Rethinking Technology And Social Media Can Get You Laid And Paid

It’s a popular opinion around these parts of the internet that technology is ruining our lives. It has turned us into mindless, online status obsessed zombies, our women have become flooded with “thirsty” dudes and became antisocial, and all too often our social media accounts can act as a liability in today’s world of “free speech patrols” by our liberal friends.


She decides if you have a job or not

I don’t deny any of these things, but to sit around here and fantasize about the “good old days” that most of us are too young to have lived through while ignoring the realities of modern technology is silly and not very “red pill.”

We have to accept truth and play the hand that we are dealt, or else we slowly become those old guys that tell the hippies to cut their hair and stop listening to those rock and roll 8-Track tapes.

Grandpa Simpson is not a Red Pill role model

Grandpa Simpson is not a red pill role model

Technology is not going away. With that said, we need to look at today’s technological developments with purely selfish motivations. When you stop and think about it, technology can get you laid and paid. And don’t we want that?

Breaking Down technology

When looking at social media, what better place to start than Facebook. Yes, the cool guys among us are hipter enough that they deleted their Facebook accounts, and made sure that we all knew about it in the process. College Humor produced a great video on the topic:

But the reality for most of us is that Facebook is a great way to stay in touch and communicate with our friends. Facebook messenger is a free alternative to texting, and because you get to control who sees what on Facebook, it’s pretty easy to avoid the “social media witch hunt” that people say they fear.

I’ve done it successfully for years, often posting articles from Return Of Kings, as well as several anti-feminist memes directly to my wall, often to many likes and interesting conversations!

I also know that Facebook has directly gotten me laid numerous times. How? By putting me on the guestlist to some great nightclubs and lounges, informing me of events around the city I would have never heard of otherwise, getting invites to parties where I only somewhat knew the hosts, and of course – everyone’s favorite – the “I haven’t heard from you in years, you seem to be doing great for yourself” girl.

It’s easy to make Facebook work for you—all you have to do is examine the possibilities in a rational way.

Not Convinced?

I have recently used tumblr, yes, tumblr, to increase my online presence in a really positive way (Check out my personal account, as well as the tumblr version of “BUT TUMBLR IS SJW HEADQUARTERS,” people scream. Correct. And this means that tumblr can be a great source of that delicious “hater traffic” that everyone secretly craves.

And for all of the censorship that social justice warriors are known for, tumblr has not deleted a single GamerGate article. I mean, what else do you expect from a mostly pornographic site?

Maybe this bit of info changed your mind about tumblr, maybe it didn’t. For me it was a no-brainer – especially when I’m familiar with auto-posting and aggregate technology, so requires zero maintenance on my part. I made it work for me, can you make it work for you?

Be Like Mike. Really. I’m Serious


Your greatest potential ally, however, is seen by many as an unlikely one, since it is mostly known for thirsty men and women willing to capitalize on it. Yes, I am talking about Instagram, and, believe it or not, it can skyrocket your game, and even make your money. With Instagram, and similar apps – you have the power to become somewhat like Michael Jordan.

Professional athletes are rich, no doubt about it. The minimum salary of an NBA player is over $500,000 a year. This is serious bank for 99.9% of us, but chump change for the real money men of the NBA—the owners. Of the 30 NBA teams, 20 are owned by people whose net worth is in the billions.

But one man stands out from that list: Michael Jordan. We all know him as the greatest basketball player that has ever lived, but his true wealth came from doing something that no other athlete before him has done – he became a brand, an image. And this brand continues to hold strong even today, many years after Jordan has played his last game of basketball. Heck, you know your brand is popular when people fight over it.

In the age of social media, anyone can become their own personal brand. That is how I use my instagtam—I showcase my humor, my travels, the cool, fun parts of my life. it’s essentially a resume for getting laid.

Yes – it is difficult at times to keep up appearances – sometimes even deadly, like in the case of fashion designer L’Wren Scott, who maintained an Instagram illusion of luxury despite being millions of dollars in debt. Don’t fall into this trap. Avoid Instagram altogether if it is not a positive for you, although some of you might use the old adage of “fake it till you make it.”

Adding the Instagram feed to my OKCupid profile has resulted in a much higher conversion rate. A girl once told me that she made the decision to write me back once she saw my Instagram—it made me “real” in her eyes. Yes, Instagram has gotten me laid.

But can it get you paid? For some people it has, and in ways Michael Jordan hasn’t even dreamed of.

Meet Jen Selter. Ass model.

An easy way to get your attention back

What $50,000 looks like

Most of you have no doubt seen her incredible ass before. But there’s something more impressive about the 21-year-old from Roslyn, New York: her bank account. A sponsored post to her over 6 million Instagram followers reportedly costs $50,000, a sobering statistic considering 80% of the world lives on less than 10 dollars a day. Posting pictures of her ass on Instagram is making her rich and famous.

But Kid – there are better asses out there? Yes there are. Caitlin Rice is arguable one example, but (pun intended) notice her “paltry” 700,000 followers compared to Selter’s 6 million plus. Why is that? Because Caitlin Rice is slacking, and Jen Selter is a professional.

Caitlin Rice has poorly lit pictures, pictures with ugly friends, memes, and generally has a bunch of material there that takes away focus from her amazing body. Jen Selter is all business—every picture is well lit, beautiful, and showing off what the audience wants to see. That’s why she gets the big bucks.

Jen Selter is also a perfect example of another feature of the world of internet brands – success despite a complete lack of “credentials” from the traditional barriers of entry. She completely sidestepped the competitive bodybuilding, Crossfit, and obstacle race world to arguably become a bigger star and higher earner than the top athletes in these respective fields!

This is unheard of! Can you imagine a recreational basketball player getting a more profitable shoe deal than LeBron James? No, it’s ludicrous, and yet in the world of social media fame it happens over and over again.

Internet Fame And Money: Not Just For Hot Chicks Anymore

Look at two prominent millionaire gamers – PewDiePie and KSI. Both have achieved worldwide fame and fortune by broadcasting themselves playing video games. PewDiePie is the most subscribed user on youtube, KSI was recently featured on Vice showing off his riches – including a penthouse apartment in London and a Lamborghini.

These two men might be a lot of things – but they are not elite competitive gamers. That honor belongs to people like Danil Ishutin, who, while being the 7th highest earning pro gamer in the word – has not cracked a million dollars in competition earnings, or Daigo Umehara who, despite being the single most famous fighting game player of all time – has a day job at a nursing home.

My theory is that the time that Danil Ishutin and Daigo Umehara spend practicing, PewDiePie and KSI spend on self promotion. And when you’re a one man brand with a one man team, promotion can actually trump perfection.

The Next Generation Of Online Dating


Wanna peek into my world?

With all the talk of personal branding we forgot about the best part of technology. Now, you might recognize the old favorites – POF, OKCupid, Tinder, but there is a new movement afoot, spearheaded by Tinder in a move that many called the end of that company.

Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Down, and Hinge limit the amount of users you can interact with on a daily basis and because of this women are not bombarded by a constant supply of attention from unlimited numbers of men, and people in general spend less time on the app, avoid burning themselves out, and in turn come back more often.

Yes, I said it, Tinder actually got better after the notorious “limited likes every 12 hours.” Because of the design of these apps, you can go through a wide array of matches in a very short time and avoid spending countless hours searching for and messaging new people on dating sites.

In fact, my favorite of these new type of apps—Coffee Meets Bagel—gives you one match a day. No need for an auto-swiper for this one. But yet this is the online dating platform that I have enjoyed the most success with in the past year.


The Key To Online Dating Success

Diversify, diversify, diversify! And I don’t mean it in the way that Social Justice Warriors mean it, so relax. Think of online dating as a sweet, awesome pool, and I’m inside with an innertube and noodle, while others are dipping their toes into the water, declaring it too cold and running away.

Dive in. Experiment. It costs you nothing, and by downloading a new app or signing up for a free service – you are increasing the amount of women you are exposed to every time. Also, being an early adopter is a great way to end up with your own personal brand.

Just ask Pei Ketron – Instagram early adopter and now a suggested user for everyone that just downloaded the app, despite not being an athlete, celebrity, or business mogul. She has over 700,000 followers as a plain old fashioned photographer. She was just at the right place at the right time. Now, I wonder how much money she can make ass modelling?

