All Public Rape Allegations Are False

We are rapidly approaching peak rape, whereby a rape allegation means nothing and any man who doesn’t bow down before the establishment will soon get a false rape accusation under his belt. Here’s a video I put out the other day stressing how we must remain extremely skeptical of any rape accusation:

You can see the 70+ comments on the video here.

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185 thoughts on “All Public Rape Allegations Are False”

  1. With the whole Bill Cosby issue, I’m surprised the public never catches on when the alledged victims sue for millions of dollars.

    1. There’s a term used to describe a woman who insists on payment for sex after the fact…

    2. One of the interviews with the original Cosby accuser was the most incoherent bit of storytelling I’ve ever seen. It was like she had just been hit by Mike Tyson. I don’t mean slurred speech or exhaustion, I mean her logic. Then moving on to Angie Dickinson; to think that the all-time attention whore who is ALWAYS trying to remain relevant would keep her rape status quiet and only reveal it after being emboldened by other accusers is insanely unrealistic. She has always been ravenous for the spotlight and has been able to keep it despite losing her looks 30 years ago. If she had been raped she would have been the very first to talk about it a long-time ago. She’s playing the shrinking violet, victim card. Yeah right.

      1. Well maybe Mike Tyson raped her too. Oh shit, if she happens to read this, she might invent a story the he did also! CRAP!!!

    3. The Cosby issue is particularly idiotic when you consider that this was a black man allegedly raping white women while blacks were still being lynched for even the hint of such impropriety. Yet, they were afraid no one would believe them.

        1. Well, that depends on how you define his career. He started performing in 62, and according to the Tuskegee Institute, there were at least two documented lynchings after that. But let’s not quibble over semantics. MLK was assassinated in 1968. Cosby was a TV star by then, and was already allegedly raping women. The broader point is that plenty of people would have believed a white woman claiming to be raped by a powerful black man.

        2. The negro delusion is amazing on this. Cosby was a darling of powerful producers. “America’s Dad”. Lord Acton’s famous epigram comes to mind on this one.

        3. The thing with Bill is that a basketball coach from Temple filed charges about 10 years ago. This is while Bill is a Trustee of Temple University. The story does suggest a serial rapist. Not unlike Jimmy Savile.

        4. I have to disagree. Constand went to Cosby’s house late at night. He openly offered her pills – note, he did not surreptitiously drug her. She willingly took them. She claims he fingered her while he jerked off. She waited for a year to file her compliant, and has nothing in support but her own say so.
          First, even assuming I were to believe this woman, what she has alleged is not “rape.”
          Second, I simply don’t believe that this woman’s story is credible. The DA’s subsequent political statements aside, the fact remains that to bring charges, you only need “probable cause.” This is the same standard a cop can use to search and arrest you – translation: basically nothing. This DA, who is now an elected official, may be singing and dancing to save his female votes, but the fact is that after investigating the incident, he didn’t find it credible enough to bring charges when the bar to do so was basically on the floor.

        5. If you are explaining that many things it’s over. How old was Cosby when this happened? Perhaps he had Alzheimer’s and thought he was Dr Huxtable after all.

        6. It’s over for Constand. I don’t believe her. She’s the one asking me to believe, so she’s the one that needs to explain why I should.

  2. A public announcement could only make sense in some kind of dystopia where you were raped by some titan of society and the police wont help you.
    In other words…fiction.

  3. A lot of women will use false rape accusations to cover up their slutty slips, and trick men, manipulating their emotions to gain sympathy, and hope to be forgiven.

  4. The communists have their accusations of “being crazy”.
    The American communists have their accusations of rape.
    This is before the wall, folks, using the last vestiges of free speech to do what free speech was designed to do.
    There is no going home if we lose.

  5. “If there is no rape kit, then you must acquit!”
    This will become an accepted defence position in courts of law in the not-too-distant future, unless of course the defendant is too stupid to realise that he or she has admitted to such a crime, making such a defence useless …
    Otherwise courts of law will become overwhelmed with abuse of procedure at a minimum.

  6. “We can no longer take a woman’s word for it and believe that she was raped just because she said so.”
    Amen. Well done, Roosh.

  7. Everyone talks about the need for rape awareness training. No one talks about something equally important: the need for false-rape awareness training.
    Maybe a campaign should be started for that: mandatory training for how to spot false allegations.

