7 Methods The Elites Use To Control Us

All societies are run by an elite. In the past, this elite was the hereditary aristocracy. Today, the elite are extremely wealthy globalists. Here are some of the techniques they use to stay on top.

The first three items in this list are items that we have little influence over. They are determined by the government, which in turn is wholly owned by the elite. In theory, we can change these through our votes. In reality, we have almost no influence on these policies.

The last four are also wholly owned by the elite, but our use of them is within our control. If we are being controlled through them, we have no one but ourselves to blame.

1. Violence


One of the obvious ways that the elite control the populace is through the threat of violence. If someone from outside the ruling class tries to gain entry, he will quickly find himself either killed or imprisoned. Virtually every ruling class has used this method.

The US makes abundant use of violence to enforce the established order. Frequently the force used is excessive. For example, in 2013 a dental hygienist named Miriam Carey drove to a White House security checkpoint. When an officer told her to stop, she instead tried to make a U-turn back to the road. Officers tried to block her and she took off leading to a car chase that ended when officers shot and killed the young mother even though she posed no real threat.

The state monopoly on violence is the most acceptable form of control. When used well, it preserves order without negatively affecting most of the people. It only becomes a problem when it becomes excessive.

2. Welfare

Bread and Circuses

Governments have been using welfare to placate the unwashed masses for thousands of years. During that last days of the Roman Republic, politicians provided bread to poor voters in order to buy their votes.

Unfortunately, the vote buying scheme did not last forever. Once the people figured out that they could vote for “free stuff” for themselves, the Republic became unmanageable. After a lot of political upheaval, this eventually required that a strong dictator in the form of Julius Caesar rise to power.

In our own day, governments provide free food, housing, and even cell phones to the poor to buy their votes and keep them from causing trouble. Don’t think for a minute that when you hear Hillary Clinton propose another handout that she actually has a shred of concern for her fellow citizens. It is still a method of control and vote buying.

3. Taxes


Taxes used to really anger Americans

The elite use tax policy to prevent others from becoming wealthy and thus entering the ranks of the elite themselves. In the US, the wealthiest 1% pays very little in taxes because the majority of their income derives from capital gains, which are taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income.

Ironically, Democrats who want to tax high wage earners in the name of “sticking it to the rich” are in reality perpetuating the entrenched elite of the super rich. To foster greater economic mobility, the tax system should be made less progressive with the goal being to lower taxes on ordinary income.

4. Sportsball


Karl Marx famously said that religion is the opiate of the masses. Perhaps that was true in Marx’s day but it is definitely not true now. Today, religion plays a minor role in the lives of most people. Rather, the more powerful opiate in the lives of modern men is watching sports.

There are whole segments of the male (and increasingly the female) populace who spend Saturdays and Sundays glued to the TV watching their favorite college and professional sports teams. And it is not just mere entertainment. People take their sports so seriously that they may get depressed if their team loses an important game.

Sports are a multibillion dollar industry in the US and it is all put on by the elites who are wealthy enough to own sports teams. Even college sports are sponsored by the wealthy trustees of universities.

The way to avoid being trapped by the spectator sports distraction is to put it in its proper perspective. While there is nothing wrong with watching a game on the weekend, there is no reason to buy lots of paraphernalia or to waste time memorizing statistics. Why get emotionally involved over the battle of two corporations? Also, it is better to participate in sports directly rather than watching somebody else do it. That is also good advice for the next distraction which is…

5. Porn


Starting in the 1950s, pornographers waged a three-decade long battle to overturn or weaken US obscenity laws. They were successful. With the advent of the internet, porn became ubiquitous. While libertarians may celebrate this as the triumph of personal freedom, the reality is that it has become one of the most powerful forms of control of the masses.

I don’t have to tell any man how potent the sex drive is. We find the visual stimulation of porn extremely addicting. Some studies show that at least half of all men are addicted. I think the percentage is much higher.

Using porn is a huge time waster. Rather than accomplishing something useful, some men spend an hour or two a day trying to find exciting images. That’s time that would be better put to use lifting weights, learning a martial art, meeting girls, fathering a family, or starting a company.

But porn is more than a time suck. It also takes away a man’s edge. It tricks his mind into believing that he has become the emperor of China with 300 vaginas ready to meet his every need. In other words, using porn makes a man complacent. You can see this in the herbivore men of Japan who consider it easier to sit at home and wank instead of finding a wife or achieving great things.

Whether it was intentional or not, porn has turned into one of the most effective forms of control of the masses. If we are all busy spanking our brains out, we are not going to notice the fact that our government has turned into a plutocracy. We are not going to care that we are being treated like cattle to make our masters even richer.

6. Entertainment


The most popular post on my blog is the very first one I wrote. The topic is what I learned from watching the television show Naked and Afraid. While I think the post has a beneficial message, my weightier posts get much less traffic. The primary reason for the popularity of my post is because it concerns a TV show. Posts on ROK that comment on movies are similarly very popular.

Like sports, there is nothing wrong with enjoying television, film, or video games when it is done in moderation. But popular entertainment is almost always laced with messages that try to advance the progressive agenda. And like porn or sports, getting too involved with entertainment can blind us to what is happening in the real world.

How do you know if you are addicted to entertainment? Here is a simple test. If you are a grown man, and you felt a strong compulsion to go see the latest Star Wars movie, you are addicted to entertainment. The next time a blockbuster rolls around, wait until it comes out on video.

7. Social Media


When it is not being censored by the elites, social media can be an extremely powerful tool that we can exploit to bring back the patriarchy. Unfortunately, 99% of people don’t use it as a tool for good. They use it to status whore. Women are the guiltiest users but men do it as well posting pictures of their scotch or barbecue techniques.

The best fix for social media is to use it with awareness. If you find yourself slipping into status whoring or getting involved with pointless arguments, drop it and do something useful instead.


Aristotle teaches that true freedom is not the license to do whatever we please. True freedom is the ability to act in accordance with reason. If we are unable to do what is good, we are slaves no matter how much empowering language we use to dress up the fact of our servitude.

Liberating ourselves from elite control may not topple them in the short term, but it will make our individual lives better. That alone makes it worth the effort.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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261 thoughts on “7 Methods The Elites Use To Control Us”

  1. Spot on dude…well done. I wish you would have added 8. Debt and 9. Education (and its promises) but you really hit it well here.

    1. 10. Diet. They keep selling shit that’s really bad for you, but says it’s healthy.
      11. Medicine. They tell you that you can continue with your (what they tell you) healthy lifestyle, destroying your health, and they will sell you a pill to mask the symptoms. You’ll need that pill for the rest of your life. That pill then damages something else in your body and they’ll sell you another pill to mask that.

      1. yes and yes…..especially w/r/t depression/psychotropic meds and birth control.

      2. 12. Fear. By making people afraid of every little thing that happens to upset the norm (weather to disease) the ability for mass panic is unheard of today.
        13. Devaluation of Currency. This could fall under finances as lolknee mentioned, but I think it needs further discussion given that while people are making more than ever but the purchasing power of modern currency in the West is far lower than it was even ten years ago.

        1. Anti Defamation League.
          Being labelled an antisemite, xenofobe, rasist, misogynist, sexist or other forms of j3wish made up words.

        2. Like that crap in North Carolina at the moment. Celebrities and professional sports companies are having a shit fit over the recent law that was passed there. If they’re not residents there, than they have no say in what a state decides to legislate.
          Notice those same companies and celebrities have no problem selling their merchandise there or going to countries that are far worse.

        3. It’s true, our vote doesn’t matter….but that is only half the story. Even if our vote did matter, the truth is that who wins doesn’t matter….none of it matters. It’s all just a show.

        4. Yup, the very few people with trillions control everything. Those are the same people that control all of the resources.

        5. Between all of these, they have practically all of the country controlled in one manner or another. Hell, 20% of the nation is on foodstamps alone. In this way, everyone is controlled, save for a few “fringe” groups like ROK and other splinter groups, which is why I don’t see reform, revolution, or change possible in this country. Live your own life to the best of your ability on your own, or with your family and loved ones, or GTFO. But don’t waste your efforts trying to change others. It’s a lost cause.

        6. Thanks for that. People think voting is such an amazing thing, and sets us apart from the rest of the world. This proves it’s at best a waste of time, and at worst a horrible system of government.

        7. The system is so broken it can not be fixed. Revolution would be the only solution. Free America ended when the federal reserve came into power.

        8. 15. Law. The slimy world of lawyers and legalese. US is still a British Colony through legal trickery after the American Civil War.

        9. Fear is huge:
          1. Manufacture a “crisis” that needs immediate, dire action.
          2. Convince the masses only the government can solve this crisis.
          Iraq war number 2 ushering in the Patriot Act.
          Climate Change and carbon credits.

        10. I think By using this language they are inciting Point No 1, Violence. They cant directly cause harm against you for having a different point of view but they can incite the masses to do it for them. Getting the plebs to do their dirty work is one of their best tricks.

        11. 15. GUN CONTROL – to make sure you have no way to defend from the state monopoly on violence

        12. Bang on. The state manufactures fear in three areas: health, safety and security. Scare people about these things and it ensures that the masses dare not question the resulting government action. After all, only a heartless and traitorous monster would dare question the efficacy and money spent on such noble causes of the state.
          Where I’m from, the state government recently launched a PTSD program for first responders and I hear the public service ads on the radio all the time promoting it. I understand that on occasion first responders might witness a nasty car accident but an entire government program dedicated to this as though we’re living in some kind of war zone with dead and mutilated bodies all around? Is this society really so weak? Of course, it’s just another program run by and for public servants justified with all sorts of noble rhetoric but really only useful to, perhaps, one in a thousand.
          Dare not question the cost-benefit though because the intentions are good and sentiment is what counts, not facts and reason.

