Ezra Klein’s Anti-Male Hatred On Vox (UPDATE 2)

In response to California’s “Yes Means Yes” rape bill, Ezra Klein has shared a chilling anti-male article where he stated his desire for men to live in fear, be robbed of their legal due process, and suffer punishments even if innocent of any wrongdoing. His opinion was published on Vox.com, a news site which he founded and currently serves as editor-in-chief. Vox receives 20 million unique visitors a month and is sponsored by the Mastercard corporation. It is part of the Vox Media network which also operates The Verge and Polygon.

Background on California’s “Yes Means Yes” law

On September 28, 2014, California passed bill SB-967, which applies to college students and re-defines consensual sex. Male students will now have to prove that women gave them “affirmative consent.” The bill contains the following:

Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent.

If a male student is unable to prove that affirmative consent was provided by a woman he had sexual intercourse with, a college tribunal may expel him without police or judicial involvement. This means that tribunals are now legally authorized to use a new definition of sex to expel and punish male students without involving the courts.

Affirmative consent is an entirely new concept that has not yet been tested in any international court system. Here is a licensed California lawyer’s interpretation of the bill:

To convict a man of rape, the prosecution must show you overcame the girl’s consent. This standard was generally applied to college students accused of rape as well. No longer.

To kick a young man out of college, a kangaroo court only has to show she wasn’t that into it.

Another possible scenario that could expel a male student is if the woman was sober and conscious but quiet during the sex act. She could later claim that she did not give affirmative consent and, based on that definition, have the male successfully kicked out of school, effectively ending his education and greatly hampering his future economic potential.

Ezra Klein’s take on the Yes Means Yes law

On October 13, 2014, Klein published “Yes Means Yes” is a terrible law, and I completely support it” on Vox.com It contains several disturbing passages which reveal a vehemently anti-male viewpoint.

The Yes Means Yes law is a necessarily extreme solution to an extreme problem. Its overreach is precisely its value.


If the Yes Means Yes law is taken even remotely seriously it will settle like a cold winter on college campuses, throwing everyday sexual practice into doubt and creating a haze of fear and confusion over what counts as consent. This is the case against it, and also the case for it. Because for one in five women to report an attempted or completed sexual assault means that everyday sexual practices on college campuses need to be upended, and men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter.


Critics worry that colleges will fill with cases in which campus boards convict young men (and, occasionally, young women) of sexual assault for genuinely ambiguous situations. Sadly, that’s necessary for the law’s success. It’s those cases — particularly the ones that feel genuinely unclear and maybe even unfair, the ones that become lore in frats and cautionary tales that fathers e-mail to their sons — that will convince men that they better Be Pretty Damn Sure [in gaining consent].

In unambiguous language, Klein states the following:

1. An unfair law is precisely what we need to fix a problem that is based on flawed rape studies. It is not true that “1 in 4” or “1 in 5” women will be raped ([1] [2] [3] [4]), and the Department of Justice’s own figures show sexual assault is clearly on the steady decline.

2. Men should feel fear, confusion, and anxiety when entering any sexual relationship with a woman. This is an alarming viewpoint that is more commonly possessed by far-left extremists known as social justice warriors, whose totalitarian methods to date have been the marginalization of men through censorship and economic punishments. Klein is advocating for dystopian gender relations where men must be constantly worried about having their lives ruined before every act of sex, bringing new meaning to the term “sexual anxiety.”

3. It is acceptable for innocent men to be punished by quasi-legal tribunals in order to stoke fear and apprehension in all men. Due process is a legal concept that has been used in Western societies since the Roman era, but Klein wants to remove this legal requirement for men. This would create an unfair and likely unconstitutional two-tiered legal system where both due process and the presumption of innocence is removed for men but still applicable for women.

Even among the most radical of feminists who claim that all heterosexual sex is rape, it is tough to find a more anti-male and misandrist viewpoint than what Klein has written, and even Klein’s media peers have chimed in to show dismay in his position ([1], [2], [3], [4]). One journalist went as far as to describe him as going “off the rails.”

I looked into Klein’s background a bit further and what I found suggests that this opinion is not an isolated outlier but a consistent pattern that overlaps with far-left extremists known as social justice warriors.

Is Ezra Klein a social justice warrior (SJW)?

I’ve previously studied the SJW movement. Here is a brief encapsulation:

Social justice warriors believe in an extreme left-wing ideology that combines feminism, progressivism, and political correctness into a totalitarian system that attempts to censor speech and promote fringe lifestyles while actively discriminating against men, particularly white men. They are the internet activist arm of Western progressivism that acts as a vigilante group to ensure compliance and homogeny of far left thought.


SJW’s utilize censorship, discriminate against white men, and disagree with basic human rights concerning due process that has existed in the Western legal canon for centuries. They are against free speech as granted by the US Constitution and don’t believe that all men are created equal. They disregard science and wrongly apply labels, accusations, and criminal allegations to those who dare cross their path.

Based on this definition, Klein has left a trail that suggests he is such an extremist.

1. He used an SJW slur against the #GamerGate movement

Gamer Gate is a decentralized movement that aims to expose corruption and nepotism in gaming journalism at sites like Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Polygon, which happens to also be owned by the Vox Media network. It began after the revelation that a female SJW developer had sex with influential members of the gaming journalist community in order to enrich herself while pushing an SJW agenda.

Ezra Klein on Twitter   Whatever good points #GamerGate had to make are getting buried underneath the raging misogyny  http   t.co v3DrpYP00I

A common tactic of SJW’s is to label an opinion or cause as “sexist,” “misogynist,” or “racist” to shut down all support for it, as Klein does above.

2. He started a secret email list called JournoList to push a leftist agenda

He began JournoList in order to better coordinate and manufacture a leftist narrative on major news sites. Not surprisingly, emails within the list display a conspiratorial tone. JournoList was so controversial when it was revealed that it cost the job of his co-worker and friend David Weigel at the Washington Post.

Klein’s JournoList was apparently used a template for gaming journalists in their own secret list: GameJournoPros. Many members of the secret gaming list have been under the microscope by Gamer Gate for their corrupt practices and insistence on pushing an SJW agenda that is irrelevant to gaming. Just like JournoList, GameJournoPros was dismantled after being publicly revealed (by journalist Milo Yiannopoulos).

3. He liberally applied the “sexist” label to those critical of a woman

Klein used the “sexist” label to critics of Janet Yellen when she was nominated to lead the Federal Reserve.


Like previously mentioned, such ad-hominem labels are meant to shut down rational discourse and valid concerns instead of factually addressing the issue at hand.

4. He insinuates that racism could be eased if white people offer financial compensation

When working for the Washington Post, he stops one step short of taking on the position that whites living today must correct the wrongs of the past by compensating minorities and ushering in even more policies:

The idea that racism is over — or even just that policy should be colorblind — has a clear winner: the group that benefited from the years of racism and that now doesn’t have to pay any compensatory costs.

Klein is one of the more hardline social justice warriors in that he directly advocates for strong governmental intervention to improve societal problems that is perceived in his mind but not necessarily backed up by data.

5. He compares Islamic terrorists in America to Christians

He stated in an interview that radicalization of Muslims is not a problem before highlighting the violence of Christian adherents.

The most relevant portion is from 1:53 to 2:25

This interview aired two years before the Boston Bombings, where two radical Muslims from Chechnya killed four civilians and injured 280 others. A common SJW tactic is to embrace all religions but Catholicism to exhibit their disdain for Western values.

6. He insinuates that not discriminating against majority race job applicants is “really dangerous”

In an interview for NY Mag to promote the launch of Vox, Klein shares how he actively discriminates against certain applicants for the sole purpose in creating a diverse newsroom.

We focused on [diversity] early on but didn’t succeed in the way that we should have. We had some hires that we really hoped would work that fell through for totally normal reasons and then we didn’t correct quickly enough. Look, you have to be committed to it. If you’re not, you get into the problem we began to have: People feel that maybe it’s not a culture that cares about [diversity]. And that’s really dangerous.

SJW’s view white people as having the most amount of privilege, meaning that they can be actively discriminated against to correct any imbalances that they feel or perceive. In SJW ideology, equality can never be achieved without open discrimination against majority groups.

The MasterCard corporation is currently sponsoring Klein’s extreme anti-male views

MasterCard currently has a sponsorship agreement with Vox.com to display two advertising banners on every article, including Klein’s opinion piece where he states that men should live in fear and not receive due process.


It is unfair to expect MasterCard to read every article on Vox.com, so I emailed their public relations team 24 hours ago as a representative of Return Of Kings to ask them if they were aware that their brand is splashed besides Klein’s anti-male writing. (The email was sent to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

As of publication, they have not responded, forcing me to conclude that they are aware of Klein’s position and wish to continue sponsoring it. If you have a MasterCard, you are free to ask them what agenda they are trying to push by supporting Klein’s work.


Ezra Klein has the right to exercise his free speech to promote an SJW brand of anti-male hatred, and MasterCard is free to sponsor it, but I personally feel uncomfortable using the two MasterCards I’m in possession of. Every time I use one at the register, I’m essentially giving approval to Klein’s view that that men should endure hardship and suffering without being guilty or even charged of any crime. As SJW ideology creeps into the mainstream, we have to start asking ourselves difficult questions about using consumer products that sponsor those who want to marginalize our role in society or outright ruin our lives.


I can no longer find Mastercard’s ads on Vox.com, even though they were present while writing this article over the weekend. They have not replied to the inquiry I sent on Sunday afternoon, so either they removed their ads quietly since then or it’s a coincidence that their exclusive campaign run on Vox ended after I emailed them. The current sponsor is, ironically, a video game produced by Take-Two Interactive.


A reader noted that Mastercard ads continue to run on the site.

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336 thoughts on “Ezra Klein’s Anti-Male Hatred On Vox (UPDATE 2)”

  1. The equalists got it all mixed up when it comes to Gamergate. It’s the opposite of their assertion.
    Gamergate is tainted by tangents about journalism ethics when it should be a direct, open attack on feminism instead. You can complain about the whore sleeping around, but leave that as a separate issue. It’s sad when even 4chan is playing the victim game these days by using Zoe Quinn and her shit game as an excuse. That’s not the 4chan I remember from my youth.

    1. The SJW demographic?
      Its not women, as I recall in my youth a girl from my neighbourhood and I used to play Zelda on the SNES and she was more preoccupied on how to push the door underneath the castle than any bullshit about sexism in zelda.

