Dating American and Non-American Women: A Comparison

Jackson Pollock. Maybe you’ve heard the name, but are unfamiliar who he was.

Born on January 28, 1912, Paul Jackson Pollock was a well known American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist genre. He was famous for his unique style of drip painting. Pollock was born in Cody, Wyoming, in 1912, the youngest of five sons, and grew up in Arizona and Chico, California. While living in Echo Park, California, he enrolled at Los Angeles’ Manual Arts High School, from which he was expelled. He already had been expelled in 1928 from another high school. Pollocks father was a surveyor, and early on in his life while on surveying trips together, Jackson explored Native American culture .

In 1930, following his older brother Charles Pollock, he moved to New York City where Jackson studied at The Art Students League in New York, under Thomas Hart Benton. Although Benton’s rural landscape subject matter had little influence on Jackson’s art work, Pollock often said that Benton’s traditional teachings gave him something to rebel against. Jackson had been more intrigued by the artistic style of the ethnic indian of the American southwest. This stands to reason if one watches the way American Indians produce their sand paintings and the way Pollock manipulates his paint drips, both of their methodologies are very similar.

Pollock enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety as a major artist of his generation, though he sold very little of his art work during his lifetime. The über high prices that his paintings are fetching today came about several years after his death in 1956. Regarded as reclusive, he was a loose cannon mentally, and struggled with alcoholism for most of his life.

Pictured above: Jackson Pollock’s “One: Number 31, 1950″on display at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Jackson was all about his painting. His priority was his art, and his wife took second place. Pollock’s work also helped make the United States take center stage of the international contemporary art scene at that time. Being among the abstract expressionists group, Jackson and many other artists lived somewhat of a Hemingway existence where they hung out together and drank heavily, and had no “wifey” chaperones in attendance.

The abstracts expressionists were described as being “…strong, ugly men….they weren’t cutie pies at all.” In other words, they were real men, hetero and alpha. This was also during a time just post WWII where men were expected to saddle up and start having families, because unlike today, back then having families was a good thing. Most certainly during this era artists were considered outsiders, perhaps one might argue they were among the very first MGTOWers of their day.

“Blue Poles, 1952”

“Number 14: Gray”

The Youtube documentary mentions that “Jackson looked to women for support” which is typical feminist-bent journalism. Indeed he had women in his life, but he always had them on his terms. He cheated on his wife literally right in front of her. He’d make out with his mistress in his wife’s presence in their house. He drank a LOT, and I think his ultimate mistress was the sauce. Sadly, Jackson Pollock died on August 11, 1956, at age 44, in a car accident while driving heavily intoxicated.

For many, the paintings of Jackson Pollock are the emperor’s new clothes when one considers the prices that his works are commanding at the auction houses today. Jackson is among the big ticket names in art and his paintings are selling in the tens of millions. As time progresses for me, I at least can respect the evolution of his artistic style that he took during his life. One has to follow the proceeding history to understand where he is coming from, and this is best portrayed in a scene in the movie “Pollock” where he is drinking with his artists cohorts, and states “We gotta break through this shit!”

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302 thoughts on “Dating American and Non-American Women: A Comparison”

  1. In America, I meet 6s who think the are too good for me; overseas, I meet 9s who wonder if they are good enough for me.
    When people I know ask me why I spend so much time in Europe, I say, “Because, there, I’m a rock star.” The “…and there aren’t nearly as many entitled, narcissistic blubberellas there”* is merely implied.
    À bientôt,
    *On the rare occasion when I am forced to interact with one there, i.e. because she’s blocking the exit or something, I start with “You’re from America, aren’t you?” 😉

    1. The whole article can be summed up in 3 words:
      BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. If youre attractive and sociable, you can fuck alot of American womem with little effort. The nimber of quality mem in America is low and women are too addicted to using betas up to tell men that they want masculinity.
        I guarantee that if the just number of red pill men went through the roof, women would shape up. They rule the sexual market right now because betas are bowing down to them and feeding their narcissism.

        1. As long as they’re shaping up, let’s get to my pet peeve.
          Very few women still sound feminine.
          When I was a child I loved to hear women’s voices, either the affection they had when they spoke to men, or the kindness they had when they spoke to children.
          Those two behaviors have nearly been driven to extinction by the feminist movement.
          Have you heard how women talk to their children at school plays, in stores, and at restaurants? The model clearly is Peg Bundy, not Donna Reed. No wonder their brats ignore them. Kids are naturally programmed to respond to the kindness and femininity of a lady’s voice.
          Remember Donna Rice, the lady who’s affair ended Gary Hart’s presidential campaign? She had a voice like butter. I can almost cut Hart some slack. Resisting attention from her would have been very difficult for any red-blooded man. She was attractive, made herself look glamorous, but her best tool? That voice…
          Of course she was from the South, and southern women were much more feminine at that time. Unfortunately, even southern women are sounding more and more as if they’re cross-examining a hostile witness in normal social situations. It takes very little effort to sound like a lady when speaking in a friendly social situation. Just let a little bit of warmth into your voice. It is not a sign of weakness. It indicates that you are secure in your femininity.
          I have knows several ‘big’ girls who have dramatically improved their odds by just being kind and sounding sweet when they talk. They’re outcompeting skinny, attractive, but self-absorbed beta women who can’t order a cup of coffee without sounding as if they would rather be buying it from a vend-o-matic.

        2. I agree 100%, us American men are so starved of femininity and female nurturing, even from our own mothers. Its no wonder there are so many beta males running around begging for the love of subpar females. It almost like an emotional deficiency. As a result of these cold, hard women, we cant show an ounce of vulnerability around them, and that is how you actually connect with another human being, even on a platonic level.
          Dalrock breaks it down well in this article:
          Women have rejected any and all selflessness and acts of kindness. They walk, talk, and behave like animals, not even like men because we are compassionate and thoughtful. It might sound prude but a woman saying “fuck” in every other sentence and sitting with her legs open are the most unattractive things a girl can do, and I hear/see it everyday.
          Acts of love are regarded as acts of weakness and servitude, even towards their children and loved ones. The problem is that they are not called on it and most dont even know what intimacy and love are. Our generation of men are the first to dealn with this so we were completely blindsided by this. Guys are getting their hearts and expectations broken in record numbers while women pave their own path to unhappiness and misery.

        3. Strange how your correct description of the behavior of many women, feminists all, mirrors that of Empire Era Roman men.
          Imagine how critical these devolved women would be of men, if we acted as ancient Roman counterparts did.
          No selfless acts.
          Kindess seen as weakness.
          Copious use of “fuck”.
          Exagerated male sexuality.
          Love seen as weakness.
          Disdain for intimacy.
          You could have been writing an history textbook.
          I would express shock at the double standard, but I’m almost 50. I would have to be a blind fool not to already know the feminist expect for us to cater to their whims while they behave in a base manner.

        4. Yes. Forget about the fatties for a second. There is still a smattering of women under 140 pounds but even that group has dropped the ball. They have managed to do the impossible; make a healthy, young female body unattractive. What I mean is that even a curvy 24 year old who could take your breath away nude, can STILL be repellant just due to her demeanor. Do you know how IMPOSSIBLE that is? But they’ve managed it. Watching a clip of Miley Cyrus every morning could allow me to be the most pure-minded, celibate and sexually disinterested monk of all-time. She is simply a MASSIVE turnoff despite a technically nice body.

        5. It is a plot to turn straight men queer.
          Lotsa sweetpeas are more feminine than normal girls now. No wonder kids are confused.

        6. “They have managed to do the impossible; make a healthy, young female body unattractive.”
          I actually laughed out loud at this, you’re so right. Theyre trying so hard to rebel against the image of what men find attractive and if it werent for the strong male libido, nobody would touch them.

        7. Our libidos have been exploited for financial gain as well. The constant sexual stimuli and young who are growing up as thirsty porn addicts only makes it worse.

        8. More like they realized there were no more good women, hence viced up and went bad…..

        9. I think the thirty plus crowd probably gets hit the hardest by the constant display of internet T and A. It seems to me that the twenty and unders are likely to be overexposed to the point of near impotence or a reliance on fetish play to get any spark. For that generation, a nude woman is just background noise. I don’t know how they feel but it is my guess. Who remembers panting away over topless and old tribal women in National Geographic? The contrast with the life of a current ten year old is staggering. If female sexuality continues to lose its holy grail aspect at this current rate then the birth/marriage rate will plummet.

        10. Amen! I will admit to saying “fuck” if I stub my toe or when my husband is giving it to me good in bed.

        11. Maybe, The under 35 single male / female ratio of 120 / 100 is another factor to consider giving single women far more dating options then single men.
          Also feminism is actualy a plus for beta type males in places like Denmark. ROOSH V mentions this in other articles

        12. Maybe do some research and see why our culture has become as it has … it might be an eye opener that your “Male attitude” and uncontrolled behaviors have launched America into the era that it has … as a woman, I became self sufficient because I watched men whoring around on their wives. Men became such whores during the 60s and that continued. Count into it the lazy and entitled attitude of men … truly wants to make one puke. Anyway, I am pretty happy and fulfilled with my life and way of living … too bad you dudes can’t see why things are the way the are and work at toward fixing everyone else versus yourself. Control your lust, don’t use women as tools, stop lying to women to get laid, be respectful of people (not just women) and the world might just be a better place where we all start behaving better. But, I won’t hold my breath that the American male can solve any problem especially one that starts with him.
          I mean for goodness sakes … look at the rape culture on the college campuses … what woman in her right mind would trust a man let along think him good? All I hear on this thread is men wanting to bang women .. women are people not objects to bang .. good golly listen to how repulsive you are. I am not put here for your pleasure, I am put here for my own desires just as you are. And, I am not any man’s pleasure tool. Tool that is how men treat each other and that is how men treat women … American men have become so repulsive.

        13. Most of the men here, including myself, started off as a young man who was taught to treat women with respect and kindness only to be completely disrespected for doing just that. So we come to a place like this, learn how girls really want to be treated and begin to see positive results. Its not our fault that most young girls like to be ignored, insulted and used as sexual objects. Maybe you should research female sexual dynamics and figure out why your sex despises men that treat them like queens and princesses. Women respond better to guys that are emotionally distant and unavailable. Its a known fact among men now so why would we buy girls flowers and take them on dates? I would love to be able to spoil a girl and treat her with love and kindness but I see so many men being disrespected in marriages and relationships. When women start to react positively to kindness, compliments, loyalty and love, men will be more than willing to give it to them.
          There is no rape culture, only a slut culture that refuses to hold females responsible for getting blackout drunk and not protecting herself. Scrawny, beta college kids are not raping girls en masse. And men treat each other with respect, compassion and empathy because we know a man will appreciate those things. Men rarely treat other men as tools.

        14. So the next time a male is drunk and passed out I will stick a dildo up his ass. My defense will be that he should have never put himself in that position. 🙂 Girls are going to get even, we aren’t going to take this attitude. If I cut your dick off when you are drunk and passed out … is it your fault because you should never have become drunk and put yourself at risk. 🙂
          I see a lot of women disrespected by their husbands.
          LOL men rarely treat other men as tools? You have to be kidding me that you would even believe this to be true. I see men do it to men all the time … not sexual tools just as someone they use. LOL funny.
          I have found it a rare man that trust another man which implies that men are screwing other men hence you always have to have your guard UP. Thus, why would a woman trust a man? Funny.
          Personally, I don’t accept flower, nor jewelry, nor dinner from a man … I go dutch. Disrespectful? Nope … I have found when a man does those things there is strings attached. If I accept then I am expected to have sex and it isn’t what I want … things in exchange for sex. I enjoy sex but I am not going have it be expected of me. It is a rare American man that does something with no strings attached. Most women have found themselves in this position and then been told they were a bitch when they didn’t spread their legs. Men see this as rejection and they go ape bat crazy. I was not put here to comply to your wishes nor am I attracted to every crazy male that is attracted to me. Just as you, I get to choose who I will be in relationship with. Daily you pass over hundreds of women that you would never consider as a companion. Yet, all men I know feel that if they are attracted to a woman she should be attracted to them and you men go stupid crazy if a woman isn’t. We are a person the same as you are a man, I know you don’t see it that way but that is the way it is.

