Why Men Have No Choice In Being Breadwinners

I happened to catch Milo Yiannopoulos’s debate with feminist Rebecca Reid at the University of Bristol the other week. About 30 minutes in the topic turned to the “gender pay gap,” with a questioner asking why men still end up doing all the undesirable jobs in society.

After an excellent response by Milo pointing out that, yes, 97% of workplace fatalities affect men, Rebecca Reid gave a curious explanation, slightly paraphrased –

I think its absolutely true, there are a lot of unpleasant jobs that are done by men, and that is not a nice thing for them. I think part of the problem now is, often if you take a job that is very unpleasant, like burning…dead limbs…its because you need money, and usually if you need money, its because you’re perceived to be a breadwinner.

This idea that you’re raised, that you have to provide, you have to earn, you have to be the breadwinner, is really unfair on men. I don’t think I does them any good. If you more broadly suggested that people have to earn, people have to provide, then it would be men who are funneled into these things less.

I thought this answer was so stunningly ignorant, so fundamentally out of touch with reality, that I immediately lit the warning beacons of Gondor, mustered the Rohirrim, and logged on to ROK to write a response.


Hi Rebecca

So I imagine you’re getting a lot of critical emails at the moment. Since I like to try and keep these conversations civil, and I also don’t think people ought to be getting doxxed and losing their job because of an internet argument, I’ll try and refrain from overt name calling.

There’s just one area I’d like to comment on. You said at one point in the debate that men tend to perform riskier jobs simply because society “perceives” them to be the breadwinner. I agree with the sentiment – this is unfair to men, but I also think it isn’t just a social construct. It remains the case as of 2015 that men are rarely valued for their bodies or looks alone, while women posses this advantage as much as ever (if not moreso).

I’m a young man in my 20s. I can only vouch for the fact that no girl has ever approached me or asked me out on a date herself, and it would be extraordinary for one to pay for my meal. Most guys my age I’ve asked are in the same boat. Its simply not an option for me to wait around and expect a member of the opposite sex to come and start showering me with gifts or start paying the bills.

Here’s the thing – being a breadwinner is my only option as a man.

Unlike men, women in our society still have all these entirely separate sources of income and support that have evolved over the centuries, as they are desired for their looks and femininity alone. Yes, a minority of girls (and generally the ones that don’t take care of themselves in the first place) may not be able to take advantage of this, but it is certainly vastly higher than the portion of men.

The real “gender pay gap”


Basically – men don’t undertake more risky jobs for shits and giggles. Its a very rational calculation on our part, as we can’t just sell our bodies (whether indirectly through marriage or more directly through sex or modelling-related industries) to earn a living. Literally trillions of dollars are transferred from men to women each year because of the latter’s control of access to sex.

This is the real “gender pay gap.”

Honestly – I’d be happy to see things change in this area. I’d love a women to ask me out someday and offer to take me to a bar. I’d love the idea of one marrying me, putting me in a house to raise a couple of kids and working her ass off for decades to support me.

Even if one offered to pay me money for sex, I’d at least be flattered, and would probably accept as long as she didn’t seem completely bitchy or hideous – which is probably the same criteria as most voluntary sex workers after all. Forced prostitution is, of course, one of the worst crimes there is.


On an even softer level than prostitution, women can gain considerable value from their femininity without having to touch a single penis. Is it mere coincidence that so many of the people you see manning the front counter of a business are perky, smiling, young girls aged 16-25?

Maybe this is the reason that, when handing out resumes aged 18, I tried handing one in at my local newsagents, only to be refused with the explanation that – “Oh, you shouldn’t bother. They only hire girls here.”

Is it any wonder young women in their twenties now earn around 10% more than young men? Women have always had these advantages, they have always reigned supreme in the home.

So since they now earn direct wages comparable to men, when are we going to start seeing equality not just in the office, but in the bedroom as well? While women now make 45% of society’s direct income, stay-at-home dads still only compose around 3% of such parents, and less than 5% of alimony goes to men. These figures have barely budged in decades.

So what gives? Why it is that women have achieved near parity with men in the workplace, but so few women will support men at home? What about the billions of dollars which should be flowing from hardworking, corporate wives to their docile, homemaker husbands? Why is something like 80% of consumer spending still the domain of women?

Where are all the sugar mamas supporting some cute young piece of male ass? Where are the women on Airbnb willing to provide accommodation in return for a bit of quick cunnilingus? Where are the rich billionaire women willing to tie me up and spank me in a pink room of pain?


Hell, I’ll settle for one lousy drink paid for by a woman. All those who have experienced this, raise your hands?

Sure there are a few examples. You do hear of the occasional lonely, middle aged divorcee jetting off to Jamaica for a week of wild sex with handsome, young, HIV positive, local men, but these incidents are few and far between compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars that flows the other way worldwide.

So what gives? What are we doing wrong?

Am I not pretty enough?

If women truly desire sex as much as men, and it is only society that has somehow “suppressed” their sex drive, where are all the new brothels opening up to serve them? Where are the cashed-up young women cruising around downtown on a Friday night, looking for scantily clad men standing on street corners?

Chewbacca defense

The only refuge you may have at this point is the excuse of “slut-shaming.” If women are still shamed for their sexuality, it is surely to a lesser extent than any other period in human history. I also don’t think its too hard to hide your liaisons with the speed and efficiency of modern communications. An anonymous ad on Reddit or Craigslist, an account with a hidden photograph on okcupid or plentyoffish – surely these things are not difficult?

In the era of Miley Cyrus’s twerking and Kim Kardashian’s ass, how much of an excuse is “slut-shaming” really?

Miley Cyrus

So what is happening here? I can only conclude that this has a fundamentally biological basis. Male sexual desire is still something like three times greater than women’s on average (we can debate the specific ratio).

Most women today have the options of either supporting themselves with their labor or with their bodies (and now a third option in the welfare state). As a man, I only have my labor, and that is growing increasingly difficult in a workforce where women are being handed every possible advantage, on top of their looks.

Women may be approaching financial parity with men, but since our wildly different levels of sexual desire haven’t changed, the equation remains unbalanced. This is at the root of many of the western world’s growing social problems.

Of course, most people don’t want to hear this. Usually the only people who’ll dare mention it out loud are comedians.

Chris Rock

But millions of men are slowly coming to this realization of their own accord. If society won’t play fair, we’re either going to fight against it, or check out entirely. This is the sort of society we’re heading towards. The ancient exchange of marriage is sex for security, be it in the form of wealth or physical protection.

In 2015, women can largely support themselves, and have the police to protect them. Most men come to the negotiating table with very little to offer, no matter how hard they work or work out. Likewise, new technologies are reducing men’s dependence on women for sex. Internet pornography is one thing, but sexbots and VR will be the next big steps.

Hence, the family unit collapses, along with the birth rate. And then our society.

We’re the canary in the coal mine that is third wave feminism, and the rest of the world is calmly watching us suffocate.

Thomas Hobbes

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247 thoughts on “Why Men Have No Choice In Being Breadwinners”

  1. I saw a government job posting that read something like this – for the department’s operational needs, the selection process will be limited to designated equity groups:
    1. Minorities, aboriginals, persons with disabilities
    If no suitable candidates found in the above group then consideration will be given to
    2. Women
    If no candidates found
    3. All the rest
    “All the rest” obviously meaning “white men”
    If you’re white straight, healthy male – you’re last in line for everything. Racism is indeed institutionalized.

    1. If you are a white male, you still have it a lot easier than other minority men in both the dating world and and corporate world. I’ve seen plenty of white guys get hire or become managers with no education or qualification simply because they’re white. How many hot girls you know that would prefer to date an Asian or a Hispanic man over a white boy.

      1. Another argument against mixing all races together. I’ve met a few minority guys who resent white boys like me for being preferable demographics for girls. That made me resent these minority losers.

        1. What? “I’ve met a few minority guys who recent white boys like me for being preferable demographics for girls. That made me recent these minority losers.”

        2. That’s why am all for total racial separation, every race gets their own country so that we don’t get in each other’s way. Keep life simple

        3. who gives a shit if they resent you. Fuck them. Just go for what you want and have no shame in that. If they are jealous and resent you, well sucks for them.

      2. A lot of incredible white men didn’t have education. Beginning for those who created what we call science and philosophy.

        1. “A lot of incredible white men didn’t have education.”
          And many won’t. In a time where even Nobel prize winners (Tim Hunt) are given the boot by their own faculty for offending women’s feelings, the geniuses of the future may well all be autodidacts.

      3. Of course I know this. White men are the tallest race on average, the strongest race on average and the smartest race on average. Women instictually sense this, and desire white men for their superior genes.
        Of course many asians, hispanics and blacks rise to apex, and they deserve high praise for doing so. But averages do not lie.

