4 More Things That Enable Women To Avoid Taking Responsibility For Their Decisions

Women are designed to suck resources out of men, both materially and immaterially. This is all well and good in a traditionalist nuclear family, but in a feminist-saturated society, women turn into absolute beasts. Women have to have the guiding hand of the patriarchy to give them boundaries, so I must agree with them when they complain, “Where have all the good men gone?”

We men have always been the builders of society, and most of the good men have turned into enablers. Women crave the real men of old, but feminism has taught them to be terrified of all that that implies.

I’ve touched on this before, but here are four more things a few select men have built that enable women to suck the immaterial wealth of avoiding personal responsibility for their actions.

1. Girly Drinks

The drink of choice for women and queers ever since James Bond replaced the gin in martinis with vodka.

The drink of choice for women and queers ever since James Bond replaced the gin in martinis with vodka.

There’s a great line in the movie Crazy. Stupid. Love. Alpha playboy Ryan Gosling sees recently separated father Steve Carrell in an upscale urban night club drinking himself stupid and loudly complaining about his cheating wife. Gosling comes over to give him the red pill treatment, telling him,

“You’re sitting there with a Supercuts hair cut, you’re getting drunk on watered Vodka Cranberries like a fourteen year old girl and you’re wearing a forty four when you should be wearing a forty two regular. Honestly, I don’t know if I should help you or I should euthanize you.”

Carrell’s character drinks like my father. Women love vodka because by definition it is supposed to be flavorless. While personally I respect a girl who has the earthiness to drink something whiskey-based, vodka is only for the cool girls and the wannabes.

Water down alcohol with tonic and give it a little fruit flavor, and suddenly girls think they can drink like the big boys. Smirnoff’s is like potato chips; you cannot have just one. Girlie drinks are so light that you can chug them more easily than most beers. And of course, the more alcohol one drinks, the more one craves.

So women are getting wasted on fruity drinks as though it’s just lemonade. Obviously this makes it much easier for a woman to cheat on her man, as women cannot hold their booze at all. To quote the movie The Break-Up,

“Apple martinis. That normally does the trick. But just two. Three, she’ll get sloppy and you’ll become a baby-sitter.”

But even if her man is watching her the whole time, she can still easily lose all social tact. Men become more warm-hearted and generous when drunk, and women become vicious and horny. Alcohol is the great androgynizer.


That being said, girls with no sense of personal shame are not always a bad thing. Later on in the movie, Gosling goes on to give Carrell such wisdom as,

“The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise.”

2. That Stupid Fucking Carrie Underwood Song

Several years ago on the Naso family cruise, most of my extended family was in the karaoke lounge, since attention whoring runs in the family genes. Sheila decides that out of all the thousands of songs available to sing, she wants to sing “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, written by men Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear.

It’s a less than charming ballad of a woman who destroys her man’s car because she has a suspicion that he’s cheating. Women sing it together as an anthem of girl empowerment to compensate for the lack of control they have over their own miserable lives.

So already I have a problem with women singing this song. But that night Sheila showed us the true nature of the female rationalization hamster. Sheila had left her first husband to marry my father shortly before asking Jesus to forgive her. The reason? Because her first husband was infertile.

So she’s literally the family whore, and she’s getting up on stage in front of the whole extended family without any self-awareness or shame and singing about what she would do if my father ever did what she did to her own spouse.

3. Award-Winning Dramas That Are Secretly Horror Films

Namely Forrest Gump and Titanic.

In the movie Forrest Gump, a woman named Jenny just a few steps short of mental retardation has decades-long oneitis for a man named Forrest who was friendly to her when they were children. He spends his youth sleeping with bad girls and taking hard drugs, contracting HIV in the process. Decades later he sleeps with her one night but leaves before she wakes up.

Just kidding. That’s what the film would have been had they switched the sexes. The actual film had the woman be the terrible human being to a borderline retarded man, so everyone just thought it was a sweet love story.

During that one night stand, Jenny gets pregnant and doesn’t tell Forrest until the child is five years old and she’s near death. She marries Forrest so he can take care of her during her last few months of life.

They wouldn't celebrate so hard if they knew what was really going on.

They wouldn’t celebrate so hard if they knew what was really going on.

Titanic is little better. A young woman named Rose decides to marry a wealthy man whom she is completely uninterested in and spends all her time pouting so she can passive-aggressively ruin everyone else’s mood. While on the cruise ship, street rat Jack comes along and takes her virginity. Then when they are floating in the cold north Atlantic, Jack freezes to death in the water while Rose sits on a door singing to herself.

Eighty years later, treasure hunters invite her onto their ship so she can explain where a diamond necklace is. For the first time in her life, she tells the story of Jack to these complete strangers after hiding it her whole life from her late husband whom the viewer never sees. I’m assuming she was a flapper chick, because she had to have some explanation for why she should get a diamond without a hymen.

no hymen

So after spending three hours telling her life story, the treasure hunters have a change of heart for no explained reason and decide to give up exploration. Then it turns out that Rose has had the diamond necklace in her pocket this whole time. Instead of selling it to feed all of India, she drops it into the ocean out of memory for this sweaty fucking she got nearly a century ago, perfectly demonstrating that women have no sense of the internal value of things.

I don’t know why women find those two films so inspiring. To me, they’re horror films. But I suppose “that’s just a man’s opinion.”

4. Credit Cards

Credits quickly and simply isolated on white

Credit cards are like knives and power tools. They can be very useful when needed for things like repairs, but they are deadly when not handled with the highest concern for safety. Do you let your wife use your metal grinder or Sawzall? If the answer is no, then why in hell did you give her the family credit card?

But I’m being too hard on the husbands in this one. A woman doesn’t even need a hard-working man to spend herself into crushing debt. The credit card companies are ready and willing to send her colorful letters with percentage rates and abbreviations she doesn’t care to understand.

Credit card companies, like nearly everything that makes money, are run by men. You and I didn’t create Visa, but some man did. It’s easy to slut-shame and fat-shame girls, but credit cards are so private that we cannot easily cast stones at women who piss away money they’ll never have.

But then again, can we really feel sorry for these women? They know their own tendencies to spend without concern, and they choose to stay single or find a beta provider who will never challenge them.

Fathers, marry off your daughters when they are young and debt-free. You don’t give an alcoholic a drink, and you don’t give a woman a credit card.

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236 thoughts on “4 More Things That Enable Women To Avoid Taking Responsibility For Their Decisions”

  1. 5. Excessive selfie posting to collect Likes from Beta Schmucktown to validate to themselves that they’ve “Still got it!”.

    1. This is an epidemic! I shake my head every time I see a beta chump commenting on those narcissistic photos:
      “Dude, she is not going to fuck you.”

        1. I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it a million more: REAL MEN DON’T TAKE SELFIES.

  2. That Carrie Underwood song makes my dick shrivel. She sounds like a man hating moose in heat.

    1. Don’t forget, she also has that song about getting drunk and having a ONS in Vegas, then marrying him that night. Classy broad, she is.

  3. Also, straight Vodka or Gin(or a mixture of the two) is fine. It’s when the multitude of juices make an appearance that things get faggy in a hurry.

