As A Coloured Man From South Africa, I Exist In The No Man’s Land Of Racial Identity

“Coloured” is an inherently ambiguous reference. TV has educated the world into believing that this word is antiquated and therefore racist reference to black Americans. But in other less litigious parts of the globe, it’s a perfectly acceptable demographic category.

In South Africa, the social group identified as coloured is genetically diverse and placed between black and white. As such our historical experience is essentially an instinct to assimilate in either direction, depending on the political atmosphere. Our character can be described as tribalistic and vain. While our values incline us towards individual displays of power through violence.

So how does a coloured South African find his way to the international phenomenon that is Return of Kings? In this article I will clarify the identity, experience, character and values of a racial grey area. Because whether coloureds like it or not, as a group, we must serve some function in the country we inhabit.

Black/White/Grey = All = None

Identity In No Man’s Land

Apartheid basically attempted to physically separate people on the basis of genotypical (genetic) and phenotypical (observable) features. As offensive as that may be for liberal sensibilities, anthropologists do the same thing intellectually when they observe the natural distinctions between human beings. The fact is that humanity is characterized by biological diversity.

Humans do not form a single genetic population. Racial groups or sub-species (only an offensive word if you are corrupted by political valuations) have their own gene pools. Which determine the various observable physical features. This means that it’s very easy to indicate the different regions of the world various races can trace their origin to. Despite ubiquitous hybridization.

For instance, Mongoloids are phenotypically identifiable by short to medium body length, brown eyes, broad faces and low to medium nose bridges. They can be found mainly in Asia and the Americas. People with Negroid features mainly in Africa, Capoid in Southern Africa and Caucasoid, in Europe, and Western Asia.

Hybrids (mixed genetic ancestry) blur the lines. We exist in a physical and intellectual No Man’s Land. The manifestation of disorder, we are difficult to pinpoint in the world. So without this connection to a primary group identity and location we lack a homemade internal system of moral appraisal. We are indeed the “Other” my South African ID refers to – appraised only by inconsistent external standards.

Our Historical Experience

There can be no cohesive history in No Man’s Land so invariably we are left judging all history by whatever modern standard we’ve been educated into giving importance to. Consequently our individual and collective historical experiences are self-centered and negative.

Most of us have the standard self-depreciating personal tale that we hope contributes enough to the liberal narrative to achieve some pitiful payoff. As children we were chased off whites-only public beaches and our parents weren’t served in restaurants. Such apartheid experiences validate the poverty, malnutrition and alcoholism prevalent in our low income communities that are oddly well serviced by informal liquor stores and abortion clinics.

We’ve become forerunners in fetal alcohol syndrome rates. “Women included in the research acknowledged that they were aware that alcohol could detrimentally affect their babies, but they did not care”.

The No Man’s Land experience is that we will always be exposed to attack from both sides. We were and will never be a group whose interests are prioritized by whichever sub-species achieves power. This, however, does not mean we should be the perpetual victims of a racial hierarchy, always looking to assimilate into the apex group.

It means that without ties to a core group identity, location and history we have the opportunity to develop a truly unique and interesting character. Completely outside the boxes that politics and science has placed everyone else in.

I’ve always found white liberals to be more condescending than any openly racist conservative. Don’t help me with my condition. Your charity only breeds servility and contempt.

The Coloured Character

No Man’s Land is characterized by tribalism. We are prone to extreme violence, especially in the form of gangsterism. This characteristic is prominent because gangs, much like tribes, appeal to our specific psychology — they guarantee membership and territory.

When hungry we become corpses.

There is however, another often overlooked but fundamental characteristic. A distinct vanity, as you would have noticed by now, embedded in coloured identity and character. It’s that particularly strong vanity, the type that provides refuge throughout years of wounded pride. It’s the thread tying all coloureds together in a common culture. We are unjustifiably vain.