    1. Virtually all rape awareness training should be given to women, who by their refusal to accept that their behavior can make them a target, their years, or in some cases, decades long silence when allegedly raped, and refusal to contact authorities, are the original perpetrators of rape culture.

    2. Yes indeed, equally important if you care about justice, which socially retarded justice warriors emphatically do not.

    3. WoMEN need to have “what to do after you are raped” training. I mean 1 in 4 women are raped you’d think they would have “after rape” counseling. Ladies when and /or if you are raped FUCKING REPORT it. None of this reporting 10 yrs later b.s. None of this carrying around a mattress silliness. Rape is a heinous , violent crime and it should be reported to the authorities. Being raped also has medical issues like pregnancy , STD’s ( HIV etc) and injuries . You start the process by immediately going to the ER and getting evaluated, forensic testing , photos and the police notification. If you don’t do this you are not normal or you weren’t raped.

        1. Nuts isn’t it?? I’ve seen 1 in 4 quoted alot of places and I wish I could cite a reference. So 1/4 or 25% of women get raped on campus..does that even sound right?? Would you send your daughter to a place where 1in 4 will be raped??

        2. Everyman should be appalled these cunts are smearing us. And it is an attack on men. Sadly, many men believe feminists and attack other men. These male sell-out Uncle Toms of masculinity new to be mercilessly opposed. White knight male feminists and men that in any way support feminism are our enemy. Can’t overstate it. Awhile ago I would’ve thought this is overly dramatic to say.

    4. I agree, but we all know the feminists will attack any such attempt, writing a flurry of rape-apologist articles, protesting the function itself, and attacking anyone who attends. And their stifling of free speech will be applauded by media nitwits

    1. Actually, it is genius. She already assumes she’ll never have to carry it 100% of the time, and by having it in her hands, her ‘resolve’ will sway mangina and propagandists to her side quicker than a bounce from Brooklyn Decker’s chest can earn cash.

        1. It might be more accurate to state that it displays obvious attitude of female supremacy when one carefully considers it. By insisting upon taking someone at their word based merely on their gender is to suggest that (in this case) that a woman’s word, and therefore herself, is superior to that of a man’s. This is simple and obvious bigotry.

        2. Very true. Feminism hasn’t been a genuine quest for “equality” for a long time now–it’s about power, plain and simple

        3. Indeed. Virtually all political movements are power-related. Some exclusively so. In modern civilizations statist political ideologies appear to operate like religions. This is primarily why I refer to a political ideology such as feminism or political-correctness in general as a modern secular religion.

        4. I hear you. And early on it was intertwined with violent terrorism toward the end of getting a super-authortarian prohibition on booze–controlling men, in other words. But, they weren’t allowed to vote, so there was legitimacy to their claims of institutional oppression. I don’t think women getting the vote was very good for the country at all, but I still think they should have the right.
          Now, however, America feminists have exactly ZERO legitimate complaints. Now–as we agree–it’s 100% about power.

        5. Acquiring the vote without the responsibility men were forced to endure is rather unequal situation. Therefore, it is my opinion that no institutional oppression existed. It was merely a tradeoff. Were they required to sign up for the selective service and other responsibilities (such as the abolition of cultural inequalities such as “a man does not hit a lady”) then the universal acquisition of the franchise would certainly be in order.
          Keep in mind that on women could vote before 1920 but this was relegated to the individual states, as it should be. The federalization of virtually everything at the present has only caused the seemingly endless growth of leviathan.

        6. You make excellent points. Also, the idea that women were powerless within marriages back then is nonsensical fantasy.
          Pushing for perfect gender equality, of course, is moronic and destructive. Despite the fact that logic, studies, real-life experiments, etc. all show that putting women in military combat situations weakens their side’s effectiveness, feminists vehemently support it. Thus, “equality” is more important to these women that national security–they would put the children of our nation at risk rather than give up their infantile crusade. I think it’s fair to call such people traitors.

