Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Love potions, amulets, charms, aphrodisiacs… Since time immemorial, men were looking for the secret formula that would enable them to reliably and effortlessly create sexual desire in women. This is still a taboo topic, shrouded in mystery and controversy to this day, as evidenced by the bad reputation the PUA community has gotten.

The problem is that men who are proficient in seduction can’t explain how they do it, because for them it comes naturally. Women are also of no help, since they are reluctant to speak about their arousal triggers and even then, they are often times clueless on what these triggers actually are.

Searching for their own place

Some boys will, for whatever reason, completely fail in figuring out seduction. Coupled with insufficient social skills, they will be unable to even approach women in the first place. The overwhelming social anxiety from repeated rejection will generally cause them to withdraw into their secluded fantasy worlds, where they will live without disturbing anyone.

Beats rejection hands down

Beats rejection every time

In rare cases, these men will snap and violently lash out, as demonstrated by Elliot Rodger. His manifesto, “My Twisted World,” is a fascinating example of what happens when a man loses self control and can’t handle the emotional and psychological pressure of his environment. This pressure is actually quite useful, as it is the only incentive a man has to reach his true masculinity.

Men have an inherent desire to confront forces stronger than themselves and triumph, called “power fantasy.” All cultures acknowledge the power fantasy by having rites of passage, where boys endure hardships, earning respect of other men and admiration of females. This is personified in the mythical hero who “slays the dragon,” serving as an example of courage and fortitude to younger generations of boys. Even today we have mythical heroes—where Greeks had Perseus, we have Iron Man.


Same character, different outfit.

When men don’t fulfill their power fantasy at an early age, they remain in a certain state of restlessness, dubbed “The Peter Pan syndrome.” They basically see themselves as losers and perpetually fail in life, but can’t understand why. Of course, this prompts women to collectively wring their hands and whine: “Where have all the good men gone?”

Women have no need for the power fantasy and would rather just pick the most masculine man and achieve their status through association with him. A woman would actually prefer being a mistress of a masculine man rather than the wife of a Peter Pan. It’s nothing personal; women are simply attracted to raw masculinity and it overrides every other promise or vow they’ve ever made.

Check your masculinity

Rodger lamented the fact that women outright ignored his troubles, but that didn’t happen because women are heartless monsters. The truth is that women cannot handle their own problems, let alone the pressure men endure. What is normal life for men causes mental illness in women, as evidenced by Norah Vincent and her experience living as a man.

Women don’t care about the path a handful of dirt had to go through to become a diamond. They don’t want to hear about the pressures and crystallization. A woman would rather prefer to get the ready-made diamond, put it on her finger and have fun by sending waves of jealousy and butthurt throughout her social circle.

diamond ring

Like so

It’s not that women are lazy, but they are simply not equipped to deal with challenges men have to face to reach masculinity. The troubling conclusion is that women can never help a boy become masculine or teach him how to fulfill his power fantasy. Quite the opposite, females will inadvertently remove all challenge and danger from the environment by always clamoring for as much safety as possible.

Today, all danger has been effectively outlawed by the government, thus criminalizing the masculine rites of passage. In fact, the only way for an urban boy to become genuinely masculine is to join a gang. What is the alternative? Earning a degree? Buying a house? Getting achievements in World of Warcraft? Is there even a way out of this mess?

There is always a way out

Under the steady influence of radical feminism, generations of women have been pigeonholed into the roles of men. Women are expected to behave, perform, and achieve as well as men do, which exposes them to excessive and unnatural mental strain. As a consequence, women need to have a constant emotional and mental release of anxiety. In other words, “fun.”

A woman tries to achieve this state of permafun by having a smartphone basically glued to her face 24/7. The smartphone serves as a pipeline through which she receives her much needed dose of inane social media bullshit. Instagram, Pinterest, 9gag, cat videos… It’s all the same and simply serves to help her forget her vapid existence, even momentarily.

This is the dragon you have to outsmart

This is the dragon you have to outsmart

A man who can recognize, engage and entertain this kind of overstressed woman will instantly get her attention and generate genuine sexual attraction. Whether he is short, bald, or poor is entirely irrelevant. What matters is his ability to generate fun on a constant basis and the women will flock to him. Conversely, when a woman doesn’t get her dose of fun, she creates drama. This isn’t a personal attack on you, it’s just a call for help from a woman that’s bored out of her mind.

Once you demonstrate your entertainment value, the women will suddenly become much more servile and eager to do your bidding, attempting to lock the source of fun (you) down. Don’t sell yourself short and keep your options open. If there is a woman that blows the competition out of the water, you may consider settling with her eventually.

Otherwise, you can have a constant supply of fresh nubile women even in your 50s. At this age, the average gangbanger is either serving several consecutive life sentences or is long dead. Besides, no matter what insanity femnazis spew from their diseased minds, women will remain thoroughly addicted to fun and viciously defend men who can generate it.

Starting all over again

Intelligence is defined as “the ability to adapt.” There is nothing shameful in adapting to the current situation and choosing the most effective way, even if it’s unusual. What matters are the results, not methods. However, learning that all your efforts in trying to reach true masculinity have been in vain can be devastating.

The western civilizations are perhaps the most bizarre social experiment ever conducted. Men and women are supposed to switch roles, pretend nothing changed and carry on with a stiff upper lip. These reversed gender roles take a tremendous toll on the psyche and can’t be maintained for a historically significant period of time.

Sooner or later, something has to give. This will probably result in a catastrophic failure of first world governments, rebooting the entire western world. Until that happens, enjoy life and have fun.

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296 thoughts on “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

  1. False dichotomy. It’s not “be a court jester or opt out” only. Try being old school masculine. It’s so rare these days that women fall all over themselves to get your attention.
    If you’re tall, in shape and “dangerous” looking you get the IOI’s left and right without even trying. Millenial women are fucking *thirsty* for masculine men, and their generation only has about a 5% population of masculine men, normally the combat vets/soldier types, and even then… Well, suffice to say that they’re looking outside their demographic/generation now, mostly for older men who strike traditional alpha cues in their minds.
    There’s a reason young chicks hit on me all the time, and it has zero to do with being a trained comedy monkey (because hoss, I ain’t one). This isn’t to say be anti-social, far from it, but don’t lower your dignity to becoming Bango The Funny Chimpboy as if it’s the only way to quench your thirst. If it IS the only way for you, ok, whatever, but it’s not the *only* way as a rule for everybody else.
    Fuck being a jester.

      1. My cultural reference cues are over a decade out of date. Is that a movie outtake, or is it a random picture of pure unadulterated truth from real life?
        Either way, that kind of thing is *not* unusual in the circles I run in.

        1. that kind of thing is *not* unusual in the circles I run in.

          No surprise there. Women don’t want some blithering simp, they want a masculine icon. If millennial men can’t provide, then they look for someone who does.

        2. Wish there was some way to pound this into the skulls of flabby skinny bearded hipster Millenial men. They are utterly oblivious. But hey, at least they drink craft beer when they sit alone staring at the wall.

        3. Props to you Mr. Jefferson. As Earl Nightingale said “It’s very easy to stand out when so few are even trying.”

        4. Well. That’s very generous of you. OTOH, that obliviousness does make it easier, at least marginally, for me to tap 22 y.o. ass. 😉
          The real problem is that, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. Of my nephews, one is red pill, two are not, and my ten year old nephew will be — my sisters all married high-functioning betas — and the youngest nephew figured out that, when it came to needing to learn how to handle a bully, Uncle Mistral was probably going to give better and more practical advice than his dad would.* Thus, I would not be surprised when the time comes that he wants advice on How To Talk To Girls, he turns up on my (metaphorical) doorstep.
          If a younger guy asks for, or clearly wants advice, I’m happy to help–thus my posts on RoK–but I’m not going to waste my time evangelizing to no-play-getting emo/hipster/whatever/half-a-fags.
          *Teaching him how to throw a punch and telling him, “No matter what, keep swinging. If he beats you up, it will be over soon enough. If you beat him up, fuck him, he had it coming. Either way, he’s going to pick on other kids afterwards, b/c you fought back. And if you’re winning and he starts crying or if you start to feel bad for him, remember how many of your friends he’s beaten up and keep swinging your fists until the recess lady drags you off of him….”