        13. Another is how words are getting definitions changed to include ridiculous things like rape

        14. Ok. I’ve been out of touch with the current events lately because news is propaganda to me. Had to look it up to see what all the hoopla was about and Holy Fucking Shit!
          There’s going to be another American Civil War over LGBT shit. WTF! What happened to decency? We need to protect children from being exposed to this sick shit. A Bruce Jenner like faux tranny should be prohibited from entering a women’s public restroom/locker room.
          God help us all normal folks.

        15. Agreed. I’ve never given two shits about what happens in closed homes between two consenting adults. It’s when they get in my face in public, that’s when I take issue. This is precisely what’s going to turn the general population against this faux movement and I’m going to sit back and enjoy the flames.
          Seems like it’s almost time to take out the marshmallows.

        16. I agree. Conspiration theories have been the bread of the far right and the far left for a long time, there is definitely an ideological bridge between the two…we have a word in French for it:
          “Rouge brun”.

        17. Revolution…well, are you ready to see thousands of people die, including people you know? Revolutions are bloody in history most of the time.
          There must be another way that goes beyond the flower power bullshit, the Robespierre’s bloodshed, or the burka sold by H&M…

        18. As much as I hate to see blood, I don’t see any other possible solution. Someone has to die, (those in power, the filthy rich).

        19. I don’t want to see blood shed, enough of it.
          Right now a revolution would look like this…🇫🇷
          Animal farm.

        20. It also ended when the aholes in Washington thought that diversity was great when they opened the borders to all the derelicts, tards, cretons from third world ville!!! Look at Switzerland, Austria, predominantly one culture, a few rug pilots but basically in tact. Compare to the United States of Central America, Iran!!!

        21. Fear!
          “Civilization, in fact, grows more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary. Wars are no longer waged by the will of superior men, capable of judging dispassionately and intelligently the causes behind them and the effects flowing out of them. The are now begun by first throwing a mob into a panic; they are ended only when it has spent its ferine fury.”
          ― H.L. Mencken, In Defense Of Women

        22. “Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.”
          ― Thomas Jefferson

        23. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered… I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”
          ― Thomas Jefferson

      3. Not only that, but also forcing you to pay thousands of dollars a year to the medical industry (forced Obamacare insurance) to a system that treats symptoms and not underlying disease.

        1. “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his (sic)patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”
          ― Thomas Jefferson
          The ACA’s focus on preventative measures are one of the, (only), good-things in the ACA that the Republicans want to dismantle.

      4. I believe they call it “dependency chronotrigger”. Built into almost all medicine, is a trigger that actually causes the problem you’re trying to stop once you stop taking the medicine. For example, if you use a chap-stick on healthy lips, they will dry and start to crack. So what do people unaware of these evil schemes do? Keep slapping on the chap-stick, ignorant of the fact that the chap-stick is prolonging the problem.

    2. the wealthiest 1% pays very little in taxes because the majority of their income derives from capital gains, which are taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income

      I agree with the thrust of the article but this doesn’t make any sense for two main reasons: 1) CGT can be as high as 39.6%, depending and 2) if the majority of your income derives from capital gains then you can bet that even if the percentage tax you pay is lower than someone with no investments, the absolute amount of tax you pay is probably many multiples higher than their income!
      Important to be factually correct when criticizing others, otherwise it can come right back at you. You also need to establish that what you are saying is even true. If the majority of my wealth came from capital I would avoid selling it, and thus defer the payment of CGT.

      1. Agree. People love to harp on on how the very wealthiest people pay a smaller percentage of tax and never look at what percentage of the whole they have actually contributed.
        Look, it is easy to hate rich people. They have ducking yachts. I don’t have a yacht. Shit, I don’t even have a second bathroom. On and I work my ass off every day and never even dream about a life where I need anhelicopter on my yacht as a practical way to get to shore.
        So easy to hate them and find ways to blame them for shit. Just like it is easy for a bull dyke to blame the patriarchy when her post doc in women’s studies lands her a job as a barista and someone who got an engineering degree is making 3x more than her. Rage! It’s all men’s fault! I went to school 3 times longer than he did! I bet he doesn’t even know that gender binaries are an artificial construction. This is obviously men keeping is down!
        I mean, isn’t this the attitude that, in a large part, makes this site necessary? What are we supposed to do? Argue against it and then apply it right back to people we are jealous of. Ffs let’s be real.

        1. Well said. A truly mature man recognizes that there will always be someone who has greater possessions than him. And he will further recognize that it is not his possessions that are the source of his happiness but ultimately what he thinks of himself.

        2. Old comment but a good one!
          A man also should recognize another man’s achievement and replicate himself if he wishes and not show envy. That’s for skirts..

        3. “All communities divide themselves into the few and the many. the first are the rich and well-born, the other the mass of the people”
          ― Alexander Hamilton

        4. “Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.”
          ― Thomas Jefferson

    3. So much education is a complete waste of time I’m sure we could close down %75 of universities and be fine..
      On the flip side we need more trades and practical skills taught in high school etc but alas I guess the State doesn’t want well rounded independent citizens that can think and do for themselves..

    1. given the juxtaposition of the pic and the text that follows I’m wondering how many people who read this will end up thinking ghost of jefferson has a picture of Karl Marx as an avatar. Suave fellow that Karl Marx

        1. My favorite use of that image is,
          I don’t always talk to liberal arts graduates,
          but when I do I always say, “Yes, I will have fries with that.”

        2. Engelish Muffins for breakfast this morning. I paid for 4, are one and gave the other three away. The people I gave them to told me I was evil and blew up my toaster

        3. That’s because you paid for them. Marxist Engelish is the universal language for the whole world, and in that world muffin is free.

        4. Muffin isn’t free. Muffin is free to people who don’t work. I have to pay 4 times for my muffin and afterwards get kicked in the balls for trying to enjoy it.

        5. Dammit, that sounds unfair. But you’ve got all that muffin, and there are thirsty, I mean hungry guys out there, who need and want muffin but have none. Sounds like I’m advocating communism, but truth is communism gets applied to everything but muffin.

        6. For some reason this reminds me of one of the old episodes of the simpsons where Bart gets caught up in the rackets with Fat Tony.
          At one point Fat Tony is asking him to store hundreds of cartons of stolen cigarettes and bart is feeling it as a moral dilemma.
          Bart: uh, say, are you guys cooks
          Fat Tony: Is it wrong to steal a loaf of bread to feed your starving family
          Bart: no
          Fat Tony: well, suppose you got a large staving family. Is it wrong to steal a truckload of bread to feed them
          Bart: uh, no
          Fat Tony: And, what if your family don’t like bread? They like…..cigarettes?
          Bart: I guess that’s okay
          Fat Tony: Now, what if instead of giving them away, you sold them at a price that was practically giving them away. Would that be a crime, Bart?
          Bart: Hell no

        7. ha I remember that one. Turns out Proudhon really was wrong. Property isn’t theft, communism is. Although that guy doesn’t have the state behind him

        8. And I use a made up name so we don’t have to call it Mordechai ism.

      1. I have never seen GoJ and Karl Marx in the same room at the same time. Just sayin’

        1. Soon as you clip that beard Marx is one dapper gent. I’m surprised he didn’t write a book on game

        2. Hey, it is what Peter the Great did.
          One of his very early acts as Tzar was, because he wanted Russia to stop being a back water shit hole and start being a civilized nation, demand that the beards were cut. He went as far as forcibly cutting people beards off himself.
          God I love peter. What a fucking bad ass. Ever want to read a biography of a man who took a bunch of retarded peasants and turned them into a great nation with only his own will and determination as tool, read about Peter.

        3. Sounds like a cool guy. I must read up on him. But strickly speaking there’s no need to forcibly cut beards when you can forcibly tug them off as Karl Marx did in Horse Feathers

        4. He is, by the way, my absolute hero and has been since I was a little kid — groucho, not karl or Peter the Great.

        5. mine too. I used to be nuts about their movies. That’s my favourite song too. ‘Whatever it is I’m against it.” That’s the only truly universal philosophy in my book

        6. I feel much the same way.
          One of the funniest throw away lines ever that not many people find funny any more is when they are stow aways on a ship hiding in the hold
          First Mate: There are four stowaways below captain
          Captain: how do you know there are four
          First Mate: They are singing sweet Adeline.

        7. that was a good film, although I only vaguely remember that scene. Isn’t that the one when they end up hiding in the cupboards – once they’ve disembarked? In some ways Groucho was always more subversive than Karl, because of his attitude towards authority. Groucho is the comic nihilist, erosive of all authority and human pretension. Not that he would have had any time for intellectualising it though

        8. Barrels, not baskets…but yeah, that’s the one.
          You comment is dead on.
          If I had to say someone who I find myself ideologically aligned with in this world it would def be groucho.

        9. Definitely. He was a spiritual genius, in a way. But I think the nature of his genius means it’s better to revere his method than the man himself. The only film I ever had trouble with – again I can’t remember the name – was the one when he becomes president and ends up starting a war. It was brilliantly satirical but on reflection it makes me wonder what the consequences of Boris Johnson becoming prime minister o fUK might be (I’m a Boris fan btw)

        10. Duck Soup….again, a great war.
          If you want a kick find the book that contains all his letters. Get a look at the insight of him as a man. At one point he was sued by Warner Brothers from use of the word Casablanca. Instead of having his lawyer reply he did it himself. It is a 2 page letter that shows exactly the kind of man he was. Not just funny, but vicious and very quick to point out others stupidity.
          ALso, above all, he was a principled man with principles of his own creating.

