Ann Coulter Reveals That She Is Experiencing Pain As A Childless Woman

Most of the time, celebrities put up a false front. The image they want to project is that their lives are interesting, fulfilling, and involve stimulating relationships with other popular people. But every now and then, a celebrity lets the mask slip. This is exactly what happened to conservative pundit Ann Coulter when she criticized Senator Marco Rubio’s support for increasing the child tax credit.

Basically, Ann’s point is that single people shouldn’t be forced to fund married people having children, but what she inadvertently revealed is that she has some unhappiness at facing the prospect of being a childless spinster.

It is easier for men

Both men and women are affected by the possibility of being childless. But let’s face it, women have the shorter end of the stick in this case.

As a man, you are able to sire children up until you die unless an accident or health issue precludes that possibility. A few years back there was a story of a Chinese warlord who sired a child with a concubine when he was in his late 80s.

Women, on the other hand, are much more limited. Women are able to become mothers up until they hit menopause. The average age for menopause is 51, although some women begin to experience it in their 30s. Even though a woman may not be in menopause, the longer a woman waits, the more difficult it becomes to conceive a child. A woman’s likelihood in getting pregnant peaks in her early 20s. By the time she is in her early 40s, a woman has only a 36 percent change of getting pregnant.

Many women are delaying having children with the idea that advances in medical technology will make up for the decrease in fertility as they age. Unfortunately, fertility treatments are expensive and not as foolproof as we’d like to imagine. Many couples wake away bitterly disappointed.

But just because men have a longer window doesn’t mean you should delay indefinitely. The idea is not to just spread your DNA. Rather, you want to establish a legacy. To do that, you will want to raise children. To do that you need to be around for their formative years between birth and 18. Starting when you are a 90-year-old warlord, while it may be fun, would result in your wife (or concubine) raising your children. That makes it less likely that you will pass on your beliefs and wisdom.

The sweet spot for fathering children is probably in your late twenties or early thirties. That way, you will still have the energy to chase your kids when they are small, but you still stand a good chance to see your grandchildren to further cement your legacy.

A path for single men

Getting married and having children is the best way to ensure you have a legacy. But I need to be honest: not everyone is going to get married. It could be because of a physical defect or because there are just not any suitable spouses available. Many men find themselves in the latter position today. They are able to provide for a wife and children but there are no suitable women available. Should these men just give up and resign themselves to an empty life?

The black pill may be tempting but it is always a mistake to take it. Life can be fulfilling even without a wife and children. In some ways, it can be better. If a man marries poorly, his wife can make his life a living hell by nagging or cheating on him. And modern divorce laws are stacked against men. A man can invest years into building a legacy for his children only to have his wife destroy it all after watching Eat, Pray, Love. Better to be single and happy that to be married to a scold or a slut.

So how does a single man achieve happiness and create a legacy for the future? There are three paths.

The first way is to become involved in the lives of your nephews and nieces, or other children in your family. My wife has an aunt who is a spinster. She has made a point of staying very close to my children, who consider her another grandmother. This has made my wife and me closer to her as well—we have sort of become the children she never had.

A second way is to benefit your community by becoming a great leader in the military, politics, medicine, academia, or industry. To help your community in a big way requires dedication and any family man is going to have competing factors on his time. But a single man will be able to throw himself into any endeavor with all of his might. Take that military leader General George Patton: would his greatness have been possible if he had a wife and children at home?

The third way of leaving a legacy was obvious in the past but is the path less taken today—that of dedicating one’s life to religion. St. Paul promised that those who have given up wives and children for the sake of the gospel would not fail to receive many more spiritual children in return. In the early church, men who dedicated their lives to Christ were regarded as God’s shock troops. Becoming a priest or monk is only for men who have faith. For those who do, it can be a way to become part of a much greater mission to change the world for the better while also participating in a community that will be there to take care of you in your old age.


A life as a carefree bachelor can be very fulfilling in the short to mid-term but it carries a big downside in that you run the risk of establishing no permanent bonds. As one ages and comes to face his ultimate destiny—death awaits us all—he naturally wants to have that sense of connection to something greater than himself. Having children is a way to experience this connection.