      1. Games have changed since N64 Zelda though you have to admit.
        Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great example… Never before in popular gaming (I used to game up to my early 20s) has a young man played as such a realistic anti-social character. The themes in the game are violence, being cheated on by friends and family, basically you play a degenerate male anti-hero who gets to take his hate out on everybody by running through the city and killing civilians, stealing cars, and total anarchy.
        Zelda on the other hand is the total opposite. You play a true hero in every sense of the word. Everybody in the whole world loves Link. Other games from our childhood were about benevolence and saving the world… totally different themes. Even the badass games like Contra didn’t have the graphical realism to portray true violence.
        Everywhere you look now, from The Walking Dead, to Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, all popular media nowadays is catering to an essentially bleak look at society.
        I’m not saying it doesn’t represent truth… or partial truth… but it is a fundamentally different experience from when we were kids.
        Of course it is attractive to young men… the modern young male is frustrated, isolated, and confused. He gets to live out a bit of that frustration with these violent characters.
        And then they discover the online community… also made of men just like him… Of course they’re going to start cussing each other out, forming groups, competing… that is what men do… This is the only place in their lives they’re allowed to test each other without being punished and ostracized.
        Women want into this space all the sudden but it is a fundamentally male space. They can’t take the heat. And they can’t handle the truth of the matter either… which is that these really are the passions and behaviours of men. This is the space where women are all the sudden discovering the feelings and attitudes of men that have nothing to lose.

        1. “Everywhere you look now, from The Walking Dead, to Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, all popular media nowadays is catering to an essentially bleak look at society”
          THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND! I thought I was alone, when I noticed this, but realise I am not.
          I played games during the SNES and Game Boy era of Nintendo, and believe me, it was a different era altogether. It was about using your imagination and it was simple.
          Everything now is based on dark themes. From violent video games to dark themed television shows, everything narrates around the darkness and bleakness of our world. This also includes the garbage noise pollution mainstream music.
          All of the above is now used as a tool to desensitise and make our souls empty inside, which is why I stay away from all of the above.
          The best alternatives are reading books, listening to good music of the past, eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis- all which are good for the soul and heart.
          When I depart this world, it will be with my self respect intact.

    2. You don’t get to ‘Yes Means Yes’ until you’ve internalized ‘No Means No’ for a few decades.
      I’ve tried to get fellow manospherians to think more 4th dimensionally about our situation (i.e. not only can things get much worse but you guys already accept bad stuff for men because you grew up with it).
      Maybe YMY is a wake up call.

      1. come on it’s pretty easy….. use an audio recording app on your smart phone, keep it in your pocket, record the conversation and ambient audio from the time you are alone with the girl… when you are inside her ask her to talk dirty… etc…. the law makers might be idiots but judges can still take evidence into account….

        1. If technology is to be a solution for a bad law, then you essentially already live in a version of the Soviet Union. That was a nation that literally rewrote what was thought to be possible on using old and new-school technologies to get around obscene levels of restriction on the population. Cuba is still this way, they probably have the highest population of mechanics who can work on 50-60’s era cars per-capita in the entire world.
          Technology should never be a solution for a bad law. In fact, I would argue that as soon as you find yourself using technology to bypass bad laws, you already live in an authoritarian state.

        2. That ain’t how American law works; if you can;t prove I stole the car, then I’m NOT GUILTY of it. If you can’t prove I killed the butler, then I’m NOT GUILTY of it.
          But now it appears that not being able to prove you got notarized gov’t approved consent makes you a rapist.

        3. You are essentially correct. The US is a surveillance state and will become more so with time. The time to really become worried is when they achieve true USSR status by introducing retrospective criminal law to the nation at large (I believe the EPA already has this power).

        4. Well said, people don’t realise just how authoritarian things are becoming because of a lack of historical understanding. They look at the soviet union and only think of Stalinist massacres and pay little attention to all the numerous little things that were restricted that we take for granted but which are being eroded now. In the UK for example there are already secret family courts deciding childrens futures. Secret courts ! Which we can’t know about and people just carry on as normal. Damn times are bad.

        5. She could claim its not her voice or that was from a previous encounter which may cover her under rape shield. I say we campaign over this but from the POV: SJW are fucking with your sex lives or rename college beta land

        6. Pretty much any mechanic can work on a car from the 50s/60s. Unless we’re talkin young guns that dont know points or anything about a carb.

        7. Those oldies look like science fiction, with their belts, carbs and distributors
          At least with the old stuff, you could isolate a system, then repair it. Now, the computer tells you, and you replace the whole damn system.

      2. But “all sex is rape” was around before I was ever born. This yes stuff is simply just the latest assault by feminists on men. This proves nothing other than they won this time.

        1. Sure, but everyone thought that Andrea Dworkin was a skankazoid rage-beast, and nobody took her seriously. What the Cathedral is doing now is codifying the idea that all women are innocent victims and all men are lascivious rapists looking to defile them. The “Yes Means Yes” campaign is ALL about excusing women from the slightest shred of responsibility for their actions whilst damning men backwards and forwards.
          The most disturbing thing is that the standard of proof is dropping from “beyond a reasonable doubt” to “preponderance of the evidence”, and once a man’s “guilt” is determined, universities are required to exact a punishment. The woman regrets it the next day? Fuggedaboutit. What we’re about to see is even more of a shit-fest than we’ve seen in the past. Pretty soon, “metaphysical” rape will be a crime.
          Defense Counsel: “But the defendant was 7 states away from you.”
          Special Snowflake: “But he made me feel badly about myself, b/c he didn’t answer any of my 47 texts.”
          À bientôt,

        2. Eventually… ALL men will have to be castrated and impounded. For the sins of the patriarchy’s “cultural rape”.

        3. Nope. I don’t think you understand.
          Yes means yes has unfortunately been student code of conduct policy at liberal universities for the past 5 years. That rule and college tribunals is nothing new. Shit sometimes adminsitration even mandates someone from the women’s center be on the committee.
          Just look at the Jameis winston FSU witchhunt er investigation post law enforcement review.
          What makes this California law so insidious is the fascism!
          The law links distribution of state money to feminist ideals at public universities. That is what EVERYONE should be up in arms about. EVERYONE’s outrage over yes means yes at this juncture is too little too late and misguided.

        4. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billVersionsCompareClient.xhtml
          This is a copy of the bill as passed into law vs. the amended senate version.
          “In order to receive state funds for student financial assistance… shall implement comprehensive prevention and outreach programs addressing sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. A comprehensive prevention program shall include a range of prevention strategies, including, but not limited to woman’s empowerment programming empowerment programming for victim prevention.”
          Just so fellow commentators can be made aware of what the actual spirit of the law is.

        5. We should all pretend to be Californians, conduct a massive campaign for secession, then build a really high fence around it. Let them eat each other.

      3. So in your mind, a man is criminally culpable the SECOND a woman says she was raped, whether she originally consented or not, whether she never said no or not, or hell, even if they never even had sex!
        This jew should just call it what it is: the next step in making men third class citizens, beasts of burden subject to the will of the State and any woman within arms reach.

      4. The best direction for men these days may be for the rise of male only universities and colleges. It seems like it’s getting to the point where men can’t walk out of their homes these days without proving their “innocent” let alone guilty.
        You can’t make a private school change it rules or laws but there is always a “need”…and this need may call for more male only institutions. That would “right the ship”.

        1. And if women don’t need to prove rape at all do they even need to prove that the guy was actually with them? Can they just indiscriminately scan the incoming freshmen males and pluck them out, kicking them off campus at their whim with any accusation? That’s where this is heading…fast.

      5. No-means-no is rather reality impaired but it isn’t necessarily bad public policy. Yes-means-yes is a complete travesty which there is no practical way for meeting as a test of consent. Somewhere along the way you won’t ask for affirmative consent and BLAM you could be culpable. It doesn’t help matters that even trying to conform to YMY is a huge turnoff for most girls unless you are super smooth.

    3. When I get upset about being called a “nigger jew spic” on CoD I blast the fool in the face with a shotgun. Usually resolves the problem.

  2. That is a pretty eerie similarity between JournoList and GameJournoPros, and also how this little beta owns Polygon.
    Your commentary on social issues is getting more sophisticated Roosh. Keep this up. Maybe we can do something about MasterCard like Mike got Mercedes to remove advertising from Gawker.

  3. I was just watching the movie “Falling Down” and despite what the critics think, the film perfectly symbolises everything wrong about modern day America and the errosion of western masculinity.
    -William Foster gets fucked over by the family courts
    -He gets fucked over by corporate America
    -Constantly getting fucked over his consumer rights, be it being ripped off at the grocery store or the burger place.
    No, this is not just a film about the so called “angry white male” but a film that truly shows the injustice that the everyday hard working man will face in this feminist liberal dystopia and reading this article reminded me about how real men are similar to what Michael Douglas goes through in the film.

    1. Excellent film. I haven’t seen that one in awhile but yes it does show how one man (and eventually many) can “break” after society (as a whole) has turned on him.
      There may be a breaking point that we need to hit (like the movie) on a mass scale for things to balance out. Entitled women aren’t going to give up anything and corporate America sold men out a long time ago (with the exception of the wealthy at the top).
      “You’re on your own” should be the new “American Dream”.

      1. “Whatever happened to the American dream? You’re living it.” When everyone has a voice, no one does.

  4. The vote with your dollars carry much more weight than your vote with a ballot. Spend accordingly.

    1. There are only three votes that matter.
      – Voting with your wallet. (Starve the beast)
      – Voting with your feet. (Get the fuck out of the beast’s state/city/county)
      – Voting with bullets (this will happen when they have everybody robbed and cornered, the most dire circumstance that will feel really good when it’s happening) .

      1. You missed one, Dr. Jeep…the vote in the jury box.
        Similar in effect to “voting with your feet”, only instead of withdrawing all of your “implied consent” by departing the society as a whole, one withdraws consent for this-and-this or such-and-such laws.
        It only takes one to wreck the entire Cathedral’s plans, and is a better option in all but the most extreme cases than voting with cartridge boxes.
        The latter being a historically very very risky method of reforming societies and very unlikely to end well, the American Revolution notwithstanding.

        1. Yeah last time I tried that a little 20-something white female short hair assistant prosecutor made sure I was first to be booted from the jury pool. They have that one covered.

      2. It won’t feel good when it’s happening, but we’ll get there.
        They’ll have thousands upon thousands of brainwashed thugs to fight for them.
        Also, remember that these are ruthless people. Their internet sycophants talk of nothing but blood and guts when faced with an enemy- imagine how brutal their paid killers will be. Also, they’re cowards, so they’ll go after your most vulnerable friends and family.
        It’ll make the Civil War look like a picnic, but hopefully the side whose value system is based on bitchassness will lose.

