How Much Is Your Cost Per Orgasm (CPO)?

There was a scene in the movie Risky Business where Tom Cruise’s character is trying to recruit a classmate to his “brothel.”   Please keep in mind it’s an old movie so the dollar amounts are low, but you get the idea. His pitch was as follows:

So, you took her out to dinner twice.

What did that cost you?

About $30.

With tip?

Okay, maybe $35.

Any movies?

Three movies.



I park on the street.


Maybe $6.

All right, Stan, you’re in for roughly $60 odd dollars.

What happened?

She slept with Jacobsen.

One night a buddy of mine was complaining to me about the exorbitant cost and unfairness of divorce. Jokingly, I suggested that the fairest way to calculate a divorce settlement would be to pay a woman for every time she had sex with you while married.

What Is Sex Costing You?

The thought stuck with me, and I couldn’t help but wonder what sex was costing me in purely economic terms. Applying microeconomic principles in a way that my business school professors never expected, the CPO concept was born. Here is how it works. You tally up 100% of the money you spend on a woman during the course of “dating” her and divide that amount by the number of times you have sex with her.

By way of example, if you are a traditional beta male, you buy a woman three expensive dinners at ~$200 each, and try to close her on the third date. If you were successful and had sex twice, your CPO would be $300 ($200 * 3 / 2). As a beta, there is a decent chance you don’t even close. You could argue that you should only use the money spent on her (divide the numbers in 1/2) and your CPO is still $150. I would argue you wouldn’t usually spend $100 to have dinner by yourself but calculate it however you want. The key is consistency.

I have diligently tracked my CPO for the last 4 months. It was $44.15, $20.82, $36.75 and $37.20. I recommend that every guy track it for at least a few months to see what sex is really costing you.

My CPO might seem a bit high, but in my defense, I always have 1-2 women in my monthly rotation that are out-of-towners. In fact, in my most recent 4-month period I had an unusually high number of women (eleven) that were out-of-towners. Most of them are struggling college students, so I do buy their plane ticket. But I plan in advance and can usually get a ticket for between $200-$250. If it wasn’t for this variable, my average CPO would be closer to $10-$12.

On average, in one month I spend a total of $1,750 on all dating activities, close 4-5 new girls for the first time, and have 6-9 different girls. I average around 50 orgasms a month (I admit to having a very high sex drive). I would argue that having sex with 50+ new young, beautiful women a year (none below a 7) and having sex over 600 times a year is well worth ~$20,000. Money damn well spent.  If I removed my costs for out-of-town women my annual spend would be closer to $8,000.

Compare this to your average beta that is dating or has a girlfriend. Imagine a 30-something guy who takes his girlfriend out to one nice dinner once a week, one vacation a year (her portion), one weekend trip a year, plus her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, costs for 2-3 weddings (you are her date and likely pay even though it is her friend getting married) and he could EASILY spend more than $15,000 a year. And what value does he get for his money? He gets to have occasional, uneventful sex with ONE woman.

What Is A Married Guy’s CPO?

I could do the same math for a married guy but I won’t bother since the numbers are ridiculous. My one friend when calculating his CPO actually got angry. “God damn it, my CPO is infinity!”  And the worse part is for most of my married friends, they close their eyes and imagine either A) their wife is the younger, tighter version of themselves or B) Scarlett Johansson (or insert celebrity crush here).

Think about Kobe Bryant having to buy his wife a $4 million ring to “compensate” her for him cheating on her. Or Tiger Woods paying his nanny ex-wife $250 million in his divorce settlement. Even if Tiger slept with 100 women and came 5 times with each of them, his CPO was $500,000. And let’s be honest, some of the women he cheated with weren’t even that cute. That’s what happens when you marry a nanny when you are 25 years old and are worth a billion dollars.

I don’t know why these otherwise smart men do such stupid things. They buy the cow for an obscene sum of money when they could easily have the milk inexpensively or even free. Probably 80% of women Tiger Woods slept with would kill to be able to say they had sex with him. It is part of the reason why I admire Derek Jeter so much. He is the only high-profile athlete I can think of that has stayed single, kept all his money and slept with ½ of the Maxim 100 Hottest Women.

Now, let’s imagine the CPO for a married guy getting a divorce. Let’s say he is married for 15 years and has sex four times a month for the entire time he is married (which according to my married friends would be nothing short of a miracle). That’s about 720 times he would have had sex during a 15-year marriage. What was his CPO?

For simplicity sake, I will assume the wife is a stay-at-home mom and that she costs no more than a nanny/maid/cook would cost. If they buy a house and save for retirement she will get half of what is saved/invested and alimony for at least 8 years. Let’s assume only $30,000 a year in alimony for the 8 years. I will assume their house is worth $400,000 (in equity) when they get divorced. Investments and retirement accounts are worth $200,000. I will ignore any child support. These are all conservative numbers for a middle class family. That works out to $540,000. The married guy’s CPO works out to be $750 to have sex with the same woman who gets less attractive year after year and is probably at least 30-40 lbs heavier than when he first married her. My CPO to have sex with beautiful 18-24 year olds averages about $35 even when I factor in transportation costs for out-of-town women.

Sex Always Comes Down To Money

I can hear the rants from feminists and even guys about distilling sex down to money. “You are paying for sex!”  “You might as well go to a prostitute!” Sex is about money! If sex wasn’t about money there wouldn’t be alimony, child support, pre-nups, palimony, engagement rings, and weddings that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I could go on forever.

I will make one exception here.  In 1 in 4 married households the woman makes more money then the husband. But this ends up being both good news and bad news. Good news because the man is much less likely to get screwed in a divorce. But actually awful news for the woman. A man who earns less that his wife is significantly more likely to cheat on her.  In fact, if he is totally dependent on her income (stay-at-home-dad) he is 500% more likely to be unfaithful. Don’t believe me? See reference here.

Clearly all women and all sex isn’t equal. So let me be clear. I don’t have sex with a woman unless I like her and truly enjoy her company. If a woman seems like drama, difficult, or has a sense of entitlement, I don’t waste my time. Life is too short. I don’t live and die by CPO, but it is a concept that keeps me sharp and helps ensure that I don’t let any woman get me to do anything I don’t absolutely want to do.

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472 thoughts on “How Much Is Your Cost Per Orgasm (CPO)?”

  1. Decent article but there is more to marriage than sex. If you raise the kids right should be retirement planning.they should be taking care of you in your old age. Just saying if all you get married for is pussy cpo is decent if not its not as valuable

    1. That’s just plain sick. Bring an innocent child into this cruel world just so they can “take care of you in your old age”. BTW, good luck with that.

      1. Lol then you my friend don’t have any clue how to do it right. Look at every culture with strong family values why is it you only really see white people in retirement homes? Do east Indians never grow old or do they know what they are doing and live with family and are taken care of by their kids until they need medical attention. Your limited experience does not set the rule.

        1. or I sound like I know what I want. maybe do a little reading of some of the players talking about burnout.
          marriage isn’t inherently bad (so long as you stay clear of NA when picking the girl). but keep talking like you know your ass from a hole in the ground lol.

    2. Sure there is more to marriage than sex. Consumerism, home improvement projects, care for her elderly relatives, relatives, shit school system, arguing over the above, you know hell on earth. For what purpose, to maybe have kids who will ignore you when you are older?

      1. Meh, your view is too pessimistic and superficial. Things can be done to mitigate risk. Understanding game, marrying a foreigner, etc.
        Personally, I’m not so afraid to try and fail that I’d be pussy enough to not try. Circumstances vary, as do personalities, which, for both men and women, goes a long way towards determining happiness regardless of marital state.

    3. While there is more to marriage than sex, and it usually STARTS with good intentions, shit usually gets tough within the first few years. Also, I’m not sure why you brought kids into this.

      1. Just one of many examples of how cpo doesn’t work for marriage analysis. Done dudes actually want kids.

    4. I wouldn’t allow my daughter to care for me in my old age for all the money in the world. That’s what retirement communities, nurses, and other care givers are for. My daughter’s job is to be happy. Taking care of her old man (although she is welcome to visit any time she wants) is NEVER gonna happen.

      1. you have a very shitty view of family. I repeat look at the cultures with strong family values. I didn’t know that taking care of family and happiness were mutually exclusive.

        1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I actually think the fact that I wouldn’t allow my daughter to care for me makes me a more loving and caring father. I am fortunate to have the resources to make sure she never has to take care of me.
          And yes I would argue that having to wipe your father’s ass because he can’t do it himself is at odds with her happiness…and mine quite frankly. I would literally rather die then let that happen.

        2. I guess you missed my earlier comment about it being different when medical care is necessary. but not everyone is going to be able to afford assisted living. that’s why family is a building block of a society.

        3. I saw nothing in your earlier comments about medical care being necessary being an exception, It isn’t in this thread. If medical care isn’t necessary then how would they be “taking care” of me? By letting me live with them if I couldn’t afford my own place? That’s sad on a whole different level because if I can’t afford to take care of myself and my children then I should have any children. It is irresponsible IMO.
          I really don’t get the point you are making?
          I am very close with my brother and both of my parents. I love my family. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do for my daughter. I have an extremely strong sense of family. I just don’t think a responsible adult should need their family to take care of them.

        4. my response to hawkman above ” Do east Indians never grow old or do they know what they are doing and live with family and are taken care of by their kids until they need medical attention.”
          I don’t qualify an inability to drive as a medical issue whether its from poor eyesight or anything else. that’s something kids and grand kids can help with. gives the grandkids a way to get driving experience. humans are social animals I would much rather have my parents live with me in my home rather than in a retirement home. or in a house by themselves seldom interacting with other people.
          not every ailment needs a nurse. hip and joint problems cant turn a fall into a tragedy if there is no one else around. the beginning stages of dementia can cause a lot of issues but the individual has not lost their mind yet and having them around before they completely lose it is something you will never get back.
          my point was simply that being put or putting yourself in a retirement home is a shit situation. I would rather spend that time with family. and I would rather spend that time with my parents rather than just the visits to the home. maybe that’s not for you but the point is cpo isn’t very good in a marriage context unless you are simply getting married to lock down some pussy.

        5. You know what…you got me there. Those are excellent examples and I would agree with you on those. I would expect that my daughter or grandkid(s) would drive me around and stuff. I wouldn’t be mad if they didn’t but I would be disappointed.
          And I couldn’t agree with you more that getting married to lock down pussy would be able the dumbest move on the planet since it will do the exact opposite.

    5. There is more to a date than just sex too.
      Sex is why you get married period! You don’t marry your bros you get along with on more levels than any woman. Why not? You don’t want to fuck your bros. Seriously man, use your damn head.

  2. I’d say that (I live in Poland) my CPO with my wife was only $3.5 in our first year, and then skyrocketed to $44.5 during pregnancy and stayed there till now…
    Minor points:
    – I think a better value would be CPIV (penis in vagina) – I sometimes actively avoid orgasm.
    – A better value still would include other benefits you get (like laundry service).

  3. It almost seems like an addiction. Over $400 per week on women… I can’t wrap my head around how crazy this seems to me…

    1. ok, wrap your head around being a high six-figure earner, possibly a millionaire, with few expenses or debts. This is pocket change to such a person who also gets high number freebies from females that are local. Even George Clooney probably gave gifts and help just because he is a nice guy. I have friends and clients who play for free and occasionally pay, so what. It is part of a bigger picture.

  4. On my good old days as a player, I´ve challenged myself to reduce my CPO to a minimum. When I optimized the system, the maximum cost would be a glass of wine at my place.
    Get the right context, use the right tools and behave like the man they expect you to be. CPO will become residual.

    1. ZERO chance you can consistently close women that are 8s and 9s when you are nearly 50 and 25-30 years older than them with a glass of wine at your apartment.

      1. Man, don’t talk about what you don’t know!
        Read what I wrote:
        – Right context – Minsk, Belarus, late 90´s;
        – Right tools – Russian fluency; good network
        – Behavior – Behave like a Latino among Slavic women, be the stereotype they want you to be;.
        The rest you will have to guess.

        1. I never mentioned I was 50, where did you get that number?
          I was on my late 20´s. No internet, no sms, no mobile phones. Those were golden days.

        2. No you missed my point.
          I said “ZERO chance you can consistently close women that are 8s and 9s when you are nearly 50 and 25-30 years older than them with a glass of wine at your apartment.”
          And you responded “Man, don’t talk about what you don’t know!”
          I was saying no fucking way you could do what you said you pulled if you were nearly 50 (as I am) and they were in their late teens and early 20s. THAT was my point…if you were in your 20s different story.

        3. Fair enough!
          I also just gave an example on how CPO can be minimum with the right context, tools and behavior and did not relate directly to your specific example.
          Nonetheless, on my late 30´s / early 40’s i was on a similar situation, just different context (Prague, Czech Rep) and still managed to pull consistently, at a residual CPO (using optimized Russian date sites). The only major difference was that the average rate for the girls was 7 (but never below 6).
          Example: during a weekend I pulled 3 Erasmus students, with 2 of them coming straight to my flat to meet me and a 3rd meeting me in a garden, 200 mts from my place. (2 were 7 and one was a part-time model – solid 8). All these in Slavic standards.
          With skilled online game and even more efficient face to face game, CPO can be a marginal issue.

        4. I hope your situation is better now, Player. You can certainly do infinitely better. I like to think that now you’re older and wiser you no longer see girls (women?) in terms of numbers but for the wonderful, beautiful people they really are, and I like to think that there is one woman in the world who sees you for the wonderful, beautiful person you really are. Good luck, friend. Peace.

      2. Dawson, brother, why on earth would you want to do that anyway? Would you want your daughter to do that? Please, you’re better than this. Think of your daughter, think of yourself as a child, think of the infinite world and the finite time we have in it. Next time you’re at your apartment with a glass of wine and an ‘8 or 9’ politely ask them to leave, ring your daughter and tell her that you love her and that you’ll see her soon. Peace.

        1. Dawson, thank you for your reply. I have read your article and your replies and I have given my time to engage in this debate. If I have missed something please share it with me. Thanks again. Peace.

        2. I was not saying that you should have sex with a woman for a glass of wine. I was saying that wasn’t possible on a regular basis and that the guy was full of shit.
          So let me assume you were responding (although that wasn’t what you responded to…you could have simply commented to the article) about my overall view of things.
          I don’t see your point. Mine is that we have a finite time on this earth and we should make the most of it. That is what I teach my daughter and that is how I live my own life. The women in my life enjoy their time with me or they wouldn’t spent it with me. I have improved the lives of a lot of women with regard to their careers, self esteem, their relationships with their families, their educated and more.
          So what are you ACTUALLY trying to say?

        3. Dawson, thanks for your reply. It’s so wonderful that you are helping improve the lives of those around you. Do you think this article is helping people, though? To me, it seems very reductive in the way it talks about people as ‘alphas’ or ‘betas’ or ‘9s’ or ’10s’. I really hope no one ever talks about your (or my) daughter in those terms. Instead of reducing ourselves to these extremely narrow ways of thinking let’s instead do the very opposite and acknowledge the people around us as wonderful beings just like ourselves and our children. Peace, brother.

  5. Betas have always gotten scraps, but now they get the scraps of the scraps. It blows my mind how much money some of them waste on women.

      1. And what’s the difference between that beta and the people on here advocating prostitution?

        1. I think their reasoning is if you have to pay for female companionship, you may as well forgo the dog and pony show and use your time and money wisely. For example: Instead of taking 6 withholding cunts out to dinner and only fucking 1 or 2 of them, go to 1 courtesan who is paid specifically to fuck you.

        2. in theory but we know betas are looking for more then just a place to put it. also if you are paying a prostitute you and the beta are just looking at each other from opposite sides of the mirror. if there is a difference its not much.

        3. True with the exception of the mirror metaphor. You’re oversimplifying the two because there’s a big difference: The Beta will almost certainly fall for and marry any whore he ends up with. Whereas the Alpha views all women in an utilitarian context. I’m not advocating whoremongering but I understand it’s purpose.

        4. The difference is that betas take bitches out to expensive restaurants and trips in the HOPE that they will fuck the girl and the majority of the time, they dont.

        5. so the difference is that the beta is running shit game and the “alpha” just straight up admits his only game is bank machine game. ya good on him
          *edit also look at your first post “The only way betas can get women is by paying for it” no difference if you’re paying for a prostitute. that makes you beta.

        6. *edit I should add that according to a few people on this thread paying for the plane ticket makes this author a chump then paying some hooker is the exact same thing you’re still just a chump.

          You’re not looking at it contextually. It’s not how he spends the money so much as it’s why. Why pay a whore (literally and figuratively) if you can get it for free? but if you have to pay, why fly this one particular bitch in when there are plenty of women for sale in your area code? The author clearly has a severe case of one-itis.

        7. You might have more of a point if he didn’t talk about multiple different women. I don’t know what a hooker costs but seems like he is getting multiple days of fucking for that 250.

        8. Both are playing bank machine game…you are always paying for it. The difference is that the Alpha values his time and resources and factors that into his cost, whilst the Beta does not factor time and resources into his cost. Hence the beta is always paying more in the end.

        9. Don’t be so quick to criticize the plane ticket purchases. Think about this: one dude pays 200 bones to bone a sexy escort. After an hour, it’s finito. Our friend pays let’s say $400 for airfare. He gets a weekend (perhaps fri-mon) of hot, morning/noon/night sex with a young lovely and the ego boost of parading this hot thing around town in between bang sessions. Sounds very pragmatic to me. Who’s the chump?