    1. (cf. Jimmy Buffett’s “purple passions” made with grain alcohol and grape juice for an older generation’s version of the same crap …)

    2. My normal drink is double vodka on the rocks, fuck a chaser. Not a bitch drink IMO.

    3. I wish alcohol just wasn’t a requirement to have a social life in the U.S. Girly drink/manly drink, doesn’t matter. It’s all terrible for your health

  4. Evidently, 5. being a Nazi war criminal, can be added to that list. How timely.
    “[I]n a crushing blow to the millions of Jews murdered at Nazi death camps across Europe, they are all deemed too ill or infirm to ever be punished. Those ‘merciless’ women who traded femininity, motherhood and marriage to wed themselves to the dark side of Hitler’s Third Reich include Charlotte S. A guard at the notoriously brutal women’s concentration camp of Ravensbrueck, in northern Germany, she was remembered by survivors as a feared woman who beat prisoners and unleashed on them her Alsatian dog. A fanatical Nazi, the dog handler patrolled the camp with her Alsatian she had trained to bite at the inmates’ genitals.”
    “Now 94, she still lives in the state and refuses to speak about her terrible past. Nevertheless, unlike 93-year-old Groening [Man], a former SS sergeant being tried on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder, Charlotte S [Woman] has been told there is no case for her to answer. Another to get off scot free is Gisela S, a ‘hard-faced’ woman who worked in the feared SS under her maiden name of Demming. She was a harsh disciplinarian who beat prisoners as punishment for petty rule infractions. Gisela was also in charge the standing cells – small, dark rooms where up to 15 people at a time were crammed into. It was not uncommon for her to leave prisoners in these rooms for days on end, causing the death of some or all of those confined. Demming formed a romantic relationship with SS Dr Franz Bernhard Lucas but she abruptly ended it when he criticised the hideous experiments on prisoners carried out by notorious ‘Angel of Death’ Dr Josef Mengele on inmates.”
    The whole story,

        1. No, but neither is “Iron Sky”, and I like the “vast tracts of land” on the Rather Hotsy Nazi in that flick as well …

    1. They were probably the more “nurturing” of the bunch as well. Look up Ilse Koch aka “die hexe von Buchenwald” or Irma Grese.

      1. I’ve seen a couple dozen sexually accounts of Ilse Koch. Weirdly, most were written by Jews.

  5. Of course they are not responsible.
    That’s why they used to have limitations to their decisions, and could not even vote in the past.
    Now in the name of progress, all that was undone.
    And our best hope for Western civilization is that its downfall serves as a warning for future civilizations.
    It never does. The only things that ever gets learned from history is that nobody ever learns from history.

  6. “4 More Things That Enable Women To Avoid Taking Responsibility For Their Decisions”
    1. thirst
    2. thirst
    3. thirst
    4. thirst

    1. 5. Captain save a ho’s- Why should she be accountable for her actions when there is always a beta chump ready to pick up the trash
      6. The Matriarchal Marriage-Divorce/Child support industrial complex- Judges, lawyers and prisons benefit from predatory females, becoming enablers by proxy
      7. Narcissism- Narcissists NEVER take responsibility for their actions.

      1. Just last week I banged a 35-year old chick who used to be pretty hot about ten years ago. She told me a selection of stories about her wild youth and numerous ONSes. After sex she was all “I’m not looking for a fuck buddy, I’m looking for a real relationship.” I told her she needed to be a bit more realistic. She said a guy already proposed to her and she turned him down. I told her that her only chance of a relationship was to find a stranger who knew nothing about her, and then to act all nice and innocent till the chump puts a ring on her finger. And for God’s sake, don’t mention anything about past boyfriends or sexual experiences. I think I poked directly at her interior with that, because she thought for a bit and said, “It’s scary how well you know me.” I’d only known her for a week.

        1. By advising her to dupe a chump, you’ve kind of white knighted for her. You should have told her to be brutally up front about her past for the laugh

        2. It was my way of telling her that she’s worth nothing and that her only chance of human connection is a fake one. Of course she already knows that to some level, but it’s great to be reminded.
          But women can’t really cover up their sluttiness. Clothing, body language, friend circle, etc. all give their sluttiness away, even if they try their hardest. I have no sympathy for anyone stupid enough to fall for something that transparent and obvious.

        3. ” guy already proposed to her and she turned it down”
          The best advice to give her would be go back to that guy because she’s not getting any younger. I guess she’s still waiting to marry that bad boy.

        4. I like it: con-artists can fake it til they make it, but at what cost to their psyches? However, though it’s known on some level, as you noted, the hamster is still pretty adept at assuaging a guilty conscience.
          As well as 2nd hand embarrassment and frustration, I do have sympathy for garden-variety, thirsty AFCs. I’m not overly-dominated by thirst or desperation personally, but the sheer effort of having to constantly remind myself that even the most innocent-looking, wholesome lass, is either a full-blown whore or a whore in waiting, is demoralising. Most desperados are lambs to the slaughter at the hands of these conniving deceptresses.

        5. If what I said makes you sad then I’m sorry to say you don’t even know the half of it. Her stories included a long-term relationship (at around age 30) which she broke up for absolutely no reason.
          And stories like this are the NORM now.
          If I didn’t already know how sad the state of the modern man is, I’d probably throw up or just weep about it.

        6. In this current Western feminist culture, you would be well served by assuming every semi-attractive, slim woman is a whore or a whore in waiting. Don’t be fooled by the “good girl” image or the 6s or 7s. In fact, those tend to be the biggest whores.. because most men think they have a shot at them, and will approach these type of women. The result is that those 6s and 7s end up being bigger whores and with far more entitled attitudes and over-inflated egos than you would consider appropriate.
          You also have to understand the difference between male and female promiscuity. A woman’s preference for promiscuity tends to be serial monogamy.. i.e, one “boyfriend” or fuck-buddy after another… so it’s not that they are fucking multiple men at once (although there certainly are a small percentage of women who have that kind of masculine sex drive and desire for variety).. Rather, it’s that they want one man.. to bond with and who is good in bed .. and who doesn’t complicate their current career ambitions and “independence” with immediate demands for exclusivity and commitment.. until they’re ready to “trade up” or some richer, more handsome, more successful, more alpha man comes along .. after which they move on to him. So they’re still riding the cock-carousel.. but through “mini-relationships” and serial monogamy..
          Don’t be fooled into thinking this isn’t a type of promiscuity. These women are still whores.. just more selective whores and wanting one man at a time to whore around with until the next one comes along.
          Whores, all whores.

        7. Around football pitches in England, when things are going bad for the manager, the fans chant “you don’t know what you’re doing!”
          This chant should be re-directed towards the feminine politicians who are fucking up the country!
          Women already know they don’t know what they are doing but feminist propaganda confuses them by telling them otherwise. As such they become aggressive in denial. What they really want of course, is a strong man to take control of them and keep them from fucking shit up!

        8. Women love to brag about their past. Sometimes it’s not direct upfront bragging, but they always seem to find a way to squeeze in “one time this guy..” even when it has no relevance to the current situation/discussion.

        9. Exactly. They try to sell themselves as being desirable. They are terrified of the thought that nobody would want them.

        10. I actually had a chick flake on me yesterday by saying she was going out with her friends and the text message, “sorry but, chicks before dicks :)”

        11. Exactly, Id rather meet a girl with ten one night stands under her belt than one who has lived with ten boyfriends. The one who told ten men she loved them forever and played wife is a con artist vs. the one nighter who loves sex.
          All women love sex, I think it better to find the shy, slow moving girls and work them into loving flesh. They have the drive, you just have to work a little harder at the start.

        12. Id be terrified of dating these days and resort to what got me married-only date foreign women.

        13. Or some excuse involving the rat dog she adopted a day before it was supposed to be put down. They live in filth with the dogs Mexicans abandoned at some slum or a pitbull mix, or cat. Coupled with yoga pants and shit tattoos.

