6 Reasons Why We Should Support Abortion

I was at dinner the other night with several friends, and one of the girls in attendance raises awareness and funding for Planned Parenthood. She makes damn sure everybody knows about it too. As usual, I sat back and enjoyed watching the one idiot at the table who felt it was a good idea to give his counter-feminist opinion on something so culturally sensitive and politically charged.

I have every intention of banging Miss Planned Parenthood, so I let the poor guy twist in the wind and alienate himself. Zero backup from me – he was on his own. It was a slow and painful social death for him, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor chap as he looked at me with “Dude! Why aren’t you backing me up?” in his eyes.

And then, in one sentence, he sealed his fate with the pro-choice chick audience. “Abortion is murder. End of discussion!”

But is abortion murder?

Damned if I know. Is a blowjob sex? Is fingering a drunken girl at a party rape?

Clearly the answer to these questions depends solely on how the woman feels about it at the time. Fetal homicide laws in 23 states say causing injury to a woman resulting in the termination of her pregnancy is murder, but those same women in those same states can go have an abortion.  Some fetal deaths are murder, and some fetal deaths are not. You gotta ask the chick how she feels about it at the moment, then fund a social program to support her decision.

Stick an ardent pro-choice astronomer behind a telescope and let her zoom in until she finds a single-celled organism trapped in a methane bubble on the side of a rock, and she’ll start screaming “I found life on Mars!”  Some single-celled organisms are life, and some are not. You gotta ask the chick how she feels about it at the moment, then fund a social program to support her decision.

Finger a drunken girl at a party, and the next day you’re just as likely to wake up to a Facebook friend request as you are an arrest warrant. Some drunken sex is rape, and some drunken sex is not. You gotta ask the chick how she feels about it at the moment, then fund a social program to support her decision.

Now that we’ve established that as a man your job is to shut your mouth and open your wallet, hopefully we can move on from this.  There’s no way we can adequately cover this debate or come to a conclusion that’ll satisfy everyone in a couple of paragraphs, so let’s put the “Is abortion murder?” question aside for a moment. Instead of getting bogged down in the details, let’s just acknowledge that abortion is legal and make the best of it.

There are many great reasons for men to support abortion, but here are a few of the main reasons I stand with Planned Parenthood and pro-choice feminists:

1. Abortion is a great way to reduce the minority population.

I saw a black guy at the supermarket the other day and he looked like he may be up to something (khakis and a polo shirt with a corporate logo ain’t fooling anyone here).  In almost the same month, a Hispanic man said “hi” to me, and it took me five minutes to realize who he was because I didn’t recognize him without a leaf blower. Needless to say, both incidences were powerfully inconvenient and offended my Caucasian sensibilities.

Fortunately, black women are four times more likely and Hispanic women are 2.5 times more likely to have abortions than white women, so we’re moving in the right direction. It’s not Susie Suburb who whacks her kid, its Jai’lysa Williams and her friend Pepita who fill the waiting rooms at abortion clinics.

That’s why I can’t figure out why the White Nationalist faction of the Manosphere hates pro-choice feminism so much. You’d think shorter lines at Kentucky Fried Chicken and a few less “RIP Jose Gonzalez 1994 – 2011” signs airbrushed in Old English font across the back window of an unregistered pickup truck would be enough to bring us together.

2. Abortion is great way to reduce the number of Democrats.

Nearly 58% of Democrats are pro-choice, versus 22% of Republicans. Clearly a reduction in leftist ideology is a good thing, since entitlement programs are a real drag on our economy. Who knows, maybe we can actually abort our way to a balanced budget by reducing the number of babies born with their cute little hands out for gub’ment assistance. Once again, Planned Parenthood is doing us all a favor.

3. Abortion is a great way to please the Lord.

Studies show that up to 25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in spontaneous abortion (SAB), or miscarriage as it’s more commonly known. Clearly the biggest threat to the unborn child is God himself, so there goes the religious part of the argument. Plus, over 70% of abortions are given to women who self-identify as Protestant or Catholic, so religious women don’t seem to think it’s an issue either. Who is on the Lord’s side? Planned Parenthood apparently, which is why I stand with them.