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164 thoughts on “Rethinking Technology And Social Media Can Get You Laid And Paid”

  1. A long overdue post. Facebook should be taken advantage of rather than feared. I can only assume the same people who shun Facebook are still making phone calls rather than texting to set-up dates.

    1. Fearing FB book is simply redirection. It is no longer “she rejected me because of my bad game, poor grooming, awful dress sense, etc.” but “she rejected me because FB stopped her from paying attention to me”.
      Sadly though, what does it say about you if someone can’t look up from a screen to talk to you?

      1. you should fear FB bc you cant delete anything. Even when you do, they could pull it up on their end(and Im deleting their new messenger app, the thing doesnt let you log out so its always monitoring your phone).
        Even when you start to type something, then think better of posting it, they store that too…

    2. I’ve been making similar objections. Rape should be taken advantage of rather than feared.

      1. There’s no such thing as rape in Nature.At most it would just be an unconventional form of dating.Even in the Bible if you gave some female the old in-out in-out and she got pregnant all you had to do was marry her and add her to your other dozen wives.

        1. “Even in the Bible if you gave some female the old in-out in-out and she got pregnant all you had to do was marry her and add her to your other dozen wives.”
          Here’s a story about a son of city chief who tried to do that with a daughter of Israel. Let’s see how it worked out for him:

          And Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land.
          2 And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her.
          3 And his soul clave unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and he loved the damsel, and spake kindly unto the damsel.
          4 And Shechem spake unto his father Hamor, saying, Get me this damsel to wife.
          5 And Jacob heard that he had defiled Dinah his daughter: now his sons were with his cattle in the field: and Jacob held his peace until they were come.
          6 And Hamor the father of Shechem went out unto Jacob to commune with him.
          7 And the sons of Jacob came out of the field when they heard it: and the men were grieved, and they were very wroth, because he had wrought folly in Israel in lying with Jacob’s daughter: which thing ought not to be done.
          8 And Hamor communed with them, saying, The soul of my son Shechem longeth for your daughter: I pray you give her him to wife.
          25 And it came to pass on the third day, when they were sore, that two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brethren, took each man his sword, and came upon the city boldly, and slew all the males.
          26 And they slew Hamor and Shechem his son with the edge of the sword, and took Dinah out of Shechem’s house, and went out.
          27 The sons of Jacob came upon the slain, and spoiled the city, because they had defiled their sister.
          28 They took their sheep, and their oxen, and their asses, and that which was in the city, and that which was in the field,
          29 And all their wealth, and all their little ones, and their wives took they captive, and spoiled even all that was in the house.
          30 And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, Ye have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land, among the Canaanites and the Perizzites: and I being few in number, they shall gather themselves together against me, and slay me; and I shall be destroyed, I and my house.
          31 And they said, Should he deal with our sister as with an harlot?

        2. I know the story son. But that chief’s son was a foreigner and what he did was an insult to their family which is why they took revenge. I meant within their own tribe how these things were handled. Now go back to Sunday school you religious cracka.

    3. I gave up facebook for many reasons. Instead of seeing what my friend was up to, I called him and had a brief meaningful conversation. Facebook makes you a lurker/orbiter of all your friends without any meaningful contact. A virtual friend. I’m so glad I gave up facebook.

      1. I find it weird that I get glimpses into people’s lives and I no longer work/hang out with these people. And honestly, the humblebraggers are the worst- I had to block all of them.

        1. i think it’s someone who brags about their life, accomplishment, lifestyle in a subtle manner. They parade themselves as being humble but their FB page would say otherwise.

    4. I’m have had more women say to me how impressed they were that, from the start, I had balls enough to call them up.
      once the relationship is established then it’s txt. but limit it

  2. For every Pewdiepie, how many other “failed” experiments spend the same ridiculous amount of time staring at a screen damaging their health for little to no return on investment?
    Being a poodiepie takes considerable risk – and not in the way that starting a company does. If you follow the footsteps of the hundreds of thousands of failures before you, you gain NO marketable skills aside from a few thousand followers who make you no money – only the top dogs have “Youtubing” as a career.
    This industry is still to be dominated by women until the ad revenue model collapses (ROI too low). Caitlin rice also has that weathered stripper ass.
    Online dating doesn’t work for most guys, just being honest. Spending 3 hours a day swiping and switching apps just to get one piece of ass isn’t worth it and your time could be spent more productively. Of course some guys can meet a girl within minutes, but that’s not most guys.
    All this aside, this is still a great article and I thank you for posting it.

    1. There’s really no excuse not to try any of these apps. If you’re an in shape guy (I’d say less than 15% body fat) that dresses and grooms yourself well you should get some pussy while expending essentially zero effort on the apps.
      Trying to be a Pewdiepie (who is only as known as he is because girls think he’s hot) then yeah, it’s a waste of time for almost all men.

      1. I agree with most of this except For apps. I’m in great shape and it takes me regular bouts of extended effort to meet women on there – just because it works for YOU doesn’t mean it works “zero effort” for everybody. You have got to be kidding me.
        The amount of effort and sheer manhours it takes me to meet a woman on Tinder ends up hurting all other my endeavors in life. I’m Not a white or Latino male. I also don’t have tattoos.
        The author understates how many channels don’t excel or make enough money to run itself. yeah, pew is decent looking, but where he really excels is his ability emote (I say this only having seen the South Park episode on him – I will never “pay” him a view)
        Until you become that pewdiepie and have the sort of “fuck you” money where it doesn’t matter, most YouTube channels have negative image toward OTHER endeavors one might pursue.

        1. I think you have the wrong idea (or you could just live in a shitty area) by what I mean by “effort.” See the latest post on my blog entitled “Sales Lessons from Craig Proctor.” It’s the same basic idea.

        2. Hey man, this is a great blog and I have it footnoted for the future. I have honestly been looking for alternatives after blocking my browsers from going to Heartiste. Thanks so much for sharing.
          However, I don’t understand how the very act of Swiping until you get a match *that you find attractive* isn’t “effort” (let’s ballpark estimate it’s 50 swipes for me to get an attractive match)
          Or how the varying degree of thought you put in your messages isn’t “effort” (some guys have to work ALOT harder than others) – many of which won’t even be responded to
          Or how even sifting through the flakes and waifs and having a bunch of attempts fall through isn’t conceived as “effort”.
          Perhaps this is why I’m more artistic in my endeavors and not in sales. Meeting girls in person present minimal problems for me, despite my physical limitations.
          My area isn’t bad at all – it has less bearing on location more than I’m not the ideal type on Tinder. I don’t really expect for you to understand this, unfortunately.
          but does it make sense to you that some men who take care of themselves, no matter what their approach, will never get laid on tinder?????
          The amt of time it takes for me to get a number on tinder, on average is around 6 hours. Just a number. Even one number is too much time expenditure as I have a career and stay active. And we all know the inherent value of numbers (almost nil)

        3. I don’t know, I just think you need to perhaps find the apps that work best for you? What I mean by no effort is that like in the post, you should have a system where your good photos do most of the work and have standardized responses so you basically aren’t thinking about it or chasing. I wouldn’t exactly consider swiping for a few minutes a day effort either. At the very least it’s a lot less effort than cold approach even though cold approach is a lot more fun.
          Thanks for the compliment regardless.

        4. They’re all the same…..these apps. Skout and CMB work even less than Tinder.
          A system doesn’t matter if the only way you can get a woman to respond to your message is to call her a Cunt or to spend 10-15 minutes thinking of something so witty it blows out all of the other men’s messages.
          You just refuse to believe these apps can’t work for some guy. You like to place the blame on men who can’t succeed over factors they can’t control. Don’t act like people like me haven’t tried everything.
          If you are in a position where your good pictures do the work for you, then good for you, but you don’t even have the same experience as I do on these apps.
          50 swipes takes more than a couple minutes, unless you aren’t looking at the pictures.
          All the best.