        14. There should be some way we subliminally tag their Facebook pages with words / pahrases like “Whore” “Fuck’n chuck” like in They Live with Mr. Piper.
          This would protect the BETAs and turn them Red Pill and slowly turn the tide…
          That or we’ll make the sunglasses that do it!

        15. The last 30-40yrs is **inconvertible** proof of how utterly destructive it is for a society or civilization to have women in critical power and decision making roles. You can’t get any more “proof beyond any reasonable doubt.”
          The other extreme of wrapping women in ninja suits and keep them locked in the house is equally regressive and destructive, as hell holes like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, etc demonstrate.
          The solution is to have educated women throughout the workforce but **never** in crucial decision making areas or capacities.

        16. How true! Remember the Jack Nicholson movie “As Good As it Gets”. Jack steps on the elevator and one of his female fans says to Jack ” how do you know so much about women” Jack says that’s easy ” I think like a man and take away all reasoning and accountability”.

        17. Exactly; yes that’s a great scene. There’s nothing wrong with women participating in the workforce, and contributing to society. No one wants a backward hellhole like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.
          As I said previously, it’s catastrophic when women start making decisions that affect a large segment of society. Why? They simply are NOT able to think rationally, at least initially. When something happens, women’s first reaction is **always** at an emotional level. They eventually become reasonable, but the damage is already done. Sure, there are some men who are like that, but the vast majority are not like that. With women, reason and rationality are not instinctual, and if you put such people in decision making positions, disaster ensues.

        18. While in the Air Force I was stationed in Europe, UK, and Asia. The best women I found were the philiphinas and guamanians! Most luved to fuck, the worst luck I had was with the Spanish. Somehow, I was unlucky to meet all these college women who were American haters!

        19. Think of the American aholes who are stupid enough to vote for Billary Clinton. Just think that skank may be the next CINC of the world’s great military! “F” that. JerryD., SMSgt, USAFR

        20. “At what cost to their psyches?” Very good point. It’s commonly accepted that once the ring’s on their finger their personality changes from white to black. They invest so much psychic energy towards keeping up a facade to catch a guy (who they don’t even care to truly know or understand) that by the time they’re married, she’s totally psychotic underneath. Then the monster comes out and the new husband is like, “who the hell is this person I married?” And it’s off the charts when the girl’s a virgin past 21. Those chicks are certifiably crazy.

        21. They revel in sexual experimentation. They’re brought up believing they have “that special thing” and their lives are central to the “relationship and reproduction market.” To most American women, having sex is about personal power to compensate for their sense of self-worthlessness. An accurate perception based on lives of doing nothing but manipulation and self-gratification. It totally kills them that they have nothing to offer but sex, and at that have to remain fit and attractive. Hence the anger at men. But it’ not OUR fault. Female sylopsism is built into them and they can’t get past the fantasy view they have of the world. It’s human nature to use anger and rumination as a crutch to avoid looking at yourself and making real change.

        22. True, true, true. A girl will admit she had 10 boyfreinds but not 10 one night stands. The idiotic fail of that attempt to save her image is obvious. I’d rather have one that admitted played around than one that let it out that she’s a serial liar and abuser.

        23. Oh yeah, they’re completely blind. It’s amazing to think of people being able to drive cars or operate heavy machinery with the lack of reason they have.

        24. Exactly, living with another is practically marriage and there is emotional damage/scar when that ends, regardless because you shared a home. Fucking for sport is excusable if a person proved their loyalty when shared quarters were on the line. Like if a girl is 40 and gas fucked 29 guys, yet only lived with 2, that’s explainable. Living with ten guys by thirty is a thoroughbred slut. And single moms regardless = porta-potty.

        25. if you always assume the worst… Chances are you’re just not very good with women

    2. And while we’re on the subject of thirst …
      There’s a series of really annoying video game commercials that feature Kate Upton as the Bitch Princess in Charge of Hordes of Thirsty Well-Armed Men — you know the one if you’ve watched any television in AngloWorld.
      The Hordes of Thirsty Well-Armed Men are being press-ganged into fighting large monsters, or so we’re meant to believe, because some blonde bitch with big tits demands it …
      I flipped the script: thirsty men are being forced to protect a monster (Kate Upton’s character) from a some kind of non-human or part-human species that most likely resents the presence of the thirsty men and the Bitch Princess they’re serving as supplicants.
      What the thirsty men should be doing is that they should be reaching a long-lasting peace with their more physically capable counterparts, after which they should promptly hold Kate Upton’s character in custody pending trial for crimes against humanity and non-humanity.
      Consequences are a bitch when the bitch has to face consequences.

  7. Some people avoid responsibility because the police or community in the area simply don’t care or actually support criminal behavior. I’m talking about the losers who stalk and harass you, modify their exhaust systems to keep you up at night and honk at you for no reason.

  8. Re: #4 I had a girlfriend who I eventually had to take away her credit cards and freeze them in a block of ice until she paid them off.

  9. Didn’t that Underwood bitch get her “career” from American Idol (shows how much I know/care)? Didn’t musicians used to have to WORK, REALLY HARD to get a career going once upon a time?

        I’m not cursing, mind you, I’m just describing the merchandise. 🙂

  10. I understand what the author was trying to do but women have never taken responsibility for their actions.

  11. I admit I will drink fag drinks if there aren’t any microbrews available and I am not in a wine mood. I loathe the idea of paying $25 for a glass of scotch, when I have the bottle sitting on my shelf at home in which I paid $90 for. Same for wine.
    My wife will ask why I chose a particular bottle, when we like XYZ bottle, and I will say because I know how much XYZ costs, and I can at least pretend this other bottle isn’t being marked up 300-400%.
    I know I am similarly getting hosed on the fruity whatever, but at least somebody had to pour 4 different items into a glass, shake it and drop some garnish on it.

    1. #1 reason not to drink fag drinks? Because if the bar is very busy at all, the barbacks rarely have time to wash the glasses very well. Even if they put that blue pill in the wash water that’s supposed to kill HIV. Dunk, dunk, next. Stick with bottled beer.

        1. Since the UK Chief Medical Officers suggest I limit my intake to three or four per day, I’ll limit my intake to three or four of these.

  12. “I dug my key into the sideOf his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
    Carved my name into his leather seats
    I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights
    I slashed a hole in all four tires
    Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats”
    Remember the time Bruno Mars made a hit song about vandalizing his whore ex-girlfriend’s personal property? Me neither.
    Say what you want about hip-hop but at least it doesn’t pedestalize.

  13. More on that ridiculous Titanic movie: Suppose the ship had missed the iceberg and arrived in New York safely. What kind of life would Rose have had with a penniless drifter in the U.S? The plot of the movie only “works,” so to speak, by drowning the hobo kid after Rose poses nude for one of his sketches; they go dancing with the Euro-trash down in steerage; and then they invent back-seat banging in one of those new-fangled automobiles in the ship’s hold.
    After the hobo conveniently slips into the watery abyss, Rose arrives in New York with a new identity and experiences the life of female self-actualization that modern feminist propaganda has pushed onto hapless and vulnerable girls since the 1960’s. More likely Rose would have had to become an impoverished prostitute as a “fallen woman” in that era. What a preposterous message to put in a major Hollywood film.

      1. If Rose had been motivated by hypergamy only, she would not have given Jack the hobo a second look. Titanic doesn’t line up with the Red Pill in that sense.

        1. Billy Zane looks more masculine than Leo DiCaprio. In a hunter-gatherer tribe, Zane would probably become the alpha male.

