Hugo Schwyzer Pulls A Mark Minter

In some sort of symbolic exchange, the femosphere lost one of its more notable writers in the same week the manosphere lost Mark Minter. And for the exact same vice! Hugo Schwyzer, the self-proclaimed “pegging” male feminist came out of the closet this week announcing he was tired of being criticized by both feminists and normal people.

After I wrote about Manic Pixie Dream Girls, this guy Chris tweeted, “the number one job of male feminists is to never let Hugo Schwyzer get another freelancing gig.” It got 120 retweets and 140 favorites in an hour. I mean, that wildly overestimates the job, right? And it was just really hurtful. I was like, I don’t want to go through this anymore. I feel like a little kid trying to get attention.

And while he was at it, he just so happened let slip that he wasn’t performing his role:

Off-brand … as in out of character?
In that I’m supposed to be reformed. The affair was with someone in the same circles that you and I move in, so I have to protect her. But there’s a lot of gossiping. It may reach you. Don’t be surprised.


My Reaction to Feminism

Gee, who would have guessed that Hugo was a phony? No one would have EVER thought that Hugo was a lying, self-serving snake playing the game to get some slutty feminist snatch. He claimed reformed, but we always knew what kind of man Hugo was all along:

He’s a great troll.

He used to bang students, probably still does.

He’s mooched off of women. He’s been a gigolo. His notch count is in the hundreds.

Game recognize game.


He is the most disgusting white knight that there is: getting laid because he is famous and behaving in pretty much all the anti-feminist ways himself (yay for banging your students!), yet kissing ass to it and feeding hamsters worldwide with his man-hating bullshit. He is the ultimate parasite. The only comparable white knight that I can think of is that Claes Bogstrom guy, a famous Swedish advocate for the “expansion of definition of rape” (and responsible for Julian Assange’s arrest).

The fact that he has game doesn’t make him admirable. Imagine if Roosh used his fame to spout common feminist claims – I don’t think he’d remain admired (by us) for long.

And as Hugo predicted, the gossip around his affair went public. This chick (NSFW).


These text messages (NSFW):





Would you bang? I think most men would have succumbed to the temptation.

No matter what a man calls himself – Christian, Feminist, Republican, Communist, etc – he is, and always will be, a man, and he will share the same sexual nature. Hot poonani? = Yes please. Just as the manosphere’s Mr. Minter claimed he had learned the error of his ways and would avoid marriage, so too did Mr. Schwyzer believe he had had reformed his old ways to finally respect women:

HS: Hah, I love the ambiguity of the word “intense.” In terms of my sexual history with my students (which for the sake of clarification ended abruptly when I got sober in ’98), the key word is simply “unethical.” Though my promiscuity was hardly confined to my own students, that behavior stands out as deeply and profoundly wrong. Even if it was consensual, and involved students who for the most part were my approximate chronological peers, it was still a boundary violation. In the broader sense, that aspect of my past has made me keenly sensitive to power imbalances in sexual relationships. It’s made me mistrustful of the possibility of consent in those instances where one person has so much more experience and authority than the other.

Hugo’s lying and obfuscation skills are magnificent. I think they may even surpass my own, and I’ve told girls some pretty big whoppers. The fact that so many fell for it is still classic though.

However, realize that there were many who read Minter and probably felt the same way most of us felt about Hugo. There’s no need to start witch hunts for phonies, but always remember it’s far more important to judge a man’s character than it is to judge his ideology.

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71 thoughts on “Hugo Schwyzer Pulls A Mark Minter”

    1. He practically admits it to Parreira:
      “CP: What is this fear of yours?
      HS: My fear is…that I’m a charismatic, handsome (reasonably so) man who is a talented speaker and writer but a total manipulative shallow fucker with no real depth. That if I weren’t decent looking and glib with a great story from my past, no one would give me or my writing the time of day. Scares the HELL out of me.”
      I guess this guy wasn’t as dumb as he looked after all. Who’da thunk?

