How Game Can Backfire When You Invent Stories About Who You Really Are

When I was in my mid-20s, I decided to try a scam very similar to the one that many guys have used over the centuries – especially when they are completely new to game. I habitually attracted women quite easily, but for some strange reason, I decided to pretend that I was a recording engineer who worked with big-name bands, when I went to Spring Break one year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I met this smoking-hot Serbian college girl from Canada right out of the gate, and she was 100%-prime, center-cut, Grade-A-quality meat. Her eyes locked with mine right away, when I first walked in the door of the club that was situated right next to my hotel, and she kept staring at me with anticipation, as I headed in her direction.

I finally sat down at the bar, about six seats away from her, never taking my eyes off hers, while about 20 dudes hovered around her, as they desperately tried to separate her from her panties.


If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again?

To this day I have no idea why I chose this one and only time to make up a bullshit story about who I was, and what I did for a living, in order to score pussy. Chalk it up to youthful naivete. Chalk it up to seeing a woman who was hotter than Arizona in July, who had 20 guys madly orbiting her, all of whom were desperate to bang her. But I suddenly blurted out, after she moved closer to me and asked me what I did, “I’m a recording engineer in the music industry and I work with big-name bands.”

Mightily impressed, she lasered in on me with even more intensity. She pressed me for more and more details about my alleged craft, and I stacked the lies up higher and higher until they blotted out the sun. We wound up driving on the beach later that night in the moonlight (yep, you could do this back then), and we talked for hours, until we finally landed back at my hotel room directly on the water.

It was truly an incredible night. The moonlight was streaming in the window as the ocean waves lapped the shore – Hollywood-movie kind of stuff. But as I went in for the kill, she suddenly told me to stop because she was a virgin and she was saving herself for marriage and all she wanted was a committed, loving relationship and a traditional family and nothing else mattered to her. Money was irrelevant to her – it was all about love and family.


She’s saving it for marriage…

Not totally buying her story at face value, I tested her love canal for tissue proof, and sure enough, it seemed as if she had an intact hymen. Taking her at her word and not wanting to press the issue (or is that “tissue”?), we wound up doing everything else but fucking. I took her back to her hotel early the next morning, and I felt like a total piece of shit the rest of the day, due to the fact that my conscience had really started bothering me – but this woeful state of mind would only get worse as time progressed.

I saw her again that same evening at the club where I’d originally met her. We clicked again, big-time, right away, and she started to get more and more into me – or should I say, she got more and more into the illusion. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen up to that point in time, and she came from a good family; she was dedicated to working out and to healthy living in general; she had aspirations for everything that mattered to any man who wanted a serious LTR; only true love mattered to her and money meant nothing; she was a true keeper. We spent more and more time together over the next few days, and I could tell that she was starting to fall in love with me.


I love you only for who you are…I really, really do…

During her last night in Ft. Lauderdale, before going back to Canada, we got together one last time at the same club where we had initially met. A buddy of mine had flown in that same day to spend some quality time with me, drinking and chasing girls, before his marriage in nearby Orlando, which was scheduled to happen a couple of days later (I was to be his best man). As my buddy and I stood at the doorway of the club, getting ready to leave, the Serbian girl broke down in tears and blurted out that she was madly in love with me. She begged me to promise her that we would meet again, in the spring, the following year, in the same location, in order to be married.

My buddy looked at me like, “How in the hell can you let something like this get away?” But I was fucked on that score. If I decided to man up and tell her that my supposed vocation was a lie, I’d lose her. And if I continued to maintain that the bullshit story I told her was true, well, eventually she would find out it was all a lie anyway. It was a lose/lose situation. So I just kissed her goodbye and off she went, crying her eyes out.


Opportunity knocks…

A couple of hours later, as I was lying in bed asleep in my hotel room, the phone rang – it was the Serbian girl. She told me she wanted me to take her virginity. (I about had a heart-attack.) My buddy was sleeping in the king bed right next to me; we’d shared the room to cut down on expenses. My mind raced. She was so freaking hot…what should I do. Finally, I told her to come over. She arrived about 10 minutes later, with a look of blissful anticipation on her face.

To get in the proper mood, we showered together. Very soon, we were all soaped up, lost in the moment, and I was ready to rock – and then it hit me again, harder this time. I was truly a piece of shit for doing this to her. I had lied to her and she was saving her virginity for marriage, and she was determined to seal that particular deal with me, and there was no way in hell I was going to marry her. So I backed off, stalling for time, as I tried to think about what I should do next…


Deflower her, or empower her… that is the question

Finally, we wound up in my bed. I could tell that my buddy was still awake, despite the fact that he was laying on his side, facing the other way while pretending to be asleep. This made the whole situation even more bizarrely uncomfortable, as you can imagine.

After ultimately deciding to just stop thinking about it, and take her down, I got between her legs, hard as a post, pressed tight against her opening… and… and… I suddenly stopped. She asked me what was wrong. I sat up on the edge of the bed and told her that I didn’t feel right taking her virginity. If it was going to happen, it had to be because we were actually going to get married. Doing it like this was wrong. So I got up, put on my pants, kissed her goodbye, and ushered her out the door.


The ones that got away – where are they today?

Many years later, I wondered what had ultimately become of her. So I jumped online and quickly found her profile on Facebook. As coincidence would have it, she lived only 20 miles from me. After graduating from college in Canada, she had moved to the U.S. and she was literally living only a hop, skip and a jump away.

Wanting to see what would happen if I reached out to her, I sent her an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Despite the fact that she only had only three or four connections, she immediately accepted my invitation within about two minutes.

Getting more and more curious about her situation, I did some online research, and found out that she was married. And then I discovered the kicker, while digging deeper for information on the Internet – she was married to a freaking billionaire. This sweet, special snowflake, with the perfect parents, and the perfect upbringing, who told me she was only in it for a long-term relationship based on love, was married to a mega-rich dude. And it wasn’t her first marriage – it was her third.


Did she really like me for me, or was it that bulge (the one in my wallet)…

Naturally, over the years, I had wondered if she would have had the same enthusiasm for me, during our time together, had I told her that I was merely attending classes in Florida, to become a recording engineer, instead of pretending to already be in the business. And immediately, after I found out she was married to a billionaire, and it was her third husband, I realized the answer was a resounding “No.”

I never pretended that I was somebody else after this encounter with the Serbian girl. And I always banged any hot chick who wanted it from me, from that point on (but only if I believed she wasn’t married or living with a guy). And, yes, young squires, I fucked up royally. Your old Uncle Bob can’t get it back. I should have banged her like a drum when I had the chance.


The moral of the story is this: do whatever you have to do, to get whatever you want, especially when it comes to women. Because they are bigger liars than you could ever dream of being. It’s all lessons and nothing more. And it’s a war. You are either in it to win it, or you are in it to do a half-assed job of it.

But if you don’t take the spoils when they are right there in front of you, you’ll regret the hell out of it later. And this inviolable axiom is true whether you lied to get between their legs or not.

