Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Selective Prejudice

Over breakfast, my son laid out his plan to kill the Russians. We should tunnel under their country and blow them up. Why does a five-year-old already hate Russians? It is a study in the way prejudices are formed.

Most people he comes in contact with here in Ukraine fear the Russians. Their military power is a threat, and after a several century history of betrayals we don’t trust them. Russians look like him and speak the same language. Several of our friends are Russian. And he had no answer to the question, what if the Russians get mad and kill him first?

Who teaches prejudice?


Prejudiced against this???

In “South Pacific,” Oscar Hammerstein had Lieut. Cable deliver a line beloved of liberals: “You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear. You’ve got to be carefully taught” Not so! Nobody has taught him to hate the Russians. He deduced it himself.

Later, as we were waiting at a bus stop alongside some Gypsies. He said “Daddy, they’re dirty.”  I shushed him.  Though none of our Gypsies seem educated or speak English, he should develop the habit of being circumspect.

Moreover, they are not dirty. Though the women wear garish leopardskin toreador pants and a bit more jewelry than I would fancy, they seem clean. Though they have more children than it seems they could afford, they treat them well. The main issue is that they are different.

The origin of his opinions is evident. Gypsies live in condemned, unheated houses on the right of way for a planned subway. Their laundry flaps in the breeze and their children play in the dirt. Ukrainian mothers shoo their children to another part of the beach when the Gypsies come to bathe. Local convenience store owners treat them less than courteously.

What do I tell him? A five-year-old operates on simple, binary principles. People are either good or they are not. He wants a rule of thumb to apply to all Russians or all Gypsies. Life would be simpler.

Simplicity does not work


Simple-minded, and wrong. You can’t abdicate thinking.

A simple approach to the question of prejudice leads to problems. Liberals blindly refuse to accept that different peoples have different characteristics. They condemn you as a racist if you mention the obvious. The core theme of Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow” is that the human brain is a lazy organ. While we have the ability to think through problems, it requires a lot of time and burns a lot of calories. We are programmed to take shortcuts.

Most of the time the shortcuts don’t cause problems. If we avoid all mushrooms because some of them are poisonous, will still get enough calories. If we don’t give money to beggars or pick up hitchhikers we may miss some interesting experiences, but we won’t be exploited or victimized.

Sometimes our shortcuts—or prejudices—hurt others. As a landlord, I would have avoided some hassle by not renting to minorities. On the other hand, it would have been unfair to judge all minorities by the behavior of some. That is what nondiscrimination laws are all about. I took my lumps when I made mistakes, and avoided further hassle by selling the rental units in dicey areas to people with stronger stomachs.

Prejudice, Discrimination, Toleration and Diversity


A study in toleration. You may not like them, but you do business.

Dictionary.com defines prejudice in this context as “an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.”  It is a state of mind, an opinion.

Discrimination is prejudice expressed through action.  Government cannot control what you think, but they can judge your actions and what you say.  More than that, they may impute a state of mind—prejudice—from your actions.  Liberals are quick to cry prejudice on the basis of almost anything you utter.  Discriminate as a landlord against unemployed men—disproportionately minority—or dare to mention facts such as FBI statistics or PISA and SAT scores, they invariably call you a racist.

Tolerance is the old-fashioned virtue of dealing civilly with all people regardless of what you may think.  Though he may have privately despised what they represented, Trump the businessman entertained Bill and Hillary Clinton.  I tell my son to answer politely and enjoy the conversation when Gypsy mothers ask him how he is.  They appear sincere.  They like kids.  Moreover, it is of no benefit to him to refuse.

Lastly, diversity is a neutral adjective describing a state of affairs.  A library can have a diverse selection of books, a garden a diverse assortment of plants, or a neighborhood a diverse population.  This is neither good nor bad.  It is a different matter if the books are pulp fiction, the plants are weeds, or the people are criminals.  To cite the most popular positive example, a diversity of nationalities ensures the epicure of a wide selection of restaurants.  Other benefits of a diverse neighborhood are harder to enumerate.  The question is not diversity itself, but what of what the diversity is comprised.

Cui Bono

It is in the government’s interest to minimize prejudice. It makes life easier for teachers, police and administrators.  Thus they advocate “celebrating diversity.”

The individual’s interest is different. Ours is optimizing our evolutionary success. This means increasing our own odds of survival and that of having children to give us grandchildren.

Prejudice plays a role in this. Mankind has always been tribal, xenophobic, and nationalistic. It has caused great wars, which is why there is such a jihad against prejudice at the moment. We are told many times over about how prejudice against Jews led to the Holocaust. Not mentioned, because the victims are not as articulate, have been the genocides against Ukrainians by the Soviets, against Armenians by Turks, and against Palestinians by Israelis. In any case, prejudice has a bad name because it precipitated some of the great tragedies in the last century.

The vast difference the 21st century is that every advanced people in the world is having children at below the replacement level. Our technology continues to make resources available at an ever-increasing rate, and we are producing people to use them at a decreasing rate. This is a virtuous trend.

On the other hand, we do need to teach our children to mindfully protect what is theirs. The welfare state increasingly buys peace by redistributing from those who are able to produce to those who did not.  It is not prejudice to see things as they are and to vote your self-interest.

Age and competence

The conceit of the diversity crowd is that they are smarter than us deplorables, and morally superior besides.

Intelligence has something to do with it.  Simple people need simple rules.  Two rules operative among simple peoples in today’s world are Infidel=Bad and White=Bad.  Among those who suppose themselves better the rule is that one must be infinitely patient and discerning before imputing motives to people who say things like “Death to Infidels” or “Kill the white pigs.”

Some prejudices, such as against marijuana or gays, benefit those who harbor them. Such beliefs will help me have grandchildren.  If and when my son is ready for a more nuanced view of the world, we can discuss it.  While he is a child, simple will serve.  It will keep him out of danger.

Deep Roots


Our Kyiv Gypsies are not bad neighbors.

Our prejudices, our fast thinking in Daniel Kahneman’s terms, have a long history. They are useful. They keep us out of sketchy neighborhoods; help us avoid poor romantic partners and bad business transactions. Significantly, our prejudices protect us against other people’s prejudices. If we can anticipate that people will be unfavorably disposed toward us, it is only prudent to be wary when dealing with them.

I caution my family to avoid large congregations of Gypsies in Western Europe. Ours in Kyiv are benign. Since the Ukrainians simply would not put up with it, they do not aggressively panhandle or pickpocket.  Thus, prejudice serves both parties. Western Europe, conversely, is tolerant to its own detriment.

A prejudice against Russian people would not help my son. The Russian state is another matter. Their deceit has been reported by observers over the centuries, from Custine to Zinoviev. He should not endorse Ukraine’s entering a deal unless it is in Russia’s long term interest to honor it.

It is perfectly reasonable to be logically inconsistent. One can recognize that the influx of illegal aliens is a drain on America’s resources, something that cannot be sustained. But on the other hand, African ladies are great at elder care and Hispanics for day labor for cleaning up your yard. What makes sense on a personal level might not on a societal level. Whatever the situation, a sophisticated person should have the presence of mind not to betray his prejudices when dealing with individuals.

Being carefully taught – back to Hammerstein

Today, people don’t go to college to learn how to think so much as to be told how to think.  This is one reason why non-college-educated “deplorables” may be better informed voters.

In any case, a parent should teach a child to recognize and examine his prejudices, but not necessarily abandon them.  If they did not have a bit of substance they wouldn’t exist in the first place.  He can decide in time the extent to which he can relax them.  Prejudice against Russians and Gypsies in Ukraine won’t help my son in any meaningful way.  Elsewhere it is different.  For an American, accepting government teachings about prejudice can be prejudicial to your well-being.  That is a good reason to be elsewhere.

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  1. If prejudices come about randomly and arbitrarily, then why don’t people ever get them mixed up?
    As in, blacks excel academically, Jews breed bastard kids they don’t support, Koreans piss away all their money and don’t save for the future, and so forth.