We’ve always been in the middle of the racial hierarchy. Never the good guys or the bad guys. So we have never carried any of the burdens associated with the wealth and power at the top. We’ve also never had to overcome the personal challenges associated with life on the bottom. We’ve never needed to accomplish anything, we haven’t, and we know it.

No goal, no achievement, and no pride. So we collectively remind ourselves about our balanced good looks, lower middle class education and physical capabilities. As if these were important for the collective rather than the individual.

When full, we rival Hermes.

Core Coloured Values

Through identity, experience, and character, coloureds seem to have independently developed a Nietzschean philosophy which motivates all our actions and creates our communal circumstance. Anything that increases an individual’s power is deemed good. Anything that decreases it is bad.

An after school power struggle.

Any action that this fundamental idea motivates is an action to increase individual power. Regardless of whether that action endangers one’s own life. The values are therefore very simple, in any engagement, it would be good to win and bad to have your personal vanity checked. Hence the lack of sympathy a victim of violent crime receives in No Man’s Land.

The weapon of choice for a young stabbist.


So why, since finding ROK, have I done as much as I can to red pill my brothers? Because the impulse to assimilate is preventing us from changing our circumstance and experience. We are not all going to be effeminate liberal clowns or international sports entertainers. But that doesn’t mean our social activities should be limited to alcohol abuse and savage sword play.

Our out-the-box identity, un-burdened experience, vain cultural character and Nietzschean values are merely lacking an internal moral system. One that can provide a sense of connection to a core group code. This is where social pride comes from—internal motivation, not politics. We need to turn grey filth into gold and I believe ROK has the formula for this type of alchemy.

What we do not need is liberal charity that aims to turn us into socially agreeable, politically valuable, but permanently static pet projects.

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      1. I might be a lil biased, I’ve been around coloureds long enough to know what they are. Also there’s bad blood between blacks and coloureds(pun intended) since the latter where used as useful idiots by the whites during Apartheid
        Arrogant without merit, hair-trigger violence(esp in nightclubs/bars), clannish,,,the author hit the nail on the head

        1. Coloureds = tragic mulattos………
          no identity at all hence….inherently untrustworthy.

      2. “Yet another article where ROK promotes Rapine culture”

        1. “Rapine Culture” would be a great name for a late 90s industrial band. They could be the opener on Modern Alchemy’s reunion tour.

        2. Yes, Rapine Culture and Modern Alchemy would def open for Skinny Puppy’s reunion tour.

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        4. Nivek must look like a pin cushion for heroin needles. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

        5. 4/5 women will experience rapine culture firsthand in their first 15 minutes on any college campus in America.

        6. Nah, since I stopped teaching it has gone to 30 minutes

        7. It’s not just Rape Culture, it’s new and improved Rapier Culture!

  1. so is it just me or is everyone here waiting for exactly the same thing?
    With any luck this article will get the Kershey Kiss

  2. OMG yes! >>We need to turn grey filth into gold and I believe ROK has the formula for this type of alchemy.<< We cannot build solid foundations on swampy, sandy grounds. We need to separate, and from separation, pool our resources intelligently. Much like a surgeon first removes bullets and splinters, then sews the organism shut, with every stitch in the right place. Creating lasting restoration, not a festering, oozing and ultimately meant-to-die abomination

