Driving Home The Truth About Men And Women

I remember a time when everyone was talking about a book. The title was Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. Most men have probably heard of it, some men may have read it, somewhere there could even be a poor chap who took it seriously!

The prospect of that poor man struggling to put the advice into action gives me a cold shiver. What I need is a rival analogy. One which covers the red pill truths about the mating market. One which is about something men enjoy. I found one.

Women are like cars. Men are like drivers. The rest, like driving itself, flows pretty naturally once you get the idea.

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Driving a good car is a satisfying, liberating experience. At the time it feels free, but when you add up the costs of acquiring, running and maintaining a car it is actually one of the most expensive things a driver does. A driver silly enough to take control of a car while drunk often finds that it looks a lot better before than after. Please take care at all times, if you crash you might end up broke, injured or even in jail. As for the smashed car, many drivers don’t even want to look at them afterwards!

Unfortunately not all drivers can have a good car. Those drivers are often quite embarrassed. New cars purr contentedly when driven, but when owned and driven for too long they can make more alarming sounds. Sometimes they even screech. Often after a period of ownership the poor driver finds that the car refuses to drive at all and he is left with a useless husk hanging around that is of no value to anyone.

When considering purchasing a car it’s always good to take your time. Careless selection can lead to big problems and can be far more expensive than you expect. Buyers usually start by examining the bodywork, age and miles driven. Some people buy cars without a test drive or even without seeing them. This is OK for a new one that’s never been driven before. Otherwise you will regret it, I promise you.

Alterations to the bodywork, decorative baubles hanging off or pictures drawn on them can seem attractive at first glance, but are a clear go away sign for anyone considering ownership. As for cars that belch smoke, don’t even think about it.

Driving a car off the lot is an exhilarating experience for sure. When first driving a really hot car there can be a moment of release which is truly a high point in a man’s life. Often that moment of intense feeling is hard to describe or justify later. At the time though the burst of freedom and pleasure is not to be questioned or refused. Unfortunately without drastic—often painful—action, a newly acquired car is still around the next day and buyers remorse is common.

The rental vehicle service is mostly used by drivers who either can’t afford a car, have a car which just won’t drive, or are out of town and unable to use their regular vehicle. They can be picked up quickly and are available on a per use basis, but they can be expensive. A driver who uses a really cheap rental service will often find the car is dangerous or has obscure mechanical problems. Drivers often use them hard and in ways they wouldn’t dream of with their own cars. No matter how much the rental company tries to clean them up it’s always just a little bit disgusting to think about all the previous drivers that might have dirtied them. It’s probably wiser to give them a good clean and wear gloves or something before use. They age and accumulate miles on the clock quicker than other cars and should never be purchased, even if they seem like a good deal.

Different countries produce very different cars. American cars are big, have low fuel economy and are not known for their high quality. European cars are expensive, but often stylish and much sought after. Drivers of European cars often like to show them off. The production share of American and European cars keeps falling year by year and you can see why. Asia is the largest producing region and is known for cheap, practical and reliable models. If you come across a car that was made in Africa think carefully, they are extremely dangerous to drive, even if you wear a seat belt.

Occasionally, other would-be drivers steal cars but that doesn’t usually end well for the car. It often gets broken down for parts or taken for a joy ride and then dumped in a gutter somewhere. The original drivers usually don’t want them back once this happens.

Most drivers only own one car, or none. If a driver owns a fleet of vehicles for his exclusive use then you could say he is seriously in business!

So next time you are thinking about women, just imagine they are cars. Good choices might seem a lot easier to make. Finally, never give in to the temptation to drive a truck instead—bigger is not better, and they are a bitch to park afterwards.

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110 thoughts on “Driving Home The Truth About Men And Women”

  1. “Wow, just wow… I don’t even… You must be a virgin! Women are not cars!”
    Great analogy. Too bad white women don’t realize that their mileage makes them so unappealing… The concept is well accepted in the middle east and asia.. pretty much anywhere that isn’t heavily influenced by the Jew

    1. I’m white. Not a jew though. Just a disclaimer. Anyway… the reason whites ARE the best/most desirable can be put down to the mixing of genes. You see, the more you mix, the more you improve the immune system. And let’s face it, whites are mongrels and a half if you look at the history. ALSO, seen one cute asian, you’ve seen them all. Can’t say that of whites. Hell, we’re red-haired, blonde, brown, black, albino, blue-eyed, brown, green, hazel, albino (got to give them albinos their due). Variety=interest. #Win.

