Conservatives Win UK General Election, Causing Laurie Penny And Other Leftists To Lose Their Minds

Britain’s Conservative Party won Thursday’s UK General Election, taking a majority of 331 out of 650 seats in the House of Commons, the elected lower house of Britain’s Parliament. The result is a shock to Labour, who lost 24 seats after a landslide victory for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Scotland, and a complete holocaust for the Liberal Democrats, who were stripped of a whopping 48 seats, and now have only 8 MP’s in the House.

The reactionary United Kingdom Independence party (UKIP) fared more poorly than expected, and have only one MP rather than the expected three. Despite bias against the party in the liberal metropolitan media, UKIP accrued a total of four million votes. Their leader Nigel Farage’s abortive resignation signals the arrival of a party on the up which offers a policy alternative to the mindless Equality agenda of the other Three.

The British Left, delighted as they were with UKIP’s disappointment, reacted with predictable violence to David Cameron’s return to Downing Street, smashing up the streets and desecrating a war memorial. The Left wing commentariat, having prematurely trumpeted a Labour victory and Cameron’s demise, either had nothing to say about the violence or, like the execrable Laurie Penny, actively condoned it.

Champagne socialists, frappuccino feminists


Laurie Penny: a smug, screeching, sanctimonious rent-a-gob of the British Left.

Laurie Penny, Socialist gobshite par excellence, was in the mood for grotesque melodrama even before the final result, tweeting:

Leftists living in comfortably-off Britain on the eve of a Conservative election victory in 2015 are, judging by the tone of Ms Penny, in a predicament not far off that of German Jews on the eve of Kristallnacht. Following the result, Penny Red, as she is known on Twitter, continued Tweeting in the similar, characteristic vein of  the overgrown student Marxist, most likely from the comfort of a Heal’s armchair, mug of fairtrade cocoa in hand:

As responding tweeters rightly pointed out, Laurie Penny belongs to the very self-same liberal elite. She spews her mock-Revolutionary guff from the cushy offices of the Guardian, ensconced in sumptuous modern architecture in trendy Kings Cross. 

Democracy is great, as long as the party I like gets in


Not long after the issuance of Laurie Penny’s online flatulences, anti-austerity protesters descended on Downing Street. Their campaign was tweeted under the hashtag #ToriesOutNow, signalling open disdain for the democratic process which put the Tories back in office. Presumably no protest would have materialised had Labour won the election and had Marxist intellectual’s son and test-tube politician Ed Miliband taken office.

London’s police arrested 15, with 14 people released on bail pending a review of CCTV. A 24-year-old was denied bail after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting police. The tolerant, socially just protesters even found it in their tolerant selves to spray garish red graffiti on a Women’s War Memorial. Ever the energetic self-publicist, Laurie Penny quickly waded in to offer moral support for the vandals:

Laurie Penny: "I don't have a problem with this."

Laurie Penny: “I don’t have a problem with this.”

@PennyRed further scraped the barrel with a red herring served up with characteristic chutzpah:

Penny’s stance even had the support of another public paragon of moral virtue. Charlie Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who received a 16-month prison sentence for swinging from the Cenotaph at a protest in 2010. He spoke thusly:

Privileged twits here to bring you "Revolution": That's change you can believe in.

Charlie Gilmour: a wealthy and privileged left-wing twit.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

The backlash from the right wing press was more subdued than one might have expected.The Daily Mail simply pointed out that Ms. Penny has a very privileged background, having been privately educated before going to Oxford. Her expensive and elitist education, they said, should have instilled in her a little more awareness of the sacrifices of previous generations. Penny’s response was more SJW melodrama.  

Note the Social Justice Warrior hallmark hamstering, referring to any critical opinion as “trolling.” The SJW hamster will spin into oblivion to reframe any opposition as a mental pathology in the same way the Soviets would have done. A further hallmark is the melodrama of mental harm that Laurie Penny might have to endure as a result of the Daily Mail writing about her. “I’m fine,” she says, as if she were a woman that had narrowly avoided a brutal rape in a back-alley.

Why the Left are right in one respect about this general election

The Left’s reaction to the British public returning a Conservative majority to government betrays their lack of integrity. If a Labour had come to power, even backed by a coalition with the SNP or Liberal Democrats, no one would have heard a peep out of Socialist Worker and other assorted miscreants clogging up Whitehall with their placards this week. This is in spite of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls admitting before the election that Labour would have to make £5bn in budget cuts were they to come to power.

Part of the reason for this is that many left wing militant groups are allied to the Labour party. Nigel Farage has spoken of his harassment at the hands of groups like Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate. The left wing extremist organisations, which masquerade under the guise of legitimate “anti-racist” activism, are patronised by senior Labour figures.

Major public sector unions are also said to exercise a stranglehold over Labour, which depends on trade unions for 80% of its funding. Unite and Unison are ever-present at protests against cuts in public sector funding.

Considering the incestuous links between the so-called centre left of the mainstream Parliamentary Labour Party and the ever-more extreme groups like Socialist Worker towards the fringes, the motivation for this week’s protests are nakedly obvious. Parasites-on-the-state are anxious to send a message to the new government that they shall not be denied their right to a perpetual comfortable living funded by the taxpayer.

There was one picture from the protests, however, that I was utterly in agreeance with:

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 23.21.24

It is clear that 37%, the Conservative share, of 66%, the turnout for the General Election, is not a majority, and that in effect the tail is wagging the dog as political disengagement and a peculiar voting system is handing power to a numerical minority.

Britain’s First Past The Post electoral system means a parliamentary seat can be won by any majority, be it one or ten thousand. For example, at this Election, UKIP racked up four million votes and got only one MP, while the SNP have 56 seats with just under 1.5 million votes.

To this extent, the Conservative majority is indeed not a majority at all, and the protesters are entitled to reject the authority of the government, even if in law they have no recourse other than to campaign for electoral reform.

But what of UKIP’s four million votes and only one MP? Where are the voices of protest from the left? Four million Brits are left disenfranchised without adequate representation, and not a peep from these people’s champions.

The uncomfortable truth is that for the Left, all votes are equal, but some votes are more equal than others. Nigel Farage has likened UKIP to the Tea Party, standing up for Brits who are “overtaxed, overgoverned, [and] not being listened to.” The emphasis UKIP has placed on the desirability small government, national sovereignty and an unwillingness to be overrun by the latest demands issued by the SJW mob was never going to sit well with collectivist fanatics like Laurie Penny.

Leftists will switch positions at the drop of a hat, as and when it suits them. British Democracy is perfectly OK as long as it produces a Left-wing government, or as long as it disenfranchises reactionary, traditionalist voters like those that follow UKIP.

Fortunately, a buffoon like Laurie Penny strays into the realm of the comical so often that nobody outside the lunatic fringe of differently-abled otherkins and empowered post-wall womyn buy her schtick.

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213 thoughts on “Conservatives Win UK General Election, Causing Laurie Penny And Other Leftists To Lose Their Minds”

  1. The title of this article presumes a mind was present prior to the vote.

  2. Anything that makes the left go bat shit crazy is a good thing since the average person will start to see them as the insane maniacs that they are. Just imagine what would have happen if UKIP won.

    1. Twice as many people voted for UKIP instead of the SNP …
      I was actually hoping for a Tory-UKIP coalition. 🙂

    2. No most leftists just see it as the war cry of Braveheart.
      Most leftists are bloodthirsty and just waiting for a lone rightist to attack

  3. update: Though Nicholas Farage had originally intended to resign from UKIP leadership if he lost the South Thanet election, which he did lose, three days after resigning he was persuaded to change his decision and remain.
    Also, if 66% of voters turnout, and 37% of them are conservative, that IS a majority of the voting population, and those who don’t vote don’t get to be represented, so tough luck. In fact, this is a good thing, because people who care more about politics are both more likely to vote, AND more likely to have done the research necessary to make a good choice when they cast their vote, which is why most voting populations tend to be more conservative than the general population. It is also why liberals want to make it easier to vote by extending the voting period.

    1. Actually, the majority of the voting population is the 34% who didn’t vote at all. If you can’t be arsed to get out of bed to go vote, then those people think that nothing is wrong with how things are going. This point is even more pronounced when you consider that there are no disincentives to not voting (such as the $20 fine Australia levies for not voting).
      So 71% of voters who did/did not turn out think the Conservatives are doing a good job and should continue. That is quite a majority.

      1. Not quite. I tear my voting slips in half, but because they are meaningless. In EU countries, the ONLY vote that matters is the vote to leave the EU. Anything else is just noise to keep people busy.

