Attendance Guidelines For Saturday’s International Meetup

With the increased media attention over the past few days, it’s become clear that we’re going to need a common set of guidelines for everybody to follow.  A simple meet-and-greet has turned into a media circus, with multiple mainstream sources defaming and misrepresenting Roosh, as well as ourselves.  With that in mind, the following guidelines have been created, both for our security, as well as to ensure that we don’t do the media’s job for them, handing them soundbites which can be taken out of context, or just generally making fools out of ourselves.

Both group leaders and attendees are expected to read and adhere to these standards; by doing so we will ensure that this meet up is a roaring success, and that our detractors are exposed for the mendacious provocateurs that they are.


  1. Mission Statement
  2. Situation
  3. Dress and Deportment
  4. Security
  5. Leader responsibilities

1. Mission Statement

The importance of moving from online discussions to face-to-face meetups cannot be understated; it provides a level of dynamism, trust, and mutual support which simply cannot exist online. While many of us have already met others under the auspices of “the red pill”, this Saturday’s neomasculinity meetup is a step forward beyond that. Whereas “the red pill” is merely descriptive, neomasculinity is normative; it provides us with a unified purpose beyond the immediate desires of money, women, status, and success. It provides us with a banner where men of divergent ages and interests can find common cause in promoting the values, both internal and external, which result in civility, industry, and justice in society at large.

Therefore the primary focus of all attendees should be upon establishing friendly relations with the other men who are present. The goal is not to meet women, or to party uproariously, or to grandstand, or to find a wingman, but to meet other men who share the same values as yourself, even if they walk different paths in life.

2. Situation

A great deal of online chatter is suggesting that we may encounter some resistance to our meetups. To best understand how to deal with our opponents, we must understand who they are. We can break them down into five major groups:

A) Ideological Opponents, SJWs: hysterical and loud, prone to committing civil infractions, but not generally criminal. Their objections stem from internal boredom; they need something they can brag about on Facebook. Unreasonable. Do not engage with them, merely ignore.

B: Ideological Opponents, Antifa: unlike the SJWs, the Antifas are prone to criminal acts. They tend to be young men filled with a sense of frustration and inadequacy, who seek out “fascists” to assault to prove their manhood (note: neomasculinity is not a fascist organization, it is largely apolitical, focusing on the Classical Greek virtues, with somewhat of a libertarian bend). If Antifas harass you, there will be safety in small groups. Ultimately these street thugs are cowardly, and if you stand your ground they will back off. If they insist on harassing you, speak bluntly and to the point. Do not argue.

C. Citizens: the populace has been warned about a “rape group” that’s meeting in their city, and are understandably upset. They may be angry, but it is for just reasons, and they are unlikely to engage in criminal acts. Keep your cool and speak civilly to them; explain gently that no, we don’t support rape, et cetera. They might be looking for an excuse to fight, but if you don’t give it to them they won’t assault you.

D. Journalists and Infiltrators: you are not a spokesperson for neomasculinity, you are merely a group leader. If journalists have questions for you, refer them to or Do not answer any questions beyond saying that it is a peaceful meet and greet. Some journalists may seek to infiltrate the group; see Section 3, Dress and Deportment, and behave accordingly.

E. Law Enforcement: due to the agitation in the mainstream media, there may be a heightened police presence; this is good. Because we are a law abiding group, and the police will protect us if any of the first three groups decide to break the law. If you encounter a police officer, speak politely; feel free to briefly explain the goals of Neomasculinity, and assure them that you – as the group leader – will not allow the group to get out of hand. Explain to them what sort of deportment will be expected of the group; that with all of this attention, it is especially important that there is no misbehavior.

3. Dress and Deportment

Because of the scrutiny we are under, any missteps will be blown out of proportion, and statements will be taken out of context. It is vital that we give them as little excuse to defame us as possible by carrying ourselves like the professional, law abiding adults that we are.

3a. Dress: Business casual is the style of the day. No trashy logo-tees, ripped jeans, or black eyeliner. Dress like men. However avoid good suits, and ties especially. There is a small chance that you may be physically assaulted, or have a drink thrown on you; the tie is a choking hazard, and there’s no reason to ruin a nice suit. Dress pants or jeans and a button-up shirt will suffice.

3b. Discussions: While the principles of neomasculinity embrace freedom of speech and spirited debate, remember that the purpose of this meet-up isn’t to solve all the problems of the world, but rather to network with like-minded men. Avoid impolite or contentious topics, and assume that you are being recorded. Try and avoid making statements that can easily be quoted out of context. Absolutely do not discuss illegal activity, no matter how minor, and do not bicker.

3c. Alcohol: Do not drink to excess, and do not allow any group members to drink to excess. No ‘after parties’ with any of the members whom you just met. We will have time for that later; it is critical that nobody drinks themselves into trouble as a result of this meetup. Go home when the meeting is over.

3d. Women: Do not approach women; if women approach you, get their number, and phone them next week. There are two reasons behind this: 1) women may be flirting with you so as to claim assault, and 2) competition over women can cause conflict between men. Go out sarging some other night.

Security Guidelines

4a. Physical Security

We are embracing the Gandhi strategy of peaceful resistance. This means that you do not engage in physical violence. Our planned actions – meeting, discussing, having a quiet beer amongst ourselves – are completely legal and inoffensive. With that in mind, do not bring:

  • A sidearm
  • A knife
  • Pepper spray
  • Any other sort of offensive weapon

Weapons are more likely to get us into trouble than out of trouble. Neither leaders nor attendees should be carrying; if anybody arrives with a weapon, instruct them to return it to their vehicle.

Do bring a cellphone with video capability. Record any and all interactions.

If you are assaulted, protect yourself, but if possible do not respond in kind. If a woman hits you, do not hit back; if a single man hits you, block his blows and retreat, but do not hit back.  Remember, the Gandhi strategy: very few men will hit somebody who isn’t hitting them back, and if you don’t respond in kind the police will have no grounds to arrest both of you. The only time you should use self-defense is if you’re being assaulted by a group of thugs who pose a serious threat to your life or limb. If this is the case, you should also rely on the buddy system.

4b. Buddy System

If possible, have a buddy watch your six. This is especially the case for the group leader – have a friend who arrives separately from you with his own cell phone, to record events without being obviously involved. For attendees it might also be wise to come with a friend. If a situation looks as if it is escalating physically, your buddy can intervene as a “neutral” third party, to calm things down.

4c. Movement

Take a circuitous route to the secondary location. Change direction by 180 degrees. Move in pairs if possible, and be aware of your surroundings. Pause and scan the crowd. Pay attention to anybody who suddenly looks the other way. There is no reason to worry about professional security forces since we are not breaking any laws; you are merely keeping an eye open for SJW protestors who would seek to disrupt the venue where the secondary meet-up is occurring.

5. Leader Responsibilities

As group leader, you have two responsibilities: Establish Order and Facilitate Networking.

5a. Establish Order

The men who arrive might be nervous; it is up to you to provide them with direction. Instill confidence in them by showing that you are in control of the situation. Clearly lay out the standards of deportment that are expected; tell them to return any weapons or drugs to their vehicle if they have any (and not to tell you about such things if they do have them). Lay out a plan for the evening, and explain what it will be to them. Advise them on the secondary location, and recommend the above security precautions.

5b. Facilitate Networking

This is just the first meeting of many; as group leader it is your duty to learn who these men are, what their contact information is, and ensure that the meeting goes smoothly. As written in the Ten Principles of Leadership, “Get to know your soldiers and promote their welfare” and “train your men to work as a team”. As time goes on, leaders within the group will arise organically, but for this meetup the responsibility is on your shoulders. We are likely to have a very diverse group, ensure that it is inclusive. Keep track of everybody and do your best to remember their names and characters. Collect contact information, and arrange for meetings in the future.

With all of that said, have fun guys! We need to keep everything tied down tight so that nothing spins out of control, but in all honestly I’m not that worried about things. Remember that we’re smarter, faster, and more determined than our opponents. Remember the OODA loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Pay attention to your environment, notice which things are changing, remain vigilant, and think faster than our opponents. And always remember – if you’re getting flak, that means you’re over the target.

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810 thoughts on “Attendance Guidelines For Saturday’s International Meetup”

  1. Great list. I’ll also post a more detailed procedure within half a day for the critical 8-8:20pm window.
    About 50 meetups will be made private, but for the ones that won’t, I want all guests to be absolutely prepared.

    1. will Harrisburg be private, will we have to have to follow the rules to enter by buying the book, or emailing with our name?

    1. This is absolute madness. A group of harmless men merely gathering to discuss masculinity and the media is trying to convince the masses this is a “ruse to commit rape.”
      Meanwhile … in Europe, if you’re a female who’s been sexually assaulted by a refugee and — dare to — speak out via Social Media, your post will be deleted.
      This is Nuts !
      Without question, this is all a ploy to silence those who fail to adopt the SJW/ Feminist Narrative. How many men will now opt out of these events for fear if photographed and employer sees pic, they’ll be linked to a (bogus) “pro-rape” conference.

      1. Did you read the comments on the Facebook page. I’ve never seen anything like it. Face palm doesn’t even cover it.
        This is turning into a demonstration of media control, and it is impressive. It is amazingly easily to control these people, I mean amazingly easy.

        1. With regards to control and how easy it is to manipulate masses of mindless idiots, it’s been this way for a LONG time unfortunately.

        1. You know what I mean! Madness in reference to how the MSM is falsely convincing the public that we’re all pro-rape and are only coming to these meet-ups to bang women against their will.
          Just remember. These are the same people who get into any Republican event and disrupt them because . . . well, “white privilege.”
          I laugh at the one who claims SJW’s are not trying to take away any rights from us. LOL! Yes they are — they want the 1st Amendment decimated so anyone who dares speak an opposing view which they deem as offensive can be punished under the iron fist of the law.

        2. Just trying to lighten the mood, sir.
          By “privilege”, I’m starting to wonder if they mean constitutional rights. It’s alright for them to gather and shut down streets for slut walks and gay pride parades, yet a couple dudes can’t hang out for a couple hours in a bar or wherever for a few hours?

        3. Hate speech and inciting violence is not a right. The public does not need to tolerate your communities BS.

        4. It’s not a couple of dudes. Don’t expect the public to just let you spread your hateful message without consequence.

        5. it sounds like the egalitarians are spreading hate and threats of violence against these meetings
          and unlike the masculinist position, they don’t have a good reason, or moral right to do so

        6. The venue the DOOSHes are supposed to meet at has already issued a statement disavowing any connection to the group, inc. that their bodyguards will boot the DOOSHes away, and the police have been notified. Screw you, ROOSH the DOOSH.

        7. Actually, the public totally have every right to oppose your sick views on society and actions to impose them.

        8. You mean your communities BS, your the ones doing that, not us. Projecting is such a sad, sad thing, maybe one day you’ll be able to do some serious self reflection and see that you were the problem all along.

  2. You are all so sadly frustrated that cannot pick up a girl so you have to rape them, cause you know you are not even remotely interesting, so that any girl will be interested in being involved with any of you. I am a women, and I know how to defend myself, I just hope I will find any of you on my way, I will take pleasure in hurting each one of you miserable men.

      1. They’ll never stop and acknowledge that. Any meeting of — white — straight men is a “rape convention” to them.

        1. Then why did your leader say he wanted to legalize rape? And why are all of the articles about how men should dominate women in every way? That they should be subserviant to us?

        2. When you follow someone who defend such things you became as bad as he is. I do not have a problem with men getting together, but the purpose of that is written all over this website, and if you do agree with him, you do not respect women, so you don’t deserve anyone’s respect.

        3. When an entire society is incapable of seeing satire and chooses rather to focus on hysteria similar to the Salem witch trails (except dimensions larger)…this is why this community exists.

        4. Because he was hypothesizing it as a method to reduce rape. It was a simple blog post a year ago, not a political movement. A topic for discussion amongst adults, which is clearly beyond the grasp of the left half of the bell curve to differentiate from advocacy.

        5. There is no leader. This isn’t an army or some hive mind Occupy protest. The people on here do not take orders. There is only a dude who started a website. The proposed meetings are intentionally non-hierarchical.

        6. Defeat rape by legalizing it, out of view so that there are no witnesses to defend the victims. Sound logic you got there, if you’re a rapist. Yes, let’s just make easier to get away with than it already is. Genius.

        7. Remember these are a humorless bunch. Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Maher — two comedians who lean left — repeatedly speak out on how these Social Justice Wankers are killing comedy.
          I know one of them will say, “Rape Jokes are never funny.” Well … personally I don’t think men being assaulted in the nuts on TV shows is ever funny, but I’m not launching a vile campaign to silence anyone who thinks it is funny.
          That is ultimately the difference between us and them. We are pro-1st amendment while they’re not. We will fight for their right to piss us off because we value the 1st amendment. These carcinogens want anything they don’t like silenced.

        8. Excellent Point. We don’t have one person on a mega phone shouting something where we all have to repeat it like mindless drones.

      2. Well, the one you are following is defending that. Don’t worry, I do not drink and loose my senses, and I am alert to defend the week minds who do, because that should not make anyone loose their rights as human beings.

      3. Do you really think these people care they are being lied to? They want to be lied to, they are practically begging for it. The media fills the void in their souls. They are the same people who want to elect Hillary “because she is a woman”, regardless of her record.

        1. Hillary is an idiot and so are you. The evidence of the way the media characterized this community is posted all over this site for all to see.

    1. Remember, just don’t go drinking or walk with them in any capacity. According to Roosh, that means you WILL accept the “D” whether you want it or not..

      1. Do not worry I won’t. I will wait for them to come to me and try something that annoys me enough, to get them to know a true female’s feast.

    2. We aren’t rapists and we have no interest in rape.
      If you do assault us, it will be recorded, you will be arrested, charges will be filed, and we will press them.
      Stay away from us.

  3. It sounds like you guys are about as scared of women as women are of you. Except that no SJW or other woman is trying to give you all PTSD, take away your rights, force you to stay in your “specified sphere,” treat you like an animal, or demean you for the way you dress.

        1. As a white man, I can say with full confidence that my life has never been difficult because of my whiteness of manliness.

        2. You dont get to blame your own lifes failures on slavery/patriarchy/anti-semitism/etc all supposedly the fault of strait white men. Other groups blame us for their failures.

        3. I’m… not?
          I wonder if you fully understand structures of power and how they operate in society.

        4. Yeah, just like if you read John 3:16, you’ll total believe in Jesus. If we only knew how structures of power operate then we could ask for forgiveness and repent for the original sin of being born straight white men.
          Sorry Christians nothing against you, it’s an example they’ll understand…

        5. The contents that have been created by this community are what the public are forming their view off of. You aren’t a martyr, you are a predator.

