Why Abundance And Ruthlessness Are Needed To Get Hot Girls in 2017

I frequently get guys coming to me with questions about girls they are dating, or would like to date. Sometimes it might be a girl who they met through day or night game—they’ve managed to get a telephone number but the girl is either not responding to his messages or she’s being evasive.

What they all want to know is—what is the answer? What trick or tip do you have for me to get this one particular girl? What they fail to realise is that in many cases there is no answer other than ruthlessness and having a bunch of other options to fall back on.

Harsh But True


The sexual marketplace in 2017 is like the Wild West—no regulation, no protectionism and no right of appeal. Girls are literally swamped with options to a degree that has never been seen before in the history of the world. There is very little incentive for them to respond to you, much less treat you with any respect or as though you have any inherent value.

Think about this—if you were a hot girl back in 1990 then you would have a decent number of admirers like guys from school, the gym, whatever. That same girl would have the same plus a whole host of new thirsty guys after her through the dating sites. But in 2017, with social media and Tinder (plus Happn, Bumble etc)—that girl is blowing up with options. For you to break through the noise and actually sleep with her you need to have something pretty special going for you.

Highly Inflated SMV


Roosh just released an excellent podcast called The Death of Night Game which I recommend anyone reading this listens to. In it, he describes in detail how the phenomena of social media and dating apps have inflated average women’s perception of their own SMV (sexual market value) to an absurd degree.

Today, a girl who is a 7 by any objective standard will get so many matches on Tinder (plus glances from men at work, in the gym, and likes on Instagram pictures) that she will likely regard herself as an 8 at least. This will only be exacerbated by the probability that she has received likes and matches from men in the 8+ bracket who are either willing to ‘slum it’ for a night or who are spamming in the hope of an easy lay.

What this means for you is that it is now becoming significantly more difficult for a man to date a girl who is of equal SMV as himself. So if you are a 7, in many cases you will find yourself being rejected by women in that same bracket who ten years ago would probably have slept with you.

By the way, whether or not the 7 in question is actually getting those hotter guys is almost immaterial—it is the way that the online approaches from hotter guys make her feel that makes the difference. Just as the financial markets is extremely sensitive to confidence, so is the sexual marketplace. Just the thought that she could conceivably get a 9 may be enough for an average girl to turn a guy equal to her in SMV down.

Game Is Getting Tougher


Against this backdrop there is little doubt that game is tougher than it was a decade ago. On the plus side, hopefully the analysis above shows that if you are getting blow-outs it’s not necessarily entirely your ‘fault’. There are wider socio-technological factors at play.

But if the game is getting tougher on a macro scale then you need to get tougher too. What that means in practice is you should maintain a laser focus on your sexual goals and not waste your time engaging in any behaviours or activities that won’t get you closer to them.

Create Abundance


The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have abundance. By that, I don’t mean an abundance of girls you are sleeping with necessarily. What I mean is you should always maintain a healthy pipeline of girls who you are talking too—of prospects, if you like.

How do you do that? Well firstly, if you haven’t already done so you need to learn the rudiments of game. There are many resources available to help you with that, not least this website. Then, you need to develop an ABC attitude—always be closing. Wherever you are, at whatever time of day or night, you need to be aware of attractive women around you and ready to approach.

Keep your approaches short and sweet. In most cases your aim in each approach is to get her telephone number so you can add her on WhatsApp, or failing that her Facebook details.

Once you have her contact information then she is in the ‘funnel’ with the other girls you are working on. It is at this point that ‘text game’ becomes key—again, there are plenty of resources available out there to get you started.

Be Ruthless


When you start getting girls into your pipeline your aim is to get them to meet you for an alcoholic drink. Don’t attempt any other kind of date. Going for ice cream or boat rides or afternoon tea may seem cute but they won’t get you laid. And in 2017 it is only by actually sleeping with a girl that you differentiate yourself slightly from all the other orbiters in her smart phone.

You need to get to sex as quickly as possible.

Any girl who prevaricates about meeting up, keeps breaking dates or who attempts to friendzone you must be deleted and blocked from your phone immediately. If she’s coy about coming out on the date then she’s playing the market, as simple as that. Next her. If she tries to put you in the ‘friends’ box then remember that you have no time or appetite and next her. If she flakes on you or cancels a date at the last minute then next her. Next her even if she is super hot, a model, gives amazing blow jobs or comes from an amazingly wealthy family or whatever.

Remember: poor female behaviour should be punished and in any case, you are a high-value man who goes for what he wants and doesn’t have time for games.

In Summary

When any marketplace suffers from a contraction the only option for those suffering is to double down, focus exclusively on their targets, pitch relentlessly and avoid any silliness or time-wasting. With the sexual marketplace in the state that it is right now, this is doubly true for those man hoping for a fulfilling sexual and romantic life in 2017.

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769 thoughts on “Why Abundance And Ruthlessness Are Needed To Get Hot Girls in 2017”

    1. I’d use a white van and write “Free rohypnol distribution” on it.

      1. That’s a good idea, but it takes a lot of the sport out of it when they get in the van voluntarily.

  1. A waste of any mans time.
    Just go somewhere where the product outnumbers the customers.
    If you can’t get a 10 in Latin America or SEA, then you might as well just do porn in mommys basement. $25 in your pocket also helps …….
    The ugly truth is white western chicks hate us, but non-white women in developing countries can’t keep their hands off us.

    1. Who wants Bargin bin? Your suggestion is akin to saying “make less money and eat macdonalds” as it turns out, steak is not over rated

      1. A 20 year old university student with a perfect slim body is steak IMHO. You ain’t been here, you ain’t seen what’s available. And you know the vast majority of western men are in the same camp as you. They’ve been eating shit in the west for so long, they’re starting to imagine shit and steak have the same taste.

        1. Man, you are living the life of someone who has lost the game my friend. It is sad to see.
          I wouldn’t trade 1 night with any of the girls in my regular rotation for all the skanky, bargin basement slanty eyed cooze in the world.
          The idea of losing is odious to me. The idea of glorifying loss is, frankly, about as bad a quality as a man can have.

        2. Trouble is, you’re gaming cunts for a free shag, just because you didn’t pay doesn’t alter what they are. That’s what white chicks are, cunts.
          I’m having sex with the sort of girl you can only dream about, young, slim, caring, feminine, educated, polite and generally nice persons. Just a bit short of cash while they go through university.

        3. I have a feeling that you have no idea what you are talking about my friend.
          Defeatism has led you to run and now you surround yourself with what? The best of the worst.
          Some people are so far behind in the race that they actually think they are winning. Your comments here have been so poisonous to young young men who still are looking for success and not the Pyrrhic victories of settling.

        4. And the comments you write give young men the false fantasy of finding a white woman who will love them for who they are. When in reality they are just another buffalo being let to the asset stripping abattoir of divorce.
          If she fucked you first, she’s a worthless cunt.
          Actually, if she’s white, she’s probably a worthless cunt, no need for her to fuck you first.
          Didn’t you post that all the girls you meet are sucking your cock then rimming your arse on the first date? Sounds like you’re dating some awesome quality women to me …..

        5. Love! Innecer said anything about love. Got to talk to someone else for that. I a am not interested in the least with love.
          I like having fun with beautiful women.
          They can’t divorce you if you don’t marry them.
          Worthless? That’s insane. What could have more value than entertaining me? I have lots of fun with many beautiful women. I consider them all very valuable

        6. Things are so fucked in the West that the average Thai hooker probably has fewer STDs and has had fewer partners than the average non-pro Western slut.

        7. Yeah OK, you win, I’m gonna get me some game so I can have my arse licked and penetrated too.
          Actually, forget that, I know where there are some ladyboy joints where I can get the same deal without game.

        8. It’s not a contest bud. If you are happy with your life, if you are fulfilled, if you are enjoying than you are winning.
          I feel very much ahead of the game, but that is a subjective distinction — it is my game, what makes me happy and fulfilled.
          If you were divorce raped I’m sorry. That blows. But from your comments you seem bitter and unhappy and that is truly a waste imo.
          I could be wrong, it’s happened before.

        9. Oh Yeah! I bet she has purple hair, big violet eyes, Double Ds and speaks Japanese Ohh ^-^

        10. My girlfriend (not all that attractive but half my age) speaks Tagalog, Korean and English. Yep, she’s dyed her hair a strange colour, but she does have a degree and never asks for money. Does that count?

        11. Average thai hooker is getting banged a few times per day. The average western female a few times a month. Over several years they are not much different any more.

        12. I was having a positive, happy go lucky day yesterday. I came over here, scrolled to the comments section and said, “nope.” Lots of negative omega bitches crawling around these parts lately. I doubt they’ve ever fucked a girl they haven’t paid directly.

        13. Yup. Don’t let it bring you down. If you pay them too much heed and treat them like actual men you can easily get sucked in. There is no greater spiritual vampire than the omega bitch boy

        14. It’s much more enjoyable to treat them like little toys to be tossed around then eventually discarded.

        15. Those are the toys we ship to kids in third world countries, along with Super Bowl tshirts of teams who have never won the Super Bowl.

        16. HA! This is an obsession of mine ya know. I always feel like if you were to go to Africa they would have a totally incorrect notion of American athletics. Like, I picture people in Zimbabwe thinking that the Bills are like the greatest football franchise ever, that the Yankees had a terrible streak of post season bad luck in the ’00s and stuff like that. I feel it is like some crazy opposite world.

        17. And Baywatch is the currently top rated television show, and Pamela Anderson is currently the hottest woman in America.

        18. From your comments you sound like a disconnected douche bag who believes his own lies.

    2. Most men refuse to believe this but it’s true: white western women do in fact hate white western men.

      1. Fortunately for me I hate them back. I don’t understand what’s so special about white western women and if an Indian is a 9 she totally trumps a white 10 for me coz of nice olive skin and silky black hair.

        1. There aren’t many Indian ‘9’s, and I’ve travelled extensively through India. I would see a 7 once every few weeks. Go to any European city and you’ll see 9s on every city centre street every few minutes.

        2. I saw plenty of 9s in London last year, but none of them were white or English.In fact hardly anyone was white or English. I was living in a 16 apartment block next to Kensington Gardens, I was the only white person living there. Most people had Arabic names, with a few Spanish sounding thrown in. Nobody spoke English as their native language. My girlfriend said to me ‘Where are all the white people? I was expecting to see white people in London”.

        3. The thing is that 9s far exceed my own SMV. I’d be happy with a desi 7. The white 9s wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence unless they’re about to bump into me, then I’m like a dog turd she shouldn’t step into.

        4. Another fan of of the desi I see…such s fun time with those crazy broads

        5. No wonder your people are dwindling in numbers. You retards are still trying to play international playboy while entertaining your opinion on race relations? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      2. “Most men refuse to believe this but it’s true: white western women do in fact hate white western men.”
        That has always been my impression for some time now. This is probably the case in Germany too.

        1. in Germany, girls were making home cooked meals to bring to arab and african “refugees.” They gave out roses and gave kisses and hugs too. Do you think those girls ever so much as baked a cake for their fathers or ever did anything like give out a hug or kiss to a German guy?

        2. When I told some guys on reddit/redpill about the fact that you see lots of german girls with refugee guys at the public swimming pools but no german couples they called it ‘Redpill fiction’ but believe me or not – it is true.
          And then take a look at how german bitches behave in Berlin and you’ll know I’m not making it up. Just do me a favour and get me out of this hellhole. I wanna live in Tromsö or Murmansk or Greenland. Fuck (((western))) civilization.

        3. I saw the vid today on Alex jones’s show.
          If you look closely, it’s just a bunch of feminist lesbians. nothing interesting nor intelligent will ever come from their sick brains

        4. This is in Berlin? Why would they even bother protesting an election in some other country?

        5. “Do you think those girls ever so much as baked a cake for their fathers or ever did anything like give out a hug or kiss to a German guy”
          Good point Pabst – damned good point. And this happened after the Cologne attacks.
          Nothing says “I hate you daddy” or “fuck you, white guys!” more profoundly than when a chick pulls this shit:

        6. Overall, I think it takes away credibility of their entire movement. It reminds me of the protestors that are bussed into Ferguson or wherever else is the media hype of the day is.

        7. That’s because German guys are in the kitchen wearing an apron baking cakes themselves.

        8. Well i dont think its a movement at all just a last organized outbourst of cognitive dissonance and helplessness.

        9. Attention seeking whores. They thought MEN in the UNITED States will keep quite like MEN in their country and Asstralia (pun intended).
          Sorry femicunts, your days are numbered !

        10. I think its the same as the “white chick with a black thug” scenario. Spoiled girls are attracted to bad boys who mistreat them. They seem dangerous and exciting.
          White and asian men who are responsible and stable get overlooked.
          “Be the guy in the rated R movie.”

        11. Don’t worry bro i’m coming to help you and your people. Just don’t make fun of my spots or you’re gonna get it too.

        12. Bro cut the bullshit. Everyone whos responsible and stable gets overlooked. You think the blacks and Hispanics that are responsible get mad pussy? No you probably think they don’t exist because you’re an ignorant fool.

      3. Every woman I know, wether she wants to fuck me, doesn’t want to fuck me or is related to me, doesn’t like me. Except grandma.

      4. sexual tension….it’s a love/hate thing. Grandmas and others who are completely out of the realm of the meat market (sisters, cousins) are fine.

        1. I can live with that. I was thinking you were saying that a DILF is better than a GILF. (ok not really)

        2. You don’t consider your sisters and cousins as available? That would be SILFs and CILFs?

        1. the most stupid/gullible/bitter/ugly women acknowledge feminism. But I found some girls who don’t buy this ideologic shit. but they are rare.

        1. This is very true and deserves well thought out article that could become a book. White women and self loathing is big with american females. I really don’t know what the efff their problem is but I didn’t cause it and I don’t want to clean up their mess.

        2. English women are white, you don’t need to write English white women.
          Your point is also a total exageration and over-generalisation. Most women don’t hate everyone. They might dislike certain people, or feel shit about themselves sometimes, but I doubt you’ll find many women that hate anyone person nevermind everyone; they might hate a love rival, or a bullying work colleague, but that is far from hating ‘everybody’. Perhaps you are projecting your issues onto English women.

        3. I wrote about white american females, and it still stands, they are the least desirable white females I’ve ever met. But if you’re stormcuck you take your white poosy any way you can, worshiping white poosy is your religion, and that goes way beyond pedestalizing and white knighting. Stormcucks are worse than betas.

        4. Ethnicity, nationality and race are not the same thing. But thank you for not missing an opportunity to tell us about your archaic pseudo-scientific views.

        5. I was in this churchey kind of group and I brought along a woman who was seemingly personable but who had bags upon bags of personal problems. The churchey group turned against ME of all people. Why? Because it is implied that the man is responsible for his female. People still assume because of the TRUE NATURAL ORDER that men ultimately control their women and must keep them on a leash and their yapping mouths in check. It has gotten so antsy since feminism for a man to discreetly keep his woman obedient and tethered like a good horse. You have to be so discreet nowadays or the femshits will flank you for daring to openly control any woman. “No woman can be controlled by a man” they shriek. So it’s a catch 22. People will still judge and censure you for not properly managing the shebeast. But people can’t put their finger on exactly why they react against the man whose lady becomes improper. It’s a natural ingrained genetic programme to control your woman but western society has been in denial of this and shameful of openly declaring the truth of this since the feminist onslaught of the past century. Nature will win. More men must openly chastize and discipline their shebeast when she becomes improper in public and men must be prepared to disperse the femshit opposition. The true femshit number of leaders and instigators is small, the majority being a herd or flock that will fold and pledge allegiance to the nearest patriarch alpha when they see the true femshit openly shamed and silenced with a soiled undergarment such as a sock or other article stuffed into their mouth.
          It is true, neighbors, civic groups, coworkers and on down the line will tend to heap crap onto YOU the man for the indiscressions of your woman. Courts react the same way on a man who tries to personally discipline and control a bad woman. The state wants to do the disciplining and social circles tend to out the man as beta, regarding him as another bitch and expected to fill the bill as a general bitch servant/slave when his woman exercises her free will of liberated and unrestrained stupidity.