        15. Girls aren’t passing out and getting raped, they are getting drunk and having consensual sex with guys then regretting it the next morning when she feels like a slut. I’m not denying that men can be awful, I’m not really concerned with how other men treat women. All I will say is that girls create a lot of the assholes out here. Most of us don’t start out this way but the chances of a girl giving us a chance are higher if we act like one. The women you know who are disrespected by their husbands are probably more loyal to their men than they would be if he treated her well.

        16. LOL what BS.
          A family friend took me home and tried to rape me.
          I was walking to college one day an a man beating off tried to abduct me.
          Ohhh men are angels.
          Most men I know have spent thousands of hours by the time they are 18 think about what sexual things they are going to do a woman. Their mind is warped by their fantasies that then get rejected by decent women.
          58 million abortions in America since Roe V Wade? All those good guys getting rejected. Good guys? Good guys? Good guys? Where have the good guys gone is more of the question. And, you can just point your finger back at yourself. Men’s behavior went wonk back with Hugh Hefner’s introduction of the playboy. Anything that a man has learned today from another man is frankly just dumb ass male entitlement.
          But you keep on spouting your crap and keep on banging women and using them as a tool and keep telling yourself it is because of them/girls.

        17. There are good men everywhere, I’m sorry you met some bad apples. Boys grow up thinking about sex a lot but they also dream about taking girls on first dates and first kisses. Hopefully you can meet a genuinely good man someday and change your mind.

      2. Until stupid men area able to control their sexual urges on women, the feminism and entitlement will continue to get worse and WORSE

        1. Lol come on now. That the best thing you come up with? So men are talking about problems in the female psychie. One that many men are observing from a majority of the women are suffering for and your only response is to grow up? Well here is the truth. Grown ups discuss problems openly. Ostriches use the stick your head in sand approach like you’re doing.
          Heres a suggestion. Learn what a grown up is before you accuse others of childish behaviors. Persoanlly your 2 words are more of a tantrum than some of the disagreeable things men are saying.

    2. I have to call bullshit on this article.
      There are girls from certain countries that are sweeter, but you need game everywhere, and it is the same type of game everywhere. Game addresses female biology, very little of it accounts for cultural particularities.

      1. The article does not say you don’t need game with non-American women.
        The article should point out though that non-American women, being real women, expect a real man. I have seen American manginas somehow manage to hook up with non-American women, and then try to make her his equal or something, and get eaten alive. ALL women will respond to weakness in such a manner that you can expect being submissive with a pack of your very own dobermans will get you into trouble.

      2. You don’t need game in any country in Asia that I’ve been to; China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the Phils. Didn’t need it in Ukraine either. They don’t play games very often, so game is unnecessary.

        1. Asia I cannot talk about.
          Go to Ukraine without game you will get eaten alive. Either we went to different countries, or you are bullshitting.

        2. You are right. In those countries they dont play games, so you dont need “game”.
          Be friendly, personable, funny and easy-going and its easy as pie.
          Here in the US, just like our distorted stock markets due to the intervention of the Fed not reflecting true values –American females true values are distorted by Feminism (tells them they are valuable in the workplace when the majority of them are dogshit and simply placeholders for the sake of the ever more ubiquitous and overused “diversity and inclusion” bullshit mantra, to Facebook, Twitter where these mundane and medium at best looks bitches think they are all Internet celebrities…

        3. I could prove I worked in Ukraine, i.e. work visa in my passport, but you probably wouldn’t believe that either.

        4. “Didn’t need it in Ukraine either. They don’t play games”
          Are you kidding? The attractive women in Ukraine and all FSU countries DO play games.
          The old fat little babushkas pan-handling in the street don’t play games; I’ll assume you’re plugging them.

        5. “Go to Ukraine without game you will get eaten alive. Either we went to different countries, or you are bullshitting.”
          That, or the author is keyboard jockeying and basing his conclusions on very bad data.

        6. No need for vitriol. If the man says that in his experience he didn’t need game then it means he didn’t need game

        7. The guy is full of it. For anyone who’s been to any of the FSU countries.

        8. I worked in an English school with many female teachers. They all had friends. The students had friends. I didn’t pick up women in bars. Didn’t need to. Maybe they play games there, I don’t know.
          Maybe you had trouble because of your own shortcomings.

        9. IN small town FSU, American big city style “Game” is either complete overkill, or flat out contraindicated. Just show up, and you’re “special”, since there isn’t that many westerners that do. And yet, the lore of the White Western Prince is strong. Women in those places have a serious inferiority complex. Viewing themselves as easily 2-3 points lower than they really are, compared to what they perceive as their more “sophisticated” Western sisters.
          So, no need to jump through hoops to stand out, in an initially positive way. All you have to do is not f up, and you’re good to go.
          The cities have been sufficiently overran, that things aren’t so easy anymore. Not to speak of former FSU’ers in the West. It doesn’t take them long to recognize their relative standing at the top of the hierarchy once the first 55,000 betas swoon over them….

        10. Quote:” Nobody likes an asshole.”
          I’m not here to pick a fight, and your remark smacks of insecurity and being defensive, like you are trying to cover up something. For example there are many western men who white wash inappropriate behavior in women simply because the females in question are non American.
          A while back somebody I knew was raving about how sweet his new russian wife is. Turns over she is an over 30 single mother. Yeah, no shit she’s gonna be nice, because she has to be seeing as single mothers in east europe don’t ever stand a chance of getting a boyfriend or husband from her culture. Only westernized men who are desperate will sign up for that shit.
          Another friend I know who is gung ho on RW has another american colleague who went out on a “date” in Kiev, and the cunt showed up with her friend and I told him this was bad news, they are out to use him for a free meal. My friends had the stupidity to say that her showing up with another girlfriend was a compliment!
          Dumb fuckery all around.
          Are you one of them?

        11. Quote:”IN small town FSU, American big city style “Game” is either complete overkill, or flat out contraindicated. Just show up, and you’re “special”, since there isn’t that many westerners that do.”
          Being a westerner is nothing special to EE. Roosh even asserts this.
          In Prague, Czech Republic (was there three years ago) being a westerner doesn’t mean shit, though some Czech girls will enjoy speaking english but nothing more. And in the small villages in rural Czech where nobody speaks english you are perceived as something that fell out a tree, and nothing intriguing or interesting.
          The problem with articles like this is that it brings out all the keyboard jockeys who have never been to EE yet they feel the need to project their fantasies as truth.

        12. Quote:’If the man says that in his experience he didn’t need game than it means he didn’t need game”
          Right. Nobody ever lies on the internet [/SARCASM]

        13. Sorry, shouldn’t have said that. It just pisses me off that I can’t comment without being called a liar. I have heard stories like you describe, but I didn’t personally experience it.

        14. I hear what your saying, thanks for responding. I’m not implying you are a liar, I’m just trying to tone down the pedalization of foreign women. Indeed American females are true garbage, but one should at least proceed with caution with FW as they have been given too much credit by western men. That plus the biggest issue of all is how cultures are getting contaminated by american culture with each passing year

        15. Czech is not FSU. It’s Europe. They’ve been in the EU for a decade, for crying out load. Of course Westerners are no longer exotic there.
          The closest you get to that in the FSU, are the Baltics. Where again, Swedes are now about as common as Russians.
          But go east, and things are quite different. Last summer I visited friends in Khabarovsk. And I can assure you the local talent there are neither indifferent nor completely standoffish towards Westerners. Nor Easterners for that matter, judging by the number of Chinese guys with young Russianettes on their arm.

        16. CR were at one point communist block nation and the old communist mentality is still to be found in many of the natives in CR. EU member or not is irrelevant, CR still sucks anus.

        17. And, to think that an American women is the problem. Possible it is American male hatred and disrespect that is causing the American male his problems?

        18. I agree with what you say .. the key board jockeys that hate women. Men who have treated women terrible and women have responded by kicking their ass to the curb which bruised their fragile ego. The responses to this is full of lies and half baked truths.

        19. Yes and we all know about how men love to “embellish” stories. I went fishing with a man and we caught one fish .. by the time he told his friends we had caught the max limit for the day. LMAO. Can you believe anything an American man says?

      3. Its not bullshit. Sure you need game but there’s hell of difference between gaming someone who already decided she hates you and that you dont deserve her, despite her having zero qualities. And gaming someone who is willing to give you a change, at least have a friendly chat with you or a drink or something.

        1. It’s just not the case. Game in America is a walk through the park compared to a lot of countries. Women actually engage you, and if they like you they fuck fast.
          Take Russia for instance. A lot of girls will blow you out without even looking at you. Fucks with your state big time. The girls that like you, expect LMR battles spanning over several dates.
          There is no country where women will give beta males a chance. Even in Poland, the only chance to succeed as a beta male is in the boyfriend role, and most girls disqualify you on that based on nationality. And as a lover, no girl wants a beta male.
          Western European girls shit-test way more than American girls and give more LMR, FSU is hard as fuck, Central Europe is ok but even so as a beta you will suffer.
          I have first-hand experience. Beta is not an effective strategy anywhere. A lot of the bad things about American girls are actually traits of women in general. Not all, but some, such as flakes, preference for dominance, ASD, rejections… are 100% universal.

        2. There’s a big difference between not being beta and the kind of game you need to run in LA or NY. IN the latter, it’s no longer even good enough to be an all out asshole; you need to be enough of an asshole that you attract attention for it, in a venue where 50 other guys are trying to be assholes as well…
          No woman are going to go for a beta, but neither in non UK Western Europe nor the FSU are all women in the room constantly looking around for validation that there is in fact no other guy anywhere within eyesight, that is even more outrageously grabbing attention by being a dick that the guy they are stuck talking to.

        3. “Take Russia for instance. A lot of girls will blow you out without even looking at you. Fucks with your state big time. ”
          I’ve seen this with my own eyes when my friend, an american, unplugged alpha but not an asshole was with a russian girl having a normal conversation when she just got up and walked away without saying anything. He didn’t say or do anything to offend her, but apparently missy got bored and left.

      4. Agreed. You most certainly need tight game even with foreign women. Also, this article makes way too many generalizations…for example, I’ve dated foreigners that don’t know how to cook either. Sure foreign women can be great, but stop putting them on such a pedestal all the time.

        1. I tend to agree. While I have very little experience with American women (and none at all in their home country), I moved from Scandinavia to Bulgaria a year and a half ago, and while some generalizations can certainly be made about differences in personalities and behaviours, the truth is that women here naturally come in a plethora of variations, just as everywhere else.
          There are really only two things I’ve been able to track with any consistency in my nightgame and (online) dating here – and the mileage may of course vary for others.
          1) Getting laid sooner than the second date here is a hell of a lot harder for me than I was used to in my home country (haven’t managed it yet here in fact, with the exception of at the end of a 16 hour “date”). And I think I got a lot of failed dates in my first 6-8 months here by trying to play the provider game a little too much and failing spectacularly. I’m currently going by the “be the lover, not the provider” mantra with improving success.
          2) The girls almost never, and only then very briefly, spend time with their cell phones rather than the present company on dates.
          Other than that I’ve met girls who can cook, girls who claim they can’t cook and some apparently with too much experience with guys cooking for them, girls with modest, broader feminist attitudes, girls showing or vocalizing appreciation for the type of traditional gender roles many associate with Eastern Europe, girls who are sweet and funny, girls who are smart and well-educated – some of them still pretty sweet and funny, dumb girls, girls with no sense of humour, girls who cheat on their boyfriends every chance they get, girls who (claim to) value relationships.
          Probably no need to go on – you get the drift.
          Same thing with the stereotype about EE guys (I’ve seen it mentioned particularly with Bulgaria as well) “all” being muscular thugs.
          There might be a few more of that type (though outwards appearances aside, many of them probably more beta than alpha in behaviour around girls) in the popular clubs here in Sofia than in some other countries, but otherwise the men here are of course just about as diverse as everywhere else I’ve been.