        10. $400….And for Fri-Mon they didn’t eat? Drink? Go anywhere at all? Parking/cabs/gas? She walked from the airport? These poor girls automatically have all the makeup, shoes, outfits they need or do they just wear white-t shirts and cutoffs day and night?
          Well, I guess we’ll see when the links arrive.

  6. You what?!? U buy airplane tickets for them
    And u have the audacity to call out other people beta behaviour
    Thats so low for an “expert”

    1. I too stopped reading when I saw this. You are precisely right: this is woeful behaviour for an “expert”.

    2. By your 50s, day game will get you restraint orders, and online dating for older women (over 32) is a barren wasteland of dry landwhales.
      With marriage and children out of the quiestion, I can’t find a better idea than escorts and sugar daddying. Just as women, men do get old.

  7. @ Dawson Stone:
    I checked out your new blog — great stories!
    Looking forward to your future posts (there, here, wherever).

  8. and this is why you should not bother with relationships or marriage. Just pay 200 dollars to fuck a hot prostitute once a week. It’s MUCH CHEAPER than having a girlfriend or a wife.

    1. And you wind up with a lot more time on your hands to do stuff you actually want to do.

    2. As someone going through a herpes scare right now I would advise against this.
      Did you guys not see the post about genital wart removal?

      1. Do some research on STD’s, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding how they are spread. Do you think your average bar slut is any cleaner than a pro?

        1. No, that is what I said above as well. In fact I think an above average pro is probably cleaner than your average bar slut. But this is not a dichotomy.
          And I am sad to say it is one of the few positive cases for marriage in our society. Indeed the ancients knew what they were doing.
          I think it is important to discuss this stuff not do fear mongering.

        2. I think it is important to discuss this stuff not do fear mongering.

          Coincidentally, I just finished reading a piece in The Economist about the same thing.

        3. There is no positive case for marriage, none.
          If you think people who are married and in long term relationships are less exposed to STD’s than their single promiscuous friends, think again.
          People in long term relationships are also promiscuous and are more likely to stop safe sex and do not keep or carry condoms like their single/casual peers do. Hubby doesn’t want cupcake to find a condom in his wallet now does he? And do married women carry condoms in their purse? I doubt it.
          Combine that with rife office affairs and casual flings, since most married people are not faithful, you have more exposure to STD’s.

        4. Listen I know that married people cheat sometimes, but at least that is only with a couple people at most. Your average prostitute is going to fuck a lot more than that.
          And you can get STDs even while wearing a condom. Me personally, I think the guys on this site are way too nonchalant with the raw dogging, and fuck way too many women. Obviously to each his own, but I wear a condom every time and get tested regularly. I try no to panic about it but I take it serious. Not sure I wouldn’t take the opportunity to fuck as much as the author if I could get the job done, but I would definitely be concerned.

        5. This. The guys on this site are stone-cold stupid about STDs. There isn’t even a test available for HPV for men. Condoms do not protect against it.
          Bunch of walking petri dishes right here.

      2. I am going through one right now as well. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though, it is very common and apparently you can even get it from a blowjob.
        Also, do you think these broads from the club or your local university don’t have this shit.
        But it is indeed very scary stuff, I am beginning to think the guys on this site are just not worried about it all. Strap up every time, say your Hail Mary’s and stick it in. It’s either that or get married.

    3. Seriously? Because $200 would get me an ugly prostitute the that had fucked a million guys who would stay for an hour. I am fucking quality women (yea you are going to mock me but most of them really are) that are beautiful and “date” me because they love spending time with me.

      1. If you are fucking American girls they’ve had just as many men as a prostitute but usually don’t ask for direct cash payments. Yes I’m sure she’s telling you her number … which should be automatically multiplied by 3 (5 on the East coast) then add +2 for each semester in college.

        1. Wrong, being a Sugar Daddy is a very good alternative to a gf or wife. I’ve been at it for quite some time so speak from experience.
          Got a lot of experience in “The Hobby” (escorts/pros) also.

      2. I understand the difference between an escort and a SB but don’t call them “quality”. They are not themselves around you, they have an act going. Don’t trust them for a second. You might find the occasional gem but it is far more likely the SB you are with is very, very different when she is not around you, and she may very well hate your guts. I’m in my mid-20s and have known a couple of these SB girls; they think they are playing their SDs and love talking shit about them to their peer group. Women who can overcome the social stigma against prostitution may be behaving logically but they are usually crazy/dangerous too. Stop telling these guys they can play with kittens when they are really dealing with dangerous tigers. They will steal, blackmail, send their real BF after you, anything can happen – you should have included a security plan in this article.

        1. I have zero doubt that women like the ones you describe exist. But the more Machiavellian women on the SDD sites are probably only 35-45%. And if you are a 65 year-old, fat, bald guy it is definitely going to cost you.
          A few examples:
          – One is a PhD in psychotherapy and has her own private practice.
          – One has a full scholarship in a master’s program (she is 21)
          – One is the top salesperson for her company and generates 65% of her company’s revenue (I helped her renegotiate her commission plan that doubled her income)
          – One is the managing editor at well known magazine
          None of these women have ever asked me for a penny. If you have taken really good care of yourself and are in excellent shape and have your shit together they won’t expect to get paid.
          But let me turn it around for a second to make my point. My close guy friends have asked me “Why the fuck would a gorgeous 20 year old want to date your old ass.”
          Them I pose to them this scenario:
          Imagine when we were back in college that we met a 43 year old woman that was still in amazing shape (think JLo, Jenny McCarthy, etc.) that was successful and intelligent and kind to us.
          Imagine that she took us out to dinners we couldn’t possibly afford as a poor student, took us with her on business trips to fun places and maybe even bought us a nice shirt or something from time-to-time. She helped us thing through what we should major in and how to prepare for interviews and eventually to get the kind of job we wanted.
          Imagine that in bed she took us places we never went. Showing us how to really enjoy our body and hers and opened our minds to things we never thought about in the bedroom.
          Which of us wouldn’t have signed up for that?!?!?!
          The answer is always the same…fair points. 🙂
          It REALLY isn’t always about the money.
          Their are tigers and kittens out there. The tigers are pretty damn easy to spot.

        2. The girls I knew attended the most prestigious private university in the area (very expensive) and were honor students on scholarship. They showed us their SB online profiles and they really did seem perfect. Their SDs were actually kind of how you describe yourself, hell one was a really good looking, very successful 26yr old (they showed us pics of them). Then one night at a little party they had everyone be quiet while they talked to these guys on speaker phone; it was amazing how they could completely change their personalities on cue. They humiliated these poor guys without them ever knowing. If you think the tigers are easy to spot then you are getting way too comfortable.

        3. btw, the overall theme of your writing is spot on; there is no better way to fuck lots of hot women.

        4. If you think the tigers are easy to spot then you are getting way too comfortable.

          Yep. I enjoyed the article but it sounds likes he thinks NAWALT and is setting himself up for a spanking at some point down the road. Women are insolent by nature and masters of hiding it.

        5. When you have been on as many dates as I have (because I am old as fuck) it REALLY isn’t hard at all. If you read any Malcolm Gladwell you will be surprised at how well your brain calibrates over time to a myriad of inputs and can spit on the right answer.
          Ultimately it is IMPOSSIBLE to get burned if you are truly outcome independent. I like the women I hook up with but I need NONE of them.
          Just yesterday I had one that was trying to manipulate me into changing my frame with he. I had been seeing her 1-2x a week for the last month or so. I simply said, “I am sorry you feel that way but I totally understand. I have really enjoyed our time together and I wish you the best of luck.”
          Next. If you are level headed and have a signifiant rotation it is a total NON ISSUE.

        6. You are getting far too cocky my friend. There is always an element of danger with these girls. The obvious ones are fairly easy to weed out i’ll give you that but there are many others that are the female equivalent of yourself (a player), and their just as good at what they do as you are. It is just a fact of the game – you can get burned at any moment. It sounds like you have taken steps to minimize any risk and you have your shit together but the level you’re playing at is not where one simply starts – guys have to learn to be good at p4p; it isn’t as simple as you’re making it out to be. Most don’t have the skill and finesse to bang 8-9s at a minimal cost. The dream you are selling is far more realistic than the “game” dream but you are definitely sugar coating it a bit.

        7. I agree with you completely. Thank you for your intelligent comment (so fucking rare these days it seems…sadly).
          EVERYONE gets played from time-to-time. I have certainly been played. And more then once.
          The point I am trying to make isn’t that it is easy. That you just create a SDD profile and pussy will mount your cock. There is a lot of nuance and skill required to meet and bed women REGARDLESS of the method or venue.
          But for guys that have their shit together the SDD route is FAR FAR FAR superior to any other method. I still get burned (although with very minimal cost or hassle) from time-to-time. If you don’t you aren’t trying enough.
          The goal isn’t to be bullet proof but to have a great fucking life. It is easier the way I do it. For the guys that can afford it I am happy to coach them but for the rest, they can get most of what I am “selling” for free on my site.
          I am not trying to get rich…I already am very comfortable. I actually find it a fucking blast to help guys quit being suckers and enjoy their damn lives.

        8. That’s why you screen, screen and screen some more. Develop a good screening process and avoid those types.

    4. While I’m not into hookers, women are primarily responsible for the ban on prostitution in the USA, which they refer to as “sex slavery.” (Gotta use the word “slavery” to exploit that emotional association from the past. It’s not like a woman would choose to be a whore for the outrageous cash. She was forced into it by “patriarchy” no doubt.)
      The real reason women are opposed to prostitutes is because it damages the market value of pussy, which is the woman’s greatest and main asset. It’s the same reason most are against porn, and why there’s a taboo for a man to own sex toys but not women. Women want to limit your sexual options. They are trying to artificially drive up the PMV (Pussy Market Value). A higher value means the more resources they can exploit from men, and the more leverage they have at controlling men.

      1. I have been to countries where prostitution is decriminalized and when men walk into a club and all the women are dancing with each other and throwing dirty looks around (all dolled up to appeal to men but being man-haters) the men turn right around and head for the red light district. They don’t have to put up with shit.
        Oh well. This stuff is an aspect of why we can’t have nice things. When you can’t have nice things, there’s no point in being a chump trying to have nice things. When the chumps decide to shrug, civilization collapses.
        And most of the women who are against men having a good time, these privileged princesses working in their cubicles, are going to discover they have only one real skill left.
        (Those that are not fat anyway but nobody is going to want to feed the fat ones anyway and they stop being fat).
        They’ll probably still call it slavery. I’ll call it comeuppance.

        1. Prostitutes serve a noble societal purpose for thirsty beta men. I’ve never banged a prostitute, but I don’t look down on men who have. We all have our reasons. Prostitutes are nothing more than women who are honest with themselves. They know they’re just trading pussy for dollars, like most women. The hypocrisy is overwhelming, though. If you pay a woman to fuck you you’re a John who deserves prison time. If you pay a woman to fuck you (and film it) you’re a content producer for the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry.

        2. I personally think prostitutes are walking petri dishes full of STDs. I’ve gamed many women into bed over the past few years, but I’ve always used protection.
          Some of the people I’ve known have taken the easy way out by banging prostitutes or even high class escorts – that too anal and raw dog too. Sure, these guys escaped HIV, but what other STDs? Gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, and HPV. What the fuck?
          Gaming women on the other hand, is difficult. These women don’t willingly open their holes for you – you have to ‘game’ them. With a hoe, you pay her to do your bidding. But how many men paid her to perform even more riskier depravities than you did?
          Thus, sex with prostitutes is never a ‘cheap’ orgasm. The ‘cost per orgasm’ with a prostitute is always more often than not, ‘expensive’ in the long run.

        3. Clearly you are delusional.
          Slutty chicks will do everything a pro does, will use less protection and do more risky activities after some drink/drugs.
          Maybe you don’t go out much…

        4. This is true. If I had to take a guess, it’s the promiscuous bar sluts who are spreading STDs, not prostitutes. (I would love to see a study done on this.) People know to wear a condom with a hooker, and in countries where it’s legal they are routinely tested and it’s pretty safe and well regulated. Sluts are self regulated, and are usually black out drunk when they fuck, which often leads to poor decisions.

        5. Doktor, look in the mirror, remember yourself as a
          child, remember the love you had for yourself and for those around you,
          your parents, your siblings, your aunties and uncles and cousins…
          remember all the girls and women in your life… remember your life as it was. You’ve lost your way, friend. Peace.

    5. First of all, in most markets $200 won’t get you a “hot” pro. Secondly, once a week is a pretty abysmal sex life. Lastly, I can go out multiple times a week with attractive girls and not spend $200 AND I have a good time and usually get laid. I guess if you really hate spending any time with women it is worth it. But even I don’t hate being around them that much.

      1. A comedian once said if you had three meals a day and sex once a week, you’d survive. But if you had sex three times a day and ate only once a week, that meal would be what you are looking forward to.
        Once a week is fine when one’s head is not full of this notion that you have to get laid so many times a week to qualify for something. Oooh it’s abysmal! Ok, and how many betas kiss the ass and sacrifice all because they “can’t get enough” and put the pussy on pedestals? The entire social engineering of convincing men that they HAVE TO get laid and get enough was intended to make men submissive to the possessors of the vagina.
        And look at our civilization now.
        I hardly ever get it and I don’t give a shit. I could have gotten it last night and I don’t even want it. I sent her home (she needed to shut up and take a shower instead). Wanting it and having to live up to some standard of how many times I must have it (created my the media and feminists-driven ideas to enslave us to our balls) has ruined my life and I’m still picking up the pieces. If I could go back in time and castrate my past self I’d be a billionaire. Though I would probably just go with a few binders of red pill stuff instead of scissors.

        1. I think you’re right. I’m glad I’m not alone thinking that.
          Sex is overrated, but we are tricked by both our hormones and the social engineering in order to forget it.
          The best sex I ever had was with a high class escort (400 an hour). And I remember thinking afterwards that even this doesn’t feel that good.
          How many books could I have read or how many hours could I have spent working out during the time I spent chasing females …

        2. Depends on what you value. To me once a week is too little. I rather enjoy the chase and find sex with attractive girls very fulfilling. There are things I have always prioritized above getting laid such as my fitness, career, and finances but as far as recreational satisfaction few things yield greater utility to me. I don’t allow “social engineering” to influence my personal ambitions in way of being a contrarian nor a conformist. I just do what I enjoy.

        3. I enjoyed reading this comment much more than the article itself. What the hell do you do with your life when you have the time to be with 10-15 women a month?? Do the people pushing this realize that if everyone did the same our civilization would probably collapse? I am in the engineering field and i often have to take work home to make up for it. Even if i was a pro timing constraints would probably not allow me to be able to juggle so many women. The “betas” are the ones who keep the economy going not the “alpha” parasites. Perhaps our entire view of what’s noble and praiseworthy in American society needs to be re-evaluated. Fuck alpha and fuck feminism along with it.

        4. It isn’t too late. You can still castrate yourself now. Oh wait…you already have no balls.
          If you can’t see how amazing sex with beautiful women is at least ONE of the greatest pleasures in life then I don’t know what to tell you.
          You will be hard pressed to find any man on his death bed that talks about all the pussy he regrets that he got.

        5. You will in 20 years. Old, dying guys never had to deal with the shit that we do now.
          This is the problem with you Stone – you pedestalize pussy and are in denial of it, while pushing others to do the same.

      2. wouldnt sex once a week be actually more satisfying bc of all the anticipation that builds waiting for it

    6. Yeah most of these girls aren’t virgins anyway, so you might as well just pay 100 bucks (the going rate in my city) to fuck a prostitute. At least with a prostitute, you don’t have some girl lying about her notch count. Girlfriends will lie and f— up and give u an STD after hitting it raw, whereas with a pro you know to use protection. You also don’t have to deal with the BS that accompanies having a wife/GF when you are young.

    7. I’d support legalized prostitution, basically so social rejects don’t go crazy. I don’t think you can be a masculine man and frequent hookers though. If you can’t get laid outside of a marriage or monogamous relationship, you’re lazy or doing something wrong.

        1. Not improving your appearance, not learning how to approach and attract women, not approaching 100s of women over the course of several years to get valuable feedback, not dating several women simultaneously for a time “spinning plates” in the words of Rollo Tomassi: Game isn’t just about sleeping with women, its how to be more socially dominant in various environments. A priceless skill set that lasts a lifetime.
          I don’t doubt that some men are too far gone to improve, but I think its the minority. Most men can improve themselves enough to attract women they’ll be satisfied with (and in a way that doesn’t lead to a sexless marriage, divorce rape or spending a lot of money). Two of the best resources I know of are Nick Krauser: and Tom Torero:

        2. I’m not an American..I was in the military and law enforcement field..Men in those fields bang whores all the time and use it as a supplement…in fact when say the USMC is here whores are booked out.
          The problem is that its illegal in the US so you push that Alpha/Beta shit on the rest of us in regards to whoring…go spend a few hours in an FKK club in Europe then come talk to me.
          I fuck whores now and then because I like it,I get the urge for it and I find it fun…but its legal here and in some of Europe.No big deal
          Where as I can not stand strippers, I find Americans obsessed with them.I don’t get it but I don’t deal with American strippers.
          When we got yanks on exchange in my army days we use to brief them with.
          “The legal drinking age is 18 and if you want to fuck, brothels are legal don’t approach the street pros..If you want a whore pick up the yellow pages and order one”
          The cheers were deafening.
          Whatever makes you happy I say…as long as it’s legal

        3. Whatever floats your boat. If a man can’t get sex without paying for it though, its a problem, or maybe just natures way of filtering out his DNA.