      1. You should really consider marrying an African woman then. Think of the healthy immune systems your children would have

        1. LOL. I’m Aryan. Not gonna blacken my gene pool if you paid me. Not that it matters, yo, kids is shit, my nigga.

        2. You do realize the staggering irony in saying diverse race mixing is the best form of reproduction and then flat out rejecting the concept of racemixing.
          It’s almost like you’ve been conditioned to believe and say something that you are naturally repulsed by.

        3. Wow. Someone doesn’t understand, firstly, the concept of eugenics (here’s the short version: trade up, not down) And, secondly, humour. That whole reply was ironic. Lighten up dude.

        4. “You see, the more you mix, the more you improve the immune system”
          “LOL. I’m Aryan. Not gonna blacken my gene pool if you paid me.”
          Do you think consistency is important?
          Yes, I just need to lighten up. According to you, so does Africa

        5. ARgh, too dumb. Must be female. Stop all communications. Doesn’t understand logic and reason.
          Seriously, it was MEANT to be ironic. Was the whole point. Just like me writing nigga-speak at the end was MEANT to be ironic to further clue you into the fact that I’m writing this tongue in cheek. Waaaay-over-head.
          [edit] but nigga’s are ugly as fuck to me. So… yeah.

        6. So you think – race mixing is the best for of reproduction so whites should just blend in to other races
          Even though you’re personally revolted at the thought of ‘blackening your genes’
          Kids ‘are shit’ – implying you don’t want them
          And anyone who points out the inconsistency is just too dumb (and probably racist) too understand
          You are the goodest of the goys.

        7. Uh whatever you said… (I only understood half of it). This is getting tiring and gay (i.e. bad, in case you start questioning whether I was being homophobic, which I was – you should see the ladyboys that hang around near my place, they’re scary as hell). I don’t even want to know what a goy is or whether you were being sarcastic calling me one. Cheers IQ-challenged one. May you go forth and prosper with your loop arguments that you use to try and fill a void that is your empty existence.

        8. Mate, don’t waste your time arguing with clowns. Just laugh at them instead. They’re funny.

        9. “race mixing is the best for of reproduction so whites should just blend in to other races”
          In our modern world, being more attractive gives more benefits than having a slightly better immune system.
          And whites “should” nothing, they do what they want.

        10. He is merely drawing out the logic of the clown to its final conclusion, not saying what anyone “should” do.

        11. Boom. Literally ONE person gets it. Cheers, you have certified your IQ above 100 (can also certify then that you’re not black, two stones and all).

        12. My bad, forgot this is the “new” age where exposition isn’t just useful for the masses, but essential.
          Here’s the full breakdown for you:
          I could have said whites are more desirable for their visa’s and pay-cheque (which is true). I could have said that they’re smarter than most (with the exception of Asians, but hell, I live in Asia and the average IQ is “fucking potato mash” level, so it’s pretty reasonable to believe that those IQ results are scewed; heavily). I could have also said, due to the media, hollywood, magazines, etc, whites have been iconised (if that’s a word), hence more desirable on even a subconscious level. Hell, I could have just given a rhetorical question: why are most of the Victoria’s Secret models white? ALL VALID ARGUMENTS.
          INSTEAD, I just went with the scientific route to avoid butthurt niggers and slopes bitching (though that didn’t even work). Here’s the science: if your partner has the exact opposite immune system to you (pretend that’s possible) then their BO will smell fucking great to you. And vice versa. Then bridged that notion to the cold, hard fact that we’re just way more interesting than you other races.
          Oh, and pretty much every invention you have that makes your lives better was made by white men. FYI. So not only are we more desirable on a financial, intellectual, social and demographic level, we’re also world builders. The rest of you are sponges.

        13. Englishbob:
          “Aye mate…if’n I were allowed to brandish a firearm o’er here in the Land of Queens I might would just rightfully point it at ya! Ive been taught to hate any racism unless it be rightfully pointed at white men!”

        14. We have our new resident WN. I can’t wait for the interesting and vast red pill knowledge he will provide.

        15. “White National” or “Nationalist”. Basically they want to kick out anyone who’s not white from europe/u.s.a/australia etc…

        16. No, even though great races are mixtures, it still matters what one puts into the mix. The Celtic/Anglo/Saxon/Norman mix took some time, but by the 18th century produced impressive results.