        1. As a White male I call BS on this. If this were so, then all sports would be dominated by white men. The NBA would be all white.

        2. Lol, do you happen to be a white nationalist? I’d also like to see some sources for your raci- I mean, biased claims. 😉

        3. You think professional sports in America aren’t dominated by the same liberal policies? ROK has written a number of articles on the topic.

      4. It’s networks. It’s knowing the right people. It’s spending time on those networks rather than actually doing work, building qualifications, etc. Now do more white men have useful networks? Were more trained early in life to do that? Sure. But ultimately it’s the social network. A white guy without the network, who spends his time doing good work, won’t get anywhere just like his peers of other ethnicities.

        1. No. Affirmative action is based on group identification and victim-hood Networking is who knows who.

      5. Prove that the people in question were simply promoted or hired because they were white? If you got that promotion or job instead of them, would you have gotten it by being a minority?

      6. I’ve seen plenty of white guys get hire or become managers with no education or qualification simply because they’re white.
        Honestly how the fuck would you know this is the case? Are or were you on the hiring board, were you an upper level manager? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but its more believable that you just don’t know the entire picture.

      7. white males still have that label of prestige due to colonialism (white countries dominating non-white countries). That is unfair but it exudes POWER. Females love men with power. This doesn’t mean all white guys have power but females are dumb and they stereotype MORE than men. Girls will see a nice dressed white guy and think that he is rich and powerful. This is easily done in the west where powerful people are of course white males. This is obvious. Go to Asia, and you will notice girls will flock more towards Asian male because in Asia, asian males hold power. It’s no brainer.
        If you are minority, don’t hold yourself lowly. Make a lot of money (it can be great equalizer).
        And most white females still prefer white males by default (this isn’t going to change; that’s just nature.) Healthy and sane females tend to prefer men of their own race.
        Life isn’t fair yeah but you have chance to change what you can change. Make and carve your own path. Hot girls prefer white guys? you mean Hot white girls?
        I met some hot Asian or hot hispanics who prefer their own men. You have to diversify your choices instead of being fixated on white females. this is the impression I get from reading your post.

    2. “The selection process will be limited to designated equity groups: 1. Minorities, aboriginals, persons with disabilities”
      Unless you are a white male with a disability, then all of a sudden it’s women and trannies first.

      1. Im sure soon LGBTQ will be added to the equity groups list. Then putting on a dress and a pair of high hills could actually land you a job)

    3. As a minority male, it is hard for me to land even simple jobs. Maybe it’s the economy but one thing I’ve noticed here in Canada is that preference is given to minority FEMALES, then white FEMALES then everyone else.( especially for basic jobs)

      1. I would agree with that. Women in general get preferences over men. Diversity quotas lower everyone’s standards of living. HR departments are like 90% female staffed with such job titles as “communication , mediation, and diversity officers” and such. Easy, high paid Liberal jobs.

        1. I always notice this when at a canada post outlet. It is always staffed by women and always slow as shit. I swear if you put one competent male regardless of age, things would run twice as fast. But I swear that job is only reserved for women.

        2. Its because HR departments are run by men-hating feminists, thus they prefer hiring other women.

        3. I’ve always wondered why it was so hard for me to get hired and why I ultimately checked out (and failed) in the job system. Now I understand how things work.

        4. This is the irony of it all. Women hate each other as long as the other woman is uglier than she is.

        5. ” I ultimately checked out (and failed) in the job system”
          If you managed to check out of the job system, then what are you doing to survive?

        6. I’m fortunate enough to have parents that made the right decisions before the economy went in the crapper. The amount of money I make is enough to feed myself and the money my parents receive from retirement is enough to keep the lights and water on. Property is owned. We literally are living on the edge but neither me nor my brother is unhappy and once my parents get off of consumerism that they used to enjoy, they’ll be happy too.

        7. Dude it sounds like you live with your parents. Thats kinda lame. If your older then 23-24 you really need to get your act together. Just saying`

        8. Most women are useless and the feminist agenda is to get useless women to be hired into useless jobs that pay well at the expense of everyone else.

        9. If I were a crippled black lesbian, I would be on the Supreme Court by now. As a healthy, straight, white male I burned out of the legal profession after 4 years.

        10. Right there, that is the problem. His family chooses to live together, and because he is not living as “society” says he us “Kinda Lame” and that he needs “To get your act together” … Just like how stay at home dads are treated like shit, as losers sponging off the wife’s work, yet are perfectly okay with some womb for rent, sponging off the husband’s work….

        1. Bullshit. Any black male who can put on a tie and sit in the waiting room of the interview office without playing the ‘knockout game’ is getting any job that their lazy ass gets to the interview for. Gimme a break. Graduate college without a criminal record as a black male, learn how to tie a four in hand necktie knot and you are hired. Fucking bullshitter.

        2. WTF? Quit trying so hard to be a fucking victim and grow a pair! Stop crying and better yourself maybe, and you’ll have an absolute advantage over a majority of black males in the job market. If anyone’s spewing bullshit it’s your loser ass.

        3. Me? I’m out of that game. You’re actually telling a white male to quit ‘being a victim’ when black males are somewhere in the discussion? Laughable.

        4. It’s not bs, smartass. Affirmative action supersedes bw over bm. The same thing applies to women of all races in comparison to men of their own race. Does that mean men can’t land jobs? No, it just means pussy is put on priority. Don’t be retarded.

        5. As a well spoken brother who owns suites, oxford dress shoes, and about 8 ties and always arrives at interviews with a resume in an attache, i can pretty much look at a place and figure it out and i will agree with Surgeon of Death 85%.
          The only ‘mistake’ i made was not going to college to learn the thing I’ve learned online and in my own spare time at home and not accruing an insane bill which would help my credit score if i were able to pay it all back.

        6. I actually misunderstood his initials there thinking he was saying that white males are always chosen over black males. Simple misread on my part.
          Man, get some more ties. There are tons of used Italian neckties on ebay in basically new condition. It’s a goldmine.

        7. Np bro it happens lol.
          Honestly I value the quality of a tie and shop around thrift stores looking for odd colors, goodies but oldies, and other stuff. Sometimes I laugh cause i can get a great suit for $15 and a tie for $3 and they fit like a glove, and if not, i go to the tailor… and there’s guys spending over $100 on sneakers.

        8. I don’t care too much for affirmative action as it can do more harm than good. I get why it was made in the first place, but i DO think not having a job spurrs you think of other ways to get money. Some turn to crime and some turn their brain on. That thing is one of the reasons why i decided to work on websites and learn programming… that and the current state of non manual labor work places.

        9. Look for shoes on ebay too, carefully. If you ever travel to Asia you can get some good tailored stuff for nice prices. Dressing right is the key to life. It’s amazing how many guys miss out on wearing threads. Good threads are like a handjob that never ends.

        10. Not all black men, and certainly not most white guys, could achieve what Thomas Sowell has. In a way, he is my hero.

        11. Yeah, me too. I call them as I see them. True color blindness. Sowell is a great man and a hero to me also. The masses that have allowed themselves to act like twats (guided by the Left’s invisible hand) are inexcusable to me. I don’t care about their melanin levels.

        12. Piss on that. I’m on disability, I live with my brother, and I’m not leaving my playroom. I’m staying where I am safe.

    4. Men (people in general) need to realize that the word “diversity” equals racist or racism. Diversity applied at any level usually means that white people (usually white men) are last in line for anything because for years they’ve had “white privilege”.
      I’m still waiting for it to kick in (or a check in the mail for it).

      1. “Diversity” means throwing merit out the window in favour of racial, ethnic and gender considerations. Racism by another name.

    5. If you’re a white male, here is what is currently happening to you;
      You are being legally forced to lay down on the ground while every other demographic craps on your head with turds generated from meals that you paid for. You have to clean it up the turds and if anyone comes in yelling about all the turds and asking who laid them, you will be blamed for that too.
      1. Ridiculed (unless you do the ‘every day is Halloween’ bad-boy/artist/biker/gangster costume play) But if you represent yourself as a decent, suburban, non-tatted, short-haired kid in a golf shirt, you are screwed. Everyone knows that.
      2. Blamed for everything
      3. Discriminated against in every aspect of society except traffic stops.
      4. Serve as the target that galvanizes the whole rest of the population to do you in.
      5. Pay for all of the above.
      They could have roped me in if they only did two, maybe three of the above. But all five? Naw. I’m not that much of a sucker. Almost, but I skated.
      Lagoon side.

