3 Ways Japan Is Naturally Alt Right

Following the election of President Trump last November, the political and cultural climate of the United States shaped a new era in world history. With the astonishment of the voting cycle coming to a close, fervor opposition towards the current administration remains high. With social media booming with hashtags of #notmypresident and dozens of cultural icons explicitly denouncing the Commander-in-Chief, it’s as if Trump has little to no support from the American populace.

Reports of Trump in Japan

However, the alt-right emerged to the forefront, bringing attention to other issues involving American and global policy. Several ideas compose the relationship between the alt-right and Japan, encompassing a list of several components that contribute to the support of the Tokyo political spectrum.

1. Refugees in Japan

Citing controversial cases such as Germany or Sweden, adhering to refugee policies holds adverse consequences within the alt-right. Hence, when Japan accepted only a handful of refugees during the height of the Syrian crisis and beyond, ideologues commended the country for having stern resolve.

Some members of the alt-right openly expressed appreciation for Japanese immigration policy, stating that the state is merely protecting itself, while some made extreme claims that the country is trying to preserve its “purity” in the form of ethnocentrism. This idea coincides with the Abe administration and its connection with Nippon Kaigi, which seeks to maintain the sanctity of the Japanese state.

What’s certain is that if you’re a foreigner with a particular level of skill, finding work in the country is a matter of filling out some paperwork and getting sponsorship. Despite ramblings from critics, Japan isn’t as “exclusive” as they would have you believe.

Furthermore, although the country does not openly support alt-right rhetoric, is it not understandable why Tokyo would be rather stringent with refugee policies when countries that implement more egalitarian ideals undergo more levels of violence and conflict.

What Europe used to stand for

The Western world has yet to show how to incorporate better assimilation clauses that show the economic and social attractiveness of supporting refugees. Alt-groups continue to grow in number within the countries where problems of cultural assimilation arise. Refusing to acknowledge the elephant in the room proves that Western leadership exists in a sort of echo chamber, unaware of the cultural malaise plaguing the moral fabric of their respective countries.

2. Crime-rates and homogeneity

Downtown Tokyo

Another talking point among alt-right circles is the crime rate in Japan. Ideologues often like to mention the low crime rates in the country as a measure of success, insinuating the idea that such situations occur due to the lack of diversity in the country. Contrasting the crime numbers between the Western nations and Japan, it would seem as if both parts of the world are drastically different.

Still, population size, cultural distinction, as well as other factors that contribute rates of criminality, need to be taken into account before suggesting that the mere lack of multiculturalism is a catalyst for success.

Besides, is Japan a homogenous culture? While Japan still maintains a high level of Japanese, other groups have been in the country for generations, weaving a unique pattern in the concept of homogeneity. This issue lies in term “multicultural,” as Japan has had a concentration of different groups throughout its history.

Despite having distinct dissimilarities between more “mainstream” Japanese, these groups influenced the contemporary fabric of the country, sharing distinguishable customs and ideas. Therefore, how is it that crime rates are still low? Many factor contribute to this, but researching average IQ levels, the conviction rates of the country, as well as the lack of bleeding heart ideologies of allowing “misfortunates” in without recourse is a step towards understanding that.

3. Nationalist significance

Although Japan plays a significant part in the influence of world affairs, determining the political shift of the country is one that is open to various interpretations. As a prominent leader in East Asia and the international community, perhaps Japan has to look towards more globalist ideas, especially since the country still relies on a considerable amount of U.S. support.

Outside of the peacekeeping efforts in Africa, and a few supporting roles in Western conflicts, Japan remains on the outside of the international arena. In order to ensure constitutional reform, the right balance of negotiation with globalist supporters is paramount to achieving those objectives.

As much as some wish Japan to go rogue, the country isn’t in a position to politically do that. Therefore, maintaining a public face of supporting globalist regimes, while inwardly pushing forward national agendas is a way Japan can achieve its objectives.

japanese business

Negotiations on where to go forward

Opponents claim that Japan hasn’t fully let go of its imperialist past, using the lack of playing globalist ball as one of the reasons why Tokyo isn’t necessarily prepared to be a major voice on the international stage. The geopolitical motions of the current government understand this, looking to share more of the international burden of world policing with allied states to cool criticisms of xenophobic overtones.

If Japan continues on this path of playing both sides, the country may see their goals eventually materialize. This ties in with alt-right views of nationalism, as Japan seems to be putting the needs of its own citizens over than of the world community.

Still, the game of international politics is one that requires a level of subtlety and deception. Despite maintaining an arms-length approach to refugee reforms, greasing the palms of the elites through appealing to globalist ideals is a way for Tokyo to swing the negotiations in their favor.

Make Japan great again?

japan business meeting

Japan has to play ball with the globalists…for now.

Ultimately, Japanese policymaking continues to be a model system for alt-right and right wing advocates wishing to have similar laws in their countries. By looking at the low rate of accepted refugees and the lack of extensive crime rates, alt-right groups continue to support Japan and see the nation as an ideological ally.

While Tokyo cannot directly influence these groups, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when detractors use such talking points to promote why Japan shouldn’t receive a more prominent role in global affairs.

Adhering to current political procedures is effective in terms of allowing Japan to participate in more international affairs. Despite the critics in East Asian political circles, linking Japan to the alt-right is an intellectually clutching at straws, lacking concrete evidence to support these claims.

Although alt-right groups look at Japanese policies as a sort of model system, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the country itself doesn’t reciprocate the praise.

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  1. Hey, as long as you can keep your coke pee-pee-free, Japan is a pretty legit place.

      1. Japanese is a kind of Chinese.
        Just like Nicaragua is a kind of Mexico.
        Shout out to mike Tyson mysteries.

      1. Sure. They don’t need any training or anything either, cause they are diverse.

  2. They’ve continued to reelect Shinzoo Abe, an outspoken civic nationalist, for exactly these reasons. I’ve heard the old folks love him because he reminds them of what Japan can and should be, and the younger like him mostly because they’re adrift and he’s offering a cultural anchor – their cultural anchor.

    1. I was initially thinking Ron Paul would be more of an anchor for America. Main thing about Trump is he finally got rid of the ultra PC culture. Not sure if he can take America back from the bankers.

      1. Good —hope they militarize Japan. Would be a counter to ChiComs…Love the Samurai/bushido culture …

  3. Japan is nothing like Trump, most people think Trump is anti immigration, he is anti illegal immigration, but he’s for open borders like them all. Only thing he is against is uncontrolled immigration. Japan is zero immigration.

      1. Japan is zero immigration, even if you marry a Japanese citizen you will go through the motions seriously to become a citizen there, its almost impossible.
        Switzerland is another country that heavily controls immigration as well, but they seem to open the door halfway for kebab vendors. Quite a few disgruntled EU people live in Switzerland, mostly from Germany and France, a few Italians mixed in, because Switzerland doesn’t follow the EU bullshit.

        1. We need to plug the huge gap in the bottom of the boat before we start plugging the little holes in the sides.

        2. Even if immigration is stopped, the number of whites is declining and its not going to turn around for a long time. What Trump wants to do is slow down immigration so the other minority groups integrate and blend into American society, rather than live in their own separate communities.