        6. Your fault for dragging her around with you. Leave her in the house, where she belongs, then she won’t be able to cause problems.

        7. English are white and an ethnic group, i.e not African, not Arabian, not East Asian, in the same way an African raised in Japan would not be ethnically Japanese, they would be so only via citizenship. That is my argument. You might be in England with a British passport, but Britain is merely a corporation which now owns these countries.

        8. You can’t prove that being English means you are “white” if by “white” you mean according to a long debunked 19th Century pseudo-scientific concept of race. There is nothing in the concept of English that says that an Englishman has white skin. Simply saying it does not make it so. People around the world cannot even agree on who is white and who is black.
          The English are a mixture of people from various ethnic groups from around the world who have been coming here for thousands of years. Black people have been in England for nearly a thousand years, longer than some people of European heritage.
          If an African raised in Japan spoke the language and followed the norms and customs like most other Japanese he would be ethnically Japanese. That would be the only culture that he understood. The only people to disagree would be people that judged him by his parentage or his appearance. But these are subjective notions and probably the same people would accept a Korean as Japanese if they didn’t know about his parentage.
          If I were British then I would be consider myself the same as the Welsh and Scottish. I don’t, they are very different to me. I have more in common with England and Englishness than Scottishness. Thus, I speak English, grew up in England, learned and understood English history and culture, support the England football team. If I am not English then what am I?

        9. God forbid you don’t stop their and you keep moving forward. Women like men from other races more than their own men. What could that possibly indicate?

        10. That’s because they are. The same as the brits. Wait, the brits and the turks are both red and white? Coincidence? They both use the same currency? Lira,pound? Lire, peso? Wait the habsburgs flag was also red and white? Wait a second whats happening here, am I experiencing apophenia? Or is this quite possibly a conglomerate that goes back further than you can imagine?

      5. Examples abound in the tendency of Swedish feminists to marry Muslims and convert to Islam; willing to submit, but not to Whitey

        1. Sorry Bob ! I know you are not serious but, real MEN will stand by their DIGNITY. To hell with converting and to hell with the swedish “arrogant & un-feminine” pussies.

      6. I would say instead that white western women despise us (but what’s “us” exactly ? red pill men ? white men ? western men ?)

        1. Red pill men. Lately the relationships I see in LA, the guys look more like accessories to the girl rather than a life mate. Just as interchangeable and expendable and it’s only those soy eating, scarf wearing sort of dudes that put up with that type of arrangement.

        2. I eat mad soy and I became vegan in prison. I did 2.5 years and I wasn’t the kind of con that takes shit from other cons so he can get parole. Don’t stereotype people bro, it can be your undoing.

      7. The reason white women despise white men is that white men no longer manages to dominate or control white women. We have come to this state over time through changes of laws where white mens taxdollars are going to policing white men and providing the women with resoursces independently what they do or how they behave towards us. In escense we pay them to not need or want us and hence they despise us. The refugees and immigrants though don’t have our feminized views of women and often manages to get away with things white men wouldnt and the women loves their dominant ruthless behaviour. Western white men need to stop paying for women’s poor behaviour.

        1. Agreed. Thats why some time in latin america helps us american nice guys. We see how macho and chauvinistic behavior actually builds attraction and respect among females.
          In the US , we were told that women wanted weak little pushovers.

        2. The system is now rigged against us but it’s also detrimental for the women and the whole white population. It needs to be undone. If not we are definitely going towards extinction. Now women claim they want “equality”. Give it to them for real, that is stop subsidizing them, no welfare checks, no child support etc, no alimony. Thoose systems where created In a time when women didn’t have acsess to education and high paid work. When they truely depended on men. Now they can support them self. Let them do just that and be accountable for their own actions. They would then again treasure the support of white men and again feel attracted to them. White men are about the most productive and dilligent in the world. It’s just that as it is now white women get our resources independentaly of how they act through the states resoruce allocation. If this doesn’t change we are doomed.

        3. Agree, but it can’t only be that white males are to blame. There’s been a change. If I’m suited up and clean shaven I used to get attention from different types. Since the election the mood is cold. Keep in mind I’m in California and on college campuses for work. Even Tinder dried up. There’s definitely an ‘evil white man’ vibe and worse if they are in a higher tax bracket and not a cuck.

        4. I don’t think it’s the white males fault. Women’s liberation movement caused this situation. White men are only guilty of giving after and letting them have what they wanted. This in a time in history when things where being modernized in a fast pace. We where convinced that this was inevitable progress. But we gave it to them naively and they abused it and went to far with it all. Power should never be given away freely. Now they are the ones in power not us and the consequences are there to be seen for everyone. Destruction of traditional values and nuclear families, declining birth rates, multiculturalism, promotion of gay lifestyle, hate toward white men.

        5. “No child support”??? WHAT?
          I can understand if you feel threatened by women but wth do you complain about child support?
          It’s because of selfish person like you that this world is a piece of shit.
          If a man don’t know how to control his dick, he should face the consequences like a womaan who can’t control her pussy.
          BOTH need to take care of the child who asked nothing and didn’t asked to be born in this selfish world.
          THE AMOUNT OF CRAZINESS and SELFISHNESS in people are disgusting.
          If you are angry with women (you have every right) but don’t put children and their rights to live well in it.

        6. I’m not against taking responsibility for your children. I’m a dad of 3 and care for them all. What I am against is the nature of the present system where a woman can basically seduce a guy to impregnate her on a one night stand and collect child support while refucing the father to see the child. I’d like to point out that I’m not in USA. In my country an unmarried man has basically no right to his kids. They belong automatically to the woman. But she still gets to collect child support. The dad has to fight for his right to see the children, nothing is automatic. I think this system is biased and doesn’t make the woman cooperate. There is much talk about children needing both their parents. I say let children automatically belong to both parents, married or unmarried, with equal custody. In this scenario I’d be happy to pay my part. Then if either parent shows neglect the other one have to prove that parent isn’t suitable to custody.

        7. “I don’t thnk it’s the white males fault”
          Because you’re white. For fuck sakes stop using morality to save your ass if you aren’t going to exercise it when you have the higher ground.

      8. It’s not just white bro! Due to ‘male hating’ Feminism being mainstream, they all are brainwashed to hate all men and disrespect them! Even if she appears sweet, her deep hatred of men will show its face when she gets upset!
        It’s different in the East where men and women learn to live in harmony (mainstream). That’s why relationships have a 50% chance to work there compare to here.

      9. They are also wretchedly disgusting in their sexual past, have been stroked every which way by a taintbrush.

        1. I went out with a girl from Tinder awhile back. Beforehand she had made it a point that she wasn’t poly and was looking for a relationship. After drinks she brought me back to her place and was sitting on my lap. We were talking about sex so I asked her number. 46! And she was telling the truth bc she had no shame, almost to the point of pride. Needless to say I found a reason to leave as I didn’t want to be lucky number 47. I kept picturing all those people in one room, ha

      10. Both hate each other.
        Men think that women are piece of meat, women think that men are hypocrites.
        Nowadays with all information, more and more women decide to be single and stay that way to avoid any frustration to be with a man.
        Men watch porn (it’s easier, simple and don’t need to spend money and hardworkd).

    3. Don’t they also have FB, Tinder etc? And if not yet then probably within a couple of years.

    4. “white western chicks hate us (aka white men)”
      …because, they suffer with inferiority complex, they don’t respect MALENESS, they are being pampered by the State & Society, they are “envious” of MASCULINITY …
      They somehow think other MEN are easy to manipulate, subjugate and exploit. Which is, in fact, terribly WRONG !
      Sorry pussies, divide & rule doesn’t work anymore. We MEN are waking up to the facts. We MEN don’t entertain your sob stories and manipulations.

    5. Exactly!
      I just can’t be bothered with most white middle-class women in Western Europe.
      My plan?
      Acquire as much money as possible in my 30s, so I can enjoy my 40s in the country of my choice (Colombia)!
      If you are fluent in Spanish, are decent-looking and don’t need to worry about money and have some game, then this comes close to paradise!

    6. People always like difference. That said, I also do very well with non-english speaking latino women or white women from other European countries.
      White English women seem to be bored of black guys. Not a problem though because there are plenty of women from other countries.

      1. White women do not like black men in general, excluding those ugly/ fat types that will date a black for a welfare cheque baby. It isn’t about being bored, though black men are the most boring people on Earth by virtue of their low IQ and lack of culture, it is more due to the fact you look like and behave like Planet of The Apes cast members. It has taken an incredible amount of jewish money to get 1% of white women to be musharks (much less than anticipated) via sitcom/ movie brainwashing. It isn’t working for obvious reasons. Whites are the standard of beauty for females and males worldwide; dating a negro is a defacto admission of failure to attract a white man.

        1. “White women do not like black men in general…Blah blah”
          Meh, in the end of the day, they fuck each other anyway.

        2. “Whites are the standard of beauty for females and males worldwide”
          Really !? only for females and males !? How about gays, lesbians, transgenders, sluts, whores, hookers, gold diggers, … !!??

        3. I find white women too large for me to find attractive. Too tall, hips and tits too big. That’s even without the overeating problems. Negros aren’t the only non-whites in the world.
          I don’t think you have much experience of the world, Latino men aren’t drooling over white chicks. Asian men generally fantasize over Japanese and Korean women.
          Chinese seem to only want Chinese.
          I have no idea what Arab and Indian men want.

        4. Nope. That’s not what I see in reality. But yeah, sure. Whatever.

        5. You need to step out of your basement bro. The world has moved on without you. I can see by your past comments that you’re stuck in 1812.

        6. Clever boy, you can rehash the ‘basement’ insult. Far from the world moving on from my views, the right wing is getting stronger by the day. Go outside of the brainwashed leftist areas of Eurpe, and most people on Earth agree with my view of black people – that they’re worthless subhumans. It is only duped progressives that tolerate negro parasitism and dysfunctionality.

    7. Fuck Western women!!! An Eastern women is the only type of woman I bang these day. They know how to be a woman (feminine) and to treat and respect a man!

    8. I don’t know about SEA girls, but good God, stop worshiping Latin American girls! I am a (caucasian) Latin American guy and know for a fact that they aren’t worth crap. They are just pretending and you fall for it. I’d say they are way, way worse than the white, western girls you always criticize. Also, their mix of a million races make them ugly, ugly, ugly. Frankly, I can’t understand why you think they are hot. I’ve yet to see a non-white Latina who I consider to be a 7, let alone a 10.
      I know this will be hard to believe, but let it sink in: most of the prettiest, smartest, and most feminine girls I’ve known have been French, German, and American white girls that I’ve met while living abroad. You just have to know where to look.
      So, you want a sane woman of healthy morals who will cook for you when you come tired from work, and you are looking for her in bars and NIGHT CLUBS? Seriously? Good God! What are you morons thinking?
      To be fair, some of the good girls I’m talking about were from rural areas, away from trashy cultural influences in their immediate surroundings; but I assure you that you absolutely may encounter good girls in urban areas if you know what you are doing!
      The truth is staring at your clueless faces and you aren’t able to see it!
      But I know that many of you will still not believe me.
      I’ll go meet white girls while you go for your Latina gold diggers. I’d say go for it! stay in a relationship with them, maybe then you’ll understand your mistake.

        1. I do my own cooking, too. But don’t lose the forest for the trees. My point stays the same.

      1. Can’t see looking for a quality woman in a bar. I’m mostly there to drink whisky and slay easy puss. It would be like trying to find a good steak at a Burger King.

      2. LMFAO at germans and French and American white girls. You mean white girls? Bro get your head out of your racist ass. Latinas are the hottest in the world and they don’t like you because not even you like yourself.

        1. Yes, I’m talking about white girls, and no, I don’t think Latinas are hot. Rather the opposite. I wouldn’t date a Latina (let alone a black woman) on a f*ing dare, because I know better.
          And some Latinas do like me. It’s just that I don’t like them back.

  2. Men misunderstand male SMV: if you think being tall, having muscles, having a deep voice etc will get you attractive women, you’re a fucking idiot.
    Young, attractive women are attracted to manicured pretty boys (metrosexuals). Speaking to them in a deep voice or being musclebound is going scare them the fuck away.
    Most young girls would rather fuck their campy gay best friend than some big musclehead at the gym. You don’t think Faggy McFag gives the girls around him tingles? You better believe he does. He’s got the gift of gab, a bitchy sense of humor, an eye for decor, etc. You think him sucking dick is a turn off for most girls? Nope. Most probably have fuck a gay guy on their bucket list.
    You know where being a tall, handsome man with a deep voice has gotten me with girls? Fucking nowhere. You know who does like handsome men with deep voices? Old women and faggots.

    1. People who believe women pursue “alpha fucks and beta bucks” are idiots. Less than like 5% of men are unknowingly raising some other man’s child. Women are not driven by some primal evolutionary instinct to mate with the most manly specimen and fool a cuck into raising the child. Most women marry the little melvin who has a good job and pass along his accountant genes.
      This is why white people are looking sicker and scrawnier and shorter with each generation.
      Opposite happens in the black community where it’s the tyrones knocking up the women and the urkels who fail to breed.
      So humanity is diverging: like in HG Wells’ The Time Machine into the Eloi (whites and asians) and the Morlocks (blacks and arabs).

      1. white and asian women self select for traits emphasizing economic security or overtly beta traits (indications that the man will stick around and not cut and run – so they deliberately see out men who they think have no other options with whom to have a child). Black women do not look for these traits in their mates and select based more on physical attributes. Accordingly, with each generation, the white and asian population becomes weaker and more beta and the black population becomes stronger.

        1. Gotta disagree on the Asian girls … In Asia they will fuck anyone that looks like they will give them money.

        2. When you talk about Black women, I think you refer to the so-called Black American women.
          Real Black ladies in Africa (thankfully) are not remotely like Lakesha from east Detroit.
          Black African ladies usually emphasize economic security, sanity and good character.

        3. Part of the breakdown that we’re seeing is actually that white women are basing forced into a choice. They really don’t want to be with a herb. They like the security…. But they really can’t respect that middle manager on any level other than a utilitarian one. A happy white woman is one with a real man. Stop bitching and the world will b your oyster. When is he last time that you were openly dismissive to a white woman ?

        4. AWLT- they like fun etc. not your oussy drying platitudes… This makes absolute sense…

      2. My only qualm with your theory is seeing the blacks and arabs as morlocks. I believe that the future of blacks and arabs will be similar to ours, it will take some time but it will happen.

        1. I’m not assigning a value to either. I’m saying that like the Eloi, Whites and Asians self-select for traits of passivity and docility (economic security) while the Blacks and Arabs self-select for physicality like the Morlocks.

      3. “. Most women marry the little melvin who has a good job and pass along his accountant genes”
        Pabst good sir, and respectfully, something is seriously amiss in your line of thinking, and I’m trying to figure it out.

      4. This is an apt analogy for gentrification, only the Eloi are moneyed white queers and the Morlocks are indigenous blacks.

    2. It isn’t tall, handsome and your voice that makes you totally unfuckable to women it is you personality and attitude. I guarantee it

      1. My personality / attitude remain constant.
        Know who I have being overtly interested in me on a regular basis? Old women (40 year old+) and faggots.
        Know who is visibly displeased or recoils around me? Young girls (20s / teens).

        1. So your personality and attitude remains constant and you have continually failed.
          Yes. This is exactly what I am saying.
          I can tell now that high smv women would want nothing to do with you. I actually kind of like you and you depress the fuck out of me. I can’t imagine that any woman with options wouldn’t run like hell.
          Tall is good. So is physically attractive. So is stylish, interesting, wealthy. These are all great. Do you know why that inconsistently bang absolutely georgeous women half my age though? Why they call back again and again. Because from the moment they meet me they are having a great time. It is nothing but fun.

        2. Depressing? Why? Because I hijacked a thread on picking up chicks and turned it into a discussion of anthropological dystopia? That turd in the punch bowl? That’s me.