    6. If a minority male doesn’t bend over and kiss up to the feminists and the media, then the minority male is treated same way like a white male. Preference is given to females first. It’s the white females, and then minority females and then maybe minority males and then white males. The only reason why most jobs still hold few white males are because they need someone competent enough to hold job office meetings. Just look at computer programming field, without white male, they would have to rely on asian and indian male. They are good at programming but compared to genius white males, they can’t compare. Some field, they just can’t do without white male. In social psychology major field and other useless field, they don’t need white male.. just useless feminists and SJWs but in serious field like oil rig, computer programming, engineering, they need white male to be in top leader position because they can handle the job well…

    7. There’s more racism towards people with disabilities than on white people & disabled men/women should be able to find jobs like everyone else since it’s harder for them to find jobs.

  2. Rebecca Reid is a fat bitch, I betcha she “pay like she weigh”.
    “I just wanted another baby.” Said to your drink next to the desperate 40 year old fat bitch, might actually get you room and board for 6 months. Just don’t actually get her pregnant.

  3. Women in the past were not allowed education, which allowed a ballance in the male-female relationships. Men and women used to be dependent on each other for different things – men for sex and children, women for security. Now it’s only men who are dependent on women. Thus marrying a virgin girl that can not even read properly (from a distant village in a Third World country) is the best option. Not that it seems a very plausible option but still…
    Or, like women, we can have Option B: When a woman tells you she is independent, you respond that you are independent too, and you don’t look for a marriage or any kind of a relationship. But beware of that option, you will learn many different things about your personality, the way your mother raised you or the size of your dick.
    Don’t be a simp just because you want children.

    1. Women still need men in a social sense, though they vehemently deny it. They always want to get married. The reason is they don’t want to appear like a dope to her friends that no guy wants her. She’ll marry a guy just to appear traditional. She doesn’t really love the guy.

    2. “Thus marrying a virgin girl that can not even read properly (from a distant village in a Third World country) is the best option. Not that it seems a very plausible option but still.”
      The problem with that is if you find such a female that fits that criteria, most certainly she will resemble something that looks half ape, half human and probably throw her excrement at the flatcreen every time you and it watch television. Seriously. Don’t go expect to find a super model look alike.

      1. buddy you need to travel more.
        There are a lot of hidden gems available.
        Though feminism is reaching even these remote parts rather quickly.

        1. I have travelled A LOT throughout the World. There is no female that matches that description unless you find her among the most primitive of Human tribes and she will be butt-ugly.

  4. The rise in women in the workplace gave rise to the divorce rate.
    Yes there are other factors, but when women felt that they didn’t men anymore, it was a simple thing for them to leave their husbands when they got bored.

  5. “Male sexual desire is still something like three times greater than women’s on average”
    The reason why all a decent looking girl needs these days to outearn an engineer is a couple of fake tits, yoga pants, and an Instagram account. Let the attention whoring begin, and the money will start flowing in.

    1. Hot young flight attendants are doing this in droves. Posting bikini pics on Instagram at all the exotic destinations they can go for free on the company dime, watch their followers skyrocket, and then they can get ad revenue from sponsored posts which pays more and more as their followers shoot up. Easy street.

      1. Not to mention all the free dinners, movies, clothes, drinks, other cash and prizes by all the suckers she has lined up around the world hoping to the be the “Lucky Guy” who nails that used tuna taco down for life at the low, low cost of their entire existence.
        I nailed this older one years ago who was a flight attendant, that also moonlighted as a real estate agent, bragging to me about all the wealthy guys she took advantage of in her youth. Make no mistake, she was tall, and super hot. Made women half her age look bad. That said, she had numerous older beta males on call, and the older retired alphas she had taking her out to dinner and dates. Sometimes all over the world. And this fool thought she was going to attain the feminist holy grail of getting a young stud to marry her down and eat that tuna taco before, during, and long after it’s expiration date? Hell no.
        When you brag about your youth, and she was a valid Victorian, about men taking you on their personal yachts, air craft, and mansions while you gave them nothing; I hold it like a right to bang you and forget you.

    2. “a couple of fake tits, yoga pants, and an Instagram account. Let the attention whoring begin, and the money will start flowing in.”
      Indeed. Female beauty as a commodity is real.

  6. I don’t think this has to do with being the breadwinner at all. I think it’s a population issue. Jobs are facing an “overcrowded” state. Lots of office jobs and jobs not reliant on physical strength are being populated by women (even jobs that shouldn’t be occupied by an incompetent woman) while men are forced into labor type jobs (either that, or you have to be extremely brilliant that very few women can get into).

    1. Also the U.S. keeps importing Orcs from random places to put Orc women in the service make-work jobs and on the welfare rolls, alongside the native women, while the Orc men keep pushing more of the native men out of the job market.

  7. You ever wondered why white law enforcement officers are not “heavily prejudiced” against Asians?

      1. Asians know that if they fuck up and end up in prison, they would be dead meat. They are smaller stature in physicality compared to white and black males (although that is changing slowly today) and at least whites have aryan brotherhood in prison. Asian dudes are outnumbered in prison would be gangraped left to right in US prison. Asians know that which is why they don’t dare to fuck up.
        Blacks have crips and bloods, Hispanics have mexican mafia, los zetas (drug gang), MS13, whites have neo-nazi skinheads and AB. What do Asians have? Triads? Yakuzas? But these groups end up killing other rival Asian gangs. Asian gangs don’t mess with other race; they usually end up killing each other instead and they operate mostly in Asia not in the west.

        1. Not all Asians are created equal. In Toronto the had what was called “The Year of the Gun” where there were a bunch of murders in Chinatown. The thing is, there was nothing Chinese about it, the perps and vics were all Vietnamese gang members.

        2. they are violent like that because they are in a group in their own “turf”. Even if Asian gangs somehow infiltrated to US prison, they would be dead meat by black and Hispanic gangs and if not they would be dead meat by AB (Aryan Brotherhood). It would have to take a high power organized groups like Triad from overseas to infiltrate but they would be in power struggle against Mexican Mafia (powerful than MS-13).

  8. If they are discriminated here they can go to Africa, and develop the most powerful of economies and the most advanced science.

    1. You just dropped a truth bomb that blows ” white privilege ” out of the water. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  9. Thanks to the welfare state, these selfish, stupid single moms have managed to cuckhold the tax-paying populations of entire countries, including employed women who pay more into the system than they take out. Who needs these parasites?

    1. And they think they are hero’s making it on their own. I know one girl that has three kids from three different men and she says she does not want them to pay child support because she is a good person! But she is on every single government program they have, she even has free child care she drops her kids of at “to give her a break” and she does not work at all!

      1. How can anyone male or female that does no work to support themselves or their children think they are a good person?

  10. Yet another example of why you shouldn’t take a woman’s opinion on the matter seriously. Who cares? Listening to what women say they want got us into this mess, and it continues to spiral out of control.
    Look what men have done over the last 100 years:
    1.) Gave women the right to vote
    2.) Allowed Jews to nail us with 2nd and 3rd wave feminism, degenerate
    pornography, abortion clinics, and the homo agenda without much resistance
    3.) Chose to pump-n-dump our own White women (and allowed them to get away with being pumped-n-dumped) and compromised their pair-bonding abilities
    4.) Stopped producing White babies well above replacement rate
    5.) Allowed our borders to be compromised by people *who are* reproducing
    6.) Allowed our government to accept refugees who *will be* reproducing
    What did we think would happen? Live and learn I guess…
    I think people (even outside of the manosphere) are beginning to realize just how serious the situation is for Whites in America. No disrespect to the author, but now is not the time to debate and banter with women, now is the time to address the points I’ve listed. Women will not self-correct, only men can correct them.

    1. Goddamnit. How many FUCKING times does this shit need to be said?
      Stop arguing with these goddamn female children! You just look like a fucking idiot.
      The logical points of your well thought arguments amount to not a fucking thing when your audience is femtarded.
      They don’t need words. They need harsh backhands across that fuckin grill. Absolutely pathetic men are soooo scared to address this and how dare I CaptainObvious suggest putting a loudmouthed fucking ingrate in their goddamn place.

  11. The only reason women are even in the workplace to begin with is due to the advent of technology.
    Physical strength (in which men obviously have a huge advantage compared to women) became redundant post Industrial Revolution.
    This is what led to the surge of women in the workplace.
    Prior to that, most people lived on rural farm settlements and worked as farmers. Woman mostly tended to child-rearing (this was their primary responsibility) and their domestic duties. Raising 6-8 kids greatly restricted their mobility, which meant they had to stay at or very close to home.
    They helped out on the farms with seeding, cutting crops, watering, etc. and did knitting, sewing quilts, etc. whenever they could while a few helped out with being cashiers at village shops, teaching at the village school, etc.
    Stupid feminists and manginas keep ranting that men enslaved women and kept them chained to their homes, not understanding that men working outside on the farm doing hard manual labour and women staying at/near their homes was really just a convenient setup for both sexes given the setting and their inherent biological strengths and weaknesses.
    Any truly difficult and dangerous work (like building a house, digging a well, military, etc.) has always been done by men.

