The Truth About Moral Relativism

“Openness, as currently conceived, is a way of making surrender to whatever is most powerful, or worship of vulgar success, seem principled.” – Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind.

Everyone is being inundated in our culture with the idea of openness, specifically, the left’s idea of openness. This idea of openness is actually moral relativism masquerading as moral virtue; a moral virtue that changes, based upon convenience and emotion, which is really no morality at all.

Moral Relativism

Moral relativism is pushed as the highest possible moral code. A moral “code” of tolerance above everything else. Moral relativism and the idea of relative moral truth go hand-in-hand. These two cannot be separated. Hence, the phrases, “This is true for me,” and “That is true for you.” Subjective desires, whatever they are, become the “new” moral truth.

Moral relativism teaches the philosophy that all moral truth is subjective (not to be confused with objective truth which is independent of the person and his consciousness, i.e. 5+5=10). Anyone that accepts the idea of tolerance as the highest moral priority really has no moral code. The arguments for universal tolerance, which is based upon no concrete standard, are typically very persuasive.

In his book, The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom states:

There is one thing a professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student entering the university believes, or says he believes, that truth is relative. If this belief is put to the test, one can count on the students’ reaction: they will be uncomprehending. That anyone should regard the proposition as not self-evident astonishes them, as though he were calling into question 2 + 2 = 4.

Moral relativism has permeated all aspects of the Western world, political, spiritual, religious, and cultural and has made its way into the sciences. Cynthia Crossen in her book, Tainted Truth discusses how information is deliberately manipulated for specific outcomes. What is pushed as objective truth is no longer truly objective.

The death of objective truth leads to the eventual death of all things related to it. Morality, integrity, honor, and all other foundational underpinning of civilization crumble away. Civilizations can be compared to a building, the foundation being the objective truth and moral law of the civilization. Without objective truth and moral law we have no foundation.

Since moral truth is relative, this means that truth becomes unreasonable and cannot be known because moral truth is different for each person. Moral relativity is presented as moral liberty but in reality moral relativity is a type of slavery. Few realize the opposite of war is tyranny and slavery.

As our societal foundation crumbles away, governments construct ever more detailed and morally relative statutory codes in an attempt to provide cohesion to society since foundational laws and traditions are openly disregarded and attacked. This creates a society where virtues are presented as a vices and vices are presented as virtues. To present virtues as vices and vices as virtues requires a corruption of the soul and mind. This is a world where people claim emotional and moral chaos is freedom.

In a world ruled by moral relativity, emotion is substituted for reason, cowardice is taken for bravery, tolerance is substituted for virtue and standards, and weakness is substituted for strength.

Personal restraint and self-respect are being destroyed. Moral relativity operates under the idea that what feels good is good for me and for society. Pleasure and emotional whims decide what is good, and our statutory law and case law come to reflect this idea.

Moral relativism is a disgusting, murky, swamp of narcissistic behavior presented as freedom and a trouble free playground. Moral relativism has resulted in the creation of a various committees, such as the “Safe Space Committee” at Old Dominion University to reduce “homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism” on campus.

The United Methodist Church recently selected a transgender person to be a deacon. Eventually, this same person or another transgender person will be leading a congregation of United Methodists. Any other churches, faiths, or groups that oppose transgender are regarded as bigoted, backwards, and “out of touch”. Transgenderism and the idea of non-binary sexes are examples of moral relativism and the idea of biological sex being a relative truth.

There Is No Moral Neutrality

The purveyors of moral relativism promote the idea of that a person can be morally neutral. This is a make-believe world where no right or wrong and hence no judgement exists for any of the behaviors of other people. This type of thinking is full of hypocrisy. The postulators of moral neutrality are more than happy to push the make-believe world of moral neutrality as long as they feel they have not been wronged by anyone else.

We make judgments every day in life. We are constantly presented with choices and judgments of various natures. When people insist we do not pass judgement upon someone’s moral choices, the people insisting any such judgement have questionable character.