      5. Pffft. Game with American women is going to get you laid, sure. Then what? I think the article is spot-on. The point being, American women are becoming less and less attractive on every level, less and less worth pursuing for a commitment as a direct result. This is very bad news for the West, but with some effort we might turn this boat around. Con: more Alphas are going to have to get passports. Pro: Life is an adventure.

    3. “If you compliment a non-American woman, she will probably be
      appreciative and gracious in response. An American woman will likely be
      bored or even feel outright disdain for you.”
      My experience has been this. If I complimented and American woman she would often disagree with the compliment.
      “You look nice today.”
      “I feel like hell.”
      “I love the way you look in that black dress. Can you wear it Saturday?”
      “You just like it because is shows off my breasts. I don’t want to iron it.”
      Contrast this with a compliment to an Asian lady.
      “You are especially beautiful in that dress today.”
      (locks eyes with you)
      (looks down, still smiling)
      (brings her gaze back to your eyes)
      “Thank you…”
      I happen to like real American ladies. The rest of the American wannabee women need to get back in touch with their natural femininity if they want to enjoy the elevated status a woman should have. In short, ladies, work on your game for a while. It is a two way street.

    4. I have gotten to the point now where I can pin-point a Toronto native girl vs. a girl that has moved to or is visiting Toronto. My question when I meet a feminine or friendly girl is “You’re not from Toronto are you?” 9 times out of 10 she isn’t.
      I can tell not by ethnicity, not by accent, not even necessarily by fashion sense… honestly just by attitude and vibe.
      I’m planning my move out of this city for 2015 and your comment was good for me to read.

  2. Saying that a muzzle should be designed for American women sounds like something an American woman would say.

  3. Fantastic article. Foreign women have a better personality and are easier to please overall. One of my high school buddies dated a girl from Thailand and Americunts were insanely jealous, even though they wouldn’t have dated him before.

  4. I have met women from Israel, Romania, Brazil, Venenzuela, Russia, Columbia and Japan that have more class in their assholes than your average Ameri#### has in their entire body.
    My mom finally said to me this past year,”American women are really the worst huh?”
    I answered,”I only wish it could be that good.”
    I’m at my friend’s wedding this past winter and two guys, at different times, came up to me and point blank said,”Did you realy say that the only chance (friend) has is that he married a non-american?”
    Without batting an eye I answered in the affirmative. They couldn’t believe it. I prefer to live in the real world, so I told the truth. To them, to the groom’s broth who’s dealing with his own ameri#### wife and to the groom. I care too much about the groom to have done any less

    1. The strangest thing is that when you date a foreign woman, Americunts that wouldn’t give you the time of day take notice. They call her “too easy” or say you’re “desperate”, but really just want to keep wool over your eyes.

      1. Here’s something I found amusing about that generalization/paradigm:
        OK, many foreign women from economically stressed countries are sometimes desperate or more active about looking for men but… aren’t there sections of the USA where there are women who aren’t exactly wealthy either?
        The states is a rather special place in that even women who are working as a waitress and living in poverty are often stuck up yet simultaneously complaining (often to my wife who are friends with some of them) that they really are lonely and need a man desperately.
        Life is about realizing that when you need someone, whether it’s a spouse or a job, you should at least treat those people you need with some respect.

        1. People who are 100 pounds overweight are not living in poverty. Don’t fall for it. The only rail thin ‘poor’ Americans are on methamphetamines.

        2. The western women in those areas are trash too. You’d logically think they’d be better but they aren’t.

      2. Yes. I was out once during a vacation in Japan. Had a date with a Japanese girl with a 6-7 face but the lithe and healthy body of some kind of human gazelle (in a good way). Western girls are not too rare in a good Japanese city and they would just shoot darts. It was so egregious a few times that we started laughing. They cannot stand to see happy men unless it is within the gynocentric framework. I would say that any male below a 9 or 10 who dates a foreign woman is the single most enraging thing to the typical American woman. How a total stranger can stare at you, assess your life, know everything about you and then wish death on you for simply being happy on a date is a pretty good indicator of how sick feminism is. This doesn’t even begin to assess the racism involved in the situation.

  5. “There is nowhere in the world where women have nearly as much freedom
    and power as they do here in the U.S. But the great irony here is that,
    in order to discharge this excess of freedom, American women tend
    to be extremely submissive in bed, far more than women anywhere else. I
    have encountered many very successful professional American women—high
    powered, in charge, and with too much independence in their day to day
    lives for them to handle—who, once in the sack, want me to basically
    beat them the fuck up. If you start chatting up a typically cuntish
    female lawyer or Wall Street executive at the bar, rest assured that her
    fierce, masculine energy is not entirely real, but after a point
    something of an act: deep down, she wants to be dominated, as she is
    fundamentally askew, having more freedom and independence than she can
    really handle; and she may ask you to do things in bed that will make
    you shudder. This is yet another proof that feminism is in essence
    nothing more than a kind of slave revolt and rosy confusion”
    Yup. They’re natural instincts say one thing but their brainwashed head says the opposite. Is it any wonder they’re so confused and depressed?

  6. ===================================
    American women tend to be extremely submissive in bed, far more than women anywhere else.
    IME, it’s less a function of nationality and more a function of height, intellect, and femininity (oddly, to a slightly lesser extent). I am over 6′ and look like I break legs for a living, and I can tell you that, north of 5’8″, girls almost always want to be handled roughly (spanking, hair pulled, etc.) and at 5’10’+, it’s a lock. Fine by me, of course, but I find this holds true over various nationalities.
    If you start chatting up a typically cuntish female lawyer or Wall Street executive at the bar, rest assured that her fierce, masculine energy is not entirely real, but after a point something of an act: deep down, she wants to be dominated….
    I used to bang a feminist college professor. She was all “Cruella von Kuntenstein” at work, but the moment we crossed the threshold into my bedroom, she would become a submissive little kitten that I could do what I wanted to with. She would tell me how awful the politics were at her uni–basically Stalinist in nature, like every other uni–and begged me never to tell anyone how she really felt, both about her submissive nature, and about her co-workers, etc. I think she dug that it gave me even more of a whip hand over her. So when I was obliged to attend some faculty function, before we would leave, I would say “panties” and she would take off her panties and I would put them in my pocket, just so she would be walking around, commando, to remind her of what a fraud it all was, and to give her a frisson of giddiness over the true nature of our relationship. *evil grin*
    This is yet another proof that feminism is in essence nothing more than a kind of slave revolt and rosy confusion.
    I have believed this for so long. While some of them (e.g. the Fuglies, like deceased porker Andrew Dworkin) were in it b/c they had to be (i.e. feminism is for ugly women), for so many it is just a case of bratting, where they do it to provoke discipline. Unhappily, it caught on, much to the detriment of both men and women….
    À bientôt,

    1. Feminism is what women WANT to believe, not what is actually real. It sounds good to them in theory, but deep down they know their true instincts .

    2. You’re definitely right about tall girls, they love being manhandled (short girls do too of course) but it’s a lock if she’s over 5’10. Never connected that dot before…

      1. For me, The Knowledge is the product of long and difficult experience; for you, it’s free. 😉
        À bientôt,

      2. Oh, and introverts. Introverted girls are often Secret Freaks also.
        À bientôt,

  7. The obvious decline of quality in American women is the best proof we have that American culture is turning to crap.

  8. It’s reductionist thinking. Don’t let your guard down because the woman you’re talking to is from a foreign country. A lot of them are more than happy to take your bank account to the cleaner’s, and VERY good at it.

  9. I just read the first paragraph but I can tell this is legit. Dating non-American women you are actually allowed to mess up a little here and there and you aren’t immediately replaced.
    She actually takes time to get to know you and tries to get a sense of the whole picture. When you take her out you actually feel proud to be about town with a woman that seems like a catch.
    The best part??? All the white bitches around are staring the two of you down with viper eyes.

    1. Correction: That is not the best part… To hell with the Ameriskanks… The best part is the company of a woman who wants you to be proud of being a man.

    2. I remember a feminists asked me if I maybe didn’t like women. I thought about it and admitted she had a point. At the time, I hadn’t met a foreign woman so to me, “women” were nasty creatures.
      American women overall seem to not like men. Studies show that if women enter a room, they’ll sit close to other women. Foreign women laugh in that they don’t want to be in a lesbo power clutch and sit next to the men they know in the office. American women seem to like men to be the hyper aggressor but simultaneously hate being “hit on” by unwanted men. So in order to drive away the unattractive/beta guys, they have this “grumpy cat” scowl a lot of the time. Foreign women accept that to deal better with men, they have to be more open and therefore not play as many games (but they’re women so they all have games) and because foreign women respect men more, they also seem more relaxed around them rather than adversarial.
      Feminism as a movement was largely in the states and Britain and the plague of English speaking nations. In other countries such as the European mainland or Eastern Europe, socialism was more encompassing philosophy and ironically, women got stuck working in unwanted factory jobs and regarded socialism as largely unempowering. They considered housewifery a privilege, which it is.

      1. I agree with you about women from places where socialism has already taken its toll… they got to see firsthand their culture hit the shits back home.
        I haven’t dated an Eastern European girl yet but my friend is pushing a 6+ year relationship with one and though I love the guy, he doesn’t exactly have his shit together yet. But he cares about her and is actively trying to increase his station in life.
        I’ve already started dating girls of other cultures and I’m hopeful right now that I can find a decent sexy girl with some brains from fuckin’ anywhere else place…

  10. The same group who made American women dysfunctional wants you to go for non-American women. You seem to be biting the bait without a second thought.
    You dig your own grave.

    1. American women made themselves disfunctional. Stop white knighting for them, by blaming someone else.

      1. No, I think it’s more empowering for men to accept that they helped make American women this way. If more American men called out women on their shit tests and unreasonable demands, things would be a lot different.
        I would love to see an RoK comparison between American women and Swedish women since the two are different sides of feminine dominance coins. Even in Sweden, however, horny men can jump on a ferry and get a prostitute if he gets horny or pay $100 for an easyjet.

  11. American women are just garbage that needs to be kicked to the curb. The only upside to them is when they spread their legs.
    That’s about it. I tell guys overseas who have never visited the North American continent that they are selfish, slutty, and demanding, and offer little in return. This one girl I dated who was from Czech Rep. a few years ago doubted my stories when I told her of the slutwalks. I showed her youtube videos of the slutwalkers and her mouth dropped, saying: “They are sooo stooopit. Why do dey do dose things? Stoopit! I feel soooo sorry for yooo!”
    That’s the first time anyone ever said they felt sorry for me to my face.

  12. It’s worth observing that this goes both ways and we have some responsibility for the problem. Americans in general are uncultured and it’s gotten a lot worse in the last 50 years. If you look at pictures of people waiting for the bus 50 years ago, you’d think they were all on the way to a job interview. Today, everyone here is in sweat pants.
    In some ways, depending upon how you look at it, American women are better for quick pump and dumps from players and it’s because the players helped make them that way. American women at one time were more traditional and old fashioned but horny American men wanted them sluttier so they encouraged women to become more trashy. One factor in this is that with few places in the states where prostitution is legal, men are more horny here and messed up.
    Foreign women have conflicting feelings about American men in general. Many American men are blue pill male feminists and wimps. Women, being women, including from overseas become spoiled because American men spoil them. My wife often cries that her friend with an American husband is spoiled and gets whatever she wants. I tell her that if I did that, then our life would be a mess and she agrees. She likes the idea of men giving her everything she wants but simultaneously, with age, gets that this is not a good idea.
    Despite Europe being far more socialist than the states, we have a lot of policies here that make men an endangered species. Sexual harassment laws are a lot more strict here and nearly everyone I know has had an experience with a backbiting woman filing a BS claim of harassment to settle a gripe. All the claims were BS claims. None was legitimate harassment. Yes, this happens in Western Europe too but not as much as here.
    The states was founded mostly by religious puritan nuts and hyper chivalrists who had a woman shortage because most frontier immigrants were men. This combo is what helped make women nutty here even before modern feminism took hold. This is a problem with both sexes since a lot of men are unwilling to address the problem either politically or personally.