    2. Saying tough luck if you didn’t vote is stupid.
      It’s a clear vote of no confidence – leaders must convince people to mobilise and elect them. You don’t just vote because you have to make a choice you rather would not make.
      We are not compelled to back anyone we do not truly believe in and the low turn out symbolises that the majority of the country have not felt that way about anyone.
      It’s like saying that one of these guys HAS to lead the country now choose between bad or worse.
      Any Government should be concerned that hardly anyone voted for them.
      How do they envision communicating to these people whilst in Government?
      What should they do – just form a different society? They haven’t agreed to your leadership and no majority has. A majority within a minority dictating governance is basically the New World Order model.
      Do we want that?

      1. Those who do not act to make democracy work by participating in the electoral process have no grounds to complain when that process does not yield the results they favor.

        1. Democracy doesn’t work. It’s simple demographics. Women vote more than men and they vote more uniform. Democracy in the current advanced stage is really rule by women.
          Only armed uprising or total economic collapse can change things now.

        2. What makes you think non-voters are unhappy because things didn’t turn out in their favour? This is quite an assumption on your behalf.
          How about they don’t vote because they do not want to contract with a system they do not ascribe to?
          How about if, you want a person to vote for you to lead an entire country you really have to impress that person because that vote should not be given lightly and without any candidates impressing a person they have nowhere to place that very important vote of confidence?
          What if you have no trust for any of the candidates?
          You have this blue pill assumption that people are obliged to participate in something because they are audacious enough to be born into a country when they are not obliged in any measure.
          I would say it’s a safe bet that those non-voters didn’t feel they had a ‘favourable’ outcome whatever way they voted so they decided to disengage from it.
          What happens when 60% of the country decide this?
          Will you chastise this majority for not going with the system of a minority?
          You haven’t thought this one through have you?

        3. And poor people give less fucks than wealthy people about politix and are more easily swayed into voting for someone based off of some stupid characteristic that has nothing to do with liberty or freedom.
          The UK political scenario offers nothing in order for it to gain the confidence of a big % of it’s population ever since ‘New’ ‘Labour’.

        4. I assume that non-voters are unhappy when things don’t turn out in their favor because I have observed it to oftentimes be the case. In fact, most people are unhappy when things don’t go their way, regardless of whether or not they vote.
          It is true that an individual vote doesn’t make any difference, but unless the population as a whole decides to inform themselves and participate, the system cannot work. And the only alternative to the system is dictatorship.
          If you do not like any of the candidates, then you can always be one yourself and start up your own cause if you feel motivated.
          If 60% of the country decides not to vote, then the only people they can blame for the system being “of the minority” is themselves – after all, they actively chose not to vote.

        5. The alternative’s to democracy go way beyond dictatorship.
          And I’m not suggesting that people not voting is due to a lack of respect for democracy – just a lack of respect for democracy as it stands and what it’s become in Britain.
          People in this country are loosing faith in capitalism and feel that politics has got a bit carried away with it as well.
          Anarchy is always the most freedom respecting form of social structure if you ask me.
          Stop assuming non-voters are looking for someone to blame as well, they just are not interested in politics as it is and will likely ignore whatever government is in power knowing that the whole gang will likely change before they’ve done anything for anyone but themselves.

        6. I don’t know about more “uniform”. Conservatives/Republicans tend to attract more male votes while Liberals/Democrats attract more women. Minorities tend to lean left on economic issues, although it depends on the minority. With “amnesty” in the USA and Canada increasing its population by 1% per year though immigration – mostly from Africa and Asia – there will be a tipping point where Conservatives/Republicans will no longer exist as we know it.

      2. There are two theories. First is that the public has given up on elections as a mode of democratic expression. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always gets in!
        The second is contentment that the system works fine without one needing to anguish over which candidate or party to support.
        The third I suppose is that about 1 in 3 voters are too ignorant and apathetic to vote. Just ask them: “Hey! What’s the difference between being ignorant and apathetic?”
        “I don’t know and I don’t care!”
        Awesome! They are probably people you don’t want to have voting anyways.

    3. “Also, if 66% of voters turnout, and 37% of them are conservative, that IS a majority of the voting population…”
      Agree. I thought that was pretty strange because I did the simple math and I was left wondering “huh?”. Sure it is.

  4. I still don’t understand why the Liberal Democrats ‘compromised’ on electoral reform for a referendum on Alternative Vote back in 2010, when they preferred Single Transferable Vote, and all AV would have achieved would have been to entrench the Conservative and Labour parties as the de-facto parties in Westminster anyway. Well, at least they got theirs this election, only 8 seats left!

    1. It’s one word: ridiculous. There are lot of problems with progressives and multiculturalism. But trying to incite anger by scapegoating one group of people is simply using the liberal tactic of stirring up emotions rather than thinking critically.

        1. I’d never do such a thing. It’s natural to try to jury-rig your own biases into a larger culture like the manosphere.

        2. and it’s natural to repress those feelings, take it personally and strike back…especially when there is much truth to what is being said in the discussion.
          We do that constantly in the U.S.(the mainstream media is good at it). The headlines only read “top news story” with certain players involved while the rest of the players get away with pretty much anything. Only certain statistics are counted; others ignored.
          You can say it’s jury rigged but sometimes it just the truth (and it hurts).

        3. It’s not bias when it is true. Even though I think the females initially enjoy it at some level (until the beatings begin, then they see how stupid they are being). Every country that has recklessly imported immigrants has faced serious consequences for doing so: riots, political immunity for terrorists, breakdown of the rule of law and the dilution of peoples’ right to a national culture, pride and sovereignty.

        4. What it looks like from the surface is failed white people scapegoating a small population for their problems. The whole notion of “turrorists” are among us and overreacting to highly publicized but minor incidents in the grand scheme is yet another example of how people are manipulated. Most people have a hard time staying grounded, focusing on problems that are substantial and not micro-incidents blown out of proportion. Instead we fall back to some sort of tribalism by association and are suckers for skewed generalizations that push our emotional buttons.

      1. Well, muslims were allowed to live in the UK without adhering to the UKs cultural norms (=multiculturalism). They then proceeded to rape thousands of underage girls (when not plotting to blow up buses and trains) whilst the police and social services ignored every fucking victim reporting the crimes (and in a lot of cases punishing them) because it would be racist to do otherwise.
        Though it was a Labour MP who researched the truth and released it to the press (not all lefties are fulltime cunts).

        1. “Though it was a Labour MP who researched the truth and released it to the press…”
          Not quite. It was a local representative of the BNP (the spiritual successors of the National Front and Oswald Moseley’s British Union of Fascists) who compiled the dossier and handed it to her party leader Nick Griffin. He used his public notoriety in the UK to bring it to the attention of the police and press. How did police and press react? The two whistleblowers were dragged into court in 2006 for inciting racial hatred.
          Yep, the local neo-nazis were screaming that the metaphorical house was on fire. People preferred to sit in the burning house and deny that there was any smoke, or excess heat, or burning because the people trying to warn them were distasteful.

      2. Yea it should have included welfare/dole payments going to the 3rd world savages. Just like the Boston Marathon Bros & the Paki that died attacking Pam Geller in TX

      1. The physical manifestation of PC. Every XX chromosome in her body twisted into the letters PC

    2. You sure did it with this one, this one made me really want to kill arabs.

    3. Be sure you don’t engage in White Nationalist White Knighting. The majority of the time English women will ride the exotic carousel.

  5. Can’t wait to see the lazy and unwilling suffer for their transgressions against the rest of the country. Get ya *ss up or you’ll be on the streets!

  6. I wasn’t aware of who Laurie Penny was.
    I scrolled down towards her pic with an assumption of what she might look like, but I told myself not to jump to conclusions and stereotypes.
    Then I saw the picture.
    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.
    You know what’s so repulsive about her? It’s not the fact that she’s physically not terribly attractive. It’s not the short haircut, or lack of femininity.
    It’s the hate. Just look at her. You can feel the hatred emanating out of her. And so many lefty-types are like this. Chronically angry with resting bitch-face.
    This is what I always found to be a real mind-fuck about the Lefty’s, especially as someone who used to consider himself more left wing than right. They’re meant to be the kind, caring ones. But they aren’t.
    They are ‘abstract humanitarians’; enjoying the ego boost and smugness from being seen as ‘oh so good’ (what’s really important though isn’t that they’re good, but that they’re BETTER than everyone else) but on a human level the most prolific lefty’s seem to he angry hate filled chronically unhappy people.

    1. Yes, very true. And the opposite is true of the right. That is we are described, by Leftists no less, as being heartless, awful monsters in abstract, but in real life we are generally the kind, happy, generous and live and let live type of person.
      The Left is built on lies. It will perish under its mountains of falsehood soon enough.