    1. And white guys are betas (and for all the ‘white guys are hated’ stuff, whites get the most girls). The problem is that elites manipulate systems which cause such groups to change in a way that may not appear to be so on the surface. For example, one might expect blacks to do better with free money aka welfare. Not so in reality, as it takes away personal responsibility; everyone wants a free lunch. There are stark differences between black communities across the world, depending on policies; after all, the richest man ever was black. Rather than racial differences, it would be interesting to see how communities fare depending on discrepancies between policies.

        1. People from a 1 single mother household are much more likely to take free money and become irresponsible. And the ones that are given that free money are…single mother households. Its a cycle. Cut welfare and rely on a good man rather than the government for security. It would create more problems in the short term but in the longer run, it would enormously benefit the black community. Let’s not forget that criminal activity is the faster, easier, and more lucrative option than school, and the government makes sure to take its cut of the drug trade through blacks. Many nonAmerican black communities have, and still do, well. And they don’t have such a degree of taxpayer welfare.

        2. Someone recently posted a link showing that uneducated whites have lower rates of criminal convictions that graduate blacks, so even when blacks have been given a free ride through University, they still exert less impulse control than whites. It has also been shown that crime stats from before WW2 had blacks committing much higher rates of the same crimes they’re sterotyped for today (rape/ gangrape/ robbery/ murder). Single motherhood exacerbates the problem, but there are other factors, i.e genetics.

        3. I’m not discounting genetics as a potential factor, but there can be many other factors. Education isn’t one of them I’d say, judging by standards these days, as many people (like women) get free rides to the top, as well as the actual content of said education. So the graduate isn’t a reflection of hard work, study, etc. or other things traditionally associated with a graduate degree. Pre WW2, there were many laws against blacks in the US, so conditions were still not equal. I wonder if there have been studies across times and places and how many factors were accounted for. It wouldn’t be possible to account for all of them of course, but using only US blacks would be a too small a sample size.

        4. Of course education is a factor. Go to any 3rd world country where they do not have education and try and find high IQ people. Yes, the modern education system has been dumbed down and is now really a debt farm, but that is only for the masses. Have a look at the education curriculum at the top schools and you’ll see that the top tier of society look after their own with an unmatched education. If everyone had that, the average IQ would be much higher.

        5. You know 3rld world countries don’t need chemistry and advanced physics cause most of them are born to help their parents plow the fields and raise the animals.
          Also african americans are bad students because first and foremost they don’t attend class, cause their uncle told them that the white man tries to brainwash them through the educational system(and I kind of agree with them).

        6. You might be missing something. The 3rd world needs STEM education precisely because they do not need to be energy slaves, and can, given the means, be freed from the dudgery of manual labour so that machines can do it for them – as well as every other benefit technology and knowledge can contribute to increasing living standards. The benefits of that should be obvious in comparing the life expectancy between 3rd world farm labourers and educated Westerners.
          There is nothing cool about being illiterate, having a low IQ and superstitious (a side effect of no education).
          Specifically I am not talking about the social science brainwashing ‘education’, I am talking about education as in something which can be used for technical/ industrial/ productve purposes.

        7. Yes, I agree. But the cause of those nations being able to have higher education systems may be due to debt: nations with higher standards of living tend to hold much more debt per capita.

        8. No they don’t. That isn’t the cause of debt. We have debt as there is a cartel of super rich bankers based in Switzerland who have created a global central banking scam which produces debt, not money. It is just a weapon they have to control nations. Education produces wealth, banking attaches itself to that productive power and fleeces it.

        9. For some reason I believe the 3rd world will receive the STEM education(guys like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will see to it) you praise, ofc after spending billions of dollars of the white man’s money. After this will be done will anyone be grateful to us, I am fairly sure the answer is no, will the changes in the 3rd world societies be significant enough to warrant such a massive effort on our behalf, the answer is still no. And the most important thing: will the westerners ego be satisfied after all of this is done, will we be at long last happy with ourselves, the answer is still no.
          My honest opinion, fuck them!

        10. If poverty and lack of education had anything to do with violent crime rates. then 98% white Appalachia (southwestern PA, WV, and eastern KY) would have quite the violent crime stats.
          Funny thing is, Appalachia has pretty damn low violent crime rates. It would seem that less-evolved blacks are genetically, more criminally-prone… whether they are poor or wealthy (just look at the criminality of wealthy rappers and athletes).

        11. The white man takes resources from other countries but none of it goes to the masses of whites. But when the whites help other nations, it is the taxpaying white that pays out of the pocket. Other nation’s citizens then blame the masses of whites, but most whites are ignorant of what their leaders are doing. They see it as what they were owed in the first place, with the white man taking his cut of the gold/oil/resource.
          Gadhafi was far from good, but he did attempt to unite african nations and nationalize and use resources for the betterment of said nations, and was on his way to doing it. Elites didn’t like it, bombed them, and the world hated America.

        12. The two main causes of crime are low IQ and anti-social disorders. Just because the whites of Appalachia are poor doesn’t mean they have low IQ (it’s just more likely that you have low IQ when you are poor). I’m sure the Appalachian average IQ is near the white average. Which explains the lack of crime.

        13. Nope, since education can’t change IQ. It’s heritable. Btw, in most western states (European at least), the government sets the curriculum…not the schools.

        14. Education can change IQ, but more than that it can change the pupils motivation and application of its given IQ. A 100 IQ individual with a top quality education will achive more than someone with a higher natural IQ yet burdened by a shit education and the social problems with state schools. You only need to see the wasted potential – by design – of the comprehensive education system in the UK. The government itself can change and use better models of education, as is shown by the difference within EU countries (France being one of the best, and Britain being one of the worst under state education, yet genetically most English are French).
          As for the government setting the curriculum, the government sets the standardised education grades, it doesn’t set the additional educational attainments that private or elite school children are given. I dated a privately educated chick for 5 years, and her old school books were nothing like what I was taught at the same age.

        15. Read my comment again retard, and eventually it’ll sink in to your 100 IQ brain. An unapplied IQ is a wasted IQ.

        16. Buckminster Fuller, in one of his books, possibly Education Automation, mentions a study by a NY professor in Education, who found that our education systems are funded inversely to IQ potential; the highest rate of IQ potential (growth) is with under 6 year olds, and it decreases until late teens, whereby it is almost set. Our current model puts most funding into University level, which was shown to be almost futile in developing higher IQ as the critical years are 0-6, which is funded the least. Yet this is where IQ can be increased at the greatest rate.
          You keep repeating “it is genetic”, well it is but it is more than that. The main factor in IQ is mothers IQ, not fathers, and an important factor in IQ, i.e brain development, is gut bacteria, which has been shown to be transfered from mother to child. So there are additional factors not just genetics.

        17. That makes no sense at all, there are more high IQ men than women, if IQ is something we inherit from our mothers there should be fewer high IQ men than women.
          The whole 0-6 scenario is just the latest popular theme in explaining why white children have higher IQs than black children.

        18. Women have higher average IQs in most cultures (and currently do in ours). There are more retarded men and more high IQ men than women, who make up mainly the middle of the bell curve. It is only the cold climates where men have been forced to increase their IQ to survive; go to Africa and even observe blacks in Europe/ America, and the women are noticably more intelligent (and actually earn much more than black men). So how does it not make sense that women with good IQs produce high IQ sons? The male brain has a greater capacity to develop a high IQ, but it still needs/ requires a mother to give the son those genetics and the other factors I mentioned (gut bacteria for brain development). https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=high+iq+men+mothers

        19. Now you are discussing something else though, I’ve never denied that women cluster heavily around average intelligence on the bell curve. I’ve never said it doesn’t make sense that women with high IQs have a higher chance for high IQ sons either. Your claim was that high IQ is inherited from mothers….something that has never been observed. Show me the study.

        20. Look at the comments to that article.
          If you look at the science behind that article it’s clear it’s bs.
          Most mixed race children from black/white unions have a black father and white mother, if your theory was correct then we should see them around the white average IQ, we don’t.