    2. “Ad revenue model collapses(ROI too low).”
      Well yes, the youtube ad model is ridiculously slow and you will never gain money that way. I’ve worked with a couple of people on their channels and they tell me 20,000-25,000 views gives you about 50 dollars. The real way to make money while on Youtube is to use a website called Patreon and to get people to donate to you for making videos. I have seen people with a limited fanbase sometimes get a good deal of money (even hundreds of dollars) per video and that’s serious bank.
      “If you follow the footsteps of the hundreds of thousands of failures before you, you gain NO marketable skills aside from a few thousand followers who make you no money”
      It depends, a successful youtube channel doesn’t need 2,000,000 subs to be successful. Then again who say you can Youtube as a career rather than maybe just a hobby to make some side cash. You can build up over time and maybe actually make some good money. I’ve seen it with my own eyes so I wouldn’t discourage it. Generally the threshold for starting to get a significant fan-base comes around 50-100 videos, depending usually of things like video quality, sound effects, topics that the channel focuses on, and the person themselves.
      “For every Pewdiepie, how many other “failed” experiments spend the same ridiculous amount of time staring at a screen damaging their health for little to no return on investment?”
      Probably many hundred if not thousands. But so what? That’s like saying how many mom and pop stores have failed while a company like McDonald’s has done well? Most of the people who fail at Youtube channels have no plan, jump into it, and crank out shitty/sloppy videos that no one in the right mind would watch. People should think carefully about what they are going to do and whether or not there are going to be 1,000 other Youtube channels offering the same thing.
      99.99999% of people will never acheive the popularity of pewdiepie but so fucking what? They don’t need to.

      1. 25000 views is a lot to 95% of channels. ALOT. I regularly see channels thanking viewers for even 10K hits or 1k subscribers. And, that 25K needs to be worked for over months of work.
        It’s nothing to 5% of channels.
        It is You who are wrong because you don’t understand the viral nature of the modern web.
        Some of the most (objectively) skilled video game channels can barely touch 15K hits, while each game has 1-3 people who are regularly hitting millions of views.
        The view disparity is very similar to current income disparity in America, actually 🙂

        1. Agree and Disagree, again this comes down to people who don’t think about their audience before they jump in. Another video game let’s play type youtube channel will fall flat on it’s face, people need to expand topics. It’s like if I said I will make a cellphone company and complained when samsung/apple got most of the sales. It’s more about me being an over-saturated market.
          “The view disparity is very similar to current income disparity in America, actually :)”
          Agreed somewhat, I mean like I said for most people it can be side income, not main income.

        2. Forget that BS. Start a Fund Me and make up some bullshit story to get people to send you money. You’d be surprised at how many suckers will send money for the dumbest things out of the tremendous number of people on the Net. In fact, me and my assistant Dr Danilova may do that for our next study.
          I’m thinking up a story about how Puffy our 2yo cat who has leukaemia that the vet says can be cured but it will take $10k for treatments. If you don’t have a cat get one and take pictures of it with captions like
          ‘Please help me’ or ‘Puffy is Looking Sad Today And Must Sense She is Going To Die’ Hmm cats must be psychic and can sense I’m sad, and when some money comes rolling in- ‘Puffy is Happy Today and Must Sense I’m Happy because She’ll get her Treatment’ and put a happy pic of the cat lol
          And make sure the cat is a She. All of the crazy cat women, just females in general, and retards like Fruitloops Fruitrell will be touched by that.
          I was in California years ago with a friend and even though it was a decent area there were still pan-handlers around. We passed by this one guy with his cup there but he was just laying back sleeping with this cat on his chest and not begging and I wondered if he’d make any money. But my friend said he’d do very well with this act because females would see it and drop some money into his cup. Even if they thought he was a drunk or something they would figure he’d still have some money to feed the cat lol Yes, females the kinder gentler sex haha

    3. Definitely true about the online dating. A decade ago I typed for hours on numerous kind of Dutch dating- and profile sites. Must have spoken to 500+ women or something. How many of them did I bang? 4, 5. Something in that range. Guess only 2 of them were hot. For men a computer/smartphone is a machine to do gaming on, watch movies, read articles, find information. For women it’s mostly a validation machine. Texting, Whatsapp, Tinder, PoF, email. All applications for receiving validation from either family, girlfriends or men.

  3. Here’s a tip – post up the occasional interesting photo on Facebook, but don’t write an accompanying title/comment. The picture, assuming it’s something interesting/thought provoking (and not a picture of your fucking lunch or your cappuccino) will make you look like an interesting guy who is out doing things with his life (which you should be of course), but the lack of comment shaves off the desperate “look at what I’m doing/please validate me” edge to it.
    Oh, and if you have a load of girls on your Facebook, don’t become a Facebook Orbiter, liking every duck face photo that they post. But then again, you knew that already right?

    1. As someone with relatively limited experience here, do you mean just interesting pictures in general? I take a lot of pictures of interesting things I see, but don’t feel the need to take an endless amount of pictures of myself or what I’m doing in particular, or the need to share any of them.

      1. If you see something interesting while travelling ect…architecure, or landscapes – doesn’t have to be very often. For the love of god, don’t post a selfie.

        1. Ah, good. Seems we’re on the same page then. I barely take any pictures of myself, mostly just what I see.
          Have you tried this with instagram as the author mentions or just facebook?

  4. Plenty of money to be made from YouTube my friends, plenty. Just a couple of funny vids and a partnership and you have yourself a side hustle. Been thinking of doing a channel ever since it was still starting and never got to it.

    1. Thats really just a myth. The only way you will make money on youtube is through using your limited fame for paid appearances and selling products.

      1. That’s just part of the process of building a business! you make money from more than one source than advertising, you promote stuff and some even give you free shit!!!

  5. Face it guys, the social media and app phenomena has been a godsend largely just to 7-to-9 range females. It’s instant validation from a limitless supply of thirsty beta bucks, many of whom will send them money or buy them gifts just to receive a very brief reply, and they can monetize their beauty into a lucrative income stream by doing just about any damn thing possible under the sun, if they are just doing it in a skimpy swimsuit.
    It’s put the pedestalization and deification of attractive young women on overdrive.

    1. Fucking pathetic schmucks, seriously! How could you even even admit you do something so weak as to hemorrhage your money for some attention whore on the internet whose beauty is finite and depreciating with passing time?
      Well, all least both sides can say they’ve found their calling in life without having to work very hard for it. I suppose you can brag about that!

    2. Look at these stupid-ass men paying these slags for their brief attention. Good gawd…… social media has been a windfall for these girls.

      1. Token manipulative cunts doing what they do best. Unit the big 4-0. “All in all you’re just another brick in the post-wall”.

        1. “My little girl… making money from loser men by telling them they’re worthless pigs… I can’t even…”

        2. The logical extension of feminist rhetoric. The manipulation of beta males in the name of being an ’empowered’ and ‘strong’ female. Feminism stopped being about ‘equality’ a few generations back.

        3. I can’t believe how fucked up some people are… I can not believe this shit. I am at a loss of words..

        4. Boys, please! Stop being so gullible and naive. Anyone can make a video and post it on youtube pretending she makes $200 for a few minutes of insulting a man.If she were able to make any real money she wouldn’t be living with mama.

        5. Do you see her mother checking her make-up? Those two are a team. A single mother and the hotter younger version taking revenge on men. The money is an added bonus and pays for the both of them. I think this is the top of the iceberg.

      2. I was thinking, with all these women in business and being in conrol of high stakes industry and powerful positions.I imagine there’s a new untapped industry of MEN being in position of being dominatrixes of very wealthy powerful women. Why wouldnt some of these women love to be humiliated and punished for being such dumb and worthless pieces shit very much like powerful men like to be ttreated in this context of B.D.S.M? Whos with me on investing in a business where we get paid ridiculous money for berating, violating and degrading CONSENTING rich and powerful women? Any takers?

      3. Beta piece of shit, make me mad, not only they are a disgrace to all REAL modern man but they give to those woman more power than they deserve.

    3. ‘a godsend largely just to 7-to-9 range females.’
      Hubert, i would say it’s a godsend for the range of 3’s-9 in my experience. Even the low-end uber-monsters still have profile descriptions that make them sound like entitled super-models.

      1. Social media wrecks dating due to a womans hypergamy. A man may only date women in his local area…but women will compare him with every male instagram in the world now.
        Those 3’s…If one male model in africa likes her pic it will forever alter and inflate her self worth and she will think im good enough for the home town equivalent.
        And 8s are inflated so high they just wait around expecting a pro athlete to approach.

