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    1. He did say he went online to badoo…he didn’t say he had sex w/ any of them…he’s just providing a sample of croatian women.

      1. So someone used a photo off the internet in a profile. How is Roosh supposed to know that?

      2. He never said the top picture was from a profile. Why would he lie ? it would be pretty easy to find girls looking like this on a croatian dating site.

      3. They’re not fake, but neither were they taken by you.
        Of course, you have the credibility and people can take you on your word that you actually met the girls in the pictures… but most other guys do not. Given how ubiquitous digital cameras (and phones) are these days, it should almost be a requirement that brag pictures are self-taken…

  1. Well they certainly are pretty, but they have that self-absorbed high-maintenance look about them that is commonly found in American women. Each of these girls has a facial expression that says “I deserve a millionaire based on how stunning I look, and this photo is my ticket to land him.”.

    1. Exact..I was in croatia a few years a go and I didnt find them that much different from Western girls. I found them rather cold really.

    2. They do have high standards and can come off as snobby to foreigners, but they still are much more conservative in respect to traditional gender roles than women in North America, Scandinavia, or the UK.

      1. That might be so..but I’ve still set foot in Croatia for the last time and I can’t recommend anyone going there… My country is full of women glued to their iphone avoiding eye contact at all costs..and I’m not spending any free time in a country where girls are even remotely like that. I’m pretty sure they are better than Danish girls in every way though.

    3. I have to agree with Bogart on this one. Some pics radiate gold digger.
      Although some are stunners, I’d have to say that judging by pure beauty the Croatian girls aren’t up to par with Russian ( my own experience) and Ukrainian (pictures you showed before)
      Top 3: 1, 2 and 6 but perhaps nr 15 but need to see a picture of her standing up or a close up
      worst 3 : 10,11 and 12

  2. I’ve been to Croatia. Hang out for an espresso at one of the outdoor cafes in Split and you’ll see many pretty and slim women. The interesting thing is that I saw many hot young women pushing strollers. They must have been in their early to mid 20s.

    1. You’ll see the same thing in America. 😛 Hotgirls are the first to get BANGED! 😀 The hotter the girl the lower the I.Q. the lower the self-esteem! 😛 Easy lay! 😀 That’s why they get FATTY-FAT after the baby… unless they trying to snag another dude, then they hit the gym and once they get him, BAM! Fatty fat again! 😛

    2. Living with parents is a problem. At a certain age they want to leave asap and therefor they engage in relationships early. I have heard these stories from girls I’ve been with in Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. Some just got married early. One had a child. But some of the stories were better than movies. Like Mafia-crime shit. I also respect people that go for what they want, instead of people that munch off daddy and mommy until they finish university, while taking two years longer than necessary.

  3. I don’t know if the others are fake, but the last one (#22) is Antonija Mišura, our basketball player and the most beautiful woman of 2012 Olympics according to some polls. She is hot, and Croatian women are generally hot as well, but unfortunately feminism (and everything that comes with it) is gaining a foothold here fast so you can’t really judge by pictures like these. Unfortunately, an average Croatian women is getting fatter by the day.
    Just the other day I heard that we were rated #4 most obese people in the world, so everything’s not that peachy…I don’t know how the hell that happened…

  4. Fake or not, the photos are a pretty good representation of the talent. (My background is Croatian) My wife bears a strong resemblance to one of the girls in the photos and her cousin to another. A friend of mine married a No 2. lookalike. I know girls who are quite a close match’s to nearly all of the pics (except for no’s 11 and 4).
    Talent can be found everywhere but the best quality is in the south i.e Dalmatia.

  5. Some insight from myself (I’m Croatian):
    1. Dalmatian women are the most attractive, particularly those from the coast. Dalmatian women are the tallest, have the longest legs, darkest hair are usually the thinnest, and more often than not have olive complexions. It’s where the Italic meets the Slavic.
    2. The further north you go, the more blondes you will encounter. They might not be as tall as southerners, but will still be taller on average. Skin becomes fairer as you head northwards as well.
    3. Southerners are more conservative, and more hesitant of foreigners including their own expats.
    4. Women in Zagreb are the most cosmopolitan and can be the easiest but they also have by far the most attitude towards men that they don’t know.

