City Of Oakland Pays $1 Million To Teen Prostitute Instead Of Putting Her In Jail

In another example of the Pussy Pass in action, teenager Jasmine Abuslin, who turned tricks under the name Celeste Guap, was awarded $989,000 in a massive taxpayer bailout this week.

The teen at the center of a Bay Area police sex scandal will receive nearly $1 million from the city of Oakland after her claims dredged up the muck of widespread alleged misconduct in its department.

Jasmine, a 19-year-old also known as Celeste Guap, said she was sexually involved with dozens of officers from multiple police departments in the Bay Area, including some while she was underage.

Does this look like a teenager to you?

Guap, whose single mom works as a 911 phone operator, befriended and fornicated with dozens of members of law enforcement, including at least one while underage.  (Incidentally, while the average pay for 911 dispatchers in California is $55,000, her mother pulled in over $133,000 in 2015.)

Guap became angry and resorted to blackmail when she learned that a group of Oakland officers formed an informal club talking about the ease of which she was willing to sleep with them.  While she received actual cash on at least three occasions, the majority of the time she was rewarded for her services with meals or snacks, including a bag of Cheetos.

Chester Cheetah Made Me Do It

In now-deleted Facebook posts, Guap described the encounters as “harmless relationships” and posted a picture of an Oakland officer dropping her off at a Richmond convenience store with the caption “Took me back to Richmond in style.”  But after realizing she had been giving away the goods at below market prices, Guap, who admittedly uses illegal drugs daily, obtained legal council who was able to negotiate a massive bailout that outweighs her entire lifetime earning potential.

WTBCF (Would Trade Bag of Cheetos For)

The award may sound ridiculous, but the decision was not unanimous.  Oakland city councilwoman Desley Brooks voted against the award, saying it was too low.  Nevertheless, the motion passed, and Mayoress (((Libby Schaaf))) approved the bailout.

Desley “Mo Money” Brooks

Western economists are in awe of one of the greatest examples of price inflation ever seen, as Guap raised the price for defiling her body from a bag of Cheetos (her 2015 rate) to just short of a million dollars in the span of less than two years.

The value of a woman at peak fertility, post-feminism

The age of consent in California is 18, and while In The Current Year, finding an 18 year old virgin is about is difficult as finding a good kratom connection, that doesn’t stop the mainstream media from perpetuating the false image of 17 year old girls as pure innocent wholesome angels, when in fact they have likely been sexting for almost a decade, and many have already learned how to monetize their vaginas.

Guap was one of these, and she approached members of the Oakland police department, befriending and fornicating with at least 30 police officers from 5 departments along San Francisco’s East Bay.

Big Tits aside, this teen is already approaching the wall

Women have a natural propensity to lie, and Guap’s background is certainly confusing:  she has a large neck tattoo of the national motto of Dominican Republic, but claims she is from Nicaragua. She is seen in media interviews wearing Puerto Rico flags, and despite being in the US from at least age 17, claims to have attended Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico.

She has a different last name than her mother, says she is bisexual, self-employed, and claims she was married in 2015 (around the time she was slutting it up with the officers).  She appeared to take a tag the sponsor trip to Puerto Rico in September, 2015 where she posted several photos with local police officers.  She may be a single mother, as she has posted several pictures with a young child.

Straight Outta Compton!

Some may look at this story and say, wow, nothing new here, a promiscuous young woman uses her body to entice guys into taboo sex with her, but Guap is also costing the taxpayers of Oakland a million bucks.  Oakland is not exactly swimming in cash.  In addition to this huge waste of resources (and believe me, Guap will quickly blow through this money and will be a permanent leech on society for the rest of her life), officer Brendan O’Brien, one of several married men who traded Cheeto’s for Cheap Hos, committed suicide after Guap blackmailed him because he failed to respond to one of her texts quickly enough.

Several officers sent Guap to a drug treatment facility in Florida.  After three days, an enormous hunger for Cheeto’s swept over her, and she ran outside the rehab center, flashed her enormous breasts at cars passing by, and attacked workers who tried to bring her back inside, destroying property and biting one worker on the arm.  Police arrested her for aggravated battery, and she attempted to solicit sex from the responding officers.

Getting dropped off at the Food Mart after having her body defiled. Classy

Certainly I would hope that public servants would not engage in sexual relations with teenagers.  And while the remaining officers deserve punishment, no one deserves to die because they accepted an offer of taboo sex.

Those on the front line prosecuting the law should theoretically set an example for the rest of society.  In reality, I’m not sure police are any more moral or law abiding than the average man, but I definitely know that when enormous breasts and easy sex are offered to men, no matter their line of work, they will take it, and there is no amount of public shaming or law writing that will alter this biological fact.

On the matter of age of consent, while there appears to be at least one case of Guap having sex at 17 (by the now deceased officer), which is illegal in California, Guap’s sexual actions would be fully legal in many states in the US, and Guap claims she was legally married in 2015, and therefore able to legally make sexual decisions with her husband, though somehow not with other men.

In an interview with local television station KPIX, Guap states: “Personally, you know I have no negative feelings towards any of them… thinking back at it, yeah, you know, uh, I do see myself as being a victim, because…. um… ” (see clip at 3:10 below)

Is teenage Abuslin, with her multiple tattoos, club lifestyle, developed body, criminal acts, and casual attitude towards sex, a victim?  Looking at her and observing her actions, I have trouble seeing any truth to that statement.  She certainly missed out on having a father in her life, and lacks an education and moral guidance.  But there are insufficient resources to hand out millions of dollars to every damaged woman in America.  And with the rate that men are dropping out of marriage and families, this trend will only continue.

Is forcing taxpayers to forgo schools, bridges, roads, and parks a valid punishment because city workers took advantage of freely offered sex, as men will biologically do?  Is a society that bends over backwards to excuse any and all female behavior and provide cash bailouts to morally questionable women creating a better world?  Just how bad will Guap look in another 5 years?  We all know the answers to these questions.  But we are living in a sick world where up is down, gay is straight, and man is evil.

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595 thoughts on “City Of Oakland Pays $1 Million To Teen Prostitute Instead Of Putting Her In Jail”

  1. She looks like a mix between a fat Hispanic marmot and a Middle Eastern gay tranny, but I guess those huge baloons can make officer Barbrady horny.
    As I have said before, one of men’s hardest obstacle in life is the fact that he produces sperm pretty much 24/7 365, and easily falls prey to seductresses (or even kathoeys).

    1. I would hardly call her a seductress. I hate to say it, but even katoys look prettier. She’s just an ugly creature with giant ass fake tits. And those policemen are dumb losers with neither standards nor brains.

      1. Right? If you’re going to be an absolute nimrod and thrust your dick into a dangerous chick at the possible consequences of your career or even life, she should at least be fucking hot.

    2. I’m trying really hard to resist the impulse to DuckDuckGo (hereafter referred as DDG for brevity) what “katoy” means. Generally nothing good comes from researching that kind of thing for me. Heh.

        1. See? See? This is why I try not to DDG new terms that seem to suggest really bad things!
          Heh. Thanks mate.

        2. No worries, and just to be clear, I only know this because in the Marines, a buddy of mine was stumbling drunk in Thailand and was accosted by one who thought he was an easy mark. We used to tease him mercilessly over it!

        3. you had definitely already searched, and checked through the images before writing your previous comment. I on the other hand genuinely have not

        4. No, in fact, I did not. I’ve gone on a series of “I refuse to research this”, and suspicious words in a sexual context, I just know better now.

    3. With her beak nose and small, pointy chin, definitely looks middle-easternish. I’m leaning towards partial Turk/Armenian (b/c Cali has so many Armenians).

      1. Each state has a different age here, and I believe that in West Virginia it is (or was until recently) 14 as age of consent. And as we are THE major first world country, that’s perfectly peachy by me. Although personally I find it rather gross, but whatever.

  2. I’ll start by saying that prostitution should be legal, and if it was you would see less of this ridiculous shit.
    That said, there’s still the sex with a minor angle, and while it is fair to debate where the line should be drawn (the author notes it varies from state to state – and the most common age is 16), I see this more as a police discipline issue. These fucking retards were supposed to be on duty, and were instead banging this underage disease vector. Fuck them. And fuck their city. The city SHOULD have to pay, and its stupid citizens, who elected the morons who allowed this colossal failure SHOULD feel some financial pain because of it.
    Look at it another way: if nothing came out of your pocket, why should you give a shit? You likely wouldn’t, and that just further enables your social institutions to spiral into degeneracy and become enemies of the people and the values they are supposed to protect. So I don’t see a problem with the payout, and if you really wanted people to care about fixing this problem, you would send a bill to every citizen in the city of Oakland for their proportional share, with a note that failure to pay by a certain date will incur a penalty with interest. If that happened, you can bet your ass that people would be down at city hall going apeshit making sure that the leadership was cracking down on this shit.

    1. Oakland has had trouble attracting recruits; so has most of the other cities in that state. They used to advertise out of state. These guys arent the best of the best, they are the guys who showed up

      1. Yeah, a buddy of mine is a cop out here, and he says the same thing about a lot of their recruits lately. He said there was a noticeable decrease in the quality of recruits once the whole BLM thing kicked off.

        1. Hope its not LA, have like 1/3 the cops of nyc, but they have to cover all of LA county? How do you police an area so large(guess you dont)

        2. Nah, East Coast. It was quite revealing though – he basically said something to the effect of “no one wants to go out there and get shot.” When you really think about it, it says a lot about the kinds of guys who used to join, and the kinds of guys who are joining now. That said, I don’t think all cops are bad, to include the few of them I personally know. But I always enjoy getting a peak behind the curtain.

        3. Nobody wants to take risks only to be shat on by the community and possibly imprisoned. The job is dangerous enough, that’s how you get “blue flu” 70s NYC.

        4. I guess it’s not surprising. My wife’s cousin is on the force and I described how some of the officers in neighboring towns are and he just shook his head. He said what they need are people who actually want to do good in the community and not POS power trip types.

  3. “Guap, whose single mom
    works as a 911 phone operator, befriended and fornicated with dozens of
    members of law enforcement, including at least one while underage.
    (Incidentally, while the average pay for 911 dispatchers in California
    is $55,000, her mother pulled in over $133,000 in 2015.)”
    Friend is a cop with a bad posting, saw an ad for the post office- $38 an hr to change/patch tires, change oil, coolant, etc. Its not even a real mechanics gig. He applied.
    The commuter rail here in nyc paid the workers 5 times their hourly rate on the Fourth; I assume this happens on all major holidays. I get OT on a holiday, but 5X?? Imagine making $150/hr for punching tickets??