        3. meaning that it is invariant: if it were my personality that was offputting, I don’t think cougars (professional educated business types) would be coming onto me. They too would be repulsed.
          I guarantee you women are attracted to different things at different ages: at 20, girls are into “cute.” only at like mid 30s do they start to go for “handsome.”
          And I stopped being cute when i was like 4 haha

        4. Besides, I would wager that the majority of men in their 20s and 30s are now balding. It’s not like 1950 or 1890 when balding was uncommon. Women aren’t going to be able to reject men for being bald when the environment is so polluted that it is more normal than not for men in their 20s and 30s to be bald(ing).

        5. I’d murder to become tall, dark, handsome with thick,thick black hair. There must be something about you that scares girls away, it could be very subtle too.

        6. Yeah: big tall men with deep voices are intimidating. That’s my point. Women have to be comfortable with you to fuck them. And if they’re scared or nervous, you’re not going to get anywhere. The lispy fag is so harmless that he’s completely disarming.

        7. One of early PUA lessons is that you have to calibrate between non-threatening and downright wuss behaviour. The lispy faggot doesn’t intimidate her but “he” also doesn’t tingle her twat.

        8. “Maybe the two of us working together at full capacity could do the job of one normal man. Each of us would only have to be like half a man. That sounds about right.”

        9. And you’re equating SMV with age.
          I’ve had decent looking mature women express interest (and not be subtle about it) and have had ugly / plain / low SMV young girls look visibly displeased etc. So I believe I have isolated the factor as age not SMV

        10. I disagree. I think a lispy fag could give girls tingles: they usually have no filter and they get away with saying things that straight men can’t. Like a queer could go, “Oh you slut!” to a girl in a teasing way. From a fag, that’s teasing. From a straight man, it’s shaming.

        11. Maybe pretty fags like Milo but mostly because he is handsome af. I don’t think I could ever pretend to be gay and get laid with girls as a short, bald, ugly man.

        12. I am not equating SMV with age. A woman’s SMV is, of course, to a large part determined by the mans subjective taste. But I would say, for me, SMV is beautiful, fashionable, interesting, funny and who has that special x factor of making me feel happy to be in her presence. That usually occurs for me in the 23-30 range. It has happened older.
          What you are missing, I think, and correct me if I am wrong is that I truly, truly, truly enjoy the dating process and you don’t. When I am going out I have my routines, grooming, dressing, a drink, a play list, I really feel alive. When I take someone out I make a production of it. I try to live the night like it is a movie. I enjoy every moment. I smile a lot. I joke a lot. I genuinely have a ton of fun. For me, a date isn’t a means to an ends…the ends being fucking. I have so much fun going out and it is contagious. I know dozens of places where people know me and treat me well. When you really enjoy something it will be excellent. Further, I am not looking to learn anything from or teach anything to these women. This is why they keep calling back. They next guy who takes them out for a burger and has obvious intentions and fumbles with their bra strap only makes them think of a night they had a week, month, year…hell years ago. Nearly every single girl I fuck I leave on decent terms and she will call back within 6 months for more.
          If I had to diagnose you, I would say you are Platonically untuned my friend. Your tripartite soul is bipartating at the very best. Your psyche is sucky! You have λογιστικόν in abundance for sure and you seem to have a fair measure of ἐπιθυμητικόν flowing through the veins (though possibly a booster would do you good) but you are running low on θυμοειδές force. Remember, in man, as in the state, we only have dikaiosyne when the whole is balanced. You have logistikoned TM your way right out of some very fun times

        13. A woman’s SMV is very negatively correlated with her age though. However, it’s true that I’d rather bang a 34 year old Indian girl than a 20 year old ginger fully covered in freckles.

        14. Doc, hold that B12 shot and hit me with a double shot of spirit force.
          TL;DR: you saying this stale pale male ain’t got no soul? You jivin me turkey?

        15. Oh hell. I’d pay for the simplified version of your final paragraph above, heh 🙂
          In agreement with everything else.

        16. you the turkey, turkey. and yes, but in the specific sense of its meaning to plato in the tripartite soul. You seem sparse rather than Spartan in this situation. Also, you have a problem with what the germans brilliantly label weltschmerz. These diagnoses are legit bucko, your problem isn’t social, it is philosophical. I wake up in the morning and expect destiny to do my laundry and, as it turns out, it does. I am philosophically in tune. Being tall and strong and classically handsome will help, but not if you are out of tune. Anyone can play a stratavarious poorly. Hell, I can probably make one sound like a germlin taking a dump after all you can eat taco night. But if you want to properly Stratavary your Startavarious then you need to have the chops to play

        17. lol.
          Plato believes that the soul (psyche in greek) is one thing, but is broken up into three parts. There is logistikon which is the logical part represented by your head, thumos or thymoeides or your spirit or spirited nature which is represented by your heart and then epithyemetikon are your appetites and passions represented by your dick. We think of them like a Russian Troika (one of those horse drawn carriages with three horses. Only by there being harmony in the three can the carriage move forward smoothly, if any one is too strong you are out of harmony and the carriage is tumbled. Plato calls the attunement of the soul dikaiosyne or justice and the unattunement adikia or injustice.
          He further suggests that the indidual soul is a microcosm of the state which has the same three (which correspond to, more or less, philosophers, warriors and artisans). In a nut shell I told him his desire was there, but he had two helpings of philosopher brain and no helpings of warrior heart which is putting him out of balance and disadvantaging him in attainment of higher order cooze.
          (Source: I was the fun professor)

        18. Sorry, can’t say I’m all that interested in what some ancient Greek queer had to say.

        19. Cougars are simply desperate for younger, fitter men. They simply don’t care about your personality or attitude.
          Younger, “more valuable” girls do! They’re sub-consciously seeking a winner, a provider, and deep inside they know (even if they dont show it) that such things go beyond mere fitness.

        20. No, they just want to get pounded and are going after different things than the younger women because they still remember to fear rape. So, they’ll go for a decently tall and not to obviously fucked up white guy. If you actually sat there and picked your fucking nose they would STILL be interested. They are interested DESPITE your absolutely pussy curdling attitude. You’re not fun so what the fuck do you thing in is going to happen ?

        21. They’re scared of the darkness and self loathing that lies within your depths. They’re scared that you’ll depress them rather than fuck them I think. Attitudes are like scents, and you may be so used to yours that you just can’t smell it anymore.

        22. You sir, need to get a book or two or three published. Took me more than a couple of readings to digest the above. An enjoyable process as well. Forced to use mental muscles I’d never had to engage before 😀
          Thank you for that well written break down.

        23. Maybe your personality is just naturally more comfortable for older women. Women want “hawt” guys at all ages. And plenty of guys are not physically attractive at all and do well so it’s certainly not exclusively looks.

        24. I have pounded enough of those girls to know… Maybe we have different experiences or something I guess.

    3. what’s the lunkhead gonna do? stand there looking stoic?
      This is the 21st century: women don’t want stoicism. They want flamboyance.

      1. Having fun with women using self defeating jealousy and petty bitterness is like trying to get Martha Stewart off on dirty linens… Your miserable jealousy is drying up all of the pussy. These are uncertain times, hey demand confidence. You know the differed between you and that fag ? He’s man enough to accept the world that we live in while you aren’t. IF we lived in a world where stoicism was valued you’d be running around asking why your jokes are falling flat. Looking for an excuse to “lose”… No one is going provide you that out. Fucking stop it, that shit is bad for business so cut it out.

    4. A little faggot can be seen as alpha because he’s got a snarky bitchy sense of humor and no filter. He can – to women not to other men – come across as more alpha than some jacked dude with a voice like barry white.

    5. really?
      I don’t know – but I don’t think so…
      She validates with fag boy.
      And secretly fucks the chads…
      me thinks

    6. “Men misunderstand male SMV: if you think being tall, having muscles, having a deep voice etc will get you attractive women, you’re a fucking idiot.:
      Then how do you account for all red pill literature that advises men to get to the gym, speak with a deep voice (a recent article on speaking deeply was postrd on ROK) ?

      1. I maintain none of that shit works.
        I used to believe the same thing. All the Hollywood movies and shows told me women wanted a tall man with a deep voice. BS

        1. Here I actually tend to agree. I really don’t get the whole “game” thing. If you are in shape, well employed, enjoy what you do, can manage a decent conversation, aren’t shy but also aren’t a total fucking asshole you should be able to get laid well. If you do it enough you eventually see some things that work for you and some things that don’t. THe three places “game” does seem to be helpful is a) if you are inexperienced and need to hit the ground running (articles on good places to find women) b) if you are shy and need to over come it (articles reminding guys that rejection isn’t the end of the world and to keep on trying and c) if you still pedestalize women (articles showing women’s true colors)

        2. “I maintain none of that shit works.
          I used to believe the same thing. All the Hollywood movies and shows told me women wanted a tall man with a deep voice. BS”
          I’m not certain if I’m convinced entirely of your assertion Pabst, but I’ll tell you one thing: I’m not at this time ready to dismiss it niether. Too many things across the board have gone WTF? for me to speak in absolutes.

      2. It’s delusional stuff as far as I can see. Like growing a Jihadi beard without being a Jihadi (as so many American males seem to have done in the last 5 years). ROK has some stuff right (mainly about feminism and white women), and some stuff wildly wrong (like what makes a man attractive).
        Ain’t nothing more attractive to a woman than a Ferrari and a Yacht.

        1. Of course there is, you’ve simply never seen it. It’s called confidence and frame.

    7. ( You know where being a tall, handsome man with a deep voice has gotten me with girls? Fucking nowhere. You know who does like handsome men with deep voices? Old women and faggots.)
      Seriously mate? I know things aren’t ideal but looks like you’re just spending time feeding from the wrong trough.
      I’m far from being a lady killer myself. 5’10”. half white half Asian, deep voice, lean and athletic instead of a muscle head and I do reasonably well across the spectrum of attractive women.
      Consider expanding your hunting ground and options.

    8. Its just your game, trust. I had a beta friend who got ripped after three or four years of lifting, and he had a few 7-9’s hitting on him, but he was just too much of a sperg to do anything about it.

    9. Athletic (and then I really mean athletic, with about 10% of body fat or less) is generally preferable to being either super big or thin without some significant degree of muscles. In NYC and East Asia, and among girls in Europe who for some reason might dislike big muscles, I think that low percentage of body fat combined with metrosexual elements are more optimal and utilitarian than being big and more traditionally masculine.
      But it has to do a lot with personal preferences, of course. However, with the rise of fitness and bodybuilding through social media, global girls have become more inclined to appreaciate bigger jacked bodies. Particularly in Anglo countries, but also in other locations too, as long as they have access to technology. In South Korea, the celebrities are thin so I go for a smaller look there, but even there a siginificant share is into fitness.

    10. Then quit lifting weights and become a hipster faggot if you’re having that much trouble. Write an article to report your success. It could be titled: “How Sucking Cock Trumps Game.”

    1. Depends. I get laid like tile for almost no money because women want to be with me. In South America just buy them a sandwich and crack jokes and you’re good. It helps to be really fit though

    2. I was researching Medellin on the roosh forum, $30 for threesome. My only question is do they have american size condoms there. lol

  3. Attention is more validating to women than men. Women can get attention without actually ever interacting with men in person these days. So the market continues to degrade for men and improve for women.

      1. Except we don’t throw the milk out once it is past its expiration date like we used to, so until that changes there won’t be any incentive women to change their behavior. It starts with men.

    1. you need to let the elephant of truth sit on your chest and push out all the air of hope

  4. Is that Modern Beta Magazine picture a Bob Smith special? As usual, hilarious 🙂
    As to the article itself, yes the market looks to be undergoing inflation. The one thing that isn’t going to change is the temporal nature of SMV. For women and men.
    And to that, I’ll say, there’s aging like fine wine and then there’s aging like spoiled milk.

  5. “You need to get to sex as quickly as possible.”
    Alpha fucks beta bucks…
    same girl will fuck in minutes with alpha and string along beat chumps for weeks/dates/months/4ever…
    I have literally fucked girls in minutes of meeting them as a bartender (their choice).
    And after divorce, with social media, gone on 4 expensive dates and gotten nothing (cringe)…

    1. The moment I get a woman alone, her clothes are pulled off. That’s the rules out here. Alone with a guy = permission to fuck. So why wait.

      1. I don’t think so.
        Women decide.
        Just ask Mike Tyson…(even though I think is false charge)

        1. That’s only the fucked up rules in the west. Everywhere else in the world, alone in your room = knickers down.

  6. “Why Abundance And Ruthlessness Are Needed To Get Hot Girls in 2017”
    This headline went two words too long.

  7. I just dont see any need to put in effort for pussy. While I certainly appreciate it, there are a number of things in life that give me considerably more pleasure (motorcycles, shooting). Additionally, I have seen no benefit to being fit, having game, or any of the traditional high male SMV requirements excluding one….money. I have it and that is all that is needed with the vacuous American woman.

    1. If you understood women better, you would know that money is irrelevant when you have fitness, tight game, and abundance mentality.

      1. I have absolutely no desire to understand women. There is no advantage to me in that effort.

        1. While your post was intended to upset me, it actually makes me smile. You see, I am the creator of the most used tool to address behavioral issues in students with autism. I have made a very good living off K-12 school districts and their inability to deal with autism. So, anytime you pay taxes to your state, you can rest assured that some of it goes to students with autism and ultimately, me.

      2. As a guy who at one point had no money or job, tight game, fitness, and abundance mentality will get you laid far easier than money. Money once you have the other three in order is icing on the cake.

    2. If you have a BMW you don’t need a big dick. And vice versa. But money trumps everything.

      1. having a big dick means nothing: once a woman sees it, she was already going to fuck you

        1. Women can tell if a guy is hung like a male dog can tell if a bitch is in heat…they are package-checkers extraordinaire.

        2. hahah yeah, the seduction is pretty much over once winky hits the scene….
          HOWEVER, if you’re naturally packin’, you’ll have superior confidence from childhood on.

        3. Women would think a noticeable bulge is gross. You think walking around with a bulge on display is going to get girls? BS More likely they would laugh and go “ewwwww”

        4. I believe (and I’m seeking a grant to properly research this) that literal ‘Big Balls’ is directly correlated to figurative ‘Big Balls’.

        5. Your intuitive skills are right on point regarding this issue. Many women have gone to great lengths to explain to me exactly how they spot, and then confirm, that a guy is packing. An average guy is never going to hear this from a woman (well, maybe in some cases, if she has zero interest in the guy, and she’s drunk; there are exceptions to everything). But most women hide their predilection for large equipment. They have to do this for reasons of self-preservation. If they admit they like ’em big, this will reduce the size of their pool of potential suitors, because most guys are average and they won’t want to be with a woman who admits she likes ’em big. But, Christ, women will openly stare at a guy’s crotch if she thinks he’s in the XL category. Openly. Women of all ages. And of course this gives a guy confidence, i.e., big balls in more ways than one, as your hypothesis states.

        6. This is one of those things where the only way a guy would know for sure, would be if he is packing. Because the other guys have no clue. Women scheme on dick the way corporatists scheme on money…they are always looking. Always. And they’re good at it.

        7. ‘zactly. If you grow up thinking your shit is small, you will ACT like it. Everyone will know.

        8. True. I had a great time in Ireland, but that was only because I wasn’t afflicted with the Irish curse.

        9. Unfortunately I’m fishing in a pond where my equipment just won’t fit. I’ve had to stop seeing women less than 4’10” in height, due to frequent disappointments.

        10. This was shot on the Tube(steak) right? I want to play Super Mario Bros for some reason right now

        11. But that same women will never get called as “Creepers”, “Sexists”, “Maniacs” !!!
          Most MEN hide their predilection for large equipment. If a MAN admits that he likes Big Boobs and Chubby lower lips, this will reduce the size of his pool …… because most girls are “average” and they won’t want to be with a man who admits he likes ’em big !!!
          Indeed Bob, women can’t figure out the basic fact “a Coin has two sides” !