        4. That is true for a normal guy your 100% correct ……however I’ve seen disable guys , guys in wheel chairs or with burnt bodies all use the service of a brothel..They all deserve human touch man regardless of their DNA .Some guys are paralysed and only get a sexy escort to bath them.Some fought for their country.These guys can’t go out and game .There are ones that score some babes who usually make some news story but the majority don’t.
          Its a service and a waste of police resources if illegal..

    8. Please, bro, you’re better than that. You can have a wife. You can do anything. You’re a wonderful, beautiful being of infinite possibilities, just like your wife will be. You’ve lost your way, that’s all. Peace.

  9. Clearly the best article on ROK. Everyone of you married fools should cut your wrists right now…

      1. Please, don’t hate fools, stupidity, divorces or marriages. We all have our own disappointments in our lives. Truth is we are all fools in our own way. But Danny, no one should cut their wrists. You know that. Please don’t say things like that. You’re better than that. Peace.

  10. You pay for their plane ticket? Why would you ever pay for a woman’s plane ticket? There is pussy closer and less expensive than a plane ticket, besides is ANY vagina really worth $250-200? No it’s not, I can understand dates but damn it bro paying for a plane ticket is a force.

    1. It makes sense when you live at a much higher income level and pickup/play at a higher level also. This expense is probably so much lower as a percentage of his income. Said income and status also combine into the Alphaness equation. Very desirable females a part access too and may not always live close by. Those of us that have wealth with few expenses find it very cheap to host an 8+ friend than to marry, date or LTR her. It is really just a matter of perspective and proportionality.

    2. There is actually a method to my madness. On the surface it seems like a bad ROI and for sure it increases my CPO but there are two primary reasons:
      1) They are often in cities where I either travel personally somewhat frequently (where I grew up) or where I do business and it is nice to have talent in those places so I don’t have to scout talent when I get there
      2) It helps with rotation management. You can only see local girls so often as there are only 7 days in the week. Most (not all) women will want to see you at least once a week and if you don’t they will go away (which is fine but then you expend more energy getting a replacement). An out-of-towner only expects to see me every 4-8 weeks and oddly she tends to stay in rotation longer.

      1. When I’m importing I usually tell them to buy the ticket and I will book the 5 star hotel. With same-day discounts you can get an awesome room for 80-90 dollars. And you maintain control because you can kick her out if she doesn’t put out.
        Importing is a great idea when the entire purpose of her trip is to bang your brains out. Well worth the investment imho.

        1. I respectfully disagree.
          First of all most of my out-of-towners are college girls 18-22 and they couldn’t buy the ticket even if they wanted to. If I insist they buy the ticket I would eliminate much of my 8s and 9s that I have flow in. Secondly, it sets up the power dynamic all wrong IMO.
          The fact that she is staying in your apartment means she expects to sleep with you by definition. In the 6+ years I have flown women in there was only one instance when I didn’t close and honestly it was my fault because I didn’t screen her well enough before I got her ticket.
          There should never be a reason to kick her out because if she is coming to visit you should close nearly 100% of the time.

        2. if they legitimately can’t afford it I can see your point. but your comment that “there should never be a reason to kick a girl out” I can’t agree with. regardless of close or no close.
          maybe I’m just at a point in my life where I don’t want to waste precious hours and money on American hos.

        3. You said you would kick them out for not putting out.
          “you can kick her out if she doesn’t put out.”
          That should never happen was my point. If they annoy you, different story. 🙂

        4. Exactly right, and I like your set up and approach — especially considering that it seems you can easily afford the relatively minor expenses. Plus, I’m sure these young women are on their “best behavior” with you because of said power dynamic.

      2. Well explained, gent, and good on ya for finding some balance. For me, my “rotation” consists of hot, young Tijuana chicas looking for money to pay bills. They are not any more whorish than 95% of civilians I meet and game. P4P is just much more efficient and practical, and I prefer to have a large amount of control of outcomes. BTW, I still game the pros in a variety of ways, despite the fact that the lay is a given. It keeps the interaction fun and entertaining and prevents it from feeling a little pathetic or seedy. As such, I’ve never felt guilty or ashamed of P4P because I feel the chica is lucky to be gamed and banged by me, especially when I look around and see what the average monger looks like and how he behaves.

      3. In that case what you say makes sense, if you have an absurd amount of money then paying a few dollars is alright because it really means nothing to you from what you are saying it seems like buying a plane ticket is my equivalent of buying the girl a meal.

        1. I don’t have an absurd amount of money. My CPO is $35 INCLUDING plane tickets when averaged across all the women I see. That IS the cost of buying a meal…if not less.

  11. I think the real gem in this article is a bit of the truth – and the lie: that society has been programming men to get married for decades.
    Now, many men are starting to wake up and realize what a waste of time (and money) it is to get married (at least to a woman in the U.S.).
    Many good points and more truth that you won’t hear from any news station, tv show, movie, etc….because society, as a whole, has been shaming men because they aren’t ‘ready to commit’.
    I bet many men are ready to commit, today…..commit suicide.

  12. Sex with a mediocre looking (and in all other ways) American chick:
    “Where’s my diamond ring?! Where’s my big house in the suburbs?! Where’s my big wedding?! Where’s my big car?r”
    Sex with a 19 year old sex bomb in SE Asia:
    “Where’s my dumplings?!” [you take out the equivalent of $2.50]

    1. There isn’t anything cool about having sex with a “sex bomb in SE Asia”. Those women are trafficked in the sex trade. You are actively enslaving those women and children (& boys). Real proud of that are you?!?

  13. The gal in the stock photo is not having an orgasm.
    In fact, all stock photos are produced by homosexuals.

    1. How do you suggest we do this? I hear what you’re saying, but I had no idea that photo was done by some fäg. I assumed it was some photo taken from an adult website or something.
      I highly doubt all stock photos are made by gay men.

      1. Take your own photos or grab something realistic from Google Images or some other image database, so long as you credit the owner when necessary. Stock-photos are surreal and throbbing with homo-erotic undertones. They are ubiquitous as warts and no one is calling for scrutiny of this scourge. Even if you stay off the internets you will see this garbage polluting your visual field as you drive, buy groceries, or try to fathom the health plan brochure your employer has just handed you. It is graphic-arts capability run amok.
        In the middle ages people would not see 50 graven images in their lifetime. We get a torrent before our morning dump. No wonder we are all fucked up in the head.

        1. Good points actually. I know this would be hard for a lot of people to understand but over time it becomes apparent. A “graven image” might seem harmless for the most part, but the people making them are trying to invoke something.
          Take horror movies for example. Why all the stupid CGI with monster face shots? Why the slasher films with guts spilling out of teenage girls (it’s always white teenage girls and/or people trying to have sex)?
          They are trying to invoke something, like a conjuring. See it that way and you start to understand why they call the place most of this comes from “Hollywood”.
          I stopped watching crappy horror movies with the graven “invokations” (of course the stereotype the media pushes of someone who does not watch the crap is “bible thumper”). Ever wonder who and why they fund this crap? Why does that get so much money? Find that out and follow the money to the source and see who these people are and you will be amazed. When I stopped with the bad horror (there’s good horror that leaves out demonic images, blood and gore and such as well) my mind improved greatly.

    2. The “gay agenda” is not out to get you. It doesn’t exist. Why are you so paranoid? It’s just a bunch of stock photos on the internet. Although I definitely agree that woman is not having an orgasm.

  14. “In fact, if he is totally dependent on her income (stay-at-home-dad) he is 500% more likely to be unfaithful.”
    You have incorrectly made an inference from the article on the report. The report pertained to “18 to 28 year olds who were living together or married more than a year”. Quite obviously, this selection does not encapsulate the ‘stay-at-home-dads’ you wished it would. It is erroneous to presume that all marriages, let alone people living together, have children.
    It also seems quite unlikely that at the mere age of 18, all (even most, if lenience is given) are fathers.
    I have called you out on this not to engorge my ego (although, that plays a part), but to hold you to a standard that is fit for this site. I guess that you glanced over the article, saw that it roughly mentioned the idea (for your piece here) you had in mind, and decided to add it in. Please, let this site not slip to the bowels of SJW and feminist manipulation of facts and statistics.
    Besides that, your piece was quite interesting and worth reading (although, the plane ticket comment stopped me for awhile). I think many men could see sex a different way under the light you shine, perhaps even to their benefit.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. The point I was making that IS CRYSTAL clear in the study is that men who earn less than their wives are less likely to be faithful.

  15. The single most revolutionary step men can take is to avoid legal marriage. Why even consider it? Women are “strong and independent” and “can take care of themselves”.
    Marriage = “man gets fucked”; woman does whatever she wants, including evil beyond the pale, and man pays for the consequences of the evil.
    In divorce court you have the same chance as the black defendant in “To Kill a Mockingbird” — everyone knows what the verdict will be in advance.
    Not only not engage in marriage, but refuse to participate in any wedding.
    Do not acknowledge, attend, gift or congratulate.
    Simply ignore: most effective with family members.
    When confronted say:
    “Marriage has been transformed into part of a system which transfers wealth, jobs and opportunities from one group (men) to a privileged group (females) — they are part of the Nuremberg Laws of America. If in 5 years the married couple are still treating each other with the common decency expected of two strangers on public transportation, then I will congratulate them on their civilized behavior and buy them dinner. That’s it.”
    There must not only be a marriage strike.
    We need a wedding boycott.
    We need marriage shaming.

    1. Congratulations, you can get yourself out of the gene pool with your attitude.
      There are tons of marriage worthy women abroad, while you sit and whine in the Anglosphere.

  16. I like how everyone who is commenting is up-roaring about “omg you paid X dollars for pussy!!!” and bragging about “yea, fucked this bitch and my CPO was $2″…. but mention of time and energy wasted/spent is nowhere to be found.
    The poor mans way of thinking is to disregard time and energy used and only count raw dollars spent on an endeavor. If some “bro” bangs a 10 and claims “yea I didn’t spend ANY money”.. most of the scrubs talking shit here will say “wow dude your an ALPHA!!!!”. What they forget to take into account is the 50+ hours of “gaming” spread out over a month it took to bang this girl. I’m not even going to take into account lifestyle activities related to supporting the player life ( gym, social circle upkeep, work, reading game material, etc etc ).
    But, now some older guy who spends most of his time on himself comes along.. goes on a SD site or Escort site and finds a HOT 9 or 10 to bang and spends $300.. takes away maybe an hour or two of his day max…. everyone yells “omg this dude is fucking beta as hell!!!!”.
    2hrs to bang a 10 vs 100hrs? What is more “alpha” when you really think about it? The only way being a SD or monger ( dude who bangs hookers ) is “beta” is if your still blue pill and don’t know the score. If your fully red pill and understand everything that is transpiring and you choose that route to save massive amounts of time that can be instead invested in yourself it’s not “beta” at all. Shit, JFK was one of the biggest alphas ever and he banged escorts ALL the time. You think he was gonna waste time “sarging”? No… real men value their time above all else.

      1. This. Spent money can be regained. Lost time is gone forever.
        In my beta days I would spent weeks on several dates. Now, when I get the fuck, I can count the amount of time and money invested with my hands.
        The idea of being a sugar daddy in my 40s and 50s is quite compelling. While the economy will not improve for another decade or more, I don’t know if the supply of hot, young women in need of resources will still be aviable in 15-30 years from now.

        1. Paying a whore to have sex with you will ALWAYS be beta. No matter how many analyses you will come up with to cover your own failures.
          You have as much options and “game” as a dirty old fart in a wheelchair.

        2. Aww, c’mon dude, you don’t need other grown man validating your views, are you a woman? He gave clear info about why escorts are a valid way of getting sex with a good relative cost/benefit ratio.
          Whereas you just went full retarded “VALIDATE MEEEE”, just read yourself what you wrote and tell me if you don’t sound pathetic? If I want to have sex and not deal with bullshit, I might as well just fuck an escort.
          I don’t think “game” is the supreme alpha male path of life, I think women have serious personality problems and I’d rather fuck an escort than having to deal with that shit. Also, its an used up vagina one way or the other.
          Peace dude, try to live life for yourself for a bit, you might as well like it.

        3. Truth, please… look in the mirror, remember yourself as a
          child, before you knew what ‘orgasm’ or ‘money’
          was… remember the love you had for yourself and for those around you,
          your parents, your siblings, your aunties and uncles and cousins…
          remember your life as it was. You’ve lost your way.

        4. “Paying a whore to have sex with you will ALWAYS be beta. No matter how many analyses you will come up with to cover your own failures”
          Too bad you’re wrong, shit for brains.
          Jumping through hoops and being a clown will always be beta. You will always be a bottom feeding beta.

        5. All woman are whores, and you always pay for it, show me a girl you don’t have to pay a dime for who you had sex with, this only happens to high schoolers and then you are still paying for the alcohol

      2. Money requires time to acquire, hence all money you have is represents time: a portion of your life that you gave up to someone else for currency.

        1. Wow i am often stunned by how little people understand about basic economics. So I will explain.
          When I was younger I earned minimum wage ($3.35 an hour). I had lots of time and very little money. Now that I am older my active income (my full time job so excludes investments and other forms of income) is $200 an hour.
          That’s a 60x increase in my hourly rate. Now my TIME is basically 60 times more valuable to me hence why I would prefer to spend my money (so long as it is a controllable and reasonable expense) then my money.
          And I didn’t acquire income to get laid. I acquired income to live a nice life and to be able to provide for my daughter. The fact that it has the nice side effect of attracting women is just an added bonus but was never the goal.
          I see so many retarded comments on here about “Who cares what women want” and “Fuck them if those whores want a rich guy.” Do people really think that acquiring a rewarding and interesting career that pays well isn’t a good pursuit?

        2. Wow i am often stunned by how little people understand about basic economics. So I will explain.
          When I was younger I earned minimum wage ($3.35 an hour). I had lots of time and very little money. Now that I am older my active income (my full time job so excludes investments and other forms of income) is $200 an hour.
          That’s a 60x increase in my hourly rate. Now my TIME is basically 60 times more valuable to me hence why I would prefer to spend my money (so long as it is a controllable and reasonable expense) then my time.
          And I didn’t acquire income to get laid. I acquired income to live a nice life and to be able to provide for my daughter. The fact that it has the nice side effect of attracting women is just an added bonus but was never the goal.
          I see so many retarded comments on here about “Who cares what women want” and “Fuck them if those whores want a rich guy.” Do people really think that acquiring a rewarding and interesting career that pays well isn’t a good pursuit?

        3. Why are you replying to me with this poor attempt at teaching me what I already know? Did you even READ my comment before hitting reply?

        4. Of course. You said “someone” so I assumed (since you weren’t clear) you meant someone you were dating/fucking. You COULD have meant someone/company you work for but given the context and your lack of clarity I assumed the former.

        5. “…a portion of your life that you gave up to someone else for currency.” The context is already present.
          If you thought that could read “a portion of your life that you gave up to YOUR GIRLFRIEND for currency” then I have to wonder how you’re managing to get women to pay you to spend time with them. 😛

      3. Dawson, your next article should be about how you spend your time when you’re not making money or having sex. Articles about the love you have for your daughter or about how you’ve helped the people around you might not be as popular as this one, but they will be honest and true to the whole you, not just the small, reductive part of you that this article comes from. Remember, you are infinite. Peace, bro

      4. I won’t try to break it down by alpha / beta, but there are “players” like Charlie Sheen who have greater access to hot women than anybody posting here. They use escorts out of convenience. They think of it as like ordering pizza delivery on the their phone from their couch at home. Its an instant gratification thing.

        1. I remember Scott Baio doing an interview with Maxim magazine and he was saying how ever being a B list celebrity he was able to get all kinds of pussy with nearly zero effort.
          Charlie Sheen (they both fucked Denise Richards) I think just likes hookers. If it was for convenience he wouldn’t keep em around.
          Stars like Charlie Sheen (let alone Scot Baio) don’t have to order pizza, it shows up at their hotel suite unannounced.

        2. The problem with women who actively pursue celebs is they don’t want to go away, they hope to work their way into the celebs life for the benefits that lifestyle provides, they’re hoping to get introduced to the celebs social or professional network, or some just want smart phone pics to post on FB to increase their social currency. Consider every woman has a smart phone with camera in her purse with capability to immediately self publish to millions on the net. Escorts have more unified interest in maintaining privacy.

        3. Yeah even some obscure front man in a band here in Australia fucked over 1000 women. Without spending any money on them, just by being in a band. He’s definitely not an alpha in the terms used on this site. So who gives a fuck how many you’ve fucked. Just don’t spend a lot of time on them

    1. Excellent points. As I mentioned above, my CPO w/ my civilian is only $10, and she’s a very good bang, but she’s such a pain in the ass in soooo many ways. On the other hand, my CPO of $110 for banging hot chicas in Tijuana (9s and 9.5s) is about 95% bliss / excitement / adventure and only 5% hassle or stress. I chuckle at their chaotic little lives, while marveling at their great tits and shaved birds — then I do my business and walk away, only a little lighter in the wallet. I’ll gladly pay more for less headaches and BS, and keep in mind, I’m getting some very HOT pussy at the same time.

      1. Hey Dr.F I’ll be in Tijuana in a couple of weeks for business trip … I’m interested on where to go (clubs, bars) to pull some hot chicas! can I e-mail you?

      2. I live in Scottsdale and go to Rocky Point once a month or so and there are so many hot chicas. What is your specialty Dr. F?

      3. When making decisions in life a man should aim for an increase in his
        own happiness and in the fulfillment of his own mission. Companions and
        advisers in these decision-making situations include your gut, your
        moral code, and your intellect. Listen to all three and ignore none.
        While you must prioritize yourself, remember that a never-ending
        indulgence of selfish desires usually leads to a purely hedonistic life
        devoid of true happiness.