A person believing they are morally neutral believes they are on the moral high ground. Accusing someone else of passing judgment while claiming to be morally neutral is contradictory; the claim of being morally neutral becomes self-refuting because the person accusing another of judgment is passing judgment upon someone who is not claiming moral neutrality. Being silent is not being neutral. Silence is a quiet acceptance of whatever thinking prevails at the time.

Silence is not always golden. It takes wisdom to know when to speak and how to speak.

Everyone has two places that influence moral decisions. One place is external from sources such as God, government, society, conventionalism and normativism; the other is internal or the self. Understand moral relativism’s center is the self, moral relativism is an extension of narcissism.

Even those that push moral relativism and have no morals pull rationale and their foundation, even though the foundation is extremely shaky, and ideology from external sources to justify internal desires. Moral relativism is practiced by those will little or no character and those without honor. Such people are quick to forsake any kind of standard for what is convenient.

Understand laws enforce some kind of viewpoint. The laws are changing in the Western world to reflect the current moral relativist view. Moral relativism leads to a double standard. Moral relativism is why many feminists are not prosecuted for bearing false witness against the men they accuse of rape or other crimes. Moral relativism is why no parties were prosecuted and nothing was really fixed after the 2008 financial collapse. Moral relativism is one of the reasons why women and children have come to rule over men as spoken of in the Bible.

What needs to be done

The more evil, decrepit, and morally relativist a people become the more they have need of taskmasters telling them what they can and cannot do.

Those in the moral and truth relativism quagmire are without honor and do not honor others let alone themselves. Do not honor such people. Many of these people lack or have poor reasoning abilities. Wisdom necessitates we periodically evaluate what forces and factors influence our decisions, our standards, and what we value.

Do not include in your circles, unless you have no choice, people engaged or that push moral relativism. They will drag you down. When we abandon the idea that laws do not apply to everyone, without exception, all the remains is the subjective personal desires and opinions.

Believe your standards to be true, believe in something other than yourself, and place what you value (what is deemed to be of worth) at the front. Do not be the same as other people by believing the freedom of our time is the liberty to choose any values you desire as long as you don’t believe them to be true. Standing up to moral relativism will have a lot of butt hurt people, but that is their problem.Do not care about what people say when making judgment calls.

The purveyors of moral relativism do not need your compliance, all they need is your silence and they will succeed. Since moral relativism is really no morality at all, what society accepts as “moral” will continue the downward march until they drown in the murky swamp of me-ism.

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        1. However, I am not sure that all the images are originals from Ben Garrison, but modified by the alt-right.

        2. Hmm. You learn something new every day…I think they have been, now that I look more closely.

        3. Iron enrichment is the traditional way…if one is chained to tradition…

        4. They were. Anything that has to do with The Jewish Question or “Nazism” are alterations meant to troll Garrison himself.
          Originally some 4chan trolls (of course) altered his originals to make them very Altish Righty.
          At first Garrison was really pissed because his is hardcore little L libertarian and so he got mad because he isn’t right wing at all. In fact, I think it was originally Leftist trolls that altered his works to make him look like a Racist Misogynist Nazi Homoslamaphic Alt Righter.
          After much protest and outrage, the Streisand Effect took over and Garrison finally said fuck it and just let them have at it and ignored them.
          Since he was a good sport about it, other 4chan trolls started doing waaaay waaaay over the top satirical alterations as kind of an homage to him.
          I might have all the minute details a little off but that’s basically what the Garrison Goy cartoons are. Just alterations on Garrison’s Libertarian themed works. First to troll Garrison and then it came full circle as a homage to Garrison while tolling everyone else. That’s what I meant when j said your earlier posts were “Garrison Troll Pieces”. They’re still funny. Just not actually Garrison. Which I guess makes it funnier.
          Pretty funny when looked at in the big picture.