        21. Then why is every black run city and nation in the world a corrupt, backward, dangerous shithole?

      1. What stark differences between black communities? I don’t see them, all I see is low IQ and poverty.

  2. Interesting article, will have to reflect a bit more on it. I suspect the society v individual treatment dichotomy is hard for people to cognitively reconcile even though many do it unconsciously all the time. Some person may hate all X people but not z because he’s a nice guy. Some person may love all Y people but not A because he’s a dick.

  3. Be wary of too much “tolerance” though. Your son might think it is ok to marry and have children with a gypsy one day.

        1. It’s not my first day around gypsies. They come in all kinds – it’s the personality that counts. A good person is rare these days – a woman should take whoever they can get as long as they are good.

        2. You can take whoever you want. I wouldn’t dare to take my supposingly half gypsy kids to my father’s house. You see some european men , especially in the eastern part of the continent , still have their balls intact.

        3. Roosh is a middle eastern man who traipses around eastern Europe fucking white women.
          What are you doing here?

        4. Lol you again. Normally I wouldn’t bother replying but since you are using Roosh as a shield. Roosh looks white to me and he is half-christian as far as I am concerned. And you acting like there are no articles against mudsharking on this forum and like you don’t know what the general opinion on mudsharking is around here. You make yourself look pathetic man.
          And despite all of this I have nothing against you or your people trust me. I hope you all live a good life where you are and prosper. I just want a future for my people.

        5. So where are you on the articles telling white men how to have sex with Asian and Latin women? Why not be consistent?
          So Persians are white now? The alt-right sure doesn’t seem to feel that way about Mike Cernovich’s wife. Why is Roosh special?

        6. So all this articles prove this page advices white men to fuck around with non-white women if they like but keep their women away from non-whites. So you are the deluded one around here. Whether you like it or not.
          I am personally not attracted to asian women or whatever don’t worry. It is a natural thing I guess.
          As for the persians they are a mixed people. I know persians who could easily pass for italian or greek.
          I guess some aryan blood still survives in there. And Roosh’s mother is armenian who are white christian euroasian people. Regardless , Roosh is a special guy. He has won his honorary place in the western society through his good deeds.

        7. If you don’t like it when Tyrone goes after white chicks, then you need to tell your Matt Forneys, John Derbyshires, and Waldemar Pabsts to stop chasing after Asian girls because they’re too ugly, nerdy or socially awkward to get a white woman. If you won’t do that, then you’re just going to have to put up with non-white men going after white women. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?
          What’s more, you do know that the “Aryans” were a dark skinned, dark haired, dark eyed people, yes? Roosh more closely resembles the Aryans than the bullshit Adolf came up with.
          And just a friendly reminder that Christianity is literally magic Jew worship.

        8. yea bro the hypocrisy i see by alot of people on this website is astounding. They complain about minorities banging their precious white women but promote white men banging out minorities(particularly latina and asian).

        9. Roosh looks as white as I do: white skin and dark brown hair / eyes.
          There were white people in the Middle East: the Zoroastrians were white, Assad in syria is white etc

        10. Men are tribal savages like that.
          It’s okay if “we” fuck foreign girl but god forbid if foreign men fuck our girls, we will kill them mentality.

        11. “precious” !? OMG !
          =Walking “bare chested” !
          =Slut-walks !
          =Expecting “everything” for FREE, including “Abortion” !
          =Spewing venom on elected PRESIDENT, just because the person is MAN !
          =Humiliating, belittling, exploiting and abusing MALES !
          “precious” !? Indeed !

        12. Wanted to give you a “perfect aka fitting reply”, but I do respect age/seniors, regardless of their skin color (De-pigmented/Pale color, Dark, Semi-Dark or whatever). Good night !

        13. Every MALE (de-pigmented/pale skin or dark, or semi-dark or whatever) has that opinion (and right) sir !

        14. “Matt Forney”
          Lol that guy really rubbed up the Jewish community on here the wrong way didn’t he. Still consistently getting mentions.
          Funny how Lolknee’s attempted coup against him failed and got him banned a few days.

    1. Yeah, gotta be careful on that. But he has his sweeties. He asked me last week if he could marry two girls he happens to like. Maybe not, but it isn’t a bad question to ask.

  4. prej·u·dice [ˈprejədəs] NOUN
    1. preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
    This defines the underlying mindset of every SJW libtard on the face of the earth. Except it’s more extreme than that. Because they are prejudiced to the point of being delusional.
    de·lu·sion·al [dəˈlo͞oZH(ə)nəl] ADJECTIVE
    1. characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.
    So we are dealing with SJW libtards who are delusionally prejudiced. Or DP-ed, as I like to call it.
    SJWs have been DP-ed, big-time. Double-penetrated – by delusion and prejudice.
    No wonder they’re so fucked-up.

      1. They’re insane. Delusionally prejudiced. I wonder why that one isn’t in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Oh wait. The SJW libtards decide what goes into it…yet another reason to avoid educational institutions.

        1. Correct. Most lunatics are free and out on the streets. We should no more be surprised or shocked by their behavior than we would be by a visit to the local mental institute. They are literally beyond reason. May God help them.

        2. “Most lunatics are free and out on the streets.”
          “Evil not to fine us!”
          “Evil not to fine us!”
          “Evil not to fine us!”

          he went out to bite us
          he will not defile us
          people got st. vitus
          he will knock da virus
          he will knock da pies up

  5. Having dealt with gypsies in Belarus I can tell you that under no circumstances would I associate with them and I think all prejudice is more or less deserved. Even if a few of them are okay collectively theyre a mess and don’t deserve much respect as a group until they change, which they never will.
    Just because they speak nice to you doesn’t mean they are okay. It’s a Russian habit to think that people who are too friendly are usually the ones who turn out the worst.

      1. The Gypsies are merely parasites. They are not violent and they are not bent on any sort of conquest. Next question?

        1. Hundreds. They live in our neighborhood. I have not met one as big as me. They are not threatening.

        2. They just commit petty crimes, they have no honor (like Albanians), they steal children, act tribally (this is connected the honor stuff, they always retaliate even when on the wrong), and attack their neighbors if they don’t like them. Oh also they commit some organized crime too, refuse to work and have many children so that the state may give them money….
          … TOTALLY NOT LIKE BLACKS! I ‘d say that the gypsies are a bit more organized, which makes them worse.

        3. Exactly, the only reason I would put blacks above though is because there’s just more of them.

        4. I am actually worried for your country, about immigration I mean. You people had it all: climate, food, women (underestimated in the looks department), history, orthodox christianity, music(love the music). Now it seems that Turkey is causing problems again with the rapefugees and seeing those islands taken over by them Sheesh. Nothing good lasts for long. Oh yeah the economic crisis also.

        5. EDIT added negation in some sentences.
          Greece is done for! Albeit for the muslim problem there are still many places here that have seen none, but this works against us, as they will notvote against them. Economically the same thing will happen again and again because: we cannot throw public workers on the street, or enterprises are all bad cause they suck our blood etc. Honestly If I could I would have fled but I can’t. Greece will be a third-world country in the next 5 years mark my words, as long as a rightist Junta does not happens or that foreigners don’t intervene by forcing us a government.

        6. To add something on the women: they’re better than most if not all mediterranean women, they suffer, only, on the eastern Europe department though. The problem with them are their characters, they make your life a hell and while they are not something important (they lack home-making skills, or are average looking) they demand too much from the man, this is a result of us Greek men hunting them like starving dogs, begging for a bit of meat, still their character is designed to hurt you… The good thing is that things like false-rape accusations are not going to happen here and Greek girls are better to you IF you are not their boyfriends… or an orbiter.

