The Culture War Is Being Transformed Into A Hot War

We’re approaching a point of no return. Your life will soon be impacted not just in the abstract of the degradation in women around you or an invisible tightening of your free speech, but a concrete decline in your safety and standard of living. The next stage of the long-running culture war will be marked by three features, shades of which you’re already seeing. They include an alliance of the government with subversives, a sharp increase in violence, and institutional collapse.

The media and government will form an official alliance with groups that are determined to commit violence

Damaged police car from Milwaukee race riots

It should be pretty clear to you now that the establishment is on the side of those who wish to breed chaos in America. George Soros, Barack Obama, and other politicians are regularly making statements that whitewash crimes by Black Lives Matters and Islamic terrorists while the media is driving a wedge into the country through relentless race incitement. This is the clue that the enemy is indeed the media and your own government. Without them, BLM would not have been incited and the actions of Islamic terrorists would not have been enabled through supporting them in the Middle East with our failed policies, especially in Syria.

While it is within your right to be angry at BLM protesters or Muslims, the astute man will instead understand who supports them, in the same way you would be annoyed not at a child who misbehaves in public but its parents. The establishment wants you to waste your energy attacking blacks and Muslims, and many men are doing just that, all while the puppet masters tighten their control and continue with their plans, unimpeded.

There will be a marked increase in urban violence by blacks and non-urban violence by strategically placed refugees

Somalis in Minnesota

The population must experience enough fear so that they will accept pre-determined solutions, which includes Hillary Clinton being placed in power, the federalization of the police to establish greater centralized control over urban centers that remove local governance, and the weakening of white gun-owning patriots who live outside liberal cities.

It will take a lot more than the deaths of a dozen police officers for citizens and even local police to beg the government for help, so expect far more carnage, which may be postponed until after the November election (the elites have noticed that Trump is helped in the polls after urban violence). This scenario is classically Hegelian in that the government introduces a problem (chaos) for a reaction (citizen fear) that allows for their solution (crackdowns and greater control).

Remember all those Somalis and other brown migrants that are being placed in predominately white states? It’s about time they get “activated” with guns from a Fast and Furious type of program so that patriots have to fight enemies on multiple fronts, making a future Bundy type of stand-off that we saw in Oregon impossible to succeed. The Feds will not experience much resistance to their Federalization plans in the cities as long as BLM does a good job in killing more cops, but the patriot white man remains a big thorn in their side and must be dealt with soon.

Institutions will fail and invert their objectives

CNN announcer admits that the channel is going all out to help Hillary Clinton

Lastly, you’ll start seeing institutions invert their stated missions. The FBI will sponsor crimes instead of solve them. The Department Of Homeland Security will allow questionable foreigners to immigrate but punish law-abiding citizens. The Federal Reserve will sink the economy by destabilizing the banking system. Even non-governmental institutions will begin failing, and we’re already seeing that happen in the media with their failure to control the narrative. Universities will teach anything except “education” and Christian churches will leap towards Satanism when they endorse soft forms of pedophilia.

You will no longer be able to trust or depend on institutions for providing the most basic of services. You’ll only be able to depend on local alliances comprised of your friends, family, and local law enforcement. In spite of their faults, the police are being attacked specifically because they are the last line of local “tribesmen” that could resist Federal takeovers.


The name of the game for the elites is to foster enough chaos so that the Federal government can usher in their dream list of centralization while further tightening their squeeze on all patriotic communities and individuals. Blacks, Muslims, and other immigrants will be the useful idiots who create this chaos and sacrifice their lives after being manipulated and incited so that patriots and nationalists can be rooted out and crushed, similar to what happened in World War 2. Donald Trump is the wild card who is perhaps the only one able to alter the trajectory of these plans, but one should not count on him alone because of the strong forces he’s up against.

You can probably survive riots and cop shootings in urban cities. You’ll be able to avoid the most harmful acts of the government if you stay sharp. You’ll also be able to avoid the media’s lies to understand the truth of what is happening. But if the white patriots wake up and start fighting, the war is on and you should take your safety more seriously than ever. To predict what will happen in America, just watch what the white man does when his country is deliberately wrecked before his eyes.

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231 thoughts on “The Culture War Is Being Transformed Into A Hot War”

    1. A political messiah to save the world….yeah that worked out great with Obama, how will Trump be any different?

        1. Nope, but hoping that Trump will change anything is wishful thinking. Yes he is the lesser of two evils but should a an election really about choosing the lesser of two evils?

        2. That’s the way it goes. Personally I think the two party system is almost as bad as the one party system.

        3. We don’t have 2 parties anymore. The way the GOP is treating Trump proves that.

        4. Over the course of my life time I have voted many times. I never recall voting for anything other than the lesser of two evils. I hate to be the one to tell you, but anyone that wants to be president is a seriously flawed human being, and we can only choose the least flawed.

        5. We have been a duopoly for quite some time. And yes, this election cycle makes that obvious. The GOP needs to burn to the ground so that something that actually opposes the decaying liberal progressive rot can take its place.

