she has thunder thighs and a big ol’ caboose. Some guys are into that, but I’m not.
          For the record I think that a lot of the “Scale” is subjective past a certain point. We can all agree on 0-4, but most guys are kind of vague in the 5-7 range, most of us agree on 8-9 generally, and 10 is totally subjective by individual. IMO anyway.

    2. She’s not even close to a 7 by normal standards, and she’s African.
      So stating she’s an ugly African is not racist, it’s factual if the author considers her to be ugly which I for sure do. Africa is not a race, it’s a geographical continent.
      I wouldn’t touch her if she paid me, no way to get a boner with that face.
      Her body may score her points in the US but in Finland she is below average, tons of slim framed petite girls there.
      And finally I for one am happy that they do not go PC here on ROK, who gives a shit about SJW opinions?

      1. But he is overstating it; she is in no way ugly. I cannot stand SJW opinions, either, however, by going over the top and calling her ugly (when she is not ugly) the author is distracting from the main point. The main point being that an AVERAGE looking woman won a beauty contest out of political correctness because compared to the other beauties she is not good-looking at all.

    3. “far from ugly as the author suggests”
      She’s all yours friend. 😉
      I’m afraid she’s not even good enough to get a ranking from my perspective. But that’s me. 🙂

    4. This.
      She’s far from pageant material but I’d gladly have her as my gf and have been rejected by uglier girls.

    5. Affirmative action in sexuality! White men will be [Forced] to sleep with and mate with Tanesha!

  53. “Skeevy NYC hooker” was the first thing I thought when I saw the 3rd photo in this article. What THEE fuck?

    1. You know, I’m going to have to adjust my internal list of Europe’s Most Asinine Countries. Sure Sweden always tops it out but it looks like some of the stupid can be shared by Finland. 🙂

    2. Yeah, she looks a bit old and worried, bags under the eyes, uneven eyebrows, wrinkled forehead. Limp hair. Another big nose. On the other hand her expression might be ‘really? they chose me?’.
      Oh shit, somehow I thought we were discussing Miss Finland. (‘Speed reader’, I guess.) Some sites call her that.

  54. If Finnish women had any kind of fortitude, they would boycott the contest next year saying that the winner is predetermined by quotas so why bother entering.

    1. Affirmative action in beauty and sexuality! Soon, white men will be [FORCED] to mate with African women to make things equally bad.

    1. This reminds me of special olympics. You give a trophy to the kid who finished the mile in 1 hour (the record for a healthy male is under 4 minutes). Its a ‘feel good’ award. You take the least likely to win, a make them the queen of the ball … its artificial and so sad.

  55. This sort of ties in with Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize within a month of becoming POTUS in 2009. It was never explained exactly what he did to earn the award for his first 17 days in office (and there are regrets now), but virtue signalling by Scandis isn’t new.

  56. This how they prove they arent raciss! But ask an SJW – esp on from North America who has traveled to Europe – if theyve ever traveled to sub-sahara Africa minus South Africa. I’d say less than 10% have been there and those who have been there only went to take pics with poor black kids to post on FB.

  57. I’d only have sex with her if I was paid a minimum of $5000. But the top contenders, I’d gladly pay $5000 to have sex with them.

    1. In America, 48% of black women have at least one STD in their vaginas. Source CDC.
      Bottom line, don’t fuck black women unless they are tested first or you just don’t care about your health!

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