        12. Right on point. Reminds me of the old saying, “To a woman, what’s hers is hers and what’s yours is hers.” They just don’t get it.

    3. IMO attitude, combined with proximity trumps everything…
      See too many wealthy beta chumps getting nothing…

  8. This article would only make sense to those who want to game in Europe or the US and insist on getting White women. It`s not worth it. White women are overrated and are a lost cause anyway.
    I found it was a lot easier to get one`s finances in order, travel and find quality women elsewhere. There are millions and millions of gorgeous, healthy and sane non-White women in Latin America. the Caribbean (with the notable exception of Jamaica), in Africa and most South and South-East Asia.

    1. Once you taste a really good wine (tip: it has to be $25 or more), you can’t go back to Barefoot or whatever the hell Trader Joe’s is selling for five bucks these days. It doesn’t taste the same.
      After two and a half years of Latinas marching in and out of my bed, I look at most white American women with distaste. They’re just not that sexy. Too much overt status signalling, too much flab, too much cursing. And not enough submission.

      1. little known wine connoisseur fact: you can tell the quality of the wine from the diameter of the handle on the jug

      2. I come from a vintner family and our vines price range is 4 to 8 €. And I’m fine with it. It was made by us, it has my name on it and it’s glorious.
        Go get your $25 bottles and feel like you’re rich for a moment, good luck with that.

        1. Good for you and your family, no disrespect. I drink $8 bottles all the time — but I know that they’re not high quality.

        2. I am quite interested in starting my own Meadery/Winery in the EU somewhere once I leave this shithole culture (which once was great before extreme liberalism infected it, mind you) is it quite easy over there to start one?

      3. I agree with most of this with the exception that I think you can still find hot white women too…..and that the price of wine is not always an indicator of quality. There are loads of Malbecs from Chile that are in the 11-16 range that are really good….that said, the larger point you are making that once you have good wine you can’t simply go back to drinking McDonalds type crap like barefoot is absolutely trye.

      4. Agreed with your analysis of white females but then most of my experience is the american version, overweight and bitchy. But that’s different from table wines under $10, I’m not wine snob.

    2. I want to like this comment because for all intents and purposes you are right. However, due to the high potential for foreigners to ‘fuck shit up’ I almost have to dislike. As long as it isn’t my country, more power to you though. I’ll likely do the same soon since careerism is a scourge on these American streets.

  9. Do you guys really believe white women hate white men – meaning, do you see women acting that way in public where you live. I’d be interested in reading some examples of female behavior where you reside, that makes this clear. I’m not seeing that at all out in public. I see nothing but encouraging smiles and looks. Which makes me wonder if I am living in an alternate universe…

    1. From what I observe: white women go out of their way to be friendly and welcoming and warm to guys who aren’t white (black, asian, etc) and are very cold and short with white guys. Possibly out of fear of being labeled racist, they are less willing to tell a black guy to fuck off than a white guy. Also, they have been told since they were 4 years old that white men are responsible for every ill throughout history and that blacks are oppressed downtrodden victims of insecure white cops etc.

      1. this is so true…
        can look on youtube and find many examples from the whorses own mouths, about evil white men – from delusional white women…

        1. Do you travel frequently, or do you pretty much stay right where you are (I’ve never been to NYC, so it could be that if I went there, I’d see the same things that you see)…

        2. I pretty much stay in NYC and NY state.
          Things did seem better (in regard to white heterosexuality) in the Midwest when I did travel recently (especially Minnesota) where I saw pretty much only white couples and very few interracial pairings. So I do maintain part of this is geography-dependent.

        3. That’s what I’m thinkin’, too. If you spent a few months in a whiter locale, you’d have a new perspective, I think. Women would still be cunts, true, but they’d be a lot more friendly. Heh.

      1. Not gonna happen. Marriage isn’t an option for me.
        “Hey, hey Paula…I wanna bury you…”

      2. I try to keep open mind because there might be exceptions, but I’ve come to see white females in america mostly as pump and dump. I can’t imagine doing the work day in and day out that some of my married male friends do. They are treated badly by their undesirable wives and they have normalized their situation as the way things are.

        1. Sad but true. I have noticed similar kind of married life style among my friends & colleagues (whites, blacks, browns, yellows) and white MEN outnumber other MEN in being treated badly by their better-halfs.

      1. Could definitely be. But maybe it’s the age range of the man, his financial clout, and the location (where he lives). I just think it’s kind of fascinating because I have no doubt it happens to guys, I just wonder why it happens – and if it’s something they can overcome.

      2. ageed here jammy. Sometimes guys will get a bad beat and retreat into themselves and use anger and spite as their shields which women read and avoid like the plague which further entrenches them in those feelings and so on and so forth.

      3. BINGO!
        and nothing repels woman faster than frustration, defeatism, self-loathing…
        Damn – someone should have broken this down to 18yo bem……

      4. Well, I’d probably have a better batting average if I too could pull the “why won’t you go out with me? You racist?” card

        1. I’m whiter than you’ll ever be home fries. I’m one generation separated from my Anglo-Gaelic-Norse roots on both sides of the family. Hell Italians can use their relative minority status as compared to me to get chicks, I’m so white.

      5. “A” to the “men” there Jammy. That is exactly what it is.

    2. it is defeatist nonsense bobo. The odd thing is that it is self-feeding. White men with the attitude that white women will hate them act in a way that actually does make white women hate them which further reinforces the belief which further turns off the women.

      1. Fascinating subject, methinks. I get zero of that – zip, zilch. But then I’m wondering if there’s a financial dynamic. I suspect there is, to a degree. But like attracts like, for sure. If you think things are a certain way, you will attract more of that.

        1. I get none of it too. I make eye contact with and smile at every single woman that is even near fuckable range and nearly every one at least smiles back. Just today in the elevator up to my office I let the girl behind me go first (so I could be a gentleman check out her ass), she smiled, asked what floor I was going to and we chatted the whole way up. This was a girl in a short skirt, knee high leather boots, a low cut top, a form fitting coat…maybe 25. Didn’t even bother trying to pick her up, sometimes just that nice kind of interaction makes the day nicer. I have never once had a woman rebuff a smile or kind gesture

        2. I had to sit here and think of the last time a woman gave me a ration of shit – somebody I didn’t know. I thought of one, about three years ago. But when I was done with her she changed her tune. That’s the only time I’ve gotten any flak recently. Other than that, I get smiles, encouraging looks, to the point where in some cases they walk right up and make the first move. I get a lot of “the store is open”, basically, if you know what I mean. Maybe it has to do with economics (no doubt, a guy’s financial situation), location and other factors.

        3. Will the star-crossed lovers rendezvous for a steamy tryst in the elevator?
          Are they never to cross paths again and have only the memory of the 10 floor ride up?
          tune in next week and find out!

        4. It is so, so important to always be doing this. And no, its always about making inroads to later headboard-cracking. The act of confidently approaching, smiling, making eye-contact with a strange girl is like calisthenics for the ego. Even for a married, middle-aged shmo like me, this “conscientious objector”-type game helps disperse the mystique of the unapproachable, the unattainable.
          So I’ve come to play the eye-contact and smile game with almost every woman I encounter. Sure, a good many of them avert their eyes, reach for the mace, run away screaming or what have you, but that one smile now and then makes it all worthwhile.
          I find this a healthy metaphor for the pick-up game and from what I see, the success rates are statistically similar.

        5. I think that if a man is within arms reach of a woman whom he finds attractive enough to fuck and he doesn’t say hello and smile he is nuts. More than just practice, more than just keeping your confidence up…it really just makes the world a more pleasant place.

      2. You really think that for instance, being told a million times (by asian guys and white women) that white guys are all creeps with yellow fever doesn’t automatically make an Asian girl way more suspicious of a white guy hitting on her than an asian or black guy? c’mon

        1. It has never once been an impediment to me….I don’t go for Asian meat, but I have occasionally (and actually just recently) partook. Be fun. That’s it. You have a negative attitude

        2. Of course not, they know that everyone wants to fuck outside of their race, and why, and that they do as well. If the white guy “fits” then they want him to fuck her. You don’t seem to know whether or not your self exclusion was really your choice or not. By they I mean that you seem a little more bitter than removed.

        3. You know I told him that very thing just the other day! Guess lolknee wasn’t lying when he told me he get’s that comparison allot.

      3. Hmmm, the projection idea? As what a man thinks he so becomes? Of all the types of ladies, white women probably confuse me the most, as they seem the most into perception. But the same can be said of all the women who are actually beautiful. Guess then it is just a matter of who imposes their reality and worth better on the other person.

        1. Now this…this….this is really interesting. “Guess then it is just a matter of who imposes their reality and worth better”….you are definitely on to something here.

        2. For a long time, I have played a number of stats repeatedly, some of which many guys here would say were a hindrance in one way or another. Being black. Being about 5’7 or so. Being of the 50K and under crowd. But even at my worst, I have never really experienced long periods of no sex.
          Maybe this can be blamed on my childhood. As a kid I always was sought after in one way or another by a lady who was a 7 or better. The only real issue I had was making the switch from dating mainly black women to adding white women, Spanish, and South East Asian (really love the tanned skin). My best go at things was when I controlled fun and imagined every other man to be a dead end but myself. Add that with a magnanimous flair and the idea of spending over a hundred on a first date, when I didn’t have it, to impress a lady, was laughable.
          Too many guys get caught up in the numbers when pussy could give two shits about numbers and cares only about power. Can you have fun? Can you control yourself and have a control of your emotions in a crowd? Can you make the crowd yours even for a moment? Then you get what you want. All the 6’2, extremely ripped, and only can be done by white crowd, works in perception. But if you let that become your reality don’t be mad when you lack access to sex because this is you accepting defeat ahead of time if you are not this. And an even bigger defeat if you are this and not getting laid.

        3. I will preface this by saying, first and foremost, that I have absolutely no clue as to how to find a woman who is mother of children worthy, marry her and make that marriage work. There are a few cats here who can talk about that with authority, but I am not one of them.
          White women are not different than any other women. AWALT. Give them tastes of what they dream of, maintain enough distance to cause desire (dogs chase rabbits not rocks) and be awesome at everything you do. If I ever lose frame even for a hot second I leave a woman. I don’t need a woman in my life who isn’t under the delusion that I am totally fucking perfect. Hypergamy is subjective, of course, in that it is related to the atmosphere. I will land a 25 year old exec admin at a banking company who is a solid 9 because I have what she is lacking and what she covets. When she is home with her 3 roommates telling them that she just met a corporate guy who has connections at the best restaurants in the city, a c suite title, a nice home and who is also fit and fun to be with they will encourage her to suck my dick. Maybe not so much if I met a girl in west Virginia with those same credentials (though I did fuck a girl from W Virginia who was going to college in NYC based solely on the fact that I was different from anyone she had ever known before).
          The absolute best of white women, in my opinion, are a snap.

        4. ok so basically you could be some fat bald jew with the same pedigree and connections and she’d still slobber your knob
          Your idea that you equate someone’s worth with their job title is ridiculous.
          Some snooty cunt obsessed with some lifestyle she read about in the great gatsby novel?
          I don’t get it: didn’t you say you grew up in some shit ass public school? Halls of Anger shit? So you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You don’t have some regal pedigree. Yet you esteem these things?

        5. I think this is the most sober game post I’ve seen in a while.
          “Give them tastes of what they dream of, maintain enough distance to cause desire (dogs chase rabbits not rocks) and be awesome at everything you do. If I ever lose frame even for a hot second I leave a woman. I don’t need a woman in my life who isn’t under the delusion that I am totally fucking perfect.”
          The mating dance basically has to be rock solid from the very beginning to the bang. If she realizes too soon that you are only human just like all men, the vibe is lost. Best to just believe one’s own bullshit.

        6. We make our own worlds. As a man I create my universe. Who I am is a product of who I want to be so long as I am willing to put in the work. Sure, some bird who thinks the point of Gatsby was “wowowowow cool parties and clothes” is probably a vapid shit. But she very well may be beautiful, fun, soft, sexy and ready to fuck. My pedigree is self made which women seem to also like. Dating is really simple. A girl wants something. If I have it to give I give it to her. I want something and expect she will do the same. We have a wonderful time. I don’t need to read her post doc lol. When I take her to all the places she reads about in magazines and people there know me and we sit and drink and laugh and fool around then go hear some music after…..well, look, she wants to dissociate. She WANTS you to be the greatest thing in the fucking world. Give it to her. She wants that perfect man. Be it. In turn she will give you whatever you want.
          Would it work if I was bald and fat…honestly, no, I do not think so. But it would work if instead of being jacked I had an average frame. (Not sure if I could pull off a shaved head, never tried). Being fat is a choice and it is a bad one. If a guy is a fat pig he better have money and/or fame.

        7. It is true. There are at least 2 dozen women who stagger call me throughout the year who still think I am a fucking golden god. I never say I am sorry. If I ought to say I am sorry I just next her.
          Clark, the thing that I realized one day that really helped me was that women want you to be great. She is going to have her dress on the floor and be sucking your cock later. I don’t know what sucking cock is like, but I would imagine that while a girl is doing it there is a moment when she is wondering what happened in her life to lead her to being on her knees in a strange apartment with someones dick in their throat. They NEED a good answer for this question. I mean, in their heads they aren’t whores. They would never be whores. The reason she is sucking the ballsack of a guy she met 3 hours ago has to be something other than her being a whore….it must be that this guy is just fucking amazing. She wants me to deserve having a sexy woman suck my cock because then she isn’t a whore. When she gets home all disheveled she will not feel like she made a mistake…she will be happy she satisfied you because you are perfect, you must be perfect, who else but a perfect guy would get to bang her so quickly? I mean, she isn’t a whore!

        8. “Be the greatest thing in the world?”
          This is why the white race is going extinct. Do Asian women expect their boyfriend to be “the greatest thing in the world?” Fuck no. They don’t care that Ching Ping is 5ft tall and kinda boring. He’s Chinese and he’s got a job. He’ll do.
          White people are like a species of bird that developed such an elaborate mating ritual that none of the birds could master the steps.
          What a fucking joke

        9. We see things differently is all.
          It would do absolutely nothing for my ego to be able to introduce a girl to so so and say this is such and such. Those are all things external to who I am so they provide no validation.
          Pretty much the only trait in myself that I prize is my intellect. So if that is lost on a woman (and with most it is), then I truly have nothing to offer nor would I ever be inclined to offer anything else.

        10. boyfriend? again, this is something you can talk to Jim Johnson or GOJ about. I am talking about a girl that I call, tell her to dress nicely and to meet me, I sweep her off her feet into a life she hardly knew existed, have a blast doing it, fuck the holy hell out of her and send her home in an uber. Maybe I will call her again that week, maybe not. Most times I will hear from her after she goes out on a few disappointing dates.
          The closest thing I get to a girlfriend is when one of these birds is really just spectacular. I have one of them now. I focus on her and enjoy her company until I don’t or until an 8 week timer runs out whichever comes first. You want to talk about finding a girl to be your girlfriend or partner or whatever, I can’t help you. I am woefully ignorant. But if you are talking about enjoying life and enjoying beautiful women then I am your man.

        11. You are right there, to each their own. Prizing intellect in women seems to me a recipie for disaster. When I go to a restaurant I don’t care if the chef has a closet filled with Nazi memorabilia that he salutes while masturbating every night, I care that he is a good chef. A woman is there to be an accessory. She should be beautiful, well dressed, well groomed, smell nice, have a soft voice, be funny and entertaining and should fuck the holy hell out of you after spending a night making you feel like the lead character in an old bond flick. Her gray matter doesn’t matter….I care much more about where she goes to the gym or gets waxed than I do what is in her head.

        12. An intellect is something that takes TIME to discover. The chase and hunt are determined by the superficial, and what can be broadcast, such as looks, grooming and attitude.