        6. You haven’t had two parties since the south lost the war of northern aggresion and you use the damn yankee’s flag as your avatar

    2. While I agree with the sentiment, “MAGA” is just a superficial slogan with no inherent power behind it.
      How do we MAGA?
      What do we do on the micro/macro level to MAGA?
      If Trump loses the election, who will MAGA?
      What values underline MAGA?

      1. Trump has wasted no time in laying out a platform that he believes will achieve that. It’s as good a starting point as any.

      2. In one way, the fact that it is a superficial slogan gives it power. Because the slogan implies that America is not currently great, it means we have to do something to make it great again. And, because it is vague, it means we have to decide on an individual basis what is required.
        I’m going to borrow loosely from a Hitler speech I once watched. In order to MAGA, we cannot rely on individual leaders to do everything. Of course, if the leaders desire to MAGA and the people desire to MAGA, then we will be able to do it together.
        So, what is it to MAGA? First, we the people must individually determine what it is that is not great. We can point to a lack of civic pride and communal duty (to our nation, state, county, city, and even our own homes). We can point to those elements of our society that seem to hate our culture and identity. And we can point to the apathy and laziness that keep us from achieving our full potentials, rather relying on a bloated bureaucracy to give us lives we have not earned.
        Then, we must decide what it is that we can do, every day. If we see that our streets are covered in litter, we can individually (or in a group) clean them. If we see someone struggling, we can help them. If we see our friends or ourselves stuck in a rut, we can work out how to break free. If we see subversive elements corrupting the minds of our young, we can challenge them.
        Trump promises that, as president, he will do his part to MAGA on a larger scale than we can as individual citizens. But it is always on the people to do what we can, no matter how great or small the effort.

        1. Whats not great about it is that the leaders is actively trying to destroy it. It don’t get much worse than that.

        2. This is true, and it’s part of the reason to fear for the West.
          We of the manosphere have long dedicated ourselves to reclaiming our own power and abilities. It’s the heart of learning game, self-improvement. And the rest of the West is starting to follow a similar path.
          If the time should come where we decide the government is the greatest threat to our nation, God help us all. Because there will be war (just as when the South decided the US government was its greatest enemy and chose to secede).

        3. I hate these vague slogans. If people could just chill a little … all in all, things are okay. Just chill. Stop those elections. Get rid of the president. Just chiiiillll. Then you will see that there is nothing terribly wrong with the world. It’s this frantic effort to ‘save it’ that creates all kinds of chaos.

        4. “If the time should come were we decide the government is the greatest tgreat…”
          What do you mean IF? The government turned on the people over a hundred years ago.

        1. Take two shots of Kratom and go meditate to Deathwish 2. The secret of MAGA will reveal itself to you.

        2. M.A.G.A. is an abbreviation for “Make America Great Again”
          A year or so ago, MAGA chiefly stood for “Mexican American Grocers Association” and was followed in second place by “Metropolitan Amateur Golfers Association”
          Trump gave new meaning to ‘MAGA’. One great thing about Trumpmania is meeting his supporters.

      3. MAGA is becoming more than a slogan. It’s a brand. It’s a meme, a way of saying you support not only Trump but his inherent shitlordism.
        It can be used as a rallying cry to fire up others with the same mindset. It’s a way to recognize others of like minds, too.
        I’ve used it as an insult to slam a whining lib. I’ve also used it as a pick-up line… to mixed success but nothing is foolproof.

        1. Nah. It’s a campaign slogan that no one will remember in 2 years.
          1984 Reagan slogan was Its Morning Again in America? Did you remember that? And that was from one of the most popular presidents in American history. Trump will be a footnote in a few weeks and MAGA will be just another bar trivia question in 10 years

        2. I doubt Trump’s supporters, who are angry and perceive the election as being stolen from them, are simply going to forget.

        3. Sure they will. Trump, I believe, is going to get totally blown out of the water. Trump supporters will make some noise and rattle some chains for a bit and that will be the end of it. It is always the same. The candidate and his slogans will vanish and something new will pop up.

        4. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, bitch. But I’m still bitter about Tyler nominating Samuel Nelson to SCOTUS.

        5. No one is an overstatement. Rather, it will be totally devoid of meaning then. It is simply the tag line for some assclown. MAGA is essentially a WWF wrestler intro theme. That is the total force and weight of it.

        6. As the election fades, real world issues will shift back to the forefront.
          Trump, or college for the kiddos? Trump or work? Trump or my mortgage? Trump or my retirement? Trump or vacation to Thailand?

        7. I am not saying I can’t be wrong, this is just my assessment of it. I’ll be happy to find out I was incorrect and gladly thank everyone for proving me wrong. But in the end I truly don’t believe I am. Trump is just another historical footnote.

        8. That, my friend, along with the Hokey Pokey, is what it is all about

        9. I’m not saying Trump is the savior. With all we’ve seen, he might even be part of “the plan”. We will just take our chances. But I don’t think the movement will go away though if he loses or if he doesn’t deliver. It already affects society, if kept under the lid for too long, it might even blow up.