        3. The Wall ™ is easy to get your head around. “Come through the door, not over the wall” makes sense to just about everyone, and it’s easy to sell.
          Once that’s in place, people will be more primed for immigration reduction.

        4. Okay, are you not reading anything I’m saying? Are you just continuing your diatribe in sections? I agree with you, I’m just saying maybe we should stop the fucking forest fire along the southern border before we start worrying about h1b1 candles.

        5. The biggest reason why immigration is a problem is the economy, the US economy used to grow at a robust 4 percent in the late 20th century, only averages half that in the 21st. You think technology would improve the American economy, it actually wound up enabling the developing world.
          Eventually people are just not going to want to come to America.

        6. That’s also an easy sell. I’ve been unemployed far too long for a guy who has written useful code in ten languages, built security software and firmware, and built/managed a handful of websites.
          Got cousins who were top-of-their-class in Mechanical Engineering. Internships, major projects, bonus classes, you name it. They spent six months apiece looking for work, and right now they’re underemployed (one’s a glorified mechanic, the other an intern).
          Selling H1B reform as “hire Americans for American jobs” is not so hard.

        7. Same for most Asian countries, some don’t recognise dual-nationality and you would most probably be of greater benefit to remain a citizen of your own country.

        8. I know what you are talking about but Trump is diluting his immigration policy. I don’t see any wall being built now. And all I hear now his him talk about North Korea. I guess he’s failing at his domestic agenda, so he needs a war to bring up his poll numbers.

        9. The leftists think the points system that Trump is introducing is too harsh because it will keep out Mexican day laborers. Problem with the points system is its going to be a backdoor h1B, you will see immigrants from India and other Asian countries come to the US instead of Mexicans and Muslims. The white collar labor force will be under pressure.
          Used to be in IT but left it years ago. All the IT companies are run by hucksters.

        10. We already are, and that’s why H1B needs reform. Frankly, I’d call for a four-year moritorium on H1B visas while we restructure and train Americans to fill those positions.
          The vast majority of jobs I see for Americans in tech, at the red-hot moment, are for those with a decade or so of direct experience in a particular role. There’s little room for entering the field, and that’s because the jobs that entry-level engineers would take are filled by visa holders and outsourcing. This is a long-term detriment to the US’s economic base, because the pool of highly-experienced and highly-specialized Americans shrinks yearly without sufficient replacement.
          The point system is a good start for immigration reform, but it’s definitely not a complete solution.

        11. I left American IT in the 1990s, found a job in Germany where I worked for a decade. Around that time my boss wanted me to train an Indian, I found another job overseas when Germany and just left. Germany these days is just like the US, where they are replacing the whites with third world workers. Wages and working conditions are declining as a result.

        12. Could be that he was never supposed to implement his domestic agenda…I’m betting on that one.

        13. Awful lot of Jews in his administration, Ivanka and Jared, then there is Gary Cohn, and Steve Mnuchin, a whole bunch of other Jews. When you allow them into conservative circles you sabatoge things. George W Bush was the most pro Jewish Republican, remember how things turned out with him?

        14. Yes, just like Elon Musk’s Solar City. All those jobs require 10-15 years of nanofabrication clean room experience. Meaning the only people to be hired will be in their late 30s or early 40s.

        15. Engineering is a shitty career choice today. You can make way more as a physical therapist or nurse. A lot easier too.

        16. If you think about it, only a handful of people in their 30’s and early-40’s would have the required number of years of applied experience. Unless you’re in a specialized lab from 25-on, you probably have other forms of experience before you make it into nanofabrication, or in between periods of nanofabrication work.

        17. I’ve said it before, every feminine woman I’ve dated abroad has had zero interest in coming to America. Most outright refuse.
          Job prospects are good, but that isn’t a priority to a good feminine woman anyway, and the cultural negatives are Yuge.

        18. Curious what others think about this idea. I’m not an anti-immigrant person, but do prefer living in a mostly white society.
          However, I far prefer the segregated groups than the melting pot where everything just because one dumbed down mass of homogeneity. Good diversity to me is having a Chinatown, a Little Italy, a Hispanic area, etc. The last thing I want is a blended society.

        19. it’s insane that one is not qualified for these jobs until the age of 50 or so. So we’re supposed to spend our 20s, 30s, and 40s working shitty jobs so as to get the requisite years of experience to one day be a program manager? Fuck that

        20. Chinatown, a Little Italy, a Hispanic area
          You overlooked The Ghetto, bastion of cultural enrichment it is.

        21. Eastern Europe is your only hope. Despite the what the psycho leftists say Trump is no white nationalist. It’s true some WNs like him but he won’t do much for them.

        22. if the true UE rate is about 22%- why would we allow any immigration? I dont care what color their skin is- if we cant employ our own, I dont care where they come from- Sweden or Somalia- we dont need them

        23. And there are none of those people in Buffalo. Like zero. Musk promised a bunch of jobs; they’re just not for the locals.
          Even with the jobs promised in building the plant — they needed electricians and HVAC technicians, and there were none available. You don’t just take a welfare case off the couch and instantly make him a tradesman.
          But at least Musk is consistent. Everything he says is preposterous, fabulist bullshit.

        24. Nope the Zuckerberg type hucksters. You know the ones who say we are the world and then build walls around their own homes.

        25. The president is not as powerful as you think he is. He will need approval from congress to build the wall which he won’t get. Also are you surprised trump has always been a lifelong democrat

        26. Obama expanded the power of the Presidency. The king of executive orders. Here is the problem, Congress cockblocks the President on domestic issues. He can do whatever he want with regards to wars.

        27. You know what would really stimulate the economy? Allow me to import a foreign feminine girlfriend. As of now the only option is a marriage or fiance visa that can take months to over a year. Get me a foreign, feminine girl here, and I will stop hoarding currency, buy her nice dresses and heels and take her out dancing, to the park, to the market, etc. But no, that group will never see relief. Of course we can never have too many Somali refugees…

        28. Because of course Somalis come here, speak English, open factories that employ middle class workers, pay taxes….oh wait, maybe not! Oops wrong people group!

    1. Good for Japan. Zero immigration is fine. Japan is densely populated and they don’t need any more people . Imagine the place with half the people ?? It will be glorious. The menial work will be done by AI and robots …

      1. Yup.
        I always wonder why people say the same you *need* a high birthrate crap about us Germans too.
        We can stay at our momentary rate for quite some time till we’d reach Frances population density.
        Wasn’t overpopulation not long ago a problem?
        Why feels every idiot entitled to tell fucking like fucking rabbits is a solution to anything?
        In twenty years someone will have some mercy and do to blacks and brown people what was done to those turtelwarriors in the disgusting Bioware games and the problem is solved.
        Still leading in chemistry and Monsanto is part of Bayer.

        1. Overpopulation is a lie. By the way anyone with brain knows European demographic issues stem not from economics but from culture. The problem is not the size but the population age structure. Is not the same to have 70 young people out of a population of 100 vs 70 oldsters out of a population of 100.