        13. Absolutely agree 100%
          What could be more fun for a woman than to submit to the powerful man of her dreams? And what can be more fun for a man than to have a sexy woman worshipping his cock like she needs it for oxygen?
          We need to facilitate the experience just as much as she does…
          I am definitely not one of these guys that just needs a wet hole, the whole interaction has a vibe about it.

        14. “whatever” is the response of a little girl.
          Tell me – do you want more success with “white women”?

        15. It isn’t all about you you narcissistic fuck. It means something to her. She feels like the princess that society has been telling her she is for her whole life but hasn’t materialized because it isn’t true. ALl her doubts are washed away. She really is a special snow flake. She must be, after all look how wonderfully everything works out…..

        16. I always let them know that it is just dating. I don’t let them know that I have specific time frames and such….but I never let them feel like it is going further than dating. I am not looking to be the guy she settles down with. I am looking to be the guy she thinks about while that guy is on top of her pumping away at a vacant hole that is still with me in some ways. I want her to name her fish after me 10 years from now and her shlub of a husband to never know why she picked the name. I am trying to be her best memory. I am fairly upfront with it.

        17. No, I don’t.
          I don’t want to date or hook up or whatever.
          I don’t engage women. I deal with them only when I have to professionally, Not socially. Not in a couple years. And you know what? My productivity has fucking soared. My mind has never been sharper.
          Also, with the number of partners and crazy STIs girls have, I feel it was better to back away from the table and cash my chips in. I actually regret the couple of girls I had sex with while in NYC. If I could go back, i would have passed.
          Once you become a MGTOW wizard, you stay a wizard. You don’t surrender the staff lolz

        18. I have no doubt about your productivity. I bet if I were neutered upon puberty I’d be a god by now….
          Still – I’d highly recommend getting back in the game, does wonders for your confidence and world-veiw. Celibacy is the road to madness and worse.

        19. When I get out of NYC and move to the Midwest, I will re-evaluate. with the intent there of finding someone to raise a family with.

        20. I’m seriously on the fence as to whether anything outside my own mind really exists or not. I would say being a narcissist is normal given that.

        21. “.. you narcissistic fuck.”
          Never thought I would ever see you accuse anyone of that.

        22. “The reason she is sucking the ballsack of a guy she met 3 hours ago has to be something other than her being a whore”
          Lmao. Too bad this forum doesn’t have signatures or whatever, because that is priceless.

        23. Oh shit that was the same argument the girl I dated a few years ago used when she was pressuring me to get married. I said, “we don’t need to get married etc” and she responded with “but it’s important to me”
          I lose respect for people when they value things they shouldn’t and don’t esteem the things they should

        24. you can either agree with me or you can be wrong
          i think that was a shirt in that lillian vernon catalog years ago lolz

        25. Married? Well, she was just a nut case. But giving someone something they want when it is easy for you to give it to them and might even be fun for you is a nice thing and the rewards are high. I think a lot of what people think ought to be esteemed turns out to be a lot of bullshit. Superficiality is a lot more important than people give it credit for.

        26. The thing about super smart girls is that they are no better at controlling their emotions or understanding themselves. They still have the same needs as normal girls do.
          Except Chinese girls… Those girls are ruthless mercenaries…

        27. Are you saying my ripped converse sneakers through which my toe protrudes are not suitable dining attire for the yale club?

        28. I certainly am. They aren’t a problem in and of themselves though. This is a hypothetical, not a categorical imperative. Your converse with the hole from which your toe protrudes may get you laid in DTUT up on 90th or 91st (you would probably like that place) by a very particular type of girl. However, thinking that you are going to score with one of the dozens and dozens of young, Slavic aspiring models that live 4-6 to an apartment between 90th-105th along 2nd ave without catering to what they want or to think that that isn’t fair is just delusional.

        29. Ever hear of the half Italian, half Chinese girl? Minga The Merciless?

        30. lolknee should make this his ringtone around week 7, subtely send her a message.

        31. White females are fucked up, but I’m in america. The only few white women I’ve enjoyed dating in america had accents and were from somewhere else. There must small percentage of white american females worth banging but the percentage is so small its not worth the ROI for me.

        32. I generally don’t like sleeping with women who are more than a little buzzed. Also, I really don’t feel like this is work. It is genuinely fun for me.

        33. Most women who use the excuse weren’t really drunk.
          And you write like you enjoy that facit of the game, it’s just that I would find it a chore.

        34. Yeah, I agree about women who use drunk as an excuse. I don’t want women to have an excuse other than that I am a great golden god who has given meaning to their small lives in the time that I have allowed them to be in my presence.
          You are right about enjoying it. If you don’t enjoy it I would never recommend doing it for game. First of all, why do something you don’t enjoy and second of all it will come across as disingenuous. I think what is at the heart of it, when you strip away the particulars that I happen to enjoy, is that you should have as much fun as you can. When you are having fun people enjoy being around you. If people enjoy being around you they will want to be around you more and do things to please you. Whether this means guys buying your drinks or girls copping your joint it doesn’t matter.

        35. Very correct. Very smart girls, who are not shut in recluses without social skills, will use their intellect primarily as the slave to their emotions and hypergamy. She may read Doestoevsky, but she’s sitting up at night thinking of the most crafty shit test she can devise to get your nuts in a vice.
          Super smart broads never did much for me. If she’s hot and fucked like a bunny then that’s fine, and if she wanted to talk about Kierkegaard afterward that’s fine too, but the moment her “plug Intelligence nub A into Emotion slot B” shit test engine fires up, I’m gone. Arguments are really bad with them, just as bad as with a stone stupid emotional crazed woman.

        36. Of all my past relationships there is one that I miss purely because we could have good conversation and understand the same humour.
          But I know that I am romanticizonf the past, and that dealing with Her was no less of a pain in the ass.
          As smart as she was, there was still no reasoning with her.

        37. Hmmm I sense great wisdom in this thread how do you keep a strong frame in these situtions besides confidence?

        38. This is a harder to answer question. Part of me believes that if you force it long enough it eventually just becomes second nature. Another part of me believes that as it works over and over again you basically just fall back on it. Yet another part thinks it is the confidence you mention. I also think it has a bit to do with actively deciding what kind of many you want to be and then committing to actions that THAT man would do so you are not a passive observer to your own personality. Strong frame doesn’t need to mean being a total turd either. Instead of projecting a strong frame, build one. It will last forever,

        39. True that; Why dig in a big rubbish pile for a diamond when you can go somewhere else and find many diamonds? Plus the time it takes to find that diamond in the pile of rubbish you can use to better one’s self and can afford to look in the place of many diamonds.

        40. you also risk bringing that toxic American stuff in to other countries.
          You do relies feminist’s export their garbage into countries. wouldn’t surprises me if they read this site and when someone writes an article about say…..polish women, they set up a feminist NGO in Poland

        41. Polish are white western Europeans, essentially the same as German women…… look elsewhere.

        42. Damn Lolknee… I am actually copying and pasting this to my book of badass observations. You sir! Win the comment of the month award for this.

        43. Not sure what you mean, I’m just saying American men should date their own women instead of subconsciously inflicting their toxic society on others by going to eastern Europe or Latin America. It’s not fair to other men who have to live in those countries and what happens when feminism is everywhere? American men should politically control there own country and destroy Feminism there.

        44. It’s a white woman disease, it will be everywhere that white women live. It can affect women from other races, but only if they are surrounded by white women as a ‘herd’ effect.

        45. again, very true. Many guys don’t like this “drama”, but I actually enjoy it. These mating dances are funny as fuck. Literally.

      4. If I ever saw white females in my day to day life that I thought were bang worthy I would care. But one a month…? The occasional exception doesn’t change the big picture, and the trend is going in the wrong direction.

        1. Where do you live? Wherever it is I suggest abandoning that place for greener pastures

    3. Some self-fulfilling prophecies are being played perhaps. If you already believe a sub-set of people hate you, that will be reflected in your behavior.
      I would add, alcohol can be an emotional amplifier for some and in varying degrees. Hence if you are already in a bad or irritable mood, booze will amplify it and people will notice (body language, tone, facial expressions, etc…) and avoid you.

      1. I agree. One of my best friends is/was the best-looking dude in the room. Women swooned. But his temperament. My god. Once he opened his mouth, they ran screaming. He was shy, insecure, negative, and brooding. Confidence/frame is everything, I think. And if it’s real frame – frame that you don’t even realize you are projecting – that’s the best of the best. That just takes time and commitment to one’s goals.

        1. “Confidence/frame is everything.”
          It is in a social setting. Timing is a big one as well. The projection you mention is part and parcel to the “abundance mentality” that is mentioned here. Having pleasant demeanor and jovial attitude is inviting to most people– especially women.

        2. There was a time in which men did not have to be extroverted clowns to be socially successful.

        3. You don’t have to be a clown today either.
          Do you expect to walk into a room, stand there silently, pull your dick out and have a line of chicks running up to suck it?
          I mean hey, that might work…give it a try.
          Y’all make this shit *way* more complicated than it needs to be.

        4. This conversation was not about sex, but about relationships and general societal respect between white men and women.
          PS: I already get laid, sex is not a problem at all.

        5. Lots of guys on the thread are bitching about women in any context, devoid of subtlety like “relationships”.
          There are relationship girls out here too, but you won’t find them at a foam party during spring break or in a college dorm orgy at UCLA.

        6. And that was the point of Leftist social engineering all along: to prevent white couples and families from forming, to prevent white men and white women from pair-bonding.
          Empty meaningless sex is okay but heaving a healthy regard for each other. Uh-uh. Not having it.

        7. Yep, that and venue. I’m late to this party but let me just say for anyone still reading, you can’t go to a bar where the only woman there is the bartender and expect to be pulling trim.

    4. White females in large american metro areas give off strong negative vibe. PUAs call it the bitch shield. Others call it “feminism”. The reverse culture shock when you return from overseas travel is real.

      1. I travel. Women respond quite well to masculine men, generally speaking, no matter where you go in America.

        1. Hooray, women are good, feminine and traditional in here. Hooray, there is no femicuntism, no victim card tactics. Hooray, women respect men, doesn’t have any attitude. Hooray !!
          Are we dreaming ! Are we talking about minuscule exceptions ! Are we consoling ourselves ! Or just being “superficial” !

        2. Hooray for totally being totally off base and intentionally making up shit out of your ass!

        3. You have to set boundaries at the beginning or your fucked (and not in a good way).
          My garage is my garage (tool and work area). My crafting stations are mine. My office is mine. The rest of the house is “ours”.

        4. “making up shit out of your ass!”
          That’s your style dude, that’s your way of doing things !

        5. It’s the divorce judge that sets the boundaries, not you. His idea of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ is way beyond anything you can imagine. And your crafting station and all your tools will be her crafting station and her tools after the divorce. All you get to keep is a bag you can carry away.

      1. Phoenix AZ. A lot of people carry guns. Spend some time in Scottsdale, too, that’s like upscale pussy heaven. And Las Vegas NV…

        1. Been to SF on business. Lived in LA for 10 years. Never saw it. Been all over the USA the last 11 years. At least half the states. All major cities. Never see it. Here’s the juice – every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. It’s like that.

        2. Maybe you should revisit those places with a trump hat. Most women are not in your face except when they have numbers.

        3. I’m as likely to do that as I am to sleep in a cage with pit bulls, while having a string of pork chops tied around my neck, or go skydiving without a parachute. People are asleep dude. Nothing anybody does can wake the majority of them up. Been there, tried that, got the T-shirt. I called into Larry King Live on the radio years ago, was bitching at this congressman. He listened to me patiently, and finally said, “I agree with everything you say – but what kind of government do you think these people deserve.” He made a great point. The world is as likely to go full-on Alt. Right, as it is to go full-on gay. Not gonna happen.
          If a guy puts his energy into creating his own world, he’s going to lead a better life. Feminism and SJW stuff get to me, true, and make me angry to a point – but there’s a limit. Wanting the world to be fully Alt. Right is unrealistic. (It’s exactly like an SJW wanting the world to adhere to their wishes.) I know that sort of thing is always going to be around on some level. But the way a man carries himself and comports himself will short-circuit even the most hard-core feminist, if he conveys that he is in control, he is confident, he is successful (which is visually evident), he is by and large pleasant, and he doesn’t give a shit what anybody else thinks. I don’t know a lot, but I know that much.
          Tilting at windmills will just give a guy calluses. Women respond to strong, confident men. Their feminist mask drops quickly in the face of that. They’re looking for their daddies, the ones they never had. Be that guy, and they won’t get in your face.

        4. Lolknee gets laid like tile directly in the center of NYC. Last check, he’s white.

        5. Or…maybe he’s noting that we create the things we believe. I tend to buy into that notion far more than blanket “white women hate white men”. I may not live in a big city, but I do travel, there is no shortage of white women flirting heavily with me.

        6. Well on a planet of 7 billion people, no shit Sherlock.
          But the notion that somehow a white guy can’t get laid by white chicks, anywhere, is laughable…and nothing more than an excuse in my opinion.

        7. Oh boy. 4 million women. If 3 million hated him. He’d still have 1 million to choose from.. even falsely assuming women don’t like to get hate fucked.

        8. Well it is what you think it is. And what I think it is. We are what we think, and we think what we are. I think. Uh…heh.

        9. And what’s your point chief? Who is saying that women won’t hate you? Nobody. But claiming that white guys can’t get laid by white women? That’s stupid levels of blindness right there.
          The number of women who “hate” you after meeting you shouldn’t be more than 5% or so (the truly hurt and damaged souls). You should be able to charm them to at least a neutral position.

        10. The generalization about hate in America is an accurate one. I don’t know what you talking about.

        11. Wrong, kiddo.
          If myself and others on the site aren’t seeing it, but somehow only you are, maybe the problem isn’t with “others”.
          Or maybe you’re using it as an excuse for whatever else you wish to pursue or not pursue. Who knows? I certainly don’t know you. But I do know that you’re laughably wrong.

        12. Lolknee probably makes like $400k a year. He’s in the .001%. His experiences are about as relatable and extrapolatable as King Henry’s.

        13. Oh spare me the defeatist crap. You think women truly give a shit about politics? I get more smiles and come ons from broads by being an unrepentant nationalist right winger. What, you think that you have to appease her Hillary bullshit? That’s a laugh riot, chief, a fucking laugh riot. A woman’s politics mean as much to her as what color nail polish she’ll wear that day, and nothing more. If your frame is good you’ll brush aside her “I’m a Leftist Hillary supporter” and if you date her longer than a week she’ll start moving towards your viewpoint.
          I live in America and I never hide nor hid that I voted for Trump. A couple of guys I know are brashly pro-Trump, were unapologetic and didn’t give a shit what anybody said and they always had a crowd of hot girls around them.
          Excuses excuses.
          Life is Easy Mode for sex right now.

        14. Boo hoo hoo. Yeah, you’re right, you shouldn’t go and get his advice face to face.
          Dude, I can tell you precisely why you won’t get laid, and it has nothing to do with money or professional awards.
          You exude The Milhouse. There’s no other way to put it.

        15. Not women. Your purple dyed hair tatted up pierced monstrosity may care, but why would you even talk to her?
          Your average chick? She could give two shits, no matter how differently she tells you.
          I stand by my statement.

        16. Yeah i know his schtick: it’s the Barney Stinson routine: suits, silk pajamas, lounges, I got his message loud and clear

        17. No you didn’t. You make assumptions, you don’t seek help because you “know it all” and “knowing it all” to you means “no chance!” and you’re happy like that. Why change?
          Seriously guy, go peddle your defeatism somewhere else. You are the sole cause of your own fate, nobody else is to blame, not even “women”.

        18. I live in a ultra liberal college campus. I expressed my political views and I am totally isolated, besides casual random encounters. Women to whom I shared those views, avoid me. You clearly live in a parallel dimension.

        19. So perhaps the issue isn’t “all women” but rather “your location”.
          Parallel dimension? Ohio as far as I know resides in Midgaard just like the rest of the nations and states of man.

        20. And see that’s really the crux of it:
          Black guy wearing traditional African colors or tribal clothing = That’s a man proud of his heritage
          White guy wearing a MAGA cap? Fucking racist bigot.