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122 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Reveals That She Is Experiencing Pain As A Childless Woman”

  1. “I think if you talk to anybody who would like to have had children… I mean, you look at families all the time and you see there is something there that you don’t have.” – Teresa May, Prime Minister of The United Kingdom and Banisher of Roosh for false charges
    Cry bitch. Cry.

    1. We need to force our way back into England so Roosh can use it as a transportation hub between the USA and Eastern Europe! How dare they!
      Jagen England, England in den tod! (Hunt England, England to the death!)

    2. May is a cunt who deserves to die a catlady, but her childlessness is biology, not choice.

      1. biology? Doubtful a womans fertile prime is aged 14 – 23 and drops after that. Any money had she met a real man at this age he would have got the job done. Her husband looks like he may bat for the other side as well.

    3. “Women are able to become mothers up until they hit menopause. The average age for menopause is 51”
      Most women are incapable of reproduction after age 41.

        1. Same thing happened to a career lady at work. She sacrificed her child for a nice title and big paycheck

    4. And Roosh so far is single and child-less. I love how this site promotes settling down and having a family, but yet neither the authors or Roosh have done so. And their excuse, “American women are blah blah”. But yet, most of you guys will brag about fucking dumb sluts, and not show anything for even pursuing a respectable woman. Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Eric Trump Jr. – all of them have seemed to have wifed up decent women. But poor Roosh is having troubles. So stop dissing on Ann Coulter or anyone else when you can’t lead by example.

      1. I settled down at age 52 (for the second time), and had my latest son at age 56 …… Roosh has plenty of time left for a wife and family (if he so chooses).

      2. Who is dissing on Ann Coulter? I think a lot of readers here would agree with her on many topics.
        Some of us are married, BTW. I like this article, but I generally hang out here for the mockery of muslims, indians, feminists, etc.

        1. I actually feel for Ann Coulter. She’s intelligent and seems to have a healthy respect and reverence for men of character and would have good lessons and genes to pass on. Also, she takes care of herself.
          I guess the combination of being a conservative firebrand on TV/media while living a cosmopolitan lifestyle in L.A. and Manhattan kept her distracted while the clock ran out.

    5. Cry indeed. Fuck that barren bitch. I love when reality comes crushing down on the globalist, feminazi whores.

      1. Ann Coulter is hardly a globalist or femanazi. According to Family Guy she is also not a whore but is used to cool drinks between her legs at the RNC.

    6. Theresa’s husband is a typical submissive white knight. He is like an obident puppy for this nasty hag. Such pussyfication of men is the reason why white population of Britan will soon be replaced by Muslims.
      How can a healthy woman say she loves her husband if she doesn’t want kids from him, provided the essence of love is indeed to make and raise kids within the couple? Even gold digger gets pregnant sometimes so she can parasite on alimony or funds, which man thinks he allocates to his children.
      The ladies like Theresa May cannot be considered sane, as being with a man and not wanting kids from him is a twisted bs. Or simply hypocrisy

    1. Thanks for sharing this video. Wish I was this wise a year back, could’ve landed a 19 year old. The cigarette-chomping guy swallowed the red pill back when people we’re bluer than the ocean. But as always, the beta cuck couldn’t digest these nuggets of red pill wisdom. The US is full of guys like him.

  2. the jews have clearly hacked the piece to put in typos and writing slips
    “a 36 percent change”
    “Many couples wake away bitterly disappointed”
    “Better to be single and happy that to be married”
    “But a single man will be able to throw himself into any endeavor with all of his might. Take that military leader General George Patton: would his greatness have been possible if he had a wife and children at home?” (Patton was married and had a bunch of kids)

    1. BILL
      So why do Jews dislike whites?
      Are they too resentful of white IQ’s at the top of the bell curve average of 100?
      As for “intelligence” your average white or certainly Asian would not last 10 minutes in the non-stop treachery of the Black street life.
      For that matter as the Sopranos series pointed out the idiots in Italian crime families usually don’t live past 40 (Chris the heroin addict for example) and the real rogues and morons don’t make it to 30.
      Obviously this is the reason Detroit has a lower GDP than Missouri and Missouri has a lower GDP than NYC.

  3. I think Ann made the tweet in jest. Also, your comment about applying oneself to a higher cause if you don’t have children would apply to her.

