The Myth Of Yellow Fever

Recently, YouTube personality and aspiring actress Anna Akana posted a rant about white men who fetishize Asian women. In the video, Akana recounts her experiences with yellow fever-stricken white nerds with such bitterness that you can practically visualize stink lines wafting off the screen:

Beyond the fact that Akana is clearly making some of her stories up (getting approached by men speaking an Asian language? Yeah right, honey), her video itself is based on a lie. Yellow fever, as described by jealous white girls and Americanized Asian girls, does not exist. The idea that there’s a whole population of men who fetishize slanty eyes and hairless bodies is a myth.

Before the usual suspects start flapping their gums, yes, nerdy white guys tend to end up with Asian girls. But the reason this happens is not because of the man’s fetish, but the woman’s fetish. Asian girls have an obsession with whiteness and white men that borders on being creepy, an obsession that is almost entirely ignored by the legions of white girls and resentful halfies crying about “yellow fever.”


White Fever In The Far East

Until you’ve visited Asia, it’s impossible to understand just how fascinated Asians are with whiteness. My first taste of it was in the Singapore airport. While I was trudging towards the transit hotel, I walked past several kiosks advertising skin lightening cream for women, for the explicit purpose of making them look more Caucasian. SJWs don’t exist in the Far East, so nobody sees anything wrong with this.

The fetishization ramped way up when I entered the Philippines. Every single advertisement on the streets features white models, half-white models, or Filipino models who’ve clearly had their skin retouched to look whiter. In the transit lounge at the Davao airport, I sat behind a huge poster advertising a skin lightening clinic, featuring models who were whiter than me. While the effect is less pronounced in other Eastern countries, the message is clear: many Asian women want to be white.

Indeed, the near-universality of “white fever” among Asian women is what makes laying them so easy. When I opened up an account on FilipinoCupid and posted a picture of myself, I started getting dozens of messages from Filipinas a day. Getting them to show up on dates was as simple as telling them I was going to be in their city (or was in their city) and asking what their number was.

To give you an example of how eager some Filipinas are to date a white man, one girl I met off of FilipinoCupid went absolutely crazy when I first texted her. Five minutes after I contacted her, she tried calling me three times in a row, and when I didn’t pick up, she sent me another three texts. When we finally met for coffee, she was downright obsequious, profusely apologizing to me for being late, laughing at all of my bad jokes, and repeatedly reminding me that we should “spend as much time together” as we could before I returned to the states.

White fever is so strong in the Philippines that I suspect that some of the girls I banged were trying to get pregnant just so they could have a half-white baby. I asked a few girls what they’d do if I got them pregnant (abortion is illegal in the Philippines) and they all told me they’d raise the baby on their own without telling me. Keep in mind that these were all college-educated, middle-class girls I met via FilipinoCupid or day gaming in malls.


Marital Submission And Asian Women

Resentful, Americanized Asian girls like Anna Akana claim that the reason white men have “yellow fever” is because they want a “submissive” woman they can control and berate. When they’re not parading this strawman around, they like to burn it by claiming that Asian women aren’t the “doormats” and “geishas” that nerdy white men are looking for, that they’re strong and sometimes domineering.

This entire argument is based on the fallacious feminist view of wifely submission. To the average you-go-grrl, “submission” conjures up an image of a battered wife tearfully obeying her husband’s every command, no matter how repulsive or humiliating. In actuality, submission is putting the interests of someone or something else before your own, without even thinking about it.

By this definition, Asian women are submissive, because marital submission is the only way to make a marriage and family work. It’s not about being a “doormat,” it’s about working to ensure the health and happiness of your husband and children. If you’re not going to put the interests of the man you love first, why even get married? Why have relationships to begin with if all you care about is yourself?

Furthermore, the claim that yellow fever-afflicted men are closeted domestic tyrants is yet another example of how feminists libel geeks and nerds, some of the most powerless men in American society, as being the root of all evil. Most of these nerds are just looking for an attractive woman who will treat them with respect and won’t emasculate them. Asian women actually appreciate the men in their lives: you will never see one casually cutting down her husband or boyfriend in public the way white girls do.


“Exotification” Does Not Exist

When I wrote an article several months ago praising Filipino girls, feminists and SJWs accused me of “exotifying” them. But none of the traits I listed are ones that only Filipinas can have. There’s nothing about being appreciative, chaste or skinny that precludes white, black, or any race of women from embodying these qualities. It’s not like I was castigating white girls for having round eyes or being taller than 5 foot 1 on average.

My big head may be accepting of all races and peoples, but my little head has its own hood and robes. I’m not particularly attracted to Asian facial features, but I’m also smart enough to recognize a good thing when I see it. Asian girls are a far better deal for the enterprising man looking for a girlfriend or wife who will support him, put his needs first and treat him the way he deserves to be treated.

To jealous white girls and honorary white girls like Anna Akana, Asian women are a threat. A class of girls who are feminine, agreeable and attractive are dangerous to women who get off on being self-absorbed, self-mutilating bores. Accusing men who want feminine, agreeable women of having “yellow fever” is a way of vilifying normal male desires. The slur obscures the fact that white male-Asian female pairings are driven by the fetishes of the latter, not the former.

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  1. When so many women are actively trying to be men, a woman who’s comfortable with and matter-of-fact about her femininity is a breath of fresh air.

      1. Right…and it doesn’t make sense.
        The mindset of women: let me work the same routine as a man even though my “frame” is very different.
        Does anyone here want to date a man?
        Me: the answer is fuck no.

        1. Exactly. I never understood that mindset. It’s essentially “Let me ditch my big, soft tits for rock hard abs because men are dying to slam against another hard body.”

        2. Right. Now she has a rock hard body so when you’re fucking you can feel like you’re in prison (fucking another dude).
          I don’t mind a woman who is in great shape….just the right “shape”.

        3. Also @helmuththeelder:disqus crossFAD won’t be a thing in ten years, just like it wasn’t ten years in the past. Doing more than ten reps (I’d even say six!) EVER of any of the Olympic lifts does NOTHING productive and is amateurish and foolish. The idiot who invented the idea should be Eichmanned on national TV!
          CrossFAD is basically something for women to feel good about like they’re actually exercising in a useful manner so they can post spandex selfies incessantly to collect Betatard Likes and gives them a cult-like atmosphere to be around like-minded exercise newbies (mostly Daddy issue girls and skullfucked single moms) while having orgy fuckfest swaps with their “fitfam”. Yeah, my kinda girl, I tell ya! #fuckfitfam #fitfamholocaust

        4. Yep. That fad plus the fad of these “marathons”. I’ve never seen so many fat women running in marathons.
          I use the word “running” loosely because we all know that real running isn’t involved. It’s more of a run a little, jog a little, walk a lot…to the food and beer tent.

        5. You know how angry they get when you call them “Joggers”?
          “Its not jogging, its RUNNING.”
          “Oh. Are you running as fast as you can?”
          “So you are jogging then.”
          people are so humorless today. Last thing: its the perfect sport for a narcissist. Since you are never gonna win the boston marathon, who are you competing against? Yourself!

        6. I gotta admit I love women that can squat 135 though.
          Do yourself a favour and get behind that…
          Back that up my friends…
          Call for backup and push forward.

        7. I knew a late-20s jogger girl. She would run 6-10 miles a day. She actually ran it though. People think running will heavily reduce body fat. It will if you reduce your calories and run a LOT.
          Running only burns calories WHEN you’re running, while sore muscles from lifting burn calories 24/7. Funny though, she is “puffy” even after all that running. And said to me:”I always want a beer after I’m done running, and I usually drink 1-2 shortly after I get done.” duh duh duh.

        8. And let’s not forget all these gimmicky “runs” where behemoths dress in silly costumes and get colored powder sprayed on them to post selfies for.
          The whole exercise fad going around is more about “bragging” (if their routines even qualify for that!) about it as if that somehow impresses ANYBODY while dressing-up/dressing-down and galavanting around town or on social media to posture. Personally, I wear the same exact peasant-looking uniform each day (I have five pairs of it that I only wear for exercising) with no graphics, logos, or stupid bumper sticker-quips like “EVERY DAMN DAY!” or “PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY!” because I’ve been doing it my whole life and have nothing to prove to anybody. And you’d better be damn sure when I see all these Instagram Fitness Heroes doing all of their bizarre, unorthodox movements with weights (why is it that now these assjacks think the weirder an exercise is, the better?) I roll my eyes and chuckle! If Arnold didn’t do it, it isn’t a thing, so it’s rendered completely irrelevant!

        9. The fat woman marathoner is just psychologically convincing herself she is in shape, “I’m in a marathon , I must be in shape”.

        10. Absolutely. Slim, firm, and feminine beat out chiseled, muscular and masculine in my books.
          Mind you, ‘soft’ can be a good thing too if it doesn’t start pushing the boundary to ‘tubby’.

        11. Fatties are more disgusting than buff women. They make the world unhealthy and think they are attractive BBWs (BUG sounds better ‘Big Ugly Girl’).

        12. Thanks, bitch..appreciate the input. Our door is this way ————————————->

        13. Isn’t it more like rolling? Just wait until they get to the downhill. Gravity is their friend.

        14. Damn this whole time I thought that notio was regional.
          I guess this is an American girl thing to be Fat, Entitled, Social Media Whores, Loud, Curse, hallways or living spaces for vaginas where hot dogs seemed to be thrown there. Posting pics on dating websites of the 1,364 selfie of the day that finally made the cut, using enhancement phone apps to hide their real faces, feigning rape and victimization, screaming it is men’s fault for blah blah.
          Sheesh I thought it would differ in the south versus New York.

        15. Yeah any two-dollar jackass with a smartphone and a mirror suddenly became a “fitness model” (who take pictures of themselves, themselves, oddly) overnight, amazing how that happened. It’s not like a woman who isn’t fat to begin with REALLY has to do much of anything to have a nice body, just maintain what she has with minimal exercise and not eating crap.

        16. “No, I’m competing against that slow old dude who fast-walks 40 kilometres with a heavy pack while it’s still light out …”

        17. Then there is the whole relaxing of physical performance requirements for women in the military, FDs, etc. in the name of “diversh|tty”.

        18. So I read this comment thinking, “Oh…this person thinks I go to the gym to please them. Let’s see some nice rational adults tell him how the world actually works…maybe the fact that many women exercise (however they see fit, mind you) to feel healthy and stronger, instead of consciously not exercising to make sure they keep their “big, soft tits” to bang against some douche who thinks he’s the manliest thing created since the discovery of bacon.” …I was wrong.
          This website gave me brain cancer. Peace.

        19. So I read this comment thread thinking, “Oh…this person thinks I go to the gym to please them. Let’s see some nice rational adults tell him how the world actually works…maybe the fact that many women exercise (however they see fit, mind you) to feel healthy and stronger, instead of consciously not exercising to make sure they keep their “big, soft tits” to bang against some douche who thinks he’s the manliest thing created since the discovery of bacon.” …I was wrong.
          This website gave me brain cancer. Peace.

        20. Nice try – I didn’t say anything about “big, soft tits”. I just want a woman to be a woman (not a man).
          You’re either attention whoring, out of shape or a she man. It doesn’t matter (and I really don’t give a fuck). XoJane is waiting for you.

        21. they are both equally disgusting in my view. Why can’t a girl just be fit without trying to get buff?

        22. I have to agree, a crossfit clown is better than jaba the slut.
          Neither are optimal but one is far harder on the eyes.

      2. M gripe is too many women are fat slobs. Not that I like muscular crossfit women, but it sure as fuck is better than sea donkeys.

        1. true that. Its just that the other ethnic groups have really dropped the ball compared to them. If other girls copy the best attributes of the asian girl, then the asian girl cannot compete.
          Like imagine a white girl that stayed slim,no tattoos,piercings,cooked,cleaned,wiling to be a mother,doesnt drink smoke or sleep around(chaste), which would mean shed age better due to better lifestyle. With also a cool head and warm heart, just think how popular they would be…or any race for that matter.
          The asians may have a flat chest,ass and face but their behavior,values,lifestyle,habits and their femininity carry them through. I wish the other races of women act like them.

        2. I agree. I visited Japan some years ago and was blown away because most of the women there are downright beautiful. It’s not that they are completely “physically” attractive, it’s just they are so nice, clean and feminine. You would see a girl who on the physical scale may only be a C+, but the fact that she was so feminine and bubbly boosted her into B+ status. (I saw no weird piercings and only one tattoo after being their almost two weeks.)
          I was disappointed when I had to return to the States and face the reality of “People of Walmart” again:-(

        3. I hear ya man. Last summer I met this slim,tall,feminine but facially ugly japanese girl. Yet been thinking about her,because of the way she was acting. The typical Japanese girl charm.Very pleasant. She wasnt really shy,playful little thing,but she knew what it meant to be a good girl.
          For example I asked her about going clubbing, she responded with(paraphrasing) ” I dont go to clubs,only bad girls go there”.
          It was very heart warming to hear that.
          Its very hard to explain their behaviour. Once youve been exposed to it,youre spoiled. Girls from any community wont compete, be it indian,muslim,white,black even latin, you just cant go back.
          Its really feminie overload

        4. What, you don’t appreciate ass cracks that seem to go around to her belly button–you know, the one spilling out over the waistband of her Daisy Dukes? When she bends over to get the extra cheap dog food to feed her 6 kids back at the trailer, you can see the hail damage on her ass. You and your oppressive male gaze! Shame on you for not seeing how beautiful and strong all wymyn are!

        5. Hail damage on her ass, good one, LOL !
          You get the comic smart ass award for the day !!!!

        6. I can quote from column this week,
          “Only in Thailand can you walk behind a girl and say mentally to yourself, no ass, no tits, but sexy as hell.”

        7. I used to go to this acupuncture/massage place in my neighborhood and the Korean lady there was amazingly beautiful. She was 38 and looked 24 on her good days. Kind, friendly, soft, and caring.

        8. That’s true and was lucky enough to be in the Navy to get to know the Asian culture it was a perfect fit for me I watch NHK a lot and its like a symbiosis of peanut butter and jelly it just works.
          Caucasian women are attractive they just need to do what the women in the 40s did to keep their slimness. My mother never went over 115 she ate reasonably lot of salads and was very close to God it was a great environment to grow up in I was so lucky.

        9. had a chinese accupunturists too back in the day. she was in her 50s older then my dad…but dam she looked fine.

        10. ya we had less back in the day yet were in better shape. my grandma comes from a community known for having fat women once they have their first kid but she didnt and she had 10 kids and still slim to this day.
          we have all the modern tech to make our lives easier but we abuse it and ruin ourselves females espically.

        11. come to think of it. i think they play up on the feminity to compete with their more busty western counterparts. if they acted like western women you may as well get an actual one…with curves.
          but dam seeing a western or non asian girl pull off japanese girl feminity would just kill the competition

        12. The thing I want to know, do Japanese girls actually sound like they do in porn: are they a bunch of squeak toys?

        13. Most Thai men are better looking than most American women, lol. And if you are looking at them from behind, it might be a ladyboy!.
          I was banging a Chinese woman who apparently had some issues, She complained that she had “the body of a 14 year old boy”. Ok, so no tits or ass to speak of and not particularly curvy, but her little 5 foot 100 pound package was all woman.

        14. The problem with Chinese women is that they look 16 until they are 40, then there is a transition period, and then the next thing you know you are married to Yoda.

        15. lol ya I heard that, but could be a generational thing since that time they grew up poorer. Im curious how the young ones will age though.

        16. With only a few exceptions there is a trade off between rural poverty and urban pollution. Of course, you could always take your chances on a Chinese girl you find in North America, lol (“Eddie! I want half!”)

        17. lol shell probably eat half the money, starting to see some fat asian chicks. not even asian metabolism can handle heavy foods

        18. I don’t think it is so much the metabolism at all. The Chinese diet is high carb (rice, bread, noodle – starch – as well as fruit and other veg), higher fat than you would expect because they use lots of oil in cooking and have shitty cuts of meat, and low protein because of the shitty cuts of meat. The protein intake is either hi carb like tofu or high fat like nuts or – again – the shitty cuts of meat.
          They keep their portions modest and remain somewhat physically active.
          Give Big Macs and 8 hours a day in front of a computer and Chinese girls get fat too.
          Most here are not even “slim” but just normal based on their BMI. The average American chick is overweight. But normal is a nice change if you have been surrounded by chubsters your entire adult life.

        19. their diet is basically like indians only indians are lazier. The koreans and mongols I notice are bigger thats likely due to more meat consumption.
          I kow in japan they protion control their food. Most tend to be a skinny-fat, never a lean toned slim physique.

        20. I don’t want to fuck Thai men and I certainly don’t want to fuck American women. Stop projecting your homosexual fantasies on to me, faggot.

        21. A Freudian slip is the neglige you parade around in in front of your gay lover. I have a legitimate level of anger for being the target of a faggot internet stalker like you.

      3. Its really dangerous too. Im of the “light wieght/high rep” or “heavy weight/low rep” school- medium weight for as many times as you can in 3 minutes just doesnt sound right.
        Its hard to gauge total injuries from crossfit, there are no franchisees, only affilitations (2 day bootcamp and you can open a gym!) and this designation, apparently means they do not have to report injuries related to this workout regimen.

        1. I just can’t get into something that trains power lifting to fatigue. It works for some people though so credit to them. I’m not going to criticize someone as long as they are training and it is effective.

        2. I sat in front on a CF gym eating my order-out meal from a breakfast diner neighboring it. Every single time I go there and eat my meal in the parking lot, I see NO ONE doing SHIT. Just One time did I actually see anyone doing a routine. No one sweating, nothing. This fad crap has to end.
          Did the Navy Seal that invented CF intend it to be this way? Hell no.

        3. Dude its a brilliant biz model- how no fuckin frills are these shitass CF gyms? no expensive machines, no sauna, no swimming pool, etc…just bars, 45 lb plates, maybe some rosin for the effect kevin garnett- style hahahaha

        4. and! and! its the only gym that lets you drop the weights, much to chagrin of the neighbors across the street…Im gonna research this right now 🙂

        5. It’s a cult-like social scene, my friend, not any kind of exercise intended for physical perfection or spiritual enlightenment (both concepts being relative to the end-user, of course).

        6. The have a retail counter too to sell all sorts of shit. I assume they sell Selfie-Sticks there too.

        7. It works for no one. Modality, form, regiment, lower/upper split, all of it….just wrong and a fad to boost fragile egos and inflate narcissitic women with their fantasy wannabe “hardcore” “badass” delusions. Then they post a selfie of them in dress and heels proclaiming, I’m a “beast” but a “lady” too. No, they’re more like: incapable, lazy, attention whoring, self-centered slut. Went on a rant there, but I think I didn’t say anything new here.

        8. It might not be the optimal training regime, but if they are remotely fit and active and not unhealthy, I am not going to complain given this country’s obesity levels.

      4. I’ve got mediocre arthritis that’s developed in many of my joints, I still lift regardless because it actually seems to help the arthritis at times. Other times it makes it worse.
        I often wonder what the hell these women’s bodies will feel like when they’re in their 30s-40s after undertaking a man’s routine, even if done with lesser weights.
        Oh wait, Obamacare has them covered. That’s right.

      5. It still won’t make them buff like guys because they still don’t have the amount of testosterone guys have. They may be fit and lean but not bulky. The only way for that to happen is if they are taking the roids. I like fit women though not the bodybuilder type but the lean fitness model type. At least it’s better than dating a fat landwhale who sits there and eats a shit ton of junk food.

      6. LOL. I am probably one of those women that out lift you in the gym. You don’t like it? Tough crap, baby. I have a physically demanding life, I am an athlete, and being strong is what I do. Oh, and my physically demanding life? It comes out of having a large family whose needs I am passionate about meeting, and a husband that has his own…needs. You, dude? You don’t even register on my radar. Now stay away from the power rack, and get back in your yoga class where you belong.

        1. Wow… that certainly is a strong penis shrivelling attitude. Have fun trying to act like a fucking man.

        2. I leg pressed 1270 lbs 2x last week to 90 degrees and back. Let me know when you’re doin that without a spotter sister, and you’ll see wtf physically demanding is.

