When Hypergamy Is Criminal

As the coach of Dismal University’s football team, Coach Patterson is ambitious. Fresh off his stint at a bigger university as an assistant coach, Patterson is anxious to make a name for himself, and his new employer. Unfortunately for Coach Patterson, DU doesn’t have the money or the prestige to be a football powerhouse, so it doesn’t get many exceptional players.

But our coach can’t abide DU’s continued mediocrity on the field. He starts subjecting his players to an exacting training regime. He erects extraordinary athletic goals, and expects all of his players to meet them. The few extraordinary athletes on the team perform with aplomb, achieving the feats demanded by our coach. But the ordinary players are destined for failure. Unless, that is, they start to use forbidden performance enhancing drugs. Patterson sets his goals so high that most of his players have no hope of staying on the team, without the aid of steroids. Say goodbye to all those raucous football parties, and to those valuable scholarships, if you don’t start juicing.

Deep down, Patterson knows this. He knows the quandary he’s putting his players in. He pays lip service to ‘playing fair,’ and glibly tells his players to ‘seek help’ if they ever need it. But his constant thundering about the need for success at all costs shows where his heart truly lies.

Most would recognize Patterson’s actions as immoral and deserving of punishment. It might even be illegal. Even if the coach technically did not know about the drug use among his charges, he effectively forced his players into cheating. If these players would quit before ever cheating, he might simply replace them, until he had a team composed almost entirely of athletes on steroids. He might not even want to go after the men who are naturally talented any more; after all, if he can obtain the same effect with a less desirable athlete on the right stack of drugs, why compete against all those football powerhouses for the few great naturals?


‘I made a G today’, But you made it in a sleazy way – Tupac

Coach Patterson is not alone. In fact, this situation is probably far more common in the worlds of commerce and government than in sports. It’s practically executive standard operating procedure: make exacting demands of your employees, demands that can only reasonably be met through some cocktail of fraud and theft. Meanwhile, remain studiously ignorant of how they meet these impossible goals. If the fraud ever comes to light, loudly deny executive responsibility and publicly vow that “this does not represent the storied ideals of Americorp, Inc.” Make a show of firing the employees involved, pretend to implement oversight, and ready the next crop of employees to defraud your way to corporate profits.

A woman simply is, but a man must become – Camille Paglia

With a confluence of factors, women of the West are increasingly drawn to the most audacious men. Men of modest means are left to idle in celibacy. The modern woman finds it irrelevant if a man is monogamous, provided he’s appealing. She’s not interested in marriage “right now,” plus she is so amazing that he won’t want another woman once he has a taste of her – that’s what all those rom-coms promised, anyhow. So the top 1% of men will capture a bigger and bigger share of women. The competition among men to get in that echelon will be stiff. Roosh recently predicted that it will take fame or steroids to get laid in the future – that is our trajectory.

Our generation’s probably the worst since… the protestant reformation. Barbaric.” – Metropolitan (1990)

When it comes to selecting a partner, men value femininity, beauty and youth. For long term partners in particular, they look for women with a kind, sweet nature, for women who seem devoted and loyal. Except for a few strained hypotheticals, it’s hard to see how one could lead a woman to evil by rewarding such qualities. In fact, to cultivate these traits in a girl is to improve her character.

Women too respond to certain qualities among the opposite sex. Qualities that, in a sexually liberated era, lead them to quick, unattached sex with men. But these men are not quite the mirror image of the ideal woman. They are by turn narcissistic, Machiavellian, muscular, aggressive and successful. Some of these qualities can be expressed in a good or neutral way, as well as an evil one. Others, like Machiavellianism, are amoral at best, and evil at worst. Even for those traits that are neutral, it’s harder to show them off in a constructive way, so many men will simply opt for destructive bravado. By and large, women simply don’t care if these qualities are used for good or evil, only that they are there. If a man is rich, she will not question too closely how he got that way, only that he actually is rich. If it’s the fruit of a forbidden tree, Eve doesn’t want to know about it. She doesn’t want to risk losing it – she just wants to enjoy it.