  4. I had a kid recently, relatively late, when I was 49. Personally I highly recommend it, with some caveats. My wife is 10 years younger, but we can not imagine a second child, as at our ages, it is just too much, we can get a nanny, but even then we just don’t have the energy, children are hard work.
    On the positive side, I really enjoyed my 20s, 30s and 40s, I had a lot of fun, and now at my age, my career and finances are well established and I have the time to enjoy my little boy and not have to work long hours.
    In hindsight I should have started with kids in my mid forties, but at that time I hadn’t met my wife. She was one of the rare women with marrying up. Only ever marry a woman who will make a good mother and who you enjoy waking up next to each morning.

    1. Had one at 56, would like another at 62 (my wife is a bit younger than yours).
      If you are lacking energy (at age 49+), I would suggest a bit more exercise in your life.
      Lift, hike, run, cycle.

      1. JOHN
        I feel it is tragic when people have kids at 22. When I was living in a lower middle-class environment this was always the case and in the end these folks lacked the maturity to really give their kids the best they could.
        If you get all of the drugs, sexual promiscuity, idiocy out of the way and have a kid at 30 you will be able to provide it with more stability.

        1. @ MM
          The guy can be any age. Sometimes the older the better. The female should be under 30 or under 25 preferably.
          Speaking for others here.
          I have NO DESIRE whatsoever for kids.

        2. MM
          I haven’t managed to get past the drugs, sexual promiscuity and idiocy at 62 …….. but I being retired, I do have plenty of time around my son.

        3. The numbers show that the more promiscuity and CC riding, the less likely there is going to be stability. This is wrong for females at least. I doubt former playuhs and mansluts do much better in the marriage longevity game.

    2. Good to know, thanks…. Planning to have one when I am 42. Wife is 12 years younger, so she’s fine. I look forward to being retired at 50, but I do think that I have become accustomed to having a ton of time for my own interests. Not sure how that is going to pan out with kids.

  5. Are you sure Ann Coulter isn’t a lesbian? Surely, she could have been married by now unless the men she was with want her to shut up sometimes.

    1. She lived with a succession of men according to her bio.
      Obviously they never hit her G-spot.

  6. “Basically, Ann’s point is that single people shouldn’t be forced to fund married people having children”
    And Ann is 100% CORRECT!!!
    I am sick and tired of paying higher and higher taxes for things I do not use, do not need and will NEVER need!
    Single males especially should be able to take deductions for expenses necessary to get laid. Does the govt want sexually deprived single males roaming the streets looking for young girls on which to pounce? Do they want situations like Cologne? Then give single guys tax breaks/deductions for expenses necessary to acquire poon.

    1. Parents are not paying enough in taxes. Every person should be taxed as an individual earner, no deductions. No deductions for kids, mortgage interest, retirement contributions… nuthin’. Pay on what you earn, and use your own money however you see fit.

      1. “Parents are not paying enough in taxes. Every person should be taxed as an individual earner, no deductions.”
        I agree that parents should not get deductions for kids, but in fact should pay more because the kids take resources without contributing. Would be a great way to help ensure that the ones who reproduce are the most fit.
        But, I disagree with your wording: “paying enough in taxes”.
        We should ALL pay MUCH less in taxes. Single men should pay the lowest percentage, but everyone’s taxes should be much lower. End the great society programs and the grossly exorbitant safety net. Cap SS and Medicare at what you pay in + 5% interest. We can drastically cut the Govt workforce (especially the IRS!). Drastically cut the military — do we really need 50 thousand garrison troops drinking beer and going to discos in Germany? Or raping 12 year olds in Okinawa? End the ridiculous salaries, benefits and pensions for govt workers as well. Cut off ALL funds to illegal aliens and their children and DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT!
        It can be done. We can Make America Great Again. We just need some America First leaders to put it into action. Trump could still be that leader. But he needs to DUMP Ryan and McConnell and their idiotic ideas. Even though I am a corporation (a one man corp) I will NOT be eligible for the 21% tax rate. In fact I will pay MORE in 2018 due to being capped at $10K state tax write off. They did this in order to avoid spending cuts. Especially to “entitlements”. This “compassionate conservatism” is a freaking joke! No place for compassion in government. That is what churches are for. When you hear the term “compassionate” in politics, always remember the translation is “screw over the guy who breaks his ass working hard every day”.