        11. That’s the one. I actually bought that book back in the 90s. I’m not sure where it is now, but I remember being blown away by how funny many of the letters were, and how spontaneous his wit seemed even on the page.
          Re. his philosophy, given how up its own arse our present culture is, this would be a good time to re-discover it

        12. “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”
          ― Groucho Marx

      2. “If anything is certain, it is that I myself am not a Marxist.
        [In a letter about the peculiar ‘Marxism’ which arose in France 1882]”
        ― Karl Marx

  2. Well said! Nothing beats training hard in kung fu or another martial art, or learning to fly a plane to become a pilot or travel the world.

  3. I’ve always wondered what the ultimate goal of the elites is. It can’t just be lots of money and a lavish lifestyle; there comes a point where one has more wealth than he can ever spend in his – or even his children’s – lifetime. So is it pure power? That seems to me to be at odds with the idea that the elites want to drastically reduce the world’s population through various nefarious means. I can see how killing a few people here and there would give the elites their ‘power over life and death’ kick, but beyond that ultimately isn’t one less life = one less slave?

    1. Hmmm good points. I think maybe the population control might be so that it does’t get too hard to manage. It’s relatively easy to manage a company of one hundred compared to one thousand. They just need enough dregs to siphon off of and keep things in working order but past that it would be more of a liability. If you only need five pegs to hold up a tent no point in having eight, especially when the pegs are sentient beings who could cause trouble at some point.

      1. That was the only reason I could think of – coupled with the (relatively) recent industrialisation processes which mean more jobs can be done by machines which don’t have the potential to cause trouble down the line. And I can see why spare pegs might be seen as potential trouble in America where those spare pegs are likely armed, but in the rest of the world, what are us spare pegs gonna do – moan about our lot in life on the net? Like a 1%-er would care. So why the need to promote homosexual ‘marriage’, delayed (to the point of being too late) motherhood etc to reduce birthrates? Just a case of ‘one less mouth to feed’ on a society-wide level, now that machines can do most menial jobs? Or is there something deeper going on? Or is it just like others above have said – the whole ‘elites’ schtick is nothing more than a conspiracy theory – in which case, what IS driving the decline?

      1. Still doesn’t make sense to me. I’m trying to imagine myself as Secret Ruler of The World – I’ve got there through schemings and back stabbings and am now at the head of the Ancient Conspiracy. I have all the wealth I could ever desire and live in the lap of luxury. Now what? What would get someone in that position to think: “I know what my domain needs: More Gays!”

        1. “All of the wealth I could ever desire”. Their desire is endless. Why would someone keep their kids from their father ? Decent people can’t really think like that and it’s noble. If someone has absolutely no accountability or compassion they can do some pretty henious things with the slightest justification. Men don’t need that consensus or justification and the worst/weakest/whatever of us can convince ourselves to adopt some pretty unmanly ways. There are male feminists right ? Cheers for keeping the safety on your character.

    2. the old adage that those in power fear to lose it is absolutely true. That said, the idea that there is some kind of conclave of elite 1% types sitting around with a unified goal which they are achieving through the subversion of politics, society, culture, etc. is really daft imho.
      The very elite want to remain that way and want their children to remain that way. Other than that some may want to live that lavish lifestyle, some may want to cure disease, some may want to just be even richer, for some, I am sure, it is just a game. There are as many personal motivations as people.
      Any idea that claims there is a mustache twirling super cabal of evil people controlling things for a unified person is not just wrong, but crazy, weak and cowardly.

        1. He’s the One I’m secretely devoted to, with my body and soul. Please don’t make Him appear.

        2. Tell Him I’ve been good. I’ve been doing everything He demanded. I’ve been a good servant, yes, a good servant.

      1. “You take a mortal man
        and put him in control,
        Watch him become a god.
        Watch people’s head a’roll.”

      2. Fear is no doubt a part of it, and not necessarily an undesired part of it (what was the title of that book: feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers, but maybe it should read “feel the fear, and do it because of the fear, because it motivates”). But that aside, don’t those who rule also want to believe that they do it by right, or for some greater good, or because it is God’s will. Isn’t there always some kind of aspiration to Divine Right?

        1. I’ve never ruled anything so I can’t really say what people who rule want to feel. However, one thing I can say for a certainty is that they are not all of one homogeneous with a unified goal. They aren’t the fucking borg. Some probably want to feel divine right. Some probably want to feel adoration of the masses. Some probably just want their asshole licked by 13 year old virgins. My bigger point was that thinking some huge conspiracy of elites with a single motive is out there pulling the strings is pretty fucking stupid and, worse than stupid, it is cowardly and weak….it is no different than the fems or blacklivesmatter folks.
          It amazes me that people can simultaneously hate on feminists and SJWs for blaming everything on the privileged white man and, in one and the same breath, blame all their woes on an invisible empire of evil trillionairs (the Jewluminati?).

        2. Oh, also, and I am not kidding about this, I never read anything written by a woman so I don’t know who Susan Jeffers is or anything she wrote.

        3. people try to make sense of things, and when they do that, they will gravitate towards explanations they find easier to understand / or more palatable. The cabal has always been psychologically problematic, but equally there are elites (jewish, globalist or otherwise) and however diverse they may be in terms of motivation they will also share characteristics and motivations too. Fear maybe one such. But the point I was making wasn’t about divine right .. but about the need to feel we are doing what is right, working towards the good. Progress. Ending rather perpetuating suffering. If there are elites, then surely that’s something they are likely share? Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, and even Rockerfeller don’t they all believe they are making the world a better place. It’s the old spiderman chestnut about great responsibility coming with great power isn’t it. That’s why I don’t believe Dick Dastardly is in cahoots with Muttley

        4. I think there is a big element of truth in what you are saying

        5. Harry Potter is my one exception. Really, I don’t think I have read a single book, article, scholarly journal or really anything by a woman with the exception of Harry Potter.

        6. I think it was some NLP guy, probably Richard Bandler who used to say that nearly everybody acts in the belief that they’re doing something for the better (obviously there may be exceptions). If we’re talking about the elites there’s an interesting snippet from David Rockefeller’s biography I’ve heard about, which says something like “my family and I have been referred to as globalists trying to create a new world order ….etc” and he follows up by saying “well, if that’s what I’m accused of then I say guilty as charged, and I’m proud of it”. I think the problem with conspiracy theory is often it’s depiction of human psychology or rather, it happily treats David Rockefeller, Rothschild and Soros etc as reptilian rather than human.

        7. Jews tend to be the usual suspects, especially if the reference is to a ‘cabal’. Surely that doesn’t surprise. Richard Pipes considers there are only two main types of conspiracy. Jews and Freemasons. Illuminati (conspiracy) theories sometimes bring those two groups together.

        8. With regard to articles I imagine that would only be possible by not enquiring whether an initial refers to a boy’s or a girls name.

        9. only one main kind of conspiracy imo….bullshit made up by faggoty cowards who don’t want to take any responsibility.

        10. you can always tell….women don’t think and therefore don’t write the same. I am sure there are some who can intentionally deceive through anonymity, but if a woman is writing the way she thinks the writing, like the thinking, will be vapid, short sighted and totally without accountability.

        11. nah nah nah
          The real powers I think are the Kings and Queens of England. Hiding in plain sight. “Oh it’s just for tradition and what not. Pay no mind and run along, little lamb.”
          That link I gave you a while ago upholds this theory incredibly well.

        12. yes, and no. The protocols almost certainly influenced nazism & the holocaust. If you’re asserting something as true without evidence, then yes that may be cowardly and irresponsible. But it’s not true that there’s only one kind. Pipes himself identifies feminism as a conspiracy theory, because it posits patriarchy as a conspiracy against women for instance. He also suggests marxism / communism was (and is) a conspiracy theory because it places blame / scapegoats on the bourgeoisie etc, and of course many bourgeois fare very badly during communism etc. So cowardly, irresponsible maybe, and no doubt lazy too in asserting what one can’t evidence. But even Pipes acknowledges that conspiracies do exist, even if some / a lot of the time it may be about blaming people / other groups

        13. I was really surprised when I found out that some (including LaRouche) see the British monarchy as being behind everything. I do find it kind of hard to believe, but hey, why not?