    1. >>> American women at one time were more traditional and old fashioned but horny American men wanted them sluttier so they encouraged women to become more trashy.
      Are you an idiot or simply blind to reality? FEMINISM is what did women in. They wanted the license to be sluts, they got it. Now look at where they are.

      1. I guess I’m an idiot, if given a choice between the two…
        Again, if we want to be alpha men, or at least empowered betas, let’s not put women in charge. Men had to buy into this too, somehow. A lot of men bought into the notion that women deserved the right to vote and equal pay. I personally reject that now, but when I was young and naive, I bought into it. I grew out of that by the age of 30 but that makes me rather exceptional compared to most other American men.
        In addition, I talked to a lot of men and they liked the idea of women being more slutty. Even on this forum, a lot of the advice articles are about how to seduce women as quickly as possible rather than build long term committed relationships with them. Yes? A lot of men are into that, yes?
        Much of the problem isn’t feminism, directly, but rather the puritan values making prostitution illegal that drove men to want to make all women into sluts. Most of those religious institutions were run by men. Granted, normal guys such as you or I didn’t make that determination but the fact is that “men” created most of this mess and if we’re waiting for women to smart up and fix everything, well, we all know that’s not going work, don’t we?

    2. The point about dressing is valid. A necktie and leather shoes (even on weekend outings) changes you and gets you in the frame of a man with dignity and some obligation to act right. A writer who I like (but won’t mention because people think I’m shilling) pointed out decades ago how misguided it is for men to wear sneakers, like a child does. That small move starts the decay and I believe that. Dress like a child and it’s easier to act like one. Dress like a man from the forties and you are in the right frame, just stepping out the door. It might sound like hocus pocus but it’s not.

      1. Valid point. Be professional, look, act, and talk like a man. I don’t like advice (however popular) that tends to contradict this.

        1. I have almost always worked overseas in an industry that easily tolerates casual dress. But I recently started getting shirts/pants tailored (affordable). This led to ties, then silk ties, then Italian silk ties. Leather shoes followed. I swear it has changed my life. I guess it’s a boring story for guys who are/have always been required to dress well for work. For them, it’s nothing–possibly a bother, but for me it has really changed my mental outlook and gotten me into a new daily frame, not just with women. I could never stress this enough to a twenty something; DRESS YOURSELF. Forget irony, casual cool or any trendy nonsense. Go 1940’s DAILY and just live that life. If women like it or not like should never be a concern. Most foreign women like it anyway, luckily. WHenever I see a slob wearing Dickies and jeans over his neon running shoes, I just see a guy who missed a chance to live a full day.

  13. I think the fundamental problem is the supply and demand curve. In traditional online dating sites or in your average club or restaurant the attractive men far outnumber the men. When you have a 3:1 or even 5:1 ratio of course women are going to behave that way. It is human nature. You can blame the women but I think it is a waste of energy. When I was in business school we called it the “MBA Effect” where women that were 5s acted like 7s or 8s. I knew a number of them that had been engaged but broke it off due to all the male attention they were getting (due to the scarcity of attractive women at a top business school) only to have the rude awakening after graduation and realizing they were a 4 or 5 again.
    This is why I EXCLUSIVELY do sugar daddy dating (SDD) now. On a SDD site the supply and demand curve is INSANELY in your favor and the hot, young women contact you. I did a search in a city I was going to an within a 50 mile radius there were 80,000 women that were between 18-24, slim or athletic. When I did a search of men that were slim or athletic in the 40-50 year old range there were 3,500. That’s almost a 23:1 ratio of hot young women to decent looking, successful guys. Now that’s the kind of supply and demand curve I can work with.
    And no, you don’t have to pay these chicks. Sure you can if you want to but it isn’t necessary. If you aren’t 65, fat and bald you can date these chicks and do it without all the hassle, drama and bullshit you would normally have if you met these same chicks through a different medium.
    If a guy is 30 or older and makes over 90K that is where he should be “hunting.” Don’t blame the women for doing what any of us would do if the supply and demand curve were reversed.
    My other comment is the best way to avoid a lot of the bullshit mentioned in this article is to have good options and to be as outcome independent as possible with any one chick. I always have at least 8-10 women in my rotation. None below a 7. I like all of them or they wouldn’t be in my rotation. But because I have lots of options (and at some level the women can sense this) they give me zero drama. It isn’t about American vs. non-american. It all depends on how and where you meet them.

      1. It’s what I call “relative wealth.” To many (but of course not all) 18-22 year old a guy making 90K is rich. Let’s take full-time jobs in retail, waitress, hostess, adminsitrative or barista. A $200 dinner is equal to about 10% of their take home include FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH. A weekend in Vegas is equal to 70% of their take home.
        How I am not saying to be dropping $200 dinners or flying chicks to Vegas right after you meet them but you get where I am going. Even a $20 drink at a nice bar is a luxury that isn’t a big deal to a guy making 90K.
        With that said I might inflate my numbers on the site a bit but they aren’t asking for W2s to join.
        My Cost Per Orgasm (CPO) on the SDD sites runs about $35 and that includes out-of-town talent that I fly in. Without out-of-towners it would be closer to $10-12. That seems pretty reasonable even if you are making 90K.

        1. You mean like this one? She’s 19 and gorgeous.
          I bet you might spring for a burger. 🙂 Just sayin…

        1. from this site:
          “Where Sugar Babies enjoy a life of luxury by being pampered with fine dinners, exotic trips and allowances”
          F U and F them

    1. So are you rude and obnoxius to the women who contact you, just to make them feel bad and boost your ego ? my bet is no. So yea, still gonna blame these bitches. politeness is free.

  14. Well . . .someone has clearly had a lot of rejection from American women. And it genuinely surprises you that a woman “didn’t like your vibe”? That’s probably because your vibe is delusional, bitter and ever so slightly moronic. You make a lot of generalisations, largely completely unfounded. I’ve lived in France for 2 years and French girls sleep around too. They also have high expectations of men. Has it occured to you that perhaps your American dates lose interest in you because, as this article demonstrates, you are soul destroyingly boring? Maybe try to improve yourself as a human being instead of writing such disrespectful, self important bullshit and turning your personal problems into alleged gender issues? Frankly, it is good news for the American nation that you are no longer on the dating market. Goodbye. P.s I am not an American woman.

    1. I agree that while there are some regional difference it is more about how you meet them and under what circumstances. Most of the women I meet on sugar daddy dating sites (and they contact me) wouldn’t give me the time of day (or would give me huge attitude) if I approached them at a Starbucks.
      Have options (good options and lots of them) and your bad “vibe” will disappear and you can take control. Just remember to be a benevolent dictator. 🙂

      1. He also forgot to measure our penises from his computer screen. Guess he’s looking for a ruler now in his protractor kit

    2. Likely has more to do with 90% of American women being slobs, thereby elevating women who are MERELY HEALTHY into Victoria’s Secret SMV ranges. It’s mind boggling that people can’t see this.

    3. I think the author should have included Western Europe in his stereotype along with America if he wanted to remain consistent. Your reply seems a bit angry though. Nevertheless, I think most of the authors on ROK need to step up the level of analysis in their commentary on head-to-head pursuits of women. How about list the age, hometown, and a reasonable physical description of the girl as well as a description of the man pursuing her. That would make it much easier for us to judge what’s going on in the social dynamic.

    4. Yes, it has to be the man’s fault because…well just because.
      Fuck that and fuck the shaming language. Women need to step up and start calling out other women for some of this shit. Women need to start accepting some of the responsibility.

  15. Amazing how the same American women who wouldn’t give you a second glance before suddenly knows everything about you and that foreign woman you are with. Prepare yourself to hear how you are together “for all the wrong reasons.” So they won’t talk to you when you are available and won’t shut the fuck up when you’re not.
    Such foul, loathsome creatures they have become!

  16. American women. ALL women on the American continent, and that includes Latinas as well, are utter trash. Smash and dash.

  17. Unless you live down by the border or FL, isn’t it expensive too meet non-american chix since you have to fly out of the US? I’m not sure it’s worth it to me.

      1. But not much chatter as to where to go. It seems that all developed and economically stable countries are becoming more westernized. Canada, UK, Germany, Brazil. What’s left?

        1. Brazil? Yeah maybe the upscale clubs in Sao Paulo and Rio. (Those crowds are far richer than Americans, btw). Putting Brazil in the same grouping as Canada and the UK makes no sense. You need to go there.

  18. You see folks, while I know about game and other “red pill truth”, I’m not motivated to use it to put up with American women. All this “one wrong move and you’re out” crap, like being on an interview for a corporate job where your tie clip being too low or high blows the interview for you, fuck that shit. If I wanted to feel like I was in a game show, I would apply to be in game shows. Because that’s what it boils down to, a “game” show.
    God bless those fellows who master it and get the pussy, but seriously. I’m reminded of the time I saw a Porsche that cost $200000. My first thought was “all that money and it’s still just a car”.
    And I feel the same way about pussy. All that trouble, and it’s still just a pussy. Only worse because “winning” that prize is like borrowing a fleshlight from a roomate when all is said and done.

    1. LMAO!!! That is one of the most true and funny things written. The problem with American women is that men collevtively as a group or generally speaking or on average tolerate too much bad behavior from them. We as individual men who hold the opposite view are in the minority and are swimming against the most powerful tide. I’ve seen Alphas, Betas and Omegas who are also White Knight Manginas put women on a pedestal in the same percentages as Alphas, Betas and Omegas who do not. It is just that The White Knight Manginas outnumber the Black Knight men many times over. It is what we as American men were trained to do. Even American Black Knight Men sometimes do stupid White Knight Mangina Behavior because of their upbringing, training or simply trying to evade a greater harm to themselves etc, You are right that women are women wherever you go. Overall most foreign women are better, but you still need to be KIND DECENT HONORABLE MAN. A higher percentage of American women want men who are DOMINANT RAKES or SUBMISSIVE LOVE-SLAVES. ALPHA FUX, BETA BUX IS MORE OF THE AMERICAN WAY THAN ELSEWHERE, not saying it doesn’t apply elsewhere just on average less so. It’s just American women on average are a horrible monstrous distortion of what women should be. Other Anglosphere and Scandinavian women are on average mostly the same. LOL!!!

  19. I find American women quite easy to deal with. I dislike them, but they can be bearable if you know how to handle them.
    In the article, the author gets defensive when the girl gets touchy. He says “Relax”, he explains and defends himself, and then gets butthurt at the girl telling her she has a “shitty attitude”. This has nothing to do with the girl, this is quite simply bad game.
    A woman’s frame, no matter where she is from, should be your frame. If a girl gets touchy, she is trying to steal the frame, which is by definition a shit-test. You should know how to handle a shit-test and defensiveness is not it.
    If the girl talks about partying and tattoos, accuse her of being an obvious coke addict. With feminism call out the elephant in the room and joke about it, in an escalating way. Make jokes about women being masculine and escalate to teasing her about feeling raped when you look at her. Accuse her of being creepy. Turn it around on her. I have joked with radical feminists about women needing to drop out of law school and into sewing classes.
    Women are weak. Your frame is her frame, and your frame should always be stronger. As long as you hide things under the veil of playfulness, she will accept everything you throw her way, until the dynamic is completely in your favour. Remember, they are women first, American second.