    1. Think about computers. Back in the day before smartphones, how many girls you knew that knew how to use a computer properly? Me neither. Can’t recall how many times I had to make the part of the virtual knight, rescuing the damsel in distress because she overloaded her hard drive and now not only her computer is slow, but is infected with viruses, and now I might have to reformat and reload her OS. Now they own smartphones and now they think because they can instantly upload a video on Vine, that makes them experts.

      1. A couple months ago, I had a girl running a program that was installed to her downloads folder instead of x86. I know what you mean.

        1. Ah yes, Ms Ada Lovelace. Ironic isn’t it. Yet women today probably don’t know who she is, unless if they’re using her for a feminist agenda, yet they probably know Kylie Jenner’s bathroom schedule. Also, I have the feeling that if you ask the average woman who Ada Lovelace was, they are going to probably say a pornstar.

        2. Ada Lovelace programmed nothing, because there was nothing to program. What she did was write an algorithm for operation of the machine. And, yes, that algorithm turned out to be a good one.
          I give her credit for being amazingly intelligent. If she had been my daughter, I would have been extremely proud of her (but not for her wanton sex life.) But, she did not program anything because there was nothing to program.

    2. Women can never appreciate that, they can’t… And they never will. It is nice to be an overgrown, spoiled child, eh?

      1. They won’t because to do so would be to acknowledge that the feminist narrative of male as oppressor, and female as vic, is nothing but Social Marxist Justice Warrior propaganda. Literally their failed, totally flawed, revision of actual history to a twisted and morally/intellectually bankrupt position that never existed.
        In other words, they needed leverage to get into what they perceived men’s place in the world was. However, the reason for the 80’s child support demands, was because when they got what they thought men had; they didn’t want it. So, these totally oppwessed wittle victims, got the government (which totally is against them mind you???!) to cave in and grant their every demand.
        It is what it is. There is no limit in the feminist mindset for women to be over men. From FEMEN, to the femetheist, if they could kill us without needing us they would have done so already.

      2. Expecting gratitude from any woman for past favors and gifts is truely stupid. We all know better.

  12. Chris Rock rules.
    As I write this, I’m watching the Seton Hall vs. Wichita State basketball game on TV while I let my mopped floors dry. Something I noticed for a while in college sports and in American culture in particular and modern culture in general, is this obsession with cheerleaders. Every so often, the camera pans a shot at them yelling “Let’s go team! Come on Hall!” and other nonsensical crap that’s supposed to pep up the crowd, albeit unsuccessfully. My realization is, other than being a hot piece of ass, cheerleaders are freaking useless. You’re better off bringing European hooligans to cheer up the team, or at least, intimidate the opposition.
    To elaborate on my point, girls in this culture are indoctrinated from a young age. And by young, I mean, 7 or 8, where they basically become mini adults wearing short skirts, midriff shirts, and enough makeup to put Tammy Faye Baker to shame. Now, don’t get me wrong, child sex abuse is wrong, and fuck you if you hurt children. And yet, what I find disturbing is, these girls are not old enough to know what a period, or a tampon, are, and yet, they not only are being sexualized by society, but put on a pedestal.
    How does this click with this article? Simple, by being beautiful and having a support role, these girls breeze through life. And as much shit I give athletes for being overpaid, at least they have the risk of being disabled and not being able to practice their craft, which can potentially ruin them permanently. A cheerleader can get injured doing a flip, and as long as she doesn’t end up injuring her spine and becoming paralyzed, can still recover, be sexy, and either move on, get a meaningless degree, marry a rich catch, or both.

      1. Don’t they all get fat? I graduated from high school in 1960, and there was an extremely hot cheerleader who was the center of testosterone based lust. (In 1960, not all girls put out.)
        But, not long ago, after our 50th reunion, my wife and I visited her in her retirement home. Not even with yours, dude! Hot is very temporary.

  13. Of course women are running away from men, but this is only possible due to elite mandates. Feminism is a tool used by communists to teach women to marry the state instead of men. Ironically, the state only exists because of men’s labor, so they never tell women what is in store for them when men check out.

    1. I read somewhere though that feminism was hijacked by the CIA as a means of control over the population.

  14. “Male sexual desire is still something like three times greater than women’s on average”

    It’s a common mistake to think that : the truth is that male sexual desire is eruptive, while the female desire is more constant but higher.
    “The morphological isolation of the sexual area from the rest of the body in the
    case of man, may be taken as symbolical of the relation of sex to his whole
    nature. Just as there is a contrast between the sexual and the sexless parts
    of a man’s body, so there is a time-change in his sexuality. The female is
    always sexual, the male is sexual only intermittently. The sexual instinct is
    always active in woman (as to the apparent exceptions to this sexuality of
    women, I shall have to speak later on), whilst in man it is at rest from time
    to time. And thus it happens that the sexual impulse of the male is eruptive
    in character and so appears stronger. The real difference between the sexes is
    that in the male the desire is periodical, in the female continuous.
    This exclusive and persisting sexuality of the female has important physical and psychical consequences. As the sexuality of the male is an adjunct to his life, it is possible for him to keep it in the physiological background, and out of his consciousness. And so a man can lay aside his sexuality and not have to reckon with it. A woman has not her sexuality limited to periods of time, nor to localised organs. And so it happens that a man can know about his sexuality, whilst a woman is unconscious of it and can in all good faith deny it, because she is nothing but sexuality, because she is sexuality itself. ”
    Otto Weininger, Sex and Character.

  15. Modern man needs to always remember that the privilege of being oblivious to reality’s whims is the sole ownership of women. Your burden is to be aware of reality’s nature & adjust your actions accordingly. Or risk being an object lesson for more capable men.

  16. @the Author
    I was in your boat 10 years ago Bro… Keep chasing your dream and the same people who once told you “No!” will begin to chase you.

    1. Plenty of hipsters out there who delude themselves thinking Cyrus is attractive because she is marketed as such.

  17. Thomas Hobbes, a wonderfully well written article. Nevertheless, I think I am not the only one who thinks that your target, this ditzy damsel in distress who can’t even articulate a proper sentence (her quoted reply is hard to follow and construed along the lines of an erratic complaint rather than a clear-cut response) will never get your point.
    I am so surprised at how the world has changed, insofar as completely brainless people like this chick are basically handed out careers on silver platters while other people, men but other women alike, must actually work, be productive and do something with themselves.
    Utterly shameful.

    1. She is third rate. I was going to say a third rate journalist, but these young activist women hired by major papers to appease the wimmins are simply not journalists in any recognisable sense. The guardian and telegraph are two of the major offenders: virtually none of the readership or at least commentariat take anything they have to say seriously, and hearing her speak you realise why

  18. Don’t know how you haven’t been approached by women or had them pay for you if you frequent this site and use the good information provided. It’s ridiculous how many women will buy you a beer and a meal just to fuck them, but then again I play that bad boy biker type y’all hate .

        1. I raced dirtbikes from about 12 -17 , never cared much for choppers or street bikes but I know my way around one .I get told I look like jax from SOA and was reluctant to go along with it at first but it gets me ass so whatever

        2. “If that is you in your profile pic it wouldn’t help you even if I did”
          Is that your photo on your profile pic?

        3. Picking on how a man’s looks after he asks for advice? That’s not very nice lol
          I’ve had girls buy me drinks many times. I’m not a bad boy biker. I’m just a bald 6’2 Arab with good game though

        4. I agree that the bad-boy biker angle is the way to go for brawds Stateside. You say you are 6′ 2″ indeed that helps, but what is your weight?

        5. What would you like to know ? Go out and start doing things , take up a martial art , shoot guns , collect knives , learn how to work on cars , I don’t know just do man shit haha . Get you push ups , sit ups , pull-ups in everyday . After that. Work on your persona,pick a badass you admire and imitate them, I like Clint Eastwood in the man with no name series . Being a badass is a vibe you give off just like being a nerd , beta , or alpha . But to give off the vibe you also have to immerse. Yourself in badass things. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a vfw hall so I got to talk to alot of badass men

        6. ” It’s ridiculous how many women will buy you a beer and a meal just to fuck them ”
          i want to know more about this.