        6. Speak for yourself. As a white man, I can say with certainty that white males are increasing the end of the blame for many of supposed ills in western society.
          Didn’t feel great knowing I could never get a grant for college because I didn’t fit into a “special class” category.

        7. In Animal House the horse kept on working as though things were perfect when they were not. You kind of resemble that.

        8. *Animal Farm, I assume you mean.
          I’m confused, you’re comparing me to the proletarian who did not have the power to fight against an oppressive dictatorship? How does that have anything to do with this?

        9. Hahahaha. Animal House. I just realised!
          He’s comparing you to the horses in that you’re going along with your daily work and activities, not realising the societal and cultural collapse that is taking place that you aren’t seeing.
          A good resource is Sir John Glubb’s “The Fate of Empires”. It discusses the establishment, rise and fall of all the great empires throughout human history and how they all have a similar timeline. They all had similar reasons for their decline and we are currently experiencing all the same things now.

        10. Oh, he was being ironic. I get it. Because this website is part of the societal and cultural collapse that may soon occur, right? Arguing to take away rights that women fought for? Thanks for clarifyng for me.

        11. Actually, signs of a socetial collapse include fixation on entertainment over achievement, a greater importance placed on emotion than logic and data. This website and others like are trying to limit the decaying of society by encouraging the values that made this once great society.
          In the name of “equality”;

    1. There have been several credible death threats made, as well as politicians proposing legislation specifically targeting the men here, arguing to remove their fundamental rights.
      In other words, they are attempting to take away our fundamental human rights, either through legislation, or by mob violence. Nobody on here would ever try and do the same to them, despite these manufactured rumours about ‘rape advocacy’.

      1. Literally every article I have read on here is about taking away women’s rights or subjecting them to domination by men. Now, the fact that you have received death threats is an entirely different business. But that isn’t what this particular article is talking about.

        1. And let’s not even get into their thoughts on LGBT’s that they’d sooner have lobotomized than accepted..

        2. You mean the belief in the FACT that men and women are different? Yeah, believing reality acknowledging basic human biology…really oppressive. You see what you want too, just like any other fanatic.

        3. Do you get just as upset when women FLOCK to movies and books like 50 Shades of Grey where the whole premise is male dominance?

        4. Ha! 50 Shades of Grey is built on consensual sex. Roosh argues that if a 110 pound girl drinks in college, a big guy can take advantage of her cause, ya know, she’s a whore..

        5. So, to clarify our thoughts on homosexuals are that we don’t praise and glorify people who have perverted sex. This really ticks people off. Never once mentioned lobotimized. And in terms of being “accepted”, here at ROK we believe you cannot force an individual to accept another person…you can’t. If you do then you end up with what we have today, which is forcing people to do something they may not want to do.

        6. Lmfao, perverted sex? This site GLORIFIES perverted sex. But i guess since it’s with women, no biggie. You really are just a bunch of hateful men that are bitter the majority of the world is moving away from your archaic beliefs.

        7. No – that’s what y’all advocate for. College girls, especially drunk ones, got it coming…

        8. Having your own individual beliefs and allowing people to formulate their beliefs without coercion i.e. without people being fired for making personal politic donations or baking cakes is hardly archaic, matter of fact, its relatively new in human history. Censoring, persecuting others for their beliefs, creating lies and myths on the other hand is quite common. One belief, shared by the vast majority, is that sex is meant for men and women. And from shit eating to enemas to child molestation, all of which are common in the homosexual community…I think qualifies as perverted.

        9. Implying every woman who saw or read your beloved “50 Shades of Grey” doesn’t have a rape fantasy, and abhor “perverted sex.”

        10. So in your world: A college age woman and man are equally intoxicated at party. When both are intoxicated, it’s magically the males job to play babysitter and somehow be a mind reader to know if the female — who is all over him at the time — may regret her actions days/ weeks months later.
          You also think rape needs to be re-defined to include regret. You do realize over 80% of society doesn’t agree with this. Apparently 80% of society is pro-rape.

        11. Hilarious that you called ME ignorant in a post above. Lol – you’re SO tough and righteous brah! I think you and other like minded brosefs need to meet up and pat each other on the back!!!

        12. Men weigh a lot more than women, it takes them a lot longer to get trashed. Girls are smaller, they get drunk quicker (often by straight brahs trying to ply them with alcohol to get in their pants), so yeah, the guy (in this patriarchal society you long for) SHOULD play babysitter and make sure she is truly consenting.

        13. Nice substantive retort. You really got me there. You might need to molest a child or drink a shit shake to get you going again. Feel slighted that I would suggest such things…look who you are supporting.

        14. Lol – i feel bad for the chick that is stuck with you and your homophobic trash. This is why you all are hated, you act so surprised lol..

        15. Well, because we don’t advocate rape and homosexuals are very much connected to pedophilia. Look into yourself. Don’t just call people names. Probably the best explanation for the existence of homosexuality is early child hood molestation, which usually occurs at the hands of an adult homosexual. Nasty cycle. But, hey, keep that head buried deep in the sand. You’re getting off transmitting all that hate inside to ROK because you’re told too.

        16. Lol – maybe look into YOURSELF and see why the majority of the world hates all of you. You are homophobic, racist and sexist.

        17. So by your own words women are inferior to men and need extra protection and laws applied to them?

        18. Uh oh, what have we here? Differences exist between the sexes? Oh no, that’s not very PC of you. But thank you for agreeing with one of the main planks of this community.

        19. Hmmm, the world is a very large place and lets see there are at least a billion Muslims and another 1.7 billion of Chinese in China. Muslims do not agree with you and as far as the Chinese go I don’t see it as a bastion of homosexuality or feminism. So right there, off the top of my head, I have ~ 3 billion people that prove you wrong.
          Then you have much of Africa. Many Latin countries are still very Machismo etc.

        20. Of course there are differences. Your group believes those differences extend to the point where women shouldn’t be able to vote….

        21. Sorry – everyone except the Muslims and the Chinese hate you. The Muslims and the Chinese share your values.

        22. What else would you label them based on your statements regarding their physiology/physical stature, inability to monitor their alcohol consumption/weakness to peer pressure, and need to be babysat?

        23. So, why is it that someone like you who is not homophobic and therefore supportive of homosexualism is openly hating me? Your words are that I’m hated. But, homosexualism and for that matter progressivism is supposed to be against hate? What about the fuck hate meme? Hmmm. So, by your admission you hate people and many people hate me…so you are a hateful person. I see now, homosexualism is a HATE movement. Good work. Thank you for clarifying.

        24. Might want to look into that. Go to your nearest women’s studies department, matter of fact, college campus and utter exactly what you just said. Go on, because you’ll be mobbed.

        25. And all you have to do is read, you’re on the website. Its all there for you. Or are you lazy and closed minded?

        26. I’m in college. My friend Alison is in the ROTC. She acknowledges the physical differences, doesn’t make her inferior.

        27. Which makes for more hate. Defeats the purpose of what your overlords had originally promised. I think more and more people are seeing you for what you really are. Keep up the hate. Its just shows us the truth.

        28. I said different, not, inferior. If you want to see who’s calling who inferior its feminists calling all men inferior.

        29. Hi ok as someone who talks with a lot of my Muslim friends, Chinese friends, and African friends, I can tell you that that isn’t true and you are generalizing the fuck out of entire groups of people. But also, laws prohibiting homosexuality are pretty much fought against in every country where they exist.

        30. Good idea sid, don’t engage in conversations that might lead you to a conclusion that you emotionally can’t handle. Or, more aptly put, to the truth. Great advice miller.

        31. in·fe·ri·or
          adjective: inferior
          lower in rank, status, or quality.
          Apparently she can’t be trusted alone with boys though because they will “ply” her with alcohol and take advantage of her. Guys don’t have that problem. That sounds to me a lot like lower in quality.

        32. In which study was it published that “the existence of homosexuality is early child hood molestation, which usually occurs at the hands of an adult homosexual?”

        33. What am I really. What? Because you know me sooo well. Hey, you’re in college after all. I think you’re running out of gas. You admit you hate even though you support an ideology that claims to seek to eradicate hate, but does so by hating others that disagrees with them hence creating new hate. You’ve admitted to all that. So, enough.

        34. No – you don’t “disagree”, you don’t hold a different opinion. You accuse and liken a group of people, friends of mine, to pedophiles. You are a POS.

        35. 50 Shades of Grey was about a fantasy male with a collection of traits. One of them was dominance. The others were movie-star looks, youth, and billions of dollars.
          Expecting women to say “well, 1 out of 4 aint bad” about your average RoK commenter is like expecting you to bang an obnoxious fat girl just because she has DDs. It doesn’t work like that.
          I’m not even against you guys, but the 50 Shades of Grey argument is so weak it drives me nuts.

        36. Your egalitarian narrative already collapsing in Europe where mainly muslim minorities made many places dangerous for women and your lgbt boddies. You are just an anti-white hater. You are not to be reasoned with but to be kicked in the butt.

        37. non-western societies are less tolerant of the equality myth – your personal anecdotes doesn’t really reflect the trend
          equalism is indeed, largely a white man’s disease – one that the rest of the world needs to help cure

        38. Ooooh I get it. There’s no reason to argue against you because you’re actually just a narcissistic asshole.

        39. Okay again thats ~ 3 Billion people. Lets help you out a little. Millennials in the western world and academics and mass media and the democrat party. Hmmm, not as big as you thought.

        40. I hold a different opinion than you, very sorry but that is the truth. You should look into the connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, if not, then be ignorant.

        41. Per your terms of consent, a male must go through a 79-point-checklist before even looking at a woman.
          But even if a man gets consent at every step as you desire, should the female suddenly regret 3 years later — that’s “rape.”
          Let me tell you something: no woman wants a guy to “ask” at every step. There is a subtle art to interaction between the sexes where non-verbal ques are desired immensely by … WOMEN

        42. Don’t worry, if millers3888 runs out of gas, there are plenty of other people just bursting to tell you how stupid your views are.

        43. Anti-white? Nevsky, your community is under attack, because there is ample evidence to believe that it is your kind that make society dangerous for women.

        44. The fact that there is more media outrage for a man who writes a satirical thought experiment and those that read his writing than ACTUAL rapes committed against women in Germany in January tells me you are being lied to. It’s not us that pose an actual threat to women

        45. Honestly I’m getting a little tired of pointing it out. And the sad part is, many of the boys on here are probably not dumb, their opinions are just fallacious and self-serving. Which is really a lot more dangerous if you think about it.

        46. So ‘Girls’ are not adults that are responsible for their own drinking? They need looking after?

        47. It is bs lol, there is no Muslim who supports homos in any Muslim country. I can say this with great authority as I am Muslim. The only Muslims who support such debauchery are MINOs who are liberalized by sjw and their ilk. Who btw do not even make up a percent of the total Muslim population.

        48. You said they have no moral agency when they’ve had a drink or two, while men do. In what world is that not “inferior.”

        49. Tell this to the German women in Cologne or 1000+ British teenagers who were sexually exploited by the “wonders of diversity”. Tell them that it is the white man they should be scared of

        50. You’re the ones who are utilizing self-serving and fallacious opinions, not us. You megalomaniac losers.

        51. Yes you clearly can’t put down anything but gibberish that is correct you pathetic loser.

    2. Ignorant. The complete opposite is true. Kindly refer to the “atlantic”, which a few years ago had a front page that said “are men inferior?” Nice try. And we’re not scared of women, we’re fighting back. Look at the outrage over nothing…they’re scared of us.

      1. When men claim that they have the right to dominate women, that is when women get raped. When women are called liars for saying that their rapist was an ex-boyfriend, that is supporting rape. When you say that women are there for your pleasure, THAT IS WHEN WOMEN GET RAPED.
        And on that note, I didn’t even mention sexual assault in my original comment. No one has yet to respond to the fact that this website very openly wants to keep women out of the work force, aims to uphold primitive gender standards that all men are more capable than all women, and wants to police what women wear, among other things.

        1. IN others words no there are no pro rape articles here and never were. So say you are sorry, admit you were lied to. Then call us evil bad anti feminists if you wish

        2. dominating women isnt raping them
          egalitarian gender standards are what’s socially backwards – progress demands greater inequality over time

        3. “More and more Swedish women are marrying Muslim immigrants and converting to Islam. This is a sign that they actually don’t mind submitting to a man, just as long as it’s not a Swedish man.”
          Islamophobic, sexist, and pro-rape.
          “While I allow my dog the occasional freedom of running off-leash, at all times it is clear that I am his master… If you are successful with establishing yourself as the dominant partner in the relationship (you make the calls, you decide the dates), then your woman will be far less likely to attempt reversing the roles and become dominating and vindictive.”
          Sexist, dehumanizing, and pro-rape.
          “A dog is an optional thing a guy can bring into his life if he wants something to occupy his time, and reward him emotionally. The same should be true with women.”
          Sexist, dehumanizing, and pro-rape.
          “Saying something along these lines puts her on the spot: she has no choice but to provide you with the status of her so-called assaulter. If she replies with “Oh, he’s not in jail,” or, “He’s my ex-boyfriend,” or, “We were drunk at a party; I didn’t press charges,” then you know she’s a fucking bullshit artist and that it’s time to pull the plug on your interactions with her.”
          Implies that a woman cannot be raped while drunk, by a boyfriend, and that all rapists are sent to prison. Pro-rape.

        4. So, we want no special treatment of consideration for anyone. Let there be merit based system. That means no hiring quotas or affirmative action of any kind. Its about as level a playing field as you can get. Plus, we question the narrative on why its so important for women to work, since work is work.

        5. 0/4. None of those are pro-rape. Pro-rape implies actually advocating rape, not a tenuous at best connection to the general topic of rape. Try again.

        6. Do you know the definition of domination? It’s to excercise complete control over someone. Which would mean that sex doesn’t have to be consensual.

        7. I will support a merit-based system maybe in a few hundred years when the effects of racist and sexist policies in the near past have been more or less eradicated. If you don’t understand how discrimation in the past continues to affect the present, there’s nothing I can do to help you.

        8. If anyone said any of these things to my daughter, I would assume they were planning to sexually assault her.

        9. Translation: “If you don’t subscribe to my ridiculous beliefs, there is nothing I can do to convince you using logic and reason”

        10. Are you trying to say Muslim men that marry white women rape their wives; because that is the only way that could in anyway be pro rape. Check yourself islamophobe.

