Modern Men Are Becoming Lotus Eaters

In The Odyssey, Odysseus comes ashore on the island of the lotus eaters, where the inhabitants eat flowers that make them completely peaceful and content. Some of his men taste the plant and sink into a peaceful apathy, losing all desire to return to their homes and families. This episode in the Odyssey reminds me of the circumstances of modern man.

I travel to America frequently, and occasionally to Canada and through Europe. The men I meet are hollowed out. Mentally, they are wraiths. Anatomically, they remain males, but even that distinction might be receding. Overall, there is an absence of masculinity as an ideal. Men throughout history, and presumably, prehistory, have had a conception of masculinity. No more—masculinity is verboten. It is a punch line, an object of contempt. There is a sense that we’ve all been robbed, but most dare not talk about it, except in hushed tones in the corner of a seedy bar or in a wilderness hunting cabin. Old folks may speak of times when “men were men, and women were women,” but their voices are tolerated as the ramblings of senility.

In this age where identity politics are king (or queen, rather), men are refused the right to an identity.”Fight Club” wasn’t about underground boxing rings or anarchist terrorists. It was about men secretly reclaiming the identities that have been denied to them.

A character in a book I read when I was younger said, “Man does not live by bread alone,”and he certainly doesn’t. His soul, his mind, his spirit, or whatever you prefer must be fed as well. The starvation is palpable, and starving people become angry people. As Colonel Slade says in Scent of a Woman, “There is nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit.” There is nothing but a bloody stump where masculinity once was.

Whenever human civilization colonizes an area, it seeks to tame the nature that surrounds it. Forests are felled, livestock are bred, the soil is plowed for crops, and stones are taken from the furrowed fields to become cottages and towns. The wolves and lions that circled the edges of primeval man’s watch fires are beaten back into the darker parts of the forest. Only the most intrepid hunter still sees them. The wild animals will be the unseen monsters used to frighten wayward children into submission.

The humans move farther into the forest, until one day an axe edge touches the last virgin tree at the heart of the woods. The animals that represent a darker age are extinct, and they pass into legends of times when heroes and gods walked the earth. The humans are content on their farms and in their towns, but there is regret for what they lost. In the TV miniseries of the novel Lonesome Dove, the retired Texas Ranger Gus reminisces with his partner: “Has it ever occurred to you, Woodrow; that all the work we done was for the bankers? Hell, we killed off everybody that made this country interestin’!”

Like the monsters of the deep woods, the beleaguered men of Western civilization retreated to a few enclaves, but even those are falling away. Not a day passes when a feminist doesn’t gloat that men have been brought low. “You are neither wanted, nor needed!” comes the cry.

But a tribe without its men is just as dead as a tribe without its women, and society is becoming uncomfortable as it senses this crisis. We need nothing less than a Renaissance of masculinity. Return of Kings and the larger manosphere are good beginnings.

Every article on this site and its cousin sites is an opportunity to define ourselves. This reconstruction is difficult, because manly ideals were so imprinted on our forefathers that they often didn’t explain completely what those ideals were. How do we have a discussion about things that were so second nature at one time? We’re looking to the recent past, to our fathers and grandfathers for the ideas we need. We’re looking to the distant and ancient past. We’re looking to the present, and most of all the future. Let no one say that our striving for manliness is antiquated, because without better men (and better women), the days ahead will be more dreary and inglorious than they already are.

Feminism is a reactive force. It stands for nothing; it needs a “patriarchy” to rail against. In my last article on ROK I shied away from attempting to strictly define manliness. But there is one masculine trait that seems universal to cultures conceptions of manliness: that trait is the Active, marked by assertiveness and aggression. As men, our instinct is to take action, and we must have a positive masculine ideal in place in the West before we can move forward; otherwise we will only flail helplessly as feminism and her associated cancers drag us farther into the abyss.

In the Iliad, Achilles’ mother tried to convince him he was a woman to prevent his death in the Trojan war. But Achilles remembered who he was when Odysseus showed him a sword, and went on to claim his legend on the fields before Troy. Men who listlessly drift around the land of the lotus eaters must remember who we are if we are to find our way to a true conception of masculinity.

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      1. I thought the answer was obvious. But Capitalization is required on both words isn’t it.

  1. Totally agree but he problem is that all the institutions that were designed to teach boys to become men have been dismantled by modernity.Once a boy needed to slay a beast to become man and hunt to provide for the tribe before he was called a man.There is no defining feature of how boys can become men in society this point was definitely echoed in fight club when Edward called his Dad at every milestone age of his life and asked what to do. Then Brad Pitt responded ” we were boys raised by women”- The Jesuits have a saying “Give me a boy and I’ll give you a man” and there are very few Jesuits priests and even less from the old school of thought, rather the learning facilities are designed around restricting what it is to be a man in favor of what it is to be a female as evidenced in gender studies and schools and universities. Nearly all learning facilities are controlled by females with the central pervasive theme being that manocentric system ruined their lives. We question why society is so stultified when the answer is in front of us.

    1. ” but he problem is that all the institutions that were designed to teach boys to become men have been dismantled by modernity”
      What a load of horse-shit. There were never “institutions” to teach boys to become men. Where the hell did you come up with such crap?
      Do you want to know where I learned to be a man? Let me tell you. The biggest single influence on my life on learning to become a man was a man called Frank Trainor. He was my step grand father…and he was a “digger” who fought in WWII. He took an interest in me as a lad and one day….in about 20 minutes…explained to me what it was to be a MAN.
      He did not need an “institution” or any other of the crap you stupid men go on with….he just old me his story of what happened to him and his mates in the war…..and I got the message.
      Sure…other things influenced me in my life…..but my relationship with my step grand father is one of the defining relationships in my life….and I have written and talked about it a great deal…not that any of you faggots who claim to need “institutions” to show boys how to be men would bother to actually listen, right?

      1. So where did he learn to be a man? Who instilled the essence of what it is to be a man in your stepfather? The article is so poignant :We’re looking to the recent past, to our fathers and grandfathers for the ideas we need. We’re looking to the distant and ancient past.
        These men were taught either formally or informally. Whether from military experience or an institution and it’s quite clear that the tradition of passing on this knowledge is dying or dead.

        1. “So where did he learn to be a man? Who instilled the essence of what it is to be a man in your stepfather?”
          He was my step grand father. Both my grand fathers died when I was little. My mothers mother remarried when I was 12.
          Where did he learn to be a man? In combat in WW II. He repeated to me the stories of what him and his mates went through for the benefits of my parents who were children at the time.
          Try reading this letter that went to all MALE members of both houses of the Australian parliament back in 2011.

          Don’t miss this bit.
          When I was a lad of 12 I gained a new Step-Grandfather. His name was Frank Trainer. He was a digger in WW II. He fought across the pacific for my freedom. He is the greatest man I have had the privilege to meet in my life. As a lad he taught me many things. One of the most enduring lessons he taught me could be paraphrased as this.
          “Peter. I am here. I am one of the lucky ones. I have had a good life. As good as a man can ask for. But many of my mates didn’t. Many of them gave their lives for you, for your dad, for your mum, for your brothers. For your whole family. That you live in freedom and not in Japanese occupation is the result, and only the result, of those brave young lads who never came back. They gave their lives for you and yours. They are the real heros. Not me.
          So long as you live? I want you to remember what I have told you. I want you to remember the debt you owe these men. They did not know your mum or your dad. But they gave their lives fighting valiantly to protect them when your mum and dad were just kids. And Peter. If ever there is a need for you to step up to the crease and take on those who would kill and conquer Australians? You must not let those men die in vain. You must not dis-honour those men. They died so you could have the good life I hope you will have. It is not I who was a hero in that war. The real heros are the men you never met. It is not my message I bring to you. It is their message. You must do your bit with the same courage and conviction those young men did their bit.”
          The digger Frank Trainer died in 1982. The passing of the greatest man I had the opportunity to meet face to face so far in my life. He is not here to speak today so I will speak the words I am sure he would wish said at this point in time. If he were here today he would say: “You MEN in these two parliaments? You are traitors and criminals. You have betrayed the memory of my fallen comrades. You have dis-honoured their sacrifice. Their very lives. You have sought to commit the same crimes they died to stop from happening by keeping the Japanese from our shores. You have committed endless crimes against your own countrymen. No words describe my disgust. You are gutless wonders”
          One of Fank Trainers most potent accusations when he really wanted one of us lads to feel it was “you are a gutless wonder.” Well? I am sure Frank Trainer wants me to label every man in both these houses with “you are a gutless wonder”.

        2. Peter it is clear that there needs to be formal institutions to become a man. “Wars don’t exist anymore” in the psyche of men. America and Australia have been at war for the last 12 years yet on the home front things couldn’t be more dandy.Even Woodrow Wilson commented on how war created social cohesion and bu to quote W.L Shirer Hitler was the” last adventure conqueror” all wars now are proxy wars. After spending 7 hours on a train with one of the top Australian military official who was coming to age of retirement he lamented that if not for the older airforce generals who insist on not adopting more drone technology instead opting for the Old “Top Gun” school of training there would be very few pilots. Which eventually will be the case( the military will have very few pilots). The world is rapidly changing and the military is no longer and institution for instilling the ideals of manhood. And yes before you try and school me in a lesson of history I know the the history of the Sandakan death marches where Aussies would sooner work themselves to death than be seen as weak by the Japanese. I know the Stories of Gallopili where men would charge over barbed wire into machine guns to save a mate. I’m sorry to tell you Peter its 100 years after the campaign at Gallopili and a lot has changed.