        21. Black / Latino guy – he has a right to be visibly proud of his culture
          White guy – why you have to be so in your face bruh? Be cool bruh, don’t provoke, hate is whack

        22. Women do not have any poltical views on campus. They simply flow with the social windsock and that flies in only one direction at university. Dismiss them. Keep in mind you are living on an artificial island that disipates the moment you leave the ivory tower.

        23. You are utterly clueless about the real world. Stop spewing internet crap at me and go outside of your ivory tower for a spell.

        24. This artificial island creates and tests policies that are eventually tested everywhere. Most youngers pass through college. It is an indoctrination camp.

        25. I know a guy who sees me as a brother. He has a confederate flag tattooed all across his forearm and we always used to walk around in crowded malls or in bars, etc. in a city where 50% of the population is a minority.
          Zero shits were always given.

        26. Well said. This is also my experience. I’ve seen the most ardent fema-nazi drop her panties and whimper like a puppy when a big bad alpha directs even a modicum of attention her way. You can’t beat biology and that’s why eventually Feminism and SJW tyranny will die off. Violently or softly is up to how us men play our cards!

        27. Well if he’s not gonna take Lolknee’s offer of mentorship then I’m thinking I might just ask Lolknee to take me under his wing instead. That gentleman/game master is a gold mine of info and realness.

        28. It’s a cry for help, don’t you think. Ardent feminism. “Fuck me like I need it, daddy. Put me in my place…”

        29. Deep down they are really sad that men didn’t pass their collective shit test!!! I think they are pushing so hard because they can’t wait to get the ‘STFU and bend over’ reaction once men start manning up again.

      2. It has nothing to do with who is running for president in america. Blue state females keep moving left, and red state women are playing catch up 10 years out.

    5. They see a few snarky cunts at the women’s march and automatically proclaim that all white women are fat, nasty cunts. They spend too much time on the internet reading about negative shit while never going out and enjoying life.

      1. I’m thinking you are definitely on to something there. I just don’t ever freaking see that sort of thing. Case in point – I was in a bar last night (this happens to me frequently), and the prototypical big, black, badass thug was in there, with a white chick on his arm. She was basking in her feminism and smiling, as if her father was in the place watching her and she was delighted at his outrage (heh). I’m twice as old as this dude, easily. And I had the hottest girls who work at the bar, hovering around me all night. They completely ignored the guy. The look on his face…man, that said it all. He hated it, couldn’t believe it. Cognitive dissonance.
        I’d walk across the bar floor in his direction, and the hot girls on that side looked at me while smiling. And he caught all of that. He thinks he’s supposed to pull the most desirable pussy, but in that situation, he couldn’t. Because in reality he’s outmanned, and most hot white women will take a white man with obvious means over a black man with thuggery, every day of the week. (This would never occur to him of course, he’d think, “White privilege” or some other retarded thing.) I simply don’t believe most white women want a black man, or someone outside their race, for a partner. And this is most especially true of the most desirable white women. They want a white guy with money and means, and hey, a good body, too, if they can get it.

        1. Most people will naturally gravitate to members of their own race. Any white guy claiming to have problems getting white women is either ugly, has no game, or both.
          And to those of you who say all white women are fat cunts, I beg to differ. Go step foot on a southern college campus, and several out west (ASU comes to mind), and you’ll see plenty of this:

        2. Same at OSU.
          A lot of it is just plain, bald faced excuse making.
          Why improve yourself, when making excuses is easier and far less time consuming?

        3. Yes, these are the kinds of girls I see when I am out and about. And I’m old enough to be their daddies and they appreciate me and show interest. Women aren’t by and large fat, and the smarter ones (who are usually raised in a two-parent home) don’t want to chase losers and thugs. And hell, it might not be fair, but it’s a low-percentage play to date outside one’s race. There is a stigma associated with it, especially among the families on both sides of the aisle. Black parents don’t typically want their children to date outside their race, and neither do white parents. It’s a tough row to hoe, going that route. That’s the reality of it.

        4. It’s so transparent. At first that one guy was saying Asian guys pull all the white girls, now he’s saying fags do. It’s time to make ROK comments great again.

        5. Yeah, he may be a smart guy in his field, but it’s clear that his field is not and has never been “women”. Dude is utterly clueless and, worse, wallows in his cluelessness and self pity like it was a comfortable warm blanket on a winter’s day.

        6. Plenty of girls I grew up with, went to church and school with, ended up getting married, popped out a couple of kids, and even in their early thirties they’re still thin and attractive. There are still a lot of women who haven’t bought into the poisonous doctrine of feminism.

        7. I know a guy like that. He’s a very intelligent guy and has been a good friend for several years, but I had to limit my time with him because he always bitched and moaned about women while never accepting my advice, despite seeing my results first hand (we roomed together for a short while). Now he’s in a relationship and has calmed down a ton. He’s far less negative now that he’s finally getting some pussy on the regular. Hopefully this one lasts, because his intelligence extends much further when he’s positive.

        8. again, it it were unique to me, I would admit the problem was internal.
          When I see a huge percentage of white guys in their 20s, 30s, 40s who are in shape, educated, employed etc are perennially alone and I see that cultures of other races (eg Asians) being more more healthy and less expectant where almost ALL young people are paired up regardless of social awkwardness or physical shortcomings – then I say something is amiss in American society.

        9. In america now 70% females are obese or overweight. From the remainder who aren’t bloated, half those have personality issues that make you want to pimp slap them. So abundance mentality easier said than done. Posting pic from some site like Barstool Sports just pedestalizes the few bang worthy females and reinforces the negative social dynamic.

        10. It would be weird if white guys WEREN’T having problems: that would mean women were shrugging off all the anti-white male indoctrination.

        11. Your experience means nothing Pabst. You have a self defeating aura about you and you live in a place where pussy practically gives itself away for free to the first comer. You are doing *something* desperately wrong, but since I’ve never met you in real life I can’t really give you any advice on practical matters. Lolknee has offered to take you under his wing for a spell, and I suspect that he could hone in like a laser on what you’re doing incorrectly and have you straightened out fast, but you steadfastly reject his offer, even though you live only a few blocks away as I understand it. You create your world of pain, then take joy in the fact that the world is painful.
          Seriously, until you can open yourself to advice and opinions other than your own self closed loop of self pity, then I’ll take you seriously.
          You’re a smart guy, but not about women or social interactions. You need to get a mentor fast, and bone up on that topic asap.

        12. I make observations of society at large.
          I see groups of white guys outside bars here talking to each other, packs of white men walking. No women. Single guys shopping in the grocery store. I see Asian couples walking hand in hand, dining together, shopping together.
          You are denying reality if you say that the rate of being in a relationship for white males is the same as it is for asian males.
          I would put asian male relationship attendance at >90% and white male relationship attendance at I don’t know – 10-25%?
          In NYC, you will almost never see white couples who aren’t 90 year old Ruth and Marvin.
          Maybe white people are fucking in bathroom stalls during drunk hookups. I don’t know: but they are not in visible relationships.

        13. You need to re-read my post to you, because clearly you didn’t understand it. Stop with your effeminate “me me me me me” crap and listen to somebody beside your own self. It will help.
          Otherwise, nothing you say about your experiences really means anything, as your experiences are not born out in the general world.

        14. None of this is even germane to me personally: I’m not seeking out women. I don’t deal with them other than professionally. I have no time with work and other matters.
          I do speak of generalized population-wide trends. That is where my interest lies.
          I’m not going up to women at da club asking “Hey wanna Buggalloo?” and then wondering why I got shot down: “Oh fiddlesticks, I struck out.”
          And when i speak of hatred or coldness, I’m talking about how they interact with white men even in a non pick up setting.

        15. I’m not seeking out women. I don’t deal with them other than professionally

          Then, again, your observations mean jack shit. If you aren’t even bothering to talk to chicks, then you’re sitting back watching others and, more importantly, not seeking out women where they are actually looking for sex, so you really have no clue what is and isn’t going on out there.
          White guys score major anywhere they go these days, if they have even a shred of self confidence and take care of themselves. It’s playing life on Easy Mode nowadays.

        16. “Being a white male is like playing the game of life on easy mode” or “like playing tennis with the net down”
          These are the EXACT turns of phrase used by the LEFT. Word for word.
          How’s this for Easy Mode?
          Spend your formative years studying hard having no social life so you can get a scholarship. You console yourself that it will all pay off in the future.
          Lo and behold, those slacker guys who didn’t study and got shit grades and spent all their youth socializing and learning to jive and cut a rug? Well, they get admitted anyway, they get scholarships anyway, they get preferential hiring through affirmative action. So they enjoyed their youth and are setup for life through social engineering.

        17. Posting a pic as an example of what I’ve seen and continue to see on a weekly basis is not pedestalization. Saying, “OMG she’s so fucking hot. I’d give anything to fuck her” is.
          I have traveled all around the US, been to almost all 50 states, lived in every single time zone, gone to college and grad school, and met plenty of women. The pickings are not nearly as slim as you and others are making them out to be. Either 1) You’re living in a shitty area, like a small town with high obesity rates or 2) You never get out or 3) A mixture of both. Go to San Diego, walk along the beach, and try telling me the pickings are slim. Walk along Santa Monica Pier and try saying that. Go to practically any bar in Phoenix, AZ and try to convince me the pickings are slim. Go visit Atlanta and Denver and try telling me you can’t find hot white women. We can argue stats all day, or we can go out and live our lives and find that maybe the world isn’t as shitty as the internet makes it seem.

        18. Oh it is not slim pickings. Good lord, y’all better hope that there isn’t a real dire issue or revolution or something “hard” in life, or you’re good and truly fucked.

        19. There are a lot of men in American society that are either incel or true forced loneliness or love shy or whatever the fuck you want to call it.
          This is not present in other societies eg amongst Chinese or Korean immigrants in the US

        20. Then get off your ass and do something about it except whine.
          Complaining is nothing but annoying to me if you don’t intend on finding a solution.

        21. It requires admitting that cultural and societal differences exist and admitting that some cultures are superior and others inferior.
          You can’t find a solution until you acknowledge the problem.
          Pretending all men are equally affected and all cultures are the same is lunacy.

        22. Oh shut up. The only problem is in your head.
          White women approach me unbidden sometimes, and if I talk to them they’re as good as charmed, give or take the odd bird who is off her meds that day.
          You’re just looking for reasons to avoid confronting the man in the mirror and telling him to get his shit together. Nothing more, nothing less.

        23. No offense, but you are probably perceived as not a sexual threat: you’re seen as a gentle fatherly figure. She assumes you’re not insane enough to try to pick her up.

        24. Getting women is Easy Mode now, no matter your color.
          You just can’t face that you are the source of your own problems.
          You should probably stop posting to me at this point. You’re annoying in your constant self victimization. Do something about it, or shut the fuck up.

        25. hahahahahahahaha!
          THAT is some good stuff! See? all the slackers you worry about cant fake shit like that, but YOU could certainly fake their shtick if necessary.

        26. so you don’t think the pareto principle applies to dating? You don’t think the top 10-20% of men are monopolizing 80-90% of the women?

        27. Not even close. That’s pure utter laughable fantasy that may come to pass someday but it surely isn’t here today. Marriage rates may be down, but a huge swath of the nation is married and is pumping out kidlings, most of whom look like good ol’ dad that mom is married to.
          Get your fucking nose out of stats and books and walk three blocks away from your comfort zone for a change.

        28. You have *zero* clue what you’re talking about. Zero.
          Like…zero. And you clearly don’t pay attention to what I have said I do in real life or with whom I associate.
          You are the problem with you. Nothing more.
          I sense that you need “the last word” and I sense further that it will be some mewing bullshit about why you just don’t have a chance.
          Whatever man. If you think you don’t, then you don’t.

        29. I’m only 2 hours from San Diego. Perhaps I’ll go enjoy a drink on the beach while chatting up the local talent. Thanks for the suggestion.

        30. Yeah, the over-exaggeration of things here – especially by commenters – is not really constructive. Funny sometimes, yes, but also not very factual and largely misguiding. Besides trolling, maybe it is because some have trouble with simple maths and statistics.
          Of course the macro culture and obesity rates matter with regard to beauty and behavior, but still you meet a lot of pretty and relatively nice girls even in the seemingly worst places such as the U.S. and UK. A significant share is not worthwhile, but that does also leave us with a significant share of SMV 7-9 girls with a decent attitude. The share might be decreasing as we speak, but it will take some time to erase millions of cuties.

        31. Wait till they hit menopause at 50+, then want a divorce along with everything you own, or will ever own.

        32. I’ve been in a relationship since I was 22. 30 years (married) with a white English woman, then 3 prospective relationships with white women aged 23-60 (while being divorced), then 9 months with an Asian woman (still being divorced), followed by another 7 years (married) with another Asian woman. I don’t have any complaints of loneliness or problems forming relationships with women of any race, I have complaints about radical asset loss when western relationships end. Essentially I couldn’t afford to buy white women any more houses.

        33. 50% of western marriages end in divorce, she nearly always gets the house, children and child support. Yeah, a huge swathe of the population are married, but half those men will be getting royally hosed in the future. Facing the rest of their life alone and living in a single rented room.

        34. The divorce trends follow distinct demographic guidelines. Where I live, which is demographically 91% white (true number, I’ve looked it up), the average divorce rate is 12%-15%.

        35. Where I lived everyone was white, apart from the Chinese couple who ran the takeaway, and the two young Turkish guys with the kebab shop.

        36. You lost more if you are with a white woman than a woman from South East Asia.
          Just deal with it.
          Rich country = high values
          Poor country = poor values
          A woman from a rich country won’t accept everything because she know she can do better.
          A girl from poor country will be ready to marry a blind, a old fat man, a crazy guy as long as he have enough money to make her feel like a princess.

        1. Yeah, the Center for Disease Control is a real apolitical group.
          There is no shortage of fat people, but by the same token, there are boatloads of women who are more supremely fit than have ever existed since Greco-Roman times.

        2. Call me crazy, but they seem to be getting fitter, or maybe more of them are moving around where I live to torment me…

        3. Seriously, this. I don’t doubt for a second that there are plenty of landwhales, but the sheer volume of fit and getting fitter girls is hard not to notice. Maybe some of these guys live in Seattle or something, dunno.

        4. I made a similar point down below–go to Phoenix, LA, San Diego, Atlanta, etc.–sure, you’ll see some fatties, but just ignore them and focus on the sexy young ones strutting around.
          In fact, most of the guys I’ve met in real life who say similar things are just bitter pricks who can’t pull attractive women. One guy was with me in Vegas crying about how there weren’t any good women around all while 8s and 9s in tiny dresses walked all around us. They bitch and moan rather than doing what it takes to actually sleep with those women.

        5. Almost any casual opener to a conversation can work.

        6. If the dynamic between the sexes is so frayed that males have to resort to canned openings and contrived come-ons, then that society is deeply fucked.
          In a healthy society, men and women would interact naturally like at cultural events. Sort of like how you see Chinese students doing in the U.S.

        7. What the fuck is canned about “any casual opener”? The article you’re referencing used it as an example. Is walking up and saying “Hey, nice day” that much of a challenge for you, cupcake?

        8. Cause government agencies are really itching to tell American women how fat they are. Obesity Must be a political lie.
          Do you fish per chance?

        9. Ha. You sling 2 snarky “lives through the internet” comments and then follow up with this bullshit.
          Dafuq is wrong with your crazy ass?
          Go back to huffington post. Again!

        10. You need to edit your post again? To add anymore Huff Post references, or the word “again?” This will be my last comment toward you because you are a waste of time. Hopefully you improve yourself and quit being a snarky little bitch, but I have a feeling my words are falling on deaf ears. Good day to you sir.

        11. It’s hard to pull a young attractive white girl when you’re 60+. But absolutely no problem getting a Latino or Asian girl. I’ve had to start checking their IDs to block out the under age interest.

