7 More Things A Man Must Never Do

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It’s incredibly difficult to discern universal moral standards, especially those who are shared by religious and non-religious men alike. Not everyone agrees about everything, for one reason or another. It could concern drugs, hurting animals for other purposes than eating them, or simply casual sex. Some even suggest that the very idea of contemporary ethics is just a means to keep modern males in check.

Be that as it may, we can still share our values, beliefs, and experiences in order to find common ground or simply put forward different perspectives that enrich our way of thinking and acting. My angle here is to give examples of things that I have said no to in life.

1. Group sex (with other men involved)

Guys who are active, partying, drinking, having a couple of semi-disrupted male friends or even some mild forms of those psychopathic traits themselves, tend to be occasionally involved in situations which may include various constellations of group sex.

While it’s fine to under some conditions make out or even fornicate in the same room as a male friend or acquaintance (in the North we have the infamous ferries between Sweden and Finland where debauchery in the cabins is not uncommon), I find the whole idea of sharing a girl with another guy despicable.

Therefore I have politely said no to such suggestions whenever they have (rarely) been conveyed. The closest is perhaps the pump-and-dump and sharing process associated with being buksvåger.

2. Hard drugs

Drugs and narcotics are two real moral minefields. A complete consensus between men is highly unlikely, given the multiple historical, scientific, spiritual, legal and individual aspects that affect them in regard to such matters.

Distinguishing between “natural” and “unnatural” drugs is hardly of any help. Some natural stuff can be quite toxic, whereas for example most synthetic sleeping pills in moderate doses and for short term use appear as low risk and perfectly reasonable to consume.

Yet, common sense and social norms have told me to stay away from hard and toxic stuff like LSD, heroin, PCP, crack and other junkie drugs. In my 20s I was a bit (((open-minded))) when I was drinking alcohol and some fellow cared to share, but I’ve always tried to make certain rules and avoid hard drugs.

3. Anabolic steroids

Despite of being involved in fitness and bodybuilding for many years, I have never been offered anything at a gym environment or by a bro. However, given that a person is interested in using some type of performance-enhancing substance it’s not hard to find a dealer, whether online or offline.

After weighing the totality of pros and cons (financial, physical, legal and mental), combined with having sort of a general “never cheat” mentality, I have decided to not juice it up. Perhaps you should do too.

4. Fuck fatties

I have rather early in life come to the conclusion that sleeping with a ham beast will bring a net loss to your internal well-being, hence I have avoided it at all cost.

The actual sex act itself and memories of such a mischief are likely horrendous, but adding to the fact that you have let yourself sink that low is probably even more regrettable and discomforting, and will further pour salt on the wound.

5. Have a gay friend

We all know that prejudices often turn out to be predominantly true, especially if they are backed by facts and reason. Most homosexuals that I have come across in real life have turned out to be neurotic at best and promiscuous STD-spreading junk people at worst. The most intelligent and sophisticated ones are probably only very good at hiding what they are doing during their vacations.

After never had any gay friend throughout life, due to my prejudices and instinctual homophobia, I feel that I absolutely miss – nothing at all. Leave some stones unturned.

6. Be nice to annoying people

Personally, I am fairly kind and polite to almost all people. For instance, at my mother’s former work there’s a lightly retarded female (supported by governmental handouts) whom I am friends with on social media. She likes almost every goddamn photo or text message that I happen to disseminate, but never bothers me the slightest. Thus I have absolutely no reason for not seeing her as a harmless and even slightly sympathetic person. The same goes for people who have different opinions than me.

But that’s where I draw the line. If an individual, for whatever reason, completely lacks appropriate social skills and annoys me with text messages, phone calls, doorbell ringing or whatnot I will not tolerate that for more than a second after the first few evasive attempts.

It might be that I am simply less agreeable than the average cuck or female philanthrope, but my level of toleration for the annoying organisms on earth is fairly low.

7. Let other guys run you over

On the bully spectrum I was closer to the bullies than the victims in elementary school, but there were always a couple of guys that you had to fight back or earn their respect before they stopped. In high school there were never such problems by any side where I was living, besides from the senior soccer team in which some of the older guys believed that they could say and do whatever they wanted. The team leaders did even support them.