        3. Fisherking,
          “Peter it is clear that there needs to be formal institutions to become a man.”
          That is not clear to me at all because it is simply not true. Any group of men could form an association that would teach young men how to be men. Would some formal institutions help? Sure…but “needs to be”? No.
          One of the places I learned how to be a man was on the field of competition such as football and cricket. When I was 13, 14, 15 I played cricket in third grade in our local competition.
          That was the grade where the old guys who still took their cricket seriously played. The average age of my team was 55.
          I would sit and listen to these men talk about their lives endlessly….there is a lot of sitting around in cricket games. They taught me a lot from their stories of their lives.
          Young men today are not willing to do one of the most important things to do to learn to be a man…..”shut up and listen”.
          And if there you are correct? If there “needs to be” formal institutions? Why not create them? Waiting for the guvmint?

        4. The burden is not on me to create one.I only leave open the possibility that a member of the manosphere will create an institution for men.Also you mention cricket clubs etc these clubs are still institutions in the true sense of the word and in many cases survive on local government rates- for field watering and grass cuttings as well sheds and bathrooms . Who needs” guvmint now?” Whether now or in the distant future. While I wouldn’t prefer government to do it at one point in they future they me see no other option when the state has truly adopted idiocracy.

        5. “The burden is not on me to create one.I only leave open the possibility that a member of the manosphere will create an institution for men.”
          So you are happy to talk but not happy to actually do what you talk about. I am sure the other men have noted this.
          I, on the other hand, have created the Mens Business Association which is the infrastructure required for men to create such things and offered Nite-Skool to do exactly what you talked about. And I am sure the other men here have noted that too.
          “Also you mention cricket clubs etc these clubs are still institutions in the true sense of the word and in many cases survive on local government rates- for field watering and grass cuttings as well sheds and bathrooms . ”
          In Australia in those times these things were privately paid for. There were SOME public facilities but all the football clubs and cricket clubs had to pay their own way.
          When I say “no guvmint” I mean no introduction of immoral force based on nothing more than compelling people to obey legislation. That is what “guvmint” is.
          I do not say that people can not voluntarily contribute to shared facility projects for the benefit of using those shared facilities.
          For example? You own a car? You should pay road taxes, preferably linked to the number of miles you drive on the roads. That is not “guvmint”. That is “pay for what you use”.
          I am a BIG advocate of “pay for what you use”. And we have the technology today to easily pay for what we use. There is no reason why we could not have web sites where all the different things that people could pay “taxes” for were listed and you set up direct debit transactions to pay for the things you wanted to pay for. That would be simple to do today.
          And for checking for those who would try to cheat the system? Norway has a great example. They publish the income and taxes people pay in their newspapers. People are policed by their neighbours on paying the right amount of taxes. Tax evasion is quite rare in Norway because you lose face to your neighbours.
          So why not publish the tax payments everyone makes. And so if someone is using a service they are not paying for those who know that person can point it out. But with RFID cards? Taking payment for use of services is very easy today. That will work.
          People with no kids should not pay for schools. People with no car should not pay for roads in direct road taxes. People who do not have relatives in prisons should not pay for prisons….etc, etc, etc.

        6. Peter I’ll offer a pronged response: In short there are physical limitation on my ability to start said institutions e.g my lack of capital, knowledge and just that i have a lot more growing in my life to do.This doesn’t mean that i don’t won’t support it in the future or have a part of in the future but that for now I have got to put food on the table and some big dreams i have got to make a reality.
          No the clubs may have bought their own shed but in large the heavy duty work of water rates and building the park was done by the state or local council.( I assume you have your origin in Aus because you use the term “digger” and mention Aus sports and Oxford Street).Since you know Oxford Street I will use Centennial Park( Aus major park as an example; Who maintains said park? I mean look at MOST sports ground and it will say council does the maintain the facilities and what year it was built in my council from peoples rates. But this is all minor points.
          Now whether people should pay for their own things: Well I’m a firm believer in this and no point have i made is to the contrary. I just pointed out a fallacy in your point that clubs are not a institution and its is quite self evident that they are: They pay for political campaigns, most have gambling facilities( now), most serve alcohol, they have representatives in government and support peoples attempts to get into government. They are in no way an apolitical entity.
          But to conclude: Whether people pay for things that they use and Norway’s position on taxes. Firstly fuel is highly taxed which is in theory paying for roads the more fuel you use the higher your tax. I mean fuel would be 30 cents a L if not for tax. I went to the one of the most elite private schools in the country. While my parents are not all that well off they struggled to pay the electricity bills as well as for paying others to go to government school. So sure ramp up the taxes on those who have more kids and use the public system. jails should be paid by those who do the crimes not eh family. The family did not commit the crime. They should pay through back breaking labour. Finally I don’t care for Norway and its high taxes. I would prefer a system of virtually no taxes bar GST. Which is in the greatest essence pay for what you use and cannot be dodged!

        7. “Since you know Oxford Street I will use Centennial Park( Aus major park as an example; Who maintains said park?”
          Centinnial Park is maintained by the local council. True. But where I grew up, Wagga Wagga, and surrounding areas which is what I specifically referred to in my above posts? Sporting facilities for clubs were paid for by the clubs themselves. They had to pay for water etc just like anyone else. They had to pay for buildings to be put up just like anyone else. Public money was not to be used for the sporting clubs. Period.
          There were SOME public facilities that were ALSO sporting facilities and there were SOME cases of public money being used to create public sporting facilities, but the football and cricket clubs were not given public money from council rates or city taxes. Of this I can be absolutely certain.
          And how would I know any of this? Gee. My father and uncle worked for the local council as did many of the people I knew. And they were also on the board of directors for our football club. My uncle having won the medal for best and fairest in the league three times. I also knew each of the mayors of Wagga as I was growing up. Indeed, one of the mayors of Wagga ran our local general store and played cricket in my cricket team.
          I was, therefore, told much about how the council worked and how the sporting clubs worked.
          Now. Those are the facts. Whether you choose to believe them or not is up to you. But you are looking pretty stupid right about now.
          “I just pointed out a fallacy in your point that clubs are not a institution”
          Funny you claim to have pointed out a fallacy where I never claimed that “clubs are not a institution”. You are free to call sporting clubs an “institution” if you like. They can be called such. I would call them an “association”. I would not call them “institutions”. Why?
          an organization, establishment, foundation, society, or the like, devoted to the promotion of a particular cause or program, especially one of a public, educational, or charitable character: This college is the best institution of its kind.
          Institutions tend to more directed at performing some form of “good work” or providing some form of benefits to people. So we call “marriage” an institution. We call Universities institutions. We call government an institution. But sporting clubs are not really about doing good works or being for the benefit of some people. They are more about entertainment. Sure, there is an element of community and they do also provide a good outlet for men to compete aggressively with each other. Those are all good things.
          But would I call “sport” the same as “religion” or “universities” or “marriage”? I wouldn’t…but you can find a LOT of people around the world who put sport above religion! LOL!! Their opinon would be sport is an institution. Just ask any India how he feels about cricket, right? To them…that would be correct and I certainly would not argue that point.
          What I said was that men do not NEED institutions to learn how to be a man. That is true. Does that mean that if a man participated in SOME institutions he might gain some knowledge or experience about what it is to be a man? Of COURSE that is true.
          A very good example of such an “Institution” was the Police Boys Club in Wagga. The Police Officers ran the club from their own contributions. They took the most troubled boys off the street and taught them marshal arts, boxing, and similar things. Some of the police would even teach them a bit of school type work.
          Many other men would join in and help these lads who were the roughest of the rough. Many other boys would also join in and help these lads. Often they were from broken homes, or their dad was a drunk…that sort of thing. No one denies that some lads have it bad at home and that they can be wild and aggressive a teen boys. So the “institution”
          of the Police Boys Club is a great example of sports being used to the benefit of the lads.
          Of course, there was also a level of self interest and community interest by the Police. These lads, if left to grow wild, would be much more likely to grow into criminal men than kids who were growing up in a good home. This was well known by everyone which is why, whenever people were collecting money for the Police Boys Club or they were running raffles etc everyone knew that the money was being put to a good cause.

        8. Yes, Peter you are totally correct we don’t need institutions we just need young boys to sit and read your blog! That way they can be forever guided by your wisdom. I’m sure the greater majority of society will rejoice in this and be in favor of it! Keep up the good work!
          N.B I would be willing to sit down with you one day and show you that councils use rates to for parks and other public amenities but that is for another day and it’s hard to come off as stupid when I’m clearly stating facts. While you are proving your anecdotal I know someone who i once played cricket with I’m quite familiar with council. state and federal levels of government and how they use funds and I have too have family that has been involved in all tiers of “guvmint”. Until such day arrives I’ll take your word for it that good old wagga wagga a place that is such a hole that it echoes( all jokes aside) never used public funds for its public amenities.

        9. “I would be willing to sit down with you one day and show you that councils use rates to for parks and other public amenities”
          “I’ll take your word for it that good old wagga wagga a place that is such a hole that it echoes( all jokes aside) never used public funds for its public amenities.”
          Well I never said either of those things. I said that public money was not used for the SPORTING CLUBS such as football clubs and cricket clubs.
          No wonder you young men are in such a mess. Your comprehension skills would make a 7 year old embarrassed. You will not listen. There is no way to teach a boy to become a man if he will not listen… institution will help a man who refuses to listen. And most young men do not listen any more…..they have no respect for their elders and their betters.

        10. you’re arguments are in constant contradiction. The police clubs were paid using public funds. Some clubs use public funds some don’t point taken( depends what jurisdiction you live in) That does not make my point void that a more formal institution wouldn’t be a good idea. Even if it only teaches people to listen.