        10. There has been some effect no doubt. Just like that Bernie guy. What was his slogan again? Or some Ralph Nader guy? Was he right or left wing I don’t even recall.
          Obviously the trump campaign has stirred up some feelings but I am just a big believer in the idea that the winner will be as the winner has always been, business as usual. And, to be honest, I am fine with that.

        11. With understandable disappointment I have to agree. I’d love to be wrong about this. The erosion of idealism that comes with screening out bullshit over time has seen to that.
          It just feels like were the smallfolk in a GRR Martin tale & the machinations of the crown & court are things just beyond our ken.
          I’m all about keeping my plough in fine shape, my horses healthy & fed & my barn well stocked for winter no matter what happens.

        12. That’s correct. Just my opinion. The fact that it is the correct one is ancellary to the point

        13. If he loses it will actually get the clean up started faster. As bad as things already are, they need to get worse before they get better.

        14. Yawn. Seriously, faggot, this is the last time I offer you my help. Find yourself a good doctor to help you with your psychological issues before you hurt yourself

      4. I agree, it reminds me of the fallback to figuratively masturbating to “The Constitution” as the answer to everything, or “What would the founders do?”
        Every nation on earth has a constitution, but only America reveres theirs as if it is holy words passed down from God on high.
        Now, I will grant that our constitution is one of the very best, but at the end of the day all it is is a set of rules for the government to follow. Supposing the government did indeed follow its rules, we’d still not be a “great” nation and we would not have solved so many of the problems facing us today.
        Whenever I hear some talking head just scream “The Constitution!” in the same voice as SJWs scream “muh feels” I imagine Jerry Seinfelds dad in Boca standing up at the HOA meeting and yelling “The Bylaws!”
        I wish our nation followed its own rules, but yeah, let’s move on to bigger issues. What makes us great. What are our values. What is our culture. What do we really care about?

    3. I don’t think we avoid it by electing Trump. I think we forestall it. I think it buys time to find the right way to influence culture, but Trump isn’t the agent of change the culture needs.

      1. We can see we are experiencing similar events to pre WWII Germany. We can take the ratio of those affected (using approximate deaths) by WWII as compared to WWI and use the same scale to see how it would affect us today in the absolute worse case scenario. A Trump victory would result in 100million affected negatively in the next 10 years. A Hillary victory would be similar to Anton Drexler’s inefficent rise to power, allowing a more facist regime (a new hitler) to take over in the next 10 years. In 20 years we can expect to see 400 million affected negatively by Hillary. (Note that the US population is approx 340million).
        Trump may lead to some uncomfortable stuff in the middle east and with minorites, but Hillary could end the entire democracy party.

        1. The ultra-nationalist who would come after Trump (should he lose) should scare the left more than Trump.
          Modern western societies are in a very similar state as the Weimar. We see the same massive debts to foreign interests, ruling classes (including those who are not political leaders), and feeling that we’ve lost something essential in both cases. This is the same environment that brought Hitler to power, and it could well do so again.
          In such cases, nationalists rise. When the nationalists are rebuffed, nationalism redoubles and a potentially more dangerous ultra-nationalism comes forth.

        2. I’ve said it before, but I think a Trump defeat could be the best result. The uber-nationalist will come one way or another, but Trump will delay that to a negative extent as the Forces of Correctness pillory him in the public square.

        3. I am considering writing a story about a rural resistance movement during such fascist regime -perhaps in the format of compiled intervies a la World War Z. Although I don’t know whether I should beat around the bush or not i.e. use terms like “hatespeech” and stuff.

        4. That is the first convincing arguement to get people to vote for her. I didn’t think it was possible, congratulations

        1. Hoping that a fictional character that never even existed will “change the culture” is silly.

        2. Not a natural born citizen, so he wouldn’t be able to run. Also, his “loaves and fishes” plank is pure FSA pandering.

        3. But he whipped the money lenders out of the temple. Would solve a lot of problems if he did that again.

        4. Its undisputed Christ existed, to say he didn’t is silly. Christianity has been defining and changing cultures since the time of Jesus Christ. If the west seeks Jesus, there will be a change for the better.

        5. Jesus of Nazareth is generally regarded by scholars to have existed. His deeds are another story, however.

        6. “Trump will help, but the real agent of change the culture needs, is Jesus Christ.”
          I’m a Christian, and you’re a fucking idiot. What the country needs is a plan by its people to take back the USA and prevent it from becoming a complete ghetto, not more useless actions that are nothing more than feel good gestures. The Almighty is aware of the situation – and with it he gives each of us the choice to take action to help ourselves.

        7. Yes yes, you’re very edgy and original in your teacher indoctrinated atheism. So avante garde.

        8. We need more than simply prayer, dumbass. It’s retreads like you that give Christians a bad reputation.

        9. Pray to Jesus, encourage the youth to seek Jesus ,establish a christian society, and the rest will be taken care of. What do you propose?

        10. Good to hear this – but in addition to establishing a Christian society – implement a plan for when things get ugly. It’s the hands-on things we mortals are going to have to tend to.