  4. What is this magic that big titties exert on men? I mean I like big titties, but for me, they have to be attached to a slim, beautiful woman to have any real power. This…thing…is not a thin beautiful woman.
    These public servants really should have some pretty severe punishments levied against them. It’s not good that the one killed himself, but that to me shows the same kind of weakness that caused him to have sex with a fucking ugly, big canned broad in the first place, only amplified.
    Women can and do routinely get by with all kinds of outrageous shit. We may not like it, and we should work to make things *literally* (Hitler) more equal in the eyes of the law (the only equality that should matter), but we have to work with the cards we’ve been dealt. Those cards, right now in 2017, says that little fatso big milkers tart here will *always* get a free pass because vagina/titties, and cops of all people should know the clear bias in the law towards favoring women. They did this shit with full knowledge that they were walking on really thin ice with potentially huge consequences.
    I’ll give a man a pass if he’s caught in an unwitting trap by the wiles of a woman. I will not however give a man a pass who takes a risk knowing all the consequences who then fails. They did the latter. I’ve no sympathy for them (nor her).
    Control your impulses, gents, or they will control you.

    1. “They did this shit with full knowledge that they were walking on really thin ice with potentially huge consequences.”
      EXACTLY. This is why I have no problem with the payout at all. If I did this, the city would have no problem throwing me in prison and fining me. So some of the “city’s finest” did it – as you say, I favor equality under the law for all. And this is just the city paying the same fine I would have to.
      And as I said below, I see the fine as perfectly appropriate. If you really wanted to clean up the police culture that caused this, you would mail out bills to every single citizen for their proportional share with a note that failure to pay by a certain date would result in a penalty with interest. Watch how fucking fast a mob would descend on city hall to demand police reform and stay up the mayor’s ass until it happened.

      1. “In the mid-2000s the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia underwent a radical transformation. In 2005 Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili fired “the entire traffic police force” of the Georgian National Police due to corruption, numbering around 30,000 police officers.
        A new force was built around new recruits. The United States State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law-Enforcement Affairs has provided assistance to the training efforts. Patruli was first introduced in the summer of 2005 replacing the traffic police, which were accused of corruption.”
        After this, the rate of police corruption and general crime (including drugs) dropped. Radical measures may sometimes work.

        1. Precisely. The only reason this won’t get fixed is because no one wants it to get fixed. That would require politicians getting out of bed with the police unions.

        2. And “civil rights” groups. Kissing the asses of the gibzmedats has done more harm to cities and population centers than higher tax rates and has only encouraged the chimp out behavior we’ve seen in recent years.

        3. There’s a price for everything, that too. Although yeah, sometimes you do what has to be done. My view on it, fwiw, is that generally it’s like in real life. For the most part, you always want to give the other guy a chance to walk away, but sometimes … well.

        4. Gotta be honest – whenever I see a picture like this, I always find it very puzzling. I mean, they cuffed you, stripped you, probably beat you a bit, take you to somewhere secluded/remote, and tell you to kneel down. You know what’s coming. I just can’t imagine being in this situation and not saying “fuck it, if I’m dying, I’m going to do it making one last ditch effort to escape or take at least one of these fuckers with me.” But these people just accept their fate. I’ve never understood it.

        5. The point of it is to psychologically break the man so he doesn’t have the will to fight back.

        6. Yeah, I get it. I just can’t really envision it for myself personally. In truth, I REFUSE to envision it for myself. I have this theory, which has served me well in life thus far, that I don’t even consider failure as an option. I envision a goal, develop my plan, execute ruthlessly and try to stay on my toes to adapt to obstacles and keep advancing. I honestly believe that if you start to envision the bad outcome actually happening, you’re already part way there. That’s not to say I don’t consider risks, but when I picture them, I don’t ever put myself in the frame of mind of being willing to accept them. I always frame it as “this could happen, but I won’t let it because…..”
          It’s hard to articulate what I’m saying, but I think lots of people see a picture like this and say “I could understand how you just come to this point, I could see myself there,” whereas I see a picture like this and think, “fuck that, never!”

        7. That’s my perspective, too. If you’re gonna die, take as many of those fuckers as you can with you.

        8. getting shot as you try to run away would probably hurt more than a clean shot to the head. Plus running away in underpants is psychologically harder even if you can manage to run with your hands tied behind your back.

        9. See, I still don’t care. This is the kind of thing I refer to in my other comment. I think this kind of thinking rationalizes acceptance of this fate. Whereas I hear what you say and I just think to myself, “it would hurt to get shot in the back, so I’ll zig zag, and I won’t have clothes which means I won’t get hung up in barbed wire, branches etc…” It’s just a mind frame thing. For me, bottom line, I am not going to end up in a pic like this.

        10. I’ve said the same exact thing on this site, on other threads. The pictures of a line of dudes all kneeled down while the Uberleutant or whatever is walking down the line shooting them in the back of the head, one by one? Dufuq? Get up and run, or attack, or just do fucking something, they can’t kill you twice and you know you’re going to die anyway.

        11. yeah, pretty low end for anyone. I think the executioners know what they’re doing, and that’s why they don’t merely tie the hands, they strip them down to the point where they are humiliated and cowed. You need spirit to attempt to run / fight / go out with a bang.

        12. I have heard that in a lot of the ISIS execution videos, the victims are actually drugged and don’t really know what is happening, or (perhaps and) that they are told something to the effect of this is just gonna be a propaganda video thing and then we’ll take you back to your cage…
          I think you are correct about the psychology behind this. Though, I think that there are probably other aspects. For example, I think most people think that they can buy themselves time with each passing moment. Like, if they comply, it gives them just a few seconds more to consider options. A few more moments of life. This could be motivated by a host of things – fear of death, genuine belief that a better option will open up, etc…. But I’m just psychologically different. I have just accepted that death is a reality and if it’s happening, it’s happening on my terms. And I also firmly believe that an 80% solution executed with 100% effort beats a 100% solution that is never executed or only executed with 80% effort. So the few more seconds to weigh options just doesn’t work for me.
          Of course, as I say this, it may be that part of the psychological reason these guys end up in these pics is because they see guys like me get gunned down trying to fight or flee or something. But fuck it, at the end of the day, we’re all going in the same mass grave, and like I said, it will be on my terms for me.

        13. We are trained from a very early age to submit to authority. Look at the Milgram experiment. When someone in uniform tells the average person to do something, they just do it. The person who will bow up against authority is rare and generally considered to be a criminal or insane. In the face of government force, most people just roll over and expose their soft white underbelly as they pee on themselves…

        14. You know, on reflection, I wonder if it has ever happened that something like this was about to go down, then a couple of dudes said “fuck it, not for me” took their chances, inspired the others, and what was shaping up to be a mass execution actually turned into a mass escape with the executioners being overrun/killed?
          I mean, a really mass escape is probably unlikely as most of this kind of thing probably happens behind enemy lines. But I could see that the gambit would succeed for maybe a few dudes who were able to escape and evade.

        15. How about the people waiting in line to go into the gas chambers? Like women holding their kids in line to die.
          Fuck that. Shoot me in the face, I’m not waiting in line to die.

        16. True. But it just seems so alien to me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk around mouthing off to cops or refusing to comply with any number of stupid silly demands that people in uniform make. But that’s largely because I also don’t feel there is generally any personal loss in compliance, and the hassle to me is just not worth the struggle. But I have lines, and I don’t give a fuck what uniform someone wears, when they are crossed, I’m coming out swinging and taking my chances.

        17. Exactly. I mean, once you have an understanding where the trains are headed, you aren’t even getting me on that thing.

        18. Really? I purged that instinct a long time ago. Getting a single word out of me at a traffic stop would be a miracle, and likely involve the cop drawing down on me with his sidearm. Back when I first purged this, back when I was young twenties, some douchebag power tripping Columbus city cop screamed at me and some buddies while we were walking down the sidewalk. No real reason, he just thought we were walking too close to the edge of the curb (which last check, is legal). I laughed, flipped him off, and continued walking. He yelled at us as we continued right past his short ass, but didn’t pursue for some reason.
          So yeah. No.

        19. I’ve avoided looking at ISIS execution videos, but I would imagine those are the kind of circumstances that might explain it. Most prisoners in those kind of kidnap / capture circumstances won’t executed on the first day when they might still have some kind of fighting spirit within them. They’ll break them over a period of time. In the case of ISIS there might be some dry runs which end harmlessly, so when it actually happens there will be zero resistance. Demoralisation is the key thing, and the message the executioners want to get across to their audience / posterity etc. We all want to die well, though perhaps some are better prepared psychically than others, but the executioners want to see their victims die badly, or rather passively, defeated in every way. I am sure there are few who make a stab at getting away, but most survivals of mass executions etc tend to b from people playing dead. Obviously that’s not such a great prospect if you’re about to be shot in the head though

        20. Quite right. It’s a matter of creating your own reality and not knuckling under to things you know are wrong just because “authority.” A good exercise for me was driving against the arrows in parking lots, as silly as that sounds. I was so conditioned to obey authority and follow the rules that even something that simple caused me serious mental distress. Gradually I got over the conditioning. But I had to take small steps to get out of my regimented “comfort zone.” I now try to continually “break the rules” as long as I’m not harming anyone else. I am at the point now where if the day comes, authority figure or not, expect resistance…

        21. That’s true. It’s always easy to talk tough. You never really know how you would react after being tortured, sleep-deprived, and generally traumatized for days or weeks beforehand.

        22. That there, is the key.
          Halt, come to our torture camp or we’ll shoot!!
          Then shoot me, Heinrich, and fuck off while doing so.

        23. Again, you never really know. Sometimes you don’t realize how much trouble you are in. Sometimes you think you can play for time. Maybe you hope you can find a way to fight back or escape later.
          Your mind can play all kinds of tricks on you when it comes to survival.

        24. Another thing is how people just naturally conform to the crowd. I’ve jumped to the front of a line many times because everybody is lined up waiting for one teller to do something, while another teller is sitting at a window with nobody lined up waiting. The crowd just assumes “she’s closed” but I’ve discovered that most of the time that assumption is wrong. Such sheep. Heh.

        25. Well in the case of something like Japanese POW camps, you went in knowing that they were going to torture you just for the sheer kicks.