      1. Yes, the traditional right wingers I know have actually been kinder to me than the lefty’s ever were. They’re also much happier people who own their own shit and just get on with their lives.
        I gained exposure to all this lefty stuff through my dating life at a time that I was very blue pill and trying to find an ‘intelligent’ woman. You get a higher than average percentage of these women in the over-30’s childless dating pool (obviously the men aren’t lining up to wife up these types).
        It took a few years before I could admit to myself what I was experiencing; it’s odd when someone spends so much time protesting on social media about what a good person they are because they support x, y and z but then on a one to one level they’re actually more selfish and less empathic than the average person.
        Good people generally don’t have to go to great lengths to point how how good they are.

        1. I came from a similar angle as you. I just didn’t know better. When I look at lefties today all I see is a bunch of selfish quasi-fascists.

        2. Wow. Yes. While I don’t agree w/ a lot of tradcon ideas, or the perverted overlap of chivalry and feminism that seems to have descended upon a lot of the tradcon world, they can often be much kinder to me than the lefties. And I’m hispanic. That wasn’t supposed to happen! That wasn’t the plan!!

        3. Lefties always go on about how mean and greedy right wingers are when they try to implement some new tax-and-spend government plan but the fact is that conservatives consistently donate more to charity than liberals do.
          The vast majority of conservatives are people you can disagree with and they won’t give you a hard time if you are being polite about it. With lefties, it’s almost impossible to disagree with them on anything without them either taking it personally or them personally attacking you.

        4. I’m just tired of hearing the left talk about “shit that still don’t have”. They get a bunch of free shit and it’s not enough…they need more.
          I’m tired of paying and I’m tired of the whining (plus pandering by politicians). That train is coming to an end.

      2. In the south the only nice people were the whiteracistbiogothomophobe rednecks.
        Everybody who came from somewhere else was an incurable douchebag.

        1. Rednecks are my favorite people in the States. I could hang with doctors and philosophers and physicists if I chose to do so, but have rarely found any of those types who are honest, happy, straight forward and interesting. With the majority of rednecks you get all of that, although you do have to forgo talking about Hegel or quantum mechanics in their company. It’s a sacrifice I have become quite willing to make.

        2. “I’m a Left supporter. Have you not noticed how amazing I am at pointing out how good I am to all the suffering minorities out there?
          Damn it, my frappé is getting cold talking to you!”
          I’m assuming this has been said at some point.

        3. Same here in good ol’ Alberta. A handful of pipeliners and riggers are worth their weight in gold compared to a gaggle of the city folk.
          That said, I have discussed some pretty deep topics with those rednecks and gunslingers. Straightforward, but not idiots. (There are exceptions however lol)

        4. Deep human topics, agree, I just do not expect them to know specific names and terms when dealing with those topics. Agreed, not stupid at all, just without pretense or a patent leather vocabulary, which these days means unintelligible PC speak (transpostsexual furrkin and other nonsense), which I rather prefer actually.

        5. That’s my same experience. Wherever I’ve been, the kindest and nicest people invariably were whites, and more often than not, the “monstrous” Germans.

        6. I lived in Germany for nearly 4 years and found them to be nothing like was depicted in all those black and white films from the 1930s with Hitler and all that.

        7. Exactly. Balanced, rather than haughty views and understandings of the human condition, based on observation and learning, not indoctrination.

        8. As a hispanic I have to say, I often see blue collar white folk as my fellow riffraff, haha. Usually get along w/ them better than the ultra PC groups society told me I was supposed to embrace. Met some really smart and knowledgeable people in the places I was told I shouldn’t meet them. Conversely, when I meet a highly educated, ultra PC, ultra feminist guy, but I can tell he’s is really smart–but just intellectually incarcerated by those around him–I give him the benefit of the doubt, and hide no obvious truths from him. Usually, he finds himself reluctantly laughing in agreement. It’s a start. Red pill delivered via humor. I have to say, growing up as an atheist in the South was good practice for me when it comes to winning over others w/ highly stubborn religious world views. Not much different dealing with feminists now that I’m in an ultra PC part of the US.

        9. “Rednecks are my favorite people in the States”
          I hear what you are saying. Rednecks will also be rhe sector of the american population most prepared to handle whatever SHTF crisis is looming over the horizon. Most non rednecks will be crying for their mommies while the rednecks will already be self reliant.

        10. Sadly not my experience but I guess that depends on whether you are black or white.
          I guess Michael had it wrong.

        11. When I was with the military on my way to training in uniform, it could get pretty uncomfortable on the Toronto transit. At one point back during Desert Storm, I had a whole streetcar full of punks, hippies, ethnic minorities and such chanting “No Blood for Oil!” at little ‘ole me.
          When we did training outside of the city, the locals treated us like heroes.

        12. Most rednecks will drop a clinker when their farm subsidy checks stop rolling in and they have to return to subsistence farming.
          I’ve lived in corn country, most of the communities out there only work together and go along to get along because they are stuck with who they went to high school. Behind the scenes usually they are back stabbing and double dealing each other over some gal all the jocks boned in high school and that federal cheese.
          In a theoretical TEOTWAWEKI situation being on the land they ain’t going to forming a bastion of incorruptability against them ‘darn city folk.’ Just look up the Helots.

        13. It’s because with rednecks it’s “what you see is what you get”. No bullshit, egos, games, etc…it’s all straight talk, easy going, etc..(I’ve found). Plus the southern hospitality.

        14. Not entirely true. I’m a northern expatriate now living in the heart of the old Confederacy. I’m as nice as pecan pie and you can usually find me at a bluegrass, blues or jazz festival. I actually love the south a hell of a lot more than it loves me back. You do have a point in that many newcomers from blue states complain about where they came from and then proceed to fuck up their new home with the politics and philosophy from where they came from. Witness ex Californians in places like Colorado, Montana and Arizona. A lot of northern liberals in my state, but not all of us and not enough to turn the tide yet in SC and GA. VA and FL are gone and NC is tipping.

        15. Everyone looks out for their own first. Whatever it is they choose to identify as their own. For me its attitude to life.

        16. VA is not gone…only in some of the areas around large cities (outside DC, Hampton Roads area, Richmond). Much of it still red with plenty of southern hospitality.
          It’s only recently gone blue in last couple of elections but it can sway back red in a blink of an eye.

        17. The problem trying to talk to people about physics or philosophy is that they try to outsmart you and rarely have an interest in the beauty of it. Its so boring.

        18. I spent a wonderful couple of days in Roanoke back in 2009. Much love for Virginia

        19. I grew up in the Chicago area. I remember when Illinois was a slightly to the right weathervane state. The Cook County machine spread its tentacles in the collar counties, the large immigrant population tilts left and white women from the Chicago suburbs are some of the most left leaning in the country. Don’t believe me study the exit polls. In Virginia the DC crowd is spreading not unlike what happened to Illinois with Cook County and you have enough new residents and left leaning suburban women to make things blue on Presidential election days. Not to mention governors and other state races. I like Virginia and respect your opinion but I think you’re wrong and certainly hope you’re right. We’ll see what happens in 2016.

        20. The biggest haters and racists are right in NYC. They use the negro and other minorities as useful idiots but you can be damn sure that they’ll never live anywhere near them.You know even in the segregation days in the South the Whites and negroes were in close proximity and had some interaction and sort of understood each other.

        21. I don’t think that it’s a matter of city or country or even region.People’s impressions are based on distorted Hollywood and media depictions and prejudices.

        22. The main difference is, when the war ended, the anti-german propaganda stopped. Popular culture in the US has perpetrated its propaganda against southern whites for 150 years and show no signs of stopping.

        23. I live in VA, been her for the last 23 years….I disagree. The state is very funny and it’s unpredictable. It will bounce left, at times, but it’s very much a red state. It’s only purple due to the many walks of life that come through here because of the military (down south) but NOVA (northern VA) is right outside DC so it’s a melting pot.
          The rest of the state is very red (similar to PA). I’m originally from PA…and here is how we explain it. It’s very blue around the big cities and Alabama for the rest of the state(s).

        24. Roanoke is great and is one of the very best of VA. I lived there for about a year (awhile back) and I miss it.

        25. Thank you, exactly my view as well. It’s a one upsmanship game, not an exchange of ideas and mutual admiration of the beauty of nature. Fantastic observation Sam.

        26. Thanks! I had a similar affirmation in a job interview many years ago.
          I was asked why I was interested in the technical role and I replied youthfully that I was looking forward to collaborating with like minded individuals with similar interests.
          I heard in response the laugh of an older man who had long since given up that same dream.

        27. “Drop a clinker” “TEOTWAWEKI”
          Could you kindly translate this into normal basic english?

        28. Anti-German propaganda has been continuously shoved down the throats of American citizens for the past 60 years.
          Half dozen holohoax “documentaries” a year, annual holohoax museum openings all over the country (didn’t we save them?), the release of info regarding the “lampshade and soap” propaganda,, etc… it goes on and on.
          The reward for “winning” WW2, was to essentially become a Jewish/hostile elite slave colony.