    1. Modern Alchemy. Nice. Also would make a great name for a synth rock band

  3. Yeah, it’s OT, but do I care – do you care – no…I wrote this five years ago, and posted it elsewhere (just in case some wiseacre Googles it, and screams, “Fraud!”):
    “Spaghetti’s Burg Undressed”
    (A lyrical parody, based on the speech, “The Gettysburg Address”, by Abraham Lincoln.)
    Four whores and seven queers ago, our fathers brought forth with incontinence a chew nation, deceived by jibberish, and dedicated to the proposition that all wars will have a sequel. Now we are engaged in unending wars, testing whether these sheeple, or any other sheeple, so deceived and so dedicated, can eat manure.
    We are met here at a great restaurant of that war. We have come here to dedicate a portion of that restaurant, as a final resting place, for those who gave their lives that the bankers might live. It is altogether shitty and improper that we should do this. For in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot concentrate, we are too callow and round. The brave sheeple, living and dead, who ate GMOs here, have desecrated it, far above the bankers’ poor powers to add and subtract.
    The bankers will little note, nor long remember what we say here – but they can never forget what they did here. It is for us, the brain-dead, rather, to be dedicated here, to the unfinished work which they who gorged here have thus far so globally advanced. It is rather for us to be here, dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from these bloated dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of demotion; that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that these rations, under God, shall have a new birth of feedom – and that blubberment of the sheeple, by the sheeple, for the sheeple, shall not perish from their girth.

  4. Narmer, what’s the situation with “colored” women in RSA? Where do they fit in and how is their behavior different than whites and blacks, if at all?

    1. Can’t speak on African woman in general but from an aesthetic, American women by and large suffer a gross cultural deficiency compared to the rest of the world. American black women are grossly different from Caribbean black women. American women qualitatively are worse than most other women as they can be quite crass and boisterous. Can’t speak on white women of America versus African whites women as I only knew one White African woman, but if Europe is any testament, America might still be the most crass.

      1. Excellent comment. I’ve lived in NYC and I could immediately feel the difference between (black) caribbean and african-american women.

    1. Actually Europe will be really lucky if it winds up like South Africa. At least South Africa hasn’t been overrun by medieval religious zealots. White South African women can still wear bikinis at the beach, can still fornicate with men who are not their husbands, that won’t be the fate of European women.
      Black men in America continue to blame white Christian men for their failures and disappointments in life, even though one of theirs got elected to the White House two times, and still fawned over by the media despite being a mediocre leader who did pretty much nothing for 8 years.

      1. “Black men in America continue to blame white Christian men for their failures and disappointments in life,”
        like who ?? Jay Z ? Mayweather ? Dr. Sylverster Gates ? Dr. Tyson ?
        Bob Johnson ?
        which black men are you talking about ?
        how many black men do you even know ?
        ……..thought so.

  5. “White is an achromatic color. Black isn’t a color, black denotes the absence of light. So which race is really the ‘coloured’ race here, hmm?” – Ray Cism, Scientific Consultant to the NAACP

        1. “You cannot fault the man. It looked like a real quote. But then, is any quote real. Is the news real. Are we real. Is anything real, besides pussy, Kratom and a satisfactory bowel movement in the morning, after a night of binge-drinking.” – Gandhi

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      1. “tell me why the FUK the NAACP needs a “scientific consultant”?!?!?”
        Are you telling me you don’t think there is any science in college basketball?

        1. “Peter, take these three fish and six loaves of bread and…wait, make that twenty fish and no loaves of bread, and feed my people.”

        2. Jesus was already as huge as His human frame genetics allowed. But Kratom, in an unprecedented move, helped with His vascularity. He was the original Mr. Universe, winning six trophies versus Chuck Norris, even though these did not exist at the time.
          “I owe it all to Jesus.” It is the only known example of Kratom crediting someone else with its victory.

        1. But, tragically, they never witnessed the pure genius of Cheeto Gandhi.

    1. When I’m in the sun, I turn red.
      When I’m beaten, I turn black and blue.
      When I’m seasick, I turn green.
      When I’m frightened, I turn white.
      Who’s the real person of color here?

      – Abraham Lincoln

      1. In mid-May 1862, Lincoln received a paper from Reverend James Mitchell that laid out arguments for resettling the country’s black population:
        “Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life. Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.”
        Mitchell went on to recommend the gradual deportation of America’s blacks to Central America and Mexico. “That region had once known a great empire and could become one again,” he stated. “This continent could then be divided between a race of mixed bloods and Anglo-Americans.” Lincoln was apparently impressed with Mitchell’s arguments. A short time later, he appointed him as his Commissioner of Emigration.
        Above excerpt from the following link:

        1. I’d read that one. And he wasn’t the first to worry – the Founding Fathers were concerned that the Germans of Pennsylvania wouldn’t mesh with the British society of the new nation. They were both of European origin, both Christian, and similar in so many other ways, but they had a different language and a different legacy of political philosophy.