        11. Ha, because “I just don’t get it”, right? I want nothing from you, let alone your help. And this is pure bullshit. Believe it or not, I actually know more about systemic discriminatory and sexist polices than you’ll ever. Presumably, per your comment above, you support affirmative action etc, to somehow right the wrongs of previous generations. Here’s the thing, to make it law that companies must hire women, schools must admit women to the point where they’re dictating majors (not enough women in STEM – mandate they should be admitted), to insist that 1/2 of the boards of directors on all companies must be women (this is being done in Europe) etc, etc, etc. Women only enrichment classes in schools, feminized curriculum, if no such laws exist for men then these very laws, policies, guidelines and mandates are all inherently and completely discriminatory and sexist in the truest and fullest sense. And, oh by the way, this is having a measurable negative impact on boys! These pro female policies, especially in school, deliberately handicapping boys so that girls can be made to look better. I know dozens of men who have lost out on jobs and promotions, laid off etc all because of existing policies that favor women. So, I know more about systemic institutionalized discrimination and sexism because we’re living it.
          Oh and as a male, a heterosexual male no less, on college campus you no longer have the right to due process and are effectively guilty on rape without trial. And the criteria for what is rape is becoming increasingly nebulous…girl consents the night before but wakes up and regrets her decision – rape. And what were previously inalienable rights already stripped away from the male. So, fuck you.

  4. It’s good to see all the anti-rape activists here. A few of you will actually look around the site and realize how much the media has been lying to you about our beliefs and intentions. In fact, a lot of you are going to be pretty angry about it and will start to question the whole, deceptive narrative you’ve been sold. Welcome aboard.

        1. ABW is just doubting that any of our opponents will be sold on our beliefs by browsing some articles and calling it a day

        2. Is this the kind of arguments ou are looking for ; “Thanks to feminism, and the penis envy it installs in women, men no longer have spaces where females are not present. They have invaded education and workplaces at all levels. They are present in coffee houses, formerly male clubs, and even barber shops. Not only are men no longer able to “practice” being a man around other men without fear of offending the opposite sex, they are unconsciously picking up female mannerisms and ideas at the same time that females are picking up on male mannerisms.” Sorry, I genuinely do not get them, so maybe is difficult for me to argue with something irracional.

        3. pretty sure the penis envy bit is spot on. Feminism has spent a century trying to disprove that though

        4. oh please women rule the penis whenever they want, they do not actually want to have it hanging around, and you even consider that is just so stupid!

        5. ruling isn’t having. It’s the master / slave dialectic. Eventually the master, or in this case the mistress envies the slave

        6. No, you believe what makes you happy. I’ll believe what I believe to be the case. The world being all that is the case

    1. Really? I am reading the website and is not helping. You should really start to know some real women and not just empty heads with nothing to do. The articles are contradictory in many ways. I don’t get it, is not that everything is wrong, but you don’t seem like you know what you really want. You criticize women that dress like boys and are not attractive, but also the attractive ones because they are misleading men. C’mon, get your act together. I don’t bellive half of the men here even know what they’re after.

      1. I bet you’re one of the cunts who proclaims Feminism is Pro-Choice . . . but gets upset when a Tilted Kilt opens up and women willingly choose/ WANT to work there. They shouldn’t have that choice, right? “They’re blinded by the ‘patriarchy’”
        After all — you know what’s best.
        What you fail to understand is the VAST majority of society doesn’t want to live in your ideal world which silences speech, can’t find humor in anything and sucks the fun out of EVERYTHING.

        1. You’re completely wrong. I will not even try to explain you why, but since you start your comment offending, lost all my attention.

        2. No. Your problem is you can’t handle someone expressing an opposing view. Your tactic has and always will be to find something “offense” so you can use a liberal bumper sticker slogan/ hashtag cop out to avoid exposing how devoid you are of critical thought.

      2. Ok you are not a fan and yes there are a lot of subject on this site. But did you see even one that was pro rape?

        1. No, indeed. I give you that one, and I changed my initial opinion. The media is distorting some of the things. But during some speech’s the “maker” of this website say some things that are not that innocent. Sorry but is true. But I do believe not every man in here has that view and I am really more calm considering that fact.

        2. I’m glade you are slowly changing your mind. But there is zero rape promotion here. And that you need to admit to. All else you can hate

      3. The articles are written by many different people with a large variety of different views. This is not a propaganda website.

      4. Why do you believe a website/group of people must have one single hive mind? This place regularly publishes articles that disagree with each other. There are differing thoughts and opinions on the modern society. The point is to get people thinking and working to improve themselves, not fill their head with echo chamber dogma.

        1. Well, I am sorry but what I read here doesn’t really show what you are saying. I get is not all the same, that is why I took some time to reed it. But really, the thing is many of the articles I read are the type of thing that maintain stereotypes, gender myths and sometimes, even if indirectly, influence aggressive behaviour. That concerns me. But keep up with the healthy discussion if you may.

        2. Curious as which articles in particular do you believe influence aggressive behavior? Also, I think what you identify as stereotypes and myths many on here would argue are actually proven fact despite current thoughts/theories on the subject.

        3. not so – stereotypes and gender roles have basis in biological differences
          it’s gender equality and relativism that are imaginations of the western mind, likely caused by generations of easy living

        4. In social sciences there are no such thing’s as proven facts. Believe me, I know, I am a researcher on that area. And there are several articles, just start at the Masculinity bar, or the culture one. But I do believe not everyone that comes here and follows the website agree with everything in here. Even though, some of the thing I read really just let me amazed, because of it’s rudimentary and simple way of seeing people. The human being it is much more complex and interesting, in it’s best and in it’s worst.

        5. Easy living? That is clearly a man’s argument. Women and men will always be different, and they have different roles indeed. A man cannot be a mother, or a women a father, and there are jobs tendentiously chosen by men and others chosen by women. That doesn’t mean that one should only be able to chose one way. There is no ultimate gender right or wrong. But the rights of each person should not be different or discussable.

        6. that was a lotta nothing
          men and women have it easy in the west compared to other places, it’s why you believe in humanist values and equality
          that needs to change

        7. Men and women are equal in the eyes of law for over 40 years now. You should do a reality check.

        8. You should do a fact check. Marital rape wasn’t illegal in all U.S. states until 1993. We’re like, totally progressive.

        9. If there is no such thing as proven fact in social science, then there is no objective truth and therefore any opinion is valid, even ones on this site, yes?
          I agree that humans are complex. Have you read “feminist” articles/websites lately? They are as rudimentary and simple as any opinion stated on this website. The comment section to those sites even more so.

        10. yeah right, I worked with women that where mocked in court for being women, and complaining about being smacked by their husbands daily. The cops laugh at women when they go to police stations. What is written in the law, is not what happens. You should do a reality check, not me.

        11. Then guess what, there are literally a billion other web pages out there for you to read. Why is it important if you enjoy something you read here or not? This site is not trying to be #1 in the world. It’s trying to be a niche site of information on relationships, philosophy, etc.
          Find something that you enjoy and read it. Stop wasting your time. If you aren’t interested in neomasculinity, read some articles about whatever you are interested in. I don’t go to and complain about how I really don’t “get” their arts and crafts they are selling.

        12. that’s basically most of the world
          and by the looks of it, most of the western world as well, outside of its privileged urban bubbles
          wealth will not shelter you forever – inequality comes for you

        13. Believe me, I criticize both ways, when I found those kind of websites. What you said is a fallacy, it doesn’t work that way. There are a lot of things you cannot prove, but give you enough information of what can go well or not, what works in society and what doesn’t.

        14. “many of the articles I read are the type of thing that maintain
          stereotypes, gender myths and sometimes, even if indirectly, influence
          aggressive behaviour.”
          nobody is suggesting you have to agree with, or like any or all of the articles – the issue is that there has been deliberate and i believe recklessly irresponsible misrepresentation of the kind of views that those articles represent. There will never be an article written that promotes rape and that includes the satirical one about rape on private property, precisely because it was satirical and a thought experiment. If you think some of the articles could indirectly influence aggressive behaviour, then by all means call ‘us’ out on that, but I don’t remember any MSM articles accusing ROK of “indirectly influencing towards aggressive behaviour” or whatever. The point is the media is lying. The point is journalists who are supposed to be trying to get to the heart of an issue are using their power and influence to get people angry, and in a few cases seems to be genuinely encouraging physical confrontation. There seems to be no attempt, or very little at least to attempt to fairly assess the actual level of risk against women, which is in my opinion absolutely none. If thought this site actually promoted violence against women, or promoted sexual assault women I would spend a further minute here. You don’t have to agree with that, but if you do one thing, compare what has been written in the press with what actually goes on here: clue, it isn’t the Guardian or the Daily Dot, so you won’t find your favourite opinions here, but that’s not reason enough to prevent people from entering countries, or disrupt get-togethers which have no agenda beyond that

        15. Sure ya do…
          By and large, this website advocates for a view of society and societal norms and interactions that built modern society and technology we now live in. Yet we now see a bunch of people/trolls saying it doesn’t work.

        16. False! Rape was actually a capital offense, as in punishable by death, until 1977.
          It seems the punishment on rape got more lax the more feminism infiltrated society. Hmmm, curious…

        17. This site is full of villain shitlords and we fucking love it.
          Watch your six you fuckin cuckold.
          Your daughters are ours and your bitch ass is gonna be stuck raising our bastards.

        18. How can a stereotype/myth be a proven fact? Those are completely contradictory statements, and you eve stated “despite current thoughts/theories on the subject.” Meaning that you yourself admit that logical people are still debating the subject, thus there is NO PROVEN FACT. It is the farthest thing FROM a fact. Facts include things that have little to no room for debate because they don’t need to be debated. Like 2+2=4, I’ll admit there will be the occasional smart ass that will make some illogical conclusion filled with fallacy as to why 2+2 can equal something other than 4, but the FACT is that the vast majority of any population, when asked the answer to 2+2, will respond with 4. Because 2+2=4 is a fact. It cannot be debated.
          You know why many on here would argue it is proven fact? Because the men on this site are brainwashing themselves and thus emasculating themselves about what actually goes on in life in regards to politics, women, men, history, stereotypes, and anything else that is mentioned here. I have seen so many comments and articles filled with false information and full of opinion and little to no fact, said in such a way that other men grasp onto it as truth like a nun reaching for the light of Jesus. The men on this site are also all here because they have the same general group of opinions, thus, yes most of you would probably argue similar things. In scientific studies that would be referred to as an incomplete study. Your sample was taken from a specific group and no where else, definitely not randomly, and thus no true information can be gained from it. This group is probably mostly consisting of men (obviously) who feel degraded or threatened or whatever word you want to use to describe it, by women. But you know what the problem is? No one that I have read anything from here uses actual logical/scientific/legitimate knowledge or fact or forms of study to justify anything they say!
          You know why so many people have a problem with this group? Its because there is something deeply wrong with it. Let’s use one of the articles on this site as an example, shall we?
          This is a link to an article in the section of this site titled “New? Start here” and there was little to no factual statements given here to justify the idea that women should not be allowed to vote. And you know what really bothered me about it? Correct me if i’m wrong, but the idea behind this group is something along the lines of “taking back male independence and masculinity.” The amount of hypocrisy and plain stupidity here is so depressing that I can feel it slowly eating away at the brain cells of every man in the world who is reading this shit. You want your independence or superiority or masculinity or whatever the hell you want to call it, but to do it you want to destroy the rights of other human beings simply because they are not men and do not share your ‘problem’ of having been emasculated? So basically you’re saying “sorry, I know you are a women and don’t necessarily have a problem with me or men in particular, but because you do not have testicles that can be ripped off like man have, you are against all men and must therefore be punished and treated as you have treated me.” So because you think women are hurting you, and taking away your power, and your rights, you are going to correct this by DOING THE SAME THING?!?!?!?! I’ve also seen comments with historical references such as “living in a modern day Animal Farm.” I understand the reference yes, but the issue is that it is incorrectly referenced. Animal Farm was indeed about oppression, but it goes so much deeper than that. It was not about gender discrimination, and using it as a reference for such lives up to the hypocrisies and cruelties that Orwell was making a strong point about.
          I’ve also seen said from Roosh V, ” a confrontation with unattractive women and their enablers” As though women who are ‘unnattractive’ are the only ones who are incredulous and see the hilarity of this whole thing. And the fact that women are being judged based off of appearance only furthers to prove that the men on this site do not want equality, they do not want a all people to live in prosperity, they only want those with testicles to be on the top of their idea of the ideal hierarchy. And I say ‘those with testicles’ and not ‘men’ because a man has the brain power and the human conscience to see the illogical crap that this site is feeding people, and turn away from it and work toward world with feminism, because a real man also understands that TRUE feminism is about reaching equality, that TRUE feminism INCLUDES reaching equality for men who are mistreated, and that TRUE feminism is inaccurately named and misrepresented as a whole. A real man stands up for fellow human beings, regardless of labels like gender. A man is a human like a woman, and they wouldn’t even spit in this movements direction.
          And now, let the onslaught of dumb people calling me meaningless names such as ‘whore’ and ‘cunt’ because their pride is now hurt (regardless of them not knowing my actual gender, and that saying such things would thus prove my point of hypocrisy.) No one here that supports this is a man. You are nothing but pitiful little excuses for humans in trying to degrade and hurt a fellow human being because of a label, or because of genes that they cannot control. And I will not be put into the same circle of “men” as the rest of you.

        19. That is actually true, I do not found what I came to look for, and for that reason I’ve changed my opinion based on the website, even if I do not agree with several things. And believe me, my comments outside this website will reflect that, I try to talk about the matters after I know what I am talking about. Regarding the Guardian and Daily Dot, please don’t take me for that kind of people.

        20. I think that will be appreciated. People are free to come here and take what they want or reject it if its not to their liking – which will be the case for most people probably. We have a right to be represented fairly though, and at the moment that isn’t happening. I’m actually here partly largely because of that, because it’s horrible to see so many supposedly reputable papers misrepresenting things, and so far there’s only been one or two articles with any kind of balance

        21. The irony of a bunch of emasculated little twatwaffles saying they are into “neo masculinity” is not lost on some of us.
          Masculine men don’t need any of this PUA crap. Only dickless man-babies do.

        22. So stereotypes are wrong, and aggressivity is bad? THOSE ARE YOUR BELIEFS. I’ve learned through living that a man who lives passively suffers, and that there are many stereotypes that are very accurate(and others that arent).

        23. So you think dickless man-babies shouldn’t try to improve? Ah we have a fine specimen of humanity here.

        24. Its a fact that there is no such thing as proven facts. That is the logical equivalent of “I am lying”. You research this yet these obvious logic flaws escaped you? Fascinating.