        3. Don’t forget to prance around town in your spandex to announce to The Republic that you exercise (since 1/1/15) while men perv on you and sniper pics of your ass for their spank bank, check-in at the gym on Facebook and post a women’s locker room selfie to have the Betatards give Likes to reinforce why you go (since 1/1/15), use a trite and comical hashtag like “#strongisthenewsexy” (since 1/1/15), brag about you much you squat with sloppy form and have some Beta take a pic of you doing it for you to post on Instagram (since 1/1/15), then afterward take another selfie doing a cattywampus bicep pose with your headphones on (since 1/1/15) before heading home in your mom SUV with those stick figure family stickers on the rear windshield before going home to “meal prep” (since 1/1/15) and then posting a Status about that.
          Because it’s not about doing it for YOUR OWN physical and spiritual enlightenment, it’s about announcing it with the clothes you wear outside of the house and all over social media. What was once something “weird” that Type A Alpha personalities did for their own mind and body perfection is now a watered-down and trendy social media phenomenon that lost almost all of its meaning. God, you people make my skin crawl! Also @bensonwenson:disqus, @disqus_ZQjkU5etc7:disqus and @Cervantes111:disqus.

        4. You’ve only got it half right: it certainly is a strong penis growing where her clit was because she’s doping so much. The next time hubby reaches into her bikini briefs (as a reward for doing the dishes and laundry), he’s liable to pull out a tree trunk. “Hey, honey, that’s some set of balls you’ve got there!”

        5. Thats awesome bro! how much you bench bro? Keep us posted on how much your bust shrinks and when you develop that V- shaped back bro…

        6. It sounds more like penis envy on her/it’s part.
          Since we are not supposed to reply to THEM, I will reply here.
          Bitches with an attitude problem like” harpy wifey’s” need to be rounded up and shipped off to a muslim nation.
          They will learn two things there.
          1. How to keep their mouth shut and behave to avoid bitch slapped like they deserve.
          2. How good they have it here where they are allowed to run wild like soiled children.

        7. Please, please speak your mind more often. I almost cried in joy from your words. People need to get called out for their wanton depravity.

        8. @disqus_a3lL3dDTXz:disqus @bensonwenson:disqus @disqus_ZQjkU5etc7:disqus @Cervantes111:disqus Okay this shit has got to stop, seriously. Can you bitches find some other fad to feign interest in while attention whoring until you all are blue in the face? Because you tainted something many of us hold very dear to our spirit with your showboating and narcissism. I think baby seals still get clubbed for their fur somewhere on the planet, go interject about that instead!

        9. I went to a bodybuilding competition with my uncle several years back. After the female competitors came out he said to me: “Y’know, I never thought women could grow teeth in their vaginas until now.”

      7. As a long time gym addict, I couldn’t agree with you more. Once upon a time, women like Rachel McLish or Corey Everson (1970’s/1980’s Ms Olympia winners were criticised for being too muscular and masculine looking. Now, the average Crossfit chick aspires to look like something 10 times more butch.

        1. I always liked Kathy Long, whose fitness and muscles were not just aesthetic. As she crested 50 her body was still ok, but she was showing her age in the form of a saggy face.

    1. Watch out, everybody! Coming soon to your gym (wait, too late!) cows who ask someone to take their pic during a set of “grueling” Smith machine bench presses WHILE LOOKING AT THE CAMERA with no regard whatsoever for how that makes their spine crooked and then do a bicep pose in a sloppy, non-competition worthy manner to collect social media Likes after! Impressed much? Neither am I!

        1. Right, but regardless of how she looks (good or bad), I cannot wrap my head around exercise bragging in general. It’s incredibly obnoxious and I can’t imagine who except the thirstiest of loser Betatards would even give a fuck.
          Besides, something that everybody else does is generally devalued anyway, so why bother doing something that just gets you lost in the mix of all other people and makes you ordinary?

        2. You can lift/workout all you want but if you eat like shit and fail to eat less calories than you burn you will still be fat as fuck.
          A lot of women Gym-goers don’t seem to understand that concept lol.

      1. love this.
        Side note: my gym has no smith machine and that is a great source of pride and happiness for me. Where you would expect a smith to be there are just extra squat racks.

        1. Yeah. It is a pretty big chain here in NYC and not every location is quite as awesome. But this location is geared towards serious lifters.
          One trainer who I think is a really cool guy was a strongman runner up.
          Literally watched him one arm deadlift 405.
          That is the kind of shit you get in a gym with no smith machines.
          Conversely, I want to start going to planet fitness locations to set off the lunk alarm and video with my phone. I think the youtube compilation would be amazing.

    2. All I see is a bunch of men whining about how women are becoming more masculine than themselves. Oh well. Create a club and don’t date that kind of woman? There is nothing wrong with improving yourself and how you feel.

    1. …and they still manage to get bankrolled by large companies (yes, I’m looking at you, Intel) with millions of $.

  2. “Once again, back is the incredible. The rhyme animal the untenable ‘Matt’”
    Great going hitting these feminists with the truth again. They simply don’t get as lazy or as great as some men are, we don’t want relationships with unfeminine women. Still have sperm coasting down your legs? Unfeminine. Dried out faces is unfeminine. Trying to outman a man is unfeminine. It isn’t hard ladies. Don’t be ignorant and look at what worked for ladies in the past for happiness. I’m sure cock riding, ballin’, taking pictures around the world is appealing, but is it all more appealing than ending up in a nursing home because you have no heirs to take care of you?

    1. “Terminator X…rock and roll (give you a hand there)”
      These women are another example of how unhappy they are in life by following everything that was taught in their “gender studies” classes. These classes try to teach everything that is just the opposite of human nature (that has existed since the dawn of man).
      Now, we have a next generation (usually the worst, most spoiled) Asian girl telling us that we (men) have yellow fever. She has no fucking idea what she is talking about in the video. It’s all the same bullshit from these classes, books, etc….from her classes at a university (the feminist narrative).
      The best thing her parents could have done for her was take her ass back “home” (often or for good) to show her the deal. She’s fucked up, now, – brainwashed by all of the bullshit.

      1. all women are inherently the same. the end.
        Would someone right an article on how to go boar huntin’ with bow and arrow? We need something different here. Matt’s running out of ethnic groups. All that is left are aboriginal and pygmy women 🙂

        1. Gotta dust off the boy scout manual. Hopefully there is something helpful in that book.

      2. Completely agree. Somewhere along the way, they get brainwashed into this feminist propaganda because a small part of them gets that they too have sexual power. Easily the fascination they have with Western culture supersedes this so they will drop the old ways in a heart beat if they are here for 5 years to join the carousel ergo ditching the power they once had. Shame really as they are pretty sexy in a humble way.

    2. Hey, they’ve been told ‘they can have it all”. But at whom expense? Every fuc*ing body else! Look at the children of these ‘career minded’ women, raised off of Little Caesar’s Pizza and KFC, they have a nutritional profile at the age of 13 of a 45 year old. There is going to be a whole epidemic of these kids dying of a heat attack by the age of 35. And what about their husbands, the dumb bastards, they work everyday, come home clean up the house, and do every other household chore their ‘opressed’ wife never took the time to learn. Looks like modern day slavery to me.

  3. I’ve always liked Asian women, there’s no particular reason I just like what my boner tells me, but on average I find them far more tolerable than your average Aussie white girls who often exemplify everything you don’t want in a woman. I do notice there’s alot more Asian women that seem more tolerant of beta behavior from men than Anglo Aussie girls too, which may explain why that Anna girl had so many beta nerds approach her.

    1. It all really depends. I can agree with you but to an extent. You always have to find out if she was raised here (western culture, U.S.., etc…) or back “home”.
      The problem with this group or the next generation is they are so fucking spoiled (by their parents and by society) -the entitlement attitude. Also, if something doesn’t meet up with their delusional thinking…you’ll have some girl mouthing off about how it’s someone else…not her (no accountability, no responsibility…sound familiar?).
      No bitch…it’s not white men having “yellow fever”. It’s men who have been exposed to actual women (and many from other countries). I look for women who want to be women…not men (that’s my fucking job).

      1. “Yellow fever” is a disgusting term used to create a sense of moral panic around something that is completely natural.
        Men like women who are
        1. Attractive and feminine
        2. Traditionally/family minded
        Not exactly rocket science. Next the Fems will be asking why we feel the need to convert oxygen into CO2 and amino acids into bodily tissue.
        It’s amazing there’s not been an exodus of hundreds of millions of western men when you look at the facts

        1. Agree. It’s a term that they use (just like the MSM) to paint an ugly face on something. The fact that many Asian women are pairing with white men is an uncomfortable fact for her to swallow. But, what else would you expect from an “educated” next generation Asian girl who grew up in the states (or western culture)?
          She’s had it so tough walking to Starbucks while using her iPhone.
          and can anyone else smell “attention whore” on this girl?

        2. It’s the fear it creates in their bones.
          What if these – let’s say – average men manage to find really attractive, loyal and largely (or comparatively) unspoiled females? The western Feminist system will damn near collapse.
          I walk through shopping malls and see good looking guys being bossed around and basically abused by 5 feet 3 inch, 180 pound harridans.
          An entire industry is predicated on this misery. Male misery.
          Show one of these unlucky brothers a pic of the girl in the purple swimwear above and tell him he could comfortable attain her. Then see the look on his face.

        3. Very true. I see it here and I shake my head. I’ll, often, give out a little advice (if I see a guy in need of it or if he asks outright). Many of these men don’t realize that they “are the prize” and that they need to set a woman straight (sometimes pretty often).
          They’ll watch how I act or handle a situation.
          I outright tell them I’m an asshole from time to time. It’s part of my charm (and women react positively to it…even though they’ll never admit it).

        4. 10 years ago my pal and I listed in our minds how many guys we knew who married or got into LTR with people of lower standing then them (there were many), compared with how many women had (there was literally none).
          I bet the situation is even worse now.

        5. “Next the Fems will be asking why we feel the need to convert oxygen into CO2 and amino acids into bodily tissue.”
          Don’t mind me; just exercising my oppressive oxygen transfer privilege.

      2. I’ve met Asian women with horrible personalities too, I’m not trying to paint them as the perfect females, I just find the more of them with nicer personalities than i do white girls. But 2nd an 3rd generation Asians in Anglo countries can be just as bad an Anglo women too I’m not denying that.

        1. Avoid westernized Asian women like the plague. They may not only imitate but go one step further and double down on the nasty qualities they see in their white peers. This Anna Akana woman of the article is one such example.

        2. Yep I’ve met more than a few, fortunately I still meet plenty of traditional Asian women too.

        3. Avoid any westernized woman regardless of race.
          For no other reason than that valley girl voice.
          Makes me want to hurt someone.
          If she doesn’t have an accent (excepting british and australian), drop her.

        4. No, I agree with you.
          There are plenty of them out there with great personalities and who have held on to family traditions (or just tradition). Many of the others that we see (with the entitlement attitudes) are the ones who have been spoiled to the core and think that life (or men) “owes” them.
          That thinking coupled with the feminist narrative of “don’t settle” has created these little princesses.

        5. I can always tell when a chick is from California. They all have that fucking accent and “speak”….you really want to ask them “What country are you from, again?”.
          They all, definitely, live in their own little world.

        6. I’ve talked to a few Californian chicks online actually and they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more interesting than Canadian chicks.

        7. Agree. One of the worst women I ever met was an 18 y.o. Vietnamese girl born and raised in Austria. She was a true nympho, riding the cock carousel like a champ and constantly lying to cover up her misdeeds.

        8. California is the epicenter of the apocalypse. Especially LA and the surrounding valley. Makes me want to jump off a cliff into the ocean.
          The stupid shit I hear regularly is just painful.

        9. I guarantee you Anna Akana rarely or never dates asian men, and is secretly embarrassed by her asian father. She’s overwhelmed with guilt of her own racism, and is psychologically projecting that onto men…

        10. You can still get your nuts drained by them as long as you’re not black, but many of them become fat and sloppy too, so even if I had access to them I wouldn’t bone ’em.

        11. And they’re all actresses, models, or working on a screenplay yet strangely all work as baristas, in retail, or in a cushy white-collar desk job. How odd… 😉

        12. There does seem to be a sweet spot. You don’t want a Fresh Of the Boat type, nor do you want a fully westernized third generation girl. If you can find that first generation born in the west, the kind that was exposed to all the hard-line eastern family traditions at birth, but whose mother has not yet had time to internalize the feminist propaganda, then you might get lucky.

        13. “Avoid any westernized woman regardless of race.”
          I live in the west. There are westernized women here. I might as well give up scotch.
          Well maybe not 😀

        14. Agreed. I’ve noticed this with westernized ethnic women from Asia and India. Totally insecure and having to one-up white women in every way. Constantly trying to assert their superiority and exceptionalism. Becomes annoying. I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly in a pissing contest with the woman I’m with.

    2. I noticed in the 90’s that australian-chinese christian girls were like 3 cuts above average. Although they didn’t beg you to fuck them in the ass before the first date like aussie girls. I doubt that is the case today, though.

      1. Chinese girls I’ve met who are actually from China tend to be more conservative an far more quality personality wise but mayby I’ve just got lucky with ones I’ve met. Chinese born here in our toxic culture seem bad though.

      2. Wow, Aussie girls are down like that.
        Sounds like the dating scene would be interesting.

    3. In my opinion, what characterizes “alpha” depends on culture.
      In civilized Asian culture, having manners and respect, dignity, speaking with purpose, being resourceful, thinking long-term, caring about your loved ones are actually traits that are valued. There is no “extrovert” ideal in Asia. When Asian girls meet tall and fun white guys who are intelligent and speak when they have something to say, it is like winning the lottery.
      In civilized Asian culture, I would wager that being an Asian bro-clown-alpha-DJ with a coke addiction constantly cracking jokes and never shutting the fuck up would probably be a sign of less value… You might be considered a local joke.

      1. Yea alpha is a very lose term that can mean different things to different people an cultures. A lot of things white Anglo girls see as Beta alot Asian girls seem to respect I’ve noticed. But there’s plenty of Asian girls who have been westernized too.

        1. Yeah I’ve seen the same thing.
          I’m not particularly interested in being a clown alpha personally.
          We live in a globalized world now, play the world.

    4. Which part of Aus, mate? I’m down here in Melbourne and I co-sign everything that you stated.

      1. I second that. I live with an Aussie born Thai girl and she is identical to every trash white Aussie chick out there.

  4. Got brains like us? Got skills like us? Got cars, got clothes, got girls like us? Got rice bitch? Got rice?

  5. All women are submissive.
    All of them.
    Its what they want.
    I have never had a girl, no matter how short her hair, no matter how many tattoos, no matter how liberated, no matter how “Western”, no matter how White, no matter how Black, how ghetto, how educated, etc. who wouldn’t submit before the will of the Man.
    If you have a woman who doesn’t do what you tell her then either she is fucked in the head, or you simply have not applied proper force.
    A woman complaining that Asian women are “submissive” is simply a woman who doesn’t have a man to submit to.

    1. True… even when such women marry betas or white knights they still are self-absorbed and unhappy, because that man isn’t giving them what they inherently crave.

      1. And she’ll shit test you until the day you die to break your frame. They are attracted to the alpha guy and wins him. Then try to turn him into a beta/omega guy until she succeeds. Then gets turned off and then leaves him for the next alpha guy and repeat the cycle.
        A coworker once told me, “The more I understand women, the more I love my dog.”

    2. That may be true, but good luck with divorce. As a guy in my late 20s, I’m sure as shit not settling down with a domestic woman.

      1. Getting married is like going to war. You’re already dead it’s just the timing that’s yet to be determined.

        1. Sometime ago I watched an episode of ‘Happily Never After’ telling the real-story of this poor naive hapless good-natured beta man named ‘Bruce Allan Cleland’ who was murdered at East LA in July 1997 by a hired gunman courtesy of Rebecca Cleland whom Bruce married several months prior to his sad untimely demise. Without Manosphere wisdom & guidance the ultra beta 42-YO-virgin Bruce never stood a chance even against a woman almost 20 years his junior, his affluent middle-class religious blue-pill gentleman upbringing was his undoing. Several red flags he ignored or he possibly never even realized even when they stared back at him in the eyes :
          1) Single mother? Check.
          2) Nearly 1′ shorter than him? Check.
          3) Tats? Check.
          4) “Curvy”? Check.
          5) He paid all for all dates? Check.
          6) Dancing provocatively at clubs in skimpy outfit during dates WITH HIM? CHECK.
          7) No sex WITH HIM before getting a big new house, a diamond ring, a lavish wedding and a promise of expensive honey-moon to nice places? Check, Check, Check and Check.
          At her bachelorette party, the cunt even fucked the dancer and continued to fuck him on the side after she married her ultra beta provider. Not long after the cunt became Ms. Cleland, she forged his signature, insured him for 1 million box and the rest is history.
          The cops managed to unravel the truth and she got life but even now from behind the bars she is still trying to lure other gullible dyed-in-the-wool NAWALT believers into becoming pen-pals with her So fucking unbelievable, she even falsified her birth year to be 1982 whereas it should have been circa 1974.

          If Bruce had known the Red Pill then he could have used all those mass of fortune he had in order to pay for premium-quality escorts or slay exotic high-quality pussies but again at his day & age 99% of men were essentially gullible hapless chumps who were only happy to do what society told them to do and to believe that ALL women are no less than angels. I too used to believe that ALL women were angels but the very fact that they don’t have wings should have shaken me earlier to the realization that they were actually FALLEN angels.

    3. Yes – the most important thing to understand from the article is this ^
      the second most important thing to understand is she is not making this fuss because she has a solid intellectual opinion, only because it’s trendy to be outraged and take a swing at men. – 5 years ago she’d have been posting make up tips or some pic of her new handbag….

      1. Agree.
        I particularly love her intellectual leap of faith by suggesting men don’t like women for who they really are.
        Perhaps she should consider that a culture that creates happy, non-feminazi, open minded girls, is one that is likely to create a girl you like if you like happy, non-feminazi, open minded girls.
        Or put another way, if you like fine dining, why would you walk into KFC ?

      2. Like all feminists all she needs is a good rogering. Actually unlike most feminists if she adopted a better attitude she would get it.

    4. If you have a woman who doesn’t do what you tell her then you could very well be an American male.
      Dump her and start anew… and this time do it right from the very beginning. Have a zero tolerance policy for bullshit, doesn’t matter how big or small. Be consistent. It’s like training a dog or raising a child.
      When I started out with my girlfriend, on our first 1-2 dates she was openly flirting with other men. I straightened her out and nowadays she doesn’t even look at other men. When we’re in bed I tell her to open her legs and she never says no. I can’t imagine how so many guys complain about being ‘denied sex’. It’s your damn fault for being denied sex. The very least you can do is dump the self-centered bitch.

      1. Well played. I actually would have dumped that bitch after the first date but you sound like you’ve got her well trained.
        If I got denied sex I would get up and get it some other place.
        In my relationships I’ve been the one to deny sex.Hell I’ve left women in tears because I wouldn’t shag them. Try it if you haven’t already, the effect is amazing.

  6. Interestingly on the flip side, the Asian guys I know that are married to white women usually choose the ones from Europe. My dad’s friend who’s Chinese has been married to a lovely Spanish lady who’s a conservative catholic and they have 3 wonderful children. Similarly, 2 other Asian guys I know married a Russian & a Lithuanian respectively. I think that they realized early on that a lot of the North American Asian girls are just as piss bad as their foul mouth white liberal women.

  7. I never actually cared about the whole ‘yellow fever’ crap you hear, i never knew why, it just felt like bs but now I’ve swallowed the red pill I know why I didn’t care. Because it’s actually Asians who have white fever even the westernized ones and the men that want to date them are simply attracted to slender, feminine women. I also don’t blame Asians for having ‘white fever’, although that term is also bs because as true as it may be it has negative connotations when it actual fact white men bring a lot to the table especially the nerdy ones who just so happen to have the best jobs. Its only weirdo sjws who have the problem with this and invent stigmatizing terms to label men with healthy sexuality. The manipulation of language is key to a lot of their power, like the name social justice warrior, after all who could be against justice? And warrior has strong positive associations. It’s pure Orwellian and pure bs

  8. As man who counts himself lucky to be married to a good, traditionally minded woman from his own country, I still sometimes think I missed some opportunities. And articles like this reaffirm that feeling.
    I love the look of Asian girls. They’re my number 1 by a considerable distance. Beautiful, slender, smooth, feminine. My line of work also lends well to travel eastwards.
    In another dimension, I’m hitting up job recruitment/emigration sites and heading to Japan/Taiwan/the Philippines/wherever else, like a shot.

    1. You, sir, are a man (who is the man in the relationship) who was looking for a woman (something you found). That’s what all men want. These fucking women, today, need to get the message out.
      Women (who are trying to be men) – need not apply here.
      We’re all full.

      1. Even traditionally minded western women will be avoided soon, because even they are subjected to the MSM clusterfuck.
        Sweatpants, unused gym memberships, starbucks, reality TV, SUVs, divorce.
        This is our culture. Even good women may relent.