        2. Lincoln got JFK’d or is that JFK got Lincoln’d
          Anyway, reminds me of another quote that has strenuously been contested as a hoax.

          We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause

        3. “the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.””
          Susan Rice
          Colin Powell
          Cory Booker
          Kamala Harris

  6. I have to (grudgingly) give Mr. Bull respect for writing an article that is this difficult to properly troll.

      1. You’re right. Classifying people among ethnic lines doesn’t work. Every group, tribe, or gang needs exactly one of every type of person. To wit:

    1. Yeah I’m not sure how to add to this discussion but the author wrote a piece here that in my opinion is kind of unique on ROK. It’s a sensitive issue and I can appreciate the honest writing.

      1. I commend the author on admitting the existence of sub-species of Homo sapiens.

        1. Well lets keep in mind he’s talking about finer differentiation of humans, not ‘sub’ as in below or less-than.

  7. No real “aha” moments here. So here’s a recipe for meatloaf:
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
    In a large bowl, combine the beef, egg, onion, milk and bread OR cracker crumbs. …
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    Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 1 hour.

      1. Yeah, and the Beastie Boys are from Brooklyn, because that’s where they are from.

    1. i like to soak the bread in milk it helps with the moisture of the finished product.

    2. why do you have to keep the small bowl separate? Why can’t you just use one big mixing bowl for everything

        1. pound cake is the perfect egalitarian food. 1 pound of each ingredient

        2. “Marie Antoinette really did get divided by everyone, if you get my drift.” — Gandhi Marx.

        3. Attributing quotes on the Internet is good for the mind and the soul

          – Ben Franklin, often misattributed to Winston Churchill

      1. Depends on how you do meatloaf. I usually bake it for about 15 minutes before applying the red sauce glaze to the top.
        EDIT: Yes, I did just get it. No, I won’t delete my comment to hide my chagrin.

        1. I haven’t eaten yet, and I’m actually now quite hungry for meatloaf: 1 part meat, 1 part loaf, 1 part red sauce

    3. If you don’t have brown sugar but do have molasses (the case in my house most of the time), you can mix 1:3 molasses to sugar to get the same general flavor profile.

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  8. What gets to me is that MLK quote” I have a dream that a person will be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. In today’s society doing just that will get you labeled a racist. You see the idiots in the BLM, or the welfare cases, and you call them out for their behavior. The liberals who are “above it all” look at their skin color, and excuse their behavior due to “oppression”.
    “The soft hearted bigotry of low expectations” – Thomas Sowell