        17. I’ve been tainted by Raw. When you talk about marrying an African girl, I immediately think of Umfufu and “EDDIE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FO ME LATELYYYYY”

      2. Yes, because we don’t have medicine and so we need to worry about being immune to a bunch of diseases that don’t even exist anymore.
        If your immune system is your #1 priority when choosing a partner then, I’m sorry to say it, you’re an idiot. Are you really that worried about malaria so you want your kids to have sickle cell? Also, by mixing with other races your offspring can inherit their genetic diseases, or even result in new ones. The idea that mixing races always results in a superior human being is a myth, myth, myth. Choose your partners based on their intelligence and beauty because those are the things that matter most in the modern world.

        1. I actually grew up in the 2000s where intelligence was warped into a “beta” concept.

        1. Well Niggabob, I learned it from science class. Also saw them recreate the experiment on this british science show (was years ago, but I think Richard Hammond was one of the presenters, could be wrong though). Anyway, don’t stress about it, just chill with your spliff and Jamacian beats or whatever.

  2. Fun article.
    I’m just curious, to gain perspective… what made you guys RedPill???
    Was it personal experience with women and society? A lack of experience with women? Observance of other peoples’ situations?
    For me it was through LTRs that ended with betrayal and a lack of any sense of justice on part of the woman. After that I did readings on divorced men and their experiences. I realized that the female behaviour I experienced wasn’t just limited to my experience at all… and that men older than I unwittingly watched their family life get destroyed when they thought they were doing everything they thought was required of them.
    Might be good for perspective… is this just a bunch of misguided rambling or do we all have our reasons for turning our back on the MSM?

    1. Literally have always been red pill. My father and all his brothers are red pill. Was just the way I was brought up.

    2. I’ve been red pill my whole life.I guess before I even was in my first ltr I could see what a drain of life force relationships were and I was brought up by red pill grandparents also.

      1. I’d love to hear about your grandmother (if she indeed helped raise you). I have a great respect and admiration / longing for women of that generation. True feminine women in other words.

        1. Hear hear. They knew what’s what and stuck by their man through thick and thin (for the most part anyhow). The men of those days actually had something in return for all of their hard work and dedication that lasted well beyond the shelf-life of natural “hotness” for both partners, as opposed to some vapid floozy that bolted the moment things got uncomfortable or she simply became “bored” with the current arrangement. I don’t really envy their lives to be honest, but I can certainly appreciate what was on offer as far as the social contract went back then.

    3. You don’t need to go through any kind of trauma to take the red pill, it’s more about learning the truth and listening to the stories of other men.
      Personally, I never had bad experiences with women in general, was a player, then got into PUA after reading Neil Strauss’ book ‘The Game’…got onto some forums, then youtube, then found Tom Lyekis, then stumbled upon an article called the ‘misandry bubble’ then continued reading and reading and reading…forums, blogs, discussion threads…Roissy, Roosh, Capt Capitalism, Barbarossa, Sandman, Stardusk, Girlwriteswhat, AVFM, ROK….this happened over a 5 year period…all confirming things I already knew…

    4. Too much cognitive dissonance between what I was brought up to believe (the messages and overall narrative sent out by the cathedral) and the actual completely different and messed-up reality on the ground. No real negative personal experiences TBH, though plenty of collateral damage all around to observe and learn from without actually getting burned. This was finally followed by a much-needed thorough process of demanginafication during which time I finally learned to re-acquire my balls and rediscover the real hidden essence of masculinity that this “society” so heavily attempts to repress and stamp out. Sure, there were moments of strong anger and frustration at times concerning all the lies that we are being fed, but these eventually mellowed out into a rather raw acceptance of the reality of our world in all of its real beauty and ugliness for once. Feeling much like a phoenix rising from the ashes here, new and improved to be sure.

      1. I have the exact experience as CSM-1000. Just like him, I never got burned personally, but saw too many inconsistencies in what society claims it is (we’re all equal under the law, democracy is freedom, America’s the land of the free) and what society actually is (female supremacy, zero legal or social accountability for women, democracy is mob rule, the media censors real men and spreads feminist propaganda, justice system is a joke if the criminal is a woman, sex laws only apply. politicians have no integrity and are women-appeasing clowns, the majority of the population are brain-dead sheep)

    5. Dated a girl for almost 3 years who I was engaged to marry, until she broke off the relationship suddenly by telephone with no discussion and refused to see me, after I already gave up my house to be with her. Had to move back in with mom temporarily. Struggled with the betrayal and frustrated at my inability to see this potential for cruelty and heartlessness in her during the long dating period, I was shocked weeks later when I saw clearly how miserable I would have been with her, although I NEVER saw this during our dating (clear signs were there from the second date). I started questioning why this was, started reading, certain things resonated and were clearly true. I was pretty awake to most of these notions and then only recently found this site which has rapidly propelled my understanding.
      This site speaks truth. You simply can’t argue with most of what is posted here.