        1. I was in Arlington VA recently and looking around every woman seemed to be dressed like she was going to the gym. I asked a female “friend” what the deal was, and she said “oh that’s the style here”.
          I told her that would be “stylish” in the gym but not out of it. In Europe for example, women would dress that way in the gym but going to and from the gym they would be dressed “properly” i.e. to the nines.

        2. Yeah, Bob….I’m in southern VA and it’s some what the same (even though up around the DC area – NOVA – those bitches have a very entitled mindset). It’s why Roosh talks about why it’s hard gaming and dating in D.C..
          I definitely will hold a woman to a standard when dressing and if she tries to dress down I’ll call her out on it (going to the gym?). If not, then carry your ass to the closet and change clothes.

        3. A side note: NOVA – northern Virginia (for all of the men out of the area). The area surrounding D.C. in Virginia (Alexandra, Arlington, Fairfax, etc..).

        4. Tell me about it, pal!
          In England, they wear pyjamas in the street; gym wear in pub; and going out clothes at work.
          The reversal of standards is complete.

        5. DC must be as bad as nyc or LA, eh?
          DC – women chase power brokers
          LA – women chase players in entertainment
          NY – women chase bankers/old money

        6. Yep, D.C. is no fun place. It has to do with chasing and positioning. Plus that lifestyle up there (compared to down south) is non-stop run, run, run..even in a grocery store.
          Very little to no manners at all. Everyone is so god damn important and uptight, hurrying all the time and late for some “big meeting”. Too much ego up north.
          Once you hit Richmond, south or go west – it’s a different ball game (and lifestyle).

        7. Going out clothes at work lol!
          Actually, in London proper (i.e. The City, West End) the women mostly have their shit together appearance wise.. But then again most of them aren’t from England…

        8. Seriously.
          It’s exactly how I described it. I’ve worked for 2 companies now were management have issued blanket warnings to the female staff for dressing and talking like whores.
          Not back street companies either. Regulated professional industries.

        9. Yeah I lived there for ten years. It truly was a nightmare dating wise.
          I recently took out an Arlington woman and when I turned up her hair was a mess. I made her fix that shit on the spot. I almost went R. Lee Ermey on her ass.
          Its a sign of disrespect I think if you show up to take a girl out and the bitch thinks dressing like a slob is acceptable

        10. Agree. I recommend: always call the woman on the spot for her appearance.
          I tell them that they can go out dressed however they want….but not with me.
          It puts them on “notice”.

        11. I think their attitude is that work (if they’re employed by an upmarket firm) is the place they can snag a married company director and tear him from his wife and kids.
          Don’t get me wrong, that Director may be legitimately miserable at home, but what he doesn’t count on is that when he’s divorced his wife and left his 3 kids, his new girlfriend will not turn out to be the Juliet he imagined.
          He’ll be twice divorced within a 3 year period. Broke and his family will hate him.
          This or similar scenarios are played out with comic regularity

        12. Agree…I think it can work in both places. I think she “dresses” for the find good dick or to find a “utility” husband (or bf).

        13. It’s wrong that we even have to tell them. It’s an intrinsic part of femininity like bleeding once a month…

      2. Here here!
        And we should add, you’re not going to find a feminine woman unless you create a filter and actively look for one. WomYn who are products of Cultural Marxism are time wasters and dangerous to a man’s mental and financial health.

        1. As a man who has dated a product or two of this culture, I couldn’t agree more. The woman who buys, ‘I don’t want to be a statistic’ is one of the most suspect that I’ve encountered. Seemingly admirable, the are the most eager for male approval and cock carousel as they can’t stand being stereotyped which means “being seen as feminine”.

  9. It’s not about being a “doormat,” it’s about working to ensure the health and happiness of your husband and children. If you’re not going to put the interests of the man you love first, why even get married? Why have relationships to begin with if all you care about is yourself?

    Women who make these sacrifices, especially so we as husbands can excel at our careers and have well-behaved and properly cultured children are treasures. Cherish them.
    Ed. especially when they do everything possible at the same time to keep up their own health and physical appearances for your enjoyment too.

    1.’s the main reason (even though they’ll never admit) why these women are alone. They’ve been taught that everything women “used to be” was bad and too compromising. But, they have no trouble saying, pushing or letting a man, today, be very compromising when it comes to her career, life, etc.
      It’s called hypocrisy…but you’ll never get any one of them to admit it.

    2. And women who don’t obsess about “their career”. I have had women like this who when the subject of kids comes up wail “but what about my career?”
      Bitch fuck your career. You weren’t put on this planet to have a career. You’re here to have kids and raise them. You do that job, then you can do whatever the fuck you like. Until then, get the fuck home and make sure little Timmy has what he needs. He relies on you so do your fucking job!

      1. Part of the issue is globalization. Its very hard to have even the reasonable accommodation of a middle class lifestyle without a 2 income household.

        1. Thats why this “return to traditionalism” stuff is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing- a man cant entirely fulfill his role due to the stagflation we’ve had since the mid 70s (it never really ended, the deregulation of the credit card industry in 1979 papered over this problem for the past 35 yrs).

        2. You are absolutely right. Woman only started going out to work when the government inflated the cost of living out of the reach of the average man.

        3. We are being slowly choked. There will be a reckoning in all modern countries, when we are all, educated and uneducated, fighting for last 25% of global wealth. I believe we are getting closer to a major seismic change in the west. The system can’t use credit to keep the machine running anymore, and people with families are getting shafted on all over (astronomical child care costs, BECAUSE we need 2 incomes so someone else raises the kids, tax penalties, regulatory limits on individuals, etc…). It can’t continue like this for very long.

  10. Have a nice asian girl who comes by regularly (immigrated about 7 years ago). I told her I had to take a shower, instead she had me sit in the tub while she sat behind me and bathed me. Scrubbed my back and shampooed my hair, massaging my head the whole time.
    That blew my mind. There isn’t a white girl in America I could imagine doing that for me – and completely unrequested. I treat her well because of that kind of attitude.

    1. That is only natural. As men, we are simple creatures, treat us good, we will treat you good. Not rocket science.

    2. “That blew my mind. There isn’t a white girl in America I could imagine doing that for me…”
      And that is truly the sad part. They have everything and they want everything but give nothing in return (the average woman, usually white, in society today).

      1. I disagree. You just have to train them right.
        The problem is, finding western girls that make good slaves. It has taken me decades.

        1. If one is willing to go through the effort, sure.
          I am not willing to train anyone. It’s better if she not only instinctively does this but shuns women who don’t
          I’ve read stories of guys with asian women who HATE western women.

        2. Let me introduce myself as another man that has an Asian woman that HATES western women. It is one of her many endearing qualities.

    3. One asian girlfriend, all I had to do was silently roll my neck and she’d give me a neck rub. But you need to be thinking of stuff to do for her too. Can’t imagine that with any american woman raised on the cult of “self”.

  11. It is funny.
    I am in Toronto and we have a sizeable Asian population.
    I am not white but whenever I see white guys with white girls they look like WHIPPED Beta BITCHES. I’ve seen football player build white guys with small napoleonic figureless bitches and they have that same dead look on their faces.
    Now when I see a white guy with an asian chick, he looks totally relaxed and chilled out. It is clear the man wears the pants. Asian women (in most cases) are simply more feminine than any other women today. I’d go so far as to say Asian women ARE the most feminine women we have left in the world.

    1. and it’s a real problem we face, today. Women want it both ways. They’ll bitch and complain about how they want it “good” and equal – like men, But, then they’ll bitch about how they want a strong man who will lead.
      Again, my statement to this type of women when I run across any of them:
      Your job is to be the woman, I’m the man. You need not apply for the “man position” here, we’re all full.

      1. Heh good one.
        I’ve talked to a few white guys who are seeing asian women and they tell me white women look at them like they want to kill them. The same look black women give black guys who date white women. LOL.
        A little competition is always good.
        I feel sorry for white men. I listen to radio, TV and hear those white voices and I say, “god, how can they survive hearing that day in day out!” LOL. Thankfully there are many asian women for them to choose from. Not so good for asian men though. LOL Not sure what they’re going to do.

        1. I don’t think its too bad for asian men outside the west. Many guys I knew in the Philippines were happily married, and even in their early 20s. Dangerous part of the world and still in terrible economic conditions but its still a place where a man can have a family. Chinese guys though… those guys are fucked lol

        2. Yea no kidding. There are very little women for Chinese men because their government killed them off. Imagine the hypergamy there! You’re right about married Filipino men. I’ve worked with many of them once. They were all near my age at the time (24) and had SMOKING HOT WIVES! And it’s not as if they were rich, they were working class.

        3. I think it was on here that I read about a guy who taught english in mainland China and he said he always got furious looks from Chinese local men whenever he had a woman on his arm. Angry bastards, can’t blame them lol. Even with how dangerous southeast asia can be, I would rather run the risk of being robbed or shot everyday over listening to some fat bitch talk about downton abbey for 50 years. Actually, let me just say this: I’d rather be shot than listen to some fat bitch talk about dowton abbey for 50 years

        4. ROTFL!
          I thought Chinese men were done with their women. Being made into plow horses and all that. You bring up another critical point. Obese asian women are RARE as hen’s teeth!

        5. This has always really baffled me. I, a mesomorph, have never seemed to have a problem avoiding obesity. Is it really that hard for women to not eat so much or to spend a half hour on the treadmill 4 times a week? several asian women I know maintain slender builds, and a good deal of them suffer from one of these “thyroid conditions” that many fat women blame! I didn’t know a diet of excessive starbucks and mac and cheese dinners constituted as a “thyroid condition” haha

        6. A testimony to their decadence. When the feminists told them they could have it all boy did they run with it. And now, because they’re so fantastically lazy, they’re attempting to shame men into being attracted to them? As if that will work? Women are so entitled that they are trying to alter biology in their favour? LOL!!!
          I don’t even think many asians work out. They just eat right. That means no McDonalds, No donuts with easy cheese, and certainly no chocolate. The icing is how these sweathogs demand in shape men. There is something wrong with you as a man and as a human if you’re attracted to someone like this.
          I must be the opposite of a mesomorph. I struggle to gain weight and muscle.

        7. Sweathogs HAHAHAHAHA
          No joke, I checked the comments on that video and one woman labeled being attracted to asians and not attracted to black women as racism. Blows my fucking mind. If she ran as fast as the hamster in her head, im sure her weight would drop with little issue.
          Nothing wrong with not being a mesomorph my friend. My brother is in shape but a thin build but if America ever collapses and law is destroyed, I’m sure he’ll have no trouble outrunning 90% of the American public when trying to steal the last can of beans from a convenience store.

        8. Yea I responded to her and said, “good luck achieving affirmative action in the dating world”. Funny her last name was Winfrey, wasn’t it? That says it all!
          Let me tell you something, bro. I am BLACK. And I would NEVER EVER in my life date a black woman. What does she think about that?!
          Heh, I actually think I have some medical problem or extremely high metabolism. I need at least 6000 calories a day to make any significant gains. I can run though which is good because i live in a thugged out hood.

        9. I saw that comment and had a good laugh haha. I’d love to see her or any liberals reaction to that. Obviously you must be a high level racist because you dont prefer a black woman’s company. And while we’re at it, humanity should be eradicated as selective breeding is wrong. What about all those people in history that had horrible genetic conditions that never got to breed? Healthism. We’d better man up quick and marry one of these heavy princesses

        10. well, since you put it that way, i better get crackin on that boar hunting piece.

        11. LOL I just dropped this…
          “Yeah I am sure the ladies here are tripping over themselves to date broke, short, unemployed, low status men.Bunch of classist, heightist, financially bigoted hypocrites!
          People are free to choose whatever they want.
          You don’t like it, T.S.”
          It came to me as I read your comment. Women judge men FAR more than we do them.

        12. I know, I keep thinking of American girls dressed and acting like the dudes in ‘welcome back Kotter’, and noting how eerily appropriate the term is when conflated with their new, Wagnerian dimensions.

        13. “Women judge men FAR more than we do them.”
          Of course they do. The problem, today, is that everybody sees nothing wrong with it (as a society). Hell, women outright talk sexist on TV programs, movies, commercials, sports programs, etc…and it’s deemed ok. A man opens his mouth about a woman and he is reprimanded on the spot (later suspended by the network – his boss).
          Shit is so one sided and fucked up, today. Men need to call women on this shit…on the spot. If I ever hear a woman complaining about not finding dates with a taller man, then I call her out right then and there. I ask her the same thing or a similar question…what about fat women? Should I be expected to date a fat woman (I workout, I’m in great shape)….why would I settle for a fat woman?
          Every time…I call them out (no matter where: work, social, etc…) cause it needs to happen.

        14. heh, I am tired of the same old tired terminology. It’s time to create new and unique vernacular!
          I need to stop comparing American women to whales and start comparing them to… starfish!

        15. Agree…start using that one again.
          Here’s one I like to use when scoping out women with the guys: check out that minivan (fat woman) over there eating.
          I’s fucked up but it just came to me one night. I couldn’t understand why these women just let themselves go….to be “empowered” – I guess?

        16. Exactly. And you can throw in how fat is easily managed but short people can’t do anything about their size. So you can show them how patently bigoted they are.
          I ALWAYS reverse the situation when I am debating a hamster.
          Just to watch it spin like…
          Remember when you used to spin the wheels of your bike when you were a kid and you put an object against the spokes? LOL
          Women should be eager to stay in shape because if not for their bodies, men wouldn’t touch them, their minds are so toxic.

        17. I think of them in terms of Pink Floyd.
          An American woman is just another brick in the wall…

        18. “I must be the opposite of a mesomorph. I struggle to gain weight and muscle.”
          Eat meat (up to 90% of your calories), bison is best, lift weights (upper body on one day, legs the next, may need three days recovery when you first start though), get eight hours sleep. Done.

        19. It might be racism since it is a belief that is based on race. Sucks to be a loser, but I cannot blame anyone for liking what they like. I just won’t be there as an emotional tampon when they don’t want anything to do with me otherwise.

        20. True, especially in the Andean countries but then Asian men have always done well, Fujimori, when he was president of Peru for something like 10 years was seen as a strong, capable leader, nothing beta about Fujimori.
          There has always been a history of Asian men dating and marrying local women south of Laredo – so that the women in those countries today may like Korean soap opera stars should be no surprise though I suspect it may be different in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

        21. And yet they have a crisis of “leftover” women. Chinese men may be thristy and have bad ratios to contend with, but they won’t settle for a bitch, even if she isn’t fat. We western men should learn from this.

        22. Sweathog is actually not sex specific. What we called these women back in those days was ‘Bar Hoggers’. the typical usage was when you had suffered a dry spell you might do a bar hogger. The term came from where you found them; overflowing a bar stool.

        23. Starfish has been used for a long time. It means a woman that once you are doing her she is like a starfish; just lying there motionless with arms legs and head being the points of the star. It can’t be specific to American women because I have unfortunately had a fair number of slim, very attractive Asian women who have been starfish.

        24. fascinating. Now I woner if I came up with a unique term that matches the vernacular, or if I simply aped the vernacular and absorbed it entirely unknowingly.

  12. Asian women, the biggest threat to the western pussy dictatorship. You can prepare for being shamed to death if you go that route. They will label you everything in the book, from child molester to sex might confuse this with them actual caring for their Asian sisters..not so at all..they couldnt care LESS if they all got nuked tomorrow.

    1. Any feminine women that attract men an are happy being feminine are a threat too feminism because they are walking talking example of everything feminism is against and is defying their world view.

      1. There are women who capitalize on this. They do the feminine thing and rack up points. These bitches are maaaad competitive. I like these women because they grasp the idea that men and women are fundamentally different.

        1. Yes I agree even if they’re faking femininity at least they understand that’s what attracts men. Women who are masculine, snarky an have an over inflated opinion of themselves but refuse to see that’s the reason they can’t attract a man are worse coz they refuse to self analys an just blame men.

    2. lol…true.
      The complaint: those god damn Asian bitches are bringing us down. They are making us look bad.
      Today’s women (and feminist) doesn’t understand that she’s doing it all on her own.

      1. I think Tom is referring to western culture (nations) as a whole (to include Europe, Australia, etc…)?
        I could be wrong….Tom, you’re up.

        1. White Christian countries where everybody speaks English now (i.e. all White countries outside of the former Eastern Bloc and Israel).

        2. I mean England, Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Australia, North America, and to some extent Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

      2. I think he’s referring to the western women who want to maintain control of the available pussy in the west.
        They don’t like it when men go to Asia (or other cultures) to find feminine women who will appreciate the man they marry. It’s a threat to western women who want to treat men like servants but still reap the rewards of being with a western man.

        1. You mean the whole “I didn’t marry my husband for his money, I divorced him for it” Americunt song and dance.

      3. My money is on Australia as being the most feminazi, PC, blue pill, white knight infected place on earth.
        (except perhaps for sweden).

    3. If I were single today I wouldn’t give a shit about being shamed to death. I’d parade her like a trophy.
      “Here’s my polite, gorgeous, 90lb wife. How’s Mrs Smith doing, still a member of that gym she drives passed every day?”

      1. Me neither. But a lot of men will fear it. I tell them all the time, fuck that ! You live in a country where women gets off hating on men, actually wishing harm on you. What do you owe them ?

    4. You can prepare for being shamed to death if you go that route.

      The pressure is already on for our Aussie brethren:

      1. “He can’t get a regular girl, he has to get an Asian?”.
        What a fucked up comment (coming from a feminist or SJW, I’m sure). We should all be accepting of “diversity” – accept when a white man dates an Asian woman (or any other woman outside of his race)?
        Then, it’s diversity – denied. You can’t make this shit up.
        Good find, Helmuth.

        1. I would take the Asian nine out of ten times, and the only one time i would choose the white girl is if she looked like Kate Upton. American women have straight up ugly personalities and it seems like fewer and fewer of them are hot. Like an ocean of passable to ugly women that think they are Gods gift. Fuck that.
          I can deal with the lack of tits and ass if it means that they have a good personality and are fun to be with. Asian girls facially look better than American white women. And from the ones i been with, they seem to be tighter downstairs.

        2. Word. If you put a really hot white girl and a decent looking asian girl next to each other I would probably thing “Wow, that white girl is hot” but then I’d turn my head and focus my attention to the asian girl. Attraction is not a choice.

        3. Yep. Longtime Taiwan expat here. I don’t even look at the few white girls that are here.

        4. The tightest pussy I’ve ever had was Asian, and I’ve had every kind of woman there is. It was so good in fact I remember thinking damn this must be what all the rage over Asian women is about as my entire body started tingling with each thrust.

        5. Given that Chinese condoms are one size too small here, the whole “oh, you’re so big” thing is a caress to the ego. A notch count of 3 or less where none of them was named Chad seems to make a lot of difference.

      2. Its not just happening with white women but ethnic women as well if you bring a white or asian girl home.

      3. Basically the scheme from the classic Bond film Goldfinger, but with pussy.
        If pussy finger nukes the worlds largest supply of good pussy, the rest of the pussy will increase exponentially in value.
        The only solution to this problem is an alpha of this caliber:

        1. the greatest (and funniest) Bond scene was from You Only Live Twice, hes sitting in a bath, and three japanese girls are stroking his chest, giggling. He says something to the effect of “what the fuck?” and some other guy says “These woman have never seen a man with hair on his chest Mr Bond!”

        2. classic also bc he was in the one scene that humanized the bond character, i.e. when Goldfinger was gonna laser off the family jewels…only time I can remember when there was panic in the Bond character’s voice…

      4. No doubt this woman has dating problems and is blaming them on Asian women “taking our men.” At first I thought she was a man until I heard her voice. She looks like Michael Moore. Blek!

    5. This is the truth, there is one only position at the top and white females aren’t giving it up anytime soon, sisterhood be damned.
      Again, no-one cares about Mexican or black men marrying Asian women and are not accused of having ‘yellow fever’ because Mexican and black men are not seen as eligible by the majority of white women.
      What is disturbing is that smart Asians cannot see this and would rather plug into a racist stereotype that is equally discriminating against them as it is the ‘white male’.
      What would be interesting is to see what the attitudes are in an Asian majority state like Hawaii? Does ‘yellow fever’ exist amongst the local European population or is mixed race dating on the islands just seen as a normal occurence?
      If that is the case then it is a case of numbers and that Anaka is just pinning her colours to the mast of the majority – taking the cowards way out would be a better way of describing it – rather than fighting racism and prejudice. Sticking to your own kind is very – Alabama circa 1937.