        11. “The police clubs were paid using public funds.”
          No. The Police clubs were paid for by donations by police officers and the public.

      2. quote: “He was my step grand father…and he was a “digger” who fought in WWII. He took an interest in me as a lad and one day….in about 20 minutes…explained to me what it was to be a MAN.”
        I agree Peter that it is not so formal “institution” but the problem men like your step grand father no longer exist to teach lung boys and young men about being a man.

        1. Hi Garth,
          “men like your step grand father no longer exist ”
          Really? We don’t exist? How might that be? I am pretty sure I exist. And I am absolutely sure I am no less a man than Frank Trainor.
          If a lad wants to learn how to be a man I know quite a few men who would be only too pleased to teach him. Me included. That is why I created the MBA Education Channel.
          I would be quite happy to teach young men what they NEED to know. I am not very interested in teaching young men what they WANT to know because most of them want to know quite useless things. They are welcome to get other men to teach them useless things or things of little value. Even for money I would not waste my time on teaching men things of little value.
          So…I created an offering called “Nite-Skool”. All that is needed for young men to get “Nite-Skool” going is to find 15-30 like minded men who NEED some education in some area…club together to pay the lecturer…and ask for someone of suitable skills to come forward.
          If you get 30 young men participating in a Nite-Skool for 20 weeks at 2 hours a week…40 hours total…and you pay the lecturer EUR2000 for his preparation time and time to run the school? The fee per young man is EUR66 which is about EUR1.50 per hour.
          If a young man is not prepared to pay EUR1.50-3.00 per hour to be lectured by someone like me? Then he is welcome to not be lectured by someone like me.
          One of the very first lessons in being a MAN is that you “get what you pay for”. Another one is “don’t expect any free lunches”.
          For example? Roosh could easily teach a “Nite-Skool” on game and women. I can easily give “Nite-Skools” on Law, legislation, Business Intelligence and related areas.
          The issue is that most young men want a free lunch. Someone else pointed out here how the “bit torrent, internet” world has told men that content should be free. Well? It isn’t. Content takes effort to create. And it should not be supported by advertising if you ask me. The people who consume the content should pay for it.
          I personally think the whole “advertising” paradigm is deeply insidious and none of the MBA properties will be Advertising supported in the future…they will be subscriber supported.

        2. Thank you Gath. It is appreciated. Far too few men thank me or commend me for working so hard on behalf of other men. They don’t thank men like my friend Bill Greathouse either.
          If men want to see more men like us? My recommendation is for men to show us the respect we have earned. In another thread a man just called me a liar claiming that what I am saying is not true.
          This is a disgrace. How can it be allowed for snivelling cowards to call men like me a liar? Why is that even allowed by other men? Why do they stay silent when some snivelling coward calls me a liar because he has not got the guts to do what I have done?
          When a man lies like that my recommendation is that he be publicly denounced by the men who hear the lie as the liar that he is. That is how I was brought up. Someone lies? You call them a liar and demand a public retraction in the same place the lie was placed. Nothing less is acceptable to me. But how often have men who have lied about me been taken to task by the other men? Almost never. What cowards.
          Men who want men like me to KEEP working on your behalf? Well? You pay a burger flipper to make you a burger but don’t pay a man to fight your entire guvmint for you….shows you how important fighting a guvmint is, right? Less important than a burger, right?
          Sad. Sad. Sad.

      3. “Fatherhood” could be called an “institution.” With feminism comes divorce and single motherhood, and the loss of father figures in the lives of our boys. Boys nowadays will grow up not knowing any manly grown men.
        I think that is what the writer is getting at, unless he is mourning the demise of religions with traditional values that teach gender roles.

      4. There was an institution that helped him become a man.
        And that institution is known as: Fatherhood a.k.a. patriarchy. Or, if it makes you more comfortable, the ‘traditional family’.

        1. Fatherhood was also once an institution of helping boys become men yet now the state has taken to being de -facto husbands. They now provide food, shelter and education for your children. Fathers are nothing but glorified sperm donars to the socialist state.

        2. To an extent yes…..the family institution is one of the ways in which boys learn to be men. Some boys who are orphans still become men. Some men raised in families become wusses.
          The one thing that is necessary for boys to become men is that they have strong male role models around them….and father guardianship should be mandatory. Only when the father is dead should a boy not have his father around…and that happens often enough.

      5. Behold, PeterAndrewNolan, a man of such genius it took him only 20 minutes to learn what it is to be a man. But oh, how the mighty have fallen. Let it be a lesson to us all, how a virile and once-powerful man was reduced to writing condescending comments on the internet, wallowing amongst “faggots” and “stupid men.”

        1. @ALL,
          Let me show you what terrible comprehensions skills some men have today.
          I said:
          “He took an interest in me as a lad and one day….in about 20 minutes…explained to me what it was to be a MAN.”
          Tu Said:
          ” a man of such genius it took him only 20 minutes to learn what it is to be a man.”
          I said Frank Trainor took 20 minutes to EXPLAIN what is was to be a man. Tu miraculously transforms that into “to learn what it is to be a man”.
          Two VERY different concepts.
          And then…based on his comprehension skills that would make a 7 year old embarrassed? He tries to mock me. This is what many young men are like today.
          I say many men are stupid and ignorant and are arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance….I present you Tu as a perfect example.
          As my grandmothers used to say “if you had kept your mouth shut you might have been thought wise.”

        2. Peter, I think based on your stories you probably have some interesting things to say. I just think that you bury whatever nugget of value you have to provide in a large turd of ranting, raving, condescension and bluster.

        3. The little boy does not like his appalling comprehension skills pointed out in public.
          “If you had kept your mouth shut you might have been thought wise”

        4. Peter, you missed the point. I am not saying it literally took you 20 minutes to learn to be a man. I am mocking your bombastic claims that are strewn in amongst a general rant about pussies, faggots, betas, etc. For example, some of the claims you make below:
          -“When I was threatened with being jailed for not paying alimony and child support? I simply had my lawyer explain to the judge that if he unlawfully incarcerated me I would kill him. Period..end of story.”
          -“I video recorded a family court matter and posted it to you tube. The only man in the world to do so and a record that has lasted 4 years. Hell, I did it in front of two feds. I published all my family court documents. Again the only man to do so.”
          -“I have written to Angela Merkel that should any agent of the federal republic of germany attempt to violate my right to liberty I will consider that an act of war for which she will be held personally responsible. No one bothers me in Germany. They know a little about the idea of warfare and are not keen to start more of it.”
          -“I told a german judge that the reason I explained to him that I reserve the right to carry any weapon I like and use it as I see fit is because I know how to defend myself when my adversary is criminals in guvmint. Point taken.”
          -“Given the facts of the matter…how many things I have done that no other man in the world has done? You would think these beta manginas would show me a little respect.”
          The reason you are getting no respect is because of your grandiose claims tossed about in a haphazard matter. Nobody can be expected to believe this shit. Why are you bragging about this on a comment forum and then claiming, Rodney Dangerfield style, “I don’t get no respect.”
          Do you have a blog or book that links to these stories, because, if they are true, it would be wildly entertaining?
          Do you have a how-to guide about how to beat the courts as you claim to do repeatedly? Or a memoir? Or are you just going to make grandiose claims and say, “I don’t get no respect”?
          Danger and Play had a good excerpt about the great man from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics today. I will leave you with a choice quote:
          -[about the great man] – “He is no gossip, for he will not talk either about himself or about another, as he neither wants to receive compliments nor to hear other people run down (nor is he lavish of praise either); and so he is not given to speaking evil himself, even of his enemies, except when he deliberately intends to give offence.”
          -“to speak in shrill tones and walk fast denotes an excitable and nervous temperament, which does not belong to one who cares for few things and thinks nothing great”

        5. “The reason you are getting no respect is because of your grandiose claims ”
          Explain how claims that are true can be sensibly described as “grandiose” for all the other men here.
          A claim is either true or it is not. It can only be described as “grandiose” if it is not true. A true claim is simply a claim. Nothing grandiose about it.
          Go ahead…explain what is “grandiose” about anything I have said.
          And by the way? “I am not saying it literally ” if you are not saying it literally? My advice would be to not say it.
          “Nobody can be expected to believe this shit. ”
          You may believe it or not. It is all true. If you choose not to believe the truth? That is YOUR problem.

      1. Join an MMA gym. Learn the 4 pillars of unarmed combat. Brazillian Jiu jitsu, Wrestling(Greco-Roman, Freestyle), Boxing and Muay Thai. There are other beneficial ones like Judo but a basic training at a legit mma gym in the first four will give you loads of confidence and teach you all you need to be a fucking bad ass man.
        And dont just train, have some amateur fights in mma or kickboxing, boxing or all of them. I went from shy introvert to aggressive and bold in a few years all because of learning to fight. Just like it has been said in Fight Club
        “Getn punched in this face all the time kinda turns the volume down on everything else in life.”
        Cannot state enough how much mma training and my very first mma fight changed me as a man.

        1. This is a good suggestion I suppose. I was more attracted to the spontaneity of a fight club-style organization. But I guess MMA would be a suitable substitute.

        2. That’s a great idea. I’ve gotten into a habit lately of getting into drunken scuffles; some where I’ve gotten stitches and some where the other guy’s gotten stitches. It feels great to bleed and make bleed! But my last scrap scared me as he could have easily fell, hit his head on the concrete, and died; I have many stressors in my life at the moment and all my anger came out that night. Damn that DJ for playing Rebel Yell and getting me into slamdance mode! 😀
          So yeah, it’s better to train and fight in a controlled setting.