    1. Years ago it used to be that you could get a new CC and then use it to pay off all debt of another CC – this was a marketing thing to get people to switch over, but I have not seen such a thing advertised in a while. Probably due to the banks being more monolithic than ever.
      I would recommend looking into that.
      Also, check your debit cards.

  5. “forcing me to conclude that they are aware of Klein’s position and wish to continue sponsoring it. If you have a MasterCard, you are free to ask them what agenda they are trying to push by supporting Klein’s work.”
    MasterCard is probably just another node in the SJW corporate network, making me wonder what exactly their overarching agenda is.

  6. Yeah right, and all the sexting and nude snapchat selfies aren’t to be used as evidence of anything. Sorry millennial skanks, you’ve can’t have it both ways.

    1. after reading this i’m going to, i get paid on a mastercard but i’ll have to switch to direct deposit or checks.

    2. I am currently unable to boycott Mastercard, I think. Within the last week, I have put several thousands of dollars on credit to buy weapons, ammo, gear, and other capital investments, in anticipation of the upcoming mutated airborne Ebola outbreak and subsequent collapse of the interstate economy that will result from the ground travel bans and quarantine zones. Perhaps I should threaten to pay my entire balance without giving them a penny in interest, as I was planning to do until this whole thing blows over? (Bad credit reports and large past due balances are not a concern during a zombie apocalypse)

  7. “Getting rid of men and their rights- priceless. For everything else, there’s Mastercard…”
    Believe me, I would not be surprised if they did make this kind of commerical in the future for the female driven consumer market.
    Getting you into more consumer debt. That is the ultimate goal of corporate America- screw over and enslave the public.

    1. I have already done likewise. I would encourage others to also participate in a boycott of MasterCard.

  8. I like the complete flip of what due process is all about. The old its better to have 10 guilty men walk free then convict one innocent man is apparently to antiquated to bother with anymore. Truly need to black knight the shit out of this.

  9. Corporate PR departments are like their HR counterparts: complete and utterly feminized. I doubt they will persuaded by making an appeal to reason. To them, we are the extremists.

    1. You are absolutely right.
      Its horrifying. Corporate America is a feminised industry where all the men are going to be cleansed out thanks to HR departments. The new feminazi war- the wage gap. Jesus Christ, what the fuck are they going to do next? There are now companies in the corporate world where EVERY employee, is female. Not a single man to be seen anywhere. And they’re fucking complaining about wage gaps?
      “Men are the villains. Men are the evil scum of the Earth. Men are trash. We need Hilary Clinton to lead. NOW!”
      Women are absolutely horrible when it comes to leading or personal finance management.
      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Real men, are now becoming the dinosaurs. We are on the verge of extinction.

      1. My problem lies with the male higher-ups who are actively enabling and abetting this. Who have no qualms about fucking men lower in the corporate (or academic) hierarchy over. Whose actions disenfranchise male workers and job seekers. Always willing to screw you over for thirty pieces of silver…

      2. This strategy wont last long….corporations wont survive with majority women employees. Women can have paper-pushing jobs but when you start getting politically correct in more important jobs ala innovation and sales, well it doesn’t end well. Yahoo, Xerox, HP,,,,companies who appointed women CEO’s are doing shitty, people are getting laid off.
        Fuck, I know a couple girls who just finished med school and within 5 months of their residency theyre already pregnant and taking time off. The hospital has to deal with a shortage of doctors due to the female dr’s working less.
        Look for corporate performance to fall across the board when you notice more women there, especially in management.

        1. 45% of jobs will disappear in the future thanks to automation. This has also been reinforced by a report from Oxford University and Bill Gates even mentioning that technology will replace a lot of jobs in the future.
          The end is coming.
          Automation is now taking place on an unprecedented scale and I cannot wait to see these female employees who keep bragging about their careers, lose everything. I have no sympathy for them. I will enjoyseeing them get everything they deserve.
          When the Titanic sinks, it won’t be every women and child, but every man for himself. After the way men have been treated and abandoned by the feminst entrenched society, it would not surprise me to see if men do not give a shit for women.

        2. Maybe some of US are going to think twice about saving a woman over saving ourselves…
          But there are a lot of betas out there who have been waiting for the chance to play hero their whole lives.
          When shit hits the fan… it is those guys you’ll have to wary of. In their heads, every woman is a “beautiful princess who’s been held back by those abusive and oppressive alpha males”… in their heads that basically means any man that is half decent with women and respects himself.

      3. It’s always about the money, first (at least in the U.S.). Politicians will always talk about education being so important but when it comes down to it money trumps everything.
        People will say what sounds morally correct but they’ll never admit their love for money, first. Even if it means a man’s rights are no longer relevant.

  10. Shame this faggot back to year 0. It’s sad and disgusting reading the words he writes, here, but watching his pathetic rat face speak makes my blood boil. How can someone hate themselves so much? Feminism, that’s how.

      1. He talks like a fundamentalist Churchian
        Being a man means he has so much “original sin” that he needs to repent as hard as he can for his whole life

  11. This law seems messed up. You can’t pass a law that requires people to buy smart phones. Hackers will figure out a way around it in about 1 hour. California is under single party rule by feminist / beta male coalition of d-bags.

  12. Hmmm … Ezra Klein …. sounds familiar, if you know what I mean.
    Freedom is being eradicated an alarming rate. This is also very worrying:
    Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws
    This very site could easily be targeted under this law.

    1. Just when you think Western society can’t get more absurd, it does. It never ceases to amaze how people don’t make the connection between new rules and laws being placed on them like an invisible jail cell every year and yet they are all apathetic and depressed. It’s almost as if the two are connected!
      No, that can’t be! The problem has to be evil men, if we could just stomp them out them we all be living in utopia. Right.

    1. ‘progressive’ jews. Traditional / orthodox jews should hate this as much as any other conservative / traditionalists. But there’s a strong and I believe false association between more progressivism and ending anti-semitism. If jewish media really is as influential as some say the moment the reverse were found to be true – namely that progressivism was actually increasing anti-semitism, and traditionalism were found to decrease it (consider for example leftist ‘anti-semitism’ against israel and pro-palestine) then one might predict that jewish progressivism would die a sudden death without the jewish people themselves suffering anything but the unalloyed benefit of ridding themselves of the greatest albatross round their necks there has ever been. If I were a jew I’d be looking to cut out the cancer of progressivism from jewish society, because so long as you have men like Ezra Klein pushing agendas like this anti-semeticism thinking is likely to increase rather than diminish. Where are the conservative jews out there who are prepared to make a stand against these weak men?

      1. The reason that antisemitism isn’t increasing in the general population is that most people don’t know that the Jews are behind the big ideological changes that have happened in the past 100 years. Also most people aren’t even opposed to the changes, and whole heartily believe whatever garbage the media are saying on TV.
        Also traditional Jews behave the same way, they promote filth and degeneracy to the gentiles all while protecting there own people from the same thing.

        1. I don’t want anti-semitism to increase. Progressivism isn’t the whole of judaism. There are divisions between jews, on politics, on everything. But what tends to unite jewish people, even those who wouldn’t even consider themselves jewish unless anti-semitic push comes to anti-semitic shove is unsurprisingly anti-semticism. It is the one thing that has always required unity, and because progressivism has claimed to be able to defeat anti-semitism (as part of anti-racism etc) it has always been attractive to jewish people in general. This is historically dubious. Arguably it was progressivism which created the conditions for nazism. Orthodox jewry was not seen to be undermining western german society etc. only progressivism. The links between progressivism and jewish thinking is quite widely known. My argument is that orthodox and conservative jews – of whom there are many – might well review there tolerance / support of such stances. There are already some tensions between jewish conservatism and progressivism over israel, as in the following

        2. I don’t want antisemitism to increase either, but i do want people to know who there enemies are.
          Jews don’t promote progressiveness to decrease antisemitism, they do it so that they can weaken there enemies(mainly being white countries), so that they can, as a people gain more power and control. We see this in the fact that many Jews promote multiculturalism and race mixing in European and north american countries,while in there homeland they strictly oppose non-Jewish immigration, and also i believe that marriage between a Jew and a non Jew is illegal in Israel.
          Of course there will be some ideological difference between jews, but i think the one thing they can agree upon is there hatred of anyone who is not jewish.

        3. This bro.
          Also anti semitism was channeled into suspicion about Israel. Sleight of hand. Rachel Corey died because she thought it was sad that Jews kill Arabs. She took universalist ideas of equality developed in the west to destroy whites (ideas designed by Jews mostly) and hilariously applied them against Israelis. Hey Girl the double standard you see, girl, it’s by design. They destroy YT here and look out for Number 1 there. It’s actually ethnocentricly consistent.

        4. No the disputes among Jews about Israel will never lead to fratricidal civil war between the Blood and Soil Israeli and the liberal diaspora.

        5. “Jews don’t promote progressiveness to decrease antisemitism”
          I think its a mistake to underestimate the jewish preoccupation with anti-semitism. Jewish peoples have historically been existentially insecure. Achieving success, wealth, power & control within the countries they have lived is a function of that insecurity, and sometime double-edged means of protecting against anti-semitism. Historical antagonisms may well be in play, but if so would they even be conscious for the most part (yes, I’m aware a few rabbis have said provocative things, and that the talmud has some less than complimentary commentary on goyim). Personally I think jewish millenialism and its secularised progressivist equivalent is the flip side of protecting against the historically ever present possibility of pogrom or blood libel etc. These progressive movements, marxism, feminism etc. are in part a function of that, and that’s the level it should be considered at. The holocaust gave jewish progressivism a free ride it did not deserve since arguably it did a great deal to exacerbate anti-semitism in the run up to the second world war by associating jewishness with radical causes. The only people who can put the breaks on jewish progressivism are the jews themselves, and the way to do that is by persuading ordinary jews that progressivism is a major liability.

        6. but the only issue they will always unite on is anti-semitism, and that’s why progressivism has the power it has, because it (falsely) promises an end to anti-semitism. Jews aren’t necessarily united by religion, nor are they necessarily united by race even (even if there is ethnocentrism). What unites jews is the moment to moment possibility of attack. A jew who doesn’t even think themselves a jew becomes a jew the moment a finger is pointed, or the moment they become concerned about such a finger.

