Don’t Be A Host For Parasitic Women

I have noticed quite a bit of women and quite a few men are always bitching with the meme that “all men are just after sex”. After hearing it for the billionth time and in an increasingly nasal and annoying voice, I decided to look deeper into this concept. What I have discovered is that sex is pretty much the only thing most women bring to a relationship in today’s modern society. If a man wants a woman for something other than sex; he is going to have trouble finding one that will offer something besides that. That is unless he is just looking to be used and abused. I have a story I would like to share.

Nicholas and Rebecca

Nicholas was a young man with a good job. He just recently got out of the Army and moved to a new city. His experience in the military has enlightened him on many things. His relationship with Rebecca though enlightened him even more. He met Rebecca at a nightclub and they hit it off. After the requisite two dates, he got it in.

Strong and Independent?

Rebecca was a perpetual college student/barista at the local coffee shop. In between classes and work, she lived in an apartment with two other woman who also worked at the coffee shop. Her life consisted of going to the club, going to work, and when she wasn’t on academic probation, going to class. All while doing this she espoused the modern woman lifestyle of being strong and independent.

This strong and independent meme should have been a warning to old Nicholas, but he was young and had much to learn. Over time Rebecca started spending the night at his house. First it was a toothbrush in his bathroom, then somehow her shampoo and conditioner ended up in his shower. He thought it was neat to have a “live in fun box” but over time he began to see different.

The Parasite Moves In

The details are fuzzy but somehow she was able to obtain the key to his house. I guess old Nicholas thought he’s taking his relationship to the next level. He made a mistake when he asked her to chip in with expenses. She brushed it off with the reply that she lived in her own place that costs her money. This kind of upset Nicholas, but Nicholas is a patient man and evaluates things thoroughly.

One day Nicholas received a text from Rebecca telling him to pick up some Pinot Grigio on his way home from work. When he asked why, she told him that she was having some friends over his house for a night of entertainment. The sparked Nicholas’s curiosity because Rebecca never did any cooking for him so he arrived home he found that she cooked some pizza  and various other foods for her friends while they were watching some silly show on TV. Her justification for using his houses have had a very nice TV compared to what she had. Nicholas being the smart man that he is s, realized he’s in some trouble. He realized this woman brought only was between her legs to the relationship.

So what did Nicholas do? Well first off he stopped having sex with her entirely and then waited two months to ensure she cannot use the  “I am pregnant excuse” to get back in his life. Even though Rebecca did notice his lack of intimacy during this time, her critical thinking skills failed her. Nicholas knew the relationship was over so he decided to use this as a data gathering exercise. He asked her probing questions. He asked why she was eats his food but never goes grocery shopping for his house. He asked why her dirty clothes never get picked up off the floor. He asked her why she had the audacity to change the playlist on his iPod in his living room. The only answer he ever got this she’s a strong independent woman and that is not the dark ages.

Problem Solved

As I said earlier Nicholas spent some time in the Army and so has the ability to be cold as ice when necessary. So one day he changed the locks on his house, changed his phone number, and informed his employer that he was ending a relationship with an “altered mental status woman”. He then texted Rebecca that it wasn’t working out from his old phone number. Then he shut down the number. For the next two weeks he dealt with harassment from Rebecca and her friends but was pretty low level considering the dastardly things people do these days and now he knows better.  Rebecca probably never realized that all she brought to the relationship was  her vagina.

What should you take away from this story? Any relationship that you have that goes beyond a one night stand, she should be offering up something else besides her vagina. Smart men will not let a woman parasite off him. If she’s unwilling to cook and clean and maintain his household he should not waste his time with her and  should revoke her squatter status in his realm.

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174 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Host For Parasitic Women”

  1. Random friendly tip gentlemen, never use two condoms. The friction can cause them to break and then bam you’re paying child support.

      1. It’s just a little fact a guy told me. And I never said I was a virgin. I said I was raped, but not a virgin.

    1. The people on this site flush the condoms so women cant use what is left in them to get preg

  2. That is a classic case of the predatory female. Your friend got out luckier than most. If he had impregnated her or put a ring on it, he would prayed he never met her.

    1. By the gods yes! I’ve met a few parasites and have since developed a series of defenses against them. The biggest defense isn’t the key, it’s the overnights. I don’t allow them for 2 months, which whittles down the list.
      The next is the stuff allowed at each other’s place. One pair of non-work clothes, one pair of work clothes, and bring your travel / Dopp kit / bag. This neatly fits in one paper bag. I do make an allowance if she likes lingerie 😉
      I’ve not had a woman hit the key stage since. The goal is that you can go over to her place, put the stuff you brought in one bag and hand her the stuff she left at hers afterwards. I don’t bring anything valuable or sentimental, just in case I don’t want to subject myself to craziness. Just text her to toss it in the trash, her stuff is at your door.
      Well… bye.