    2. What the hell?
      I don’t understand the logic here.
      Is the guy who spent 100 hours improving himself and banging a 10 a fool? Or is the guy who spent 300 dollars fucking an online escort comparatively ‘pragmatic’?
      Personally, the long term satisfaction of learning game and banging a girl is more than paying a bitch and fucking her.
      How? Because game is passive income. With escorts, they usually don’t fuck with you for free, though some of my friends who’re into them regularly have told me that they’ve been given freebies from their regular bitches occasionally.
      Secondly, if you’re talking about JFK, remember he was a President who ran a nation. He didn’t have time doing 100 approaches on women walking within the White house or outside it daily. So that’s why he chose the easy way – that is escorts. The most important thing in his time was used up for his other more important responsibilities – running a nation. If he spent time doing approaches on women during those years, it would’ve ended in enemies approaching America’s borders. So his alphaness does not correlate to the fact that he banged escorts, and neither is it a proof that a man who bangs escorts is an alpha. It’s a matter of availability, status, priorities, and time management.
      But again a beta would justify the time management factor again to assert his own alphadom as well as purchasing sex.
      Betas can use such examples to justify about alphadom being linked with purchasing escorts, but remember an alpha who purchases escorts does it specifically for the time constraint, not money. If he was free, he would instead be focused on gaming women, not purchasing them.
      I don’t care what people think, but game beats purchasing sex in the long run.

      1. Game is more organic and leaves you with the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself…. and there is opportunity for a relationship with a decent woman if you manage to find one…
        I think using escorts as a crutch and excuse to not learn game shows some cowardice but if you just need to get off with a real woman and you got too much other shit going I don’t see the issue there.
        If you’ve already gamed women enough to understand that most of them are whores anyways I wouldn’t hold it against a guy if he just wanted to nut in a hotty and didn’t have time for the bullshit..

        1. Exactly.
          I find this jargon of ‘JFK was an alpha and he banged escorts’ used as justification by pseudo red pillers and betas to purchase escorts incredibly stupid.
          Man, how would the President of the most powerful nation have the time to make 100 approaches? It’s common sense. I mean only someone like Forrest Gump wouldn’t understand that.
          From what I’ve seen the people who usually say:
          – “all women are whores so what’s the use in gaming them?”
          – ” there are no worthy women today”
          As the men who actually have problems with cowardice approaching women. That’s why they attain self styled ‘alphadom’ by purchasing escorts who are 9s or 10s, and fucking them. What they forget, is that this 9 or 10 they’ve paid to fuck, must’ve been gamed by some guy at some point for free sex.
          So who is the real alpha? The man who paid to fuck her online, or the man who gamed her into bed without paying for it?

        2. “So who is the real alpha? The man who paid to fuck her online, or the man who gamed her into bed without paying for it?”
          Idk, most of the “real” alphas seem to be into pros – Actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, billionaires, etc. I think Roosh’s “How to be a good Clown” article pretty much captures the essence of “game” – you come from a position of weakness and attempt to overcome it to succeed. Everyone loves an underdog story but let’s be real, most of the time the underdog is a loser. Paying for it sort switches the power balance; especially if $300 is nothing to you. Women will always have the power when it comes to just sex (no matter how “hawt” you are or how great your “game” is); they have an endless “on deck” list. When it comes to money on the other hand…
          Let me put it this way, you can find guys with good game all over the place – every classroom, every workplace, every restaurant, EVERYWHERE. But by definition men in the 1%, well, they are only 1% of the population.

        3. Game is anything but “organic”. I’m a natural introvert but when I “game” women I turn into an extroverted entertainer – far from my natural state. In fact, behaving as an extroverted entertainer is pretty much the definition of “game”, it is the crutch for those who don’t have looks, status, or money – the things women desire on a visceral level.

        4. I bang this Korean whore regularly, after I cum, she rants on endlessly for an hour about all the drama in her extended family, her troubles with the other girls who have gambling addictions and she is naive enough to lend money to, etc. I finally got a word in and brought up this black guy I work with who had been having hourly arguments on the phone (on the clock no less) all week with his “baby mama” who heard a rumor (true) that he was fucking other girls behind her back.
          Her response was priceless to the strange idea in American male culture that there is something wrong with “paying for it.” She retorted “Well, they CAN’T AFFORD TO COME HERE, so they go around spending all their time trying to get all these women to have sex with them for free, that’s just the way they are.” I think you can expand this from blacks to American men in general, they are not “too good to pay for sex” rather “too cheap to pay for sex.” And they end up forking over tens of thousands of dollars on dates and fancy cars and don’t get any. True to their word they “didn’t pay for sex.” The fellow Mac Horn who ran the defunct late 90s monger board Dexterhorn had an amusing story about a buddy who refused to go with him on a whoring vacation to the Philippines because he “I’ll never pay for sex,” he spent thousands on a Corvette to attract women and ended up as blue balled as Elliot Rodgers, Horn commented “true to his words, he didn’t pay for sex.”

        5. ‘Game’ is going to get you a good relationship. Being honest (to yourself and your woman) is. Come on, Clark, you can do better than this…

        6. ‘Looks, status, or money’? Please, stop living by these lies.
          Try ‘honesty, kindness, and warmth’ instead. Just try it, Scratche. See what happens.

        7. Read the Bible Jesus – women are wicked and all that shit. Hey, that’s what your dad said!
          Oh and “honesty, kindness, and warmth” doesn’t drop panties… I tried that for years Lord i swear!

        8. I believe in you, bro. You’re better than this. One day you’ll live a life where you don’t have to be anything other than your natural, wonderful self. Peace.

      2. Most men of value fill their time with important matters. “Game” is just being socially competent and aware of situation dynamics. You are just a sales man selling dick and a good time.
        In cases of minimal game where one is uncomfortable around hot women, whores are a good way to warm up.
        In cases of competent game one may have shit to do rather than waste time doing the whole circus act bs.
        One mistake many young men do is waste so much time on women just to end up un-skilled shit tards that have no value.

        1. “One mistake many young men do is waste so much time on women just to end up un-skilled shit tards that have no value.”
          Game is not only gaming women.
          Game also involves inner game, and background preparation.
          Healthy eating, making money, getting self reliant, acquiring knowledge, etc. All this helps to create a fully rounded individual, if game is understood correctly and followed properly.
          Indeed, some men learn game only to bed women. But then that’s a misuse of a skill which can help not only to seduce women, but also to succeed at life.

        2. “Healthy eating, making money, getting self reliant, acquiring knowledge, etc.”
          This will surely assist in your game. However, it’s not a requirement checklist. I see “Game” as woman related, the game you play to get in the pants. There is nothing about game that can be “followed properly”. You won’t find any flow charts, it’s all very abstract shit. All the things you stated should be done for yourself only. Resulting in more confidence, etc. of course will translate into better game results.
          Direct game: approaching, presentation, conversation, touching, understanding male / female dynamics, etc
          Indirect game: self improvement

        3. truly define the enigma “game” just like the concept of cool what you believe may not apply to someone different

      3. Everything is a time trade. In my 20’s my buds and I used to bust a buddy’s balls about spending 10 months a year in northern Alberta bootstrapping a one man O&G servicing company. Nobody was busting his balls when he sold it back in the early 2000’s when gas was over $10. Given the choice to game women or pursue riches, he chose the latter in a go big or go home industry. He won, good for him. My point is that a loser is a loser and nothing will change that. But you need to be honest with what you are trading off. Personally, I cannot imagine how I could find 100 women worth approaching in my day to day life. I go to the beach and see 5 out of 100 worth a second look. Maybe next time I’m in a mall in Manila.

        1. People like to use constantly shifting defintions of “alpha” and “game”.
          Self-improvement is great, but it’s NOT GAME. It’s other shit. It’s self-improvement. Game is HOW YOU RELATE TO PEOPLE, in order to achieve your own goals with said people.
          As a matter of fact, the more you improve yourself as a person, the LESS important game becomes, as a matter of fact you can reach a point where girls see so much value in you that they open you, and then there’s another level where THEY START GAMING YOU. Game is just one aspect of “alphaness”.
          What would be the ultimate alpha?
          -A guy who can walk into a convent and fuck a few of the nuns with impunity.
          -A guy who has so many women clamoring to get on his dick he can choose the best say 8 or 10 and leave the rest for his friends (like after a Van Halen concert in the 80s, the girls the band didn’t take back would end up fucking the sound crew light crew and road crew in that order).
          -A guy who has women buy HIM shit. SHE takes HIM out to dinner. SHE drives or FLIES in from out of town out of her own pocket just to fuck him.
          -A guy who can walk into a whorehouse filled with broke ass women trying to get money and walk out with one of them for FREE.
          This is not even to mention the % of girls that are selling it on the DL and most people will never know. Here in Colombia, if she’s any ways good looking and under 30 there’s an excellent chance she’s charged for the poon at least once before.

      4. Shoring is part of game last I checked, as a matter of fact I’d say a shore is worth 10 or 20 normal notches! The rewards are definitely better, you wind up with great NSA sex with a girl who knows what the fuck she’s doing in bed and has a flexible schedule!

        1. Please, Rubio, you only have one life. You are an infinitely wonderful being, like all of us. Don’t spend another moment counting notches. Peace.

      5. ‘Alpha’ versus ‘Beta’ is an extremely reductive way of looking at the world. It doesn’t work that way for animals (except in Disney) and it doesn’t work that way for us. Life is infinitely more complex.

    3. I am 100% in the same boat as the gentleman who wrote the article as well as you. I think this line of thinking is an evolution that happens over time. As you get older and wealthier (i.e. higher opportunity cost) and you have had much good puss, you are simply less and less tolerant of the time and mental energy trade-off and short circuit the process with money. Long live Seeking Arrangement! Best site ever. Sugar babies for domestic, Asia and Latin America for vacations! Women are like cars, I’m not looking to own a domestic model.
      BTW, everyone in the rest of the world already thinks this way. My first time abroad blew my mind. So many places are economically backwater, yet they have the sex thing down pat. Next time you are in Bogota or Bangkok, ask a group of men ages 25-50 if anyone local marries 30 year old women. You will be met with a chorus of laughter. They will laugh so hard at your stories of Western men wifing up 30 year olds, they will buy you drinks!

        1. Please, don’t hate men who think like this.
          Dawson, Al, et al., please… look in the mirror, remember yourself as a child, before you knew what ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ or ‘orgasm’ or ‘money’ was… remember the love you had for yourself and for those around you, your parents, your siblings, your aunties and uncles and cousins… remember your life as it was. You’ve lost your way.

    4. The 48 Laws had a section talking about the Bargain Demon and it really helped re-shape my view of money. I knew one of these people in college and he was annoying as hell. The type that would walk 10 miles in the freezing cold to Chick Fil-A if they happened to be giving out free sandwiches and check your receipt ever time you came back from somewhere to scold you on how much money you could have saved if you went to ______ place on _____ date.
      Cheaper is not always better. You might lose time and peace of mind. Is it better to pay $1000/month for an apartment with absolutely no problems or $750/month with bedbugs, roaches, hot water always being shut off, loud degenerate neighbors causing you to lose sleep every night? etc
      Quite simply, money is very important but cost should be measured in more than just currency.

    5. Yeah it’s ironic how Roosh and some of the other tools running this shit are so dead set against p4p, but it’s really an ego thing.
      I live in Colombia. Here the only game worth running is express game. Taking time to get a conquest is a total waste of resources here. A quickie with a puta costs you from $25-30 and you can sometimes get her all night for twice that. $100USD or so can get you all night with TWO good looking putas.
      It’s all fine to force yourself to only use game if you feel you need to strengthen it, but you must also be aware of diminishing returns.

      1. Love? Family? Companionship? Are those ‘games’ worth ‘running’? How much do they ‘cost’?

  17. They legalized baby murder to such extent that they did it across the board, meaning anywhere any time, while we have a second amendment but crossing the wrong state line with a legal gun lands you in prison.
    Homosexuals are getting married and then demanding extra privileges just for being gay especially where adoptions are concerned.
    People sneak over the border then demand freebies in open protests and they don’t get rounded up and sent home.
    So… WHY the fuck can we not get prostitution decriminalized?

  18. I think that CPO should include opportunity cost as well. If you spent all night (say ~5 hours) approaching at a bar or club you should include the lost productivity or fun you could have had otherwise.
    Time is fungible with money and it should be included in CPO.

    1. Excellent point. It would be easy to do. We just have to agree on what our time is worth as that is going to be the biggest factor.
      But since my average time to close is under 2 hours (once I meet them) and my first date close rate is about 85% I would argue that it would make the CPO math even more extreme for a single guy.
      To be fair, for the married guy, his CPO would improve dramatically (unless you also factor in the honey-do shit he has to do so his wife isn’t mad and him and will fuck him) since he isn’t spending time prospecting new women but he also only gets to be with one (likely overweight) woman.

  19. Bravo on the article. My CPO w/ my relatively hot civilian is about $10, although I augment with younger / hotter chicas in Tijuana every 6 weeks at a CPO of about $110 (when ALL the transportation / hotel / food costs are factored in), but it’s worth every penny! I like to mix and match, but that’s just me.

  20. Every guy should be doing this. This stuff is simple to track and calculate with spreadsheets; easy to measure your progress.
    My dating stats:
    Total 1st Dates – 85
    Average Cost Per 1st Date – $9.56
    Total Spent On 1st Dates – $824
    Average 1st Date Length/Time – 96 minutes
    Total Lays – 23
    Lay Ratio – 27%
    Average Age – 23 years old
    Average Cost Per Orgasm/Lay – $35.34
    94% of these were online dates…mostly OKCupid.

    1. Wow I am impressed. Hard to do on a traditional dating site.
      Mine was higher when I was on although I didn’t track it back then.

  21. You can’t quantify a beautiful thing like sex with a woman. Because they won’t let you. Our politics, culture and miscellaneous thought police will stop you in your tracks, at least beyond sites like this which are outside official discourse. The economics of sex is the last great secret, and with all the pressure to criminalise prostitution (that is men buying it rather women selling it) its far more likely that this realm of hypocrisy will become more rather than less mystified.
    So articles like this, which actually articulate something which in this age of quantified relationship value (namely in divorce settlements, and alimony) it is absolutely essential that the pressure is kept up to demonstrate that any woman (or man) who who is going to exploit sex for any kind of gain, leverage or other benefit, is going to have their conduct analysed and quantified as well.
    Maybe the only kind of sex that should be permitted by law is that which actually involved a financial transaction, with a receipt and itemisation of services provided (in both directions maybe). Blowjobs and DATY etc could compete on the stock exchange, and then perhaps, and only then with the persecution of free and spontaneous male / female interaction might there be the possibility of something genuinely satisfying, the possibility of an unofficial quickie behind the bike shed, or un-registered roll in the hay, with the ever-present fear of getting charged for avoiding tax and VAT.

  22. You need to subtract the $$$ a girl is spending to meet you… So I have a few negative CPOs
    Interesting metric btw

    1. Thank you. Yea I get a negative CPO (I have a negative CPO story on my site) now and then but its tough with 18-23 year olds.
      I do have a number of $0 CPO, HDPs (home delivery pussy) in my rotation and that helps keep my overall CPO reasonable.

  23. Since we are on the subject of CPO, I wonder what are your opinions on this guy:
    Keep in mind that he’s a billionaire, is 71, has couple of girlfriends in their mid 20s and not in a wheelchair. Would you classify him as alpha since he’s still banging and rich as hell or would you lump him as beta for using his wealth to attract chicks?

    1. First off he’s a beta because he got engaged. That had to cost him plenty (even though he clearly can afford it).
      There is a HUGE difference between a 24 year old that is seeing a richer, 45 year old that is attractive and in great shape versus a creepy as hell looking 71 year-old crypt keeper.
      There will always come a time where if you STILL want 20 year olds it is gonna cost you. For some guys that is 40. Some 50. MAYBE 60. Past that it’s near impossible. I am going to try to enjoy it as long as I can.

      1. Thanks for the insight. One thing I must note is that this 71 year old crypt keeper has minimal Emotional investment in his various girlfriends. So in that sense, he’s alpha as he casually tosses them aside when he through with one of them.

        1. He MIGHT have minimal investment at the end but I would argue he didn’t in the beginning or he wouldn’t have been dumb enough to get engaged to her.

        2. ‘Alpha’ is one word for what he is. But what is he really? He’s an old man who hasn’t yet found what most old men find in their lives: love, family, peace… But there’s still time. Good luck to him.

  24. Thats a very good observation about Derek Jeter. Stayed single, played the field (women) better than any man, and for some reason…he has never had off the field issues with women.
    No sextapes, no chicks saying hes bad in bed, no instagram attention whores. He obviously know what hes doing, knows how to keep a low profile, and knows how to end relationships and maintain respect.

    1. I’m not sure about him.
      Considering he’s dating high profile celebrity phonies and American bishes, probably he pays them to shut up to leave him at the end of the relationship. His CPO is not when he fucks the girls, his probable CPO is when he probably pays the bishes to leave him with dignity and respect.

      1. Not a chance. They get to say they fucked Derek Jeter. That’s all it has to cost him. I have met two women (totally unrelated to each other) that had tons of hot female friends. They both (and independently) told me the nearly identical story of one of their hottest friends hooking up with DJ. The both said he gave them a parting gift bag and limo ride home after fucking them. The bag had like autographed ball and jersey and shit like that. Totally could be urban legend but it wouldn’t shock me if was true.
        Jeter is the man!