        5. The kid’s school tells them to curl up in a fetal position and wait for help (apparently, they’re relying on other kids to alert the staff. It seems like a shitty plan, to me.)

        1. Still. He’s barely recognizable. Looks like he’s sticking to fixed exhibition boxing matches for the forseeable future. Maybe a few more shitty movies thrown in. Anyone that wants to see the Rourke in his prime watch “The Pope of Greenwich Village”. Great movie.

        2. Yes, I agree he made a major mistake with the plastic surgery, and would have looked much better if he left his face alone. Miss hot legs, however, doesn’t seem to care.

        3. Since when do whores care? Probably never even saw any of his good movies. Just happy to be an accessory to a name.

        4. True, but he used to. When 9 1/2 weeks came out he had his choice of every damned woman on the planet.

        5. He used to look worse – I remember his face surgery and Rourke looked downright scary, like wacko-jacko scary. But either he had additional surgery to correct the first procedure, or his face ‘settled’ a bit.

        6. But its cool how a male celebrity past his prime can still pull hot babes half his age. While a female celebrity past her prime is driving an ice cream truck trying to cover her rent, true story for a Baywatch bimbo. lol

        7. As far as I know, his face was severely distorted after his pro – boxing career. I assume this what has led him to run the surgery.

        8. Women will forgive a fucked up face if you have charisma, money and status. Just ask Kissinger.

        9. That was his bullshit excuse. Plenty of pro-boxers who had many times more fights than him look better. Even Muhammad Ali looks better and he has Parkinson’s!

      2. I’m glad you did. Love the ending to this movie. And that is possibly the coolest looking bike I have ever seen.
        You should put up the opening of the movie where he starts the fucker up after leaving the chick in the room.
        Rourke is also real Alpha in Wild Orchid. Watch that with a woman and you will get a leg over for sure.

    1. This.
      I was going to post, but I see GoJ got here first.
      Don’t be a Jester, be a MAN.* OWN the space that you’re in. Building a version of yourself should be your priority. After that, the pussy will flow–and I realize this is often difficult to see through the testosterone haze of being a young man, but if you treat pussy as ancillary, more of it will show up. Think of it like a by-product, not a goal.
      *Not that being funny is going to hurt you, but there’s a difference b/w being funny and going Full Retard.

        1. Only if you’re the first guy in history to do it. Even then, kinda lame, but hey, it worked a treat for Gallegar in the 1980’s, heh.

        2. body double. he would go out to start the car as gallaher1 got lots of death threats.

      1. Remember that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza borrowed a wedding band to get women interested in him?
        They didn’t make that up. Even as a teenager, guys 10 or more years older than I were telling me “Since I got married I got women throwing themselves at me. I can’t believe it”.

    2. Being a court jester is incentivized though. Just like being a slut is for women. Until that changes, such behavior will persist.

      1. I understand and do not question the motivation for the article. I’m simply suggesting an alternative that nobody seems to even consider any longer. Not out of nostalgia, out of real life experience.
        If a man spends enough time being hit on by women, being told specific things by strange women he’s never met before, and being handed numbers unsolicited and without even striking up a conversation with aforementioned women, and sees his friends going through the same thing, then a man cannot help but draw certain conclusions.

        1. I agree that it is a false binary argument being made. But like you identified, only a very limited percentage possess the ability of traditional appeal. So if being a court jester has better yields than being traditional (and it is for many that don’t possess the required characteristics), that is the route many men are going to take.

        2. Right, don’t disagree. However, I hold that most of these Hipsters could easily apprentice under a masculine GenX “father figure” for a while, learn how to be men again, and change their personas in short order. The task is convincing them that being lasagna-boys is a losing path which is a Herculean task given as most of them are incels now and that hasn’t even managed to convince them.

        3. Women find lame jokes very funny, if (big if) told by a manly man. It’s right there in the Manly Man Manual.

        4. If I get into school where I’m applying to (not far from you), I need to meet up with you.

        5. Something to chew on…..
          I was working on the house, today, replacing some of the light switches (upgrading a few to better) and I thought about how many younger guys could benefit from picking up some of these skills? A new category on ROK…if you will.
          I know too many younger guys who can’t simply remove or replace a light switch let alone change the oil in their truck or car.
          I thought, if anything, we wouldn’t have to put so much detail in every step (so many YouTube videos out there plus other articles, today)…just a category, small description and a link? Comments from the other guys with input could assist as well?

        6. I was fortunate enough to have an old school Dad (Merchant Seaman Engineer) who’d trickle a lot of stuff down to my brothers & myself. The type of man who’d build things with wood & metal & work on engines & paint artistically in later years & didn’t make excuses for being a man.
          His advice to ‘break the bully’s jaw’ when i was getting it in school at 7 years of age would not sit well with the PC atmosphere of today.

        7. My kind of man, right there. We need more of them out there as mentors for the up and coming men.

        8. The sad part is these hipsters have way more resources and way more looser women to deal with. They don’t have the lie of the NAWALT dangling over them. They could be neck-deep in poosy if they were not so conditioned or brainwashed in their upbringing.
          This is how fragile the feminism and the conditioning of women has been, that even the hipsters could crush 60 years of work in 2 minutes IF and only IF they could break free of the chains formed in their own minds.
          The controllers, social engineers, they who weaponized psychology, and the social Marxists KNOW how fragile it is and rely on those chains them emplaced in the minds of young men.

        9. “…I know too many younger guys who can’t simply remove or replace a light switch let alone change the oil in their truck or car.”
          Uhhh…you ARE joking, right??

        10. No…it’s sad. Many guys over the years haven’t had anyone to show them. I know these single mothers like to claim that they are “strong and independent” but many didn’t know how to do shit in the “man department”. These guys slipped through the cracks and they are walking around, today, without some of these valuable (yet simple) skills.

        11. it’s a good idea. it’s not just young guys either. i’m 44 and i can do the basic car stuff, but i’m pretty lost at fixing stuff around the house since i spent most of my 20s and 30s wandering the world, and only just bought my first place a few months ago.

        12. Oh sure. I believe that anyone can still learn (even the older men). I am (or was) pretty surprised by how man of the younger guys couldn’t do some of the most basic tasks (you shit that you should know how to do around the house).
          But, I guess that is part of the territory. Many of these young men were raised by a single mother so it makes sense.

      2. It’s not “incentivized”, it’s what Hollywood movies imply you have to do in order to get women.

        1. Rollo Tomassi @RationalMale · 25 jan:
          “When men can be convinced to participate in women’s social conventions half their work is done for them.”
          “Successful social conventions are ones where subjects willingly sublimate their interests, discourage questioning & encourages participation.”

        2. Yeah, it is incentivized. And if you don’t know that, it makes me question the amount of experience you have with modern women.

    3. “Fuck being a jester.”
      A while back Roosh said that a man needed ‘clown’ game… ie be an imbecile and make today’s females laugh, etc. This may work when the man is young, but when he is older he simply looks stupid. With age comes a refinement, I would say the more ‘strong and silent’ type is better, but PUAs always say that’s not the way to do it.
      But I think Ghost Of Jefferson has a point that classic older masculine guys could see a renewed interest from women who are sick of androgenous girly boy phaggot types.
      There will always be retarded women who expect a man to pull large pieces of living room furniture out of his ass and make her laugh, but we might see enough of the female populous go back to gravitating to classic masculinity, as nature intended.

      1. That’s the distinction I was looking for.
        Let me say though that I do know one Millenial man, aged around 26 (?) who owns his own business (plumbing), has employees and has his shit together. This is a big ol’ corn fed boy too, not a wimp noodleboy Millenial hipster, and he’s so masculine that he nearly radiates an aura. If you know how Russian deadlifters look, you have a general idea how this guy looks, except he has hair. Always has a top quality Millenial chick on his arm when he shows up to bike night, and basically treats her as an accessory and she (who rotates between nights) always seems smitten with him. Fucker even organizes poker nights (men only), complete with whiskey and cigars. He’s part of that 5% and it’s working for him like nobody’s business.
        But I think Ghost Of Jefferson has a point that classic older masculine guys could see a renewed interest from women who are sick of androgenous girly boy phaggot types.
        More than “could”, rather, “are”. To be fair, I’m in an outlier group with excessively masculine alpha type men so there’s a fair chance it hasn’t trickled down to “normal” GenX men yet. But it will I’d wager.