        7. Indeed.
          Point #1:
          Gender equality in practice is not only a destructive idea, as you correctly stated, but is quite frankly an impossibility. The word equality means equal. In mathematics an equation is where one term is identical to another in outcome. Therefore, absolute equality, particularly given the differences between the sexes, is quite the utopian fantasy.
          Point #2:
          Under the current politico-cultural paradigm feminism is only likely to expand within the military. Men are biologically programmed to protect women which has caused, according to male soldiers I have conversed on this subject with, considerable distraction in military units. This is particularly true when under fire. Since women in the military is not likely to change soon I would propose that units exist strictly by gender. That is, all male and all female field units. In reality, I do not expect the latter to be effective. However, it would save the lives of male soldiers who would otherwise function at a lower level under fire due to the presence of females.
          It is extraordinary that so many individuals have unquestioningly fallen for the notion that one should completely ignore biology. In today’s politico-cultural climate critical thinking and other masculine traits that have created civilization and indeed, created a significantly safer environment for women to live, are frowned upon.
          Today’s political-correctness and it’s sister ideology feminism quickly morphed from an authoritarian political ideology into a disastrous and hardline religion with it’s own theology, excommunications, and even inquisitors. Men have been exceedingly foolish for allowing this theological tyranny to even exist, and worse, in the name of “fairness” or “equality”.

        8. Exactly. Equality was achieved a long time ago. Equality of opportunity though. Not equality of outcomes (based on hard work and ability).
          All feminism was based on power and control since the start. I take great comfort when I am approached by a “feminist” and start to hear their crap, only to ask them to research the name Erin Pizzey and tell me it wasn’t about power and female supremacy since the start. I have never heard back from one female. Never

        9. Look at war. It’s basically just to wipe out the males of another tribe and capture females.

        10. Sometimes. Often it’s to acquire resources needed to sustain or grow a people’s population.

        11. Yes, equality is about power. It’s about power and equality. It’s empowering women (and really all genders) to be able to have the same rights as men. Plain and simple.

        1. Lol he’s no prize himself. Looks like she got the short end of the stick,probably in more ways than one.

    1. More than that, I trust an intact process. What is that?
      The prosecutor must go to court and like any other crime must first prove the crime was committed. This is the first layer of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in America. The default proposition of the court is that no crime was committed.
      The second layer is that the prosecution must, and I stress this, the accused committed the crime with evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Not the civil standard, which is simply a preponderance of the evidence, no, beyond a reasonable doubt.
      I know that this isn’t popular with feminists, but tough. I agree with Janet, we need an accused shield law today. A page 1 rape arrest, with a page 10 retraction leaves the accused with a destroyed life, or worse. The photo is a young man who was accused of rape. That the was not guilty never even crossed the minds of those who attacked him.

        1. I don’t know, Janet Bloomfield seems to be sane. She seems to hold that responsibility is a two-way street. I would modify your statement as:
          Feminists: feelings > reason
          Red Pill: reason > feelings

      1. Hey, it suddenly went quietly in here. The sound of Sir William Blackstone’s corpse doing 3,000 rpm over rape culture hysteria just stopped.
        Oh — it was for the express purpose of giving you a big thumbs up. Well said.

      2. Shield laws are immoral, all shield laws should be abolished. People should accept personal responsibility to stand up and make bold accusations when crimes have been committed. If an accuser has a valid accusation, and fears retribution from their attacker, they should carry a weapon, have self-defense training, and utilize all individual and community options necessary to speak truth in safety. But when you twist laws such that one side of the law gets special protections, you automatically distort the process of criminal law.

      1. Those bitches should be grilled. Shit…Not enough evidence? Fuck… I cant believe I agonized about getting laid with these girls when I was younger. I’ve got a decent score now, and after learning and understand women’s behavior they’re not worth it anymore. Not even close. Tom Leykis had a segment today about fapping, a lot of guys called in and said women arent worth the time, attitude, money and effort.
        I do have a main girl though. She keeps the stress levels low. 😀
        oh yea, too much tangent… BITCHES! Hope this cabbie gets his money. Dude is right. All that stuff could have happened if he was charged. CHARGED!

      2. Seems like there are enough clear-cut cases of women attempting to ruin men’s lives with false accusations these days to fill a 1-hour youtube special.

        1. Way more than an hour, my man. Even if each instance offered only trifling details, a feature-length documentary could be made. Perhaps RoK could do something along those lines; rape lightgeist

        2. Very true! However, a youtube special about actual rapes would go on for a fucking year.

      3. The cops were disgusting cowards in this case, and, if possible, they should be sued as well.

        1. “The cops were disgusting cowards in this case….”
          Unfortunately, the majority of them are perhaps some of the most vehement white knights one is likely to encounter.

        2. Perhaps. However, it requires a significant amount of cowardice to utilize a government-issued costume as a vehicle in order to acquire it.

