The Perfect Woman: Lips

This edition of The Perfect Woman will discuss lips. Here are the six qualities that make for perfect lips:

1. Soft like an overly ripe banana. It not be so rigid that it feels like making contact with a lizard.

2. Dense like a pillow. There should be some give so that any impact with your own lips or sexual organs is met by pliable resistance.

3. Lack of herpes sores. It is not preferable for her lips to have red sores that are crusty or leaking blood.

4. Lubricated like a car engine. It should not be chapped and rough. This quality tends to go hand in hand with softness.

5. Pouty like a young child. Her lips should have a heart-shaped curvature that draws attention to her mouth and the physical pleasure it has evolved to give you.

6. Lack of piercings. Lip piercings are unnecessary adornments that provide no pleasure to the man, and should thus be avoided.

Here are some pictures of perfect lips:

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20 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman: Lips”

  1. 7. Wrapped around my cock.
    (should really be #1 to #7… all other factors are secondary possibly excepting #3)

  2. Most Anglosphere people have incredibly thin lips that increasing disappear every year past 35 until they don’t have any at all by 45.
    Even their celebrities like George Clooney don’t have any lips.
    Highly unattractive and not at all sensually inspiring.

  3. I agree with the lip pictures. I don’t need HUGE lips, but full lips are key, just like a full ass, a full bosom, etc… There’s nothing attractive for me about kissing a girl with thin lips, especially since mine are not. I might think differently if I had thin lips myself. Seems thin lips would imply more likelihood of teeth in a BJ. *shudder*

  4. Agree on all points….and yet by far the best head I’ve ever had was from a chick with very thin lips.

  5. “3. Lack of herpes sores. It is not preferable for her lips to have red sores that are crusty or leaking blood.”
    Are you kidding? No preferable? If I see a skag with herpes sores I will literally run the other direction away from her.

      1. No one said anything about touching dear. I’m sure we wouldn’t touch you either seeing as you are the equivalent of road kill. I’m sensing hidden attraction, since A. No mentioned being molested by a online hillbilly
        B.your opinion wasn’t really needee or desired.
        You seem very “excited” about voicing your disgust towards black women, where no one asked you for your useless opinion. But I sense that if one were to show even a smidgen of intrest you’d hop all over it like a kid in a candy store. Now go…go and self-reflect. Or see a really go psychologist.

    1. Black chicks have such glorious cock smoking lips and amazing asses, it is a wonder that men pay any attention to their vagina.

  6. Oh come on, a post about women’s lips that’s picture-heavy and you don’t have one of Angelina?
    For shame, Roosh.

  7. Great post.
    But for the record I much prefer natural color and glossy lipstick to the bright, solid-color varieties used in pictures 1, 2, 4 and 5.

  8. Why is that my ex always complained about kisses being too wet? I like when a girl’s lips are moist. Has any of you noticed women doing this – complaining about lips being too wet when kissing?
    Ps. I’m not a drooler.

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