      1. Check out Vancouver or Toronto, or more specifically Richmond and Markham. I don’t know what the mix is in those places.

    6. True that. I have been called a child molestor and pedophle to my face for marrying my 25 year old Asian wife (I was 52 at the time). It doesn’t help that at 32 she still looks 19. The braces don’t help either.

      1. When I was 30 I was dating a (Canadian born) Chinese girl who was actually 9 months older than me, but always got carded.
        A few years later I was dating a white teenager. My dad never let me live that down.
        Now, pushing 50, I am hooked to a Chinese girl who is 22 years younger. One time we met for dinner and she shows up in a miniskirt, knee socks, and a hoodie with her hair in pony tails: she looked like a 16 year old school girl. I felt a strange combination of pride and embarrassment the whole evening.

  13. “Yellow Fever” is simply the natural male urge to want a feminine, healthy woman. No amount of SJW whining will ever make a man ( fetishists aside ) attracted to a fat, shorthaired and angry wildebea.. career womyn.

  14. The skin whitening thing is a little different. It’s not that they want to be part of the white race. White skin is desirable because it means you are rich or high status enough to avoid toiling under the sun. That’s poor people’s work.
    In the west it is the opposite. Being tanned means you are rich or high status enough to afford tropical vacations.
    And yeah, I love Asian women. They’re feminine, slim and pleasant.

  15. This article is so true, I know from personal experience. All the slim white girls in our society at this time in our history are only interested in the super muscly mesomorph bad boy cocky type dudes. For those of us who are tall, slim, still athletic but don’t have the genetic blessing of being a mesomorph, introverted to a degree, have quirky interests like jazz music and classic American novels, we find that slim white girls don’t give us the time of day.
    Fat ones do, but ugh. We’re not fat so why should we have to settle for a partner who’s fat?
    But slim asian girls on the other hand THROW themselves at us. Like, it’s not even an effort to attract a good-looking asian girl if you’re a tall white guy, the hard part is managing all the plates at once that are throwing themselves at you full time.

    1. These feminist women (like the girl in this article) hate anything that has to do with upsetting the balance (of power – not equality).
      These type of women are a true threat to their grasp that they currently have on our courts, politicians, corporations, etc.
      It’s not about equality any longer…it’s about power and control. They fear losing it so they shame (anyone and everyone) who looks to stand in the way (or take it away).

      1. The fuck is AMud?
        Might want to link with a specific genetic group.
        I am aware that nordic, angle, and eyre descended humans have at least three DNA markers from homo neanderthalis, is that what you are talking about?

        1. Since you seem to have reading comprehension issues, the answer is in the article itself. DRD4-R7

        2. Broken Link, douchebag… and the whole ‘Koanic’ thing smacks of scienscatology.. Hardly something anyone wants to waste a half hour of their life researching.
          Gave you a chance to give a short answer, but you’d rather spend ten minutes bitching about ‘reading comprehension’ than two minutes crafting an expository sentence. Whatever.

        3. lol, you “gave me a chance?” And who said I was even addressing “your” type?
          Also for “your” information, the author of this article is a member of the forum on the site.

        4. I’m leary of scientology. Anything that Hollywood actors follow and worship aliens reeks of evil to me.

    2. This seems self-defeating to me. I’m not super muscly either (I am ripped but not big) and I don’t seem to have these problems.
      If you’re entering your interactions with this mentality it’s going to show and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      1. I can pick up any woman, white out whatever. All women love me, everyone I know is jealous of my success with women. But even the white girls I do hook up with are snobbish about it, and openly admire muscly men’s physiques while in my company. I don’t care, it’s all frame as you say, but I still think Asians are both easier to seduce and more well mannered about it too

  16. I used to see these adds sprinkled throughout the pages of Ebony and Jet. I ended up developing a preference for dark skinned women.

  17. Right. And women never objectively qualify men based on superficial criteria such as education, height or income. NAMALT =P

    1. It’s all about the hamster (rationalization). Women can see how hypocritical they are being when picking out these “traits” in a man. It’s deemed “ok” or “acceptable” by society and women (she’s not settling, remember).
      And…it’s ok for her to be fat (not just a little overweight…I’m talking a fucking minivan fat). Men should love her fat ass just the way “she is”.
      It’s more bullshit to call her out on (any and every time).

  18. I also think it has to do with IQ. A number of my more intelligent friends: Dr’s, electrical engineers, etc have married slim, beautiful Japanese and Korean women. Because intelligence isn’t a turn on to dumb white broads with an iq of about 100. They just like going to the beach and looking at guys with muscles.
    But Asians have higher IQ’s than whites on average, so a tall intelligent white male is more likely to be able to relate to an asian girl than a white one, even with the language barrier.
    My friends who married weren’t ugly, not at all. And were super smart and educated with excellent life prospects. Yet they were virgins until they meet their future wives, and were all but invisible to white girls before that.

    1. Interesting about the virgin bit.
      If you’re looking for a virgin chick look no further than asians. Their cock count is more likely to be next to nothing.
      I’ve talked with a 39 year old asian virgin woman once.

    2. Asian men tend to cluster about the mean more than white men do. The average for asian men is slightly higher, but for asian women the average is close to american female average… but both male and female asians tend to cluster about the mean more than Americans do.
      I have NO idea why anglosaxon and germanic men tend to vary so much farther from the mean average than most other races. I wonder if an anthropologist has the courage to tackle the question.

    3. Contrary to popular belief Asians aren’t just naturally born as superhuman genius robots. Just because a girl is Asian doesn’t mean she inherently has high IQ LOL.
      You have no idea how much Asians study and work to achieve great intellectual feats. Go to any University Library and you’ll find it filled with mostly asians while the everyone else is partying. That ain’t genetics, its hard work.

  19. They’re flat all around. No tits, no ass…nothing to work with. They have the body of an 8 year old boy.

        1. I think he’s talking about Japanese girls, not Flips (flips tend to have almost latina curves.) or singaporeans (They tend to have bodies like attractive black/pacific island girls, but way way more pleasant faces.)

        2. There is Spanish ancestry in the Philippines. So it’s like the best of both worlds. Latin and Asian mixed.

        3. Filipinas can be mix of indonesian / chinese / spanish. Exotic beautiful or scary ugly, like other women no guarantee. Its the non-feminist culture that’s appealing.

        4. Right…and that’s the focus here: the non-feminist culture (not the the Asians in the north versus the Asians in the southeast, etc…).
          It’s the traditional culture….women acting like (and being) women – not trying to be the man.

        5. Yea I’ve seen some real monkey’s that were filipina. Others that were smokin. It’s the strong Catholic society there. It’s the only country in the world it seems where divorce is illegal. So is abortion. I don’t know if adultery is illegal too. I’ll have to look it up.

    1. I tend to agree, given the morbid obesity of so many 8 year old American boys these days they probably do have the same modest cup size of the average Asian woman.

  20. “You are racist for being attracted to my ‘race’ “….i am confused about such a problem.
    And boy is she a liar. Approaching women speaking pseudo-Japanese?

  21. this article is stupid.The Top tier asian girls(Northern Chinese,Kyushuan Japanese,koreans)generally do not date foreigners at all unless he is exceptional in some way(looks,or money).overseas asians are southeast asians and Cantonese-Hokkien and they will just give you beta sons on top of being ugly(I know 80% of the time a white guy talks about a goodlooking asian girls its a crock of shit,they arent all hideously guly but msot are just slim and average,nothing wrong with that but dont go pretending like li ying zhi/wei wei yu looking supermodels are throwing temelve at average looking white men).Northern Chinese/Japanese men are really goodlooking themselves and the women really dont care for some beta white guy.this is fils,indonesia,cambodians,southern chinese etc Im not aying those girls cant be pretty but your children will be betas and have horrible lives.
    I prefer Asian women myself but will only mate with a superior progressive asiatic.I want tall slayer northsinid sons.
    but if you dont care for children go away and slay those asian whore

      1. look my name up on sluthate,go thru my post history,im the far opposite from a

        1. No, you are a netfag. too concerned with playing with your epeen and showing it to other men to be taken seriously.

    1. top tier asians are chinese, Korean, or japanese? are you fucking high?
      No, you want a girl with perfect skin, great manners and an incredible body, you go grab one from Thailand. The French influence in Thailand has led to some AMAZING beauties.
      Japanese chicks are almost as bad as american girls (just in a different way…. they can be loyal, but their constant shit testing gets old, as does their overall childishness and faux terror) Chinese girls CAN be attractive, but they think they are worth more than they are, although I will admit I have never fucked my way through Korea so I don’t have any judgement about them.
      Singapore girls have great bodies (and decent faces) and are athletic and cooperative and love white guys. Flip girls are loving and dedicated, even if they are not the hottesdt girls around. Laosian girls are towers of attitude, but respond VERY well to being dominated forcefully, and Cambodian Girls are just grateful as hell for any attention you pay to them.

      1. learn to read.if you like slim,childlike,soft looking girls(even if average looking or rpetty but not stunning)than SEA and southern china is the way.if you prefer more refined tastes and want slayer sons,and not short beta elliot rodger types then you should go northern asian and for that you need to be a quality man,they arent gonna go for a man just because of his skin pigment.theya re already white and have handsome ”white”northsinid men around them who are much richer and goodlooking ,tall,broad shoulered than some schlub white guy with food stains on his shirt.

        1. You wanna fuck toddlers, that’s your business, but don’t claim that preferring spoiled north asian drill sergeants somehow makes you ‘better’, or ‘more refined’ than us guys that like earthier southeast Asian and south pacific girls with actual tits. Your ‘refined’ girls are gonna throw 5 foot chumps with tiny dicks. Don’t do that to your boy. Stay away from the mongoloids (in more ways than one)

        2. youre projecting .none of that was think thats whats being said because you think it yourself.
          earthiness is relative.even spoiled narcissistic girls act humble and coy around men they deem superior and are attracted to.if you aint that man then its comperehensible why you complain.if SEAs were hopping on black dicks isntead of white ones,youd be claiming they are sluts and whores and spoiled this shit is all relative.some ”brotha”balls deep in swedish pussy right now isnt complaining how ”cunty”swedish women are.some swedish beta is.

        3. Really? You are trying to turn a debate on the relative merits of asian girls into an opportunity to wave your e-dick around?
          Dude, go try They may appreciate your dick size. Although fair warning, they may ask you to prove it.

      2. thats my fucking point.the best in asia dont have low self esteem and are not easy,unless you are on their level.this is good or bad depending on your worth a a get what you pay a goodlooking guy I can go anywhere on earth and date attractive women,bottom line is women treat men they are attracted to very good.those SEA asians would treat a black guy or indian guy horrible.there are no absolutes.just because a average pastey white guy who thinks hes hot shit gets shot down by certain types of women doesnt mean goodlooking white,latino or asian men will get shot down by those women.but if you want beta sons go ahead and breed with the average asian or overseas asian woman.eurasian men are notorious headcases and will grow up to hate their mum and their white breeders .

        1. “this is good or bad depending on your worth a a man.”
          Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of a pathetic weakling are you, that you let WOMEN define your worth as a man?
          Geez, go back to your fat american princesses. They will treat you as the submissive tool that you apparently crave.

        2. I told you….fucking woman or white knight (wasn’t sure which one…but I knew the smell).

        3. worth as a man is looks status or finances,mainly looks and status as a white man have high status in the eyes of SEA chicks.some poor black or indian guy a SEA woman will treat you like a god but them like shit.its all relative.

        4. hmm. apparently you think ‘real men’ give a shit about their relative appearance of status or wealth. Fuck that. I have a beard, a couple of important military tattoos, and can break a coconut in my armpit. ‘wealth’ and ‘status’ is what pussies whine about. I only have what a man needs… enough wealth to take care of myself and work that is fullfilling and gives me spending leeway.
          I take the girls as they come, and my experience of Asian women comes from way too many years in the military. It is from repeated tours of the countries in question, as well as the occasional sightseeing and fuckfinding trip in my youth.
          I fail to see why I should give a flying fishes fuck about the problems that some dotheaded faggot or dumbass negro is having ‘hooking up’ with slopes. If that is your problem, too bad.

        5. real men(tm)doesnt exist.all that matters is your relative worth to the woman that you wanna fuck.ifs its a 120 pound twink with a pretty face and he slays women who are very beautiful,then hes a realer man than some knucklehead overcompensating marine that has to go and lay down with ugly,poor monkey women that are military groupies.a faggot like Jaejoong is more accomplished than you and has a better life and romantic prospects than you do.youre bitter because the best simpely doesnt want fooling around here.calling them spoiled shows bitterness and resentfulness.your amd because they arent impressed with your ugly corpse coloured skin.I,a goodlooking mulatto/latino had much more success and did not find them spoiled at all.I dont care what you think of isnt a pussy paradise for beta white guys.only those with extreme cognitive dissonance seem to think so.keep preserving that ego.millions of gook men are better tha nyou and live better lives than you and are more desirable to top tier women,they dont need to go to some SEA off the track shithole to feel validated and like a couldnt compete with your own or goodlooking rich gooks so you go somewhere you feel the lowest common denominator.anyone can feel superior to jungle gooks.but watch you wither as women of other races reject you and BBCs literally ram their dicks down your daughters throats.literally subhuman africans and niggaz have more SMV than you do to young women these days especially latinas,white girls and here in europe MENA chicks.old,useless white men are hated by everyone but jungle gooks and that hurts.youre irrelevance.

        6. First off, paragraphs. and you are supposed to put a space after the period. Right now, it’s an unreadable wall of gibberish.
          Try hitting the ‘Enter’ key after every couple of sentences. I am not wading through that.

  22. the real redpill is that the issue is physical.white women just arent pretty.the goodlooking ones always have neotenized gracile features.most white women look like pasty ghost,reptilian coloured eyes,bland hair,no sex appeal and bland oversized harder birdlike faces.sure in comparison to utter trash(negroid women,squaw women)they look amazing.but they just cannot compete.if you like curvy women or petite women white women are neither. white women just dont look like women.thats the real problem.they have a cold aura.cold eyes.cold sensuality.just a walking zombie with makeup and long hair.
    no amount of acting feminine can change that.I think men with yella fever just have more sensitive tastes.wherea smost men can look past the tranny faces and disproportionate features of white women/latinas these men cant.these men cant force themselves to find white women hot.i remember on the Rooshv forum whe men were calling yovanna ventura hot!lol the bitch is ugly.
    compare to Jiang Mengjie who is above the age of 20 yet looks like a teen.its not skin quality that makes a woman look young.but neotenized features.
    alot of asian women look like straight up kabuki dolls.

    1. You know, if it weren’t for their attitude, upbringing, and fatness ratio, Nordic-descended women are by far the most gorgeous girls on the planet. Pretty much every non-homosexual male on the planet agrees.
      Of course, I am excluding those goofy-looking english chicks, but your description is way, way off base for most guys.
      The only reason ‘yellow fever’ even exists is because we have spoiled our princesses to the point where they have turned into a herd of tattooed, pimply cattle. When they are healthy and take care of themselves, no other phenotype can even come CLOSE to comparing.

      1. Im half nordic(my dad).thats simpely not true.even the prettiest nordic women fit that description.there is a difference between good enough and mindblowing.dorritos are good,caviar is better.but whe you comapre dorritos with eating shit(black and squaw aka latina women)then dorritos start to look like a delicacy.the world does not only brown betas(especially middle easterners) tend to agree with that and who can blame them..their women look like transexuals and witches.

      2. nordic women actually scientifically are the most masculine in europe.the most feminine types are actually alpines and gracile med,Baltid types.only fetishists with a blond bias consider women like caroline winburg FEMEN.FEMEN is a good example of pale nordic women without media touchups and makeup.Id rather have a salma hayek thank you.much more sensual and luscious.

  23. Has anyone read the comment section of the video linked? The jealousy and sheer venom is hilarious.

  24. Anna Akana sucks white cock, feels “guilty” about her feelings, blames men for it. Asian women reject dating their own race, then rant about how they are “fetishized” by white men. This is just a different kind of shit test, the louder they protest the closer to home it hit. So much latent sexual frustration in her youtube video.

    1. Agree. And if anyone is reading between the lines, she is complaining about how tough it is for Asian girls to date (or have to put up with) white men.
      You can always tell when you’re dealing with “entitled ones”. They don’t complain about real shit…it’s all superficial bullshit.
      She’s not complaining about the drinking water, lack of food, spread of a disease, etc….no.
      It’s about how bad Asian women have it because white men are throwing themselves at them.
      Too fucking hilarious.

      1. I was actually considering having a half-Asian baby but for some reason most of the half-Asian people I’ve met are fucked in the head.
        They’re either SJW to the max or have zero self-esteem. Whats the deal? Is Keanu Reeves the only successful half-Asian dude? Do white and Asian culture just completely clash?

        1. I’ve never been married, but if I did it would probably be with east asian female because divorce rate is 25%, compare to 50% – 66% for white females. Also they don’t get fat until they turn 50, unlike white women who start getting fat at 30. But be careful about culturally schizo types like Anna Anaka.

        2. I have some Spanish blood so Filipina would probs mix best for me aesthetically. Filipina girls don’t seem as bright as I would like but they seem to make fun and caring girlfriends.

    2. Maybe its how you constructed that sentence or the general tamber of the english language, but that first sentence cracked me up. “sucks white cock, feels guilty” hahaha

    3. She’s really jealous of the Asian women with the sweet submissive mannerisms that men are attracted to. She sees the alpha white guys chosing them instead of her and blames men with yellow fever just like her white feminist sisters. Their rants all sound the same.
      She’s too stupid to realize that all she has to do is change her attitude and she would attract and keep the man she wants. She doesn’t realize that SMV will start to decline shortly and she’ll never ever get the man of her dreams even with the sweet, submissive attitude.

  25. WTF I just checked out an old Asian porn site I used to visit back in the day and now the domain is white bitch porn. As if we don’t already have enough of that. LOL The SJW have conquered a staple of the internet. LOL
    For anyone wondering it was Remember that site?

    1. I notice that a lot of porn these days is intentionally about directing men to look at older women under the guise of ‘MILF’s or “experienced women”. Even the search rankings.

      1. AHAHA!
        So this is what it’s come down to?
        This is how desperate post-wall hags have become?
        MY SIDES!

  26. Asian chicks are decent and can be pretty fucking hot but 99% of them have flat asses. I’ll see them from the front and think “Oh yeah”, then they stroll past and I think “Aww, wtf… Next!”

  27. here we go again…now the unicorns migrated to Asia instead of Eastern Europe and Russia? I know why Asian women marry white nerdy guys. I have seen the nerdy white guy-Asian chick pairing about 6 times in the last 5 years at my place of employment and on my son’s sports teams. Here is my conclusion:
    The Asian women like nerdy white guys because the guys are pushovers.
    The white guys are afraid of their Asian wives and let the Asian wives make all the financial decisions and even little insignificant decisions such as where the family should eat lunch and dinner.
    The Asian women are bossy and are bitches to their husbands and children.
    They yell at their kids constantly about being an A student and top performer in sports. So much so that the kids always look at their bitchy Asian moms whenever they mess up in sports or perform well in order to see their mothers’ reactions.
    Then the kids go to college and see the freedoms afforded to “others” and the kids go wild and drink alcohol to the point of addiction.
    The husband is always very talkative and sociable until the bitchy Asian wife shows up, then he goes silent and orbits around her to make sure she is not “upset”.
    If the kids do not end up as doctors, engineers, or a chemist the bitchy Asian mom basically disown the kids.
    Let’s get real people.

    1. they both like each other because both are the least desirable of their race by their race’s standards.basically big fish in small ponds.a ugly(by azn standards)azn woman cant get a goodlooking azn guy and she knows that,hell shes just average and treated as such by her own,so she goes unto white betas who treat her like a diamond.and vice-versa.goodlooking asian women and Modelesque or dimorphic white men date their own,especially partners of their own race on their looks level.

      1. Ain’t that the truth. Sounds like she hasn’t had a good pounding in a while-might be why she’s so wound up.

  28. “My first taste of it was in the Singapore airport…” This has apparently been true for a long time — to the point where it was regularly referenced on the old 1960s TV show “My Three Sons,” where one of the running themes was Uncle Charlie’s popularity with the women in Singapore. Watching this show as a kid, Singapore was mentioned so much that I actually asked one of my teachers about it.

    1. Wow. You mean that one of the dorkiest TV shows of the 1960’s implied that a major character went to Asia as a sex tourist?