        1. “That is what churches are for. When you hear the term “compassionate” in politics, always remember the translation is “screw over the guy who breaks his ass working hard every day”.”
          Are you implying that you are the only one working hard?
          You are on the right track… sort of. The idea that single men should pay the least is absurd. What is this actually based on? Single men are not a special kind of citizen who should pay less because of who they are. There should be tax rates, no deductions, and it shouldn’t matter whether you are a man, woman, married, single, etc. Everyone pays on what they earn. I’d also be open to the idea of repealing the income tax entirely and shifting to a consumption tax.
          The idea of abandoning some of our bases–Germany and Japan specifically, is intriguing. There is little doubt that South Korea, Japan, and Germany can fund their own defenses. Perhaps our departure would cool the tensions with North Korea. And with the migrant crisis occurring, perhaps the Germans would shift away from Merkelism/Globalism and once again become more nationalistic, knowing that the US would not be on site, ready to assist with keeping order if need be.
          Govt. spending does have to be reigned in. Cutting personnel is more realistic than cutting salaries, which aren’t that high to begin with. Having some kind of police force, sanitation crew, and education system provide pillars with which civilization can function. Do they need reform? YES! But no one is going to do these jobs for peanuts.

        2. @ Reed Rothschild (aka Chest Rockwell)
          “Are you implying that you are the only one working hard? ”
          – Absolutely not. I am only one of millions. Plenty of us guys in the private sector who are out there with our d*cks on the chopping block without public employee unions (teachers, cops, firemen, fed workers, etc..) doing our bidding for us and guaranteeing us raises and benefits at the tax payers expense.
          ” The idea that single men should pay the least is absurd. What is this actually based on?”
          – based on the fact that single men who work take up the LEAST AMOUNT of public resources. We don’t use child care, or pre-natal care, or WIC, or head start or any other of the asinine great society programs.
          “I’d also be open to the idea of repealing the income tax entirely and shifting to a consumption tax.”
          – So would I. In fact I would support that 100%. And we seem to agree on the other issues as well. Except one. Public education. This institution must end. A gross waste of money and a built in SJW indoctrination program. All education should either be private or home school. Communal homeschooling would be an excellent option. Where the mothers of a group of friends, neighbors and relatives share the class load. And the kids get to have lots of friends in a safe environment. They can even pool their funds and hire a teacher similar to the “one room schoolhouses” they had in the old west.
          Yes, police & firemen & garbage men can be paid for their services. But no more ridiculous pensions and benefits and no more guaranteed raises. Also, the much smaller pension (if one if given at all) can be deferred until 65.
          BTW, the salaries are VERY HIGH where I live (NYC suburb). Cops and teachers here make 6 figure incomes.
          Firemen probably less, but still high compared to other areas. And the retirement system is beyond stupid. They get to cash out their sick days (sometimes over 300 days) and their pension is based on their last years pay WITH OVERTIME!

    2. Automatic… taxing single people to pay for marrieds-with-children is as old as the Roman Empire and was meant to encourage men (the taxpayers) to build the population. Today it means you are paying for Shaniqua and her 5 kids from 5 different dindus/inmates or refugee proto-terrorists.

      1. “Today it means you are paying for Shaniqua and her 5 kids…”
        Was probably pretty easy for a male of quality to attain a young female of quality back in the Roman times as well.

        1. You could bang all your slaves (male or female), not sure that would make you a ‘male of quality’ though.

    3. Basically saying, my children will be taking care of you in your retirement home. There is not a lot of young people out there, our generation is mostly old. If you are not replenishing the population, you are bludging on the system. If everyone retired at 60, society would not cope, the aging population would die and China would take over everything. Its very costly to raise a family, most families are poorer than dirt and your complaining about a couple of bucks a week in tax.

      1. @ Dave
        Not sure if this reply is to me given the current commenting system.
        BUt if it is I can tell you that I will NEVER be in a retirement home and I will never let anyone “take care” of me. If the day ever comes that I think/know I will lose total independence, I will go to Home Depot, but a nice strong rope, find a good strong tree and do the right thing.
        A couple of bucks for taxes, huh?
        I had to pay a 6 figure amount for 2017 alone!
        F*ck the poor!!! Really, F*CK THEM!!!
        If they are too stupid and too lazy to support themselves, let them starve and let natural selection take its course!
        I was effectively removed from the gene pool due to females not being attracted to me, but I don’t go around whining about it and expecting women to give me pity f*cks. I get pussy the old fashioned way, I buy it. So let the poor do the same for food, clothes and shelter. Instead of whining for handouts , let them work their asses off for what they need. And if for some reason they cannot get jobs here, let them MIGRATE to other countries for them. Those of us who support ourselves owe them nothing.