        3. Fighting does not make you a man. Going out and looking for trouble at bars etc does not make you manly, rather it makes you look a fool. True manliness with regards to fighting does not depend on if a man fights or not but rather if he has the constitution to fight if there is no other option (to protect himself or loved ones). A true man does not go looking for a fight but is prepared to finish one if it finds him.

        4. Even that can lead to legal problems, jail time, lost wages, lost job etc. Be smart. Avoid those situations. Life is too short to spend it behind bars.

        5. Well no shit Sherlock, didn’t I just say that? Add to that that if you both bleed you have to get Hep C and HIV tests done, as I will have to do in a couple of months’ time. Yeah, fighting is stupid and that’s why I quit drinking.

        6. That is why self-defence laws exist. When I say “no other option” I mean that- as in if you do not protect yourself you could be killed or injured. That is the time for fighting, but otherwise there is no sense in it.

      2. I don’t think you specifically need fighting per se but you men the specific discipline and goal structure that comes from it! For example you could do surfing or kayaking or mountain climbing. It’s all about becoming master of ones domain. You will notice improvement that comes with dedication and failure that comes with loss of structure and focus. if you’re with other people who have a similiar focus you will be rewarded when you put in 100% and told you are letting yourself down when you bullshit around. Team sports post school or in an unprofessional setting are based around having fun and drinking whereas individual sports post school teach you a greater deal of discipline and people look favorably at your focus. You don’t need to fight ( literally) but fight metaphorically. So yes go out for a run or swim or kayak but just remember you are not going to improve unless you punish yourself.

        1. > I don’t think you specifically need fighting per se but you men the specific discipline and goal structure that comes from it!
          Actually I do. I’m already master of my own domain. Alongside that, I want to fight.
          > For example you could do surfing or kayaking or mountain climbing.
          It’s not the same. Pure raw physical violence isn’t like learning to be a good surfer. It’s spontaneous and it releases tension. It’s actually a lot like sex in that regard.

        2. You are absolutely right. Men need to harness their capacity for violence and hone it. Then you need to exercise it on a regular basis.
          Also being able to punch,kick, knee, slam someone on the ground and have the same done to me all the time is a must when I am stressed or pissed off about whatever. Because I have this outlet I am able to keep my cool and be completely laid back in every other area in my life.
          I don’t have the urge to “prove” anything to anyone when I am out in public because I have proved it all to myself. Fighting in front of thousands of people and knocking out hometown heroes in their own city in front of all their friends, students, families etc is a fucking rush like nothing else in life.
          Even losing a fight makes you a better man. You figure out where you are weak and need to fill up gaps in your skill set. A loss will make you 10x the fighter any win can give you.
          This is basic primal shit that men of bygone eras knew for themselves out of necessity. I think every man should acquaint themselves with the violence that they can produce with their own hands and body and the limits therein.

      3. There was one in Australia after the movie came out but the cops closed it down very fast! I heard other countries open up some clubs too!

    2. They control the media and TV shows where I can’t watch TV anymore unless it’s pre-80s. Us males have to put up with it for another 50-100 years. We haven’t had enough time to see the damage it’s doing but males are starting to wake up but it’s a fucking slow process! I’m serious thinking about moving out of Western society to a country without feminist corruption!

      1. I blasted the hell out of the online media about a couple weeks ago due to every couple days they put rape CRAP on! I inform them that’s it’s the feminist biggest weapon where your promoting hate to men! How does a women feel towards men if they hear this nearly every day??? Put some real news on for men! I notice they put some news on lately about women abusing men and some women committing crimes which u lucky to hear about every month or 2. I’ve been watching some feminists CRAP on YouTube too! What they do is bitch all the time “we have a voice, make sure it’s heard” mentally. Thats how they get what they want where I encourage men to start exposing feminists for fucking up our society with valued points!

  2. Mjolnir
    “Not a day passes when a feminist doesn’t gloat that men have been brought low. “You are neither wanted, nor needed!” comes the cry.”
    Men in the west want to be pussies….they want to be betas..they want to be down trodden…..barely 1 in 10,000 have got the balls I have. I have talked to more than 100,000 men in the last 6 years….and the VAST majority are beta, mangina, losers…just like I used to be before I strapped on a pair and said “hell no I will not put up with this crap any more.”
    When I was threatened with being jailed for not paying alimony and child support? I simply had my lawyer explain to the judge that if he unlawfully incarcerated me I would kill him. Period..end of story. So no arrest warrant was issued…that was 2007….and no demand was ever made again for alimony and child support. Smart judge. I refused to pay alimony and child support because they are the crime of extortion. Any man paying alimony or child support today is a beta, mangina loser. I proved in 2007 that that was total crap and you did not need to pay it.
    I video recorded a family court matter and posted it to you tube. The only man in the world to do so and a record that has lasted 4 years. Hell, I did it in front of two feds. I published all my family court documents. Again the only man to do so.
    I have written to Angela Merkel that should any agent of the federal republic of germany attempt to violate my right to liberty I will consider that an act of war for which she will be held personally responsible. No one bothers me in Germany. They know a little about the idea of warfare and are not keen to start more of it.
    I told a german judge that the reason I explained to him that I reserve the right to carry any weapon I like and use it as I see fit is because I know how to defend myself when my adversary is criminals in guvmint. Point taken.
    Given the facts of the matter…how many things I have done that no other man in the world has done? You would think these beta manginas would show me a little respect. But no…these beta manginas want other men to be like them. Beta, mangina, losers. I find these men just as repulsive as I find my own behaviour prior to divorce. I will die before I will be a beta, loser like I used to be….and I will take plenty of others with me.
    These beta losers of the west are beneath contempt…they tolerate all the crimes they are subjected to….the losers deserve what they get.
    Any man paying alimony or child support in the west now? Beta, mangina, loser.
    Any man not willing to reclaim his sovereignty? Beta, mangina loser.
    And they are welcome to be so….these beta, mangina losers talk about the 1% and the 99%? What they forget is that 99% of western men are beta, mangina, losers…..and 1% or even 0.1% are like me. Men who will not tolerate criminal victimisation no matter how many other people think it is ok.
    It is about time men in the man-o-sphere had a serious discussion as to whether they are willing to no longer tolerate being criminally victimised. I, for one, said no in 2007…but I can assure men reading this? I am in the 0.1%….the rest of the beta, mangina, loser lotus eating faggots said “I protest at you criminally victmising me but I will never use violence to defend my children…here is a petition I wrote earlier….I am really angry”….

      1. Thank you.
        How sad that no other man has been willing to do the same in more than 4 years, eh?

        1. Not really. I would expect that more men are not willing to go that far.
          What’s sad…. is that it’s even necessary.

        2. Correct. Many men are just unwilling to defend their life, liberty and property. A lot of men claim I didn’t get my lawyer to tell the judge that….but when I give them the contact details of the lawyer they never check with him.
          It is sad that I had to tell the judge I would kill him if he unlawfully incarcerated me. But think about this. What happens if you tread on a rattlesnake? What happens if you get too close to a red-back spider? What happens if you get into a creek with an alligator?
          You put yourself too close to some animals? You threaten the young of some animals? You are likely to be killed by that animal, right?
          If someone stepped on a rattlesnake or was trying to injure a rattlesnake and it bit him and he died? No one would say “bad rattlesnake, you need to be put in jail”. Everyone would say “if you mess with a rattlesnake you might wind up dead”.
          But not with men. Men are supposed to put up with any length of criminal victimisation, even the theft of their children, and do nothing about it. What is worse? 99.9% do nothing about it. How pathetic.
          Indeed? There was never any question in my mind I would pay alimony of child support while my rights were being violated let alone being threatened with jail. My lawyer argued that we needed to go in to court and negotiate the amount down.
          I said to him “What sort of idiot are you, the man is a criminal, I do not trade with criminals. Until the perjury Jennifer has submitted is withdrawn and she is prosecuted for stealing the EUR18,000 (from our company account) and prosecuted for her perjury I will not pay one cent. I will not negotiate. I will not even discuss this issue with the judge and neither will you. You will go and tell him that if he issues the arrest warrant and I am arrested he is a dead man. And you make him believe it because I WILL kill him.
          When my rights are no longer being violated and remedy has been made for the violations to date? Then we can talk. And not one minute before.”
          And that is exactly what happened. The divorce came through in Australia before it even came to hearing in Ireland and all the money my ex used in Ireland was wasted.
          And you have seen the video from the Australian family court matter. I did that in front of two feds.
          What a shame so few men have got the guts I have today. Yet, men like that were common when I was young. They had a name “Returned Servicemen”. The idea any of those diggers I grew up around would let and shit like this happen is laughable. When I die and I see Frank Trainor again? I will stand among him and his mates as a peer. All those men too cowardly to do what I did? What he did? What his mates did? They will not be welcome among us for good reason.

        3. By the way? When I did my court meeting in Germany I sent the judge a letter before the meeting explaining my approach. I told him in the letter that I reserve the right to carry any weapon I choose and to use it how I see fit.
          In the court meeting he invited FOUR armed police officers. He asked me why I had written that in the letter. I said “I know how to defend my life, liberty and property when my adversary is criminals in government. The very fact the Australian and Irish governments are not willing to arrest me and the very fact I am here today should tell you I know how to take care of myself.”
          He was very impressed…he tried not to look it but it is very hard not to be impressed at that. And he was only a young man, likely not even 30. After all? This was a matter of overstaying a visa for 10 days. Not the sort of thing an experienced judge looks after. The case before me was just a DV case where the man was suitably contrite because he had been beating the women according to him. A very minor court. So for me to show up must have really been something of a change for him! LOL!!

