5 Things America Can Learn From Hungary’s Resistance Against The Migrant Masses

On the 2nd of October Hungary has seen a stunning manifestation of national unity, as 98% of votes cast on a referendum regarding the EU-imposed migrant settlement quotas were declared a strong and undebatable no. Now the Hungarian national parliament works at incorporating the referendum results as an amendment to the country’s constitution. While some left-wing news outlets—like the Guardian—celebrated the supposed inadequacy of the referendum, it is beyond dispute that the message of the voting is strong and firm.

Here are five lessons we can learn from this monumental stand against globalism.

1. Democracies Need Strong Leaders

Wimpy western politicians would have their voters believe that personality does not matter. Strong, witty, and masculine politicians are often depicted as exponents of a “fascistic personality cult.” Nowadays, it seems, not much distinction is made between being a macho and being a Nazi.

In reality, all great western democratic leaders were strong men—and sometimes women. Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, David Ben-Gurion, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were not known for being timid, politically correct politicians who would retract and apologize for every past comment that they’ve made. Do you think that today’s EU politicians and Western leaders could have beaten Hitler or won the Cold War?

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán might have some faults, but he is certainly not a shy and weak politician who lacks magnetism. Even his opponents will grant him that he has a rare political talent and an almost visionary skill for seeing future happenings: think of how one year ago Hungary was the first European country to build a wall to keep the migrant wave out. Today, most countries—from Austria to Great Britain—follow his lead.

Just listen to his 15th March, 2015 speech (made on Hungary’s national holiday commemorating the country’s 1848 freedom fight against the Habsburgs). Look at how he is standing in the rain, without some guy holding an umbrella over his head. This man has speaking skills, grand views, and balls:

The idea that Western democracies can function with leaders who “have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk”—to quote Nigel Farage who has so sharply put it to Herman van Rompuy—is a lie and has no foundation in reality. Democracy is about the masses; the masses need inspiration and leaders; democratic leaders therefore have to be strong and need game themselves.

I am personally a friend of monarchies, and I have libertarian arguments for it; but as long as the western world believes in democracy, we cannot have cucks and wimps protecting it.

2. Liberty Is Protected By The Right-Wing


Anyone who believes in game enjoys the fruits if Western liberal capitalism, like it or not. Yes, the modern world has its faults, but freedom of speech, freedom of sex life, freedom of entrepreneurship and freedom of travel are all essential parts of our lifestyle. Of course, these are tenets that the left hates today; in fact, if you want to live free and live a masculine lifestyle, the “liberalism” of today is certainly not your friend.

Therefore I’m going to write about “liberty,” and not “liberalism.” One can debate the difference between these terms; in short, what I mean is that the left today doesn’t want you to be free, but wants a politically correct nanny state to control and plan every move you make, and punish you if you do not oblige.

The right, however, still stands for the basic concept of personal liberty that we have grown to love and respect. Hungary has been criticized a lot by left-wing groups for having curbed some freedoms; I will agree that some of these state actions were unnecessary and hardly defensible. But Hungary—and Eastern-Europe—today still has more freedom than some corners of the oh-so-liberal-and-tolerant Western world.

In Hungary, universities rarely propagate the debased agenda of social justice wars; cultural Marxism is regularly attacked and barely tolerated; feminism is rare and marginal, and the country is, overwhelmingly, conservative and right wing (the governing party with two-thirds of parliamentary seats is centre-right, the largest opposition party is openly far-right). In the capital city of Budapest, one of the best and cheapest cities for night-life and gaming in Europe, you will certainly not be prosecuted for stopping hot girls and asking for their number—unlike some Western cities.

3. Minorities Are Misled

epa04931357 Migrants walk next to the razor wire fence at the Serbia-Hungary border, 15 September 2015. Hungary has sealed the last gap in the barricade along its border with Serbia, closing the passage to thousands of refugees and migrants still waiting on the other side. EPA/DARKO DOZET +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

The Hungarian press—much outside of the view of the grand world, due to our rarely known and complicated language—has been in throes for the past few months about the migrant crisis. Like most Eastern European countries, Hungary barely has any immigration or Muslims. In fact, if there’s a black person on the street, people will often turn their heads.