    1. She may be woman first, American second, but when she is stewed and basted in a shit culture, please don’t tell me she doesn’t stink of feminism, whoredome, and androgyny.
      Unless you’ve never had anything better, as many thirsty men in this country haven’t.

    2. I enjoyed many parts of the article but I got the same vibe while reading the “tattooed woman” story.
      I don’t like tattooed women either. It’s trashy.
      You’re right about keeping a veil of humor over your disposition. You really can say whatever you please if you’re slick.
      American women are weak. You have to remember that their tough attitude and rough disposition is a façade. If it came down to it, you could manhandle any woman at anytime (do you even lift?).
      Look at a woman right in her eyes while she’s on a power trip. Don’t say a word. Just peer into her soul. It’s not real. Their “tough guy demeanor breaks down and all that is left is a confused little girl.

  20. While I agree with the premise that an increasingly large segment of westernized women (not just American BTW) are entitled spoiled shits who make men miserable, there are a lot of quality western women out there if you know where to look. Hint: you aint gonna find them acting like whores on saturday nite at the clubs.

  21. A few weeks ago, I saw my best friend’s sister for the first time in…oh, 10 years. Back then, she was in late high school, and probably about 250 lbs.
    Now, she wasn’t quite as big, but she was still carrying some weight. Her body….she was still a bit plump, but the biggest turn off for me was that, if she had been a dude, (s)he could have played football. Totally had the build for it: 6’1″, broad shoulders, thick build. Her face was a 5. Also, I’d been drinking, and it was dark out. She could have had a 4 for a face. She’s not been aging well.
    Anyway, we got to talking. We drifted to the dating scene. Which she loved. She went on to tell me that if she felt like it, if this wasn’t her brother’s birthday, she could hop on tinder, swipe ‘like’, and have a date arranged in 10-15 minutes. And I don’t mean, ‘set up a time and a place to meet within 10-15 minutes,’ she meant, ‘I could be meeting some schmuck at a bar and have him buying me drinks in 10-15 minutes.’
    It’s a sad state of affairs when barely average looking wimmins in their late 20s with bodies like truck drivers can score a ‘date’ (and that’s however she wants to define the term) that quick.

  22. The bashing of American women in favor of foreign ones was interesting at first, but now it has honestly gotten old. Yes, I am disgusted by some traits of women in America (especially the constant smartphone habit), but that is present in just about every western country, and has already become more present in other places. It won’t change, and we are going to have adjust to deal with it.
    This quote, though, really surprised me: “Even if you are an average looking man, so long as you pay your bills, can carry on an interesting conversation, treat the woman well, and not bore her right from the beginning, you will generally be given a fair chance”. That just can’t be true, because then every single man who isn’t a completely unattractive creep would be getting laid every night in foreign countries. I know that doesn’t happen, so there is obviously a catch. The catch is that in a foreign country, as an American, you are more of a scarce commodity, so women gravitate towards you as you are more unusual. In America, however, you are just one of the many Americans. French/Australian/other foreign guys pull American girls in clubs proportionately more than Americans do for the same reason.

    1. Plus the number of beta men in America is outrageous. Since taking the red pill, I have noticed that bars and clubs are swarming with betas and the girls just simply arent attracted. Add in the overweight and/or butch women and the dating scene is pretty fucked up. The top alphas fuck the middle to top women while everyone else gets the scraps.
      American women are easy to deal with if you give her what she craves: drama. They want to know that you will give her constant stimulus, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically. This way of thinking isnt just exclusive, their lives are like this all the time. American women dont go 20 minutes without checking their phones and looking for some kind of excitement. They are vapid and shallow, so if you go on a date talking about your job, your hometown or anything “ordinary” she is bored.

      1. “American women are easy to deal with if you give her what she craves”
        “Give her constant stimulus”
        Says it all. In other words, jump through hoops for a 170 pounder. This is it in a nutshell. Foreign women (outside of Anglos) are so busy trying to figure out what YOU want that they hardly have time to notice if they’re getting what they want. It’s a level playing field and that’s the point.

        1. I agree, foreign women are much better to deal with but most of us young guys cant hop on a plane to Europe. You dont have to jump through hoops, just ignore her texts for a few hours/days, reschedule dates, use asshole game, and fuck her senseless. It isnt stressed enough how different girls treat you when you fuck them properly (rough and dominant).
          Foreign girls arent damaged so they are fine with being intimate with someone they call their friend. Once you become too close to an American woman she loses interest because she is terrified of real intimacy. Their emotional center is completely fucked and I dont think its because of hypergamy; they have deep psychological wounds.

        2. That’s fair enough. To get/keep international mobility is a very difficult thing.

      2. Agreed. I’m still very early in learning game, but even learning some basic principles has helped me in clubs and bars which are full of guys who can’t approach girls. Another thing you mention that’s very true is that American girls crave “excitement”.. that’s especially true with girls you meet at night. You want to be a fun guy to appeal to girls the most! Lucky for me I’m a young guy so I can do this pretty naturally, but actual good conversation is where American girls truly lag.

    1. The diagram is missing a line at the crazy=8.5 mark. Anything above that is no-go. Never stick your dick in crazy, no matter how hot.

    2. I think someone already commented earlier in the week about this matrix. This guy got this from the Neil Patrick Harris character on how I met your mother.
      You want to take advice on how to judge women from a gay man?

  23. He he he once again one of these articles. Like I said many times before, this can’t be said enough. As I see it, it’s the cornerstone of these sites (along with self improvement, which you will use to get these women, not to get western women).
    So I don’t mind at all more of this !

    1. I like most of your comments here by the way and we could use more of them. I’ve also lived in Scandinavia for many years. When you read articles like this about how bad American women are do you usually mentally include Scandinavia (and most of Western Europe) as what he’s describing? I have to admit, when I’m in the Czech Republic every summer reading some ROK articles, they don’t really relate to me that much when I walk up to an attractive 18-year-old and encounter no hostility and minimal resistance in getting a number.

  24. Personally, I cant really see what any American male sees in any American female these days.

    1. they don’t know what is outside the bubble, and more than a few are conned into believing that an American or Western woman is the best they can do. so between that and the countless thirsty beta-bitches willing to throw themselves into a vat of acid to get laid women have most guys locked down and on rotation.

      1. I agree with one of the other commentators that mentioned that American women know that most American males options are limited. They then enjoy reveling in the excess attention from the few desirable males they deem worthy, as well as enjoying the frustration and disheartened attitudes of all the others…
        But what shallow putrid humans they are..

  25. There needs to be more delineation on the women. French women are pretty terrible in my experiences. And British and Aussie bitches are actually worse than Americunts.

    1. +1 on the Aussie women part, it seems whatever American women (culture in general really) seem to do, Australia takes it and magnifies it x10.

  26. American white women are disgusting low-class nigger loving whores. End of story.

    1. I completely agree with you. Everything they do, think and believe destroys the nation in some concrete and verifiable way.They also think that they deserve the same wages as men for less work and taking less risks. I was amazed by the amount of red pill comments on this video:
      Really excellent stuff. My favorite comment was:
      women want to be treated equal to men, they will get equality from me
      when I see 50% of the roofers and concrete laborers on jobsites are
      female. You want to be equal? Come out with me when it -10 degrees
      outside and get up on an icy roof and install a chimney. Otherwise, zip
      it and go make me a goddamn sandwich.

    2. ROOSH, please ban this fool “typicalcollegebrah”. He is a white nationalist who trolls this forum to make derogatory comments against blacks. You should read his previous posts and you’ll see what I’m referring to.

      1. Then he would have to ban all of the black supremacists on here as well. I’m just telling it like it is.

    3. Im blk and I fell out laughing. Every time I see a racist comment that is short and nondescript, I wonder how weak a mind one must have to be so blind to the actualities in life.

  27. After I got clubbed, flattened, meat-grinded, shredded, robbed, rolled, tossed in the gutter and urinated on by my ex wife, her lawyers and the american frivorce court 9-11/holocaust syndicate [PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE IN LEGAL MARRIAGE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES], I just happened to stumble upon some Asians living here in NYC. At dinner on my first post marriage date, with a Korean raised beauty (slim, delicate, polite, feminine), she sat next aside me instead of opposite me. When food was served I realized why: she cut my food for me, poured my beer and fussed over me wiping my lips and hands with a napkin, all the while conversing intelligently and smiling like a beauty queen. After years of intentional savage abuse and sadistic humiliation (including no smiles, no sex, no touching) from my American wife (encouraged and supported by her clutch of idiotic American girlfriends), I found myself almost ready to cry for the only time in my adult life (except when my Dad passed away). Without making any conscious decision (and living in a major city) I stuck almost entirely with Asians. There was a Japanese girl whose posture and gliding walk alone could arrest my attention and give me a raging woody (not to mention her soft voice, gorgeous long black hair and slim, firm body) . Another beautiful Chinese girl who made it her foremost priority to empty my balls when and how I liked it — a pure wet dream. A Thai girl making some fascinating, aromatic, unpronounceable dish in my kitchen — a girl who would often cum more than a dozen times! Amazingly, she tracked her monthly cycle of horniness on a graph so we could maximize our sexual sweat fests! All of these girls had one thing in common: they adored my manliness (strength, calmness, humor) and loved repaying it with opposite female gifts (loveliness, touch, caring, lightheartedness, support and world class sex). They all paid very close attention to maximizing their sexiness and ability to sexually gratify.
    The strident, foul mouthed, tattooed, bossy, bitchy, round shouldered, pavement-stomping, entitled, delusional, self-centered American women I have seen over the last 15 years have no attraction for me: No thanks.
    American girls are by and large poisoned by feminism, consumerism, entitlement, the Media and lack culture or higher aspirations. Their vulgar, slutty, manly and selfish behavior is repulsive to me.
    I encourage all men to engage women of other cultures. I have no delusions about the true nature of women, but my current gf was raised in Thailand in a good family and is well educated. Her basic goal is to be a source of beauty, support, feminine caring, pleasure and pleasantness to me and is is quite genuine as I have tested her many times and it is the real item.
    All women are a drain and pain in the ass. Make sure you are getting something for the costs. Ameriskanks are rarely worth the time and trouble.

    1. Yea I noticed that cutting meat, serving your food, pouring your drink thing. It was a bit unnerving at first but I have gotten so I like it.

    2. This is exactly the type of girl that I’m looking for. It sucks that I’m surrounded by such garbage though. Great read!

      1. Your post oozes neediness. “Surrounded by such garbage” sounds like a fucking excuse.
        I (30 yrs old) know at least a dozen pleasant and cute (7s and up) girls. They might not be marriage material but a man who has his shit together could spend some agreeable time with them and I am not talking about sex only.
        And I know at least two dozen more girls (4s to 6s) with whom I could share some pleasurable evening out on the town.
        If you did spend a bit more time having sex and having fun with cute women you wouldn’t sound so desperate I am sure. Pedestalizing Asian women. They are indeed very sweet but come on man.
        It’s like you think the answer to your problem with women is women when in fact you are still in the fucking matrix.

        1. Man I just checked one of your posts:
          “There is a girl at my gym that I thought was rather attractive. I see her all the time and have been working up to approach her. I’ve seen her checking me out and thought maybe she was just shy whenever I came around her. I found out tonight that she’s actually a single mom and even posted on her FB wall that she was looking for a new man to help raise her kid. After I read that I lost all interest and attraction to her. Reading this post now, I’m glad I dodged that bullet by not investing more time and energy into her. Now I’ll just leave her be whenever I see her from hence forth.”
          Dodged what bullet … “worked up to approach her” … you didn’t spend any time with her. And what if you did (spend some time), you would have banged her a couple times, been to the movies, spent some time with the kid and her at the park and that’s it.
          Single moms can be super nice for a very short period of time. You just tell her that your are not looking for something long term, respect and treat her right and when you sense that she is getting too clingy you part ways. She’ll understand and thank you for the quality time you guys spent together.
          Plus you were stalking her on FB.
          Dude come on … Do you even realize how you are behaving? Wake up!