        26. True. I agree with you on everything — I think I would just be like “Shoot me now” but we all have this great subconscious mind sitting back there in the backseat of our brains, and none of our morals, convictions or ideals mean shit to it… all it cares about is survival, pussy and ice cold Mountain Dew.

        27. Fuck your Mountain Dew! Coca Cola is the real shit. Coca Cola poured down Rebecca Lord’s tits into my mouth would make me erupt.
          It’s got what my lizard brain craves.

        28. 1. The Japanese would make pee pee in your Mountain Dew.
          2. If you know, you just know for a fact because word had gotten out, that the Jap camps are torture and death factories, what incentive would there be to survive? I’d rather run and take a 1 in a million chance at dodging their machinegun fire than voluntarily say “Yeah, ok, take me to Torture Island”.

        29. Mountain Dew is a metaphor in this case, you ignorant twat. Although I used it literally (HITLER) in my other post.
          And why would you ruin a nice Coca-Cola by pouring it on that dirty, filthy, disease-ridden skank whore?

        30. Agreed, again. I hope I would make the same choice. But the gorilla in the backseat doesn’t *necessarily* think this way. If he thinks there might be another way out, or if he decides breathing just another 10 minutes longer is preferable to death right this second, he can fuck with your resolve, play tricks on your mind, screw with your internal logic.
          I’m not saying that you or I wouldn’t be able to overcome it in those situations, I’m just saying you may have to fight that gorilla to get the chance.

        31. Well I would assume you’re smart enough to look first. Just sayin’… Kinda like doubling the speed limit on my bike. I tend to limit that to when the police aren’t present. 😉

        32. “And why would you ruin a nice Coca-Cola by pouring it on that dirty, filthy, disease-ridden skank whore?”
          Assuming I was in this situation – because I can.

        33. I have never been in that situation, granted, but I have been in literal (Hitler) life and death situations. I put a C-172 into a hard spin and dropped from 5000ft. AGL to 500ft AGL in a matter of seconds. The movie thing, where the world goes into slow motion, actually does occur. Instead of panic I got *really* rational and fucking ice cold calm. The world was spinning in theory but I couldn’t see the motion and I went through one checklist item after the next that I learned in flight school, just calm and matter of fact, like it was just me leafing through a magazine at the doctor’s office. When the spin broke I was just barely above some power lines (so zappa zap zap if I’d failed) and all of my vacuum based flight instruments were broke because the descent was so rapid. Flew casually back to the airstrip, got out of the plane like nothing had happened, then collapsed in a ball of shakes and sweat and had to be helped off the tarmac by my flight instructor and another guy. Adrenaline.
          So I’m thinking, with that and my other brush with death, that my calm rational mind goes into full Command Mode and gets more logical and rational than Mister Fucking Spock. Would that pan out in the situation we’re talking about? I hope so.

        34. I think purging that instinct is one of the reasons we congregate here. But “we” are not the majority in this country. I was appalled watching the citizens of Boston just let the cops walk into their homes without any objections after the Boston Marathon bombing. I fear the vast majority really are sheeple. 3% indeed!

        35. Fucking A. I thought the same thing. If I tell you there’s no one inside, you aren’t coming in. If you want to shoot innocent citizens on live news, take your chances.

        36. Being in that situation is probably a good predictor, and probably has helped trained your mind to respond in a similar way in a future, similar situation.

        37. And more importantly it tells US never to let @ghostofjefferson:disqus EVER fukkin drive a plane!!!

        38. Shit, I’d trust GoJ over some of these twinks and ditsy chicks piloting commercial planes these days.

        39. Didn’t Av8ter (forgive if I misspelled), or someone have a post on ROK on this very topic – how chicks were worthless as pilots? I distinctly remember reading it, but can’t remember if it was an article or a comment.

        40. Lol! You should actually want me flying. The maneuver was just executed wrong (power on stall, intentional) and I learned from it. If your airliner is plummeting to the earth you’ll likely want a guy in the front who is calmly going through a checklist while the world outside has slowed to a near halt.
          Not that I fly airliners, but you know what I’m saying. Heh.

        41. Yeah, that “Boston Strong” thing was a disgrace and showed Americans in a very, very poor light.
          “Get inside your home!”
          “Go fuck yourself”

        42. I’d like to think I’d be heroic, but I imagine I’d be nor more or less amenable than any one else.

        43. Absolutely. I have no way of knowing how I would act, but I really really hope I have the guts to take some of them with me.
          Reminds me of the joke. Three guys go to New Guinea and get caught by cannibals. An Englishmen, a Frenchman, and a New Yorker. So they give them the option of choosing how to die before they skin the bodies and use them to make cannoes.
          So they go the Englishman first and and ask him how he wants to kill himself. He says, “gentlemen always use a pistol”. They give him a pistol with a single bullet, he puts it to his head and says “Cheerio old chaps, pip pip!” Then shoots himself in the head. Pop! He dies.
          Then they go to Frenchman, OK Frenchie how do you want to kill yourself. He says “I wood preferrr to diee by ze sword!”. So they give him a a rusty old rapier, he waves it in the air, says “Sacre Bleue!” And chops off his own head.
          Fine, two down, one to go. Now they go to the New Yorker. Hes just glaring at them. They say, alright man, how do you want to off yourself? He says “gimme a fork”. They’re like what? He goes “I wanna fork.” So they shrug and give him a fork. He takes the fork, and with an evil demented grin starts stabbing himself all over his body. Its horrible, there’s blood everywhere, the cannibals are screaming, hes screaming, everyone is yelling and running around, the New Yorker is laughing hysterically hes stabbing himself in the chest, in his legs, his balls, all over his face. Its total chaos and then he yells out “Heres ya cannoe motherfuckers!”

        44. They may have witnessed the fate of previous resisters. Or just the simplest of threats can do it. “Okay, why don’t I just start with your feet? Then your knees, then your balls. How about that?”
          As far as escaping camps go, prisoners have no access to the outside fence. They are kept deep within. They have passed through multiple gates and fences, guard towers, and mine fields. What’s more, if anyone does escape, or attempts it, their fellow prisoners are punished.
          That is how an evil system works. Making the decision for yourself is one thing, making it for somebody else, is another.
          Speaking of which, it is also part of the thin blue line. Which is why corruption should not be tolerated, or paid off.

        45. So, you don’t mind just getting in people’s way just to prove a point to yourself? I guess you’re lucky you didn’t come head on with someone who was bored and could kick the shit out of you.

        46. I think you missed my follow up post, I look first before I do something that’s against the rules. Infringing other people’s rights isn’t my style. If you have the right of way I’m not going to get in your way. And there have been numerous times in my life where someone else did get in my way when I had the right of way. I didn’t see any need to “kick the shit” out of them, whether I was bored or not. What we were discussing in the OP was just blindly obeying authority up to the point they put you on your knees and shoot you in the back of the head. Those of us who can and would resist have taken various steps to overcome our “obey authority” conditioning. That was just something I did early on to break the cycle. I do other things too, but I have a strict non-aggression policy. But if someone comes to me looking for trouble, they’ll find it in spades.

        47. I didn’t mean to come off like a dick. There are just so many drivers out there that think the world revolves around them and the rules only apply to them if they feel like it. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

        48. No problem, I ride a motorcycle and believe me I see it all the time. It’s just another facet of our deteriorating society. People are self entitled and rude. But a lot of them are caught up in their phones and don’t pay attention to their driving. I had a woman nearly sideswipe me in my Jeep as we came up to a light. She was texting. She tried to slow down to where she wouldn’t come abreast of me, but I slammed on the brakes and came up beside her. She gave me this sheepish grin and mouthed “sorry.” But I yelled at her “Hang up and drive!” At least she hung her head and put the phone away. What really ticks me off is when I see a cop doing this. That’s a great example for the public…

        49. You ride a motrcycle, then you know more than most what I’m talking about.
          As far as the lady on her phone… It’s good to read that she took her criticism like a grown up. Most assholes nowadays would flip you off and act like it was your fault. So, kudos to her.
          And don’t even get me started on cops on their phones…

    2. As to the boob thing, I think it’s mostly a black dude thing. Also lower quality male thing (if they can’t at least get a slim woman, they might as well get a chub one with big boobs).

      1. I believe it’s actually a white dude thing. Black men generally prefer the larger asses and whites traditionally go for the big milker types (obviously this is a generalization and not applicable to “every” male in either group). There was a study somewhere that more or less confirmed this, although if you ask me to provide you with a link, well, I can’t, lol. But I do remember reading it.

        1. I love big tits as much as the next man, but honestly, my sweet spot is a nice B cup with just a SLIGHT bit of sag. Basically like Rebecca Lord – she’s a 90’s porn star, so NSFW if you look her up. Don’t know what it is, but that’s the type that really does it for me. Could be perhaps that this type isn’t often attached to a fat fugly.

        2. Don’t think they’re related. These are all fake names. If you look at their pics, they are nothing alike. Rebecca Lord is from France.

        3. I’m down with everything except flat/tiny A’s, but the large firm breasted types seem to throw themselves at me so hey, I’ve come to appreciate that kind of thing. When God sees fit to have most hot big titty blonde chicks find you attractive, well, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

        4. Yes. I’m not a huge porn guy, but I have always found her sexy as hell. And her tits are my ideal.

        5. Looking at the safe-for-work pictures, despite that she’s a cum dumpster whore, she is quite attractive (or was).

        6. Yeah, she’s French and had that body type that to me is just perfect. A non-cum dumpster version of her would have been perfect for a wife-up. Ahh well.

        7. Can confirm, it’s a white guy/general male thing. It seems like white guys in general especially working class, plus a subsection of all males.
          When I was working with a group of black men a few years ago I was shocked at how the stereotype about huge asses was based on reality.
          Actual conversation
          “Hey Hoyos, check this out.”
          :picture of some Facebook chick with an enormous ass:
          [underwhelmed]”Ah, okay.”
          “You don’t like ass, do you?”
          “Well not by black man standards, no.”
          :raucous laughter throughout the joint:

        8. Yeah, me too. This is the kind that really motivates me. Actually, it’s kind of a detriment. Traditionally, I have done better with other types because I give less of a fuck. But with these, they can sense the drive, and it makes things harder, in more ways than one.

        9. FUCK YES. My whole life, people have raved about blondes. I have always preferred dark brown or black hair. Gets me pumped, whatever the eye color. But the blue eyes really seal it. There’s also something super sexy about her nose. It’s an unconventional shape, but not in an offensive way. It’s still attractive, possible because the rest of her body rocks, and this is like the one distinction that makes her unique from one million other similar girls you could find on Instagram.