        3. Yep. And doctors. Can’t even count the number of girls I know who are all sluts, single moms and entitled bitches, and most of them are now shacked up with a doctor! Of course they still go Alpha hunting when their man is at work, saving lives and paying for their shit. Makes me sick

        4. Retired police officer here. Yes, those police should be sued. The crime of Falsely Reporting an Incident was committed against that driver and the police, with plenty of evidence to support the charge chose not to arrest those idiots. This is why there are so many false accusations made; no consequences for false accusers.

  8. I can see how a child could be so traumatized, and might not report until many years later as an adult.
    I can also understand how a women from some cultures have real concern their families might disown them, so they don’t go public until their parents die.
    But otherwise, why not file a real police report?

  9. By carrying around that mattress, she wants everyone who sees her to have an instant image in their mind’s eye of her naked and getting penetrated. It’s an act of narcissistic exhibitionism, and it seeks to eroticize rape. Rape victims, the experts tells us, are deeply ashamed and humiliated by the violations. This “look-at-me” performance art is an insult to the real victims of rape.

    1. Her account of what happened is also complete bullshit. She had fucked the dude several times before. He was in to rough sex. They had been drinking and were mid fuck when she allegedly decided she didn’t want to do anal. 8 months later, she met some other bitter ex-girlfriend, and the two of them decided together that they had both been raped. The other woman’s story was even more retarded. She had sex with this dude for months, never objected to anything, and it was only through her conversations with Sulkowicz that she came to understand that she had been raped all those times.

        1. And if that falls through, there’s always Jezebel. Though she may opt to give head at the Greyhound station before stooping that low.

      1. She decided she didn’t want to do anal mid-anal? The smell of her own shit probably wafted past her nose

  10. The feminine imperative rolls on. Simultaneous triumphalism and victimhood. Simultaneously ashamed and proud of being raped. Simultaneous anger and celebration over ‘victim’ status.
    How many female celebs have claimed to be either a rape victim or molestation victim anyway? It’s like that’s how they ‘make their bones’ or whatever the mafia does. You have to establish your rape victim creds to be legit to the public. Oprah, Lena Dunham, Angie Dickinson, Angelina Jolie, Tori Amos, Roseanne, Amanda Bynes….Feel free to add. I suspect it’s a b.s. trend.
    P.S. Real rape victims are not being addressed in my post whatsoever.If any names on my list were true victims then I’m sorry for what they went through and would be the first to volunteer to pull the switch on the electric chair for their rapist.

    1. “…and would be the first to volunteer to pull the switch on the electric chair for their rapist.”
      The death penalty for rape? Absurd. Perhaps murder (although admittedly I oppose the death penalty). One can simply place them in prison where they can no longer rape women. However, in my opinion sentencing rapists and false rape accusers to many years of hard labor seems appropriate.

    1. The comment section is amazing, you can see a bunch of men seemingly taking the red pill, as if the article was the final straw that sparked their enlightening.

      1. Yeah, when you realize that other men have had similar damaging experiences with women, you start to see the scale of the social dysfunctions at work.
        As I posted on the Breitbart site, young men don’t need to read dystopian YA novels; they’ve wound up living in a dystopia for real. These female social justice hags might as well advocate rounding up all the young men when they turn 18, have teen girls pass judgment on their fuckability, and then murder the guys who don’t make the cut.

  11. I have never accused a man of rape even when I was super drunk and I never will, most females won’t, it would be too painful

      1. Denise wants credit for not being a lying, immoral monster towards men.
        Well actually she just says it would ‘be painful’ so she’s saying it would suck for her. She did a little cost benefit when considering what her making a rape accusation can do for her life.

        1. I believe the rule is that women can comment, but that us men should not acknowledge their comments or reply to them. So the one breaking the rule is you and not her. Ignore them and they can’t hijack the thread.

    1. This matches my experience. If a person violated me in that most central of ways, I would make it my life’s work to personally make sure he suffered at my hand. No proxies, that would reduce my revenge. See, “To kill a Mockingbird”.

      1. The goal should be justice, not revenge. A criminal should be placed behind bars in an effort to prevent further trauma to other individuals and to send the message that such nihilistic behavior is destructive and intolerable for a civilized society. Revenge is simply an emotional and indeed, adolescent response.