While a little bit of rough jargon and informal hierarchies are okay, even beneficial for building character, you should never let them take it too far. Hence one time, during soccer practice, I had a fight with a guy (23, I was 18). I threatened him and behaved very aggressively, both verbally and physically, so he ended up calling our coach and complaining like a little bitch. I think back and see this as a great move.

We develop as men when we make good decisions. Sometimes it’s important to say no before bad things occur and you lose your sense of honor.

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176 thoughts on “7 More Things A Man Must Never Do”

      1. Because the opposite (female getting penetrated by multiple men) is called “running a train”.

        1. Ace, actually it’s called a “pig roast.” Never have, never will.

        2. Hey. So yea…there’s nothing wrong with 2 guys and 1 girl if that’s your thing. The new generation understands that.
          We need to have each other’s backs in a world full of bitches…literally.

        – You didn’t answer my question. So much for you guys being sensible and rational.

        1. This is not some liberal cuck site….this is for MEN. and the fact you need to ask this shit shows you are far away from being a one.
          bye faggot.

        2. @ Just some guy,
          you ask why a threesome is defined as 2 girls 1 guy, and why 2 guys 1 girl is defined as a train?
          I suppose it’s the same reason why a bicycle is called a bicycle and a motorbike is called a motorbike.
          As for, what’s the difference? Well, when I have a threesome I like to have one girl on my dick and one on my face. And that’s quite hard to pull that off when there’s 1 girl and 1 guy (besides me).

        3. @asdasda
          – You never answered the question. You just said what you like.
          Is 3 women having sex a threesome?

        4. @asdada
          well in that case you could have the guy on your face while the girl is still on the dick….

        – So the fact that one is having sexual intercourse with a female in one produce is completely negated if another man is using another orifice? That’s absurd.
        Is 3 WOMEN having sex a threesome?

        1. You can also call it an Eiffel Tower, which is French, and only amplifies the gayness.

        2. I haven’t read every reply to your ‘3some’ question, but I didn’t see what I feel is the correct answer.
          The difference is in the sexual dynamics. Unless they’re bi/gay, 2 men and a woman is NOT a threesome. The reason is simple. A 3some is all 3 participants having sex with each other.
          Hence, and forthwith—-
          2 women willing to go at one another with a straight man=3some.
          2 straight men and a woman does not make a 3some. That’s 2 guys double teaming a woman.
          3 women willing to have sex is a 3some.
          It’s a 3some if all 3 participants have sex with each other, it’s not if 2 of the 3 will not have sex with one another.

      4. Mucosum cavern bio-petrie dish = pussy. Other cocks with little squirt hole fill that shit with diseases, you eat that pussy or stick your dick in it, then you’re literally fucking that guy too. Was that graphic enough to “inject” some common fucking sense here bro ?

      1. It is indeed a threesome but one I don’t dwell on too much. I feel so left out thinking of three women doing it by themselves. Also I never get these fetish old men who pay to watch two women. Something is damaged with a man who just wants to watch two women and not participate. But if the women were both my loyal sisterwives, then it’s called ‘wivesplay’ when they go at it like they’re humping, trying so hard to penetrate each other what with not having any dicks of their own and all. I could only take so much of watching them in their frustrated attempts. I would have to plunk the both of them good to make them shut up eventually. Especially if it’s midnight and there’s work tomorrow. Women’s sex clocks are always off. You ever notice that? I prefer draining my nut in the mornings when I’m rested.

      2. GTFO and ask your question at “pussybel” !! They seem to be “experts” in that !!

        1. Even you’re triggered.
          If asking questions triggers so many of you then you guys aren’t as tough and emotionally stable as you’d like to see.

      – Cucks are men. That’s in the description of a cuck. So by your logic cucks ARE welcome here.

      1. No they’re not….only REAL MEN here….you are not one of them….bye stinky butthole cuck.

          – How can I not become sitting is that something isn’t defined?
          Is 3 women having sex a threesome?