      2. Japan is in a great geographic position, unlike Europe and the US. Japan is an island, and nowhere near any negro, hispanic, or arab countries.
        If Japan shared a land border, or was just a short boat ride from any of these other type of countries, I have no doubt peeps from those countries would be trying to come in. Japan would have to take strong measures to keep them out, and if they did so would they be able to withstand the uproar about “racism”/ xenophobia that would emanate from most other first world governments and media???

    2. If Japan is to succeed with zero immigraiton, it needs to yack up its birthrate… fast.

      1. And exactly what should the ideal population of Japan be, oh wise one?
        Perhaps Japan already has plenty of Japanese. Perhaps they even have too many. They may have too few, but I doubt it. What’s with all this social engineering to obtain some “preferred quota of serfs?”

        1. Japan’s population is rapidly aging and it needs ways to fund its public services. With the epidemic of hikikomori, Japan is screwed unless it yacks up the birth rate.

    3. most people think Trump is anti immigration
      Well, the loudest voices are the ones claiming Trump is an anti-immigrant white supremacist Nazi.
      but he’s for open borders
      Overstated or maybe just a conflict in what I thought the nuances of the terminology means. I will point out, at least, he is on record (quite recently) as desiring immigrants being English speaking, skilled, wishing to assimilate, and broadly reducing the numbers of legal immigrants. These are all changes for the better, though it’s not quite closed borders.

      1. The white nationalists who think he’s going to shut down everything are idiots. Trump follows the money. Also for white nationalists to think he is going to do their bidding is just stupid. Trump is from New York.
        He is not as service as the last several Presidents. Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama were certified kosher.

        1. He’s step one. He’s our first real strike against the encroaching armies that have taken most of our land, metaphorically speaking.
          Anyone who thinks the war ends with Trump is an abject fool. The Reconquista cannot end until we’ve taken back our lands from the invaders (again, metaphorically speaking).

        2. Well I think its going to be a long time before America is Great Again. Like a century or maybe two.

        3. It can happen in our lifetimes. I truly believe that.
          I just don’t expect it. Each victory pushes us closer, each defeat pushes us back. And if we let our nation be populated not by our own children, but by foreigners uninterested in or opposed to our cause, we will almost certainly struggle in vain.

        4. I’m wondering how America is ever going to be great again once whites are down to about 15-20% of the population (at best), the remainder being hispanics, blacks, negroes, and assorted other wogs?
          Nothing is going to be great again without a substantial number of either whites or east Asians. If those other groups were capable of making a country great, I imagine they would have done it by now in their own countries, rather than just immigrating to majority-white countries.

        5. America needs to be 85-90 percent white to be great again. Sounds racist but only whites are culturally attuned to build a fair democracy and economy that creates a large middle class.
          Look at the rising Asians and you will see only 10-20 percent of their population prosper while the rest starve. And the non whites continue their feudal culture in the West rather learn from the white man.

        6. I’ve noticed this also. A lot of white nationalist sites’ regular visitors praise Trump and keep pushing the “He’s gonna fix it all” narrative.
          From a biblical standpoint, Trump is prophetically apocalyptic. He keeps pissing Europe off, and this whole trade war shit he’s instigating has dire ramifications for the US.
          Thinking that a man who has rubbed shoulders with the financial elite his entire life is going to solve anything caused by the same elitist sodomites, is dangerously naive.

        7. Like I’ve said before, I don’t believe the issue to truely be that simple. My observation is that, while liberal whites are often not reproducing at all, conservative whites are having 4-7 children apiece. The liberals are being bred out of our gene pool and the population dip we will see is the boomers finally kicking off followed by the majority of our cucks. As long as the conservatives keep up a high birth rate, this is doable. I know many young, Christian couples having children early and not stopping until they have around 5. It’s a very interesting restructuring of priorities.

        8. Where do these conservative whites live? Surely not the big, blue cities. How will they prosper given the lack of well paying jobs in rural America? I’m genuinely rooting for them to succeed and I’m Black, lol.
          Growing up I never thought I’d love white working class people more than any other group. It’s insane how I have more in common with them then my own demographic.
          White liberals tend to be the most elitist, snobby, perverted, insufferable people I’ve ever been exposed to. Somehow minorities think they’re on the same team fighting against The Man.

        9. I think any civilized human with a brain stem is rooting for them.
          The only thing white liberals fight against is law and order. The people they “empower” are often the worst dregs of society. They destroyed the American black community with divorce and welfare and now they plan to do the same to us. The white liberal’s greates gift is that they refuse to reproduce themselves. Their weak, malevolent genes may be extinct one way or another soon.

  4. I’d argue that the international influence of Japan has dropped by leaps of bounds in the 21st century, even if it’s just purely based upon economics and Japanese products we use.
    Korea completely beat them to the punch in the smartphone market via Samsung, which everybody has to have now, while a Japanese camera maker is by comparison only reaching a niche demographic. Nintendo and Sony have competition by USA’s Microsoft, Blizzard, and Europe’s RockStar etc. and a lot of younger westerners are even trying to lead car-free lifestyles (bye bye Toyota for them).
    Maintaining their own demographics and culture is the LEAST they do for themselves.

    1. South Korea is climbing up, no doubt. Their manufacturing and R&D departments are producing quality work, even if a lot of the technological advancements are achieved through their off-shore offices in places like the US and Germany.
      Japan’s doing fine, industrially. They still sell a lot of computers and component parts, Sony would be doing great if they stopped making films (looking at you, Emoji Movie), and they still export a lot of vehicles. They don’t own the market on anything they sell, but they’re not failing, either.
      Culturally, they’re a bit confused. On the one hand, formerly children’s cartoons (anime) and children’s amusements (video games) have become sufficiently popular in the West that entire industries have sprung up around them. On the other, places like Tokyo are virtually indistinguishable from a Western city. It’s a cultural import-export that may be harming Japan more than it helps them, and that’s something that I’m hearing concerns about from overseas.

      1. Sony are going down. It isn’t just the film department. They are getting killed so badly in the TV market by Samsung and others that there are rumours they will eventually cease manufacturing TV’s altogether.

    2. Even 21st century anime sucks… Been watered down for the masses.
      I maintain that the Golden Age of anime was one of the great art movements of the last 50 years.

      1. A show with excellent visuals (not flashy, but excellent) and a story that makes you think about life and philosophy is hard to beat.
        I’m thinking, in particular, about Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood – the one based on the manga) and Ghost in the Shell. Some of the older anime like Cowboy Bebop are equally excellent in their own ways.

        1. Violence Jack has three films. Among those, I like Evil Town the most. Be careful, because this is some seriously hardcore shit.

        2. Kekkai Sensen and Parasyte are the two more noteworthy amines in the last 2 years. Haven’t found another yet.

        3. I saw a portion of an ep years ago, seemed to be about secret societies…vamp hunter D? full metal alchemy?

        4. It is but it is kind of a love story to New York in a few ways. The story is the world was about to be overrun with all sorts of nastiness, but a few of the world’s psychics created a barrier to shield them from the rest of the world. The barrier just happened to be around NY, so all sorts of demons and nasties are living in New York as regular citizens. An uneasy peace that steps into smooth storytelling like Cowboy Bebop and asks questions of humanity that I haven’t heard since Trigun.
          Never saw Vampire Hunter D or anything other than Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, which was easily the superior version to any other Full Metal put out.