  12. This should apply to Cosby as well.
    Women have been milking the trauma argument and it’s about time we start challenging that too, since it’s the foundation of the false argument. We have a long history of the effects of trauma on men, going all the way back to WW2 and the common symptoms that were displayed were aggression, hallucinations, memory loss, detachment from reality etc. However, the only symptom feminist like to emphasize is fear, which from my experience is only a factor when a person is alone, or is in similar situations as to when the event occurred, but it’s not the major distinguishing factor involved in trauma. People who have more experience in the psych field can expand on this I hope.
    But ultimately, I think the deeper you dig, the more you’ll realize that it’s all lies built upon lies, being used to cover up pursuits of power.

  13. “I was ashamed and afraid no one would believe me, which is why I’m now telling the entire world after my ridiculous story is completely unverifiable.”

    1. Article begins with this:
      “Sexual assault on campus is a serious problem. But efforts to protect women from a putative epidemic of violence have led to misguided policies that infringe on the civil rights of men.”
      I think ROK and other manosphere sites have done a great job in past articles demonstrating that sexual assault on campus is actually *rare* and that there is no “epidemic of violence”
      So the article itself might be good but the fact that it starts with a false narrative at the outset is still disturbing.

      1. Agreed, but we’re dealing with Slate, so the fact that this article ran at all almost gave me a heart attack.

  14. False rape allegations should come with a prison sentence. The sentence should be at minimum, 25%+ based on the convictable term of a case positive for a felonious rape charge.
    That should weed out most of the false rape allegations and borderline pump & dump sexual regret cases. The rule of law is failing by allowing public humiliation and slander of someone.
    The Navy even revoked Bill Cosby’s Honorary Petty Officer status due to what is happening in the media. How the hell does the military decide media allegations constitute revoking honors to someone, even if it’s just a badge of appreciation? Sad times indeed.

    1. The Cosby story doesn’t easily relate to the Duke Lacrosse and UVA scams. The details of the story in Cosby’s case are actually credible.

  15. Powerful video. You “trust but verify” and if a woman makes a public allegation before calling the police then you can’t trust her motives.

  16. There is no such thing as rape in the natural world, we are built to procreate – period. The current marxist/feminist drive to criminalize any perceived non-consensual sexual acts is reducing the value of rape as an immoral act (in the West) at such a pace it almost seems to be changing by the day. And as Western men are the only people preventing Western women from being subject to the laws of nature (as humans have been subject to for millions of years), once our support shatters – so will the ‘blip’ of feminism.

    1. Girls get mad if you don’t fuck them hard. Gentle, caring and considerate is not what they want. The idea of a strong man finding her sexy and dominating her is why crying ‘rape’ is a badge of honor to them. It implies men find them sexy, it’s a fantasy to them.

    2. Actual rape is a horrible thing – Feminists are using it to play on emotions when in actuality, most times it is just poor judgement or regret – Not actual rape.

  17. Yup. This modern day rape hysteria smacks of the same hysteria that
    occurred in the early 1980s of “Satanic daycare abuse” where many
    daycare workers were accused and convicted of mass abuse of children
    under their care, including bizarre satantic/Black Mass-style
    abuse—only to have 99% of the cases overturned later.
    Back then, the hysteria could be blamed on mothers’ guilt at divorcing and
    going into the workforce and abandoning their kids when they should have
    been home taking care of them. But of course they couldn’t say that out loud—hamsterism and feminism and all that— so a delusion replaced it. The rise of evangelism and the popularity of devil possession of children movies from the 1970s (Exorcist, the Omen) accelerated that particular delusion.
    Now, the hysteria is about women feeling guilty about their sluttish ways,
    but, again, they can’t say that out loud, because Slut Shaming is Bad
    and Sleeping Around is Good and the hamster again. So they start
    accusing men of rape to cover their worst behavior. The rise of
    societal-protected lesbianism (who hate men) and and anti-male agendas of feminists accelerate this particular delusion.

    1. 50 Shades of Grey comes out in 3 months. Almost seems as though there is a media-wide attempt to engage in some type of predictive programming, seeing as how rough sex is going to enter the zeitgeist soon.

    2. Taken suggested a very glamorized version of the Rotherham scandal. Rotherham is a real case of such trafficking. It ain’t Albanians doing it either.

  18. Likewise, any woman who claims in front of strangers or near-strangers that she was raped, who volunteers the information in a social setting, is lying. Women who actually were raped do not regard it as a suitable topic for dinner-party conversation.