        2. you know why you liberals are sheep ?
          you think women are equal to men….so if anything a man can do, so is the woman.
          we’re not equal… so your question is invalid and i know you dont get it cause you ARE brainwashed sheep.

          – Ok. It’s fine if you don’t. I don’t believe you’re intelligent at all.

          – What makes you an alpha?
          I’d 3 women having sex a threesome?

      2. Sheep lol……I know whats your next question when i answer this. women are not equal to men….so dont even bother ! i’m always a head of your kind. and thats being an Alpha.

          – All you’ve done is call mr scfaggot and a sheep and a bet stuck. All you can do is call me names, like a child.
          I doubt you know what logic is.
          Keyboard warrior.

          – And keep lying to us and yourself pretending you’re so alphas. I thought alphas don’t get all triggered and call people fags.

          – You seem to think about men fucking each other in the ass a lot. With the constant use of the word “fag”, trying to sound all tough over a keyboard, talking about cucks dicks. Sure you don’t have any underlying issues?

        4. I’m not. I like to expose weak ass betas like you….cause I know your type.
          lion behind the screen, a pussy in real life.
          have fun being a cuck…

          – “Lion behind the screen, pussy in real life.”
          I’m glad you’re so self-aware. Calling me faggot and beta cuck when I’ve never insulted you once.

          – Dude I’m really happy you’re looking at yourself from a 3rd-person perspective. Now don’t worrry about feeling like less of a man because you cry. It’s ok, let those tears out.

        7. I know i hurt your feelings cupcake. now go to your feminist gf to tell you how brave and smart you are ! while you are self loathing yourself…

      3. JSW baiter. How sad this is what you have to do. Bait and disrupt.

        1. I know dude….i just wanted to hammer him/her….with their pathetic logic.

    2. No matter if its FFM or MFM, the both types and the whole concept of threesome sex is degenerate shit for perverts, just as BDSM, fetishes, etc.

        1. @Belinksy
          – You’re being down voted for saying you’ve never messsed with sluts.
          That says a lot about the kind of guys on here

    3. Black dudes are more than happy to be a bull for a white couple.
      I’d say black guys are the most in favor of the two guys – one girl setup in this regard.

    4. THRIDWORLDMAN- I don’t do threesomes, or orgies. But one woman and two men has a certain logic, or practicality about it. She has two holes; one in front, one in back. Two women and one man leaves one of the women out of the action. Unless one of them is sitting on your face while the other one is on top, or blowing you. Which splits your attention. No thanks. Listen to the Zens; one thing at a time. Besides, either arrangement is for lezbos and fags.

    5. Fcuking gay men is how I got AIDS now Im dying and have to resort to trolling ROK. FTW

    1. That is a very good point men should remember…think about humanity first.

    2. Stop fucking fat women! I don’t care if you’re having a dry spell and super thirsty. Jerking off or hookers is the better option.
      Start shaming male friends that contemplate overweight women.
      Imagine if we could go back to a time when women kept their shit together if they wanted a viable partner where the majority were slim and healthy. Well we can’t have that when stupid men keep d1cking And relationshipping these behemoths.

      1. Well then we should also stop banging sluts.
        Imagine if we could go back to a time where women had their shit together.

      2. Hire a hooker or jerking off isn’t any better than fucking fat beasts. All of these actions are for sad losers with no life. I would rather refrain from any sexual activity at all.

        1. Just some guy,
          Yes, I would. Hookers aren’t “old food”, they’re trash. And I have enough self-respect to not to eat from a trash can.

        2. Fucking fat women is basically fat acceptance. It’s telling women it’s ok to be a lazy slob men will still desire and take care of you.

        3. Good point about fat acceptance. I think you should add post-wall acceptance too, which I am guilty of doing 10 days ago. The bitch has been spamming my pocket ever since after begging for my number. It wasn’t good at all, yet she is begging me to respond because she has been ‘dreaming’ about me since that night was so ‘amazing.’ It’s embarrassing.