        5. Wow. Here I was saying he was “the man”. He’s good, no doubt, but those trolls who altered his work should get the credit…

  1. I went to a party and all these guys are acting like clowns and cock blocking and stuff…they are all crazy liberals and I walk in and its like the record stopped. You can always tell liberals, because they are these white fruitcake looking people and the woman just steer at you like they are fucking zombies. Even the toilets where Transgendered, unisex whatever…just bizzar. Never will I be a womans clown, fuck that shit.

    1. Its funny how you can tell a liberal just by looking at them. Theirs just something off about them. The same way you can tell someone has down syndrome just by looking at them.

      1. They’re both guilty for being white and for their “privilege,” are self-righteous, thinking everyone must agree with them, and can’t see their own hypocrisy at what they do and have in their thinking that others in the world should not. (This all sums up the liberals I work with.)

      2. You’re so Right… that ignorant everyone is a good soul utopian free-market Bs just oozes out of them!

        1. That’s all right: when their beloved Muslim gangrapers take over, the feminist bitches can just line up for their clitoris and vulva removals. Muslim gangrapers don’t give a shit about female sexual enjoyment.
          Don’t kid yourselves that wearing burkhas/chadors exempts women from rape. Muslim women don’t dare report rape. The ones who come to police attention are those so badly injured that the evidence of having been raped is found in hospital.
          Muslim women who think they can report rape are gangraped by the police and jailed for “adultery” or “fornication.” If they are released their families kill them to remove the blotch on their family “honor.”

    2. No man should be using clown Game, cock blocking or jumping through hoops for a woman. It’s undignified and lowers a man’s status. Men act like this when they’ve never had a positive male role model in their lives. Most of these pussy liberal men were raised by single women or watched their own fathers be hen pecked by their bitch mothers.

  2. There is a lot of truth in this sketch about the possible vessels of thoughts.

  3. Funnily enough, yesterday I saw the Episcopalian church in my neighborhood flying the gay flag and last year, giving an ode to Ramadan. You just have to snicker and shake your head at when you see stuff like that.
    Cicero predicted this kind of thing too. In On Duties, he relays a fable about a ring of invisibility. He says that if you would answer that you could use it for ill-gotten gains, it reveals a bad character of course, but if you assert that you can’t, it means that some kind of moral code must exist independent of expediency, and trying to argue around this also reveals a bad character. In many ways it is a good answer to relativism. I’ve posted that fable in my review of Quintus’ excellent translation.

    1. Sometimes I think that the LGBTQ directly emanates from the cowardice and softness present in Christianity.

      1. Yes. Women are gaining more say so in the church and it’s been a terrible influence. Women should keep their mouth shut in church and listen to their husbands. Too many men bending to the will of vagina. I have no respect for a man who wont control his wife.

  4. I would like to take an opportunity to warn you about a term that New-world Anglo alt-righters seem to push: “white sharia”. We should use instead alternative, western expressions, such as “Pater potestas” or “Pater familias”. Using “white sharia” is much more dangerous than it seems, basically because we acknowledge something positive and desirable from our enemies. Let’s keep to our own.

    1. I fucking loathe that phrase. Anybody advocating “white sharia” is no friend of the west.

    2. Sharia is not a Western concept. We need a return to traditionalism, with well defined roles for men and women, not a copy of the Arab model that for me is not patriarchal, because in many ways it is a very feminized culture, with a lot of homosexuality and bestiality (goat lovers) And serious problems with the inbreeding. They are a culture to which we have nothing to admire, much less copy.

    3. Sharia is better than the post-1960 “mainstream” view on sex and men/women relationships. Not that we need sharia of course. But if I had to choose between these, sharia is the lesser evil.

      1. I agree. I was just complaining about the usage this word as an alt-right item. In the West, we have our own examples of doing things properly: pater familias and pater potestas. No need to use the enemy’s terms.

        1. tbh I kinda like the term because it rubs into leftists’ faces how they should be careful what they wish for as they might as well get it. It directly points out their double standard by being sympathetic to islam while demonising patriarchy in one breath.