4. Abortion saves men from having to transfer wealth to sluts.

Over 67% of abortions are performed on women who have never been married. That doesn’t include the number of women who were married in the past but unmarried at the time of the abortion. And since 60% of abortions are performed on women who have had at least one child already, the overlap shows that most abortions are saving a lot of alpha players from having to write a check to a single mom who is already getting a check from some other poor schlep.

5. Abortion promotes educational opportunities and a workforce dedicated to gender diversity.

Well over half of all abortions in America are performed on women in their 20’s. These are their prime education and critical working years, so removing unplanned biological barriers to educational and professional success is the right thing to do. Hell, there’s always in vitro fertilization later after a woman hits the wall, and even then she can still decide to get an abortion if she changes her mind after the expensive little feller sets up shop in her substandard uterus.

6. Only a little over 18,000 fully-formed babies are chopped up and sucked out of the womb each year in the United States.

That’s actually not a bad number if you think about it in relation to the total number of abortions that occur each year in America. It’s actually less than 2% of the total, and hey, sometimes it takes a woman 5 months or more to determine if having a child is convenient. Sure it probably sucks for those little guys, but 18,000+ souls per year taking one for the team is a small price to pay for all the benefits listed above.

I stand with planned parenthood

Fewer scary black people creeping through our neighborhoods, a reduction in the number of bilingual McDonald’s billboards trashing up the freeways, much less of that “Welca do Bank of Amerdika. How may I assiss joo?” nonsense at the teller window, a balanced federal budget, more educational and professional gender equality, and fewer dudes paying child support to some chick they only banged for a month or two sounds like heaven on earth to me.

Feminists and Skinheads unite! Girl Power and White Power complement each other nicely, and a pro-choice Manosphere is a success story just waiting to happen. If you would like to join me, you can make a donation here to show your support as we right-to-choose our way to a whiter, safer, wealthier, and more aesthetically pleasing America.

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91 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why We Should Support Abortion”

  1. Minorities abort more frequently but their birthrate is still a lot higher regardless. Abortion has nothing to do with pro-White sentiments. It’s a spiritual and/or religious thing. Other than that, I liked the witty sarcasm and guess these jabs at pro-Whites are just something that comes with Return of Kings’ content.

      1. Up until a certain point in the pregnancy, the “child” has no pain receptors or brain (or rather mind of its own). It’s akin to a tumor at that point. To treat it like a human then requires you to believe in a soul or value the potential of life. The former is spiritual and the latter is nonsensical.

      2. Nature disagrees: death feeds life and natural progress. Organic
        material never dies; it is perfectly recycled into better models if
        progress happens. If everyone lived a long life, virtue would = vice,
        and all we would have was glorified vice (duh, like now), alleviated by
        violence, disease,…stuff that leads to death. Human rights are based
        on group conquest or they really would be inalienable. Some deaths are
        clearly better than others becase some teammates are better than others.
        I’ve had about all the killing of my potential and dreams I can take,
        and I am exhausted of vitality to support these ‘rights’ for every turd
        with a right to live. Does cancer have a right to live in your body?
        Same difference in the body societal. 🙂

  2. Mark zolo is opposite he hasvhis reasons why men should be prolife.
    1 was just offensive since someone has to pick up on whteys slack…then agaon gotta make it appealin to wn.2 can work but republicans thanx to neocons blow money on foreign military bases…libertarian alll the way.
    Weird all those women identifyin as relgious shouldnt be screwinn in the first place

    1. I think the only way we know they’re screwing is because they’re the ones with the guts to carry out the child. People are surprised to see that Catholics and the like are the ones putting children up for adoption or raising them, but it makes sense to me since the Catholic stance is pro-life.

  3. Of course, the “abortion linked to crime decrease” canard has been debunked repeatedly but what’s one more time to trot it out for shits and giggles?