    4. You have just expressed the symptom of the failed program of economic collectivism! Exactly why a direct income tax was forbidden in the first articles of the 1787 US Constitution.
      The Founders stated in very plain language that taxation will only be direct or indirect and if direct it will be apportioned. Period!
      But then evil banksters came along and totally denied the fifth article requirements and forced direct unapportioned income taxation on the citizens of this once great country!
      Why should anyone pay for stuff they don’t believe in?? This is an open door for incremental wickedness and sin is a reproach to any nation!
      holy creeping social marxism batman!

    5. Possibly because such a tax would simply become another ethnic tax, transferring wealth from slow-breeding whites to fast-breeding Mexicans and Muslims.
      Coulter is against that sort of thing.

  7. This is just nature taking its course. Women like her will not pass on her genes and the future will belong to women who follow traditional roles. I don’t really care about women like her. They had their chance to have a family and blew it. So be it. Not my problem.

    1. JJ, you realize the ones following “traditional roles” — I think you actually mean SUBMISSIVE roles — are brown-colored peoples from the Middle East, Africa and Mesoamerica. You are describing a soft white genocide. Poland and Hungary are trying to buck this trend, but it’s too early to tell if they’ll be successful.

      1. Even Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s government complained that Iranian women were getting little dogs instead of having babies.

  8. Considering income tax is a tax on producers, a nationwide sales tax is better. That is a tax on consumption. Thus, those who earn a living in the black market pay taxes when they buy anything in a store or online.

    1. Yup.
      Why should dope dealers and pimps get a free ride.
      Consumption tax is an excellent way to get these miscreants to pay up.

  9. To be honest with you, I’m not getting married and having children till I find a beautiful girl, and I mean at least an 8 who is taught by her strong father figure how to be submissive. I am in Miami right now, and I can say that Russian or Venezuelan girls fit the picture, American girls have so much entitlement. The reason is simple, so I would have beautiful daughters. The submissive part I will start with them when they are young, but the genetics I can’t change.

    1. Venezuelan girls are probably en excellent choice these days. A starving girl would most likely do anything for a hot meal.

    2. What happens if you have sons ? Honestly, beautiful (read young, healthy traits) women are biologically more likely to produce healthy offspring, but facial symmetry and facial attractiveness ? Another question entirely. Look at the many attractive celebrity couples who have produced very ordinary looking children.

      1. For my sons, physical attractiveness don’t matter, it helps but it don’t matter. You can still look ugly and pick up beautiful girls if you know how to talk. I will take my sons out so they would learn to talk to girls, many fathers don’t do that, I will give them tips so they would get the best girl possible not only from physical attractiveness but the character from the woman.
        I hope my daughters are beautiful. You know who were and still is, the most powerful people in the world? It wasn’t Hitler or Stalin, it was and is beautiful women. Beautiful women can get what they want, literally. All I want my daughters is to get the best husband who can provide for them and love them. The beautiful the girl a man has, the more he will hustle in business, in social life, getting in shape, and other things, therefore making my daughters very happy, and what father don’t want their daughters happy?

        1. Are you claiming Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Teresa May and Margaret Thatcher are all ‘beautiful women’?
          Dare I even mention the French PMs wife ………..

    3. Vlak K – your pretty daughters will submit to aggressive Muslim males, African refugees, and Aztlan invaders flooding in to what used to be America. Though in your case it will be Cubans and Jews. Good luck.

      1. Over my dead body, they will submit to a white man. I will invest a lot of time with my daughters so they would only date white guys who love them. My daughters will respect me, If she respects her father, and she doesn’t get a blessing from her father, then as a good daughter she will not marry.

        1. My russian wife says that if one of her children decides to date a non-white, she’ll toss them off a boat at the first opportunity. I would settle for making the boyfriend or girlfriend disappear….