    3. This is so well written, that it should be the ROK article posted. And the article above should be nothing more than a comment.
      Keep up the good work!

    4. Where do you find such girls stateside? Also, how much investment is needed for a sexual relationship? I know they would likely be worth the investment but I hesitate to put too much into any one woman as I am under 25.

    5. “Strident” is about the perfect word. I live in Asia (have I mentioned that I live overseas, ha) and there are still plenty of western women. They come here too and you can here them in casual conversation from 40 yards away in crowded environments. Last night I heard some of them from a rooftop bar (three story building) while I was walking about a block and a half away. Was it some moment of explosive hilarity, argument or drama, like a mouse under the table? Nope. Just some American women talking about their work in a mundane exchange. I heard it all and their voices echoed above the din of URBAN ASIA. Not just voices but that horrible sharp-edged, commanding voice that comes from female vocal chords in a never ending quest to sound ‘strong’ and ’empowered’. Flat, sharp-edged and LOUD. Like a glass shard in your ear. I think my T-levels drop just hearing it. They are like dominant male apes showing their teeth and constantly bellowing to warn away any challenge. Seriously. It is dominant, roaring male ape behavior right down to the unusually frequent display of teeth. There is not a trace of adult bearing or feminity at all.

      1. You have just put into words what I have felt my entire life. I spend a lot of time outside the US (and have since early childhood) and I cringe every time I hear the sharp-edged cackling of ‘strong, independent’ American cunts on vacation.
        “They are like dominant male apes showing their teeth.” So. Fucking. Spot. On. They are the loudest people in any club, bar or restaurant they set foot in. And then you meet a Bosnian girl, or a Romanian girl or a Japanese girl and you are reminded what women can be.

        1. They are very much like the howler monkeys of the human species. Their protracted jaws and enlarged basihyal or hyoid bone allows them to verbally assert their presence and mark their territory with ease.

      2. I’m in Thailand currently myself, and I find the attitude of Western women here to be even worse than the way they are back home. Its staggering to see the level of hamstering going on.
        You would think that due to the complete lack of interest that’s shown to them by Western guys here they would change their attitude, and at least stop wearing those horrific baggy pantaloons that every chick here wears (anyone that’s in Thailand knows what I mean).
        But no, they’re even worse.
        They’re more entitled, lazy, stuck up and obnoxious, and have the utter cheek to complain about the men who prefer the company of the local ladies.

  28. So, what is this article, bad or really bad? I’m going to say really bad.
    RoK is in the shitter. Quintius writes well, and that’s about it.

  29. would like to know if anyone knows of someone who dated long term or even married an EE girl…like from Ukraine. I was thinking of going there a while to find a honey. I’ve heard different things from they are slut gold diggers to they are very traditional and like being feminine. I’m getting in my mid 40s and want to settle down in next 5 years or so and even have kids with a younger woman. I just don’t want to fuck up and marry some gold digger. btw..I’m a pretty good looking tall dude and I do date American women who are younger…but can’t find marriage material here in usa so far.

    1. I think you’re probably looking at the issue the wrong way. You may encounter gold diggers, but in smaller towns you will very rarely meet a woman who has dated a man that makes more than 30k a year. I can’t see any definition of gold digger that those particular women would fit into. When “gold digging” does occur in bigger cities, it’s usually well after their prime (still yet to see it among 18-21 year olds in their prime), and even then, they still often spend months dating minimum wage bouncers at clubs, so I am really skeptical of all such claims. I don’t see much evidence for it frankly. Even if you played your cards as if you’re a successful foreign guy, unless you really do something very stupid, you shouldn’t end up at the whims of a woman who sucks you dry for money. When we hear about stories of men getting fucked over by women like that, in every case I’ve seen with my own eyes, the guy made some horrendous mistakes and did not act like a man or set the tone of the interactions. In Ukraine, I generally present myself as a wealthy man, but give women no money at all and in general I benefit financially from dating them. I think you should try to approach it from this perspective.

    1. Oh yeah? Fun fact: Tiffany was born and raised in America and is the loudest and rudest in snsd

      1. We’ll then Jensen was misled. But how does her being born and raised in the US and ending up loud and rude refute anyone’s contentions around here?

  30. American women should be avoided like the plague. Foreign women make better wives and girlfriends. If you do want to get married, only marry a woman from a non English speaking country (like the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil or Columbia).
    American women are most likely to cheat on their husbands and most likely to file for divorce for any reason. You especially want to avoid white American women, they are the worst perpetrators.

  31. No. No! Fuck this shit! (Yes, I just typed “fuck” and “shit”. Not gonna take me out on a date now? Fine by me!) Your articles are ignorant at best, and this is far worse than that. American women and non-American women are not two polar opposite groups, you can’t just lump in every single woman from every single country that isn’t America. Plus, you can’t even lump in every single woman from every single country together into one single item for you to objectify and belittle. Women deserve respect, and equality is completely possible – maybe not in the immediate future, when people believing this garbage are still alive and well, but, if we rise above this influence and realize that women, like men, are diverse, unique human beings that cannot be fully summed-up in one word, and then challenge all the ideals that stem from this belief, maybe equality will finally happen.
    I can’t change it if you don’t want to date American women, even though that’s due to stereotypes and shallow-mindedness. In fact, personally, I’m glad I’m safe from you and your sexism. Unlike the poor non-American women that you fling yourself at for nonsensical reasons, I only have to deal with you from behind a computer screen.

      1. I thought the policy was that we do not reply to females and if you do, you are banned.
        Or was that disclaimer removed from the front page of this site?

        1. You are correct and I’ll watch my comments in the future.
          Did you have anything else to add to this discussion? I was showing her ass to the door…in other words kicking her ass out of here (men only).

  32. The main point that needs to be stressed (if you want to do anything proactive to improve your situation) is why American women are so miserable and unhappy. I have yet to see any article really explain this, but the easiest and simplest answer is brainwashing. I grew up in California and 95% of women there were diehard liberals. You might be wondering – how did this make them unpleasant or hurt your chances with them?
    1. They politicize anything. If you make an amusing sexual joke, you may very well be hit by statements like, “Don’t belittle anyone, especially not guys with small penises. After all, gays were born that way.”
    2. Casual conversations can turn into them citing random Daily Show jokes and going on and on about global warming.
    3. Their ideas about welfare means that they find little humor in homeless people, the down-trodden or losers in general. They believe every Keynesian junk science article and believe any theory you tell them about the economy and describe everything Obama has and is doing as “good news.”
    By contrast, having lived in 10 countries outside of the US, I never really ran into any of this outside of the UK. There is just no reason for a normal people to politicize everything and go hostile over casual true statements. What we can see here in the West is that women intentionally believe in propaganda that is clearly junk science with respect to human biology, global warming, economics, humor and a host of other issues. This pseudoscientific attitude of theirs doesn’t stop there. It sucks all of the joy out of their lives, makes them extremely hostile towards the correct scientific consensus, and leads them to live lives of very minimal happiness, high stress, and certainly few laughs.
    For all of the posters out there saying, “Nah man, this author is just a loser!” you really need to take into account how politicized, brainwashed, and hostile American women in the 18-28 age bracket are. I’ve never seen such brainwashed “supposedly educated” people before.
    So how do we move forward? You must explain to the liberal idiot slut that there’s no evidence humans are born way. Equality exists as a general rule of law, not as a mathematical genetic proof that will never exist. Do not let them get away with citing junk science global warming models that have no bearing on reality. Do not let them get away with believing in retarded economic theories that destroy the middle class, devalue the dollar and hurt American society and job creation. Some hilarious Peter Schiff videos will help serve that purpose. If you plan to stay in America, my best advice is to put in minimal effort to beating the brainwashed liberal idiocy out of their small minds. If you can get them to agree with you on these issues, you’ve already done quite well with an American woman.

    1. You are 100% on the nose with that comment. As you described, 95%+ of American women just have the joy sucked right out of them. Being a liberal also makes them extremely hostile about anyone else’s success. I’ve also noticed that American women are more likely to be hostile about your hobbies. For example, “Oh you play chess for fun? Are you like a pedophile or something?” Movies like Cheap Thrills and shows like Dr. Katz shined a light on the fact that even if you’re a smooth-talking, intelligent man, plenty of American women will simply look at you with bored eyes. In Cheap Thrills, when a man approached a woman at the bar, she replied, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT? CREEP!” I have never seen anyone outside of the UK or the US who would ever consider that normal behavior. There is almost zero curiosity in them, and I think that’s directly connected to all of the brainwashing and fluoridehead liberal bullshit they eat up on a daily basis. They chose equality over excellence.

      1. They shame male hobbies because they can’t stand to see male happiness. Male happiness (when it doesn’t derive from slobbering at women) is a threat to their incredible scam—having the richest, most innovative and hard-working men in history living life with a hook through their nose for the sake of history’s fattest, least feminine women.

      2. Agree. Women (here in the US at least) have some much more over previous generations yet they are still so unhappy.
        And don’t let a man have a little happiness…that just won’t do (feminists playbook). It’s payback time…I mean time for ‘equality’.

        1. “When you see a smiling man you know that there is a pissed off woman somewhere nearby.”

    2. The liberal monster is too big to fight, unfortunately. It is engineered by some very intelligent, powerful people and all of these phenomena were intended at the beginning. Pitying everyone, including yourself, leads to unhappiness because self-improvement leads to happiness and growth. There are no happy fat people, and the pity liberals give them makes their lives more miserable by not encouraging them to improve.
      Happiness also comes from having a moral and ethical center. Self esteem comes from believing in ideas, values, etc.and living by them. There are few “bad” people that are genuinely happy. Respect, honor, trust, love, justice, discipline, honesty, etc. are all virtues held by successful and happy people. American women possess none of these qualities and that emptiness leaves them unable to become anything of value.
      Also, they dont take responsibility for their own happiness. If a woman is unhappy its everyone else’s fault and her solution is to just move on and start over. No self-evaluation or reflection, just drop everything, get a divorce, fuck another guy(s), get drunk, and buy some n www w shoes. Ask any woman what it would take to make her happy and 90% would call off material, external objects or a certain type of man that fucks her good. Men would probably name accomplishments and successes that took hard work and involved becoming a better man.

      1. I agree with your points about happiness. Clearly these women have 0 accomplishments and no cultural beliefs. They produce 0 value and get angry about other people’s successes. But I disagree with both your point and the point above. One of the main problems with ROK is that no practical solution or practical idea to apply is given with articles, so I don’t really follow the idea of “don’t fight it.” Liberals prefer to do nothing, while successful people prefer to do something. A good example:
        But anyway, this commenter laid out some ideas that are clear, easy to follow, help society, and take practically 0 time to explain. I’ve watched some of these Schiff videos myself and some of the videos have 1 million views on YouTube. Seems like he pretty much just made it his mission to refute all braindead liberal scum values and beliefs and he’s built up a huge following. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s converted a lot of liberals in the process. Some of the videos are just so hilarious it’s hard to not kill yourself if you’re a liberal watching them.

        1. Hilarious video. I also don’t follow the “let the liberals believe what they want” shit either. If people believe stupid shit and you can explain why in 2 sentences, post it and go on with your day. Or tell them to their face and go on with your day. Take the moral and scientific highground over these nihilistic braindead whores. Embarrass them in front of their friends. Make a show out of how stupid they are as human beings.