        11. Worshipping a Jew of unknown parentage really helped the JUSA so far, look at what fine condition it is in

        12. The crusades were completely unnecessary, prayer alone would have sufficed don’tchaknow

    4. What’s MAGA? ALSO, I am afraid to let my six year old join Boy Scouts because of
      1. Gay leaders are now allowed.
      2. They are so primed to go totally SJW. Not sure how though.
      3. Anything else I have not thought of yet.

  1. One advantage in having a federal gov’t hostile to straight white men is that you wind up with inferior enemies in planning, logistics and fighting.

    1. While your assessment of the enemy’s quality is spot on, it’s not quality that matters here. It’s quantity. The Democrats want to import their voter base from every third world economic shit hole they possibly can because these types of people make fantastic useful idiots that will cheerfully vote Democrat consistently. An enormous army of barely intelligent, mentally unstable morons with a permanently broken moral compass is just as deadly.
      Kinda like Star Wars stormtroopers. They can’t hit the broadside of barn at three feet but if you have a jillion of them, it doesn’t really matter.

    1. The fastest immigrating group are East Indians. I have said this before on other posts and I’ll say this again, it’s “LEGAL” immigrants that we need to worry about. 85% of H1bs are given to East Indians. From there, their bloody employer sponsors them for Green Cards. Then they become residents and then they sponsor their brothers, sisters, and parents who also have children of their own. The cycle keeps repeating. The State of NJ is already destroyed by the number of East Indians. The Bay Area in California is overrun by them. Seattle Washington is heading to that direction. Dallas Texas is also overrun by low class Indians. I think both Trump and Clinton will still keep running this fraudulent H1b program and we will keep bringing these low class into our country.

      1. Dude, Indians are 3% of NJ’s population. Calm the fuck down.
        What’s more, Indian Americans are THE most successful ethnic group in America, in terms of both education and wealth.

        1. Guys, jz95 is Indian, it’s so obvious. Get out of America and go to India then if you like Indians so much. BTW, 12% of NJ’s population is Indian, idiot.

        2. And guess who is to blame for the recent IRS Tax scam where you get an alleged call from the IRS? Fucking East Indians!

        3. High school graduating class in NJ 2016. Looks like majority East Indians to me with their beta shit and low class genes:

        4. And what are you doing with those “high class huwhyte genes?”
          Judging by the quality of your comments, very little it seems.
          Par for the course for alt-righters.

        5. Look up population statistics, faggot.
          What are dusky Meds like you doing in the United States? USA is for Anglos only.

      2. I worked in the Bay Area for 3 years. H1Bs are a joke, no doubt but you totally exaggerate the problem. Still way more Chinese than Indians in the Bay Area. I don’t have a problem with either of them though. They fit the mold of “model minorities” with low crime and low rates of welfare usage. The illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America are the ones filling up the prisons and draining the country of its social security coffers.By the way, notice how I distinguish illegal aliens from legal immigrants. I know plenty of great legal immigrants from Latin America who are as westernized as anyone else. They are voting Trump because they are annoyed how they waited in line patiently while others jump the queue.
        All this aside, Indians, Chinese, Hispanics are not a serious existential threat to Western civilization. They all assimilate well enough after a generation or two. The problem is the Muslims from the Middle East who form Sharia slums as witnessed in Europe. They join the Islamic State at a greater rate than they join their own country’s armies. They will commit mass murder to their own countrymen in the name of jihad.

        1. Indian men are the most tremendous beta men ever. We are not really interested in having many of them in the West.

        2. It’d be interesting to find out what the percentage of Indian Muslim vs. Indian Hindus are immigrating to the U.S.
          Muslims are about 10% of India or about 100M people, but tend to skew on the lower end of the economic scale (mainly because many low-caste Hindus converted to Islam in order, they thought, to escape the caste system, only to find out that caste sticks.)
          Parsees (Indians of Iranian descent) do well in India, but they are not numerous and I don’t hear about them emigrating from India much.

        3. You are clearly mistaken about Indian men. All the white female chicks I met off Okcupid said their number one complaint are East Indian guys hitting them up looking to wife them up or have sex with them right in their first messages to them. The reason for the large Chinese population in the Bay Area is because the damn white man brought them there to work on the rail roads. Indian men want white women, and Chinese men stick to their own. Indian men only hire their own at corporate jobs, and are racist to anyone darker. So quit defending their sorry ass.

        4. I don’t know exact numbers but it’s predominantly Hindus coming here and most tend to be South Indians who speak Telugu which is not Hindi.

      3. If I can stereotype for a moment, Indians have zero sense of humor, their women are the biggest SJWs, and their men are so beta, it makes me at my worst look like Wilt Chamberlain. I love accents, but the Indian accent is maybe the only one that is not attractive. I hate listening to Indian call centers, because the soulless person just reads a script and has no personality. Compared to call centers in the Phillipines where the female agent asked for my social media contact info haha.
        I was good friends with some Indian brothers in high school. One just got an arranged marriage, and confided to me that he had zero clue how to behave around women. He could not date–he would simply freeze up. He was a nice guy at 13, maybe could have continued to be a fun guy with some game, but the point is if there’s one class that I don’t think integrates well and brings much to the table its Indians.
        And there’s the ROK article about never dating Indian girls.