      3. Fatties are really just efficient metabolizers/water retainers. You’re feeding them wrong if they’re bloated up. Truth is they can survive on a handful of granola per day. You have to confine them until they slim down. They’re very low maintenance as far as food costs, but keep their potassium and electrolyte levels sufficient and they’re good for service. Remember NEVER feed them an entire meal ever. Just crumbs and some leafy greens now and then for the required phytonutrients. Like I said they’re VERY low maintenance and cheap to keep. Most of the whales you see today had ancestors that were leaned out proper a century or two ago before hi carb processed diet was trough fed to them in the schools. You would never have known how grotesquely they could blow up back then, but you knew which women of the village were light eaters. They worked, screwed and functioned fine and ate very very little because there were no addictive junk foods available. All they had was lean dried game meats and what slim pickings they could forage or grow themselves. It took hours hiking in the woods and hundreds of calories burned to locate a handful of berries which would be eaten on site. Women ate just what they needed to keep their pussies wet and maintain their other bodily functions.

        1. LOL, great comment. loved it. too true, its guaranteed to hurt feelings! bonus.

        2. @Mcgoo
          “Women ate just what they needed to keep their pussies wet and maintain their other bodily functions.”
          And TITTY FEED!! Haha. Love your rants.

      4. Besides you have to spend time and game the fatty even for the letting off steam sex. You need to take her out, spend time with her, hold a conversation with her, exchange phone numbers etc. Yikes! She may later on show up on your radar or run into when you are with a hottie and that will not be good.

    3. “If all men rejected them, they’d go away.”
      It’s not that simple. Rates of obesity have skyrocketed in the last decade in men and women. We’re becoming lazier, bigger and unhealthier each year.

    4. I don’t think so. They keep getting fatter because they don’t care if they have men or not. Women don’t need men for anything. Women in the past wanted kids and a family because of their religion, cultural respect, and ability to own property. Now, all of that shit is out the window. Women have more power, which means men’s needs are low priority, and less people are having sex, period. (In the West.)

      1. Are you serious? Women are completely helpless without male attention or assistance. They could not go 24 hours without men.

        1. Both of you are right.
          Women need men almost 24/7.
          But they gain the resources from men via the State, when they can`t acess it directly from the man himself.

  1. The last two violate Christian doctrine. Aren’t you supposed to love thy neighbor and respect everyone? And if you guys are so Christian why do you advocate for going out, drinking, dancing and having pre-marital sex?

    1. No. Perhaps if you were a Christian you would comprehend; but you’re not; all you are is a fool trying to push better men’s buttons.

      1. Oh okay, so then you can’t criticize Islam because you’re not a Muslim.
        Brilliant logic there Spock.

    2. Just some guy
      your straw man arguments doesn’t work faggot…..
      not everyone here is pure religious and why you are pissed at this article ???
      is it because you like having sex with man ?
      hahaha what a fag….you know deep inside you are a weak person and pathetic excuse of a man.

        1. If the question is “why are you losses at this article”, I’m not.
          If your question is “Ate you a faggot”, no, I’m not.
          Now please answer my question.
          And you call me your slave. You really got a complex going on. Might want to get that checked out.

          – Now that I’ve answered our question can you please answer mine:
          – What straw man arguments have I presented?

          – Really because you seem to be responding to my comments very frequently.

        4. Just Some Guy…
          Give it up, brah. You’re getting massacred, literally getting nunchucked all over the place. It’s embarrassing.

        1. Thirdworldloser, you are so dumb you make my eyes bleed. Aggressive and dumb. This guy has pissed all over you and you swallowed.

          – You seem to think a lot about other men’s sexual preferences and penises. Saying “dick(s)” all the time, and you also toss out the word “fag” like it’s nothing. Sure you don’t have any underlying issues?

        3. You don’t answer because you don’t have any response. if you DID and if you were an ACTUAL alpha and not a sheep like you accuse people of then you would show it off. But you’re not. Because you’re nothing but a weak willed little child who has to had all big without being able to back it up with anything.
          You are truly a weak and pathetic person.