        2. The ROK “solution” is to fuck sluts and watch society burn down all around us. This isnt the site for soutions, though I am interested in hearing/debating solutions to these issues. It just sems to me that the liberal agenda is being pushed in schools, tv, movies, and all forms of media. Many people that consider themselves conservatives have several liberal, socialist values without knowing.
          Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about the government’s influence in feminism and the social culture until the Elliot Rogers incident. The fact that PUA and RoK were attached to a delusional loser by the mainstream media, when these sites advocate the exsct opposite of his actions/mindset shows that the red pill movement habeen identified as resistance to their goals.
          Maybe I am lazy but battling a socialist revolution isnt on my list of things to do with my time. Maybe a bit later in life.

        3. You make a good point about fake conservatives. It’s really sad how so many of them have lost sight of reality and have fed into so much feminist bullshit. It seems that only in a few spheres are anti-feminist ideas accepted. I see it in standup comedy (Bill Burr explaining why “Why you should never hit a woman” is bullshit, Patrice Oneal – RIP, who talked about the essence of white (American) women, Nick DiPaolo and a few others) and occasionally in movies like Watchmen, but for the most part the media stranglehold is extremely disgusting and you’re right that I lack a decent solution to that besides targetting liberals on an individual basis. For me it’s easy because I know so few, but I guess if I lived in California I’d be going insane.
          Here’s a funny video about more liberal shilling that the average American woman age 18-28 buys right into:

    3. I respect your opinions and agree with you for the most part but I disagree that it’s up to us to fix them. First off, you can’t–that’s just written into their belief system. They can bullshit all they want and if you disagree it’s ‘patriarchy’ and they shut down. Their whole mindset will NEVER allow them to second guess themselves. It has a some kind of self-protection mechanism that is more encrypted than any CIA computer file. Second, you have a finite life. We’re not around for 1000 years. Leave them to their misery and get your own life. That’s my take. I guess you mean well to even think of trying but I just don’t think you’ll ever get anywhere at all.

      1. For the most part, the best chance is with younger women (18-21) in their prime (who we want to date anyway) who are fencesitters. But few of us want to date the hardcore liberal troll girls anyway, so why not copy and paste some simple text that owns them and makes them look stupid? I mean, you may argue that “arguing with them takes more time” but you may actually save time with whatever you were going to say by doing it this way.

    4. As much as I agree that bleeding heart liberals are insufferable, thinking climate change is a farce is nonsensical.

      1. That’s not what was written. Please don’t straw man a well-written and reasonable comment. In my case, I agree with him completely. Every liberal I have ever talked to has linked me pseudoscientific articles on the topic. That doesn’t mean that climate change doesn’t exist and to some degree, the debate is over to which degree, but in the US all you’ll get is sensationalist nonsense and junk science. While none of the ten most polluted cities in the world are in the US (namely Jarbin, China) and the US produces around 20% of the world’s greenhouse gases, all we get are some graphs claiming x temperature increase by y date. When those numbers don’t pan out, some vague explanation is given and it’s swept under the rug. It’s a pretty cool scam, and by your own word choice nonsensical to consider it anything else.

    5. I am Red Pill, conservative, nationalist but denying climate change… really? I am from Europe, i was trapped before few weeks in a car with my friend because of the heavy rain of big (really big) hails. The front window of the car was broken, the hail could kill many people if they didn’t hide. This never happened in the past few centuries in my country, the weather is crazy. Why to deny reality?

      1. The earth is 4.6 billion years old homey. A couple hundred years ain’t shit. The earth is constantly changing. Don’t take my word for it, take an introductory geology course and you will stop believing in man made climate change.

      2. Climate is weather on a longer time scale. Change is what it does. If you don’t like the climate, wait a millenia.
        Only a handful of certain religious fanatics who belive that the Earth was created as a perfect and divine system actually deny climate change, and even they allow for a certain variance, as they do for the weather.
        What is denied is that it’s your fault, because you are evil, because you were sitting in a car.
        What the climate has done for the past 15 years is, nothing much, except for maybe a bit of cooling; and that is the settled science acknowledged even by those who predict global warming is about to destroy us all.
        Hail, even large hail is something that happens anyplace there are thunderstorms, but they are limited in area. You have to be a bit unlucky to be under the path. You might live in an area that sees such storms every year, and never actually see one yourself in your entire lifetime.
        So when you do happen to get caught by one it will appear to you to be unusual when it is nothing of the kind. Rare to you is not the same thing as being rare.

  33. 85% of American women: Crap job, overweight, alcoholic/anti depressants, sloot, single mom.

  34. American women are indeed a sad, barren landscape.
    To know how depraved American women truly are, all you have to do is look at the absurdity of the “date rape” obsession currently on American college campuses.
    Most of the women on American college campuses would have to pay a boy on campus to rape them. Yet, they claim to be so desirable that special rules and laws are required to “protect” them from rape, essentially turning her rape accusation into indisputable proof.
    Why any man of any nationality would want to get mixed up with an American cunt is beyond me. I suppose it has something to do with the abuse so many boys receive in their single mother households. To them, being hated, abused, disdained, and so forth, is normal. So, receiving more of that from an American woman just feels like “home.”
    You will not find this odd obsession with being the object of desire of a “rapist” in any other country. I have been to many and never seen anything like it.

    1. I find it odd that Anglo-Saxon women consider themselves so desirable as it is. Usually they have square lumpish type bodies, ugly faces and fat arses. You only have to look at continental women to immediately notice the difference. It’s laughable.

  35. Oh how I wish I could dispute this article, but I can’t. My former wife and beloved son’s mama, who literally spent multiple hours a day on facebook, NEVER cooked, NEVER cleaned, NEVER left on time for anything, AND was fucking other men because she is polyamorous, ( and she could not muster the slightest bit of empathy for me even though I couldn’t get laid outside the marriage), told me I didn’t deserve her. And in my blue-pill mind-set back then, I believed her!
    She’s relatively cute, maybe a HB7 when she looks her best (though she thinks herself an 8, of course) and is kinky in bed. I finally realized that the only thing she offered in a relationship was her holes, and she believes that makes her a really valuable wife. So messed up.
    It got to the point she only got wet for me when she was tied up in rope bondage or I was super rough with her. As much fun as that can be, it made me feel unattractive because I couldn’t arouse her without being super dominant and violent.
    I’m still dealing with the psychological damage to myself. And only time will tell how my young son is handling it.

  36. ,, If you compliment a non-American woman, she will probably be
    appreciative and gracious in response. An American woman will likely be
    bored or even feel outright disdain for you.”
    I’ll give me 2 cents here :
    I’m from and currently living in an east-european country where the types of behaviour described for the above american women basically fits our sluts & whores.
    This comes back to their education – if a well educated girl has been well informed about what type of behaviour she must keep in society, then she will always be feminine and graciour, whereas the slut can easily be identified by her body language, verbal lingo, the way she dresses. Everything that basically stands out in a women (flashy outift, flashy cursing, flashy laughing – attention whoring) is a big FLAG that’s warninng us to NOT PROCEED or engage them at all, moreoever to even ask that kind of sluts for their phone numbers.
    We currently live in fucked utopia that has been carefully calculated and that’s why it is extremely difficult for us men to figure out what the fuck is wrong with world.
    But fear not, as men we will persevere.
    Keep an eye out for the sluts – keep away from them.
    Improve yourself-improve your game-your wardrobe, your wealth, your health, your family, your friends.
    Develop an eye out for the good girls, the sweet voice ( as mentioned in a below comment), the flexible giver, the one that has not yet been touched by society’s evil ways that scarr a bitch for life, making her incapable of ever loving a man.
    You can’t make a whore, a housewife.
    Best of luck to you gentlemen, for us to find solid solutions towards making this shit into a paradise.

  37. Great article and good summary of the serious flaws of American women. I would hesitate to consider non-American women in one general group though. I have met some Ethiopian women who are some of the most “privileged” around. Overall though, my dating and relationship experiences have been better with non-American women.

  38. I’m fed up with hearing your annoying American accent here in London. You people ought to fix your home (country) if it’s broken instead running away from the problems like weak women. And you dare call yourself alpha-men! Phew!
    Your forefathers fought against other armed men and you declare defeat against some stupid women. PATHETIC!

    1. Heheheh, actually, the UK is one of the few places in the world where the women are worse than American girls, so if we were hunting for wives, that’s the last place we’d go.

    2. Hey bro, we’re fighting feminists everywhere we can. Kinda tough when they control the media, academia, and infest corporate America. Your criticism is valid though.

  39. The thing I find frustrating about so many of the comments in the Manosphere about women (especially American women) and how they behave is that guys have it backwards. Do you realize what an advantage we have? A women is primarily valued in society for her looks and her ability to reproduce. That means she has about a 6 – 8 year window (scientists say it is between 16 to 24 years old) where their value is higher then a man’s. By time a women is 30, she has only 5 years left where she can bare children without introducing serious risk to the health of their children. Bottom line is a women’s value peaks around 20. Think about that…every day from before they are even old enough to drink their value to men (should) drops. By time she is 25, the rate at which it drops accelerates and by time she is 30 she is (and should be) in panic mode to find and trap a guy that can provide.
    For a guy, it is the reverse. A man is primarily valued for his ability to provide for and protect. At 15-20 a man’s value is significantly lower then a women’s and men are trained to see their sexual world through a scarcity frame of reference. When they find a decent looking woman that will give them sex on the regular they tie themselves down. But a man can pull hot women at any age up until at least their mid 50s. I am nearly 50 and I only date 18-24 year olds and it is EASY. None below a 7 and I am not filthy rich and not even close to famous. If you have a vagina the only way you are hitting a hot 20 year old guy is if you are JLo or Madonna or with a 2×4 to the head.
    A guy peaks in value around 40-45ish but is higher value then a women from 30+. That means the women got around 12 years of higher value and the men get the rest! Men quit complaining about women…we have it way better then they do!
    It isn’t the women’s fault. It is ours for allowing them to behave as if their value remains higher then ours. It really isn’t that hard to take control back.
    Most of my guy friends are married with kids and in their early to late 40s. I was on a guy’s trip with two of them that are ex-college athletes, still in good shape, still have their hair, are intelligent and charming and are successful. I said to both of them at dinner “Do you realize that if either of you were to get divorced now you could both easily start over and be dating hot 20 year olds within days. It would be easy to even start a family again (but for the love of God don’t do that!!!!). If your wives have even 3 working brain cells they know that they cannot even hallucinate ever finding a guy 1/2 as good as you. Imagine how frightening that must be to her.”
    They both looked at me and I think it finally hit both of them…that THEY have had the advantage for years and didn’t even realize it. Just my $0.02 worth.

    1. I solved many problems with American women by only dating those under 25. Heh heh heh.

    2. You write a lot on the boards but this was by far your best.
      Beeing past 40 myself, this is EXACTLY how it is.
      There is one caveeat for us men however – 40-45 peak value only applies if you are a high-value man.
      A female can be lazy, bimbo and still gets lots of options 20-30 as long as she is reasonably hot.
      A man needs to work for many years and build something. THEN we can cash in around 35-40+ by having about the same options a 20 yo hot female gets for free.

      1. Thank you and I agree that for a time women have it easier. But let’s be honest…is it really THAT hard to be a high value man? Any guy that has an IQ over 120 and has any work ethic at all can make over $100K a year. My ex father-in-law has a 5th grade education and makes over $1 million a year. But he is hard working and focused.
        Staying in shape…also not the hard.
        And while a female can be lazy (in terms of career) if she gets fat she’s done! A guy can be overweight and still pull tons of talent if he has the rest going for him. A fat or ugly chick (no matter how rich, etc.) has very few options.
        And more importantly, the same things a man should want to live an amazing life FOR HIMSELF are the same things that will attract women of all ages.
        Just be the best version of yourself and finding awesome women won’t be difficult.