    1. I have posted this before but I will again. This was all covered by Saved by The Bell. Specifically the College Years episode Slater’s War when Slater finds out he is a Mexicans. The paradigm of race relations in America has changed. I grew up in a world where Dr. King’s dream of the quality of a person being above the color of their skin was pushed. However, Martin Luther King is no longer relevant in the race discussion. He has been replaced with AC Slater.
      You see over the last 20 years our concept of racism has altered
      dramatically. The Martin Luther King idea of ending racism which
      was to see a person and not a race is now considered racist itself. Basically,
      the way things are seen now, to not see race is to deny the privileged position
      one is in and it is therefore racist to ignore that a black person is black
      rather than to acknowledge it and acknowledge the power differential based on
      privilege. While this seems like a relatively new idea it was predicted back in
      September of 1993 in Saved by The Bell: The College Years in the episode titled
      Slater’s War.
      In this episode Zack is trying to take Leslie away on a ski
      trip. However, Leslie is suspicious of Zack’s motives and tells him she will
      only goes if he finds another couple. Zach enlists Slater who is going to bring
      some girl and all is going well until Slater meets Amy who is part of a group
      of “Chicanos” protesting the under representation of “Chicano history” and
      demanding a Chicano studies department in the university of California. Slater
      finds out that his father changed his named from Sanchez to Slater to get into
      the army and apparently he wasn’t actually Italian but also a Chicano (I guess the army wasn’t letting Mexicans in at the time). Amy
      guilts Slater into joining the protest to create a Chicano studies department
      and Slater helps him learn Spanish.
      As Slater gets more in touch with his
      Chicano roots (eating burritos, working as a bus boy, being hyper sensitive
      towards perceived racism–yes, i am not joking this is in the episode he literaly (hitler) startes eating burritos and works as a bus boy….important to note that a few years earlier in high school he was italian and able to tell the authenticity of tomato sauce with a single taste) he finds out that the protest is going to interfere
      with the Zack’s ski trip. Slater cancels the ski trip and Zach tells him, in what might be the best and most telling line dealing with race ever on television, that he
      “picked the wrong weekend to be a Chicano.” It is here that we see the dialectic
      of race that is only now finding its way into the popular mindset.
      See this marks the moment of the official shift from “all
      races are equal” (which is a very Cosby Show kind of view and is traumatically
      equivalent to having someone drug your pudding and rape you now) to the point
      where all non-white things are, simply by virtue of being non-privileged,
      intrinsically valuable.
      Whitey is racist if the privilege or the inherent value
      of the non-privileged isn’t emphasized. This is all symbolized very nicely by
      Zack’s wanting Slater to go skiing, which is pretty archetypal as far as
      privileged white activities go – rich white people sliding around on big
      mountains of whiteness with only non-white things to stand on and push
      themselves along with.
      At the end Zack learns his lesson and becomes racially
      sensitive by acknowledging that he is privileged and denying himself his
      privileged activity of skiing in favor of the ridiculous activity of a sit-in by 15
      Chicanos in the dean’s office demanding a Chicano Studies Department (and
      presumably taco day in the cafeteria). He acknowledges that the minority
      activity is more inherently more valuable simply by virtue of it being non-privileged.

        1. you really should have seen the full version be delivered to the eastern division of the american philosophical association 15 years ago. The response was, lets say, passionate.

      1. Good stuff.
        But 1993 was a loooong time ago.
        You need a redo on something more fresh

        1. I don’t think so, the timing is relevant. That is right about when the “my reparations” and the LA riots with Rodney king came about

      2. When a site come from chasing meaningless pussies to profond analysis of apparently trivial matters to find gems, who know we are on something

      3. “For four hundred years the black man was oppressed by the white man and for four hundred years the white man must pay reparations.” MLK
        People really should quit projecting their bullshit onto this guy. He was “for” his people, and who can blame him, but he certainly saw race, and he would certainly support programs that take from whites and give to blacks.
        His speech, that cowardly whites love to cling to, was plagiarized from another black man. Whites love to cite this as evidence that ‘da democrats are da real racists,” but it’s just a speech. Try reading kings books.

    2. Michael King was a hypocrite.
      One of the worst that has ever lived.
      He said he wanted people judged on the content of their character, but then pestered and cried and whined for FEDERAL LAWS that did jut the opposite. Oh, and he was a rapist and woman beater as well. And an Anti-American communist.
      He was scum.

        1. Yassah Boss.
          Mo tea suh?
          Does that make you feel more at home there, Uncle Remus?

  9. “I’ve always found white
    liberals to be more condescending than any openly racist conservative.
    Don’t help me with my condition. Your charity only breeds servility and
    My sentiments exactly.

    1. Liberals in general….see Trevor Noah’s photo and what do you see? Someone who identifies as black somedays and mixed others when it suits his varying agendas of propaganda and need for ratings. So basically, every Liberals agenda regardless.