  6. Very nice!
    Shouldn’t the title be, “This is WHAT higher end Croatian girls look like???
    haha. I’m an English snob!
    Forgetting English is a good sign. I have a friend who moved to brazil and forgot how to speak english!!!
    im available for proofreading lol

  7. 6,7,12,20
    it’s easier to list the ones that i wouldn’t bang, than all of the ones on that list i would

  8. Girls from Ex-Yugoslavian countries are probably the most beautiful one in Europe .Roosh gave you 25 examples of Croats girls and I m giving you other examples of Yugoslavian girls
    this is the web site http://www.index.hr/gc/ .Here you can find Croat,Bosnian,Serbian ,Montenegro girls
    UZIVAJTE !!!

      1. Meow — my feelings are so hurt — NOT — LOSER!!!! You’d be lucky if one of those women spit on you it your eyeballs were on fire.

      2. I can haz moar CAPITALZ n EXCLAIMATIONZ PLZ? I haz lubez for youz butthurtz for your Bernankified Desouling Corpse. Enjoy your Sybian.

      3. And such an intelligent response — thanks for the meaningful exchange. I’m going away now — enjoy you fantasy life.

      4. No, no, sweetheart. You have to: “finish” first, then dismount the Sybian, then wipe your sour syphillitic snatch splatter from the keyboard, then post a reply to the thread. How are we to appreciate your scintillating commentary on our collective SMV if you can’t type straight?

  9. Most of them are attractive but the blondes look fake and unattractive.
    By the way, how come we never see a photo of Roosh with a woman? All the other PUAs post dozens, if not hundreds of photos of them with women – at clubs, are parties, at restaurants, at coffee shops, in front of tourist attractions. But Roosh? Nada.
    Wassup widdat?

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to explain — it’s because no woman would be seen in public with him.

      1. Feminist tripe #43:
        You’re not handsome/man enough to handle tough, independent, 47-year old, 35 BMI womynz like us! … or our dozen housecats, either!

  10. #6 is that ballpoint pen drawing that was all over the place a while ago. I searched it, and the photo was taken by a Russian photographer, apparently. No idea if the girl is Croatian, but I suspect whoever was using it as their profile pic was just using a semi-famous picture, not an actual pic of themself.

  11. With regard to comments here to the tune of ‘these girls look greedy/self centered’ … or ‘they look too high maintenance’…
    I just want to say this, but I’m not trying to ruin my paradise with an influx of ROK readers. In Croatia and several in particular of the surrounding countries, the AVERAGE woman under 26 looks like these girls.
    They appear like a million bucks, and they carry themselves with distinction, but they do not have the attitude problems you’ll find in the West.
    Croatia today has some cultural problems it developed since alligning with Germany and the Scandinavian ‘vibe’ of culture. Its neighbors, not so much. But the girls you see pictured here will more than likely not have those problems, because of their care for their appearance.
    Balkan women are known for all looking like the daughter of some important rich guy, and they all have good self esteem, a good sense of style, and a good walk. I guarantee you that most are living with one or two generations of family in a 450 sq ft flat off of a very meager pittance. These girls are also not, by in large, whores, or looking for a guy based on his ability to ‘lift her up’ in social class. There are simply different expectations and a different values system.
    Most are open to getting to know good people and still have that old world charm, and that idea that what makes a man are the things you find out about him once you are getting to know him.
    Most of the guys in this part of the world are also extremely good looking. There isn’t going to be anything there that you can bring to the table that’s new. Have good manners, don’t be overly aggressive, and take an interest in the culture and the history of the region and the girls will typically be down for a an in depth conversation.
    Women here do not tend to make or keep ‘guy friends’, whom they store on their phones and play perpetual text-tag with. If you are having a good conversation and really connecting, the chances of being put in ‘friend zone’ are really slim. It will not be hard to suggest dinner or whatever during the conversation(s) you have.
    Make a good impression and if the girl herself is not immediately interested, she will suggest to introduce you to any number of her friends who will typically be just as good looking and sweet, maybe even more!