        1. As a Nigerian Prince, I can tell you that is correct. But I need $50 to transfer my father’s money into an account in the US to avoid the coming coup.

        2. They can do all the comparing they like, just as men do, but their real choices are limited.They have to compete with the other 3 billion females on earth and their time is limited.They’re just deluding themselves when they believe they can get the top men.No top females need FB either and knows that the men on there looking for females are usually losers out of their weight class trying out some ‘game’ nonsense that she can see right through.Besides, like goes with like and she’s already around the men she wants and will eventually get one.You would have to live in a really sparsely populated area to not be able to find someone and have to resort to FB to meet people and very few of those people are going to want to live in the middle of nowhere.

        3. And thanks to the wonders of technology, you and the many other princes can use social media to find stupid Western women who will give you cash.

        4. What competition women just flock in droves and stand in line to get fucked then pick up a quick paycheck

      2. Indeed. A 7-9 always had plenty of guys drooling over them. Most of the time everybody knew about the hot-girl in a neighboring village.
        But in the pre-internet age the 5-6 had a far smaller pool to pick from. They could go unnoticed to the extent of becoming an old spinster. Internet is a godsend for plain Jane.

    4. That’s right. SEVERAL female-dominated industries like fashion, modelling, exotic dancing, pornography, prostitution, performing arts, glamour, photos, videos, social media, newspapers & magazines images, covers & articles, etc, HEAVILY THRIVE (& earn HUGE amounts of revenues, profits, resources, etc, EVERY YEAR), just because of the HUGE market demands that men & boys are CREATING & PAYING for them, in LARGE numbers. These are HEAVY LOSSES for modern men & boys.

    5. The OP article reads like something from xojane or jezebel. Check out this social experiment from london. Land whale receives 18 messages a day on dating site, that’s 540 messages a month. That’s a no win game. Unless you’re a male with abercrombie and fitch model pics, you need to take your game off line.

      1. Even with all those beta orbiters, they will not be the ones that pig is attracted to. Women want a guy she can’t get.
        If she got an 8 guy, she’ll want a 9 and so on. Even if she got a 10, she’ll want that 7 that doesn’t want anything to do with her.

        1. She could never pull an 8 or 9 male, but online betas give her a false sense of her own desirability. London has population 10 million. So there are potentially thousands of betas to validate her ego online.

      2. Of course the gynocracy has to invade everything and this article is one of their examples. Soon this blog will be shut down and its author charged for sexism.

    6. I agree with everything you say, except I would extend the range from 5-10. The consequences of this are on display every day for every man to see, and it aint pretty. Women these days are brutal… for all the ‘gains’ of women in education and the workplace, they have never been dumber or more narcissistic.

  6. I was a pioneer of pussy pulling on MySpace back in the day and even facebook when it first started. Easy money, fish in a barrel.

  7. I don’t have the patience to update and tailor all these online sites to look cool but I bet the right online game could get u laid.
    My approach has been not to add a girl on fb unless I’ve already boned her.
    If she tries to add me I ignore it and tell her I don’t really use fb that often which I don’t.
    Making money off of videos… Hell it’s probably better odds than winning the lottery.

    1. “My approach has been not to add a girl on fb unless I’ve already boned her.” I AGREE 100%!!!!!

    2. Remember the days when you could catch girls in a butterfly net and just take em home with ya?

      1. Yep, when women wore dresses and were sweet and filled your dreams and waking thoughts with their beautiful femininity.

        1. I dont remember any of that. Then again, my earliest recollection is like 1982

        2. Was that of being breast fed? People are barely conscious of anything outside of their little world until they’re in their 30’s so you would have to have been born in the 50’s to really understand anything about 1982.A few disjointed childhood memories mean nothing.And to really understand the world you’d have to be a very perceptive old man, and by that time your insight is of little use to you.

        3. Thanks Doc! Ive missed you. All I said was “my earliest recollection”.
          You said you were a mason- can you give us some insight about what they do? I know 8am-9am they serve a nice continental breakfast- what happens at 9:01am?

        4. Yes, we build things with bricks.That’s why we always carry our trowels around with us.

    3. I took to Facebook because it was rather interesting to stumble across friends I had not talked to in a long time. Otherwise it was just for the family to keep track of what everyone else is up to. I did find it weird that there were so many girls who wanted me to friend them, right out of the blue. It’s all irrelevant now because China blocks Facebook and I refuse to set up a QQ profile.

      1. I initially used facebook to connect with family and old friends. But over time it became this narcissistic petri dish; people wanting you to feel sorry for them and give them a pat on the back for any small accomplishment. As i’m sure you’re aware of, it’s just all about getting “likes.” Pathetic. although, i have thought about going back to use it as a mechanism to get laid.

      2. I have a Skype account for work purposes and every now and then I get a contact request from some 20 something female from all over the world. Don’t know her, don’t care. Just decline. Women looking for attention or trying to profit. Who knows if it is a girl on the other end.

    4. Really Clark!?! I live to an opposite philosophy. If I have boned the chick I wont add to her FB. I’ll say I never use it or some excuse. I found it added unnecessary drama. Only been on FB for just over a year, like the author says I use it to keep in touch with events, concerts, and very close people I actually know. No friends of friends, acquaintances, etc. I have about 100 friends and all people I know and hang out with or knew (at one point in our lives we had a good friendship but getting older moved in directions, places etc). I have a 1 strike and your out policy. 1 stupid post or a narcissistic post and your cut. If used wisely FB can be very beneficial for gaming. Very informative on where to be and where to go I find.

      1. For events and keeping a finger on the cultural pulse it’s great.
        For example over the last 3 years I noticed a huge increase in how much post about “Feminism!” has become popular. Everyone has become shameless and leak tonnes of information about themselves.
        It hurts my game to add a girl before we really know each other. She can look through my outdated profile and realize that I’m just a human being. I find it can ruin the mystery and illusion and like I said I don’t care to keep up on FB.

  8. I don’t even text as a matter of basic principle. Someone wants to talk to me, call me and fucking open your mouth. Yes, this severely limits my sexual encounters, but I refuse to be forced to learn something as infantile as “text game” just for the occasional meaningless fuck.

    1. I’d prefer a text and then a face-to-face to discuss something rather than yammering on with a cell phone to my ear.
      As a side note, text is a lot better than a phone call if the girl is an ESL type.

    2. When I was single I didn’t text either and it did not affect my ability to get laid in the least. I didn’t have a smartphone until 2 yrs ago.

  9. Oh Great! Another fucking article selling the “Technological Fix”. I am so sick of Day Trading and Star Trekish ‘TECH IS GOD’ articles I could fucking puke! Technology is often couched in terms of solving problems such as curing disease, providing for reliable food production, or affording efficient means of transportation. Indeed, technology has proved powerfully effective for solving any number of problems, from the massive project of sending people into space to the minor chore of fastening pieces of paper together.
    But in a 1966 article, atomic physicist Alvin M. Weinberg raised the following question: Are there some types of problems that cannot—or should not—be fixed by technology? Weinberg coined the term technological fix to describe the use of technology to respond to certain types of human social problems that are more traditionally addressed via political, legal, organizational, or other social processes.
    Here are some links spouting off the Tech Fix:
    Here is a book written by a woman that champions the technological fix:
    What everyone seems to be pushing for is some Technological Utopia like on Star Trek.
    Which is nothing more than communism in space.
    We have become addicted to technology worse than some skanky crack whore. Just admit it, over 99% of you reading this would bleed from the asshole if you were deprived of your precious technology for even one day. You would sell your own mother into prostitution and your own father into servile drudgery to keep your Most High and Holy TECHNOLOGY! Hallelujah!
    We have lost our humanity. Welcome to the Matrix. Yeah, yeah. Red pill blue pill. Shut the fuck up while we jack you in, you are gonna LOVE this beautiful prison. Totally fucking awesome! And by the way, say hello to Cypher for us!