        7. I’m 25% greek and every member of my family that has some greek in them are all gorgeous, the others meh! My grandmother was very protective of me and my cousin when we are little and I always attributed that to your people’s traditional background. I find that greek women are possesed with both the spirits of the Ibiza party-girl and also the middle-eastern belly-dancer. My cousin actually lives in Greece and she said basically the same things that you just wrote and I might add that most women don’t have kids and that men are clingy(some to their mothers others to their girlfriends as u said).
          You also wrote economically Greece is done for, I do wonder if that is a good or bad thing cause most right-wing traditional societies really blossom in these kind of environments

        8. Well, in Greece due to the bad economy the left rose, GD now has stuck and most Greeks are too fearful to go more right wing. In truth Juntas in Greece used to solve, at least temporally, political deadlocks, this happens because in the country we expect only economical relationships with the sate. A thing that I also need to point out GD might be right wing and patiotic but they also economically used to propagate exactly the same thing with SYRIZA, the leftists, who openly ruled only 3 years.
          No I do not think that any right-wing movement will come here, if that happens it will be totally unexpected.

        9. There is this map that’s circulating around Europe now and it shows how the old continent will look in about 10-15 years. And it shows Greece as being part of the new Turkish state, along with half of Bulgaria.
          I do hope at least your army and intelligence service is doing something to change your current state.

        10. I know some Greeks here in Germany, and they told me they foresee a conflict with Turkey with Russia getting involved vs Turks. Is that what is said back in Greece?

        11. There was a monk, Paisios, who now became a saint who said that ,as a prophecy, funny thing it might become so, 20-30 years ago. Still I do think that there might be a conflict between Turkey and Russia and us being caught in the middle.

        12. Our army? Our army recruits Albanians and Nigerians now! It might be the best functioning part of the Greek state but it is still a disaster, I might trust most of our soldiers but the chain of command is corrupt and selected only on the basis of their political leanings.
          I do not think that Turkey can attack in the foreseeable future, Erdogan wrecks his own country for now (God bless him). Turkey will be in a few years worse than Greece, I underscore that because all the economic and systemic benefits he created he undoes to stabilize himself. Turkey will be 12 times more corrupt than the soviet union, Mexico, Greece and Zimbabwe combined! All the good, productive and intelligent Turks will try to flee their soon to be derelict country. Also do not forget that he also has disrupted badly the country’s army.

        13. Thanks. They mentioned a prophecy and I shrugged it off. I do think Erdogan had a successful purge and is to stupid to realize when to stop (I know turks who hate him). Merkel cow towing to this simp has emboldened him as well, so this has potential to get ugly.

        14. Albanians and nigerians in the army? For fuck’s sake! Now I understand why you’re so pessimistic about your country’s future.
          The only encouragement that I can offer u is that at least you’re country is not Sweden.

        15. I think he just fears for his staying on power, he just continues purging and has no way of stopping. His power is fragile though, because right now he has only his immediate supporters and the country is entering an economic crisis of his doing. War is highly unlikely, the thing is that to hold power he had to fix it with Putin, problem is Putin wants many things that are against Erdogan, for starters a Kurdistan and getting our of Syria. Funny thing if Kurdistan becomes a reality the one third of Paisios’s prophecy would have come to fruition! Now serious again, Turkey from a place of relative safety, prosperity and with a heightened diplomatic value right now on tethers, it’s army (specifically the navy), it’s state and it’s economy is broken by the purges and Erdogan’s want to to get rid of Ataturk is a disaster waiting to happen. A family member of mine went to Turkey some time ago, many months after the coup during the day they honor Ataturk. The taxi she was in and everyone and everything around stopped for a minute and stood up, paying respects to him! Erdogan will play the padisah for a bit after he will usurp all the state’s powers to him. The problem is that the country is on a rope with rising corruption, just so it’s ruler will keep ruling for a bit more.
          As I told you before and saying it again pointing out that naturally I am a pessimist: there is no chance for war. Except if the muslims inside Greece get mobilized but for the time being I doubt it.

        16. “at least Greece is not Sweden…”
          Actually, I want to “up vote” you BILLIONS of times for what you said !

        17. “GD might be right wing and patiotic but they also economically used to propagate exactly the same thing with SYRIZA, the leftists, who openly ruled only 3 years.”
          Interesting it seems nobody in Europe, government wise, is small business friendly and seems to look at this class as the “enemy” along with big business though the two couldn’t be more diffferent.
          It shows in excessive tax and regulation…
          Here in Canada we are a “necessary evil” with governments at all levels realizing how desperately they need us..
          I think it’s because they are burecrat scum that’s why they hate ambitious small business people. They earn little of what they have have we earn everything…
          What do you think? Causes?

        18. In truth the lower classes are more easily controlled (they always were) and after the process of de-industrialization and in agricultural countries urbanization, these people ran out of jobs. In Europe it is better to feed an underclass that votes for it’s feeders rather than have good economies. As nature doesn’t love parasites slowly the underclass simply withers, the importation, accomodation and naturalization of migrants happens mainly to fill the ranks, as the leftist governments (I also add cucks to them) require them to stay in power.
          The middle class is not the class that took the current elite behind our governments (i refer them as the liberal elite) has based itself over migrants and people who are okay to live like scum and in poverty as long as they do not have to work. The only reason they haven’t removed our belongings is only that we make the money for the parasites.
          In Greece the situation differs slightly only because we never had the money to make a direct welfare state from the beggining, in the end as long as the state minds, everyone here are scum, except if they work in any job of the public sector, everything in Greece works so that the overstaffed and obsolete public services may keep running only so that the people in it may continue to be fed.

      2. Probably gypsies. Their character is the same whether they are Irish gypsies or eastern European. However Muslims are a bigger threat to European civilisation as we know it because of the sheer number of them. They probably already outnumber gypsies despite gypsies being around for much longer. Islam is not as bad as it’s made out to be BUT it it’s fundamentally a different civilisation and one that most of us probably wouldn’t like. The more of them that are here the more powerful their influence becomes. Black people would probably fit in very well if they lost the ghetto culture.

      3. As far as being unintelligent, a burden on society, and violent criminality… blacks are easily the worst.

    1. “people who are too friendly are usually the ones who turn out the worst.”
      Same belief/thought/common-sense in Bharat as well. There’s a popular saying that goes like this; being too friendly and/or too obedient is “characteristic” of a person who is dangerous and untrusty.

    1. Your little comment is, in fact, the most accurate. When talking about ‘prejudices’ you are taking for granted that all persons are equal, that all have the same rights, that human nature is good, etc, etc, etc. It is basically SJW lexicon. I’m not ‘prejudiced’, I just learn form my personal experiences and historical examples.
      Thus, ‘prejudices’ and ‘stereotypes’ are simply collective knowledge based in experience. Jewish usury and lack of ethics in business? check. Blacks have lower IQ and are violent and prone to crime? check. Illegal immigrants in the US, especially Mexicans, are delinquents? check. Illegal immigrants from Muslim countries in Europe are rapists and criminals and sometimes terrorists? check.

        1. What does it feel to have a high IQ, get a blowjob by a Rabbi and have a mutilated dick??

        2. 117 Jewish IQ average shows more that each groups average IQ is held down by the underclass of idiots (whom are often inculcated into stupidity by the weaponised jewish owned media’s popular culture), as 117 is a really low score. Given jews are hard working and apply themselves well, and are a small group, it really shows that jews aren’t so special, given they aren’t burdened by an underclass of idiots, yet only average 117. Jewish supremacy has been shown to be based on scheming, duplicity and nepotism rather than any innate brilliance, as Harvard test scores vs ethnic groups show, wherein Jews get into Harvard at much higher rates even with equal scores to middle and upper class whites.
          There aren’t even ethnic jews, as most of the high scoring jews are ethnic Europeans that have converted. Even the Israeli PM is an abvious German, with blonde hair and a deep voice, the opposite of the typical jew. Jews are really just a crime syndicate cult that has places a high investment in scheming and networking on an in-group basis.