  4. I’m pro-choice but against taxpayer funding for abortion. You want it, YOU pay for it.

  5. Pretty damned effective article! Your sarcasm and deliberately outrageous provocation will leave many speechless. Through a few holes in the sarcasm you may have inadvertently thrown white males under the bus, but as an obvious anti-abortionist you’ve succeeded in so far as no black or hispanic can read this and not reject abortion from sheer outrage, and no Christian can read this and not reject abortion from a natural desire to disassociate with those that you … perhaps blasphemously … have mocked. Some won’t get your covert agenda. You’ve got some king sized stones to accomplish your aim while braving the inevitable blow back from those who don’t understand where you’re coming from.

      1. It is not satire when the author does it himself what he is ridiculing in others.

        1. Goober? Ouch. Marcos_Brazil makes a good point to me: you’re not writing with an abortion agenda. You’re writing with a mock-the-herd-for-how-they-define-the-issues agenda, or at least it could be interpreted that way. It’s like looking at the Mona Lisa and seeing what you want to see emotionally. Sadistic avant-guard here.

        2. Eddy, fuck the haters. These are the same people who thought Swift was serious about eating babies. Keep it up!

    1. Why is everything bipolar black and white to most people. Nature does not give a fuck how a conscious organism defines what are the sides are. The mocking was general like the aspirations for knowledge of a sincere mind without emotional filters on reality. True thinking looks explores all all angles and looks for philosophical consistency, underbelly and all. Is it somehow hard to have contempt for most black people, most white people, most Hispanic people, and most women at the same time? Depends on whether or not your self-identity is a group-identity stand-in or not. People of an annoying blend of hope and tragedy. If you can laugh at yourself and not loose your self-worth, you have a license for sarcasm. We ought to be pruning for enlightment because that is the only way humans can amount to anything more than animals, pretenses notwithstanding. I kid; I kid.

    2. A thanks for this post from those of us who occasionally just scan through articles.

    3. This moron didn’t leave me speechless. Just made me realize I was reading something that was typed up by a heartless dickhead. But that’s okay, his day will come, and he’s going to wish he never existed.
      And he has the nerve to talk negatively about minorities?? ha! What about white trash, pal? You left that out, and it’s what you are!
      As for abortion, call it what you will to appease your conscience, ladies. But it’s murder…premeditated murder, actually. I don’t care how far along you are…it’s FUCKING MURDER!!!

      1. He believes that! I just want to see now some pro-choice commenter who dares to say they disagree with the article.

  6. In my ideal world everyone would have the right tio live, but I will still laugh as this society self-destructs. The low birth rate amoung white liberals will ultimately destory them. The birth rate is apporaching one child per woman in many parts of Europe, imagine what that will do in just a couple of generations. The future belongs to those who show up for it.

  7. “Plus, over 70% of abortions are given to women who self-identify as Protestant or Catholic, so religious women don’t seem to think it’s an issue either.”
    People in prision embrace religion, too. It seems to be a black thing, I think Christianity is a perfect religion for blacks in that respect, with its message of forgiveness amd stuff.

  8. You completely miss the issue. A woman can KILL the baby, even if the man wants it. Meanwhile, if he DOESN’T want it, she can force him to pay for 18 years. Therefore, HE has to PAY for HER decision. The question is not, “should abortion be illegal?” The real question is, WHO SHOULD MAKE THAT DECISION? I submit the decision should be put into the hands of the rational person. OR at minimum, the RESPONSIBILITY should be put on the person MAKING THE DECISION. Call me crazy.

      1. Marcos_Brazil … so what you mean is abortion is not allowed but having sex is allowed before or after getting married if one use condom…. ???

    1. Do you understand what pregnancy ACTUALLY does to the body? Do you realize that women’s kidneys, liver, heart, bladder, get damaged or burned out, and there are at least 100 different ways it can kill her? Try looking up eclampsia, or DIC. Is this the site of stupid dudes, or what? You choose when you enjoy the health and life risks, nerd. BTW, you are not much of a nerd if you haven’t researched your own answer. And if the woman you slept with was a good person you had a relationship with– well-chosen, she WOULD care about your feelings on it.