    3. Because Christians are the most naive, cucked population on the planet. They’re still following orders from events in a book that happened over 2,000 years ago. Fairytales

      1. Who would not want to get closer to the book during these troublesome times? As long as they mean well and love their fellow man, why denigrate their character?
        “Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.”
        -William Penn

    4. Just Some Troll,
      Stop intentionally being so god damn annoying.
      Nobody is obligated to answer any of your questions.
      Your passive aggressive conduct is clearly a mark of insecurity.
      Woman or teenager- you are not a grown man, because grown men don’t act like you.
      Stop. Stop. Stop.

      1. So asking questions is a mark of insecurity? You’re it very intelligent are you?

      2. Grown men and women don’t bitch and whine when asked questions either. 😉
        They also don’t try to make others look small and themselves bigger. That is a classic sign of an inferiority complex. So just tell us, what did your bully do to you?

  2. The thing about gay friends is that in the end…they want to get their cock sucked. They are like that Beta orbiter…only you are the woman.

    1. By that rationale women shouldn’t have male friends or boyfriends because in the end the guy wants his cocked sucked.

      1. Where I live women aren’t allowed any contact with males unless as part of a group or in the company of their father or husband. My wife certainly isn’t allowed to have male friends, or even speak to a man unless I can hear what they are saying. This is entirely normal in most non-Christian countries.

  3. Looks like we have another troy francis here lol!
    Post your pics and vids, the jury will do the rest
    “I was closer to the bullies than the victims” suuuuure bro suuuure

    1. I have posted pics on my terrific physique. I am a short, athletic and good-looking guy in my 30s . No Youtube, though. I have a job that I don’t wanna lose just by impressing anonymous guys on the Internet.

        1. In an article about fitness that was published about a month ago. The article includes a picture of my back and the comment section includes three more pics of legs, arms, shoulders etc.
          As further evidence, I have also sent pictures of myself and girls to automaticslim, and I aim for to be as honest, accurate and nuanced as possible. I have not claimed to have slept with 100+ girls, my short stature is a disadvantage, and I often meet girls who are 6-8s rather than 9s and 10s so common in the Google pics. Several 5s as well. Still I think my game articles make sense, and are based on real experiences and accurate information.
          Ps. Not against the idea of showing the face here too but maybe it’s not worth it.

        2. @ Just some guy.
          – William is a very honest & decent guy.
          And he is always willing to answer questions & offer advice.
          @ William
          – Keep it up Will. Your articles are always interesting and your participation in the comments section and willingness to help others is admirable. For some reason you seem to attract a troll or two, but that’s not too bad compared to some of the other writers here. I Especially enjoy the travel articles. Have a great spring!

      1. dont dox yourself. its not worth it for any of the faceless bodies out here on the internet. you have nothing to prove to anyone. either they accept what you have to say or they dont. its their problem not yours.

  4. The first article of this series is gold; this one is complete rubbish. Also, the purpose of this site is to empower other like-minded individuals. Calling yourself alpha or a “REAL MAN” and someone else a fag is counterproductive to the intent of this site, and does not make you a manlier man. The mindset of being redpill is you don’t have to shout how manly you are and put other men down to prove this manliness. That’s the sign of a weak, blue pilled, beta provider.

    1. Where I have written that I am “alpha” or a “real man”? You misrepresenting and using words that do not occur in the article.
      The idea is to have an open mind (read the preamble) in regard to ethics, yet emphasize decisions that I think were correct. By doing so one gets one step closer to a “rulebook” or moral code for men.

    2. @Chris, what’s wrong in calling a fag as a “fag” !? Going by your logic, it’s wrong to call a:
      -Thug as a “-Thug” !!
      -Slut as a “Slut” !!
      -Bitch as a “Bitch” !!
      -Whore as a “Whore” !!
      And so on,,, !!