        1. A lot of my closest friends are South Asian. South Asian dudes (that is Americanized/westernized South Asian dudes) are some of the most chill motherfuckers you’ll ever meet in my experience.
          I have to say though, South Asian women are the complete opposite. The westernized South Asian woman is almost without exception batshit insane, even more so than Anglo women.

        2. Excellent answer. I might take a slight exception at your description of the accent, because Nepalese women tend to have the same accent, but have a much more down-to-Earth attitude about life without the SJW bent.
          Does ‘spicynujac’ mean anything in particular? If it references something, I can’t immediately identify it..

        3. When you have such a high ratio of males to breeding-age females, pedestalization is inevitable.

        4. “When you have such a high ratio of males to breeding-age females, pedestalization is inevitable”
          Quoted for truth.

        5. They’re also highly racist (openly) and so unaware of social conventions that it’s startling.
          I went to a bar a while ago that was jam packed. As in, no seats available and lots standing around due to this. These two Hindu bastards were sitting at the actual bar and had two seats covered in their bags and coats. I thought at first they were saving them for others who might be in the restroom or something but no, they weren’t. I walked up and asked the dude closest to the seat if it was taken, he gave me that shit-in-mouth accented “No” then turned away. I asked him, politely mind you, if he’d mind removing his stuff from the seats, given as it was standing room only. He kind of half snarls at me and turns away back to his other Hindu bitch boy. I promptly pick up his shit, throw it on the floor at his feet, take the seat directly beside him and invite another person to take the other seat.
          The crowd reaction was very positive. Ol’ Ravi and Punjai get pissed off but, me being a good foot taller than them, snarls some shit-in-mouth curses at me then get up and leave. So two more seats were freed up.
          Fucking faggot ass culture all around.

        6. India is massive, its culture extremely diverse. It’s like saying North and South American people are XYZ. Indians tend to hate other Indians more than they hate anyone else. As an example, there are more English speaking Indians than there are English speaking Americans. Their middle class is larger than the American Middle class. So with such diversity, and with such a large population, you will have a large number of A-holes and b!tchy [email protected], as well as a colorfully rich and diverse culture accompanied by some extremely distasteful aspects. Bollywood is always making movies about the culture clashes in India, especially between the North and the South. Indian women vary as much as their culture varies. Some are going to be submissive, and others are going to be head butting contentious fighters. Personally though, I would try to date one that knows how to do traditional Indian dance. If she can move her hips like that.. she might be fun in the sack.

        7. I really need to get out of the city. If I tried that here (and I live in a supposedly conservative racist southern city) people would be yelling that I just committed a hate crime.

        8. Ha. That makes a ton more sense than what I was trying. For some reason my brain couldn’t see that on it’s own.

        9. Hope she plays that one song with the shrieking, atonal, nasal woman over the bongos and tambourines

        10. Lovely.. heh. Like all women, you just have to pick through the thorns to find the best berries.

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  2. I posted this on a dead thread here and on So, bump to the top:
    This 2016 election is already demonstrably rigged. The standard for
    deciding whether an election is honest is comparing the reported vote
    count with the results of the exit polls.
    This sort of analysis has recently been applied to the Democrat primary by researchers at Berkeley and Stanford who concluded:
    ‘Looking at the discrepancies between the exit polls and the final tally, nearly all are in favor of Hillary Clinton by a huge margin. This is statistically impossible (“The probability P of this happening is 1 in 77 billion”).’
    ‘BERKLEY AND STANFORD STUDIES CONCLUDE THAT, WITHOUT VOTER FRAUD, THE ODDS HRC WON THE PRIMARIES IS 1 IN 77,000,000,000! “Clinton’s win was only possible through widespread vote fraud”’

        1. Hey, sometimes paranoia is justified. Can’t be too careful.
          Then again, were folks to truly go after ROK they would have a little talk with the folks at cloudflare.

        2. Not necessarily. The comment system is independent of WordPress, so Disqus would be the No1 option. Although WordPress does save email addresses and comments, so it would also be an option, but Disqus likely has more data still (IPs logs etc)

        1. Bro you had plenty of time to think about it and you couldn’t come up with something better ?

      1. I had a really tough time posting a link to this and complained about Disqus; hence Ethan Allan’s comment.

    1. No upvotes or comments on this story. I clicked through and investigated further. My understanding of comparing reported vote counts with exit polls was very naive:
      “The results of most democratic elections around the world are
      obtained with a 95% confidence level within a margin of error of 2%. In
      fact, these are the parameters that the U.S. government normally uses to
      oversee elections in other countries… But this is not true in the U.S itself — which nobody thinks of supervising.
      Election results in the United States are obtained with a 95% confidence level within a 3-4% margin of error. This is because relatively recent laws in the United States have intentionally rendered reference data less reliable (HAVA, Bush 2002). By law exit polls must be adjusted to match the final recorded vote, which means that evidence of fraud is suppressed. Exit poll results, already partially manipulated, must disappear after a given election and become public only 5 years later”
      It turns out the exit poll data is adjusted to match final totals and used exclusively to provide demographic data for those totals.