      1. ” A woman will age you, wear you down, and destroy your masculinity.” Only if you let them my friend. Maintain your iron grip.

      2. Red pill came from Marine Corps, Jesus, John Calvin and Sovereign Grace Ministries ; found manosphere googling “men like abortion” and getting a hit result on Roissy’s page.

    6. well I’m Middle Eastern (born and raised in America though) , and that’s just how Arab men are raised to be LOL Middle Eastern men are raised to be men and to not take shit from women, and to know how to put women in their place

      1. Sorry but your culture is not a model for anything.
        Marrying and staying with the fat cousin your dad picked out for you is not putting women in their place. You are just as trapped as she is.
        Arabs and turks strike me as some of the most miserable people on this planet.

        1. Yes and here men willingly and freely marry their fat cousins out of desperation.
          I’d rather be an Arab/Turk with arranged marriages than an American cuckold.
          We can all throw stones but he’s absolutely right about men being raised in a masculine environment in the middle east, they have to be.

    7. Combination of recovering from my last LTR a couple of years ago, loss of my father around that same time & growing frustration with the career advancement b.s shoved down my throat over time. She was a great gal but…
      In hindsight, before i even knew about Alphas, Betas, the Red Pill or Men’s Rights, there were scattered moments where i acted Red Pill. But overall, i really was just a Blue Pill programmed chump ever since my teens. Took me to the end of my twenties for the scales to start dropping from my eyes.
      Discovered the ROK site & the Roosh Forum by chance a couple of months ago when i was researching for ways to naturally boost my testosterone to help with my fitness for outdoor work. Found the sites to be the type of unpretentious male space needed for my sanity & haven’t looked back…

  3. Here’s an interesting factoid about John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars…” He is divorced from fellow relationship “expert” Barbara DeAngelis. Gray, however, is only on marriage #2. DeAngelis had been married *five* times, at last count, including to magician Doug Henning, who divorced her in 1981. Perhaps her next book should be called “Making Love … Disappear”
    À bientôt,

    1. I have never read the book, but to me, stating that men and women are from different planets shows some kind of red pill understanding. What exactly did he get wrong about men and women?

      1. You want to start with the placating connotations of saying men are from Mars.

    2. In the last year of our marriage I noticed that my ex had a Russian version of a DeAngelis book; ha ha, maybe that’s why she became so intolerable that I had to divorce her rooskie ass. Too bad for her, as a car dealer has recently come along and wants to develop/lease some land from me; it pays to own property on high traffic thoroughfares! She’s been seeming a bit bitter ever since I told her. 😀

  4. We all want Ferrari, sometimes want a pickup truck, and end up with a station wagon.
    Women are like tornadoes. They moan like hell when they come and take the house when they leave.
    Women are like floor tiles. If you lay them right the first time, you can walk over them for years.

    1. Friend of mine has a 1942 Hudson pimped & lowered. He says ”find me a 1942 woman that still looks as good”. Why men stick to their cars?

  5. Another useless fucking article on ROK. Seriously, we have more than enough men/women analogy articles on this god-forsaken site. Can someone post something with intelligence, please?

      1. He’s not an author so it’s not really his fuckin responsibility to write for the site. I understand his position though. A good post about how fucked in the head women are, or how to deal with their bullshit, or how to game them is all good, but after a certain point, you’re just rehashing old points that have already been made and preaching to the choir.
        I’ve always been more interested in the articles about cultural dynamics, the economy, history, and masculinity. Athlone’s recent one about how Beta males are the backbone of the economy was especially good.

        1. Hey this might be tough but to get to that type of article you like most on ROK all you have to do is shut the fuck up and wait a day or two.

        2. No one has a responsibility to write anything here. This website isn’t tailored to you and doesn’t need to anticipate what you may find redundant.
          There are plenty of newcomers out there who benefit from these articles.
          You don’t like it? Don’t click on it…

  6. Comedian Steve Martin circa 1976 (with balloons on head) in slavic accent : ”I know how to READ a wooman – If she is like a cat, we make KITTY LITTER. If she is laak a dog . . . we doo it ON THE PAPER.”