    1. It’s amazing; half of the younger broads I’ve dated have claimed they were raped; 10 years ago, they were all claiming to have been molested. I wonder what flavor their victimhood will take in the next cycle?

      1. At the first mention of a past rape by your “date” you should stand up and leave with no further comment. Your time in her presence makes you the next target of her accusations. This is not a joking matter; I am deadly serious.

        1. Oh, I agree completely. Freedom is too valuable to risk it on some girl who thinks grinding her ass into random guy at a club=rape. It’s gotten that bad

  19. When you think about how difficult it is to actually rape someone (without drugging them unconscious) then you realize how full of shit these women are. Holding down the victim, while at the same time taking off your pants, and her clothes, and being able to penetrate while she’s kicking and screaming and fighting you to get off…. seems like that would take great skill

  20. Rape claims that are being publicized in the media are more likely than not fake. Take UVa, for example.

  21. It’s part of the feminist merit badge.
    1) Hate men
    2) Pursue career over marriage and family
    3) Casual sex
    4) Become a cutter
    5) Take mind altering drugs
    6) Rape allegation
    7) Slut walk
    8) Work as a SJW
    9) Marry and then divorce because…empowerment

    1. 10.) Buy a cat
      As a proponent of mind-altering drugs, it could be said that women’s minds are too weak to obtain any sort of insight into universal truths after dropping a few tabs or eating peyote; instead, their victim mentality is simply enhanced

  22. As an older man it pains me to see allegedly raped but now married women carrying on in public as Professional Rape Victims. Speaking tours, book deals, talk show appearances. You will see their dutiful husbands in the background. She is making her pre-marital rape the focus of their relationship instead of her husband. Divorce is inevitable when she ages past her prime and her husband has had enough of the rape circus in and out of the bedroom. A woman who has experienced this needs serious counseling with emphasis on learning to tend her husband’s needs, not celebrity victim empowerment that ensures the rape trauma is kept front and center in their marriage.

  23. Hey Roosh, you got WAY better at talking in front of a camera or microphone than you were a month ago. Good shit.

  24. We just had a case in Switzerland, where Karl Dall, a 72 year old comedian was acquitted from rape allegation of a 43 year old women. She was a stalker and had already a history of men abuse and still could pull it off. She came 2 months late with it. I want to see a law, that allows rape allegations only for 24 hours after incident and medical checks.

  25. I don’t think Roosh is being fair. Statistically, a woman today will have been raped an average of 1347 times in her lifetime. The average caucasian is raped 576 times before she is 12; the average for blacks is 967. A woman is raped every 2 seconds on college campuses, many being raped by professors on their giant mahogany desks. Rape statistics are much worse in muslim countries where rape is often a celebrated cultural event: “Rape Week” in Saudi Arabia or, “The dance of a thousand rapes” in Pakistan are among the worst of these. They say in London you are always within 5 feet of a rape.

    1. Exactly. Not to mention all the women raped by proxy, raped in dreams, or raped by tampons that got stuck. If you add them to the stats then you’ll get a clearer picture of the scale of the problem.

      1. Good points! I also forgot about inadvertent constipation ass rape by way of feeding, and of course the soon punishable thoughtrape.

  26. I’m copy/pasting an email my brother sent me over the summer about an incident that went down one night when he was out in Scottsdale. Blows my mind how quick and easy women can toss out the term “molest”, espcially when the feel the need to save face after being put on the spot. This is everything that’s wrong with the world today!:
    “dude the other day john and i met these girls who were friends of his girl at the bar. One meets this dude and they start making out and shit and they leave to go to another bar. Cut to an hour later we’re leaving and need to drive this girl to her car, so we pick her and her girl friend up and the friend says “why did you let him have his hands down your pants in public?” and the bitch has the audacity to say, “i didnt he wasmolesting me and you werent helping me, and these fucking 3 ditched me with him” at that point John and I jumped down her throat, “yeah fucking right, you left with him, you were all about it making out with him and licking his ear and shit, you never once made an attempt to resist or we would’ve stopped it” and her friend chimes in “you were rubbing his dick on the outside of his pants while he was in yours” and john jumps in and says “its shitty people like you that get guys arrested on bullshit because you feel slutty after the fact” the girl didnt say one other thing till we got to her car and she said bye.
    What a horrible piece of shit type of person is that, willing to ruin some innocent guys life just because she felt embarassed after.
    sorry for the novel”

    1. “What a horrible piece of shit type of person is that, willing to ruin
      some innocent guys life just because she felt embarassed after.”
      They’re quite emotional creatures. The avoidance of responsibility for ones actions is unfortunately all too common among the female population. it is childish behavior that should have been discarded upon reaching adulthood yet it often is not.
      They feign equality yet act in the opposite manner. If women wish to be taken more seriously it would be wise to stop acting in manner which speaks the contrary.