        1. I hear ya, GOJ – I too would assume there will be anomolies like your friend. If I may ask, are you and him based in the USA, or some other country?

        2. I live north of Columbus, Ohio, and he lives west of Columbus, both of us in different counties, but fairly central.

        3. No need to wait until you’ve aged to start being serious. With so many young men acting like boys (or increasingly, girls), somebody who doesn’t act like a joke is a breath of fresh air for everyone.

        4. Absolutely, that’s why I mentioned the dude I know. He’s doing it effortlessly. Captain of his own destiny and he reeks of it, to good effect.

        5. Shit. I was watching my dad in his 60s flirt with everything with tits once while running errands. Old, young, pretty, ugly. He didn’t give a shit.

        6. Eh, more like hard core back woods country boy with a laser like vision of where he wants to be.

        7. My grandfather was the same way, and my father doesn’t know a person he isn’t friendly and outgoing with, which is funny when you look at him as he is the stereotypical Marine Corps fighter pilot (during Viet-Nam)

        8. the question is, was his daddy a plumber? IDGAF if he does good with chicks.. bc the full package Mofo stepped off completely on his own with no family direction. I’ve known quite a few guys who walk in the shell of alpha, look alpha, but deep down, are just propped up by total family support. Not doggin your boy, just known similar individuals. Often by 30s, they soften up and shit changes.

        9. No idea what his dad did/does. As far as I know he grew up as a rural country boy who wasn’t prone to take shit. He certainly doesn’t come across as somebody who needs anybody’s help with anything.

      2. When Roosh said men are clowns to women, I dont think he meant some Bozo character. I think he just meant that we have to dress up, put on a mask, play the game by their rules just to get sex from them. If youre not naturally masculine as hell, youre going to have to pretend you are and thats where the “clowning” happens. Trying to dance to some vapid, shallow cunts tune and be the image of something she wants to fuck. Women fuck images and perceptions of men.

      3. Any 40 year-old man running jester game needs to have a long, hard look at his life. That’s just a lack of self-respect.

      1. Hah. At first I thought the cat was just some furry dude. The scratching post its standing on gave it away.

      2. Lions are my favourite animal. But there is a lot that can be learned from cats. Cats know what the fuck they are doing. They avoid trouble and only fight when they can win. They hunt. Why? Because they’re hungry? No because they fucking can.

    4. Seconded.
      It’s funny, I don’t really think I go over the top with the masculine thing – I just act like I act. Yet I consistently get comments about how “manly” I seem. Whenever you meet these millennial women who have only been exposed to spaghetti-armed Brooklyn hipsters, it’s like you’re being molested. Hands all over the place.
      I also don’t hide my contempt for men who act like women. And it gives me great pleasure to intimate in subtle ways that I can physically break them. You don’t have to act the tough guy if that’s not your thing, you just demonstrate if through casual conversation.
      For example, during a conversation about a rash of car break-ins in my neighborhood, men and women were discussing how scary it would be to come across someone breaking into your car. When they asked me what I thought, I just told them that if I came across someone doing that, I’d crush their fucking head in my car door. I didn’t make a big thing about it, just said it in a flat monotone, the same way you’d tell someone to change the TV channel. There were a few moments of stunned silence as panties started to moisten – as if the rains of masculinity had brought life back to the vagina deserts created by weak “men” who only handle their shit by calling the cops and cowering like bitches hoping they will show up in time. Then, someone finally asked, “what if he had a gun?” To that, I said, “I have one too. And I know how to use it.” You could not only see the lust in their girlfriend’s eyes, but one of them verbally said “that’s hot.” (Her bitch-boy man child didn’t put her in her place for lusting after me in front of everyone either.)

        1. eh, I think women prefer the act. The nuances of being a man are lost on them, only another man would pick up on them.

        2. Not sure I agree with that. But then, you might be better at reading the chick bullshit meter than I am, all I know is that they seem to gush all over me, like Nemesis notes above, touchy feely, can’t drape themselves on/over me fast enough, etc. If they think I’m acting, they don’t seem to convey it to my admittedly aged standards.

        3. I think it depends on the type of woman you’re dealing with (range from conservative, traditional to extreme, left feminist).
          A certain type will try to shame and shout you out the door – the latter one……until they realize you aren’t going anywhere.

        4. While I understand why biomechanically, one has to wonder how they’re able to reconcile the vast difference between what their pussy says and what their teachings inform them.
          A Quixotic quest to be sure, clearly they have no idea, so how could we?

        5. I used to bang a young professor. She mouthed the words at work, and knelt at my feet in the bedroom. She understood the cognitive dissonance inherent to the situation, but she did what she did at work (and at faculty parties, I was forbidden to express my actual opinions….OTOH, I would be walking around those functions with her panties in my pocket).
          In private, or in any situation involving adrenalin, the pussy always won. From time to time, when I was banging, her, I would tell her what a little fraud she was, and she would get off on it….

      1. We’re on exactly the same page Nemisis (and Clark). I know none of the city boys believe it, or sneer at it, but if it’s known that you pack heat in daily life most feminine women will visibly moisten.
        Hell dude, I was open carrying and had some 75+ year old lady that I was standing next to on the streets of Columbus look over, smile nicely and say “I feel very protected with such a big, strong armed man next to me”. Grandma was hitting on me, lol, but it was sweet in it’s own endearing way. Younger chicks, same thing.

        1. That’s a damned shame. I gave up ever traveling to the New England area ever again. If I can’t carry my sidearm, I simply won’t go there. New Hampshire is the exception, but I’d have to travel through gun-hatin’ places to get there, all of whom seem to not want to adhere to Federal firearms transportation laws.

        2. I used to play down my “fascist” ideas and my fondness for firearms when around liberal woman. Now I make no secret of it, and they love it.

        3. You are the man, Ghost… About time i got a motorcycle and a gun. My municipality is hostile to firearms, to say the least.

        4. Right on, there should never be a need to hide your proud exercise of your liberties.

        5. The Midwest, South, West, and South West are all highly firearm friendly, outside of Illinois.

        6. Same here, in Massachusetts it’s MUCH easier to get a gun on the street than to get a license. They won’t let me have a license.

        7. more friendly than somewhere like boston, at least. still, my coworkers recently told me that they have flat-out outlawed “assault rifles” here in denver now. not sure if that’s true or not, i was out of the country for most of 2012 and 2013 so i may have missed when that law passed. i know that although open carry is technically legal in denver, you’ve never really been able to do it without getting swarmed by cops.

      2. Agree…be the man when needed (plus the conceal carry as your back up).
        You should never enter a situation that you can’t “handle”.

      3. If you can tolerate liberals areas, this kind of game can be solid gold in places where manliness is basically extinct.

        1. You have still have to be polished and intelligent. Being a total redneck won’t translate to liberal pussy. It’s the grit and authenticity of a man who has done dangerous work and served in the military that makes you attractive to them when they are surrounded by boys.
          My firefighter friend told me about a prostitution ring scandal in the WashDCFD where rich women were paying to fuck firemen. So yes, I think the scarcity is real to the point some women will even pay for it.

        2. My job ties me to a liberal area, so I have no choice, but it is gold to have balls.
          Another of my favorite activities is to correct unruly children in front of their simp parents. It’s funny to see the child recognize that I won’t tolerate shit and behave themselves, then turn to see the parents slack jawed in astonishment that old school, traditional male authority worked the magic that all their soft new age parenting books don’t. It’s also funny how they are humiliated that I stepped in, but afraid to say something lest they be corrected themselves.