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151 thoughts on “How Game Can Backfire When You Invent Stories About Who You Really Are”

  1. Whats so great about this site is I literally enjoy and learn as much (if not more) from the comment section as I do the articles. Heartiste needs to get a whole different way of commenting on articles (it’s goofy) and back off on the interpolated “need a dictionary” words.

  2. If she was the real deal she would have made you commit before giving it up. And she wouldn’t be blowing guys on the first night.
    These are lessons we have to learn the hard way

    1. PREACH, she’s a wholesome Virgin, but gives head to strangers on spring break…umm hmm, yeah right.
      Then you find out years later she’s been married THREE times?!? I hope when she came over you got your money’s worth and never spoke to her again.
      Her being a Virgin was just a tool of circumstance obviously. She knew what she had and was doing her best to land a simp.
      You avoided nothing but the memories of deflouring a hot Serbian chick on spring break.

      1. I agree. This woman lacked integrity. Honorable proper virgins don’t “spring break”, hang out in clubs, and do “everything else besides PIV” with guys they met the same day. I highly doubt that she remained a virgin prior to her first marriage.
        She may have been a “technical virgin”, but she was also obviously a player.
        All that said, a man who has sexual relations with a virgin is morally obligated to marry the woman.
        “If a man seduces a virgin who is not betrothed and lies with her, he shall give the bride-price for her and make her his wife. If her father utterly refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equal to the bride-price for virgins.” (Exodus 22:16-17)
        “If a man meets a virgin who is not betrothed, and seizes her and lies with her, and they are found, then the man who lay with her shall give to the father of the young woman fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife, because he has violated her. He may not divorce her all his days.” (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

        1. Good question. Regarding the Deuteronomy passage, some people (and reputable Bible scholars) think it is referring to rape, while others believe it refers to a couple getting caught up in the “heat of the moment” but still having consensual sex. Apparently the Hebrew word can refer to either.
          Different English translations alternately render the word as “seizes” (ESV, NASB) “lay hold on her, and lie with her” (KJV), and “rapes her” (NIV, HCSB).
          I’m of the view that the passage is largely referring to passionate, but consensual sex.
          There are several instances of violent forcible rape in the Hebrew language (Old Testament) scriptures. (1) The rape of Dinah (Genesis 34:2) and (2) the rape of Tamar (2nd Samuel 13:14).
          This Hebrew word “seizes” was not used in either case. Instead, a Hebrew word which clearly designated forcible rape was used instead.
          In essence, I believe the Deuteronomy 22 passage is a restatement of the Exodus 22 passage. That is in keeping with the essence of Deuteronomy, which is a restatement of the Law of Moses to a new generation.
          Also keep in mind that even if it refers to forcible rape that:
          1. The man had to marry the woman, protect her and provide for her (and any children) for the rest of her life. He could never divorce her for any reason. He likely just sentenced himself to a life sentence of nagging and bitching. (and possibly getting cucked)
          2. 50 pieces of silver was no small quantity at the time. It was roughly a years wages. Think of it as say $50,000. That is a pretty substantial amount of cash to come up with. (silver is greatly undervalued in our current debt based fiat currency monetary system)
          3. The girl’s father still probably had the authority to take the man’s $50,000, and then refuse to give him his daughter (based on the Exodus passage).

        2. Yes, there would be too many problems and contradictions if it were rape. In today’s terms, a sheckel is around .35 troy ounces, so the total would be under $300 today. I’ve traded some of my bitcoin during the recent high for silver, and plan to get rid of all of it. Silver is an incredible deal right now.

        3. It is interesting that in both of the cases of forcible rape (Dinah and Tamar), the guys who did the raping got killed by the girl’s brothers respectively.
          I agree that silver is severely undervalued right now. I’ve been buying some here and there for a while. I’ve thought about doing some bitcoin as well, but haven’t so far.

  3. I think she was conning you right back. You know how to tell if a woman is a virgin? Don’t have sex with her until marriage. Only the women that will wait are unless you started dating at 14 or even younger.

    1. Yeah, she was conning me – for sure. If you would have seen her, and if you would have seen the quality guys who were borderline desperate to get her attention, it would be even clearer. “Don’t have sex with her until marriage.” Sound wisdom, if a guy is the marrying type, for sure…

      1. Bob how the fuck have you not been put on the spot yet to post some damn pics? We know you got em

  4. Take heed.
    Had a friend in the Air Force pull that “I’m a fighter pilot” line of bullshit and he ended up knocking up some Dutch blonde and married to her.
    (Lucky for him she was a traditional sort and they are still married and she stayed home raising multiple kids – and she knew from the start he was bullshitting her)

    1. I used the “I’m a pilot” line all the time. Reality is all I ever flew were small UAVs like the Raven. Lying is the absolute best method to getting laid. Clearly has its drawbacks if interested in more than hooking up, but with Americunts why would you have an interest in doing otherwise?

      1. “Clearly has its drawbacks if interested in more than hooking up, but with Americunts why would you have an interest in doing otherwise”
        Unfortunately you are correct, good sir.

      2. let me quote the master, Rudyard Kipling, in Certain Maxims of Hafiz:
        If She have spoken a word, remember thy lips are sealed,
        And the Brand of the Dog is upon him by whom is the secret revealed.
        If She have written a letter, delay not an instant but burn it.
        Tear it to pieces, O Fool, and the wind to her mate shall return it!
        If there be trouble to Herward, and a lie of the blackest can clear,
        Lie, while thy lips can move or a man is alive to hear.

    2. Zoomie pulling the “I’m a fighter pilot” is old hat. Heard it once in the 90s and called one out when I asked to see his military ID. “Since when do they let E-4s fly F16s? Also isn’t impersonating an officer a punishable offense under the UCMJ?”
      His stammering and back peddling was epic.

    3. “Had a friend in the Air Force pull that “I’m a fighter pilot” line of bullshit and he ended up knocking up some Dutch blonde and married to her”
      The movie “Officer And A Gentleman” comes to my mind – the character that played opposite Richard Gere who got some chick pregnant (or she purposefully got herself pregnant with him to secure the marriage) and then still offered to marry her – after he told her he was no longer a pilot. He ended up hanging himself after she told him she wanted to marry a fighter pilot.
      I guess today with the virtuelessness of women being more obvious, and more younger men becoming red pill, at least an increasing number of men know there is no such thing as love (or ‘love’ that is highly conditional) so perhaps we might see less men killing themselves over dumb shit like female rejection.