        1. Morbidly amusing to a point I grant you, but Miss Parriera’s situation is more sad than anything else. This is a very unstable young woman with a history of mental illness, drug, and alcohol problems who looks like she has completely lost her way, making her an easy target for guys like Schwzyer. If she bore herself with a modicum of dignity, I’d be more inclined to judge her more harshly, but this is like kicking a crippled puppy when it’s down. She needs help, not ridicule.

    2. It’s more like a form of psychopathy. The cognitive dissonance causes people like Hugo to feel guilty about fucking his students, so he “compensates” by embracing idiotic ideologies as a way to make himself feel better.

      1. I wouldn’t even give him that much credit. He sounds more like a con artist who’s deathly afraid of being found out to be exactly what he is. Everything about his public delivery is manufactured so as to manipulate a specific response from his audience of choice – in most cases, the readers of things like Jezebel and the Atlantic. This in turn exposes them as people willing to be deluded because they’re not interested in being critical, but being pandered to. Truly pathetic.

        1. Actually, I think you’re giving him more credit than EAN. I’ve found that most male feminists are either ignorant, looking to cleanse themselves of past demons, or desiring to get laid. In the case of Hugo, all three.

  1. oh, lala…
    The Swchanz supposedly tried to OD with klonopin…
    fuckin’ klonopin…
    he shoulda manned up and done it like a slimy, small dicked MRA–with a 12 guage…
    it’s just a pity part…
    can I haz a cheezeburger????

  2. Hold on. You’re telling me a male feminist in the midst of a mental breakdown, apparently suicidal, ‘relapsed’ into that touchdown?
    LoL pardon me while I call bullshit.

  3. I wonder if these texts meet feminist’s exacting standards of “enthusiastic consent?”

    1. The man is vibrant. And he gets women and is like totally nonjudgmental, unlike those creeps on RoK. That’s all that matters.

  4. Schwyzer is way more of a man than any of you pathetic basement dwelling misogynists.

    1. Why? Because he takes it up the ass? Funny definition of “man” you have there, femmy.

    2. Haha stay delusional honey
      I bet I make more money than you and Hugo put together

    3. I’ve pinched off heftier nuggets of introspection while squatting in the bush than much of the mental diarrhea that passes for consciousness in the fem community.

    4. I don’t mind insults here, but can you dispense with the tired, predictable cliches? Or are the words “basement” and “misogynists” the only ones in the vocabulary of feminists? Seems like it these days.

  5. Just so you guys know. I did a short video scorning Hugo for this fake suicide attempt. And guess what? Some nazi feminist has decided that she “took offense” at men scorning Hugo and got the video blocked and my account locked for a few weeks.
    So….we get to see how “strong and independent” Hugo is. And we got to see how “strong and independent” these feminists are….can’t handle comments made in public under a mans own name…but are happy to slander the exact same man behind fake accounts.
    Yay feminists, right?

    1. Hello Peter. As I posted on other blogs :
      The suicide threats, the “mental breakdown”, pure feminine drama. What kinda man does this?
      Here’s what Hugo needed early on in his life and didn’t get :
      Don Corleone and Johnny Fontane YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN

      1. Hi Elmer,
        Yeah…he could act like a MAN.
        I recall the days I was suicidal. I didn’t talk to anyone about it. Why would you? It is a very dark place that I do not recommend anyone go to. Some mornings when I woke up on my bed or couch I was genuinely surprised to be alive. I would wake with a start and open my eyes and think “f***, still here, eh?”
        My best mate who supported me through this knew what was going on but we never mentioned it. It was a long time later that we discussed it and I could say thank you for what he did. Must have been nearly 6 months before I could even do that.
        My fav#1 had no idea what was going on and I did not tell her until October 2009, over 18 months later. She was very shocked. So when a man really IS suicidal and survives? He doesn’t go giving interviews to the local newspapers. He thanks his lucky stars he is still alive and moves on.
        And funny how when a man is a REAL MAN, like me, and takes on national guvments risking the life he so very nearly took himself, the other men HATE ON HIM and can’t even be bothered to learn from his experiences.
        You have known me quite some time now…you have seen how the entire man-o-sphere has rejected “Living Free” despite the fact I released the video from the court room to show how it worked. Talk about men deserving what is happening to them…..they really deserve it.
        I survived a month being suicidal. I survived going up against no less than FOUR national guvments. And the men I did that for ignore my work at best and hate on me and slander me at worst. Not….very….smart.