        29. A clinker is a turd so hard it makes a ‘clinking’ sound on the bowl, hard from squeezing the ass in fear.
          And TEOTWAWEKI means, ‘The End Of The World As We Know IT.’
          The first to get straight if you don’t come from the plains states/rural Western States is that most “farmers” out West are heavily subsidized agribusinessmen who specialize in few crops. They are dependent upon the existence of specialized markets.
          For example, the reason why pork was banned in the Ancient Middle East was because around the middle Bronze age (2200B.C.) the climate changed and became drier. Pigs require more water per pound of meat than chickens.
          Shift to modern America, Cattle are an expensive labor and reasource intensive meat resource. Beef serves a certain mindset, but for white meat gets more bang for the buck. Before the opening of the West most Americans ate pork or chicken.
          If you want to move to a rural area where people are hardy and can survive look at poverty stricken part of the Appalachians and the Rust Belt. Those mountain folk know more about crop diversification, hardship, grit and guts survival, and hanging together moreso than the Western US.

      3. Not to mention, us Righties have that whole… moral code, logic, balanced view…that nonsense (lol)

        1. They consider it a weapon to use against us, but by rejecting all that “nonsense” as you say, they’ve given up on even pretending to be sane, humanitarian and compassionate. At their base , they are truly feral animals.

        2. It’s worse than that. These people are mental children. They literally did not grow up.

        3. Kind of the same thing. Children without adult guidance are indeed feral. Survivalists know and preach that the most dangerous type of people to look out for in an end of the word scenario are children. No moral compass, no guidance and directed solely by base instinct. They will form packs and destroy with lethal violence self guided adults just to loot their food. Leftists are no different, especially as the last 15 years or so have demonstrated.

        4. Right. The problem is that if we are to turn things around we must be willing to hurt, likely even kill, the equivalent of mentally handicapped children from within our own ranks. That goes against everything traditional men stand for. I can’t see it happening.

        5. This is why I call them feral humans. They are not in fact children and have freewill and moral agency, which they refuse, nay resist, to exercise. They are not feral from stupidity, nor from innocence which can rightly be excused as we do for children, no, they are feral by choice. They are like children in being feral, but unlike them in having the ability to not be so. Fuck them.

        6. I agree, but do enough of us to do… anything at all, really? It has taken me four years of intense and focused studies, which I actively sought out years before finding my first hard red pill knowledge, to get me to this point. And I am still learning, gathering data points and forming connections.
          How do we get millions of men across the west to do the same? How do we unplug them from the matrix?

        7. By continuing to do what we’re doing, both in real life and on the Internet. There’s a reason we’re starting to be attacked by the mainstream now. They see the growth and fear it. You don’t get one of your titular leaders put on one of the most watched shows for women if they do not fear you enough to demonize you.
          Nothing is instant. With that being said the Internet is growing our ranks at a rate far faster than other grassroots movements grew in the past. Just keep spreading the word and working on bringing men over here from real life.

        8. Very true. How many right-wing riots has there been? I’m sure the number is far less than opposing groups. Right wingers will fight for their nation, not their wimperings of ‘social justice’

        9. Moral Foundations Theory posits that there are 6 foundations to human morality but conservatives acknowledge 3 – loyalty, authority, purity – in a way and to an extent that liberals don’t or simply can’t. When conservatives take a view that balances those three against the other three, they understand what liberals are on about but think that there are more things to consider. Meanwhile, because liberals simply can’t comprehend the other three foundations they figure that any compromise to the three that the do understand is motivated by ignorance (at best) or malice (more usually).

        10. Agree. Never compromise with children. This new age bullshit where adults learn to “talk to their children” is just that..bullshit. Too many children are out of control today and the courts back up too much of this nonsense.
          I raised my son and I disciplined him as needed. I never gave a flying fuck what the law “said” because in the end they don’t want your children. Too much fear is being used today….you just can’t be afraid (that’s the answer).

        11. You know the funny thing is, women grow our ranks faster than anyone. Their crazy antics send men searching for answers and they inevitably end up here. Thanks Feminists!

        12. Remember when the tea party happened? The media portrayed a bunch of people hanging out with signs having hot dogs as being a neo nazi lynch mob.

      4. No, it will not perish under its own mountain of lies, far less soon enough. And there will will always be a Party for crackpots and in America guess which party that is. There will always be a need for political parties that are catch basins for all that psychologically disrupted in some way. And that catch basin is gigantic and it is enduring. It is the oldest party in the U.S. and they just recently booed God in at their convention. So no, they float and flit and fly around their mountain of lies like fairies but they do not perish.

        1. They just shit out a bigger mountain of lies on top of that one or build another one next to it.

      5. It won’t perish under it’s lies it will just make another lie of why that mountain of lies exist and say that mountain of lies exist because of the right. Argue with any leftist the rapport always builds up like that.

      6. The Left is all about killing those who do not agree with their position. And this must follow from their position. Since a socialist state can only function in a state of consensus you must purge all who will not follow the edicts of the Party.

        1. Too funny. Left believes that it’s open and accepting to all types. Then, it riots and defaces property when it doesn’t get its way or others have opposing views.
          I’ve seen too many on the left ready to kill yet they all point fingers to those on the right as being the most violent.

      7. Yes , you’re all just innocent little angels, constantly victimized by the evil lefties.

    2. “It’s the hate. Just look at her. You can feel the hatred emanating
      out of her. And so many lefty-types are like this. Chronically angry
      with resting bitch-face.
      “This is what I always found to be a real mind-fuck about the Lefty’s, especially as someone who used to consider himself more left wing than right. They’re meant to be the kind, caring ones. But they aren’t.”
      Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy (1982, 1987, 1999)

      1. That was a great game. I invented my own cards like “The Phony Ethiopian Relief Fund”, “The Metric Conversion Conspiracy”, “Fabrique Nationale” and “Subway Jumpers”.

    3. You could have easily scooped those last 2 paragraphs out of my mind, Dave. The sentiment is spot on and 100% consistent with my own experiences.
      I had also generally considered myself more left-leaning but that notion has been severely tested in the last 5 years or so. The increase in fucktardery and SJW nonsense has turned me off from any affiliation with the political left. Truth be told, I never had any real affiliation to speak of but any small part of me that may have been as such is long gone.
      The phony “trust us, we care” pageantry of the Left is what ultimately led me to sever ties with a lot of people in my personal life.

      1. It’s good to read that others have had the same experience. When I first experienced how repulsive the left was I thought I must have been going mad…after all these were the ‘good’ people, right?

    4. I’ll give her props for one thing – she at least has the stones to openly admit that a welfare state is what she wants. Most leftists try to mask this because they understand how poisonous that concept is. I’m not sure whether this is actually a mark of courage on her part, or whether things in the UK have gotten so bad that this is a serious position of any sizable portion of the electorate. If the latter, God help them.

      1. The brits are in my estimation the most histrionic people in the west. It is that bad.

      2. Most british people believe in a specific form of welfare state. This includes a Health Service that provides all medically necessary procedures free of cost, and payments to those out of work to help out until they find a new job, help for people with disabilities, cheap and effective education for all and refuge for genuine asylum seekers (i.e. real refugees). We are a first world country and can actually afford all of the above.
        However, the Left (Labour, Green Party, SNP) believe that the welfare state should provide a free health care system that pays for anything you want (new tits, sex-change, IVF etc), a benefits system that pays more than entry level jobs and where there is no requirement to seek a real job, help for the “differently-abled” (including nonsense shit as ADHD, fat cunts and the “depressed”) so they never have to work, and education system which instills the same “values” (Leftie ones) in everyone and makes them all the same and finally, open borders to all so they can avail of the above free services. Noone can afford all that shit.
        A “Welfare state” is a good thing (and it was originally intended as a helping hand”, but not if lefties run it.
        Right wing welfare state = compassion and empathy tempered by reality and logic
        Left wing welfare state = feelings

        1. and there lies the problem. The safety nets put in place (at least in the US) were put in place at a time when people had character. No one wanted to be unemployed (it was shameful). People wouldn’t ask for a handout and they’d working different jobs (any job) to take care of their family.
          Things have changed drastically (last 70 years) and you now have younger people sticking up their nose at working for minimum wage. They have no real skill set (yet) but they want big money just for showing up. It’s that entitled attitude that has fucked up this country (and I’m sure the same with the UK).
          Too many “I wants” versus “I needs” and not enough people working for it.

        2. There was an interesting show on UK TV about unemployment benefits as they first started out. You went to the benefit office and they told you were to report for your work experience at a firm that might hire you.
          They had some big fat woman (disabled, with shit loads of fat people diseases). She turned up, talked to someone for an hour then was too tired to do anymore “work” and went home.
          Contrast this with the wheelchair bound guy in his 20s who turned up everyday and the next week when he went back to the benefits office they told him the firm wanted to hire him fulltime. He burst into tears as he had never worked a job before (the modern benefits offices just pay you and not doing anything to help you get work).