        7. I have to disagree with you, due to the fact that many of the progressive causes that Jews finance and promote have nothing to due with lessening the resentment of Jews e.g(feminism, war on men, homosexuality, multiculturalism, racial tensions, sexual revolution etc.) but rather in destabilizing a nation. Why would Jews do this if they want to be existentially secure in those nations
          I don’t believe that Jews do this on a purely unconscious level, there plan is to thorough for it to be like that.

        8. And to point out to ordinary Jews that their ilk created communism, killed 60 million Russians, lied about the Holocaust, perpetrated 9/11, collapsed the economy, and steals from their host countries through central banking – which is also a mechanism that has allowed them to perpetrate revolutions and world wars (killing over one hundred million more) by controlling both sides of a conflict.
          I think that, more than the downfalls of progressivism, will lead ordinary Jews to question their leadership and collective identity.

        9. In the words of jewish leaders themselves, the jewish identity revolves around instigating divisiveness, diminishing the culture of their host nation, and extracting interest.
          And don’t get it twisted, “progressivism” didn’t set the way for Nazism;
          *jewish ownership of 98% of German banks,
          *diminishment of German culture through jewish occupation of gov’t and academic institution (sound familiar?),
          *the worldwide jewish boycott of German goods
          THAT is what led to Nazism…and of course to the most drastic economical turnaround in modern history by shrugging off the Rothschild parasite….perish the thought.

        10. THey don;t do it to directly strengthen their own position, they do it to WEAKEN EVERYONE ELSE; if you have no identity and no idea what you stand for, how can you oppose them?

        11. I think they actually just shrugged off the lower-level banksters – all the while Hitler was financed with Rothschild-derived money, and was a bastard Rothschild himself.

        12. No, the Fed Reserve Deutschmark was so devalued following the massive gov’t borrowing to pay off the debt incurred via the Versaille Treaty. Hitler blew off the Reserve Bank debt AND the Versaille reparations debt and established the Reichsmark as the national currency. It was only a that point that Germany became the “Nazi boogieman” and “Judea Declare(d) War on Germany” in 1933….along with 50+ other Rothschild slave-states.

        13. Thx for the info. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that Hitler was indeed a Rothschild agent, as they like to control both sides of any conflict.

        14. jews have had a tendency to work against nationalisms (yes sometimes hypocritically given zionism) but that’s principally about preventing anti-semitism (define that as you will). Jewish involvement in banking, financing is complex – it might be disproportionate but one has to be careful about claiming something as proven. Maybe the Rothschild’s do own and run the world, and finance wars to profit from them, but beyond 19th century evidence for such things are limited. And even if a jewish illuminati conspiracy did run the world, do you think ordinary jews would even know about it?
          the world jewish boycott of german goods (and the jewish declaration of against germany) … I was under the impression that that occurred after the nazis came to power i.e. it could be seen as a response.

        15. Given the way Jews have been able to conjure up hitler as a reason for a never-ending list of demands, it bears consideration. But given that Hitler did more to elevate and unify Europeans than anyone in the last 1000 years, it seems unlikely.

        16. conspiracy, whatever its ultimate truth, will always be easily dismissed as conspiracy. The fact that many Bolsheviks were jews and the fact that they may therefore bear a fair degree of responsibility for the evils of communism is something which should be addressed, and specifically addressed in the context of the progressivist / social action movements that continue the same line of thinking that proved so disastrous (and fatal) for so many millions of people. Progressivism needs to be held to account for this. And if the banksters, whoever they are – and they are certainly not all jews – are financing and supporting progressivism then that connection needs to be made explicit.
          Jews have been and are players in international politics, finances etc. They are not all powerful, all malevolent, and in control of everything we see or do. Nor are they obviously a single body, beyond that identification. What they are right now perhaps, is riding a wave, fuelled less I think by megalomaniac and totalitarian ambition, and more by the sense of righteousness and euphoria that success brings, combined with that sense of historic mission so many of them seem to have that they are now in a position to realise their promised land – wherever that might be

        17. …its like the “not all terrorists are muslim” argument. Of course there is no Jewish conspiracy. But there IS pride in Jewish cultural identity; a Jew who speaks out against Jewish misconduct is seen as disloyal, whereas Whites are seen as Supremacist if they DONT defer to foreign cultures.
          Jewish involvement in banking (and law, and gov’t, and academia) is not “complex”, it is CONSISTENT; its been the same game since Joseph in Egypt and every time it ends the same. Getting expelled from 100-plus countries isn’t some multinational conspiracy to pick on Jews that spans thousands of years, its because they pull the saaaaame stunt every time.

        18. “But there IS pride in Jewish cultural identity; a Jew who speaks out against Jewish misconduct is seen as disloyal, whereas Whites are seen as Supremacist if they DONT defer to foreign culture”
          And hypocrisy and double standards should be called out for what they are. Things are changing, in UK you can now make reasonable criticisms of muslims who were found to be sexually exploiting white / non-muslim girls for instance – that was taboo not so long ago. And the same sort of criticism of hypocrisy and unacceptable behaviour should be possible for any group or race – but that’s only possible if that criticism doesn’t spill over into what can be described as irrational conspiracy / hatred / phobia etc.
          As for Jews pulling the same stunt over time, there are lots of reasons why the situation may repeat itself. But there are also reason why it does not have to in the future. In US, UK etc no-one is ever going to expel the jews, and why is that, because a) that’s not how the world works now, and b) many of them are part of the establishment, and are so precisely because they know if they are not they might be expelled again.
          The problem isn’t the jews, or the gentiles, its the fact that the same behaviour, driven by the same fears, gets repeated forever and forever, and the more demonstrable anti-semitism there is, the more the fortress mentality will continue, and the more progressivism will be supported by jews who might otherwise be conservative.
          Its time for jews to be able to relax…at least about everything but progressivism. They really ought to feel embarassment about any such association with a movement that as others have pointed out has had such devastating and fatal consequences over time. Progressivism has always been a self-defence strategy, but what if it were an albatross of sorts? Something that needed to be lived down, a source of shame? Something in other words that obstructed pride in Jewish cultural identity.

        19. Jews represent 2% of US population, but are several hundred times over-represented in Ivy League schools, academia, media, law, finance, and government; but that’s attributed to them being super-smart, never as a result of nepotism or discrimination, that’s why EEO laws don’t apply to them like they do to the “old White men”. Along with the fact that even DISCUSSING the cornerstone of their victimhood claim (Holocau$t) is illegal throughout Europe and will get you fired in the US, if they aren’t relaxing now, they’re not going to.
          In contrast, what Whites are enduring in Europe and the US, i.e.:
          –targeted for random violence
          –shamed for promoting European cultural values
          –legally obstructed for organizing for White European interests
          –instilling children with values of foreign cultures
          –generating conditions designed to lower birth rates below replacement level
          These ARE occurring and nothing short of the recognized definition of GENOCIDE http://www.preventgenocide.org/genocide/officialtext-printerfriendly.htm.
          I’d say “reasonable criticism” of muslims who rape our daughters is just this side of a non-response.
          …don’t believe me? Walk into any hotel and tell them you want to reserve space for a conference promoting traditional White European values, see how fast you find yourself on the news.

        20. well they are probably both supersmart and super-well-organised as well – why would those things be mutually exclusive? Its wrong though that one group should have a dispensation from criticism while predominating, particularly while (in the form of progressivism) making the same criticism of (typically) straight white males. It also limits the degree to which society could be said to be democratic (not that that will concern everyone necessarily).
          In the interests of transparency and as I’ve alluded to elsewhere on this page I am not white, but mixed race, so I would probably find myself on the news for different reasons if I were to try to reserve that space for such a conference. I have no interest in white nationalism, and for obvious reasons might share the jewish concern that it might get out of hand, but equally I dislike multiculturalism, affirmative action etc. as a strategy and believe every group has the right to transparently (and responsibly) protect its own group interests, including to limit immigration. I don’t see why that should be a far right matter – indeed to some extent it is progressivism that has positioned it as such.
          returning to the disproportion of jewish influence, this should be addressed as any disproportion of influence should be addressed, i.e. as a problem of democracy, or social inclusion, not as a problem of race (which will simply reproduce the hate / anti-hate categories). Indeed the networks, the financial support, the nepotism or means of organization for advantage, are all things that could and probably should be addressed within the framework of democracy, indeed it should be probably be addressed within the framework of social justice itself. Probably the people best placed to do that are dissident / critical jews themselves, who may not necessarily like the way things are going.
          So the perennial question: group hug or race war, what’s it gonna be?

        21. You’re dead on as usual. Theodor Herzl (father of Modern Zionism) believed anti-Semitism could be harnessed for the realization of Zionism, as well as fulfillment of messianic prophecies and promoted it to further his cause:

          The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies.”
          The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl. Vol. 1, edited by Raphael Patai, translated by Harry Zohn, page 83-84

        22. I’m generally inclined to agree. Whether its to be group hug or race-war, the Biblical Abraham, Joseph, all the up to Theodore Hertzel seem to have, just like a mouthy housewife, relied on the guilt that follows hassling the hell out of someone until they react violently…like any self-sufficient man,id honestly just rather be left the hell alone to make my way and suffer the occasional rip-off than sit through never ending social justice efforts that always seem to come at the expense of productive men.

        23. Allow Eustance Mullins to educate you on the matters of the Sabbat Goy (from The Biological Jew):
          We have remarked on the strange omission of works which one might expect
          in our libraries, works which treat of the phenomenon of parasitic
          communities in human civilizations. And we have suggested that these
          works have not been written because the parasite exercises control over
          the academic and scholarly life of the host. Is this a fantastic
          conclusion? Not at all. Since the host is physically stronger
          than the parasite, obviously the parasite cannot control him through
          physical strength. Then he must exercise mental control. How is this
          done? The Jewish parasite controls the gentile host through an entire
          class of gentiles which he has created, and who serve him by maintaining
          control over the gentile host. This class is known as the shabez goi.
          LOLZLOLZ, but you already knew that, right Michael?

        24. thanks. I need to read Herzl properly, but from what little I’ve read what you say makes sense. Identity, or at least modern identity (as in identity politics) gets forged in the crucible of attack, particularly in the form of resisting / overcoming ‘hate’. Take that away and the forged identity will weaken. In the meantime you have a paranoid personality type that needs to reproduce the conditions of its psychic existence. What this means unfortunately is a symbiotic relationship between a (strong) jewish identity (permanently braced for self-defence) with anti-semitism itself. Messianism definitely plays a big part in the more positive side of zionism / socialism (which may or may not be convergent). Christian socialism may also play a (slightly different) part, but there is something in the jewish belief system about fulfilling their mission to repair the world (amongst other things) which has makes it particularly aligned with progressivism.