  5. There is an inner ruling faculty that we all must answer to…BS Game is dissonant and tends to agitate my sense of self so I avoid it at all costs.
    In my experience, it is a mistake to introduce fault lines in the honor code by “lying to the upside” (which only drains the meaning and truth out of your life). If you’re worth your salt and are actually ascendant or high-up on the totem pole of life, maybe hang back and go the opposite way — downplay your accomplishments, hide your intelligence and then slowly “leak” the fact that you have strength/game/integrity/money/worth when the moment is right (and without looking like a showoff).
    Many top-rung available women are not fools, and instinctively know when you’re holding back power and playing “humble game.” It’s fun for them to discover on their own that you might be awesome.They also know when you’re full of shit. I’m patient in letting that dynamic unfold, knowing there is a more-irresistible aphrodisiac if I delay my own gratification by pretending I might be a bit of a loser. The good ones will find it comedy or a bit of a curious secret they want to find out about, and they will pursue. They’ll watch my actions instead of listening to a played-out “dominant-monkey script.” I’ve seen a lot of braggarts flame out miserably with the 8s, 9s and 10s, and that’s the perfect time to bring some contrast and play your good stuff down low.
    Words are hollow by comparison to the moment she realizes you’ve been putting her on all along, and that you rule the roost. Then you abandon Humble Game and start plowing the field.
    As soon as you start lying (to yourself) about amazing things you never did, you wreck yourself.
    This goes along with that “Fake it ’til you make it” article that came out on ROK a few weeks ago. IMO, that’s a second rate, beta-ish game that can’t be qualified…Bell Curve is real.

    1. As I like to say: “A real hustler doesn’t brag about how much money he’s got, and a real player doesn’t need to brag about all the women he’s slept with”.

      1. Biggest player I ever knew kept his mouth shut about it. He wouldn’t even give a number when I asked. He did let slip that he typically pulled 20-yr-olds off the street via daygame after they got off work. He was 45 at the time.

    2. Eh. Don’t be so serious. Women love a good liar… it excites them. They also hate a straight answer… it’s boring.

    3. My husband of 25 years was like that…didn’t seem like much when I met him, skinny youth, bit shy, underplayed his very real worth. Still with him, respect and adore him. Much nicer to be with someone who is the real deal , rather than someone who just talks a good game. Over the years his real worth and integrity played out. Basically he’s the man!

  6. The moral of the story, while lying is immoral, it’s part of game — it’s reality. Take what you want, without hesitation, conscience, or regret. That’s what she’s doing.

    All is fair in love and war

    All war is deception

    1. “All is fair in love and war
      All war is deception”
      Is the first statement Shakespeare? And is the second statement Sun Tzu?

  7. You can fake it while you make it (pun intended). Just don’t plan on anything but temporal results. The truth comes out eventually and you have to prepare for the fallout.
    That’s why I admonish men to just make it!. If your intention is to be a recording engineer to famous artists, or another tech billionaire, then just go for it and demonstrate your progress towards you goals. That will get women saying, “this guy is for real.” If they’re looking for someone who’s already made it, then you’ll have to “shoplift the pootie,” so to speak. If you get busted make sure you can do the time if you do the crime.

  8. Could have sworn you posted this very same article as a post once upon a time Bob. All the same, it is good to share the tales of the ‘almost had them’ almost more so than the success stories. Except if the success story was so rife with failure it was implausible that you would succeed. Those stories house some very powerful lessons.

    1. Yes, I posted it as a comment months ago. I’m not afraid to recount my personal fuck-ups. Especially if somebody can learn from them. My god, I’ve only screwed, up, what, like three or four times in my entire life. (Heh.)

  9. One thing I’ve learned from Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm is that little white lies, not matter how small they are, can eventually snowball and fuck you over in the end. I’ve found it’s always better to be honest.
    However, most guys feel really insecure about who they are, when chances are they have a lot of interesting things they’ve done in their lives. And if you’re good at telling stories you can make even the most asinine things entertaining.
    Also, what a woman says and what she does are two completely different things. Like the ex I had who said she never wanted to get married and then ended up marrying a guy after only knowing him for a month. Or a girl who says she’ll only fuck after a few weeks, but then goes home with a guy after knowing him for 10 minutes.

    1. Can’t blame them. Women are wired to test guys at every corner to choose who truly got the chops to be with her. And yes, women hate all kinds of lies, no matter how innocuous they might seem.

        1. They lie for a myriad of reasons. It could be for fear of loss, embarrassment, etc, or she could simply be a pathological liar, lol. In any case, a woman that brazenly lies to you is a woman that you need to kick to the curb, asap.

    2. That is why I avoid little white lies. I much prefer the big bold black lies. The lies that are so outrageous that you can latter have reasonable deniability. Like you can say, “What, you actually believed that shit?”

      1. Plausible deniability, I dig that. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’ve done that before.

    3. Guys feel insecure because they think they have something to prove to women. It is the core of most maladies guys suffer, but it is a self-inflicted, totally unnecessary pain. I don’t give a crap what a woman thinks, what you see is what you get. Don’t like it? Too bad. I will show you my best version, for me, not for you sweetie. It’s that not good enough for you, then you can walk right through the door and don’t even bother to glance back.

      1. What’s hilarious is that most guys accomplish more in a year than a woman does in a decade. I’ll never forget when a fling went bad last year and I’m trying to prove I’m worthy to the girl. After it ended I thought to myself “Wait….I have a job and cool shit’s happening to me, and this girl is 28 and living with her parents and unemployed and on year 3 of a 2-year community college degree……She should be proving herself to me!”
        But she was hot, so therefore she had more objective SMV than me. Men are respected for what they do, women are respected for who they are. A dumb man can’t last long in the world, but a dumb girl can live like a queen if she’s hot enough.

        1. “A dumb man can’t last long in the world, but a dumb girl can live like a queen if she’s hot enough”. Now on that last part, whose fault is it that the “dumb girl” can live like a queen? You guessed it.

        2. Of course. But in the end men and women desire different things. Any man who says they value female intelligence over beauty is more than likely lying.
          Side note: It’s my belief that book learning and education is male intelligence, and female intelligence is more along the lines of cunning and manipulation. I could always outwit dumb girls when it came to shit testing, but smarter girls were always masters of it. And it makes sense – Men have to use their intelligence for the benefit of everyone and their survival, while women really only have to use their intelligence to benefit themselves and their offspring to help them survive. Hence why men are seen as altruistic while women are seen as selfish.

        3. Yes, men and women desire different things. The point is to make sure that you (guy) get what you want, or be able to read all the warning signs and get out of there before she loots you. In my experience, most guys just can’t exercise enough self-control and women are like bloodhounds when detecting needy behaviors in men. That is when they get the edge because you have inadvertently shifted the power back to her. Now she holds all the cards and you are in deep trouble.
          Once the woman senses the neediness, its game over. You will never have a shot at her again without becoming her puppy dog first, which is essentially the millennium old problem men have with women. Guys need to focus more on themselves to help them offset this imbalance of power. Women are more attracted to guys that act completely natural around them. It is OK to glance when you see a gorgeous chick, but utterly ogling at her not only can get you in trouble, but you are also surrendering to her at the same time and don’t even realize it.

  10. The one that got away…turned out to be a smoking hot PhD researching treatments for cancer. I screwed that up royally. But it takes two to tango. Lived with friends in Uni, one night a babe friend of one of my housemates sneaks into my bed late at night looking for a little lovin’….couldn’t do it because I was so screwed up on the one that got away…double whammy. She was cool about it though and we just hung out for a few days.