      2. Sharia is fucked up. It sickens me to my core and I have a particular loathing because my ancestors were forced to live under it and forced dhimmitude. They fought back and won their freedom and to even entertain any positive thought toward that vile ideology enrages me enough to physically maim people.

    4. White Sharia is a concept of peace. That also happens to involve legalizing domestic violence.

  5. Nice putting in moral here as the object of suffering. For people who want to read a good piece on Postmodernism/ Relativism: Just google
    Ernest Gellner Postmodernism, Reason and Religion.
    It’s a 99p Pdf for free and a great take on the deep source of nihilistic relativism. Students of the postmodernism get depressed as a rule. This is not the way of life.

  6. Assuming moral absolutism is a ruse for fundamental religionists to make their religion the national law and religion.

    1. What? You mean Islam, you fucking clown? Because I know you’re trying to pull that bullshit about Christianity and the US and it won’t work.

    1. No but you can be accused of stupidity, idiocy, and being weak spineless morons who will be taken over by muslims in the next 100 years.

  7. This German girl started calling me racist when I said, “I don’t like immigrants coming to my country” she was really triggered, it was bizarre she was trying to rationalize how we need to help those in need bla bla bla at the expense of the entire country LMFAO

    1. Has she had her FGM (clitorectomy and vulvectomy) yet? The “help” the Muslim hordes want is women who are easy to catch for gangraping. Not enough goats to go around.

    2. Education + Women = Stupidity
      Eurofags need to get their WOOKs back by the hearth.

  8. I went through a moral relativist phase starting in college(go figure) that led me to some pretty dark places. IE: Who are we to judge a consenting/adult brother and sister who want to get it on privately?
    My first daughter’s birth smacked some sense into me. Here was a person I was responsible for keeping safe. Suddenly, traditional values weren’t some huge joke and I wondered what kind of people the neighbors were.

  9. I picked up Allen Bloom’s book off the shelf in the bookstore, “The Closing of the American Mind”. I was looking for a book for good liberals at the time and saw it was the opposite. But I read it, enjoyed it. Looking back, it was one of several events even in the early 90’s leading me towards conservatism. But I really wasn’t there until the lunacy of the last 10 years.

    1. That gem was an early redpill for me, that was actually led to by reading the Liberal dog Morris Berman’s Twilight of American Culture and Dark Age America. Bloom’s book ran way deeper and was diagnostic, whereas the latter was more about the author fallaciously assuming his antecedent followed from the signs and symptoms. I was left with questions that were answered by Bloom, challenging much of my indoctrination.

  10. I’ve been saying this for awhile ,leftist and feminist cannot can’t claim moral superiority when they are espoused moral relativist

  11. When God rapped Adam over the knuckles for sinning He gave two reasons for doing so as opposed to only one for the woman.
    The first reason was for – listening to his wife.
    The second was for – eating the fruit.
    Men these days are too busy listening to the women as women are busily shoving the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil into men’s mouths.

  12. Well stated. If you trace moral relativism back far enough, you’ll find that it is responsible for almost all of the corruption in society today. If every judgment of value is in the eye of the beholder, then truth cannot exist anywhere. When 7 billion people claim variations of truth, nothing is held in common, no virtues can be affirmed. It’s similar to (and tied in with) the effects that Nietzsche foresaw when he declared God was dead.

  13. Sexual perversion is corrupting. Acts that no decent woman would tolerate and no decent man would suggest are promoted as wholesome, healthful behavior.
    How can an adulterous, fornicating “conservative” society think they have moral standing to condemn sexual perversion, homosexuality, bestiality?
    The degenerates know that the “conservative,” “Christian” sorts are addicted to sodomy just as they are, just not in every detail.

  14. When someone tells you that morality is relative, ask them to state so without using an absolute. Their hamster’s leg will snap like a twig in their little mental Special Olympics.

  15. Excellent article, my response to the Radicals is “uFck you and the horse you rode in on”. I’ll leave the witty repartee to the more eloquent.

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