  10. thoughtful piece I can relate to as myself mixed race, although I wasn’t aware coloured meant mixed race in SA
    So far us mixed race / coloured folk (well our women) have been reduced to saying stuff like “Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo” but that’s all changing now. Finally we will have a voice. As miscegenation and race-mixing gathers pace we will soon become an unstoppable force……
    oh but yeah you already know that and are a bit worried about that whole Kalergi plan etc. coming to fruition.
    Still the points raised are good ones. A mongrelised identity remains an issue where racial homogeneity is the norm. One cannot simply look to the past or ones origins for any kind of satisfactory self-discovery.

  11. Great article Narmer! Can relate a lot to your stance. Although it isn’t quite the same as being listed as colored, growing up a first generation American is fascinating in relation to other black people. Unlike you, I do have a culture with strong ties, which means a full nation with history attached to faces like mine. Being in America, you are brought into a system that expects you to accept the inverse.
    By default being black in America leads to many supposing you should have a strong tie to Black History month, know in depth levels of poverty, understand the struggle of being considered weak and inept by skin color alone. You’re thought to read slower but be more athletic, expected to have gang involvement and know where the best drugs are, all while being too cool to ever be seen doing any sort of work. As a child it makes sense but as an adult it is lunacy.
    I must ask, with cultural ties that spread through a few factions of your country, do you or other colored people feel incline to set up your own source of power or are do they all just move to the side as either whites or blacks rule? Would love to hear more of your take on history as it relates to current events in the future. Can’t wait to see your next article.

    1. Thank you.Recently Khoisan (capoid) heritage has been offered as a legitimate source of unity and power for all coloureds, regardless of our geographic and biological diversity.I would say we’re inclined to take advantage of any political opportunity.

  12. Jenga.
    Thinking outside a box is a good start.
    Keep thinking. Don’t abandon the box.
    It’s integral to the lesson.
    When your tower falls, the box has an edge, you use to build up the base again in a fast way.
    Don’t let us fool you, we too, like any human being, use our hands to think.
    I can count on my hand up to 768/1024
    And I don’t think exactly binary when I do so.
    Imagine what two hands can do.

      don’t fall for the ‘retards’ here.
      The article speaks of Nietzschean values.
      So, let a German tell you, what goes well with out Philosopher, from your continent.
      We really value Jenga.
      And Leslie Scott was born in Tanzania, Scott was raised in East and West Africa, and educated in Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ghana and England.
      And well, Balkaner and JumpnJive, you are true know nothing and never learn something retards.
      Not worth more, than a not even funny pun.
      Ihr seid so erbärmliche Scheiße, euch Würstchen könnte nicht einmal meine Ingenieurskunst zu Rheingold machen.

      1. good thing it didn’t call for a funny pun….you would have needed reinforcements.

  13. I understand what he saying.
    Race is a social construct, but tell that to people who don’t give a shit.

    1. Then why do only African peoples have sickle cell? And only Caucasians struggle with Crohn’s? And Asians with small peni?

        1. How many people will honestly admit that they learned about DNA from the GI Joe 5 Part Episode Rise Serpentor, Arise and that it stuck with them better than anything they learned in school…

        2. If there are major differences in the DNA I would say it was more than a social construct, yes?
          While there are not MAJOR differences, there are some MINOR differences that probably are due to where your ancestry is from.
          I still believe procreation with another race is unwise mainly based off of the differences in culture. The children are hung to dry between two worlds and are often easy prey for unseemly life choices due to that vulnerability.

    1. I could hardly follow and could not read it all.
      It just wasn’t very good.

  14. As a White, Christan male who is proud of his ancestors and heritage, I can understand only those non-White/Colored males, who are as proud of their own ancestors and heritage as I am proud of mine!

    1. I always knew that the ultimate goal of the nwo isn’t to just wipe out the whites; (they just happen to be the first on the chopping block) but their goals dictates all ethnic groups to eventually be wiped out. They want to create an identity ridden homogenous ethno-mix where we are easily without national, cultural and ethnic pride. This is the same ideology with sex/gender.