      1. And feminazis actually think all men treat rape as a sport, that if they saw a girl actually resisting under duress that instead of fuck the assailant up that they would all just jump in and recreate a scene from I Spit On Your Grave together (the 70s version by the way!). Ridiculous!

  27. If all the afflicted girls are to be believed then we shall all be connvicted of witchcraftery quickly.
    John Proctor

  28. Are you insane?! How do you know whether she was or wasn’t? Rape is real! But so are false rape accusations. To flat out accuse one extreme of lying is irresponsible. If you expect women to prove that she was raped, then I hope you’re prepared to propose all the evidence that she wasn’t.

    1. The easy way to figure it out is to look at who is accusing who. For example any claims that a woman is gangraped by a white group is always suspect.

    2. Its pretty simple actually, if the “rapist” hasn’t been convicted in a court of law by a jury of (inevitably) HIS peers, then the rape never occurred and the gentleman in question is innocent.
      It is more difficult to prove a false rape claim than it is to prove a rape occurred, but statistics would suggest that over 40% of rapes are false accusations (by the fact they can be proven as demonstrably false).

        1. No. They are not, because they did not commit murder. I think your parallel is poor. In a charge of murder there is invariably a body – a single objective fact that proves at least one element of the crime. Can’t have a murder without someone being dead and finding a body. Rape, though, allows a woman to keep the metaphorical body on ice even through decades and then make the allegation as if the body had just been found.
          If you say a person “gets off” murder, that is a compendious statement. A person can be found not guilty of murder because the evidence is insufficient, because the evidence simply does not support the prosecution’s theory about how the death occurred, or because the death came about in circumstances the law specifically excuses — self-defence, provocation, and so on.
          Saying many people “murder” and then “get off” is you asserting your opinion is more valid than that of the entire justice system. Exactly what categories of cases are you speaking of?

        2. Plus, murder has shitloads of resources thrown at it, so it is (at least where I come from) rarely left unsolved.
          It would be pretty difficult to solve a murder if women could just go to the police, say this guy murdered me 5 years ago, now lock him up, by the way, I wont answer any questions about it because it makes me feel uncomfortable. But you can check out my twitter feed for all that happened.

        3. And every murder case gets a trial. No trial necessary for a man’s life to be ruined by a false claim of rape.

  29. Here is a good example of a women making a false rape claim
    The amount of people who think that the man involved is an “accused rapist” still, despite the fact the case was never brought forward as it was demonstrably false is shocking.
    And lots of people feel sorry for the girl, some fucking mental whackjob, who cries rape, then kills herself rather than admitting the truth and taking her punishment, still leaving the poor guy seen as a rapist by many.

  30. All rape accusations are public. Criminal law is public. You have to be more clear in your argument I reckon. If you don’t know all the facts or studied the facts of every single rape case ever. Your argument loses validity.
    “All generalizations are wrong, including this one”. – Mark Twain

    1. Did you see the actual video? He says, “All public rape accusations where by the woman went to the media or called a media tip line before reporting the crime to the police…..”

      1. The title does not suggest it. Also, many victims tell someone else before the police.
        Again, all generalizations are false.

        1. You don’t think there’s just a tiny difference between “tell my girlfriend” and “tell CNN” before going to the police?

  31. The Washington Post reporter, T. Rees Shapiro, who exposed the Rolling Stone UVA alleged rape article as a tissue of lies, is the Red Pill Man of the Year. Finally someone in the mainstream media standing up for the truth. I hope he wins a Pulitzer.

  32. That’s one major reason why I said that woman in America are dangerous. I simply don’t trust them anymore and don’t allow exceptions. Those who will think that they are the exception to that are probably the worse. When they lie they is no punishment to them whatsoever. In my book those who lie about something that serious should go in jail for a long long time.

  33. EXCUSE ME WHAT!!!! I don’t understand why you overly misogynistic are so stupid. If a women did not give you consent to touch her or have any sort of relations with her THAT IS RAPE. So don’t go around saying that women are “whiny” or over reacting because you shouldn’t touching women randomly in the first place.