        2. She would still fuck Jack, married the rich dick, and have Jack as a fuck buddy while also supporting him.

    1. Leo has had beautiful women line up to fuck him ever since that movie. He’s not complaining about the story line.

    2. I never looked at the movie that way, I guess it really was a feminist movie. I still liked the special effects. Come to think of it there was room on the door for two. That fat bitch let DeCaprio die.

    3. Oddly enough, two of these points seem to come from a 2004 comedy special in Australia. One comic made the comment about women and the “slutty drinks where you cannot taste the alcohol you just want to blame it later”, and the other was Bill Burr on marriage and feminism.
      Burr described Titanic as a horror film as a man watching the movie; goes for 5 mins and checking it out.

  14. When I saw Forest Gump at nine years years, I had the impression the kid belonged to another man. That kid looked way to old to be his. I thought Jenny was taking advantage of Forest’s mental retardation.

  15. I would say number 5 is marriage. If a woman is down on her luck, is strapped with debt, and needs an out, she will look for the closest beta to put a ring on her finger. I’ve seen it happen to two of my friends unfortunately. It was ex girlfriends they never got over who suddenly came out of the wood work years later with an aggressive “let’s try it again” approach right out of the gate. Both times the woman came with a lot of baggage. One had tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt from a useless maters degree she got. The other had a kid. Both times my friends fell for it despite my many warnings. Five years later and one is divorced, conveniently after his wife had significantly paid down her dabt. The other one is still married, but he looks miserable. I think he wants out but he says he has a duty to the kid. My response was it’s not your kid, you have no duty to anything other then yourself. We will see what he ultimately does.

    1. Wow, fucking sad! He needs to duck out right quick! A bitch’s kids are her problem, homeboy’s problem, and the government’s problem!

    2. The kid wasn’t biologically his, he really has no moral duty. Legally he’s fucked.

      1. The mom tried to get him to adopt the kid, but the birth dad would not allow it as he would have lost most paternity rights. So, fortunately for him, he will not be on the hook for child support. But, he is going to lose a lot in the divorce anyhow.

    3. “I would say number 5 is marriage. If a woman is down on her luck, is strapped with debt, and needs an out, she will look for the closest beta to put a ring on her finger.”
      very true. I broke up with my ex about 4-5 months ago. She begged me to give her/us another chance but I wasn’t going to. I made my decision and it was final. About a month or so after I broke up with her, she found herself a beta and now is in a relationship with him.
      she is 35 years old and is desperately wanting a family.
      On valentines day (2015) she sent me a text saying how much she hated me and blah blah blah! hahaha!

    4. See, I have no sympathy for these guys because they had numerous opportunities to save themselves but they didn’t. 1. You should never get back with an ex-girlfriend, and especially not one that dumped you. Even if she’s a 10. That shit’s just asking to be pussy whipped. 2. You don’t marry someone with insane amounts of debt. 3. You don’t marry a single mother unless the father got killed in a war or something.

    1. You have to wonder if Salvador Allende in Chile did something like this to humiliate General Pinochet’s men. . .

  16. Under #3, you might want to add Pretty Woman: A Hollywood prostitute tricks one of her johns, a billionaire, into falling in love with her.

    1. I think i saw a Dave Chappelle skit about the movie pretty woman and what it would be like if it was real.
      Dave was in bed and he told the bitch to leave.

  17. Better have nothing to do with them. Access to cunts is easy. But soon they cease to attract. The charm withers. The mystique evaporates. Eventually you wonder why you even bothered. This may happen while you’re in the prime of life. Then you redirect your energies. And feel better than ever.

      1. Same here. Physical pleasure. Full stop. (I didn’t want to say ‘period’). Anything else is a cultural construct that has been thoroughly exposed as human animal posturing and manipulation for resources.

    1. “Then you redirect your energies. And feel better than ever.”
      Interesting… I was thinking the same today. Problem is, one has to get to a certain stage in his life to truly be able to redirect. Anything before that, is only faking and BS. The most alphas were snatched in the end. They all succumb. It’s how we’re made..

      1. Most alphas who got married before 1950 would be thoroughly disgusted by the modern scene.

  18. who really cares? Expecting women to be responsible is like expecting white people to have rhythm. I don’t care if women are responsible, I expect nothing more from them than recreation.

    1. “is like expecting white people to have rhythm.”
      Ever heard of Paul Simon? Paul McCartney? Brian Wilson? Bruce Springsteen? John Lennon? George Harrison? Harry Nilsson? Freddie Mercury? David Bowie? Bob Dylan? By any means, it’s not that white people don’t have rhythm, it’s that other racial groups are apparently in capable of making music more complicated than a basic rhythm.

  19. Those two movies are indeed horror flicks! When I first watched Forest Gump as a young chap, I knew something was off. I wasn’t red pill then, but something inside me saw red flags and sirens.

    1. I’d like to see Forrest Gump, Karl Childers and Boo Radley join forces in a kind of superhero team of Southern defectives.

      1. It’s a good story about a boy/man battling through adversity. But the whole Jenny thing fucked it up.

        1. the jenny thing was f’d up. I liked the soundtrack and the Vietnam scenes. Maybe someone can make an edited version and delete Jenny out of it?

  20. Another candidate for #3: I haven’t watched it because I don’t get premium cable channels, but I gather that the Outlander miniseries on Starz, based on Diana Gabaldon’s chick novels, romanticizes female infidelity as a form of self-actualization. Just travel back in time to mid 18th Century Scotland, meet an alpha Highlander, lift his kilt and have at him. Meanwhile, your “boring” but perfectly decent husband in the mid 20th Century misses you and he keeps looking for you after your mysterious disappearance.

    1. True. It’s a story about a strong independent woman who has to fuck her way back to her husband. Oh and they can’t kill the villian because he’s her husband’s ancestor!

    1. For precisely the first half of the movie I’d argue it’s Red Pill. Billy Zane takes no shit from his girlfriend, and DiCaprio’s character is explicitly living on God’s good humour, likely screwing every Parisian prostitute he can convince to model for him. It’s only when they hit the iceberg that the bros turn blue (pill), contracting oneitis from the cold.

      1. It has red pill and blue pill elements, sure, but I said nothing about that. You’re conflating emotional porn with either blue pill or red pill. It’s emotional porn regardless of what color pill it is.

    2. Because the man dies in the end. Like Ghost and Sleeping with the enemy.
      Forrest Chump was a wish list for how women want men to behave. His mom gave up the pussy and justified it. Jenny mercy fucked him because she couldn’t find a dildo.

    3. Redguy is right.
      The Titanic is not a romance, it is a tragedy. There is nothing good in the movie. It’s about two people from two very different social classes illustrating the rich and the poor, infidelity, and death, a very real event that killed many people. It is a tragedy.
      Forrest Gump is a good movie too. It is a black comedy though. It’s hilarious, but it’s very dark. There is absolutely nothing good about any of the situations in that movie as well. Retardation, war, poverty, child abuse, sex industry work, bullying, and a lot else. It’s a black comedy. It should never be confused as some feel-good movie trying to illustrate true love or some other happy feeling.

  21. “Men become more warm-hearted and generous when drunk.” I stopped reading here. The author clearly doesn’t know how alcohol works. Not surprising considering he’s from the south.

  22. Forrest Gump
    “Being Stupid is Heroic”
    I hated that movie.
    I also hated ‘Rudy’
    “Let’s Pedestalize a Guy Who Sucked”
    Get faster Rudy, lift weights. It’s not good to suck. Get better.

    1. Rudy didn’t give the fuck up. That’s the lesson Rudy taught us. Plus, it actually happened. Forrest Gump is just navel-gazing for the boomer crowd. That movie sucked ass.