        14. “totally without accountability”
          that sounds like that As Good as it Gets line

        15. just a pipe dream.
          sorry, to clarify, of course people conspire…hell, I am going to conspire this weekend with some people I know to make this one girl do unspeakable things to my genitals.
          It is the real tinfoil hat shit I am meaning……like every fucking thing in the world happens because a bunch of WASPS or JEws or the king of England or communists are behind it. The idea that over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of years a group of people has been single mindedly in unision to overturn and upset the natural order by controlling pretty much everything is just absurd.
          People want to know why jews out perform others at times…..it’s a load of reasons starting with an immigrant mentality 3 generations ago that beat success into kids…or how about when the catholic kids went to play pop warner football the jewish kids were doing biblical interpretation and learning fucking Hebrew or how about the mentality of people who have no unified structure (like the church) making inroads in to corporate America or how about generations of people in banking when the catholics thought usury was a sin…..some combination of these sure makes a lot more sense that Hymie swirling his long side burns and plotting evil with all the other Zionists.
          And the same goes for the wasps. Generational money coming down from those wealthy mayflower families. Well duh. There are insane amounts of heredity and pride, insane amounts of familial duty and work ethic and elitie upbringing and helping your own first.
          Or the Asians. Or the Pakistanis. Or that whomever.
          Suggesting global conspiracy for Jews in Hollywood? Jews have been entertainers. Entertainment became big business.
          I am only saying that there are far more sensible explanations to why the world is the way it is than some crazy group of freemasons or whatever running the show from behind the scenes and the people who look at life and say “wah this isn’t fair, it must be the rothchilds or rockerfellers or pharaoh or whatever” are no better than the feminists yelling “privilege and rape” like a Tourette’s kid in a candy shop

        16. Calm down there buddy don’t twist your panties in a knot. I always knew you weren’t cut out for this work.

        17. Yeah give the poor jews a break for once. I mean look at we did to poor lolknee with all this Jew talk sheesh. But for real it’s never right to hate another especially based on stupid things like the length of their noses or color of their skins or if their skins can change color like camoflauge.

        18. sounds like an interesting weekend, but the mind boggles.
          The real tinfoil stuff parodies itself for the most part. There is a tendency for the conspiracy theories to become ever grander and all more encompassing. It’s that tendency which often produces the kind of hidden hand theories that removes agency from ordinary folk. Yet, whether it’s jewish or wasp elites etc (or whatever mixture) it’s not wrong to recognise that people on the ground today are not exactly enjoying much democratic control over their own lives. That might not be down to any one group, but maybe because of concerns about anti-semitism it does sometimes seem like jewish influence will always be played down. Then there are things like what I mentioned in the other article, someone like Patricia Arquette, who I had no idea was Jewish until she started spouting feminism, who talks glibly about male privilege and domination, while ignoring the fact that she is from a situationally privileged group (i.e. she’s Jewish in Hollywood).
          Of course Jews in Hollywood are entertainers. Seinfeld is one of my heroes of anti-PC. Larry David, on the other hand (who I had no idea was Jewish until he started spouting feminism – ok I’m kidding on that count) should be one of my heroes of anti-PC. Except it turns out he’s a good jewish progressive. Maybe that’s the conspiracy, right there. Hollywood tends to be progressive. Is that because they’re entertainers, artsy folk, or because there seem to be a lot of left leaning jewish moghuls? Youre right that simplistic explanations may be harmful but it doesn’t help that these things are rarely addressed in the media. It’s also not wrong to notice that the jewish community as a whole is extraordinarily influential. Even if that’s entirely down to merit and hard work, reflecting some kind of immigrant protestant work ethic (you know what I mean) then it could still be seen as an issue of representation, i.e. as a potential issue for a democracy that strives to be representive.

        19. I’m brown so I agree that we shouldn’t hate each other for stupid things. I enjoy debating with Lolknee. I think he’s cool with it

        20. All correct here.
          The part that gets my goat is that here we are on a site for people who are negatively impacted in a real way by secret hand theories when women and minorities and sjw blah blah blah are yelling that our very being alive is negatively impacting their ability to get ahead and too many people are using that same mentality/tactic against just another secret hand.
          Cognitive dissonance is the real problem.
          That, lack of kratom, mike changs 88 pack and the joos

        21. If only those alleged trillionaire joos would bribe us all with a smorgasbord of kratom. Medicate the problem away!
          I see what you’re saying about sjw’s etc, but part of the problem is you can’t debate with them. PC shuts down the freedom to debate the actual issues. I think much of the conspiracy theory etc would probably go away if people were more able to debate freely but responsibly and with the expectation that they can back up anything they say. I think what I’m saying is some of that conspiracy theory would be a whole lot less attractive if when Patricia next decides to mouth off about feminism and male privilege in Hollywood, at least some voices in the media, spoke up and called her an arrant hypocrite

        22. Stop trolling. Are yiu saying that Nixon, Rockefeller, and Erlichman did not institute the War on Drugs – costing billions- purely to destroy the anti war movement and the Black community ….even after Erlichman admitted it and all evidence confirms it ??
          Are you daft ? Elites are just like anybody else. They are human and plot and fantasize avout how to increase their influence and power. The diffetence is that they have the money and means to.actually implement what they want.

        23. Sorry if you feel the need to blame your failure and your father’s failures and his father’s failures on some imaginary force.
          Maybe you should go away. Black lives matter and Jezebel seem to be more up your alley. You know, the “lets blame the world because we are huge faggots” alley.

      3. You are stupid if u really beleive what u said. Arent there a group of men right here right now plotting and planning how to turn back SJWs and restore patriarchy ??
        You better believe that the uber wealthy and powerful sit around plotting and planning how to prevemt anyone from getting in the way of their desires. To think otherwise is daft.

        1. Yes, I’m sure they have a secret handshake and everything.

  4. Great article Michael. This should be reading number one for unplugging from the matrix will definitely be linking to it. it’s crazy the amount of men that are addicted to porn. I remember talking to a group of friends one time about cutting it out of my life completely and they just couldn’t believe it. I might as well have said “Yeah I’m trying to not the breathe for at least a month”. I don’t know if it was created to be this effective or just ended up being but damn. I think social media whoring has a hold on women as porn does on men. When you take a step back and look at this from the perspective of an elite or just some unattached you cannot help but shake your head. It’s all a game. People are used as pawns to further the advance of the elites and these people even defend and fight for the elites that hate them, just one big sick game.

  5. An excellent article, brother. And I agree with lolknee with the caveat that the rampancy of debt is, in large part, due to the encouragement from the mass media and the education system, which would kind of tie those two together. And that neither of those would be a real issue if it weren’t for massive amounts of regulation which, again, would not be possible without the overwhelming threat of violence. All in all, I think that Mr. Sebastian did an excellent job of breaking everything down to their more principle forms.
    And, of course, I can’t let an article like this go by without pointing to the elephant in the corner and saying, “Yes, we know what the problems are: the question is, as always, what are we going to do about it?”

    1. Before asking how to solve it you need to, I think, ask “is it solvable.” Some problems just aren’t. However, even if it is not that doesn’t mean it is a total loss.
      The question then goes from “what do we do about it?” to “how can we take advantage of it to our benefit?”
      In truth, any real and thoroughgoing solution is one that will take several, maybe a dozen generations. If every single possible thing to solve the problems at hand were to put in place right now your great grandchildren would not see them come to fruition.
      One of the biggest issues that people have is the need for immediacy. We see this with money most clearly I think. There really was a time when just doing somewhat better than your parents was a respectable and even laudable goal. The idea was that in 10 generations, if this movement continues through hard work and intelligent marriages, that it will be good for the family.
      This is absolutely impossible to do in our Kardashianized world. The fact that instant fame and riches are possible for .0001% of people means that 99% of people are going to do their best. It is like throwing a silver dollar into a pool full of children. Not one of them says “fuck it, I’m gonna just continue enjoying my childhood and being in a pool” it becomes a free for all.
      I contend that undoing this situation is only possible in theory and absolutely impossible in practice short of nuclear holocaust resetting the last 200 years.
      That said, I am not about to jump out the window about it. So instead of trying in vain to find a solution to a problem where the solution is a) already obvious and b) absolutely impossible to practically implement then do a 180 and figure out how you can take advantage of the cards you have been dealt.
      A savvy player often has won a hand with a pair of 6’s while his opponent was holding a pair of A’s.

      1. “Before asking how to solve it you need to, I think, ask “is it solvable.” Some problems just aren’t”
        Yeah, not with that attitude.

        1. Ok, well you take yourself a positive attitude and two nickels and figure out a way that 2+2=a bushel of potatoes.

        2. Attitude has little to do with observing the facts on the ground. Fight on we will, but the pendulum has not swung far enough for out right change that we will live to see outside of revolution. Take solace that the enemy is dead wrong and it still yet has not been fully understood by many how wrong they are. What cannot go on, simply won’t.

        3. Those are all fine. What do I live for? What is my reason to continue….? Me.

      2. “You can find the solution to one unsolvable problem, but two? The difficulties don’t add, they multiply.”
        -Edwin Windsor, explaining the impracticality of a space laser to Dr. Lobe (HTSIE)