        3. The guy without a spine has more spine than the fat “empowered” woman who has lived on welfare forever.
          Makes all that “Strong, empowered woman” shit look like a joke.

        4. I liked the late 1940s government attitude to discrimination in the workplace. “Hire this disabled person or we will fine the fuck out of you”. Result – over 90% of disabled in work.
          Though admittedly, this was probably a way of making sure wounded second world war service personnel weren’t kicked out on the street.

        5. You shouldn’t kick veterans who are willing to work out on the street; it screams weakness on a national level. I can see the islamic radicals screaming “they don’t even take care of their own” in some central asian language.

        6. and that’s the problem…it comes to down to character in each individual. Some people want to work; others don’t want to work. They put on a good show but in reality they’ll take the free handout if offered. We need to bring back “don’t work then you don’t eat” mentality. This will be the only thing that makes a real impact on our society (too many free handouts over the years).

    5. Many cults like Heaven’s Gate and fundamentalist Mormons
      desexualize their women.

      1. and do you notice how it’s all about her? She didn’t get the attention that she was seeking (we call these types attention whores), Ryan Gosling got it (a man) so she threw a fit.
        He saved her life, stories were written praising a man for doing something good (for a woman) yet it’s not about her so she’s mad. Yes, the woman has mental problems.

        1. Any society that allows someone to be punished for saving lives needs to take a good look in the mirror.

        2. “Yes, the woman has mental problems.”
          …And yet she maintains a following. A strong one. That says something about the feminist crowd.

      2. Wow. Could she not just say thank you? She is singlehandedly undoing all the good done by women who suffered for her right to vote and taking away the peaceful rights of decent women to prove they can do a job.
        Who the flip is she and how did she ever become popular, with anyone?

        1. I suppose in her book, a thank you is too much to give a man who just saved her life.
          How’d she get so popular?
          She’s a hateful feminist who does nothing all day but rant and blame men for everything. She resonates with every other woman who does not accept responsibility for her actions and wants to blame men for all of their problems. They Identify with her.

        2. Maybe a whole bunch of people should tweet at her with the same story… My mother/ wife/ daughter was crossing the road and tragically killed last week in an avoidable accident. Ryan Gosling was nearby and saw, but did nothing. He looked like he was scared to help.

    6. I didn’t have to read what was on that flimsy poster those fags were holding to know they were leftists. They have a demeanor that just screams we are pussies.

    7. Anti-racists who are racists, feminists who hate women, peace protesters who are violent, millionaire poverty advocates, jet-setting eco-gurus whose personal carbon foot prints are like mid-sized shopping malls, advocates for bigger government with offshore accounts and tax shelters, de-population advocates with 5 kids of their own, public school advocates with kids in private school, native leaders making a million a year off the money provided to their community by the government berating whites for keeping their people in poverty, gun control advocates surrounded by armed guards, hateful hate speech warriors, different treatment to be treated the same, anti-science scientists: gentlemen, this is who we are dealing with.

    8. It’s fucking hilarious. People like Laurie Penny who want so badly to be the voice of the oppressed people usually come from well to do families, good background, high quality (private) education, etc… They are fighting against a system that pretty much gave her the life that she is living, today. It’s attention whoring at it’s finest because no one paid any attention to her growing up (jump on twitter – the usual tactic for attention seeking).
      But she is so brave to sit behind her desk with her “privileged” life and talk nonsense. Must be nice to be on the receiving end of all of those benefits (provided by others).

      1. There is this black (female) feminist in the chem department where I am at that complains all the time about how sexist and racist my country is.
        Guess what?: Her parents are rich, she has never wanted for anything and nobody can get along with her. The only understanding of adversity she has comes from the dictionary.

    9. Leftist love the sense of moral superiority. That’s why they decree everything once right is now wrong, and everything debaucherous now morally acceptable.

    10. The left projects…it’s impossible for them to consider motives other than the ones they would have in a particular situation…an extension of their solipsism. I’ve found that common to near all, but exaggerated in the Lefties. Honest people believe others are mostly honest, thieves believe others want their stuff, liars believe others are being false & so on.

  7. Great article.
    These people are an embarrassment to the political movement that came about to empower the people who actually fuelled, built and protected Britain. None of whom came from the unbelievably privileged backgrounds as this Guardian twat.
    To have a privileged upbringing by British standards is to be amongst THE most privileged on the planet. It doesn’t get much more privileged than private education and Oxbridge acquaintances in this country (England btw).
    Then the Guardian start paying you for this shit…?
    And you have no problem with desecrating the memorial of Female equality and empowerment at it’s greatest?
    What kind of alleged-man would tolerate/procreate with this monstrosity?
    And WTF was she wearing around her neck…? Does it explode her head if she developed any self respect?

  8. Laurie Penny just needs a little domestication. Is Roger Helmer available?

  9. All my leftie friends are also blowing up on facebook about Cameron’s latest announcement re: extremism. I think it’s just about the sanest thing I’ve ever read, and I’m not even a big fan of the guy.

    1. Ditto that, there also seems to be correlation in my newsfeed between the amount of griping someone’s doing about Cameron and their level of employment.

    1. She is advertising that she craves bondage to a strong alpha. She wants a leash and it is an open dare to men to call her out and put her in chains and on her knees.
      That’s made up of course, but when one wears a thrall collar in public, what else could it signify? Plus she’s a craven feminist, and most of them secretly want to be put in their place.

      1. And in two paragraphs you explained why people like Laurie Penny will install someone like Joseph Stalin.
        I never put that together in concept before – I was always wondering all these years why socialist women were so creepy in their support of their causes (usually against all reason). You nailed it.
        Perhaps the weakening of men was intended not to let already existing socialist women take over, but to create them instead.

        1. In fact now that I think about it more, it was not “women are chattel” that kept them out of the voting. It was their need to be dominated by a strong man.
          What country run by reasonable men would want women, comprising half at least of the population, voting for dictatorial types? But why do women vote for them? Now we know why: it’s a sexual need combined with hamster rationalization. The latter breaks down the logic. She never asks “will this guy I want as president jail my husband or send my sons to war?”.
          I am enlightened today.

        2. World War I removed most strong men from society in the West. It was literally a culling of traditional/right/libertarian men from the general population. Within a few short years after that, we see women voting. In every county but Switzerland who, guess what, stayed out of the world wars and retained their masculine men much longer. Eventually they succumbed in the 1970’s but due to cultural pressures created by the rest of the West.
          This is a working hypothesis of mine that I’ve been putting together for a couple of years now. Full hard statism had no chance until they weeded out the traditional men in WWI. After that it was fast and furious, full steam ahead.

        3. “World War I removed most strong men from society in the West. It was literally a culling of right/libertarian men from the general population.”
          The USA only lost 117k men in WWI which was a mere 0.13% of the population. *These* United States died half a century before in the Civil War (more American casualties than in both World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam combined).

        4. But, they were mainly the already formed traditionalist young and young fathers. If we’d lost the old it would have made no difference culturally. You make a fair point.

        5. Yes, “real men” died in the war of northern agression; They left many boys and other real men who left their dispossessed fields in the south, and came west. We will rise again, and join our brothers who remain in the South.

      2. I often disagree with your general ideas but you do frequently say the most obviously accurate things.
        Her attire is thoroughly inappropriate to the respect she claims to want.

  10. What do you expect ? The liberal bohemian leftie mushheads here got a free ride in everything.They can do whatever they want.They are at least on the right side you know !? Anybody in the mainstream that dare to touch them are marked for public burning at the stake.

  11. I hear what you are saying about proportional representation.
    Of course, the US also has first past the post winners.
    Also, on May 5, 2011, the UK had a national referendum in which everyone could vote on one proposition: that the UK changed its electoral system to PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION.
    It lost. That’s Democracy too.

    1. I like the whole swings and roundabouts effect. Though I do prefer the idea of a non party system where you vote for individal skilled people and policies to work on.

  12. If their conservatives are anything remotely like America’s republican party the UK is still in decline. They will be more liberal in 4 years than they are today. Enjoy the Decline

    1. Yes, it has been clear for several decades (if not longer) that Republicans never reverse the general leftward shift but only retard its speed.

    2. unfortunately true
      conservatism is by itself a declining ideology simply by virtue of age
      Effective anti-leftism should always be driven by pure nationalism

  13. Did anybody else here repress his inner 13 year old and refuse to comment in a humorous fashion about somebody being named “Ed Balls”?
    Am I the only one?