      1. How about never talking to them at all or giving any notice at all?
        You are egging them on, and perpetuating the problem.

    2. Traditional sex roles haven´t croaked, they have merely been exposed to inflation.
      Feminism is now trying to raise the price even higher by reducing the number of attractive females with body-positiveness.

      1. I am totally again slut-shaming because sluts are beautiful. But we need MORE not LESS fat shaming. When I get too fat, I feel ashamed and I hit the gym. If other people would shame me, I would just say “Yeah, it’s shameful. I am working out again. Now f*ck off you skinny pr1ck.”

        1. If you accept fat shaming at all, anyone who gets fat at all is a loser.
          I do not get fat under any condition. I’m 6’2″ 150lbs no matter what (its considered a metabolic disorder)
          If I breed with a female that also does not get fat ever (which I meet on occasion), our children will also never get fat. It is a recessive gene btw

    3. You mean a normal female that doesn’t think about things that might not result in a free ride for her and her demon spawn?

  3. Simple social economics. If there is no ROI, don’t play ball. There needs to be mutual investment, a concept that the women of our culture today are completely detached from. Again, it’s that “you can have it all” mentality. You can’t expect the world to just do you favors with nothing in return.
    At my lowest, most beta point in my adult life, I dated a girl who I bent over backwards to please, impress, help, support, and provide for in hope that her and I would get into a long and meaningful relationship. She seemed like a huge catch o me at he time and I lived by the philosophy that if you work you ass off and play your cards right then you get what you want – so I did what I was always taught by society to do: I was chivalrous, nice, genuine, and accommodating. She was the typical recently single girl living with other single girls in and out of college trying to “find herself.” Like a complete chump, I helped her move, showered her with thoughtful and meaningful romantic gifts, put her before my friends, was patent and forgiving when she constantly flaked, and accepting of her shortcomings and weak apologies.
    Needless to say, in the end of it all I wound up a broken man trying to pick up he pieces of where I went wrong and why my love was ultimately unrequited despite all my best efforts. In the end I gave her everything, and all she gave me was a wet hole a few times a week. This relationship was one giant first step in my journey to enlightenment of love and women in the modern world.

    1. At least u got to hit that! That’s more than most guys get. I’ve been in that situation a few times and didn’t get shit.

    2. ROI – A fantastic concept for looking at the status of your relationship.
      What do I get from this woman, and what does it cost me.
      Sex is the obvious one, but its easy to put a price on this by checking the internet for the cost of the local hookers. About $90 USD for a few hours in my part of the world.
      Conversation – I have found time and time again, that women are utterly useless at conversation. 99% of them know nothing about cars, boats, planes, hardcore hiking, practical economics and finance, UFO’s, 9/11 truth, and all the other interesting conspiracy stuff I like to talk about.
      Inevitably, women are far more politically correct goodthinkers (read ‘1984’) than men. Very very few think in depth about life and society beyond what is presented to them by the media and educational institutions.
      Thus, they are fucking boring to talk to. Unless you want to dwell endlessly on their pro-forma career decisions that will only be relevant for a few years until they throw in the towel to get hitched, knocked up, and supported by a man.
      Companionship – Get a dog. Far more loyal, far more fun, and a great way to meet chicks in the park.
      Costs – run a budget on that you spend on a woman in time, money and effort. And then consider the opportunity cost of these things.
      And the simple calculation should be to just get a fuck-buddy, and rely on yourself, and your friends, for the things in life that interest you.
      And on a personal note – I really hate it when I am paying for 99% of the dinners, coffees..etc… And the woman always fails to eat all of what I have just bought her. Nothing shits me off more than when a woman orders far more than she wants to eat, and then leaves 30% of it on the table as I am paying the bill.

      1. It’s not how much she puts in her mouth that counts. It’s whether or not she swallows…

        1. Speak for your self. 4in is not worth anything compared to 8in
          I prefer a deep throater that doesn’t swallow in any case

    3. Bingo.
      Do you want to know the single biggest reason why I decided to continue escalating the relationship with my girl and eventually marry hery?
      Because she demonstrated every step of the way that she doesn’t just match my investment, but goes above and beyond what is necessary. She repeatedly PROVED to me that she will do everything in her power to make me happy.
      Needless to say my time with her has been very happy….and the relationships where I wasn’t getting a good ROI were not happy ones.

    4. Does “huge catch” mean “good person in many ways and on many levels” or just “a female that is highly attractive and f*ckable”. Because those are two different kinds of women a lot of the time. And sadly, the prettier they are, the harder ‘nice ones’ are to come by. The prettier people are, in general, tends to mean they can afford to be in touch with more of their inner a$$h0le. Some women think looks means they don’t even need a personality – that’s just something overweight girls need to have… So, depending on the definition of “huge catch”, all different kinds of scenarios can play out.