      3. Interesting response.
        Let me first say that you are right, the answer IS obvious. The reason that I asked the question in the first place is that so many men that I meet and speak with still haven’t reached the point where what they read and comment about on sites like this one is reality for them; they are still merely spectators in the world, sitting behind their computer screens and raging impotently at what ‘everyone else’ is doing to them, without actively either resisting or, as you say, taking advantage of it.
        I ask the question because I want them to be thinking about it. This is OUR world. We are the authors of our own reality. We can either hand it over to other men (or women) to write upon it or we can do the writing ourselves. The choice is ours.
        Beyond that, I have two things that I would like to add concerning your comment. First, you are right about the need for immediacy. Men in the west have been trained since infancy to ‘have it now’ since the late 60’s. The sense of building upon something is lost.
        I was speaking with an old friend of mine two weeks ago about just that topic. He is an old-fashioned blacksmith, of amazing skill and he will freely admit that he would never have been able to have the business that he had, nor the skills that he had acquired, had he not inherited both from his father. The idea of having a trade and apprenticing your children to it is long lost; instead, we are instructed to merely send our children to be destroyed in college.
        For myself, I know that I will NEVER see the fruits of my labors. In an effort to provide for my family, I have invested in crops and yields that will not see full fruition in my lifetime, but they will, several times over, within my children’s lifetime. I may have been born a poor boy, but I intend to die an aristocrat.
        Which brings me to my next point.
        I believe that America is a lost cause. I believe. Consequently, I am an advocate of getting out of the country rather than putting up the good fight. Find and make a place for yourself somewhere that makes you happy and that is eager to cooperate with your ingenuity and strong work ethic.
        But many men don’t feel that way, or the idea of leaving the country is too extreme for them. Those men have a very serious decision to make. To try and fly under the radar, biding their time until everything completely collapses, then holding their own against the hordes of hungry, crazed people a la Germany right before WWII or, perhaps, seizing territory and establishing themselves as the local lord or noble in exchange for food and protection; or, if they feel that they cannot do that with honor (and many men may not be able to bow beneath the yoke of shame that has been put upon them) to fight back now, futilely, in vain, knowing that their lives will be lost but that they could at least die with their head held high.
        After all, the one thing that we all know from the moment that we are born is that we are going to die. It’s not really a question of when; it’s a question of how.
        I have my own personal preferences, here, some of which I have mentioned. But the point of my comment is not to tell people what to do; far from it. As men, we must all make our own decisions about how to face whatever life deals us. Rather, as a brother in arms to all the men here, I only hope to ensure that other men are thinking about these things, planning for them, readying themselves mentally and practically for ANYTHING that might happen in the next year or so. Because I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a VERY interesting year. In the “Oh, God, oh, God, we’re all gonna’ die” kind of way.
        And this is probably all way too serious for a Friday morning. Sorry it took so long to respond. As a rule, I spend very little time on the computer so only run through these while I’m working online in the morning, and sometimes at night.

  6. Oh, yeah, I forgot. I do think that he missed one. Shame. I would hypothesize that the primary form of control that the ruling elite uses to control the vast majority of people is by inducing shame.
    They started doing it when most of us were first put into kindergarten (assuming that your parents weren’t complicit in doing so, as well) and continued to pile it on in bigger and bigger doses as you got older.
    I wrote a brief (for me) article about it last year and I think Cernovich has done a few pieces on the concept.

    1. Shame used to work in favor of maintaining a livable society, like when our ancestors shamed sluts, transgender mistakes of nature and homosexuals.
      We really should bring this back. The Orthodox Jewish parents of the late Oliver Sacks successfully shamed him about his degenerate gay compulsions so that he lived sexually abstinent most of his life. If he could do this and still have a useful life, then so could a lot of other men with broken sexuality.

      1. I bet Mom and Pop Sacks used to call their son Oliver Sacks Dicks, just within earshot….like call him ‘Oliver Sacks’ and then just sort of mutter ‘dicks’ under their breath. That could drive a wannabe gay psychiatrist nuts

    2. With that, guilt. Europe is being overrun as a result of white guilt. Germany has been hammered about the Nazis for the last 70 years. Imagine what guilting/shaming 3 generations does to a culture. It has neutered them.

      1. Agreed. I’ve heard from friends (though I haven’t looked into it myself) that homeschooling has become essentially illegal in several states around the Union. Does anyone else know anything about this?
        I know that in AZ, you’re supposed to register your child with the State if you plan on homeschooling them; presumably so CPS will know where to find you when they are ready to begin gender re-assignment.

        1. As long as the children haven’t had their births registered with the state or hospitals they legally have no right over your children. What I am not sure about is if as a parent you are registered with the state in some way (IRS, SSN, etc.) if that would give them extended rights to your offspring.

  7. The social justice propaganda in popular entertainment suggests another interpretation. Every time a movie like the ones in the extended Star Wars franchise shows a powerful and competent white man as the villain, and how feeble girls and diversity hires have to combine their strengths to gang up on him and defeat him, then this sort of film really sends a message that white men have superpowers that their social justice enemies lack.

  8. Dont forget gun control.
    Special taxes, import bans, waiting periods, background checks, registration, and permits are used to disarm a population.

    1. A $1000 sales tax was recently put on handguns in the Mariana Islands (US territory) after their handgun ban was struck down. This is definitely an experiment for gun restriction in the states, and will probably go to the Supreme Court.

    2. “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”
      ―Samuel Adams

  9. My goal in life is to become completely and (in the eyes of the liberal elite) disgustingly independent.
    I asked someone I know what they think freedom is yesterday. The reason I call him only “someone I know” is because I don’t like him, and I know he hates me. He said it is the ability to do what they want, when they want. Even if it meant losing it all to the government. I laughed.
    In anger and embarrassment, he asked me what I thought freedom was. I told him there was no way for me to describe it. Instead I told him to picture himself at the helm of a beautiful boat, clear blue skies and crystal-clear seas – the most inviting landscape he could picture (which, unfortunately for this Hillary supporter, was probably more like a big protest just outside the White House for women’s rights). I told him that, to me, TRUE FREEDOM was to ask myself where I wanted to go, point in a direction, and then take off. Captain of the S.S. Freedom.
    No regulations. No taxes. No one telling me I can’t. True freedom can be found in a place where men do not answer to anyone.
    Brilliantly written article, Michael.

    1. I’ve occasionally heard the concepts of freedom summed up as either ‘freedom from failure’ or ‘freedom to fail’. I like these definitions for their succinctness, but that means having to take time to extrapolate the consequences of each to fully appreciate. So while they may not be the best example to use inside of a heated ideological argument, perhaps they could help you formulate a more meaningful description.

      1. There are some that would argue that true freedom is only available in the penal colony. Interesting stuff.

      2. I hear you. However it wasn’t as much of an argument as much as a discussion, sort of a potluck of ideas.

    2. Freud said that most people don’t really want freedom because freedom requires responsibility and most people are afraid of responsibility.
      In order to maintain my peace of mind in this maddening world I’ve come to accept that as a truth. I want freedom and I’m willing to take on the responsibilities and accept the consequences (often unpleasant). I know there are others like me (invariably men) but, big picture, there aren’t very many people that long for true freedom. It becomes somewhat liberating when you accept that things are the way they are because most people want a nanny in some form of other. Nothing I can do about that so I’ll just try and carve out a life with as much freedom as possible by working within and outside the system to my advantage as best I can.

    3. The corruption of the word “freedom” by progressives has done a lot of harm.
      “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” – Ben Franklin
      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom – go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams
      “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small degree of it.” – Thomas Jefferson
      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” – John Adams

  10. Still don’t understand why porn producers are not arrested for proxenetism (pimping ). Especially in these vagina worshipping times.

    1. There can only be two reasons why porn producers are not arrested from proxenetism. It is either a) That you and I are the only people in the fucking world who know what the word proxenetism is or b) jews

        1. I didn’t either until a few years ago. But the way I see it, if it’s a big word worthy of a spelling bee, it can’t be a good word.

        2. It’s a mainstream word in French, but seems to be very rarely used in English.

        3. My training in Classic greek pays when it comes to knowing words that no one needs, wants or cares about.
          I mean, between knowing a ton of big words and getting family guy references that other people miss, I have to say that my 8 years of college and grad school was an excellent use of time and resources. smh. Kill me.

      1. Maybe I should have used a more mainstream word. Pimping ? Procuring ?

      1. Ah yes, Max Hardcore. I don’t watch porn anymore these days, but even then I found his stuff a bit too much. Yet I find laughable that they’re shocked by Hardcore’s work. Unless they never did the 2 Girls 2 Cup Challenge. Which I did and failed miserably.

        1. I think I’ve made a similar comment before, but I seem to remember some stand up comedian like Daniel Tosh referencing Japanese vomit porn, then there was the whole dog and woman article a ways back, not to mention a brief conversation about Golden Showers when commenters were wondering if women really squirt. So from that article, sounds like he could have been much worse (if that makes any difference in this context).
          Really, at this point, I’m no longer certain who is “shocked” and who is feigning it (sort of like “outrage” or “offended”). But I do notice that men take the fall more often than female producers of similar and even more extreme products.

        2. According to this article by Rotten Library, they’ve been going after Hardcore for a while now. Mostly, it’s because most of the performers look underage, even though they’re clearly of legal age. Of course, if you look on sites such as Xvideos, you find the same stuff, although not as hardcore. And the fact that this article has been around for at least 10 years attests to that fact.

        3. Still without passing any value judgement here, it is interesting how attitudes toward porn have changed in that same decade span.
          On the one hand porn is evil if a man is involved, sometimes empowering for women depending on the feminist you ask.
          Sex attitudes are torn between a Puritanical prudishness while at the same time celebrating and advocating women being more loose and companies are actually allowing adult performers to use their porn dabblings as springboards for mainstream outlets (like Erica Mucci, something that would have been unheard of before). I would be more likely to believe that the chaotic nature of it all (while resembling the behavior of a highly hormonal and erratically emotional woman) ties directly into our cultural refusal to eliminate feminism.

        4. “Still without passing any value judgement here”
          It’s OK this is ROK. You can pass judgement freely

        5. Thanks, but I really didn’t need permission, I have been making judgments since puberty. It used to be called discernment and was a virtue.