    1. “from the massive project of sending people into space”
      And why is staying in Earth a problem? Space flight is merely escapism, and has substituted God for a number of people, since they wish to meet super-duper intelligent aliens (not only there is no evidence of any alien whatsoever, if there are any they’re not more advanced than us as we’re clearly getting worse the more advanced we become, in other words ‘advanced’ civilizations are doomed to fall) to give meaning to their lives as the mediocre minds they are, they cannot do that themselves (they’re even looking at the wrong place, your greatest source of power is the subconscious)

  10. Personally, I do not use facebook. However, I do use Instagram to promote who I am: rational male, cyclist, scholar. I also use it as a platform to spread red pill awareness even if it’s “politically incorrect.” My goal is to get people thinking, logically. Or at least getting them to challenge the existing paradigm.

    1. I used to do that on facebook. I eventually stopped my fb account for many reasons but one of them was because I felt like I was talking to a wall as far as some of the issues you mentioned. It wasnt worth the aggravation. People are content to be be stupid sheep lemmings.

      1. I hear ya! I don’t post very often so I don’t come off as annoying. I publish red pill elements without any expectation. However, I must agree with you about people being content with following along, makes me sick. people are too concerned with the latest trend and materialism. A hard reset is coming.

  11. This goes to show that the mass general public wastes time on social media and how to profit from it. If the men just stop flipping through these bitches’ pictures and giving them validation, the bitches would then have to do something productive with their lives.
    Profiting from social media requires a lot of followers. That’s what most people have become, a bunch of followers and not leaders.

  12. I doubt any male readers on rok will make 50k modelling their ass like jen selter. Social networking only benefits women. Its a platform for women to compete with women and seek attention from men. Its a game changer for 6s-10 females. If your a male 10 on steroids, you might be able to go the selter route and instamodel but you will never reach the sucessful level of a woman.

    1. “If your a male 10 on steroids, you might be able to go the selter route . . .”
      . . . but your clientele will, likewise, be men.

      1. Exactly. The whole instamodel fit girl thing is a scam anyways. Its just a professional attention whore. Selter is just an 8 that takes pics in gym clothes. She doesnt train hard or compete. Shes natural pretty with butt injections and a boob job…acting like she lives a fit life. She gets her money from suger daddies and club appearances. Shes lucky. Theres thousands and thousands of girls just like her that live the same lifestyle.
        I know male fitness models. The best they get is maybe $200 to walk around shirtless in a club and hand out beer…to women that dont give a shit and gays.

        1. For someone that is supposedly “fit” Jen has very little muscle on her. She’s just a skinny girl with butt implants. As much as she claims to do leg & butt workouts, her thighs are very thin

        2. No shit. I know at least 50 “fit” girls. They are all just regular chicks in yoga pants. And the girls I know that compete, bikini contests and professional fitness models are all on on clen, anavar, coke, or running test and posting inspirationsl memes and selling meal plans online.

        3. LOL I know girls that sell meal plans also. Basically eat oatmeal in the morning, chicken and rice for lunch, chicken and rice for dinner, yogurt for snack….this “personally tailored meal plan for only $200”

        4. Yeah…clen and fake tits equals nutritionist these days. Id hate to be the guy that went to college to be a nutritionist.

        5. You must have low standards because Seltzer is a 5 at best. She needed plastic surgery just to look somewhat normal.

        6. I’d say Selter is a natural 5 who made herself into a 7 with cosmetic surgery and working out.

        7. I agree with your assessment. Shes only an 8 with contouring makeup, insta filters, and lots of work under the knife. That contouring shit should be a crime. I have lowered my standards considerably because in all honest women look like shit today.
          Lets be realistic….im 32. Ive had 10 years on the bar scene. I gamed before social media and I am just now getting back into the scene and seeing the changes social media has made. Its a different world now. In my early days(2001-2003) when all I needed was game and to approach, I would of passed on this chick. When I was younger most of the chicks looked like her. 10 years ago id give this chick a 6 at best. I remember being younger and 70% of the chicks in the club were fuckable, no tattoos, no phones, and girls gone wild was telling them to slut it up for a tshirt.
          Today I go out and all the women are fat as shit…yet they think they are as good looking as the 10s from my early 20s. Its pathetic and really weird how quickly everyone got ugly in america. Even average looking chicks have a line of cockblocking fatties that jj watt would want to bust through.

        8. She doesn’t work out. If she did all the squats she says she does, her legs would be huge too. She went the iggy azelia route with implants or injections.

        9. In america now any chick that isn’t fat is considered above average in looks, just because she isn’t fat. Standards have declined.

      2. So much truth. Arnold Schwarzeneggar had to get gay sponsors. Lot of bodybuildin is gay for pay

  13. I remember, just a very few years ago, when on-line dating was for losers. If you couldn’t find someone in your home-town then there was something “wrong” with you. Now the whole fucking world is doing it, your “home-town” is now the World and yet we see the same problems. No one can find anybody to relate with and share their lives together. It seems the “problem” is only getting worse. For all you young whipper-snappers out there who do not know what life was like before 3.0 you don’t have a clue. I have seen technology bring out the worst in mankind, not deliver more humanity as promised. We are becoming barbarians, technologically advanced barbarians but barbarians none the less. We have the very same personal problems that plagued our ancestors over 2,000 years ago and I do not see technology “Fixing” any of it, only exacerbating it…

    1. Gays, BDSM types, and various . . .”uncommon” personalities definitely benefit from dating websites and such. It is easier to screen for what you want and find it, perhaps outside of your normal circle or even country.
      For your stereotypically insecure, young, male the internet just gives you more excuses to never get off your ass and actually meet people. Now it’s: play CS and kill people, check your facebook and others, search OKCupid and send a few messages, fap to free internet porn. . .repeat.

      1. As a “BDSM type” I have to agree. I don’t connect that often, but when I do… it can be unreal. A couple months ago I met a beautiful model type who is 20 years younger than me. She was taking her clothes of on command two hours after we met.

      2. Yes when I checked craigslist for women it was just a gay guy after gay guy asking for dick. It’s surprising there are so many fags when they only make 5% of the population…
        Or that is all of them…

  14. Back in 1992 I was having issues with my girlfriend. Up to then I did things the old fashioned way and dated classmates, mutual friends, and the occasional one I met on the street randomly or picked up at a bar (I have never run game). So I decided to check out a service called Telepersonals. You created an account, set up a voicemail greeting, and then you could go through other people’s greetings. If they caught your fancy you could send them a voice message. You only paid for the last of those three and only for the first message. They had some other paid services like going through the greetings of women who were online at that moment, or chatting direct through the system. I avoided those so it worked out to something less than a buck to introduce yourself.
    Of course, all my friends gave me shit about it being a waste of time and money and that the system would be full of ugly and stupid women until, the morning after the fact, I showed them a picture of the first girl I met and gave them the Reader’s Digest version of how we talked, we met, and I spent the night: a 5’10” fashion model. Everyone signed up the next day. While my fashion model was destined to be a ONS, my one buddy found a personal trainer and stayed with her for several years.
    So I stuck with that for the next 7 years because it seemed to work. By the time I graduated from law school and returned to Toronto in 1999 Telepersonals had become Lavalife and had launched a website on much the same model except that you were dealing with text and could share pictures. Internet dating became my primary mode from then on because it worked for me.
    The only thing that might be telling is that my present LTR was introduced to me as sort of a friend of a friend of a friend (actually acquaintance of husband of work colleague).
    The other thing is that over the years women’s attitudes change. Maybe you can call it savvy, or paranoid or self-agrandizingly entitled but it has become more difficult to catch their attention, keep their attention, convince them to meet, and sex on the first date is not nearly as common.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I find real life stories much more entertaining and educational than someones personal opinions. They have the ring of truth about them. Yes, they ring true…

    2. You get a lower class female on the Net today than in the past and like all of the lower classes they suck in a multitude of ways.Any sort of normal meeting on the Net today is a thing of the past and where it was free and where you could just have a video chat with a female you fancied and either meet or not meet. Or meet when you were in her country. She couldn’t hide much because it was all there on video and sound.

      1. The smart phone has had the effect of dumbing down the net. Simplification has resulted in near universal market penetration, the bottom half of the population is online poking at their phones with short stubby sausage fingers.