Debates that have been present in the Western media—about Muslim integration, terror and Islam, “Palestine” and Israel— have only recently surfaced in the Hungarian press. Minorities, of course, have been misled by the left-wing press into believing that the migrants were “refugees,” “poor victims whom he have a responsibility to assist.” The Jewish press (meaning official Jewish congregation organs, not conspiracy theories) and LGBT groups voiced their concern for tolerance and non-violent communication.

It is probably not a grand revelation to most readers of this site that Muslim immigration brings little good to minorities. As Milo Yiannopoulos said in a lecture of his, the Muslims are “not on top of the oppression ladder, but they want to kill all the others on the oppression ladder.” Minorities have been misled into following the agenda of the political left; the sight of Hungary’s gay public personalities demonstrating for letting in Muslims in front the parliament is a clear proof of this.

4. Feminists Love Islam

Feminism in Hungary is a rare bird, but it does exist. One such radical Marxist-Feminist made the news when she openly argued that there could be “no terrorists among Muslim refugees”; this, of course, was before the Paris and Brussels attacks, many of the perpetrators of which arrived as “refugees” through Hungary. A few days ago I stumbled across the Facebook page of another fine specimen: this hardly attractive girl celebrated the “empowerment” of the hijab which, according to her, was a beautiful expression of female’s voluntary decision to defy the dating market.

Describing such violent and shameful oppression of people as “voluntary self-empowerment” is crazy. Feminists live in denial of facts, and the recent alliance between crazy radical Islam and Marxist Feminism only proves that neither has any love for Western culture.

5. Eastern Europe Is Still OK


The Western media gleefully celebrated the fact that with a voter turnout of a little more than 40%, the 50% limit of required turnout was not reached. According to Hungarian laws however, a referendum with 25% or more electorate turnout is valid, even if not politically binding. The Hungarian government will soon amend the constitution to declare that Brussels cannot force the country to take in immigrants without the consent of the people.

Such a policy is clear and sound. The message is that Eastern Europe—with all its faults, economic lagging and sometimes real intolerance—is still a better place to live for masculine men that many a place in the western world. Here masculine lifestyle is appreciated, Donald Trump has grand support—even Viktor Orbán voiced his good wishes for the Republican president-elect—and feminism has failed to win any serious ground.

Eastern Europe is still not lost, and Hungary is certainly among the best options for men of game today.

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  1. I see you haven’t been to a club in Budapest. They’re loaded up with Nigerian men. Hungarian girls are notoriously slutty for black cock.

    1. WTF are a bunch of niggerians doing in Hungary? There is no need or desire for them. If some skanks want third world HIV cock, let them go to Africa

  2. I think we need to plan how we proceed next.
    Posting articles on comments to ROK was all we could do before.
    Now, with Trump elected President, I think we need to make use our skills in higher-impact, higher-profile, more-visible ways.
    We have some very, very competent and persuasive writers. The Left’s constant admonishment is that all Trump supporters are uneducated drooling morons. They seem to fail to understand that there are many intellectuals on the “Far Right”
    We have to step up and do our part and not rest on our laurels.

    1. Absolutely.
      We have momentum on our side and now need to put it into tangible pursuits beyond the keyboard. Recruit more purple pilled men into the crimson, re-engage in ROK meet-ups, and even have some of us run for office in local city councils. The thrill of Trump feels incredible, but it would be naive to think the battle is over.

      1. ” have some of us run for office in local city councils”
        this is a great idea ! time to be more active in propagating red pill ideas

    2. Now we should finally have the grand ROK meet-up we were robbed of. I think that’d be a good start.

      1. You know the Founding Fathers, many were in the Society of Cinncinati, which made networks of 12 or so members, with each member went and created another group with 11 different people, all covertly. No one knew who was in other groups and the network is able to exponentially expand without easily being infiltrated. Small networks of lads, training together, and learning how to skin and lampshade kikes, and other essential skills.