        25. it seems to me that the whole social justice strategy (anti-hate) is modelled on the defence against anti-semitism. There may well be false flag type events like that (i.e. as a strategy), but thats assuming that once you get to the point where your psyche is organised around self-defence you can even tell what’s a real attack and what’s false – the causality is always blurred. I don’t know where it began, but I imagine it ends, not in the victory of one or other group or race, but in the decay of the psychological needs that sustain such a state of affairs

        26. Mullins was embittered by the fate of his mentor Ezra Pound. He’s a clever guy who can write well, but what does it take to condemn an entire race as a parasites? Yes, there are a lot of bankers amongst the jews, but what of the scientists, (genuine) entertainers etc. As for the Sabbat Goy, maybe this is maybe this isn’t a real phenomenon. I’ve just looked up a jewish site that deals with the issue (allegation). This is what it has to say about the issue: “The basic rule of thumb as far as having a gentile do work for a Jew on Shabbat is that if a Jew may not do it, a non-Jew cannot do it for him. This is true whether or not the Jew specifically asks the non-Jew to do the work or if the non-Jew does it on his own, whether the non-Jew is paid for his efforts or not. There are, however, various exceptions to this rule. Here are some of the variables that may impact the ruling on this matter (the article below will discuss the details): If the non-Jew is being paid by the job, rather than by the hour or day. If the Jew is not directly benefiting from the work. If the non-Jew is (also) directly benefiting from the work. If the work is only forbidden by Rabbinic law. If it is still in the very first minutes of Shabbat. If it’s a situation of great need, great financial loss, illness or mitzvah”
          I don’t know the source for this but the implication is that if the jews behave in the way you allege, then they would be ‘bad jews’.

        27. Life isn’t all black and white buddy. Ever hear of the “shades of grey” concept? Surely the vast majority of pseudo-intellectuals have.

        28. “I’ve just looked up a jewish site that deals with the issue (allegation)”
          Why the fuck would you look up a JEWISH site, retard?

        29. retard, that’s better. In response to your question, because I believe in holding people (and groups) to their own standards. If necessary the theory and the practice can then be compared, Einstein (…oh he was a jew wasn’t he?)

    2. Yawn, typical white knight that approves of Gwenhwyfar’s ordination to a saint.
      No wonder the Brits blame the Jews for everything, because they don’t keep their own women accountable.

      1. Do you really think all these problems like feminism came from rotten unrestrained women?? To successfully change the ideological beliefs of a society in only a few decades takes considerable intelligence and planning. And we all know women don’t have the ability to do that.

        1. More like,
          unrestrained women + white knights.
          Also, another problem of an ideological belief system is it lingers onto the next set.

        1. TO BLEND IN.
          Blending in, in a general sense, allows them to perpetrate subversion and demonize “white males” are the problem.

  13. Here’s the piece of evidence that JournoList was indeed used as an “inspiration” for GameJournoPros: http://i.imgur.com/2iZ51Aa.jpg. An inspiration for a small group of elitists to collude and manufacture their “off the rails” agenda.

      1. According to Wikipedia: “The Atlantic magazine correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg revealed [the existence of a follow up list with many of the same left-leaning journalists] in a blog post on July 21. Goldberg reported that one recent discussion concerned whether or not members should ignore the articles on The Daily Caller website. “In other words, members of Journolist 2.0 were debating whether to collectively respond to a Daily Caller story alleging—inaccurately, in their minds—that members of Journolist 1.0 (the same people, of course) made collective decisions about what to write”
        This is certainly a window on how organised leftist journos / activists are, and how quickly they are able to organise things

    1. I would go even further and suggest that all men NEVER use debt for consumption. Debt to buy things to impress people = slavery = spiritual death.

  14. looks like it’s a terrible time to be in college. if i was back in school i would not fuck anyone enrolled there without a paper consent form drafted by my lawyer with some language about being filmed buried in there (to catch the hook-up on camera for evidence) but more realistically would fulfill my sex drive elsewhere.

    1. Let’s see, to have a chance at being successful, any male going to college these days must:
      1. be willing to kiss ass
      2. toe the party line at all costs
      3. never display any independent thought
      4. cough up a huge amount of money and invest his entire youth with no guarantees whatsoever regarding jobs
      5. parrot his professors to the letter without questioning things
      6. never forget how privileged he is
      7. forfeit any and all claims at intellectual property

      1. Uni was a bit like this in the days of the Scholastics. However, the church did promise you a job and a roof over your head and turned a blind eye when you fucked the local prostitutes.

        1. now you pay 5-6 figures for the privilege, with a leaky roof, bad food, and entitled prostitutes. all in pursuit of the promise of high cash, a good house, and that one-itis girl no less – only to be given more of the same.

    2. That reaction is what that Ezra fag an feminist allies want. Instead of being defensive and fearful go brash & offensive. Film but don’t ask. text but don’t delete. Then business as usual with maximum leverage. All girls fear revenge porn.

      1. i don’t think the film would be admissible in court, otherwise hell ya that’s what i’d do.

        1. College tribunals aren’t court…..plus it deters the girl from going to the university with lies and feelings

  15. Game principle directly transferring to politics, Agree and Amplify, I think? “You’re racist/fascist/mysogynist!”
    *smirk* “Yes. So be it.”
    As long as conservatives spend more time trying to prove they are not racist/homophobic/mysogynistic than actually keeping society on track, we will lose.

    1. What is the next evolution in progressive feminist sexual ideology?
      “Marriage Means Yes”
      LOL dumb asses

      1. “yes means yes” = women can withdraw approval after they’ve taken their hedonistic private pleasure and reclassify any social status degradation as ‘rape’. so “it doesn’t count i’m still a princess haha lol.” words have no definite definitions, only more ambiguous options. written word (contract) was lost (see marriage), and spoken word (speech itself) has been following the same.
        no means no, yes means yes, marriage means marriage. none of which adhere to any definition, rather, they remove all definitions.
        men define, women don’t.

    2. And anywhere in the video did you mention that it weakens the gentile society in which “men” like Ezra Klein live in?

  16. I hope he lays a woman that turn her back on him and then force the legal system down his throats

  17. I like how liberals believe that sex and race define a person’s experience and views. A liberal looks at a person and thinks that the traits that person has no say over defines that person.
    Then liberals look at the traits a person can control and say these traits are irrelevant.
    To a liberal, being black says something meaningful, whereas being a tatted up obese single mother says nothing.
    So, who are the real racists and bigots?

  18. Janet Napalitano. Head of UC system. Check her track record , controversies, and personal life and this is just a continuation of her war on men.

    1. They did not respond to me, but I did notice that starting today, no ads were on Vox. I emailed them about this yesterday afternoon.

  19. Companies like mastercard might not even know where they’re are advertising on the net. They probably retain an internet marketing firm to “get results”, which means they’re ads pop up on any site with over one million visitors, or some metric.

  20. Gotta give it to him, If his main goal was to stop, or curb college promiscuity this would be probably be it. Other than that he sounds like an extremist, and given how left wing media is, I don’t think we need yet another extremist viewpoint polluting opinions and changing laws.

    1. Good point. It would certainly lead to less college promiscuity… but what else will it lead to? I doubt people of that age are mature enough for this to actually work.
      Telling young men that the laws need to be changed because they’re basically a priori rapists sounds like the nail-in-the-coffin for already struggling young men.

      1. Naw. Promiscuity won’t decrease, but filming and revenge porn will. Everyone has a smart phone.

        1. How long ago were y’all in college?
          The guys with 2-3 fuckbuddies in rotation will suddenly have 4-6 and the second tier guys will get nothing.

        2. Obviously not as long ago as you.The reason 4-6 were never in the rotation is because I didn’t want to fuck girl 4-6. 2nd tier girls are never gonna have any choice other than 2nd tier guys.

        3. They don’t know that. I know a girl who’s short, fat, and ignorant and she thinks she deserves an Ivy League MD.
          Girls will remain celibate rather than fuck a beta.

        4. ‘I know a girl who’s short, fat, and ignorant and she thinks she deserves an Ivy League MD.’
          i think that girl you know actually has a rather lower expectation. a typical girl thinks she deserves a prince charming and nope some prince from some island kingdom of tonga-tonga won’t, only a european prince will do.

        5. Yes feminism makes women sexually entitled and calls it empowered, but that still doesn’t mean I fuck fatties.

      2. Whores will always be whores. This idiotic law will just curb the demand for pussy for fear of governmental buttdicking. What happens when there’s too much supply? Value bottoms out, which means pussy will be low-hanging fruit, even for faggy betas.
        So, “clown alphas” (i.e. gorilla pimps, meth users or sellers, real lowlives) will continue to fuck indiscriminately since sloots are turned on by sociopathy.
        High value men will abstain, and focus on improving their grades,
        Faggy betas will enjoy a semester of reluctantly given pussy, at which point the whores will try to false-rape accuse them and in the future the supply of betas will also dry up.
        Which may put a pressure on would-be whores to abstain from total debasement.
        So maybe this is a positive thing in disguise?
        But no, never underestimate what vile creatures most women are. They will all flock to the lowlife drug addict low iq petty criminal brutalizers.
        So other possibility is that this will put a dysgenic pressure on future generations.
        But hey! At least we are LIBERATING women from the PATRIARCHY, AMIRITE?

      3. Hopefully, it will lead to more men fleeing that state for other schools (and possibly male only schools). It’s all about the dollars, folks.
        Let admission levels drop enough and you’ll see that law change. Enough men leaving a school could produce a “need” for real universities (with real critical thinkers) and no women.

        1. I have met talented women in my day no doubt about it. But it seems to me that men tend to be the ones who create and innovate. The ones that take risks and create jobs and businesses that benefit everybody. Women play along but rarely do they create new sources of public wealth.
          Without men the economy will turn to shit and everyone’s quality of life will decline…

  21. Charlie Sheen calls off his engagement with a former porn star. Hey, Charlie how long have you been lurking here for?

  22. Waiting for the butthurt brigade to post all kinds of OMG STERMFRANT U GUISE HURR DURR messages in response to the commenters correctly pointing out that the SJS (social justice shit-puppet) being “chosen” isn’t just a coincidence..