    1. Maybe…
      Oh, and do you know what’s not right?
      A: The Left.
      Have a nice day.

    2. I was too busy remembering LORD ADONIS.
      Yes Ed Balls! Ha!
      What is he some kind of dick head Ha Ha!

    3. Now, imagine the formality of it all.
      Yes, Mr. Balls…they’re waiting for you in the conference room.

  14. These elections may turn out to be quite significant, here’s why:
    Is a UK Crackup Ahead?
    For the Scots are going to be forced to sit in Westminster for five years and watch a Tory prime minister, acting on Tory principles, gut the social welfare state in which they believe. And, with Labour, the SNP will be helpless to stop it.
    This situation seems certain to stir Scottish demands for a new referendum on independence, which would have a far better chance of succeeding than the last one — it lost 45-55.
    Scotland’s demand for a divorce may soon find an echo in England.
    Consider how the interests of these parties will push them all toward an England that is free of the EU and of Scotland both.
    As for the UKIP, its goal of secession from the EU would be easier to achieve if the pro-EU Scots are out of the U.K. and unable to vote in the referendum on Britain’s future.
    Yet the United Kingdom may be only the first of the nations of Old Europe to break up or break out of the EU.

    1. Great article by PB there. Thanks for posting. This is going to be a really interesting one to watch. Currently the EU, realising they’re not facing a Tory government hamstrung by a liberal coaliation, are sucking up to the UK and apparently planning to offer a ‘special deal’ – essentially a second tier of membership which means the UK won’t be subject to the same centralised laws as other member states, with more autonomy over its laws, economy and immigration policy. However, this will make the other member states understandably resentful (why the should the UK get special treatment?) which will lead to an avalanche of similar demands from the other member states for the same treatment – to enjoy the benefits of the EU while being freer from its centralised control. Combine this with the likely exit of Greece and other failed economies from the Eurozone, and I foresee EU collapse. As Pat rightly says, Germany will not want to bear the burden of propping up the EU and all the weaker nations alone, without the support of partners of equivalent weight like France and the UK.

      1. Interesting times ahead indeed.
        The EU bureaucrats are faced with a difficult dilemma – on one hand they can not allow Greece to leave the EU for fears of falling under Russian influence but on the other hand, it seem the UK will get foot in the door.

    1. This is such a standard Leftist tactic. Resort to personal attacks by calling someone “racist” and “xenophobic,” and then when someone personally attacks them, appeal to public sympathy by crying, “I don’t appreciate personal attacks! :'(” The last thing Leftists are interested in is rational debate because they will lose.

      1. This is not a leftist tactic, it is a childish tactic. You may possibly be correct to conclude that leftists are childish, but if you don’t separate the two labels, you appear also guilty of the same tactic.

        1. Obviously, the Left isn’t the only ones who uses this tactic. However, for a group of people who oft claim to have logic and reason on their side it’s quite ironic, so the hypocrisy is worth exposing. It’s called an Ad Hominem attack, and it’s very common. Calling someone out on their logical fallacies isn’t an ad hominem (i.e. “same tactic”). It’s stating a fact.

        2. Those that attack the left oft claim logic and reason too. And state opinions as facts. Childish argument styles are found across the board.

        3. Laurie Penny attacked her debate opponent with Ad Hominem fallacies, and then got bent out of shape and claimed victim status when he did the same thing to her. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. Watch the video. I see her ilk use the same tactic constantly. I’m not sure what you want from me.

        4. I had to go back to the beginning to figure that out myself! My point was merely one of balance with a friendly warning. Childish argumentative tactics and defensive maneuverings are to be found in all types of people.
          To be taken seriously when you insult idiots one must be careful not to do the same things and attempt to miscategorise them in a misguided attempt to diminish a whole political group.Otherwise you make it too easy for leftists to say ‘ typical rightist tactic’ with equal enthusiasm.
          I regularly see the same ineffective style from racists. If their chosen hate group was really so dumb, it would make itself obvious to all if whites were simply to get on with being smarter and better. Instead I find racists to be the most stupid and emotional of all. This completely undermines their argument.
          It was never necessary for you to have a debate on the validity of Ms Penny. She is childish.We all agree.

      2. Agree. It’s another form of “selective equality”. They can do it but they don’t want it done to them.
        You can always tell when you’re winning a discussion with an SJW (or Leftist).

  15. Good article.
    We have the same kind of creeps in power where I live (also EU) and I find it good that they’ve gotten their mug bashed in at elections, but the problems I see is that they don’t give heck about elections or democracy itself and what is worse, they will never leave power voluntarily, even if that means “destroying the village in order to save it” – look at the video of Mr. Ager from the UK posted below by XIMO BRAVO and you’ll understand is that here in the EU, we’re inching towards a Soviet-Style dictatorship, what means they’ll eventually purge about 1/3 or more of the population: the ones being sent to the ovens first will be anybody who dissents even so meekly of their crapola, anybody with a level of education deemed “dangerous”, anybody white (natural enemy of their classes of privileged victims), anybody religious, anybody who regards their sexual debauchery, including but not limited to animal and child fucking as disgusting, anybody masculine enough to be considered “dangerous”, anybody displaying signs of “micro-aggression” …
    As somebody who has lived in a dictatorship, I could only advice anybody with the ability to leave the EU, to leave the EU as long as this is possible. I hope the point when everything in all countries of the EU is turned to mush will be after I die, but I’d not be so sure, but my feeling says that within 10 ears we’ll see totalitarianism on the level of the Ceaucescu regime all over the EU, less primitive, more intrusive, yet with a smily painted over the blood stains.
    I have a big problem with this kind of article appearing on a site which I cherish for it’s articles on self improvement, about women, how to get the good ones and avoid the shitty ones, and lastly making fun of landwhales and various styles of skanks. I think it is important, nay, urgent, to talk about politics – what ideally is the management and protection of our interests and resources for our common good, but is this the right forum? Iwould like to ask the editors and the co-readers to think about this point. If granted, my vote would be to desist from dealing with political articles on this site in order to not dilute the issues at hand. Thank you.

    1. Never be ashamed of the company that you keep, for that is a reflection of yourself. The time for meekness and political correctness is over.

    2. Action requires knowledge and awareness. We have no choice but to discuss these issues.

    3. ROK is a Men’s interest site. The topics it covers are diverse. See the “Topics” list.

  16. Haha. “Diversity is Strength”. Did liberals believe that white men would continue to pay high taxes to support an ever increasing amount of brown cunts?

    1. Diversity isn’t strength. Liberal morons don’t understand basic human nature. Now they’ve got tons of immigrants who are a burden and want to milk the system, and others that are hostile towards the culture of the host people. That’s not strength, that’s how wars begin.

    2. Now now, that kind of language makes you sound as unintelligent as the loud mouthed liberals.
      If we support a meritocracy that favours honest workers, and maintain dignity and decorum. Then if your racism is not unfounded, you will still win while allowing the best of the diverse sections of the community to flourish and prove our ability to allow fair play thus silencing the extreme liberals. This is the British way.

      1. 1. If those people had any value, their home countries would not be cesspools.
        2. Even with a ‘meritocracy’, there’d still be 3rd world cultures in a white man’s country.

        1. ‘Those people’ are my people. I’ll thank you to be respectful and not make major generalisations.
          Essex is not part of the home counties.
          Point 2 is exactly my method of reasoning with you to not be prematurely racist. Unless you are scared the 3d worlders are better than you.?
          I have no problem with intelligent capable individuals from any culture living in my country. So long as people are able to contribute I do not care where they came from.
          This is the European way.
          It is and has always been a massively diverse mix of human beings from all eras, from the north of africa to the west of asia.
          English itself is nothing more than a blend of Neanderthal, Viking, Gallacian and Anglo Saxon immigrants, of which you are likely some other mongrel variant as some priveliged white man decended from european emigrants who were failing in their home continent.

        2. Suck it, nigger. This is the US. No dalits are not the European way. “British”, “Scottish”, “German” etc are as much ethnicities as they are nationality. You are a 3rd world caveman who feld to a white man’s country because your people are inferior.
          If 3rd worlders had any value, their countries would not be toilets. They would not need to flee to white countries and they would not need the white man’s tax money to support their brood of ugly children.
          “English itself is nothing more than a blend of Neanderthal, Viking, Gallacian and Anglo Saxon immigrants”
          Wrong again. Those people were not immigrants they were conquerors. My ancestors conquered to the US. Your inferior bred of monkeys fled to Britain, begged for asylum and then enrolled your shit colored children on the dole.”