  5. These nothing wrong with passing a hoe around at a party! Just make sure the lights are on cause one time I grabbed my mates dick by accident in the dark :(((((((((

  6. Thirdworldman and justsomeguy: “my dick is bigger then your dick!” To answer the question yes three women having sex at the same time is a threesome put a guy in there and it is a harem

    1. I’m not having a dick measuring contest. I’m asking questions.
      Thanks for answering.

  7. @Just some guy, you seem sensible and like a lot of fun bro, where you from? Dark Acolyte too…

  8. Looks like I triggered a bunch of beta males since all they can do is call me names like faggot and sheep. Ironic.

    1. Yup. On this point, the author is talking out of their ass. How come the editors didn’t pick up on this?

      1. LSD can truly fuck you up. Thus it’s a hard drug in that sense, although its half-life is short.
        Furthermore, it’s a bit subjective and arbitrary how to categorize substances. For some men, skunk is pretty toxic stuff to avoid. Some may think that ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamine are to be avoided, wheras others think they are harmless party drugs to use once in a while in their late adolescent years and 20s .

        1. Anything worthwhile can truly fuck you up. Foreign countries, motorbikes, electricity, women. Are you going to avoid these too?
          Ironically, LSD is as close to a chemical red pill as one can get. It speaks volumes of your ignorance and hypocrisy that you fear it.
          But perhaps you’re not interested in being truly red pilled and becoming a self-realized man. Perhaps you just want to increase your pussy magnetism while remaining otherwise as safely blue pilled as possible. I see a lot of that here :/

        2. its all unneeded toxic trash to me. i avoid it all. id ont have to classify it. my 2 cent comment, not @you Will.

      I grew up in the acid era of the 1990’s and did it a single time or two.
      If you do 100 trips or more you will definitely notice, in many users, a great difference in their perception and behavior.
      You could sniff coke or smoke grass for years and then stop, as many of us do. But people who take a great deal of acid are, well, altered.

    3. It’s the strongest drug known to mankind, bar none.
      No link.
      Look it up.

  9. Well said. Especially agree with you on #1.
    I like how Charlie Sheen once put it, (and Charlie should know).
    As I recall, Charlie described the FFM threesome, which he highly recommended, as “The threesome of the angels”, (or words to that effect), while deploring the MMF as “The Devil’s threesome” and is earnestly to be avoided by all discerning gentlemen.

  10. You can tell the fat assed chick in pic #4 just ripped a piping hot fart on that school boys face by the way hes tryin his damnedest to push her off. Or maybe it was a queef and hes gobbling it up. Yum yum. And if that is just a sample as the sign reads, i gotta see the main dish.

    1. You’re a writer that doesn’t even spell check his own comments. Man your image just keeps getting worse and worse just by going through your comments. XD

      1. It would be too time-consuming to proofread every comment. Plus, I sometimes comment from the cellphone – where typos and automatic spelling mistakes tend to be all too common – and there is no edit function. Sorry, bad you’re not worthy enough of getting impeccable comments from me.
        My “image” should mainly be judged by the totality of my articles here, and on my blog Syncretic Politics, although some of the comments are fairly well-written. Look out for an upcoming article on this topic.

  11. In the featured picture, many might not have picked up on to the fact that the land whale is attempting to kill that guy. She became enraged when he ate the last Scooter Pie.

  12. Can men have a lesbian friend though?
    I like a woman who appreciates the female form as much as I do

    1. You can have a homo acquaintance, whether male or lesbo. But don’t let them too close to the center of your social circle. Disgusting and annoying homos should have no place whatsoever.

      1. it’s hilarious watching someone so desperate for pussy bitch about women. wearing a fucking top hat in your avatar too. yeah we gays have so much to learn from you! lol what a fag

      2. You know what has no place whatsoever? Out of touch narrow minded failure of writers like yourself that you can’t even *look* like your from the modern age let alone act like it.

      3. i can’t reply to your other reply? so brave of you! tell you what buddy, if some pussy-whipped hetero ever tells me he can’t be my friend because he’s taking masculinity lessons from some blogging Swede, I’ll send you a fucking fruit bouquet for saving me the trouble.