  11. Maybe she REALLY was in love with you, but since you rejected her, she went from one loveless marriage to the next, trying recapture what she had with you.
    In other words, it’s all your fault that she married a billionaire. Chew on that.

    1. Think this is sarcasm (?) But if not it would be an excellent explanation from the women to excuse herself. A bollocks excuse, though, because if a woman is really into a guy she won’t be able to stop herself from having intercourse with him if in bed with him doing other stuff. I mean yeah sure if having a coffee/meal with him, actually doing the deed would be resistable (and antisocial !) but in bed? No way. Why do people try to explain such situations when the answer is plain as day-if a woman adores a man, she will crave him inside her.

    2. 3Rd marriage, now with billionaire, and Id bet at 50 she’s back out on her ass & broke without the good looks.

  12. Dude should’ve known that she was full of it the moment he disclosed his alleged profession and she “lasered in on with more intensity”. Just wonder how many hymen works that broad had when she raped the exes on family court.

  13. Quality writing is the result when the author has a true passion for the subject matter. That was some smooth reading there. Well written, polished and slick like a shiny glaze brushed holiday ham. With patriarchy/game wisdom gaining steam, this kind of genre will soon replace the free ‘take one’ rotessirie rack of Harlequin paperbacks at the entrance to the public library! Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the kind words…man, that chick can jam! Somebody should snap her up before she becomes a full-blown, pink-haired, tattooed SJW.

  14. Yet another bowl game is now in the books – the Boca Raton Bowl, Western Kentucky vs. Memphis, played earlier this evening. And do you think your old Uncle Bob just might have drilled it, and moved up on ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania leader board? As luck would have it, he did indeed. I’ve now hit seven out of eight games, and I just jumped a hair over 300 places, from No. 776 position to No. 475. (I’m now in the top 0.2 percentile, out of over 1 million entries.)
    I have 654 confidence points remaining to spread out over the final 34 bowl games. The Top 5 guys on the leader board only have 595 confidence points left. I’ve looked at their entries, and they don’t appear to be sharps – they appear to be lucky. Based on what I see, with 34 games to go, none of them should be in the Top 20 after it’s all over, because they are going to start losing ground when the upsets start and the favorites begin to lose games. There is another game on tap tomorrow night, so I’ll keep you posted. (Click image below to view my position, points, etc.)

  15. Wow you learned the wrong lesson.
    Don’t lie. You hurt yourself when you do. “Lying is a part of game” is only true when your life is a lie, and you’re afraid to look in the mirror. This is the biggest problem with gamers.
    This isn’t about her, it’s about you. It always is. You didn’t fuck up by not taking her virginity, you fucked up by lying. If you had taken her virginity, you would have even more emotional baggage to carry with you than you do now. You think you regret it, but you don’t. You regret lying, and you regret denying the real you.
    Reality hit you in the face with a truck, and the lesson you learned was “trucks are evil”. The lesson you should have learned was “don’t cross the street through busy traffic”.
    You want to stop regretting it? Tell her the truth. It’s really easy to do, and you have literally nothing to lose. Let her deal with the truth. Stop trying to take that responsibility away from her. That’s where your emotional baggage comes from. It’s hers, give it back.

      1. All women lie 100% of them. The only difference is the frequency and the magnitude of the lie. The thing they lie the most about is their sexuality. The OP should have just looked her in the eyes and spoken slowly and said something like “there’s no way to know where this going to lead… (pause)… is this something you want to do together… (pause)… etc. She was ready to go and did it with somebody else shortly after.

    1. There is a an article about rape by fraud in ROK, so women and trans can lie but straight men can not, A woman can lie about being virgin, she can fake her fertility with make up and surgery, all women lie about sexual past and her age, so women lie about everything a man want from a woman, But can men lie about what a woman want from men?. Money and Status, Of course not, that´s fraud!
      About your article, how is this not Islamophobic and racist? In America if a Muslim lie to fuck white Christians she will be a bigot and she should be thankful for being culturally enriched, in Israel is “do as i say not as i do” Goys are not permitted to criticize the chosen people, They can have a wall you can´t, They can have guns, you can´t, Multiculturalism is for goys. It´s strange how in the west in every push of degeneracy there is a jew behind it, but you never see them promote those thing in Israel.

  16. All girls claim crap like this to other guys: they just want to fall in love, they don’t care about money, they insist that they are virtuous, etc…I mean, what girl will admit that she’s a slut, that she wants to bang as many guys as possible, or that she wants a rich guy?

  17. “The moral of the story is this: do whatever you have to do, to get whatever you want, especially when it comes to women. Because they are bigger liars than you could ever dream of being. It’s all lessons and nothing more. And it’s a war. You are either in it to win it, or you are in it to do a half-assed job of it.”
    Wise words for any young man to know before he even thinks about getting out there in the field to get his dick wet. The hotter the chick the more of a liar she is, and the more selfish and calculating.
    ” And it wasn’t her first marriage – it was her third”
    With divorce laws that they are today, I’m sure she’s a millionaire now.
    “But if you don’t take the spoils when they are right there in front of you, you’ll regret the hell out of it later”
    Maybe so good sir, but let’s face it: to her you were probably guy no. 5001 in the bigger scheme of things. Ok you didn’t fuck her, but if it is any consolation, think of that scorching case of genital herpes she DID NOT give you because you opted out of plugging her.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. I try to look on the bright side.
      “…think of that scorching case of genital herpes she DID NOT give you because you opted out of plugging her.” How true. Or even worse, what if I’d broken down and admitted the lie, and tried to close the deal –
      “Please forgive me, I’m actually only attending a recording engineering class, but I’m scheduled to get some rookie work with Gregg Allman soon, and I was so hot for you, I exaggerated the whole thing – but goddamn it, I do love you, and yes, let’s get married next spring.”
      There’s no doubt in my mind that I would have wound up as her first divorce victim had I done that. Thanks for the nod in my direction, Mr. Morrison. What you said is so true – the hotter the chick, the more of a liar she is.
      Side Note: After posting this piece, I had a flashback to the morning after we spent that very first night in the hotel room on the beach, with the waves crashing, and the moonlight streaming in the window. I didn’t take her straight home the next morning. We went to breakfast first. She asked me to get out my acoustic guitar and play a song for her in the parking lot of the restaurant. And I did it. Made up some goofy words to some standard chord arrangement. She had this look of glee in her eye – but something wasn’t quite right about it.
      At breakfast, she ordered something a bit odd – like ketchup with bacon, or something like that. I told her that was weird, and she said she had a brother, and her brother thought she was weird, too, but he also was constantly telling her what a bitch she was. And then she grinned, evilly, right after she said it, which, had I seen that today, I would have immediately realized that she had let her mask slip. Being young and caught up in the moment and all, that didn’t really register on my radar.
      Hindsight is 20/20. AWALT.