      1. I’ll take a movie about any given linebacker from 1935 to 1985 who was simply a decent athlete who didn’t suck at football. Why should the worst guy get pedestalized? He should have been faster. He should have gotten in the weight room instead of just getting his ass blasted to the ground every day. He was probably a fag who liked getting thumped by men. Make a movie about some dude who played LB for Mizzou in 1984 who was 2nd team all league his senior year. That’s more interesting to me than a little fag who like being flattened. But to each their own.

        1. “He should have been faster” Yep. He was supposed to break the laws of physics and just magically become fucking faster. Sounds legit. Seems like you really forgot about something called conservation of energy.

      2. Forrest gump is a good movie. The lieutenant dan character overcame his demons, found god, then found a much younger asian woman.

  23. The legal system enables it too;
    In a plea deal that stopped four separate trials, prosecutors agreed to dismiss 11 other felony charges, including three first-degree felony rape and sodomy charges, forcible sexual abuse and unlawful sexual activity that carried potential life sentences, Fox 13 reported.
    This was for some slut female teacher who raped numerous teenage boys

        1. You just wait. Soon they will be out there trying to reduce the age of consent for boys and keep girls where it is right now. Women can’t be creeps you know, it’s a man thing.

  24. “Instead of selling it to feed all of India, she drops it into the ocean out of memory for this sweaty fucking she got nearly a century ago”
    5 minutes of alpha. . .

  25. Interesting you should mention the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” with Ryan Gosling as some sort of example or model of a red pill movie.. but it is anything but that. I talked about how this movie irritated me greatly on here a while back so I’ll just cut-and-paste that comment again here:
    An example of a movie I saw recently that really irritated me was
    “Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), which stars Steve Carell as some hapless
    loser beta husband.. whose wife cheats on him and decides to divorce
    him. This movie was a bit different in that it has some red-pill
    truths, like the premise I just mentioned.. It also has Ryan Gosling
    playing some pick-up artist who uses Game to sleep with lots of hot
    women.. and he teaches Steve Carell’s character some of those tactics..
    but ultimately, the movie is a feminist movie in that it’s all about
    what’s good for the female.. and the movie is completely unsympathetic
    to any male perspective. Steve Carell’s wife, played by Julianne Moore,
    is portrayed sympathetically even if she cheated on her husband (and if
    the reverse happened, you can be sure the cheating husband would never
    be portrayed sympathetically even if he cheated because he lost
    attraction to his wife). The end goal of the movie is for STeve
    Carell’s character to learn to be more attractive for his cheating wife
    so he can get back together with her. This movie is wrong on so many
    levels.. not least of which is that any man will tell you that when a
    woman is done with a man, she’s done. She will NEVER, EVER love a man
    again or want to be with him. Women can be incredibly cold and
    heartless in that way.. which men just aren’t. For women, when she
    loses that emotional connection and stops loving him, that’s it. Once
    she moves on and fucks another man, it’s over. Men are far capable of
    loving and having sex with multiple women than are women.. so men are
    still able to continue loving a woman even if he cheats with another
    woman. I feel sorry for men who believe they can win back a gf or wife
    after she’s left him.
    There is also a sub-plot involving Ryan
    Gosling falling for some sassy, feminist plain-jane played by Emma
    Stone… because according to feminist delusions, hot alpha guys of the
    type that Ryan Gosling plays in the movie really want to settle down
    with plain-janes and average looking women like Emma Stone.. who will
    never settle for some average looking guy of her league.. Watch out for
    Emma Stone’s sassy, slutty, Korean/Asian friend who disparages boring, beta males andencourages Emma Stone to slut it up and not settle for the boring beta
    male type.
    Speaking of Emma Stone, she did another movie called “Easy A” that is all about discouraging “slut-shaming.” Liberals and feminists really love Emma Stone for that movie and her plain-jane looks.

    1. I partially agree. That movie is very good in first half an hour but later things go downhill and becomes like you said “feminist fantasy”.

  26. Fuck, I didn’t put it together until now that Forrest Gump probably is due for an early death too, since Jenny most likely gave him AIDS!
    “Jenny’s cunt is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

      1. Actually, it’s entirely likely she got it from a woman. She wasn’t just fucking other men, she was doing drugs as well. Sharing needles happens more among women than men, and it’s how the drug-taking community basically got its epidemic started.

    1. Most likely she got the AIDS after they slept together, or I would think Forrest would have noticed symptoms in the intervening 5 years. Either way, she definitely could have passed it on to the kid.

  27. Great topic. Its funny you used Carrie underwood for the title pic. Another one of her songs called Last Name. In the song she blames all her stupid choices on getting drunk and going to Vegas and getting married to some guy she doesnt even know his last name. Pop music particularly female pop music is pretty much all about avoiding responsiblilty and accountability for shitty decisions in life and blaming it on the guy. Pretty much most of Pinks hits are about talking shit and what a jerk her man is and she acted like a fucking brat because of him. Allanis Morisette built a career on shitty choices in men and not being accountable. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt song are rife with how its all his fault and none of her blame. Pretty much all the hits from women in the 90’s alternative rock were about man bashing and misandry.
    Until fathers of little girls get some balls and look elsewhere for entertaining their daughters with the infallible girl pandering of Disney, then we will continue to have girls grow up to be coddled infallible unnacountable and irresponsible little cunts that we have to deal with now in American and western society.

    1. “Country music” for women has become all about responsibility avoidance, and physically harming men. And women sing it in unison in a way that I find *very* disturbing.

  28. Minor little quibble. Rose and the BIlly Zane character were fucking throughout the first portion of Titanic. “You are my wife… in practice if not yet by law.” And, “will you come to me tonight?” She was of far lower station than him, so, yeah, she did put out. Not the least implausible portion of the film is why Zane would be so enthusiastic about marrying such a tramp.

  29. A survivalist or Spec Ops man can kill you with a sharpened credit card. A woman can kill ya will a dull one..

  30. Vodka is for females? It is meant to be drunk diluted? What the… If you drink vodka properly (like eastern- europeans)- with no water or any other ingredients in it, frozen to the bone- there is nothing better then that. If you will manage to kill two bottles and still walk- then you can talk about vodka being “girly”.

  31. There’s the big one: College.
    It’s where they lose their virginity and pick up massive student debt (and usually a number of viruses that are “treatable” if you can afford the co-pay).
    Satan is ingenious. Outright mass slaughter of women might be noticed. Instead, ruin them, mind, body, and spirit. The zombie apocalypse is here – look at all the women with hair of some color that does not occur in nature.

  32. #1. Affirmative Action and EEO
    #2. Welfare
    #3. Child support
    #4. No-fault divorce
    It’s these four items alone that have done the most damage. They literally set women loose running wild. Women were made FOR men, and are suppose to be dependent upon man for survival. As a collective whole, women cannot build a society by themselves as men have because women by nature act & think irrationally and lack abstract thought ability. A little over 50 years ago, if a woman wanted to make it out of her parent’s home, she needed to find a man that was employed, ready for marriage, and dependable. There was also a father she had in the home that approved of any guy she wanted to marry, and the father’s approval was based on whether he thought the other guy was a dependable trustworthy guy to take care of his daughter. If she wanted to get pregnant by an unemployed undependable “bad-boy” as females do today, there was no welfare, child support, or guaranteed job income to support her bad decisions.
    But today, women are the ‘sacred cows of India’ and have special rights. They are guaranteed either good-paying corporate jobs OR welfare. They can divorce at a moments notice for no reason and send her spouse out of the home paying child support while she whores around town if she decides. Today, you’ll more likely find a young man living in his parent’s basement whereas a young woman has guaranteed opportunities abroad.
    Whether it be EEO or welfare or child support, it’s thievery. All of those are a forced redistribution of wealth from men to women. Men created the business world and the infrastructure we have today, so it is supposed to be OURS that we pass down from brother to brother to support a MANs lifestyle and family. Not a woman’s. But cultural marxists infiltrated our government & society and established the acts & laws that created the ‘no consequence’ environment for women that we have today.
    Redistribution of wealth and redistribution of jobs (earning potential) IS THIEVERY. Women are the recipients and they gladly accept it. This makes them thieves as well. If someone robbed somebody and then handed you what they stole and you kept it, that makes you a thief too. Women are thieves and they are the participants in the thievery of mankind.
    And when left alone to run wild, woman are the destroyers of society and marxists are the enablers. Show me any neighborhood that is run down and full of crime, and I’ll show you a neighborhood of single moms.