  29. Anna Akan = identity crisis.
    All or most of her girlfriends are white, she lusts after white male movie stars, she knows nothing about her cultural roots, and she’s defensive when white people have spent more time living overseas and have greater foreign language skills because she’s hoping to check that “diversity” box on the job application.

  30. Okay, wanna know what ‘yellow fever’ really is?
    a fetish for ‘girls who are not fatasses’
    That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. a Lower average number of asian young women appear to be fucking weebles than the hooting, porcine trolls that they face every day at school and work. Can you really blame young american guys for being interested?

    1. the asians are just better fakers , they learned from the Russians. they want you for your wallet not your penis.

      1. I’ve worked with 3 Filipino men at the same time once. All were in their 20s and all were married to smoking hot wives. They were working class.

        1. some asian women have decent bodies…all the Asians I’ve met in the USA are bitchy and bossy.
          a lot of these guys say the same thing about the Russians “smoking hot” wives too who are supposedly compliant. I’ll believe it when I see it.
          These same guys admit holding these women in virtual slavery.

        2. Some asians here in Canada are the same. Many are not.
          I don’t know what you mean by them holding their wives in slavery. If that is the case they ought to press charges. But the man is supposed to be the dominant one in the relationship. The woman is not equal to a man. The wife must submit to the husband and the husband must provide and protect the wife. Women like dominant guys.

        3. Agree. Women talk a good game about being “strong and independent”…until some shit gets real or goes down.
          Then, they are looking for the closest man for answers. I’ve seen this countless times in minor emergencies. It’s just “how it is” but many women still don’t want to concede the point (or action).

        4. …the guys on this site who marry Russians have stated that their Russian wives are not driving, they do not have their Greencard, and they keep them at home, the guys drive them around and do all the work.

        5. Have they stated that they did not allow their wives to get a greencard?
          Maybe they’re shit-testing them to see if they married them just for citizenship.

        6. Exactly.
          They bought into feminism because they though it would mean they could coast through life.

        7. so why go thru all that shit when you can get the same crap from American women? With American women you can win in court for child custody these days.

        8. I did. I went to court and won custody of my son. The courts ask the child’s opinion when they turn 12 in Texas.

        9. I meant maybe the men are shit-testing the women by the way. Testing them to see if they are only marrying them for citizenship. But I’ve heard enough testimonies that make me understand why they would seek non-western women. There are far more pollutants in Western women that drive men abroad.

        10. yeah until those men bring women back to the USA and all of a sudden the “rights” and feminism “virus” all of a sudden infects them, too. 50% of men with foreign wives, that I know, are divorced or were divorced from their foreign wives. are those odds any better?

        11. I can’t disagree with you there.
          Still, discretion is necessary and it goes beyond race and nationality.
          But I’ve heard and read far more testimonials that foreign women are simply better.

      2. As long as they give good head, who gives a fuck what they ‘want you for’?
        What are we, hunting for true love here? You need to learn to forget and ignore ‘what they want’. You take what YOU want, they can either like it or leave… without your money.

        1. who gives a fuck? put the wedding ring on the asian girl my friend and see my post below about the white-man-asian-girl pairing.
          So from what you posted what is the difference then between white western women and asians if both give good head?

        2. Fat girls don’t give good head.
          Even if it FEELS the same, there’s a huge difference in quality between staring at a hot heart-shaped butt and slender back and looking at a sweating, stinking, tattooed jellyfish with legs and rusting studs.
          I mean, if YOU can get your rocks off getting a blow from a killer whale, more power to you… but Me? my mind is a terrible thing to waste.

        3. Agree…all you young men out there here is the lesson.
          Never let Santa Claus blow you.
          (had to hit you back, Brig)

        4. cool deal.
          Although now I am noting the similarities between santa claus and your average ‘feminist spokeslesbian’

        5. who said anything about fat women? maybe you should improve your game with women in the USA. i’ve fucked plenty of white-American, hispanic-American females with killer toned bodies in the USA.

        6. I wouldn’t say I have fucked ‘plenty’, because I spent my ladykiller years in the military, and I have Always tended to prefer serial monogamy over hard core gaming. But I have noted an enormous dip in the average appeal of your 20-30 year old female crowd… especially in my preferred venue, which is the straight D&S scene.
          Frankly, I have had a slave or two since I was 27 years old. My difficulty in acquiring new slaves has not increased in the slightest (If anything it has gotten easier as I have gotten older) … but finding attractive ones, ones that don’t look like they have been floating face-down in a river for a month, has become much more demanding. and by finding them I mean that quite literally… fort lauderdale at spring break used to be a fantastic hunting ground for hot, experimental chicas… today, it looks like that pork chop in ‘poltergeist’.
          There are simply vastly fewer fuckable or LTR types that don’t have to grease their hips to get through a garage door. It’s a true shame.

        7. you read this site too much and take it literally…I run game in a 1/2 mile area of Dallas and I run into about 50-100 HB9 and beautiful American women every Friday night.

        8. Maybe men are tired of the “game”.
          Maybe Western women aren’t worth the “game” that is to say, jumping through their hoops.

        9. Not to say I think you are full of shit but…
          Then again, YMMV. Do the ones you fuck speak englits?

        10. an australian girl did that to me once… I got off the ship, wandered into a diner, saw her, liked her, within 5 minutes she was sitting in my lap, within 45 minutes I was fucking her in the ass.
          First and last experiment with anal sex. didn’t care for it.

        11. so you’re talking about hookers? so you have trouble picking up American hookers and have to turn to Asian Escorts ?

        12. I do not use acronyms or silly slang. I was talking about American women and you mention Tijuana ? …I do not need silly slang or name calling to make my point. Then again I am probably a bit more mature than you and it obviously shows.

        13. I am pushing 50… I am not going to waste half my life and all my money just to stick my dick in the same receptacle that 600 other club tools have been paving with spooge in the last week.
          At my age, quality is far more valuable than quantity. and the quality just isn’t there anymore.

        14. they are not all sluts, you read into this site too much.
          and the foreign women are just pure virgins aren’t they ?
          If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

        15. sounds like a slut “600 other guys have been in”. I thought you’re peddling the notion that foreign women are better than American ones. I’ve had that experience plenty of times in clubs in Dallas.

        16. (shrug) was simply an anecdote. Don’t read any more into it than that. I am not ‘peddling notions’ except that the concept of ‘yellow fever’ has less to do with race kink and more to do with local habitat.

        17. I call bullshit on you, Forney and any guy here who says the Unicorns live in Poland, Kyoto, or Beijing and are “better” than American women. It sends the wrong message to men.

        18. hmm, sounds like you are taking this shit awfully personal.
          But no, psychologically women are all basically the same, no matter where you go… It’s simply that in some places, they are slightly less damaged than others. And if someone wants to go someplace where the women are less spoiled, more power to them. They don’t need your judgmental dickwaving bullshit about ‘you are not man enough to fuck the locals’ when they are doing all they can to learn game, even to the extent of blowing scads of money to go someplace where the game is a little easier.
          And frankly, you are a kid. what you look at as an ‘expanse of plenty’ is a wasteland compared to what I was used to in my twenties… but lacking any sort of perspective, You think that the shit you are eating now with a cherry on top is Tira Misu.
          I am all for busting on someone that’s being a lazy fuckwit, but you don’t throw shit at a fat jogger… you reserve it for the guy waddling by with a twinkie in his mouth and a bag of doritoes clutched between his thighs.

        19. I’d rather help my fellow man. You seem to like to hear yourself talk. I find it troubling that a man will blow his hard earned money because propagandists like yourself tell them the pot of pussy gold is somewhere between Warsaw and Moscow.
          I would rather given them an honest perspective and fancy words are not needed. you must be a consultant or a “motivational speaker.”

        20. If you can’t take some pride in the woman you are fucking than what the fuck are you doing?

        21. If they cannot find their pot of gold here, and they want to throw their money at someplace over the rainbow, who are you, or who am I, to tell them different? It’s their money, it’s their life, and all we can relate and offer is experience. Your experience is different from mine, just as mine is different from the next guy’s.
          Frankly, even if they head to poland looking for pussy, at the very least they are going to gain life experience. Travel broadens.
          Bear in mind however, that saying ‘the girls here are shitty cum buckets’ is a far cry from telling someone to go cunthunting in Bolivia. And I will thank you to stop trying to attribute statements to me that I have not actually made.
          As far as liking to hear myself speak? Entirely possible… Frankly, I am bored as shit this morning cause I just polished a contract off last night and am taking a break from ‘crunch time’. It’s 10 am, already got laid and worked out this morning, got nothing better to do until I go shooting with some friends at 2… when you are ‘in the gaming industry’ the idea of actually PLAYING computer games becomes incredibly unappealing. Don’t want to watch another crappy Michael Bay abomination, there’s snow on the ground, the walkway is clean, my truck’s purring like a kitten, the fridge is full, the bills are paid, one of my slaves is in the kitchen making ‘hot wing sushi’, the other one’s at work.
          What the fuck else is there to do? In sims parlance, I am cranking up my social meter.

        22. naww, checked that. she was a ‘poophole loophole’ catholic. didn’t find out till later when I realized I took her virginity.
          Frankly, I think it was australian girls in the early 90’s angling to get an American military husband. and Yes, I was in shore uniform… for a lot of girls, a military uniform and some muscles at that time was a massive aphrodisiac, almost as much of one as a bulging wallet and no wedding ring.
          Hell, if I hadn’t been married at the time, I might have seriously considered taking her back to the US… dodged a bullet there.

        23. – I mean, if YOU can get your rocks off getting a blow from a killer whale, more power to you –
          Not to mention the danger that a sudden overwhelming irresistible hunger might engulf the fat killer whale……hallucination mixed with delusion strikes and next thing you know she’s chewing your sausage.

        24. “Hypoglycemia” is code for “I’m a fucking slob that has to eat every 5 minutes or I am going to rip your head off.”
          Few things are as much fun as starving a whale down to a size 6.

        1. when you pay for it, any hooker or escort will provide a good experience. whats your point?

        2. I’ve paid for Escort about 5 times in my life. I’ve gotten more speeding tickets from the cops than any flak from renting pussy.

        3. meh, fucked one hooker in my life. didn’t care for rented pussy. Had loads of friends arrested for it, though.
          In some places the price of pussy… ANY pussy, is just way too high.

        4. it doesn’t matter what country you are in, pussy and marriage will cost you mentally and financially. that is my whole point. there is not a pussy rainbow with a pot of golden tits waiting for American men to come and get it.
          If a woman you just met gives good head, chances are you aren’t the first guy no matter what country you are in.

        5. On the contrary, ask the average married American man if he’s enjoying the experience. Chances are he’s not. The reason they tolerate it is because cuntish behavior is so ubiquitous in Western women that they simply don’t know any better.
          Please note I am not claiming Asian/Latin/Eastern European women are saints, they simply provide a superior experience to the vast majority of Western women.

        6. Of course not… but if you are strong-minded and dominant enough (These are behaviors that CAN be trained and learned… hell, game is nothing more than learning how to be truly dominant) There are some places where the mental and financial price which has always existed are within the masculine ‘window of surplus’.
          Finding a way to bring your own descendants into the world within that window of surplus is the masculine, and human, imperative. self-satisfaction and happiness takes a distant second, but are not inconsequential.
          I constantly hear bitches chiming about how “Your children are not a vessel for your ambitions”. Perhaps the most laughable statement to ever come out of the whole psychotic mess that is egalitarianism. If your children are not the vessel for your ambitions, and your route to genetic immortality, then WHAT THE FUCK USE ARE THEY? Why should you invest your life into them, your prosperity, when they are made to be nothing more than a burden and misery?
          I dislike a lot of islam, but honor killing is for damned sure a good idea. Your sone ‘comes out of the closet’ and decides to destroy your legacy by buggering boys? I say cut the fucker’s head off… he selfishly destroyed your future.

        7. yeah..and the Asians, especially China, love their children so much, they abort and drown the baby girls in ponds.
          The Russians, they sell their kids for a BMW or Luis Vuitton bag.

        8. Almost no obesity, for starters. Not competing in the cunt olympics. Listen if you want to date butch American chunksters be my guest, are you arguing they do want you for your penis, rather than your wallet?

        9. no..I am arguing that all women have dysfunctional attitudes and want easy access to money no matter what country they are from. Morality is rare EVERYWHERE these days. Lastly, there are plenty of hot chicks in the USA. it is up to you to be careful in relationships, there is no UNICORN in any country, thats just bullshit.

        10. “China says its one-child policy, initiated in 1979, has helped to reduce the country’s … having successfully “prevented” 400 million births since 1979”
          forced vs unforced? it’s still killing a child and killing a human whatever the motivations behind it.

        11. hmm, murderous atheist hordes. what else is new?
          Besides, I don’t like chinese girls. most of them look like an elephant stepped on their face.

    2. Agreed. Things are getting so bad in america these days that if I see a white woman whose thighs aren’t rubbing together when she walks, I just assume she must be a european tourist. Any white woman with a thigh gap immediately gets bumped up to 6.5 just because of rarity, regardless of other features.

      1. yeah, fucking disgusting human beings. I would rather hump a medium size fridge than mounting one of those ugly fat americans.

        1. well, look at the bright side… fucking most american girls IS humping a medium sized fridge.

        2. It’s so revolting.. All they have to do is, you know.. not necessarily be stunning and all that.. Just fucking look like a human. All I see is a fucking huge neck sitting on a sack of shit and a tongue sticking out of it…(Did you notice? Sometime the mouth is parallel to the ground..It points upwards for easy intake.)
          And yet, no they don’t do that because they can afford it.. When I look at one of those land wales I always wonder “Who the hell is fucking that pig?”.. Sure as hell, someone is.. And not only that. She’s probably making his life miserable as well.

        3. oh good gods.. one of my neighbors is like that. 500 pounds of lice-covered sweat, greasy blond short curls, a cleft lip, uneven eyes, rotten teeth, rides constantly in one of those laze-o-matic chairs, covered with zits from not bathing, legs like bigfoot, and smells like a cross between a brewery and an overflowing litter box… and she doesn’t have a ‘sweet spirit’ either, she screeches constantly at her kids and anyone that doesn’t instantly move out of the way of her triped, has a voice like a howler monkey and all the pleasant friendliness of a rhinocerous on acid.
          and yet, somehow, she has SIX KIDS of varying ethnicity from age 2 to age 14.
          WHAT THE FUCK. Clearly six different men somehow managed to stick their dicks into that beast and get off… what the hell do they see that I don’t? I mean, I almost vomit just from the miasma of coming within a few meters of her.
          What the hell were they thinking? Their HAND has got to be a better companion than that titanic reject from a Boris Karloff double-feature.
          Sometimes I admit I just don’t get it.

        4. LOL.. too funny… but in all seriousness they look like that because of some men are willing to fuck them..otherwise they would be extinct within a generation. It’s our fault.. I can’t believe the low self respect some men have. Be them beta, alpha, omega, whatever.. It’s just unacceptable..

        5. I refuse to be included in that ‘our’.
          If it were up to me we’d just throw water on them and roll them into the ocean before their skin dries too much…

  31. I keep scrolling up to look at the hottie in the bikini! Admit it, you did too!
    No ugly ass tats.
    No metallic hardware.
    No excessive makeup.
    No love handles, love knobs, and love jambs.

    1. Yep…hopefully she isn’t in (or doesn’t come to) the states (or any other westernized country). That move and she’s fucked.

      1. She’s already infected. The fact she’s posing in a skimpy bikini top on the internet shows that she’s an attention whore.

  32. Forney smacks another one outta the park. This article should be required reading for women’s study classes. It still wouldn’t click with them, but at least it would present another side to westernized fogged female reality.

  33. I admit I have always liked the basic aesthetic of Asian women, namely petite with straight thick dark hair. I would call the Asian look “modernist” or minimalist if you will and again that has a certain kind of appeal to me.
    By the same token however any woman who is petite and has long straight dark hair has a head start on giving me a boner, its just a personal archetype that I dig on. The downsides with Asians in my experience are cultural and their beaver, they can have mad muff going on down there compared to white chicks. In some cases Asians are super stuck up and a stick in the mud. Others I have spent time with are voracious super sluts in bed and an awesome lay. They present a wide variety of options and experiences.

    1. they squirt too .. and lot of the hispanic girls in the USA are hot with great bodies, because they all bachata, salsa, merengue..

    2. I have been known to beat a good latina woman..
      You’d be surprised at how many of them are into belts, flogging, and Bondage.

  34. So what’s Anna Akana’s problem?
    Maybe if she stopped sucking so much white cock some of her cognitive dissonance would go away by itself.

  35. Feminism is really against femininity. Even when white girls who are traditional and feminine gets shamed by feminists. It’s just pure jealousy and they can’t understand the fact that it takes actual work, not something they are entitled to. I don’t hear white fever.

    1. Agree. The freedom to want everything but not have to give anything in return. It’s called selective equality.

    2. They’re losing control, though. I’m starting to see more women reject feminism and it’s ideals. The feminism dog pack descends on them and tries to get them to backtrack, but it’s not always working anymore.

      1. They are starting to realize that even though they achieve everything that feminism “stood” for, they are STILL unhappy and miserable. Would they then warn the young women who have a chance at happiness by going agaist feminism? Of course not. The old shrews would want them to be just as miserable by using the only tactic they know…manipulation.

  36. Like I said on the forum, it’s not that white men have Yellow Fever, it’s that Asian women have Snowflake Syndrome.
    “Asian girls have an obsession with whiteness and white men that borders
    on being creepy, an obsession that is almost entirely ignored by the
    legions of white girls and resentful halfies crying about ‘yellow
    Case in point: the Korean girl I mentioned in my post was calling me at 1:30 in the morning in response to a simple screening text I sent her. Keep in mind I spent a grand total of maybe 90 minutes with her.
    The whole thing just, like, you know, creeped me out. It screamed clinger. I deleted her number immediately. I could have gotten the bang easily but she wasn’t hot enough for me to take the risk of further involvement.

  37. 30 seconds of that video was all I could stand.
    Ever notice how these “Hateraide” videos are so well produced? I smell George Soros’ money in these videos.

    1. The west with all its’ affluence has nothing else better to do. I don’t think that if Anna Akana was born to a poor rice farmer in asia she would have time to be thinking about all her hate,but because she lives a very comfortable life (that men fought and still fight for her to have) she can entertain herself with her silly little girl thoughts.

  38. I know it has been stated many times before on this site, but it cannot be stated enough: Asian women are much more feminine and sweet than your typical western slut. Most Asian women can cook, clean, and know how to be ladies. Yes, there are exceptions, but this is generally what I have noticed.

    1. 2 of the hottest girls I’ve seen in my gym in the last year have both been Asian women. One in fact was a IFBB Bikini Model title holder. There’s truths seeping from this article and I’ve never even gone to the Philippines. I just see the partially ruined ones on their way to westernized ruin, and they blow away the competition. Sorry white girls, time for a reality check.

      1. Asian women aren’t a bunch of land whales that get offended if a man they aren’t attracted to says “Hello”. I think that’s why Asian women are so popular to many men.

  39. Slow it down boys.
    I know it feels good to have an asian woman worship your cock because you’re white, but at the end of the day you’re enabling hypergamy in an even worse way. If a girl is going to the club and throwing herself at black men in Berlin or Moscow or Amsterdam, you guys would be calling her trash, but the minute an asian girl likes you for your skin color she’s some kind of an angel? Are you fucking blind?
    Take it from me, I’m born from a white dad and an asian woman with a white fetish. Guess what happened after she found out her white Prince Charming was a fucking neoconservative racist loser who wasn’t making enough money? She essentially killed herself, called the government on my dad and destroyed the family.
    It seems like a great idea to fuck asian women but let me ask you with this kind of white – asian power dynamic, where obviously she’s buying into the whole white god deal, how’s your half asian son (who identifies as asian) going to view you and mom? Not so good eh? Might even drive him nuts Elliot Rodger style.
    You guys really need to get over your egos and realize that women are women. The best ones will stick to their own race. I know this being around asian women of quality (the legit ones who care about family and their husbands) and they have no interest in white dudes. Why the fuck would a girl who dates out of her race be considered sane in any universe?
    And by the way, if you guys really want to know the truth about what goes on behind closed doors in this relationships, read my blog. I’m eurasian, my parents relationship was hell, my mother was a white worshipping whore and my father a MGTOW paleoconservative type like a lot of us here.

    1. oooh, concern trolling. well-written concern trolling at that.
      You seem to think that guys on RoK haven’t given up on ‘relationship material’ yet.
      Most of us have realized that in the current culture, the only way to get ANY pleasure out of today’s women is to get your dick wet. The vast majority aren’t worth anything more than a quick screw.
      And putting a KID through the uterus of one of these ogres is just a good way to torture a child, if it’s not aborted or murdered.