  10. She’s already hitting the wall and is old so yeah that’s why she is bitter about not having children. Instead she did the career thing like most amricunts

  11. As ROK evolves past game and other masculine pursuits, this article actually touches on something more basic and important than its conclusion. For westerners to survive the coming global genocide – the one that will resolve the massive and ahistoric sex imbalance, they must “breed like rabbits” as the Poles and Hungarians are now promoting. Yes, many tens of millions of males will perish. Any demographic that can withstand the mass culling of their men yet still have the fighting power, engineering, and manufacturing that only men can do, will be the victors and inherit the Earth.

    1. Agree. The problem I have is that I have a feeling that I am on one of the boats heading to D-Day, and I turn around and half the ‘men’ behind me are children wearing vulva puppet hats and diapers. I hate being on a losing team. Half of our ‘manpower’ consists of mentally neutered weaklings, while the migrants and african hordes are quite happy to engage in rape and murder.

  12. If anyone has followed Ann Coulter over the years, they’d know that she’s pretty sarcastic….
    I wouldn’t take that tweet seriously.
    Although I’d have no problem trying to give her a child.

    If you don’t have kids; it’s your intelligence
    telling you it’s not time yet. Don’t screw it
    up by hammering out a relationship with
    some woman out of fear or desperation!!
    …much less out of shame! Or to prove
    you are not gay, or to give your deserved
    wonderful parents grandkids they would
    help raise into healthy perfect citizens.
    If you do; your fruitful rewards of
    divorce, child support, broken home,
    psychologically damaged children,
    etc. are waiting with open arms.

  14. Um, I believe Annie was trolling her audience here. That was satire. She was mocking republicans for making tax cuts their priority.
    Is she happy/unhappy in her private life? Who knows? What makes Ann Coulter happy? Which guy could make Ann Coulter happy? Maybe some of the kingly men on this forum could try some of their game on her?

    1. “Try Their Game”
      The Penthouse founder Guccione and then the Indian and then a Jew.
      She’s been fucked six ways to Sunday all her life and most likely the Guido and Jewish penises were so large that they sterilized her like a battering ram butting against her cervix.
      Only the Italian porn stud Guccione and the money Jewish politician the penises of lesser Anglo-Saxon men were neither strong nor long enough enough to satisfy her desires.

  15. Hey Michael, this is one of the best articles you’ve ever written- that howler about George “Ol’ Blood n’ Guts” Patton notwithstanding.
    Ann Coulter is one of those odd cases of traditionalist women who do not practice what they preach- but in her specific case she is actually probably better off not having kids. She is exceptionally strong-willed and highly educated, and has consciously given up the opportunity to have children in favour of her career. From what I can see, she accepts her choices and their consequences, which is all to the good. And she is right, the childless should not have to pay taxes to subsidise others.
    Nor, of course, should those with children, especially those who have had children responsibly within committed, wedded, nuclear families, be forced to pay for the stupidities of others.
    Your point with respect to the difference between men’s and women’s longevity is well made. It all comes down to the fact that sperm is plentiful and therefore very cheap, but eggs are rare and therefore very expensive. Ultimately men are expendable- but women are disposable.

    Bob Guccione (Mob-connected Italian founder of PENTHOUSE)
    Stein a Jewish politician.
    Some Indian named Dinesh whose the token minority conservative.
    No Anglo penises of pallid lanky Old Colonial stock for this woman’s needs.
    She needs the porn king’s Italian Stallion battering ram and of course the long Hebrew rod to, shall we say, fulfill her needs.
    She probably fucked the Indian to seem less racist.

    1. Wasn’t she dating JJ Kid Dyn-O-Mite Walker for a while as well? And the actor Ron Silver too.
      I enjoy her writing, BTW. Even though her dating Kid Dyn-O-Mite was very weird.

  17. A nationalist, yet childless. How ironic.
    Nationalism without natalism doesn’t mean jackshit, people…
    Oh well.

    1. Not really.
      Pat Buchanan never had kids either, for whatever reason. But he sure gets the message out there.

      1. Pat’s one of my favorites; he restored my faith in America and Conservatism after the Neocons in the George W. administration trampled both. Ann always struck me as a self-serving bombthrower.

      2. When the population of Caucasians is slowly decreasing, maybe someday disappear….
        Who’s gonna care about his message then?

  18. This how Islam beats the everybody else. It pretty much forces its women to breed more Muslims.

  19. No sympathy. These cunts make life extremely difficult and confusing for young men when these thots were in their prime.
    He who laughs last…
    Karma is a bitch
    Lol woman. Reap the dry dead harvest of faminism.