        3. I misread your post, corrected it, then came back and Disqus decided “Nah, not going to update it after all”. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    5. I agree with you.
      I’ll just go on step further and develop something the author said :
      “Women are expected to behave, perform, and achieve as well as men do, which exposes them to excessive and unnatural mental strain. As a consequence, women need to have a constant emotional and mental release of anxiety. In other words, “fun.”
      He’s onto something here but what’s happened is women have become irrevocably insane. Why the fuck would I as a man want to spend my precious time pandering and trying to entertain an irrational selfish creature that fought to create the conditions of its torture?
      Women wanted this situation and fought for it and now they’re suffering under the weight of their own stupidity. On top of this I must be expected to pick up the slack to help her out? Fuck that!
      I say: let her fucking suffer under soul crushing boring useless HR job. I say let her iphone turn her brain to mush. Let her ride her thousand+ cocks and revel in her hard-earned herpes. She deserves it.
      But I the man for once in her existence won’t be there to save her. I ain’t a captain save a ho

      1. “…I ain’t a captain save a ho”.
        You got THAT right!
        The bitches of today’s society (just like the women of the last forty years) “just want to have fun” — JUST as long as they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their “fun”, and only if someone else has to pay the cost.
        Well, it AIN’T gonna be me, either! This Captain Save-a-‘ho has turned in his uniform and Gone His Own Way!

    6. Agree GOJ, but I know where it’s coming from. The Author’s been reading too much PUA bullshit.
      I don’t know if you’re familiar with it but mainstream PUA is full of advice like that. They say things like always need to be “cocky/funny”, that you should try to act like you’re gay to make girls more comfortable being around you, or that you’re supposed to not call them for 3 days, etc.
      PUA’s are like rats clawing around in the dark. Don’t be a rat….be the Honey Badger. Honey Badger doesn’t a give a shit, he takes what he wants!

      1. that you should try to act like you’re gay to make girls more comfortable being around you

        1. Yes. Heartiste tends to throw out “gay game” bullshit. I don’t dislike most of his advice, but his “pussy at any cost” mentality, along with his bitchy-queen censoring attitude when he encounters even mild disagreement, rather keep me from posting on his wordpress site. He’s the only one I know of, but to be fair I don’t generally hit the PUA “only” sites, so it’s probably a lot more prevalent than I’m aware of.

        2. No…not doing the ‘gay thing’ or ‘gay game’.
          A man has to know when to draw the line.

      2. I know what you mean.
        Many PUAs try to market themselves as the absolute authority on how to pick-up women. And thats all it is most of the time, marketing to young men in a social-spiritual bind.
        That is why I’ve mostly stuck to Roosh and Heartiste’s material.
        Roosh is very results driven and realistic. There is one article on his blog that I think serves as the best basic PUA crash course. 1) Read 100 books. 2) Approach 100 girls. 3) Go to the gym or start some other interesting hobby. Only report back or think about your results after you’ve completed these 3 things. Don’t even think about it until you’ve completed this basic mission. Your game will just naturally improve after finishing these 3 things, and if it doesn’t, you’ve still improved your quality of life.
        In terms of Heartiste, he is obviousy on-point with his theorizing, but personally I find the real benefit I get from reading Heartiste is he leaves you with a feeling of actually loving the game and women. It doesn’t feel like work with Heartiste, it feels like poetry and mischief… Good for getting into the right spirit of things.

        1. He’s ok up to the moment you question him. Saw him ban men who do not tow the line on “is she a 6 or a 7” as if there is *anything* objective about quibling differences like that.

        2. I recieved a permaban from Heartiste a few years ago for questioning him on a similar triviality. The comment sections on CH have degenerated over the years, so I don’t have the feeling I missed out on something.

        3. I wonder if it was you I saw? Maybe not, dunno, I just recall it was like it was the end of the world that some chick he called out as HB 7 was called an HB 6 by somebody else. Next thing you know, banned, and a snarky “don’t you dare sockpuppet you terrible, awful beta you” post from him.
          Still, most of his advice is pretty good, outside of his overinflated sense of ego.

        4. He bans people on the regular, so the instance you witnessed probably didn’t involve me. It’s rather strange he doesn’t seem to ban the biggest clowns on his site.

      3. Exactly. Being funny is great if it’s a natural part of your personality OR if you simply have nothing else to offer that other men do not have. If you have more though, eh, it’s a secondary consideration at best.

      4. PUA’s are for guys who are not physically attractive and have no intentions on being masculine, so they need tricks and games to fool women into believing they are worth their time. Sadly, some of this stuff does work on western women, but I doubt any of those guys can keep a girl around longer than a few hours. These guys seem like the type who are satisfied with getting a number or a date.

        1. I disagree. It does depend on the PUA that you encounter as to what you will see. Some is akin to a brotherhood giving you insight into a world you didn’t know. Some give behavioral tips that instantly shift how you respond to certain situations. And then there are the code breakers, those who’s practice is all binary and requires memorization as if you are taking a calculus exam. Even high level gamers will see something they can respect from PUA if they look past the entertainers and to those increasing their pull ratio.

        2. The main talking point of PUA seems to be building attraction and thats not very difficult if you are attractive. Height, muscles, and good genetics go a long way and I understand dome guys arent born with any of them and PUA tactics seem like a way to compensate. Im not knocking it, I learned some things from a few sites about approach and escalation. I, like many other commenters here, hate to see men wasting too much time learning to dance to the tune of worthless skanks.

    7. Great comment. Forcing yourself to be a jester all the time .. meh. It’s just draining, she’ll migrate to another jester the moment you start to tire (and you will), and I can’t see someone being a jester all his life in the hope of gaining women’s attention without losing his self respect deep down. In a way it’s the same extreme thirst we revile in servile beta boys. Different tactics, but same mindset.
      Of course a man needs to be interesting, but as he matures he should be accumulating traits, experience and strength of character that make HIM the prize just for being who he is.
      One also has to consider his natural personality. If you happen to be a full blown extrovert and it comes naturally, go ahead. But if you are more the quiet, introspective man on a mission, trying to portray someone you are not becomes too draining. Cultivate your masculinity and mission instead, and derive your seductiveness from that. Play to your strengths, fellas.

    8. I’ve seen enough 63 year old Liam Neeson archetypes over the years sweeping up young women enough times to know this to be true.

    9. Very nice…who let those older guys in here? lol
      Wise men.
      Let me add a little something here just in case many of the younger guys think it’s about height, looks, money, etc…(only). If you have your shit together, then it will come across in your behavior, your attitude, the way you handle certain situations, etc… If you don’t, then it will show.
      It’s why I am always preaching about “being the prize”. Don’t let one of those things hold you back or be a crutch as to why you’re not getting any attention, call backs, etc..from women.
      I don’t fit the “height requirement” for most women. I’m in great shape, decent looking to attractive, a little older, and I’m 5’10”. The difference? I have my shit together (and it shows). I approach with confidence, I have a standard (with women) and I always “swing for the fence”. I don’t let just any woman ‘ride my bus’.
      I’m a bit of an asshole and I let women know “it’s part of my charm”. It doesn’t come overnight, guys…but get your life together and you’ll notice it soon enough.
      I’m out….have to go pet the dog and beat the wife.

        1. Give them what they actually *want*, not what they say they want.
          Framing it as “giving them what they *need*” only opens the door to buyer’s remorse and false rape accusations.

        2. Took the words out of my mouth Mr Mistral! Women like confidence in a man because they need to compensate for their lack of confidence. They take yours and rub it on themselves to feel good…..then rub it in the nose of her friends and foes

      1. True, it’s not all about height, it’s just my perspective from standing 6’3″ flat footed, 6’4″ in boots. It adds that extra portion of “oh wow” to a lot of chicks when they talk to me, since most men are your height or shorter.

        1. Yep. I tell many of these younger guys to not look for excuses. Many of them will use the height, money, fame, etc excuse….to lessen the blow to their ego.
          I say ‘get better’, work on yourself and things will change.

        2. I’m 6’0 myself which serves me well buy As height is one of the few things we cannot change through effort, I would to like to stress to all that everything is relative. If you’re 5’8″ your 5″2 latin philly will look great next to you!

        3. About height. Short guys complain about this a lot (and at 5’10”, Driver is slightly above average). I’m 6’2″ so girls 5’9-5’11” like that they can wear heels with me, but the reality is, as a tall(ish) guy, you maybe only have 99 hurdles to get over to a short guy’s 100.