    2. I don’t understand how porn makes any money. I’d love to read a thorough study of the economics and business of porn in the new “free economy” Internet age.
      Like many others, I’ve used it, particularly when I was younger and looking for something to take the edge off. I now generally abstain for precisely the reasons cited in the article. Here’s the thing though – in all my years of using it I never spent a dime on it. My attitude was always one of, “It’s a low grade stimulant and probably not very good for me but fukc it, it’s free.” Paying for it always struck me as crossing some sort of line into Loserville and, based on my conversations with the handful of other guys that I’ve talked to about it, my sense is that most other guys like me aren’t paying for it either.
      With the quality and low cost of technology being what it is, the globalization of porn and the low barriers to entry, I have to believe the margins have been in a steady downward trajectory. All the stupid girls who get into it thinking they’re going to be the next Jenna Jameson are completely deluded. That era is over. There are poor women in South America that are better looking, freakier and willing to show it off on HD webcams for $20 Amazon gift cards.
      Given all that, how do the economics still work? A good chunk of the demand side isn’t willing to pay for it (and doesn’t need to) yet the supply side is getting larger and larger for a lower and lower price. Surprising that it’s still as ubiquitous as it is.

  11. Actually, all of this can be controlled by men maintaining frame. Give women the right to vote, and you get the welfare state. You get the welfare state, the government naturally increases in size, multiplying its power and violent capabilities. The government increases in size, you start getting taxed more.
    The biggest tool used by the elites, and left out of this article, is debt. You are a slave to your debtor. And once again, women spend most of the money (usually on frivolous purchases). Give your wife or girlfriend a credit card at your own peril.
    The final four items are the result of a comfortable society where men have time to waste. A society gets comfortable when less is required from its people. Comfortable people become lazy, fat degenerates who are easily manipulated by flashy images and the promise of a better life. They’ll gladly choose to be another man’s slave so long as they can get their pumpkin-spiced lattes at Starbucks.

  12. Saved. Have a young son; keeping good information for his future in case the old man smokes too much. This is one of those pieces I consider useful. Much appreciated.

    1. What I have discovered is that as more and more I am exposed to the truth (red pill), the more I seem to be out of tune with almost everyone else it seems. Sometimes I wonder back when I was still plugged into the matrix and there was some loonie (what the media painted him as), I now wonder if he had unplugged from the matrix and found truth, but we were just too brainwashed to realize it.
      Edit: To quote a line from Pink Floyd’s song “Brain Damage”:
      And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes,
      I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

      1. The lunatic….is up my ass.
        -a frequent misquote I utter when the boss is being annoying.

  13. 300 vaginas at his disposal…..You talking about the women or the servants? Clarification please.

    1. 90%? What are you, Jesus? Tight that shit up to about 97 🙂

      1. No shit. Rack it up to 99. Close buddies and family. That’s all anybody has anyway.

        1. on of my favorite lines ever
          Obesity runs in my family.
          Please….no one runs in your family.

  14. What does ‘elite’ mean exactly in this context? I am asking this seriously because for the past two hundred years or so there have been way too many societal changes in the West.
    ‘Extremely wealthy globalists’ is not precise enough. What actual real world qualities are ones attributed to a member of the elite? Or to make it simpler: how would you describe such a person to someone who has no idea what it could mean?

    1. you’re the second person to mention 200 years. Are you referring to the french revolution, the industrial revolution, the enlightenment or what?

        1. The slightly LARP-ish longing for the pre-Revolutionary age, which I must say I share with many other neoreactionaries.

  15. Entertainment surely is a strange one. Last time I listened to contemporary country music (via radio) was about six years ago, and it was ok. Listened to it a few days ago and it sounded suspiciously like pop.
    How much do I like pop? This much:

    1. Props for Lordi. I need to see if I can request them on the local college station. “Once again there is pain; I bring flames; I bring cold / I’m the blood red sandman, coming home.”

      1. Then there is
        “The devil is out of touch
        and cannot smell a hit
        because he has lost his mind
        with all that hip-hop shit.”
        and a rather pleasant bottom in the cheeky music video.

  16. Speaking of entertainment, The Atlantic just posted an article on why smartphones should be banned from movie theaters. Sounds straightforward, except that AMC leadership actually wants to do the contrary. Yep, they just want to let Millennials pop their phones out whenever​ they want during a movie. Yet one more reason not go to to the movies. Clearly, in this instance, the elites are actually folding to the whims of whiners.

    1. The hell with movie theaters. I’ve got big flat screens with blu Ray players, one tv smart, other with roku. Surround sound. Multiplexes can suck it.

      1. Ha! yeah thanks. Was 7:30am, didn’t have enough caffeine to blood ratio.

  17. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.

  18. There have always been people in power and there always will be. Our aim is to live lives of maximum agency despite the power structure of the day.

  19. Excellent and right on target. In addition to many of the good comments below, would add advertising/marketing where corporations try to convince us to buy crap we don’t need……and as the old saying goes…..with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t know.

  20. Its like when you see SWAT type teams going after people selling raw milk. Because seriously folks its super dangerous, I think we’re going to have to stop cows from feeding it to calves too. Or there was a guy they sent to jail for a long time for selling MMS that once may have killed someone on a boat off the coast of Australia. You know not like say asprin that kills people every day(I have a friend who lost 90% of his stomach because of an asprin). Why do the people who want to save me look so much like the people who want to kill me?

    1. RAW milk readily available where I live, I buy it and drink it all the time.
      Could never understand why it was hard to get in the western world.

        1. Thailand, but what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Especially true with bacteria.

        2. That seems to be something missing from western medicine. I noticed the best ayurveda and tcm herbs are all pretty toxic.

  21. Countries that consume the most adult entertainment per capita, like Japan, US, Canada, also happen to be tops in the world in GDP per capita. Yet somehow, men are complacent when they beat off? Perhaps you prefer the Soviet Union, or Cuba, where there was no porn and everyone lived a poor, dull life?
    The elites control people by making laws, just as they always have. We founded the US as a constitutional democracy, that gave each man==whether poor or rich–an equal vote. To combat against rabble-rousing, we employ a representative democracy. Unfortunately, crony capitalism has long been the poison for our governmental system. Rich people are able to pay politicians to do their bidding. This is largely why our economy is falling apart. Rabble-rousing and crony capitalism.
    On the first one, rich people use this tool to kill their competitors and/or to prop themselves up. The masses are poor, and a tiny fraction of voters control the means of production. So, it pays to appeal to poor, ignorant masses. This is the rich New England liberal’s approach. They’re wolves in grandma’s clothing. Raise taxes on the working class, buy support from the inner-city poor by making them impotent, and addicted to welfare and public assistance, bus gangmembers to wealthy suburban public schools, but then store your money in The Cayman Islands, send your kids to boarding school, live in the Hamptons, and use phony non-profit organizations to avoid the IRS.
    The Kennedys and Clintons fit this prototype perfectly. Windpower is the answer! But oh no, don’t put the wind mills near my summer home! Bus inner-city children to wealthy suburban schools despite the massive amount of taxes we ask parents to pay to send their kids to these schools! But oh no, little Jimmy would never go to Scarsdale public school, they’re at Deerfield!
    Rich, middle-aged, underemployed white women fall for this bleeding-heart New England liberal every time. They feel rejected by their husbands because they’re old, infertile and unattractive, they’re bitter that their children are out of the house and enjoying their youth, and they hate younger men for favoring young women. So, they try to get them back by pandering to the other side of the white picket fence–poor minorities that they previously wouldn’t have ever interacted with. They, and naive, lazy, rum-soaked college students angry that their grade hand-outs and liberal arts degrees are useless are a large reason why our economy is stagnant. Their votes pass self-destructive laws.
    Oh, don’t build a wall! What will the poor Mexicans do without their US jobs!? Well, maybe they’d apply for citizenship, pay taxes like everyone else, and then compete for a job with a fair wage. Do these liberals ever mention that the massive unemployment of high school graduates and inner-city US CITIZENS could largely be answered if we forced rich corporations to obey the law and hire them instead of illegal immigrants!? The idiots who vote against the wall, don’t realize that they’re doing the rich corporations’ bidding and US tax-paying poor.
    Besides rabble-rousing, there’s the good ol’ fashioned direct approach to crony capitalism. This is the elitist and neo republican’s best friend just as rabble-rousing is the rich liberal’s best friend.
    We’ve gotten to the point where the only way meaningful policy gets passed and politicians get elected is bribery and collusion. The popular vote is heavily manipulated, and likely rigged (as a software engineer, I know rigging voting software is simple). And besides that, it’s easily overpowered anyway. There’s no real, tangible transparency or checks that we call on to make sure the right politician is elected. Our representatives are not held accountable by their constituents any longer. And besides, all it takes is money to pass a law by scaring the shit out of ignorant people via government-influenced CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.
    Everyone wants to do business in the US, and the money-hungry US wants everyone to do business with them. As a result, corporations and the gov are partners. Good corporations like Apple, who forgo profits in favor of the well-being of their consumers and their own executive’s peace of mind, are typically harassed until they cave. J. Edgar Hoover and his buddies will do whatever they can to get their raise.
    We eat the fear and hysteria the mass media peddles instead of facing the scary truth. Our votes no longer really count. The War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, the NSA, gun control, feminism and so-called equal rights, government surveillance, are all being used to snuff out black markets, to reduce the worker’s power in the labor contract, to punish tax evaders, to turn tax income by any means necessary.
    Throughout history, unwed women and unfathered children have dragged economies down. What’s the answer? Forcing old, unwanted women into low-paying jobs and masking it as “feminism.” Forcing men to forfeit half of their life-long incomes to their ex wives. Forcing young, attractive women away from marriage, where they’ll stay at home and take care of children, and into the workplace. Globalization is coming, but first there’s China. And China’s workforce is 3/4 male. They have a massive edge in productivity….
    Companies are angry that tech talent is expensive? Obama passes all kinds of policy to funnel children into tech education and to create incentives for companies to hire women over men. Women are over 50% of the labor market, and with them entering the tech labor market, the wage plummets. Add in outsourcing, and voila! No more money to be made for another skilled profession.
    These are all strong indications that we’re being oppressed by a rich caste and a government that now reinforces its own self-interest, largely independent of average citizens’ votes. HD Thoreau, Jefferson and Stuart Mill all feared this would happen. It has, and because of it, our economy is highly inefficient and the masses are poor and ignorant. Rich people have too much control over prices and markets.
    A lot of the frustration is being takent out via racism, sexism and other prejudice. I believe this is largely the product of rabble-rousing and crony capitalism. Blaming poor minorities and women is misguided, as it’s not they’re simply being used by the wealthy elite and by those inside the government bubble to get what they want.