  34. An interesting article today on the topic:

  35. Not so fun-facts:
    (note I back them up with sources and facts which you didn’t do in your article for your arguments – a sign of bad journalism)
    An estimated 54 percent of rapes are unreported –
    An American woman’s chance of being raped at college: 1 in 4 –
    Percentage of rapes that college students think are false claims – 50 percent (looks like you still have the mentality of a college boy) –
    Number of women raped per hour during the Congo war: 48 –
    Women can be imprisoned for being raped in Afghanistan (so I doubt they report being raped at all) –
    Percentage of rapists who are never incarcerated: 97 – percent
    So to conclude: You may feel that there is some kind of injustice in the judicial system where men are falsely imprisoned for rape but the truth is that most rapists are never sentenced. I bet you woke up one morning and thought you’d wack out some meaningless argument on your keyboard that you didn’t have the skills to back up or even research to see if you were right. Well done for demonstrating such sublime idiocy.

    1. An estimated 54 percent of rapes are unreported
      So women should report when they are actually raped. No one disputes this.
      An American woman’s chance of being raped at college: 1 in 4
      Aside from the fact that this number was derived from a faulty report, and aside from the fact that it makes no sense (who believes this number and would continue to send their daughters off to supposed rape factories for an education), the newest report completely refutes that 1 in 4 number putting it more accurately at 6.1 in 1000.
      Percentage of rapes that college students think are false claims – 50 percent (looks like you still have the mentality of a college boy)
      Sounds like you still have the mentality of someone trying to create a rape culture where one doesn’t exist.
      Number of women raped per hour during the Congo war: 48
      Women can be imprisoned for being raped in Afghanistan (so I doubt they report being raped at all)
      Congo, Afghanistan, not sure how they relate to this article about false accusations in the US.
      Percentage of rapists who are never incarcerated: 97 – percent
      No. Just because you accuse them does not actually make them rapists. You need to prove it. Innocent until proven guilty, although like many women, you would prefer it simply be guilt by accusation; men should go to jail just because women say so.

    2. “Percentage of rapes that college students think are false claims – 50 percent (looks like you still have the mentality of a college boy)”
      Actually, college students are not far off the mark on those estimations. Various studies put the false rape accusation rate around 20-40%. One study puts it at 90%. Even the FBI’s own stats put it at 8 in 100, or nearly 1 in every 10.

  36. According to the FBI, the percentage of rape accusations that turn out to be false is about 2%. Men are not the victims here. And despite that incredibly low rate of false accusations (some studies put it as high as 8%, which is still pretty low) MRA’s very cruelly default to attacking and flat-out refusing to believe any accuser. It’s irrational, and reflects a very poor attitude to women.

    1. Er, no, AC/DC.
      8% is the number that you get from the FBI’s results when they aren’t analysed by a feminist with an agenda. That would be almost 1 in every 10.
      And there are plenty of studies of smaller populations that put the number of false rape accusations much, much higher than 8%. The one that was collected most scientifically puts it as high as 40%. You really need to Google the subject – if anything the FBI estimates are the outliers.

  37. Hi…well..i am a Female…I really like your sight. I think it raises alot of really good points. I dont alighn myself with feminism for the same reason I dont alighn myself with christianity. I feel its too hive minded, and while some points they bring up and “fight” for are worthy and good and necessary, I feel it gets lost in translation alot and there are too many people I deffinitley do NOT agree with in both groups that I want nothing to do with. That being said…I Was sexually assaulted. I wasnt drunk or intoxicated, I didnt flirt or anything, but I was. It hurt and made me angry. I felt extremely…little. that being said, I never felt the urge to go on se revenge crusade, or make it any worse or better than what it was like im sure some women do…it is what it is
    Surprisingly fast, painful, impersonal yet personal, an ugly ugly contradiction. Are you saying Im lying? It kind of hurts to hear those things…
    Especially from obviously intelligent I can tell from your other articles. But this…do you truly believe it?

  38. Why are there so many comments from Men who hate Women? I can understand some…like feminists whos main goal seems to be supremacy and guilt trips…but not all are bad and its hurtful to read these things. I would never lump the whole male rave together. Were all people.

  39. All accusations made by women are false. They are always blown out of proportion, exaggerated and include lies.

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