  20. Parents should get tax breaks if their children are of a healthy BMI and pull at least a B+ average. It would provide an incentive for parents to make the ultimate contribution to society…instead we are over run with welfare rugrats who drain our resources are of lower intelligence and are typically of terrible health and would be worthless for our country’s defense. Young couples should make it their job to outbreed these lower income weak specimens for our children’s future.

    1. Grading is just a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit considering many top athletes fail the BMI and some of our greatest minds only scored average or failing grades in school.
      Grading conditions conformity and conformists never accomplish anything lasting in life. Grading is a great way to make people mediocre. It stiffens the dynamism and potential of human beings.
      Even consider grading soldiers by rank. This whole Prussian obsession with ordering people into cogs suddenly fails when you take on unpredictable guerilla insurgencies. Insurgencies who have very informal and mobile hierarchies. Then you look at the special forces counterparts and those guys often discard rank entirely and take on the hierarchies more resembling their enemies.
      Also, I was reading an account of the Battle of Britain and the veteran who wrote it pointed out that many of these figure-cutting peace time officers were absolutely useless during war, and suddenly some obscure low ranking people turned out to be great leaders during crises.
      War and peace, normalacy and crisis, theory and practice produce two types of people of entirely different breeds. And formal ranking structures fail to take this into account.
      As the Russians say: being efficient in normal situations is a weakness.

  21. STEPH
    You’d be telling normal middle-class people “Okay, have 5 kids so that that they grow up disadvantaged from lack of resources and cannot go to college.”
    Let’s face it. Two children families are ideal.
    Also let us look at minorities. They have 5 kids. Two end up in jail for life. One ends up a crack whore or a junkie. Also in jail. One joins maybe is decent citizen with a low-paying job. One ends up poor and on welfare.
    As one racist once put it, it is checkers vs chess.

    1. MM
      You’re wrong on this one, the western college system can be gamed, all mine went to University and it didn’t cost me a dime. I am paying for my step-daughter to attend university (not in the west), but that’s only $500 a year.

      1. JOHN GCSE/A levels vs. US System
        The real bad element in UK schools is out after doing 3 GSCES at 16. US schools are dangerous because these types have to stay in school until 18. In the UK the real bad apples are out on the street the day they finish 5th form and the schools do not have to deal with them.
        You have to be smarter to get into UK universities. Pass A levels etc.
        So less people get into UK universities which means the government can afford to educate them.

  22. I’m not out to shame anyone into anything, nor make anyone feel like crap over their choices.
    My comment on kids is this. When I discovered my then girlfriend was pregnant unexpectedly, I took some time and really thought about the decision in front of me (we were both in the service at the time, I was already divorced from a slut extraordinaire and so had an idea what I was getting into again). It was simple choice to make a dividing path before me. Will I be a DAD to my kid or will I not be one. She (GF) wanted to abort her…I was not willing to consider it. So I told her, we will get married for MY CHILD, my 1st daughter (and any follow on kids) would always be FIRST before my wife to be. It was known from the get go where I was coming from, so my 2nd ex knew at the beginning where my mind was. My kids were and always be first and foremost in my life as a divorced Dad. They are my single greatest test, my single greatest joy and accomplishment. Every sacrifice, every illness, every trial, every pain and every success is measured by them.
    I would not trade as single moment of my life, for the satisfaction and fulfillment I have from my kids. I think I understand the “meaning of life” with experiences I have had , and the decisions and trials I have made and have been through. The greatest F**k You I have is every single day they make a mark on the universe and the people on this slimy mud ball we are stuck on. We are three in billions, but we three in a most subtle way will impact every single one of your lives, whether intentional or not (butterfly effect). Oh yeah, that’s what we have done and continue to do. You may never know what that subtle thing is or how it has happened. We have done so merely by our existence.

    1. sounds like she pulled a good trick for marriage. She’ll be plotting the divorce-rape as we speak

    2. She planned the pregnancy, how could it be unexpected (by her)?
      You were tricked into marriage, and that ain’t a good start.