    1. Some of the nastiest porn comes out of the former USSR. Incest porn, for instance, is mostly Russian.

    2. “Perhaps you prefer the Soviet Union, or Cuba, where there was no porn and everyone lived a poor, dull life?”
      Plenty of pussy available to men in those countries, they don’y need porn.
      I wouldn’t call life in Cuba (et al) dull!

  22. I wish there was more ways for us to communicate with one another than reading comments on these articles and thumbing up the most subversive insights.
    Everything is going according to their plan, or has it? The dissolution of the family, the gays, the feminism, mass drug importation made readily available to the youths, pornography depicting miscegenation and encouraging it in the media, all of this is clearly a plot to turn the world’s people into one mixed-race throng of bumbling hedonistic fools. The only bastion, the only unyielding standard in the face of their success is the white male, not necessarily Christian, but white, robust, strong, and a natural leader. This is why they seek to depose us at every angle. The world is turned against us, and after the last nationalistic white male has fallen, whether to the guns of the elite, the poison in their food, or the vile sickness that spurns from within their toils by turning faggot, they will eradicate the other races’ pride and heritage, Africans and Asians are not safe after this. It looks like pieces of their plan have succeeded, but what are they waiting for? Is this a war of attrition? Is their goal of depopulation to spread us thin like not enough butter over too big a piece of bread until so few of us are left?
    All races must be allowed to live, be free, and pursue their own happiness, but not in proximity. Whites must have their own lands, and the same with the Africans, Asians, and all other races. The tribe will be dealt with, and if the Islamic state forms and actually does try to take over the free world, then the free world will push back. This is the natural order of things. Without the media, the tribe would be nothing.
    Give thanks men, to your forefathers, and do not let their images be tarnished forever in the rancid history of the SJW pawns of the pseudo-jewish bankster empire. Fight back until your last breath.

    1. They must eradicate the White man. ((((They)))) are not at all worried about the rest,(((( they)))) know they can manipulate them easily.

  23. 1) Violence. The state is defined by violence and it uses in many different ways. It is the basis behind everything government does. By itself it is a very weak base of control. See Larkin Rose’s dots video. Violence is there to knock down the few that stand up so more don’t. It is really that simple. In most things the state does not want the masses to even realize there is violence behind them. That’s why we have bullshit terms like “social contract” and “paying your fair share”. It’s to manipulate people’s emotions so they don’t see the fact it’s obey or else.
    2) Welfare in the USA is more than the traditional. It’s been weaponized. In the USA welfare is tool to destroy the family and break down ethnic groups’ cohesion. It’s a tool to erase all loyalties but to the state. It’s a tool of social engineering. Of rewarding and penalizing behaviors. It also can be used to grow government power as taxpayers demand people who receive welfare live a certain way or else. It’s way of using the underclass as a weapon against the middle class. The crime and violence of the underclass can be unleashed by the state by simply turning off the EBT cards. Welfare serves a eugenics purpose by creating the bad behaviors eugenics says are inherent in a group of people. When a group of people are supposed to be lazy and good for nothing welfare will make them into that.
    3) Taxes, laws, regulations, and so on are about keeping the established players on top. If it happened it benefits those on top more times than not. Taxes also pit people against each other. Sucks everything into the political realm. Taxes are about everyone trying to live at the expense of everyone else. (paraphrasing Bastiat)
    4) The games have always been a distraction.
    5) Porn is irrelevant. People are going to have vices. My vice is reading and writing on numerous topics for absolutely no monetary value (like this comment on this article). The idea that something takes away from productive work is the exposure to the real way we are controlled. Remember the elite are a parasitical class. We work so they can live. Thus this idea of constant work has been created is part of the mind control. That you must be productive, always producing. For what? To be more productive in your job generating revenue for the corporations. To pay more taxes to the state. To consume more goods and services. The state doesn’t like porn and neither do the elites. It takes people away from creating wealth for them.
    6) entertainment used to be sitting around talking to other people. This, what we are doing here is the modern form of the traditional entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are many forms of entertainment that similarly open the mind. These are not good for the ruling class. The ruling class tries to herd people into mindless and programming/conditioning media. It’s a tool like a hammer. It can be used constructively or destructively. And which is which depends on your point of view. The ruling class see their use of entertainment to manipulate, to socially engineer as constructive as much as most of here see those aspects as destructive.
    7) Social media. Again a neutral tool. I don’t discuss my personal life on social media beyond the most superficial things. I do use it to have interesting discussions and share articles with people I know who do the same. Again, my vice, and the old form of entertainment. The ruling class may use it, but it’s mostly the useful idiot brigade using it to spread the nonsense they’ve been conditioned into believing. The most effective use for the ruling class might be to identify who to put in rail cars when and if the time comes. Then again so will this website to some extent.
    The primary tool the so-called elite use to control us is not even listed. That tool is compulsory government provided education. This is where they program us from the time we are small children until we are 18. This is where they kill the spark to learn. This is where they teach us that the way things are is the only way they can be. This is the real tool. The media, the entertainment, all that half this list is on are just the maintenance through adulthood of the conditioning and programming that began at age 4.

  24. How could you forget the most annoying ones, SJW guilt of interest groups of “non-profit” organizations

  25. Article on code words should be made used to control people way of thinking
    Progressive: what are they even progressing? Not really progressive when they only advance their interests
    Non-profit: Not really

  26. ROK’s distaste on commercial sports is proof red pillar men don’t have to try hard on being a man, likening to beer and mainstream sports just because people say so just fabricated idea of masculinity

    1. If you have to put in an effort to feel manly, you most likely are not.
      I enjoy carpentry and 3-piece suits (though not at the same time!) simply because I like them, not because of their masculine connotations.
      And smashing rocks with a sledgehammer. Now THAT is fun.

      1. Felling a tree with a chain saw and splitting the wood (once it’s seasoned) with a maul is pretty good too.

        1. Surprisingly, Marilyn Manson is well-dressed, smart, educated and extremely well spoken.The ‘freak’ look is just a marketing ploy. Dare I say his music is good as any of the other metal bands.

      2. Hey hey hey! Don’t knock it. You just don’t know the pleasure running a miter saw after a trip to the Men’s Warehouse. You’ll feel like a million bucks. I guarantee it!

        1. Oddly enough, a miter saw is the only thing I’m missing from my workshop.
          back I worked with a suit warehouse/distributor. One of their clients
          was Men’s Warehouse. And one job was changing brand labels in the

  27. I do pay taxes, but that’s about all of those they got on me.
    Little porn, no sports, facebook occasionally, own a lot of guns, I don’t even own a modern TV….may have to get one of those. Yet to see the feminism awakens, may torrent a copy.

    1. No porn, no Facebook, but alas no guns. Regarding the Tv I have a smarttv with built in Netflix app and so on, the only thing plugged in is power. It also is my YouTube viewer and so on… It’s just like a giant tablet or screen.

    2. Taxes for me, some porn here or there, the occasional watching of soccer/football (I play it so that also makes it acceptable to watch such) and beyond that zero social media and other stupidity.

  28. Porn… here we go again….

    …time that would be better put to use lifting weights, learning a martial art, meeting girls, fathering a family, or starting a company.

    Is it possible to look at porn and do all these things? Of course it is. Jesus, lets get past this puritanical handwringing over a harmless activity. No animals were harmed in the filming of this porn movie (OK maybe not in every movie). No virgins were sacrificed (that’s for sure!). You will not go blind. Your hand will not blacken and fall off. Your cows will not go barren and you will not be visited by a plague of locusts.
    Porn is fucking harmless and all this bullshit about addiction is simply that. Bullshit. It all comes from man’s innate nature to punish himself for having a good time. So for fucks sake, stop worrying about shit that doesn’t matter.

    1. Hey man, are you sure about the locusts? I was reading a porn mag once in the woods as a kid, and dagnammit locusts came. True story.
      Jokes aside though I think if you like spending your energy on porn, or my little pony videos, or dressing up as a girl, fine, but it’s not going to make your life in general or sexlife in particular any better, and likely it will have a negative effect however small.
      Porn and jacking off is a lazy mans out, like fast food, or welfare… It dulls you and makes you more lazy.
      I realized this is how it is for me after going without for a few months, the difference for me is very big, and I noticed girls started acting differently around me too, not by much but enough to notice.

      1. Well recognize that this effect is specific to you. Don’t make the mistake of taking your experience and assuming it applies to everyone. It does not. Porn does not have this negative effect on me, in fact I think it has beneficial effects.
        You say “spending time”. Do you spend every minute of every day working on something that “improves your life in general”? No you don’t. You have certain activities that you use to let off steam. For some people one of those activities is porn. And I’m not sure how long you think it takes to look at porn but its minutes not hours.
        How long do you spend at the bar?