        10. Ah, okay. But I’ve not had any coffee yet and am not up to making an additional attempt. You’ll just have to pretend that it’s a white chick that has been beaten and bruised all over.

        11. Glad to be back, in a way. I’m still going to bitch and moan from time to time because I’m unhappy with the hoops I have to jump through to make this work. And I don’t know if I’m being tolerated, or I haven’t been discovered yet, or what. So it might be temporary.

        12. I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing another fat ass on an otherwise skinny broad. It is entirely offputting to me. I like a nice, firm, well rounded ass that fits in your hands, but big honkin’ “junk in the trunk” is revolting to my personal tastes.
          Otherwise, yeah.

        13. I read about her, the really weird thing about her is that she’s still married to the man she got hotched with at 17
          Just when you think you’ve figured it out…

        14. Gah, that shit makes me retch. Fucking cucks are a disgusting breed of male.

        15. My first ex-wife; black hair, blue eyes, porcelain skin, natural double Ds, and the hips to go with them. She also had a waist you could put your hands around and have your finger tips touch. Oh, did I forget to add a 100% feminist radical bitch? I’ve hated those attributes ever since. Now when I see big tits all I can think is, What a bitch!

        16. I’ve never seen a skinny girl with a fat ass but separately skinny and fat are bad I wouldn’t imagine the two combined would look good. In fact, I think it would look… weird.
          But the biggest problem we have here in London is an epidemic of pear shaped women, like they are taking on the shape of their office chairs.

        17. It’s one of the sad parts of porn; you find yourself wishing she wasn’t a cum dumpster, but your own girl. I know that feeling all too well.

        18. Agree to your point of black men preferring the ass. Selective breeding proves this because most black women got some junk in they trunk.

      2. I think it is partly a grass is greener on the other side-thing. Not that everyone with some standards should want this type of flubby hybrid but big solid tits indeed are nice, just as a thin girl is nice, just as Asians and Latinas can be nice, while at the same time Scandinavian and Eastern Europeans are nice as well. If you have one type you may might want the other.

      3. “As to the boob thing, I think it’s mostly a black dude thing. ”
        Big tits have an appeal to men across the board imho. I think that huge crappers on women is the black dude thing.

      4. This drifted off into race quickly so let me partake. Proper women are larger, not obese but larger. European males paraded malnourished white women around as the ideal but in a natural setting devoid of all the luxuries of survival, who would you want carrying your child, a skinny woman on the brink of starvation or a woman capable of nurturing a child through famine? Europe, being the 2nd most fruitless continent (antarctica being the first) on earth created some super dysfunctional cultural trends. Fight for food led to fat men and skinny women. Africa had the opposite. Mungo Park, a European explorer of Africa in the 18th century made this observation. Olaudah Equiano an African freed slave that moved to Europe in the 18th century observed the opposite. Spanish soldiers observed larger women in the Americas and English soldiers observed the same in Australia. Asian is similar in Europe.

        1. You’re never going to convince me, or any normal white guy, that fat chicks are hot. I didn’t say obese, I said fat. Which is more or less what you said.
          The pic of the blonde with the big cans I posted above is more or less the ideal of the vast majority of white guys, although the hair color varies by taste. That’s what we like, that’s what our art has always reflected since ancient times, and we are not, nor will we ever be, as a general rule, into fat broads.
          Sorry man.

        2. Yeah that makes sense, it also makes sense why men prefer the hourglass figure (wider hips for birthing, bigger breasts for nursing). However, the chick in this article has more of the chub/muffin type look where it’s just too thick.

        3. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy that standard too. I’m just saying the white male preference is waning in favor of proper women the way they are supposed to be. It won’t be immediate but standards are trending. I spend a ton of time in Sweden and I’m seeing a trend of “before and after” pictures where the “before” is traditional white male standards and the “after” is bigger with curves. White women are striving to look like black ones. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and J-Lo are having an effect on beauty ideals.

        4. Agreed. If you start off with that at 18, by 30 she’s unrecognizable and when she has a kid it’s catastrophic.

        5. Europe knows how to produce food very well, you dimwit. How did tey have enough food to travel to other continents & conquer? Why all deez commercials with starving Africans wanting my $?

        6. Europe has been on welfare since the 15th century. TODAY, France receives $600 BILLION in welfare from its previous 14 colonies. That’s 1/5 of its economy and France would be a 3rd world nation without it. England steals more African resources than France by way of its “commonwealth” where the wealth it receives is only common with the white parts and leaves the dark portions poor. “Food to travel?” European men pillaged every country they ever went to. Try reading…

        7. They sure were. Africa brought civilization to Europe in 711AD. This is something American history books conveniently leave out. We introduced Europe to its first university, the compass, modern navigation and map making, medicine and Farming. Africans created paved lit roads and an education system in Europe when London, Paris and Berlin were huts and barns. Look it up and see how disillusioned you are.

        8. You must be braindead. Go back to my first comment. France alone steals 600 BILLION in resources from its previous 14 colonies. That’s nearly the amount of the whole US military budget. That amount can double the gdp of the 43 poorest African nation. England steals more. President Kagame of Uganda just rejected a scam the US was pulling on them by sending overpriced used clothes instead of letting them develop their own textile industry. This is the face of Western oppression. All Western nation have always just defrauded others. Before they Left Europe, they defrauded themselves. I’m sure that was all over your head so go ahead and proceed with your unintelligent comment like “we wuz kangz” or “Idindunuffin.” Go ahead and show how incapable of complex thought you are…

        9. LOL. This shows how bad you want to believe Europe is not on Welfare. You aren’t too good of a reader either, nor is the person on that website. That Bloomberg article he references is about a $20Billion fund to stabilize the CFA Frank. It has nothing to do with the money France steals from its colonies. BUT, one good that comes from that article is an admission that France takes 50% from these colonies. Being that the combined GDP of these nations is $1.4 TRILLION, $500 Billion sounds about right. Can you imagine the Chaos your home would be in if some worthless idiot took 50% of your income? Here’s an article about France’s welfare:
          The French President even said that France would be a third-world-nation without what it steals. Now go ahead and say something dumb and dismissive so you don’t have to own up to your mistake. Go ahead!

        10. The only reason France ever rose to prominence was Africa. Look at all the gaudy monuments in relation to France’s foothold in Africa and ask yourself where did they get the money. Europe has always cheated and are only first-class nations according to the European scale Europe created. European men created a social model based on scarcity in an abundant world SMH??? They designed this social model for themselves to win, THEN BRAG BECAUSE THEY ARE WINNING. SMH!!! Sadly, we catch on quick, your lead IN YOUR OWN SOCIAL SYSTEM is fading away and the nations you built with other people’s resources are slipping back to the 3rd world status they deserve. Smart countries like Sweden, Denmark and Germany are embracing Africans’ takeover. England and France are resistant. Your very last stronghold of white male supremacy is Hungary and we’ve got our eyes on that place as well. We Africans will civilize this world and make it enjoyable as it should be. We will teach you Europeans and Asians (Muslims are Asian BTW) how to enjoy and have confidence in Mother Nature’s ability to take care of humanity. The Western social model is built on institutionalized barbarity where European men just displaced their own dysfunctionality onto other people then claim this backward behavior is human nature.

        11. I’m trying to figure out what you’re reading. I told you Europe was on Welfare, you sent me some crack website who’s owner tried to pass off an article about the CFA stabilization fund as proof that France doesn’t steal $500 BILLION yearly, even though it says that France takes 50% of those countries’ money. I point this out to you and even show you where the old French President said France would be a 3rd world nation and you say “I’m full of sh*t???” SMH??? Sounds like you’re immune facts and intelligence.
          As far as “black neighborhoods,” I still have yet to see a black neighborhood. Black people live in white neighborhoods occupied by black people. We don’t own any of the infrastructure (Schools, police, courts etc). If we did they would be a lot better.

        12. Looks like you tapped out. Substantiated facts are too much for you to handle. At least you know now that Europe is on welfare, that Europe is the ghetto of the planet which makes Europeans the… of the world. Peace!

        13. Your statement has nothing to do with Europe being on Welfare. Will you just concede that you’ve lost this debate. OR prove me wrong.

        14. Europe is not on welfare, look at some currency exchange rates. I don’t care what you say is, “stolen” from Africa, if they are not getting fair value for their resources-then it looks like they are still weak bitches, doesn’t it? Just compare European stock exchanges vs anything you’d find to compare it with in Africa. Africans never even sailed to other continents or have managed to develop South Africa past what it was in the 60s. I have African neighbors that communicate with grunts back to you after you give them food. As always, negroids are like hemorrhoids-ALWAYS A PAIN IN THE ASS.

        15. What you call “weak bitches” I called civilized people not well vested in warfare. You’re exactly right. Whenever an African country tries to end the unfair trade, WHOOPS! Coup d’etat! I’m just lost, because why call a branch of humanity “weak bitches” because your race is better at barbarity. I thought you guys created civilization?
          Why would Africa compare with Western Stock Exchanges? The “Stock” comes from Africa. In fact, the VERY first stocks on the exchanges were African Slaves. Read a book for a change.
          Europe has controlled Africa since the 15th century. So how can people control their own destiny under those circumstances?
          The irony in your comment is that you want to claim to be “civilized” and bring civilization to other people BUT the first rule of civilization is to first be CIVIL. Please name a period in which Europe experienced peace. Today is the most peaceful it’s ever been and this is only because they displaced their own dysfunction onto other continents, mainly Africa. Europe still has yet to create a healthy society where everyone controls their own destiny and eats. European men only find ways to reorganize their own barbarism at everyone else’s expense. This is hardly innovative, rather it’s just a scam culture.
          BTW, Africans sailed to the Americas in the 11th century. Please look up Sundiata Keita, an African king who sailed to America 200 years before Christopher Columbus. This is conveniently left out of Western History books in favor of a story where Christopher Columbus “discovers” a continent that is occupied by other people. SMH???
          Ooops. I let you get me off topic. Regardless of exchange rates, stock markets or any other thing to complicate the Welfare process, EUROPE IS ON WELFARE. Notice that you’re not saying, “They don’t take this money because xxxxx. You’re saying, “They’re taking this money because Africans are weak bitches.” So you admit they’re on welfare.

    3. Speaking as someone who grew up in Oakland that girl would be considered about an 8 out there. The people of Oakland are very ugly inside and out.