        3. 110, not 117, for Ashkenazi Jews. http://philipperushton.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Review-of-Richard-Lynns-The-Chosen-People-A-Study-of-Jewish-Intelligence-and-Achievements-2012-by-John-Philipp-Rushton.pdf
          Ashkenazi Jews is a hybird of Jewish, other Middle Eastern and European genes. Roughly 50/50 ME/EU component.
          “Employing a variety of standard techniques for the analysis of populationgenetic structure, we find that Ashkenazi Jews share the greatest genetic ancestry with other Jewish populations, and among non-Jewish populations, with groups from Europe and the Middle East.”
          “The Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) population is important in medical genetics due to its high rate of Mendelian disorders and other unique genetic characteristics. Ashkenazi Jews have appeared in Europe in the 10th century, and their ancestry is thought to involve an admixture of European (EU) and Middle-Eastern (ME) groups. However, both the time and place of admixture in Europe are obscure and subject to intense debate. Here, we attempt to characterize the Ashkenazi admixture history using a large Ashkenazi sample and careful application of new and existing methods. Our main approach is based on local ancestry inference, assigning each Ashkenazi genomic segment as EU or ME, and comparing allele frequencies across EU segments to those of different EU populations. The contribution of each EU source was also evaluated using GLOBETROTTER and analysis of IBD sharing. The time of admixture was inferred using multiple tools, relying on statistics such as the distributions of EU segment lengths and the total EU ancestry per chromosome and the correlation of ancestries along the chromosome. Our simulations demonstrated that distinguishing EU vs ME ancestry is subject to considerable noise at the single segment level, but nevertheless, conclusions could be drawn based on chromosome-wide statistics. The predominant source of EU ancestry in AJ was found to be Southern European (≈60-80%), with the rest being likely Eastern European. The inferred admixture time was ≈35 generations ago, but multiple lines of evidence suggests that it represents an average over two or more admixture events, pre- and post-dating the founder event experienced by AJ in late medieval times, with the prebottleneck admixture event bounded between 25-55 generations ago.”

        4. I’ll never forget an event that occured the last year of my graduate degree.
          There was this teeny weeny Jewish kid that wasn’t able to complete his thesis project. He was physically and mentally frail and was kicked out of the lab because he couldn’t commit to the work.
          Couple months later while I’m grinding away trying to finish I see him randomly and start a conversation. He tells me that he was just accepted into the prestigious Clinical Psychology program at my school. This is a program I wanted to enter, but I didn’t have the A+ grades to get in so I moved on.
          When I asked my labmates how he got into this program without completing his bachelor degree, I was literally told not to ask questions.

        5. I actually don’t see jews and asians as being smarter than whites: jews have nepotism, asians have parents-master, children-slave mentality families, whites have dysfunctional divorced mothers.

        6. If 117 is a low score, then Europeans must be retarded, since the average iq of Europe is in the mid -90s.
          What’s more, the Ashkenazi are European-Semitic hybrids genetically speaking.

        7. Still smarter than Europeans, regardless of cultural practices.
          Facts don’t care about your feelings.

        8. It is true that Europe has a huge underclass of low IQ people due to the lack of education. But national differences within Europe show that it is down to educational standards, not genetics within Europe. When Wilhelm von Humboldt created his German educational model, they were the highest achievers at the time, and it showed conclusively that every child, excluding those with mental retardation, could be high achievers, i.e high IQ students. The problem, the only problem, is our educaional system and this consumer society, as Lord Bertrand Russell outlined as the goal of his oligarchy, is now designed to dumb down children for the benefit of this financier oligarchy which now owns European countries.

        9. Not really. If the Humbolt system can get German students scoring way over jewish IQ scores, then it stands to reason that Danish, Austrians etc can achieve the same score given they’re almost genetically identical. Obviously Africans would probably achieve higher with the Humbolt system too, but there is no evidence they would equal Europeans.
          African Americans are proof of the genetic based/ determined IQ difference between Euros and Afros, when given the same education.

        10. There were jews in the Humbolt system, as it was also a way the german state could get jews out of being mercs (parasites) and into intellectual studies, so there were jews.
          As for proof that it produced better results than jews, it was acknowledged as the world leading education at the time. If anything, it did jews a favour by putting their scheming energy into useful pursuits.

        11. This seemed to be true in the 20th century with all of the European Ashkenazi Jews from Germany, Hungary, Austria. They really did dominate physics, chemistry etc.
          Where are these Jewish brainiacs in the 21st century? It seems they have given up on STEM and gone into real estate / finance …

        12. Yes, only poor whites are underrepresented at Ivy League schools: Jews, Asians are over-represented.
          The only discrimination is against poor whites.

        13. Years ago I worked as a TA in my department. one of the students was the daughter of a very wealthy Jewish alum. She was allowed a “dispensation,” meaning she could take as much time as she wanted to complete the exams.

        14. Asians don’t believe in intelligence of innate giftedness – they believe in hardworking / lazy

        15. Don’t try to argue with jz95. He is some sort of non-white and is our resident anti-racist/pro-multiculturalism guy here.
          As well as apologist for the tribe.

        16. From what I’ve seen of his comments on this site, jz95 never met a jew or non-white he didn’t like.
          He’s their #1 apologist and defender here.

        17. Ive read its europeans and asians neck and neck in terms of intelligence. Europeans might have an adventurous gene that innovated empirialism, democracy and capitalism. Those three ideals lead to huge advances in technology and scalable societies like europe and north america.

        18. 117 is pretty low. Mine is 185 and I’m about as white as they come. I can tell you this, going through life with a higher than normal IQ is more of a curse than a blessing, especially if one was raised red pill… and yes I consider 90 retarded, I cannot converse with those without going mad.

        19. That is a pathetic victim mentality. Discrimination doesn’t stop anyone from succeeding if they really wanted to. Stop finger pointing.

        20. Jews are highly collective and a rich Jew with resource will vet another Jew and help out fellow Jews.
          Meanwhile whites don’t have this collective mentality. They are all out for themselves individually.
          Whites should adopt bit of collective mentality from Jews and Asians. It doesn’t hurt.

        21. “…whites have dysfunctional divorced mothers.” You described me to a tee. It takes decades to overcome that, if one ever does. I am one of the lucky ones. Appreciate your honesty.

        22. Enh, to be honest in all of this you have to believe the data, and the IQ data, which correlates with pretty much all forms of success, says Jews are very high, Asians higher than whites, etc.

        23. True. See Kevin MacDonald for the evolutionary history of both. Whites had to support each other in harsh climes – we became altruists. Jews had to survive in diaspora among different peoples.

        24. They are the biggest proponents of fighting ‘white privilege’ yet are the most privileged group themselves and no-one is allowed to say a word.

        25. William Adams. Absolutely the right source. Glad to see you quote Rushton. Please mention that his book is available for download from The Ulster Institute. Along with IQ and Global Inequality and other books on this subject.

        26. Why do you think all Jewish think tanks and media promote individualism, self hate, division, destruction of the family unit, miscegenation etc on the gentiles in complete contrast to themselves.
          So they can dominate the field of handicapped opponents.

        27. When white people are banned from attending such schools, the evil ‘white privilege’ that has been holding society down will end and the magical ‘100% diversity’ mark will be achieved.

        28. I had a Thai buddy in university who told me another buddy of his from Taiwan, ran an auto shop throughout university and never atteneded. His familly was super rich..
          Come graduation time he bought the degree from whomever had them made up for 20K. This was 1996..
          I have little doubt of the veracity of the story..
          Maybe the little jew bought his way into that program..?

        29. That’s what I figured. He knew someone higher up in the organization and got pulled in.

        30. There are smart blacks, aren’t there? They don’t disprove the rule that most blacks are low IQ, no?
          Why should your anecdotes of unintelligent, lazy Jews do the same in reverse?

        31. My main interest was less with the unintelligent lazy jew, and more with the fact that an unintelligent lazy jew could be pulled into the higher realms of an institution without the necessary merit.
          This seems to be the pattern on a wider scale.

        32. I’m not saying that there is no nepotism taking place. I’m sure that some certainly is. But as “race realists,” one must acknowledge that if whites will always do better on average than blacks, Jews will always do better on average than whites.

        33. I personally don’t care whether Jews or Asians are doing well for themselves. If they are successful that’s perfectly fine. I also don’t see IQ as the sole virtue of worth.
          What’s bothering me is that there is an international push for open borders for white countries with no corresponding push for multiculturalism in non-white countries. So long as whites can prevent displacement from their countries of origin I’m more or less neutral.