  3. Interesting story came out recently:
    Assad Says The Boy in The Ambulance Is Fake – We Show Why
    Same kid and his sister appear to feature in other white helmet photo ops.
    Those kids must be awfully unlucky, they keep needing to be rescued.
    Following is dust boy’s sister, being rescued from an incident that left blood on her face, but not dusty. And another incident with dust boy and his sister getting rescued by the white helmets, neither bloody nor dusty.
    More pictures at link.

      1. I bet if you turn that kid over the back of his head looks exactly like the one of the drowned Syrian refugee on the beach. Such clumsy, sloppy propaganda the msm engages in.

  4. Astute article, can’t say I disagree with any of it. One thing I’m unsure about though is the attacks on police. As Roosh says, they’re basically the last line of patriotic/nationalistic defense.
    But there are few if any liberals on police forces. What self-respecting leftard is going to sign up for a hazardous job that’s the definition of working for “the man” while also pulling down very low pay and benefits?
    The police (and most of the military) are conservatives. So the elites’ plan to use them against a theoretical white revolt doesn’t seem very well thought out.

    1. “also pulling down very low pay and benefits?”
      Wrong. Police receive a decent salary starting out and extremely generous benefits as compared to civilians.
      “The police (and most of the military) are conservatives. So the elites’ plan to use them against a theoretical white revolt doesn’t seem very well thought out.”
      Because they’re not. They’re zogbots. They do whatever the state tells them to do. If the state told them to gun down every child between the ages of one through eight, they would be so with zero remorse. That’s what they get paid for. That’s what they get extremely generous benefits for. If they were truly conservative as you describe, they would have protested this madness a long, long time ago.

      1. Exactly. Many persons don’t understand that not only noblese oblige was lost long ago, also vocation is dead, specifically vocation towards the protection of one’s country. They (law enforcement, army) just obey orders in many cases. Moreover I think the risk of an open revolt is the main cause the elites are rushing the automation of the army.

  5. Can speak from experience when I say that whites are betraying each other. I wonder if you would do an article on those of British and Scottish descent in western nations who in my experience are the prison guards/self-appointed sheriffs/white knights we have to keep an eye on.
    Should you have the misfortune, as I did, of standing up against one (only out of a desire to be left alone, mind you), you will not only have to deal with him and his family, but the police, crown and legal system which is pro-British.

  6. Has anyone checked out convention of states project? I commented about it once and I am considering writing an article as I’ve volunteered as a local official.
    It could be another alternative if Trump isn’t elected or doesn’t work out. In fact, I’d proffer it as a necessary path even if Trump is elected. My guess is even if Trump is the greatest President ever, he will still move the federal government to having more power and move it to have more power in the executive branch. That’s just a guess.

  7. I think it’s just the inevitable, natural course of things, fam. Violence isn’t the only answer, but it is the final answer (to quote Jack Donovan)

        1. Just saying. There was this article a few days back about people who come into the organization to incite violence, but work for the gov.
          Not that I personally care. Nor that I believe you are anything but a normal commenter.
          Yeah, well, a joke’s not funny when you have to explain it.

        2. I’m not inciting anything. I’m making a prediction. The two sides of this struggle are becoming more polarized and radical, while one side is getting very violent. How long before the other side retaliates?
          It’s like the build up to the World Wars. Eventually one side got sick of being picked on and they hit back.

        3. Honestly, I think that’s the point of what is going on, to provoke the decent folks into action. Then the government will crack down. Or try to. Divide and Conquer.

        4. Honestly, I don’t think that even a single thing that is currently happening is not exactly what the people behind the curtains want and expect to happen.

        5. I think you are a troll trying to foment violence. Upvoted to attract attention to you.

      1. Hes an agent.
        Not a double agent.

        Havent you ever seen a spy movie? Or a spy vs spy comic strip?

        1. Triple super-secret deep cover agent. He doesn’t even know he’s an agent until activated. (I think that might’ve been a movie.)

        2. Tom, you really wouldnt like meeting me. Id really give you something to whine about. Id stomp your crybaby emo head into the sidewalk.
          Now go jerk off to your mommy issues like you do every night.

  8. Wait a sec…should’t we defend the military? After all, they defend our freedoms and stuff.

    1. They take orders from the federal government. They ARE the enemy. They will shoot you in the face with the first order.

    1. “There are people dancing on the table behind you, dude!”
      “No way, man. I’m not fallin’ for that one. Look behind me? Now why would I want to do that?”

  9. I’m seeing quite a few articles like this popping up in places that aren’t hardcore patriot/prepper blogs. It’s heartening to see that more people are “getting it,” but on the other hand it’s a sobering slap of reality.
    Immigration is the key here, and it’s quite accurate to point the finger at the globalist elites, rather than their black and brown minions. If I remember correctly, the percentage of the white electorate decreases by 2% every election cycle simply due to birthrates. Even if Trump wins and somehow manages to deport every illegal, the left-wing voting bloc will still catch up to us demographically, and with the left firmly entrenched in education, entertainment, and the media they have little need to rig the election.
    We have to come to grips that our compatriots were dumb enough to elect Obama twice, and they’re more than capable of electing Hillary as well. There aren’t going to be any easy solutions to our problem.