    1. > I simply had my lawyer explain to the judge that if he unlawfully incarcerated me I would kill him.
      Incarcerating you for not paying child support is LAWFUL incarceration, you jackoff. It may not be moral, it may not be right, it may not be ethical, but it’s not unlawful. And that’s kind of the point here: the law is fucked up.
      Now that judge must have been some real pussy judge because if I was a judge and someone threatened to kill me… I would slap contempt on to their list of charges and then doubly send them to jail. Unless you have mob connections, that kind of threat means nothing. Zilch. It’s just an empty threat, that’s all. Judges get people threatening to kill them all the time. It’s almost par for the course for the profession.

      1. “Incarcerating you for not paying child support is LAWFUL incarceration, you jackoff.”
        Only if you agree to it. If you do not agree to be jailed for unpaid alimony or child support it is a crime. A very serious one. For which I made it very clear I would kill the judge.
        I have proven that alimony and child support are voluntary payments in 2007. I recommend to all men they do what I did. Refuse to pay alimony and child support while being subjected to any level of coercion.
        “Now that judge must have been some real pussy judge because if I was a judge and someone threatened to kill me… I would slap contempt on to their list of charges and then doubly send them to jail.”
        Nope…the judge was a smart man. For a start he knew I was in the right and so he knew that if I killed him I would face no punishment for doing so. Here. Try reading my books. You do not even know the difference between law and legislation.

        1. No.
          The thing about child support payments is that judges know that as long as you are outside, it is easier to make you pay than if you’re in the slammer. In fact, in many places you may even be absolved for paying child support if you’re in jail. So the result is that, quote, “Failure to pay child support may result in a prison sentence, although this law is rarely enforced.”
          It has absolutely nothing to do with death threats. If the judge decides to send you to jail, they can do so, and it’s entirely lawful. Since when did the law require your cooperation?
          And the only difference between law and legislation is that legislation is a subset of law, but law can include things other than legislation (for instance, court precedents). I’m not sure why you’re bringing this up. Maybe you think that you have set a ‘precedent’ or something? Sorry to break this to you, but your case is no precedent to anything. I have no idea where you’re from (I’m guessing a non-english-speaking country) and what the laws are, but pulling something like that in the USA would result in, at best, a huge racking-up of child support payments that you’d have to eventually pay, or at worst a huge prison sentence for multiple charges of contempt.

        2. One of the reasons I call the majority of men stupid, ignorant, and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance is because of exactly statements like these.
          I have PROVEN that child support and alimony are voluntary payments.
          It is not an opinion. It is a F-A-C-T.
          And yet men like you keep spouting off about how they are mandatory. There is no getting through to men like you. Therefore you should be ignored. You are too stupid and too arrogant to listen to FACTS.

        3. You must be a woman….when faced with FACTS just “name call” the other person like a 5 year old. Thanks for demonstrating your childishness to the men who read these comments.

    2. Just out of curiosity. Your ex-wife does not happen to live in Germany or any other state of the European Union, because that would explain a lot…

  3. I think today’s lotus is the videogame. Instead of going out and actually being men, they get lost pretending to be men in some fantasy land. Any man over 16 who spends hours a day videogaming is an idiot.

      1. Yes, all this shit is STUPID, but VIDEOGAMES especially! Becoming obsessed by stupid fantasy worlds, when there’s a real world all around you?! IDIOTS! (fyi, I post here only when I’m stuck in my front office waiting for customers)
        I do play Tetris on the toilet sometimes though, when the logs are jammed.

        1. I have to agree, at least when today’s games are concerned. It’s the same recycled stuff, just reskinned or advertised with ONE new weapon or feature that makes gamer nerds bust nuts all over themselves and dish out $60 – $100.
          Not bad when you’re the one making the money though.

  4. You’re WRONG brah ! Although the amount of PC Liberal phaggotry is rapidly on the rise amongst men in this country, you can’t just lump in America with the rest of the beta western lot.
    America still has the most Alpha men in the developed world … PERIOD !
    You’ll find perfect specimens of hollow, masculinity starved , spiritually amputated, liberal robots in Scandinavia & East Asia. In Scandinavia, a man can not aspire and accomplish jack without government intervention and getting taxed to oblivion. He’s not allowed to speak his mind and engage in healthy competition with other men due to the unwritten Dante Law.
    A man who is not allowed to speak his mind or exercise his will ( within the law) is an eunuch.He’ll live his life as a quite subservient to the government or in the case of Japan/Korea …his company.
    America is headed in that direction if this shit is allowed to continue but the average American male is still a red blooded ,free spirited , mustang … at least at heart !

      1. I said America is the most Alpha country in the “developed” world !
        Social rejects and dejenerates exist in every country and always have. It’s just that they are gaining more exposure via. the Internet.
        I agree that Russian men are Alpha (along with their red pill government) although they lack sophistication and well roundendess.

        1. I can argue that Russia is part of G8, but I’d be going off topic.
          I’m still not convinced how US is alpha. You have an incompetent president with a sinking economy, you are ruled by corporations and bankers who see you as pawns and cattle, your mass media promotes female dominance and homosexuality under the guise of tolerance, obesity and diabetes are plaguing the country with a population that is lazy and sedentary, your country is the hotbed of feminism, boys are failing school because they’re too busy playing with XBox… I can go on and on. So just how is the US alpha?

          Of course there are quite a few men who are exceptions, but if you’re going to make exceptions out of the bronies, why shouldn’t the exception rule apply here as well?

        2. I don’t understand the obsession with being Alpha. I have no desire to lead other men; I have no desire to play hierarchy games. I enjoy solo sports but hate team sports; I have a real problem with authority; I’d rather hit a captain than follow him.
          I live outside of society’s rules as much as possible. I will never be anybody’s employee; I will always work for myself even if that means begging for change at the local liquor store. During the few jobs I had when I was young, sooner or later I’d tell the boss to go fuck himself.
          I was lucky in that I was hot enough so that women came to me. I suppose it helps to learn Alpha traits when hunting women, but I’m still good looking enough to have women come to me (in the right locales). Besides, the only bitch I want right now is a female German Shepherd.
          If I were an average or ugly male, I’d hire some experience with 9s and 10s. By hook or by crook, you deserve a stunner at least a few times in your life. Then you can go out gaming 5s and 6s with your newfound Alphaness.

        3. Journalistic sensationalism/incompetence. Mistaking wealth and earnings. This is particularly true when you look at consumption differences between the sexes and realize that a man gets by on less, and therefore is more capable of generating wealth even while earning less money.
          I won’t dispute that the US bankers are destroying the country for profit, but it isn’t like there are any countries out there standing tall.

      2. Even Weaboos laugh at Bronies. That should tell you how lowly regarded Bronies are!

    1. As a Dane, I must say what you say is partially true, but a lot of men here in Denmark are somewhat red pill, but lack a conceptual understanding of what it means to be red pill.

  5. Masculinity is independence; femininity is dependency. Rights and priviliges are attributes of independence. Done.

  6. Indeed, this is the truth. The sustained and nearly methodical assault against Western Patriarchy (which is now non-existent), was carried out on a level of unprecedented scope in world history. The Frankfurt School of Philosophy with a bunch of ex-German Jewish radicals spearheaded the assault on traditional western masculinity. Certain corrosive groups planned this a long time ago, as neither feminism nor the homosexual rights movements were organic movements sparked by serious injustices. I’m afraid to say that the West will stay lost unless there is a serious, methodical and organized attempt to retake it. It will not be reclaimed by men venting through the manosphere alone. There must be havens around the world for counterrevolutionary movements against the current wave of degenerate filth that is now occupying the West. If none of you plan on doing this, then you should all should just plan on relocating to a decent patriarchal country in South America. Go there and reminiscence about the lost West, and start families. Other than that, we all know America and Europe have both been corrupted and are rotting cesspools; but the real question is, what will you do about it? What will your response be? Either fight or flight.

      1. I hope she’s lesbian because I can’t see a woman like that getting fucked by any self-respecting man. Actually, if she slimmed down and toned up she might be fairly hot. Carbs are killing her.

    1. False choice. To fight now is to fight for everyone in the system, for they are the system, as voting units and labor units, and they would as soon eat their rescuer than be rescued. The system can only be defeated by its own total victory to the point of cannibalistic collapse, at which point the political void will be an abhorrence of nature that red-pill men ought to aspire to fill with the next greatest civilization ever, AND UNASHAMEDLY FOR OURSELVES. For now, we need to refine and spread our cultural values and seize the day at in the latitude at the small granularities under the radar where we have the freedom to work for our private interests. It starts with pussy, but the end of the journey is civilized husbandry and popular soveriegnty for the red-pill men of the future.

      1. Unfortunately you are right, there is pretty much nothing that can be done to save America at this point, people are so fucking brainwashed and ignorant. And they will crucify any prophet who tries to awaken them. So all we can do is sit back and let it collapse, and let this satanic modern society burn.
        The Juden parasites have once again destroyed a formerly strong Aryan civilization.
        I wonder when men will finally grow a pair of balls and be willing to address the root cause of the problems of America which is the overwhelmingly jewish influence on the culture and government and society? Or fine, just ignore it. But don’t come whining to me when the Luciferian Zionist elite engineers another satanic ideology like communism which murders another 100 million people or more.
        At this point, I think the Illuminati is correct to want to kill off 90 percent of the human race. Most people are simply too stupid to deserve to even live.