        34. I did not quote him but referred to his review of Lynn’s book on Jewish IQ. The quotes are from two different articles that treat AJ genetic ancestry.

        35. Clark, if I recall correctly, you have said that you are of Spanish and Italian descent, correct?
          If this is so, you do realize you are not really a true Canadian yourself, yes?
          The founding stock of Canada were dominantly English, Scottish, French, and smaller numbers of Irish, Germans and Swedes.

        36. You are correct about my heritage.
          In this sense I guess you can label me a minority.
          I have no problem with speaking English or French and I’m fine with responsible immigration.
          What I’m not happy about is Trudeau re-branding Canada as a “post-nation” or a “multicultural state” when it does in fact have a history.
          I’d feel more comfortable in a country with a defined culture, than a country with competing interests from every angle.
          How long until Canada is a Chinese satellite state, or an Islamic state?
          And to be clear, my frustration with all of this stems from the flood of refugees into Europe. I am defensive of North America because this is happening across the Western world all at once.

        37. Not true, basically every article in favour of mass immigration in Japan is written by a Jew. They are pushing it in East Asia also.

        38. Yes, but the reasons those average IQs dropped so much is heavy non-Euro mass immigration…….Europeans have higher average IQ than that. European is also a pretty broad term, Germanic peoples def. all have at least 100-105 average IQ.

        39. Northern European IQ is roughly 100.
          What’s more, these IQ scores were recorded in the early 2000s, long before the mass migration/migrant invasion began.
          I’m sorry reality isn’t what Jared Taylor says it is.

        40. Dude, Europe have had non-Euro “mass” immigration since the 40s. Also a lot of southerners moved north.
          I have no idea what Jared Taylor is saying. But your source is not the only source on IQ.

        41. Don’t you have to go be triggered about more important things, like Prince Harry dating Meghan Markle?

        42. Oh, and low IQ mass immigration into high average IQ countries is literally the only issue that matters.

        43. The difference between Germanics and East Asians is minimal. Besides, those IQ measurements from China are kind of funky. And Hong Kong and Singapore are IQ shredders. Also, that said, regardless of IQ, the intelligence between westerners and asiatics could be genetically different. And thirdy, sure, I’m against all race-mixing since I would like to see my race preserved.

        44. No. 103 is the top European. Japan is 105. China doesn’t count because they cheat on literally everything.

        45. Why can’t you just accept that your people are not on top of the genetic hierarchy?
          Learn to accept your inferiority to the Ashkenazi master race.

        46. You should take a logic course. I’ll admit (and did) that they are two points higher, but that isn’t enough to imply genetics.

        47. Also Cornaldi refuted Lynn on this in 2010 , a Ravens matrix test actually shows Italians outperform many other groups, including southern Italians on nonverbal IQ tests.

        48. Lynn is racist towards the Italians. He intentionally omitted data on that. Studies in 2010 showed southern italians have the same intelligence as northern Italians.

        49. Yes, except for perhaps Parsis, a (fittingly) merchant people in India that is kind of dying off now. They were from Iran originally. I haven’t seen much verification of this though.

        50. Yeah that includes the moorish areas…
          Jews are pretty cool. I got a minor in Jewish studies. They have high IQ but lower spatial reasoning. Still the best inventors on the planet.
          Northwestern Europe is comparable to Asia.

        51. It’s blocked both my responses. I’m getting tired of fighting moderators. Cornaldi refuted this.

        52. “”…whites have dysfunctional divorced mothers.”
          You described me to a tee”
          Me as well.

    2. Your observation is spot on.
      The so-called PRE-JUDICE in most cases is really an AFTER-JUDICE!
      And it is perfectly normal, healthy, and necessary for human survival.
      Those who want to eradicate this function from our minds are our enemies, and them being Jewish, they have direct advantage if being succesful with this goal of theirs.

        1. I always thought that the best aproach to handle strangers on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS… Everyone should get a chance for free… if they behave in kind you can accept THIS INDIVIDUAL regardless of colour religion etch… The problem with prejudice lies in invevitable generalizations of past experience with a bad individual with the rest of his kin. It is expectable…. and generally doesnt cost much barring missed opportunities with interesting bussness and romantic partners…. However it can became problematic when it becames official policy. Yes…. statistics reveal a lot about some groups tendacies.. but it is the polite thing (perhaps the best thing?) to lock your prejudices up in the back of your head when giving each individual his chance. Never forget that as natural (evolutionarywise) prejudices arise… there is a thing that scientists call confirmation-bias. Pretenting to “forget” your prejudices when dealing with a new person/minority on an individual level saves you from confirmation bias errors in deal/handling people. That is good for you and society in general. Polite too.

        2. That’s fine for you. My approach is to mind my own business and carry a sharp knife and a .45ACP. Leave me and mine alone, and we will have no quarrel.

  6. Good article on a subject I’m interested in. Kahneman and Tversky have been mainstays of the psychology of heuristics for a while, but their findings have been difficult to absorb into politics and culture mainly because of PC. As the author says fast, intuitive thinking allows us to make decisions that conscious ratiocination / listing pros and cons doesn’t permit.
    Their point though is not that prejudice is necessarily good but that over-riding it because of rainbow politics or whatever may fail to take into account the reasons why those prejudices exist in the first place. Typically when we encounter prejudice in psychology it is in terms of implicit (prejudiced) associations – the kind we may not even be aware we have – e.g. white liberals who regard themselves as anti-racist actually holding highly prejudiced views of other races etc at a level below conscious thought.
    A lot of this may simply be in-group prejudice, or it may reflect heuristics / rules of thumb that have been formed over time on the basis of both conscious and unconscious processes, experience or social learning that simply doesn’t take political correctness into account.
    One caveat is that that while prejudice may partially reflect reasonable unconscious learning it may also reflect lazy stereotypes, including in ways that may be socially or otherwise (i.e. not just politically) maladaptive.
    In fact that is precisely the point: intuitive thinking may result in stereotypical thinking, usually where it becomes inflexible and hardened into unvarying attitudes about some or other phenomenon of life or society, as stereotypical attitudes may permit us to make fast decisions in a fast moving world.
    PC has tended to refuse to acknowledge that stereotypes may well reflect a core of truth based on hardened intuitive thinking, choosing instead to argue that the exception is always the rule, or that the stereotype has no value because of the exceptions. It is this inflexibility that creates most of the problems: where prejudice is based on intuition and unconscious fast learning / heuristics then that needs to be listened to – but that should ideally be an inherently fluid and flexible process.
    Once those judgements become ossified and transmitted through social learning as stereotypical truths they will probably represent a decent rule of thumb, a statistical likelihood, but they may also have lost contact with the generally intuitive, fast thinking they were based on in the first place, at which point they may well be maladaptive even without reference to PC

  7. It seems that the author is carefully writing, as to call everyone who generalize a group of people as “simple minded”…
    be careful folks, the cake only need 1% of poison to kill…

  8. “Government cannot control what you think, but they can judge your actions and what you say”
    I think people need to be reminded that its not the government’s job to engage in any social engineering or moral relevancy. It is up to local communities, families and the common decency of ethically similar people to instill morals and judge their neighbor in accordance with a civil, homogeneous society.
    Its not illegal to be racist, bigoted, sexist or xenophobic. I only say this because we are entering an age where being racist and prejudice might end up saving your life. Walking around with sheet over your head and burning crosses is foolish, understanding that urban blacks commit violence at a disproportionate level in relation to their population is wise.
    Tribalism is back folks, you can thank our “leaders” that force diversity on us, then demand we ignore our base instincts.

    1. Our elites have tried for force an unnatural way of life on us, and the subjects in this experiment have started to rebel. Man doesn’t thrive under diversity, equality and feminism.
      The Alt Right has its problems, but it stands in sharp contrast to our elites’ childish utopianism by its tragic view of man. Inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy come from man’s nature, and you can’t reshape this nature like clay into the arbitrary configurations progressives fantasize about.