  33. Blair, these movie reviews are great. You should do more of them. Snarky bitter male analysis of popular films.

    1. He’s not being bitter just honest. That was a very literal interpretation of those films, if you are honest.
      But I agree, more red-pill movie reviews

      1. To the SJW’s, anything spoken truthfully and without sugar coating is “bitter”. It’s one of their many code words.

  34. “Fathers, marry off your daughters when they are young and debt-free”
    if only we still could….if only
    thank you for ruining forest gump and titanic for the masses, including myself.

  35. Another Beyonce misquote from your truly…In regards to a diamond ring, if you you liked it you should have put a padlock on it.

  36. I never understood why we should care about the Rose character in “Titanic.”

    1. She really was unsympathetic, but I think that’s only to men. She is the ultimate pin up girl for hypergamy. That movie was highly disappointing. The only thing I liked about it was the musicians who played as the ship sank, I think that was captured beautifully and was truly the only thing that spoke to men (honor, doing the right thing, dignity in front of death).

      1. You can add to that the older couple who die together in bed. That part, believe it or not, still gives me goosebumps to this day. Yet, the lady ditches the lifeboats and sticks to her man to the end. Screw till death do us part.

        1. Not a fantasy – that scene with the old couple actually happened. (Their names were Isidor and Ida Strauss.)

  37. Old Dominion, “Break Up With Him” – These enabling, country faggots should be castrated for producing this song. Anthem of sloppy seconds jackals. Heard on radio and googled it just to see what those sell outs looked like.

  38. I dare you. I mean, I REALLY dare you to talk smack about vodka to Putin. He will probably go KGB on your ass. Then again, that’s what happens when you let mainstream America mess with alcohol traditionally considered manly. Just look what they did to tequila and rum.

  39. You mean to tell me that 40 degrees pure vodka with nothing in it , not even ice , just plain vodka , is a girly drink ? Then what are you supposed to be drinking ? Absynth ?

    1. If possible, or pure industrial grade ethanol out of a 55 gallon Hazmat barrel. If you’re a man I mean. Heh.

    2. Drink what ever the fuck you want. Anyone who thinks what you are drinking somehow dictates your personality is an asshole or a retarded.

      1. As a former bartender with actual experience making drinks and observing the people that drink them, I think you’re a bit off base. If a dude orders a froo froo sugar sweet “drink”, and it’s for him and not his date, he almost always has big red flags which set off the ol’ gaydar.
        Anything else though, sure, agree, it doesn’t really mean anything.

        1. Most men hate those drinks because they think they are gay, not because of some magical thingy that causes straight males to dislike them. Humans like sugar, why would they dislike alcohol with sugar?

  40. Good call on forrest gump. That woman was a fucking whore and she didn’t even deserve that shrimp catching retard.

  41. “4 More Things That Enable Women To Avoid Taking Responsibility For Their Decisions”
    1.Left Boob
    2. Right Boob
    3. Ass
    4. Vagina

  42. White Knights, simps and Mangina’s…
    In General it is:- men.
    That is who allows women to avoid responsibility.

  43. Great article and I agree with most of it but you are talking absolute nonsense when you say men get more “warm hearted and kind” when drunk but women horny. That’s just stupid.
    We don’t have to be perfect to be right.

    1. Women get vicious when drunk. Men get drunk, very happy or very sad..and always horny 🙂

      1. well i think we can get aggressive too but either way you agree we certainly don’t just get generous and kind hearted !!
        And yes definitely horny that was the biggest one !!!! haha

    2. My experience is that women do in fact get major horny when drunk. Some get mean too of course, and a couple just get stupid, but predominantly they get horny. Men can become anything, usually they go the full retard stupid route (“I love you maaaaan!”), sometimes the violent snake route and many times the “why the fuck am I continuing to drink” route. Horny may or may not come into play.

      1. I kind of agree with you but i think we can agree he is painting a far rosier picture of men than is reality.
        I know this won’t be popular on here but i do not think we are superior to women. We are superior in certain aspects and that needs to be acknowledged. Women have plenty of abilities we don’t. My main gripe is women won’t play their roles anymore. That they try to be men and want the privileges of both genders without the responsibilities of either.
        This type of nonsense putting us on a pedestal doesn’t do it for me nor is that what I consider to be the red pill.

  44. “Sheila had left her first husband to marry my father shortly before asking Jesus to forgive her. The reason? Because her first husband was infertile.”
    “So she’s literally the family whore, and she’s getting up on stage in front of the whole extended family without any self-awareness or shame and singing about what she would do if my father ever did what she did to her own spouse.”
    If ending a marriage, because the man couldn’t give her children, is the worst sin that Sheila is guilty of, then she could be a living saint.
    5 Lessons From Church That Will Wreck Your Life (hyperlinked in your paragraph above):
    “Orthodox Christians, Athos is a cult, and your bishops have always been secularists.”
    Derp, derp, derp. This might as well be “And.. I’ve got nothing,” but you needed *something* to write about Orthodoxy to include it in your bucket list:
    “Mormons, Joseph Smith had a criminal record before he founded a church.
    “Jehovah’s Witnesses, you take advantage of uneducated and impoverished minorities, hence why I’ve never met one of you who isn’t black.
    “Hindus and Buddhists, an impersonal god is a contradiction in terms, and karma is the very lowest level of morality.
    “Muslims, Mohammed became a genocidal warlord to compensate for his beta male status.”

  45. I’m glad you mentioned “Crazy Stupid Love”. It’s a rare example of a romantic comedy with actual game advice inside.

  46. love the comparison to titanic and forest gump. I think Titanic is hypergamy unleashed. Rose has a sweet life, wealth, luxury and opportunity at her fingertips but she isnt happy…. So she cooks off at her fiance and family instead of being a kinder and more pleasant person to everyone in her life despite that she has had no hardships in her life ie did not grow up in a war torn country or was not born handicapped. She is a selfish fearmenist. She then meets a bum that will ‘save her’. When the bum does save her, she breaks of her family, her life, family and everything etc. Then when they are about to both die she does not think twice about saving him just like he “saved her”. He then dies and she escapes. Titanic is the ultimate fearmenist movie a great “how to” on being the biggest ultimate parasitical bitch. haha

    1. Fearmenist, I like that. Good term. Gonna keep it.

  47. Pre #1 above all else a VAGINA.
    A good Aussie buddy of mine said to me many years age “Mate if they didn’t have vaginas we’d throw rocks attem!”
    This is ultimately why they get away with the shit they do the old PU PASS..

    1. Its also since they stop covering up. Most men fall to their knees (betas) when a woman shows some leg and tits.

  48. That has been my rant on Titanic since the first day I saw it.
    While woman spend hours looking into a mirror. Very few of them can see themselves. They flagrantly project (cheating whore singing Before He Cheats) and then wonder why a guy has a blank look on his face while she does it. They honestly seem to be blind to themselves.