      1. Then don’t do it. That’s my point. Fuck asian women but don’t have kids with them. They’re monsters of another color but they get white knighted to hell by white alphas and betas alike. I blame asian women and white men for Elliot Rodger. Blame sociology all you want but Eurasian kids are uniquely fucked.

        1. see, I disagree, ALL kids are uniquely fucked in this era… any child that grows up in the current culture is going to get pounded with hate growing up, taught that they are evil no matter what they do, and that nothing really matters.
          How could even a Genius kid grow up sane with all the propaganda, stupidity, commercial tripe, fantasyland bullshit, concern trolling, and first world problems getting poured into their ears every second of every day from a variety of different, biased sources, all of whom the kid is supposed to ‘trust’?
          The West (and much of the east) has become a poisonous fairyland for children. Insanity has become the mainstream, and EVERY kid raised here is going to grow up fucked.
          If a guy wants to marry some girl from a third world country and knock her up, I say more power to him…But STAY THERE. Don’t bring the family back into the polluted pond we sprang from.
          And just wait a few years. You REALLY are not going to want to have your kids around when grown adults fucking children becomes legal.

        2. the key to happiness, live in filthy Asia just to have a wife. don’t have a job or anything there and grow rice, the key to happiness according to you..
          you’re so over dramatic, child molestation will not be legal unless you’re from Utah.

        3. That depends… the secret to happiness as a man is to find hard work you enjoy. If you aren’t enjoying your job, don’t want to put in long hours and think longingly of vacation, you are definitely in the wrong job.
          maybe you should try growing rice. Or robbing banks. You never know until you try.

        4. one element of your life will always be missing. there is nothing free. no free time, no free money, no free hot wife. there’s always a price. there is no pussy or professional utopia. Chances are if you are poor and in a foreign country, foreign women won’t respect you either.

        5. *shrug* I couldn’t say. I have always been ‘poor’, but ‘poor’ has a different definition depending on where you live. I suppose my lifestyle might be considered luxurious by many people’s standards even though I tend to squeak so far below poverty level and off the radar here that I pretty much invented my own ‘non tax’ bracket.
          However, if I moved to Japan, Bolivia, or pretty much any place with an internet connection, I could certainly maintain my lifestyle with ease… Obviously in a place like Tokyo, I would have to increase my commissions and put in more hours to meet the increased cost of living, but it would be very little hardship.
          I do fail to see what the ‘one element of my life is missing’ is. I have never played ‘rich game’, as ‘beast game’ has always come natural. I suppose in the next twenty years or so I will lose that game as well, but by that time I scarcely think I will care.

        6. From what I have read, your dad, being a racist, neocon handed down his thought processes and his idea of society to you whilst you were still developing your own mind – I understand that, my own father was a racist neocon who married a non-white woman and would come out with his bullshit – unfortuately, not every white man who marries a non-white woman is a free thinking citizen of the world.
          Unfortunately, our parents try their best (my dad did for sure, even changing his core beliefs on race because his own children on reaching adulthood would challenge what he would say) with the limited means that they have. Sometimes – people develop racist ideas because they aren’t challenged, another thing as well, if one is from a confucian mindset and is brought up to believe that there is a ranked hierachy in anything that exists then going to America – where white Europeans dominate top spot – is never going to be the answer to any kind of long term happiness. I never understood why Asian FOB’s choose the United States to eke out their lives – people obsessed with rank and status who decide to bring up their kids in a country where they will never be top of the pile. Doesn’t matter what university they go to, what grades they get, how much they make… (I understand why Confucian minded people choose America, because to them, it is ‘number one’ but they aren’t going to be ‘number one’ in that society).
          Having mixed race children is not a mistake, nor is marrying as Asian person but being smart about where these children are brought up and schooled so no inferiority complex is sown into the childrens minds is really important, now Singapore would be ideal – but – not everyone can go and live there, so the next best place would be somewhere where there is a high Asian population density like Hawaii, Seattle, Vancouver where the demographic is changing at a rapid rate. Any half Asian kid expecting to grow up somewhere like Boston, Detroit or Boise, I don’t know how they would be anything other than fucked up.

        7. Eurasian kids are uniquely fucked in this era – specifically in this era – , they have gone from Eddie Van Halen and Kirk Hammett status to Eliot Rodgers foreveralones because people are just trying to escape the source of their problems.
          The black civil rights movement also went from the days of daishikis and awareness, to Ferguson riots. Hispanics went from being considered masculine to viewed as illegal aliens. Whites went from Don Draper to bronies and Gamergate defenders. These are dark days.

    2. It’s true. Everyone is going to like what benefits them. They may or may not find a way to rationalize it, but in the end, everyone likes what benefits them (or what they THINK benefits them, at least) whether it is fair or not. This is probably one of the most important lessons of the red pill, and shows us why white knighting or “trying to play fair” is folly in this cruel world.

    3. I completely agree with you. I’m Filipino and I say Feminism is really a global phenomena. Filipinas of very high quality really do prefer to get impregnated by their own race by their best men. But due to undisciplined globalization and corruption, our men have lost power over our own country. Only a very few men now are capable of sustaining a good marriage. Filipinos’ weakness is their pride everyone here competes with how much they earn but Philippines had turned into a very poor country so majority of the working class go abroad to get a higher pay, and the easiest way for our women to travel abroad is to chat a “Porener” to get a pass. And due to long exposure to various cultures both Filipinos and Filipinas tend to give more value to everything else but their own culture. In the long run, practicality will destroy culture. My beliefs are that it is through enhancing one’s culture and identity that would make one’s country rich thus in turn would make our own women proud and madly fall in love with us.
      Do you honestly think all of you can marry a Filipina without harmful effects to both yours and her country’s culture, sociology, and economy? There are definitely honest relationships that exists between a Foreigner and a Filipina but in today’s times it is more difficult to achieve.
      Here are the types of marriages of a Foreigner to a Filipina:
      1. (I estimate this happens almost 40 percent of the time.) Foreigner marries Filipina. Filipina goes to Foreigner’s country. Filipinas’ preferred choices are from USA, Canada, and Australia, all of which are welfare states. When Filipina arrives at destination, she is bewildered by everything she sees, but in the long run she finally realizes that the Foreigner she married is not that of a high status in his own country as she first conceived him to be when she was in her own country. And just has the state to rely on for provisions. She realizes she isn’t really receiving what she is supposed to have as what she sees in Hollywood. So when she visits back to her country, she fucks an Alpha Filipino but ignorance is bliss, am I wrong?
      2. Foreigner marries Filipina. Foreigner stays inside country. Unless the foreigner is corrupt, only a very few foreigners can manage to stay and live inside our country maintaining a high pay. Filipinas are very smart, you cannot easily trick them into how much you earn. A Foreigner can definitely be happy in our country but he must maintain close friendships with Filipino males who would guide him and protect him. Be an asshole and be inconsiderate, watch how your finances go down the drain. When it comes to Foreigners it is your finances that our woman watches, have less of it then say farewell.
      3. Filipinas who want to be impregnated by Foreigners and go about as single moms. These women have very bitter pasts with Filipino assholes, or at the opposite end of the spectrum have lost their value to their own Filipino men by having a really bad reputation, etc. Most of them are broken. I personally do not want to be with them. In my opinion, the act of impregnating themselves to Foreign men is a form of vengeance to their own men. The millinelial young Filipinas, due to their extreme ignorance and gullibility, and also due to our lost culture and identity would definitely would want to fuck a white man because it is the closest thing she could find that is as white as Brad Pitt. She is not fucking you for you. Well, you use her, she uses you – it is still a good deal right?
      4. Foreigner marries Filipina. Both parties live separately in their respective countries. This is probably the most preferable setup. Foreigner stays in his country to manage his businesses, while Filipina recieves financial support for their children thus also able to manage businesses in her country. The downside of this setup is you may only be able to visit her a few times a year but this is probably the best form of relationship between a Foreigner and a Filipina and by far the most successful.

      1. Correct! Bring your Asian woman here and you risk seeing her become “Americanized.” This is also true with nice American country girls of which there are plenty. I’ve watched this happen many times to others and been burned by it myself. Like beating the house in Vegas, most people don’t as casinos are exceptional at all aspects of making people risk (and lose) their hard earned money. The same is true with the consumer based American economy, the odds of outmaneuvering it are terribly against you. You are no match for the media, nightclub culture, a hot girl posse (at least one of whom will be a hustling stripper) or every bright light, shiny piece of rhinestone and brainwashed beta dude gullibly trying to outbid you. I have more going for me than most but i have learned this the hard way: sooner or later it will poison her and I’ve seen good girls go bad in as little as 8 weeks. When the race track dog catches the rabbit, it will never run the race again. If your dog gets out of the back yard, bangs every female in the neighborhood, then struts into the Ritz Carlton, and jumps up on the buffet, Rover’s not gonna be happy coming back home and eating doggie chow! This is true all the way up the financial ladder: I’ve worked for and partied with billionaires and they get burned too. Keep your girl in her country of origin or in rural areas of the US with down home country folk who loathe excess, entitlement and narcissism. And a happy man you shall be 😉

  40. Feminism is true Misogyny , Feminism is not happy with the natural God made form of woman and seeks to warp and confuse and transform a woman into What Feminism perceives as Ideal. When you take the natural Submissive Content Feminine form of woman and through feminism transform her into a confused, rebelling, lonely, miserable,angry,unnatural Woman, How can Feminism not Be Misogyny when it causes so much havoc and confusion on the Female soul.

  41. Great article Forney. My 2 favourite parts below…
    “Most of these nerds are just looking for an attractive woman who will treat them with respect and won’t emasculate them. Asian women actually appreciate the men in their lives: you will never see one casually cutting down her husband or boyfriend in public the way white girls do.”
    “I’m not particularly attracted to Asian facial features, but I’m also smart enough to recognize a good thing when I see it.”

    1. Yes, except the asian girls cut down asian men just to hop on some white losers cock.
      I used to support you guys but the asian female worshipping is out of control. It never occurred to you that any decent asian woman would be with an asian man first?

      1. Of course not… why should we give a shit about some little yellow fucker with a tiny dick getting shortchanged?
        It’s not like Asian dudes hold American men in any great esteem.

      2. atleast brigadon is honest.he doesnt pretend hes not a colonialist fuck who sees selfhating ethnik whores as cum buckets and nothing dad was like this with my black latina mum.its why I chuckle with the whole misery of white men and BBCs taking over their daughters.

        1. Ironically, both of my slaves are white americans. They just have… miraculously… managed to somehow avoid the most egregious feminist indoctrination. Probably because they both are Utah mountain girls and both crave getting their asses beat.
          I am not going to say ‘nawalt’ because it’s bullshit.. I am just going to point out that any girl can be fixed if the prevailing culture doesn’t make it illegal.

        2. he’s not honest, he’s spewing propaganda along with Forney who state that the pot of pussy gold is somewhere between Poland and Korea. These guys are pushovers and want women to be easy sluts yet good wives at the same time. that does not exist.

        3. Language and culture are different. Japanese women are required in Japanese language to speak to men with more honorific respectful grammar forms, other things etc. You really don’t realize the shit american men tolerate until you’ve lived in a different culture, and had to return home to reverse culture shock. American men are treated like shit by American women, and in no other culture have women been given so many privileges. The bitch in the video is a banana, an asian on the outside who is white on the inside, she’s culturally schizophrenic and going through identity crisis.

        4. been to X-USSR myself…they love you for your wallet not your penis and will screw you over at first opportunity. You also have to pay the families off. did you forget about that one part of the equation? these women have parents and they want something from you.

        5. Russia is asian geographically, but not culturally. Russians have more in common with europeans. I don’t know of any asian tradition where the man pays off the woman’s family, but she might very well be trying to bring some in-laws over for an extended stay if that’s what you mean.

        6. I don’t know. I have only dated one russian, milf early 30s, strong accent only 7 years in america, very much not from a feminist culture, nice thigh gap too. Other straight women would compliment her on her appearance when we went out together, made an effort to dress up. Don’t know what long term relationship would be like. I would date more russian women. They’re hard to find where I am, and asians are in greater supply.

        7. hes honest about what he thinks of ethnik women who date white men (and hes right on that,I refuse to date a ethnik women whos been a white mans cum toilet,they are traitors of the worst kind).he knows they are whores and evil people for choosing a lowlife like his ilk.these other white men think azn girls are angels for choosing them just for their skin they are asking to be cuckolded. if a better looking white guy comes along its over.yet if it was ana rticle about how brothas have it so easy because white wimmenz luv dark choco skin theyd be saying those women are whores,superficial etc etc

        8. not in europe.even ugly nerdy ones and fat black guys clean up with hot dutch,scandi and english girls.almost every white girl here has a BBC phase.its so bad antillian men pimp out 14 yr old girls,and they have tons of groupies trying to get pregant by have a antillian drug dealer’s baby is a status symbol among alot of these young their parents are probabely racist fucks,especially their dads.

        9. No, I count DC and Comptons as Blacks.
          Over half the dudes I see walking around are either with white girls or pale latinas.
          You know, despite the whole treyvon martin crap, he was a fairly decent looking kid… did you see the troglodyte referred to as his ‘girlfriend’?
          If that’s what decent looking black guys are dating, I would be completely shocked if they were not interested in trading up to a hot wigger chick.

        10. Not me. And most of the looks I get are from white girls because I have German features. I wish there were more dark latinas in my city. Lol

        11. I’m just sayin… If it’s a choice between Rachel Jeantel and Lena Dunham, most guys would pick Dunham, regardless of race.
          Of course, if it’s a choice between Rachel Jeantel and a goat…Goat probably wins.
          Maybe Rachel and a woodchipper?

        12. I had to look her up.
          As dirty as it makes me feel that I’d rather DumbHam than that 6 bagger, I’ll take the wood chipper instead.

        13. I sometimes wonder if a good part of those renowned antisocial tendencies among american black men is directly related to the fact that their best chance of getting laid is the american black woman. And frankly, I’d rather be sexually frustrated and violent than stick my dick in something like that.

        14. Yeah I was actually thinking about that very same subject last night. Look at what black men have to choose from. The most masculine, entitled and all around disgusting women on the planet. Couple that with the sad fact that the best women on earth don’t really desire black men and you’ve got a pretty depressing world to live through. Is it any wonder that MGTOW originated in the black community and also why black men have pretty good game (excepting myself lol)? They had to develop good game to get better women. Not saying the violence is solely from sexual frustration but the desperation that moves some black guys to commit crimes probably stems from this. They spend their money on material things most likely to impress women.

        15. Try Thailand. Last I looked it was thoroughly Asian. The tradition is called Sin Sot. The groom pays the bride’s family quite a large sum of gold (must be actual gold not paper money). This is supposedly to offset the work the family would otherwise get out of the girl which they are foregoing as you take her away. The male stays with his family.

        16. I actually wonder if that is a large part of ‘avoiding letting the cream rise to the top’
          When I was growing up, the black community would regularly spawn clifford huxtable types… guys determined to break out of the ghetto, who adopted ‘can do’ attitudes, dropped the ghetto slang and speech patterns, wore a suit, graduated medical school or go into business, never get arrested, married ‘brownies’, asian, or white girls, became mormon or catholic, took up golfing, and generally seemed to have a happy life.
          Now, the only success stories I see the ghetto spawning are taking the ghetto with them, and the success stories are usually just a cover for a meth lab or a short term thing until the FBI shows up and kills them.
          That’s one of the reasons that, while I am certainly a racist, I try so hard to ensure that there are avenues for exceptional members of a race to rise to the top, and for the worst, especially of my own race, to sink to the bottom. I have SEEN, first hand, that there are exceptions, even while the rule is mostly true.
          The ‘Average’ american black is just a set of gold teeth away from a fatal shootout with the police, and we need to respect that… but the exceptional absolutely exists, and is one I would not discourage my daughter from going out with.
          Just like the ‘Average’ AngloAmerican is fairly productive, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t individuals who would be far more photogenic in front of a firing squad.
          The problem is that liberals and race pimps have decided that the ‘average’ is the exception and that the ‘exceptional’ are the norm. At the very least, that means I have to push at them at every opportunity and point out that they are incredibly stupid. And they really, really are. Being a race realist is not the same as being a skinhead.

        17. I see what you’re saying but I live in a neighbourhood where the whites are just as bad as some thug blacks. I also still see some family oriented blacks who own their own homes. Right on my street too. It all depends on how they were raised. Not all single mothers screw up their kids but that is the biggest issue here. Lack of positive male role models. It doesn’t help that the media obliterated them. They were not taught any work ethic but have the entitled and materialistic attitudes inherited from their mothers. I have little faith the damage can be fixed. It’s every man for himself at this point regardless of race.

      3. most of the guys are wimps and once the Asians are in the USA, they become mean bitches.

      4. No doubt man I’m not suggesting that Asian women are not hypergamous. I’m not saying they’re pure or something. I once saw a drunk Asian chick take a shit right outside the club I work at.
        Here check this out… here is the footage from the security cameras… lol it has 200k views.

        But from my point of view (tall intelligent white-guy), dealing with bitchy fat white women that have no idea how to act like women at all just does not add up. Modern white women are literally no different than McDonald’s burgers. Cheap, mass produced, uniform, tasty once in a while but you’ll get sick if you have it too much.
        99% of white-women bring basically nothing to the table except the fact that they’re white. A well-raised Asian girl is hypergamous, but not completely brainwashed by McDonalds.

        1. That’s Mainland style right there. As I recall, there were plenty of hotties in China with a severe lack of hygiene or manners. Still, washing them up and banging them is much better than taking out the trashy landwhales in the States.

        2. I taught English in China over the summer, and I was going to go back for a year contract this summer, but I decided to cancel it. I’m just going to give up on life and turn to alcohol so that I can feel good about myself.

        3. What? Wtf man… That is a pretty bleak mindset… Why can’t you succeed?
          If you went to teach English you have an undergrad and so are educated… You most likely were able to relieve some debt… Why do you think you’re so fucked?

        4. I’m Black and I only like Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese girls (although I have and would bang a South Korean here and there too).
          I have no debt, I just don’t have the looks or social clout to make it in this world, especially given my objectives.

        5. Well I’m not exactly gonna support your idea of drinking your sadness away and throwing in the towel…
          I don’t know what your goals are but you might need to take a hard look at whether or not they are reasonable or not.
          If you have no debt than you are way ahead of quite a few poor and fucked-for-life folks out there. You might want to start counting your blessings dude.
          I don’t know what its like to be black so I can’t speak to that but the majority of guys in this world are average looking… If you want to improve that area start with your style, health, and grooming… Better to be a handsome toad than to be a disheveled eagle.
          Social clout? Who has social clout? Everything is on a spectrum. If you always compare yourself to some idealized version of yourself, or people that have everything you want you’ll always be miserable.
          I’m not trying to come across as preachy, I don’t know you… But your posts come across like you’re at a rough patch. All I can offer is to suggest that you broaden your perspective.
          Don’t throw in the towel… You can change… But don’t give up… The greatest of men stumble constantly… The only reason you think they’re great men is because you hear about them after they’ve stood up ten-thousand times.

        6. You tried other countries instead bruh? Even as a mixed dude like myself, I’ve had very little success with Asian women but I also like Latina and West Indian females as well.

        7. So what? So am I. WTF is that supposed to mean. Maybe you aren’t pulling the pussy in because you reek of betaness. If I can feel your betaness through the internet, I’m sure that it’s even worse in person.

        8. Nah, it’s because I’m Black and I like Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese girls. If i were a different race (especially white), or if i liked fatass walrus reject hispanic chicks or low-tier German girls or something like that, I’d probably score.

        9. what about the Ainu? there are plenty in Japan. Would you go to Vladivostok, there are plenty of NE Asian looking ppl there.

        10. There’s a major phenotypic crossover between Chinese/Taiwanese and Thai, Filipino and Vietnamese people. Also Chinese is linguistically related to Thai and Vietnamese – only related to Japanese via written language.
          Look up Han Viet, this is the Chinese vocabulary you already know, but found in Vietnam. If you go to SEA you may be surprised. There are more light skinned people in that area than stereotypes indicate. There are also some tall women.
          Philippines is in the same island chain as Japan and Taiwan and considered as part of the Sinosphere by Samuel Huntington. But there are strong racial and cultural connections between China and continental Southeast Asia.
          Many people in the Philippines have also experienced discrimination while working abroad, so they may understand being black more. A lot of Chinese just stay in their hometown and don’t see others, but people from SEA often work abroad.
          I am just giving some suggestions. China, Philippines, Indonesia are all in the same area of the world, there are more similarities than you think. Even more than between China and Japan. When I first heard Thai it reminded me of a dialect of Chinese. Even Filipino languages sound more similar to Chinese. But when I hear the Japanese language, I can immediately tell a difference.