    4. I never been a fan of the big ones, more than a handful is a waste. The pancake saggers or the cantaloupes both equally turn me off.
      The girl in this article is way below average regardless of her tit size, someone would have to pay me to fuck her and I’d need a viagra. There’s no way I could naturally sport a diamond cutter around her. oof. Must have been some very thirsty cops.

      1. “There’s no way I could naturally sport a diamond cutter around her.”
        LOL. Upvoted for this line alone. “Diamond cutter.” I’m stealing that.

      2. Big have to be firm and young. No exceptions. Big and floppy/saggy? No thanks.

    5. A thin girl with big tits is a work of art. A fat girl with big tits is a fat girl who happens to have big tits. Nothing remotely special there.
      Evidently Oakland cops will fuck anything that moves.

      1. This, to me, is pretty damned near perfect. And she looks like a ringer for a girl I’ve dated too. God seems to toss this type at me for reasons I have yet to explain, but for which I’ve given Him thanks all of my life. It’s like they seek me out.
        These cops pay cheetos to fuck an ugly whore, God sends these women running to me for free. Fuck cops. Heh.

        1. Dude, those things defy gravity (well, on the girl I dated they did). Holy monkey sauce, the vision of her bouncing up and down on top of me is a vision that would make any man believe in God. And glancing down at her abundance while she’s on her knees blowing? Divine grace and inspiration. Just magnificent.

        2. If allowing her to blow me makes me gay, then guilty as charged!
          Hell, boys can be girls. Cowards are heroes. Up is down. Black is white. Words are meaningless these days. The only meaning is my cock in this chick’s mouth.

        3. On the brink of “too big”, but still inside the “Perfect size” zone.
          I would take a “flat chest” over “too big”.

        4. Fake tits are definitely not my thing, but I do appreciate nice, firm big natural tits.

        5. If you really think God is tossing those girls to you, then you have not read what the Bible says about fornication. Sex is ONLY between a man and a woman in the bonds of holy matrimony. All others will suffer judgment from the Almighty. That might not be popular today, but it is Bible and it is God’s word.
          1Cor 6:9-11
          Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but
          ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of
          our God.

    6. It’s because for the longest time prior to pasteurized milk that’s where we got our feed.

      1. Sure, but still, just big tits as objects on a fat girl? Fuck that, I’d rather eat at McDonalds.

    7. Right with you in this.
      To worship giant boobs and ass when the woman is otherwise disgusting is degenerate.
      It’s a shrinking back to the most low-level, purely biological procreative impulse.
      It’s eating a whole box of donuts after smoking a giant spliff. It’s gynocentric, a sleepy and reduced state for a man.

      1. Patrice o Neil – “What else you got?” If all you got is a great body fine, but is that really it?
        Ought to be every disciplined man’s mantra/mindset. Train that damned monkey brain.

    8. It would be best if the policemen involved were held personally liable for their actions, but modern precedents give blanket immunity to government officials for actions taken on the job. So the taxpayers end up getting punished for the policemen’s actions.

    9. You say she’s not a thin beautiful woman as if it’s not obvious she’s not thin. Women don’t have to be thin to be attractive for all men out there. You like skinny women with big boobs, great. Not everyone does. You’ve reiterated this countless times on this site.

    10. Indeed, contrary to what Family Guy and other media sources claim, there IS such thing as “too big” when it comes to breasts.
      But breast size is irrelevant when it comes to females with such a porcine figure.

    11. I’m powerless against giant bewbs. They beguile and addle me like some sort of voodoo spell….

    12. The ol’ Honey Badger con is one of the oldest tricks in the book. This alone is reason enough for men who can’t afford to have any compromising photos become public to keep it in their pants. Personally, I couldn’t care less if photos of me carousing with a 17-year-old (age of consent is 16 in the UK) were to become public. Of course, I would never shag anyone so fugly that public knowledge of our escapades would be a source of shame rather than pride for me.

    13. Pretty much all fat bitches have big titties. It’s a given. Big titties on a fat bitch are like a washboard stomach on a 6′ 150lb dude.

      1. Looking at her pictures, it is pretty clear that the primary payment method for this sloot has always been cheetos.

        1. orange cheeto dust all over here chest…licking her orange fingers…Ill stop now

      2. Remember, kids, don’t do drugs. Or California cops. Or Cheetos. I actually have a shameful Cheetos habit myself, this almost makes me wanna quit, but I think I’m just going to have to hit rock bottom before I’m ready to go without my daily fix of cheesy bliss. Though right now my bottom is kind of the opposite of rock, more like Jello bottom, lol.

  5. I’m still not clear on what basis the city is paying her. Supposedly lost income? But since prostitution is (I think) illegal there, how can they impute lost income from an illegal activity?

    1. It’s “please go away and don’t sue us” money. Basis for her suit would probably be underage sex, and likely she would also claim the cops were abusing their authority to extort her – they wouldn’t lock her up if she fucked them. May not be true, but the city would pay a fortune to lose in court because it’s already known that the cops fucked her, so it comes down to a he said she said where the cops already look shady as fuck.

      1. That makes the most sense. Although the city likely just opened a huge can of worms for themselves (and other cities) where hookers gave away their goods to police officers or other public employees.

        1. Nah. This can was opened long ago. Nothing new. The only reason you heard about it this time was that it was so egregious AND this chick is a social media whore who spread it. This kind of hush money has been paid for ages.

    2. Its California- all logic and common sense went out the window decades ago. The Dem’s in the house wanted to fund their version of Ocare by tripling a tax from 13% tp 39%(forget the tax, maybe property) but even the state senate, also run by D’s, had to put the kibosh on that insanity

      1. That’s interesting. You would think with Ocare, states wouldn’t need their own versions. Was this to fund the Medicare expansion piece of Ocare, or was this truly a separate state system? If the latter, it speaks volumes about how shitty Ocare really is. Actually, either way it speaks volumes.

        1. their own version. Wish I could remember the tax, maybe gasoline?
          Estimated cost for free care in their state was 400 billion dollars.

        2. Damn. So you have Ocare, and its so shitty you ALSO need CACare. What a fucking joke! Oh well, as far as I’m concerned, the sooner we tax these limousine liberal fucks into the poorhouse the sooner we will see then end of their influence, so tax away!

        3. It’s worse than Obama care. The California proposal is a British national health service or Canadian health service style single payer plan, where there is no private insurance, there is no private marketplace. Everything relating to health care is owned by and run by the government. Cradle-to-grave health care given out by an organization with all the efficiency of the Postal Service and all of the customer friendliness of the average Department of Motor Vehicles worker.
          We all know that if Commiefornia enacts this, the state will go bankrupt faster than Bill Clinton would go down on hooker, and then the rest of us will have to bail the stupid assholes out. Worse, other states, and possibly the feds, will see this as some sort of brave new trend and copy it, to the detriment of the country.

      2. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful state is run by such meat heads.
        PS, No Coke. Pepsi.

  6. This is why laws that treat adults who have consensual sex with teenagers as being equal to adults who rape toddlers are ridiculous. I mean, if it’s incest or a teacher or someone else in direct authority over the young person, that’s a different story also, but it sounds like that wasn’t the case here. Also an excellent example there of how lifestyle choices influence the aging process, she does have a certain past her prime look about her which is tragic for a teenager. I know a lot of women my age (33) who don’t look nearly as bad as this girl. Now that I think of it, there’s a lot of talk about how having kids ruins a woman’s body, but it seems like women who marry at 20-ish and stay married a lot of times end up looking better in their 30s and 40s than the ones who are still single at that age, even though the married ones usually have kids and you’d think the single gals would be extra motivated to keep themselves up. But it’s not so much about the superficial stuff like their figures or how they dress so much as it’s something deeper I think. Like the girl in this story sounds hot on paper, young, big boobs, not skinny but not fat either, long hair, nothing wrinkled or saggy or any other obvious signs of aging. But there’s just something about her, a sense of “harshness” I guess, she doesn’t give the impression of being a happy, kind, sweet hearted girl, which is actually a big part of attractiveness I think. Not to say that if you’re obese or have a goblin face being sweet and kind make up for it, they dont, but even though a beautiful heart can’t necessarily cover bad genetics/physical looks, an ugly heart can sure ruin good looks. I don’t even necessarily think it was all the sex per se that ruined her, but just the general attitude of I’ll just use whoever to get what I want in the moment.

    1. “Now that I think of it, there’s a lot of talk about how having kids
      ruins a woman’s body, but it seems like women who marry at 20-ish and
      stay married a lot of times end up looking better in their 30s and 40s
      than the ones who are still single at that age, even though the married
      ones usually have kids and you’d think the single gals would be extra
      motivated to keep themselves up.”
      Two words: hookup culture. The single girls are putting lots of hard miles on their bodies, drinking, drugging, smoking, and carouseling.
      The moms may be popping out kids, but for the ones with a solid family, that keeps you away from the hard life, and to be honest – kids bring lots of joy into your life, and it keeps you young.

    2. Women who have children young seem borderline improved by the process oftentimes. Their bodies are functioning as nature intended and they are more likely to stay away from drug and drink.

      1. Gotta say, I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen a woman have a kid at 17 and turn out well, even when she married the father.

    3. Yeah, as much as one hates pedophilia there must be some kind of judicial middle ground regarding people in their late teens.

  7. I’m feeling mean today. After all, nice guys finish last. Shame she didn’t develop a heroin habit and then get a bag spiked with fentanyl. Problem solved.

    1. Here is the thing, I am not sure why she should be hanged or, really, in any other way punished. She is a whore. I am ok with prostitution. People should have that right to sell their bodies if they want or to buy sex if they want. As a whole she is working all the angles she can to make money. So we have established that she is a whore and a hustler. These aren’t two things that I highly value for sure, but not things I would see ought to be punished. It would seem to me that if anyone needs to be strung up it is the idiots who let a whore hustle for a million dollars of tax payer money. AFAIC the whore didn’t do anything wrong.

        1. She could have been told no by someone who wasn’t a total pussy though…it is the person who accepted the blackmail that i think is really to blame. The proper answer to a whore trying to blackmail you is to punch the whore in the eye.

        2. My thoughts exactly. The reason this whore was able to get away with it is because the wimps she was dealing with weren’t real men. A whore is a whore and you can’t change her or expect decency from her. But you can tell her no.

        3. Yes, exactly. You can’t expect a whore not to be a money grubbing, blackmailing hustler. That’s why pimps smack them around….to keep them in line.