  9. I think abortion should only be granted when the fetus is still unformed, if the parents are unable of having a children, if the only parent is a single mother, and if the fetus will be born with a congenital defect such as a deformity.

    1. I’m glad you posted this because I was curious as to what the pro-choice counterargument would be.

  10. I really don’t care if an individual gets an abortion, I wouldn’t have it done personally. If its not meant for the offspring to exist, natural selection will more than happily get involved. Although i do agree, some women are not ready for children but go through with it anyway to only right their wrong in an societal unapproved abortion (ie. Casey Anthony)

  11. “Girl Power and White Power complement each other nicely”

  12. OK, I understand that you don’t care if you murder a baby. I understand that you think there is no God or afterlife when you will get your ass fried for this. You probably would kill your friend if you got money for it and if you would not get caught. OK.
    However, consider this: from time imemorial, a child was considered man’s greatest asset. His own blood, his descendant, his legacy. See the way royalty treat their children: like princes.
    Men who kill their own children behave like garbage. They negate their own value. They accept the role of sub-human that the elites have assigned to them. Men from antiquity would despise them.
    So don’t come complaining that the elites or the Illuminati are treating you badly, when you put yourself in the place of pigs in a sty. You deserve it.

    1. Such a pity your nigger mother couldn’t afford abortion.
      Please die, you bible-thumping, welfare-leeching, uneducated nigger turd

      1. The best and the brightest of the mannosphere. Great company you guys keep here. A real class act movement.

    2. I agree, which is why I think people with shitty child killing genes should be allowed to remove said genes from the next generation

  13. Dude, this is genius. Moar!
    BTW, according to some black “leaders”, attacking a black abortionist who murders black babies is racist:
    Black people really need a changing of the old guard. Jesse Jackson is a moronic hustler who hurts blacks. Before anyone accuses me of being an anti-black racist; know that I’m black. And I’ve met JJ the Moron in person.

    1. wanna know how I know you are lying through your teeth about being black? Only a white man would point to JJ and Al sharpton as the leaders of the black community. All of the true leaders were killed a long time ago brah. JJ and AS dont speak for blacks, they speak for green.

    1. Comedy, take nothing but the “how to get laid” stuff seriously on this site, some of the feminism is fucked up shit is serious as well.

  14. The Swedish people can’t afford abortion if we want to survive as a people some more generations, our birth-rates are that low and while the official statistics is hightened by arabs and somalis and we’re still below the 2.1 mark.

  15. Read the book Freakonomics, it explains very clearly how Roe V Wade (legalising abortions) in the 70s, prevented a crime wave in the 90s. The criminals were never born….. the world is jammed with people…. when people are more abundant than resources then you get back to medieval style attitudes and slavery…..
    When resources are more abundant than people, which is only in the last 100 years or so, then you get a more decent existence for all.
    Anyone who wants to ban abortions should go live penniless in a 3rd world ghetto for a few months, or come round to my house and be my nigger slave…. that is what happens when human numbers are greater than resources.
    Kill ’em all I say…..

  16. God did not intend for man to use condoms, they dry up the vagina worse than beta behavior. There are two reasons to support planned parenthood:
    1) Clean vagina for broke women- Planned parenthood is the place for pap smears if you are a woman without the resources for the bi annual OBGYN visit. Nothing is worse than going bare back with some trailer trash stripper you just talked back to your place and thinking , when was your last pap smear?
    2) You meet women who you know are sexually active and make bad choices- If you pick up a woman at Planned Parenthood, none of that saving it for marriage crap.

  17. Clearly the biggest threat to the unborn child is God himself, so there goes the religious part of the argument.
    Actually there’s no particular Bible position against abortions that I’m aware of. Early in the Old Testament there’s case in which the punishment for causing a women to miscarry is financial, i.e. not eye for an eye.
    This makes sense as in the ancient world abortions and even infanticide were actually quite common and not regarded as anything out of the ordinary.