        12. Why should they care in the Body Empowerment world where even pretty thin girls will scream at you for not finding a lard ass “pretty”?

      2. Guess same logic/analogy applies to majority of females, as they spend too much time on the internet and smartphones, never go out and enjoy their lives.

    6. I wonder the same thing Bob. I think that this whole thing is highly over dramatized.

      1. Yeah it’s sensationalized. I am starting to suspect it’s part of the darker side of the Alt. Right movement. Us against them. Divide and conquer, usual shit. Women are nice to me. Almost always. They smile, they show interest and appreciation for me as a man. I’m sure it’s the same for guys like you, and others here as well. I just have a hard time processing a lot of the gloom-and-doom I read online pertaining to this subject. It’s as if it’s happening in another galaxy, at least in terms of my own field of vision…

        1. It reeks of excuses and justifications for not trying.
          There are many on this site and others who are just cracked out of blue pill or are still making that adjustment. I suspect a lot of the “we have no chance!” or “You can’t be a white guy!” or “You have to have ten bajillion dollars!” or “You have to look like Brad Pitt in his prime!” types fall into that camp. And if one chick blows them off, they store that experience into their Confirmation Bias folder and off they go feeling justified in not improving their lives any further.
          Once you’re relaxed, confident in your own person and have your shit together, you discover that you make your own reality.

        2. That’s the whole damn thing. You make your own reality. If you are confident, and successful on your own terms, women can see that like bold lettering on the cover of a book. And that’s what they want. And they see other women wanting it, too, and it makes them want you more.

        3. Reviewing the earlier articles on this site, that was the original idea behind self-improvement combined with game combined with “fake it till you make it”. You self improve, you master your universe and then suddenly women start taking notice and because they do you have “social proof” and badda bing, you’re swimming in pussy. Yet now so many are moaning and groaning and bellyaching about how they don’t have a chance, as if, call me weird, they’ve not actually tried out the advice from the core Game/Self-Improvement articles here and are taking the easy way out.
          Life is hard. Things require work, and more than a day’s work at that. It seems like some don’t grasp that and want to fling out any excuse to not have to put in the time.

        4. Yes, you get out of it exactly what you put into it. That being said, man, if you want pussy, be successful. Focus on personal success to the exclusion of everything else and the women will come. Doesn’t matter what other attributes you have. Once a guy starts to achieve goals, it becomes addicting and empowering. Success after success just makes a guy successful on all levels. But trying a couple of times, and giving up – hey, that’s not going to get it done. You’ve got to work at it, and work hard. Over time it will come together.

        5. Except I get plenty laid and still recognize it as truth. Yeah some guys use this truth as an excuse to surrender and that’s bad… but pretending the truth not real is also bad.

        6. Check out Steve Hoca’s videos. He explains this. You may simply be of such an age that you are not seen as a possible sexual threat: you may be seen as a gentle fatherly or grandfatherly figure. She knows you’re not going to hit on her.

        7. oh BS. I’ve got patents, research papers, tech awards. Doesn’t mean shit to women.

        8. Why should it?
          Seriously, that means jack all not to just women, but to the vast majority of human beings.
          Women are looking for entertainment value, feelz and some level of you “just getting it” with regard to how to make them feel all wonderful and happy.
          Your awards and degrees and papers have an effective range on that field of 0.0 meters. Take that to the bank.

        9. yes, so bob’s comment about working on things to build self-identity or worth or goals or whatever is BS

        10. There might be something to that – but only to a degree. Confidence and success trump everything – especially the young guy with looks, a little game, and eight cents in his pocket. That’s just the way it works in the real world. The question a guy should ask is, “Do I want to live in the real world.” When I was young and broke I pulled pussy. (Because I was physically much more attractive.) Now I pull even more. I mean, that grandfatherly thing, I haven’t checked out the guy’s work, but I’m familiar with the sentiment. It’s a rationalization for a reality that the person doesn’t want to face. Women want a man with money and success. Over everything else. It’s a law. Age does not matter. There are only so many guys who are successful. Most of the ones who are successful are taken. This creates a feeding frenzy, and age doesn’t have anything to do with it. But a guy won’t find that out for sure unless he becomes successful. Then it will hit him in the forehead like a diamond bullet. Hopefully, most of the guys around here will experience that one. There’s nothing like it.

        11. For modern young women, we men are no more than clowns. Apparently, some folks here are OK with that. What you mentioned about patents and so on, I perfectly get it: we men are not valued for career, but as a temporary entertainment and future wallet for postwall. PS: In the USSA, I have been “accused” of killing Moctezuma. Just saying.

        12. You’ve utterly misunderstood his message.
          Working on things AND gaining the confidence that they lend you, is what does it. Working on things and thrusting the awards and papers into people’s faces and screaming “Value me!” is the opposite of your achievements having earned you confidence.

        13. Difference is: Asian woman values her bf’s or husband’s education / accomplishments.
          White american woman: education, awards, grants etc? it would be like handing her a dead fish to hold

        14. None of that shit should even come up until a few dates in. Girls respond to sparks, not resumes.

        15. In the US, they allow the Indian tribes to make an enormous statue (larger than Mount Rushmore) of Crazy Horse, the Lakota Indian who helped massacre General Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
          So it is to be expected.
          How about a statue to some Muslim terrorist next.

        16. I don’t give a fuck about Asian women.
          Make your own destiny and stop your nonsense Pabst.

        17. That’s accurate observation about asian cultures, man with PhD in any subject gets elevated social status like physician in america. Marrying students is common.

        18. Oh it’s the truth that most white single American women are fat and hate white men. But since they number in the tens of millions you can still find those that don’t. Real simple.

        19. I always had plenty, it just wasn’t worth the risk of asset loss. They hate you, and they’ll fuck you over when they eventually get the chance. How many houses can you afford to give away? Not to mention the risk of 19 years child maintenance that comes with every fuck.

        20. May be, they (Indian tribes/natives) are allowed to do that because they have been mercilessly massacred. May be…

        21. Most white single women are any range of weights and attitudes.
          Blanket statements are almost always incorrect.

        1. Who gives a fuck how they voted?
          Their tingles don’t revolve around politics.

        2. By a wide margin they went for Hillary and among college educated in that age bracket probably like 10 to 1 Hillary vs Trump
          White women will always by default assume the worst about a white male. You have to PROVE to her that you’ve got the right beliefs and that you try to redeem yourself for all your privilege etc and then maybe she will consider you.
          VERSUS black and asian men who are portrayed as sympathetic characters

        3. I don’t know the split, but I know is Hillary. These guys on here fighting against the truth do not have current experience with younger Single women… especially blue areas.

        4. What truth? That Hillary voting chicks won’t fuck white men?
          What truth precisely are you getting at?
          If you have a woman who leads in with politics, and you don’t have her giggling about some smirky wry comment of yours withing three minutes, which makes the topic of politics totally dead, then you’re doing it wrong.

        5. And what? Yes, I ‘realize’ what it’s about. Most women do not hate most men in America. True fact. If you think that’s false, then maybe the problem lay in the mirror, and not in women as a whole.
          The only women who have given me any real vibe of hate, anywhere, any city, have been the super militant man hating lesbian types who hate *everybody*. Hell, even a run of the mill non-hate lesbian I can have laughing and joking in a few minutes.
          Here’s a fun secret of life: Nobody gives a shit about you enough to hate you or like you at first blush. You’re a cipher, background noise, a nobody, another face in the crowd. Hate takes energy and focus, and neither you nor I nor anybody else here is that terribly interesting to make women hate us. If you personally are seeing hate everywhere, like I said, pick up the mirror and figure out the problem. On a normal day, for most people in the world, it just doesn’t actually measure up to reality.

        6. Leftist girls are almost too easy. My highest notch year was 3 years ago in Denver, which has suffered a massive leftist infiltration. The more conservative ones took more time and effort–because they actually have values. The liberal ones hopped into the sack on the first night. And even if I pumped and dumped, I could still call them up a few months later to do it all over again.

        7. Why are you talking about most women.
          This was about single white women and their feelings about white men.

        8. And what? When I was going down that path you went off about it “being about hate”.
          My point stands. And I generally only go for white women so it’s them I notice.

    7. No it only seems that way if you keep a narrow view to night club game in the west, if you meet or cross paths with women in other contexts I don’t think it’s true..

    8. I’m not sure all white women hate all white men, but they certainly learn to hate the white man they are married to after a few years. Why else would they go all out, grab everything, deny him access to his children, and make him pay forever on divorce?
      I’ve seen it time and time again, and the ‘hate and harm him’ seems more important to them than the ‘asset grab’ or their children s welfare.
      Now Asian women are totally different, former husbands even get to come round and have sex with their former wife, and are often offered unrestricted access to their children.

      1. Legal kidnapping and legal extortion of a father is rampant in the west. It is truly one of the most abominable things I’ve ever seen in my life. This shit is a sick epidemic of epic proportions. Also I must add… if yall think it’s bad for white men in the U.S.A. go visit some black neighborhoods… those were the first testing grounds and the shit is even worse there!

    9. Yea most hot white girls I know from the U.S. and Britain date white guys. I worked for a pub crawl in Europe and most of the hot white girls would hook up with white guys, particularly Brits and Aussies. Every once in awhile I would see some baller black guy or Asian with tight game pulling hot white girls but it wasn’t very common.

    10. I mean, they can be kind of cunty, but that’s to be expected. I don’t see outright hate unless it’s from the dike brigade, but do they really count? Sounds like we have a bunch of guys out here doing it all wrong Bob. A little eye contact and a friendly hello go a long way.

      1. Looks that way. Although there appears to be a correlation between certain large urban areas and twat-like behavior. Maybe in those cases, it might be helpful to do a study and figure out the CPSM ratio (Cunts Per Square Mile)…but if a guy is doing it wrong, those stats would just make him feel better, while not addressing the underlying problem.

  10. Women today think they are the center of the world. Don’t do him, not him not him and for God’s sake not long distance relations or anything no matter how he is because women are special snowflakes who always can get better no matter how unattractive she might be she shouldnt settle for anything less than perfect and perfect is that unemployed guy next door who she fucked on first date. Woman has no idea what they want and they think something better is always waiting because that is what they are told, if not the perfect man under perfect conditions forget it, and then they will be 50 and un unmarried, because they dont know what they want and just have “fun” in the mean time thinking forever young and fucking around with idiots. They think they are young and want a guy 3 years younger when the better option for her would be 10 years older guy who actually makes a difference in life.
    Men are not better fucking around in a dream of making a hoe into the perfect housewife. Not focusing on family or other responsibilities just on pickung up girls, fucking, drinking and pumping in the gym.
    A lost generation where women has their first child at 30.

    1. Women are the center of the world. Everything is built around them, for them. Societies are nothing but coops, designed so that women feel safe and happy. You were born to make women feel good and if u can’t do it u are worthless and should kill yourself.
      Or u could sodomize them.

      1. No, reproduction is the center of the world, and everything is built around making it easier and safer for human beings to reproduce. Both sexes benefit.

        1. First of all those 2 statements don’t necessarily contradict each other.
          Secondly, in nature the only creatures besides humans that you’ll see building huge structures are insects and there is a reason that you’ll never hear about king bees and king ants.
          Also fuck Dawkins’ “Selfish Gene”, that shit is outdated.

        2. Queen bees.
          It doesn’t contradict as LONG as you realize it’s benefiting both sexes, not just women.

    2. “the better option for her would be 10 years older guy who actually makes a difference in life”
      so true.
      but, not happening…
      I’m over 50. and many women I know are over 40 now..
      Most didn’t have kids.
      Rest had a kid at 38-40.
      the single women are still out at bars 5-7 nights a week in NYC…
      My younger sister is a grandmother…
      And still off with the fairies – -into witch-craft/women’s-traditional-power, women are oppressed – abortion rights etc…
      All are obsessed with the lies of left-wing media – the fuck????

      1. that is because the left wing media totally supports women (or women wannabes). A very rare few women discover that the lies are what they are. Heck, it is hard enough for guys to swallow the red pill. Do you think a woman would find the red pill, if all those lies are designed to wrap her in a pretty cocoon?

        1. “Do you think a woman would find the red pill”
          good point…
          solipsism, cognitive dissonance, and hive mind…hard to break through all that…

      2. I don’t know if these 40 year old single mother’s actually think they will be able to find a responsible man that will actually care for her and her kid, if she met him in a club and he is much younger. Then she will go on and on ranting about how all men are pigs, but what do they expect they are not the number one pick for younger men.

    1. Exactly. Under 35, just focus on the paper + self development and fuck prostitutes (if you live where it is legal).
      Then watch girls coming to you.

      1. Sex with a hooker doesn’t compare to sex with a girl who truly attracted to you. Sex is more than the mating act

    2. Yeah, that’s why Elliot Rogers was swimming in pussy. Dude couldn’t get a moment alone away from hot chicks.

        1. he had a good aesthetic (no homo – he had that pretty boy male model look) – he should have been knee deep in gash

        2. His father is a very rich and famous Hollywood director. He lamented all the time that something was “wrong with women” because he had money and clearly that’s all you need right?
          Except, turns out, he was wrong.

        3. He wasn’t “psycho” until the end. He was some poor sad sack loser who thought it only took money to get broads. He was wrong. Then, because he refused to listen to advice from men who knew that the deal was in reality, in fact actively rejected their advice, then did he go apeshit.

        4. Stephan Molyneux did a great presentation on him that clears up what was going on in that kids’s head. Funny fact: this is the first video of Molyneux that I ever watched before becoming an avid fan.

        5. Sounds like ‘True Forced Loneliness’ to me.
          And the guy talking is a mangina…… Divorce is dads fault, no evidence required. Newsflash, I was living with a new young girlfriend while my divorce was happening, and I’m not a rich Hollywood director. Once a woman shouts ‘divorce ‘ I’m shouting ‘next’.

        6. When has a woman admitted responsibility for any failure? When has any divorced woman told her children dad wasn’t the bad guy?

        7. Agreed. Was just making sure. Same thing has happened to me. When you have a child it becomes so much worse. If I ever get married again it’s going to be in a country with better laws concerning men and fatherhood.

        8. He was an extreme narcissist. He also was mixed…half white half Asian. That too may have contributed to his situation as he perhaps desired to be more Anglo looking and developed a weird inferiority/superiority complex that turned girls off. If I recall he made a remark wondering why ‘inferior guys’ we’re getting girls he couldn’t.

  11. Abundance
    I can’t tell you how much time I wasted as a stupid kid putting all my focus into one prospect. I thought that “liking” one while pursuing another was somehow underhanded or duplicitous. I’d plan
    these things out like a goddamn military campaign; pining over one girl, trying to conceive of a date, getting my balls up to call her….all at the exclusion of chasing others!
    ABC, friends, keep as many irons in the fire as possible.

    1. Definitely. In my opinion, the most important reason to maintain abundance is the fact that it lessens the sting of one particular woman flaking/playing games, etc. If you allow female behavior to change YOUR behavior in any way, it starts a domino effect… throwing your game completely out of whack. Women can smell bitterness, anger, and spite a mile away and will avoid you like the plague. Another fringe benefit of abundance is that it elevates your perceived value. Women love knowing you are desired by other women, and often will go even further out of their way to please you. They want to be the one that stands out from the crowd.

      1. “If you allow female behavior to change YOUR behavior in any way, it
        starts a domino effect… throwing your game completely out of whack.”
        good point. Cant let anyone’s behavior change your own.

    2. Yup, the quickest way to turn off a girl is to zero in on her and tell her that she is the girl of your dreams. They find it downright creepy.

    3. True. I spent 4 years of my college life chasing after this hot Indian chick that was practically banging everyone else on campus but me. If I had had this site back then and knew what games was I would’ve nexted her the first moment she blew me off and moved unto other girls that were clearly giving me signals.

  12. You give zero credit to women. There are plenty of well to do women who can easily tell the difference between a garbage dude and a worthy one.
    I’m starting to think everyone on this website is chasing trash. I am constantly talking to women who consider the dating market to be dry of anyone worth a lick. It’s not because they inflate there own worth, but because the reality is that most men suck. Have you seen men these days? It is possible that some of you actually suck and a well bred, smart woman can see through you in an instant.