    1. I agree and this is why I don’t understand why everyone writes Australia off as lost. Our immigration policies are strong as oak and have the full backing of both sides of parliament and 90% of the population. The immigration we do have works really well. We don’t have ‘little Italy’ or ‘Chinatown’ to the extent other countries do. Oz will be saved.

      1. If true it doesn’t seem to jive with Australia’s noted libtardation in other areas of society. There must be some disconnect going on. I fully expect the lefties over there to start campaigning for a “more humane” immigration policy (if they haven’t already.) (More humane, to them, meaning open borders.)

      2. Unfortunately, Oz did a mass confiscation of firearms. The only folks who now have firearms are criminals, terrorists, and the few who weren’t foolish enough to allow them to be taken.

    2. Only nuclear war could save the white race at this point. The survivors would go extreme tribalistic and start anew. Otherwise Trump just prolongs the inevitable.
      I suspect all the Mexican rats would scurry back south too.

      1. You remember well your Andrew Macdonald. And I think I’m the only one catching the reference.

    3. They don’t need to rig them but they still do to be sure. The Bush who rigged one ran against Trump

  10. YES! I love that the article ended positively, and any of you who don’t see what Roosh is saying may want to look a little bit closer!
    My father and I talk about this, especially the strategically-placed immigrants (which is probably the best way I’ve heard it described so far) and dad always says: “Wait until these people awaken the sleeping giant.” The Western Man, the AMERICAN MAN, is going to step up and save his country. There will be death, there will be loss, and there will be pain. Unfortunately, we will all be affected in some way or another, in a big way or a small way. But in the end, the reason America WAS the greatest country in the world is because THE GIANT WASN’T ASLEEP. Now he needs to – and WILL very, very soon – WAKE THE FUCK UP.
    This weekend I watched the full movie “Saving Private Ryan” for the first time, and everything down to each bullet I watched pierce a man’s skin made me hate Hillary more than ever before. It made me hate Hillary, and it made me hate all liberals and all that they stand for more than I ever have. And the reason I say this is because with Hillary in office, we will be voting against everything these men died for; everything my ancestors and yours suffered for, and everything for which we had a Revolutionary War to begin with.
    That being said, we will all live to see the day that America (and, thus, the rest of the world) is freed from the clutches of political correctness, anti-nationalism, anti-free speech and pro-globalism! This is God’s Country, boys, was and will be, even if that means there must be suffering before success.
    I’m younger than many of you, it’s true. But my own children, I have no doubt, will one day be born in a world that is far different to this liberal-elitist, politically-correct shithole that liberals like Killary and Soros have turned it into. The difference between this and the movies is that, in the end, WE win, and not the world government. Count on that!

    1. SPR is a great movie. Unfortunately that fucktard, libtard Tom Hanks whom I know can’t stand is ruining all movies , with him in them, that I used to previously like because he’s come out as a staunch anti-trump anti american hater.

    2. Did Hillary not say that “women and children are the primary victims of war”? That’s her subconscious view of all wars. Men didn’t die, women and children were inconvenienced!
      After the raid on Perl Harbour Isoroku Yamamoto was supposed to have written in his diary:
      “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

      1. That’s a hard down-vote from me, sir. Hitlary is a Nazi; the U.S. attacked the Nazis. I don’t think Hillary would attack herself.
        Let’s look at the facts. Hitler took guns away from the public; Hitlary wants to take guns away from the public too! Hitler preached that he “despised” communism and yet his entire regime was government control over the public… oh wait, Hitlary’s plan essentially calls for the same thing – aside from her open borders, to essentially become her third-world army against white, Christian men! And furthermore, Hitler promised that he would help the little guy, which is how he gained support… Hitlary is doing the same thing, no?

  11. Fortunately blacks lack the intelligence and attention span for sustained violence. They use it as a cover for looting, then they go home with their spoils. You never hear about some black guy becoming “the black Hitler,” because Jews know that white people would laugh at that.

      1. People joked about him back in the 1970’s, like he needed to buy an o and a t to finish his first name.
        But think about it: On the one hand we hear all this propaganda about racial equality; yet on the other hand no one worries about a nonwhite guy coming “literally Hitler.” This implicitly acknowledges that nonwhites can’t compete with whites in this area.

      2. Nah, just a larger scale looter like most black dictators, Mugabe, the Duvaliers et al. I can’t think of any that tried empire building or did much beyond the confines of their usually small nations. (Tho’ literally speaking, he did do well for himself, but not much for anyone else.)

  12. Is it just me, or are the first gen anchorbabies drastically worse then the parents?
    Mommy/daddy grows up in a 3rd world shithole and are typically thankful just to be here. They screw up some, do some old world Scammy things to make money, but mostly put their head down and try to stay out of trouble. Most of the illegals who get in trouble are genuinely ignorant.
    Junior comes along, and Jr is the problem. He knows he has a SSN. He can’t be deported. Hes stuck between worlds trying act like the Mexican/Somali/Hmong/arab outcast he’ll never be. He’s like a snotty white suburban kid trying to act all emo/grunge/goth.
    Nothing worse then a 20 year old anchorbaby flying flags for a country he’s never never been to, speaking a language he barely understands, pissing on the country thats given him everything he has.