        1. Without further ado, I introduce all of you to a man who has lived what Mark Minter has preached for years now, and his name is Peter Andrew Nolan.

        2. Thanks Doclove.
          I have just found eastern european women to be much nicer as a percentage. Not ALL mind you. But chances are better. And I screen better now.
          My fav#1 and I are just friends and we keep up. She surprised the hell out of me by calling this morning just to see if I was still alive. That is just really nice..what I would call “sweet”. It was 11:30am (sunday for those who read this later) and I had only gone to bed at 6am after working all night. She gave me hell for being in bed at 11:30am on a sunny Sunday and we had a good laugh. Why can’t western women who split from men do that? Eh? Why are they never our friends after they split? Why do western women feel the need to destroy our lives rather than be a diamond in our lives?
          Western women? Ugh. They hate on me. They slander me. They call me names. What IS it with these women that they imagine that treating men so poorly is somehow the way to get men to like them?
          For me today? If a woman speaks with an accept of a western land? I get the chills about her. Sure, we can do business. But apart from that? I really do not want to even listen to western women on videos.
          And I am a guy who really thought well of women, provided for my wife and two daughters. I was well respected and well regarded and very successful. And after 5 years of being hated on? These people wonder why I left the west and live among people who respect me? I mean, really? People do not get why someone does not wish to be HATED ON? What is that even about?!
          I will take being called at 11:30am Sunday morning by my fav#1 to just catch up on how life is going over a man hating western shrew any day of the week. If women can not figure that out? They are as dumb as I have been saying they are…
          Thanks again Doclove…maybe more young men will listen, eh?

      2. Ah, my favorite clip! I find myself referencing it often when counseling friends in need, how awesome that you posted this. The best part about it is that for some reason it resonates well with blue pill guys.

    2. Re-post the video on DailyMotion or Vimeo. Then tag the hell out of it to make sure it comes up in Google. You can also link it here or on the forum.
      Feminists think they can control the conversation by getting things banned, but don’t realize technology is one step ahead. This same thing happened to the religious fanatics who tried to ban porn mags…and didn’t realize what the Internet would bring.
      Male technology trumps female control freaks every time. Use the technology!

  6. Hopefully Hugo is not the last to self-destruct in the coming years…we need more to fall in flames like this. Easy cannon fodder that the feminist media will obviously ignore.
    Fortunately, the internet does not miss a single beat!

    1. Waiting for the Jessica Valenti sex tapes in hi def with surround sound and 3D.
      Would be even better if the tape were directed by a PUA. Waiting for nominations… 😉

      1. They look like someone let a whole gang of school children loose with a pack of sharpies.
        I see in one photo she’s got a chain around her neck, probably to tie her to the kennel because you couldn’t let that thing inside your house.

    1. Glad to see I am not the only one. I am 49…a bit over weight….and if this woman came on to me I would laugh at her and ask her if she thought I was a complete idiot. For one? She is too fat for me now. She needs to hit the gym a bit and slim down. For two…with all those tattoos? Who wants a woman with that many tattoos? What is that even all about?

      1. “Too fat for me now” “slim down” Bullshit, dude! Go back to /b/. You might as well change your avatar to the neckbeard in the “2 out of 10, would not bang” meme.

      2. Ha Ha Ha…the old “No woman will have me so I’ll just hate them all.” Go back to your basement and hide your pornos, your parents will be there any minute to take you to your therapy appointment.

        1. Funny how women always try on shaming language to men they do not even know. Since I divorced I have dated about 20 different women. 6 of them have made it to fav status.
          My fav#1 and I have known each other for nearly 6 years now and we have been close for 5 years. Funny how you claim I “hate them all”. I could get married 10x over any month of the year if I was prepared to be a slave to a woman. But since I am not prepared to be a slave to a woman (again) I have not re-married. My fav#1 wanted more children and I said no so we split in 2010 but remain good friends.
          So go try your shaming language on someone with low self esteem. It might work on them.