        1. I totally agree with what you said, especially the last part. I’m not a religious person, so I don’t frame it in Abrahamic morality of any sort. I see it as an amoral struggle. The ‘promotion’ of satanism in rock music I think is not actually from the devil but just a way to destroy a rival culture and move Christianity’s useful idiots into the NWO fold. Ask any old person how chaste and suitable for marriage young redneck women and young white trash used to be compared to the spawning garbage they are now, and the success of liberated hedonism is clear. Dumb masses can’t really have civilized virtue. You can use dogma on them, just like you can have slaves, but nothing beats the productivity and brotherhood of free men who can think rationally and philosophically, IMO. I think that is why slavery died in the US from north to south. More self-reliant men make stronger society than less self-reliant men. I can’t hate the ‘Illuminati’ for their contempt for people at large, but I can take exception to being lumped in with them. I see the knotted thread in history, and my interests lie in terminating that thread for my thread, with MY THREAD being the qualifier. I let them give the sheeple the government they deserve because that is the best strategy. Getting rid of the innumerable sheeple is the more logistically difficult challenge anyway. lol I say sponge from the current system unless and until one can systemize from the ground up. There is no moral conflict.

  7. I think the whole over-masculanization being promoted here is a bit over the top.
    As you said, in a world where everything is civilized, the only frontier left to conquer is WITHIN. By focusing on spiritual life, we are able to transcend the petty NEED for a woman (I am not saying we should renounce women, I am just saying that the beta “need” to have a woman is easily transcended). And more importantly, we begin to get in touch with the true self, the soul, and begin on the path of self and god realization.
    I think that it is a much better solution for men to start focusing on the spiritual reality and trying to become highly advanced spiritual beings, rather than to go back to the barbaric old fashioned society where men were simply considered as cannon fodder.
    You can call this “omega” or whatever you want, such labels are pointless anyway. And women can sense it when a man is completely detached, and they are very attracted to such a renounced man. But like I said, spiritual life is not about attracting women, it is about attaining enlightenment of the soul.

    1. Who the fuck cares what a woman wants? Women are attracted to men period in the old sense of the word. The moment you stop living for what women what is when you actually become what women want! Focusing on military affairs, business etc, first and foremost before women is what attracts women. I could care less about focusing on my internal whatever, I know God exists and I pray. Other than that, stop with this surreptitious means of pedestalizing women. Being a man is a supreme gift from the gods. Our existence may shorter, and sometimes nastier but it is a divine inspiration upon this planet. Living for for our lesser halves (women) is a petty existence, instead when we should be raising them up out of their baser instincts. We are the innovators, the inventors, the scientists, and the game changers. This is not contingent upon a woman’s want.

      1. “Other than that, stop with this surreptitious means of pedestalizing women.”
        I’m not pedestalizing women. I am saying that we should stop giving a shit what other people think, or what women think, and focus on our own life. That is where I disagree with the people promoting game, it’s like, do they never get tired of chasing pussy? Isn’t there better ways to spend your life than by chasing some woman’s vagina?
        And yes, this male body is a gift from the gods, if we use it to act like an animal, we will probably not get another human body for a long time. The human body is meant for self realization and enlightenment. Not for chasing vaginas like a fucking dog or a hog.

        1. There I agree with you. I am not into chasing pussy as a way of living. Men such as these are true losers. Pussy tends to flock to the aloof men, the men who have better things to think about than impressing some woman. Men especially on this site, sadly focus more on chasing tail than they do on correcting the anti-civilizational plague of institutionalized militant feminism. There are an inordinate amount of articles dedicated to PUA which still caters to the Western feminist whore’s needs, wants and demands. It still involves a very defeated Western male in the aftermath of a lost war to shell out money and impress the corrupted Western woman. In other words convorting with the enemy. Instead, we should have articles telling men how to go abroad to finding true love, get girls while they’re young and train them to be proper women, helpmates and mothers. We should be telling men how to find the cheapest flights to Russia, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. Instead we encourage these poor saps to continue the soulless existence of PUAs.

        2. Self realization should be pursued by both men and women. Yet sadly, most women I come across are fickle minded and couldn’t care less. I do come across many spiritually inclined men though. And I always feel respect and admiration for them. By spiritually inclined I do not mean religious people. I just mean people who have an innate curiosity for things beyond our material experiences… “Seekers”.
          What you said is quite similar to my concept of the Golden Pill. It can be for men and women both. Once you’ve taken the Golden Pill, instead of the blue or red ones, you become detached from the exterior world and find a place of endless bliss within your own self. You still enjoy the company of people, but no experience with an “other” is as enriching as the ones you have with your own self. You may enjoy the material world and all the pleasures it has to offer, but you’re not dependant on them, and somewhere your soul realizes that there is more to life than what the material world encompasses. You stop caring about how other people view you, especially negative people. You develop a natural affinity for people with whom you share enriching experiences. Self improvement becomes of prime importance to you, nothing else can take its place, not even the inherent human need for a “partner”, either in sex or love.
          What people lack today is introspection, and hence they never experience this reality.

        3. Regardless of whether or not what you say is true, or whether or not I agree with it, one of the things I appreciate about ROK is the variety of views and opinions. No one has a monopoly on truth, nor should anyone. I try to see the value in everything (except feminism lol), and even if I don’t see value, it’s still nice to have an idea around that’s so foreign to my own.
          Take fat shaming, I personally wouldn’t go around screaming “thar she blows” at every fat girl I saw, and still won’t after 8mnths of reading this site. Even so, reading other peoples views has reminded me of something about fat people I forgot long ago. Not to mention all the good laughs during fat shaming week.

        4. Yes, the spiritual platform is the level where men and women actually can become equal, as the soul is neither masculine or feminine.
          While I understand the destructive effects of feminism on a society, I do not think the solution is by promoting this hyper-masculine cartoon caricature of a man like many of these articles do. According to them, I am not a “real man” if I am not living in the middle of the forest, chopping wood, and hunting animals with my bare hands, LOL. The whole “alpha and beta” paradigm being promoted is simply another artificial paradigm.
          The feminine qualities of humility and submissiveness are actually very favorable towards spiritual life.
          Then again, I can see why many of these guys might see spirituality as “feminine” when if you look at these new age people or eastern spiritual groups, they are mostly a bunch of feminized manginas who try to project their own mangina bullshit onto the spiritual platform. Which is just another reason to avoid organized religions and to read the different spiritual writings and scriptures and books and develop your own spirituality yourself. Organized religion is evil because it takes the inherent spiritual teachings of a religion and tries to institutionalize it and make it out to be a generic experience for all. Organized religion is the natural enemy of true spirituality.

        5. The root cause of why American society is so fucked up is because of a lack of spiritual knowledge. Because people lack spiritual knowledge, they are behaving in such a materialistic way.
          The only way to change society on any meaningful kind of level is by promoting spiritual knowledge. There are many paths that all lead to the same goal- the Vedic scriptures of India, the Buddhist scriptures of Asia, the spiritual writings of Sufi mystics, the writings and practices of Shamanism, etc.
          Simply try to spread spiritual knowledge to as many people as possible. And now in the age of the internet, this is easier than ever. You can easily take the spiritual knowledge from different paths and then repackage it into a way that the modern person can understand. By doing this, you will be helping people to re-awaken their spiritual consciousness and this is the only thing that can truly satisfy a person. As we are the soul, not the body, no amount of material shit can fulfill a person, only “food for the soul” can do that.

        6. Well if we are spinning on the wheel of samsara, what practical steps are you taking to get off of that cycle of birth and death?

        7. I’m not familiar with the wheel of Sasmsara, so I’ll reply as though you’re talking about eternal recurrence.
          It’s hard to tell whether one has escaped the eternal return, I treat it as an on going process, one that requires ongoing (honest) reflection (and avowal) of our on going reflexive activity. Activity (even reflection) being reflexive because in the end, all comes from God, beyond the reach of our consciousness. But reflection because it is through reflection that we become fully conscious and can avow our entire being, thus ending the cycle of death and rebirth.
          To me, a profound acceptance of the cycle, even as we never truly accept it. We accept it in so far as we realize that while living, we are destined to repeat – nothing that can be seen can be seen only once. We do not accept as we never “identify” or become “stuck” at a particular place in the cycle – thus ensuring are death and subsequent rebirth.

        8. You are not familiar with the cycle of birth and death even though you have had millions if not billions of previous births in all different species of life? This is exactly the kind of spiritual ignorance I am talking about. And the only cure is to take the spiritual knowledge which has been so mercifully given to us by so many previous sages, saints, philosophers, prophets, and so on.
          A human who is not pursuing spiritual life is no better than an animal.

        9. You get off the wheel by stopping, or rather noticing and harmonizing with that essential aspect of you that is unchanging – the center of everything, the hub of the wheel. Being *in* the world but not *of* the world.
          It is a delicate balance between informing and shaming, being guilty of behavior we would condemn in others. Sometimes the truth of our experience needs to be spoken firmly to serve all. Yet love is not divorced from spoken truth, nor is truth separate from love. How this appears in actualization is infinitely varied.
          I perceive a kind of EM-like wave, with Truth as a arrow or vector (directed, focused) and Love as vibrating point source (undirected, unfocused). Our thoughts, feelings and actions can be colored or imprinted with a coupling of these two aspects. When directing Truth toward another, if we do not tune in to some degree to their instrinsic vibration, the impact can be overwhelming and potentially destructive.
          I believe this is a symbolic way to describe ‘right action’, where the impact of speech or movement is intuited before it occurs. When we see people who have changed the world (which can be judged as good or bad), it can be either through extreme force of their direction/vision of truth, an intense vibration of love/acceptance, or a convolution of both. It seems likely that the most wide-spread and universally applicable results come from a union of each aspect. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Amma (The Hugging Saint), John F. Kennedy. It takes wisdom to know the difference and our journey through life is acquiring that wisdom. Every soul is unique in how that shows up. Knowing and embracing your own path while remaining curious about the mystery at the center of your being creates authenticity of expression.
          A free being is not harmed by anything while being open to everything. This does not mean being indiscriminate – quite the opposite – but alert and discerning.
          “An awakened being is a doormat for no one.” ~Adyashanti

        10. I saw all that stuff about people for what they are a long time ago when I was in high school and did a hit of 4-way blotter acid.