        1. I would be hesitant to assume that this is specific to me as much as I would be hesitant to assume it to apply to everyone. Unless you are referring to the locusts part ;-).
          I based what I said not only on my subjective experience but that of others as well as observations. There is some research that supports it but I wager there is other research that doesn’t.
          For me it’s not about the time spent actually looking at porn but the mental energy expenditure that comes from thinking about it otherwise.
          Plus I tend easier to skip tapping my wife if I’m chewing pornburger all day.
          I only have so much hunger, so I keep it for the wagyu steak rather than fill up on burgers.
          Sure I spend time doing things like reading news, or commenting here etc that have marginal if any real benefit to my life, but I don’t see many downsides to it.
          Anyway, I spend zero time in bars nowadays, unless I’m stopping for a brew while out with the wife, and then it’s not wasted, it’s a sanity preservation strategy…

        2. You shouldn’t hesitate because a) you are describing your own experience and b)my experience directly contradicts yours. Its a wash. I can only say that logically your experience is not universal for this very reason.
          Reading the news is a waste of time and probably harmful, in my opinion. Far more harmful than porn. No I’m not joking.
          You are right about the research.

        3. I would point out that our current sample size of 2 has too much built in bias to conclude anything other than that it appears both effects are possible.
          Heck there might even be a guy whose cancer got cured from watching midget porn in Chinese while jerking off a donkey. That we haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…

        4. Doesn’t mean it does either. It only takes one counter example to reject a theory.

        5. “How long do you spend at the bar?”
          About 4 hours a day, but I spend another 4 hours drinking at home. The rest of the day I just waste wanking to porn.

        6. Is your wife the Wagyu or the burgers?
          You weren’t clear, most of the wives I see are burgers.

      1. Fuck off mate and stick your patronising comments up your arse. The same goes for your bullshit video. You cannot be addicted to porn. It’s not a chemical substance. Educate yourself.

      2. No point in doing anything if you can’t overdo it.
        I want to fuck without protection until my cock rots off.
        Take drugs and alcohol until I blackout.
        And participate in extreme sports until all my bones are broken.
        Anything less is a pale imitation of life.
        I managed to stay drunk yesterday/last night for over 12 hours straight, a new personal best. No hangover either!

    2. As someone that works in the Erotica business making comics I can see how it can effect people. I can also judge what is and what isn’t selling in today’s market. I’ve released over 21 titles and sell upwards to 200 issues a month as a one man operation. While I’m not the biggest name on the block in my field, I have a pretty hefty following and growing patreon feed. That being said I tend to look at it quite differently as a business. One of the things I’ve learned here at ROK was taking personal responsibility and setting myself as an independent business. I don’t have to work in a PC ridden office, retail, or some other job where I want to blow my brains out.

      1. Well you’re only affected by what you want to have affect you. As you say, it’s all about personal responsibility.

  29. Recap: Cultural body/mind control in various liminal and subliminal ways through taking advantage of the basic human FEAR of being alone which has been programmed into the continuum at some point during the course of “evolution.”

  30. There’s another side to porn that wasn’t addressed. It’s also a tool to shape multiculturalism. Through porn, they’ve dictated which interracial relationships are acceptable and which are not. What are desirable traits and which are not. You ever wonder why beautiful white women go for the worst black men? Because interracial porn showed them. The crippling reality is that the black men they go after end up using/abusing/killing them. Asian female with white men? Porn.
    Multiculturalism affects dating and marriage between different races which throws off the balance of numbers within any given racial group. This imbalance creates beta males who will never gain the social skills, motivations, etc necessary to court women.
    To women, this creates a toxic culture of fetishism where they are only valued for their race’s looks and body types. Meaningful relationships are rare as most men are closeted racists. Even if they have kids, those kids will grow up to be mentally ill. The men that’s gotten this far only improved their game so it wouldn’t be obvious that they were only in it for the sexual experience. Women foolishly believe that they have filtered out all the bad ones.

    1. Studies have shown that Interracial porn is also the least watch. Also it doesn’t tend to sell very well either as I’ve found.

  31. Panem et Circences…Bread and games…or Du Pain et des jeux. Cicero figured it out…nice article, thank you.

    1. This quote and the quote about traitors are so apropos with what is going on.

  32. Hmmm, I wonder what ALL of these things have in common?
    Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk. It’s just a cohencidence.

  33. The new Star Wars movie, if anything, is very anti-authority. The two governments they have are the inept New Republic, who only sends a token resistance to stop its enemies, and the First Order, who are jack-booted fascists ready to shoot people at the first sign of provocation. We have an incompetent government authority on the one hand, whose best generals would rather break off and go to fight the Empire with a token fleet, and on the other, a totalitarian dictatorship whose two modes shift from Jackson-Pollocking cantinas and villages to wiping out whole star systems with superlasers. They continue the trend of previous Star Wars films of warning people to never trust authority figures completely. The Prequels had the shifty Chancellor and the inept Republic, the OT had the Empire. And in the new movie, we have both, with an inept government fighting a totalitarian one, with one of the main characters of the film coming from the latter questioning his orders and everything he’s been taught by his government for his whole life.

  34. Porn, reality tv, and various social media apps have one major think in common; Voyeurism and the feeling of having “lived and experience”. Sebastian is spot on about indulging in porn and feeling like the Emperor of China as you have enough of mental rush and physical release of sexual imagery. It starts to replace the rush of actual sex with a person until it becomes an addiction you can have anytime. I think the same thing is happening with indulgence with reality tv and following people on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. We see these things and it feels like we are living life by watching somebody live theirs and we use that as a weak substitute for actually experiencing the world and the people around us.
    Yet in immersing yourself in this third person perspective of living life vicariously deep down it makes us irrational and depressed and directionless. It’s because your basic human needs of socializing, exploration, and creation are being assuaged with very weak alternatives.

  35. You’re really going to go full BlackLiesMatter and use a woman that ran a car through a security checkpoint, struck a Secret Service officer with her car, and endangered the lives of dozens while in a high-speed chase on residential roads and blowing through red lights as your example of a gud gurl who dindu nuffin wrong?
    Fuck off, Sebastian.

  36. How about these…
    1. Controlling the TRUTH with regulation of the education system and controlling the funding for “peer reviewed research”
    2. Controlling PEOPLE using the “health system” for population control and using a “mental health system” to control dissidents by applying addictive drugs, tranquilizers, incarceration, ECT, lobotomy etc
    3. Controlling GROUPS using the courts .i.e using family courts to disrupt family groupings and industrial relation courts to stop small growing businesses etc
    In Australia we recently had a new suite of laws to empower courts to stop some people meeting and conversing with each out making “consorting” and offence. They were aimed at motorcycle clubs who develop strong tribal loyalties within their groups.
    These could be discussed too because we have power to resist these. You can remember not to completely believe everything that you learn in the education system, avoid the “health” system where appropriate and only group with people how have no faith in the mentioned laws and courts.

    1. 1. Agree, 2. Disagree, 3. Agree
      Most of the behavioral health care you talk about is entirely voluntary, and mainly only available to women (in the UK anyway)

  37. I apologize for breaking your rules, I know as a woman I am not allowed to post…but before you delete my comment I want to say THANK YOU for making this website!!!! Your words are what today’s women need to hear not that garbage that the elite feed us via the god awful women magazines and mindless entertainers. Thank you, that is all.

  38. Our elites have also co-opted evangelical Christianity in the U.S with this “end times” nonsense. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jews invented it so they can play these Christians for suckers to make them support Israel as a fulfillment of “bible prophecy.”
    BTW, the Catholic version involving Portuguese peasant girls and other alleged Marian contactees makes no sense, either. The messages these simpletons pass along from the Virgin Mary make her sound about as bright as a typical contestant in a beauty pageant. I mean, Mary has hung around God for 2,000 years! You’d think she would have learned some profound and nonobvious wisdom from the Creator somewhere along the line that she could tell us.

  39. “If we are unable to do what is good, we are slaves”
    The problem …… who decides ‘what is good’.
    And do I agree with their decree?
    Let’s face it, Aristotle was a lover of male children, If I were deciding on ‘good’, he would be a dead duck.

  40. “You can see this in the herbivore men of Japan who consider it easier to sit at home and wank instead of finding a wife or achieving great things.”
    Japanese men shop for porn like Western men shop for a steak – its amusing watching Japanese men coming out of porn shops with their little brown paper bag they go in like excited kids at Christmas.

  41. “Using porn is a huge time waster. Rather than accomplishing something useful, some men spend an hour or two a day trying to find exciting images. ”
    Really? I can find exciting images way quicker than that. And you might see porn as a huge time waster BUT isn’t it also a good way of helping to make men more independent of women (MGTOW) and therefore less of a slave to the corporate business as usual plantation?

    1. Watching porn can have negative effect on a young man’s mind, especially if he is unaware of Game.
      After fapping to hot women frolicking on the screen, after I shot my load, I HATED women for not being available for me, only for everybody else. And my self-hatred and fear of women and approaching anxiety just grew.
      As an adult with much better Game, it does not matter to me any more in any way. But I can personally attest that porn had the above written effect on my psyche while I was younger.

      1. Interesting view. But you’re conflating anecdote and evidence. Show me some evidence, otherwise your style of argument is no better than that used by the left.

        1. That is what happened to me, in my own life.
          That is my personal experience.
          That is all I can say.

  42. They also use politics to divide people. You have conservatives and liberal
    Americans constantly at each other’s throat. In the meanwhile they will all pay
    taxes so the government just sits back, laugh and enjoy.

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