      1. So when will the alt-right acknowledge the supremacy of Jews, atop the “natural hierarchy” of man?

        1. almost all inventions have sprung from the Gentile male mind: Edison, Tesla, Farnsworth, Morse, Bell on and on

    2. Tribalism never really left. We’ve always been this way and will always be this way, regardless of what the cultural gatekeepers try to tell us.

  9. Most people mix up prejudice with discernment. The former is emotive and reactive the later is rational and considered. Prejudice cuts across the entire political spectrum, the left are just as prejudiced as the right for example, either way it belongs to our feminine nature which is the determining drive in the majority of humans, including most men. Donald Trump for example would have a very high feminine (emotive) reaction rating on my scale. Vladimir Putin would have a very low feminine reaction rating. It’s not a criticism as such, it’s simply the manner in which the majority of homo sapiens react to their world environment.

      1. For the record, I got that line – I think – from Samseau. It perfectly nails the falseness of the divided narrative most people are playing. Both sides are equally wrong.

  10. Prejudice is when you think you know something based upon the surface qualities without much investigation. Discrimination is when you use facts, reason, logic and evidence to decide one thing is better than another.
    I love it when people accuse me of discrimination. I tell them the definition, then agree and amplify.

  11. Its important to know the stats on prejudices. Its especially helpful if they are visual prejudices. A group of black males in baggy clothes walking toward me at night carries different statistics than a group of white kids with skateboards.
    Am I racist for crossing the street in one of those situations? Or just prejudiced? Either way I would recommend everybody follow suit for their own safety.
    Just dont make a public declaration.

    1. The Left wants to destroy the ability to learn.
      According to the Left, just because it starts to get warmer around the Vernal Equinox, that’s not reason to learn from experience and start planting crops.
      When 10 out of the last 10 terrorist attacks were committed by Muslims, that’s no reason to stop bringing in more Muslims? What a joke

  12. Liberals have no logic so everything is prejudice that doesn’t fit their weird narrative….
    . If Islam is blowing up the world and your buildings why would any sane person want to embrace this insanity? They would call this article hateful for a person protecting oneself and their economic futures! I don’t get it and never will get. Its like they have death wish or something.

  13. All you ever need to look at is how humans form tribe and inner group.
    Based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and common interests.
    It’s only idiots and retards who fail to see this and refuse to accept this.

    1. *** Applause ***
      I don’t know why people forget (or conveniently ignore) this fundamental concept !?

  14. If ‘Selective Prejudice’ is another way of describing seeing Right From Wrong or Separating the Good From the Bad or relegating Deviant Self Destructive Behaviors outside the tribe to promote healthy productive ones then it is a good thing. Problem with Liberals is they don’t believe there is a right from wrong unless they say so, they don’t believe men and women are different despite biology, they don’t believe there is any difference between the adult and the child and so on. They refuse to see that there are bad people out there. As far as they are concerned they can do no wrong and everybody else is.

  15. Some essential reading: “In Praise of Prejudice” (Thodore Dalympre). An in-depth philosophical inquire on the topic.

  16. Considering that the author of the article previously had posted an article praising Ukraine as some kind of “White utopia”. AS if it was some kin dof equivalent of the 1950s suburbs of mid-America, where family units were stronger and allegedly “colored” folks were very few and far between and they all “knew their place.” Sorry, US-based RoK. I will have to bust that bubble.
    Anyone who has ever been to any of the former communist countries of Eastern Europe should know these countries and their people are nothing like RoK bloggers try to portray them. Lets sticl with the example of Ukraine.
    So just because Ukrainians tend to have fair complexion, many with blue eyes and blond hair, they all must have the civility of the Average American or Western European, right? Wrong. Ukraine is poor country with most of its inhabitants living in extreme poverty. When I say poverty, I do not mean the poverty you encounter in the east side of Detroit or in a trailer park in West Virginia. I mean real,deep poverty that you would find in Africa or South Asia. People suffering malnutrition and have no medical insurance. Unemployment is high, and even those who have work only get third world wages, while the cost of living is almost identical to that of Western Europe. You bet, violent crime is rampant and organized crime groups pretty much control the whole country. Most Ukrainian cities have real homeless problem, prostitution is common and many cities have endemic problems with heroin abuse. As you probably guess : yes, indeed Tb and AIDS are rampant, to the level that you would never find even in the most impoverished community in the US.
    Also, there are ethnic tensions in Ukraine – ethnic Ukranians despise ethnic Russians,( they both look down on the tiny Gypsy (Roma) minority as the author noted)
    Why do you think most Ukrainian are desperate to get out of Ukraine and most of them do not want to return?
    You, my American friend, have a Ukrainian girlfriend and you think you are red-pill and Alpha? I am sorry to hurt your feelings…your Ukrainian “babe” sees you as a complete beta provider and is probably laughing at you behind your back. Who would be an Alpha for her? Well. it would be the Ukrainian guy who made it and can a afford to have her Why? Because in the dog-eat-dog world You got to be absolutely red-pilled to be on that level.
    So US-based RoK readers who want White women – I recommend you search in the US, Canada or some Western(ish) countries of Europe (Belgium, France, Spain or Portugal.). It will involve less risk for you , while you will still get the reward you look for.
    Have a nice day.

      1. I think not… the only countries one could consider on Easter Europe should only be: Hungary, Poland (maybe only Warsaw) and the western part of Russia, maybe even Czech but still big balls are required. Forget the rest, not even Greece (on the map we are on the east) as in few years we ‘ll only be better than Ukraine…

    1. And a lot of the ukranian girls in the US are strippers and hookers, drug users, etc. Sad but true

    2. Your definition of beta provider is too broad. Throughout history man provided protection to women in exchange for sex and children. She didnt have time to laugh behind his back because she is child-rearing, and fucking him to keep him from choosing another mate.
      If a Ukranian woman fucks an American man for his money, its pretty much the same as it has always been.
      And its a hell of a lot better than buying a house for a hag that will fuck you only twice a month. Thats what American women have to offer us! (According to every married man I know.)

      1. I married that hag! and stayed with her 30 years ……… twice a month would have been a bonus.

  17. OT- epic social media meltdown over the short term ban on middle eastern people. I wanted to post the article on how the O administration did the same thing for 6 months in 2011. Granted, it was only for Iraq, but, Im sure if I posted that article, all I would achieve was the loss of “friends”.

  18. For those of you who have not seen this epic rant, here’s some first class “prejudice”. Heh.
    My apologizes to those who have already seen it.

  19. Another thoughtful and intelligent article on ROK, that you won’t find in the converged MSM. Enjoyable and stimulating read. Thanks.

  20. An excellent strategy and piece of advice:
    “Whatever the situation, a sophisticated person should have the presence of mind not to betray his prejudices when dealing with individuals.”
    This is why I cannot subscribe to overt actions and stances proposed by some on the right, including Vox Day.

  21. The Kalergi Plan in action:
    Afghan Migrants Arrested in Facebook Live Rape Case
    The effort to replace the world’s white people with a mixed race which resembles Egyptians involves millions of such sexual assaults on white girls over many decades.
    Personalize the white extinction plan like this to show what it has in store for the world’s white women. A lot of good their pussy hats will do for them then.

  22. I was mostly with you until you started crying about the Palestinians. You have a very poor understanding of that conflict. That causes me to rethink your other conclusions, as well.

    1. Just because people are oppressed doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it. Palestinians happen to be an example of horrible people who not only contribute nothing to the rest of the human race, but do nothing for themselves either. There has probably never existed a bunch of more worthless loser people than the Palestinians. The Israelis actually treat them better than they deserve, and much better than anyone else would be treating them in the same circumstances. Even the Gypsies are not as bad.

      1. I’ve actually lived out there. The Palestinians were all friendly and welcoming, the Jews were generally complete cunts.
        Jews refusing to serve me in shops, just chatting with other Jews. Jews pushing in front of me in queues. Jew soldier sticking a ‘sten gun’ in my ear while demanding to see my passport after stopping me while I was driving along a road. Not to mention what looked like concentration camps (barbed wire enclosures with machine gun turrets at corners) that the Jews had built to keep Palestinians incarcerated along the roadsides.