Beautiful female partying, celebrating holiday

After being repeatedly lied to about the true nature of women, some might conclude woman is vile for desiring evil men. But that is to punish her for her God-given nature, to castigate the hawk for preying on the dove. The true question comes in how we are to live with our base natures. In a society in deference to the paternal instinct, known as patriarchy, rewards flow to those with virtue, to men with strength and spine, and to women with beauty and devotion.

A society in deference to the female libido is a society where men are reduced to sociopaths and castrati, where the machiavel is the ultimate expression of man. Judging by the decline in crime, emasculation is the more well-trodden route among today’s men, with their cycle of video games, pornography and social withdrawal. But when men act out violently, it’s important to note the role of the fairer sex, just as our coach was not blameless. The mere presence of women incites men to danger and risk-taking. Men do not act in a vacuum. If men fight merely for a woman’s favor, is the woman so innocent and blameless? Perhaps, I’m simply late to the party, and black America has already predicted our future.

Since I cannot prove a lover… I am determined to prove a villain.” (Richard III)

This isn’t what most men want. Even among the most callous lotharios I have known, there is a distinct reluctance on their part. They want to treat women well, they want a woman who would reward them for acting admirably. But they have never known women to reward gentility with sex, only celibacy and emasculation. Notice this in the company of the modern West, and you’ll be branded a pervert and a loser: “Why do you think you deserve to get laid for doing what you’re supposed to do? Creep.” But why expect a man to behave when he gets rewarded for acting out? In an evolutionary sense, celibacy is death – and the machiavel chooses life.

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1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts. (2 Timothy 3, King James Version)

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  1. Great post.
    The verse from Timothy at the end really fits. I have been of the mindset that the forces that got us here started with Black-America first in Jim Crow as a social engineering experiment as they were the politically weakest of our sub-groups.
    However, once they got Black-America going, they could then browbeat the other groups into passing ever more draconian laws. Family Court was how they did it. I hope for these independent women’s sake they are not being used.

  2. “This isn’t what most men want. Even among the most callous lotharios I
    have known, there is a distinct reluctance on their part. They want to
    treat women well…”
    Eh, not true for me. I’m having a hell of a lot of fun being a major asshole to women (not in a mean-spirited way… unless she’s a slut). It’s just acting a role but seriously, haven’t had this much fun with women in a loong time.
    If I see an up-herself cunt I like to call them over, make them walk the room, then when they’re close say, “Fucking hell.” “What?” “Not gonna happen.” “What?” “I’m short-sighted. Thought you were hot from across the room. My mistake.” Seriously, try it once on some hoe, it’s fucking hilarious seeing their wrath boil up. You’ll probably get a drink poured on you though.

    1. You do realize that you contradict yourself right?
      In your own words…”It’s just acting a role”. Well then if it is an act, than it is not in your true nature to be this way, thus reinforcing the author’s original point. That most men would rather treat women well, but turn to callous, behavior only because it works.
      Anybody who has been in the game more than a week knows that a-hole game works well but that is the product of doing what works rather than behaving in line with most men’s true nature which is virtuous,honorable and good. Only when these true nature’s fail do we turn to acting the part of the aloof asshole to reap the rewards. Well, unless you are a true sociopath which from your comment, doesn’t sound like you are, only “acting a role”.

      1. Wasn’t contradicting myself. Yeah, I’m a sociopath, don’t pretend otherwise. That acting a role line was for the non-sociapaths out there to feel better about themselves the next time they’re being assholes. Game is sooo fucking easy for me ever since I learned that I didn’t have to act the role of the nice guy to get girls interested. I’m always laughing at rejection and their reactions. Don’t give a fuck. It’s all a game. But, yeah, go psycho-analyze me all you like if that floats your boat, like I really care.

        1. A sociopath does what he needs to get ahead. If that means acting respectfully, that’s what he’ll do. That’s not the case now, so he doesn’t.
          That’s why I hold the moderate sociopath blameless. He’s just doing what society is really telling him to do.