        5. “He’s not a villain, Summer, but he shouldn’t be your hero. He’s more like a demon, or a super f***ed up God.”
          – Morty, on his beloved Grandpa

      2. Even 21st century anime sucks… Been watered down for the masses.
        I maintain that the Golden Age of anime was one of the great art movements of the last 50 years.

        Hey, anime was always for the masses, not an art exhibition for rich snobs suffering Dunning-Kruger effect. The problem I guess is that the masses have been dumbed down, not only here but in Japan. One only has to look at the kind of animes and mangas that make it to the top ten in Japan.
        I have a pet theory behind this. IMHO it has to do with the quality of the new generation of content creators and their public. Neither the public nor the anime and manga writers underwent the hardships and conditions of post-war Japan, hence those experiences and “food for thought” necessary for the creation of the great masterpieces like Akira, DBZ, Fist of the North Star and many others never nourished their minds, being the spoiled children of a greater generation, the ones who rebuilt Japan literally from the ashes. Since their fathers had been absent most of their lives due to their jobs and their mothers were the greatest influence in their development, these new generation had no male role models and since the writers strive to give the public what it wants, a vicious cycles has thus emerged, beta creators writing content for a beta audience, mostly without ambition.
        For me the golden age of anime was the 80 and the 90s and maybe the early 2000s.

        1. I think that’s a solid analysis and I agree.
          The degeneration of anime goes hand in hand with the degeneration of the Japanese people, who now think sex-robots, automation, fancy hairstyles, and a feminine population is the future.
          I love the Japanese, and I love that they still have enough residual pride in their great cultural tradition to say no to replacement by foreigners. How so many Western people even see this as an option I still don’t fully understand or accept.
          Yukio Mishima predicted things exactly as you described. He wanted to revive the military ethic of pre-WW2 Japan, and knew that the country could not ultimately survive if Japan sacrificed respect for its men and their warrior tradition, in order to appease the post-WW2 victors. You can check out the video below if you’re interested. The way this guy died is fucking epic.

        2. Thank for the reference. I’ve heard of him but never read any of his books or essays. I hope there are faithful translations of his work, in English at least.
          The Japanese for their own sake they will have to retake those roots.

    3. You can say the same thing about America, America only fights wars for Israhell. Many big American companies that were once giants are gone. Ford is the only solvent US car maker. I guess you can count Tesla but they only build autos for 1 percent of motorists. Musk might be brilliant but he is too pie in the sky to build a new manufacturing base.

        1. True, great organization skills. He’s no Tesla though, Tesla would have battery-less cars on a world-wide wireless power grid.
          The tunnel train thing is kind of cool.

    4. The Chinese are undercutting the Koreans in the smartphone market though, and Samsung and Apple phones are manufactured in China.
      And stateside Toyota is one of the best selling cars in America. Honda is not too far behind. The only American car company left is Ford.

      1. “What about GM…oh.”
        I’ve heard promising things out of China’s Baidu corporation. I expect them to make a splash in the tech market before too long.

        1. Wasn’t GM “reorganized”? They are much smaller than they were before Chapter 11.

        2. It’s basically a bureau of the US Government, at this point. I think it’s just as well – never had a GM vehicle that went more than a few months without requiring major internal repair work.

        3. Now they are government motors? Chrysler is Italian owned now, they used have an Italian CEO. Now its Ford that is the only American auto maker that is solvent.
          Henry Ford foreshadowed what is happening to America in the current day.

      2. The iPhone is assembled with parts from all over the world, in rigs designed in California for use by Chinese peasants in the Hinterlands.
        Huawei is coming on leaps and bounds, it’s front and rear cameras outperform the latest model of iPhone. Definitely a plus for the selfie obsessed crowd.

    5. China surpassed them years ago. I recall Trump was going to label China a currency manipulator. Never happened.
      Trump 0 Global Banking Cartel 1

    6. Samsung outsizes Sony. Hyundai is competing with Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

  5. I’m still waiting for SJW’s to denounce the Japanese flag like they do to Nazi and Confederate flags. “That flag represents genocide and slavery!” Blah Blah Blah

      1. That is the reason, also every rising non white country has brutal policies towards foreigners. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, and China, are all countries that are seeing their economic clout rise substantially. China already has a bigger economy than the US, and India will soon follow, hard to believe, but yes India is going to be big. All of these are nationalistic countries.

        1. I would agree with you…except that India will still be an unstable cesspool and most of the “rich” Middle eastern countries you mention are likely to collapse in the next decades…

        2. Little known fact: in India, one flips the light switch down to turn the light on and flips the light switch up to turn the light off.

        3. Not sure about that, the global banking cartel will keep fueling these countries. Goldman Sachs itself is committed to building the BRICs. And you think Trump is going to fight Goldman Sachs? Look at his cabinet, they are all Goldman Sachs alumni.

        4. They will continue fueling them as pools of cheap labor and resource extraction, not as ‘developing’ nations in any respect.

        5. Jewish bankers are masters of finance and manipulation. Israel needs the client states of India and China to counter Iran and Russia. They already know the West is standing on its last legs.

        6. it’s actually more intuitive: you flip the switch down, completing the circuit, turning the light on and you flip the switch up, breaking the circuit, turning the light off

        7. open circuits show a switch in an up position and closed circuits show switches in a down position

        8. In a Kolkata garbage village, there aren’t any light switches. Did I just blow your mind?

        9. China has a bigger economy than the US? Based on what metric?
          Outside of Hong Kong (previously a western city), Shanghai, and maybe Beijing, China is a shithole. I know this for a fact, I worked in China for years before coming back to the states 8 months ago.

        10. I suggest you to read the articles written by bloke called Jayant Bhandari and read about the statistics and indicators of Indian economy, sans the Western propaganda ingredient. India is a time bomb waiting for the right trigger to explode. Its internal contradiction will ensure that it doesn’t reach the stage of a first world country every, at least in its current state. That and democracy given to a bunch of deeply irrational people. Calling them medieval (I’m sure there are lots of exceptions) would flattering, a compliment.

        11. India will have some bumps but if Goldman Sachs is bullish on them in the long run they going to be big.
          Trump’s largest foreign investment is in India. Think he just throws his money away?

        12. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is largest in China. Not that it is a big deal given their population. We should be much more concerned with per capita improvements as indicators of an improving economy (it’s better to be Switzerland than India).
          Most of mainland China that I’ve seen is way further behind than westerners would expect.

        13. That’s the exact reason they are going up in the world. The Western capitalist model is dead. A new feudal system is replacing it.

        14. I didn’t say the East might not rise, I said India specifically. By the way neither Trump nor Goldman Sachs are foreseers or gods, their investments are driven by emotions and preconceptions as well as by numbers (which in many cases might be altered but that’s another story), thus they will prop India until its own contradictions destroy its lure and then they will sell as they do with any previously good investment. No country the size of India where half its citizens defecates on the street can be called even medieval in any sense of the word. Let alone modern.
          Even China will have to face its own array of challenges that threaten to turn their dreams into nightmares (pollution, an overpopulation of elderly people, lack of creativity, etc.).