        1. But the people on these contraptions were dumbed down to begin with.Now they have a forum.

        2. More people now access the net with phones or tablets, than with computers. Being on the net used to mean a certain level of education, you knew how to use a computer. Now it means you know how to use a toy. I gave my 4 y/o nephew a tablet as a gift.

  15. Online dating feeds attention whores. Single moms who get 500 messages per day and now they think they have potential limitless options . So they spend the next two years on the site trying to decide who ” to pick” when in reality it’s horny guys just messaging her and fake beta old guys posing as younger men.

    1. That is why i stopped using okcupid. I realized the situation I was putting myself in; I was just part of a line up for these lame chicks to pick out. Fuck that!

      1. It’s a wasteland of emotionally skullfucked fat women and single moms shopping for a bill-splitter. Hot, level-headed, feminine and socially adept women aren’t on there because they don’t need to be.

        1. Myspace used to have top females until you boys got computers and they all dropped out.

    2. This is so true! I’ve come across some old fat women that have such an inflated amount of self esteem and have actually said they have no problem getting a man because of the amount of horny betas messaging them online.
      My parents used to own a gas station that I worked at, so I got to know a lot of our regular customers. These gross women (our store was near the hood) would get so much attention online that it made them think they were hot stuff in real life.

  16. See? This is the major problem. I keep explaining to modern women & feminists that men & boys should NOT be discriminated against in the FEW remaining fields of STEM, Sports, Movies, Video Games, etc, primarily because females dominate ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE.
    Women & girls HEAVILY dominate (BOTH in terms of payments and representations), SEVERAL fields & professions, such as fashion, modelling, beauty, cosmetics, pageants, pornography, general media, vocal media, voice provisions, voice acting, advertisements, commercials, internet, social media, anime, manga, dancing, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, netball, softball, yoga, performing arts, classical arts, classical music & dances, folk dances, traditional stuff, social media, TV shows, soap operas, theater, arts, designing, clothing, textiles, photography, videography, glamour, glitz, gossips, travel, lifestyles, newspapers, magazines, promotions, hosting, receiving, cheer-leading, visual display fields, seduction fields, & so on. Men & boys are DRASTICALLY under-represented & under-paid in these fields, professions, jobs & industries.
    Moreover, women are ALSO over-represented in SEVERAL decently paying, stable & average-income jobs, employments & professions, such as secretaries, nurses, receptionists, paralegals, assistants, teachers, educational sectors, middle-management positions, care-giving sectors, financial examiners, statistics & economics sectors, IT sectors, BPO sectors, call centers, bank employees, clerks, normal officers, general staffs in various sectors, & so on. Plus, MOST of the internet, social media, photo sharing & video sharing websites, are dominated by female users and female advertising companies, all of which generate HUGE amounts of incomes, profits & revenues for ONLY women & girls!
    Also, MOST of the sections on lifestyles, tourism, travel, food, fashion, modelling, beauty, clothing, living, teenage, relationships, healthcare, parenting, kids, educations, etc, in modern newspapers, magazines, internet websites, etc, are heavily dominated by female users, female advertising companies, female actresses, female celebrities, etc, all of which generate HUGE amounts of incomes & revenues for ONLY women & girls.
    But, in spite of ALL these things, modern women, girls & feminists, along with mainstream media, news, internet websites, social groups, organizations, governments, etc, focus ONLY on drastically reducing the payments & representations of men & boys in FEW remaining fields of STEM, Sports, Video Games, Businesses, Entrepreneurships, Politics, Governments, & so on. If females DO venture into these fields, then they receive MUCH more funding, scholarships, social support systems, help, encouragements, empowerments, affirmative actions, reservations, quotas, etc, from governments, media, internet, organizations, corporations, & so on.
    These are some of the reasons why we need ”equalism”, and NOT feminism, for true equality for all people of this world.

  17. I just don’t see what’s so appealing about instagram. I installed it awhile ago just to see what the hype was about. I was on it for 10 minutes before uninstalling it. Why would I want to follow and look at pictures of random people I don’t know? As far as following all these fit chicks, if I wanted to look at hot chicks I’ll just google “hot chicks”.

    1. Sir, you’re somewhat correct. Women & girls DON’T usually watch, read, follow, view, click, wear, experience, listen to, etc, male-related things, performances, shows, events, videos, photos, media, pornography, stripping, dancing, exotic dancing, performing arts, sports, music, songs, TV programs, movies, fashion shows, internet websites, internet videos, internet articles, social media, anime, manga, comics, clothing, designs, newspapers, magazines, photography, videography, ads, commercials, & so on.
      Women & girls have IMMENSE amounts of self-controls & principles to NOT fund or pay SEVERAL male-related fields, professions, industries, media, etc, WITHOUT any problems.
      Men & boys should ALSO learn to do the same kinds of things, with regards to female-dominated fields, professions, industries, media, etc (including the dirty, obscene, pornographic & adult ones), in order to PREVENT massive revenues, incomes & profits to those female-dominated fields, professions, media, and so on.
      MOREOVER, if men are giving too much importance to (and paying for) viewing, doing activities, watching, listening, etc, to ONLY women (& their music, media, photos, bodies, etc), then, they themselves are REDUCING their OWN job opportunities in SEVERAL high-paying fields & industries of fashion, modelling, media, newspapers, magazines, internet, music, social media, & so on.
      Of course women themselves fund other female-dominated fields & professions too. BUT, if men stop or reduce funding them (by not using them much), then, even if those fields & professions may not vanish, their incomes, revenues, etc, will be DRASTICALLY REDUCED, throughout considerably long duration of times.

      1. Yeah, we should hold Ron Jeremy up as the ideal looking man. This way even you boys could get laid lol

    2. They aren’t “fit” by design, bro. They are simpky chicks who just never got fat and posture in spandex with selfies under a bogus guise of being “gym junkies” and use a bunch of idiotic impromptu hashtags like “#idontwashplatesicleanthem” or “#gymismynewboyfriend” and New Beta City idolizes them regularly like only they know how to. Watch most girls exercising and observe how half-assed and pitiful their routines are. They’re there for the selfies and the attention hoarding, not for any physical or spiritual benefit and they all know it.

      1. Women are substanceless for the most part. Especially millennials and all the older folks caught up in “millennial social media culture” or whatever the fuck you want to call it. For women effectively it’s: be an attention whore, be pretty, get popular, monetise your popularity by getting a huge fanbase whilst simultaneously finding a rich guy, and then win at life. For guys you knock off the looks and the rich guy thing, and it’s the same shit.

        1. There are a limited number of rich guys who already have the top females so these girls will still end up with average men.
          You can’t make an ugly girl beautiful with plastic surgery. The most it can do is take away some really negative features, like this girl’s nose,and make it look somewhat normal.There are too many factors that go into a good looking female and surgeons can’t really change a fugly female very much.It would be like operating on a bulldog and trying to give it a smooth face.Other things like fat distribution on the female are 100% genetic and I’m not talking about obesity here but just the normal weight female. Even at their correct weight females are pretty much going to have a fat distribution pattern that is genetically preordained.Can’t do anything about bone structure either.

  18. For anyone that might even think Jen’s butt might possibly be real….she’s no stranger to plastic surgery

    1. Thats some beak. I am starting to think plastic surgery should be outlawed. This is a woman who gets butt implants and cuts off 50% of her nose and this is parlayed into a career?

      1. But if she makes $50k per year on her appearances then the cosmetic surgery pays for itself like college degree. Its the rational thing to do. Should you blame her, or the betas who jerk off to her pics? American culture is approaching peak beta.

    2. That is some mighty fine Egyptian mummy restoration work there. Nefertiti would be proud.

      1. Nefertiti was a Caucasian. There’s not much you can do with a big broad African nose. Michael Jackson tried and his face fell apart. The funny thing is that he wasn’t a bad looking Negro boy. Probably just a self hating negro.I’m wondering how many tries he had to do before getting those Caucasian looking kids, and what happened to the rejects lol

    3. Wait until she has kids, you can shave some cartilage off but genetics don’t lie lol Her husband will divorce her for producing ugly kids just like that Chinaman did haha

  19. I think this is a well written article that gets the points across.
    But I must disagree with those points.
    At day’s end, what has been produced? I’m not talking about production in an aspect of commerce either, for profit or production of goods or services.
    But what the article is delving into is a realm known as “reputation management” and it has already grown it’s own legs into an industry by itself, and this is the realm that gives SJWs and an assortment of very useless people a lot of power.
    In other words, old school types like myself can relate, it’s like being the guy in the back room who is dirty all of the time doing the hard work while a co-worker project shops for high profile tasks and then blows his own horn about it. He would be the one to get sent upstairs to management, and do even more damage.
    Reputation industry is pure poison to humanity. I won’t blame technology on it. It’s not technology’s fault that we have at hand the greatest communications medium known in human history that allows us to bypass social engineers and propagandist gatekeepers and instead we use it to look at ass.
    Here is an article on reputation management and the problems that arise of it.