        4. My point was about over-focusing on a particular “weakness” that might only be one of perception….

        5. Finding an excuse is easy work as you have plenty of to choose from but manning up is, welllllllllll, is hard work

        6. very true. i’m 6’2 and i was terrible with american women back in my pre-red pill days. had a goofy-looking friend who was 5’7 and did 10x better than me. basically, he was funny and confident, i wasn’t.
          i always did much better with european and latina women. i maintain that you don’t have to be as much of a clown/bad boy with them.

      2. Be the man first. That’s what I always say. A man who is all about fitting some mold based on what he thinks a woman wants, solely for the purpose of getting laid, is nothing more than an empty shell.

      3. I thought I’d chime in real quick on the height thing. I’m 6’7. When I first started going out back in the day, I was told that being so tall would be counter-intuitive to picking up. It’s not. Only real difference is you get the big-dick hunters coming after you expecting you to be slinging around 9 inches.

    10. Do you ever submit full articles to ROK? You seem to have a lot of wisdom to share with a good no bullshit delivery. This is the kind of thing the younger guys need to hear.
      Keep the great comments going Ghost

        1. I agree. You should. Since they now require a realistic pen name, make sure we know it’s you.

    11. Now you see, if a young fellow reads the article, then reads your post, he arrives at a crossroad.
      Should he take the notion of the article and become said jester and play on “the system’s” terms? Should be go forth knowing that he lacks any rite of passage from the “power fantasy” and be like one of those little monkeys you see with organ grinders?
      Or should be go out and seek that power fantasy, that rite of passage, and even on his own term, and not give a fuck about the solipsistic cum buckets? And while knowing that instead of being a jester on purpose as a means to appeal to women, all that does will be natural facets brought on by living a higher purposeful life.

    12. Point is they are addicted to “fun” and they do not act or react like normal beings anymore, so you being manly and score that way is just another way of being a jester(to them, not to you). Jester=someone who is beneath the audience, which is usually the king, in this case the queens. So unless you connect on a personal level and above pressing certain buttons at the right time, you’re still just a jester.

      1. How is being masculine the same as being a jester? I don’t mean “act manly” and have them come up and appraise you as a trained animal, I mean go out and fucking become a man. No act. Become a man. Learn how to use tools, fix shit, plan and execute plans, shoot, fish, ride a motorcycle, take a car apart and put it back together, start and run a business, play an instrument, cook like a champ, speak foreign languages, and many, many other things that make you by virtue of practicing them more masculine.
        Never been approached as the inferior to my knowledge, and since I’m married I basically have “not interested” built into every look I give them or thing I say. If they were princesses they probably wouldn’t be there in the first place.

        1. I agree totally, it’s just that they don’t really see the man, they see a shiny new commodity that they are not used to and that can entertain them. So basically, one would like them to appreciate then man, but they just love it because they are sick.
          And because it’s all about entertainment, the noveltly will wear off soon, and they are off to the next thing whatever that is.
          A real balanced woman would continue to appreciate it and for the right reasons.

    13. Well today with so many fags aroud you dont have to alter your behavior much to be considered manly. Its incredible how feminized the new generation is.

      1. this is true. i’m not an alpha playa like all you all, but since taking the red pill i’ve gotten much better at things like eye contact, lower voice, stating requests and opinions firmly and unapologetically, firm handshake, etc. even these basics set me apart from the average beta and gets things done much better.

    14. fuck being a jester, but most women are so tarred with the social agenda of the day, that just looking at them the wrong way can be dangerous….

    15. Yeah ive known men who barely talked but pull hard. I always think of charlie sheen on 2 and a half men. What would charlie do?

    16. This is true old school masculinity is natural masculinity, not the artificial court jester alpha male we see (which still beats being beta). Unfortunately young men are taught to be the oppososite of everything that is traditionally masculine.

    17. Thoughtful post, Ghost.
      The worst thing is to be this fucking “jester” character if it’s not your natural disposition. I see it all the time at bars, dudes trying to play the funny guy. How about be the best version of yourself. Work out. Know what you like. Mean what you say. And stop fucking playing games.
      I’m naturally inclined to be the “jester”. I’ll live and die by my wit. But I am not fucking monkeying around for women in the slight chance that they’ll sleep with me. I make light of life because it’s who I am.
      Pretending to be a funny man is about as bad as faking being the ‘bad boy’. Child’s play, really. You want to play with the big boys, you have to carve out your own niche. Period.

      1. Nothing wrong with being a natural joker. Seinfeld probably slayed righteous pussy in his day. It’s just not my thing and if I pretended, as you note, it would come across as utterly fake. Plus, Seinfeld never came across as a trained monkey, quite the opposite really.

        1. ‘Probably’
          I’m sure it’s been shared a thousand times around this part of the internet… but again, behold Jerry with 17-year old Shoshanna Lonstein.
          But yeah, being true to yourself is the key. If you can be a red pill version of your natural self, that is far and away the path to take. Not just with women, but with life.

    18. How come no one ever argues with you? They just up vote you without questioning what you say. What if I said that I think a lot of what you state to be is crap? Your answer to this will actually reveal what you really are.

      1. You’re asking me why others do things? Since I am not in their heads, I honestly cannot tell you. Presumably because they find value in what I say. If they don’t disagree with what I say, what’s the point of argument?
        As to confrontation, I really don’t care, I don’t mind reasoned debate and welcome criticism if in fact my position is wrong. It’s better to be corrected and cease making a mistake than to continue forward being wrong and looking like a fool.
        Now if all you have to give is ad hominem then that’s hardly debate or even criticism at all, and you should expect me to fire back with pithy and witty comments and in most ways run circles around you (not YOU personally).
        There are a few people, usually hit-and-miss accounts, that come in and insult me, and then retreat. And there has been no shortage of reasoned debate where I’m either proven wrong and thank the person for the correction, or they are and we move forward. Que sera sera.
        So there you go.

        1. Actually NOT a Harley. A 2005 Suzuki Boulevard, which I dressed up with my own hand made leather bags, tank cover, tool pouch and a gen-you-wine set of horns on the front.
          Everybody thinks it’s a Harley though, since Suzuki apparently found a cache of Harley blueprints from the 1950 Harley cop motorcycles and patterned the Boulevard after them, heh.

        2. Very nice. Similar to the Yamaha roadstar that I had. Lot of the Asian roadster bikes look very Harley (probably perform better, as one biker told me). By the way, get out that movie Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man – goofey cult fun, and you’ll love Mickey Rourke’s bike.

        3. 899, shaft drive, 5 speed, Mustang seats. From start to 65mph I seem to be more or less on par with a Harley in 1200.
          I gave up between the light drag racing in the early 1990’s. It gets me up to 100 mph quite readily when cruising out in the Dakotas or Wyoming, and when going “normal” speeds I get between 53-58 mpg which is vital when riding out in the deserted scrub plains. The only thing it can’t do that a 1600cc can do is sprint between lights, which frankly given the prevalence of texting moron women behind the wheel, is suicidal anyway.

        4. Need to check that movie out, noted it when Conrad mentioned the name, looks like great fun.

        5. It is. Was a dud when it first came out, but became a cult classic, and note that damn bike.

        6. Yep. Going this year actually, and swinging up through Montana and hopefully Idaho as well. My bike will fall apart very well ridden.

    19. Apart from Bango the Funny Chimpboy being funny – it’s true. As an older guy you get a lot of attention from younger women. And women your own age. And older women. There seems to be a sweet spot with age. And I can attest to the fact that it helps if you have a big build with lots of muscles, and you do not need to be ripped. You can even have a gut.

    20. Since I’ve been widowed, I’ve noticed a few things being out and about. One is anything that makes you unique as a man intrigues women. For example, I’m not on social media of any kind, am openly dismissive of it; they find this amazing because I’m not in the herd. They’re also fascinated by the fact that I don’t carry a cell phone into bars/pubs/restaurants.

    21. absolutely, another name for it is dancing monkey. do you think i am here to fucking entertain you bitch?

    22. Damn right. There’s a reason why Austin’s middle name was “Danger”. Because women drool on a man who gives off a dangerous vibe.

    23. Untrue, you won’t land a HOT girl if you are not acting a clown, period. Women want a clown who will dance and sing for them. Hellw hy do you think even average looking no name singer’s get panties thrown at them.