        15. No, US GDP is higher, US GDP PPP is lower (by an insignificant amount). This is due to massive wealth inequality across the country – everything is cheap as shit because people will take anything they can get.
          If you’re really convinced by China’s greatness, then go live there. Telling you right now that unless you are top 10% there, you’re broke as fuck.

        16. Maybe Trump but Goldman Sachs is powerful. They knew the US was headed for financial armageddon and they have had a parasitic relationship to the federal government ever since.
          They are a core pillar of the Deep State. You also got Defense companies, the CIA, FBI, and NSA, the Justice Department(the FBI is a branch of the DOJ) and of course the Federal Reserve and the MSM.
          These are extremely powerful people.

        17. So they installed them all upside down? No one reads the “ON/OFF” embossed in plastic? Special switches are made in China for the Indian market? Intriguing.

        18. Well white women are not making babies. We are facing demographic collapse because of feminists and cucks. Also wait until you see Europe in 20 years with Sharia law.
          America’s white population is dying. Most young people in America are non white.
          Trump might build the wall but can he get women under 30 to produce 4 to 5 babies each?

        19. I do… I do it every time. I squat down, put on my bifocals, “yes, off, that’s what I’d like to do.” I make journal entry, wash my hands, burn my clothes in the bath tub then wash my hands again.

        20. Luckily, he cannot. And, for your information, most countries in the world now approach fertility rates around two babies per woman (this trend includes all of the Arab world). Falling fertility rates seem not to be so much about “feminists and cucks” as a natural consequence of economical and social development.

        21. Yet we offshore all our manufacturing labor to those assholes based on stupid short sighted greed of US multinationals (such as Apple). Fuck them.

        22. Total GDP (estimated) for 2017 is a little over $19.4 trillion. Chinas is $11.8 trillion. In per capita GDP the USA is ranked at 20 while China is ranked at 112. You are correct that in purchasing power parity terms (PPP) China is number one while the USA is number 3. You are also correct that most of us would not want to live there.

        23. With the exception of sub-Saharan Africa (where they continue to die like flies) the TFR (Total Fertility Rate – number of births per woman lifetime) is well below replacement. So, the future will be very dark, as the future belongs to those that show up.
          Arabs fleeing their shithole countries by going to Europe will just make Europe a bunch of shit hole countries; then they too will die off.

      2. Also because whites cave into sjw demands which the Japanese don’t.
        The same applies to muslims

    1. Some Jewish reporter apparently thinks Japan should be more diverse. Oh gee, why not make Israel more diverse? Oh I forgot Jews cannot eat fava bean falafel, its toxic to most of them.

    2. The japanese flag is no longer the flag of Imperial Japan It’s just a red dot. It doesn’t have the radiating red / white rays like the Imperial flag did.

      1. It’s just a red dot.
        Fine. Then it culturally appropriates the practices of those in India. Still unacceptable.

        1. You can get curry flavored ice cream in Japan. The container has a picture of an Indian in a turban.

        2. I suspect this is the real reason the Japanese will remain an ethnically homogeneous society. Nobody in their right mind wants anything to do with curry flavored ice cream.

        3. You know how they make curry flavored ice cream? They shit in a cup and freeze it.

        4. Well in a 100 years they will still look the same. In a 100 years America won’t look much different than any third world country.

      2. Yeah, I like the radiating red/white rays that say, “fuck you… you stay over there and I’ll stay over here….” I like that. Bring back the rays. Solemn respect for Japan if they bring back the rays, until then I will judge you for having a fucking McDonalds.

      3. *puts on flag-nerd hat*
        Actually it is. By the Japan Self Defense Forces.
        I’ve always rather liked it myself. From a flag perspective. But nothing beats the older fancier European flags. The modern European flags though… WOW. Pathetic. 🙂

    3. Yeah, I was trying to come up with a similar joke; regarding Hirohito and WWII. The punchline would be; “Nevermind, they aren’t white.” (Something like that…”)
      There is a Mao joke in there somewhere (not Japanese, could have been funny to play ignorant American and confuse Japan and China, you get the idea)(more deaths than literally Hitler). Eh, comedy can be a tough gig.

    4. The political left inside the country does want to change the flag, because of its links with the imperial past.

  6. It’s for these reasons I would consider a small house in the Japanese countryside for early retirement. I know that in thier eyes I would always be a gai-Jin foreigner, but at least I wouldn’t be a black Muslim devil.
    Also the women are the most caring and feminine in Asia.

      1. While I was doing a few lessons at a Chinese university some had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with me, helluva lot of Korean herbivore orbiters though.

    1. Better to be a foreigner in a foreign land than a foreigner in your own land.
      In NYC, I was often the only white man on the subway. I would be the only white man on the Tokyo subway too. Only difference the Tokyo subway is clean and free of crime and crazy homeless.

      1. The Japanese take pride in their transit systems. They refer to their bullet train’s cleanup efforts as “the seven minute miracle” – in seven minutes at each end of the line, they completely clean the cars and have the train ready to turn around. For them, their homes, transit systems, towns, and country are both their responsibility and their pride.
        Not so much in NYC.

        1. Tokyo subway is gliding on a cushion of air, everything spotless and clean. NYC subway gets stuck underground, through the grimy window you catch sight of the mole people scurrying around like the gremlin on the side of the plan in that twilight zone episode

        2. In fairness, we built those in like 1910 when the Japanese were living outside and didn’t even have coke yet to pee pee in.

        3. dont forget about the mirrors they put opposite the subway platforms designed to stop suicide…that society isnt as stable as its professed to be

  7. Japan is an example of a nation that has cultural confidence. Japan would never self- annihilate themselves with immigration like the USA. Japan never has to worry about affirmative action cause it’s all Japanese!! Japan is probably one of the best places on Earth , highest life expectancy , high IQ , high agency people…..On my list of places to go…

    1. I think it’s because there is one Nippon, and only one. Their great-great-great…great-grandfathers cultivated the soil, built up the nation, and shed blood for it.
      There is no “Whitopia” out there. Sure, the Brits only have one Britain, but they don’t see themselves as the sole, rightful heirs to that land and its culture in the way the Japanese do. The Japanese are more, “It may not be as glorious as it was, but it’s mine,” while the Brits think, “We don’t deserve to be British.”
      That’s the sort of mindset shift that needs to occur in the West if we are to survive. We are the West – our fathers made the West, and they passed it down to us. Those not of the US are not of the US, and do not have the same right to its land and culture that we do. The bounties passed down to us are our inheritance, and we must choose with whom we share that inheritance (if we choose to share, at all).

    2. Japanese do have AA. It is limited to trying to force companies to hire and promote women. This will accelerate the drop in their TFR. Since their TFR is about 1.1, this will spell the eventual destruction of the Japanese nation. If there are no ethnic Japanese then Japan ceases to exist.