        11. ” betroth one under the sacred vows of God’s law.”
          Holy fuck dude, what planet are you from? I highly doubt any off us here at Rok are dumbfuck enough to “betroth” anyone, much less to some fairy tale “gods law” from some third world shithole.

        12. Is that what you are doing? ” pursuing spiritual life”?Or just posting endless post after post on a lame obscure internet blog where all we do is bitch about women all day?
          Why are you not practicing yoga and meditation?
          And Im not talking the kind you wear yoga pants and use a yoga mat for.
          …About 15 levels of yoga higher than that.
          If you plan to get off the wheel you better get crackin’ amigo.

        13. Pfft. Acid is for wild party kids. If you want to understand the universe, try Ayahuasca. Nothing like a good dose of DMT to see the Absolute Truth. ; )

        14. Ah! I’m so glad to see SOMEone here knows their shit. I agree with you completely. Organized religion, especially the Abrahamic ones, had only one purpose when they were created – to manipulate and control the masses like a flock of sheep. And they are doing that so well even in this day and age. What religion teaches you is to fear God. Spirituality teaches you to have no fear.
          I have no words to describe how ignorant the “new age” spiritualists are. For example, It makes me laugh to find American women who have found “enlightenment” indulging in promiscuity in the name of “Tantra”. They have no idea what Tantra even is. Sadly, it is being marketed in the west as a sexual tool to have better orgasms. Trust the west to make every single thing in the world about hedonistic pursuits.
          “The feminine qualities of humility and submissiveness are actually very favorable towards spiritual life.” – This reminded me of something I had read sometimes ago:
          “A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with the source; her lowest calling is to seduce, separating man from his soul and leave him aimlessly wandering.
          A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed. Man’s lowest calling is to ambush and force his way into the life of a woman.”
          —Native American Cherokee Proverb
          Good day to you!

        15. Damn, you are a pretty enlightened person. Glad to meet you.
          Look at how stupid and brainwashed most of these idiots are. They are pop culture robots who are incapable of thinking outside of the box. They are attacking me and calling me crazy for exposing the truth about 9-11 as being the work of Mossad.
          Frankly, I am disgusted with all of these fools, men or women. I am just looking for a few honest and open minded people, male or female. These people are materialistic atheists and soon they are all going to be harvested in the coming Luciferian soul harvest.
          Email me at [email protected] and let us talk more. These faggots are probably going to ban me from this site soon.

      2. Men blaze trails and live life. They stand up for what they believe in. They are direct. They say what they mean and mean what they say. They speak their minds. They stand against evil. They rule their houses. They protect their families and discipline their children. Their word is their bond. They earn respect from other men. Men throughout history have never cared what women thought of them. They cared how they were perceived by their peers, whether or not they were respected. Their is nothing worse for a man than not being respected by other men.

        1. Why should men give a damn what ANYONE thinks of them? If the majority of men and women in a particular society are highly materialistic and even atheistic, why should we give a damn what they think of us?
          I’m actually more disgusted towards the men in America than I am towards the women, because the men are such spineless cowards. They are terrified of “not fitting in”. Tell me, why would I want to “fit in” with a satanic atheistic materialistic society like modern day America?
          And in fact, I would rather NOT have the respect of such blind people because if they respect me, that means that I am blind like them.
          In a madhouse, the sane people do not fit in. Modern day America is a madhouse. Now, who has been behind the destruction of spiritual knowledge and the promotion of atheistic, communist types of ideologies? Oh, that would be our Juden friends, once again.
          And before you dismiss me and say I am anti-jew? Do your fucking research. I’ve read about 20,000 articles about all of this different shit and I know full well what I am talking about.
          Here’s a good starting point. Israel’s Mossad did 9-11 with the complicity of the FBI and CIA, and this book establishes it beyond a shadow of a doubt:

        2. This is true. Well said. America is definitely a madhouse. It’s “Enterte Kunst” on steroids. Legalized pornography, the desecration of female virginity and virtue, the complete annihilation of patriarchy, degenerate music, degenerate art, institutionalized feminism etc etc… The list can go on for days. This country is not worth fighting for, these people aren’t worth dying for, and the government is not worth our taxes. America is at the point where it can not be retaken but instead will have to collapse on its own weight, lies and corruption. In the vacuum is where the new fight will have to be waged. In posterity, these times will be described as very dark times for humanity in the Western Hemisphere.

    2. Hmmm, the last frontier is the space, where no human being has been able to go beyond the magnetosphere, the very fact no one ever mentions this, just shows how unimaginative and unenterprising we have become.

      1. Why should the gods allow us to leave this planet and explore space when we, as a species, are still so violent, uncivilized, and spiritually ignorant?

        1. Your very answer reflects the limited and unenterprising thinking that has led to the rise of all the maladies we face today and the stagnation and eventual death of our civilization. The “gods” are not the ones that have forbidden mankind from reaching the space, it’s our short sightedness as species.

  8. So many forces allied against the alpha male and alpha-male-in-training ie boys. I am pessimistic: The media, academia, shitty moms, pussy dads, estrogen in the water from oral contraceptive runoff, video games, lower T counts, single moms…on and on…

    1. Yes, there are so many forces behind all of this. It certainly isn’t one single unified force. You goys… uh, I mean, guys, are so intelligent.

      1. Sadly, most literate humaniods won’t get the lesson behind the facetious sarcasm. Can’t be in a patriarchic brotherhood with just anybody.

        1. In plain English, you are saying that most people are too stupid and brainwashed to ever turn against their Jewish overlords, which they have been brainwashed to worship and adore.
          Fuck it. This world is lost. Simply rain down nuclear bombs please and kill all of these stupid goyim.

        2. I’m touched by your feeeelings as argument, John Doe.
          So praytell how would killing ‘all of these stupid goyim’ be a bad thing? Are you a communist? Universalist?
          Most people are too stupid to handle civilization properly without being forcibly put in their places or enslaved such that their individual production will exceed their individual consumption at all.
          The world is not lost. This is exactly how evolution works. You educate the masses by having life kill off the back of the class, leaving more resources for the front of the class to expand. Rinse and repeat. Viola! Smart people! Cf. Dr. Roy Baumeister. Women are far less evolved than men, which is why liberated women can’t harness their IQs for anything constructive. They have low, primeval EQs.

    1. If you spend forty hours a week in a job you hate, are you acting how you like? If there are girls on the street you want to bed but can’t even bring yourself to say hi to them, are you acting how you like?
      If you are that brony who loves to dress up like your favorite characters, bear no regard for what anyone has to say about you, be they here on this website or in person. If that really is what you want to do, do that, and enjoy doing it.

  9. “(and better women)”
    Screw the obligatory inclusion of women. If this article is about men then the focus should be on men!

  10. ” (and better women)”
    Screw the obligatory inclusion of women. If the article is about men it should be about men.

  11. Great post and much needed. Here’s a list of things that I’ve come to view as masculinity:
    Playfulness – exploration, war, creativity
    Reason – intellectually and physically penetrating
    Power and sadism – a harmony with the sublime
    Truthfulness – both about one’s self and the world
    Anonymity – prestige and politics etc. is a woman’s pastime (as the vision of others convinces them they are real – that their penis is indeed there, men rule out of a need and a desire to protect and need no reassurance of their identity)

    1. Let’s see now. At least 3 of those people you mentioned are part of the Luciferian new world order elite and helped contribute to the Great Work of the Ages.
      How’s it feel to worship and adore a bunch of satanists?

  12. “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”
    ― C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

  13. You only have to look at the Pajama Boy in the Obamacare ads to see where the feminists and the betas want to lead us.
    Defining masculinity is not really that hard. It is, however, fraught with danger in today’s cultural climate. But this I can say – being a masculine man is to be the exact opposite of every representation that the feminist state depicts as the ideal male.
    See that Pajama Boy in the Obamacare ads? Strive to be the exact opposite of that adult boy.

  14. The 2nd Amendment is the last bullwark against loss of every shred of masculinity in our culture (whether you are a gun owner or advocate or not!) The success of the gun control crowd to roll back the rights of men to bear arms will herald the victory of feminism and affect itself as the capture and containment of all men’s balls. Even if you are not a gun owner, you need to become gun rights activist today.

    1. Mina, who are you to tell men what it means to be masculine? You’re like the bitches in World War 1 that used to go around pinning a white feather on men who didn’t join the military draft.
      What if a man takes a vow of nonviolence and becomes a celibate monk? Does that make him any less of a man than some gun nut who has a collection of M16s and grenade launchers?
      Sounds to me like you expect men to “protect” you. Well maybe in the past, men were willing to do that for women but feminism killed chivalry. You bitches are equal, remember? Go buy your own gun and protect yourself. I sure as hell ain’t dying for your worthless ass.