    3. I’ve converted my cousin and two co-workers. I showed them the door and they opened it on their own accord. If every one of us could just convert a few men to the cause we will be unstoppable. This community has changed the way I fundamentally look at the world. I would have considered myself purple pill a year ago-idealistic but not completely naive. I’m firmly red pill now and I can’t imagine going back.

    4. If our biggest issue is a catastrophic demographic decline, our first issue is finding young, fertile, women before they become sluts and get them into marriage, and get them educated into right wing thinking. “Running game” is just nihilistic at this point.

  3. The idea that Western democracies can function with leaders who “have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk”—to quote Nigel Farage who has so sharply put it to Herman van Rompuy—is a lie and has no foundation in reality. Democracy is about the masses; the masses need inspiration and leaders; democratic leaders therefore have to be strong and need game themselves. Have been thinking the same thing. Certainly have to admit that Merkel is a bit of a damp rag. Actually only few politicans give really passionate speeches nowadays, it’s a very rare find. Good thing that by flushing another mouthpiece of the elite, Hillary, it moves us closer to getting more passionate politicians like Trump.

  4. Don’t you love Orban’s “I don’t give a shit” look on his face ? Glad we have one now in the US.

  5. About the only thing I know about Hungary aside from its general location is that during the migrant crises they had troops putting up razor wire at the border……sounds like my kind of folks.

  6. My girlfriend is a Hungarian living in the uk . She told me they occasional have gay style marches in Budapest ..
    The locals throw eggs at the homos marching .. 🙂 She loves it
    Move to Hungary is on the cards .

      1. Yeh would need some financial planning for sure but the life style / value for money in property is a draw for me personally . Could live well on a reasonable income from a uk rental etc.
        She’s a teacher so can get an OK wage . Mortgage free etc.worth considering anyway .
        The more I hear about their approach to life the more I like the sound of it .

        1. With 8-900 a month from a rental you could live the life my man! Maybe save a little as well. A house there is probably like 40K max(not in the city centre).

        2. As a fellow islander, does being land locked not freak you out a bit? I look at hungary on the map and it is the most unfortunate position, like Serbia.

        3. Yeh we were looking around lake balaton because I like boats ( my job ) .
          Sheds with land for very cheap , decent size places with wine sellers and land 45k ish GBP .
          100k gets you a very nice place

        4. Totally agree mate , that’s why I said lake balaton to her .
          Also I work with boats so would need some serious consideration . We’ll see

        5. Are you in the Poole area? (Yacht making country). You are lucky to work on boats, I’ve been thinking of moving to Poole to work in the yacht yards, – Sunseeker. Will get a yacht soon, they are the essential means of getting out of a shtf situation.

        6. definitely. Property in Budapest is pretty affordable still; very affordable for a capital city. There’s a glut of property available so its not much use as an investment outside of the best areas I understand, but there aren’t that many other european cities where you buy cheaply pretty much in the centre. Prague is another option, but it’s slightly more expensive as far as I can tell.

        7. 🙂
          we were looking more in the country side , some
          Real nice places there but it is obviously more isolated .
          Staying in same ‘county ‘ tho . ( apologies if that’s not the right word )

        8. yeah i notice. You’ll be competing with a lot of German’s round that lake B. Not been there myself though

        9. So I heard .That’s ok I’m half German 😉
          I’ll check it out .
          I hear the south side is really shallow and the north really deep . Interesting

        10. I may well do. I’m working in Bath at the moment on some 300 year old wrecked hotel, the buildings are so shit, though they look amazing from the outisde. A real pain in the ass working on heritage buildings. Do you work directly for Sunseeker or through an agency? One of my workmates just left to work for one of the yacht builders, they said all he needs to take is a jigsaw, and the rest is supplied, which seems pretty decent. My only issue is property down there is double what it is here, and Portsmouth will be first to get nuked by Russia (I’m a prepper lol).
          Do you bet on sports btw? I’m pretty sure the NFL is rigged and the Colts and NY Giants are going to win their respective conferences – the odds on William Hill are 500/1 at the moment., if you want to earn a few quid in late January.