      1. Experience says otherwise.
        No name singers get panties thrown at them due to the Artist factor.

        1. Your experiences do not reflect the typical. You are either dating older women, women who are less attractive who you’ve deluded yourself into thinking are hotter than they are because they sleep with you. There is no “artist” factor, there is simply a clown factor, sing and dance and behave like a clown and you are rewarded, plain and simple.

        2. Yeah, all the other men here agree with me and have the same experience, but no, it all comes down to you. If you can’t do it, it’s impossible. Right?

        3. Yeah, all of the rock stars in history were all just playing clown game, dude. No artist factor at all (nor fame factor, it’s all down to the clown, eh)? Robert Plant – absolute clown. Rick Ocazik – put on clown make up and a honk nose. Etc.
          You seem very, very sensitive to this, and defensive. I guess if the only way I had to get pussy was to act like a stone fool, and could offer nothing else, could not even get my finger wet to sniff it unless I acted like Ookey the Silly Wonder Monkey, I’d resent other men too who didn’t have to do that.
          Chill out Francis. Just because you don’t experience something doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. As it turns out, the world does not revolve around you and your experiences. If you think it does, you’re being a solipsist.

        4. The author of the article disagrees with you, Rooshv is pua artist, he disagrees with you, he has travelled many countries, been on tv shows, and agrees with me and the author. Why do you believe you are right when all the objective and verifiable evidence indicates you are wrong. Forget my own experiences.

        5. Of course the rock stars were playing the clown game. They got up on stage sung and dance and acted like a clown. It is all down to clown, otherwise you cannot explain why unknown artist and indie artist with zero fame, get panties thrown at them.
          You are trying to reduce to well those are just YOUR experiences. Untrue, the writer of the article and the site creator disagrees with you, and agrees with me and wrote several articles on his website that women are just looking for a clown.

        6. I believe what I wrote because I’ve experienced, and continue to experience, what I wrote. I too have traveled many countries. Fuck television, recall, Pierce Morgan is also on television, it doesn’t mean he’s the voice of reality (and clearly he isn’t).
          Not having any experience with anything other than being a foolish clown for pussy is fine, but being so bullheaded about your way being the only way, because you haven’t seen what I’ve seen, stomping your feet and denying any experience but your own, is silly. Don’t be a solipsist.
          Why are you so invested in your way being the only way? What do you have to offer in the sexual marketplace outside of acting like a trained chimp for the amusement of mindless children aka women?

        7. Of course the rock stars were playing the clown game. They got up on stage sung and dance and acted like a clown.
          Jesus Christ. No, they went on stage and sang as artists. Changing the definition of all actions to “clown”, then declaring “all is clown” is not even marginally decent sophistry.
          Untrue, the writer of the article and the site creator disagrees with you, and agrees with me and wrote several articles on his website that women are just looking for a clown.
          So what? I’m telling you what works. It’s not the only way (my way), there are plenty of other methods. You can’t see it though, because you are insistent on defining one and only one way. That you cannot see the error in this black and white thinking informs me that you are young, headstrong and have very little experience outside of your own limited actions. You’ll grow out of it, eventually.
          What I do works and gets fantastic quality women. Other men also do it, and it works. Deal with it.
          You’ve said everything you can say at this point, sitting here watching you hold your breath and stomp your feet serves no good purpose. Have a better one, man.

        8. Your experience is inconcsistent with every pua experience, particularly on this site and rooshv. No one is paying you for advice, when thousands of men start paying you and following you for your opinions, then it might seem more valid. All young attractive women want today is to be entertained by a clown who sings and dances and performs, thats it.

        9. You are probably an old man cleaning up 40 year and 30 year old spinsiters who are deesperate. Sorry dude, your experiences are inconsistent with every man who is in the trenches day in day out like roosh, me and the author, you are either lying or delusional or living in somwhere like the filipines where its just super easy to get laid for being white.

        10. Maybe I wasn’t clear. You have no experience and are bitter and angry. There is no point in dealing with you any longer since you lack a frame of reference with which to communicate.
          Get it?
          Anywho, last post to you, go ahead and snark, it’s your loss and you’re welcome to remain a fool desperately acting like a clown for pussy your entire life. You’ll either wise up, or not. Either way, no skin off my nose.
          Later dude.

        11. Thank You for [re]affirming my undying belief that there is always one [or tow] absolutely dumbed downed mindless IDIOT everywhere you go. Let go of your precious EGO for a min and consider there is never just ONE way to do anything. A closed mind is a simple mind.

        12. Even if I had no experience, I already said to forget my experiences, because you were debating them. Look at everyone in pua, who is paid to give advice and do it as a living, they all disagree with you. You have no frame of reference, you are deluded.

    24. So true. My older husband won me over by being the strong silent type with traditional leanings.

  2. Hmmmm I don’t know… In “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” it looks like White-Knight Fedora-Wearing Beta-Man wants to have fun with the feminists too. (2:58 – 3:05)

  3. Being the jester. Trying hard to please women 24/7, it just distracts you from more meaningful stuff.
    We should all as a species collectively agree not to do it.

  4. In my spare time, I do a lot of hiking and a lot of photography. As I find Vistas or even flowers and things like trees. I even have pictures from the ruins of Babylon and other places my adventures have taken me. When I mention I do a lot of photography it loosens up women quite a bit. As for capering like a clown? My personality doesn’t really fit, though I always have a few good stories to tell.

  5. That video in the linked Norah Vincent article is great. First. she gets advice on how to be a man from a homosexual hairdresser and a female acting coach. Next, she intentionally seeks out rural blue collar guys expecting to find rampant racism and homophobia, and even though they suspect she’s gay, they not only show her tolerance, but extend her friendship. Then, she has all her illusions about male-female sexual relations shattered, and is forced to confront her own privilege, which she apparently never realized she had. Finally she has a mental breakdown because not only are all of her long cherished stereotypes refuted, but she can’t cope with the stress of being a man.
    And she didn’t even really push the boundary that far! She joined a bowling league, went to some strip clubs, tried to pick up a few women, went to a monastery for three weeks, and then to a men’s therapy retreat. OK. Try being a fireman, or joining the infantry, or being in a role where you are expected to be both provider and protector. Try coming home from a 12 hour day to a nagging woman who greets you with a bitchy list of chores you didn’t accomplish and pisses and moans about your duties with the children that she wanted. Try working as a man and carrying the dead weight of your female colleagues while watching them promoted over you for diversity purposes. What a fucking joke.
    I’ll at least give her credit for admitting that this experience opened her eyes to the fact that all the preconceived notions she had about men and their privilege were wrong, but it would be a heinous overstatement to say that she even scratched the surface of being a man.
    Short story for those who don’t want to sit through the 20 minute video: lesbian play acts through common female fantasies about male privilege, has her imaginary bugaboos shattered, and descends into mental illness from being a man-lite before she even comes close to seeing what being a man is really like.

    1. And society refuses to accept the fact that single moms trying to teach their sons “how to be a man” is nothing less than an absolute disaster — like an Arab trying to teach a Zulu how to be an Eskimo.

      1. Single moms raise their sons to be compliant beta males, and their daughters to be feminists who think of men as adversaries. Then they sit back and rant on their mommy blogs about how fucked up gender relations have become.

        1. all by design dude. Plan to feminize boys was uncovered by a top Dept of Ed bureaucrat(a woman no less).
          too late to change anything, try to do right by the little boys in your extended family…most boys are doomed…

        2. sadly, yes….do a keyword search for charlotte iserbyt or isebyrt…she was a top person at dept of ed in dc, she blundered onto the plan, which had already rolled out in the 80s…

        3. Thanks for the follow up cheeseburga, appreciate it, will incorporate this into my debate points!

    2. Exactly. She chose female privilege without hesitation and she’s average looking at best. Compare her female experiences to a hot young American girl.

  6. Normally your articles aren’t bad, but I’m not liking this one.
    Women are expected to behave, perform, and achieve as well as men do, which exposes them to excessive and unnatural mental strain. As a consequence, women need to have a constant emotional and mental release of anxiety. In other words, “fun.”
    What she needs is to act like a woman. That can only happen if the person she is with acts like a man.
    Encouraging men to act like organ grinder monkeys to satisfy the lunatic emotional needs of women who have chosen to act like men doesn’t help anyone, IMO.