      1. “Being young and caught up in the moment and all, that didn’t really register on my radar”
        We’ve all been there – especially when we were young.
        How old are you now? Because hot chicks are to be found – if not in the States, but at least east europe. And I can tell you honestly that women are like beer; every man gets his fill, then he goes home and throws up.
        I’m sure you’ll cross paths other super hotties – and the more chicks you bang the more you put the woman in question, and all female affection in its proper place.

        1. I’m going to be 60 in a matter or hours, my friend. Since my time with her (this happened 35 years ago), I’ve banged runway models, actresses, and women that most men would die to be alone with for a minute or two. And you know what. Not one of them was much different from any other. The better-looking they are, the more trouble they are – that’s a 24-karat-gold fact.
          She seemed like an exception, due to my lack of experience, and because of my overall situation – being so young, being right near the ocean, hot women all around, having money in my pocket, possessing not a care in the world, and basically having the pick of the available talent. But what made it really tough, was, we connected – or at least I felt like we both did. And I couldn’t be honest with her, in the face of a surreal sort of situation. But oddly, as you noted, that probably saved me.
          I can clearly remember being in bed with her, and thinking, “This is perfect, this is what it’s all about, and I can’t have her. She’s looking in my eyes like she is long-gone in love, in a dream, and I fucking lied and this girl may be the one, and there’s no way I can have her. She’s going to go home and find out I made the whole thing up after looking at the backs of the records I told her I’d help engineer…”
          It was like I couldn’t wait for it to be over, but I didn’t want it to end. Ha. A cautionary tale, for sure.
          I’ll be single the rest of my life, and it will be over sooner than most guys who read here at ROK. I’ve had a great fucking time, and look forward to what remains of it.
          My buddy who met me down there, before getting married, gives me shit about that to this very day. “Whatever happened to ____ (name omitted)? Jesus! She was the hottest girl I ever SAW?”
          He knows I lied to her, he just likes to rub it in and remind me. Like friends do.
          Hope my story helps other guys navigate similar waters. We’re all fucked in the end…no doubt about it. We’re all hurtling toward death from the moment we are born. Might as well have fun before they cover that coffin lid. And no regrets. Self-pity wastes valuable time. I’ve learned that one, over and over. Finally let go of it, years back. We’re all fools.
          Seize…the fucking…day.

        2. “But what made it really tough, was, we connected – or at least I felt like we both did. And I couldn’t be honest with her, in the face of a surreal sort of situation”
          We’ve all been there – a moment with a gal who seems like she might be different – but they never are.
          “My buddy who met me down there, before getting married, gives me shit about that to this very day. “Whatever happened to ____ (name omitted)? Jesus! She was the hottest girl I ever SAW?””
          As you know Bob – now that you are turning 60 – you know exactly what happend to her: she’s now a saggy titted grandma, with varicose veins and liver spots to boot.
          “Hope my story helps other guys navigate similar waters. We’re all fucked in the end…no doubt it. We’re all hurling toward death from the moment we are born. Might as well have fun before they cover that coffin lid. And no regrets. Self-pity wastes valuable time. I’ve learned that one, over and over. Finally let go.”
          So true. Still I salute you for your accomplishments in banging the women you did on a recording engineer’s salary!
          Sounds like you lived the life of Bob Guccione Sr (the Guccione who started Penthouse magazine) without needing to be a girly magazine publishing mogul.
          If I may ask, what area do you live in now? What do you do with your time these days?

        3. I’m in the Phoenix Arizona area. Splitting my time between here and Las Vegas, mostly. I did some recording engineering work for a while. Have operated a few businesses, opting to work for myself instead of for someone else, except for intermittent stints under someone else’s shingle.
          Was an actor and a voiceover talent. Did that for several years. The last 15 years, I’ve had my own web design business, and have generated a ton of sales for real estate agents all over North America. So I just do that now, and bet on sports on the side.
          In 2017, I’m going to go full-time with sports betting, while keeping the web design business as a sideline. Planning on making films, too, beginning in 2017 (lifelong goal). Bucket list, here we go.
          What about you, good sir. Where are you, how old are you, ballpark, and what are you doing (besides hot babes).
          One more tidbit here, which might help younger guys plot out their course –
          “As you know Bob – now that you are turning 60 – you know exactly what happened to her: she’s now a saggy titted grandma, with varicose veins and liver spots to boot.”
          Oddly enough, she’s still fit, and reasonably good-looking (saw recent pictures of her). But…BUT…at this point in my life, I wouldn’t fuck her if she paid me.
          I still bang young, hot women, whenver I get the urge. Why eat jerky when you can eat filet mignon. And that’s the major difference. She can no longer fuck hot young guys – and men and women are totally different in that regard. A man’s best years, if he stays focused, makes more and more money, keeps in good physical shape, and achieves goal after goal, are undefinable. Women are attracted to confidence, wealth and success. Age means virtually nothing to them, when faced with an available man who has those qualities.
          The problem is, most men get married, stop working on their dreams, and just stand there, in wet cement, while it dries around their ankles. This severely hampers their potential for realizing personal goals. But it’s all a trade-off. You get this, you give up that.
          I went the bachelor way, and haven’t regretted it. I’ve spit the marriage hook out so often, I have scars in my throat. But I was just born this way. (Gays and SJWs should understand that one). Marriage always made me squirm.
          My male friends are all married, and they are openly jealous of my lifestyle. Their kids are all gone and grown up, and now they are learning to fold towels the correct way, at their wives’ insistence. One single, solitary, mind-numbing day of that, and I would be go right through the wall like one of those frantic, cut-out, cartoon characters in a Bugs Bunny short.
          I look at them, and I thank my lucky stars that I’ve had the good sense to spit the hook out. Sure, it would be nice to have progeny, and I probably have some, somewhere. But if and when the time comes that I am too frail to take care of myself, I’m exiting the stage via my own hand. No rest homes for me. No freaking way. Until then, I’ll keep shooting off my rockets – and go out with a bang.

        4. We’ve all been there and paid for it in one way or another.
          “I can tell you honestly that women are like beer; every man gets his fill, then he goes home and throws up.”
          Swiping that one.

        5. Carpe diem, my friend across the pond. And thank you. If you ever want to come to the States and do a little gambling, along with some quality R&R, let me know. You know where to find me.