  25. My cpo is close to zero. Divide 1 kleenex by the cost of the entire box. MOTOR for life.

    1. You’re spending too much. Use an old sock. Rinse it off after you’re done. Hang it up to dry. Ready to use again the next day.

    2. While I agree that Dani Jensen, Brandi Love, and Satin Bloom (among others) can be pleasant distractions, there simply is no comparison to smelling a woman’s hair, tasting her skin, and sliding her undies down her legs. Life without that is unadulterated horror.

  26. Hey RoK members.
    I found a book published in 2010 by Professor Roy Baumeister PhD (Psychology) from Florida State University. It is titled Is There Anything Good About Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men.
    In it he basically explains modern sexual relations between men and women in purely economic terms. A controversial point of the thesis of the book is that… check this out… Men are more driven for sex than are women, and this explains why they take on riskier and higher paying work than women do.
    To any RedPiller this is common sense. But keep in mind this is published by an esteemed academic in a culture where anything that doesn’t echo feminist political correctness is given bad press. He was however already untouchable when he put together this book. In it he backs his points up with social science studies, economic theory, historical accounts, and biological explanations. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve done preliminary research into it and when I get some time I’m going to take a closer look.
    Apparently this work was deeply inspired by the likes of Warren Farrel, author of The Myth of Male Power, and builds on his work. Maybe some of you guys already know about it but it caught my attention and I thought it was worth posting. If you ever need a data driven professional reference to back up your RedPill ideas this might be it.

    1. And 0 divided by 0 is considered by mathematicians to be “undefined.” So your CPO is undefined.

  27. Nothing cracks me up more than seeing some of you claim to be high quality men, then admit that you have an STD in the same breath. Not only this, but you’ve been conditioned to think that living with an STD (and not properly treating it) is normal. For those of you who admitted to having herpes, you do know that’s incurable, right? Your herpes “scare” may go away temporarily, but lesions resurface and you will have to manage that for the rest of your life, most often through daily medication. You can be sued if you fail to disclose an incurable STD to a sexual partner and they contract the disease.
    At what point will you realize that your behavior is actually damaging you? You will need blood tests and daily medication, plus the humiliation of watching even low quality women walk away in disgust when you tell them about your disease.
    The level of ignorance on this site is nauseating. Stop using DIY blogs and educate/medicate yourself before you get yourself into legal and health trouble.

        1. You lump thousands into one imaginary entity. You need a new something to do.
          You state: “The level of ignorance on this site is nauseating. Stop using DIY blogs and educate/medicate yourself before you get yourself into legal and health trouble.”
          Why do you keep coming back and commenting? You must be going through the cognitive dissonance stage. Don’t worry little guy it will pass.

    1. Who admitted to have an STD?
      It is usually women who hide the nature of STDs. Think criminal transmission of STDs.
      Most women don’t even want to fuck with condoms, some even get disappointed if you decide to wrap yourself up – claiming it’s not romantic or ‘intimate’ enough. They know men love raw dogging, so they will encourage men’s fall into doom by letting them raw dog them. Not to mention women who eagerly take it up the ass to ensnare you into a ‘relationship’.
      So who’s at fault? Men? Yeah probably by your logic, because men are the penetrators and women are the recievers.
      But what about women who control the access to sex?
      It’s like the analogy of the story of the dumb fuck and the lenient bouncer.
      The dumb fuck is the man, and the lenient bouncer is the woman and the bar is sexual intercourse.
      The dumb fuck goes to an bar naked (no condom) to gain entry (have sex). Now if the bouncer (woman) refuses him entry till he gets dressed (wears a condom), the dumb fuck has no option but to get dressed to gain entry.
      But in the real world, more often than not, the dumb fuck goes dressed to gain entry to the bar. The bouncer most of the time criticizes the dumb fuck for being dressed, or sometimes even demands the dumb fuck to get naked to go inside. And if the dumb fuck turns up naked at the bar to gain entry, the lenient bouncer actually doesn’t stop him on occasion.
      So whose mistake is it? The dumb fuck who seeks access to the bar or the lenient bouncer who controls access to the bar?

    2. I haven’t had an outbreak in years.
      Also surprisingly it did not dissuade women from getting in the sack with me after I made my confessional.

    3. Ignorance indeed. Nobody “had herpes”. Condoms will not save you from HSV. Roll the dice enough and your number will come up.

  28. My CPO varies of course but on average not more than 20USD if it’s a date. One night stands come free. I ain’t buying no drinks to women.

    1. Buying drinks is worth it if they want to fuck you and need to be drunk to rationalize it and prevent slutguilt. A method I have is going directly to the motel, bringing my own ice, drinks and mixers.

      1. Too bad the country I live in doesn’t have motels really… That’s solid bro!! 😀 What is your CPO on average?

        1. I only apply the motel and drinks if the girl explicitly accepts we will be going to a motel to fuck.
          Actually, other than bar skunks, taking a normal girl to a motel in dates 1-2 needs very strong game. Their hamster rationalizes that only sluts go to motels, but if you bang her in her room 3 hours after meeting you, it just happened.
          My CPO is about $34, but I think the formula should include all other girls which did not end in a bang.

  29. “Is the screw you’re getting worth the screw you’re getting?”
    Think about it.

  30. I think the worst CPO would be the one of super blue-pill, succesfull betas, who have been married 20+ years (e.g. lawyers, doctors and financiers, specially jews).
    By then, most of their income would go for the house, country club, kids, spouse and other golden chains. Assuming an income of 300k (after taxes), 24 bangs per year (quite generous, I may add) turns to a whopping $12.5k per bang!
    Once you get to 30+ years married, bangs would be in the single digits per YEAR. 6 fucks per year gives us $50k per bang!
    With that amount of money, in a couple years you would fuck the entire City of Las Vegas, if not the entire State of Nevada, instead of coming to your McMansion to find an old, fat, dry whale demanding more money.

    1. In the West, sex within marriage usually goes downhill for most couples not only because of denial of sex by wives, but also sometimes because of boredom of fucking the same women.
      Sex also goes down in the case of sluts being wifed up, because they feel bored fucking the same man (their husbands).
      Throw in cheating or adultery in the picture, then sex even goes down further. It’s like sex feels best without marriage, but not within marriage. When ironically, the institution of marriage was itself created to legalize sex.
      Abroad, the situation is much different. Men sometimes have women who demand more sex, but men are bored of their wives. This is also seen sometimes in western marriages.
      The logical option seems to never marry if you’re marrying for sex alone, or to have a polygamous arrangement or to maintain a mistress, if you decide to marry. To retain passion within a ‘relationship’, instead delay marriage indefinitely with a woman.
      In short, in today’s permissive times, sex influences marriages more often than not. Usually towards the collapse of the marriage institution itself. It’s highly likely men would increasingly choose to reproduce through surrogacy to avoid the hassles of maintaining a bad wife just to procreate with.
      I’d still support marriage simply for the sake of procreation and
      children. True, divorced men might whine and hate about marriage, but to
      those men seeking to be fathers, marriage is the right choice, if not
      in the west, then abroad. Not reproducing – especially if you’re red pill – would actually contribute to the decline even more. The last thing you’d want to see is a society full of blue pill men reproducing a lot, whereas socially disgruntled red pill men choose to take themselves out of the gene pool only because of anger and disgust. The solution for red pill men is foreign women to have children with.
      The worst hypocrites among men who speak out against marriage, often don’t realize
      that they’ve already reproduced, and are instead asking fellow men to get
      themselves out of the gene pool. No man should be stopped for
      procreating, as nature demands it in his genes.

  31. CPN – cost per notch. A perennial preoccupation (or should be) for many blokes.
    Firstly, do not take girls out for dinner. Drinks only and keep it under $50 per date. If you’re banging by date 2 or 3, you’ve kept your cpn reasonable. Then transition to cheap dates such as picnic in the park/sleepovers to further bring down cpn. After a month of banging, grudgingly buy dinner to keep up appearances and ward off creeping suspicions on her part.
    If you are truly single, then I would generally advise against using escorts. They are not cost-effective (cpn rarely goes down), in fact brutally expensive for most men, and even 3 lays per week can run you $450-$900/week, depending on time and quality. There is also the std factor, but this is overblown scare-mongering at times. So, if you’re single, get your act together and pick up girls, it’s much cheaper and vastly more personally fulfilling to bang a girl who is attracted to you. (My cpn for a 26 yr old redhead I’m banging is $30 and dropping rapidly with each subsequent inexpensive date/sleepover followed by a morning bang). The only dinner I’ve taken her to was one I made at home for $50 including wine, scallops, and such).
    If you are stuck in a relationship, well, I’m sorry to hear that. Even if your woman is a 9, you will, within time, be the proverbial dude who’s tired of nailing her. Sure, the sex might be good, but a a man, you desire, need, and deserve variety. Seeing girls on the side can be tricky in a relationship. Escorts, on the other hand, are no fuss, no muss (hopefully muff, though). You can slip out for the odd nooner with that skinny blob de or big-tushed Latina (or whatever your gf ain’t) and she’ll be none the wiser. This shouldn’t be too expensive and will complement the regular action your getting. Also, your gf not into certain acts? There’s an escort for that.
    Finally, if you are single, although I discourage escort use for the reasons adduced, above, they are an important release valve during dry spells – just don’t rely on them.

  32. Sex will always cost money become time = money. Unless every single session you have with a woman is a quickie, the time you spend delaying your own orgasm could be time spent working on something a bit more productive. You can spend (waste?) even more time if you actually try to make your woman cum every once in a while.
    The trick, of course, is to embody such high value that your woman doesn’t see sex with you as a way to make her cum. You want her to value you so much that she convinces herself that she MUST have sex with you to keep you around.
    The irony is that once you become that high value man, you see this very clearly and even her sex can’t keep you around when you important matters arise.
    Keep improving, my friends.

    1. ‘You want her to value you so much that she convinces herself that she MUST have sex with you to keep you around.’
      Please, friend, you deserve better than that and so do the people around you. Good luck.

  33. I’m waiting for the topic of “how important is sex anyway?” to come up on this site either as an article or a discussion in the comment section. I’m surprised it hasn’t come up already given how many contemplative individuals are drawn to this site. When I put serious thought into the matter it’s difficult to consider sex (outside of its reproductive purpose) as anything more than a way of gaining instant gratification; a mere act of hedonism granted by a lack of self-control. This is especially true if one has any interest in spiritual matters or is an earnest seeker of enlightenment. Some of you may look down on the very notion turning your back on sex, and this is understandable, for we have become so accustomed to its pleasure that we now consider it a necessity. That said, is it not in our interest to question that which most people dare not to question?

    1. this site is big on doing away with thirst, and the behaviour that follows on from it. Sex is a natural bodily function, and trying to suppress that urge completely is going to be as difficult for most as trying to become austin powers or whatnot. Self-control and self-mastery should be the aim, and if as a result of that someone decides that sex isn’t important, then that’s fine, just as spreading your oats is fine if you can do it something that you control rather than as something that controls you.
      Swaraj = Indian for self-rule
      Enkrasia = Greek for control of the self / will

      1. I’m not speaking of suppression so much as I am speaking of transcendance. Suppression only seems to intensify desire. Transcendance comes about naturally through understanding.

        1. fine, if you can make it work, but many have tried, and many have failed. Catholic priests for instance

  34. I’ve never seen something like this and laid out so well. I face so much pressure to get married but how could I knowing this (and the other truths we’ve all come to appreciate). Women use to be an asset (arguably) to their husbands. Now they’re a huge liability and a walking lawsuit.

  35. Or, you could just jack off to internet porn, which costs you nothing, takes few minutes of your time to find, and takes the sexual tension off your mind just as well as sex with any woman, so that you could focus on other thigs. CPO = 0, with no STD risk, no threat to your reputation, no danger of false rape accusation.
    Seriously, if you just want to relief yourself, this is the most rational option.

    1. The cons?
      – Risk of chronic masturbation syndrome
      – No self developement usually by chronic masturbators
      – No drive usually seen in chronic masturbators
      – Depression and whole lot of other psychological and sometimes physical problems in chronic masturbators
      – Anxiety when around women seen commonly in chronic masturbators
      These things can cause even more problems in these people.
      So don’t use masturbation as a crutch to escape the pleasures of life – forever.

      1. Getting a chronic masturbation syndrome from masturbating is as likely as becoming an alcoholic from drinking alcohol. Unless you go over the edge, there is no risk. The rest of your post just adresses the addicts, so it doesn’t apply to 99% of people who masturbate.
        As for the pleasures of life. Sex with women is not the ‘pleasures of life’, it’s just one of them. Anything you spend on pursuing or keeping women, you can spend on pursuing other pleasures like traveling, making your home, setting up a beautiful garden, completing a great audio system that will let you enjoy music in superb quality, buying/creating art, and so on.

      2. Hiring a prostitute is really just the ‘Cadillac’ of masturbation as an act, just as modern organized baseball is really just the ‘Cadillac’ of the oldest game known ‘stickball’.

    2. True. 1) Go to 2) Search for “Girlfriends films.” 3) Click to see the images. Totally free and highly effective.

  36. So, this late-forties, early-fifties guy has sex with 5 new girls a week, totaling over 250 new lays a year, supposedly having sex 600 times a year, and he “likes all of them, and truly enjoys their company?” Sounds like he is selling snake oil to me. Roosh, enough of the poseurs.

      1. I misread, but still I’m not buying your stats. Then again, I don’t believe anyone who recites their own scorecard. Your website proves nothing, but it is realistic that you’re an older gent, whom happens to be gaming chics by providing access to your wallet, or at least, the allusion to a future access to said wallet. If that’s the case, more power to ya, but that is game with an asterisk. Not much help to the average guy. Your shiny button down shirts scream poseur, btw.

        1. Buy em. Don’t buy. No worries. I will settle for “…it is realistic…” 🙂
          In my defense, the bright blue button down shirt was in South Beach so I respectfully disagree. Now I did own a full length leather duster when I was 24…THAT screamed poser I am not gonna lie.
          Remember my target demographic is divorced guys 35-55…for many of them my shit will work.

        2. Admitting to one of those dusters…. ballsy. Cheers, brother. When I’m having my last hurrah at your age, I hope I can work your angle.

        3. Even though I love Seinfeld, nothing says you earned the right to wear that duster, like posing under a marquee with Eddie Money as the headliner. You have totally redeemed yourself

  37. The median net worth of a 65 year old is about 200k. You are kidding yourself if you think a divorce is going to set anybody back 550k outside of the top 5%.

    1. That’s ‘dawson’s’ (real name: Gilbert) sister. Sister pussy CPO is always free!

  38. Remind me of one of my favorite quote, “Remember, paid sex is always cheaper than free sex…”

  39. It sounds like the women are not the real gatekeepers of pussy. The credit card companies and the family law racketeers amortize the deal. A woman can no more gatekeep any more than she says one thing and means another. It’s your wallet. Put it in a lead case ‘blocket pocket’ when near pussy. Pussy is to be stolen, not paid for. I ‘stole’ my first kiss. She was 13 and me 14. I made like I couldn’t hear her asking me for an eraser in class. I told her to say it right in my ear like I had bad hearing. When her head neared my ear, I turned quick and gave her a peck on the smacker. She blushed but smiled. No one saw. I said to her in a whisper ”I STOLE a kiss from you. I stole it from you, ha ha. Mmm? You like?” She wasn’t mad.

    1. Wow! Your first and LAST kiss amiright? Back when you were 13 – been hoping some pussy would ask you for another ERASER ever since!

      1. No everyone knows pussys can’t talk. But they’re always looking for their daddy. Good luck. seems they’re always asking some blind guy in saharan camo with a German army helmet.

  40. I was talking with some friends down the pub about something similar the other day. I’m just doing this off the top of my head so the maths won’t be perfect.
    The average UK wedding is £20,000. Now assuming that, as an average, a top class escort costs £150 an hour thats 20000/150 = 133.3. So you’d get 133 lays for the price of a wedding.
    So with 52 weeks a year that works out as a new girl every weekend for 2 and a half years or roughly a new girl every month for the best part of a decade! And surely the best part of all this is the fact that the first escort you get is 18 and 10 years later the last one you get can be 18 as well! And as a side note she would’ve only been 8 when you stared your decade long adventure.
    Obviously this is a very basic and simplified example, I’m not taking into account inflation or any other possible changes over time. I’ve never even used an escort myself but by the end of this conversation I was starting to wonder why you’d bother doing it the other way at all.

      1. My marriage, and Dawson’s, resulted in children. There is no way of factoring their infinite wonder into your equation.

        1. I love when people use phrases like “infinite wonder” that don’t actually mean anything concrete but make people feel better.
          Children can be a gift or a curse. Depends on what kid(s) you end up having. How is that infinite wonder?

        2. Dawson, friend, don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. You do. And there’s no way of putting what I mean into ‘anything concrete’, you know that. My child is an infinitely wonderful gift. And yours is too. Peace.

        3. No, I am calling you out on your bullshit. Lots of kids are fantastic and many are shit. Like Forrest Gump said, you never know what you are going to get.
          A kid that cuts themselves, commits suicide, suffers from deep depression or other mental illness, dies early of disease? NOT GIFTS! NOT INFINITE!

        4. Dawson, bro, why are you focusing on the worst? Focus on the best. Think of your own daughter. Think of yourself as a child. Think of the love that surrounded you then. It was infinite. It could be like that again. Peace.

        5. You keep using the word “infinite.” As Inigo Montoya said, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”
          I am not at all focusing on the worst. I was lucky (and it was only luck) to have a fantastic kid. Time will tell how it all works out.
          I have had great affection in my life (I don’t like to use the word love except with my daughter) and given great affection to others. So? What’s your point?
          And for the love of God please don’t tell me about how fucking infinite everything is. Jesus…get a new script.