        2. Me thinks “doth” went out of fashion centuries ago. Only used now-a-days by fags and wannabe Shakespeare scholars. Not trolling, I seriously haven’t met a non-fag or non-Shakespeare scholar that uses it.

        3. Funny, you don’t sound like a sociopath; more like a typical cookie cutter American tool with no real sense of self.
          But hey, keep it up. It is exactly what thrives in America these days so good job.

        4. I think it’s just how the phrase comes bud.
          I’m sure if people could change it to “the lady DOES protest too much” without it sounding retarded, they would.

    2. You’re just buying into the word ‘asshole’ the way girls use it. If you don’t kiss her ass at every opportunity, you’re an asshole. And if these girls were sincere and kind, and rewarding of respect paid to them, you wouldn’t find this fun.

      1. No, I tailor my asshole depending on the sluttiness of the chick. If she’s nice I’ll be the girl’s definition of asshole (cocky, confident). But if she deserves no respect I’m a genuine asshole. And, yeah, right now I’m addicted to the power of being a genuine asshole, I’ll grow out of it.
        And, yeah, some girls can’t fucking stand me being an asshole and it all backfires, but I just don’t care. Next. Next. Next.
        If you really need examples I’ll provide… or you can take it on face value. Whatever.

  3. In other words…work your butt off to become the best and don’t expect anybody else to care about it.
    Learn to live without the outside praise of the world…you are a special snowflake but you are also the same decaying matter as everyone else.

    1. Good point. In my case, work your butt off only to see everything you’ve worked for be assaulted daily by affirmative action/hiring preferences, backstabbing co-workers, and basically walking around with a target on your back by virtue of being a White male.
      That, and declining returns on your hard work (less money, more work) along with androgynous women and Big Brother everywhere you turn.
      If there ever was to be a dystopia, we have arrived.

      1. Now you see why storing treasures in Heaven is the most important thing you can do in life.
        No amount of backstabbing or affirmative action can ever get to those.

        1. Don’t forget about hell. I mean, IF the bible’s not a complete bunch of fucking bullshit Jesus would certainly be there. I mean, he committed suicide – could have freed himself anytime but chose to die instead. Think about it, he’d be in hell burning his little grape testies off down there. And God… fucker is the greatest mass murderer ever. Killed millions and millions of humans… and white, fluffy rabbits too. Major cunt.

        2. Sin kills people. Some humans decide to unleash their killing on others.
          Now this God fella…he brings people into the world. It’s up to the person to decide if he wants to follow God…or that crafty fellow that wanted to be god.
          And since when did Jesus commit suicide…he came back to life three days later. I have yet to see anybody else that commits suicide do that.

        3. I have yet to see anyone come back to life 3 days later. And yet it happened a bunch of times in the bible.
          Wait, don’t tell me you actually believe that bullshit? American, right?

        4. Yup…a little thing called faith.
          But you can read the Bible just like it is a history book or a made up fairy tale. I choose to read it as both….and that’s when it becomes amazing.
          Or you can stay a Pharisee…believe half of the story of the world. The Bible is a history book and since you didn’t see it…it must be bull.

        5. Yup…a little thing called faith.
          But you can read the Bible just like it is a history book or a made up fairy tale. I choose to read it as both….and that’s when it becomes amazing.
          Or you can stay a Pharisee…believe half of the story of the world. The Bible is a history book and since you didn’t see it…it must be bull.

        6. History book! Fucking hell. First time I’ve heard someone try and claim that. Normally they go with the tried and trusted, “Word of God.” Or “Gospel.” Or, my favourite, “Truth.”
          So did this history book explain exactly where the Garden of Eden is? I just can’t find it in my atlas. And why did snakes stop being able to speak? Moreso, HOW could it speak in the first place? Surely their mouths wouldn’t be able to form proper sounds required to make sentences. And did it explain why the Ten Commandments in the first testament aren’t the exact same as the ones in the second testament? And did it explain why they copied parts of Jesus’ story from Dionysus (which was written about 500 years beforehand)? And… fuck it. I already know you’ll try and rationalise a couple of points mentioned and ignore all others that you don’t know how to answer. Classic denial trick 101.