        6. Bob – I’ll update you about me in my next comment, but wanted to address a couple of good points you made:
          “Oddly enough, she’s still fit, and reasonably good-looking (saw recent pictures of her). But…BUT…at this point in my life, I wouldn’t fuck her if she paid me”
          This is very important – even though a woman can age gracefully does not mean she has sex appeal.
          One good example comes from an article from Heartiste regarding aging beauties. One article focused on a famous 80’s supermodel, and here is a quite from a NY Post article:
          “Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova has described the pain and frustration of losing her looks in the ageing process – insisting she has felt “invisible” since she turned 40 years old…(…) Porizkova now admits she misses her days as a model and feels “sad” her beauty has faded. She tells the New York Post, “Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman’s ego. When you have used your beauty to get around, it’s like having extra cash in your pocket. I was so used to walking down the street and having the young guys passing by at least give me a flicker of a look. But once you’re over 40, you become invisible. You’re a brick in the building and it’s sad. It just feels like the sun went down a little bit. It got a little cloudy outside.”
          The heartist article continued:
          “Porizkova looks as good as a 45 year old woman can possibly look (she’s up there with Monica Bellucci for defying the hands of time), and yet even she has noticed the men’s eyes have stopped undressing her.”
          Good point made by Heartiste – I’m sure by now you fantasy gal is under the radar of both alpha and beta men across the board.
          The complete Hartiste article is here:
          And your other comment:
          “if and when the time comes that I am too frail to take care of myself, I’m exiting the stage via my own hand. No rest homes for me. No freaking way. Until then, I’ll keep shooting off my rockets – and go out with a bang.”
          Interesting because I’ve been reading the stoics – and they address the topic of ‘rationale suicide’ which I find interesting. Stoicism is an interesting and very positive way to conduct one’s life.
          Video here:
          It also addresses the issue that if nothing is getting one out of bed, then why not call it quits – this includes things like terminal illness, and inability to look after ones self. I think the same way you do, that plus both my parents died of Alzheimers and it was a slow, humiliating way to go – and I’m not going to allow that happen to me. Aaron Clarey wrote something similar in one of his books – I forget which title, but he refers to it as the Smith And Wesson Retirement Plan. Sounds morbid, but I’d prefer to go out with a bang rather than slowly and painfully.
          P.S. – Happy Birthday, BTW.

        7. Thanks for the B-day wishes. I have never researched the Stoics. I’ll watch that video clip and start delving into that in my spare time over X-mas. That bit about Paulina Porizkova, I don’t believe there is a hot woman alive who doesn’t mourn the loss of her looks once she hits the wall. Must be addictive. Comforting, too. No wonder most of them are so stuck-up. Even after they hit the wall.
          I know this ex-Penthouse Centerfold, she was Pet of the Year back in the day. She still thinks she’s the queen of the twats. Mentally, anyway. But you can tell she is devastated about losing her looks. Angry. Bitter. Full of disappointment.
          Older guys? Heh. I get more pussy now than I did when I was young and good-looking. And I got a ton of it back then. It’s easier now. I know so much about game, and how the world works. And how women think. Guys have it made compared to women, if you stop and think about it. All that stops us from having whatever we want, is our own selves. (Or…a woman blindsiding us, and taking us down as a husband.)
          I’m guessing you are in Europe, but that’s due to your Morrison avatar. Heh. I thought, “France”, where Morrison supposedly died. Demented creatures, yes we are. Myself included.

        8. Bob – yes I’m in europe and watching the slow and steady dismantling of a 2,000 year heritage – a bit saddening via the muzzie trojan horse. I still find the women, particularly in the east europe to be way prettier than most young females in the USA. I do hear sparatic stories of places in America where the young women are feminine – but not certain if this myth or not. I’m a bit of a nomad in that respect. Europe is on the verge of getting worse (especially if one is a white hetero male) but I highly doubt if I could adjust to life in the States, even if Trump does make good on his promises.

        9. Well if you are happy where you are, no need to rush back here, believe me. Things are equally screwed up around these parts. I have never been to Europe. Never had the urge to go, but with the way things are shaping up over here, I might just light out to wherever at some point.
          So the women are prettier there, by and large. No wonder you are sticking around. Being a nomad is the way to go, I truly do believe. I have a backpack, a small business, ready cash, and ways to make money now with no human interaction but my own, with only myself. I designed my life that way. Strange times, these. We’ll all make it through, one way or the other.

        10. Thanks for sharing that BBC article about Jorge Sanchez. How can a person not admire a man like him? Wow. Now that guy has some balls. And a one-year-old son at age 62. Somebody will write a book about him, you can bet on it. I would read it. What a gutsy life…that is the coolest thing I’ve read in a long time. Very uplifting. Thanks again for that one.

        11. I had a Navy shipmate that for years after we got out would call me on Mother’s Day and say, “Happy Mother’s Day you mother.” Of course to all Navy veterans we know mother is only half a word.

        12. You are welcome Bob. One does not need to visit those many countries to get the expat experience, but I think you are right that a man’s experience such as that is worthy of a biography.
          And speaking of books, Bob, you might as well write your book on game – since you are hitting the big 60, I would wager there will be tons of upper middle aged guys wanting to know how to get with young pussy from a guy who is already doing this. Roosh is still too young to write such a book.
          Getting self published up and running on is pretty easy and straightforward.
          Just a suggestion – I’d be the first guy in the cue to purchase a copy.

        13. Well that’s good to know – thank you. One of these days I will do a self-published book. It’s on my bucket list. I have outlines for books, most of ’em dusty I wrote ’em so long ago. Heh. Man that world-traveler, that guy is something. That man is worthy of total admiration…

  18. Excellent contribution Bob, especially that conclusion. Its a bitter pill to swallow but a necessary one.

    1. Appreciate your appreciation. Learning from one’s mistakes is critical. Telling other like-minded guys what those mistakes were is important, I think. The real bitter pill here, is that the girl actually made me feel a ridiculously strong connection with her. Which made me feel even more like a piece of shit, as this was unfolding. But that was back in my beta days. She’s probably worth half a billion now, and has a higher notch count than I do. Glad it all worked out for her. Lesson learned for both of us there, I do believe…

  19. My original comment got marked down as spam-no idea why as it was not. Anyway, this woman was an ice-cold piece of work from the start. When a woman really wants a man, she wants to have actual sexual intercourse with him-it’s the most normal thing in the world; a craving. And nobody but an ice-cold woman can resist if in the throes of passion. This woman did ‘everything but’. That is so damned cold. Unwanted pregnancies occur because desire takes over even if people don’t want to get ‘carried away in the moment’ they do. It’s only natural. To coldly run through a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ takes some ice-coldness. I would never trust a woman who says she would do everything but sex with a man as she is coldly calculating even in the most intimate of moments. You were right to refrain from sex with her; you’d have guilt-tripped yourself over nothing. Perhaps your unconscious mind saved you from yourself.
    It’s ironic really how women have convinced men that they are somehow moral by doing everything but the deed itself. Far from it, they merely demonstrate how sex to them is nothing but a bargaining tool.

  20. If a girl tells me she is in love with me it doesnt mean anything to me. I really reject the existence of a love between men and women. IMO, real love exists only between close family members. So what?

  21. If this woman really cherished her virginity, she would not be in places where men would come on to her like that. OK, men would come on to her everywhere I suppose but obvious places if you see what I mean. She would avoid such places full stop. She certainly would not go to bed with a guy and do other stuff- what if natural impulses took over! It was all bollocks on her part.
    It’s Occam’s Razor-the most obvious answer is usually the right one. If a woman won’t have sex with a man, it’s because she has little in the way of sexual urge for him. Getting pregnant is no longer has any validity at all (if it did in the past to be honest-natural impulses and all that) Any other explanation is hamstering/rationalisation. I’ve had guys say ‘ah but she won’t have sex with me’. I say nothing because I cannot barefacedly lie but of course if I were to speak it would be to say, ‘Man if she wanted you she would have you-she wouldn’t be able to resist.’