    1. An amazing coincidence, after (((Jon Stewart))) left the Daily Show another Jew was found to take his place (Trevor Noah))). I’m starting to think the only people with any talent for Show Business, News Media, Finance, and Higher Education are all Jewish. We should be grateful so many talented Jews live in the US to bless us with their unbiased hiring practices.

  15. Since this article is linked to South Africa, I’ll bring up the ‘Mandela Effect’. Some youtube videos put forth that timelines are being actively manipulated.

    Another avenue is that a supercollider experiment perforated the spacetime continuum like a hand grenade, leaving a number of smaller timelines altered and divergent. Certain people who existed in other timelines suddenly never existed in the present. No record. Slight changes in coastlines, anatomy and events are other differences to name a few.
    Since this article will draw the interest of many black-o-philes or just black curious and others delving into the probing of the coloured experience, I feel this is a good place to scratch at this puzzling ‘Mandela Effect’ phenomenon. Many of you have heard of the actor Sinbad correct? Here’s a test of the ‘M.E.’ for the movie watchers:
    DOES ANYONE REMEMBER Sinbad producing a movie in 1994 called ‘Shazaam’? Think hard. Any memories? Here’s an old review of the movie.
    ******** review *********
    When Chuck (Austin O’Brien) and Nan (Mara Wilson) are left home alone by their absentee museum curator father (Danny Huston), a mysterious package is delivered containing an antique Middle Eastern oil lamp. Faster than you can sing “A Whole New World,” an ancient genie named Shazaam (Sinbad) is unleashed: an anachronistic wisecracker who becomes a surrogate parent. After the mandatory getting-everything-they-ever-wished-for montage, Chuck and Nan are whisked away on a journey of discovery into the past and future about their beautiful late mother (Amy Yasbeck), their hard-working father, and how they can make their own wishes come true with magic all of their own.
    It took less than a year for 20th Century Fox to fast track a low-budget, live-action version of Disney’s smash hit animated film Aladdin but had to settle for comedian David Adkins — aka Sinbad — for a less-magical performance. In spite of the production values, Coneheads director Steve Barron manages to turn out a not-quite coming-of-age story for the latch-key, single-parent generation. Once you get past the over-thought trailer candy bits that Hollywood spoonfeeds us as “funny,” there’s some heart hidden in here thanks to some clever casting and solid chemistry. While adults will probably be rolling their eyes, they really aren’t the target audience.
    Too bad they couldn’t have waited a few years and secured a better budget, because as far as children’s movies go, you could do worse. Sinbad might seem an off choice for a Baba Yaga babysitter, but who actually believed Robin Williams could go an entire G-rated cartoon without dropping an F-bomb? The kids are adorable and probably have long careers ahead of them, and this sort of thing seems a natural for Sinbad — he could probably stick to this genre for a while. Sadly, the movie also falls back on a classic trope: the undo button (mild spoiler to follow). When all is said and done, the final wish had to be that Shazaam never came into their lives, the package was never delivered, and indeed none of it ever happened — the kids retain their memories of something that technically never existed, of course
    Sound familiar anyone? No rotten tomatoes memories? There an echo in here? You can’t find it on IMDb in the present timeline. You can’t order an old copy on Amazon. It never existed. Not here at least. If you remember it, your memory, like the arrangement of the alphanumeric characters in the above review carries from another oh so slightly different and tweaked timeline. You have a good memory.
    This clip from youtube was obviously uploaded. 1994 had mostly VHS and Beta was finally phased out. Some commenters write it off as a college prank. The subtleties of it seem pretty cinematic, the music, coreography and cinematography.

    The movie still doesn’t exist in the current catalogues.

  16. ‘ So without this connection to a primary group identity and location we lack a homemade internal system of moral appraisal.’
    The ‘internal’ system you need is right in front of you.
    Christianity is the only ‘homemade internal system of moral appraisal’ anyone anywhere ever had.
    So, don’t reject it.
    ‘It’s the thread tying all coloureds together in a common culture. We are unjustifiably vain.’
    I really can’t speak for any other ‘coloureds’ but speaking for myself, I don’t recognise this ‘vanity’.
    I look great and feel great!
    Where’s the problem?