        1. Well, maybe you look like a Philistinian terrorist. I still believe that Jews in general and Israelis in particular contribute more to the human race on a slow afternoon than the Philistinians have contributed in the last 14 centuries. And I refer specifically to the last 14 centuries for a reason, as you might be smart enough to figure out. You know, your description makes those Jews sound a lot like the Chinese, who also often inspire resentment in places like Indonesia and Malaysia because they accomplish so much whilst the natives accomplish so much less in comparison.

      2. When your country is completely stolen from you and you essentially dwell in an open air prison under strict oppression its difficult to “contribute to the human race” when mere survival as a people and nation is a challenge.
        The Palestinian kids throwing rocks at Israeli tanks in frustration and crude home made rockets fired into Tel Aviv are nothing compared to cluster incendiaries and one ton bombs levelling densely populated Palestinian city blocks.
        Israel will continue to bulldoze Palestinians settlements and the Zionist machine will convince us the Palestinians are the terrorists that deserve to be expunged.

      3. Very good point. Not very long ago, prior to what the left considers to be the beginning of American hegemony, pretty much any other country on Earth would have simply exterminated the Philistinians and then said, “Anyone else got a problem?”

    2. I used to be sympathetic about the Palestinian cause, no more. Any one of a dozen obscenely wealthy Muslim countries could have brought in the Palestinians and shared their oil riches with them. So much for Arab brotherhood.

  23. The Jews brought the holocaust on themselves by financially controlling land that was never theirs– they were a successful minority that forgot that the land they inhabited had a majority that hated them and most importantly they failed to assimilate. Things don’t just happen out of thin air; you don’t convince a whole nation to hate a group, it usually has merit. It doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do though.
    Discouraging people from being prejudiced is a good thing, even if it’s a lie.

  24. gypsies need to go back to poo world (india) and get the fuck out of slavic lands
    .t slav

  25. Prejudices are usually either situational and temporary as in calling Germans “krauts” or “Huns” and Japanese “Japs” and “Nips” for the purpose of psyching people up to fight, or part of lasting mind control systems as in racist ideas designed to simultaneously teach black slaves to believe they are inferior and whites to believe they are superior.

  26. This article should have been titled “I Love Gypsies”
    You’re a wanker, Graham. Those dirty street arabs are no good.

    1. Ah, there is no halfway. I try to report it as I see it. They are uneducated. They squat in condemned houses. How much more praise should I heap on them?
      I wish I had had nerve enough to take photos of their young women. Usually quite small, and look very much like tarts. Don’t think they are, at least not to gadje, but look the part.
      No, I don’t want my son to have much to do with them. But there is no need for animosity unless they are attempting to cheat or steal. Which these are not.

      1. Gypsies have generally been known as thieves, con men, child stealers, and worse. While they may seem okay, I would be wary. They have the reputation for a reason.

  27. Children aren’t something you afford, you have them, and then you take care of them as best you can with the resources you have or can acquire.
    I’ve never understood this ‘can’t afford’ idea relating to children, they aren’t a luxury item.
    As for “advanced people not having enough children to replace themselves”, complete BS, the only thing stopping advanced (western) people having children is selfish, useless, entitled white women demanding the right to kill their own babies.

    1. The only people who can’t afford to have kids are those who are young, unmarried, not out of school, and who have no career prospects. Fortunately for them, but not for us, the welfare state fills the gap.
      As for everyone else who claims to want children, the reasons they clam they can’t afford them are often materialistic in nature. They want the bigger house, the fancy electronics, the new cars every couple of years, etc. The costs of children make such material gains impossible for most people.
      So basically, it is all a question of priorities.

      1. I’ve never spent all that much on my kids, I already have a home, health care and school are free, food is cheap, my wife was too lazy to work anyway. What do you think actually costs more? ….. My biggest cost is my time.

  28. Dear Mr. Article writer, you make me smile.
    ,,Most people he comes in contact with here in Ukraine fear the Russians. Their military power is a threat, and after a several century history of betrayals we don’t trust them. Russians look like him and speak the same language. Several of our friends are Russian. And he had no answer to the question, what if the Russians get mad and kill him first?
    Who teaches prejudice?”
    To write an article on Prejudice but to take the hottest subject to all-around Russo-Philiacs [ Putin] and to wash him off of the ,,evil prejudice” means either you know what you’re doing…or you don’t have any clue what you’re talking about. I tend to think it’s the former.
    No.1 – you talk about Russia and Putin but you obviously have no idea about their history or about who runs Russia since 100 years ago. Invoking prejudice on a party without any thorough analysis of past actions which define the character of an…. let’s call it administration.
    No.2 So you have a larger nation, invading a smaller neighbouring nation with unmarked troops, locking down an entire region, creating chaos for real ukrainians from whithin said region. Yet you pledge ,,Prejudice to the russians”.
    No.3 – ,,Russians look like him and speak the same language. ”- False
    You said you moved to Ukraine…when was this, yesterday ?
    I would normally let shit slide from this forum…but when BS this size surfaces…well…you know.
    To be stated – I have nothing against ethnic russians, they are Christian people, with a beautiful culture and beautiful women.
    My problem is with who runs them for the last 100 years and what decisions were made by that …entity…
    Come on…this is a place of true knowledge…not 2nd class, half documented horse-shit.
    Vodka, Stalin !

    1. I have lived in Kyiv for ten years. I speak fairly good Russian. I have not been compelled to learn Ukrainian. Everybody I deal with – grandmothers selling in market stalls, grocery clerks, bus drivers, trainers in the gym – speaks Russian. They also speak Ukrainian.
      I should learn Ukrainian. I know some and will learn when my son does. I hope.
      I toned this article down. Took out references to four books with negative takes on Russia in order to be even-handed. But this is an issue on which there are strong feelings – as you so clearly indicate.

    2. Ukraine has two language frontiers: East-West and city-rural. In the east they speak more Russian, in the west Ukrainian. Russian dominates in the large cities with the exception of Lviv.
      For most of us here in Ukraine these are mere facts. That you make such a big issue out of it suggests something about you. You are probably diaspora, not living in Ukraine whatsoever.
      The Russians are duplicitous and dangerous. But they are not dumb. They are bigger than Ukraine and right on the border. We need to find a way to get along. Perpetually pointing out how evil they are will not get Ukraine where it needs to be.

  29. gypsies are dirty poo in loos, any ukrainian thats not a multi culti cuck will tell you this

  30. This article is genius–very well written. Though there are some lesser points which I strongly disagree with, and though my general perspective is a bit more extreme, I suspect yours is as well.
    This is the kind of article, and the kind of writing from “us deplorables” that needs to be exposed in more mainstream liberal media outlets. You essentially deconstructed their own thought-processes and reverse engineered their arguments.
    The perspective of your 5 year old son was a great literary device, and one that would be effective on more left-leaning readers. Your son immediately gains sympathy only to generate in the non-deplorable reader their own tendency of condescension and peer pressure– “N-n-no, I don’t operate by the same simple flawed logic as a 5 year old!!”
    For the most part, our “opposition” are those for whom the Leftist doctrine “the political is the personal” has become a given–the base from which all their thinking extends. Their minds cannot function in the structures of more logical objective debates–in “big picture” arguments. Not only did this article lay bare the inherent flaws of their arguments, but you also turned their “virtue signaling” against them. Like a 5 year old who must eat their vegetables, you force the leftist into a more objective debate.
    Serendipitously, I just tried to form a similar argument to a liberal concerning the current immigration situation. They need to first be approached from a place of mutual understanding (“we’re all humans here”) and given a crumb of validation (“that really sucks man…”): now an “individual” is speaking with them. From here you can present them with a conundrum resulting from their own hypocritical and narrow “view-points” (“wait, my views/the Media is NOT entirely open minded and morally infallible?”) Now the inherent selfishness of their views can be reflected back on them, and they are stuck with the next move– they can either lash out in desperation, losing all credibility, hampster on and risk lookingn foolish OR make admissions, secede a bit of ground and hopefully engage in better discussion.
    For anyone worth it, a seed has been planted and we gain ground.

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