      1. Of course not and I am not asking you to. I have invested a lot in fighting gun control – myself and my family. I see it as an opportunity for men to re-establish themselves. You all seem to want to affect change, to do things that give you opportunities to bring masculinity back to our society. In my opinion, this is a major way to make a huge difference. If we successfully fend off gun control feminism will be pushed back and men will establish their right to be men. Just because a man might believe in non violence does not mean he doesn’t believe in a man’s right to bear arms. These things are not mutually exclusive. You can support your brother’s right to carry without yourself carrying. Can you not agree however that taking this right away from him takes away from his right to behave like a man? We need men, real men, to lead us out of this morass we find ourselves in. If you don’t believe that, why are you here?

        1. “We need [obedient slaves], real [slaves], to…” do our dirty work. Man up for Mina!

        2. Maybe it’s my presentation. For that I apologize. I have been working very hard on a strategy and I really believe that folks here and in other areas of “the manosphere” are critical to the fight, due to the unique and modern perspective you all have to bring to the party. Not only that, but the tried and true techniques and tactics that you use with women are so applicable to dealing with the various anti-gun groups who are manned, primarily, by feminists. It is disappointing to not find support here, I am sure it is my fault for presenting it incorrectly.

        3. EXACTLY.
          This dumb cunt is too fucking stupid to see that she is just begging men to “man up” and take back their traditional roles of being protectors.
          Mina is a retarded fucking piece of shit.

        4. If you weren’t a sexist bigot, you wouldn’t have turned gun control into a gender issue.
          The fact is, the American Zionist occupied government is the most dangerous terrorist organization to exist on this planet. And the ONLY thing keeping Americans safe from the government creating a full scale fascist police state is that so many people still own guns.
          But let me guess. You aren’t even red pilled enough to know that it is Zionist Jews and Israelis who are running the American government?
          — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
          October 3, 2001

        5. I don’t disagree with your assessment. Truly I have not done enough research to understand the issues there. The reason for my approach to gun control is because it is most clearly the feminists who are doing the most damage to the society currently. This is NOT to say that there isn’t truth to what you are saying since it is true that most of the top feminist theorists through our history have in fact been Jewish women. But if the Jewish are running things it is hidden and obscured from view by the masses. By contrast, as the masses see it, the feminists are in charge. As we witness everything that is going on around us – Feminisms fingerprints are all over everything. At some point something needs to be attacked and fought back. It seems to make sense to hit at the obvious first. You said: “…the ONLY thing keeping Americans safe from the government creating a full scale fascist police state is that so many people still own guns.” and this I agree with, 110%, and is the very reason for my original post.

        6. … The reason I approached the topic as I did was only because of the title and content of this piece, which addresses men’s loss of masculinity. It would surprise me to find out that there are a lot of men who would not consider gun control an attack on their masculinity. “Every article on this site and its cousin sites is an opportunity to define ourselves. This reconstruction is difficult, because manly ideals were so imprinted on our forefathers that they often didn’t explain completely what those ideals were. How do we have a discussion about things that were so second nature at one time?” What do you think the founding fathers would think about the Mothers Demand Action Against Guns trying to take their arms from them? Do you think they would consider it an attack on their masculinity?

        7. Because he is a fucking nutcase that believes 911 was an inside job and in the Illuminati? Lol. Please someone send a black helicopter to take that little freak out.

        8. Its really kind of pointless. The government has bigger and more guns. All America is a bunch of beer bellied rednecks shooting their guns and thinking they are patriots becaused they served a stint in the armed services. They are all a bunch of loud mouthed pussies that would fold like grandmas once the shit hits the fan and the police bring out the heavy duty stuff.

        9. “I have invested a lot in fighting gun control”
          I have invested a lot in gun control for fighting. Same words, just in a slightly different order.
          ” . . .gun control feminism . . .”
          is what gives a 98 lb girl the physical threat potential of a 200 lb man, although some of the girls these days have a hard time grasping that concept for some reason.

        10. Well because Feminism has definitely latched onto the idea that guns = balls and as we well know, all balls must be eliminated. Therefore no matter the logic of arming women, the Feminists are pushing the idea that gun control is the answer to create the matriarchal utopia they all dream of. Men here in the manosphere and the mens rights groups plus the men who fight for the 2nd amendment are the very last two groups in the US with balls. That cannot stand, and they are working hard, very hard, to change it. Let’s face it, if there is no room for balls there definitely ain’t no room for guns.

        11. I am sorry that you have already had your balls removed. Did you volunteer or did someone do it for you by force? In any case: My condolences.

  15. Ironic that you guys on this site write up this article that details why you shouldn’t be a whining victim and yet half of your articles are just one of the authors being a petulant whiner.
    -A woman doesn’t fit your standard for how to act? “Weeeehhhhhh she’s a slut!”
    -A man isn’t living up to the “traditional” standard of masculinity? “Weeehhhhh badass masculinity is dead!!” (Which is ridiculous by the way; do your research for a few fucking minutes and you’d learn that what has been defined as masculine and what has been defined as feminine has changed throughout societies and times. Elementary.)
    -A gay person is confidently living their own life? “Weeehhhh they’re taking rights away from us and starting the downfall of humanity!!”
    Stop whining and for once in your pitiful life accept that not everyone is going to act as you want them to. If you’re a very masculine person, awesome! Go be masculine. But when you sit there on a privileged, ignorant high horse shouting down orders about how society and its individuals need to behave to please you and your code, then your masculinity is broken and, yeah, whiny. Accept people as they are and you’ll probably be a lot happier and a lot less pitiful.

  16. “Old folks may speak of times when “men were men, and women were women,””
    Unless they’re from New Zealand. Then they would speak of the time when men were men, women were men and the sheep were nervous.
    “Mjolnir despises multiculturalism”
    What’s your Thor’s Hammer doing ’round these parts?

  17. A tribe of men without its women, is a tribe that is going to be raiding and taking the women from other tribes. A tribe of women without men, is a tribe that is going to be raided for its women by neighboring tribes that have men.

  18. “Feminism is a reactive force. It stands for nothing; it needs a “patriarchy” to rail against” – Brilliant. Fascism needed Communism to rail against. Communism needed Capitalism to rail against. Nazism needed a Jewish race as an enemy. Three examples of corrosive ideals which stand for nothing other than fighting “against” something. Feminism is a weaker but more prevalent and successful example.

  19. “Mjolnir despises multiculturalism”
    Why? As a world traveler myself I quite enjoy the wide variety of cultures, cuisines, customs, traditions, arts, dances, music, religions and philosophies our planet has on offer.

  20. Excellent analogy. To continue it, we can say that as our masculinity has been blown off course by the angry gods of Cultural Marxism, the elite manipulators behind it acts as the suitors who attempt to eat us out of house and home- the home we built.
    But Odysseus never gave up and through his wits managed to have a glorious triumph.
    So must we.

  21. I couldn’t agree with the sentiment behind this article any more. I think, personally, that one of the biggest obstacles to a true renaissance of manliness is the lack of a culture of chastity. Sexual restraint makes a man strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. There is a growing awareness that pornography and masturbation are the greatest enemies of men today.Indeed, perhaps male sexual degeneracy is the direct cause of many of the problems we face today. See:,,,

  22. “a book I read when I was younger”
    Better read it some more now. For it says in the last days, women will rule over men and the younger will rule over the older. Isiah 3:12
    I think we are there and what comes next will make these days look like paradise

  23. Naturally masculinity has receded.
    If you saw a frog population in a localized stretch of waterways, and a significant number of the males had stopped copulating with the females or exhibiting typical male frog behavior, and some of the males were confusedly copulating with other males, what would you think?
    I think you’d go looking for some industrial process that was leaking stuff into the water — probably stuff that chemically resembled or interacted with hormones.
    Are there any chemicals or materials mass-produced in our society which chemically resemble or interact with hormones, which were not widely present prior to the loss of masculinity, but which are widely circulated today?
    I can think of a few.
    I know, I know: Estriadol and its variants have been declared harmless to the environment for decades, even though it’s presumably hard to break down or filter out. But as the “oops, there’s some science there we didn’t know” findings and evidence of politicized science and pseudo-science accumulate in other fields, I find myself not-entirely-confident of those kinds of assurances.

  24. That’s why I love the start of 300 and brave heart! I’m still looking for a place where u can learn to be a real man apart from turning to the net!

  25. Someone on Return of Kings really needs to do an article on the Grass Eating Men of Japan.
    That is the result of what happens when you cultivate a society of de facto eunuchs.

  26. I can see what you guys are talking about,but I can’t help but think you guys aregetting the feminism thing wrong. Feminism is about equality of the sexs. Yes some women feel like they are better then men but there are also men who feel like they are better then women and in my opinon noone is better then the other. men need women and women need men. it’s a balance. where women are weak men are strong and vice versa.

  27. ” We need nothing less than a Renaissance of masculinity.”. Why? I’m content with 90% of the male population gay, weak and subservient to women. What the fuck do we care? I get what I need, the wusses out there, I don’t care what they need, but they’re probably not getting it. And I couldn’t care less. I look at the 20-35 year-old cubicle-dwelling men and their beaten down, lame looks and attitudes as dopey, retarded children. And I’m glad most of them are, because that means more poonage for the guys that still have some rough in them.
    I’ve often said for many years, if they flipped the switch and made all the men gay tomorrow, more poonage for me. Well, no one flipped a switch, they merely turned all the men into feminists. Suits the hell outta me. In my world, the women want bikes, adventure and to get banged. Pretty simple stuff, this.

  28. You can tell whether a society is man-friendly by seeing whether they have man-only spaces and also spaces for older, but still healthy men. I don’t see this in AmeriKwa. They are either at home, rotting away, or in a nursing home, rotting away.

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