        6. But what other word would you use to describe the love you have for your daughter? Or I have for my daughter? Or, I imagine, the love our parents had for us? It was infinite. Neither of those words has a definite meaning, all we can do is try to understand them the best we can. I think I understand what infinite love is, and I think you do too, Dawson. Thanks for your replies, bro. Peace.

  41. $80 to $100 for me, although it’s possible to get a super smoking 11/10 chick for $300.

    1. Lol it’s like hoe solicitors are comparing the cost per whore, not cost per orgasm.

  42. LOL .. interesting take. Running some figures in my mind I guess I average about a 100 euro a month on my main girl, factoring in a few bottles of wine, one or two home cooked dinners and some fuel expenses (she mostly comes to hang out and/or sleep over at my place). We have sex about 20 times a month I’d say (over 10 – 15 visits or so), so at an average of a fiver a pop, I guess it’s a good deal.

      1. It is, though I do spin a few plates on the side when I can for variety. Having my basic needs met on a regular basis without needing constant sarging does feel good. When the extra opportunity comes, I take it 🙂
        I admit to being curious on how you manage so many new girls without (presumably) investing huge amounts of time in gaming them. Honest question: is your method basically about having lots of money and flaunting it? Or is there more which can be used even by someone who’s not a millionaire playboy or thereabouts? Not expecting you to reveal your ‘secrets’ for free either, just wondering.

        1. How much do your extra “plates” cost you? 😉
          To your question, bragging in ANY way is HUGE DLVing with a chick. I flaunt nothing. I had a mentor of mine that passed away a few years ago and he was worth about 50 million (way more than me) and one of the things he taught me was that being nonchalant about money is sooooooooo much cooler then the douch bag that whips out his black AMEX and treats everyone like shit.
          I am happy to reveal my secrets for free (I reveal them on my blog every day). My methods won’t work for everyone but if a guy reasonably has his shit together my stuff will work.
          I am not going to lie, I have spent 6-8 years (depending on how you count) making every fucking mistake you can make so like anything a newbie won’t get the same results as me but honestly most guys can get 70-80% of what I get pretty fast. I have a client in Texas and another in Auckland (of all places) that are KILLING it in a few weeks.
          If you are the 60 year old fat bald guy, you are fucked. If you are the 30 year old guy with no job and few prospects, you are fucked.

        2. I browsed your site a bit and I have a clearer idea now. You focus first of all on building intrinsic value (being in shape, well groomed, dressing with style, building wealth, interesting life style, confidence and charm, having goals, etc) which makes perfect sense of course. You leveraged this by specialising in online dating, especially on sites where there are younger women looking to hook up with men older than them who have those attributes. Is that a good summation?

        3. It is sort of but I think you are missing my larger point.
          I didn’t go to two Ivy League schools, have a successful career, read literally thousands of books, be an amazing father, travel around the world, etc. all so I could get laid. I did those things because they were my goals and I have always been a goal driven person. Even things like dressing well and being well groomed that are at least partly to be attractive to women ALSO feel better to me anyway.
          I saw a statistic (I love stupid statistics) where 88% American men thought there were above average. The bottom line is there are a lot of below average men (exactly 49.9% of them) many of whom think they are above average (probably why there are so many angry men in the Manosphere).
          But there are also a lot of men (let’s say the top 35%) that are by definition well above average in intrinsic value. This is who I am trying to reach. The sad fact is this “high value” group gets way way way way too little pussy and it is there own damn fault. Online SHOWS more of your intrinsic value then offline and faster and with way less effort.
          My other point is that nearly all women want a high value man (in the same way men want high value women) regardless if the site is, OKC or seeking On it just amplifies the value of a high value man and to your point sort of pre-screens women out that wouldn’t be cool with dating an older guy.

        4. Dawson, what makes these 35% of people ‘well above average in intrinsic value’? What is ‘intrinsic value’, when it comes to people? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

        5. P.S. I know the guy above listed ”being in shape, well groomed, dressing with style, building wealth, interesting life style, confidence and charm, having goals”, but there has to be more to life than that, right?

  43. Plane ticket: don’t kid yourself, you are paying for prostitutes. Have fun with that. Big game you’re leading online, I bet in real life you’re meek.

        1. Hey asshole, you have no idea who I am. I’m a fucking nice person, try to be a good father and drove a tank during Desert Storm with an honorable discharge. You think I’m supposed to be impressed that you fornicate? You have no idea who I am and how much I weigh.You’re an eogtisticasl person with too much hubris. That great body you think you have? When you die it will rot off your corpse!

        2. Well at least you used hubris correctly in a complete sentence so I guess that’s something. Really? Playing the “I fought for my country card?” Jesus.
          You are right, I have no idea who you are. But guess what ASSHOLE, neither do you. Look in the mirror fucktard.
          I could say “You started it” but then I would sound like an immature, ignorant fuck like yourself.
          Don’t like having someone call you out, then don’t call others out.
          And damn straight…when I die it all ends. Same for all of us. Your point is? Oh wait, you didn’t have one.

        3. Wow. Breathtaking!
          Shall we try this again?
          Let’s go you fat fuck vet…show my your physique. I bet green money a 50 year (me) has a better body than yours.
          How sad for you.

        4. Awww, do you feel better for putting me down, you lousy excuse for a human? You’re nothing but a parasite.You don’t pay enough taxes. Living in a democracy demands civil participation. You really think highly of yourself don’t you? NEWSFLASH:Not every one worships at the alter of “Dawson Stone”.P.S. Don’t be mad bro because you have bicep envy.

        5. In fact, you’re a douche bag for walking out on your son so you can fornicate. Shows you where your priorties lie.When you date a woman, red flags come up,but you were too stupid/horny/selfish and you just had to impregenate a woman that wasn’t for you and bring a son into the world who has, at best, a part time father.Maybe I’m fat and maybe I’m not but at least I’m there for my son FULLTIME instead of chasing my dick around town, thinking I’m an elitist. What you are, sir, is a deadbeat dad fornicator.

        6. Trust me there is nothing I envy in your overweight-unemployeable-uneducated-PTSD-no-prospect life.
          And there is one fucking thing I know is that I pay plenty of taxes. You know rich people pay more in taxes don’t you? Oh wait, that would require you to know something.
          I don’t think or care what you or anyone thinks of me and is it completely lost on your barely functioning brain that you threw the first stone?
          I don’t feel better for putting you (or anyone down) I simply don’t tolerate bullies that think they can say whatever they want and get away with it. If you are going say shit, back it up like I do or shut the fuck up.
          The best part was when I hurt your feelings and you played the “I fought for our country card.” How fucking pathetic. I bet the guys in your unit would be ashamed of you.
          What an idiot. But thanks for stoping by.

        7. Well first of I have a daughter but let’s not split hairs. I can see how reading comprehension might not be at the top of your skills list lest you might have picked a different profession…but I digress.
          I was actually a fantastic provider (back when I was an idiot) to my wife and daughter. My wife decided that sex wasn’t important (we had sex 2x in 1 1/2 years) and neither was cooking, cleaning or anything else a stay-at-home-mom should do. Still I never cheated on her.
          I chose the HONORABLE path of getting divorced instead of cheating on my wife (like a HUGE PERCENTAGE of men in the military do). My ex-wife pretending to go visit a college girlfriend then took my child to another state making is so I had to fly there to see my daughter.
          I then quit my job and moved away from my family to that state so I could be in my daughter’s life every week. I coach her soccer team, never miss a school function and see her about 12-13x a month.
          I have never missed a child support payment and when my ex-wife couldn’t afford to take my daughter on a trip to Austria where her family is from, I paid for it.
          You can call my anything you like (because of course you have no actually information) and it doesn’t matter to me in the slightest.
          But I am just curious, are you 100% sure the kid is yours? I hear that about 15-20% of children born to military Dads is not actually their kid. Just saying you might want to get a test JUST TO BE SURE. Have a nice day.

      1. More likely “yo” is aware of the weak-willed men in our society who have sniffed the winds of change, and abandoned their masculinity in an effort to win the affections of women. Those very same women will never respect you of course, but it’s probably the only strategy you’re capable of.

  44. Oh my! Having 1,000 first online dates is something to brag about? It’s no wonder you don’t get second dates.
    Men that complain about women and sex are always bad in bed. So typical that you haven’t mentioned her orgasm.

  45. One thing i learned is that being financial creates lots of resentment from both females and males.
    And here it’s obvious that many guys resent losing the game to a fist full of dollars.
    Money does matter and is a great tool. Even just the fact of her knowing you have it.
    Of course I make the money for ME, she just tags along. Be it the beach house, weekend away etc. Sometimes it’s nice to share just a little and spread some love around.

  46. What we have here is the accounting distillation of the famous ‘3F’ rule: find ’em … fuck ’em … and forget ’em – if you only count orgasms, then this is a good article.
    However, if you count cooked meals, a motorbike companion riding pillion, a housekeeper, someone to help raise the kittens to cats, someone to stay home when you can’t, a person to assist you with short- and long-term finances or that special someone who won’t suddenly pack up and flee when you loose your money (it happens) or get ill, then there needs to be a more complex metric.

    1. On the surface it might seem like but if you read any of my other content you will see that is clearly not the case.
      I always love how certain people are of future outcomes. You might be right that a person you are dating/married to might not leave you if you become down on your luck. But are you certain of it? Bet your life on it?
      Let’s say you are me a women when you are making $100,000 a year, are healthy and in shape, have even much higher income potential because you are a “rising star” in your Internet company…not to mention your stock options. You are well educated and come from a good family. You treat her really well.
      You are together 10 years and things are really good but you get in an accident that leaves you unable to work and you aren’t able to perform in bed. Your income disappears and you have to start using your savings. You have to scale back the lifestyle you have both enjoyed for the past 10 years. You gain 75 lbs. You are depressed (and who wouldn’t be in that situation).
      Still think your wife is going to “stand by you?” Are you 100% sure? Would you bet your life on it?
      And let’s say she does stay with you…do you think she is happy? If she is miserable but stays with you out of loyalty is that what you should want for her if you really care about her?
      Check this out where I talk a bit more about it because IMO Loyalty and Unconditional Love have no place in a romantic relationship.

      1. Would your daughter stand by you? Your mother? Your sister? Dawson, give people a chance, bro. Peace.

        1. It isn’t a matter of giving people a chance. I truly appreciate and have deep affection for the people in my life. But people will behave how they are going to behave. I prefer to be Zen about it.

        2. But what you’re being is the opposite of Zen, bro. Being Zen means accepting the things that come your way, not shutting yourself off.
          The deep affection you have for the people in your life… do you believe you could ever have that for a woman your own age? Do you believe you could have that forever? I believe you could. I believe in you, bro. Peace.

        3. Clearly don’t understand the core principles of Buddhism/Daoism/Zen. I don’t have the goal of meeting “the one” regardless of age.
          I simply meet people and treat them as I want to be treated. I give more then I receive. I have great empathy. I live emotionally and vulnerably in the moment.
          My “Zen” perspective is that I have no expectations of the duration or any relationships. They may last for a reason, a season or a lifetime and I am OK with any of the three.
          I find it absurd that our society has defined the only possible successful relationship is one where you meet and stay together until one of you dies. That just seems retarded.

  47. Everyone take some time off from dating and analyzing your “CPOs” and put that effort into trying to be less douche-y. Also, abstain from paying for sex and pay for a therapist. You’re welcome.

  48. …. Jesus, what kind of women are you including in your “beta” dating scenarios? I might have let my boyfriend (who I’ve been with for four years) pay for everything during the first 1, maybe even 2 months, but it’s pretty much been splitsville since then. (I make a teensy bit more money — although I’m not confident it will be that way for long given our different industry trajectories – but we still split living expenses and dates 50/50). I would never make him foot the bill for my friend’s wedding gift, that’s completely fucked. And we still have sex a minimum of 3x a week. Yeah, he does only have to get to have sex with one woman in this scenario, but since we’re talking square mathematics right now… his overall spending on the pursuit of orgasms is WAY less than 15k.
    So where does he fall on the CPO spectrum? He might have made a small up-front investment, but now he’s sitting pretty. I don’t really have the authority to judge the commonality of his experience, but right now I’m kind of baffled by this entire concept.

    1. I find your response fascinating. I am always accused of boiling sex and relationships down to money and yet look how you described things. lol
      “He might have made a small up-front investment, but now he’s sitting pretty.”
      Find me a women in her 20s that is attractive that has a new boyfriend that when describing her new bf doesn’t include (and at the very fucking beginning of her description) what her boyfriend does for a living and either how well he is already doing or how good his future prospects are. YOU FUCKING CAN’T BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T EXIST.
      And there are outliers to all things. My Dad is remarried to a women that made over $400,000 a year as a high power lawyer for most of her 30 year career. I was trying to explain to him (he was making same argument you are) that his wife is .0000001 % of women. And no offense but she isn’t IMO very attractive (if you are reading this…sorry Dad)
      Among the women I am seeing now:
      – A PhD in psychotherapy that has her own practice
      – A Masters candidate in science with a full scholarship
      – A managing editor of a nationally recognized newspaper

      1. Ha, yeah… my issue wasn’t with the idea of boiling relationships down to cost (I work in manufacture operations management so I reduce humans to numbers literally every day), it was more with the data you were using to arrive at your relationship CPO.
        In any case, the upfront investment aspect of my relationship will eventually be less relevant as I, like most humans, am definitely going to get less attractive as I age. So at a certain point, my boyfriend will probably want to revisit his numbers. BUT, he’ll have someone who knows him and loves him — and who definitely isn’t in it for the money, since we started dating when we were both broke — so I think I’ve got a pretty good shot at making the cut 😉
        The only thing I disagree with in your response: if a woman is describing her boyfriend’s job in the first few sentences… well, that’s just how most adults describe other adults. (I also can’t guarantee that the following is true for all women, because I can only base my answer on the ones I personally know, but none of my girlfriends talk about how much money their significant other makes. That’s tacky as shit.) When I go to a party, the first thing people usually ask is what I do. Do I love it? No, because I think that there are much more interesting questions to ask. But that’s just how it is.

        1. Your girlfriends may not talk about their salary per se but it doesn’t take a genius to know an investment banker/doctor/lawyer makes more money than a postal worker.
          Are you telling me your girlfriends wouldn’t be embarrassed if they were dating a garbage man? Even if it isn’t explicit you CANNOT say with a straight face that your gfs don’t care about the financials prospects of their bfs. And if they don’t, their self preservation skills need some work.

        2. Dawson, brother, I think it’s more to do with garbage man being a boring job, rather than it not paying well. From what I’ve heard a garbage man in America earns more than a teacher. No one would have a problem saying their partner was a teacher, though, because it’s an interesting job.
          When your daughter talks about her dad’s job I doubt she talks in terms of numbers but in terms of all the interesting people you meet and all the interesting places you go. Forgive me, but I think you might put to much value on money, friend. Peace.

  49. …its an interesting perspective. For anyone that thinks this CPO idea is shallow or one-sided, you go right ahead and just TRY getting any ass while you’re flat-fucking broke.
    Spoiler Alert: That college girl method of going out on a Friday with nothing but an ID and cab fare is not happening.


    1. Well part of your problem might be intelligence because you can’t even read and comprehend what I wrote. I don’t pay $17.50 for a dinner. My average CPO is about $35. This means if I take up all my expenses that I spend on dating and divide by the numbers of times I have sex I get $35.
      This includes times I have spent $200 on a dinner (might be a $50 CPO if we have sex 4x) or a girl that just comes over to watch a movie and hook up. $0 CPO.
      It is precisely because I am NOT cheap that I am able to meet and bed the women that I date. I just know how to pick my spots and I track it to make sure my costs are controlled.

      1. Typical Anglo-Whore entitlement mentality. Look how she evaluates everything to a price. Typical whore.

        1. But isn’t that what this whole page is about? Have I missed something? Please, LordIndra, don’t hate, you’re better than that. Peace.

  51. The simple fact of talking about “cost per orgasm” and the way you consider women as nothing more than objects there to fulfill your needs make you the most pathetic douche bag I’ve ever heard of. The most ridiculous part of this post is the picture of a woman pretending to orgasm, when all you care about is your own pleasure.
    I’m French, rich, my wife is a 10, I would never even think of counting the money I spend between each of the amazing orgasms she gives me.
    The fact that most of you have to pay to have an orgasm shows how pathetic and undesirable you all must be.

    1. You wife isn’t a 10. 10s don’t exist. Post of pic of your wife if she is so fucking hot. She’s probably a 4 and you’re probably a 3.
      That’s why I post pics of the women I meet on my site because I am not full of shit.

      1. Posting pics of the women you meet on your site so that you can comment on them with other guys is:
        – Extremely disrespectful for these women,
        – A classic sign of latent homosexuality.
        All your website shows how homosexually repressed you are. I mean, all these efforts to show us the number of young women you’ve dated/helped and sharing half-naked pictures of yourself with all these men is so homosexual that even Clay Aiken would consider you effeminate.
        Also, for someone who is so busy “helping” 18 to 24 year old girls, you sure have time for a lot of bullet points in your responses. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to be heterosexual with my hot wife in the pool of our vacation house in the south of France. (Check the IP address if you don’t believe me; my wife’s perfect breasts, on the other hand, are all for me)

        1. And then your alarm clock goes off and you wake up into the nightmare that is probably your life vs. the one your active imagination have conjured up to help you tolerate your life.