  22. I’d say knowledge of Florida beach driving history is important here. Unless this writer was on spring break during WW2, the only place he was driving was Daytona, not Lauderdale. A small lie often begets a larger one.

  23. You might not have slept with her, but you dodged a bullet there. I can only imagine what would’ve happened if you had taken her virginity and then she discovered the truth after, it wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.
    That said, as long as you learn something important from even your near misses (why fake it till you make it isn’t the way to go), you’ll benefit in the long run. Which is what happened here.

    1. Agreed. She was there to lose her virginity but the OP’s blue pill conditioning got in the way.

    2. That reminds me of that “Fishing for Men”/fucking for Jesus cult some decades ago (I think it was called “the Family”)

  24. I have never regretted a single time with any woman. But I often regret those who got away.

  25. Men don’t lie. If don’t have a best foot to put forward or lacking confidence…need to work on ” game.” Compromising integrity for potential short term gain is, well, pathetic.
    Funny thing is, I do many things guys lie about to get laid…and I withhold that information. Woman will want me, not superficial crap I do. She can potentially discover layers with time.
    Anyhow, careful with misrepresenting. It can backfire in uncomfortable social and even legal ways. The type of trial and error one wouldn’t want to personally suffer. ” I’m a recording engineer ” then they inform you they are soundtech at house of blues and start talking shop.

  26. How Game Can Backfire When You Invent Stories About Who You Really Are

    “You shall not bear a false report. . . ” -Exodus 23:23
    Pretty strait forward. A wise man realizes this commandment is for his own benefit, and the rest of the world, and a win/win. Nips any issues resulting from breaking this command in the bud and the world is a better place for it.
    “Wisdom shouts in the street, She lifts her voice in the square; At the head of the noisy streets she cries out; At the entrance of the gates in the city she utters her sayings: “How long, O naive ones, will you love being simple-minded? And scoffers delight themselves in scoffing And fools hate knowledge?” – Proverbs 1

    1. Yeah right men should look for a nice girl in church who is born again virgin 14 times.

      1. Yeah right men should look for a nice girl in church who is born again virgin 14 times.

        What exactly, in your mind, does your comment have to do with men being wise, moral, and obeying the 9th commandment for the benefit of society and themselves?

  27. Bottom line: better to have fucked a 9/10 than to have not fucked one, but having one fall in love with you for who you are can feel like one of the most validating things in the world….

    1. But she was not in love with him. One of the first things that made sense when I discovered the red pill is that women, if in love (and I must stress that because I am not advocating rape) and deeply desiring of a man will do whatever he wishes sexually. During their initial sexual encounters of ‘everything but’ she would crave intercourse with him and would not be able to resist. Her biology would crave that interaction there and then; instead her precious virginity was saved until a later date so that she could fully work out the ramifications of giving it up.

  28. ***Article correction:
    What I outlined in this article happened in Daytona Beach, Florida, not Fort Lauderdale. I called my buddy tonight who came down to meet me when this event happened, all those years ago. He informed me that it was Daytona Beach, not Fort Lauderdale, which is a short drive from Orlando, which is where his wedding took place. “Old guy, getting confused…” Yeah, yeah – simmer down; if you get to be my age, it will happen to you, too. (Wink.)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. And if you lie to a potential notch count, I hope you have the good sense to use a better one than I did – heh.

  29. Hi Bob, good story but you may misjudge the woman and be drawing some incorrect conclusions because you have seen her married to a rich guy.
    I’m guessing she was into you not just because of the record producer thing but because you are desirable and fun to be with and she felt you shared a ‘connection. She may have realised you were not as successful as you made out by the fact you were sharing a hotel bed with a friend and not in a penthouse suite?? You said she was crying when she left, well maybe she cried for months over you, married the first time on the rebound?
    You mentioned how gorgeous she was well rich guys chase gorgeous women, because they are confident they have something to offe them, while many men are nervous of approaching 10’s. She might not be a gold digger at all, but a rich guy saw that beauty and made it his. Why assume she chased rich men? Maybe she could have been yours all along?

    1. My ego tells me that everything you say is possible. My experience in life tells me another story. I’ll never know for sure. But since she’s been married three times, I am really confident in stating that I would have been her first divorce victim. She told at least three other guys that she was in love with them, too, in addition to me; and she took marital vows to that effect, with all three of them – and she wound up divorcing two of them. Thanks for the words of encouragement, in any event. It was thoughtful of you to express them. But AWALT is the truest axiom a man can embrace, when it comes to women.
      If it isn’t true in every single case, a woman must prove it with action, not words. My notch count is exorbitant, and I’m still waiting for that to happen. So I hope you don’t waste your time, holding out for true love, because, truth be told, my friend, you have a better shot at winning the lottery, and being struck by lightning, on the very same day that you collect your winnings..

      1. Well I have been with my 2 nd husband for 25 years and have found true love so no holding my breath here…’s done and we love each other more now than when we started. Before you puke let me say it took me a while to realise I loved him as I got badly burnt in my first marriage. ( husband no 1 pretended to be something he wasn’t – not in a financial way, and proceeded to treat me very badly. It dented my ability to trust men and yes I divorced him to save myself. I was so unhappy that I couldn’t face years more of the same, despite the marriage vows. There was a period with him that I contemplated suicide every day just to escape).
        So husband no 2 had to prove to me he was the real deal, this he did obviously and we have been married for 15 of the 25 years together. What is true love though? Sometimes you don’t recognise it when it’s there even. What exactly are you waiting to find that will make you feel you have ‘true love’?
        It’s not that ‘excited’ feeling you get with a new lover. We have made our relationship last because we care deeply for each other, enjoy each other’s company, are loyal to each other, we see each other’s faults but for us they aren’t deal breakers, we respect each other, we don’t compete with each other. We are best friends, lovers and parents. True love takes work and commitment, excusing someone else’s minor failings at times, because nobody is perfect. I’m not sure what you are looking for but I hope you find it. Each notch on the belt is just turning you into a more cynical man which is a shame because you sound like a nice guy really, just a bit screwed up over women. I admit ‘ good women’ are rare, but you may already have overlooked a few?