        11. if you don’t have to worry about commuting and you can secure a good area you’ll have a good life. beware of the gipsies. fortunately this is not a PC community so I can be open. they can ruin the life of a whole village without consequences since our dear police won’t do anythng about it. you need to find a gipsy-free area. not just the village but the whole county since they’re breeding like rabbits and you have to think ahead. there are beautiful and peaceful regions where you can even find decent jobs (provided you have to). not to mention that the countryside tends to be rather right-wing. big plus

    1. I have to disappoint you. it hasn’t happened in the past few years. 8 or so years ago they had to fear for their safety. in 2016 no one gave a shit about them. sorry

      1. That is a shame . At least it DID happen that’s a plus . She did mention they changed it but I can’t remember the details . Made me laugh anyway

        1. Ha ! Massive respect .
          Funny how raged up she gets seeing all these metro sexual faggot tv presenters here on tv .. Bless her

    2. I left another comment above but it’s relevant here too.
      Hungary (I’m also from here) is not a place for masculine men. the society is feminized, laws and courts are biased against men (this gov also contributed to this trend vastly), our police are worse than criminals, we have very strict gun laws (that is no guns. period.) and our political elite is rotten to the core. Orbán’s amandment was not passed yesterday. We don’t know what will happen about it. Abortion, divorce, emasculated men. That’s Hungary. we are a depressed, self-loathing apathetic people. It is sadly just a matter of time that we become extinct. we’re working on that super hard. I’m really sorry but that’s the case

      1. Ouch . Coming from the U.K. I can’t see it being as bad as here but I hear what youre saying .
        I suppose I’m basing it in part on how she acts and responds to things like gays and feminism and all that SJw Crap that’s infesting the west and assumed that’s the general vibe over there

        1. you seem to have a keeper. I also lived in the UK for a year. we are better, don’t get me wrong. that’s a cesspool in this respect. we’re just kinda getting there. but Hungary is really worth exploring. it truly is a beautiful country. come and you’ll see

        2. Thank you . It does look stunning .
          I’m keen to explore .
          Dated a lot here in the uk and so far I can vouch for the Hungarian wife attraction . 33 years old with a 6 pack . Bakes cakes like a pro and goes like the clappers lol
          You guys really lucky with your women

      2. So every European country is under the They Live tribe then, i.e being choked to death by the vipers without any fight.

  7. What exactly does Hungary (and for that matter most of eastern Europe) have to offer migrants, anyway? Most of them aren’t wealthy enough to even entertain the thought of giving welfare to foreigners.

  8. When can Marie Le Pen run for office in France? I think we are seeing the beginnings of a worldwide backlash.

    1. She won’t be elected alas.
      It pains me to write this, but French voters aren’t interested in saving their nation from its current demise. It’s gut wrenching to see that my beloved France has become the lap dogs of the powerful.

      1. I don’t mean legal…I mean just access (not impling I would ever do anyting against a white/ European person, if that makes sense).

        1. it makes perfect sense. i’m not sure i have the expertise to answer this question. in general you can arrange everything if you know the right people. you probably should be able to get this and that but i honestly can’t say how much chance you’d have

  9. Eastern Europe Is Still OK
    Hungary has the third highest divorce to marriage ratio percentage of any country in the world, at 67%, meaning that over two-thirds of all marriages in Hungary end in divorce. Budapest is the Europe’s hedonistic stag destination and is one of the world’s porn capital cities.

    1. and we don’t reproduce. the official birth rate is 1.3, however, that includes the gipsies too (around 8% of the population) but they’re breeding like rabbits

        1. deeper in my opinion. we are an apathetic, depressed, self-loathing people. I hate to say that, breaks my heart but that’s the ugly truth. finances must also play a role in it (there’s never enough money) but i think far less than the above mentioned

        2. What is it like in the country side? There are some incredibly cheap properties. I guess there must be another reason than Swiss franc mortgages. Low birth rates, what else?

        3. 4 million abortion during the communist years by the way…and yeah. Divorce rates are extremely high.
          And we need to mention how hard is to live by your own. Many millenials cannot move from home. “mama-hotels” are risin’

        4. for example gipsies. wherever they are present the whole village is going to the dogs. crime and crime and some more crime. the police won’t do anything about it. so people are anxious to get rid of their houses asap. you don’t have rest if they’re present in sufficient quantities. since they multiply exponentially, unlike the native population, it’s only getting worse and worse.