        2. Dawson, brother, your witty response made me smile. I can see why you’re a writer. I do think, however, that we have to take him on his word. His wife is almost certainly a 10 to him, just as mine is to me and yours was to you in the earlier, better days of your marriage. Absolutely everything in the infinite universe comes to us through our own unique consciousness (which is also infinite) and so is absolutely subjective.
          Zizou, brother, I agree that posting pictures of people without their consent is extremely disrespectful. It’s also disrespectful to make assumptions about someone’s sexuality. Let’s respect one another as we all share our absolutely subjective thoughts. Peace.

  52. lol seems rather pathetic having to pay your way into sex, or having to basically trick a woman into sex with “game”
    as ya’ll call it. I get laid, I don’t have to lie or put on an act, and my woman pays her own way (our finances are seperate). Maybe all you gotta do is treat them like people instead of sex ATMs…

    1. I don’t pay my way into sex and I don’t run “game” and I don’t treat my women like sexual ATMs.
      I am actually still friends with many of the women I have dated and continue to help them personally and financially. If I don’t like a woman’s personality and enjoy her as a person then I don’t see her more then once.
      Among the things I have done for the women I have dated in the last year:
      – Helped 3 gets new jobs / internships
      – Helped 1 start and raise capital for a new business (that is kicking ass by the way)
      – Helped 1 renegotiate her sales commission plan with her boss (and it doubled her income)
      – Helped 10 decide how and which majors to pick/change in college
      – Helped 3 reconnect with their Dad’s (one I wrote the letter for her because she couldn’t bring herself to do it.)
      There are more but these were off the top of my head. Not a day goes by where I don’t get a call or text from a current or former one of my girls asking me for my advice on something.
      I invest myself in many (clearly not all) of the women I date and I do my level best to make their lives better wherever and whenever I can.
      The point of my article is that all relationships (if people will take their heads out of their asses) have a financial component and EVERYONE should have their eyes open about what sex is costing them. This is NOT THE FUCKING SAME AS PAYING FOR SEX. I don’t know if people are REALLY THAT FUCKING STUPID or if they are being obtuse on purpose because I hit a nerve by begin honest about what is true.
      I don’t treat the women I date as holes to fuck but as people. And for the most part they are people I really like and enjoy or I wouldn’t keep seeing them.

      1. Dawson, I’m not a writer but I believe if you included this in your original article then it might help people improve their lives and the lives of those around them instead of reducing them to a money/orgasm equation. Peace.

    1. Any married man who isn’t having regular sex with his wife obviously isn’t any good in bed – otherwise she would be the one chasing you. Women have major sexual cravings, but wont give it up if it is not worth their time and effort. She will probably just be spending her time fantasizing about & masturbating over the potential sexual performance of your friends, or that younger tonned guy at her office. There is nothing better than sleeping with a woman who is begging you to give it too her again.

  53. Zizou and Joe Balgona are so right!
    I think this should be helpful to you:
    You see, that’s why your marriage ended: you wanted to escape your normal heterosexual life at all cost because of your latent homosexual urges that tickled you so much.
    By the way, your taste for young girls shows how pathetic your sexual skills are: you wouldn’t know what to do with a real grown woman…
    The truth is that you’re not an alpha man at all.
    Let me give you an example of what a real alpha man is. I’m French and my wife is American, and was married and lived in America. I perfectly homewrecked her and now that gorgeous woman is mine, sharing my life in France. That’s what real alpha men do. They take what they want.
    Have a good time in Texas, loser…

    1. Show me a pic of this “gorgeous” women. I probably wouldn’t fuck her with your dick. And since she cheated on her husband with you, only a matter of time until she fucks the pool boy. 🙂

      1. You really need to get these repressed homosexual urges in check, otherwise the agression you display on this forum could easily boil over into everyday life.
        And a real man doesn’t share photos of his woman- or share her in any way, since he knows how to keep her satisfied enough that she sticks around; Homosexuals, who tend to feel a sense of fear and disgust for the female anatomy, rarely know how to do this. I doubt there are many resources near you in Texas (obviously I would never go there, just from what I’ve heard) but I sincerely hope you do seek help and learn to embrace your attraction to other men.

        1. Enjoy your whore.
          And given how much you seem to fixate on homosexuality you might want to take a good long look in the mirror. Just saying…

        2. Where I’m at in Texas, DFW area, is a target rich environment with several colleges full of hotties.

  54. Don’t forget to calculate Black Swan events…. I’m on the hook for child support for the next 19 years, 2 years in at $2,100/m, and I expect that to go up. Initial costs were about $60, broke up after about 4 dates as her insanity became clear to me… but one very expensive orgasm too late. Raincoats do break….

    1. Boo Hoo. Your measly money vs her money PLUS the time and responsibility of shaping a young mind for the next 20 years. That poor child having any connection to you.

      1. Nice assumptions Assh. Can you help me with some of your measly money for the costs of fighting for custody?
        See you next Tuesday.

  55. You do realise the “cost” part – dating, gaming, whatever – is supposed to be enjoyable for YOU as well right? So it’s not exactly an outright “cost” where sex is the only beneficial thing. Particularly the guys here talking about time as a cost. If you’re not enjoying it, you are wasting your life chasing pussy which is just about the most beta way of life there is.

  56. I barely ever visit this site.
    The solution to all of your problems is to go to a country where prostitution (in government-regulated brothels) is legal and where it unfolds in minimally-exploitative conditions for the girls.
    Shag 8s to 10s for no more than 20 bucks a pop, and sometimes 10 or under; I know that this exists in different South American countries and it probably exists in Asia, as well.
    Case closed.

  57. HAHAHAHA not as if any men visiting this site even know any women. Sorry Dawson, but while you are developing this pseudo-economic bs, ‘real’ men are meeting women and investing in them AS PEOPLE, because your quantification of their bodies and time is medieval. As for men, if you are so simplistic and idiotic that you cannot realise the value of human relationships and connection, it is only a testament to the pathetic state of your lives for you to even quantify it. I’m glad I visited this website, as it at least made me laugh 🙂

  58. Interesting discussion about the worth of women and their sexual abilities (seemingly condensed to age importance).
    Women who don’t ‘put out’ is not because they are old or boring- rather they don’t want you, or more probable; have had you and found your abilities less than appealing. Many people on here sound a little lacking in any emotional connection with the ladies (perhaps why opting for younger more mailable versions?)…perhaps a few bitter break ups or rebuttals created this economic scrutiny?
    Oh and for your information, I am an educated English woman who is married to a brilliant (well endowed and extremely skilful) man, who knows how to treat me (like a human instead of an asset) we successfully share all of our costs, experiences and multiple orgasms (daily). Much more fulfilling than getting that formula out!
    Oh and I also haven’t gained any weight since being married (as mentioned in the article)- probably due to all those orgasms….
    Take a hint: be better (more interesting/skilled/considerate) men and you will get more for your money (and out of relationships & life).

    1. Very interesting to hear the other side of the coin. Or should I saw one side of the coin, because a coin has infinite sides, just as our lives have infinite possibilities. Please, people, don’t reduce your lives to money are orgasms. You are better than that. Peace.

      1. Your infiniteness is indeed interesting. I wonder if in our being infinite it opens up infinite possibilities for all of us. I can only hope that by recognizing our infinite options and infinite opportunities for growth the we can finally find our matching infinite partner to our infiniteness.
        What a joke!

        1. At no point have I mocked your beliefs. I did say you reminded me of the novel ‘American Psycho’ and I apologise for that. That’s a work of fiction and you are a real person with hopes and dreams and, yes, infinite possibilities. All I’m saying, Dawson, is that you can do better. Peace, bro.

        2. So it isn’t that you haven’t at some point mocked my beliefs it is actually that now that I have mocked yours you are now recanting your prior mockery. lol That’s fucking funny.
          infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite.infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite. infinite.

        3. Dawson, please, I’ve apologised for the American Psycho comment. I’ve just read your philosophical piece and found it very interesting. Some of our views are very similar. I shared it with a friend too. She agreed that it was an interesting perspective. Anyway, keep up the good work. I believe you have the potential to write infinitely better (there’s that word again) articles than the CPO one, articles that are true to the real you. Peace, brother.

    2. The average woman gains 21 lbs during her first year of marriage. It’s a fact. People in relationships become complacent.
      And do you know how many people (women more then men) talk the way you do only a few years later to find out their husband is fucking his secretary.
      We are biologically programmed to be attracted to youth. Sucks to be an older women which is why the depression rates among women over 40 is insanely high.

      1. It is true that men go for youth (fertility) and women go for money (resources). It is an evolutionary advantage which is seemingly innate.
        Times have changed however, women are not dependant on men. Women make their own money and can also control their reproductive abilities. This is perhaps what has caused such a stir in you and other men on this site to try and grapple back your ‘masculinity’ badge (which in all fairness is becoming harder to define these days).
        Luckily my husband doesn’t have a secretary; he builds and renovates houses. I would be stupid to think that he doesn’t have urges to sleep with other people (who doesn’t?), but to risk losing a solid relationship over a sloppy shag isn’t worth it. Ever.
        Relationships will change over time, as every individual does. The core to a happy relationship however is wanting to make the other person happy- not just yourself. Appearance (as you mention weight gain) is part of that. I want to keep my husband happy, so will never let myself go (I also couldn’t do it to myself). I also expect the same from him too.
        Also, it isn’t awful getting older, not even for a woman. It’s actually quite liberating (no more strange predatory men trying to take advantage of my youthful naivety). Although maybe the reason for that is because I have travelled far, am educated (with a great career in teaching) and have a huge group of friends- so maybe I feel fulfilled. I can’t talk for all of womenkind though. Maybe there are some who dropped all their dreams for a man too young (thinking he’ll provide and be Prince Charming, to later find him sticking it in his secretary) and became disillusioned and depressed with the world.
        I do understand your plight however; It is hard being a man these days, especially if all you have to offer is money.
        The best girls, who will screw you senseless but are also interesting, are the ones being chatted up by the men who are funny, considerate and interested in them. If you are only considering your own dick in this relationship equation, then you will only attract girls who will be willing to give you what you want for a price. Nothing more.
        It doesn’t seem like a very fulfilling way to think, let alone live.
        So you can count your orgasms per dollar, I on the other hand will be counting my lucky stars that I have someone that I want to make happy.

        1. It does sound as if you are a well rounded woman. I have no idea how attractive you or your husband are and that of course is a huge factor.
          I don’t see my situation as a “plight” at all. I see my situation as an embarrassment of riches. I have met and spent time and slept with hundreds of fantastic women over the years.
          Doctors. Lawyers. Therapists. Teachers. Models. And everything in between. I even dated one women worth over 100 million that had her own Gulfstream V airplane.
          The article is at least part tongue-in-cheek but with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce (2/3 initiated by women) and well over 70% having one partner (at least) be unfaithful, looking at the economics is fun and interesting.
          And I completely disagree about the core of a HEALTHY relationship being making the other person happy. I WOULD agree that making a person that makes you happy also happy makes sense but that is for more selfish reasons. Altruism doesn’t exist and SHOULDN’T IMO exist. It is irrational.
          OF COURSE I don’t distill women down to just my CPO but I do track it. Big difference.

        2. To who? Are relationships now part of some kind of beauty pageant?
          Well done? It reeks of insecurity to list some of your conquests like that, rather proving Teacher’s point that the act itself is not that satisfying.
          Humans are social animals, so altruism exists… It’s part of why love is so powerful and painful, and binds us.

      2. People in loving relationships become happy and less shallow.
        It makes sense to be attracted to youth, but as social intelligent animals, or relationships/lives are not all about breeding.
        Suicide rates have many causes, a lack of penis us probably not the sole cause (plus, older women still have sex).

        1. Right. That’s why the divorce rate is 67% in urban areas (where 80% of the population lives where people have options), 8 in 10 have at least one spouse that is unfaithful and over 9 in 10 are emotionally unfaithful. Are those the loving and less shallow relationships you speak of?

        2. Hi. No, they aren’t.
          I didn’t say there were a lot of loving genuine relationships. There’s an awful lot of people who’d rather have someone they don’t connect with than be alone. And there’s an awful lot of unhappiness and shallowness.
          (And I’d like to see that study, how are we defining emotional unfaithfulness? Full blown flirtationships, or mere fantasising?)

        3. Generally people define emotional unfaithfulness as talking to another person of the opposite gender and sharing things your spouse would not approve of. Dressing to impress that person and wanting to look your best. Stuff like that.
          When 2/3 of marriages (that aren’t in rural America) end in divorce) and most of the remaining marriages have spouses that are unfaithful (physically, emotionally or both) you simply don’t have a leg to stand on.
          We evolved to live to be 30-35 not 85. We simply aren’t meant to be monogamous and certainly not for a 70+ year life span.
          Part of the reason people are unhappy is BECAUSE they are married and not happy but don’t know what to do/how to get out of it or it will be too painful/expensive.
          It would seem that you have been watching too many hollywood movies.

        4. So you can’t share the definition from the study you were quoting?
          Do we expect all people in relationships to seriously never talk to different genders? What about homosexual couples, must they only talk to different genders? This standard is far too high. The others are mildly more reasonable.
          Yes I do, like I said, there’s a LOT of shitty relationships, it doesn’t mean there aren’t good ones.
          Did I say we were meant to be monogamous or mate for life? No, I said that our relationships/lives are not all about breeding, which leaves space for polyamory, monogamy, celibacy, and changing partners over time.
          Yeah, I know? I just stated two facts: There’s a lot of marriage/relationships, and there’s a lot of unhappiness, link them how you will.
          Ad hominems/assumptions aren’t classy hun. I hate Hollywood, it perpetuates the myth that love solves all and happens a lot.

  59. If all you see when you look at a woman is a prostitute, then I am genuinely very sorry for you. It sounds like a very lonely life.

  60. What a disgusting individual. My wife and I are a team. We share the responsibility of life (earning income/ raising OUR children/ Upkeeping our home) and we reap the rewards together. Each of us are no longer in the same shape or physical condition, as we both slowly loose our youth, but this is overlooked because when you repect and love somebody in a mature relationship – your partner will always be beautiful & desireable (this is even more true when a woman sacrifices her body, and therefore identity, giving you a legacy through the provision of your children – the weight of such sacrifice all the more heavier when creeps like you influence societies perception of beauty). Sex is not about money it is about love, respect and having fun – all thoes complaining about the lack of sexual fullifment in terms of periodicy with their partner – maybe take a look in the mirror and educate yourself on how to properly sexually gratify a woman – Women crave sex too (a hell of a lot more than we realise but if whats on offer is boring, fumbling and severly lacking, then of course she doesnt mind going long stints inbetween participating in such a chore!). If the sex is any good she will be the one hounding and seducing you. Lets just hope any idiots buying into this BS one day have a daughter who’s total worth is calculated by some creepy old man’s (like Dawson Stone) level of hard on for her and how much he had to indirectly spend to f*#@ her. Somehow I think such an experience would highlight the idocy and depravity associated with such inhumane & demoralising ideology.

    1. Agreed on most points but Ash please don’t be angry at people. All people are doing here is buying into what is being sold to them every day of their lives. It’s much harder to open your heart to the infinite possibilities of another person than it is to reduce your life to an equation of money/orgasm. All of the hurt that is being done by people here is just being done to themselves. Peace.

    2. Wow you sure drank from the coolaid.
      Let’s say for argument’s sake that your marriage avoids the 53% divorce rate and the 70%+ infidelity rate. THAT IS THE MAJORITY OF MARRIAGES. They are all about money.
      Ane people that let themselves go physically do so because of a LACK OF RESPECT for both themselves and their partners. To pretend it is just a natural part of getting older is fucking bullshit. You are stuck with each other so hey, why workout.

    1. Of course there is. No where do I say that it isn’t. Go to my site and read my content (not just a single article) and tell me if it seems like it is all about orgasms to me.

  61. ‘American Psycho’ comes to mind…
    You do know that novel was satire, don’t you? Not a self-help manual.

  62. ‘Alpha’ or ‘Beta’ is an extremely reductive way of looking at people. That’s not the way it works for animals (except in Disney) and that’s not the way it works for us. Life is infinitely more complex.

    1. OMG please tell me you didn’t just say that. THAT IS EXACTLY how it works for animals. Have you ever watched even a single episode of Animal Planet, the Dog Whisperer or ever been on a safari?
      And yes it is reductive. So what? It isn’t the ONLY way I look at people. It is simply one of them. And while we are on the subject of looking at people in a reductive way, here are a few more that most people/hypocrites fail to recognize:
      Asian, Black, Hispanic, Greek, Italian, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Korean, etc etc etc. Nearly our entire world’s population is stunningly racist and hide it under the guise of culturism or religion. Makes me sick.
      THAT is what I teach my daughter, to evaluate each person as an individual and then evaluate them based on their behavior.
      Try again Jesus.

      1. Television programs like to simplify the animal kingdom in that way but anyone who really studies the way species relate to one another will tell you that it’s only humans try to impose a hierarchy on life. This isn’t really the forum to go into it but I believe you already know in your heart that life is infinitely more complex than ‘alpha’ versus ‘beta’. Peace, brother

        1. Wow you are completely ignorant of how it works in the animal kingdom. You really haven’t a clue.
          You have a set of beliefs and you simply decide to look at the world through that lens and accept any evidence that supports your beliefs and reject any that doesn’t.
          I can assume from your posting name that you are religious. That says quite a bit don’t you think? Thinking that a higher power would allow his one and only son to die for our sins? Nothing like having a religion that is actually a death cult.
          Who the hell thinks that there is any moral accountability in a death cult that believe in original sin?