    1. Where are all these chaste quality ladies? Please share. I want to fly there and apologize to them in person.

      1. No need to apologize to anyone. If you are looking to fuck around non stop this article is definitely accurate. But there is definitely quality women out there. The quality women who stay married are religious, have married parents, Close relationship with brother and father, dresses appropriately, conservative leaning, dreams of raising a family, not spoiled.
        These people are who go overseas to Latin american and Asian countries are selling themselves short. Those women are feminine and loving, but dumb as sin.

  13. So these two radio disk jockeys in Texas years ago, pulled a prank on the air. They interviewed an alleged doctor who found this miraculous procedure which would make a guy’s dick bigger – like, huge. And they interviewed him for an hour or so, and then they brought in guys who had allegedly had the procedure done.
    One of them said something like, “It’s a miracle. I mean I look down, and there’s this GIANT ROD swinging between my legs. My wife goes nuts over it.” On and on he went, and they paraded more guys out to sing the same song.
    Then, they opened things up for phone calls from guys who were interested in talking to the doctor on the air about the procedure, and what was involved, etc. The phones rang off the wall. And one of the disk jockeys would answer each call, and first he’d ask the caller what his name was, and the caller would say, “Ron”, or whatever. And then the second disk jockey would chime in and say…”Got a little dick, Ron?” And then both disk jockeys would laugh hysterically – and the caller would hang up.
    They did this for about 20 minutes straight, fielding all these phone calls, and ridiculing the callers. It was cruel, brutal and funny as fuck.

    1. “you ever read what it says at the bottom of a rubber?”
      “nah, what?”
      “yeah, I guess you’d never have to unroll it that far.”

        1. Groucho persuading a fat rich woman to marry him: “I can see you now… in my kitchen, bending over a hot stove. Wait, now I can’t see the stove.”

        2. Hypergamous sluts flirting with Groucho on “You Bet Your Life”, and other cool clips…skip ahead to 1:30 for the best one.

        3. Groucho was great and hypergamous sluts have been the same forever, but the real ladies man was Chico.

        4. hence the name. My favorite is still his exchange with Tallulah Bankhead

  14. The current state of the sexual marketplace is making the conditions ripe for a situation that we have seen in various contexts throughout history and through a wide variety of cultures and societies: a large number of lonely, status-poor men, with the status-rich men at the top of the hierarchy monopolizing all of the women.
    A good example of this is in Northeastern Nigeria, where 40% of married women share a husband with at least one other woman. While this may be OK during conflict when men are scarce, during peace and relatively equal gender distribution, it is a recipe for disaster. Case in point: all those status-poor men with no wives in NE Nigeria joined up with Boko Haram, and the first thing they did was kidnap a bunch of reproductive-age women from a high school – CLEAR evolutionary opportunism.
    If we have a situation like that in America, we would be foolish to think that we are immune to the inevitable chaos. It is not the married man, with a decent wife and kids and modest home, who goes out to fight an offensive war, or start an uprising – it’s the loser with nothing to lose but his inability to reproduce.

    1. The question is whether Western men are too neutered at this point to rise up like that. Will they choose civil war or Call of Duty?

      1. Interesting point. I think that, which the neutering will delay conflict, there will be a tipping point. This site is a perfect example

        1. It’s possible. There is definitely a segment of men who would go all the way if they thought there was a chance of winning a revolution.

    2. I agree with your general premise masses of lone males being a dangerous element. In the US things are a bit different. For one, porn and video games have served as safety valves for pent up sexual frustration. Imo, it’s far easier to get laid than ever but with the downside of more competition. As a guy, finding willing prospects is the hard part. Once you’ve got one it’s easier than ever to get her out of her panties

    3. I read an article in psych today years ago that linked low status lonely men with suicide bombers.

      1. It really does make sense. Why would people with a decent shot at reproducing successfully take such risks? While we can discount the outliers as exceptions, this sort of thing happens at far too high a rate to simply be a collection of loonies; bigger forces are at play here.

        1. I saw a bearded spruiker on youtube explaining that you get your old mrs for the first 70 odd years, then every 70 years after that, you get a virgin to wear out, I’m not sure if that’s mainstream islam, (or whether your mrs gets a row of virgins too) but I was surprised at heaven being touted mainly as a sex tour.

        2. Makes you view the Quebec City mass shooting in a different light. 6 dead men or 240 virgins gainfully employed?

    4. And yet Ferdinand Magellan was 10x the man Leonardo DiCaprio is. Perhaps a life without pussy is what we need.

  15. Just for the history books, online dating didn’t happen in 1990, like the OP wrote. Online dating first became a thing with Match, it wasn’t mainstream and considered for social losers throughout the 90s. It was different era when online game didn’t really matter. That’s the decade the book The Game went big.

      1. More the opposite with the male being “matched” with women less attractive than he could get in real life. Online dating almost always means dating down a few notches for men because M/F ratio is skewed. A woman can’t really get more male attention unless she moves next to a military base. I get tired of women mocking men who approach online when women make no effort and receive 10 messages to every 1 message a male receives. Women are in position to eliminate 90% males.

  16. Maybe it is my background, but I have to respectfully disagree with the bit about trying to get sex as quickly as possible. Take girls out, lots of them. Play them off each other. My goal was to find and keep the cleanest girl that I could find. I took them out on “ice cram or boat rides” as well as hikes, had her make dinner or whatever. Eventually, I found someone to marry, and now we have plenty of sex.
    I suppose if you are looking for someone who is willing to put out by the second date, that is what you will find. But they definitely are not the type you want for the long term.

      1. Don’t you remember that conversation about old Penthouse magazines and the ice dildos? ice cram

      1. I remember Av8tor (is that his name?) mentioning how when they get into their late 20’s, lots of women will put on a show and hold out on sex to make you think they are more virtuous than they are, all the while banging come convict with neck tattoos. The thing is, if a woman is genuinely waiting for the right man to come along for sex, they are not going to be single past 25 (other than the rare career woman who kicks herself by thirty, who you don’t want either). They want sex, just like anyone else. But, if it means they need to marry first, that is what they will do. They will be married off no later than 24. The carousel is available for women from 15-40. The marriageable window is about 18-25.

        1. Women have been playing chaste for years. And it’s up to guys to figure out the liars from the honest.
          25 is too old for brides . You have a chance of finding a v out of high school, but post college is no way.

        2. Even with my dating pool (Mormons who I saw at church every Sunday), I had to be discerning. You can tell though in other ways.
          How committed are they to their religion?
          Do they have a short term mindset (splurge with money, tattoos)?
          Do they compromise their standards in any other way (dishonesty, immodesty, language)?
          What friends do they have?
          Slut tells are one thing, you have to bring it to whole new level to figure out who is a virgin. Networking is critical.

        3. I had this 30 year old coworker that was a rave slut, she would get blacked out drunk every weekend. She decided she wanted to meet a nice respectable man. Met some beta guy off of Tinder, and held off from sex with him for over 2 weeks.
          She eventually broke up with him and went back to being her slut self because that guy was “too boring”

        4. Yeah, the guy must have been a complete dunce to think she was a good girl. What kind of respectable woman would even have a Tinder (or any dating) account?

        5. Tinder rhymes with slut. If he didn’t know she was playing a game then he’s a fool.

        6. I’m surprised you can still find a girl that held out past age 13, 24-30 sounds like a RoK fantasy to me.

        7. keep in mind, I went for the Mormon goody two shoe crowd. I know a girl (not bad looking) that I would bet a dollar is still a virgin in her late 30’s. She chose the career route, but as far as I know, held her standards. They are not as rare as you would think, they just keep to themselves.

  17. I’m glad you said this Troy, about ruthlessly nexting girls. I had a debate about this on one of your other articles, with people suggesting I use “game” to try and convince a girl to go out with me. No thanks. The train is leaving the station. Bitch be on it or bitch be gone.

    1. ABN always be nexting. Like I said below….even if it was my fault and not theirs I next them because as soon as she doesn’t see me as perfect I have no interest in her.

      1. Yep. And there’s plenty of girls out there to talk to. The girls may have a lot of attention on Tinder but men have lots of options too. Its important to remember that and not get focused on just one chick. She will play you like a fiddle.

        1. If a woman tried to play you break out your billy shakes….I have done this line in various form countless times:
          I do not well understand that. Will you play upon this pipe?
          My lord, I cannot.
          I pray you.
          Believe me, I cannot.
          I do beseech you.
          I know no touch of it, my lord.
          It is as easy as lying. Govern these ventages with your fingers and thumb, give it breath with your mouth, and it will discourse most eloquent music. Look you, these are the stops.
          But these cannot I command to any utterance of harmony.
          I have not the skill.
          Why, look you now, how unworthy a thing you make of me! You would play upon me. You would seem to know my stops. You would pluck out the heart of my mystery. You would sound me from my lowest note to the top of my compass. And there is much music, excellent voice, in this little organ, yet cannot you make it speak? ‘Sblood, do you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe? Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me.

        2. but men have lots of options too.

          This is the mindset the Lazy Lou and Dan Downer types need to come to understand.

        3. Out of curiosity, is your name Tom? Because I might’ve accidentally stumbled on your YT account.

    2. Back when I was less experienced I used to give days of thought to how to leave things with a woman. Then one day you see the messages a woman receives on her smartphone and you realize how beta it is to waste mental energy on that.

      1. so true. You don’t feel so important once she trades you in for a drug dealer. A complete waste of energy and a complete waste of time. And for any gal- I would say; your all the same. If your an orbiter – save your own time and find new gals.

    3. This. I thought I was above one-itis until about a year ago when I got it for a girl who was no good for me. After that I spent the next year taking some time off from serious dating and trying to strengthen my character. If I was into a girl or she was into me then so be it, but I never went out of my way to escalate things. Basically I tried to find ways to reject girls or next them. On Tinder, for instance, I’d next any girl who didn’t respond to my first message with anything that moved the conversation forward, no matter how hot. This also happened in real life, where as soon as I sensed a girl wasn’t that invested in our interaction I’d walk away instead of trying to force things and having it crash and burn. It allowed me to be more selective and realize that there are indeed plenty of fish in the sea and that I should have higher standards in terms of behavior I’d accept.
      Now I’m slowly getting back into dating and I realize that times have changed – It used to be if a girl gave you her number or talked to you she was really interested. Now I know that in the time of smartphones that setting a date doesn’t mean anything, and more often than not she’ll flake. I’ve had to start making alternate plans on date nights, either with friends or another girl, because most dates I’ve set with girls have ended up in cancellations (It’s amazing how many girls suddenly get sick the day of a date, right?). Even though I don’t have a harem and I’m not really spinning plates, it’s giving me abundance mentality by being able to replace one girl on a date with another, or put the ball in their court if they have to cancel. This shit would’ve hurt my pride years ago, but now I make it a point to look forward more to reading or catching up on work in the event of a flake than the actual date itself.

      1. You have this right. Indeed, many girls will even go so far as going on a date with you for a free meal and some drinks. And then vanish. I have had this happen far too many times.
        Sadly we can all get caught. You are never about one-itis. It can always sneak up and get you. Had this happen to me some years back. Hurt like a mother and still does.

  18. On a more uplifting note.
    Is year of the cock.
    So get them out, and in their faces.
    Remember the golden rule->
    Proximity + penis = pussy

  19. There is really no one game formula that works for everyone. You got great looks and game your good, you got lots of money and game your good, your a badass with game your good. Just know not to get played and if you play the field long enough you might get trapped. Happens to the best of us.

  20. Now in america its a negative social dynamic where males are forced to work harder and harder at impressing females, working out, banking cash, sharpening game skills, while females demand and receive more and more social forgiveness for their increasingly negative behaviors like obesity, and bitch personality traits. Men are working harder for less reward.

    1. “Remember: poor female behaviour should be punished and in any case, you are a high-value man who goes for what he wants and doesn’t have time for games” this is the point all men should remember but with so many thirsty men out there I doubt its effectiveness

    2. As much as I don’t agree with a lot of your posts, this is 100% true for most millennial and younger guys

  21. “whether or not the 7 in question is actually getting those hotter guys is almost immaterial” – this is the most amazing yet humourous thing that has happened in regards to dating over the last 10 yrs “fatties and uglies” that actually believe they will be getting an Alpha.

  22. Great post! In the past few years I’ve had to treat dating with less and less importance, and treat apps like Tinder as a game I play when I’m on the toilet. I can get matches and numbers, or meet girls in real life and get numbers, but I’ve learned that numbers don’t mean anything and to assume they’re always going to flake – Most of the old contacts on my last phone were numbers from girls that went nowhere. The only way to know you’ve got plans is if she’s sitting across from you in a bar at a time and place you both agreed on. And therefore I push to meet up as soon as possible – If they don’t respond or get wishy-washy when I ask them out then I know they weren’t serious.
    I had a situation recently where I really hit it off with a girl. I went to a bar with the intention of having fun and talking to anyone, male or female, I just wanted to relax and have a good time. I just so happened to have a girl really dig me and be by my side the entire night. As we parted ways she reached her hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone, put her number in, and called her phone with mine so she’d have my number. I was in, right? Except she never responded to my text.
    A year ago this girl would’ve shattered my ego with her radio silence. But I’m so numb to this now that I just chalk it up as a learning experience and move on. I’ve developed more value than I’ve had in my life, yet it’s harder and harder to even get drinks with a girl. So now I just treat women as a prize at the end of a good night, not the goal – Had I gone to that bar with the intention of only trying to fuck a girl and then got flaked on that would’ve meant my entire night was ruined. But since I did other things and met other people it wasn’t a complete loss, and the night was still good otherwise.

    1. If you don’t shag her the night you meet her, it isn’t worth the effort of taking her phone number. Only collect phone numbers after sex, and then only if you want a repeat performance. I generally don’t bother with their number these days. Once is usually enough.

      1. Definitely. But in lieu of that I’ve stopped asking girls their numbers pretty much entirely. If they don’t offer them to me without me asking then I can assume they’re not really all that interested. I’ve had dates later on without banging them the first night, but like Roosh said in his latest podcast it’s better to just go all in and try and get a SNL – You might bomb, but it’s more likely to succeed than asking her number and then setting up a date later after the initial emotions of your meeting have worn off.

        1. Don’t forget, if your number is in their smartphone, they can probably view your facebook page, as a ‘suggested’ person you might know. Make sure you are standing by a Ferrari in your title photo.

  23. Roosh’s “Death of Night Game” Podcast…highly perceptive and pretty much sums it up for 2017. Times have changed, gentlemen. The points he brings up are about not just night game, but “the times” in general. It’s a solid social deconstruction.

    1. Good to know I haven’t been imaging the changed game. Retired players who aren’t in the game anymore don’t grasp the underlying changes in the social scene, if you grew up getting playboy in the mail and had a land line as your primary phone its a different world.

      1. And this is why there will always be a new school of pickup with every generation.
        Having said that. The core principles are always the same. Stuff Mystery used to go on about still applies.

    2. He got 15 years older. He is still running game on 20yo. Thats the main difference.
      If he was running his game on women his same age (would be difficult, not that many out past midnight), do you think it would be equaly difficult?

      1. I (age 60+) still have sex with 20 year olds too ……. isn’t that who we all like doing? Like, who wants to shag grandma (or grandpa)?

        1. Ok let me explain. I too am older than Roosh.
          The point is the “ass grinder” move might be a good thing for a 20yo stud. His hard cock, hard body and young face with sky-high energy levels might be enough for the lay.
          As we get older this may no longer work as well. Our bodies get worse and our energy goes down.
          As a guy 40+ or even 60+ we STILL can have sex with hot 20yo girls, but we have to do it differently than 20yo.
          Most often it comes down to our position in life, what we have to offer and how well we present ourselfs.
          If you are over 50 in jeans and sneakers with the idea to out-ass-grind the boys, you are doing something wrong.