  7. I used to think you could judge a man by his word, but in the world we live in now, I try to just judge people by their actions (women especially). Reagan apparently said “trust but verify”, now I’d rather “verify then trust”.

  8. An entire week long conference in Vienna with Freud and Jung brought back from the dead could be devoted to the psychopathy of this Hugo guy….He’s a veritable walking DSM-V. Let’s see he has Personality Disorders to include: Narcissistic, Borderline and Sociopathic…..
    Do you all hear crickets chirping?? That’s the skanks from Jezebel not commenting on this Hugo freak.

    1. You are correct. In fairness the guy had his detractors there, but not that many of them… and now that he’s had one of the funniest/saddest/most predictable public melt-downs in a long time we get radio silence.

  9. I see you are referring to Claes Bergstrom as “the only comparable white knight”. And it is of course a good comparison. The Scandinavian countries, and Sweden especially, are the most feminized in the world. There are a whole number of white knights who have built their whole career on bashing other men, while praising the Vagina as the one true God.
    But no one (so far) has been such a hippocrite as former swedish police chief Göran Lindberg. Nicknamed “Captain Skirt” by his peers, he was a man of very little talent. Except one. He had the talent of constantly exposing “male chauvinism” and “female oppression” within the ranks of the police. His claims were of course all dubious at best, but the politically correct establishment were overjoyed to have such a fine white knight in the police force. So he made a stellar rise through the ranks, based very little on merit and very much on his ablity to “expose gender oppression”.
    Until one day he was exposed as a leading member of a small gang who specialized in kidnapping, drugging and raping young prostitutes. Oooops.

  10. Raise your hand if you think this Hugo trashball actually lost any RMMV (Revenue Making Market Value) within ==his== chosen industry.
    Raise your hand if you think we’ve heard the last of him.

  11. I’ll bet she gave him herpes, hence the “mental breakdown”.
    Guys, wear a condom.

    1. Quite possibly anally, during a pegging session.
      Nothing worse than herpes up your ass.

      1. They protect more from herpes than HPV, which can get on your balls quite easily.

  12. Apparently her porn name is “Ela stone” she could have used him just to launch porn career

    1. Given the choice between living a sexless existence in your sister’s spare bedroom or getting some ass, what would you choose?….I know the longer answer is get a job and start rebuilding your life, but he did what most men in his situation would do, and that is follow his little head over the big head.

  13. Is it a fair comparison? Mintner was just an internet commentor who had a change of attitude. He knows full well the risks and is taking the plunge anyway. Such are men willing to risk everything against their better intuitions to get regular sexual relief. Our society is built upon this conundrum. Schwyzer on the other hand made a good living at pontificating about men’s needs to change their evil, sexist programming, and was held by the media as the answer-man regarding modern gender mores. As far as I know Mark Mintner didn’t publish any essays on “The Atlantic”, which incidentally banned me from commenting after I suggested Ta-nehesi Coates only pretended to like “rap” music because he thought it annoyed white people.

      1. Given the choice between living out a sexless existence in your sister’s spare bedroom or getting some ass, what would you choose?….I know the longer answer is get a job and start rebuilding your life, but he did what most men in his situation would do, and that is follow his little head over the big head.

    1. Why would you suggested ” Ta-nehesi Coates only pretended to like “rap” music because he thought it annoyed white people.”
      Were you just trolling ?

    2. The thing that bothers me the most about HS is that he spent all his time demonizing men when the vast majority of men haven’t done anywhere near the same vile shit he has. Roosh gives advice to other men on how to get laid and they crucify him for it, whereas outside of a few feminists who couldn’t overlook his past, HS was held up as some kind of role model for men to aspire towards.

  14. As much as I hate demonisation of male sexuality no compassion for that twat. You brought this on your self Hugo.

  15. Would bang. But it’s obvious she isn’t worth any serious investment beyond that. The tattoos alone give that away.
    She was a good honeypot to embarrass this hypocritical predatory sell-out though. Laughing my ass off.

  16. I guess we should give old Hugo a high five for that one lol. Maybe he’ll put out a book on feminist game. There is a place for you in the PUA world Hugo! hahahahahahaha

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