    1. It’s so reassuring to see your comment. Every time a shitty article comes up on RoK (and there are plenty), Travis Bickle is here to spit the truth and save the day.
      I don’t know who you are, but I believe your outlook on pretty much everything is the best that RoK has to offer, which leads me to ponder how are you not a writer already? Instead the site is increasingly proliferated with “3 tips on game” or “why all men must dedicate their lives to fighting crazy feminists”… smh

    2. Well reasoned critique. It sums up well my feelings about social media as a means to wealth. In the end nothing is produced.

    3. On another note, nobody I know who is very successful in business – personally – uses social media. Their companies may have a social media presence but that’s it. I might add, I personally know numerous millionaires and multi- millionaires who have built successful businesses in excavating,trucking,wood manufacturing, real estate and gravel., so I speak with authority on this.

      1. A smart man can make money in bat shit (guano) sold as fertiliser. There are plenty of opportunities in many fields but the average Joe six pack doesn’t recognise them or isn’t able to follow anything through and gives up quickly.It takes years of sticking with something to make good and there really aren’t any instant wealthy men unless in some freak thing like winning the big lottery. Many times the most ordinary product that seems like nothing to most people can make you a lot of money. I’m sure the guy who invented the zipper a hundred+ years ago who everyone uses and who got an army contract at the time became wealthy.Ordinary things that everyone uses are a better way of making money than some big item that only a small number of people use. Ever see that plastic thing that many baking companies use on their bread etc ? Well, someone actually invented it and has a patent on it so every time it’s used he gets a commision/ or licenses it to the co. 70 million loaves of bread are sold every day and that’s not even including the other stuff this plastic is used on.Even if only 10% use it (I don’t know the actual % who do but I know Pepperidge Farm and many others do) and he only got a fraction of a penny royalty per use (don’t know the exact amount here) this guy is making millions per year in royalties for doing nothing.
        There was an old show called Sanford & Son and he was in the junk business in Watts.This was just a TV show and he didn’t look very prosperous but in real life many of these guys are also in salvage and make money.

        1. One of the wealthiest guys I know in the area I live has been in scrap metal most of his life. When copper was “hot” a couple of years back he was shipping out two tractor trailer loads of the stuff a week to the huge yards on the coast. Quick math gave me a rough figure of $ 60 -80,00 per load. Throw in the other loads of less valuable metals he was buying and reselling and your looking at a business generating over $ 250,000 per week in gross income. Being the only game within 50 miles for scrap – he didn’t have to pay much for the stuff. So his net income obviously was pretty high. That’s some serious money for junk!

  20. I think these online dating apps are terrible. Basically just giving a woman a way to endlessly hook up and be even less responsible because she has a way to meet a guy, have him pay for her stuff, she might bang him, and she never builds a reputation as a gold digging ho because she isn’t having to meet guys in a social circle.

  21. I’m not sold. The only reason these bubble butt bitches have so many followers is because of thirsty men.
    Online dating is only for pump & dumps. The women on there are batshit crazy or have other psych issues.
    Facebook speaks for itself. Stop “liking” shit on it.

  22. Cold approach > online dating, and always will be.
    I found online dating to be mostly a waste of time. Even the avg 6’s and less get way too much attention from desperate men and it puts them all on a ridiculous pedestal.
    The vast majority of men still don’t cold approach and most of them never will, it’s as simple as that. If you’re the rare guy who has some courage and a set of cojones, then your success will be found in cold approach.
    Internet dating is mostly a waste of time, unless you look like a male model.

  23. I completely understand the usefulness of something like facebook but just can bring myself to do it. I’ve never had any kind of social media account (besides disqus of course). I travel a lot and am constantly nagged by friends and relatives, as well as new people I meet to get facebook so we can keep in touch. I try to explain that there are a million free messaging services out there (like Skype, wechat, line etc.) where we can keep in touch without broadcasting every detail to everyone we both know, as well as a bunch we probably don’t. Of course it’s way too much trouble for them to send a private message or God forbid make a phone call, It’s so bad in Asia, every chick has to take a picture and post every fucking meal she eats so all her friends can know what cool restaurant she went to that day. I can’t wait for Facebook to go the way of MySpace, so I can go around blowing my horn about how I was one of only 10 people in the world that never had it. It’s already happening as the younger generation (kids) see it as something thier parents use and therefore it’s not cool and a way for mommy to spy on them. Facebook is like not being able to turn your speaker phone off in a crowded room. That’s my rant for today!

    1. I never had Facebook but Myspace was good for a while as I explained in a post.Once the great unwashed get into something it’s only a matter of time until they ruin it.These are the proles who I’ve always suspected were out there but never had contact with. Now, they can come right into your house and stink it up if you bother with any of this social media crap.Once computers and internet became dirt cheap and the masses got their hands on it it was all over.And now with Smartphones the past 5 years everything is a total mess.Everything reverts to the mean and the least common denominator and in the US, for obvious reasons, that mean is quite low.Same with You Tube.Every kid and retarded lower class adult are having a contest about who can be the bigger asshole.I won’t even go into the misinformation spread by sites like Wiki where some of the articles look like they’ve been written by some brainwashed tweenager.

        1. That’s right.It was like being a photographer in the 1800s. You had to know how to safely use chemicals to prepare the plates. set up the biew camera, insert theplates without exposing them to light, time the exposures correctly, develop the plates quickly, make a contact print etc etc Today a 3yo old kid can take a perfect picture with a device invented and perfected by intelligent men. It’s so simple that an idiot can use it but who is more intelligent. The 1800’s photographer or the kid who can push a button but has no idea how it actually works. People who use computers and smartphones today have no idea how they work. All they’re doing is pushing buttons on a device made by intelligent men who have made everything simple for them. People have a false sense of competence today. The device may be smart but they’re as dumb as ever and can’t think for themselves, which you can clearly see from comments on blogs on the Net and 99% of them are worse than on here so people have actually become dumber despite more technology.

  24. Jen Seltzer has out of proportion body and a fugly face.Only men hardwired for primitive baboon sex care so much for a female’s butt where her butt is the focus of attention due to their lack of immagination.Even slim White girls used to worry about their butt being too big.It was really only Caucasians who raised primitive doggy style sex to a more sophisticated level and wrote Kama Sutras and other writings on sex technique etc.We know from eye tracking devices used by Mad Men in advertising (it’s been around for some time) that civilised men first notice a female’s hair and face and then of course her body. Her butt is not the first thing they look at in that 2 seconds when he’s sizing her up.Men who like big butts have no aesthetic sense and are just accustomed to them from being around low grade females who are all just fat butt monsters and they are encouraging lard butts to think that they are acceptable.It must be a west African Bantu thang.

    1. Jen Selter is selling PG rated butt sex to beta males over the net. However she wouldn’t be able to do it without beta males to pedestalize her.

    2. Sir mix a lot wasn’t lying when he said ask what a black man wants. It’s ass. It actually is a African thing. Large ass = greater ability for her to bear lots of my children.

      1. Negroes are a race of sodomites. Ever see one porno where the nigger didn’t want to stick his dick in someones ass?

        1. Idiot.
          It’s more of a metaphor if anything else. This neo nazi shit is getting rediculous.

        2. Excuse me. I didn’t realize you were a Negro. I did not even notice your moniker. I know what you mean. All this lets worship negroes and give them their own holidays and month so everyone can celebrate just how incredibly breathtaking and magnificent they are must end. After all you make up less than 14% of the population and yet we have one of your kind in the White House. The CDC in Atlanta reports that 48% of all negroes have an STD and that 34% have either HIV or GRIDS (Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome) or what is called AIDS today.