  18. Guy in the Picture
    Why are there no comments about the guy in the picture. Is that an actor portrayal or real? Is that dude the epitome of masochist? Could be time for an intervention.

  19. Although I have in the past appreciated yor articles, I found your attempt to provide humor to your message in the form of satirical racial slurs borderline offensive and without taste.
    In the future please keep in mind that your audience is also comprised of educated and professional Hispanics and African Americans who might not appreciate your representations of their respective communities, satirical or not. Educated minorities I might add, whom have the purchasing power to back up their convictions.

    1. 1. So, you are offended even though you know it’s satire?
      2. Purchasing power for what? Thatch isn’t selling anything.
      Dude, what?

  20. At least Indian and Arab and Asian girls don’t get many abortions, so we’ll still see plenty of the SEXY minorities. Mexican girls can be hot too. Black women, some are hot, most are not.
    Frankly, I’d rather not see all minorities disappear. But less ghetto thug criminal types would be a good thing, for sure.

      1. Most of the MEN in India are disgusting pigs. And I’m not talking about the intelligent, educated, smart indian men. It would be best if they were all killed off, and the indian women were shipped over to the West so that we western men can have a go at those exotic creatures.

        1. Indian women are also disgusting pigs save for a select few. They don’t save their armpits and the obesity rate is higher than the US…unless your into warpigs…go right ahead.

  21. Speaking about abortion, I once read an article about hypocrisy when it comes to abortion. As you’ve mentioned, quite a number of people who have had abortions are quite possibly or were pro-life. For example, a woman who was pro-life and quite vocal about it, brought her daughter to an abortion clinic to get an abortion. When confronted with the question, “why should your daughter be entitled to an abortion?” her response was, “my daughter is an exception. She can’t possibly be expected to have a baby at 16.” I find that people’s believes are unimportant. “It’s not who you are on the inside, it’s what you do that defines you.” http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/07/22/361020/–The-Only-Moral-Abortion-Is-My-Abortion

  22. So…this IS satire, right? It’s written so deadpan I can’t really tell…but if it is, well done!

  23. I used to be a hardcore libertarian — promoting true equality before the law, freedom from aggression, rejecting “necessary evil” as an oxymoron. All that stuff. I absorbed it all, chapter and verse.
    But I had to give it up because it was driving me crazy. The world is just too fucked up. There is too much confusion, error, and bullshit passing as ethics. Abortion, democracy, welfare/socialism/Marxism. It’s all completely indefensible. There’s no point in even debating it.
    I came to the realization that Game teaches us everything we need to know about people, and not just about banging hot girls, but politics too. The fundamental concept behind Game is that people do what benefits them, and then they rationalize it later.
    Is abortion murder? Of course it is.An embryo is a person, growing. THAT’S WHY WOMEN WANT TO KILL IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Women don’t go around randomly amputating various cells from their body for no reason. That embryo/fetus/whatever is GROWING into a fully-formed child, WHICH IS WHY SHE WANTS TO KILL IT NOW, before it starts demanding lots of food, money and attention.
    Its person-hood is the very reason she wants it dead.
    Anyway, there’s no point in trying to determine what is a better (or worse) form of government. There’s no point in trying to write a better (or worse) law or policy. People do what’s in their interest. Ethical rationalizations come later.
    So now, I’ve decided that wide-scale abortion benefits me. It’s ethically indefensible, of course, but so what? Fewer scumbags. Fewer welfare claims. Fewer untermenschen. A better gene pool.
    Margaret Sanger had it right — abortion is eugenics. It’s scientific population control.

  24. I utterly reject this.
    Masculinity without taking responsibility for one’s actions does not exist. It is called femininity.
    A man let’s truth take precedence over pussy any time.

  25. fuckin eddie always putting great shit out there. thanks for your contributions to my continued sanity.