        7. Is it important to know where the Garden of Eden is…or why snakes can’t speak…or how they could speak. And that the same ten commandments can be broken down to two things. Or that you can tell the copy the same story using different metaphors. Every story ever created comes from two things…male and female. We just recycle them into interesting tales.
          I don’t deny anything, it’s all about knowledge and understanding…you seem to deny half of your nature though.

        8. It really is about knowledge and understanding. To use a, now, cliche example: Santa Claus. When I was young thought he was real. I grew up, worked out he wasn’t. Was pissed off at first. Then I saw it as a way for my parents to bring excitement into my childhood. Now I see it as commercialism at it’s worst, corrupting the children.
          Same goes with the Bible. Only difference is that it was created by men to control men. i.e. Politics at it’s worst.

        9. Would you rather have men killing other men…because they felt like it.
          I’d like to take your nice new car because I like it so that justifies my stealing.
          By the way I could lie about who you are because you make me feel bad…why should I care about the consequences the only person getting hurt is you.
          Here’s the thing…men do need control from other men. Otherwise women will do that and you can see how the world turns to garbage with that happens. There is no straight right and wrong in the mind of the hamster…just whatever feels right.

        10. By the way…take my example and translate it to this.
          Banking Industry
          Court System
          Take me back to a time righteous men were in charge.

        11. Classis weak excuse. More people have died from religion than not. Chinese like to abort bigtime, nothing to do with religion, it’s social. Banking industry is run by the Jews – last I heard they’re pretty religious. Court System… well, yeah there’s no defending that one – religious or not, it should be burnt to the ground.

        12. Care to back that up? Religion has killed more than communism/fascism, Stalin, Mao, Khmer rouge?…last time I checked these deaths had nothing to do with religion, quite the opposite actually and all happened in the 20th century which means more people were slaughtered in that time than every other century combined.

        13. Argh, went through this a couple of months back on this site. Reaaalllyy don’t want to bother going through it again. And, for the record, all the christians were owned (by myself and a few others who could back up their facts) and got in a hissy fit. So I won’t do your research for you (again), do it yourself.

        14. Yep, keep believing that slave religion that promises pie in the sky when you die lol
          or become a Muslim and get those virgins haha

        15. Hey it’s a good war manual. Those yahoodies under Moses were planning to invade Palestine and kill all of the men and old females while keeping the 10 yo virgins for themselves.

        16. You know, if I had to choose who existed-Jesus or Santa, I’d choose Santa.There’s probably some geezer with a white beard around who likes giving kids stuff on Xmas. Jesus never gave anyone anything.

        17. Abortion, morning after pills, birth control pills etc are all good and should be promoted amongst the coloureds. Let Gosnell out of prison to continue with his godly work, he was doing a good job.
          Banking? You’re just a bitter loser with no money and are jealous.
          Court system? Control it through the juries. You dopey proles can’t even do that which would cost nothing.

        18. Say what you want about it. But there’s no denying the bible cannot be beaten as far as a template for how a man and woman should live together harmoniously.
          At least I’ve not come across anything better yet.

        19. Hey Tim,
          It’s me again. I still think you’re a faggot and should be banned from here.

        20. Religion is an exploitation of human beings’ natural tendency to believe in a divine power greater than themselves. It uses it to rule over the poor and stupid and govern what would otherwise be a lawless and primitive society. Now that we have real governments and access to science and higher learning, spirituality doesn’t have to be limited to some stupid book written thousands of years ago.

    2. It’s easier to make some niche/hustle than to put your nose to the grindstone like every other corporate drone in khaki pants.