    1. Agreed. I won’t argue the merit of using a little humor to attract women – it does work.
      On principle though, I won’t do it – I’m not going to try to entertain a bitch who’s chosen this life then wants men to entertain her entitled little ass.
      It makes no sense to do this. All it does is fuel her thinking that men exist for her whims.
      We’re not fucking grinder monkeys

      1. Sure. A sense of humor is always good. Women love that.
        But there’s a difference between having a sense of humor and being a dancing bear.

  7. “Men have an inherent desire to confront forces stronger than themselves and triumph, called “power fantasy.” All cultures acknowledge the power fantasy by having rites of passage, where boys endure hardships, earning respect of other men and admiration of females.”
    I think for boys who are naturally inclined towards intellectual pursuit, this desire for an initiation ritual is artificially satisfied by the current education system. But because this education system has given way to a significant degree of corruption, this drive is no longer truly satisfied.
    He did not actually put himself to the test for a worthy cause (i.e., the betterment of his society) but rather put his faith in a system that no longer serves higher virtues. Upon realizing that the system has strapped his generation with senseless debt and a precarious economic future, his drive to point the spear towards a worthy foe with the love of men behind his back has turned against itself. He either recoils into introversion and depression or lashes outward in whatever way is possible.
    “Intelligence is defined as “the ability to adapt.” There is nothing shameful in adapting to the current situation and choosing the most effective way, even if it’s unusual.”
    I think this statement is true, but I read this as you advocating for becoming a clown to get women and I disagree with that to an extent. Play the game if you really want, but don’t actually become a clown or modern day millennial.
    Adapting to the environment by joining the herd is one way to succeed but there are others. As is clear from history and everyday experience, integrating into a society that is running off a cliff is a bad idea. It feels good temporarily but you’ll be filled with despair and regret as you gaze into the eyes of your thrashing fellow airborne and see your own stupidity looking right back at you.
    Other options are to change your environment to suit you, or to leave the herd and find a new environment. I’d say those responses are equally as intelligent.

    1. Females know they can rely on men to provide for them, or when marriage fails they know court system will bail them out. Either scenario not that different from being children.

  8. there are some good points made in this article about 21st century western women, however to me, behaving as a jester is blue-pill behavior and unacceptable. there’s nothing wrong with ‘adapting’ in order to score the bang, but losing your integrity in the process is not something i’m willing to do.

  9. Totally agree. It’s a damn shame men have to be clowns these days to build attraction. And by the way don’t hate on cat videos! lol

  10. I’d say instead of trying to entertain women, have fun all on your own, doing whatever brings you joy. The women will follow when they see you enjoying yourself.

    1. “…The women will follow when they see you enjoying yourself.”
      Yeah, because they hate seeing you be happy without them involved, and they’ll try to make you stop it.
      As far as modern women are concerned, the universe should revolve around them.

      1. True statement. It’s why they’ve invaded so many traditional male spaces over the years. They can’t stand being left out of the fun and get butt hurt when they see us enjoying ourselves without them.

  11. Men are still expected, nay demanded, to fulfill their traditional roles even while being told it’s wrong to want traditional masculine roles because they’re sexist and oppressive. Women are expected to fulfill the man’s traditional role because social justice, and there’s absolutely no differences at all between the sexes beyond the anatomical because science. Frankly, I’m surprised mental illness and violent outbursts aren’t more common than they are.

    1. The trick is though that women *crave* a dominant masculine man like a drunk craves White Castles at 2am on a Sunday morning. What they say, meh, not important, what they do…priceless.

        1. They’re all over the place here, and a sure fire place to find drunks at 2:30 am. I loved them in college and growing up, but nowadays I can get by with 5 to 6 of them every two years or so.

        2. they still run the valentine’s day promotion. reservations needed. I swear Im not making this up.

    2. Agree…but I think we are starting to see just how miserable many of these women are who seem to “have it all”.
      Someone is buying all of these anti-depressants…but it’s not all men (many are for unhappy women). If they’d stop listening to women on advice (about men) and just starting listening to men then they’d have a fucking clue.
      Let’s see….how to troubleshoot my lawn mower? I’ll go read my blu ray player manual. Makes all the sense in the world.

      1. Most girls I know are on some form of meds for anxiety, depression, etc… and quite frankly they all have pretty great lives. They have all the comforts of the modern western world and still can’t be content.

        1. Exactly – the shit tests never stop. It is their biological drive to extract as much from men as possible. They are never happy. Men have ambition, women have a drive to latch onto winners
          Fuck thousands of years ago theyd be living in huts or caves, now we have modern comforts and theyre still miserable.
          That’s why you don’t get married, Im not sure anyone can even make a woman happy. It’s not possible.

        2. Their happiness is a moving target. They only get short pops of happiness from certain life events such as getting engaged, married, etc… Once the shine wears off, they’re looking for more grand gestures. I stopped trying recently and just bounce when things get too crazy. It’s nice to take a break from the LTR rollar coaster sometimes.

        3. ‘First World’ problems for the present generation of females are so incredibly petty, yet they have to be medicated to cope with them — it seems that they have to have this nonsense to be able to give their pampered, pathetic lives some kind of ‘meaning’.

        4. There is no “pretty great life” if you have to take 5 Xanax pills to cope with an easy life. Peace of mind and mental health are the most important things on Earth and I wouldnt trade them for anything. These women are completely destroyed emotionally and taking addictive anti-psychotic pills that make them even crazier is no way to live.

        5. I’m just curious as to why they need all these meds to begin with. Do that many women have serious mental problems? Or is it just an easy band-aid to get over a temporary bout of depression?

        6. Im going to try and find it, but I read an article about feminine and masculine energies and how men and women need a healthy balance of both (similar to yin and yang). Masculine energy is selfish, aggressive, assertive, and confident while female energy is submissive, nurturing, and selfless. Men need about a 80/20 M/F balance and vice versa for women. If they are not balanced there will be dysfunction in all areas of the body, physical, mental, and emotional.
          The hormones control these energies and the oversexualization and food tampering of our culture throws everyone off track. Birth control and extra testosterone in meat limits estrogen production in women and porn and extra estrogen in milk and soy products damages our masculine hormones. Feminism is also terrible for humans, as Im sure you already know. Women are being encouraged to entirely dismiss their feminine side to think like a man and other nonsense.
          This dysfunction causes serious depression because the energies needed to be “happy” or natural are off. A man gets really screwed in the head when he feels he doesnt have thr power to go get what he wants in life (betas, men in prison) and women get nutty when they cant attract things to them. (Fat, ugly, or old women) Something has to fill this hole and drugs of all kinds do the trick. The red pill, ironically, does it for men, I know it did for me. I am far more calm and less emotional after embracing masculinity.

        7. “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”
          -Camille Paglia

    3. “I’m surprised mental illness and violent outbursts aren’t more common than they are.”
      Im guessing you never heard of Elliot Rodger???

      1. He most likely has.
        I’m sure he was referring to the fact that he’s surprised that we don’t have weekly or even daily occurrences of “Elliot Rodgers” across the country.
        Frankly, it surprises me.

    4. Women over 40 are the most depressed group out there, and the percentage is climbing not falling. Antidepressants are distributed like vitamins. The ones who aren’t receiving antidepressants are self medicating with boxed wine and litters of cats.
      Feminist women are unhappy and depressed. Mother nature wins everytime animals reject their true nature.

  12. Smartphone addicted woman…the female equivalent of a man addicted to porn. Men want sex…they get fake sex effortlessly through porn. Women want commitment and validation…they get fake validation effortlessly through social media. Technology is really dragging down humanity.

    1. Spot on comparison. It’s that instant gratification attitude so many have nowadays. No one has any patience. I personally have tried to stop viewing porn as much as possible. I think it can harm the natural sex drive of a man.

      1. I struggle with porn too. It’s to the point where I refuse to have internet in my apartment. I leave my laptop at work. It sucks, but porn is like a black hole.

  13. Bruce Jenner is getting that sex change op. Of course, a reality tv show to go along with it. I predict whatever day it debuts, at exactly 9:00:01pm EST, the apocalypse begins.