  23. Hey Roosh,
    – In Point (3) of “Ezra Klein’s take on the Yes Means Yes law” there is a typo in sentence… “This would create an unfair and likely unconstitutional two-tiered legal system ***where where*** both due process and the presumption of innocence is removed for men but still applicable for women.”
    I’m only being nit-picky because I think this is a very relevant piece and should be polished. Thank you for your work here, I didn’t realize the full implications of these laws in California.
    And this Ezra Klein guy sounds like bad news… He isn’t going to have to deal with the negative impacts of these laws and so I don’t see what authority he has to sway public policy. I don’t see any benefits to these laws other than corporate interests (i.e., make money off of a socially damaged culture by replacing natural human processes with consumer goods).
    I am starting to feel like the world is going insane… That a young man should feel terrified of being considered a criminal for wanting to date women his age is messed up… I don’t predict any good coming of this… It seems like the only response possible for a large proportion of that young male population is MGTOW (I know you don’t identify with this group… but based on what you’ve presented young PUAs in California could get a criminal record if the girl decides that she is embarrassed about fucking that particular dude…). I predict MGTOW in California and/or a rise in mangina beta-providers.
    Anyways, great work keeping track of these sociopolitical developments.

    1. Hes tribal. He wants to be able to string up a few amourous white boys. It’s pretty obvious .

  24. Yep the world is gone mad, the feminazis are everywhere now.
    A friend of mine tried to sell his wines to a gay couple running a wine shop. They rejected his Syrah on the basis of being too … masculine and his Cabernet Franc for tasting more like Cabernet Sauvignon (read “too masculine” as opposed to the thin Cab Francs from Loire, France).

  25. I think Gamers just had the largest mass-dosing of the red pill in history. Awesome job, Roosh.

    1. Actually Gamers have always been somewhat red pill. Free speech vs political correctness etc.
      But now they realize that going your own way is myth as this enemy won’t leave you alone but hunt you if they can.

  26. The very fact that Mastercard can openly sponsor misandry and get away with it is proof of who much financial and political power females have over males in this country and how much the public in general is anti-male. If Mastercard sponsored misogyny they would be shut-down tomorrow. In the modern world the media, corporations, and government only exist to please and serve women because that is where the money and votes are. Women are not oppressed in any fashion whatsoever. This myth needs to be permanently destroyed.

    1. And women are still complaining that they are being treated as equals. I always point out to women that yes you’re not equal to men because every time you hear a court case involving a divorce, child support, etc…the man is always on the losing end. How about a march on the court system for equality?
      Silence….they don’t really want equality. They just want power and control (plus they’re too blind to see how much they have now).
      Women, always the victim mentality.

  27. “The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality” (Heartiste)

  28. As always, it’s fun to flip the script…

    If the Only No Means No law is taken even remotely seriously it will settle like a warm summer on college campuses, throwing everyday sexual practice into clarity and creating realistic standards as to what counts as consent. This is the case against it, and also the case for it. Because for one in five men to report being falsely accused of sexual assault means that everyday sexual practices on college campuses need to be upended, and women need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter.

    Can you imagine the hysteria if that were written?

  29. Good lord, shit like this makes me think that the inmates are the ones really running the asylum!

  30. The idea that a male college student could be expelled from an alleged rape allegation by a school’s tribunal is eerily similar to the California DMV suspending your driver’s license when charged (not yet convicted) of a DUI. You have 10 days to have a hearing with a DMV rep to have them decide (not even under a court of law) whether or not you still can keep your license. This is a violation of due process.

  31. Time to create alternatives to the traditional universities. Increasingly they are ideological training camps and for anything else they are not fit for purpose.

    1. I would add that universities live for their reputations. Kill that and they will feel it

      1. It would be quite a spectacle to behold for universities to get a taste of their own medicine when men collectively realize the bad deal and simply won’t bother anymore to enroll, instead taking educational matters in their own hands. The powers that be in edu land seem to naively and stubbornly believe that innovation, scientific output, reputation and prestige can be maintained indefinitely under female academic hegemony. They’re likely to remain ignorant even when the foundation of their precious ivory tower has been eaten away by reality.

        1. “It would be quite a spectacle to behold for universities to get a taste of their own medicine when men collectively realize the bad deal and simply won’t bother anymore to enroll, ”
          Given the number of people who have pointed out the decline in male participation, together with educational achievement across the board, its amazing how this can still be ignored by the insidious equalities and diversity departments that are policing these once noble institutions. They still focus exclusively on issues like women in Stem while completely ignoring the issues relevant to the decline in male attendance etc. Now they are creating environments hostile to male participation while claiming its actually the other way round.
          These insidious effects need to be made explicit

        2. “These insidious effects need to be made explicit”
          Yes, but similar to male suicide rates, the establishment doesn’t care. In this case, university administrators don’t care as long as they continue to receive their fat paychecks and benefits, professors don’t care as long as they remain tenured and the grants keep flowing in, and adjuncts and lower phd serfs don’t care as they’re busy teaching undergraduates and working on the c.v.’s of their superiors.

        3. and because the overwhelming majority are leftists, and also because those who do see something wrong will almost certainly be too scared to say or do anything. Academics can very easily be professionally ostracised.

        4. “They’re likely to remain ignorant even when the foundation of their precious ivory tower has been eaten away by reality.”
          It’ll look like the ending of The Neverending Story where the Empress’ Ivory Tower gets sucked up by The Nothing.
          The Empress just realized she is gonna hit the wall, Atreyu is the alpha male she is banging, and Bastion is the beta-orbiter she needs to provide for her or else she’s fucked.
          I think I just ruined this movie for myself.

        5. They’ll notice it when more men are leaving their campus for a “male only” campus. It’s all about the money and numbers.
          Universities don’t care about your education…they only care about enrollments (money).

      1. I doubt I would get into an all male all white college. And not for a lack of testosterone.

        1. You’d have to have good grades and sharp wits.
          Of course this describes Uni even a century ago btw.

        2. well that’s elitism, and maybe that’s all that should matter. No special privileges for anyone, and no affirmative action in any direction

        3. each to their own. Beside elitism isn’t an equal society. Its elitism, but based on actual ability & talent i.e. the opposite of the elitism we have now

  32. Honestly I have issues with trying to get companies from trying to pull their advertisements from websites we rightfully have issues with. That is a common SJW tactic that irritates me to no end.
    Essentially it says that disagreement must be met with further action such as financial attacks. Note what the SJWs did to Sam Pepper. Are we encouraging a similar thing with the tables flipped?

      1. But then we lose the “moral” high ground. It ends up being a kind of, “This is bad”, but not when we do it.

        1. Fuck the moral high ground. The moral high ground was something we’ve taken since the year 1899, and now here we are, losing Western society at light speed because you wish to play the Stiff Upper Lip game.
          It’s fine to play by honor and rules, but to decline using an effective tactic not because it’s barbaric but because you find it distasteful is lunacy.

        2. I see your point actually. I’m just desperate for some kind of consistent principle that doesn’t pick and choose like many liberals so often do.
          Perhaps I’ll adjust in time. Just read Captain Capitalism’s (Aaron Clarey) Enjoy The Decline and as much as hate the mooching and the abuse of the social welfare that is destroying the U.S., I do believe it’s high time I got something back as well as screwed the government back for legalized theft that is our tax system. (That and being forced to sign up for healthcare.)
          Might as well get all I can back before the system implodes in 20 years.

  33. “Here is a licensed California lawyer’s interpretation of the bill:
    To kick a young man out of college, a kangaroo court only has to show she wasn’t that into it.”
    Just going to throw out there that, while knowing many lawyers, I don’t know any who would make that interpretation. Seems deliberately provocative and inaccurate.
    While the consent is required to be affirmative (something I’ve always sought, and I would assume most guys do), the accused does not have to affirmatively prove that he received it. The burden (though lower preponderance standard) still lies on the accuser to demonstrate that the accused did not have consent.
    My own guess would be that this will primarily apply to intoxicated sex accusations. Since the law provides that the affirmative consent can’t come when intoxicated, demonstrating that an accuser wasn’t capable of giving legal consent will be the key decision point in most cases.
    Key learning; don’t fuck them when they’re drunk. Considering most of the advice on RoK tends toward the moderation/stoicism end, we might object to the increased nanny-stateism, but the goal it’s trying to support is one I think by and large the community would agree with.
    Have sex with sober, willing girls that you’ve attracted through game and personal magnetism.

    1. “While the consent is required to be affirmative (something I’ve always sought, and I would assume most guys do), the accused does not have to affirmatively prove that he received it.”
      Are you sure about that? –
      “….California’s affirmative consent law explicitly places the burden of proof on the accused, who must demonstrate that he (or unlikely she) took “reasonable steps … to ascertain whether the complainant affirmatively consented.”
      demonstrate is not quite the same as prove, but it amounts to the same thing. Whatever “reasonable steps”.happen to be the ‘burden’ of demonstrating now falls on the accused rather than the accused

      1. That’s actually from the SB967, and applies to the definition of affirmative consent: ““Affirmative consent” means affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. It is the responsibility of each person involved . . .”
        That’s definition of the term. As near I can tell, enforcement does not require an accused prove that he received affirmative consent. It requires that the accuser demonstrate he did not or could not have had affirmative consent.
        I’m certainly open to being corrected, but that’s how I read the law

        1. “It requires that the accuser demonstrate he did not or could not have had affirmative consent.”
          Don’t you mean the accused? It is the accused who has to demonstrate he took reasonable steps to establish consent so as to alleviate the burden of proof falling on the accuser to prove that the accused raped her because she had refused consent

        2. What’s the difference between proving his innocence and proving she consented?
          Key aspect is also the 51% standard of proof, which the female’s testimony alone will satisfy.

        3. The really scary part is what we already know…that women (no matter the crime) get off easier in sentencing (if any) vs. men.

    2. I don’t think it’s quite that easy. Again, the focus (as a whole) needs to be on why we’re giving a pass to another adult – the woman – and we’re not giving a pass to the other adult – the man.
      I think that’s where you fight that fight…on that ground. Two adults have sex but only one has to be responsible? You keep churning out that shit over and over again.

      1. Supposedly the law is gender neutral, they make a big point of that in the bill writeups. We all know what the intent is and implementation will be, but I think that fight was ceded pretty quickly

  34. Well what the fuck…. I guess guys need to voice record every sexual encounter to prove in a court of law that he wasn’t raping her.
    What if she is a mute? Loophole.

    1. Ferguson has a built in Reform Rabbi too. She’s okay with Israelis bulldozing and bombing Gaza but she wants the blacks to stand up against Darren Wilson and overturn due process.

  35. As campus becomes more racially diverse, this change in law became inevitable.
    The hoops we now have to jump through because of racial desegregation. This is what equality actually looks like. A spectacled yid telling off the man-nazi for doing what’s natural socially, and biologically.