      1. Yeah I know…the grindstone is just so that I can afford the stuff I like to work my butt off for.

    3. Learn to live without the outside praise of the world
      I’m sure that you learned that long ago taterhead haha

  4. The thing is that ordinary basketball players may not make it anyway. The competitive field is so high that besides being genetically gifted you have to take drugs.

  5. not a lot of mirrors in your universe, I take it? the situation is a direct result of men 20-60 unable to compromise their standard of a woman in the 20-25 age range & only thin pretty women at that. that’s probably 10 men to every suitable woman. 
    you are free to desire any woman you want, in fact i would encourage you not to make some poor woman miserable by ‘settling’ for her, but there’s an associated cost. or as judgey people would say ‘consequence’. 

    1. “…a direct result of men THAT WOMEN DESIRE MOST, 20-60 unable to compromise….”
      Fixed that for you. Only the highest value men are visible to women in their 20’s (at peak SMV). The rest are just invisible.
      This is why the average age of marriage has moved up towards 30, while sex-starved beta men marry the high mileage women who are panicking and want a chair before the music stops.

      1. thats the point. majority of
        men have high standards and very limited numbers of women who meet them.
        so those women dont have to compromise. period.
        it’s basic arithmetic and no amount of pouting will change it

        1. Majority of those men who are sex starved for their 20’s DONT have those high standards, otherwise they wouldn’t be marrying those 30-something used up reformed sluts.
          That is the point.
          Clearly the situation is not a result of men’s standards being too high but vice-versa.

        2. Your standards are your standards, and I don’t judge them. But theres no point in resenting the simple facts. The odds are 10 to 1 against you & short of assassinating the competition you can’t overcome the numbers. If it takes your entire 20s to understand this, well who’s to blame for that?

        3. You completely ignore the point.
          It isn’t about the male’s standards. There are TONS of men out there in their 20’s who are looking for a girl to settle with. Any average girl will do for them.
          But those girls are NOT interested. They want to have fun and see if they can get the hottest guy possible. The keep sleeping with hot guys until one commits.
          When the ripe age of 30 hits, and they realize they have lost the war, they settle with the best they can do.
          It has nothing to do with the average man’s standards. They just want to settle down. Hence Average Frustrated Chump.
          Your assertion that if the 20 year old beta male would just lower his standards, is just plain wrong. There are simply not enough average women out there for the beta’s to “lower down to”. They just have to wait until the alphas are done with those girls and those girls finally realize it.
          This is why ….
          1. Women are always asking “Where are all of the real men?”
          2. Beta’s are always asking “Why do all of the @ssholes get the girls?”.

        4. It’s you who is ignoring the point. It’s not just guys 20-25 looking for girls 20-25. It’s every guy in the world looking for girls 20-25. And if that’s not enough, there are more males 20-25 than females to begin with. There aren’t enough desirable females to go around, even if you’ll tolerate an ‘average’ one.

        5. Because your point completely ignores the fundamentals. It doesn’t matter how many guys are looking for girls from 20-25 since even the most average of those girls are waiting until 30 to get married.
          Men of any age range are fine with even an average 20 something, she doesn’t have to be a model. Most of them ARE pretty at that age. BUT THE WOMEN CHOOSE TO WAIT FOR SOMETHING BETTER.
          If you are just b1tching about men who aren’t taking the 40 year-olds, then you only have yourself to blame for not choosing a guy when you were 20-25.
          Which brings us back to the main point. It has NOTHING to do with men’s standards but women who choose to fvk around during their hottest years and then settle down later on. 90% of women from 20-25 could get married to the majority of men. BUT THOSE WOMEN CHOOSE NOT TO MARRY. That is why the average age of marriage for women is approaching 30.

        6. If the siruation were reversed & you had ten women feverishly clamoring to get in YOUR pants, wouldn’t you wait as long as possible to settle down?
          It’s not some evil female conspiracy, it’s just how numbers work.