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      1. Ha! Probably a better movie than what’s being produced today. Recently I was on a Lufthansa flight. As you could imagine, the movie selection resulted in a shallow sigh of disappointment. I thought, “There’s gotta be something here,” I’m optimistic, at least one movie. Then, something caught my eye, “Lost city of Z,” British army soldier is asked to go to the Peruvian Amazon to settle a border dispute (or something..). “Cool, I can get into this.” Guy gets eaten by piranhas (so far so good) 20 minutes into the film, European white men suck ass and the savages, the guy goes full SJW, bla blah blah, return button, Taxi Driver, enter, movie ends, go to sleep. The end.

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      1. If they get that going, they might as well ditch Earth and check out another star system. 🙂

      2. If you’re American, I hope you realize that series is glorifying the symbol of the former Empire of Japan, the Fascists of East Asia, who would go on to rape, murder, and experiment upon millions of people in that part of the world.
        This would be like if the Germans made an animated series about how great Auschwitz and its soldiers were or if they made one about the Bismarck (their own flagship equivalent to the Yamato).

        1. I was merely trying to make the context clear. A lot of people don’t know about that, but it’s important that they do.

        2. You raise a good point. We will never buy a German car (since my wife is from Poland) but have no problem owning a Honda. But the Nips were bastards during the war to be sure.

        3. And the real kicker, the US Government pardoned Colonel Ishii, the Japanese equivalent of Dr. Mengelev, for Ishii’s research data. Look up Special Unit 731.
          Japan got away with so many things that the Germans have been raked over the coals for for 70 years. It’s amazing. Talk about double standards. And don’t even get me started on Japan’s chemical weapons usage, use of comfort women, and the Nanjing Massacre, which many in Japan’s current government deny ever existed. The Japanese Government doesn’t even acknowledge Pearl Harbor.
          Let that sink in.

        4. Not at all. I was merely saying that Japan got a free pass on their WW2 atrocities, while Germany has spent the last 70 years apologizing.
          As for the US’ use of comfort women, I do not know enough about the subject to say much. All I know is that the US had them when occupying Japan, but it was ordered stopped at some point.

      1. It doesn’t even have eyes. Or maybe it does, they’re very small and can barely see. Is it a metaphor?

  8. Interesting, but Japan at this moment is a dying place. What good is it for Japan to be “naturally” alt-right if they cannot even replace themselves (not having 7 children per woman, just two) and are at the mercy of foreigners to survive (Pax Americana)?

    1. You’re right, but let’s not look at the big picture of Japan being almost sterile.

    2. Why does a place need to have an ever increasing population in order to be a sustainable society? Hell, if there IS any correlation between societal health and cohesiveness and size, I would say the SMALLER a society it is, the healthier it is.

      1. It’s basically a lie that helps shield politicians from having to act and make decisions like real men. An expanding tax base of younger producers and consumers allows for more generous redistribution.

        1. You forgot that it also tends to increase productivity and creativity (given you have the right population and incentives.

      2. I don’t remember if I discussed with you but you are blatantly misrepresenting my position, flat out lying. 2 children per couple CANNOT make an ever increasing population even possible, just a stable one. I guess you are not dating anymore, otherwise you would have realized that shrinking populations + polyamorous culture==sausage fests galore since men from a wide range of ages pursue young and hot women in the 18-30 years old range. Partly that’s what was happening in Europe even before the invasion of “refuges”.

        I would say the SMALLER a society it is, the healthier it is.

        hahaha, I guess our ancestors dwellt in paradise before they ruined it with children. You would be right, except that every civilization that has employed that approach ended up with its teeth being kicked by other peoples who embraced the world as it is. Ironically Japan was fortunate enough to heed the wake up call when Comodore Perry reached its shores and avoided the fate of becoming a colony. Well, I guess ignoring reality and history is a lot funnier than accepting it.

        1. Correlation is not always causation. None of the ancient societies had iphones. That doesn’t mean they died out because they lacked iphones.
          Look at the healthy populations today. There was just an article the other day about the Mennonites and Amish. Mennonites today are around 100,000, a shadow of their former selves, but they are stable, strong societies. Perhaps they could survive if they were a much larger population, but I doubt it.
          Orthodox Christians, Shiite Muslims, Amish, Mennonites, Mormons, these are all what I would call healthy, happy cultures. And their numbers are very small. Perhaps this is just coincidence, but I don’t believe so.

        2. Once again strawmen galore. By the way no, they didn’t die because they lacked iphones, they died because they lacked the means to defend themselves. Didn’t have the enough men or weapons or both to defend their legacy when their mettle was tested. At the end of the day navel gazing civilizations/cultures end up as prey of more ambitious and dare I say braver peoples, just look at how China fared woth its navel gazing approach. If anything can be learnt from Japan is their capability to learn this lesson, internalize and apply it ruthlessly.
          The examples you cited are partially incorrect. The last time I checked there were millions of Orthodox Cristians in Eastern Europe. Unless you mean by “orthodox Christians” traditional catholics but I don’t think so. The rest of the groups you cited rely on the mercy of the greater society for their survival. And you can ask Christians in the Middle East, Asia and Africa what is like to be a minority there. It’s not always a rosy path, not even frequently.
          The world is not like we would like to be. In an ideal world everyone would get along and there would be no strife or so we think. But that’s not the world we live in spicy.

      3. There doesn’t have to be an increasing population provided the government can extract value out of the tax base. Small efficient states like Switzerland can maintain a relatively flat population. Japan is a lot larger and has a shrinking population so it will create revenue deficiencies if their economy doesn’t grow sufficiently.

    3. I strongly believe ((they)) have cooked up the numbers and sold plenty of snake oil to politicians.
      When population falls in one generation it will balloon the next due to the amount of prosperity and lack competition which would create abundance.
      Unfortunately in the West all the prosperity and abundance is going straight to sustaining the immigrants, the blacks and their sprogs through insane social programs.
      Erase all these wastes of money, and people in their mid and late 20 would be having plenty of kids in the West.
      I’m sure Japan has a high enough IQ that they know in two generations they could replete the population. Priority must lie in education, if education slips, they will be raising a bunch of Japanese negroids, and seeing how they embrace low IQ black American culture…. it’s sure could get precarious if that continues.

      1. You’d be right…if the cause of the demographic declines were a plague, war or catastrophe and hence a baby boom is guaranteed. It’s said that during the Middle Ages, right after the end of the Black death period, businessmen had to pay a lot for employees since they were scarce, thus the employees experienced a massive wage increase. However the reasons of our demographic decline are almost exclusively cultural, not economic. Economic reasons came later (stagnation of wages, bloated welfare state and the taxes that accompany it…).
        You’d be right if our demographic decline had been concomitant with the arrival of immigrants…but that’s not the case. Our women (Europe) had been childless en masse for almost two generations, long before Mohammed became a popular name in Germany, let alone East Europe or the Mediterranean countries.
        And finally you’d be right had our forefathers (19th century and backwards) been rich on account of their small numbers while in reality they were in almost every other aspect poorer than us.