        3. My ancestors are your ancestors. I am white. I am the original and the best. You are a bitter reject.

        4. I’m sure you knew he meant country.
          And the so called blend was a blend of Caucasians who in the past were very homogeneous outside of the local language they spoke and customs.2k years ago Rome , Britannia, Germania etc were very close ethnically.I have to laugh when you say that race mixing is the European way. You must be very young and believe that what you saw in the last generation is the norm when in fact it’s the aberration.I rarely even saw a negro in London(Regents Park, West End, Central etc) 40 years ago as a kid.There were some but I have no idea where they lived, probably East End or some ports.And outside of cities there were none. People would come out to see any that may have wandered in because outside of films no one ever saw one in the flesh and it was a novelty.You have no idea what so called xenophobia was in the recent past.The ‘liberal’ Swedes would only marry another Swede and marriage to foreigners was rare, and by foreigner I mean like a Norwegian lol Marriages to non whites you could count on one hand and it was usually outside the country

        5. Im just talking about open borders between European countries, the willingness to help refugees and the UK co-migrating within the commonwealth.
          His point about 3rd world cultures and the desire to irradicate them on racist grounds is the issue for me. We would not have a national dish of fish and chips if it wasnt for Jews, tea is from India, nothing English is actually native.
          The doors were open to people in the 50s because jobs needed filling, whether we should have closed them again sooner is a valid debate. Referring to others as brown c*nts with no implied value is not valid discussion.
          People will always have a preference for their own type when it comes to marriage though, its normal. Even mixing virtually identical religions in Ireland was a social no no until they found other people to hate.

        6. That must be why you faggots needed to cry to the US to “be the arsenal of Democracy” when Hitler was handing you your ass. Enjoy paying your — what is it 50%? 60% — tax rate to feed niggers who mock your values and culture.

        7. Once your subhuman nigger pets reach critical mass, they’ll slaughter you and your children..
          Back to work, white man, your tax money is needed so that Fatama can shit out here 6th kid.

        8. You know nothing, reject.
          Enjoy your 60 hour work weeks, having your healthcare controlled by insurance salesmen and drug manufacturers, and your millitant paranoia about attacks from foreigners who think, for some reason not obvious from your response, that you are arrogant trigger happy jerks.

        9. Now, which political party is it who is fighting for votes from the likes of you?

        10. 40 work week. Health car is paid by the Veteran’s Affairs because I killed sand niggers for the army and lied to get 50% disability which also gives my $950 per month. And I pay a 25% tax rate. Sure nigger babies go hungry in the US but I don’t care; they aren’t human. Wanna take them as refugees?
          Trigger happy? Oh yea. You don’t see Americans robbed of everything including their clothes by niggers in the US. We’d shot them in the face and laugh.
          I also live in a $375K, 2500 sqft house on 3 acres and if a subhuman nigger where to set foot on my land, I’d be within my right to grab my AR15 “Assault” Rifle and kill it.
          Get back to work, slave. Big Daddy Government needs half of your earnings to feed Achmood’s 8 kids.

        11. Achmoods 8 kids are entitled to buy guns. I will not be sorry when one of them shoots you.

        12. The fits of anger silly pale faces direct toward people of richer skin tones is generally rooted in jealousy, which is understandable, but they really should keep a lid on it because it only draws attention to their comparatively dull physiques and sadly limited intellects, shortcomings that none of their shiny toys can make up for.

      2. The British way kid was to export people not import them. Get the population down to late 1800’s levels of 15m.

        1. We dont import. The problem is the open European border and the fact that we give welfare money away to anyone who claims a need, resulting in their mass migration through italy spain and france all the way to gimp town.
          Meanwhile smart buggers are stuck outside trying to prove they can be of value before they are allowed in because that is the only way to control the numbers.
          Chains and wildfire across the English Channel, thats the only way to do it.
          Or are you saying we should send more crap to Australia?

        2. And other places.When people couldn’t make it in England they emigrated in the past.

  17. Great piece. She’s the tip of the iceberg, they’re all coming out of the cracks as a result of this mass tantrum at the Tory win, and showing their true colours. A repulsive breed. Totally agree with the commenter who pointed out that she’s clearly filled with hatred. Possibly serious psychosexual problems. In any case, as yet another commenter stated, she’s a buffoon, not to be taken seriously even as an enemy. A cretin, a joke. A figure of fun.

  18. This site should be able to help me out. Where’s the best place for me to download My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Don’t be a feminist, now, help a fellow MRA out!

      1. Cmon now, sport. That’s entry level. Quit being an SJW and hook me up with the pony!

        1. Would love to see the Brony reaction to Paris Hilton buying out My Little Pony.

    1. It’s right this way, door ————————————–>
      Beat it.

  19. Labour is now stating that UKIP leeched away their votes. So well done Farage

  20. Kinda off topic but did anyone hear about the feminist SJW’s that got a dude fired from his six figure per year job for finding it funny when a random dude trolled the female news reporter nearby?
    The video is going viral right now and there are tons of white knight manginas cheering her on. Canada is going to shit.

  21. Good Job Brits! You may be on the Path to Recovery, Just Make sure you tell all your Friends and Remember for Yourselves to get out there and Keep Voting!!!

    1. To where? Every place I have been in this world has an ample supply and no need to import mental defective…I mean lefties.

      1. Send all the White progressives to the Republic of the Congo. It’s filled with all the diversity that they claim they love.

        1. Yes! We can term the move the “Enrichment Through Cultural Enhancement Tour” and they’ll beg to be able to buy tickets to the boats out. Lefties are stupid, like that.

    2. I used to think the Fabian principle was good. Old school left. A welfare system made sense when people were not lazy and entitled and remembered a time when healthcare was not free and they were ashamed to be out of work.
      The trains ran on time, there was no inflation. But eventually we ran out of money and capitalism saved the day. Then people got really greedy and now everyone is bitching.
      I still have equal respect for Tony Benn and Enoch Powell. Opposing idealogies, but both belived in the country, its people and dedicated their lives to their ideas of making the infrastructure function effectively and expected people work and know their part in that.
      I hope without the weight of a coalition slowing him down Cameron can get his balls out and think through some of his earlier ‘naive new leader ideas’ and make them work. The problem was he was new to the game and backed down when both sides laughed at him. When he gets going I think everyone will be happier knowing they have someone relatively competent who is actually trying to make the country function again.

  22. And with a conservative win we’re getting ready for an early 2016 EU Referendum where we can cast off the chains of the largest, most ineffective, governing body in the world.

    1. hopefully.
      The EU is beyond ineffective though. It’s actually fairly destructive as this migrant crisis shows

      1. It’s just the latest in a long line of tyrants trying to oppress our island. Ever since the Romans we’ve had to battle for our own influence. We’ve brought empires and churches to their knees and we’ll leave these bureaucrats in the dust.

        1. Yeah but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what did the Romans ever do for Britain?

  23. Once upon a column dreary, she was the would-be Spider Jerusalem in a dress, complaining in social media about how she was getting kettled along with the minions she’d encamped with …
    Blame Warren Ellis for this media creation.

    1. Actually they are the old red as well. We never quite did what we should have to these feral animals. We need to stop playing nice, or we’ll never get rid of this disease upon the West.

  24. This is just another example how Twitter enabled people with zero value to become relevant

  25. Its right to focus on this woman’s ‘privilege’. In an age where the privileged are supposed to check their privilege, we should be looking to scrutinise the socio-economic backgrounds of these hard-core leftists. Why? Well, beyond the obvious the obvious hypocrisy of turning to the hard left when coming from a privileged background, hard left radicals very often end up doing very well for themselves, so much so it can sometimes seem as though far left politics is actually a very good way to make loads of dosh. The UK has always knownabout champagne socialists living in Islington, but I’m thinking more of the hampstead set. Leftists should take up a challenge before being allowed to pontificate on poverty, equality etc: they should have to promise in writing to give away any earnings much above minimum wage; agree to live in working class areas, and never rich areas; in other words resolve to demonstrate that their stated solidarity with the poor and disadvantages extends to material solidarity with the poor. Otherwise it should automatically be assumed that not only are they hypocrites but that they are actively working the ‘radical system’ for the personal or group advantage.

  26. “a smug, screeching, sanctimonious rent-a-gob of the British Left.”
    A statement that is a lot more kind than I thought you would say.

  27. Guys… Just look at her picture… this is what a Modern Leader looks like? Look at the Founding Fathers, the way they Carry themselves in their Work, their Lives and how they are remembered in their Portraits show the God Given wisdom these Men Held within, when I look at Laurie I think here is a Person who is out of their Mind, it’s a Joke, a Laughing Stock, how can anyone take her seriously? As for her Concerns for the Destruction of the Welfare, God said, “He who does not work, does not eat”.

  28. If the Tories had any brains they’d let Scotland go its own way….
    …..and never lose an election again, ever.

    1. I think Cameron’s looking at the long term letting Scotland crush any Labour presence to solidify his current position. They’ll be gone in a few years when they get another referendum.