  7. I assume all women are emotional children, even the old ones that try to act with authority. Even when rational, it still seems like their rationality only goes to serve their immediate emotions. This is true for a lot of men as well, but almost universal in every woman I’ve interacted with. I don’t hate them for it, I’ve seen my wife struggle with it, but it’s so ingrained that it would be pointless to try and figure women out logically, the way one would with a car or machine.

    1. The human body is machine too. Only it’s far more complicated than current cars are.

      1. At a low level the human body is a chemical process.
        At a high level it is an environment.
        At both levels it is chaotic, composed of nested feedbacks loops and not particularly machinelike at all.

        1. False. Machine are environments too. They also have feedback loops, things like harmonics and static buildup too. Neither are chaotic, both are designed.

  8. women are like cars. But feminism is like monster truck madness. And there’s no-one driving.

  9. Any beta man can learn to drive and maintain a car but it takes a special alpha man to be a CAPTAIN. Is it a coincidence the ship is referred as SHE and is always named after a woman. Woman is like a ship:
    There is always a great deal of bustle around her.
    There is usually a gang of men about her.
    She has waist and stays.
    It takes a lot of paint to keep her looking good.
    It is not the initial expense that breaks you, it is her upkeep.
    She can be all decked out.
    It takes an experienced man to handle her correctly.
    Without a man at the helm, she is uncontrollable.
    She shows her topsides, hides her bottom.
    When coming into port, she always heads for the buoys.

    1. And why they named hurricanes after women? Because they screw you round and round in big circles. But you don’t complain because you’re getting BLOWN BIG TIME.

    2. I do a bit of expeditionary sailing from time to time, so i like the insertion of vessel & sail terminology in that piece.

  10. Once the costs of ownership have been considered, some of us prefer to rent than buy. 😀

  11. Yup and the most expensive/valuable cars are the classic traditional ones that doesn’t lose its value overtime instead it increases in value if you handle it with utmost care and protection and if gets broken you are able to restore it like a champ. You need to do your role too.

    1. a car is a very GOOD investment, because it allows you to go to your JOB. You see? A car is the best investment you’ll ever make. Imagine the pain of getting around without one. Say what you want. But, no car = no life. As i said, the number 1 investment is a car, more important than all other investments

  12. If only you completed the analogy with Latina cars…
    I’m dying to get to Cuba soon. To see all those old, classy, eye-catching models with great curves, that you just can’t find anywhere anymore–especially in America!

  13. Love the automobile analogy. It’s a depreciating asset (hell…let’s be honest & call it a future liability, eh?) once you’ve taken ownership. Ownership being a misleading term. Do you own the car or does the car (relevant female) own YOU?

    1. I have the best car ever. Had her for 9 years. She’s the one and I will never leave her.

      1. Kudos to you, man. Glad to hear that some of us did well in the “car” department. Me, not so well. Mine just sitting in the garage taking up space and not going anywhere.

  14. American women are more like public transportation than cars.
    Huge numbers of people use public transportation, while generally only one person regularly uses any particular car.

  15. “You remind me of my jeep, I want to ride it
    Something like my sound, I want to pump it
    Girl you look just like my cars, I want to wax it
    And something like my bank account
    I want to spend it, baby”

  16. I think I just heard exploding brains of a feminist. That’s the damaged cars with bad head gasket.

  17. Great article! Wish sites like this had been around when I got married. BTW – don’t forget the other potential danger of a car with faulty brakes running you over.

  18. Well Done! I once found a pre-owned car; well polished, smelled nice, clean looking wheels, no visible dents or damage, engine sounded lovely. But once I heard about the mileage..I abruptly walked off the lot. Was never contacted by the “salesman” after that.

  19. If you have a car that only turns right when it feels like it, only turns left when it wants, opens the sunroof on its own because “it’s so pretty outside!” changes the radio station in the middle of a good song, that spies on your activity in the car, gets bad gas mileage when it’s “that time of month” maybe then you’ll have a woman.

  20. ‘If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it.. it’s cheaper in the long run.’ – Felix Dennis

  21. Hello there my fellow brothers in red pill.I just started a blog daring-n-dashing.blogspot.com. Feel free to visit my blog and drop in a comment or two.Cheers!

  22. Remember the three F’s – “If it flies, floats or fucks – It’s cheaper to rent”

  23. Hahaha love this article. I’m starting to have a thing for nice compact Asian cars with tight suspension and good fuel efficiency myself. American cars are fine when brand new but can be really dismal and gas-guzzling after a while.

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