      1. I wouldn’t say she’s fat exactly, I think pudgy is probably the best word for it, might even be kinda cute if she were more the sweet, innocent type. But I can see her getting huge in 10-20 years for sure, some people you can see the fat coming a mile away, so to speak.

    1. Fine with adding this to the lexicon. But, I definitely WNTBCF. That’s about where she scores on my value scale – below a bag of cheetos.

        1. it was truly difficult to read and process that….but no one ever said it was easy….being cheesy

        2. Eh, I think Peart may be the exception to the rule. Way ahead of his time and did technical things thirty years ago that modern drummers still can’t even approach doing.

    2. To be fair, when the guy said fuck me and i will give you a cheesy sack of toxic crap pumped full of orange dye and sold to ignorant people with no taste maybe this whore thought she would be the next first lady… being a prostitute is now an official stepping stone for that “job”

      1. I’d love it if you would make a similar comment at Breitbart. The reaction will be hilarious!

  8. Eh, I can’t really blame her. They scorned her. You can tease women, you can mock them, come on to them, pedestalize them, nice guy them, bad boy them, play them, cheat on them, use them for cash, lie to them, tell them the truth, anger them, brutalize them, corrupt them, enlighten them, princess them, put buns in the oven, force them to abort, pimp them out, even wife them. They’ll do what they do with all of that.
    But if you scorn them? That’s how wars get started.

  9. This is what happens when a society is ruled by laws instead of universal principles.
    Men act on our principles, even when it hurts, even when it’s scary. Women and manginas, who have no self-governing principles of their own, don’t. They always back down when things get tough. Men live and die behind the principles they stand on. Judges swirl their skirts and hide behind the law.
    Unfortunately in the feminized civilization, we have inherited, society will inevitably revert to a complete tyrannical rule of law where nothing makes sense.

  10. “Western economists are in awe of one of the greatest examples of price inflation ever seen, as Guap raised the price for defiling her body from a bag of Cheetos (her 2015 rate) to just short of a million dollars in the span of less than two years.”

  11. that payout technically makes her a high class hooker, which is as near as she’ll get

  12. “Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico”
    Everyone knows that that is a party universidad

  13. * No money should be given to this girl. She should get mandatory counselling, education and some self esteem classes. You can’t reward this behaviour as she and her parents have responsibility in this as well.
    * All the cops who banged her while underage fired, arrested and they should be the ones paying for this woman to get mandatory help. not the tax payer.
    * The cops who had sex with her while over 18, while working disciplined or fired
    * Cops who banged her over the age of 18 on their own time, absolutely did nothing wrong. They should sue her and spin this.
    Tired of this victim creating in exchange for money. Tired of parents not taking responsibility for their kids. Tired of men being stupid with their dicks. No underage pussy is worth it and have sex on your time as not worth losing a good paying job.
    Most of us have been there and regretted sex with a woman almost immediately, right after the sperm left the shaft that oh fuck what did I do moment, so we all get it.
    * But as a man you have to learn to restrain your urges to have sex with certain people. Underage, crazy, people, married, diseased, gold diggers etc just are not worth the time and it will cost you one way or another.

      1. With a platform like this, we’ll have to skip the elections and just make him king.

    1. One of my key distinctions between being a man and being a boy: the ability to turn down the poon. I’ve turned down more over the years than most men I know have ever had offered to them. The minute many women find out you won’t just bury Willie Johnson in the nearest warm wet cavern, it’s game on! Especially, it seems, if you are married, lol. To me being a man is ultimately about self control and self discipline. What I see in this situation are a bunch of overgrown boys in uniform, swaggering around with guns and little or no control over their biological urges or emotions. That is a recipe for disaster.

        1. He’ll win because you forgot about lawyers. She’ll only end up with about $500,000 pre-tax.

        2. I am thinking that whatever is done after her shopping spree will be spent at the fountainbleu in miami for new years.

        3. right. She will clear 300k and immediately buy 150k worth of clothes and handbags and start traveling.

        4. Plus she’ll give some to her mom and her friends and that guy that gave her the tingles once when she was 12.

        5. I bet you a bag of cheetos and raise you two bags of doritos. Shouldn’t they be called Cheatos?

        6. oh you know how fast every whore she ever cried with in a bathroom, every dealer, ever ex stunt cock will come out of the wood work needing a few dollars? And forget her pimp. If you think a prostitute is going to get a 300k payday and not kick money upstairs without winding up in a river you’re nuts.

        7. Not rich enough to know by experience either, but found a couple of articles that say no.
          Basis is that a jury award is compensation for injuries, i.e. to make one whole again in restitution for damages– so it isn’t income.
          By that theory though, she was worth a $1 million before this happened and this brings her back to pre-cop coitus status. A dubious legal position if ever there was one.

      1. In fairness, you can buy a 40 case of cheetos online for $40. So she only has to eat less than 35 cases of cheetos per day to exhaust her funds. And by the looks of her, that’s doable.

        1. Well it’s fucking dark in my basement while I’m studying for my Haitian law degree, which requires hard mathz. FUCKKKKKKK!

        2. If you’re doing hard math for your Haitian law degree, then the AIDs has already gotten to your brain.

        3. Yeah, but AIDS can’t kill you if you don’t believe in it. And a witch doctor can cure you anyway. So I’m more worried about memorizing all 64,000 genders for my employment law seminar.

        4. FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Serious question – given this rate, how long until your gender just becomes your name?

  14. Looks good on the cops. Arresting people in prostitution stings then putting their dick in that. Only one cop fell on his sword like a man.

        1. I am a male. Anything longer than it is wide (i.e. a sword) can be reduced to the comically phallic. And Since this story is essentially about fukking, my joke kinda writes itself.

        2. I think that is a constitutional amendment which guarantees us that right.

        3. “Explaining humor is a lot like dissecting a frog, you learn a lot in the process, but in the end you kill it.”- Mark Twain
          Or was it Ghandi?
          Probably not Ghandi, his was: “I don’t explain my jokes to bitches. If they don’t laugh, I titty twist them and shove my dong in when they open their mouth. Laughter … pain … whatever gets their mouth open for my cock.” – Ghandi

        4. Of course……or even the more cerebral:
          “I’ll mark YOUR twain!!!!”
          what was I thinking….

        5. actually that would be good as Mark Twain is a nautical term which means a depth of 12 feet (2 fathoms)

        6. As a side note, I have always fucking hated Jules Verne for his title 50,000 leagues under the sea. Fathoms mark depth. Leagues mark distance. One would not be 50,000 Leagues under a sea they would be 50,000 leauges out at sea which would be about 172,500 miles where as 50,000 fathoms under the sea would be 100k yards which would also be bullshit as the deepest part of the sea is the Mariana Trench which is only 36,070 feet deep. So what the fuck is Verne talking about here? Really? What?

        7. It should come as no surprise, but this used to bother me too.
          Used to:
          see, the explanation is – the 20k leagues is the distance they traveled while ‘under the sea.’

        8. When quoting Gandhi please site him. As Gandhi always used to say “people who quote me and don’t properly site me will find themselves eating their own mother’s fucking spleen if i catch them — which I will.

        9. “Verne was born to bourgeois parents in the seaport of Nantes”
          What the hell kind of identifier is that? Who says “I was born to bourgeois parents”. lol

        10. sounds like BS to me. That would still be 20 Thousand Leagues Out at Sea while x fathoms under it. Granted it doesn’t have the same ring, but really Jules Verne? Really?

        11. That’s just like Han Solo saying the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Everyone knows parsec is a measure of distance, not time. Jeeze.

        12. yes, another one that is fucking annoying! I always hated that. He made the kessel run in under 12 parsecs literally means fucking nothing.

        13. “I was born a poor black child” –Steve Martin
          Now that is how you identify.

        14. And don’t give me that “he meant that he took a shortcut that shaved more than 6 parsecs off the otherwise 18-parsec long Kessel Run.” I mean, everyone knows that’s just bullshit retconning.

        15. the full quote on this was “As I was telling Mick Jagger and Prince Charles the other day at a party we were at which was being hosted by Derek Jeter, it is tasteless to drop names you fucking faggots”

        16. Yeah, but to travel at faster than light speed, they would probably have to bend space-time, so this may not technically be incorrect. Maybe he just bent space-time along the Kessel run to be CLOSER than anyone else had.

        17. yeah, basically the Kessel run is either more, less or the exact distance of 12 parsecs. If the standard by which it is judged is 12 parsecs than that is simply the distance of the kessel run. If Han made that trip in less than 12 parsecs all that means is that he found a short cut and avoided taking the (((kessel))) run.
          BTW: all of this stuff is and has always seemed much more important to me than Fas or antifas or presidents or whatever.

        18. I agree. Which is part of why I am seriously considering putting together a movement to impeach J.J. Abrahms.

        19. See you’re tripping up now – I could say I’m making the “NY run” from Florida.
          Now – if I DONT cut across Idaho, I would be shaving some measure of distance off the ‘run’.

        20. Could almost buy this if every single ship didn’t have a warp drive at this point. Bragging that you can break light in the millennium falcon would be the equivalent of me saying I had power windows on my ’02 civic

        21. He’s pretty good at delivering reach arounds, I hear.

        22. Yeah, but we’re talking about breaking light. Once that can be done, what’s to say it can’t be done faster? In other words, maybe the Falcon’s warp drive is more souped up. All hotrods have some fancy engine, but Han tricked his out to give it that little extra horsepower umph that allowed him to shorten the run.

        23. That is incorrect because the kessel run is the name of a specific hyperspace route used by smugglers. It is a particular route with particular directions which make it difficult to navigate and an ideal place for smugglers who are looking to avoid imperial cruisers. Han isn’t bragging about making it from point A to point B he is bragging about making it from point A to point B using a specific predetermined route. If he takes a different route then he is NOT doing the kessel run.

        24. Except he didn’t shorten the run by an amount of time… he shortened it by an amount of distance. So the speed of his engines isn’t what is important, but the technology of his hyper-drive calculating computer thingy.

        25. it can be done faster…what you can’t do is take a specific route from point A to point B in less distance as the route is pre-determined. If you do violate the specific distance then it is no longer the kessel run. Han wasn’t bragging about the time the kessel run took him he was bragging about the distance the kessel run was for him implying he went about it in a way that was a different distance than all the other smugglers who took the exact same route did which is out and out bull plop

        26. “It is a particular route with particular directions which make it
          difficult to navigate and an ideal place for smugglers who are looking
          to avoid imperial cruisers.”
          This is either conjecture, or else found in other sources beyond The Movie.
          For the purposed of the film, and the film alone, his claim is arguably sound.