  29. That’s kind of the problem isn’t it? Your rightists aren’t anywhere as militant as the left, when they should be
    Why aren’t the Tories beating up leftist scum in the street and breaking down their establishments? A few times and they’ll start cowering

    1. Because we’re English and we’re on the right. We don’t behave like the children on the left who throw tantrums, deface war memorials and engage in violent behaviour when defeated. We maintain frame, check emotions and plan our next victory. In this case the left have done it for us by discrediting themselves and their democratic pretences.

      1. Interesting comment, given your user name.
        You are playing by the rules, they are not, and you are not doing anything about it that can defy them. No offense really, the GOP is the same here in the States.
        The victor will be the one who wins, not the one who played nice and was civil. The right better learn this, fast, or liberty will disappear from this globe for a thousand years.

        1. But for whatever reason, this election has seen the left get more vicious and petty and the political backlash was enormous. None of the polls predicted a Conservative majority. Or any majority for that matter.

  30. Oh and also, Cameron is way too far left – he’d only be considered “conservative” in a European nanny state
    Get more radical

  31. Great article. Let’s face it, feminists would complain if they were in a spa bath with a bottle of champagne. They LIVE to be outraged. Kowtowing to them doesn’t work because they just keep taking and demanding more and more, whilst offering nothing in return. Might as well make them happy by openly disrespecting them at every opportunity then, right?

  32. The Tories are not that right wing. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they won but like the GOP in the USA they (the tories)just spend less than the other parties but govt spending still goes up. In the UK you can’t carry on your person a knife over 3 inches that locks. There is no personal gun ownership in the UK. The Tories will do nothing to reduce ( esp muslim) immigration. It’s fun to hear these lefties squawk but nothing much will change under the Tories.

    1. Shh, don’t tell anyone, but parts of the UK do allow personal firearm ownership.
      Not for personal protection, but for “target shooting”. You are also allowed to store them in your home if you have a suitable gun cabinet. No law against having that cabinet next to your bed, just saying.

  33. The left isn’t obligated to be enraged for UKIP anymore than conservatives need to be outraged for the leftists. However, as noted, the SNP picked up a LOT of seats in their landslide. Who were the primary holders of those seats? The party that was slashed hard.
    Note: the (almost) exact opposite just happened in Alberta, Canada. The conservatives had their clocks cleaned by the NDP. More stunning in respect, as it ended 44 years of near one party rule. Reaction was typical whining, blame game, et al. Add in the usual threats from the bit players to move if the unthinkable happens (we’ll see how many keep that self-made promise) to anywhere else.
    I don’t disagree she was acting like a hyperactive twunt. Only that this behavior is somehow limited to the left. I’m still waiting for people to move to Canada after GWB and Obama were elected to their second terms. Pure bullshit from both sides.

    1. Oh boy…..and a black Jimmy Olson? This show will probably last a couple of episodes but who knows. Much “you go girl” here so it may stay.

      1. Yes, of course Jimmy Olson is black. Naturally.
        The agenda never, ever takes a rest with these idiots does it?

      2. They’ve got to put a black man in a positive, heroic role in everything now. It’s the new black “stereotype.” Criminals are almost always portrayed by white actors. FBI statistics be damned!

  34. Why do libtards like to say they are logical and scientific but never abide by it?

    1. Because evolutionary theory allows them to ignore religion and make up their own rules about morality; and so-called climate science given them an excuse to install a world government. The rest is all pretty iffy.

      1. They ARE a religion. There is absolutely zero evidence that humans are equal. There is absolutely zero evidence that men and women are the same. They take this shit on faith like the Christians take Jesus on faith. I’m an atheist but hate Leftists.

  35. True, 37% of 66% is not a majority, but then again the other 63% of 66% isn’t either. But the fact is that 58.4% of voters either supported or did not oppose the Conservatives, and last time I checked, that is a majority. (You can contrast this to the Marois government in Quebec where 51% of eligible voters actively supported someone other than the PQ.)
    The “problem” with FPTP is that ideologues – particularly on the left, but the UKIP are an example – have these grand national or international visions while parliamentary democracy is designed to have local communities advancing their interests on a national stage.

  36. The disappointing thing is that, whether you agree with the policies or not, the UKIP and LibDem leaders appear to be the most competent thinkers who have genuine opinions on what should be done and are less concerned with popularity.
    They should have roles on the cabinet. We should be voting for individual jobs in government and not on entire parties who spend too much time and money on bickering against each other.
    Similarly, the wing nuts are too busy being outraged and crafting tweets to stop and think about the damage they are doing to their own cause. Anything other than a balanced consideration of practical solutions and their meaningful implementation is pointless.
    At this stage, the ‘welfare state’ needs a rethink. As a UK citizen I have nothing against the idea of welfare being limited to people who have paid contributions though a few years of work or what Cameron attempted to suggest 4 years ago by national service.

  37. They are generous with other’s money. Get a fucking job. Damn. . These idiots love welfare and taxing white men. Let it burn. . They are so oppressed. Lol I’ll never bow and pay them without a fight. It’s always women, minorities, and fat, stupid uneducated pricks wanting to take my money. Let them starve.

  38. Thats too bad UKIP didnt fare better. I like what Nigel Farage is trying to do. The author compared his stance close to what the Tea Party stands for.Too bad the Tea Party doesnt have anyone savvy or smart enough to really stand out without pandering to the christian base. America really needs someone like him.

    1. You should tell him. That would be infinitely more interesting than sending Tricia, and Jeremy Kyle over there.

  39. Another thing about Laurie Penny, she describes herself as ‘polyamorous’! Now what does that mean? Well I’m guessing it means she is identifying as a slag am I wrong? I mean seriously what sort of guy would actually put up with such crap? I’m guessing that some pseudo-intellectual blue pill mangina might but I’m betting she is profoundly frustrated, lonely and unhappy – a product of a liberal left lifestyle.

  40. Leftists: when you win a majority, it’s supposedly because you’re ideology is superior. When you lose an election, it’s supposedly because someone cheated or some vague oppression drivel.

  41. The protesters who caused damage to the war memorial were wrong and perhaps Laurie Penny is an arse, but I predict this Tory Government and its policies will be a disaster for the UK and the idea of the UK as a continuing state.

  42. “The Left”, or visible left do seem to live in their own little world.
    Amidst the storm on social media there was a message from one lady urging all the lefties she knew to band together and figure out how to unite and stop the tories from getting in again.
    Her previous post however, was urging tory voters ‘to remove me from facebook, then go die in a ditch, you are scum’.
    Legally adult, university-educated, and coming out with things like that. It’s no wonder nobody takes them seriously.

  43. UKIP won 13% of the vote and only received 1 seat. Despite the extremity of the inbalance of their voting system, conservatives still won. After they fail to deliver again, then the public will really turn against the main 3 parties, and no amount of gerrymandering will save them.
    Looks like France has finally gotten sick and tired of the socialists as well, if you look at their recent elections, where all of the conservative parties won the most substantial number of departments.
    Europe is finally getting tired of political correctness and doing whatever Belgium tells them to in the EU!

    1. I read elsewhere that if we had proportional representaion we would have resulted in a Conservative UKIP coalition.
      No change then, in real terms.
      As a commenter in that thread pointed out, they are ‘waiting to see if David backs up his claims about immigration policy, if not… ‘
      The percentage and resulting seats is therefore a non issue. UKIP would have had it if fewer people hadnt, for the same reason, given conservative a clean shot at less reactionary solution first.
      Really it’s just a slight delay and a ‘get your balls out’ challenge to the current leader.

      1. You are probably right. The main 3 won’t be seen as a problem until the next few years shows the same spectacular failure and the current conservatives are shown to be as bad as the rest of them.

        1. I am throwing a party the day labour drops to 10% representation, if that ever happens.

  44. Sorry and with upmost respect, but mindless people can’t lose their minds…

  45. *LAFF* Silly social justice warriors.
    Lib Dem fucked up by wanting put the lives of secular muslims and islamic apostates at risk by condemning any criticism of islam as islamaphobia.
    The public had no choice but to take the lesser of 2 evils.

  46. I can tell just by looking at someone so I looked her up and was right lol
    Penny was born in London and grew up in Brighton[2][3] and Lewes.[4] She is of Irish, Jewish, and Maltese descent
    Hmm Jewish

  47. So this isn’t an echo-chamber of hammer-dumb fuckwittery at all now is it?

  48. It amazes me when people act like this they don’t realize there isn’t much holding the powerful back from violence against them. Rights are something given to the weak by the powerful. Never forget that.

    1. Or, something the weak forced the powerful to grant them through strength in numbers.

      1. Forced lmao. A better word is irritated. I long for the day the weak push to far. The integrity will be restored.

  49. It is enough that the people know there was an election.
    The people who cast the votes decide nothing.
    The people who count the votes decide
    Joseph Stalin

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