    1. The anchor kids try to emulate all the grunge on MSM and pop culture. Hard working immigrant parents kiss ass to the system authorities excessively and try not to rock the boat as a general rule of thumb so the kids thumb their nose at the parents for being cuck pawns of the corrupt system which also encourages corruption of the youth.

    2. A lot of these kebabs’ families come from places with violent warrior cultures, like the Tsarnaevs’ Chechnya or Omar Mateen’s and Ahmad Rahami’s Afghanistan. Even if they grow up on the magic dirt of the United States, genetically they feel like they have to fight other men for mates, status and wealth, because their ancestors survived that way for countless generations. You just can’t give these guys American-style service jobs and expect them to behave.

      1. I wish I came from a violent warrior culture. It’s high time for multigenerational Americans of European descent to glom on to the radicalization/identity fad that others are taking advantage of. Generic “Americanism” might not be enough this time.

    3. Look at most of the terrorists running around over the past few years. 2nd gen’ers

    4. The kids are confused and angry. Its what happens when you strip people of their identity, family and culture then call it wonderful multiculturalism with a salesman’s grin.

    5. That is the dad not teaching humility to the kid and instilling discipline. The kid needs to learn to be grateful for what he is given and take it for granted.

    1. Yeah where’s that ol Viking spirit…a blm riot sounds like a opportunity for good standing in the halls of Valhalla!!
      At the very least if your scared shitless of roving rape gangs in your suburban neighbourhood… but never took the time to meet your neighbours.
      Maybe it’s time to host a BBQ?

      1. As far as I can tell BLM riots happen in Black neighborhoods I wouldn’t be caught dead in anyway. If the monkeys want to destroy the zoo I am just fine with it. Trust me, the moment they get to my area they will be put down quickly.

  13. Every day I hear more news that bums me out…major bummer, Roosh. Thanks man. i am a home owner in the exurbs and am quite afraid. What the hell is next, bussing BLM protesters to the exurbs to try to rape and pillage?

  14. I just listened to Colin Cowherd (sports commentator and social analyst) for about 20 minutes. I have not listened to him in years.
    At any rate, it was laughable to hear the media echo chamber he was locked into. These people are so distanced from the average American, so isolated in their wealth, that they continue to scoff at the plight of the common man.
    Then, when somebody like Trump rises, they are completely incapable of fathoming how it could be.

  15. “The FBI will sponsor crimes instead of solve them. The Department Of Homeland Security will allow questionable foreigners to immigrate but punish law-abiding citizens. The Federal Reserve will sink the economy by destabilizing the banking system.” Already here

  16. A trend I have noticed recently on ROK and other websites is that when an important article like this appears, usually discussing the threat posed by the government and the elite, many well written but irrelevant comments appear. For example, this article shows a long thread focussing on the characteristics of Indians. Another example I noticed was an article in Heartiste with a similar theme to this one but with a totally irrelevant barrage of comments regarding the existance of God. I wonder whether this is a more sophisticated tactic for diverting people from discussing the core issues at hand.
    ROK and others should watch out and try to monitor where these comments are coming from and if there is a pattern discernible.

  17. The Big Lie of this election is that white people in America have been taught to hate minorities, which is an inversion of the truth. Race relations were getting noticeably better after the O.J. trial–up until Obama was elected. Once Obama became president he revealed himself to be a radical on race, and he spearheaded a Democrat party game plan of stirring up resentment in the black communities in the hopes that it would bring more blacks out to vote. The Black Panthers who wielded weapons at polling places were not prosecuted, the police officer who had to deal with that gasbag Henry Louis Gates’ tantrum “acted stupidly” and Trayvon looked like the son Obama never had. The best example, of course, is Ferguson, where a strong-arm robber attacked a cop and got shot and the Obama administration treated it like Emmett Till had been lynched all over again. Holder and his boss wanted Ferguson to burn, and as a result a white Bosnian immigrant was beaten to death with a hammer there by a mob of blacks, a white Iraq vet was beaten into a coma outside of a southern waffle house by another mob of blacks, and so on.
    Multicultural societies don’t tend to work, but we were stuck with one because of slavery and latter day immigration policies. It was problematic, but we should have celebrated the relative peace and cooperation that existed here it as a miracle, while tightening our borders. Instead, we are now looking at a sort of guerrilla race war without end, open borders, and a culture of hatred being taught to our citizens from kindergarten through grad school. Last week, a mob of “minority” students at Berkeley blocked a major bridge entrance at the school, and stopped all white students from passing. Linked arm and arm with blacks were the hispanics and Muslims we are told we should be importing more of, along with Asians and Asian Indians who represent the most successful and highest earning groups in this country. We let them in, treated them well, they prospered, and now their kids are cheapening our kids’ lives with their hateful, entitled, bullying and hubris. I couldn’t imagine a better metaphor for why so many people are voting for Trump.

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