        25. Have you ever been to a 3rd world country? Because I have. Have you ever known someone who was killed in cold blood on the street? I have known several. Have you ever known someone who works 80 hours a week and still barely keeps his family fed? Have you ever had your job not pay you for months at a time because they just didnt have the money? I bet you think your life is hard because you got a speeding ticket once when you werent speeding. And you had to apply to like 10 places before getting a job and you had to go onto welfare. Tell me about all of your “hard living”.

        26. Just look at Europe, everyone is suddenly scrambling looking for the balls that have been lopped of European men years ago.

        27. Interesting how those same women could just leave but don’t. Maybe thats why they were mocked. So the court is supposed to fix the situation that the woman willingly engages in? Its like me going to the ghetto to get some drugs and being mad because someone steals my money at gunpoint.

        28. do you do well with women? do you find that other men respect you? if so, good for you. i had a lot of problems in both of those areas before i found ROK and sites like it. i’ve found that incorporating the truths here into my life has made me more masculine and therefore, happier with my life. that’s why i’m going to this meetup.

        29. I stopped when:
          “gender myths.” The indoctrination runs deep. I don’t know that, if they are really reading the articles as claimed, there could be much hope.

        30. With the name Marx, wonder how triggered this would get em?:

          That’s right, most of today’s “ideologies” were a concerted effort to instill political control over the populace while concurrently undermining the social fabric of the West. Of course, it is dependent on its followers being left ignorant as we have seen the past days.

        31. I haven’t had to go to a third world country to have the third world experience. My life hasn’t been easy, but I don’t care to divulge that information to you, because it has nothing to do with your community being a big group of assholes making the world a worse place to live.

        32. Didn’t have to grow up in the third world to have the third world experience. All of that stuff happens right here. No, my life hasn’t been easy. The quality of my life has nothing to do with your community having a shitty and dangerous point of view.

        33. “Stuff happens” and “Stuff has actually happened to me” can be a difference of a factor of 100.

        34. No, lol. Call me spoiled all you want, see if I give a shit. You’d be wrong, but that’s irrelevant.

        35. Watch my what? Is that a threat CaptainOblivious? Are you actually threatening to rape my future offspring? lol. Assuming I have offspring and assuming that they aren’t boys. Maybe they’ll be gay boys who like raping misogynists. In which case I’ll supply the lube. Or, better yet, no lube for you.

      5. Some articles are meant to be sincere and some articles are meant to be satirical. Some articles encourage us to “enjoy the socetial decline” by having sex with as many women as possible and some articles encourage us to marry good women and have children. Other articles talk about exercise and how to work out and other articles are about prayer and meditation.
        They are not contradictory to us because there are many ways to be a man, what matters are your actions. Rape is not included in those actions to ANY of us.

        1. No one has ever advocated rape in any of the articles. The “pro-rape” article was clearly satire. The hostility is just standard feminist misandry.

        2. The problem is not the way this site is being interpreted, it’s that it is fucking disgusting and offensive, and most sane people, male and female, can see that. Open your eyes. This is not normal and it’s incredibly negative at the very least.

        3. It’s not satire, it’s the ramblings of an irrationally angry, deluded douchebag. Enjoy sucking your cult leader off.

    2. This one is opening my eyes even wider than they were. I have no faith in mainstream news at this point. They did not even bother to read the supposed pro rape article before slandering all of us

      1. Yeah, where I’m at it was called a “Legalize Rape” “protest” on a local website. I’m calling them out on it, too. Absurd.

        1. Even the unfaltering sonpes take on it admitted that the change is false. You think the news services could at least look it up on snopes

        2. Kind of hard to lie when something is in print and in black and white. Looks like the truth is getting out more.

        3. Yeah read through any portion of Rooshv rooshvforum or returnofkings and you know what you dont find? 10 ways to rape a woman and get away with it. I Raped and Ill do it again! Rape:Is it legal yet? The trolls looked through 10k+ posts Roosh has made and found 3 they didnt like. I wonder if your history could pass the same scrutiny?

        4. No one is saying that this is what ROK is about, you paranoid buffoon!
          What we are saying is that, even taking into account that ROK ISN’T advocating rape, the material it IS printing is still disgusting, anti-human, misogynistic garbage with zero intellectual value, which exists simply to get Roosh’s army frothing at the mouth (and keyboard) and waging war against feminists on his behalf.

        5. I think you need to read the article again …

          The article is NOT debunking claims made in the media that the group is “pro-rape”.
          It is debunking claims made on social media by individuals. The mainstream media is NOT reporting this as a pro-rape event.
          Here’s an article from the Guardian – one of the most firmly left wing media outlets. Please note that although it clearly takes issue with the ethos behind ROK (which it is of course totally within its rights), it does NOT state that Roosh or attendees are “pro rape” or want to legalize rape.

          The article also clearly makes reference to the fact that Roosh has defended his “legalize rape” article on the grounds that it was satire.
          You guys need to get over this ridiculous idea that a feminist conspiracy has turned the world against you by painting you as pro-rape in the media. The world has turned against you because what you believe is hateful and idiotic. It doesn’t need to lie or bend facts – it just needs to present a truthful and accurate version of events (can you spot an inaccuracies or lies in the Guardian article) and let right-thinking people make their own minds up.

        6. you need to realize that my point was that what you were being told was a lie this is not a pro rape group. that was debunked as false. Now d yourself a favor read the article which is clearly satirical and is making the point that women do need to be told not to go home with strangers while drunk

        7. Wow isn’t it amazing people believe things that are different than you, and they don’t spontaneously explode? I’m always amazed at the streaming bile that comes out of feminists, it speaks volumes about their lives and upbringing. So is the anti-humanist the civil one or the one who can’t talk without insulting, I’m confused? Or are you secretly pro-human, just you’d like to kill the ones that disagree with you?

        8. Who said I wanted to kill anyone? You wouldn’t be reacting hysterically to what I said, and putting words into my mouth, purely because you don’t agree with it, would you, by any chance? because that seems intellectually dishonest to me.

        9. ask yourself how many times you need to have to prove to you that you’re being lied to before you question your own side and stop accusing innocent people of being rapists. you do realize that if you accused me of that in person I would beat the fuck out of you on principle. what kind of an idiot accuses people of rape without evidence based on rumors half of which you now know are lies

        10. I KNOW!!! Read what I read again. I clearly stated that WE KNOW this is not a rape group. NO ONE told us it was a rape group, except for a few individuals on Twitter. There was no “media conspiracy” to paint this as a rape group. We know EXACTLY what ROK is, and we reject it anyway, regardless of whether it promotes rape or not.

        11. doesn’t do much good I use an unflattering source that admits the charges are false and all they do is read the rest which is unflattering

        12. And no one cares if you do not like us. But calling us rape apologists and rapists. That is as low as anyone can go. That is personal, it is slander.

        13. So much of an true wise man you are. So wise of you that you can’t accept other views on other subjects of other people. So wise of you that instead of accepting and ignoring other people’s views, you curse at them.
          So wise.

        14. bigger and in no way coming across as opinion this was portrayed as a fact making it rather dangerous for us

        15. You really believe that you are intellectually superior to ROK readers yet you say “anti-human”. If you were so cleaver you wouldn’t use this word because it is so intellectually ambiguous. At a guess you mean either antihumanistic or misanthropic – two very different things. If you mean misanthropic then why would you immediately say misogynistic as it is implied by misanthropy?
          If you mean ROK is antihumanistic then I can deduce, because you disagree with ROK, that you are a would-be humanist. So, as a humanist you should believe in the use of reason and therefore you should be focused on the content itself rather than reactions to that content. So, what the hell is “disgusting” supposed to mean in this context? The word only refers to peoples reaction to the material rather than it’s content.
          I think that you should be a bit more humble. You are not as cleaver as you think. If you don’t like ROK then fine – you don’t. But trust me mate, it’s not because you are so smart!

        16. That doesn’t make the posts on this site any better. The public will continue to criticize you.

        17. Well, the public likes Beyonce’s music and thinks fat is beautiful. You can’t always count on the public to get it right.

        18. Don’t act like you have superior taste. You aren’t a special snowflake. You’re just a person, like everyone else. No one cares if you’re fat or like Beyonce.

        19. you don’t have to be fat. roll out of bed early every morning and lift weights for 30 or 40 minutes. take it easy at first, but after a few months when your body can handle it, start pushing yourself hard. cut the processed sugar, wheat, and soy out of your diet. put down the starbucks and donuts. eventually, you’ll be at a healthy weight, and you’ll be toned and truly beautiful. even if you’ve convinced yourself that your obesity is anything but disgusting, you’re on the track to diabetes and an early death, with lots of suffering on the way. that’s the tragedy of fat acceptance, of people like you who think obesity is anything but a scourge on society. you can choose to ignore reality, but you can’t choose to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
          about beyonce, de gustibus, i guess.

        20. in case you missed my drift, what i’m saying is that there’s nothing superficial about seeing obesity for what it is: disgusting, dangerous and entirely preventable.

        21. People’s supposedly self-inflicted health problems don’t really give you grounds to shame them. If people want to listen to music you don’t like, it doesn’t make them less of a person. Maybe when you grey alittle you’ll realize that your intolerance doesn’t do anyone good. Not even you.

        22. i’ll never get beyonce, but de gustibus, as i said.
          can’t agree with you about fat shaming though. i’m a nice person and don’t like attacking individual fat people, or really anyone (trolling a forum i disagree with with random insults wouldn’t be my style, for example). nevertheless, speaking out against obesity is every decent person’s duty. i think you and i are running up against our core philosophical differences here. most of the guys on this site value discipline, virtue, and beauty far more than feelings, so we work hard to look good and be healthy, and we demand the same from our women. to you and your ilk feelings are the most important, so you convince yourselves that obesity is beautiful. you prefer to see people suffer, die early, and burden the health care system to the point of breaking without questioning their destructive, degenerate lifestyles rather than risk hurting anyone’s feelings.

        23. I don’t agree that you’re a nice person. You think it’s morally right to make others feel bad about themselves, because you assume it will somehow supposedly preserve their health. Or, at least, that’s how you justify being hateful. Shaming people about their weight can lead to an eating disorder. Do I need to explain how dangerous eating disorders are?

          I know at least a few men that have lost a ton of weight and now have a very unhealthy relationship with food. They were better off plump.

        24. obesity is incredibly unhealthy, and vastly more common than anorexia or bulimia. again, this is a core philosophical difference. our side focuses on discipline to achieve health and beauty, your side focuses on feeling good about eating another whole bag of oreos. we’re unlikely to agree on this.

        25. Beauty doesn’t last and perfection is never obtainable. Moderation is the only practical way. People who are obese know about the health risks related to their size, they don’t need you to tell them. They either chose to be that way or they’re genetically predisposed to be that way. Being an asshole doesn’t help.

        26. Typical defeatist attitude. I see people in their fifties and sixties and beyond who take care of themselves and look great all the time. If being honest about the obesity epidemic is being an a*******, take a look around you. It’s obvious that we need more assholes and less and less fat acceptance.

        27. Lol, everyone in the ROK community is impenetrably stupid, including you. You sound like a real nazi. You’re ridiculous. Unbelievablely dense. There’s no reasoning with your kind. I hope your kids are fat, if you have any. Or, for the lulz, you bully them into having eating disorders and they all die of heart attacks. Maybe, then you’d realize how wrong you are, though I doubt it, because ROK might just be more deranged than members of Westboro.

        28. ah yes, the nazi accustions. sure sign that you’ve lost the debate. baring incredibly rare medical conditions, everyone can avoid obesity with enough discipline. that’s true, no matter how it makes you feel.
          we’re essentially debating the color of the sky here. i continue to say “it’s blue and any sane, honest person can see that” you say, “no, it’s green, and you’re a nazi if you disagree with me” and throw in a bunch of childish insults. keep packing down the oreos and avoiding exercise if you want, but you’ll hate how you look in the mirror, how you feel, and no amount of anger at biology and science, or emotion-based rants at strangers online, will compensate for the shame you’ll feel deep inside.
          you can’t imaging how amazing it feels to be healthy and look athletic. i honestly hope you find the will an discipline to improve yourself some day. try to accept reality rather than letting yourself be led around by your emotions. that would be a start.
          anyway, it’s legs day so i’m off to lift. good luck.

        29. It wasn’t a debate first off. There’s nothing to be won. It’s funny, the way you say, “ah yes, the nazi accusations”, as though you’re used to them. That should be a clear sign your mentality is fucked. Second, I happen to hate oreos and am rather slim. I eat healthy and exercise occasionally. If I wanted to eat something fattening, it wouldn’t be processed shit. I’d eat real, fattening, home cooked food, made from good ingredients. It’s a matter of taste isn’t it. Not everyone is worried about looking good, and that shouldn’t be their top priority. There exist more noble pursuits, and people like you are way too self-serving. It’s a sad state of affairs.

        1. You don’t like some of the opinions expressed here about women–does that mean it’s ok for the media to lie and say “pro-rape rallies” are planned for this weekend? Do you see that as problematic?

        2. Opinions and oppression are two different things. Learn the difference moron. I don’t like shrinky dink d*ck white men who are so insecure they have to hold each other’s c*cks but I’m not throwing a worldwide happy hour about it. Generally because I get laid and don’t need to have a discussion or be instructed to figure out how to get laid.You guys are obviously losers who can’t get any and it’s about to get harder on you.

        3. An imaginary group of white losers who can’t get laid is oppressing you?
          As I expected, your response is nothing but ad hominem and other fallacies. And, of course, you refuse to answer my question. So I’ll answer it for you: this is not a “pro-rape” site. No”pro-rape” meetings were planned for this weekend. Those accusations were lies, and you know it.

        4. Drinking in a bar and talking is holding each others cocks? Or is that just what you do when you hang out with your friends?

      2. When you are at the venues being harassed by an SJW just use your back. Don’t engage them or speak to them, don’t even look at them. remain calm and speak to your comrades. let them go full retard.

        1. That would have been the way if all we were dealing with was stupid feminists and there boy toys. But after the lie hitting the nightly news. It could easily have been a different crowd. Even men who would be supportive if they knew the truth and did not see us as raping refugee barbarians

        1. Oh thats lovely Im sure we are now another none Islamic terrorist org we hear there are so many of. Yet they never do any terrorism

    3. No, actually this is a haven for unrealized adolescent fantasies. Real masculinity is so far out of your reach it’s ridiculous. Grow up or go home.

      1. It’s not a fantasy when women respond positively to our ideals. Not sure what planet you’re from, where that’s not the case.
        The male-shaming doesn’t work here. Find a better use for your time.