  36. Oh how it’s all changed. Medieval university was exclusively for young unmarried men looking to be lawyers or priests. Once you got hitched you were off the faculty. Once married you had to get off the campus. Women were essentially banned from the university.
    The only reason women appear to have gone to college once things went coed was to find a well connected man to hitch the pussy to.
    The long march is complete in many ways.
    However is this actually about enriching Pavement Apes and Afleets enrolled in newly diverse campuses? I think so.

  37. “I can no longer find Mastercard’s ads on Vox.com, even though they were present while writing this article over the weekend. They have not replied to the inquiry I sent on Sunday afternoon, so either they removed their ads quietly since then or it’s a coincidence that their exclusive campaign run on Vox ended after I emailed them. The current sponsor is, ironically, a video game produced by Take-Two Interactive.”
    Victory, victory, victory.

    1. I hope ROK presses for a statement. If they refuse yet can be shown to have acted to remove the association that’s a (small) story in itself.

  38. I would go even further and suggest that all men NEVER use debt for consumption. Debt to buy things to impress people = slavery = spiritual death.

  39. I don’t know if attacking the livelihood of this SJW doesn’t put us on the same level as them, since this is their preferred modus operandi.
    I think we should differentiate between leeches who found a nest as government workers and private companies like VOX media.
    If it is a leech on the tax payers dime, have at it.

    1. I had the same thoughts as you, but there are three things that come to mind:
      1. Pressuring advertisers for sponsoring vile things has always been an option in a free marketplace.
      2. We aren’t going after individuals as far as I can tell, just the economic institutions themselves. No one ever pressured Gawker to fire Sam Biddle, for instance.
      3. Fuck them. They have been doing this to others for WAY too long and they didn’t expect any payback? Well it’s time for payback. No prisoners. No mercy.

      1. Precisely, when someone is shooting at you, you shoot back. You don’t stick your hands in your pockets and mumble about not wanting to be on their level.

      2. You fight back with their own language.
        Feminist wanted “equality” for years…so where is the equality regarding this new law passed? Why does a woman get a pass but the man must be held accountable (no consent vs. consent)?
        You point out the white elephant in the room and you take the fight to them.

        1. I see what you mean, but playing their game is a bad strategy.
          1.This is a blatant 4th amendment violation and needs to go.
          2. The law is written “equally” in that gender neutral bullshit that hides disparate impact on men.

        2. Yep, but we have to do more then just sit around and do nothing (like the last 3 decades). Men have to be organized and there needs to be more of a push back when things like this pop up. We’ve been all too complacent over the years and that’s the reason why we’re in this mess, now.
          The gender neutral bullshit is just that bullshit…I agree. It’s nice to see it written on paper but we all know how it really goes down in the real world.

    2. The problem is where the lines of public and private start to become indistinguishable.

    3. Same level?
      So when someone has a gun… do you just call the cops or pull out your gun too?

      1. Since I live in Europe and am completely disarmed, I am basically forced to call the police, yes.

  40. I hope every guy screwed over by this goes Eliot Roger on campus courts across the country.

    1. you’re trying to smear the manosphere but i’ll play along – elliot rodger is definitely no role model for that sort of thing, his count was just a lousy 6. there are much much better role models :
      – osama bin laden (3,000). if only that towel-head had the wisdom to order his lackeys to crash onto irs headquarter instead of the twin towers then the average overtaxed working-class americans might be sympathetic towards him and quite a number of them may even convert to islam!
      – timothy mcveigh (168).
      – anders behring breivik (69).
      – seung-hui cho (32). elliot pride himself for being a half-white and looked down upon asian men but this korean dude outdid him by more than 5 folds.
      yet instead of lashing out towards innocent campus-goers, every guy who got screwed over by this law ought to righteously goes django towards ezra klein & his like-minded ilk.

  41. I’m in college right now in CA, and this is so ridiculous. I don’t know what to say other than I’m transferring as soon as possible.

  42. Since I’m the more experienced man on here let me answer any questions you may be confused about.About anything you may not know.
    That Master Card ad on his site doesn’t necessarily mean they are sponsoring him. He may have just became an affiliate as you see many affiliates that have ads where you can put their banner on your site and when someone clicks through and buys something the site owner gets a commission. Roosh can do the same here. The only problem is if you too controversial and people complain you may be dropped as an affiliate.Complain to the co. that runs the affiliate, probably at Master Card in this case.
    This Ezra guy may have just temporarily taken it down and it will be back up when the heat dies down so go after him through the affiliate coordinator at Master Card.

  43. Thanks, Mastercard, for giving me reason #2 for closing my account with you; reason #1 was your blockade of Wikileaks.

  44. It will be too soon when this law is used to screw over a man who never had sex with his false accuser.

  45. I’d like to see how many black college athletes will face charges under this law.

  46. Hmm, this is disturbing. I’m curious about others’ opinions. Would accusing or finding someone to accuse Ezra Klein of rape be a case of “two wrongs don’t make a right” or a “taste of his own medicine”? Btw, not necessarily advocating that it actually happen.

  47. I will simply repost what I posted on Twitter with added words –
    Since absolutely no one will speak on it. When Ezra Klein hopes for a “haze of fear & confusion” , “and spike of fear” in innocent males. Regarding sexual activity on Campus ( or for that matter anywhere else ). This is a projection, it primarily arises from his Jewishness. Through that races inherent, genetic psycho-sexual maladaptation, neurosis & inadequacy.
    I wish people read more about the Jewish psychology by numerous masters and honest, dissident Jews, about their evolution that explains where this dysfunction emanates from.

  48. Outstanding work.
    I would also like to know : why does Google promote the racist website Salon?
    And, how much money does General Mills make pushing cereal products on the EBT market?

  49. ”A common SJW tactic is to embrace all religions but Catholicism to exhibit their disdain for Western values.”
    They don’t give a damn what kind of Christian you are. But if you do not embrace leftism you are a target,

  50. ”A common SJW tactic is to embrace all religions but Catholicism to exhibit their
    disdain for Western values.”
    Not really. They embrace all religions except for Christianity.

  51. It is acceptable for innocent men to be punished by quasi-legal tribunals in order to stoke fear and apprehension in all men.
    Wow I don’t believe there are people so blind and arrogant to have such thoughts. . This man is a Misandist. A complete bigot. Wanting to punish innocent men and ruin their lives. . How does this piece of shit sleep at night?

  52. I got a very simple question: how in the fuck did this get passed into law?! Were we asleep? Did we take too many benadryl? was there a wet t-shirt contest across the street from the House of Representatives?

    1. Wasn’t put to a vote. A few years ago the gov here figured out that many people in this state are of conservative nature, so the far-left gov figured out the best way to ram stupid laws down Californians throats was to signs it directly into law.

  53. It makes sense. The Credit Card Industrial Complex anticipates that the YMY law will result in increased interest in discreet purchases of personal devices from the Adult Novelty Industrial Complex. I am seeing ads from Discover Card, but thankfully the Bad Dragon ads have stopped following me. (I was curious.)

  54. Next thing you know it comes out that “Ezra Klein” is a government agent. I would not be surprised at all.

  55. This guy is crazy, it is a pity that instead of ignoring this dribble we have to confront and oppose it. Only in today’s society is it taken seriously. It is actually so idiotic that 40 or so years ago, it would have simply been laughed at and ignored.

  56. What’s up with these Ezra Klein leftist types?? They look so not manly. Pajama Boy is another. They don’t even look gay or effeminate but rather asexual. Eunuchs …

  57. It’s basically a proven fact that conveying to blacks that white racism is holding them back helps Democrats at election time. Perhaps brainwashing women into thinking that the patriarchy is what is preventing them from attainig happiness also helps the Dems.

  58. A member of the tribe fully backing another destructive nail in the Western coffin?

  59. The idea that due process should be eliminated and men should be punished regardless of guilt in order to “send a message” is nothing new with feminists and SJW’s.
    In fact, this sort of method has already been used now for at least 2 decades. It underlies the philosophy of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). VAWA promotes extreme domestic violence laws in all of the states in the union. Due process is removed for any man accused of domestic violence and he is left having to prove his innocence (meaning he is not innocent until proven guilty). Nobody involved in the justice system cares that this results in a large number of innocent men being convicted of domestic violence. In fact, that is desirable; it is the objective. Because the point is not to convict men that are guilty of domestic violence on a case by case basis. The point is to scare all men, lower their status in society, and leave them fearful.
    With the topic of domestic violence, it is hard to get past the hyperbole and hysteria in order to make this point. Both the left and the right are destructively enthusiastic about “stopping the violence.” One would hope that this “yes means yes” garbage, and the fact that its supporters come right out and say they are happy to see innocent college kids have their lives ruined, will be a step too far and people will wake up.
    But I am not optimistic. I feel sorry for young men in college. Especially white men in college. There are fewer men than women in college. The entire institution is turned against them. They have crap thrown in their faces every day. You go to a college campus and you find lots of young men claiming they are feminists and SJW’s, I believe, just as a coping mechanism. It’s the path of least resistance just so they can get through their college years.
    If I had a son, I would not send him to a college in the US. I’d send him overseas where he is more likely to be treated fairly.
    These things just keep getting worse and worse. There is not much left to do but turn your back on the system in the US and do everything you can to undermine it at every possible turn.

    1. Agree…and I see a “need” in the future for more ‘male only’ institutions for higher education.
      And where is the equality in only the woman having to give consent? Didn’t women fight all of this time for equal treatment? Men don’t get to give consent?
      We need to call them out on it at every turn. Use their own methods and language against them.

      1. in theory both parties have to give consent. Obviously that’s not how it will be treated in reality, and Klein’s article makes that frighteningly clear

    2. The average person is too lazy to stop the power hungry cunts. Apathy and indifference is the religion of the masses.

      1. this wasn’t about just going the path of least resistance. that would be passive minus the aggressive.
        this was about a white knight unwittingly (perhaps) picking up on the divine feminine instructions->approval->???->sex path, and then deliberately pursuing it. this was about a non-lazy idiot using male energetic sex drive to make a faustian bargain for sex that will never come by attacking other men.
        well, attacking everyone except females, really. i mean, he just goes all over the place, following his pernicious vagina flower angels, doing their bidding. still, definitely not lazy, moreso his dick as a rocket sled on the path of embracing the least resistance cut off by none other than himself.