    3. You are right about a man’s value surpassing a woman’s value at about age 30. Now I see why so many young girls act so arrogant and stuck up, their value is higher than men of their age.
      However, at age 30, a man’s value surpasses a woman’s value (assuming the guy is in good shape and makes good money). I am 45 but look much younger (people say I look like I am 30) this helps me pull women in their early to mid twenties.

    4. ” I am nearly 50 and I only date 18-24 year olds and it is EASY.”
      If you want to call fucking wanna-be hookers only once easy….
      I’ll admit it, the SA site is VERY tempting. Especially for successful guys like myself. Lots of very attractive young women. (None in my area as they’re a joke but it’s not like you want to run that game in your home city anyway) The reason why the attractive ones are there is because they know their pussy is valuable when their 18-23 years old & they’re either too lazy or stupid to go be “independent” like feminism tells them to or the economy really is that bad or they stupidly frivorce their husbands and are on welfare and can’t make ends meet so they resort to prostitution just as many have predicted. The SA site gives them a convenient excuse to rationalize in their heads that they’re not hooking. They’re providing “companionship.” The supply of 18 year old pussy is greater than the number of successful men available. Economics 101. That’s why successful guys like me can have our pick. That’s why its SO tempting. But, (unless you want to be a fool and actually start paying their superficial asses) you can’t fuck the same girl twice because then they start wanting money from your ass after your first taste. Some of these bitches must take after coke dealers…..
      I can’t bring myself to do it. If I end up fucking a attractive 20 year old Asian, I want it to be because she genuinely wants to bounce her petite ass on my chocolate cock. I also want to keep her ass in the rotation. Only way to do that (for free) is if there’s some sort of mutual feeling from the beginning. If she puts me in the “relationship box” all the better for me. It only makes it that much easier for me to fuck her on the regular since I’m so high value to begin with & she’ll try her hardest to hook me. She doesn’t need to know that I’ll never commit. I don’t want to go in with these sugar babies from the get go with her having the expectation that she’s expecting to be paid for her “companionship.” And since these are western women we’re talking about, we all know she’s only in it for the cash and she very likely has no mutual feeling towards me, so what’s the fucking point? All that for a taste of 9+ pussy once?
      Fuck that, I’m gonna try POF and take my chances. There’s some hotties on there along with the usual fuglies. There’s plenty of fatties & fuglies on SA trying to get paid too (WTF) so it’s all relative. At least the girls on POF aren’t in the hooker mindset to begin with.
      To each his own.

  40. As a French male, I would tend to warn you about french women.
    Since the 70s and the departure of the general De Gaulle, we have been culturaly colonized by the U.S (like most of the western world), and that caused the rising of feminism and political correctness.
    In France, a woman can charge you for psychological harassment. It means that if you tell your wife that she’s getting too fat, she can get you in jail.
    It is also forbidden to try to convince a girl not to get an abortion. Seriously, it is punishable by law.
    To give you an Idea of how low we have gotten, I will tell you that the liberal-socialist government recently encouraged the highschool boys to present themselves at school dresssed as girls, to protest “against sexism”.
    There is also the “gender-neutral education” being pushed by feminists and homosexualists lobbies, in order to brainwash the PRE-SCHOOL kids…
    The situation in France is really really bad in so many ways.
    I will write you an article about as soon as I find the time to.

    1. I can second this. Having dated a French girl back on the day. While on the surface she was more feminine. IE. Took care of herself, dressed well, agreed more frescos, it was not king before she was acting like every American girl ever.

    2. Égalité, brother, you died under its banners! Don’t complain!
      And you guys are not allowed to test for paternity, which the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my life.
      I’d be interesting to read an article on French feminism as it all started there. Ironically, your biggest feminist writer Julia Kristeva (Bulgarian born) said:
      By seeking to fight what the “power principle” of a male-dominated world, feminism is at risk of adopting yet another form of this principle.
      How right, she was!

      1. Making paternity testing illegal is the most blatant and insulting way of letting you know right off the bat that you truly are living in cuckold land. Might as well hand over your balls to the Republique Francaise right then and there. And some morons still push for marriage as guarantor of “monogamy” and “filial continuity” FFS.

  41. All of this article is true. All of it. The sense of entitlement is rampant with American women today. I went to a bar to play some pool with a couple of friends and one girl had the audacity to come up to me and ask for money. No introduction or bullshit conversation just “Can I have five dollars.” Told her to fuck off, “you’re an asshole that’s not how you talk to a lady.” If you’re going to act like a panhandler I’m going to treat you like one.
    At my gym one cunt kicked my gym bag because “it was in the way.” I repaid her the favor by punting her purse across the gym, “what the fuck is your problem you asshole!?!?” “your purse was in my way.” The whole time her beta boyfriend did nothing but rush to grab the purse.
    After dating one an american woman I refuse to date any more. I have dated two non-americans and they were the greatest relationships I had ever had. The chemistry between them was immediate and conversation were easy to initiate and hold. Neither of them even owned a TV or paid attention to bullshit hollywood social media trash. Sense of entitlement was non-existent. The best part was when we went out to dinner or just spent time together, they would turn off their phones!!!!!!! Turned them off. I was fucking blown away when I saw this.

    1. Did anyone else say anything to you about kicking the purse across the gym? It could’ve really hurt someone with all the stuff women pack in them nowadays!

      1. That is too good! After doing that I was pretty sure I was going to lose my membership. Still got it, though.
        A trainer there saw the whole thing and started laughing after I kicked her purse.
        Luckily it went towards squats racks and since it’s a commercial gym, people usually avoid that area.

        1. “Luckily it went towards squats racks and since it’s a commercial gym, people usually avoid that area.”
          hahaha. Yep.

    2. I went to a bar to play some pool with a couple of friends and one girl
      had the audacity to come up to me and ask for money. No introduction or
      bullshit conversation just “Can I have five dollars.” Told her to fuck
      off, “you’re an asshole that’s not how you talk to a lady.” If you’re
      going to act like a panhandler I’m going to treat you like one.

      My guess is that she was hitting on you. In a twisted way, they still want a man providing for them, but they also throw out this shit-test to see if you’ll accede to her wishes or give her trouble about it. If you give her trouble about it playfully, you’re in.
      At my gym one cunt kicked my gym bag because “it was in the way.” I repaid her the favor by punting her purse across the gym, “what the fuck is your problem you asshole!?!?” “your purse was in my way.” The whole time her beta boyfriend did nothing but rush to grab the purse.
      Here, you could tease her by saying, “Ok, sure, we can play soccer” with a big grin on your face, and then kicked her purse across the room.

    3. I had that happen with a American coworker. She was decent enough otherwise but still needed four dollars once to cover lunch in place that was cash only (Asia) Okay but that was annoying as I like to micro manage weekly finances. We go to get coffee not thirty seconds later. She buys her own latte with a cash card and doesn’t consider springing for mine. Entrenched entitlement.

  42. Spot on assessment of American and foreign women! Like my cars and beer, once you go foreign you never go back to domestic!

  43. Over the years through my business, I’ve worked with some guys who we will call “high-value”. Looks, attitude, big time earners (high 6 figures or more per annum), personality, they got it all. Most of them were married, the others have their pick of the pie with women. In the last year, all of them divorced Amerislunts. They have all since taken up with a foreign women (Japanese, Colombian, Brazilian, Spanish). Never have I seen these men more happy than after they made the switch over to the foreign side. One example is a friend who I have known for years. Formerly married to an Amerislunt who rationed out sex, did not cook, clean, and even with the guy hiring a maid, she was still a pain in the ass. Gained some weight, etc. 6 months with the Japanese woman, he has more sex, cooking, and support for his business than he knows what to do with. Just like the article says, it’s like night and day.

    1. “High” 6 figure salaries per year?
      Hmm. I work in wealth management. Not sure if you are talking about the US but not that many people here make close to a million dollars a year.

    2. It is like night and day. Trying dating an American woman for a few months, then try dating a foreign woman.
      Once you go Asian …………… you never go Caucasian!
      Once you go Persian ……………there is no other version!

  44. I’m so glad I was born in South-Eastern Europe and moved to Asia while still young. From fish in a barrel to fish in a barrel.
    To be honest, the handful of American women of my age – early twenties – that I’ve met in my travels did absolutely nothing for me. Most were from NYC and I guess that plays a big role since any massive city simultaneously putting a huge emphasis on getting ahead and bombarding people with all the ‘keep up with the Joneses’ bullshit naturally nurtures cold, careless and profoundly vapid personalities (Singapore takes the cake in Asia). So I guess I had a chance to observe some particularly bad apples, others may not be as rotten.
    Still… Wouldn’t have touched them with a stick. Went out for drinks just so I wouldn’t turn out an inhospitable cunt, said bye, got ‘call me sometime’, thought ‘suuuure why don’t I, pffft’.
    As great as the States are in some things, thanks but no thanks in this department. I’ll take that naive, dreamy South European, a sassy, playful Frenchie, a wide-eyed, feminine Indian or a cute Chinese any day over someone with enough self-centeredness to put black holes to shame.

  45. (I don’t mean to invade this conversation but I really wanted to add something, I apologize if this is out of place in your space!)
    It makes me sad to see how American women are. I had no clue how they really acted until a male American exchange student joined our University (in the UK) and explained how all the girls in the US carried themselves.
    The female American exchange student who arrived a while later took it upon herself to critique us at every step. We tried to be her friend, but after several nights out where she just screamed ‘shots’ and got friendly with any guy in the club we realized that there was no way we could actually carry on being her friend. She was also a radical feminist and kindly let us know that all our actions (wearing pink/dresses/smiling/make up/baking/talking politely to people) were in fact contributing to the patriarchy -yawn- and some other random things. We never had a conversation with her that didn’t involve her checking her phone every 5 minutes, or talking about her latest guy (something we don’t really approve of in the numbers she was tallying up) so we had to tell her we didn’t feel comfortable being around her.
    I just want to let you know that the US woman crazy mindset hasn’t spread yet, and fingers crossed, it never will!

    1. UK women act the same as the US one you’ve described. They’re just more discreet about it.

      1. Hello Jorgun!
        I really don’t want to be rude and negate your opinion as I’m sure lots of UK women really are like that (I guess it’s a pretty western issue) but I can promise that neither my friends or I are like that – nor is anyone I know. Maybe we just don’t socialize with the girls who act this way? As someone who has been in the UK for 10 years (I grew up in Europe) I haven’t been exposed to that type of woman before. I shall keep this in mind and observe more closely when I am next out, maybe I have just missed this sort of behavior!

        1. American women who grew up in big cities, are feminists, and/or are fat are the bad ones. Those from smaller towns, who stay slender, and are good looking are actually better. But they generally don’t go to Europe.

        2. That’s a really interesting perspective, I didn’t really consider how much the place they were brought up in could affect them! The American girl I met was from Texas (I think it may have been Houston but she never really talked about her family – I don’t mean to bad mouth Texas either, I’m sure it has lots of other lovely people) and from my limited knowledge of US geography I think Houston is a rather large city! That would make a lot of sense with how she acted, thanks for the help with that 🙂

        3. The UK suffers from a small town/big city complex. Small town lacks ambition and tends to sleep around a great deal out of lack of entertainment. Big cities tend to be very ambitious and those you meet a mentally stimulating.
          I believe USA is inverted to the UK in that respects which may explain the obviousness of the American girl.

        4. That is honestly such a good explanation. I will definitely keep an eye out for the behavior you mentioned, thank you for the help with that Jorgun!

        5. Right. You grew up in Europe. You’re not British, were not raised in Britain. Thus you have a different value system… I’m going yo go out on a limb and guess that you’re from Eastern Southern or Central Europe.
          British girls act much the same way as american girls. Although as someone mentioned they are a bit more discreet about their hypergamous nature. Also yes most British girls do take better care of themselves in the looks department than American girls.

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