  19. “Male sexual desire is still something like three times greater than women’s on average”
    ha, they wish it was only 3 times more. Women being highly sexual as men is derived from penis envy to justify being a slut: female masculinization. And from male fantasy.
    The only guy in the manosphere that is wiser about this, or closer to the truth is,
    Rollo Tomassi: http://therationalmale.com/2011/10/04/women-sex/

    One of the single most annoying tropes I read / hear from men (more so
    than women) is the “Women are just as / more sexual than men” canard.
    Nothing stops me in my tracks more abruptly than reading this line
    parroted back in some form by a self-effacing white knight trying to
    convince himself, hope against hope, that it could be true. This is a
    VERY effective feminine social convention, even internalized and spouted
    back by the likes of more than a few infamous PUAs.
    Trust me, when a woman says, “I don’t understand why sex is so important
    to guys” she’s speaking the literal truth. No woman will ever
    experience 17 times the amount of her own testosterone levels (barring
    Now the real question is, why would such a popular myth be such a useful
    social convention? Think about it. It sexualizes women, while not
    making them outright sluts. They can avoid the stigma of promiscuity
    while presenting the fantasy that they are secretly “more sexual” than
    they are “allowed” to be, if only they could meet a man skilled enough
    to bring this out in them.
    We love the fantasy that women are secretly yearning for sex with us, if
    only society were more open and accepting of feminine sexuality. Yet,
    in the same breath we’ll hear about how slutty and aggressive women have
    become in the fall of western society by the same guys. It’s ironic,
    but it gives guys hope that if they can find the secret formula to
    unleashing the sexual beast within every woman he’ll find this
    insatiable she-devil to pair off with monogamously.
    Women of course love to encourage and reinforce this social convention
    because it sounds like empowerment in the face of patriarchal sexual
    oppression (yes, we’d be more sexual if you’d only
    allow us to you evil men), while at the same time tacitly acknowledging
    that it turns men into white knight sympathizers of the cause (i.e.
    feminine entitlement and primacy).

  20. I work as an engineer (in fact I’ll go pull some Saturday overtime here for a few hours) for the largest car company in the world. The company’s US branches are far different from the Japanese ones (where it is still old school.) In the US part of the company, the HR political correctness is scarily turbocharged to the ultimate edge of society’s trends. The “anti-harassment” course we take yearly (web- based) had gender identity and preferred pronouns this year to keep up with the times.
    Here’s the real kicker, though. I spoke with a newly transferred girl engineer and we were talking about HR. She’s a liberal, metropolitan feminist, and I’m none of those things, and I was trying to explain to her how HR does not represent me. Our HR tries to hire “diverse people.” I mean, usually an HR person is black, female, and/or gay and usually not Christian. I understand they’re trying to meet quotas (which are dumb), but, when the cars are built by white, Christian, straight, young men, which is what the area is populated by, none of them are going to get a fair shake on a HR investigation into them for a PC violation because they are always the oppressor, and the HR person with the trendy mocha skin color is always the oppressed.
    So, not only are the women invading the work force and maintaining their sexual leverage, like the author points out, but they are taking pointless admin jobs that have the ability to FIRE you if you piss them off. There is no reason a 24 year old black chick, who was hired because she is a black chick, should ever have any sort of say over the career of a talented, hard working, working man.

    1. If anything, it should be said working men who should be firing other working men.
      Also, sounds like my last year in the Air Force. Reminded me of the dikey female captain who cried foul over some pictures of pinup girls in the document binder of one of our planes. They have been there for years and our previous squadron commander not only not gave a shit, but he could appreciate some humor and humility in it. But as soon as our new devout Mormon commander saw them, they were gone.
      To close, makes me wonder if that female engineer realized it was a man, in a land where I presume men still command respect no less, that put her in that position. Oh well. Cheers.

    2. I know the HR whales like to hire people who aren’t the most qualified but instead find a resume is interesting or some abstract like race and sex gets thrown into the mix.
      My experience at least when I worked for the government was that when a manager sexually harassed a female, HR office would actually protect the manager. The reason for this is if the agency is found guilty the agency has to pay out to the person who filed the complaint. The very same people who can breath down your throat about PC behavior in the office will discredit a victim of discrimination or harassment if the person doing the harassing is a manager.

    3. The bigger the company the worse it gets. One of these young HR chicks decided to fire a highly specialized professional machinist on a whim. Needless to say orders went unfulfilled and she got shit canned in under a week..The old machinist agreed to come back for a $25000 bonus and and a new bobcat.

      1. Moral of the story – make yourself so indispensable to the company that attempts by HR to remove you will result in them being removed.

    4. I always suspected the made-in-Japan models are superior. Indeed, I think Japan manufacturing is probably #1 in the world. I hadn’t thought about the PC angle, but how could a group of diverse people in America outperform the team consisting of the best person for the job in Japan? I always drive Japanese cars, and go out of the way to make sure the model was produced in Japan (The VIN # will often tell you).

      1. The theory in my company is to make the cars that are sold in high numbers over here, and ones not sold in Japan, over here. We do export a lot of cars from the US as well. The cars that are made in both Japan and the US are held to the same quality standards, and there is often a quality contest with an award between plants of the same model.
        Diversity hiring is mostly limited to office people, and sometimes engineers. The line will take whoever they can get, and we put so many computer controls on the line that a trained monkey could build the car to standard.

      2. It’s cultural personality that plays big impact. You want to know why Japanese products are always superior to let’s say Chinese products? Chinese care about profit so much that they would willing to neglect safety in order to make more for masses to profit. Japanese like profit too but they have cultural pride. Everything they do they must do well because they think it represents the face of Japan. Plus Most Japanese are perfectionist. They will make it right from start to finish and are intricate in details and obsessed with making product successful. American products beat Japanese products though. What the Japanese lack is ingenuity of American mind. Japanese like most Asians think narrowly and don’t like to try different and think outside the box. This is why the American and Western Europe will always be ahead of them in times.

        1. Yeah I read an awesome article a few years back in Wired magazine about these super electronics workers in Japan. They had a special name, and they were the top 1% of all workers in an electronics factory. They could outperform the machines and robots when it came to custom precision soldering and assembly. They were paid more, but it really wasn’t in line with their superior productivity and status. It was more of a pride / status symbol thing. Each factory might employ one or two of them, and any component that the machines screwed up could be salvaged by these guys. And yeah, it does reflect the face of Japan. I would value any Japanese electronics product above one from any other country. Concerning US quality, there are some areas where they do produce superior items but a) not all and b) so many industries they don’t even compete in. I wouldn’t own an American car, although they are not horrible like they used to be. American made clothing is high quality. But the majority of cool advanced products I enjoy (cameras, electronic gismos, computers, etc.) America doesn’t even compete in this field so you can’t say they are better or worse.

        2. I’m thinking because United States puts all their effort, energy and money into the military hence which is why US military weaponry is the best in the world. However Japan puts all their money and time into technology that helps civilians.

    5. these are christians only on paper. real servants of Christ are few. that´s what the bible says.

  21. There’s a fine moment in Star Trek, First Contact when Captaini Picard hails the fleet and announces that he’s taking over: on my command, concentrate all fire on the following co-ordinates.” This issue – the fact that men are massively and structurally disadvantaged by the enforced equalisation of the labour market between men and women (let alone the absolutely idiocy of young graduate women out-earning men) are the co-ordinates of the indestructible Borg ship: because feminism permanentaly distracts away from these structural consequences of manufactured (and fake) egalitarianism, no-one has seriously analysed the disastrous effects of hamstring’ing the male population in the way that is being done.
    Of course there’s another under the surface issue as well. Feminism is and always will be a movement designed to destroy heterosexuality in any meaningful sense. Rad fems have always been absolutely open about this fact, but mainstream discourse feminism won’t admit: the destruction of the male breadwinner, is the destruction of heterosexuality as a system. That is the whole – never openly discussed – point. Heterosexualitiy as a system, as opposed to something that may survived in some disfigured sense despite everything that is done to suppress it – is something that has to be neutered.
    As the author says – in what is a very good article btw – women simply do not behave the same as men, and as importantly they do not need to be the bread-winner in the same ways as men IF you factor a two parent heterosexual family into the equasion. Of course feminism actually factors the two parent heterosexual family out of the equasion: its ideal demote that structure to the least desirable rather than the most, favour instead single parent (single mother) or gay relationships.
    The likes of Rebecca Reid – whose destruction and humiliation at the hands of Milo is well-worth watching – probably for the most part don’t entirely recognise the above. These women (and quasi-men) believe that everything is culture (an issue nicely addressed in the Milo video) and that if they tinker enough with language, institutions, eventually thinks will be ‘equal’. At some level they must know that they’re full of crap but for the most part I believe they are simply in denial about the obvious, sinking deeper into the collective psychosis that is modern feminism.
    The rad fems and the elites who want to neuter heterosexuality and destroy the traditional family know exactly what they are doing though, and they know full well that what is produced is the opposite of egaliatarianism, but instead a covert matriarchy, a matriarchy that can only exist by falsely labelling itself as ‘equality’.
    This surface commitment to a psychotic fiction works together with a lower level – almost unconscious – commitment to the Machiavellian power structure beneath – which is what the article very effectively describes: a system whereby a superficial equality between men and women can actually mask the massive and continuous transfer of resources from men to women through all the mechanisms whereby women, whether through sex or their commanding position in family and relationship can control and deploy most or all of the resources produced by both men and women. In other words what makes feminism the perfect system of parasitism that it is the way in which it manages to control the discourse about how equality / economic equality is measured. But as we see from this article that discourse does not bear close scrutiny and can only be maintained by constant repeitition and aggressive froms of pro-active defense designed to shut down any kind of real scrutiny of what is being done. That is why we should focuis massively on this particular area of feminist / progressive nonsense:
    Women control the vast majority of resources in way that equates to real power in a way that wage gap nonsense is deliberately designed to obscure: if women end up controlling the majority of economic resources (i.e. both male and female wages) then the fact that men still earn more in toto that women in the aggregate just means that men are working hard as the the slaves of women taken as a whole. Which is exactly what the situation is. Men earn more because they work harder, longer and in more dangerous jobs, because until feminism turned up that gave them a better if not necessarily good chance of getting themselves a family. There is absolutely no equivalent incentive or dynamic for women to the same unless you are working on the assumption that the ideal family consists of a single female (or two lesbians).
    Everything in feminism is distraction from the real