        11. why not head to japan. If you hit the hip hop circles you can score there. Japan is actually open to dark skin men. We just have to work a little harder then the whites. Plus tone down the style facial hair and look as friendly as possible. They find dark skinned men intimidating sometimes. wrote an article about this.

        12. Been to Japan. I’m not a cool, hip-hop Black guy with swag, plus Japan is more expensive, harder to get a job (even teaching), and I don’t have as much interest in the country as I did before.

        13. nonsense.have u learned nothin from can play up that sterotypw when u hit the club but in the day just be cool n charismatic. there been some black guys that had success. look up black passenger yellow cab. naughtynomad did an interveiw with him and he was a playboy in japan.this was back in 90s but he married a japanese girl half his age. and hes from jamica.
          veitnam is also an option

        14. Vietnam is an option that I won’t take. I honestly would rather be in China and Taiwan for the lifestyle and women, but Japan is a place that I could settle for if I made more income.
          It’s much easier and more rewarding to spend the money on booze though.

        15. I totally feel you bro. But negativity is only going to attract negativity. That will harm your game. There’s really nothing you can do about Asians preference for white men but as I and many others here have said, it is possible. For gods sake man there’s over a billion of them!

        16. I recently watched Paint Your Wagon and there was a line in the song after Lee Marvin buys and marries the Mormon’s second wife that speaks to this point:
          “ He would be lots richer if he’d stayed drunk and horny.”
          Don’t pick on a guy for making different choices.

      5. Asian american females get fucked up in high school, want to be like the popular white girls and start copying them, that includes chasing white males. Then they hit college and get exposed to feminist theory and have some big identity crises about chasing white cock.

  42. Maybe a White guy likes Asian Women…who cares. So white men should just stop liking asians because of this bimbo..Oh wait The White Male is getting his “due” from the SJW’s and the Obama circus that’s why this asian woman is saying it’s a problem that white males like asian women, …but every-other race that likes asian women is not a problem?

    1. Nah. They hate Black men that like Asian women too because deep down, they know that they really don’t want Black guys, and we’re supposed to “understand” as “people of color” and just submit and be there for the fat chicks and fuglies when they can’t get White guys. So, a Black man that likes Asian women gets none of the pleasure but all of the pain, on top of being hated by the non-Black men that “own” Asian women and the SJW side that finds our “fetish” “problematic”.

      1. I’ve seen some black guys with some of the hottest pussy on the planet in tokyo. Usually a cool guy dj type with a job in the club scene every night with high exposure and high visibility to hot pussy. Short term fun party girls.

        1. Yeah, but you have to fit that image and you’re going for a small and waning niche of Japanese girls that like Black guys. However, any pudgy, balding White guy can clean house anywhere in Asia just being himself.

        2. Its a smaller niche: 1) they are rebelling 2) she chooses the guy, the guy doesn’t choose her 3) he has to position himself as the coolest guy in the room every night. But these bitches make guys stop and stare.

      2. similar to a short asian man in America, hence my insistence on traveling to Europe lol. apparently bravado makes up for height across the pond lol

  43. Most of the time I see an Asian girl/white male couple it’s usually a low status guy with a 3/10 Asian girl.

    1. Yes this.
      It never occurred to these white guys that the best asian women stick to their own?

      1. yeah, but for these guys it comes down to an asian 3 or Incel…
        I figure, as long as they are getting their rocks off, who are we to criticize?

    2. Na dude. ABout six months ago a saw a nice asian girl with a dorky unnatractive looking white dude. It pissed me off.

      1. It happens. I would say that it is more common to see a conventionally unattractive white guy with a decent-looking or hot Asian girl than it is to see a conventionally attractive White guy with an ugly Asian girl (although I did see a surprising number of such couples when I was in China).
        Many Asian women think that all white guys are handsome, just as some white (and other non-Asian) guys think that all Asian women are attractive.

        1. To be fair I’ve seen attractive Asian girls with geeky Asian dudes. And I live in a city with three chinatowns.

  44. Living in china and being born from an asian mother I firmly attest that the best asian women date other asian men.

    1. I agree, but White guys and other non-Black foreigners can still bang a lot of hot girls in Asia. Many of us aren’t looking for the “best”, or the 10/10, but would be satisfied with triple-digit notch counts of 7s and up, which is quite easy to do in Asia for a non-Black foreigner.

      1. Agree. Foreign males in asia aren’t limited to banging the leftovers. Its usually a step up for them in quality and quantity.

        1. I don’t know why western males clean up in asia. Its a common observation. Average white guy who ranks 5, get bumped up a couple of notches to 7. White male ranked 7.5 at home has unlimited buffet of any chick he wants. My buddy was like that, above average height blonde athletic in college, but he still had to work for it NY. He got a job as foreign correspondent with newspaper in asia, lived for 6 months in every asian country in nice hotels, went home twice a week with the most beautiful woman in the room, notch count 50- 100 in one year alone, and it was 3 year job assignment, and they approached him. Its not an exaggeration, I saw this. He lived like a rock star with groupies. He liked japan, indonesia, and philippines the best. But the point is that asia is not just for western males that are losers at home. I know dallas, its just another american city, its not like an asian capital. I can’t explain it, you have to do it.

    2. Because they’re able to net one of the few Asian alpha males around, while white European alphas get picked up by high-quality white women.

    3. By ‘ the best’ i assume you mean the rich high-upper class asians. The elites in any society always date/marry each other so there’s nothing exactly shocking there. Most men hear are probably from the working -middle class section of society. Most of the men hear want slim, feminine , traditional women. East Asians aren’t perfect in this regard but are usually better than what’s on offer at home. About the only time a westerner needs game in Asia is if he wants to date an upper class Asian.

      1. By Westerner you mean White or non-Black from a European or American country. A Black “westerner” is not necessarily going to be successful, and is almost guaranteed failure.

        1. Blacks are a niche interest in Asia but can do well. However, they don’t have it easy like whites do. Having said that, I never feel sorry for blacks when it comes to women because they always find a way to do well.

        2. Dude I had no problem in Japan in the 90’s and 5 of my other friends are married to Asian women from various backgrounds and they are all Black dudes as well. How you score in Asia as a Black man all depends on how you carry yourself, your affiliations and how well you speak.

  45. Yellow girl problems.
    This woman is working on post apocalyptic beauty, dance and puppet videos. Sounds like a real catch. Maybe people have yellow fever for her because she’s only worth a pump and dump.

  46. Wait, I was supposed to watch the video, which starts with some b*tchy entitled princess trying to lecture me about something?
    WHY would I watch that video?
    You don’t need to watch the video, boys, or even read the article. Here’s the bottom line: asian-american girls & women are just as b*tchy, falsely-entitled and neurotic as whites; actual asian girls & women, in Asia, are still largely traditional and feminine and you would do very well to end up with one of those if your SMV is too low for one of the very rare high SMV traditional white ones.

  47. Man, that video is unwatchable. She creates a boogeyman that doesn’t even exist, makes the boogeyman look like a drooling retard, and then puts it down to prop herself up.
    Quite the alternate reality if I’ve ever seen one.

    1. The reality is she could never re-integrate into Japan. She would be shunned. Japanese men find westernized feminists abhorrent.

      1. yeah, but that’s mainly because westernized women don’t act like they are being raped every time they get fucked.
        You knowm, I hate the vast majority of western feminist culture, but Japanese fetishism I could seriously do the hell without. I like a screaming woman, but I don’t like wobbling her tits with my hands for twenty minutes having her just lie there like a fucking uncooked turkey and cry like my dick’s made of barbed wire.

        1. I was referring to how they act with Japanese men.
          Hey, since I am NOT a japanese man, Porn is the only way I have of guessing how japs ‘act together’

  48. The proliferation of the Western standard of beauty in Japan specifically is immediately apparent to anyone who watches anime. Human characters are drawn in a manner that stands in sharp contrast to the reality of Mongoloid physical appearance. In my opinion, this is representative of widespread insecurity that is not healthy for Asian culture in general, but it is especially harmful for Asian men.
    I recently attended a formal function at my school, which is approx. 85% male, and I couldn’t help but notice the preponderance of Asian dates compared to the relatively small population of Asian men. This situation is problematic because both white and Asian women are more commonly attracted to white men, leaving Asian males in a rather poor dating situation.

    1. Well don’t exaggerate much with anime 😛 most tv shows with highestes rating in Japan are live action, and they by default have real Japanese actors, also Korean dramas are very very popular there. The thing is that most westerners only know of Anime because is like the only Asian export in the West.

  49. Unless I happen to be in front of a cultural monument or landmark and nobody else is around to assist, I have sworn off ever taking another selfie again for the rest of my natural life. It just seems like the most desperate, pathetic, and downright bizarre (“I took a picture of myself… myself!”) bit of attention-whoring act and begging for Likes from the Beta rabble to where I would rather kindly ask a complete stranger to take my pic instead of having my arm sticking out and encompassing a third of the picture frame and making an idiotic face of some sort (or gesture with the other hand) in my pic I took of myself… myself.
    To conclude, men don’t take selfies, and I won’t hesitate to say that out loud in public any chance I get!

      1. Haha oh man at the bar I work after we closed one night the DJ and a cocktail waitress got in an argument and the DJ told her “Oh go take another selfie!” to shut her up and she had nothing to fire back with. It was fantastic!

      1. Not unless they are making fun of something. Oh God please don’t let that become a thing…

    1. “A woman with collectivist Confucian values and no sense of western individuality. Nagging and ranting at her white husband and Eurasian son. Western individuality totally suppressed. Rule by a soulless Confucian bureaucracy. These are the values that the White Libertarian chooses to live under when he betrays the West and the embraces the East. He produces offspring who are totally rejected by the Western World and have nothing but hatred for White Male values. Ironically his East Aryan wife will embody everything he hates about ball-breaking western liberal feminist slutty western women to a much higher degree. His East Asian princess is nothing but a collectivist, matriarchal, materialistic, slut, birthing him an Oedipal son.”

      1. I don’t know man. I tell an asian woman what I like and she makes a mental note and surprises me later and does it. I tell a white woman what I like and it starts an argument. I don’t want to have to game a bitch like a comedian getting hissed. I don’t understand american culture and I’m american. Pick your poison.

  50. In regards to that video itself, I just can’t even imagine why anyone would watch stuff like that to begin with. Maybe I’m getting old, but I just don’t understand this generation’s infatuation with youtube. I’ve seen some dumb-ass channels that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers…. do people just sit and watch youtube all day long?
    The most pathetic thing I’ve come across is this youtuber named pewdiepie. I think he’s in the top spot, and all he does is play video games and say a bunch of stupid shit over them. Why would anyone want to watch someone else playing a video game?

    1. I know its absolutley crazy. On top of that they are making serious bank from their hordes of braindead teenage fans.
      That PewdiePie dude makes upwards of 10-15 million a year.

  51. I am white. My wife’s ancestors came from China. Her sister married a white guy. The youngest brother married a white girl. The oldest son married an asian girl, but that was arranged. I have ONE female asian friend that has married another asian; The rest go for white guys. All of them.
    When I asked them about this (because how can it not come up) the answer is almost always this: the asian girls were told by their mothers that they were FORBIDDEN from dating white guys, that white people were sub-human, filthy, etc. Combine that with the fact that the sons in the family are usually spoiled rotten and it’s no wonder the girls go for the ‘forbidden fruit’.
    Huh, I just realized that I am someones fetish. Maybe I should be triggered?

  52. as a Flip guy, i can attest this is spot on. white in the Phils is status. thats fact whether anyone likes it or not.
    i’ve lived with it & i dont really care if my women have that fetish. it’ll probably be a net positive for Flip society to have half whites running around anyways lol (we cant get any worse unless islam takes over lol)

    1. well, I gotta say, flip dudes are a hell of a lot more attractive to a variety of races than ‘pure’ asians… Most of you look a lot more Mulatto than tiny-dicked asian. Find yourself a smart eastern european girl, drag her back, and start pumping out high-class kids… do your part and save your genes at the same time.

      1. Southeast Asians don’t have the slitty eyes, that’s why. Korean dudes go nuts over Vietnamese girls for that reason.

  53. Growing up in a majority Asian area, I quickly found that Asian immigrants are racist toward Whites. I eagerly dated Asians but usually had to do it in secret because of the racist parents. Combine this with the school system’s incessant racism against white men, blaming them for everything that has gone wrong in history, and it is no wonder that the dumber Asian-American girls attack White men. There is a strong dissonance in their head, they are attracted to them but strongly conditioned to hate them.

    1. old school fobs are racist towards blacks & whites. the new generation doesnt give a fuck (although many dont like associating with ghetto blacks)

      1. They don’t associate with ANY Black. They will associate with White or Latin trash that exhibits the same behaviors as the Blacks that they complain about though.

        1. In all honesty, though, when you add up the averages, is it really any wonder that at first blush they think most black americans are criminals?
          Don’t get me wrong, I am not a supremacist. If someone’s an achiever, fuck their race, it doesn’t matter… but when dealing with demographics and risk factors, race really DOES matter… a lot. The Thug culture has a lot to answer for.

  54. In East Asia, another huge factor is the epidemic of grass-eaters and hikikomori. When a third of the men are so omega that they drop out of trying to have sex entirely, the girls are bound to be on the hunt for some European virility, due to the fact that a white beta will seem like a lesser alpha to an East Asian girl by simple comparison to her own men.
    Not sure about southeast Asians (Filipinos, Vietnamese, Thais). My guess is that, as for Eastern European women and Latinas, it’s that old demon hypergamy talking which gives the women there the tingles for YT.

  55. I disagree. I think it goes both ways. I do think there is such a thing as Yellow Fever, but I also do think that Asian women are obsessed with White men. The truth is the majority of White Nerds and Geeks are Beta Males and they can’t tame a White woman, let alone a Black woman and that is why they want a Asian woman because they believe they will be more docile and easier to tame. Because Asian men are often thought of as being emasculated Beta males, White nerds know that is what Asian women expect, except White nerds believe they have the one up on Asian males due to their Whiteness. All that being said, if a white woman is jealous of a White man for dating an Asian, it is only because she is a racist and she believes that White men are her only dating options.

    1. Why would any decent white man want a black woman? Those women are the worst choice for a white man. Angry fat bitches. Nah Ill pass.

    2. so you’re saying beta white dudes want a waifu – human version?
      idk man, i knew many beta white dudes.
      they just want to be loved & appreciated instead of shunned. many really are nice guys too. but as we know American gurls dont like nice or beta

    3. Geeks don’t want to tame women, what they want is someone who appreciates their geekiness. Since geekiness is sexually unattractive they end up with no dating prospects. They may turn to Asians out of mild desperation because of the perceived geekiness of Chinese/japanese (note i exclude the s.e asians here, rarely see a geek with a filipina or thai) Geeks and nerds are bad with women and many are fundamentally beta. Meaning that they actively believe in sjw crap etc.. Ironically many probably fucking agree with the video about yellow fever and will probably stop pursuing Asians because they fear being branded as having yellow fever. Because that is what betas do.

  56. Why does she care?
    While she is screechy and obnoxious, she is good-looking enough to plenty of male attention. Is she just pissed off that guys expect her to behave decently because she’s (somewhat) Asian.
    Is she complaining about guys’ high expectations? Hard to tell since I tuned her out pretty quickly (I’m sure she gets that a lot too).

    1. Because she shuns her own race and prefers to suck white cock, has mixed feelings about it, so its easier for her to blame her confusion on some guy who took an entry level course in asian language. It doesn’t have to make sense in the hamster brain, its just about feelings.

      1. “If it sounds like bullshit it probably is.”
        We all know her type. Her body language borders on hysteria to make her case that there is something wrong with all western men and the Asian women with them; she is absolute that all cases are yellow and white fever. How can she convince us when she is struggling so hard to convince herself?

  57. Lately I’ve been on a strictly Asian diet, and I’m loving every god damn minute of it!!

  58. Two of my best-looking, young, fit professional American male friends married Filipino women in 2014. Both guys from my small home town, not marrying their H.S. sweethearts.

  59. Lol, Filipinas are really low class in Asia. What are you bragging about. In real Asian countries none of the best, hottest girls seek out whites, they are mostly indifferent unless they studied overseas. Only the darker, fatter, and more unattractive actively seek out whites, and it’s so they can bat above their average.
    Also the whole want to have lighter skin goes way back in Asia. Look at old paintings and more popularly, geisha makeup. It’s about not associating with the farmers moreso than looking Caucasian.
    Just another white guy that thinks he knows Asia

    1. I agree that the highest tier women in China and Japan tend to settle with higher tier men from their own backgrounds. However, some of them might fuck white and other non-Black foreigners for fun. Also, the average non-Black foreigner can rack up a huge notch count with ease out there amongst average and somewhat above average women that are far superior, and far easier than what he would be stuck with in his own country.

    2. I keep hearing how all the ‘real’ Asian girls aren’t interested in whites. But you know who actually gives a damn? If whites wanna bang all these ‘ugly’ Asians then let them. If you’re Asian and reading this then good luck with all those high class Asian 9s and 10s that your probably not (ever) going to bang. Heck, even the best puas rarely bang 9s and 10s if you want a lot of sex aim for 6s and 7s. If you go to Asia then you will probably be banging hookers or bar girls in the S.E in Japan/China the girls will almost certainly be 5-6 by local standards even if you think they are an 8.

      1. “Japan/China the girls will almost certainly be 5-6 by local standards even if you think they are an 8.”
        Beauty is in the eye of the cockholder. If I think she’s an 8 than she’s an eight. Why would I care about what some man, whose language I don’t even speak, thinks?
        ANd besides, how many white women fuck black guys in college to piss daddy off and/or just to try it? You don’t think Asians do the same?

        1. Depends what your goals are. If you just want pussy then no reason to care. If you’re an expat serious about living in Asia then it will help you in life to know that your girl is probably average and prevent you from looking like a typical foreigner who thinks he has hit the jackpot. You see it countless times, some guy bragging about his girl even though she is a washed up hooker or a dumpy country girl. And these things DO matter in many Asian countries. In Thailand for example the ‘elite’ girls who are the types everybody says don’t date white guys don’t do so because to date a white guy would invite people to think you’re a hooker. This is down to western sex tourists. No rich educated girl wants that. The situation in Japan/China is different due to less sex tourism and different culture but as I said no need for you to care if getting your dick wet is what you want ( no problem with that) but if you want to be seen to be socially conscious as you would back home, then it matters. After all no self respecting man dates ugly girls / hookers in the West, think Asia is different?

        2. Course it doesn’t matter!
          Do you think we should care about ‘Fan Death’ drinking warm water to cure obesity or all the other crap the locals believe to be true?
          What a local guy finds attractive, some daft looking bint who would take off with a gust of wind speaking in some silly high pitched voice adorned with ‘hello kitty’ crap is not my idea of a nine – to a lot of local guys – it might be, but unless they have the house, the means, the education and the height – they aren’t getting those girls either!
          There are many Chinese men who are still virgins going into their thirties, they might want to lower their sights a bit because what’s going on at the moment isn’t working for them.
          As for ugly women getting dates in the west, I see ugly women with nice looking boyfriends all the time – pretty common where I live.

        3. I do think it’s important to respect local traditions even if you don’t believe in them. So you should care to some degree.
          You don’t need to adopt local preferences but I do think it’s a good idea to not date certain kinds of girls if in the area long term. You should aim high for a middle class type girl because you will probably be quite well paid if you have emigrated to Asia.
          Yes, I said earlier some of these guys need to take their heads out of the clouds.
          Sadly the thirsty guys in your area have no self respect and will just grab whatever they can. Get them to ROK asap!!

        4. This is nonsense, the Chinese communities in every country separate themselves in every country, they don’t mix, never mind concern themselves about what the local population think of them. If a Chinese man back home was dating some fat heiffer none of us would touch – I wouldn’t think anything of it. Good luck to him if that is what he likes.
          I agree with you on one aspect though, don’t understand why some men in Thailand marry Issan bar girls with tattoos – when I see them walking around, I think they could do better but if they are happy then the payoff is there somewhere – not my cup of tea but on the other hand, none of my business.
          Apart from that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I certainly don’t care what some Chinese man thinks of my other half when he is probably in still in touching distance with his virginity (haha – I am so sharp, I’ll cut meself one day).
          And as I said in a previous comment, the best Chinese girls are out of reach for the vast majority of Chinese men, I daresay this is the same in the vast majority of Asian countries.