        7. Let’s ask Uncle Roosh how old he was when he got married. He had a few options, as I recall.

        8. You don’t live in a western society, do you? If you did you’d understand and see first hand that there are tonnes of average to above average guys with fucking fat, ugly dogs. I can’t understand it myself. Even my brother was one of them… he’s got a decent girlfriend now though, so I’ll forgive his fatty craving from before.

        9. You don’t live in a western society, do you? If you did you’d understand and see first hand that there are tonnes of average to above average guys with fucking fat, ugly dogs. I can’t understand it myself. Even my brother was one of them… he’s got a decent girlfriend now though, so I’ll forgive his fatty craving from before.

        10. And now you hop from one defense to another.
          Nobody said anything about conspiracies. And Roosh is one of those few men who have learned the game and has many options.
          This is what I mean when I say only the few men that women are fighting for are not settling down. The remaining 80% of beta men WANT marriage and kids in their 20’s.
          But those 20 something girls are choosing “Single and Fun”, which is code for riding the c0ck carousel.
          To put it another way. 80% of the women are chasing 10-20% of the men. The other 80% of men are trying to get a relationship and marriage in their early 20’s. But those women won’t give up on the top men until the women hit their 30’s. And THEN they will marry one of those 80% betas.
          For you to blame this on the 10-20% of men is absolutely ridiculous. It has nothing to do with whether they settle or not. It has to do with the girls either being too stupid to realize they are being used for sex, or not caring knowing that they can fvk the alpha and make the beta’s buck when she hits the over-ripe age of 30 with a high mileage count.
          I know it hurts you terribly to admit it, but these are the simple facts. You are extremely angry at the realization of this, so I can only surmise that you are an aged or less than attractive woman who is angry at the men around you.

        11. The men with options are acting exactly like the women with options. Big surprise.
          And just for the record I am married and would be considered attractive if only I weren’t such a withered old hag…or ‘above the age of 30’ as normal people would phrase it.
          Ironically I had to go to a foreign country to find my sweetie because American men are fat lazy rude and obnoxious….just like most of the women.

        12. Yes, the men with options act just like the women with what they PERCEIVE to be options.
          Or to put it more succinctly, in the early 20’s demographic……
          20% of the men have sexual and commitment options with 90% of the women.
          80% of the women have sexual options with 90% of the men. Commitment options with a smaller percentage than that.
          When the early 20’s morph into the late 20’s and early 30’s…..this begins to change.
          Why? Because many of those 80% lost their chance to score the top 20% of men. So they then start pairing off with the best man they can find while there is still time, and then hop off of the carousel.
          So, if you are going to go by the logic that this is because most men have standards which are too high, and that this is not the fault of women, then you are clearly wrong.
          20% of men meet your template, 80% of women meet my template. It is clear who has logic and data on their side.

        13. its obvious who has the
          numbers on HER side. That 30s ‘wall’ thing you guys gloat over does NOT work in your favor. your only options are to reduce the male competition or increase the number of desirable females. dont really see how either is workable. or maybe convince that top 20% of men to stop being such big whores.
          BTW I never said mens standards were too high. i dont think anyone should compromise their standards. i certainly didnt.
           luckily the numbers were on my side because i prefer short dark-haired men, in other words 90% of the population. 

        14. And now you lie. You said that men’s standards were too high. Here is your quote. You say that Men are unable to compromise their standard and that the current status is a direct result of the standards of those men.
          “not a lot of mirrors in your universe, I take it? the situation is a direct result of men 20-60 unable to compromise their standard of a woman in the 20-25 age range & only thin pretty women at that. that’s probably 10 men to every suitable woman.”

        15. Perhaps its a matter of semantics. I said ‘high’, in other words not supportable considering number of desirable women. Specifically did not say ‘too high’ which would imply men need to change their standards. I think most American women are fat & unattractive, much like the men. Which is why I say you guys need a mirror. As soon as you have options you turn into big sluts…just like everybody else.

        16. You just lost woman. I dislike your name because it does not tell your sex. It made total sense that this was coming from a woman and now have confirmation that you are.
          Keep jumping from point to point to “save face”, we know you lost.