    1. Upvoted. Being a Christian is the ultimate counter cultural act.

  17. The real tragedy of South Africa is that political separation was not possible and none of the parties involved wanted it, however it was the most sensible option. In regards to your people, I think you have a great opportunity before you. Unlike the blacks you don’t have excuse to wallow in despair and unlike the Whites you have (or should have) learned that political correctness and hypocrisy are not the way. You have the opportunity to start without the baggage of the past and the ability to graft the good things of the superior culture (the white) to build your own. The first one should be a conversion to Traditional Christianity, since this ideology is the best moral compass available, if one wants to live in a bearable society and adopt the its work ethic, however such a thing would require force…

  18. South Africa’s government needs dismantled and soverign territories re established for peace and plenty. The government apparatus at hand is too large and far reaching for the good of any tribe. Across the board, South Africa needs lots of free guns and Balkanized states, each with their own constitutions and lots of black celebrity generals with spiffy medals and across the fence, bearded white generals straddling shiny waxed tanks with novel insignias. A lot of tightening up is at hand and the national government is standing in the way of tribal solidarity. The global corporations and financiers allow the pet government to continue and the control will only become harsher for all when the over extended currency tanks.

  19. I’m coal black,64 years old,blessed with boyish good looks and a 160 IQ,so pardner,WHAT THE H**L ARE YOU WRITING HERE?????
    Apartheid was created by whites to steal the wealth of the indigenous African and Asian population,nothing less,nothing more,and South Africa,23 after its abolition,is still suffering the effects of that brutal policy.So unless you have something to add to this conversation about oppression,your opinion lacks depth,boy!!!

  20. Good, deep article.
    That said, althrough I could be considered “coloured” (mostly white, but also of black and amerindian blood), this does not echoes my experience at all. Then again, I live in Brazil and that’s quite different from South Africa – in South Africa you coloured folks are placed between a powerful if small white minority, and a large black majority. Here, most people would qualify as coloured, so if anything, I live in coloured country.
    It might be closer to the lives of some of the lumpenproles around here, but I don’t think their rough culture is because of their racial origin, but because they’re ultra-poor raised in bad neighboorhoods and often with bad influences, leading to bad characters.
    Sword Play is actually not bad at all, there’s a topic just over here about warrior traditions and mainliness. Perhaps try and channel such customs into martial arts and such?

  21. Here in Brazil there is currently a undergoing effort to co-opt the browns, coloureds and such as “blacks”. They even produce bogus statistics, that claim 55% of the brazilian population is black. Which is bullshit because these statistics just cram everyone who’s not white or east asian into a “black” category, turning amerindians and caboclos into african blacks. Shit son, by that insane categorization I think I could call myself “black”, even through I’m usually considered white. Actual blacks are like 6% of population, althrough african-descendency is far higher.
    This is not a coincidence, and everyone who’s red-pilled over here knows its a Soros-/Rothschild/etc etc-financed attack at Brazil, aimed at creating racial strife where there is none. They want to turn Brazil into the USA where there’s a “opressed” black minority and a “opressing” white majority, except their narrative is bunk because they claim “blacks” are the majority, even through they aren’t. Yes, this is confusing. This is lefties we talking about, making sense is teh hard for them.
    I find it funny how lefties here keep complaining about blacks not being in positions of authority, universities etc. Of course they aren’t, purer blacks are a small group. On the other hand, brown/coloured people are ALREADY everywhere in politics, universities, research, etc.
    I don’t think it will work, through, because most brazilians really have no racial identity, or at most usually proud of their ancestry regardless of where it comes from (I like being portuguese, and black, and amerindian, and italian, and french, and…).
    Brazilians identify with economic class, religion and state/city. Foreign infiltrators don’t know shit about how the country works.

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