        5. I really hate agreeing with you because you come off as kind of an asshole, but you are right about the Thais. However, as the expat community is changing quickly and drastically in Thailand, this too is changing. The new wave of expats is young professionals working for multi-nationals on hefty expat packages. They tend to be young, fit, good looking, and single. They tend to do quite well in upper class Thai circles, so the stigma is lifting (slowly).
          I will also have to agree that the idiots that date hookers in Asia and try to make them girlfriends, or heaven forbid wives, embarrass themselves and their home countries. Face is huge in Asia and you don’t associate outside your class (at least not downward) in public. That does not mean that those Hi-So Thai men aren’t dipping the wick with those ugly dark skinned tarts; they are just discrete.

      1. Having been married to a Latina and presently married to a very fair skinned Filipina; let me tell you in these countries shade matters, a lot. Differences that we outsiders would never notice are noticed big time in their countries. And the context is usually not racial or ethnic so much as it is socioeconomic class. Poor people have to work in the fields and get brown while rich people avoid the sun like it is poison. So, pale skin = rich, brown skin = poor. It is reversed in the US because only rich people get to avoid working long hours under florescent lights in depressing indoor cubicle farms and retail establishments. Rich people have the means and time to tan.

    3. /smh you are so wrong lol.
      as for the racial superiority bullshit, fine i’ll give you my peeps are far from perfect (im still steaming at those assholes for a career reason). but if white dude gets his Pinay pussy, she will work like a dog to make the relationship work cause its a ticket out of poverty.
      is that a bad thing? is she objectifying his white ass? maybe/maybe not. but it is reality.
      As for whitening, maybe you should tell Shishedo to stop selling their bleach cream all over asia (w/ a billion $ profit to boot). Also, eye enhancement surgery, cause round whitey eyes are the best eyes, nuff said. Oh & newsflash, your NE asia 9’s & 10’s still fetishize white culture, so much so, they’ll go to the anglo world in heartbeat just to be above the peasant class. so spades are spades ok?

    4. The best, hottest women want their future (Asian) spouses to have bought a house (before marriage), a holiday home and to produce money on a whim – and he better be tall, good looking and have a degree and a masters degree from a ‘name’ university from both China and abroad. The vast majority of Asian guys are not in the game either. The best and hottest girls will not lower their standards to marry a local man who can’t deliver however his personal qualities are on the surface.
      But you are right though, most white foreigners are not in competition for those women anyway, however, the Asian guy who does bring all the above to the table has his absolute pick.

    5. Like I said before, only a small percentage of Asian women are interested in men from other countries or races. The elite women in the Philippines are completely out of reach of almost all American white men I have ever seen (unless you are Brad Pitt or Bill Gates or a combination of both and are doing a major business deal with their fathers). You would not even be allowed to speak with them before their bodyguards beat you to the ground. The issue is that an average guy can get a girl in Asia that would be considered above average here. While the average American guy in American can’t possibly get an average or even slightly below average girl, as they have inflated their egos to the point where they don’t see average guys. They deserve nothing less than a male 10 even if they are a female 5. The average guy in American can only get a girl by dumpster diving; and many have decided they are unwilling to stoop that low. MGTOW is the result.

  60. In China, many Chinese girls find white men more desirable than a Chinese man. There’s an old saying: “It’s better to marry a poor foreigner than a rich Chinese man.” Part of this is because of how weak the Chinese passport is. The passports of the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Germany, etc are much better in that they allow their holders visa-free access to over 100 countries. Foreigners are viewed in China as an opportunity for more social mobility than locals. This also reflects Chinese attitudes towards dating and marriage in the first place. Often it’s more about convenience than love. Not sure about other Asian countries.

    1. Good point, also, more and more Chinese women are rejecting the situation where they marry a family rather than a man, most young, educated, Chinese women do not want to be at the mercy of a cruel family who will treat her badly and they know when marrying a western man, they are marrying the man and not the family. Of course, marriage to a western family involves relatives but in comparison to a Chinese family, it is all superficial at best, there will be no calls to be the carer of the oldest sons parents when they are old.

  61. Dunno about you but I’m not into asian women and I never have been. I’d actually want my kids to look like me, not half breed bastards, like the world doesn’t have enough of those.

    1. Good point. Are people supposed to be attracted to similar looking people? Because I’ve always preferred blonde, white women sexually. Which is a shame because so many blonde white women are cunts.

      1. Most people date and marry their own, whatever the race.
        Most white women marry white men, a woman would have a problem dating outside their own culture even if the man was white, Polish migrants in the UK have problems dating local white British women (though their own women are far better looking) because they won’t overlook a cultural difference unlike men. For women, all the right circumstances have to be lined up just right.

    2. ‘ not half breed bastards, like the world doesn’t have enough of those.’
      I take it you and your real father don’t get on Harry.

        1. Really? Even though you look nothing like him with your massive lips and microphone style Afro? How can this mean – I mean, he even named you after his hero – Harry Belafonte, stop acting all white on the internet!

    3. To be honest, if I were dumb enough to have kids I’d rather they be full black. But black women?
      No. Just no.

  62. its posts like these that sometimes make me wish i was white….
    “submission is putting the interests of someone or something else before your own,”
    this is a pretty good point. By that definition, a man submits to his wife and kids by working and tending to their needs.

      1. Ya like my commute back home I saw this cute lil flipina 6.5 feeding and kissing her short skinny nerdy white beta. The guy must be a 4 on the face. And by the looks of it probably cant handle a punch. I want to say its tight game on his part,but because hes with a filipina,she just fell into his lap. Yes its possible she could be older,rode lotta dicks and hes happy with what hes got. BUt end of the day, even if you are bigger and stronger, if youre darker,itll be harder to pull …but not impossible.
        But its worth noting asian women care less about apperance and care more for money. Like in eastern europe where women look for beta providors. After alll isnt that the main reason they chase beta white men? They assume they are doctors,IT or something.
        But end of the day, the interracial dating game is easier for white guys. Yes even though muslim and indian communities(non americanized) will chase them off and basically no goes for them, but they make for it with easy time in asia and latin america with more attractive and feminine women. Too me thats an awesome trade off, Id ditched indian and middle eastern women for latinas and asians any day of the week. Its like trading silver for gold.

    1. ” a man submits to his wife and kids by working and tending to their needs.”
      This is exactly what a man is supposed to do in regards to his family. Be a servant leader. Same as Jesus.

  63. The explosion of comments on this article convinces me that there are a lot of the people on here that have never traveled anywhere beyond the US. All the prejudices and bigotry found in America oozes from the replies.
    The typical ubiquitous anti-black stuff. The thinly veiled white man is God ideology, the belief that Asians are some monolithic group; some hive mind. Ill bet most of the commenters have never even set foot in an Asian nation. Their knowledge is probably limited to the American girls with slanted eyes. Lol, it’s all so silly.

  64. This is going to be some diet coke white-knighting….
    I have met at least one dude that did have genuine yellow fever and it was sometimes weird. He’s a super aspergy nerd and does at lot of the stuff that Anna Akana made fun of in the video. So I sort of understand this chick being annoyed by white nerds with an East-Asian fetish.

      1. Women are going to be annoyed by geeky betas when they want alpha dick. Maybe she’s tired of nerdy white guys chasing her when she wants Chad Thundercock. However, in Asia proper and amongst fobs, Joe Average non-Black will have chicks lining up to pay for their dinners and their own abortions afterwards. Shout out to that Chinese chick I knew in Miami now lol.

        1. +1 for the alpha name.
          im half tempted to change my username to Chad Thundercock for the lulz

      2. I’m nerdy too (less now than I was though) so take my comments as constructive criticism and not an insult.
        There are white male nerds that pursue Asian chicks instead of learning social skills or working out. So mediocre Asian girls become a white nerd’s crutch.

    1. Japan has its own homegrown nerd base. Anime, video games, godzilla,
      shit like that. Some americans are attracted to japanese culture for
      those kinds of reasons. I think few females anywhere respect that
      personally, but what if it works for someone else? Its billion dollar
      business for somebody. Anna Anaka is a typical asian american female, brain fucked by high school / college in america, lusting after ambercrombie fitch all american white male model types, but attracting beta males and that causes her hamster brain to flip. She can go fuck herself. There are better looking asian women that aren’t cunt personalities. This is just another way of cunts shaming beta males. There are such things as beta females, and almost all feminists go in that category. Feminists aren’t worthy of male attention and have no value to men other than an occasional blow job during a dry spell, and they’re not worth a call back. She’s in amercia, and she’s not fat, so that makes her fuckable for no other reason, but what else is there? Its good she left this youtube video out there on the net with her name on it, so guys can google her before a date and know not to invest any real time or energy with her.

      1. Are you yelling with me or at me? That was a big wall of text.
        I said I “sort of understand”. I think she’s half right that white nerds are annoying but she is also a bitch for whining about it so much in this attention whoring youtube video.

  65. I feed on their bitterness.
    After 8 years living in Asia, there is nothing more heart-warming to me than seeing the bitterness in the eyes of a white girl when a decent guy walks past with a cute young (half his age + 7).. 45kg local girl under his arm.
    Just the hate and resentment I see on their face, feeds my red pill soul. And the antipathy is usually not directed to the guy… its to the girl. You can see them staring daggers at them.
    So I would suggest, that the negativity that whining ABC harpie is showing off in her video, is directed to the cute asian girls who get the decent men. But the sisterhood forbids her from attacking girls, so it must be the desperado creepy ‘yellow fever’ guys.
    One thing I tell guys who come here for the first time, is to avoid the USA/canadian/Aust born Asian girls like the plague. Or even any that have spent more than a few years in these countries. The feminist propaganda starts to infect their happy personalities, and you end up with the most shockingly entitled princesses on the planet.

    1. Lol, ewwww. I’d rather be shot than touch a fat hairy smelly WHITEBREAD guy who is a total loser in his home country but suddenly thinks he is a badass because of his shitty English teaching job. Asian men are educated, have class, and actually do something with their lives other than “spitting game” and “getting swole.”

      1. – I’d rather be shot than touch a fat hairy smelly WHITEBREAD guy who is a total loser in his home country but suddenly thinks he is a badass because of his shitty English teaching job. –
        Yay! You go girl! Fat hairy smelly white old guys don’t even want to touch you anyway so good for you that you enjoyed being shot! I pray to Allah that someone will shoot you soon enough, inshallah.

  66. I date Asian girls often and I have two passports that are absolutely full to the brim with immigration stickers/stamps from Southeast Asia. women in America when they figure out that you are dating Asian girls will call you every name in the book. I take it as a badge of honor. Considering none of my Asian GFs are over 18, I get’Pedo’ shouted my way often.
    I’m attracted to submissive feminine girls, and that precludes any relationships with americunts.
    Living off big daddy government or trying to shame men into relationships are the last desperate measures taken by a failed class of people. Dating Asian girls isn’t about how much better they are as female influences than americunts. It’s about how bad anglosluts are compared to ANY other feminine choice.
    Great article, really like the discussion it spawned

  67. I hate to break this news but there are some of us white guys who do speak an Asian language. Dude I know speaks fluent Mandarin with an allegedly northern accent. I speak conversational Cantonese with a really bad white guy accent. Chinese women eat that up when you can understand (even just pieces) their language. Trust me: as a socially aloof, when not actively unsocial, white guy who won’t touch white women except in desperate thirst.

  68. I totally agree with this, but how long until the ideology of “Westernized Women” hits the shores of Asia? Has it already began or no?

  69. the hottest asian chicks who are mentally sane ,and also asian girls with normal self esteem arent going to go for pasty white guys,and youre not gonna find much success better bring something to the table.looks or money.anyway,this article and its comemnters are hypocrites.when white women fuck ni66ers shes trash.she should stay loyal to her race.shesa whore.but whe a azn woman does it shes a sweet angel.this is why men of colour dont need to take this manosphere shit seriousely.all this solidarity between races is a joke.there is serious competitiona nd tribalism out there.even though white men have an unfair advantage with average asian girls and slutty latinas,atleast the universe evens it out with the anaconda black snake.

  70. mentally sane girls dont sleep with ugly men because of their color.thats called a slut.this site has posted articles before criticizing women who are groupies for DJs and athletes but when it comes to colour these women are angels and its all good.
    black men and azn men ,and dare I say latino men should not take this manosphere shit seriousely.mansophere is just white men that hate your guts cuckolding you because their own women are gulping down bbc sperm.any ethnik women that sleeps with a white aryan man solely based on race is a traitor and a slut.but dont let consistency be expected on returnofkings.

    1. Oh, of course. People do what is in their interests. It’s a fact that if you are a non-White man that cannot pass for White, especially a Black man, that the end game of this movement is not for you at all, and the tactics utilized to score are probably not going to work for you either, at least not to the same degree.
      Learn what you can though; I have personally learned a lot, whether it be the intended lessons or about human nature from the comment sections, but you should be striving to win your own battles.

  71. I don’t have time to read 504 comments to see if anyone filled you in or not.
    Lee, formerly of DGM fame, told me that if a woman in the Philippines gets pregnant by an American man, when the kid is born, she can go to the US Embassy, report his name and address, and they will send a report to his local CSRU. Who will call him in for a blood test. If he is the father, her fortune is made, because US child support can go a long way in the PI.
    And, of course, if he doesn’t show, he may get a default c/s order with no action on his part.
    I have not personally verified this, but from years of experience, that is exactly what the US slave-chasers would do if they are legally able.
    These college educated women surely know this. Women are herd animals and the word gets around fast.
    And, the last thing they are going to do is tell the sucker their real plan.

    1. do you know how long the line is in the US Embassy in Roxas Blvd is? There’s no way anyone will wait that long just for a lottery ticket shot at child support. the very concept of child support is unheard of in the Phils (divorce is not legal, separation is – catholic rules etc).
      im not arguing there’s a game being played, im saying you identified the wrong game. its mostly “hook up with white guy, marry him, & maybe he’ll bring me to america” game. (as opposed to thai version: we need many baht for a sick water buffalo that supports the family in chiang mai)

      1. I am going to admit I am totally relying on the statement of someone I have known for years, and who has been to the PI and other nations. But your tone is not one of actual knowledge. it is extrapolation. (That is guessing based on unrelated issues within your knowledge.)
        “Well, there are long lines at the Embassy.” So long lines at the Embassy proves what the US laws are? I don’t think so.
        But, the most telling thing you said was “lottery ticket.” That implies a total lack of knowledge of child support procedures. There is no lottery ticket involved with child support. Anyone subject to US child support laws either takes the DNA test, and if DNA shows he is the father, he pays. Or pays support by default if he does not take the test. Period.
        I don’t know if there is a law which provides access by PI women to the US c/s system via the Embassy or not. I did find the following:
        It says among other things that Federal Law allows individual states to obtain agreements with other nations on child support enforcement. If anyone thinks that California, for example, would pass by any chance to take money from men, I have some really good swamp land for sale.
        If anyone has any personal knowledge on this topic with any connection to reality, please share it with us.

  72. This was true for me. I lived in S. Korea from Jun 2008-2010. I was constantly getting unsolicited “Myspace” messages. And the girls that I messaged usually messaged me. I even got a few messages from girls in the Philippines.
    I’d recommend every white guy with a college degree go to Korea — —- I’ll bet Japan and China are pretty much the same– and teach English for a year or two.

      1. I was in the Army but I knew a bunch of teachers.
        They didn’t get paid much ~$40K I think, They usually lived in smaller college style apartments. Some even lived in 200 sqft dorms with shared bathrooms and kitchens. But they all had good looking girlfriends. Most of the girls were 20-24 and wanted to fuck a white guy because they knew it’d piss daddy off.
        Korean chicks are very age conscience though. I was 26 when I went and couldn’t get any girl under 22 to talk to me. Which sucked because I’ve always preferred the “Barely Legal” crowd.
        I also fucked two white teachers who were humbled by the fact that Korean men ignored them and the White guys were too busy fucking Korean girls.

        1. That’s a shame on many counts. I’m well over 26,and most girls
          Look their best at around the mid twenties mark. I’ve seen what middle age Korean women look like and its not always good.

        1. Spoiler alert: they don’t grow hair out to the hips like a white girl. Even an unshaven Asian chick only has half what you’d expect.

        2. If she’s hot, I couldn’t give less of a fuck. There are alot of Korean girls that are smoke shows but I’ve heard it’s from the modern miracle of plastic surgery.

    1. China doesn’t require a degree in some schools and more so in the rural areas. Been approached a couple of times about going. The big issue in China is that the pay is horrendous. As in: don’t think about taking anything back to NAmerica with you. Sure, you can eat like a king for $3CDN a day but $1000/month is still $1000 a month. Gross, not net.

        1. When in Rome, dude. I’ve traveled there and felt extremely safe walking the streets late at night. Of course, I was 6’1, 230 or so and fucking with tourists gets your family billed for the bullet that executes you.
          If you go thinking about preaching capitalism or right of centre POVs, expect to be PNG’ed (persona non grata) by the first cop around the corner…. and they’re around every corner in the touristy spots like Shamian Island in Guangzhou.

        2. Fucking with laowai is a national sport – they also have strength in numbers so you can be 6ft 1ins and 230lbs but when it all goes down – there will be people stopping their cars to join in to beat you ass – maybe not in Beijing but in Gansu and such like places – better believe it.
          I don’t think you have ever been, the cops do not give a shit about foreigners, they are very passive cops, the most passive of any place I have ever been – you will never be stopped by law enforcement in China. As for preaching capitalism – China is the most capitalist country in the planet haha – come Sean and discover it for yourself instead of getting all your info from national geographic.
          NB: Look up ‘Chinese flash mob’ google it – throw your weight around against the locals around here and you will be surrounded, outnumbered and crying for mummy within three minutes.

        3. I can’t believe it. A comment directed at things that I didn’t actually say.
          Sure, there will always be spots where you’re in danger. I imagine they exist in many cities. I never felt in danger at any point during my trip(s) to China, though. I also never had any interaction with a cop that I didn’t start. Asking for directions, taking pictures, etc. Preaching capitalism was meant to be something akin to “anti government activity”. Maybe you should have read the comment I was replying to.
          “Throw your weight around against…” Now, why would anyone want to do that in a foreign country? Defensively, sure, but you’re an idiot if you think that anyone wants to just walk down streets and take on 15 million people in Guangzhou. Man, an entire reply by you without actually reading anything prior. Well done, sir.

        4. I cosign this to a degree. I was told not to get into any fights, and there were a few times (mainly when I was walking with gaggles of Chinese women) that locals seemed to want to size me up or they took offense. Yes, the White man is god in China, but there are those that resent it, and people have caught “L’s” due to over-utilizing it. Black foreigners catch ass-whippings too, but they do not get any of the pleasure of women or other things that non-Black foreigners get, and you will often find that the same White guys that do drugs and get 5 women a week get angry to see a Black guy even show up on their playground. They would be quick to join in the attack or at the very least leave “nigger” comments on the videos if they are released..
          I wouldn’t trust the cops to defend me as a foreigner, especially a Black foreigner, in China, just as I would not trust them in Japan, although you might get better results in the Kuni than the Middle Kingdom.

        5. We’ll go through all what you said in your op:
          “When in Rome, dude. I’ve traveled there and felt extremely safe walking the streets late at night. Of course, I was 6’1, 230 or so and fucking with tourists gets your family billed for the bullet that executes you.”
          Chinese people don’t get executed for ‘fucking with tourists’ Chinese people fuck with foreigners all the time and your size wouldn’t mean squat if you started trouble or you were trying to avoid it, you would be beaten to a pulp by however little Chinese men it took.
          “If you go thinking about preaching capitalism or right of centre POVs, expect to be PNG’ed (persona non grata) by the first cop around the corner…. and they’re around every corner in the touristy spots like Shamian Island in Guangzhou.”
          ‘Preaching Capitalism’? Non-one is going to do anything about anyone preaching capitalism in China, nothing, nada, nicht – no cop or no nothing gives a damn if you preach capitalism, never mind being ‘PNG’ed’. China is the most capitalist country on the planet, everything has a price (from justice to health care) and if you don’t have the money then you are screwed.

        6. Chinese men aren’t particulary brave, but they know they have numbers on their side if it kicks off with a foreigner – and you hit a good point right there, there are a lot of racist, neo-colonialist douchebag white foreigners who treat black people and the local Chinese with the same lack of respect – they treat Chinese women like disposable whores whereas if they had the same quality of white woman back home – they would be