        1. …because GetItGoing is really the man to tell you to make better use of your time. GetItGoing is making great contributions to society, I’m sure.

        2. You boys would not know what to do with a strong woman. This entire site is founded on weakness and fear. It’s really quite sad.

        3. Notice the obvious beta tells from GetItGoing’s profile. Obese. Sitting next to a harp. Hunched over. See, us boys would never understand how to handle a women like this unbridled sex machine of a man does.

        4. Strong woman? Yes actually I know what to do: I really enjoy spanking their ass and pulling the hair a bit. Often times they’ve never had a man do it, and orgasm better with it too.

        5. Actually yes, I’ve done charity work for both the homeless and a food delivery charity to help feed the poor, including delivering it to their home, and I look forward to doing more too.
          Always glad to help.

        6. Then you negate all the good you claim to do by trying to oppress half the population. Such a nice guy. /s

        7. Actually no, oppression is terrible and as history shows, comes with tragic consequences for many. I’m the kind of guy who is willing to help others, but I don’t allow anyone (especially) women to take advantage of or mistreat good people.
          I’m all for people being happy and living great, productive lives.
          Some people just have to be angry at the world and go on websites and flame other people, I suppose. That’s a shame.

        8. Kind of irrelevant. She doesn’t believe in it.
          Keep trying, there must be something nastier you can say! LOL.
          But seriously, this was fun but it’s getting old.

        9. Well, no man know what “ANY” woman wants, they’re all different a little bit, but share a lot in common, generally.
          Women are pretty interesting. The last one I was with was 20 years old, and like to be choked and bitten some. Interesting.
          Funny how some up-tight ones really want to be roughed up a bit in bed.
          Great topic, thanks.

        10. The funny thing is that it is the “strong women” actually are in more desire of a strong male. Its all just so much shit testing to try to get him. Unfortunately they don’t realize that the red hair and ass length armpit hair, will only attract the lamest of men who think agreeing with them will get them somewhere. Not surprisingly strong first world women are often the most bitter. At least their cats will still love them.

        1. You seem to have missed my point, which is that I am not butt hurt, but thou art, oh tiny king.

      2. You seem to think people can “grow up” just by responding to your words? No actually men have to fight and strive and face humiliation and find their own voices. Whats the last hard thing you had to do?

        1. Believe me, I know the tiny kings on this site are very likely past all hope of ever growing up. Last hard thing I had to go through was the loss of my brother, my very best friend in the world, you asshole.

        2. And I’m an asshole because you had to go through one hard thing? Sounds like you have some growing up to do.

        3. You think that sums up my life? Idiot. You asked for the latest, but are too stupid to realize I answered your question. You are an asshole because, after a lifetime likely longer than yours, I know a douchebag when I see or hear one. You wouldn’t know maturity if it bit you on the ass. Oh, tiny, tiny king.

        4. The fact that you average one insult per sentence sums you up pretty well I’d say.

        5. So spewing bile has been the lesson of your life? No wonder your brother was your best friend, no one else would touch you with a ten foot pole.

  5. this is turning to to something much more than i previously thought, i will be keeping my eyes open in the distance, nonetheless you still have my support.
    The best gift is anonymous to anonymous

  6. Heaven forbid a group of men should want to meet peacefully and enjoy their time together and bother no one. Ironically, women are not invited. So much for us meeting up for “rape.” People are amazingly gullible. It’s so easy for media to get you riled up and use you like little pawns.
    Honestly, you should be embarassed. I admire Roosh profiting from you all.

  7. If anything, this collective media-fueled outrage shows the media actively colludes (secret mailing lists?) to undermine, and to coordinate attacks on, those that are seen as a threat to the establishment and their narrative. I can’t help but suspect they were given orders to do so. In the eyes of those pulling the strings, Roosh crossed the Rubicon by organizing international meetups for freethinking men.

    1. Google “journolist”. Now they’ve moved on to something else that hasn’t been publicly exposed yet.

    2. Or could it be that most sane people find this revolting, offensive, and not part of a rational and peaceful society?

      1. If they can go that far with the propaganda it only speaks of how much of a threat they see this site as.

  8. It is good to see you are all over this. If I am not working, I will be there. I would come after work, but sadly after work I look dirty and rather scary. I would look bad in picture. I do not want to put a bad face on what we really are about

    1. Nah man, would be great for you to go. Nothing to be ashamed of being gainfully employed.

      1. I hope to make. I not ashamed of being a working man. Sort of proud of my trade to be honest. But I makes me ugly after work

        1. I understand. Been there, done that. Really though I would think the guys would love to have you. I’m pretty sure about that one, from what I’ve seen.

        2. Do like I used to have to do in your situation: put some decent clothes in your car, maybe a few wet wipes to clean up with easily and find somewhere to change on the way. I used to do that all the time when i was in a jam.
          I was at the NYC meet up last year, and I’m glad I went. They are really cool guys, and it would be a shame to miss a meet up.

    2. Nothing wrong with being dirty after work; in this case it simply adds to how diverse we are as a group of men.

      1. Normally no problem. IN this case I do not want to feed the jerks trying stereotype us. I will probable make it

  9. Where are the guys threatening with the baseball bats ? Y’all ever read statistics on 45acp vs Louisville slugger ? Better brush up

      1. @always_above_average:disqus This guy was threatening to drop by meetups in Georgia with a baseball bat… If that helps

  10. This has went from a low-key fun, chill bonding event to practically a serious fight for freedom of speech in some countries/areas.
    Shows you the huge power of the media to shape opinions and minds. Wow.

    1. Nothing is going to happen. It’s internet rabble rousing. This is the same group of people to whom Kim Kardashian’s ass “broke” the internet. Bored, petulant looking for attention on the iPhones. When the time comes they will be safely in their mommy and daddy funded apartments watching Netflix.

      1. You’re most likely right but it’s still shocking for me how the media can shape the narrative – an excellent lesson.

    2. The thing is we’re legit so the globalists mobilize their brownshirts, the sjw’s, and as you know they always flush their brownshirts down the crapper too when they’re done with them.

  11. uhm, hey, guys….don’t feed the mental midgets. You are better than that. You know better than this. They are intellectually and psychologically incapable of looking at anything critically and blindly follow a narrative given to them by people who are piggybacking political and financial success.
    You are basically arguing with robots who have gone too long without proper socialization to even engage in an intelligent conversation.
    If you are arguing with these girls you are just as much a fool as they are.
    Not engaging with them is not a retreat, it is simply refusing to enter a conversation with someone incapable of reciprocating in an intelligent fashion.
    Do you all sit and try to convince dogs not to sniff asses? Then just pull back. This is nonsense.

      1. So have you read that supposed rape article yet? did you even check out snopes before coming here and call us rapists?

        1. In other words you know that there are no pro rape articles here. That is not what anyone here is about and you know it. But otherwise you disagree with us. Be honest and admit we are being lied about. Or be one of the liars. There is no other choice

        2. I think it’s good to hear how people justify sexism. It reminds me what some men are being taught so that I can help to teach my son otherwise.

        3. So because I don’t think men are inherently better than and should therefore dominate women, I’m not a man. For the world’s sake, I hope you never affect public policy in any way.

        4. I’m curious – what the MOST repulsive article you’ve found? And what about it was particularly bad?

        5. I said I use the term man ” very lightly” if you can read…. you are still a man…. in some ways…. standing up to take a piss for one…. or as I suspect you sit down…..

        6. My father taught me that real men stand up for what is right. Only the weak fight for what is wrong. You can’t even differentiate the two, so what does that make you?

        7. Do you mean the one that compared women to cats and men to dogs?

          Why Women Are Like Cats And Men Are Like Dogs

          I’m unaware of any article that compared women to dogs, and not all comparisons are necessarily negative. From the article I link above:
          Cats are beautiful creatures. So are women. Especially
          when it comes to their faces, and more so their eyes. Staring in a cat’s
          eyes for long, can mesmerize you. So can a woman’s.
          Why is something like that repulsive? Or is there another article?

        8. In your opinion, what is right is for women to be treated like dogs. I believe you need to think about your moral stances a little bit more.

        9. Please show me one instance where I have said “women should be treated like dogs”? I don’t care one iota what you think about me or my “moral stances”. If anything I pity you. End.

        10. Some cats are just plain mean, hateful creatures who will scratch and claw anyone near them. Some dogs are ornery and lash out, too.
          Experience with women in the real world teaches a man that not all women are delicate, precious, and innocent angels devoid of evil.
          Plenty of women are terrible creatures, I can assure you of that. I’m not alone, either.

      1. wes, it is true. I know it is tempting because these people are here for no other reason to troll and are saying things that are absurd, inane, worthless and based on their feelings rather than any kind of knowledge they have. As such you feel a natural instinct to defend yourself and a community you are part of. However, they can’t be reasoned with, they can’t be spoken to.
        They are “cyber bullies”
        The reason they cyber bully is because they don’t understand that cyber bullying isn’t a real thing. It isn’t a real thing because you have a choice to just ignore them.
        I would recommend, for what it is worth, that you do just that.

        1. It is a shame if one good one gets lost in the mix, but encouraging this childishness is just not worth it. If she has questions in earnest and would really like answers I am sure she can use the internet to find all the information she needs.

        2. Well, you got a lot of information from two or three comments, congrats. It is funny how your speech could equally apply to men defending so hardly their ideas, without listening to anyone else’s opinion. What tranquilizes me is the fact that several other man, not you clearly, could actually give interesting view and opinion about the matters being discussed, and for me it was worse it to come here. Because I figured out that what media was selling was not truth.

        3. Hahahahaha. This just gets more hilarious. You guys ARE the TROLLS. Literally! You are walking, talking, dorito-breathed trolls who will never get a girl through any means but “tricks” and negging techniques.

        4. ooh, you don’t want to be encouraging a woman to use her mind. Doesn’t that go against the basic principles here?

      2. Um, guess what? We can read how thoroughly f-ed up all this nonsense is RIGHT on this website. No need for Snopes.

      1. I’ve been hexed by all sorts of witches, but usually I at least get a blow job out of it 😉

    1. yeah don’t talk to girls, you’ll get cooties. You guys all have great futures ahead of you, and I’m sure you’ll have stimulating conversations with your mail-order brides

    2. So true
      “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”

  12. If we lived in a world where self-defence was legal – all these whining Leftists would be running away scared. If a woman punches you first, and you punched her back in self-defence, that would guarantee future Leftists Free meetups. But as we all know – some animals are more equal than the others

    1. But they aren’t punching. They are doing what they have always did, whining. If you interact with them you just help sustain the dialectic. Even arguing against them allows them to “win”
      To reiterate: they are “cyber bullies” and being a cyber bully is total bullshit because of your ability to ignore them. Interacting and any way shape of form is just foolish.

      1. Im just annoyed at the fact that the law is very skewed in favor of Leftists. If that girl who threw beer at Roosh got say a criminal record or some community service – it would send a signal to other SJWs that their are accountable for their actions. But for now – they get only slight slaps on the wrists.

        1. Of course you are annoyed by it. That is only natural. But letting your feelings get the best of you and engaging in meaningless and mindless conversation which just devolves to insults is not how men ought to deal with a situation. I understand the temptation. Believe me, I do. But it just isn’t worth it.

        1. “Labeled?” I can read. Oh yeah, no one is stopping you from your male humping ritual- just not in my town!

        2. Wait, so the people planning ‘counter-protests’ (doesn’t that require a protest to be countering?) that have issued death threats and the like aren’t trying to stop the “male humping ritual” as you so eloquently put it? And the ‘just not in my town’ addendum to the end of your post would seem to contradict the immediately prior sentence.

        3. Logic has personally done wonders for me 🙂 but yes, presenting someone emotionally invested in one viewpoint with a logical argument to the contrary will have no persuasive power. I do it to see how many mental hoops people will jump through to justify their preexisting worldview. Its entertaining!

        4. Cognitive dissonance is attacking ROK for being anti-homosexual while
          simultaneously calling ROK readers homosexuals as some attempted put
          down or insult.
          Gee aye has a gay flag but throws around homosexuality as an insult? da fuq

  13. Can’t belive that so many people want to stop a normal peaceful meeting. what is wrong with you guys?

    1. Personally, I’m not trying to stop your meetings. I’m just warning everyone in the area that they need to be careful and stay safe while you’re there. I don’t want any of my friends getting assaulted by any of you.

      1. The idea that anybody from RoK wants to “assault” anyone is beyond ridiculous.
        Most of the guys who follow Roosh, myself included, are actually pretty good men who, unlike the manginas posting comments advocating violence against us, have lines we don’t cross.

        1. I dominate in bed.
          I lead in a relationship.
          But if you really think men should pander to women and pedestalize them, enjoy a life without much sex.

        2. I’m not trying to insult you, I’m trying to understand the full extend to which you believe yourself deservant of dominating 50% of the global population.
          Question: if you dominate someone in bed, and they don’t say that they want you to do so, what is that called?
          And on another note, why do you think someone needs to LEAD in a relationship? Or that one needs to be subserviant to the other? That doesn’t sound like a relationship to me, but rather it sounds like servitude.

        3. Nobody here is saying that if a woman says “stop” to whatever you’re doing to her, you should keep going. Yes that is rape. Yes that is horrible.
          A relationship that has nobody in charge is dysfunctional. There is a reason there aren’t 2 captains of a ship or 2 leaders of a country. It leads to a stalemate. We believe that a man is better suited towards leadership, they are less emotional, more impartial and fair. They are traditional leaders. My wife agrees with me and that works for us. Others may be different. In saying that, she doesn’t lick the bottom of my shoes and I don’t have her chained to the kitchen. She is the Queen to my King. There is mutual respect but also that I have the final say in the event we disagree.
          You propose that a relationship is either “equal” or “subservient”. Life isn’t that black and white.

        4. Just because your wife is ok giving away some of her freedoms doesn’t mean that you need to advocate that lifestyle for everyone, or tell women that they NEED to accept a man’s authority. Does your wife believe that all women should step down when they disagree with men?
          Thank you for your actual logical argument though, it seems a rarity here. I still disagree with you that men are better suited towards leadership. That claim is still sexist and unfounded.

        5. Ok, fair enough. Who said anything about “dominating”, exactly? I don’t recall that be anyone’s agenda. There is dominating, then there is leading.
          A: If they don’t “say” what they want, that’s called taking the lead, which is very common for women to want (for a man to lead/take the next step). If you are referring to “consent” however, of course, no one is going to refuse to stop if a woman says “no.”
          Leading is not making a woman “subservient”. It’s not an absolute like that, and that’s a very poor way of describing relationships that existed for thousands of years.
          “independent” and “strong, don’t need no man” types aside, average women prefer a man to make decisions and take the lead, more often than not. Real life experiences bear that out. That is most certainly not enslaving someone.
          I mean, come on now.