        17. lost how? i am married to a desirable man because i made sure the numbers were on my side. you guys cant even admit the numbers exist.
          so much for the alleged logic of the male brain.

        18. As a guy in my late 20s who is having to deal with this myself I say it’s a blessing that these women don’t marry… They will just make whatever guy they are with miserable. Better to stay single and hook up occassionally with a girl below your league than get married to some psycho who will divorce you.

  6. The city I live in is mostly white and mexican. I see hot mexican chicks with average or above average mexican guys. I see hot and above average white chicks only with guys who are really high status. I see above average white guys with girls I would rate a “4” at best.

    1. A 4 is all that you losers deserve. Do you think that some female is going to waste her valuable eggs with your inferior DNA? Do you think that any top female is going to be fooled by your “ladies man” aka PUA act. When you get some real assets (unlikely) and live in a mansion and drive a Rolls you may get a top female provided you’re over 5’6″

  7. there’s another way, you creepy misogynist’s…
    start a webstie, bash low status men, hope feminism takes notice and be ready for some hot action with an empowyrd feminista’s strap-on…

  8. Beautiful! This is exactly why it is I ultimately support traditional marriage. Pick-up seduction for me is merely a response to a world where marriage has broken down, resulting in women only being sexually attracted to a small percentage of men…forcing men to become part of that small percentage or remain single and jerking off to porn.

  9. Beautiful! This is exactly why it is I ultimately support traditional
    marriage. Pick-up seduction for me is merely a response to a world
    where marriage has broken down, resulting in women only being sexually
    attracted to a small percentage of men…forcing men to become part of
    that small percentage or remain single and jerking off to porn.

    1. “Pick-up seduction for me is merely a response to a world where marriage has broken down”
      There are a few smart religious or traditionalist types who get this, like Dalrock. But otherwise conservatives are busy white knighting for fat whores, especially if they’re white Christian single mothers.

  10. Nice insight on this article. I’m starting to think that the more an article on ROK results in comments becoming a dick measuring contest (like this one), the more the article has hit home..LOL

  11. Whilst hypergamy may be bad, its not as bad as women’s delusions that they have forever to ride a carousel and their whiny childlike claims to being entitled to everything a man has and more.
    The selfishness and short-sightedness of women are their primary faults. Faults which have now gone onto infect many men in this society too, as only these things seemingly are rewarded.
    They’re selfish in taking things from men that they have no entitlement to and in giving absolutely nothing in return. Thereby breaking a multitude of social contracts that has resulted in problems which plague society today.
    They’re also short sighted in jumping on the ‘hate-on-men’ bandwagon, even though men support their narcissism; eventually these women will drag both us and themselves into financial slavery. The welfare state has a large share of blame in acting as the default ‘provider’. “[email protected], squatting on a [email protected] isn’t working hard at a full-time job”.
    Women – the ultimate con artists.
    The problem with modern women is not just the unrealistic expectations that society has indoctrinated them with, but the fact that we as a society often continue to encourage such behaviour. I’m no hater, just a pragmatist.

  12. Can’t wait until I can a post here without bringing fucking sports into it.
    There are better ways to provide analogy.

  13. “Am I evil? Yes I am! Am I evil? I am man.” -from an old Diamondhead song. Of course it sounds much better set to music.

  14. I think the number scale for rating women is due for an upgrade. I’ve just spent 6 months back in California after a 6-month stay in Poland. Among the “8s” and “9s” I met there, some spoke 3+ languages, told me about wanting large families and acted with grace and femininity, even if our encounter didn’t go beyond a date. The more attractive girls in CA universally have a “valley girl” mode of speaking, are focused on careers and never speak of **gasp** marriage, let alone starting a family.
    Roosh may be right about fame and steroids being necessary in the future to get top-shelf women. The smart one’s among us will have long ago departed for greener pastures by then. To modify Horace Greeley’s advice “Go East, my son, go East!”
    Glad to see the Metropolitan clip, excellent film, as were the follow-ups, Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco

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