        27. correct “i made the kessel run in 1 hour” Assuming that an average time to make the kessel run is 2 hours would be an impressive feet. “I traversed 12 miles in only 8 miles” is straight fuckery

        28. Nah, I’m with Hippo man here. The word “Run” implies a predetermined route, alone and on its face.

        29. The kessel run is long standing cannon as a specific route that smugglers take which is 12 parsecs long. Don’t you watch bonus features?

        30. As much as I hate to argue against myself, if we are referring to outside sources… one only has to look at the Cannonball Run to see that shortening distance rather than time could be a legitimate boast.

        31. No, remember, I’m saying he’s bending space-time further – that’s the only way you can theorietically exceed the speed of light. When you bend the space-time the distance between the points gets shorter, which is the only way to traverse the distance in the span of our lifetimes.

        32. Yeah, “faster” is inartful. What I mean is shorter by bending the space between the points.

        33. and even if not its pattently absurd. Here are some fair assumptions
          Han was proud of his Kessel run record
          He was proud of this because it is ostensibly a feat that not many if any have achieved.
          He mentions it specifically which makes it clear that not only other smugglers would know it but that simply mentioning the kessel run was something that enough people would be familiar with. (if I tell you that i made it from new york to montauk in 2 hours on my motorcycle it might sound impressive but if i tell GOJ and don’t give him access to a map or tell him how many miles or what the traffic is like then it means nothing)
          Also, if it was a point A to point B he might have said he made it from here to the kessel system. BUt no, he says the Kessel Run
          So we are working on an assumption that the Kessel run is a well defined way to get from one place to another and that it is common enough that he feels bragging about to to people in a bar on tatooine who are quite obviously strangers there would have some kind of meaning to them. Nope. Han is full of shit.

        34. No, you’re just talking out your ass and making up sciencey sounding shit. This isn’t Star Trek where you just “ionize the dyllithium crystals” and everything is just magically fine. This is Star Wars, so its real shit.

        35. This is a funny debate. Utterly meaningless, but still.
          Sci-Fi, which I do like, always makes me chuckle with its easy assumptions and bold predictions about this kind of space travel. Spend a few semesters in a physicals and astrophysics class and that fantasy bubble bursts like a party balloon being swarmed by hornets.

        36. THat requires too much explaination for Han to merely throw out the line “this ship made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs” to a bunch of strangers who may or may not have even known what a) the kessel run was b) what a parsec was c) whether or not that was a good amount of whatever.
          Much better explanation that Lucas dropped the ball here.

        37. The silliest part about the “parsec” thing is not whether it’s speed or distance, but rather, that a parsec describes exactly one thing – the distance between the sun and the EARTH. It would mean NOTHING in the Star Wars universe.
          “What is this Earth thing you reference and why does the distance between it and its star mean anything to us?”

        38. The rules in the original cannonball race that the movie was based on said specifically that the drivers could take any route they wished. The fact that it needed to be stated explicitly connotes it as an exception rather than rule.

        39. Yeah, I argued the other sides of arguments from 1992-206 until i realized Theron wasn’t going to fuck me. It was like that time I did a stint loitering until i realized it was a crime that didn’t earn any money.

        40. Wrong:

          Don’t paint me with the Star Trek brush. That shit’s for faggz.
          Imagine that you draw two dots on a piece of paper. Connect them with a line. Label it the “Kessel Run” and ascribe it a value of parsecs (something greater than 14). That’s the normal Kessel Run – both route and lengths of it. Now fold the paper so that the two dots touch, measure the space between the dots and call that 12 parsecs. That’s what Han did.

        41. Far more meaningful than every single debate or article on this site that used the word “antifa” imho.
          Sci-Fi doesn’t need to correspond to the rules of Newtonian physics. They only need to remain consistent with their own internal logic

        42. Dude, so many genders takes a lot of time to teach. And that’s before you even start on each specific one’s grievances against the others….

        43. Granted, but if the generally accepted wisdom was that the distance from the beginning to the end was approximately 2,900 miles, then someone could legitimately boast that he made the Cannonball Run in 2,500 miles.

        44. I’m aware of that. I just find the assumptions that the author(s) assume that the reader is not even vaguely unaware of to be pretty vast. As I said, I like sci-fi. But a lot of it with regard to space travel is complete and utter nonsense of the first order that no amount of “technological improvements in The Future” will ever actually surmount.

        45. Ah shit, you’re right. What word was I thinking of? In any event, it still involves “The Earth”, which would render it meaningless in the SW universe.

          One parsec corresponds to the distance at which the mean radius of the earth’s orbit subtends an angle of one second of arc.

        46. I don;t know, maybe he’s making a rhetorical appeal to authority so Luke and Obi-wan would trust him. Throwing meaningless word salad at people who don;t speak it doesn’t stop SJWs…

        47. Wait a minute. You are arguing based on a false assumption. Who says that in the SW universe they have not ascribed the word parsec to something relevant to them?

        48. correct, but only since there was a caveat in the rules specifically allowing for racers to take any route they wanted. For Han to mention the kessel run as an objective measure of the ships ability (remember this is in response to luke thinking the Falcon looked crappy) and not in any way about his ability as a pilot the assumption really has to be that even a dippy kid who was a farm hand at a moisture farm on tattoine would know exactly what the kessel run was. If doing the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs has anything meaningful to say about the ship itself Luke had to know the kessel run, know the distance and then either the Falcon does as Nemesiss says, using its warp speed gets around space time….which only mkaes it as good as any of the newer ships and not particualrly special, or says that Han found a way around the normal 12 parsec distance which really doesn’t answer luke’s question about the quality of the ship

        49. That’s kind of silly don’t you think?
          I mean I get it, they had to use something we could relate to. I think maybe SW (I don’t know, not a fan of the franchise but I have seen the first three movies) references some form of “meter” now and then too? Lots of sci-fi, where earth isn’t int he picture, do this. If words that we accept as valid in our galaxy suddenly have different meanings and contexts in other galaxies, then it renders storytelling meaningless. If Alice goes down the rabbit hole, but in that world rabbit hole actually means “train tunnel” but we’re not informed of it or shown it in any manner then the author is being disingenuous with the reader since the logical assumption will be “the known” not the “we didn’t tell you we called it something else here, sorry”.
          This whole decades long debate could have been avoided by using a fake word instead.

        50. Dude, I totally get what you are saying, but see my earlier comment to Bem – Mark Twain, meet frog.

        51. No, you’re just dead wrong. Everyone folds the paper. Everyone doing the Kessel Run uses a hyperdrive, you ignorant slut. You can’t say “he folded the paper more” or “he got the two dots closer together when he folded the paper” because the hold “folding the paper” thing is an analogy to explain the theory to primitive ape minds. The purpose of “folding the paper” is to make the two spots occupy the same spot at the same moment. Its not *shortening* the distance between the two points, it’s making the two spots in the same place at the same time. That’s a warp jump, or a wormhole, or a warp gate. Totally different from light speed or hyper speed. Everyone knows this. Literally (hitler) everyone.

        52. Alternatively, he could have purposely used parsecs knowing that it didn’t make any sense to test if they knew anything about space travel, which might allow him to further swindle them in the future. Or maybe he was just trolling them by making fun of them to their faces by saying meaningless shit. That sounds like something Han would have done.

        53. Goddamn you, I’m not talking about worm holes, I’m just trying to illustrate a concept here. In the movie, none of these fuckers are going anywhere instantaneously, which is what would happen if you made the points into the same place. I’m saying, on the pre-folded sheet, imagine that is the normal state of warp drive space-time bending. Then Bend it more.
          Hell, do it this way: After drawing the dots and the line, fold (not crease) the sheet slightly – distance between dots = xx (normal parsecs); now fold it further = distance between dots = Solo’s 12 parsecs.
          Let’s get real here – why do you hate our childhood?

        54. If you are not talking about worm holes, then why the fuck are you using the folding paper analogy to explain what you are talking about? That is what the folded paper analogy demonstrates.
          I love our childhood. I am only seeking to secure the existence of our childhood and a future for Star Wars, you fucking science bigot.

        55. For fuck’s sake, I’ll refine again so your Ewok mind can understand. The paper, unfolded, is the fucking Kessel run without warp drive. To make it in xx parsecs, ships engage their warp drive and the paper bends slightly. Han BENT THE FUCKING PAPER HARDER.
          Here’s my legal advice to you – go online and buy yourself the Millennium Falcon Lego set. Play with it, blow shit up, hide it in your closet so your friends don’t tease, but you can still know it’s there. You will feel better and it will help release your pent up frustrations so that you don’t pollute children’s minds by making them think Han was incompetent when he was really incredibly cunning.

        56. I’ve already explained to you why you can’t “bend the paper harder”. The point of folding space-time is to make two points occupy the same space at the same time. You can’t get them any close together distance-wise because they are in the same place at the same time. The ship doesn’t travel from one spot on the paper to the other by leaping through the air, the spot the ship is at occupies the same space/time as the other spot.
          And its WELL established that Chewy was the one with all the brands in the outfit, so don’t even GO there.

        57. ” That’s what Han did.”
          Here is the problem….that would say something about han being piolt but han’s response that the falcon did the kessel run in under 12 parsecs was because luke impugned the falcon saying it looked old. So it isn’t something about what Han did it is something about the ships capability an dbeing able to bend space/time like that, while possibly impressive for an older ship…we don’t know, but maybe….is literally “power steering” on modern ships.

        58. You’re hopeless. You probably had the Ewok tree playset thing and thought it was the shizz.

        59. Speaking about our childhood, I am assuming you and @Ainigmaris:disqus and @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus and many of us are around the same age. Do you guys feel that we were given massive amounts of preparation to deal with quicksand as kids? I mean, the inordinate amount of quicksand preparedness that I received from TV and movies in the years between 1970-1990 would seem to connote a world in which quicksand was a far more common problem.

        60. Motherfuck. You geek-holes are worse than a panel of judges. That’s what the Millenium Falcon did.

        61. But literally EVERY ship could do that so there is no point in mentioning it. The Falcon didn’t have any technology that wasn’t run of the mill for like every freaking ship capable of intergalactic travel. That the ship could go into hyperspace wouldn’t have even been impressive to Luke and he was an apprentice moisture farmer.