        5. Thanks for the reply. I’ve spoken to people in Bulgaria who have said the same thing about the gypsies.

    2. It is still okay in the sense that it’s still Hungarian. They haven’t allowed it to be overrun with immigrants like all western countries.
      Birthrates and divorce are still problems but as long as they stay nationalistic they’re better off than the west.

  10. As long as those migrants who cause trouble in Europe don’t come to America in full scale mass then I don’t see big problem with it.
    I mean Americans always brag about their gun and are itching to use it and wouldn’t be afraid to use it.
    As long as you don’t go full scale violence on someone, then you should be fine.
    People today are very retentive about “DON”T TOUCH ME! MY PERSONAL SAFE SPACE” attitude that if you do touch them, it would be
    labeled as PHYSICAL ASSAULT and you will either have their friends gang up on you, your head blown off like
    watermelon by shotgun, or have the cops called on you.
    Don’t expect fair fist fight. Those days are rare.
    Also I’m not sure if migrants want to “sexually assault” land whale fat American females. I think they are better off trying to make
    love to mannequins (yes I seen that shit before — look up “face of a dying nation” on Jewtube which has collection of
    videos of migrants harassing local Europeans).
    If it isn’t white Americans, it will definitely be black or hispanic gangs fighting the middle eastern migrants for “territory” control.

  11. you wrote: “a referendum with 25% or more electorate turnout is valid”
    that’s not true. I don’t know where you got that from. you must be Hungarian you must have read all the news articles that said our referendum was NOT valid. there should have been 50%. it says right in our fucking constitution. “Az országos népszavazás érvényes, ha az összes választópolgár több mint fele érvényesen szavazott” this is too basic info to get wrong

  12. Hungary (I’m also from here) is not a place for masculine men. the society is feminized, laws and courts are biased against men (this gov also contributed to this trend vastly), our police are worse than criminals, we have very strict gun laws (that is no guns. period.) and our political elite is rotten to the core. Orbán’s amandment was not passed yesterday. We don’t know what will happen about it. Abortion, divorce, emasculated men. That’s Hungary. we are a depressed, self-loathing apathetic people. It is sadly just a matter of time that we become extinct. we’re working on that super hard. No, folks, this is not a place for masculine men

  13. There are some myths here. And as polish man I feel obligated to respond.
    1. Hungary is not Eastern Europe (EE). Never was. One look at map of Europe and you can clearly see that. Yes, it was under soviet occupation for 50+ years, but that does not make it EE country. There is tons of history before that and culture of EE countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and so on) is bit different than culture of Central European countries which includes Hungary.
    2. Those countries may not be as rich as western european countries, but it is mistake to thing of them as poor or backward. In fact cities are more clear, people better dress and more well behaved. I see this clearly now that I live in Berlin. There is shit load of people that look like they just crawled out of garbage truck.
    I mean people in my country don’t wear elegant cloths and so on. But this shit here in Berlin it is just another level of awful.
    And city is dirty and ugly.
    3. Culture is more broken than you might think. Girls are sluts. They will fuck every brownish person they can get their hands on.
    People don’t marry as often as they used to. Divorce rate is high.
    Just look at the fertility rates, it is best indicator of how culture is broken.
    Only good thing is that we don’t import shit loads of muslims and others. So when this trend ends we will have still strong (altough smaller and older) native population. It will be like after pandemic virus or war, but we will rebuild. Unlike west.

  14. I think Roosh and parents of Roosh should all get the fuck out of the US as they are all part of the migrant horde.
    And you Roosh, get out of Europe and go back to Armenia or Iran.

  15. Don’t believe the hype.
    A landlocked country, euro-dominated neighbours and a hostile Germany, not to mention demographics, economics ect…
    Hungary is a heart warming story but it won’t last.
    Now if you told me Italy was going rogue, or say Spain, France, The Netherlands… that could be much more sustainable.

  16. Feminists Love Islam ??
    Agree Feminism is made of frustrated butch dykes unsatisfied sexually with other dykes ??

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