  22. “sexbots and VR will be the next big steps”
    That will be outlawed. The powers that be know full well that as long as men are dependent on women for their sexual needs, then men are controllable. Feminists know that the day VR is used in place of sex with the average blue haired fattie is the end of keeping men under their thumbs; and they will do everything they can to prevent this technology from developing.

    1. I’m not so sure about that. As we all know, women only want to be with the top 10-20% of men, and only tolerate the rest of us once they realize an average man will be the best she can get, though she eternally pines for the alphas. The way I see it, sexbots might be the best way to go. Women won’t have to put up with lesser males chasing after them, as these men will have their sexbots to do with as they please. It’s a win-win. Lesser men will have the sexual access they desire whenever they want, with no downside except for perhaps a technical problem here and there (easily repaired), and women will be free to become mistress #30 of that tall, dark and handsome alpha that they all want so badly.

      1. Not so. It’s the fat, ugly and old single feminists that lose out. Boy, will they be bitchier than they are now!

        1. Women don’t primarily want men for sex. They want the men to desire them and take full control of them. Sexbots can’t do that.

      2. “The way I see it, sexbots might be the best way to go. Women won’t have to put up with lesser males chasing after them, as these men will have their sexbots to do with as they ”
        You have to look at the bigger picture: sex is being used not only by women, but also by society to control men. And women will always welcome the ‘lesser’ males as useful slaves / idiots / cannon fodder, but that will not happen if men have an alternative means of getting off, hence this new means will be perceived by the fascist system, the system that controls and tortures men as a threat, a threat removes their their control of men, and so sexbots and VR technology will definitely not be allowed.

        1. I disagree. It is common knowledge that healthy men require sex to function properly, sex which the majority of men are not receiving today due to feminism and open hypergamy. Well, what better way to keep the betas in line than to give them access to sexbots, which will look however they want them to look, do whatever they want them to do, and in most respects be less of a headache than a real life woman. With their sexual needs satisfied, betas will be more willing to go and work their shitty jobs which keep the economy going, so long as they can go home and get sucked off by their sexbot. I don’t think women will care that much so long as their needs are paid for by the welfare state paid with beta bucks, and they have their access to alpha males, free of any unwanted beta attention.

      3. “Women won’t have to put up with lesser males chasing after them,”
        That is wear women derive most of their power. Men’s apathy for the women in their society is the last gasp before the whole rotten culture sinks.

      1. If the VR technology evolves enough where getting off in the virtual world is the same or better than fucking a woman in real life, IT WILL be outlawed for reasons I have already stated

  23. Essentially as long as a female maintains a pretty face, a slender fit body, and a hairy hole between her legs, her survivial is garunteed.
    Men have no other option but to generate wealth.

    1. The ”women have the police to protect them” is a big problem for men. The system has usurped from men their biggest responsibility, the role as protector. Men have the ability to protect but their hands are tied. A feminist police state ends up protecting all women great and small, from the pretty to the ugly, from the sexy-bad all the way down to the fugly-feminist. It protects them aganst men but mainly it obstructs men from protecting their women. It is obstruction of justice in the sense that NATURE’S JUSTICE is obstructed. In this way the system inhibits normal development of hetero cis sex roles and family formation suffers. Normal human natural hetero pair bonding is replaced with ‘STATE HUSBANDRY’. Fugly feminists adore state husbandry because it levels the playing field for them. It is redistribution of smv wealth to their own skanky asses. It is sexual marketplace COMMUNISM and it is robbery.

  24. In all honesty, I don’t know if I would like having women hand me everything. It seems like it would be too easy.

  25. Another one of those “moments” when you realize how much feminism sucks…how have they brought us to the point where hearing the term “breadwinner” can be tedious. It really wasn’t always this way.
    feminist love trying to appropriate the term “breadwinner”. This is just part of their supremacists agenda. They think its imperative to be the only source of income, or at least obtain the cultural perception of being that, whether its for themselves or their family. Its not so much an expression of healthy “pride”, if you will, rather, another incarnation of female ego gone mad. And that’s why this whole societal gibberish around females and breadwinners is ultimately a easily rejected idea, let alone a legitimate “ideal”.
    You see, reduce this down to the roots and its not altruism at work here (the loyal husband sacrificing his all for his family) its the ugly specter of ego. The kind of feminist that debates or discusses “breadwinner” hates the “traditional” cultural assumption and perception that work is equated mostly with males and so they seek to destroy it. This due to a nasty combination of jealousy, envy and ego. Desirable women easily form symbiotic relationships with men. But the world is not fair and among all women, as there is with men, there are tranches of them, minorities indeed, that do NOT benefit from this system, in fact they feel rejected. There are, for instance, women that are far to the right side in intelligence but very far to the left side in looks. For such women pair bonding is challenging and even impossible. They’re outcasts, and, for someone that possess good genetics in things like intelligence, which are, on their own, highly valuable genetics, rejection can be particularly traumatic. Hence jealousy and envy take over as key motivators and the typical feminist is made.
    Outcasts like to destroy, so, appropriating “breadwinner” helps them achieve recognition they think they’re entitled too and also puts the normal paradigm in a state of chaos, which is what you want it to be if you want to destroy it.

  26. “Women now have choices. They can be married, not married, have a job, not have a job, be married with children, unmarried with children. Men have the same choice we’ve always had: work, or prison.”
    -Tim Allen

  27. Havent read the article yet, but based on the title I agree 100%. Women wont fuck you if you’re not making more than them.

    1. Gentlemen I stand corrected. She will fuck you if you have game, but on the whole, and generally speaking: you need to earn more than her to get her into your rotation.

  28. Men need to opt out to collapse the system that treats us like we’re nothing. Become as self sustaining as possible. This shit society can’t run without its worker drone slave men doing all the dirty work to keep this shitty machine going

  29. When a group of people disproportionately commit more crimes than another group based on their percentage of population, then of course they will be prejudiced by the police.

    1. Oh, please. Blacks in America have been fucked over and exploited repeatedly, as history can show you. Not only are blacks the poorest (which attracts crime on it’s own) they’re also easy targets.

      1. Show the history muppet. Poor people are always easy targets (especially for political manipulation), but excusing criminal behavior due to race is a racist tactic. Blacks are not responsible for their own actions? Why? They are not really human beings in your world?

  30. I was at the cell phone store with my dad earlier today to buy him a new phone, and there was this older couple talking to a sales rep. The wife (whose hair was cut just as short as her husband’s) was doing all the talking. She mentioned many times that they own their own business. The husband just stayed quiet the whole time.
    She was clearly the bread winner.

  31. Why not immigrate to a new land and start a new country and culture, based on rules agreeable to the ambitions of free men? Alaska is 1/3 the size of the US and teeming with resources, yet has less than a million people. If and when the American union dissolves, the nation of Alaska could become a major player in the Pacific Rim. Just a thought.

        1. I suppose that’ll work if you’re white. But what about the rest of us? And what about preserving the white race? Hard to do that if all the children being born are almond-eyed.

    1. The last time white people tried that (Rhodesia, South Africa), they were attacked and destroyed

  32. Honestly – I’d be happy to see things change in this area. I’d love a women to ask me out someday and offer to take me to a bar. I’d love the idea of one marrying me, putting me in a house to raise a couple of kids and working her ass off for decades to support me.

    Seriously, you want that?

        1. People can make their own choices. The point is really just having the option. If I was unable to find a decent job and find a wife some other way, I can conceive of this becoming an option. I agree being dependent on others your whole life would be unusual for a man, but it may be better than being alone and destitute. It’s still never going to be more than a rare anomaly.