      1. any of you biblical scholars know any quotes like “and man became as woman, and woman became as man” type stuff? Has all of this shit truly been foretold??

    1. “Bruce Jenner is getting that sex change op.”
      I thought he was already neutered by living among those Kardashian women for so many years. A sex change then is a mere triviality.

    2. I saw a pic of him in his “transition”. Gross. He looked freakish.
      It is a sign of the apocalypse : locusts, plague, rivers of blood and Bruce Jenner getting his wang cut off…

      1. its not like he can transition to being a young woman, hes transitioning to being an old lady!! have fun wearing those Depends like immediately after getting his ol C n Bs cut off…

    3. one of the greatest athletes ever. I can only blame having those children around the home!

  14. That’s why I think I could never be married (even if I wanted to).
    You have to entertain her…. ALL THE TIME.
    If you have an introverted personality and have a lot of personal hobbies she will feel secluded and leave you. It would almost certainly have to be with a poor girl who doesn’t need top notch shit all the time.
    It seems exhausting.

    1. Yeah, and not just exhausting physically, but mentally, psychologically, and spiritually, too.

  15. All the comments are dumping on the OP, but its a proven way for an average male to punch above his weight. Women are that shallow, don’t over-estimate them. Mix in humor, sexual innuendo, and emotional manipulation (child psychology) and it can work.

    1. I think the point most commenters are trying to make is that you shouldn’t turn yourself into an assclown just to maybe pull some tail. That reeks of desperation is pretty fucking annoying.

      1. Ass clown types can turn women cold. They can pull the hottest woman in the room that rejected the alpha archetypes. It requires irrational self confidence, very fast mind. Telling men to be 6’3″ is useless.

      1. Heh, my brother in law is actually a real life clown, performs in the three rings. Has a wife.
        I’m assuming that the clown phase came *after* the courtship. To be fair, she’s kind of weird too, so who knows?

  16. This “Entertain me Daddie” approach can be devastatingly effective for “catch and release” couch surfing hot tramps and works best with whom Stephen R. Covey termed “pleasure centered” narcissists. The master of this is Hugh Hefner, who went so far as to send the bill for it all to other men (in the form of Playboy subscription fees and tickets to his mansion parties). However, many successful and feminine career women do not operate as above and many still carry blackberries. I have dated several millenials who are on their phone much less than I am and who do not watch any television. As with all things, there is a continuum and there are outliers. I know women who are lawyers, MMA fighters, soccer players, avid hikers and would laugh at any man who felt the need to entertain them. Most PUA is to some degree rooted in the writings of Tucker Max (who has since recanted) and focuses on scoring the bar trash/hot tramp archetype but it rarely translates into more than a couple of hookups. Know your target and know what you want. Every day spent using the wrong tactic on the wrong type of woman is a day wasted. And then one day, you wake up and you are old —

    1. Problem is that this feminist society has destroyed what men want in a women so its hard a hell to find what I want. Not all of us want bar trash.

    2. I say “call it like you see it”…instead of bowing down to pressures (by women and society).
      The problem, today, is that men aren’t allowed to criticize women (at all) without some type of penalty applied (by society, by the HR dept, by the media, etc….). Women are allowed to criticize men out and in the open (no penalty applied). Men can outright lose their entire career on a woman’s opinion (or say) but men are supposed to remain silent (or when they do speak it’s outright ignored or they are punished).
      We have to get back to calling out adults (grown adults) on their shit. Yes, that means holding women accountable and responsible as well (calling bullshit on the victim mentality).
      If other women are letting it “slide”, then they are part of the problem, too (not the solution). I’m talking about the type mentioned above: lawyers, soccer players, avid hikers, etc…that you’re placing on a pedestal.

  17. I liked this article, it summed very basically the male an female psyche. Women arn’t cut out to be men simple as that. Men an women both have natural roles to play for society for it too function, but feminism wants to reverse those roles. A crash will come, unfortunately I think the crash will be so bad western society won’t recover.

    1. Good point. Here is something to try out on a woman. Walk up to her (or in a conversation some time) and comment on how a man can multitask just as well as a woman.
      Then, stand back and watch the reaction. Most of the time that I have made this comment: I get a negative response from the woman (or women). Very often will I get a positive one or one that suggests “yes, men are equal in that subject”.
      It’s all about women rationalizing.

  18. Between this article, the sponsored post on blogging, and the “In Praise of Bill Clinton” article, this is without a doubt the worst collection of articles to appear in one day in ROK history.
    Use your privilege, Editors.

    1. Your comment would hold more weight if it were not lobbed from behind an anonymous handle. For all we can tell, you’re just a Jezebel dork over here trying to disrupt. Or not. It’s hard to say, without knowing who you are and if you’re an established personality in these parts.

      1. I’m a conspiracy dork hiding behind anonymity due to past bannings lol.
        You want weight? I’ve been doing internet marketing full time professionally for the past 10 years, and it’s much easier to make money catering to those who will make it for you rather than catering to yourself and what you love.
        Bloging for the single moms, the fat dieters, the preppers, the trend-chasing kids, sports fanatics, and those with weird health issues will make you a proifit.
        Blogging about your interests, even it’s passion for manosphere issues, will not make you a profit.
        Ideally, you want to blog about and promote shit that will both make you money and is a passion of yours, but chances are you can’t have both and you want to lean towards what will make you money.
        edit – shit, wrong article.

  19. Funny, I have never had to be a clown. Let them subtly… or not, know you want to ravage them daily. Then do whatever you were going to do. I Find that seems to work well.
    That and actually talk to women face to face. Cut the pussy, limp shit of being afraid of a little rejection. Chances are if women are not attracted to you, its becasue they can’t tell you want to bang them without acting like a complete tool.

  20. I dunno. Short+bald usually = limited options. Unless you’re absolutely jacked. Like, not just fit, but big.

    1. Anybody that says looks don’t matter is a liar. It’s true looks don’t matter as much as guys tend to think but that should be common sense and a message particularly insecure and truly physically hindered guys need. Or lazy, excuse making fucks. Work with what ya got, etc. Anyways, that line reminded me of old RSD articles and them name dropping mystics. “It’s all in your mind” idealism. Self help, New Age shit, The Secret. They know the secrets to getting guys to pay thousands of dollars. Still they’re a good resource. Just don’t grab women on the streets in foreign countries and film it while recommending guys copy you. Chuckle.

  21. Girls don’t look for men who make them laugh, but they find the men they like to be funny. They confuse cause with consequence.Period.

  22. if you want the hardest challenge in regards to gaming girls, come to aus. nightclub game is basically super hard mode compared to the uk or the states, every second guy basically is either roid abusing, sleeve tatted, a tradie, peirced, or a combination of the three. you try to be a well rounded guy and you get fucking ignored just as well as a blue bill beta would. women realise they dont have to do shit to get men at these places so alot of them just turn up in anything they can get away with. i see 4/10 girls getting the attention of 7/8 out of 10 dudes, fuck it. day game is easier but its still hard. women are flaky as fuck if you dont have tatts or peircings, arent 6 ft tall or are or below 7/10 in looks.

  23. Good to remind ourselves not to take ourselves too seriously, which is crucially different than having real purpose, goals and taking life seriously. But lighten the fuck up least you burn energy stressing or worse, snap.
    Good article for guys feeling the full hormonal onslaught but after puberty and up to mid 20s pussy isnt worth much time and energy and being entertainment for American bitches? If YOU’RE entertained first and foremost.

  24. Eliot Rogers could not get women because he is freaking 5’5. I mean the guy even looks good save for the lack of chin and was rich. No man gets women at 5’5 unless you date fat girl, Asians or ugly women.
    but women care a lot about height. I’m 5’11 and I get laid on the regular..I’m not rich or ripped and work in a fucking warehouse…but I do have my own place and have a face that is equal in looks of Elliot rogers…but those 6 inches in my height make a big difference in making vagina wet.

  25. “Women are expected to behave, perform, and achieve as well as men do, which exposes them to excessive and unnatural mental strain.” yeah ugh Im strained just thinking about it!!! I wish I could go on instagram rn!!!!!!

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