        2. ”You have a set of beliefs and you simply decide to look at the world
          through that lens and accept any evidence that supports your beliefs and
          reject any that doesn’t.”
          Isn’t that how we all live? All we can do is try to open our minds to things outside our current experience. It’s hard, but all of us are of infinite potential. I believe we can all do it, if we try. And I believe in you, Dawson.
          No I’m not especially religious. I think Jesus was an inspiration figure along with the Buddha, King David, Prophet Muhammad etc. I don’t think he was the son of God any more than we are all the sons and daughters of God, who/whatever that is. That’s all beside the point anyway. Peace.

        3. Sadly it is how most people live and it causes people to do retarded things like think it is better for millions to die of AIDS then to distribute condoms in Africa.
          You have it backwards my friend…it is YOU that must open your mind and see what is outside of your experience. You do have amazing potential…I believe in you! I know you can do it!!!!!!!

        4. We all can. We all can do anything. If people want to reduce their life to orgasms and money then they can do that. But they can do so, so much more. Infinitely more. I know you, Dawson, do much more than that. You have wrote about the great affection you have in your life and also the things you do to help the people around you. But I must say, even though I am not a writer and so am not really in a position to criticize, none of that comes across in the above article. The article comes across like it was written by a person who has reduced their life to two things: orgasms and money. That person needs to open their mind to their amazing potential. They can do it. Peace, brother

        5. We cannot in point of fact do anything. We cannot live forever. We cannot throw a baseball 200 mph. The list of things we cannot do is endless. But I digress. I just hate platitudes like that so had to point it out. That’s the nonsense parents tell their kids.
          The article was written (to some extent) tongue-in-cheek. My ACTUAL point (although I may have missed the mark) was that it CAN BE boiled down to money and that is an interesting exercise. Sorry if that missed the mark with you.

        6. Probably our consciousness will live forever, in one form or another. Possibly our experiences of our brief lives here and now will stay with us forever. I, like everyone, have done many things I would not like to spend eternity meditating on. That’s a scary thought. But the thought of reliving the birth of my daughter, or the day I married my wife, or even just the times I used to play football in the evening with my friends… I’d be happy to relive those times forever. Just my two cents, Dawson. Peace bro

        7. You must realize how absolutely absurd it is to say our consciousness with probably live forever. There is no evidence to support that assertion and to live ones life as if it were a fact is wrong thinking IMO.

        8. Hey Dawson. A philosophy teacher of mine used to say ‘absence of knowledge is not knowledge of absence.’ I think it’s an ancient Greek expression. I’m not saying it’s a fact that our consciousness will live forever. There is, after all, no evidence to support consciousness at all. But we all know it’s here now and the fact is we just don’t know what will happen to it after we die. Something for us all to think about. Peace, bro.

        9. I didn’t say you said it was a fact. You said “probably” which is nearly as absurd.
          In the absence of evidence a thinking man (which is what I’m trying to get men like yourself to do) would argue “probably not.”
          My point is to live the life we KNOW about based on what we hope might be true but for which we have zero evidence is a fools errand.
          On the bright side, at least the word “infinite” was nowhere in your comment. That’s progress of a sort.

        10. Dawson, thanks for your reply. I believe we’re all thinking men and women here. That’s why we’re here. We all have thoughts we want to share. One of my thoughts I shared with you is the possibility (or probability, even) that the death of our body is not the end of our consciousness. Even if you don’t believe it, the truth is the majority of the world do believe it in one form or another, so it’s definitely something for us all to think about. It’s easy to just dismiss that belief but as we agreed earlier it’s best to keep an open mind about all things, especially things that are outside your beliefs. Otherwise you are reducing your life every day, day in, day out. Peace, bro.
          P.S. Infinite.

  63. People, please, look in the mirror… remember yourself as a child, before you knew what ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ or ‘orgasm’ or ‘money’ was… remember the love you had for yourself and for those around you, your parents, your siblings, your aunties and uncles and cousins… remember how you were and how life was. You’ve lost your way.

        1. Do you want to change it? Do you want to make it better, or worse? You have the power to do either. You have the power to do anything, Dawson. Peace.

  64. Not all marriages end in divorce. I’m sorry for all the ones that do. There has to be a better answer than this, though…

  65. Lester Freamon told me you are a complete tool, Dawson, but – shame on me – I thought that was harsh, and gave you the benefit of the doubt. Then I read this drivel. How many times do I need to learn the Lesson: Lester Freamon knows what’s what. So yes, Dawson Stone, you are a complete tool. Fuck off.

  66. Hi Dawson,
    thank you so much for that amazing article. I agree with everything you wrote
    here and on your website. There’s just something that concerns me. My girlfriend
    is 33, 9, 8.5, 8, 9.5. We’ve been having the greatest time in bed for 6 months.
    My CPO with her is $30, which doesn’t seem too high. I consider myself an alpha
    male, but it’s true that she’s the one who decides when and how we’re going to
    have sex. The frequency and variety of our sex life are more than satisfying to
    me, and I wouldn’t want to leave her frustrated when she’s horny or to decide
    for her that we’re going to have sex when she’s not in the mood (which is
    rare). In fact, thinking that she’s the one who decides is what excites her
    most. I’m the one who decides for everything else in our couple. Would you not
    consider me alpha? Again, great article.

    1. Those are high numbers. My perspective on being Alpha is irrelevant. My main point (in general) is that men need to have their eyes open about they are living their lives. If you are happy, that’s great.
      But what happens next? My position would be that as exit costs go up (moving in together, getting a dog, getting married, having kids) how the woman will behave in the relationship will change in a huge way.
      Just remain aware is all I am saying and have fun.

  67. Pretty interesting article. By the way to me there is also an intangible aspect you didn’t take into account; something hard to monetize.
    The attitude of the girl, and the experience you’ll have with her.
    This also applies to escort services.
    After all it takes two —for someone luckier or richer a threesome or a foursome— to have sex.
    PS I think if you just ignore people who came here to insult you or to be “evangelical”, the whole conversation could be more productive. Including for those who don’t agree with your lifestyle and are still believing in romance.

    1. Who are these fools still believing in romance?! Can’t they see that life is just one meaningless orgasm after another?! Why are they in healthy relationships when they could be having a threesome with two depressed escorts?! Fools!
      That’s irony, by the way.

      1. Going with prostitutes (who are far from being depressed women) doesn’t actually exclude a man from still believing in a normal relationship nor seeking for it. And this is not irony, it’s just a fact you’ve decided to ignore.
        By the way an orgasm is never pointless, it’s just what it is: an orgasm. Its “meaning” or point is pleasure, that’s it. Any other crap people try to tie to it, it’s just yet another way to sell us something we don’t really need.

  68. My wife earns slightly more than me as she works in the private sector and I work in the public sector. She pays half of everything we spend together. During the recession I was briefly out of work and my wife covered my half of our outgoings. We have, and always have had, a very healthy sex life. My CPO is a minus figure. Dawson, I am more alpha than you.

      1. I respect women, unlike many of the men here, and so would never post a picture of her for you to ‘rate’. Truth is, Dawson, you have failed at marriage, and this whole ‘CPO’ idea is something to distract yourself from this painful truth with.
        Oh and don’t worry, my wife wouldn’t fuck you either. In fact, I doubt most self-respecting women would. The women you sleep with are the female equivalent of you: failures who are scared of real intimacy.
        An alpha male takes a wife and keeps her for life. You, on the other hand, couldn’t keep hold of one and now can’t find another. Bye bye, beta.

  69. MRA
    Acronym for a group called Men’s Rights Activists.
    I.E. – A bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast Illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs the majority of the world.

    1. Funny, how they complain and smear women on here like scared little boys, it’s almost feminine in a way. lol

  70. only 50 times a month ! thats a pretty low sex drive…what age are you ? do you have medical problems apart from the obvious ?

      1. Lol you answered that. Hun, people’s sex lives are theirs and theirs alone, don’t worry about judgement or comparison, it makes you look very insecure, and there’s no need to be.

        1. I was responding to his retarded comment. And I honestly could give a shit what someone’s opinion of me is. I have been called everything under the sun.
          The people closest to me care about me deeply and that is what matters to me.

        2. Why respond to comments you don’t care about? No matter what you say, it looks incredibly insecure and petty, especially when it’s not a particularly witty or clever response.

  71. Hm. Soooo obviously the dating part is bullshit. Give them money for their time as if your own time is worthless. Fine fine whatever. To add insult to injury, factor in that this stupidity is repeated. So you lose time and money. Okay fine sure. Then we add that the place for procreation hers/yours/hotel? Huh… Moving on. Also they talk, their friends, their family. Exhausting is what it seems to be. Women DO in fact bring more to the table than Porn. It’s called Stress.
    Seriously though if prostitution were legal in the US it would make BANK! Honest sex? Pfft forget about it.

    1. Enjoy your life of wanking in front of a computer screen. At least it’ll take you out of the gene pool.
      Now, if only there was a way of taking these CPO psychopaths out of the gene pool as well…

  72. Pleas tell me what is the “CPO” for a woman? She is expected to shell out for various costs as well, and please do not kid yourself that she never will pick up the tab for anything. Now also consider that men can often be bad at sex, so therefore she may not even get to orgasm during sex.

  73. Just a heads up to all you “alphas”. Fucking random women doesn’t make you “alpha”, it makes you pathetic that all you care about is getting your rocks off. Can’t wait till your daughters get knocked up at 18 by some 24 year old guy reading your “zomg pussy alpha i fuck 13 chicks a week” articles. Luckily, my 2 daughters have been raised away from asshole men like you, by a man with morals, and will be fully prepared to spot ignorant wastes of food, water and oxygen like you self-proclaimed alphas.
    BTW, if you have to identify yourself as an “alpha”, you aren’t even beta. You’re fucking as zeta as it gets.

    1. I fuck daughters like yours nearly every week. Their Parents don’t have a clue. They fuck up and think that trying to control them will protect them but quite the opposite.
      My daughter is happy and well adjusted with a clear understanding of how men think and what motivates them. But thanks for your well reasoned and cogent arguments.

      1. Sure you do. And why is it that that sounds like you’ve just said you do something horrible to them? :/ I feel uncomfortable. Does your daughter read this website?

        1. I am sorry for your discomfort. I actually don’t. If you read my site you see that I have remained friends and have been extremely helpful to MANY of the women I have dated over the years. I LIKE the women I see more than a few times.
          My point was many of the women I hook up with come from over protective parents…Dads in particular. I don’t try to control my daughter. She actually asked me when she though she should lose her virginity. A girl like that will become the kind of women that is in control of her life. I have raised her to pay zero attention to what people say and pay attention to only what they do. My goal isn’t to keep her from making mistakes and “protecting” her but to make sure she is armed with the information to make the best possible decisions.
          My daughter is only 14 and I am guessing when she is older she would find this site boring. But who knows.

        2. Okay.
          You actually have a point about paternalistic attitudes to women’s sexuality, however I don’t like how you chose to fight those attitudes, it feels like it’s more about your ability to get round daddy’s defences than it’s about the women’s ability to chose whoever she want’s to sleep with. Perhaps it’s a wording thing.
          Your daughter could read this site then…does she know about it? Do you think she’d be happy reading it?

  74. ridiculously superficial. this kind of thing has america written all over it. get a grip, all this demonstrates is a complete lack of spiritual and emotional health. you are a selfish husk of a human being.

  75. Sorry, Dawson, but I disagree with the conclusions drawn from the study (“But actually awful news for the woman. A man who earns less that his wife is significantly more likely to cheat on her.”).
    The conclusion is solely based on the thought that men feel they need
    other confirmation of their manhood when their wife earns less. That
    doesn’t sound credible because the fact that a wife is loves you even though she earns more already is a confirmation of manhood, a huge confirmation, meaning you’re very desirable as a man and that she isn’t with you for the money.
    The female author of the study forgot that the woman could play an
    active role in this, for example, by denying you love and affection
    (feeling that the man should earn more and so she is higher than him),
    so the man looks for it elsewhere. Or perhaps because she picked some
    trophy alpha who could sleep with almost anyone in the first place and for this reason she settled down financially and ignored that he could sleep with almost anyone.

    1. I don’t think you get it….FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT INCREASE. Zero chance that is explained away by the women being less available.
      And again let me repeats the stats for those of you not listening:
      – divorce rate is 67% in urban areas (where 80% of the population lives where people have options)
      – 8 in 10 have at least one spouse that is unfaithful
      – over 9 in 10 are emotionally unfaithful
      Marriage is a flawed construct…the data is overwhelming.

  76. So why do you pay for everything? Surely you want to keep the CPO down? And what happens when she pays for things? What’s her CPO?
    Sex is only about money because capitalist society means everything is about money: children, living, fucking, pair-bonding. Gotta keep that economy rolling.

    1. I don’t pay for everything. But since I date mostly women 25-30 years younger than me I either have to not do things (because they can’t afford to) or pay for us both. I can afford to do so and my CPO is still WAY LESS than anyone else I have encountered ESPECIALLY since most of my average CPO is due to women that are from out-of-town. If I exclude out-of-towners my CPO is under $15.
      I am not saying sex is about money but it certainly can be. I am simply pointing out how the math pencils out.
      Her CPO would be calculated the same. If I am doing my job right her CPO should be negative. Great deal for her. Everyone’s happy. 🙂

      1. So your CPO isn’t less then anyone else you’ve encountered, because it’s higher than the women you date. Why would you be happy with that, it’s not fair.
        You literally said “sex is about money”…I was just explaining that yes, it is, but only because everything is about money. I do econ, I know.

        1. You can choose to split hairs when you have no argument but we BOTH know I meant that I spend less than MEN.
          As to fairness, I’ll repeat again since you missed it (apparently you do Econ but not reading). It is fair that I spend more than the women because I am 25-30 years older. If I was seeing a MILF when I was in college she would pay bc she can afford to and I couldn’t.
          Shit, I have a couple of broke ass friends that I pay for sometimes and they aren’t 19 yo hotties that are fucking me.

        2. You said “anyone else I have encounted”, I was literally taking your words verbatim…why would I think you meant only men? Are men the only people? They may be your “competitors” in a sexually divided world, but they are not the only people you meet, be clear.
          I know why that’s the result, I’m asking why are you okay with this result?
          Yes, and? Are you saying money doesn’t always matter? Interesting, given the article you wrote which we are commenting.

        3. Oh come on now. Really? Whatever. You are a smart guy and you just look silly now. We both know what I meant.
          Anyway, I am OK with the result FOR THE THRID tie because it is totally fair that someone that is 25-30 years older is gonna pick up the tab.
          And since you mention my article…let me quote myself, “Life is too short. I don’t live and die by CPO, but it is a concept that keeps me sharp and helps ensure that I don’t let any woman get me to do anything I don’t absolutely want to do.”

        4. No, we don’t, that’s why one of us, me, is asking you.
          Great. Perhaps you should have written the article to actually reflect that, instead of just shoving a disclaimer on at the end.

        5. Shit. I guess I am going to have to fire yet another editor! 😉
          It wasn’t a disclaimer. I DO track my CPO. I DO think money is an significant influence in almost all cases. That’s why the article is about CPO and I simply added the caveat that only a fool lives their lives too inflexibly at the end…where it belonged.

        6. Disclaimer, caveat, same thing. It should not have been a footnote, that was poor writing, learn from your mistakes.

  77. When you add another cost to the equation, things tend to be even more skewed against LTR’s and marriages (if you exclude the pleasures of child rearing to the extent to which this applies to you). Emotional cost per orgasm (ECPO). I’m in no position to proclaim myself an expert on the subject of admittedly my self-termed phrase, but common sense and my own experience may serve as a pilot light. Considering your analysis above is correct, which my current convictions lead me to believe is the case, then gaming is the way to go if you want to be economically prudent in your pursuit of cost effective poon. Adding to this cost effectiveness,I believe, would be taking into account the ECPO of your pursuits. The shorter your contact with your pursuit , the less emotionally involved you have to be. Taking economic factors into account, a good case for prostitution can be made (CPO and ECPO effective). On the other hand, investing in a LTR or marriage is to anyone of sound mind, more than a mere financial obligation/decision. Playing the roulette ( or rather Russian roulette) of committing to a modern Western woman must to any man, alpha or beta, involve some kind of risk assessment or weighing up of pros and cons. In the latter case I believe the beaten ox of a former man may feel that the only prospect of future happiness may be to settle down with, and support and provide for, the carousel disembarking woman he feels may still provide him offspring or a semblance of a traditional life, where his masculine authority is respected. As I’ve come to know, this is a folly in reasoning on the man’s part but I will not divulge into the details in my comment as to why, believing anyone on this site to already be of a mind as to why. The point that I was hitherto coming to is that such a relationship takes an enormous emotional toll (payment), The shit-tests, insecurities and issues such a man faces daily as a result of his choice, dwarfs in the shadow of the unforeseen externalities that he has now committed himself to facing. Comparing himself to his bachelor or MGTOW buddies (obviously depending on his previous status and knowledge) and facing the wrath of the liberal inclined know-it-all’s (perhaps not by their own fault) – family, friends and society at large, who will all put pressure on him to retain his newly acquired supposedly acceptable status quo.This WILL take an enormous emotional cut of a pie, that men are erroneously believed to have been dealt the filling station variety of. I would be interested in an emotional investment on one one axis related to a cost of investment in any type of LTR curve. I would be as bold as to bet my very own gentleman jewels on the outcome that the a low EMPO will correspond with a low CPO. Anyway, thank you ROK and Dawson Stone, you give me something to intelligently think about, and more importantly, my daily red pill.

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