    1. That wouldn’t happen anyway. They’d go to the bar, pick a guy that was already there, have him buy them drinks and if he was lucky they’d take him home bang him and punt him…. and yea, only the top 20% guys would ever get chosen.

  33. I have know a few guys before they beccame police and yes they became prejudiced against blacks. but this was equally true for the black police as the white. several of the recent protests against police killings of black suspects were cases of black officers. You only hear about the race of the cop when he is white.

  34. “If women truly desire sex as much as men, and it is only society that has somehow “suppressed” their sex drive, where are all the new brothels opening up to serve them? Where are the cashed-up young women cruising around downtown on a Friday night, looking for scantily clad men standing on street corners”
    I’m glad to see more writers at rok assert this fact. Esther Vilar stated in “Manipulated Man” that whereas a woman does enjoy an orgasm, it pales in comparison to her enjoyment of a cocktail party, or a Gucci bag.
    Let’s toss in the proverbial gram of coke.
    There are the rare exceptions – like the female nymphomaniac, but this is rare yet the mainstream media would like to portray all women as having the same sexuality as men.
    Its high time men realize that women are motivated not by sex, but by material resources.

    1. Women want sex with alphas, when they want it, and not at the frequency men want sex in any count. When women want sex, they can always get it. When women want their own money or a job, the government makes it happen through welfare, court orders, or affirmative action.
      Are you really telling me that IBM, Hewlett Packard, and most other tech giants now have female CEOs because they have just suddenly realized how smart these women are? Hell no, they’re avoiding attacks from feminist and bowing down to political pressure… and we see the US losing in the tech race because of it.

      1. “Are you really telling me that IBM, Hewlett Packard, and most other tech giants now have female CEOs because they have just suddenly realized how smart these women are?”
        What does that have to do with what I posted?

  35. “Sure there are a few examples. You do hear of the occasional lonely, middle aged divorcee jetting off to Jamaica for a week of wild sex with handsome, young, HIV positive, local men, but these incidents are few and far between compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars that flows the other way worldwide.”
    Smh at the need to come out of left field with the unnecessary race crap. It’s like a form of torrettes with some of you guys.

    1. Like Ive said before. I used to come to this site for insights on men’s issues. Only to find that race issues always seem to be interjected into the diatribe. Everything is race to them. E.g. No more complaints about the Black Stormtrooper in the new Star Wars movie now that he has been revealed to be a non-threatening cooning side-kick for the dominant space-dyke. He is there strictly for entertainment. Not to rule the galaxy’s space-poon, like Captain Kirk did. One step above JAR -Jar Binks. A real Safe negro , just the way they like it. Nothing like those threatening sex starved savages in Jamaica waiting for all that visiting white poon. White man’s burden

      1. I hate to say it,but you’re right. But sometimes for a the greater good, some things should be tolerated until that day comes when everything is in its right place,and THEN weed out the ignorant.Luckily it won’t happen in my lifetime.😎👍🏻

  36. I used to come to this site for insights on MEN’s concerns. Only to find that race issues always seem to be interjected into the diatribe. Everything is about race to white men. E.g. No more complaints about the Black Stormtrooper in the new Star Wars movie now that he has been revealed to be a non-threatening cooning side-kick for the dominant space-dyke. He is there strictly for entertainment. He’s Not there to rule the galaxy’s space-poon, like Captain Kirk once did. One step above JAR -Jar Binks. A real Safe negro , just the way they like them. The Best: Black guy doesn’t get the girl….PHEW!!! He’s Nothing like those threatening sex starved savages in Jamaica feasting on all the visiting white poon-tang. After seeing Star Bores I wondered why this negro was even in it. Completely unnecessary character. Was producer, George Lucas trying to make an impression on his black wife?Was it to promote intergalactic “multiculturalism”?!. Its like when whites tell an ethnic joke, which always seem to include a black guy, and the joke has nothing to do with being black. They just like slipping in the ethnicity “…and the black guy…..hahahah….”. Tel the same joke to a white person and a black person and we hear two different things. Just like this article. This author probably didn’t think his racial bias was leaking into it. White man’s burden

    1. To be fair, the “majority” in the country (ie the USA), which is male, Christian, white, straight, and employed, is beset by the special interest groups representing more than just women, and their problems are more than ones just caused by them being male. I agree, it’s a men’s site, and the proprietor is a man of Persian descent, but the motif is against the political correctness of the day, which includes more than gender and sexuality. Personally, I wish we would run more articles by black men; I’m only aware of one or two authors we have that are such.

      1. LUKE
        You say the common bond amongst the “majority” of the readers of ROK Is based upon a core value system, being Male-first, Christian, employed and straight. But apparently , from what I’ve observed, if you are not white, despite possessing those qualifications , you are lumped into an opposing special interest group. This especially pertains to black males. Much of the offensive rhetoric has been aimed at an offending “prototype” black male which is used to retrofit into any white maie’s “oppressive” narrative. This prototype, obviously, represents the anti-core value system. Believe it or not there are quite a few male readers and male REPRESENTATIVES of America who meet the important MALE qualifications ( straight, Christian, employed) who are not white. Yet often, the common reoccurring glue to ROK articles is the undercurrent invective inferences against this REPRESENTATIVE male whom HAPPENS to not be white . None of us get to chose our color, but we chose our values. White males continue to pound their proud chest, and take credit for something determined by biology; not work ethic and a chosen set of values. Don’t think that non-whites can’t read between the codified invective narratives presented. Where is the decency. Have they no shame?!! Stick to the Damn Core Values. Consider that.

      2. BTW the last article that i read on this site from a black male author, which presented an OBJECTIVE viewpoint on white female/black male relations , was received with the most vile, racist, poisonous fervor that it is no surprise that articles from black males are an anomaly.

        1. Yeah. No kidding. I know that white, Christian, heterosexual men are getting the brunt of the shitstorm which feminism has created, and they have absolutely every right to be angered. However, right now they’re pushing away minorities such as we, who also have to deal with the feminist-Marxist shitstorm. We want the same thing, but we can’t accomplish anything if we can’t work together, at least for a little while.

      1. Mr Roosh V,
        I’m flattered by the invitation you’ve extended to write on your site. Although I’m not much of a writer, I may one day consider your offer because I am frequently unnerved by the lack of focus on this once great site for men. I wish you success in further promoting the neomasculinity ideals that you’ve proposed. Great work on your tour. I missed out. Maybe I’ll catch the next one. Thank you

        1. I wish you would man, seriously. White people (myself included) don’t always pick up on it. I think the affirmative action thing gets in our heads and we forget that male minorities are subjected to this type of crap as well.

        2. I appreciate you recognizing this point . We face the same ambush that every other male has to deal with and then on top of that is the racial insensitivity component of our lives. I don’t altogether blame white people for some of the ignorance that I hear sometimes. The problem that we all suffer from is the lack of education on how this country was formed by way of slavery. I know that is a curse word to EVERYBODY, but it cannot be ignored as THE cause for most of the grievances that we have today. Most of the problems that blacks have in presenting their problem to whites has to do with the marginalization of that historical atrocity. No one wants to deal with history that came before their lifetime. Try to tell Jewish folks that the Holocaust was soooooooo long ago.. None of us have been taught to deal with race issues iin a respectful way. It is a major part of American history. I hate to belabor the point, but I don’t think this makes whites evil. Ignorance is something else. But we all suffer from it. It should be taught from grades 1 on up. Then we can all heal from having the proper respect given to a shameful period of history. I don’t particularly enjoy watching whites bumble their way through race relations on any scale.

        3. “Try to tell Jewish folks that the Holocaust was soooooooo long ago..”
          Ended by American, and many other nations, soldiers ending that. Union army put an end to slavery as well. Have you thanked anyone for that? Or want to keep slavery relevant to lord it over all white people to keep the guilt going or you smell “free money?”

        4. Blacks don’t have to thank anyone.They fought for the U.S in every single conflict it has ever had. They’ve long established what is called civic duty and loyalty What have you and your immigrant descendants done for this country except extract resources.

        5. False.
          I realize you view all things from a afro-centric lense, but American blacks need to quick flaking and get on with it. No one cares but the race hustlers and polticos who can use you. Crying about slavery that ended a 150 years ago makes you like whimpering simps. It feeds your inferiority complex and allows you to scapegoat and avoid responsibility. Though you are not alone there. Plenty of others (non-black) buy into that as well.

        6. False . Are you trying to deny what is written in your …HIS-Story books that blacks didn’t fight for the US in every war this country has ever had!!! Your denial is unbelievable!!! you must be from that immigrant stock that arrived hear after the 1860’s . Your people showed up late. You can never claim American pride like Blacks in this country. I am a descendant of soldiers that fought in the civil war.
          Atlas Shrugged because John Galt couldn’t make any valid or credible points.
          Thats Why no one Knows or cares who he is. Who is John Galt? ….Who gives a Rip?