        62. FUCK YES! In fact, I think I just heard something on the radio the other day about this specifically – how quicksand was everywhere.
          I was sure that one day in the woods I would step into quicksand.
          Neverending Story fucked my ass up too. Artax!

        63. I was so sure quicksand was going to happen and I knew how to deal with it too. Number of times I was given childhood instruction on dealing with quicksand 10000000000 number of times I have encountered quicksand 0

        64. They really did do a good job preparing us for the threat of quicksand.

        65. The Ewok tree playset was the shit. I mean, it wasn’t as cool as the AT-AT but it was still awesome. It had the cool net thing and the little door in the tree. It was awesome.
          I’m sure you enjoyed your My Little Pony set much better, but those of us who were raised as boys loved the Ewok tree set.

        66. Wait – then that would mean there was nothing for Han to brag about. The fact that he says its the SHIP that made the run has to mean that the ship is capable of something the other ships are not. My contention: it bends the space time harder. It doesn’t make travel instantaneous because the ship occupies the same space, but bending the space allows you to shorten the distance between the points.

        67. I guess maybe, but there was really no reason to ever worry about it. Because there is *always* a tree branch that will be within arms reach, or someone walking around with a rope nearby.

        68. Gonna be brutally honest here – I did steal my little sister’s Sheerah Princess of Power Figures because the villains looked badass, and they had that awesome slime playset thing.

        69. I have honestly – no shit – contemplated whether quicksand is even real. I have never looked it up, partially because I am afraid it will ruin a huge part of my childhood if I were to discover that it was imaginary.

        70. I understand you are contending that it bends space and time harder but that is absurd. You are saying that a smuggler in a bar on Mos Eisey is in possession of great hyperspace engines than all of the Empire, galactic federation and every other individual out there? There is nothing to suggest that Han had any extraordinary technology and while Chebacca was a competent mechanic and pilot nothing to suggest he could have build a high tech hyperdrive engine from scratch which would have surpassed all the technology of the day. Pish posh!

        71. I am going to go with you on this and say that until I have empirical evidence to the contrary I will deny the existence of quicksand. I am an easy sell for this though as I really don’t acknowledge the existence of anything outside of manhattan.

        72. I think they also did a very thorough job of educating us about the power and dangers of hypnosis and mesmerism. Like anyone comes at me with yellow googly eyes, I’m totally grabbing a mirror and saying myself from getting turned into a brain-washed zombie.

        73. yes, along with quicksand and, of course, force fields, hypnosis and mesmerism were up there with the most common threats.

        74. As a lawyer have you ever tried a case where you were about to lose the case because the plaintiff was wearing a neck brace and seemed totally believable at which point you tossed your briefcase creating a sharp and loud noise forcing him to turn his head showing once and for all that he is a liar and, possibly, his pants were on fire.

        75. It would make more sense if you were baked. I know the newjacks like molly or oxy

        76. Haha! No. That would be epic, though. In my practice, most of it is decided on the papers. “Trials” are rare, and everything is known ahead of time. As a result, most of it settles before trial, and it is like a game of chicken to see who will bluff first.
          In truth, all that gotcha shit is almost exclusively consigned to the movies. The system is set up to explicitly prevent that – not that it is always successful. But the goal is that before you go to trial, each side knows exactly what evidence and witnesses the other side has, what those things/people will say, and the legal arguments each side will make based on the evidence and witnesses. It’s not a question of gotcha, it’s a question of who does the judge or jury believe more (or think is more legally correct).

        77. Says the dude who likes the Ewok playset. Shit is a grooming tool for gerbil fetishists.

        78. Whooooah buddy. Don’t forget, Han won that ship from Lando. Who knows where Lando got it, or who had made the improvements. And the whole point of the Falcon is that it can outrun imperial ships, which is what makes it great as a smuggling vessel.
          Hell, I have no problem whatsoever believing that the Falcon was more advanced than the Empire’s ships. It would have to be to avoid getting caught. Remember, the Empire isn’t focused primarily on stopping smuggling. Their fleet is designed to crush the rebellion with overwhelming force. You don;t need to be the fastest when they can just follow you and bring their numbers along.

        79. GI JOE HQ was an oil rig? this must be some cheaply slapped together, 1990s chinese crap. Golden era was the 1980s- all my toys were made in some magical place called Macao hahaha

        80. Lando? Lando? Lando was a hustler! While I will give you that the falcon was faster than Imperial Gun Ships, cruisers etc there is a larger smuggler culture out there. And again, we aren’t talking about the Falcon even being “faster” we are talking about it having technology which bends space time in a way that is otherwise unheard of.

    1. “Like a man”
      So men who do something wrong should repent by killing themselves?
      Seriously, gtfo.

      And tits

  15. The USA are truly f****d up place. This is beyond pathetic. I wouldn´t touch such a ho even with gloves on.

  16. This woman lived a subsistence lifestyle consisting of cheetos, gas station goodies and semen. Her reward is $1million dollars. How does this even make sense??

  17. Any guy who would pay money to have sex with that needs to get psychiatric help. She is repulsive.

      1. As a lawyer, I believe that every man is entitled to a defense. But I also believe you have just committed legal malpractice.

        1. You know what they say. A bird in the hand is worth more than two in this slut’s bush.

    1. Hey, johnny-come-lately, the current bet is 1 bag of Cheetos and 2 bags of Doritos that she’ll be broke by January.

      1. I’ve seen chicks in New Orleans flash their tits for plastic beads, but sex for Cheetos? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go visit my stock broker. Daddy’s gonna buy some Frito Lay stock.

  18. Jasmine Abuslin, who turned tricks under the name Celeste Guap […]
    I can’t quite provide a tangible reason why, this just feels backwards.
    Celeste Guap, who turned tricks under the name Jasmine Abuslin […]
    See? Much better.

  19. yuck, she is disgusting.
    I love the video showing her enormous hoop earrings; the bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe!

  20. When I was a cop we had to pass a psych eval. The cops who hit that, no idea how they passed theirs.

  21. This girl is fucked in the head. Forever. I have met many girls like this, all you Anglosphere-residing guys here have as well and these are a huge proportion of the women we are stuck with until if/when traditional moral male-enforced restrictions on female sexuality are ever enforced again.

    1. I keep seeing these comments. Come on, guys. We have all been there. 3 am, drunk as all fuck after a long week. Some ugly bitch with giant tits offers to blow you for a bag of Cheetos…

        1. Probably because she likes the taste best when they are covered in cum. So why not just do one stop shopping?

    2. Some of the cops might be married to women that look like her mom. Middle aged men in boring infrequent sex marriages, who want to get s taste of a slutty fun loving teen, to relive their memories of firm young p*ssy & titties.

  22. who paid her….
    She is disgusting…
    I am not even conversing on the matter of race mixing…
    In my book she is a 4…
    I am not going to comment on the rest… the article suffices!

    1. The one who paid it for a quick nut isn’t nearly as disgusting as the one that will marry it….

      1. I use a more scientific approach:
        0 must have many daring physical malformations
        1 must have a huge physical malformation
        2 must have a minor physical malformation
        3 must have a self-made malformation.
        4 Just doesn’t qualify as a 5 but has nothing that qualifies as a malformation.
        5 Just plain average… or else…. MEDIOCRE!!!
        6 Fuckable has in many cases a good charactecteristic that is overshadowed by a a bad one i.e. a nice body but a mediocre face with a cow glaze
        7 Must be pleasant to look at has some flaws but has a nice figure and face. In short beautiful but far from being a beauty
        8 Must be pleasant with a flawless skin nice and calming characteristics but just doesn’t qualify as a beauty.
        9 A beauty that lacks perfection consider most victoria’s secrets models in this category
        10 A beauty standard can be said to have no flaws.
        So by this she qualifies as a 4. Through my system the higher I tend to find on the street is a seven and my life once twice did I saw up close a 9 and thrice an 8. A 10 forget it only through magazines and tv or the net except if you are indescribably lucky.

        1. Very rigorously defined. I like it. I’ve been in the company of a few 8s and 9s in my time. But I’m never satisfied.

  23. Not only will she be broke in a few months, I’ll add to the prediction. Within 6 months, she’ll be 50+ lbs overweight (from all the cheetos) and will have a kid (or another). Probably a few more arrests for drug offenses, too.

  24. This goes much deeper, certainly. I bet the douche bag cops were ALSO paying her with confiscated drugs and the officers on her list of notch counts were high ranking. This is cover-up money and she probably also knows that her life is in danger if she opens her mouth again.
    Clearly a delusional chick like that wouldn’t be fucking cops for just bags of Cheetos… Granted, the boys in blue (balls) probably only rarely paid cash, but they paid in something else most assuredly.

    1. The very first thing I thought, too. Cheetos my ass, there were a lot of drugs that never made it to Evidence Control, and that’s why they’re so desperate to hush it up.

      1. Exactly. Chick was a known illicit drug user. Mom as dispatcher probably had some inside info and coached her.

    2. From reading the above I still don’t understand why she got a massive payout. What is she being compensated for exactly? whats her trauma
      The article mentioned she was annoyed because they were discussing her exploits.
      Duh, you sleep with 30 of the local cops and word is going to get around wtf did she expect. A linked article said she was exploited..she blackmailed them, not the other way around. Did she willingly sleep around with all these cops for kicks or is she a prostitute that these guys said have sex with me for free and I wont charge you. A linked article made no mention of her being a hooker and if she was she benefited by avoiding fines.
      She had the gall to originally sue the dept for $66m for having sex, when there is so many people suffering from health conditions they cant afford to fix or struggling to get by as working poor. Disgraceful waste of tax payer money. All the cops should be forced to do overtime for no pay to help compensate the dept. Seems her mom has also hit the jackpot with $133000 for being a call dispatcher.

      1. I think the extra 78k from being a dispatcher came from “overtime”, which in normal parlance means “gundecking her time reports” as government employees are known to do. Every year there is an ‘expose’ on city and state workers who take in 2-3 times their normal salaries, and the amount of OT necessary to attain these inflated salaries is determined to be mathematically impossible.

    1. We also reserve the right to wear our hair in buns. You guys all better stop that now.

        1. You’ve asked almost every woman who comments here to see her tits. I hate to break it to you, but desperation isn’t very attractive. Try charm instead.

        2. You know you could just come up with a better avatar and screen name so they don’t automatically know you’re a female. Just sayin…

        3. No man, for any considerable period, can wear one
          face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting
          bewildered as to which may be the true.

        4. you can’t retroactively claim to be not a fag for banging thales if you find out he was a woman. Intentions matter.