  49. Poor Carrie Underwood. My dick wants to fuck her (when she was in her prime) but I know right out of the gate that she’s a feminist plant meant to help undermine Right wing music. Still, I’d give it the ol’ college try to do my best to fuck the feminism out of her soul.

    1. Still looks better than Miranda Lambert. Yet both are experiencing that horrible stage that most American women experience still their age, which is where their looks take a horrible downward spiral.

  50. I’ve wondered if racially mixed women get an additional pass because their lack of identity and belonging makes them more willing to try to fill the void in their lives with sexual hedonism. That might shed some light on the Pers-version Laci Green.

  51. With regard to #1: I’ve had more than one woman tell me she can drink me under the table…and all of them have found themselves hugging a toilet before I’m even buzzed. I’m Irish with a red beard, what did they expect?
    With regard to #4: I worked with a woman who was in the midst of divorcing her husband while fucking another guy we worked with. Her soon to be ex husband came from money, so they worked out a plan for him to pay her a large lump sum instead of alimony, and to also pay off all her credit cards. Being the fabulous person she was, she applied for every single piece of plastic that came in the mail and maxed them all out. Now she’s living with the dude she was fucking. So much class.

    1. Somehow I’m not surprised your female coworker did this. Tell your male coworker who’s banging her that he could be next.

      1. I’m pretty certain he’s playing her. He’s bad with money, and with her getting a large lump sum, he moved her in to his place and she’s paying all his bills, for all his food, etc. He will drop her once the money runs out.

  52. Imagine if you can the Carrie Underwood song being sung by a man with the genders reversed. Before She Cheats would have caused such an uproar, the singer would never have sung again.
    Same idea with Ellie King’s new one, Ex’s & Oh’s. Imagine a man singing that song in today’s world. King is presented as an empowered woman as she jumps from bed to bed, but if a man sang it…well look what they tried to do to us when all we wanted to do was sit in a bar across the world and talk.

      1. Just looked them up.
        It appears they can get away with anything because nobody takes them seriously, including themselves. From Wikipedia:
        Steel Panther is an American comedy-glam metal band from Los Angeles, California, mostly known for their profane and humorous lyrics.

  53. Part her hairs and move on. Talking and “gaming” is a waste of time anyway.

  54. #3 Hits it on the spot. I could remember being 12 or so watching Forrest Gump and recognizing that he is basically used by the girl he likes, and yet my mother and sister still thought the movie was a “cute love story”.

  55. I fucking hated Crazy Stupid Love. The whole premise of the movie is flawed: basically his ugly wife cheats on him with Kevin Bacon and leaves and he has to win her back? Fuck that noise. Kick the bitch out and fuck some hot women (which is what he does) Worst Line: “I should have fought for you” no dredd, you should have punched her in the face and thrown her stuff out onto the lawn.

  56. I’m sending my three daughters to complete university in Europe, debt-free. They claim they’ll live there forever but I doubt it (Jane Fonda, Molly Ringwald, and many more came back to the U.S., including all those military girls you’ve met who used to ‘live in Germany’ at the U.S. base).

  57. Instead of just shooting me down because I’m female, please try and answer this question, if you will.
    Having a website for guys to talk about guy stuff, picking up girls, working out & self improvement etc etc is all cool. But why do you guys need to factor in what appears to be a genuine hatred towards women? You complain that feminists generalise men, yet you do the same to all women. Even if you were to find a woman who had the same beliefs in traditional gender roles, if she had an ounce of self respect, she wouldn’t continue a relationship with someone who hates her gender so much.
    It does genuinely seem like alot of the writers for this website seem to have just had bad experiences with women and therefore hate them all as a result. Or I could be wrong. Why does neo-masculinity and hating/generalising females seem to have to go hand in hand?
    (And before you start, no I’m not a chubby feminist)

        1. OK, I’ll bite. But only because I’ve got 10mins between meetings.
          First of all I would like to thank you for your question and for reading all of the ROK articles on this site. It must have taken you a long time to read every article to get a good understand of what every writer’s opinion of women is. And I commend you for your time and effort in research.
          Now I believe I speak for every man on this site when I say no-one here actually hates women. Do you hate a cripple for being in a wheelchair? Do you hate the sky for being blue? Of course not. These are the facts that men live with. The true nature of women cannot be helped, Its just the way things are. The articles purpose is to inform men of what to expect when dealing with women, so that men can act accordingly.
          I love women, I love the way they look, smell and behave. But I’m also aware of the true nature that hides beneath that isn’t always apparent at first sight. This doesn’t make me a “women hater” It makes me an informed individual.

        2. I’ve read most of the articles because I like to look at the opposing view, for example I visit the stupid white supremacist website ‘stormfront’ often too, as well as reading about Republican/conservative policies.
          Can you not at least see where I’m coming from when I say that much of the language used on ROK is hateful? For example, replace ‘women’ with ‘blacks’ when you read some of the passages from this website, and I’m sure the majority of sane people would agree that it sounds ‘hateful’. E.g. if you saw an article criticising black people titled ‘the true nature of blacks’ 99% of people would be disgusted by it. Women make up half the population, you can’t seriously believe that we are all manipulative emotionally immature attention whores, like this website consistently and repeatedly states. That’s quite the opposite of informed. You can’t moan that feminists generalise all men when you do the exact same thing.
          Normally I wouldn’t waste my precious lefty hours trying to argue with you guys as you seem very set in your ways – but I believe that this website has the potential to be dangerous, for example, unattractive ‘beta’ males who are frustrated by the lack of pussy they are getting will be attracted to ROK and will think that the solution to their problems will be to dehumanise (e.g. http://tinyurl.com/zg4xgcr) the other sex & treat them like shit, which can lead to a whole array of problems.
          Just saying it might be beneficial to take a step back, try and put your past experiences behind you, and treat women as equals.

        3. This site is about raising boys into men, giving them the harsh truth about gender relations in the 21st century. I really don’t get why you have a problem with the site, this site tells young men that they have to improve themselves and then go out and succeed, it opposes entitlement mentality. If Elliot Rogers read this site he wouldn’t have murdered all those innocent people, this site is a blessing to young men.

        4. I’m sorry If you thought that this was going to be some kind of “back and forth” exchange of ideas, but you are mistaken. As you are incapable of logic or reason, I’m afraid anything I say to you will be in vein and my time is precious.
          We all really appreciate your input on this site, however I must leave this discussion at this.
          As I’m very familiar with women I’m sure you are just itching to get the last word in, however I warn you, it will remain unacknowledged on my behalf.

    1. Seriously? You’ve read this site, and you post that rubbish?
      I love women. I love my wife, I love my daughter, I love my mother. In fact, I find women fascinatingly charming as a sex. What the flying hell has that to do with the writers on this site? Being against feminism is not “hatred towards women”. If you think it is, examine your premise.

      1. Are you slow? Being against Feminism is one thing, using hateful language towards women & generalising them is another.
        I’ve read alot on this website, as well as other far-right ones because I like to study the opposing view. I’ve seen shit such as ‘why to date a girl with an eating disorder’, another articles such as one that advocated controlling your woman, keeping her away from friends and family if she ‘disrespects you’, which is a form of emotional manipulation.
        And just the general language used on here?? Oh and this article too?? You can’t deny it’s hateful. If an article about men had been written with the same tone by a feminist I’m pretty sure Rooshy boi & the crew would kick off about it, am I not wrong?