  37. This is why men must have options. Options = Power. Money = Options = Power. More Money equals More Options equals More power. (Less taking shit from anyone including your boss if you are financially free).
    Men with options with no oneitis. –> Max lays. Always do stuff in your own terms. In your own terms and always be in Control. Always.

    1. Yes… but if we want me to be able to even remotely do that, we are going to need some legislative changes quickly. Laws and Universities are quickly changing that power dynamic to where men literally will not be able to have power.

      1. Laws I can understand. University… well in my opinion, most colleges are not worth it but I can understand that some men do want to go to college without being harassed for being a male. We men have to stick together, put aside our differences and unite and make our voices stronger and louder and if enough people protest and demand, I think there will be a shift of power towards us. We can’t be silent anymore.

  38. Most white females still prefer white men. Only in movies and media, do they exaggerate the “macho” image of black men. Just go to south of DC or in any ghetto area, blacks men there look pathetic… begging for money, change, and trying to steal, carjack. Absolutely pathetic. Most women are disgusted by black men. The only reason some women like the black men are the rumors of “size” and trying to rebel against their white dads and because they are attracted to sports fame image that black guys exude. Other than that, white males still have more power than black men.
    Just look at The strongmen contest. Majority of them are white northern Europeans and Eastern Europeans. All white.

    1. Night – Not all black men are has described in your post. And, certainly not all white men are superior. As in those same locations there are white homeless men begging for money, too. Fact.

      1. no shit, and sky is blue. What else is new?
        Of course I know that. There are always outliers in every race. Don’t give me that same old bot style response that everyone typically types. “Oh no they are not all bad”. blah blah blah (sounds like a broken record).
        But just look around you, you will see more black bums than white bums. That’s how it is.

    1. Wow… Since red-pilling, I’ve cut all female friends from my life, and am happier for it. Men just don’t need female friends (they absolutely need male friends, though).

  39. This is a surprisingly whiny piece for RoK. Look, most of this is right, but why complain about the difference of sex drive? I think we men who have learned to look at women with open unfogged eyes know that even that idea “she doesn’t like sex that much” is not really true. She likes to fuck someone else instead, that is more true. Someone who offers delicious meat (yes, that is a factor for the financially self-sufficient mid 30s woman) or, preferably, someone who puts resources on the table. So, unfortunately your rightful criticism has been undermined by this whining that women don’t like sex that much.

  40. Men have no choice but to be breadwinners, so make your bread, hide as much of it from the state as you can, and only share that bread with a quality female. Bitching about it won’t change the world.
    I have met and fucked business executives and doctors who out-earned me by a factor of 10 and within a millisecond of their orgasm they were off to have a life with some investment banker who made even more than them. I FELT SO USED lol.
    In modern America there is only one way to protect yourself against divorce rape and that is to draw a line down the middle: you have to have equal income and spend equal time on whatever kids you have. If things fall apart, most judges will split everything equally including time with the kids. But frankly, that system is highly inefficient which is why it has not been the model for the last 6000 years.

      1. Not getting married does nothing to change the fact that the state will take a third of our hard earned money, and if you want kids then you are a helluva lot worse off if you don’t marry.

        1. That is true. I day trade for most of my living. Between Federal and Colorado, they take almost 40% of that income (in addition to the standard rate at my job). I pay more in taxes than some people make in a year at work.
          Fortunately, this year I found out about the 1256(g) election, which I will employ next year, to lower it to around 30%.
          I’m also looking into trading through an S-Corp, which would involve paying myself a ‘reasonable’ salary, and taking the rest as a distribution, at 15%. I’m still researching this.

        2. I live in China where personal taxes are a flat 9.2% of income. The government makes its money from import taxes and profits from all the state owned enterprises.

        3. I’m Canadian and you can file a “departing tax return” or something that is basically a fuck you to tell them you won’t follow their stinking tax laws. As a US citizen you are fucked unless you renounce your citizenship: they will tax you anywhere in the world.

        4. How much capital do you need to make a reasonable go at day-trading? I have degrees in business and law, and have studied some things about the stock market, but it strikes me as a bit scary (and after 10 years in the army, nothing really scares me, so that is saying something).

        5. Most equities brokers in the US require $25,000 minimum deposit, to use leverage. You must maintain that balance at all times. FOREX is different; many brokers offer dealing desk accounts (where your broker aggregates orders and trades against you), for as little as $50.
          If you want to get serious, for equities (spot or futures), I would say have at least $100,000 in equity. For FOREX (spot) to get a non-dealing desk account, it usually requires $5,000 – $10,000. I put $50,000 into FOREX and make a reasonable living (around $75,000 gross). Leverage with FOREX in the US is capped at 50:1 (2%).
          And I still have a day job, as a System Analyst. Between the two, I’m making around $120k. Hope that helps.

        6. Maybe I’ll pull a Tina Turner, learn German, and emigrate to Switzerland, where my family is originally from. 😛

  41. In all fairness, white police officers have it worst whenever they’re involved with the black community.

  42. I am the breadwinner… For me only… She can earn her own. After all, we’re “equal” now, right?

  43. Time to start over on a iland in the pacific ocean, no feminism allowed. Raised them properly.

  44. “Male sexual desire is still something like three times greater than women’s on average (we can debate the specific ratio).”
    A woman´s sexual power is in being able to decide will a particular man impregnate her or another man. A man´s sexual power is in “his legs”, he can decide will he spent time with one woman instead of another, will he give attention, closeness, validation and financial protection to one woman instead of another. The lack of fairness you describe in your article depends on the fact that men are never taught where their sexual power is. Depending on his values (I am a traditional man myself) being a breadwinner – or simply a lover – to several women at once would introduce some healthy competition in the realm of the sexual “market value” of men and women.. Adam´s Smith´s “invisible hand” can very easily solve this problem you approach in your article. There is not point for a Modern Man in being exclusive to a single woman unless this one is devoted to him. The times of the “self-sacrificing” warrior are gone.. at least for as long as we live in times of peace and economical well being. The competitive advantage men had before was exactly in their warrior´s role. Let´s wait for the next war to get back to that!

  45. Feminism was designed to destroy the family. Women will only marry men who provide for them and make more money then them. If you take the good jobs away from men and give them to women you have effectively guaranteed that no one will get married. Brilliant way to go about it. It’s been completed. The family is almost all but dead and society will follow. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

  46. This is why I am 24 and never even entered the dating market. I know that women (especially brazilian women) are money grubbing bitches and whores who only value a man when he has a job, money and a car. I’m going to thrown my jobless, moneyless and car-less into the fray, I’m gonna be dead meat.
    When I get a nice job with decent pay – 70% of all jobs here in Brazil are minimum wage crap, so read nice job as “civil servant job” – I will go at it, but until then I will resist my need for women and sex.

  47. Yawn. Just spell out the fact that Anglo-Saxon women have been collective ingrates towards their own men for at least two centuries.

  48. I find it strange that you post this but also post why women shouldn’t have a job. You’re literally shoving us into a cookie cutter shape that not even you are pleased with. If you hate us just say it and move on. Also how dare you use a picture from South Park. Matt stone and trey Parker want no part in your mockery.

    1. “Mary Sue”…….
      +++++I find it strange that you post this but also post why women shouldn’t have a job. You’re literally shoving us into a cookie cutter shape that not even you are pleased with. +++++
      Where are you getting that bit of misrepresentation from? What the guy is saying is that you can’t ignore the totally different roles that men and women play in the mating game. This is the thing that third wave feminists purposely ignore to claim that they don’t have “equal opportunity”. Basically, they overlook that the big advantages they have in important aspects cannot be set aside. It is no different than a deaf person demanding better traffic signal lights, but at the same time not allowing for audio signaled crosswalks.
      The author is not pleased with how the current social system, sees women as “victims” and affords them advantage after advantage. All the while they ignore how women still maintain their natural advantages. Stop pretending you do not see that.
      +++++If you hate us just say it and move on.+++++
      Most men, including this author do not “hate” women. They do not even “hate” entitled children called “third wave feminists”. They are disgusted with the selfish and self-aggrandized attitude of third wave feminists and have little respect for them, but they do not “hate” them. Third wave feminists have not earned enough respect to be “hated”.
      You’re the one trolling here with false logic. Typically, when you get defeated in a debate, you just create a new sock puppet and try again. Perhaps you should “move on”.
      “Mary Sue”…….
      +++++Also how dare you use a picture from South Park. Matt stone and trey Parker want no part in your mockery.+++++
      Just as you do not speak for “all women”, you do not speak for Matt Stone or Trey Parker. Get over yourself.
      EDIT: Feb 11 —-> ….and “Mary Sue”, after two illustrious days, is GONE!

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