      1. it doesnt matter at this point whatever her intent was then, my kids are grown now, the court granted the divorce in 2007. in got full custody then and everything i wanted otherwise. it bankrupted me, but in the end i got my kids and a full financial reset, she got prison for her crime (armed robbery), and the kids got reality of who she is and what mattered to her over them (her love for for money led her to commit a crime she was immediately arrested for). i won and female hypergamy destroyed her.

  23. Take that military leader General George Patton: would his greatness have been possible if he had a wife and children at home?
    There is so much bad history in ROK articles and in the comments section. You can’t do anything about bad history among commenters but many of ROK authors badly need editing.

    1. Greatness?
      He killed Germans like an idiot, finally realized the Germans were good people and regretted killing them, then got offed by the tribe because he voiced his regrets.
      There is nothing great about that. Just another white “doing his job well” but not seeing the forest for the trees.
      He was in fact a total loser who helped destroy his race’s future in his blundering efforts to “do the right thing”. But at least he realized that so I give him credit for that.

  24. If there is one thing that can be said about Ann, it’s that she has never shied away from the truth and has ever been honest.

  25. The author has some valid points here. I’m 60, never married, no children, and thank god everyday I evaded it. My church (EOC), faith, family (well some of my family that are decent), a choice few friends, maintaining my health, my pets, and my outside interests have helped sustain me. Jobs are simply a means to an end now, and women are on the bottom of the food chain for me. The whole dating/game thing, IMHO, is a waste of time, money, and wears on the psyche. Save for the rare occasion I’ve had to spend some time with a reasonably attractive and fit younger woman, I stay clear of the wall victim older women, like Coulter (although she has some ideas I agree with, and great insight into the dilemma of single mommies).

  26. Please be less historically illiterate.
    Patton married Beatrice Banning Ayer, the daughter of Boston industrialist Frederick Ayer, on May 26, 1910 in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. They had three children, Beatrice Smith (born March 1911), Ruth Ellen (born February 1915), and George Patton IV (born December 1923)
    A sad commentary on the falling standards here at ROK

  27. Patton had a wife and 2 daughters…when he married, he made a deal with his father-in-law that hecwould help support his family while Patton pursued a military career

  28. Gen George S Patton was a FRAUD. As a military stooge and J-Eisenhower’s supposed nemesis (but actually his bitch) he made damn sure that MILLIONS of Western White Men DIED FOR NOTHING. His “son” kept the Patton “Brand” alive by doing the exact same thing in Korea. Like all shit-politicians he supposedly was a Lothario banging nurses on the downtime when in fact he was a drunk who ran around with his pants off screaming about cock-suckers. The US and USSR already had the Cold War in progress so big-mouth, blow-hard, bullshit-artist Patton had to be “retired” in a car accident. And do not forget- all the blood and guts he told westerners to spill for “freedom” are now German and American J-destroyed economic shitholes overrun with Muzzie SCUM. Patton- Military Genius or Retarded Fuck-Boy??

  29. Even if men in their 40s or 50s can get women pregnant, they are essentially playing a form of Russian Roulette with their potential offspring. It gets worse if the men are
    11 or more years older than the women. Women in their 40s have a much higher
    chance of children developing Down’s syndrome, but men risk children having a higher chance of manic depression and other mental illnesses.
    Do what you think is best for your situation, but you have to consider the bad as well as the good.

    1. Late Pregnancy in Women over 40 is risky because her gestational support is compromised by her aged body (and carousel DNA collection). Scientific American is a useless magazine and sought to “make things fair” by falsely claiming a flaw in older fathers. Mental illness is NOT related to an aged man’s sperm or DNA. AND the article in question (study was done in Malaysia) implied Autism specifically.. which is caused by vaccine use. A 65yr old man with a 23yr old woman would have a perfectly healthy child. whereas a 22yr old man with a 45yr woman would have problems. That is the reality.

  30. My Grandpa was 64 and still self employed when he had my youngest aunt my grandmother was probably around 40.

  31. What?! Coulter single with that sparkling personality?? Thank god that mentally ill cunt isn’t raising nazi children.

  32. Guardians ought to get tax reductions if their youngsters are of a solid BMI and draw no less than a B+ normal. It would give a motivating force to guardians to make a definitive commitment to society… rather we are over keep running with welfare rugrats who deplete our assets are of lower insight and are commonly of horrible wellbeing and would be useless for our nation’s barrier. Youthful couples should make it their business to outbreed these lower wage powerless examples for our youngsters’ future.

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