        1. Not dating a girl with an eating disorder is sensible advice and something men would be wise to adhere to. Those disorders are the tip of the iceberg to all kinds of problems under the surface that you can’t see.
          Controlling the woman in your relationship is also sensible. The woman will try the same thing on you (the man) with regards to what she feels is important. Having some ADHD broad running around on a thousand GNO’s a year and blowing strange men in restrooms is NOT desirable. Having your woman cut down on you in front of friends and family is NOT desirable. Men who don’t step up and demand better behavior will get exactly what is coming to them.
          It’s funny to hear a woman go on about “emotional manipulation” as if it was some great sin. Honey, it’s the very hallmark of your sex, we’re just learning how to deal with it now that most women have gone feral.
          As to the language used here, who cares? Men are talking, we curse sometimes or say crude things. Fucking deal with it, cupcake.

        2. Please point out specific lines that are hateful and explain why they are so.
          You’re right, not tolerating disrespect from a woman is emotional manipulation. Please also explain this.
          Why are you here, and how exactly is a website dangerous? What is the whole array of problems that will arise from frustrated beta males treating women like shit?
          If you’d like to enter a male space and interrupt, then at least make cogent points. What you’ve attempted is embarrassing.

        3. 1. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which lines in the article are hateful. Hell, the title and the entire article is hateful and unfair because it assumes that women are just overgrown children ?? Something that has also been said before on this website ???
          2. Not tolerating disrespect from anyone is a good thing. However in this specific article on ROK (sounding like it was written by a 16 year old with issues) it advocated cutting your woman off from family and friends if they had criticized you/disrespected you. This is emotional manipulation and one of the early warning signs of a potential abusive relationship (cant remember the specific article but ill let you know if i find it)
          3. Elliot Rodger
          4. My points were more than cogent. The fact I’m having to explain them again is embarassing to you.

        4. Thank you for your response, Blythe. I checked my emotional status quickly and I..I just don’t seem to be embarrassed in any form, but you’re not exactly Atticus Finch here–know what i’m saaaaaaayin?
          1). “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which lines in the article are hateful” is a cop out. You’re better than that.
          2). Yes, women do not want men evening the playing field by practicing emotional manipulation or abuse either. I understand the underlying concern there–it seems valid from a woman’s point of view.
          3). An unstable virgin committed acts of violence due to poor mental health. You’re saying he treated women like shit and this caused his rampage. That was a poor point to make.
          4). No, your points lacked substance. The ???s are also unnecessary if you are making a statement, and in the case that you are forming a question, only one ? will do.
          I’ll toss in something else for your careful consideration. It’s surely not the end of the world to call women children. Is saying something negative about this protected class a crime against humanity?
          If you’re concerned about mean things said about genders, you should write to companies each time they air a commercial featuring anti-male sentiment. It would only be fair.
          It was nice chatting with you. No response is needed at this point.

    2. C’mon Blythe you know that you females have advanced degrees in hyper gaming and solipsism it’s a natural thing. That’s why were all looking for a unicorn!! Tell me that none of your friends hyper game beta males, warm up to beta males and then end up banging the alpha males leaving a crumb for blue piller!!!!?????

    3. Do you not think that women aren’t as harsh on each other? I think I’ve probably said and heard nastier things about other women than what i’ve seen on this site. I say meaner things to myself than any man could ever cook up.
      Look in the mirror. Look into your soul. Being a woman is fucking dark.
      A lot of the things that they say about women end up being true when I think about it. There are a lot of whores running around pretending that they’re quality women and making it other people’s problem. There is some glitch in the matrix that does need to be exposed and discussed. I never realized just how biased and unfair the world can be to men until I read this website. I like to consider all opinions that exist because thinking your opinion is the only one that counts is immature and solipsistic. The site is supposed to be a safe space for men to talk about women and of course it can end up being hateful. You say a lot meaner things when you don’t think the other party is around.
      There is a decent amount that I don’t agree with on this site, but it’s not really my place to get too involved. I witness a lot of supportive male relationships on this site that I wish I saw other places. Do you ever go on Reddit? I have seen plenty of worse things. People are going to express criticism and hatred about anyone behaving in what they believe is a questionable manner. If I knew that my partner felt some form of hate against women I kind of would understand. There are a lot of tacky and parasitic women out there. I think it is only natural in today’s dating climate to become angry and cynical. I would assume I am their NAWALT example, and not take it so damn seriously. I can only take responsibility for myself, and not interfere too much with whatever discourse goes on in these comments.

      1. Also I hate to be this critical of comments by another woman because I think there’s enough pettiness for everyone. But really this isn’t the place to effectively express criticism on criticism of women. A lot of it is earned and true. A lot can be generalized, go off and believe that you’re not like that. Who cares? There are a lot of women living up to the stereotypes, we’re not all special snowflakes. I see examples of the flaws in women pointed out on this site everyday. Feminists generalize the shit out of men and say terrible things, why shouldn’t it be able to work both ways?

        1. GOJ you are an inspiration, I’m a massive fan. You seem to have done a bang up job raising a family and are killing it at life overall.
          Here is something for those who claim this site is the worst about hatred of women. This validates the entire trajectory of an average woman’s life as dictated by this site. It goes both ways: http://www.betches.com/Back-Burner-Bro

      2. “There are a lot of whores running around pretending that they’re quality women”
        How is a man to know, Rachael? Not about women in general but a woman? Are there tell tale signs?

        1. The amount of slut tell articles on this site should probably help you. I’d say the more aloof and flaky towards you, the sluttier they are because they have more options. The less clear they are about their sexual past I would say the more they feel a need to hide it. A woman who is demanding of you without even trying to do nice things in return is someone you should drop. A girl who is on her phone constantly while in your presence at a level that is rude is trolling for another guy.

        2. “The amount of slut tell articles on this site should probably help you.”
          Thank you, Rachael. But these articles are from men. Have to discount some of the bitterness and cynicism, that may be in there, to get at the raw truth. A woman’s insight is far more relevant.
          Yours is indeed persuasive. I totally get: “…aloof and flaky…the sluttier, less clear they are about their sexual past I would say the more they feel a need to hide it.”
          Can I ask you another, in context of Internet Blogs: What does it mean when a woman – highly secretive punctiliously puritanical overtly – goes for obvious low quality men who use degrading terms for her – vulgar words, ‘F’, ‘B’, ‘S’ genre of words, words loaded with profanities, sexual innuendo – in exchanges with her? She runs after them, stalks them, contacts them in private outside the blog. Yet is shy of quality romantic overtures? What does it mean?
          Advocates righteousness and high standards in her comments but her obvious lies, actions as a moderator, contradict them. Is clearly intelligent and eloquent yet has NO insight, blind to the obvious dissonance between them. Is that bipolar? A stealthy slut? Quality woman?
          I’d give a ‘Carte Blanche’, an absolute total trust to her if a quality woman, nothing too good for her. A keeper in my mind. But that other, the latter, quickies and one night stands…is not my thing.
          Only the former have been in my circle – acquaintances, friends and family – so discerning the behavior of the latter is beyond me. Your insights, observations? How do you see all this, Rachael?

        3. Once you get back online, let’s find something to blab about. Hope all is well.
          Peace be upon you.

  58. A young woman named Rose decides to marry a wealthy man
    *She* decided? I thought it was her mother that arranged the marriage and pressured Rose to go along with it. We must have been watching a different movie.

  59. I’ve wondered for awhile now if fathers “give away” their daughters in marriage to get those women out of their back pocket.

  60. The beta provider is from a woman’s need to have a father after she left her first one, women don’t fuck their dads
    The fuck buddy is for her itch

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