    1. Gen Z are people born after 2000 or 2001 so the people who conducted this poll are asking 5 and 10 year olds who they would have voted for? LOLZ

        1. only the oldest of Gen Z will be able to vote in 2020: born 2002 so 18 in 2020

        2. No it doesn’t.
          Millennials are born 1982 – 2000
          Gen Z started after the dot com bubble burst or 9/11 why in fuck’s name would it start in 1996? That would make the Millennial generation only 14 years in duration.

        3. u have the years wrong millennials are from 1977-1994 or 5
          “Generation Z, as they have been coined, consist of those born in 1995 or later. This generation makes up 25.9% of the United States population, the largest percentage”

        4. Baby Boomers: 1946-1964
          Gen X: 1964-1982
          Millennials: 1982-2000
          Gen Z: 2000/2001 – present
          Somebody born in 1977 was a Gen X person. Fucking Carter was president! That’s not a Millennial!

        5. I don’t care about social marketing. A bunch of pencil dick marketing morons trying to take the pulse of a cohort who are still in their diapers!

        6. So if Millennials are 1977-1994, what is Gen X? 1964-1977?
          You can’t compare generations if one generation is 13 years and another is fucking 23!

        1. I had a question for you –
          There has been a noticeable uptick in Asians moving in to my neighborhood. Besides the obviously increased hazard vis a vis soft-drink protection, what else can this MEAN?

        2. They’re taking advantage of the US buy-a-visa program. Cost is $500,000 but China is a creditor nation to the US so many can afford it.

    2. Gen Z isn’t going to save shit: Gen Z is black, brown, and yellow and all about the GAY

      1. they’re the last majority white generation there will be and they are more religous than the last 3 generations so it’s the best we got right now

  9. Apparently a Norwegian pop musician was threatened because she appeared in a music video with a black lover. What is this world coming to? She is just another Western European woman experimenting with men of other races, nothing to see here. In France nearly 40 percent of young women date someone of another background, the rate is also high for men.

    1. I keep telling you people white women hate their own men. But you people keep saying I’m wrong. LOLZ

      1. Ill agree there is certainly tons of propaganda pushing that, and many women fall for it

        1. I hope the members of the French Resistance got to see what a shithole their country became.

        1. someone is getting the losing end of that exchange:
          black and arab men get white women and white men get black and arab women? LOLZ Talk about a bad trade deal!

        2. France has been run by cultural Marxists for 70 years. They will be run by them for 70 more.

        3. The French dont like giving up their welfare state they prefer to be over run by the hordes

    2. In France, they don’t collect statistics on background. Citation needed.

      1. I’ve also heard this. It is illegal for the government, at least, to record any sort of racial designation for an individual. When they want to generate statistics, they have been known to examine photos and guess!
        This 40% could be from a poll or something.

        1. They also could be referring to other European backgrounds living in France. There are millions of French with German, Italian, Polish, or Portuguese background, for starters.

    3. Remember, white women dating men of other races is beautiful but white men dating women of other races is fetishistic and smacks of yellow fever.

  10. Wow, I can see that the one and only poster I have blocked is really SPERGing out in this thread.

      1. Maybe I should eat a bunch of lead paints chips and then see if his SPERG shit makes any sense to me after I lose half my IQ.

        1. I guess it’s technically not Pabsting because the clips do make some sort of sense generally in response to my posts… but you are on thin ice, Mayor McCheese.

    1. So, after you slander and libel him as a paid troll, you steal his fucking joke? Goddamn communist homo queer fag.

        1. But we all know it was lolknee that made it a staple here, and Chip has consistently shat heaps of steaming shit all over lolknee after lolknee was banned and unable to defend himself.

        2. I said more shit to his face(avatar) than I uave since he left..
          People like you bring it up, I respond.
          He could come back if he. Wanted to

        3. Where exactly did I just talk shit about him?
          You’re getting all emotional. Settle down, little girl. Maybe go take a model or something.

        4. Bitches take midol, so good for you for knowing what will help you with your condition.

        5. So basically you’re going with “Nuh-uh, you’re a poo-poo head!” Nice.

      1. Jesus, must be extra sand in your vagina today.

        Didn’t realize the jewyork troll had a patent on that type of piss joke.

    1. Which means that they have enough self control to keep their crime organized instead of random predatory violence.

  11. I imagine the Japanese language is a huge deterrent to immigration/’refugees’.

      1. But there have been plenty of recent cases where undocumented people from other Asian Countries have been arrested in Japan with no records of their arrivals.

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  13. Japan is also a rapidly declining population. Economists redict that either they will have to switch up their society to allow woman to breed, or they will have to bring in foreign workers if they want to stay competitive.

      1. haha, true. But if there is no one around who is going to design and build and maintain the robots?

        1. Exactly whats going to happen in 50 – 100 years time will the country be full of robots

        2. It’s not like there will be no one. These would be remaining good jobs.
          We’re told lately that a lot of jobs are going to go away with increasing use of robots, so too many workers, not enough jobs. Yet we’re also told there won’t be enough workers, hence they are importing low-skilled people. It doesn’t make too much sense.

        3. They said the same thing many times when more efficient methods were created. Truth is that while those jobs may be gone new ones will come around. If robots are to be used a lot more. Then jobs around designing, manufacturing, supporting etc. for these machines will come around. For example look at America and how we are importing foreign IT workers. We might have sent many jobs overseas, but we have new ones that we cant fill We dont have enough people graduating colleges with degrees in CS, or people interested in the IT field. So we have been importing workers from India to do so, another example is doctors. When I was in medical school in rural TN. About 90% of the doctors supporting those rural areas were Arabs or some other minority. If we stop importing these doctors our rural medical systems would take a serious hit.

        4. There’s a lot of unemployed American programmers. The H1B guys are cheaper and take a lot more shit.

  14. Yeah, but you guys have herbivores and a declining birth rate… both threaten Japan’s “Alt-Right” structure.

    1. That’s right the Japanese Government keeps rambling on about how they will not allow the population fall below anywhere between 100 – 120 million people BUT locals who have commented have said they believe that population will rapidly fall to between 80-90 million which will surprise even the “experts” – All the experts have to do is see how many cities are already starting to empty out with only elderly left.

  15. Japanese society is very admirable. The rest of the world could learn a thing or two from them.

  16. Why does Japan have low crime? You conveniently failed to mention that Japan has instituted a near-universal firearms ban since the 1870’s, and a gun ownership rate of less than 0.25%. Japan has fewer than 300,000 firearms; the US has more than 300 million.
    If this exemplifies an Alt-Right culture, how could they be so comfortable with this flagrant attack on their right to bear arms?

    1. Theres a lot of random knifings in Japan with both men and female equally as guilty

    2. Cultural homogeneity and a system where discipline is rigidly applied from birth does that. Nice try.

        1. Easy. That was predicated not on crime but dynasty building. It wasn’t indiscriminate killing for the sake of it.

        2. Warfare and crime are two different things. You cannot conflate the two as the former is empire building and the latter is societal decay with no endgame in building anything.
          And historically the populace didn’t necessarily own guns much as how beef and bread were largely alien to them and were promoted due to the Portuguese, Dutch and others thereafter.