        1. Life is about choices. Nobody gets it right all the time. This applies to you, and to me, and to everyone else.
          At this stage of my life, I am riding higher than I ever have in a personal sense – businesswise, confidencewise, etc. Everything I aim for, I get. This isn’t a skill that most men have, and I’ve worked hard to get here by walking a very unconventional path. I mean that in every sense of the word. So a relationship is like…No. 100 on my Top 100 list of things that are important to me at the moment. Since I chose to be a bachelor in order to attain my goals, that’s not something I would even contemplate giving up at this juncture.
          As you said, a relationship takes work. The last thing I want to do right now, is get done with my work during the day (which consumes most of my time and energy), and then…go back to work (on the relationship). That would be suicidal, in terms of being able to execute my final business plans. I need a clear head, in order to stay ahead – and a “relationship” would destroy that.
          If a five-star, gold-plated, non-destructive, female unicorn dropped into my lap, and I felt I could trust her to embrace her femininity, ditch the partner idea, refrain from trying to compete with me, know her role and execute that role to perfection, avoid interfering with me while I run the show, and back me up with 100% effort while I do it, I’d give it a shot. But that isn’t feasible at the moment (if at all).
          After a year or two, I will contemplate having a woman back me up in my life in some fashion – but I am not looking for a soulmate, because that’s crap. And I am not looking for a partner, because that’s crap – I don’t need advice from a woman, as I have never met one who had the intelligence or wisdom it takes to merit consultation for any critical business or financial decisions. That has never happened in any relationship I’ve had, and it very likely never will.
          I might ask a woman what she thinks about something non-critical, if she has a good head on her shoulders, but I will never defer to her judgment and I will only want her opinion on any decision I am making if I ask her for it. Fortunately for me, in the relationships I’ve had up to now, women knew this going in, and they have rarely voiced a word of protest. The ones who did, I left in the dust. No hard feelings, I just won’t put up with shit tests because I don’t have to…and I can always get another woman in a matter of minutes if I feel I truly need one (and they know that).
          I’m not totally closed-off to the idea that I will find somebody worth a damn when I’m ready to explore that avenue, but, in reality, I realize that the more successful I am, and the more money I have, and the less I need anybody at all, the more options I will have in the female department. That’s just the law of the jungle.
          So I’m sticking to my guns until the time comes for me to lift my head and get serious about finding a woman who will appreciate what a guy like me can bring to the table, while having the good sense to not make waves while I do it. I already know several who would relish that chance. But the time is not right, and they are not suitable. Even then, assuming it happens at all, it will probably only last for a year or two tops, because that’s my usual modus operandi – but who knows, maybe we can stretch it out to three…even four. (That sounds crazy, whoa! – let’s walk that back to three, tops.)
          There, I bared my soul to a total stranger. There was zero risk in it, which was why I did it…

        2. You are absolutely right that in the ‘law of the jungle’ the successful confident man has his pick of the available women. That same law of the jungle applies to very beautiful, feminine woman, they have the pick of men and most know it too……

        3. Your Serbian beauty who married well is doing no different? As an alpha female she has married well. Why is that any worse than you using your alpha status? We all have to use what advantage we have in life. Be happy but be careful you don’t die rich and alone, you can’t take it with you

        4. I’m not a feminist by the way, I’m a proud mother and homemaker. The very fact that a woman’s alpha status lies in her desirability to men and a mans lies in his ability to provide tells you all you need to know about the relative relationship between the two, it was ever thus. Except for the last few decades of course and neither men or woman are particularly happy as a result.

        5. I agree. It’s been accelerating for both factions (men and women) – the gap between them widens. And as you said, neither faction is happy. So…I guess we have to make our own happiness. I like the sound of that. And I follow that philosophy. Merry X-mas to you…

  30. Reminds me of that Steve Martin movie “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” the con man conning the con artist.

    1. Yeah. I was taken to school. Hey, she was hot. it was a good experience. Turn the page, man up, and press forward. Tomorrow is another lay (er, day).

  31. I was going through the archive and found this relevant nugget from Roosh, which speaks directly to the notions brought up in the article and effectively corroborates an earlier post I made on this thread (about *not* playing the “brag + lie” game):
    “Be shady and dance around the answer instead. Purposefully not
    impressing a girl is the best way to impress her, since it shows you
    don’t care about her and that your value is higher than hers. Let her find out things eventually on her own by accident (after some insinuation on your part) where the effect will be much more potent. Let her think: “Why didn’t he brag about this great accomplishment?” Because you don’t give a shit. And that’s a key piece of the puzzle to fucking a lot of girls.”
    How To Tell A Girl What You Do
    (December 15, 2009)

  32. Girls like that are virgins merely because they haven’t lost their virginity yet- not because of some code of morality or chastity. I dated a girl who was a virgin at 22. We didn’t do anything because I felt too guilty about it if we ended up not getting married. Marriage didn’t seem to be in the cards with her, so we broke up. By age 26 she was kind of a slut- and she didn’t start being a slut until about 25. I absolutely don’t regret not taking her virginity. My conscience would not be okay with that. Because you never know- if you deflowered her, who’s to say she wouldn’t have ended up being a virgin for her husband if you didn’t deflower her? Hindsight is 20/20 but we don’t know ahead of time which virgins are gonna end up being sluts anyways and which ones are gonna be good wives.
    There are girls who are sluts at 16. There are girls who wait until their 20’s to be sluts. But maybe they waited because they have high standards and didn’t want to fuck high school guys when they were 16. Whatever it was, it’s not because they’re trad wife wheat field types.
    Also, this girl was merely maintaining the veneer of virginity by keeping her hymen. Hymen does not equal virginity if they’ve sucked dick or done anal.

  33. I don’t have any moral obligation to be honest to women. I lie to them all the time and in fact they love it. Most women prefer to hear the lies and cannot handle the truth anyways.
    From sleeping with them to even telling them about myself.
    I encourage men to lie to women because women do the same to us.

    1. Man, I am so sorry for you. You have a mental problem. You are offended person who hates women. I asume you are single. With such brain will be single. You meet women who lie to you because you are the same.

      1. for the last time “123”, get off my cock you homosexual fag. If you are a female (which I assume you to be an ugly whale), then No I’m not interested in fat whales.
        Fuck off.

        1. Why are you so angry person? Why do you hate women? Sorry for asking but I have read some your comments which are full of hate . It is full of anger, hate.
          You are wrong. I am not fat. I am attractive happy married woman with children. More than that I do not hate men.
          You will not live forever. Enjoy your life, love people. Your hate , negative, anger will attract same negative and anger.
          Don’t you want to be loved?

        2. “I am attractive happy married woman with children.”
          If you are attractive happy married woman with children then what are you doing on sites like RoK?
          Shouldn’t you be watching your kids and making dinner for your lovely husband?

        3. I have time for everything. House work makes maid. My husband is a normal man. He has married me because he loves me.
          I read ROK from time to time for fun. My husband reads it also sometimes.
          You avoid my questions.

        4. I avoid your questions because they are not even worthy to be answered.
          “Why do you hate women?” …
          I heard that shit all the time and two hours later, these same hos will suck my cock and take it in the ass.

        5. If it is what makes you happy, be happy.
          Do you have children? Seems no…
          Maybe you are divorced ….
          Maybe you are 45-50+
          If your only pride is that you fuck women’s ass… what can I say

        6. Not divorced. Never married. Not that old.
          Do I take pride in the fact that I plunge my dick into a female pussy and ass?
          Not necessarily a pride but it does feel good.

  34. A girl that comfortable going to your place after just meeting you is probably not as pure as fresh snow BUT encouraging lying because ‘gosh darn the other side does it’ is classless at best.

    1. I don’t think you understand the Machiavellian viewpoint. The world is often not black and white and sometimes “class” is only a feel-good word.

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