        6. The claim is NOT sexist, and is even in the bible. Also, women lose respect for a man who is not decisive and does not tell them “no” from time to time.
          You can’t have it both ways. As a woman once told me, she might not like it from time to time, but she wanted a man who would not let her get away with everything, and who would take charge.
          You’re right, women don’t have to “need” anything. They can choose to be alone, then.
          Men who are more masculine and who normal, healthy women are attracted to are not passive wimps who think everything must be equal.
          Women will even tell you they don’t want to have to make decisions much of the time.

        7. Many of the articles on this site use the term “dominate” or “master” in reference to how to treat women, or say that women should “submit” to men.
          For thousands of years, women in many parts of the world were not able to be leaders because cultural standards and laws (made by men) did not allow them to.
          To respond to one anecdotal argument with another, none of the women I know prefer men to make decisions for them. Are you sure that’s not simply an assumption you’ve made? I believe that no one group of individuals should claim dominance or leadership simply because of the fact that they were born into that one group. Clearly you and the rest of the boys on here disagree.

        8. Literally what you just said is fucking sexist. If you don’t know what sexism is, I can’t help you. Also, the Bible is FILLED TO THE BRIM with sexism I can’t even begin to narrow down the verses.
          Or they can choose to be with a man who actually respects their opinions and personhood.

        9. Sid: “I dunno babe what do you wanna do tonight? I didn’t plan nothing … why would you expect me to lead or plan anything?” lolz

        10. Clue: anyone who doesn’t believe that women DESIRE to be dominated in bed, and CRAVE being led in a relationship, has outed himself as a loser who gets no attention from attractive women.
          If you spent any time at all around attractive women, you’d see that you are completely wrong.
          You have no idea what women are about, loser.

        11. Yes, submission for wives to their husbands is also called for in the bible. However that does not mean treat a woman like a servant. That would ridiculous.
          It’s not an assumption, and I’ve been to several countries (mostly latin) where culturally it is the expectation and still is in more traditional communities here. However, “feminized” women tend to not give respect and opportunity to men with regards to that.
          Anecotal evidence? All I can say is that hard lessons learned in life are too severe to forget.
          Finding out later, as a teenage boy, that you lost respect from a girl because you weren’t sexually forward (leading) or later in serious relationships getting into to big arguments because women weren’t made to calm down is real and serious at times.
          When women cheat on their husbands, it’s not with a “beta” (passive, less masculine) man, is it? No, it’s not.
          What you have forgotten is that men are still given traditional expectations: provider, protector, husband/father/boyfriend, good lover, etc. however now without the respect that comes from being the one to handle the decisions that come from many of those difficult responsibilites. That does not mean excluding a woman’s opinion.
          There are some things you won’t understand until you experienced more, I think. Many things are simply women’s nature.

        12. My wife and I both disagree with you there. If she were here, she would probably begin a tirade about the implications of your first sentence and how it perpetuates negative stereotypes of both men and women, enables men to sexually assault women without the man feeling moral repurcussions, etc.
          It is also simply untrue. To say a blanket statement about everyone in ANY group is simply untrue.

        13. Do you not discuss date plans with your wife?? My wife and I trade off planning, because we both work and neither of us want to plan all the time. We collaborate on dinner too, with our kids often helping out with the cooking and cleaning. You know, like a family.

        14. If you have to center things around buzzwords, like “sexist”, then you’re too far gone.
          If being the leader in situations with women, taking care of business in the bedroom, and understanding that men and women are different, I’ll gladly be called “sexist.” It means nothing to me, that’s a shaming tactic.
          The best thing I ever did was become a physically attractive, confident, well dressed man who’s not afraid to show a woman he’s a man, and will treat her well, but won’t take any bullshit from her. Now I get compliments from random people, and love the women who like it.
          You have so much to learn.

        15. Sexism, sexism, sexism. Women aren’t Men. Men aren’t woman, stop deluding yourself to that fact. Men are more logical and make better leaders. Women are indeed capable of leading, but only when there isn’t a man around to do it for them. If you stopped being a beta bitch and led yourself, you’d soon learn how quickly those leading women begin to follow you.

        16. “Men are more logical and make better leaders” is a thought that leads to inhumane epistemic injustices.

        17. We don’t see it as her giving away her freedom. And I don’t advocate it for everyone, that’s why I said “it works for us and others may be different”. I don’t know her opinion on women in general, but I do know that on many occasions she complains about the “emotional” and “bitchy” nature of women (her words). She likes the more emotional consistency of men, which we believe leads to men being the better leaders.
          It doesn’t bother me if you believe men aren’t better leaders, I do. I base that stand on my personal experience with female and male bosses I’ve had in the past. I base it on historical leaders too (yes there are male and female tyrants, but by and large historically men have been better leaders). I believe power corrupts and women being more emotional leads to inconsistent and unfair leadership.
          Men and women are each suited to different roles and responsibilities. These days, to say that is sexist. I just call it reality.

        18. How would your job work if everyone that worked there was able to tell everyone else what to do? Would your company be productive? So why do you think this works in relationships?

        19. And this is why you are home alone playing white knight. And everyone on here knows your home alone because you stated your wife was out.

        20. You make a shit ton of generalizations about half the population. Also, alot of lies. Just endless lies.

        21. If the first thought you have if you have power over another person is to abuse that power, then I think you need you take a look at yourself.

        22. Testimonial injustice is an epistemic injustice that occurs during testimonial exchange, in which a hearer wrongfully subverts a speaker’s rational capability as a knower. In order to give a full account of what this entails, one must evaluate the factors underlying the injustice that is done to the speaker. I will begin by addressing social power, the ability for a particular social agent to control others’ actions in a social setting. I start with this because it is the very grounding on which testimonial injustice rests, in that any attack on a speaker’s capability as a giver of knowledge ultimately reflects on the power afforded to the hearer that allows him/her to make such an attack. The specific form of social power that is intrinsically involved in testimonial exchange is identity power, which depends on the agents’ shared imaginative conceptions of social identity in order to operate. For example, an older man asserting his power over a younger man in order to employ his assistance is an exercise of the former’s identity power, as it involves them having a shared conception of what it means to be young and old in a social world. Both agents must be aware of the relevant stereotypes at work in this shared conception, but neither is required to believe that they are true; as such, identity power has the ability to affect an agent’s actions regardless of his beliefs. Clearly, identity power is a remarkably strong aspect of our social dealings with one another, in that it is constantly in operation, and is an essential aspect of testimonial exchange. This is because, in every account that a speaker communicates knowledge to a hearer, the hearer will necessarily employ social stereotypes in order to judge a speaker’s credibility.
          If such stereotypes cause the hearer to form a prejudice against the speaker, then he/she has created a prejudicial stereotype, which can either negatively or positively affect his/her judgment of the speaker. In the case that it is negative, this causes a prejudicial dysfunction, where the hearer judges the speaker as having less credibility than he/she deserves; in testimonial practice this is referred to as credibility deficit. In effect, this causes the hearer to wrongfully deflate the speaker’s credibility to the extent that he/she will not accept the speaker’s testimony as true, and as such he/she has deemed the speaker to be unfit for epistemic trustworthiness (for which the hearer is ethically culpable). Here, he/she is said to have committed testimonial injustice, in that he/she wrongfully attacks the speaker’s competence and/or sincerity (the components of epistemic trustworthiness) with regards to his/her testimony, thus damaging his/her status as a rational source of knowledge.
          If one was to believe that men are intrinsically more logical and therefore make better leaders, a testimonial, and therefore epistemic, injustice would be an easy extension of this prejudice.

        23. That’s a long winded way to say that it’s sexist for men to have ‘social power’ over people. That’s what a leader is. They have power because they lead, and they must handle the responsibilities that come with it. Men are better suited to dealing with it.
          Tell me again how men leading leads to ‘inhumane injustices’. Big words to cover up your SJW thought bullshit.

        24. No, I’m saying it’s sexist to assume that men are more logical and therefore better leaders when in fact many men are extremely illogical, horrible leaders, and many women are extremely logical, wonderful leaders. And that to believe otherwise is to take away a woman’s merit and power as a logical knower. That is an inhumane injustice.
          Also, I believe you have me confused with someone else. I’m no social justice warrior, just a man with a wonderfully logical wife and a daughter who wants to be the president when she grow up.

      2. If you have been led to believe we are a group of people going to rape and assault anyone, you have been mislead.

        1. Ideally talk to them and have a positive exchange of ideas that could ultimately amount to consensual relations of a physical nature and/or relationship if they are deemed sufficiently appropriate for being requisitely feminine, traditional and attractive. It isn’t brain science.

        2. You have said nothing here that indicates that statement is anything more than a straight up lie.

        1. Plenty of us have answered that question. you are either the most pathetic liar in the world or you lack reading comprehension.

        2. see? you had the chance to answer me, and instead, you insulted me.
          thx for proving my point, mr. misogyny! you wittle boyz enjoy your wee wee club.

        3. A) Wrong, we are fed up with answering the same dumb question over and over again, read the rest of the comments you lazy little bitch. B) I’m not a misogynist you fucking misandrist, I like women, I just hate losers like you.

        4. so angry! mommy must’ve taken you off the tittie too soon.
          good luck with your wee wittle wascals klub!
          don’t forget your cwayons.

        5. First you make invalid complaints about being insulted then resort to unjustified insults when you can’t win the arguement.

  14. Thank you for setting this up Roosh. We will all be happy to meet like minded men that want to better them selves. The media is totally dishonest.

  15. So all of this caution is simply because men gathering to adocate for men in general is considered a threat? Grief, I knew men were hated, but this is hysteria.

    1. Yep. Don’t forget what happened in Canada at the university get together for discussing men’s rights.
      Fire alarms pulled, harassing men outside, protesting, etc.

        1. What really got me was the guy in the full video who simply tried to get inside, and was called a whole list of names by the extremely aggressive white harpy outside (the brunette).

        2. Those are the same types who’ve jumped on RoK to call us all “RAPISTS” in a gaggle of incoherent, profanity laced comments this evening.

    2. Yes, it’s that and not that your little group is promoting misogyny, hate, manipulation, and inequality.

      1. Used “promoting.” Check
        Used “misogyny.” Check
        Used “hate.” Check
        Used “manipulation.” Check
        Used “inequality.” Check
        By the book.

  16. First they ignore you.
    Then they mock you.
    Then they try to fight you.
    Finally, they bargain with you.
    Stand vigilant! We are rounding the third hurdle. I relish the moment when the SJW’s realize they’ve lost, and beg and plead and whine for us to appease them…
    …and like Rorshach in the Watchmen, I’ll revel in my Schadenfreude glee as I simply whisper back…”No.”

      1. It always blows over after a while, as has happened already several times here. Great for getting loads of traffic to the sites and getting free publicity, much in part to people such as yourself.
        In a short amount of time, some new thing will come up, people will get “triggered” by that, and go there.

        1. You know I’m convinced that feminists won’t be happy until everyones sex lives are as bad as theirs is.

        2. You know, I can honestly believe that.
          Don’t forget one of the basic tenants, as I’ve learned from the manosphere:
          Feminism wants to maximize women’s sexual freedom, while simultaneously restricting men’s sexual freedom.

    1. Nobody’s ever going to try to bargain with you. This is the beginning of the end for you wankers.

  17. To be honest I never would of thought that we’d get so much attention it’s almost flattering. Most girls at the university today wouldn’t stop talking about the international meet up and were revolted at the fact that one was to take place here in Edmonton Canada. Lmao

    1. They’re disgusted by you and the supporters of this nonsense. I wouldn’t be flattered if I were you. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and all your neckbeard friends in tight fitting suits on YouTube. I doubt any of you have actually pleasured a woman.

      1. Many of us are the opposite of “neckbeards”. Well-dressed, physically intimidating men. But of course you have no interest for reality outside of enough to try to insult us.
        I think you’re projecting.

        1. Come to a meetup and have a beer then. The locations are public and everyone here is invited, except those advocating violence.

    2. I think I’m the only one around here who hasn’t seen it pop up somewhere. Glad it’s getting so much attention, despite the duncecaps that have started popping up around here since. Still, the tide brings in the seashells as well as the garbage.

      1. Better to be hated, than ignored.
        Indeed, the attention is flattering. It mean’s we’re enough that so many came here to see. You did, too.

  18. So, you sissyboys are all going to get together around the world! And talk about forcing your wimpyass selves on women, and dominating women, and getting women to make you sandwiches after you rape them. As an actual, adult, mature man, I can say that there is only one way to look at you: Down.

    1. As an actual, mature man myself, I can state with certainty that in fact, it is you who should be looked down upon. I like to dominate women in bed, not on a daily basis. That’s ridiculous to claim those things.
      The irony is, men who attract women have no need to rape them, and just move on if one’s not feeling it.
      Not one thing you said was accurate, and obviously you’ve bought into the hype and the misinformation being spread.
      Honestly, you ought to be embarassed. You were easily fooled.

  19. TBH, Can anyone of the RoK community give their thoughts on these meet ups? All I have been hearing is the meet up is pro-rape. :

    1. Thoughts in regards to what?
      A bunch of guys getting together to have a chat about women, work, fitness, society and life in general?

        1. Really? You’ve seen at the hate directed at us, all the threats (“cut your dick off”, “stomp you”, “smash you”, “bash you, etc) and you wonder why we want to meet in secret? Seriously???

    2. Contrary to what you’ve heard, its just small groups of probably 6-8 guys each depending on locale getting together to bond in person instead of just online. Its no different from the local college debate club heading to the bar to grab a few drinks and talk about random guy stuff.
      Women will almost assuredly come up as a topic, but in my experience as a male we like talking about women. They’re awesome and very much enrich our lives. Scroll through the comments here while ignoring every thread started by a troll claiming everyone here is pro-rape. It’s pretty mellow without the trolls.

      1. You deserve a protein shake and an Orson Welles clap for such a well-reasoned statement.

        1. I be eating that whey protein powder like that francisco goya painting of saturn devouring his children

        2. Lovely-good old Kronos devouring his own is fittingly apropos with how the leftoid/progressive retards do that to themselves when the narrative they push changes on them.

  20. How do you know feminists are fucked up? Endless whining about fake “rape” claims and not a single word about Kratom. Do you even read ROK bra?

    1. Way to bring things around to something worthwhile…..Kratom.
      Seriously, so many people here are encouraging this juvenile behavior. I get it. There is some fucking tool sjw that I am dying to say something too, but eyes on the prize…kratom and ignoring cunts.