        3. But the premise of this argument is that Japanese culture agrees with American alt-right values. Are you willing to disregard the importance of the 2nd amendment to the right-wing?
          Your justification that I’m making inaccurate comparisons between 2 vastly different cultures only proves my original point that this article is trying to make broad comparisons based on a handful of superficial similarities.

        4. The Edo Period saw 250 years of a unified Japan, and near total peace. But they were chronically plagued the largely disbanded samurai class; many of the ronin resorted to banditry and organized crime. The origins of the Yakuza can be traced to these groups.

        5. Meanwhile in Africa they had tribal wars and cannibalism.
          The whole world was more violent centuries ago.

        6. It agrees with many values, you’re not going to have a like for like facsimile particularly given how different the US and Japan are culturally. So your point is moot.

        7. You neglect to mention that they did so out of necessity to eke out an existence particularly given with how rigidly their earning capability was impaired as opposed to their turning to crime primarily because of greed, laziness, lack of strong parenting and lack of education. There’s a distinction you’ve unwittingly raised.

        8. So for Japan, crime is caused by discriminatory laws and a lack of opportunity for gainful employment. But in America, it’s only because minorities have a culture of laziness and entitlement. Your cognitive dissonance is showing.

        9. Thats a stereotypical view of Africa. There were substantial kingdoms in Zimbabwe and the Congo, several West African empires, and Ethiopia. And cannibalism is found only in a handful of African cultures

        10. Far from it. You just stated exactly the difference between the two and the US crime rate is largely attributable to lazy and entitled miniroties who are bereft of fathers. You rectify that and the crime rate evaporates.

        11. Then explain while crime rates in America have declined since the 1990, while the rate of unmarried mothers has steadily increased over that time.
          Face it – your argument is one big confirmation bias to a prejudiced worldview… and you will use any number of logical fallacies to support that faulty premise.

        12. You’re having a laugh if you think crime rates have decreased. I’m not even going to dignify that inane rambling with a response otherwise; the stupidity needs to speak for itself.

        13. Deflection is a surefire way to lose an argument.
          If it’s such an inane response, then it should be simple enough for you to refute my claim. All you need is to produce some solid data on crime rates over the last 30 years that shows a line going up.
          I’ll wait….

        14. Keep waiting. You’re boring and I moved on from wasting my time and energy on you.

      1. The Swiss have 3 major languages and a 23% foreign-born population. Similarly low crime rates.

        1. Most of foreigners in Switzerland are europeans and there are few blacks.
          Switzerland has higher gun ownership than the USA since every male swiss citizen is a member of the army reserve, is periodically trained and keeps at home an assault rifle, a handgun, ammunition and grenades: despite that Switzerland has low level of firearms related crime.

        2. Yet culturally they’re not that different and you neglect to mention that gun ownership is mandatory under Swiss Law.

        3. Gun ownership is not mandatory. And the Swiss cantons have very unique subcultures.

    3. Japan has also low crime rates in no fire-arms related crimes. You also pretend to ignore the large difference in firearm related crime rates between the main racial groups that populate the United States, a country were ASIANS have the lowest crime rates.

      1. Asian Americans also have a 16% higher rate of earning college degrees than whites. But their poverty rate is higher. Using data averages overlooks the huge disparities among old Asian communities, poor immigrants from places like Vietnam and the Phillipines, and the massive influx of wealthier and better-educated Asian immigrants since the 60s. LA’s Chinatown has higher crime rates than the city average. “Asian” culture has nothing to do with crime.

  17. As a Dutch guy being married to a Japanese wife and soon permanently living in Japan, having seen most other countries in the West and Asia too here are my 2 cents.
    On society:
    1) Nothing will ever change in Japan. They say they want more foreigners and diversity. It’s bullshit, they only copy USA and especially the girls copy the diversity talk. However, on higher level real men run Japan and they are gtfo.
    2) No refugee policy is countered by highest financial aid to build refugee camps in bordering nations around Syria. They help more than other countries, it’s just different thinking.
    3) There is a increase in Muslim activity most notable in Tokyo in Shin Okubo, mainly Pakistani scum. However most immigrants are still unskilled workers from China (enter any 7/11) who stfu, do their job and live in peace.
    4) My wife after nearly 30 years still insists to believe the Nigerian guys only sell handmade souvenirs from their own country in Kabukicho Tokyo. Of course we all know they sell Thai and Chinese prostitutes for 200 USD per hour. And cocaine. And anything else.
    5) Military wise Japan is a puppet state of the USA. American soldiers have a get out of jail free card to rape Japanese girls in Okinawa. Japan is ok as long as North Korea remains unsolved.
    6) Military marine relations. Diplomatic relationships with Russia are complex, although economic growth and collaboration is happening in the disputed northern islands. Russia however keeps a huge marine force in place. China is increasingly aggressive and South Korea too, stealing some disputed islands / rocks in the Japanese sea.
    On to economy:
    1) For every over 100 billion USD deal there is a Japanese bank involved. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas, if these guys need big money they will turn to the Japanese big 3. Mitsubishi, Mitsui or Mizuho. Look at their gigantic assets and cash on hands it’s insane. US or European banks don’t have that power.
    2) Though China (3 banks in top 5) and Korea (extremely efficient opetstions) are catching up Japan remains a export country with a crazy strong Japanese Yen. Now investors are turning away from Trump, after Euro the Japanese Yen is on the rise. Not good for fiscal policy, as low prices are better for Japanese export.
    3) Industry family runs Japan. Think Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mitsui. Family is cornerstone of society, although after corporate collectivism loneliness is a major problem.
    4) Offloading and investing in Asia is increasing, see Softbank major attempts.
    That said I will never ever be fully accepted in Japan and I love that. The country may kick me out and has every right to do so if necessary. It should never change. Homogenity is beautiful and hopefully our mixed kids will be too.

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  19. I like Japan but the Japanese are going extinct. Westerners are too, they’re just replacing their populations with third world immigrants.

  20. I lived in Japan for two months and was happy to see the serious lack of diversity in Tokyo. The people are warming and welcoming to foreigners. It’s mainly to save face and to give their country a good look but internally, they don’t want foreigners funking up the place.
    Either way, i’d rather stay in Japan (and Korea) and put up with their hyper-nationalism than being in a place that brings outsiders for “tolerance”.

  21. Japan is a country that has been putting it’s interest first for centuries and they still do to this day. The minor difference is that the Japanese don’t isolate themselves from the rest of the world like the world like they did in the past.
    Even though Japan has its fair share of problems like low birth rates they will eventually survive in the long run if they continue to put the interest of their nation and not sell out their country,their culture,and even their history to a bunch of Muslim and African migrants who would definitely turn their country into the third world shitholes they came from.
    Its funny how the left hates Nationalism so much but yet they leave Japan,one of the most nationalist countries on the planet,alone without bombarding them with their bullshit buzzwords like racist and xenophobe. Why is that???

  22. Bannon is gone, now Trump is your average RINO, he is going in the direction of your typical Republican, a good number of his base voted for him because he went against standard political ideology, now he is just another typical politician. So its over.
    As far as ideology, all major Asian countries are conservative traditional societies. China is even more so than Japan, for example, they make it impossible for people of Chinese origin to return and do business there, once you leave, you are not welcome back.

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