  13. Wow the amount of name calling here would put high school to shame. This comment section is pathetic and it seems most people here *have* to have the word fag
    in their vocabularies because they think it actually means anything that insults people. I’ll probably be called a fag for this post but this entire thing is shit writing.
    You don’t like some gays so all gays are bad? That’s some backwards thinking and only serves to show that you don’t need to learn critical thinking skills to have a job like yours. You are a sad and pathetic person and may you be soon removed from the gene pool for your lack of mental thought.
    But of course given the quality of people here this post is probably not even going to be fully understood or even read as people here have already shown their inability to understand stuff and to think rationally.

    1. You are narrow-minded and irrational for thinking that all people should have the same opinions. This is a site for hetero men, still women and homosexuals comment. Therein lays the problem: you want to impose your opinions and make everyone think the same.
      I have a gay acquiatance who is a respectable person. Very knowledgeable and friendly. So I guess there are exceptions. Still he likely gets fucked in the ass by other men, which is disgusting.

      1. Wow! You just completely missed the point of what I was talking about. You don’t even display proper reading abilities. Let me help you out in that case.
        “You don’t like some gays so all gays are bad?”
        This was the basis of my comment. You don’t like what a few do so you don’t like them all. That is a logical fallacy that even a kid would know not to make. yet you seem to have taken it as “EVERYONE MUST BE THE SAME” Which again shows your utter lack of comprehension.
        But please, tell me how I’m narrow minded when you put intent into my words that are not there. I have my popcorn ready and everything. 😉

        1. The wow just wow phrase is such a cliche.
          Homosexuality has been discussed at these pages, and it’s not the case that there are only a few bad apples (another cliche). Homosexuals are vastly overrepresented in pedophilia and similar deviant, immoral and illegal behavior. Furthermore, gays are likely leftists and the homo agenda and decadent behavior infiltrates the public. This is something that goes far beyond anecdotal evidence and being tolerant at the individual and private level.
          As for having gay friends, I don’t have them for the same reasons that I don’t have close female friends (and weak soy boy betas), plus other reasons. I don’t see the point of having a poor substitute for platonic male friends that I can share everything with. But I do always encourage gays that behave normal. Many gays are depressed and whenever they engage in something sound and normal, I appreciate it and show my respect. I live in urban, well-educated areas in Europe so I have met many gay men. My approach is there for a reason.

      2. “The wow just wow phrase is such a cliche.”
        Huh, good thing I didn’t use that phrase you illiterate failure.
        “Homosexuals are vastly overrepresented in pedophilia and similar deviant, immoral and illegal behavior.”
        Wrong and utterly baseless. All of that is just as possible in straight as in gay. Again your narrow mindedness to think that it is mostly one group shows, pathetic.
        “As for having gay friends, I don’t have them for the same reasons that I don’t have close female friends (and weak soy boy betas)”
        I point you to my other comment. People who think they are actually “alpha” like you that you just implied. Well they usually have massive superiority complexes. Which just shows that everything you say is even MORE influenced by your mental and emotional shortcomings.
        “Many gays are depressed and whenever they engage in something sound and normal, I appreciate it and show my respect.”
        You know fuck all about what being gay is like. Many gays are NOT depressed or depraved. And trust me when I say that *nobody* that respects themselves even wants your disgusting respect.

        1. Gays are craving respect from good-looking and intelligent persons. They even say wow when they conversate with me, whether online or offline.
          As for your contentious contentions regarding gay behavior, I think I will write an article about it and provide a more comprehensive and nuanced discourse.

  14. Definitely agree with #4 never fuck fatties!
    Going without sex and masturbation are preferable to this debasement.
    ONLY FUCK HOT thin and young women. Period. End of story. Not up for debate.

  15. I usually enjoy the articles here, but I guess I didn’t realize that to be a “real man” you had to fall in line with the sexually repressed camp Christians also go nuts about. Oh well, my day carries on!

  16. Third world and Just another guy, take your duel outside, I wasted 10 minutes reading your back forth texts, where none of you want to back off when fully well you both know you are anonymous and none of these will come to bite you onto your real lives. My 2 cents let’s offer something worthwhile or see if there’s a take away in these articles. Peace, we have better fights outside.

  17. I am horrified for some of the stuff you write. But I am more horrified from the left that wants to deny our genetics and consider masculinity a capital sin.

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