      1. you’re an intelligent man lolknee, have a word with JMA below, persuade him that ROK is the best thing since Karl Marx, or Nietzsche if that’s more your thing

        1. you cannot petition the lord with prayer and you can not convince a drunk, cult member or idiot that they are wrong. I am not in the business of wasting time trying to lead horses (or whores) to water.
          If I believed for one moment that even one of these people would be able to have a reasonable conversation I would talk to them. I know they can’t though. It is beyond their intellectual ability and it contradicts the psychological blocks they have put up ala reaction formation so they don’t have to face their own disgusting behavior and the world it has created.
          If they were ever convinced to look at the truth of things it would crush them so they have set up defenses making that impossible. Don’t waste your time.

        2. Maybe it isn’t so black and white. Or maybe our goals might be more modest. Someone concerned with ROK who takes their time to visit isn’t likely to be persuaded. Evangelism will indeed be misplaced. But the guy in question at least looked like he mainly wanted to satisfy himself about the nature of what goes on here; the kinds of argument, the kinds of people, the degree of groupthink, or the opposite, that we might be a more diverse bunch than that, and not what we are out to be. So perhaps a single seed in fertile ground is all that need be planted, or if that is too ambitious maybe just to persuade that rape, and ultra rape is the concern of a Clockwork Orange but not the Return of Kings

        3. There are literally hundreds of thousands of pages of writing and comments. I figured out what goes on here by coming here, reading, making a comment here or there, looking at what people have to say. This is a person who came in on a titlewave of trolls and started wanting to know things. Imagine that happened on a street. Some group randomly came up to you ignorantly slandering you and one person in that group was just asking you all about your life…would you answer them. I am answering you because I have seen you and your comments and have a respect for you. I must say, I think you are wrong here.
          As for goals….I have no goals at all. I am just a conscientious reminder that there are people here who are being cunts and responding to them only empowers them.

        4. Yeah, we probably won’t be able to convince you that your communities beliefs are wrong, but that won’t stop us.

        5. I will remind you of one last thing and then I will drop it as well. Women and SJW types only have the power that men have given them. Men have said “ok, we will explain” “ok, we will let this little thing go” “ok, we will listen and do something” and bit by bit the irrational mind of woman wound up having a voice. Great right? But what did they do with that voice? In 3 generations they pretty much tore down the world and rebuilt it into a miserable cesspool.
          How were they able to do this? Because men have been saying exactly what you are saying now.
          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to change the world. That isn’t me. I will play the hand I am dealt. However, don’t think for one second that this idea of saying “ok we will amuse this one” hasn’t created the situation that so many people here are so tired of.

        6. we’re at cross-purpose I think. I’m not talking about the fragrant ladies. There’s actually an old don’t waste time debating with feminists and progressives rule here, which actually really does save enormous amounts of time.
          But the guy in question, was – at least so I believed – a guy. Satisfying his intellectual curiousity. The media has misrepresented us, haven’t they? And here was an opportunity to explain that. Even unto the ladies we have a duty to try politely to explain what is the case. No need to varnish anything.

        7. I agree pretty much. I’m concerned only with the ones who might possibly not be cunts. Maybe they all are. But a single soul is an entire universe and all that

        8. I can totally understand that. I find the wave he came in on dubious. That isn’t to say that in a month or so I might grow to enjoy talking to him. Who knows, might be a curious stand up guy.
          You are right that the media misinterpreted this site and its contributors.
          OK so media misinterprets and there will be
          a) Those who immediately and emotionally react (they can’t be reasoned with)
          b) Those who ignore and don’t give a shit (the least vocal but probably largest group)
          C) People who are curious if it is the truth or not.
          As the first wave comes in there will be no one in category b…a vocal shit head unreasonable majority with a and a few c’s. The few c’s will stick around and find out and make their own assessment.

        9. For what it is worth, despite my disagreement, I hope you are right and I am wrong.

        10. me too.
          It is a good way. Truly curious people won’t leave until they get an answer. Total cunts will stay and cherish the attention. Take away all the attention and the cunts will leave while the curious will stay.
          These are very simple minded people.

        11. For a few it will be a refreshing holiday from the matrix. All are free to come and go as they please. That can’t be said of most progressive sites

    2. True, the headlines should’ve been about Roosh ‘legal kratom’ pusher, threatens to drug up our youth with narcotic he claims can cure cancer

  21. As a San Antonian, I have an attendance guideline for you. Get the f*** outs of my city!

    1. I don’t live in Harris County, but I have been a lawyer in San Antonio for more than 30 years
      Well then you should be smart enough to know better than to believe everything you hear, shouldn’t you? Not one person here advocates rape, and this whole to-do has been false from the beginning.
      Wow, man, you really should be embarassed. I hope your clients aren’t paying the price for your inability to reason better.

      1. Check the Disqus account before replying. It comes up as Disqus iOS beta…kinda fishy.
        Seems pretty consistent so far on the critical comments.

      2. We may not stop you, but we won’t be deceived by you and we’ll proudly criticize your community.

        1. So you’re saying you’re pretty much wasting you’re time?
          I think you’d be better off going to get some frozen yogurt instead.

        2. I’ll do as I please. You have no authority outside of yourself, and it’s obvious you can’t even manage that.

    2. It ain’t your city you old bastard. It’s the people’s. it’s ours. Now move over crypt keeper.

      1. I’ve spent enough time, and I’m old enough to have seen women “hamster away” (rationalize) many really bad things.
        Don’t even try to pretend they’re angels.

  22. Oh no a girl is inside your boys only club while you measure each others dicks! Better get your cootie shots or better yet how about you stop promoting the torture of HUMAN BEINGS!! Would you promote rape of your mother, sisters, daughters? Fuck you and everything you stand for you man child

    1. Behave. Sounds like you need that booty spanked, what with that terrible mouth and an inability to read the facts behind all of this.

      1. Indeed-I’d have her over my knee to give her a sound thrashing for having such a dirty mouth and unladylike demeanour.

    2. You remained silent regarding the German rapes on NYE didn’t you, you pathetic little twat?

    3. Cognitive dissonance is attacking ROK for being anti-homosexual while simultaneously calling ROK readers homosexuals as some attempted put down or insult.

  23. You idiots are flaming cunts I’d love to see one of you pop your head up around me.

  24. So, I’m new here. Not sure if this is the place to post a question like this, but anyways. I just want to understand more so I’m not ignorant to your beliefs. What are some key points you guys stand for? Key beliefs? Core values? I’d appreciate if you guys could answer.

    1. A. Read the site.
      B. It’s easy to recognize a baiting question.
      C. Your account is spurious.

    2. basically, progressive, intersectional neo-masculinity. Lot of the men here don’t enjoy the same white privilege as Roosh and board of ROK. There’s a lot of talk about getting at least 30% black, ethnic minority and gay writers and board members by 2017, but personally seeing will be believing as far as I’m concerned.

  25. Quick message to everyone!
    Check the Disqus accounts on critical comments before you reply. Most come up as Disqus iOS beta. My guess is that Disqus may have been hacked with a bot that is mass generating fake accounts.
    My advice just ignore them.

      1. Given the list of lies you’ve told on here, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a lie too, and you really were a bot.

        1. keep up, its called comedy(puns)…and you’re the “straight” man…

  26. Site wasn’t coming up earlier for me, I assumed it was attacked for a while. Surely, a global SJW campaign.

  27. Big things have small beginnings. Hopefully we can start to cure the cancer that has spread across the western world and regain the heights of our ancestors, perhaps even surpass them someday… but I digress, the struggle is eternal, and for that I live gloriously.

      1. No, I’m not. What kind of ad hominem attack is this anyway? If you’re going to call me out get creative man!

  28. I would hope that many of you are aware that “neo-masculinity” when it comes to the Greeks and the Romans(to a lesser extent) was imposed in ways that many would see as pedophilia or homosexuality in modern times.
    I mean, Alexander the great, a beacon of “Neo-Masculinity” for many, was sodomized by a man and sodomized many men. Legal Rape , whatever you mean by that is just silly, so I won’t even engage in discourse on that matter. But honestly, I think a man who does not think his man hood is in danger is actually a powerful man.

    1. Don’t come in and purport to be a deep thinker then refuse discourse.
      If you’re so inclined, you might want to correct your egregiously incorrect comment. There is no call to legalize rape. That’s all completely false.
      You’re welcome.

      1. Give me proof that it is false?
        There’s only over a thousand years of historical evidence that leads to these basic truths. But please do go on.
        It has been proven that Alexander actually did enjoy men, he liked women but he enjoyed men. Even before Alexander, we had stories in ancient babylon that pointed to mental/sexual love and domination of another man through Neo Masculinity.
        Now if you can show me proof that tells me otherwise, I would gladly rebuke my statement

        1. You sure know an AWFUL LOT about homosexuality! It’s almost like you studied it in college or something!

        2. And I mean man, Considering that Homosexuality did kinda stem from your ancestors and you are afraid of being emasculated, you may just know a bit more about this stuff than me.
          I’m trying to learn more about being a useless nigga and being gay though, please educate me

        3. I am black..ish, well brown
          I’d better check in case I’ve been banned cos of raciiism. you’re just a troll, why bother

        4. Oh i saw the twitter feed and I can slow down enough to say im wrong on that front. I thought you were referring to the what I said about Neo masculinity and the greeks, which is what set me off because that is widely known as fact.
          Get it going, funny name btw

        5. there are loads of non-whites here, including writers. Its not a racist site. Sometimes there’s nationalist stuff.

        6. I wouldn’t want to be associated with anything Nationalist. Nationalism by definition is absurd, your nation will never be loyal to you. That being said, you’re entitled to your beliefs brother, I’m just enjoying the comments.

        7. The whole Trump thing is over the top and I’m not on it but please explain to me how is nationalism being pushed on an international platform?

        8. I’m not associated with any kind of nationalism on ROK. Read what you like, and reject the rest. I don’t think its absurd though, I have a fair degree of sympathy, just as I can see the dangers in it getting out of hand. It is not out of hand here

        9. I’m an american living outside of america. Maybe in europe, maybe in asia. If you’re living outside of the states(dunno where you’re from) then you can clearly see a nationalist agenda in many superpower level countries.
          In China, on the outside people think the CCP just tells people what to do, when in actuality they staunchly believe in their country for the most part.
          In the states it’s definitely the same for the Majority
          let me not even get started on most of europe, especially countries like sweden where the ultra right wing NATIONALIST party is predicted to hold the majority vote by 2020.
          How am I aware of this stuff as an american? I’ve been around

        10. Yeah, Yeah the Nazis from Europe lol, because Swedes are rolling around in half trucks with Kar98 rifles trying to kill some oppressed people. The Swedish democrats would never rise to power if the they weren;t helped by the far left.
          There is a different mentality in Europe along the lines of ethnic and nation whereas in the US is just about race.
          You seem to act offended by the European way of thinking; why? Do you think that shopkeeper in Slovenia got rich because of slavery or pillaging? Finland and Norway had slave-trading empires? You know the answer!
          Why do you insist on attacking ancient white kings? Has Alexander the Great anything to do with the people who enslaved your people? You hate white people? If that’s the case, why?
          I’ve been to China and the people are very compliant with what the party tells them to do and there is quite a lot of freedom.

      2. Point is, We’re men, why do we even need this? I mean no woman can really harm me and I don’t do anything to harm women. And i’ve been with many women. I have been in a relationship for quite some time and i’ve learned that i’ve drawn my line in the sand, she has hers.

      1. I’ve never been raped by the legal system, and I’m always having sex tbh. Actually most women find me to be highly masculine and I openly say bitch, whore, and much more. But i’m also great at articulation and not feeling like i’m being challenged.
        Dunno, maybe as a black man I have much deeper things to think about than this

        1. Haha, lets trade fb links then my G, I only date the most lavish. Would love to see how your “Woman” looks though. Hope she looks like barbara streisand. Mines looks like Laura Nyro to be honest

        2. As a black man, he spends his limitless mental powers contemplating the universe’s origin, evolution, and fate
          lolz Nigga Please!

        3. What part of Africa (sub Saharan or northern) was Math invented? You know that Africa isn’t a country, right?

        4. Seeing how systematic mathematics was invented by the ancient Greeks, and how sub Saharan Africans weren’t able to invent the wheel, it would probably be in your own interest to avoid citing historical references.

        5. Well actually, the African’s along the Nile River, (Egyptians, if you didn’t know) have the earliest form of Mathematics which predate Greek the Mathematics that appeared around 600 BC. But sure, continue. If you want to get even deeper on this topic, the Egyptians also created the first computer. The greeks may have coined the term, but Mathematics existed before them.
          Can’t wait to see how you misinterpret the term “computer”

        6. You are clearly buying into the Afrocentric stupidity I see. Pathetic. Name one Egyptian mathematician fool so we can all laugh at you.

        7. I get the feeling you masturbate to Bernal’s ‘Black Athena’ and get erections over the idea of Black Socrates and Aristotle.

        8. Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, again, Egyptian Mathematics existed well before Greek Math. I mean come on, the greeks created the etymology for paper, which is what they described papyrus as. But please, circumvent historical evidence through your rose tinted shades. The egyptians were around well before 600 BC, When did the minoans leave and the greeks come to be? I’ll wait

        9. The Antikythera mechanism was the first computer built, bozo. By Greeks.

        10. Sure, Ramses had red hair too, that’s moot mate. The area that they are indigenous to is what people identify as Egypt, and if i’m not mistaken, the people who the egyptians likely looked like are being gunned down by drones and air strikes for being “jihadists”. What’s your point?

        11. C’mon dude, Joey here has some truth. Do you know there were more pyramids in what is now Sudan and Somalia before Islam and Saudi tribes conquered the area?
          Ethiopians were quite advanced and like their culture.

        12. Nah, Socrates and Aristotle were clearly Greek men, but please, humor me some more or give me facts. I have thousands of pages of historical evidence saved right here.

        13. Existed? Or maybe was an example that just survived until acquired by the British Museum. Why can’t you name one Egyptian mathematician assuming they were responsible for inventing it?

        14. Sure-I have the library of Alexandria poking out of my pants as we speak also.

        15. Well I can give the logical explanation, or I’ll just let you live your fantasy. The Antikythera mechanism, I’ll give you that. But obviously the Greeks, who were well aware of the Egyptians and shared knowledge with them took the Mathematics the Egyptians had, however primitive or non primitive it might have been and expanded upon it.
          I think common sense would agree

        16. Ah i wish, Maybe i’ll just get alexander to poke me instead, I’m sure he had his fare share of african men back when he raided North Africa

        17. All the great accomplishments of the Northern Africans (not to be conflated with sub Saharan Africans) pre-date the advent of Islam by about 2000 years.
          Islam’s only positive contribution was algebra.