          It’s alright when you are allowed free reign to commit crime, sell drugs, rob liquor stores, participate in protests, start riots, shoot cops, deny whites their voting rights and fuck their women. But when they say no or call a rake a rake or a spade a spade then you get indignant, suppressant, violent. The Confederates and Nazis were right but you’re lucky! Most white people approve of contaminating their gene pool forever by mixing with an inferior and former slave race. You are degenerate by nature, you should be happy that so many whites are committing suicide by welcoming your black ass into their culture. I mean you really think a black aviator (roll eyes) got his job at Boeing based on merit rather than race? By the way it’s spelled ridiculous not rediculous. This is your Captain speaking. Please fasten your seat belts, place your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye because we have a Bantu as pilot.

        3. How can I resist your woman when they’re all over my dick to begin with cause your sorry ass is too pussy whipped to handle her?

        4. This is pretty racist stuff. But there is truth in it.
          First page in a google search:
          African Americans comprised approximately 6 percent of the population in CA, but represented about 19 percent of chlamydia cases and 28 percent of gonorrhea cases in CA.
           African American chlamydia rates were more than 5 times higher than those of non-Latino whites. African American gonorrhea rates were more that 6 times higher than those of non-Latino whites.

          What strikes me as an European is that the riots in Baltimore go unpunished, and continue to the extend the police starts prosecuting it’s own employees. Just for the sake of stopping the riots. The USA gone mad.

        5. White women have fetish about butt sex with black men. What does that say about white women?

        6. I have never heard of that even once so apparently you’ve been watching and wanking to nasty jew porn.Whenever I have ever heard of these nasty disgusting things it has always come from a jew. Before the Iraq war when all of that fake propaganda about what Saddam did to people, especially the disgusting sex stuff, I knew it was made up from the perverted minds of jews.I know them very well and how they think.

        7. Stop the bullshit Buckwheat. Even White prostitutes won’t go with negroes.They’d have to be worn out old desperate whores from the gutter to go with one.

        8. I didn’t want to bring this up but when the WHO was studying AIDS in Africa they discoved that 1/2 (yes 1/2) of African negroes were bisexual and the same is true in the US.In fact, the downlow is so common that they don’t even think of themselves as homosexuals or doing it as gay.
          Who me? A Homo? I have a wife or a gf I’m not queer!
          This and a hundred other facts actually fit into my theory of what causes homosexuality.It’s a primitive throwback to a period of evolution when people were becoming fully human and certain changes took place and where human sexuality broke from primate sexuality and reproduction. I’m not going to go through all of the facts here because you boys don’t like science outside of some pop science nonsense or would you understand it.

  25. Not having a Facebook, Instagram or any type of internet footprint equals automatic attraction when meeting a woman. Right away it sets you apart from the 95% of dudes that have this stuff. Your now mysterious and women love nothing more than mystery. Game is like poker, you don’t put all cards out there for someone to see, so why would you have an internet presence with everything about you in the open? If you just want to run internet game then Facebook and Instagram is for you. But anybody can try and run game from a keyboard. Real men cold approach face to face. Nothing is more satisfying to me than when I cold approach and can see the change in the woman’s body language as she’s becoming more and more attracted to me, its almost as satisfying as the sex, its liking hooking a giant marlin. Internet game will never give you that feel

    1. Agree 100% mate, gaming in person gives you a rush of masculinity that right swiping on Tinder never could!

  26. If you aren’t a first-mover on any of these platforms, you’re more or less pissing in the wind. The opportunity cost is better spent doing something productive, like learning an actual skill.

  27. Dude fuck this. Best advice for young men? Get jacked, save a shitload of dough – and flee the fucking west.

        1. in what country can you go with no money? asia, china thailand vietnam, russia middle east ? South america. it seems the whole world is destroyed.

    1. Best advice for young men which is coming from a young man who don’t know shit. You have that certain smirk on your face that looks like it needs to be wiped off. You look like one of those inbred little shits from Growing Up Gotti.

      1. Coming from a guy with a fast food cartoon for an avatar. I don’t know shit lol? Yeah, I’d love to see what you’ve done in your life. Internet tough guys like you crack me up

        1. Troll is so passe, Internet Tough Guys is the new preferred nomenclature. Nice to see you swarthy inferior greaser spic wop mulignans staying current on the popular slang.

  28. Why the fuck would I want to run on the digital hamster wheel to chase the self-aggrandizing land whales here in the States? Further, a lot of this social media self-promotion is like a pyramid scheme; if you’re not on the ground floor, you can’t get enough likes/followers/viewers to generate sufficient revenue. There are lots of people who self-promote relentlessly across multiple platforms and they don’t make anything. Further, I think that there is “platform fatigue” in which most people are tired of chasing the latest app just to follow someone whom they’ve never met. Seriously, there’s YouTube, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., etc., . . . I’d rather hold down a job instead of following all of these.

  29. Facebook and Instagram require time I do not have. That being said, if that is your niche, go for it. I would love to one day. But getting a real life offline and then showcasing it for cash online is cool.
    Gotta find your own twist to make it worthwhile. Not easy but possible.

  30. Most online dating is a waste of time. Even the below average looking girls get way too much attention from desperate men and it puts them all on a false pedestal. Only a few years ago I thought that only nerdy losers used online dating, it seemed a weird concept, and still does. What is wrong with meeting girls in real life? The thing is most guys are too afraid to approach them, they are happy in their comfort zone. Most older, wealthy guys these days are using Sugar Dating sites like and connecting with younger, hot women for mutually beneficial relationships.

  31. Instawhore is nothing but illusional pics of peoples everyday lives. Why the fuck am I going to like some ones picture of a sushi roll with fixated lighting and editing options? Let alone these women. Do yourself a favor and leave social media, best decision you’ll ever make.

    1. Social media is mostly beta game. Posting vacation pics. Spam testing jokes. If you don’t have male model quality pics, women have little reason to respond. You will get more better social options approaching IRL. Social media is fall back position if you have job that doesn’t let you circulate in the normal world. Maybe over 10 years ago, PUAs advised spamming anything with tits on social media. I think most of them have said that’s stale game now.

  32. regarding ass model: she’s making bank being a dubai porta potty hottie, its got sweet FA to do with sponsored posts

  33. Technology is against us. Woman have it all. As for the youtube guys that play games as you can see man have to work 1000x time harder to get the same kind of attention woman gets and personnaly I found them to be lame but gayness and betas is the new success in this sick time.

  34. Internet fame will never be for men. Not as easily as you make it sound. Yes, men can get famous online but it will NEVER be anywhere as easy as it is for beautiful, sexy young women. A woman only needs a professional photographer and a nice something (preferably a nice everything) and voila! She got it made.
    Men, on the other hand, actually have to MAKE something that’s worth a damn. Yes, some of them like PewDiePie might get lucky and skate on by through shameless self-promotion if he’s got an interesting gimmick but for the most part, a guy has to be fucking AWESOME at what he does just to begin to break any ground.
    And his good looks aren’t going to make things any easier, either. Women are not men, they’re not visually-oriented like men are. A man can’t use his cute face and studly, muscular body to panty-melt his way to Internet fame and fortune.
    Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves.

  35. Terrible article. It doesn’t get more blue pill than worshipping online dating. Social media is only acceptable for 1) advertising your business 2) keeping in contact with friends and family who live far away. That’s it. Apart from that it is just a massive waste of time, and encourages women to become the vile creatures that everyone on here is complaining about. Dry up their online options and worship, it is the only way we can improve our women.. I hate Facebook and Instagram, spending all day on there posting your ‘selfies’ is about the most un-manly thing imaginable… seriously!

  36. Oh, and in gaming, and the females who can’t game to save their lives but have their chests to monetize.

  37. Awesome article. Natural selection demands inhabitants to either adapt or become extinct. I believe it is a mark of masculinity to not only accept what you cannot change but, use it to your advantage.

  38. This is such a beta article. Technology advancement is inevitable but it is no way going to help men it will hinder them. Women can only take men jobs now because technology made everything easier and safer. Nowadays you have to suck dick to get jobs and promotions. And gays and women do that really well as well as a few manginas

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