    3. “In fact, that is desirable; it is the objective. Because the point is not to convict men that are guilty of domestic violence on a case by case basis. The point is to scare all men, lower their status in society, and leave them fearful.”
      Good post. I’d just add that in that respect feminism (and the progressivism generally) is the art of using the real or imagined ‘bad’ behaviour of a few men to control the rest. That way ‘good men’ (think good men project) will rise up to police the bad men, or those floating voters in the middle. Feminism as a police force needs it’s collaborators in the target demographic.
      As for young men going through college today, they should take the path of least resistance until they are financially and politically as independent as possible. One foot wrong, or one wrong word,may ruin your career and possibly your life. Resistance to this crap needs to be carefully thought out and strategic

      1. “Resistance to this crap needs to be carefully thought out and strategic”
        The obvious first tactic is to abandon the California college system. The social climate will be unbearable, so, refuse to bear it.
        If enough men do so then other systems might even get the message.

      2. Being too careful and strategic may feed the hype and hysteria. It may be counterproductive. I think the BITCH BARK is bigger than the actual ability to bite every big dog down. Only a few fallen martyrs at most. The bitchpolitiks of fear policing. Men can tighten the ship by living by common sense CODES. Like calling out thy neighbors wife for CUCKOLDING. Like not putting your head in the sand or just standing there and saying ”MOO” when your dormroom buddy is dragged away amid accusations from some known carousel ho. Stand up for the bro in the name of posterity if not simple fidelity to the rule of man. Eventually a code of custom laws will emerge for patriarchs that will be as a brick wall against any future ‘bitch onslaught’.

        1. If it inhibits and constrains then yes it may be counterproductive, but as a general rule its probably best to think before acting, rather than be governed by an emotional response to the situation. Taking a principled stand may be absolutely necessary but if it isn’t thought through it may simply be reckless

  60. Seems like the only way to have sex in Cali is to get signed consent and video/film/audio confirmation that sex was consensual.

  61. Why not just go to another college near you and bang their girls while their men come to your campus and do the same? Seems like win-win to me, wot?

    1. That will be the “cause and effect” of the whole thing. We’ll go back to male only colleges where men matter, first (and maybe the education as well).

    2. I never really messed with campus girls. Always up their own arse. I would pick girls up at the mall instead.

    3. logistical convenience?
      I fucked some girls from the CC’s, local state schools and even some HS whores… but making it a regular occurrence would have been a hassle.
      Plus making girls do the walk of shame is a birthright…

  62. his interview aired two years before the Boston Bombings, where two radical Muslims from Chechnya killed four civilians and injured 280 others

    Just in the interest of being factual, this has not yet been established. The trial begins January 2015. I think it is important that in an article that highlights the importance of “due process” that we observe the fundamental rule of innocent before proven guilty.

  63. Ezra Klein should be locked up in a Mexican prison. He’d get all the fear he needs along with plenty of “Yes Means Yes” sex.

    1. With a name like Klein I was thinking a middle east location would make for a much better punishment.

  64. “Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent.”
    I can’t think of 1 man who asks girls to have sex flat out. This law is a cockblock. Secondly asking for permission gets them thinking ‘dafuq? you didn’t see all the cues??” which turns the faucet off. This law sucks.

    1. Its just part of a large design to destroy men, enabling a totalitarian state once independent white men are out of the way. Women and minorities are much easier duped into voting their freedoms away.

  65. Why is it that every time I read something about how terrible men are, how terrible whites are or how terrible Christians are it’s always written by someone named Klein, Katz, Rosenberg or Greenbaum?

    1. The Old Testament is a not so subtle warning about the operations of Clan Jacob. Every ruse they have is contained in the book.

    2. It’s not so much the Jewish men as it is THEIR BITCH CONTROLLERS. Three millennia of dick chopping their men and of course they know not what they do. Even their great ancestors hadn’t the foggiest memory what true patriarchy was like. Always under the bitch whip with a lifelong plate full of bitch bidding to do. Stop chopping the men now and what Jewish father could give his son any wisdom of how to wield a FULL DICK. What a BITCH WRECK the Jews have become. Upon the ending of the covenant of circumcision, with fathers unable to give their sons wisdom that they themselves never had, only GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF could qualify to come down from the heavens himself and lead the new generation of ‘whole’ unchopped men.

  66. “If a woman performs oral sex on a man without asking him first, and if he simply lies back and lets her, has she, by the law’s definition, assaulted him?” – taken from the article.
    The difference between men and women is that a man would not do this to a woman (take advantage of her in the above-mentioned way) but women are waiting at the starting line for this to come to pass so they can start fucking men over in a new way

  67. Wow if YMY was enacted in my college I could have gotten about 30 girls thrown in jail for giving me a blowjob without me telling her it was OKAY to do so first! What was common was no words were spoken she would get down undue my pants and perform oral sex on me. I never said they could do that. Is there a statue of limitations on YMY?

  68. Remember when lefties were were the staunchest supporters of free speech and due process?

  69. Really curious to see that for how long can Ivy League unis retain their academic status without men, they will be totally fucked.
    The other thing will be the amusement of watching that for how long can the princesses live without the nerd attention they so much crave.
    On the other hand, they will have their hands full of work to keep the Ivy Leagues at the Ivy League level, because the Asian mostly-male-super-tech universities will fuck you up!

  70. Ezra Klein does a really good job diminishing himself. Vox is the laughing stock of the internet. Yes he is an emasculated feminist but as he continues to say “SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT ISNT TRUE TO BEGIN WITH” his value to anyone as a news source diminishes over the long term.
    And that law Ezra Klein believes is terrible but something he supports will have as much a negative impact on women as it will on men.

  71. When was the last time a girl got explicit consent from a guy to have sex? This bill could massively backfire on a lot of women if the man is feeling vindictive.

  72. Just emailed MasterCard to get their official position on this (all the emails provided in the article). EVERY man should do so…get them on record and let them know we are paying attention. We also need to set, correctly, the narrative that guys like Klein are sexist, hateful, hate-speech filled, minsandric (and probably racist) hate mongers.

  73. Roosh, is the law gender specific? I think that’s important. I am not saying it’s not to target men, but men can actually use these laws to go after women. Like a preemptive attack if you will

  74. Can’t we do something about this?
    Maybe make a protest or sign an online petition to go against this bill? Start a twitter movement. #NOFear Maybe?. Hell, anything is good.
    (Seriously, though. Why would he sell out his entire gender just like that?)

  75. He writes “Critics worry that colleges will fill with cases in which campus boards
    convict young men (and, occasionally, young women) of sexual assault for
    genuinely ambiguous situations. Sadly, that’s necessary for the law’s success.”
    Ahh the old ” You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette” approach. Through his own words, Ezra Kline has proven himself to be in the same league as the mass murder sociopath Josef Stalin.

  76. Since no law will be passed that respects or restores mens rights if they are in conflict with women’s legal goals, I propose hitting back in the only way we can – boycotting and causing bad PR. If they’re going to rig the game, take the ball. The organizations that are the most responsible for this nonsense do not survive by popular support, but rather by large patrons. These patrons may drop support if the bad PR or boycott effects cost them more than they gain. If they won’t let you into the party, put a turd in the punchbowl.
    NOW has received funding from the American Express Foundation, the Baker Street Foundation, the California Endowment, the ChevronTexaco Foundation, the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, the Fannie Mae Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Hilton Foundation, the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, the Philadelphia Foundation, the New World Foundation, the New York Community Trust, the New York Times Company Foundation, George Soros’s Open Society Institute, the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Shefa Fund, the Target Foundation, and the Vanguard Public Foundation.

  77. The new “Yes Means Yes” law in California that is supposed to protect
    women against rape. I think it allows women to retroactively withdraw
    consent with impunity. So now, not only does a man have to prove he
    never forced himself on a woman (no means no), he also has to prove
    there was prior consent (yes means yes).
    Let’s imagine I have
    consensual sex with a woman, and the woman takes me to court on a false
    rape charge. Before I would only have to prove “No Means No”, that I
    never forced myself upon a woman. But now under this new “Yes Means
    Yes”, I could prove in a court of law that I never forced myself upon a
    woman satisfying me listening to a “no means no”, and I could still go
    to prison due to “Yes Means Yes”, as the burden of proof would fall on
    the woman to prove whether she gave consent or not, rather than me to
    prove whether I used force or not. So I could have all the evidence in
    the world that I never used force, but as long as she says she never
    said yes, her testimony is as good as my evidence.
    Think I’m
    exaggerating? There was a man who got suspended for university for being
    accused of rape, despite there being text messages in his phone of the
    girl saying she wants sex with him. Nowadays all men are going to get
    consent on their phones for every girl they have sex with, due to this
    “yes means yes” law.
    Whatever white knights responsible for passing this law, is responsible for false rape accusations.

  78. and this’s why i only pay once a week to play, normally it costs me about $50 for everything!, i spend the rest of the week lifting heavy, and i couldn’t be more happy…

  79. Call him a filthy kike, call him a beta, feminist, SWJ, whatever……
    But you can’t say is that he is an uneducated man, or not a smart man.
    The fact that something like this can come out of his mouth just blows my mind….

  80. I used to like Ezra Klein, but I suppose since he went on his own he took a more radical stance, or since he left the Washington Post.

  81. But yeah I find that in college if you share a different perspective, or if you’re opposed to feminism and support due process rights for men, or the constitutional rights of men and boys the’ll go after you for it, someone I know was literally put on academic probation for it.

  82. “men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter”
    Well that sounds enjoyable.
    This sounds like it was written by someone who has been celibate their whole life and wants everyone else to be abstinent.

  83. Anti-male laws are good for business – especially for credit card companies. Girls are responsible for 70% of all consumer spending. They love buying useless crap and they’re more responsive to advertising and group think. Any policies which empower females, create less male competition and pad purses will be embraced whole-heartedly by the YKW powers that be.

  84. Just looking at this guy you can tell he is a huge faggot. I would never want to live in that shitshow state.

  85. I wonder how Old this guy was before his mother stopped using a Rectal Thermometer to check his Temperature?

  86. How do these people travel? Do they spend their days under 24/7 protection? Do they go to the grocery, to restaurants? Do they drive around, park their cars, walk into the bank and stores? How do these monsters exercise aggressive code and laws, ruin people’s lives over their selfish, faggie notions and expect to live their lives in physical peace? I’m a half a psycho in response to stuff that hurts me, but a pretty regular guy. How do these folks function? They must have thousands of people close by that their opinions damage that would love to put a bullet in their brain. How do these people stay alive?

  87. I’m shocked!! A jew (small j), engaging in behavior that is not in the best interests of their host country’s society and culture? Hard to believe.
    Always the agitators, aren’t they?

  88. This is the rabid hate of the left. It’s hate
    Pure hate. Nothing but hate. This is not

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