        18. We need some amusement so go right ahead. Shared knowledge with the Egyptians you say? Common sense? Present facts otherwise stop blathering.

        19. Dunno, you seem vehement on not crediting the egyptians, though they some how created pyramids and such. But gee, i’m such an idiot, maybe the Greeks just built it for them.

        20. Indeed. But it has been almost negated by all the troglodyte nonsense of the past 1500 years.
          Not to mention Newton is the father of Calculus.

        21. Now this has taken a strange turn-you’re actually wanting to be sodomised by a man? Well, have at it and enjoy yourself.

        22. Credit is given where it is due. As regards the pyramids, the truth of who built them in all likelihood perished when the library of Alexandria was torched.

        23. As would the proof of things like, the contributions of Egyptian theorists and such. Thanks for pointing out what I was implying. But i’ll go back to getting sodomized now.

        24. You haven’t provided any proof-you’ve made a series of assertions that are unfounded.

        25. That’s strictly for the ladies only. Maybe there will be others more amenable to such overtures.

        26. Crusade is just code word for colonization in the name of religion. IMO western nations were better off being colonialists than just inviting Ottomans to invade them.
          As an agnostic, I believe that the nihilistic secularization of the West will be it’s downfall.

        27. True, A big problem is that we have(especially in america and the middle eastern countries) let religion dominate nearly everything, at least on the surface in the states. I do believe that people have the right to believe in whatever they wish, but radicalization of any ideology is dangerous.

    2. I heard Winston Churchill liked to take it up the ass after soaking in his bubble bath.

      1. I was gobsmacked to hear that Churchill was most probably gay. Wonder what he did with his cigar when the cameras weren’t about

        1. I read it somewhere, it might not be true, as anyone who isn’t married always get accused of being gay

    3. “Legal Rape , whatever you mean by that is just silly, so I won’t even engage in discourse on that matter.”
      Don’t you think you should be enquiring of the MSM what ‘legal rape’ means. I’ve certainly never heard it mentioned on ROK. Unsurprisingly since rape is roundly condemned here just as consensual sex is the only type that would be considered tolerable

  29. To all the manginas, feminists, liberal bed-wetters, and communists who are posting angry comments here: How many angry comments did you post directed at Angela Merkel and the other leaders of Europe for intentionally bringing about the rapes of thousands of young women? What’s that? You remained silent about all those rapefugees, but you suddenly found your courage to come here and hurl your vitriol?
    You are disgusting hypocrites and weasels, and you have absolutely no moral legitimacy at all.
    In short, you can all just fuck right off and lick my hairy nuts if you don’t like what I say.

    1. Wow, you’re really concerned about the one woman that claimed to have been raped in Cologne New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t thousands stupid. Stop spreading propaganda.

      1. So…a rape that doesn’t occur is worth getting angry on a website. But those that are real (and happened to several women) are not really worth your time? Nice.

        1. I can be statistically certain with the 12,000 likes ROK has on Facebook, more than one of your followers is a rapist. I’m betting you’re in that group.

        2. Nope, I’ve got a clean criminal history. High GPA in college, and a few accolades here and there, too.
          Well this was fun, but I’ve got stuff to do. Stay bitter! Peace.

  30. Guys, don’t feed the trolls. You’re not going to divorce them from their ideology by arguing on the internet. I know you want to stand up for your (our) beliefs, but…
    Follow the guidelines, record any screaming harpies (or their mangina enablers) you come across; if you know who you are, let them show themselves for what they are.

      1. Now, now-no need to insult the word you used by applying it to such an objectionable waste of flesh and oxygen thief. Calm thyself my good man.

  31. You know I find it cute that the neofeminists with all their man-hating spirit have nerve to come here and call a man, who is not imposing his culture on theirs, a rapist, pro-rapist, misogynist, et cetera…
    Sad that the media is calling this event pro-rape activism. Wish I could attend but I missed the deadline. Wish you guys luck this Saturday!

  32. Looking forward to meeting fellow neckbeards, deadbeats, rapists and insecure men from all walks of life. Perhaps we can finally get to the bottom of why the cute girl with the phd and a sweet job doesn’t want us.

      1. Projecting my excitement for ‘Sad Sack 2016’. Hope this becomes an annual thing you guys. Go team.

        1. Oh…..Alex…’re so brave………urghmmmmmm…..omg omg omg……..would you sign my T-shirt?

    1. Oh snap … just what every man wants a careerist bitch with a phd in thinkology lolz

    2. Actually, women with PhDs and high-profile jobs tend to be less feminine, more self-righteous and less humble, and generally far worse girlfriend/wife/etc material. Especially those in STEM fields.
      I’d rather have a sweety with a nice booty who’s not trying to be something she’s not, and who hasn’t priced herself out of the dating market any day. There’s a reason there are so many women featured, all dried up and childless, on “where have all the good men gone?” articles with just their PhD and cats to keep them company.

  33. The only way to deal with extremism is with counter extremism. Something tells me that the anti gun/masculinity extremists (the far left) will not fair well when things reach the innevitable boiling point which they keep on pushing towards.
    All of you SJWs and radical feminists should really consider this inconvenient truth (for you at least) if you really want to take your hostilities to the next level.

  34. It’s amazing the grasp that the media have on people. They cry their war cry (lies upon lies) and the fools come running. Though it’s funny how they’ve weaponised words to create such an uproar, they were quick to use the unholy trinity on us.
    Makes you wonder what else they’ve lied about.

  35. I’ve been reading the social media comments and posts on the counter-protests. The SJWs are completely oblivious to the violent people who infest their ranks.

    1. They have this 3rd Grade Playground mindset. Feminist think they can assault men because they’re women while SJW’s think they can initiate violence against anyone who merely holds a sign they deem offensive.
      Academia has created this insanity and the only thing I love about it is the Academia Nuts are beginning to be eaten alive by what they’ve created. This is also something feminist and SJW’s fail to understand. Once they’ve dismantled mechanisms — like the 1st Amendment — which has allowed an expression of opposing ideas, they are destined to destroy themselves. So used to policing thought, they will inevitably attack those in their circle who use the incorrect pronoun, etc.

      1. Yeah, you are. You are going to mess around and get caught up in the system. Keep playing around and you’ll find yourself in an orange jumpsuit, a mugshot, and housed in a 5’x9′ with Daequan and Tyriek. It will be at that moment that you realize that your posturing was fraudulent. Just sayin’.

        1. Wow, and you just insinuated the only people in prison are black! I guess I can’t be too surprised that one of you sad little MRA cunts are racist as well.
          See ya Saturday buddy!

        2. My bad, my orientation is in the Black community and so that is my only concern. You must be a white liberal because you can only conceive of a world where everyone is white. Sadly, this is how you perceive the world around you. It just goes to show that the white liberal is incapable of grasping the notion that a Black reality exists. Malcolm X warned us of persons like you and your racism. Nice job!

  36. It seems that the biggest difference between me and the supporters of this site is that I’m angered by inequality, language that compares humans to animals, and statements that any group should dominate another simply by virtue of being born into that one group. The supporters of this site, on the other hand, are angered by a group of people rising above discriminatory legislature and stereotypes and claiming their rights.
    I’m done here. I sincerely hope your meet-up doesn’t end in mass amounts of violence against women.

    1. You wanna see violence and the threats thereof? Go read the social media presented by those who want to enact a counter-protest to these meetups. I’m an old guy with rheumatoid arthritis but I am still going in spite of the threats of violence that are emanating from the SJWs who seek to protest this meetup. This is a damn shame.

      1. If you’re old, then you’ve already spent enough time on this Earth, and we won’t feel bad beating you within an inch of your life.

        1. It’s so obvious that you’ve nothing in your life. Go build something of your own. The only reason why you are here is to escape the misery that is the result of your awareness that you haven’t done anything meaningful to make yourself happy. Your personal sadness and misery hues your commentary. You remind me of the person I used to be.

    2. I sincerely hope your meet-up doesn’t end in mass amounts of violence against women.
      That’s right, we’re all giving up the idea of just having a few drinks and talking and will all go out to get our torches and pitchforks before tearing across the town, bringing it to it’s knees.
      Fair damsels will scream in distraught as we pull down their knickers and snap towels on their cherub-like fair bottoms.
      Oh, the horror!

      1. I was thinking we use leather slappers and peacock feathers but if they’re into towel-play far be it from me to not cater to their perversions. I am a gentleman after all.

    3. I’m also angered by inequality:
      Such as the fact MEN are FORCED to register for the Selective Service in order to have the right to vote or receive student loans . . . while women do not face such a requirement.
      That there’s absolutely ZERO resources for men who’ve been victims of DV because feminists claim “it’ll take away from women.”
      Divorce and Custody laws which enable spiteful ex-wives to divorce daddy, garnish 85% of his paycheck and deny him access to his kids.
      Title IX Laws which have removed DUE PROCESS for men who’ve been falsely accused of rape on college campuses.
      Those are just a few . . .

    4. “I sincerely hope your meet-up doesn’t end in mass amounts of violence against women”
      Don’t be a twat

    5. You really do sound like a pathetic pussy. This site and those like it represent your only hope for salvation. I recommend you get to reading.

      1. I read his comments, it’s one POS after another. I can picture Sid at home in his wife’s panties, it would be funny if it just wasn’t so pathetic and sad.

        1. What wife? Probably just has the panties to live out some sick fetish or mental illness.

    6. You are rising above discriminatory legislature and stereotypes? Are you sure about that? Because, affirmative action, hiring quotas, school admission diversity policies are all NOT aimed at men, rather, aimed at helping specific groups. And these are supported by the government. So, you’ve done the complete opposite. You haven’t risen over anything, in fact, you just continued on a tradition of discrimination. Want to see negative stereotypes turn on the tv and watch how men are portrayed.

  37. I have no respect for a group that asks me to disarm myself while facing danger. Part of being a man is defending ones life and liberty.

    1. I’m understanding where you are coming from but follow the guidelines. Keep your wits about you in order to avoid drama that can be, and will be, used as a means to discredit the things the meetups represent. Beyond that, I don’t know what else to say to you.

    2. Dude Im a huge concealed weapons guy. But not in a bar, its not even legal in them. And these punks will not be a danger to a man. Their goal will be to provoke you into looking bad. And if someone hits me. I will feel sorry for them and will not finish them off

      1. You keep saying things that make no sense, and yet you say them as if you know what you are talking about.
        Guns are not illegal in bars, douchey, so stop spreading lies.
        And if you let someone hit you, and you just stand there looking like an idiot, how dare you call yourself ‘red pill’?
        We are not going to make any progress with blue pill posers weighing us down.

        1. They are in most states. Where do you live? Ans yes do know what im talking about don’t doubt me

        2. Dude concealed weapons are illegal as hell in where you live. Permits take an act of god to get in you state in LA county

        3. You say you are a “huge concealed weapons guy”, so you should know the law inside and out, and yet you do not.
          Keep reading and learning before opening your big yap and spouting off about all the things you are ignorant of.

  38. This just shows how a horrible idea with unfounded logic can seem like wisdom if enough people support it. Did you guys ever think that maybe men can put women at risk just as much as women can to themselves? Cosby is only the loudest example, not to mention the millions of rapes committed in just the last few decades. Many if not most of these women weren’t at a party, they were raped by someone they know. The lack of research here is appalling, as everything is based on opinion. Places where the greatest rape cultures exist (like India) also have the highest rates of it. Apparently, such societies do not decrease real rape numbers at all. Your core logic is flawed and dangerous.

    1. Jay you need to learn to read original sources. You will not be able to find any pro rape articles here. You have been lied to

    2. So you ignore cases where REAL, VERIFIED RAPE has happened (Cologne, Rotherdam) because it was not a WHITE MALE doing the raping. But yet you come here to bitch and moan about an inaccurate rumor regarding an author who mentioned rape in an article.
      You ignore the REAL rapes, and focus instead on falsely accusing people that you don’t like of advocating rape.
      Yep, you’re a hypocritical SJW alright.

    3. That’s why we want harsh penalties on women who willingly concoct false rape allegations. False Rape Allegations and Feminist efforts to include regret as “RAPE” further undermine women who’ve been victims of heinous sexual abuse.
      I’m just wondering. Are you outraged with Facebook and the MSM purposely covering up the Violence Against Women occurring across the Atlantic?

      1. Indeed-I want harsh penalties for perpetrators of real sexual assault and rape and I want harsh penalties for those who wilfully concoct such serious allegations. I don’t suffer that kind of stupidity from either side of the spectrum given it is not something to take at all lightly.

  39. Just remember that this is a meet up. Many of us have been in infinitely worse situations. How many times have you had to walk through the “hood” on your way home? How many times have you been on a subway where a bunch of thugs were a few seats away? How many of us live in neighborhoods where the sound of gunshots are commonly heard? How many times have you crossed the street to avoid the roughnecks; a group of Crips or Bloods? Don’t loose sight of this.
    These meetups are just another day in the park for many of us. The counter-protests of the SJWs do not come anywhere near these situations. They are punk asses. We can follow these guidelines quite easily with very little drama. Mr. Aurini is not asking much. We’ve done this before but in worse situations.

    1. I agree. I have given this some thought and while most of us are capable of handling it harshly, we are drawing a lot of attention right now. A bad situation will surely be utilized by the enemy against us.
      Be smart & keep your priorities right. I suspect most of these types are nothing without a crowd to prop them up.
      Personally, if some guy who’s a bitch is trying to one up you, to me it’s fun to reframe and make him look bad in front of any females.

      1. I’m feeling you on that piece. I had to get my mind right regarding these meetups. I’ve moved to a moderately good set of surroundings and this has made me soft. My point is that I left a set of surroundings where the threat of being shot or stabbed was real. I’m gradually putting shit in perspective, and realizing these protests are paper tigers in comparison to the shit that I, and some of the ROK readers used to deal with on a daily basis.
        No need to get hyped up over these meet ups. As I said earlier, the SJWs are not Crips. They are not Bloods. They are not a crew of criminals. These are middle class kids who are seeking meaning in their lives and nothing more. For me, it’s about proportion formed by perspective based on past situations.

        1. I remember walking around Cali Colombia back when it was actually dangerous. Makes you feel alive. There are no bullets here, only words exchanged with idiots.

    2. If you think the hood was an easy walk, just wait till you start your little meetups. You’ll be wishing there were thugs and hoodrats there.
      Two words to famili