  26. “A man let’s truth take precedence over pussy any time.”
    Precisely. For me this article was worthwile just because of this comment.
    In my point in life, I think that satire and irony are prerogatives of the god. Not of men.
    Specially in a place like this where we gather looking for better clues on life.
    There is no time to waste with misunderstandings or satire on life or death issues. Sometimes a joke – or something disguised as such – lingers on as a sticky fog enough to be seen by the less wise as truths. Remember that plenty of folks died, are dying and will die for a bad joke. Keep the dark witicisms to yourselves.
    “Margaret Sanger had it right — abortion is eugenics. It’s scientific population control.”
    I agree: now go and kill yourself for the planet.
    How about that for dark humor?
    If you want to talk about abortion issues, why not considering it as something tied with the emasculation of men, the masculinization of women?
    All of those are related to population control. Those are just fronts on the war for population control.
    Being a man and suffering because our very nature is being violently attacked and then considering eugenics as a good thing is not very… wise.
    We are at war, gentlemen: this is no joke and we are paying dearly for it.

  27. This guy couldn’t speak his mind in order for him to MAYBE hook up with some leftist loser. Typical scarcity mentality mindset.

  28. This is SATIRE, some people really are stupid. I guess the saying “Americans don’t get irony” is often proven true.

  29. i agree 100%.
    the amount of child support i’d have to pay if there was no abortion, would’ve left me broke.

  30. This is clearly a satirical essay. I highly encourage those ofyou are offended to go look up the definition of satire before you light up your torches and grab your pitchforks. Basically though, the writer means the exact opposite of what he says. It’s really just extreme sarcasm taken to the next level by keeping a consistent voice. Swift did it nearly 500 years ago and the masses tried to crucify him too (although they thought, rightly so from their perspective, that he wanted to eat the unaborted babies :-p point is this is a strong form of literature with a large history of essayists). This doesn’t mean I agree with everything the OP said, but damn if I didn’t find most of it hilarious!

  31. You must love Jonathan Swift. A good piece and I agree with you 100%. Makes me so sad when I see kids who don’t get to live because it interferes with me myself or I.

  32. You must love Jonathan Swift. A good piece and I agree with you 100%. Makes me so sad when I see kids who don’t get to live because it interferes with me myself or I.

  33. I would just like to thank the author, probably the best article ever, never laughed so hard at an article and been this entertained ever! So props to you sir.

  34. Edward Thatch, you will not have to come across the issue of abortion because no women would ever let such a hideous object near them.

  35. Umm..who da fuck wrote this article? This new format makes it impossible to know who the authors are… Change it BACK!!!

  36. Well, this one will never pass muster in the mainstream, but I take issue with a couple of points. White women are getting the most abortions. Furthermore, white women, in spite of receiving the highest number of abortions are also the least likely to get preggars to begin with. Hispanic women are breeding at the rate of 4 per woman, Blacks 3 per woman, Islamics breed 7 per woman nationwide in the United States, 7.4-9 overseas in Iraq, Iran, the Israeli provinces of the Gaza and West Bank. Islam will compete with Hispanics for supremacy everywhere in the world but for the prize of the land mass of the United States, the demographic battle will be won by Islam inside of 50-75 years. All one need do is look at Paris, Britain and Denmark for a preview.
    Iran just needs to hang on for one more decade and it’s proxies will own the nuclear weapons of France and Britain. Every church that dies becomes a mosque. Every slum becomes more and more heavily populated with Islam. And every day, another attack becomes more likely.
    Nice to talk about fewer blacks and Hispanics. But the demographic war favors those populations on the move UP, and the world over, that means Islam.

  37. “and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor chap as he looked at me with “Dude! Why aren’t you backing me up?” in his eyes.”
    You should have had his back instead of being an ass-kissing, pussy-whipped little beta coward. No respect for you bitch.

  38. I can think of a reason: because it isn’t your body and therefore it’s not up to you.

  39. Although more democrats support abortion, MORE REPUBLICANS actually HAVE abortions. Because republicans try the abstinence only and rhythm method and other stupid mythological means of preventing pregnancy.

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