  12. Ok. Maybe these aren’t all authentic Croats.
    But I’m pretty damn sure none of them are American. And that’s all that I need to know.
    US, I’m out!

  13. 4.bp.blogspot.com/_8Ie937sFDMA/SdLhU2bk4RI/AAAAAAAABFI/B644x342J5A/s400/mahnoor.jpg
    this actress looks exactly like your girl no 16
    mahnoor baloch, shes one of pakistans hottest actressess

  14. Croatian girls have the benefit of delicate features found in Russian and NW Europe but a sliiiightly darker complexion that leads to them aging better.

  15. Chic number 13 is my fav by far. Googled her for more images and she’s actually an American chic from Michigan, not Croatian. Which is great for America.

  16. they look feminine for the most part. very different from the crap I see on a daily basis in my American city

  17. The girl n.22 is from Croatian Basketball National team, her name is Antonija Mišura. If you want her to bang you with a ball in the head maybe is better to remove her picture.

  18. chick no. 22 is for sure not a badoo member. she’s a basket player and model. the rest can be fakes too

  19. OMG!!!! dude, next time do some research!
    #4 is a famous girl from Sweden, Kenza Zouiten!
    I dont even want to look whats after no.4…
    I’m from Cro, Split and most of them are not Croatians for sure!

  20. Girl #18 is from Belgrade, her name is Hana. My brother goes to same university with her.

  21. I’m from and live in Croatia therefore I think I know good how the REAL Croatian girls look like. So believe me when I say that most of these girls on the pictures look like a Bosnian girl, even they might live in Croatia they are far from those genes.
    U can tell by lot of stuff (shape of face and body, heavy make up, wholly clothing… pic. #11 is a perfect example).
    What u my not know but during the war, whit Serbians in ’90. , lot of Bosnians with there families escape to Croatia (especially in bigger city’s like Zagreb, Split, Rijeka …) and they never return back to they homes. So thees people now are happy to say that they are Croatian…yeah my ass.
    Nothing against anyone, but we look on them like Americans look on Mexicans.Far from Croatia and are culture!
    Of course there’s always exceptions but in most of the cases Croatian girls (especially those near coast line) are the best looking girls in the world, they are smart, proud, self-confident, cheerful and very straight to face (what somebody can characterize as arrogance). In some cases, all of which can turn into disadvantages in addition to large doses of temperament…which thees girls have, bealive me once again.

    1. I have just read your post …. I think you are just a FILTH ! And those Americans look down on Mexicans are just FILTH and CRUD like you!… Please do not take it personally.. but I look down on you like the cat look down on the MOUSE……. I am from Saudi Arabia and I have respect for all people of all races except those who harm or have harmed wrongfully innocent people of other countries or of different race (like what Americans did to the Japanese in the WWII (the Atomic attacks) and what they did to the Vietnamese, Philipinose, Iraqis, Pakistanis, and Afghanistan innocent people). So my last word to you is Bosnians and Croatians are just the same… They are ALL humans…. so please just SHUT UP!

  22. Uummm maybe one of these chicks is croatian…. The other dont have croatian features

  23. I love women,all races and nationalities. I dated so many different ladies, But still there are favorite ones. Slavic women are just adorable!They are smart and beautiful,they know how to present themselves. And they value family a lot,i am not sure that anywhere in the world there could be such a great mix of features. I met my ukrainian lady on globogirls.com and since then we are together,meeting every second month.

  24. Oh hey hahah someone sent me a link to this post the other day. My picture is #13, i’ve never been a member of ‘badoo’ and i’m not Croatian. But if you guys like me feel free to find me on twitter @tweetjessash or instagram at jessica__ashley! 🙂

  25. These are all models including Jessica Ashley Deluge Belen Michigan Escort Webcam Catfish Bass Player Nudes Hamilton Room. ever hear of reverse image search???!! Google is a website. You’re 5 years behind the rest of society.

  26. I’d drain my nuts in any of them, but I’m a giver like that. Always thinking of how I can help the ladies improve their lives.

  27. The redhead with the freckles gave me a boner but the rest are all on the slut meter from 6.0 to 9.0. I would not fuck them with your dick and Roosh pushing.

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