      1. That’s a somewhat tough question to answer. Given she was very attractive, she had the ultimate “girlfriend-type” about her per my personal tastes, and we got along famously. Honestly – sappy shit. The way we shared the same interests in the same way, the way she looked at me and shared herself and her feelings with me. Ya know, romance junk that a codependent beta sap would eat up and cry tears of joy about. Was an acquaintance I had a bit of a crush on years prior and ended up making a connection with down the line out of the blue. Seemed like something out of a movie at first. Hard looking back on those times at how much of a gullible insufferable faggot I was… But you live and you learn. I’m not ashamed that I thew all of myself at a girl that ultimately just took a piss on it – besides, I kinda got her back in way a while later anyway so it all comes round.

        1. If your relationship is defined by looks, maybe you should consider a sex doll. It will be a more efficient investment to cover your “relationship needs.”

      2. I’ve met two girls, two fucking girls in my whole entire life that had personalities (they were also hotter than the sun.) Give up looking for a girl with a personality. You’d sooner find Atlantis. If you want a relationship with a girl, pick the prettiest girl you can find, treat her like a princess for a couple of months and then treat her like dirt. Act as if you couldn’t care if she lived or died. If she gets lippy, a firm slap should do the trick. Most women are masochistic and in my opinion are attracted to domineering men. Most men on the other hand genuinely love their partners and would rather not behave like that towards their partner. But for the greater good I think the carrot and the bamboo stick method works best.

        1. This idea of slapping a woman leads many men to jail.(which then goes on your record) I would rather set the boundaries and as soon as she violates on them she is out the door. Always have more than one woman around so when one girl goes you have another one.

    5. Some of us experience nearly 0 ROI from +95% of the population. What do are we supposed to do, just accept mediocrity as our MO so we don’t spend our lives entirely alone?

  4. Sounds like an Alpha that went Beta, caught the mistake and righted the ship. Too bad he had to go through the steps outlined above to get rid of the parasite, but it could have been a lot worse. Bullet dodged.

  5. The overwhelming majority of white women are parasitic (even from traditional societies of EE like Russia, Ukraine, etc.). The transactional nature of women varies in behavior from country to country, but all white women are transactional.
    A friend of mine was involved “romantically” (I think “sexually” would be the right description) with an older 40+ unmarried broad at his workplace. True, she fucked his brains (good judgment) out by mind-blowing sex (let him have anal all the time). And then she shafted him up his ass (life, finances). He ended up being nothing but an ATM for her, even though she possibly provided ATM (ass to mouth) in bed for him. End of his social life. Everything now he does, is for her. I don’t think he’d ever leave her for a very long time to come.
    From what I’ve observed, I think older women tend to be more parasitical as compared to younger women. They’re more cruel, wicked, conniving and devious. Younger women are simply more slutty. The caterpillar grows into a full blown parasite when a slutty unmarried woman often reaches her 30’s. She’s got just too much XP with her at that time. And with every year after that, don’t ever think that she’ll ever improve. A parasite will ever grow into a butterfly.

    1. The thought of anal sex or ass-to-mouth with a woman in her 40s is utterly repulsive.

      1. Of course it is. You could imagine our disgust at watching him talk about it. But that’s his life – the life of a Beta Mangina – full with his porn stash included – so he was an easy catch for her. She knew of his weakness – porn and sex – and she fulfilled all his fantasies to get a relentless grip on him. And it’s been quite a while they’ve been “going” on, and off, but he returns again and again to her, like an addict. He’s nothing except an ATM for her, and totally controlled by her, like a drone bee, fulfilling the commands she dishes out. All for the sake of what she gives him sexually.
        That’s why I mentioned older women are more parasitical than younger women. Younger women – like – the one mentioned in this article – usually don’t have a “game plan” to ensnare men, the way older women have. Older women just have too much XP, and too much intrigue in their arsenal to successfully hold men in their vice-like grip, much like how a parasite relentlessly clings to its host, unlike younger women – who are on their way to grow into full blown, matured parasites some day.

        1. So?
          How is that even relevant?
          How is that different than using deodorant or perfume or shaving their legs and armpits?
          Not different at all.
          All I want from them is SEX…so why should I care if they have plastic boobs?

        2. Most women in their 40s can’t even afford plastic surgery. “..anal sex or ass-to-mouth..”
          was the topic, not her boobs or face, and a woman in her 40s, just imagine what her asshole is like.. why you would want to do that is beyond me. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

        3. I’m not interested of what “most women” can or can’t do….I’m only interested on the
          ones that I’m interested.
          I would not fuck an UNFIT 40 year old any more than I would an UNFIT 18 year old….
          What I can say (with a bit certainty) is that AGE brings sexual/life experience (for US and THEM) and financial independence to the table….
          An appreciative 40 year old financially independent and physically fit women is a LOT more desirable to me than a 18 year old that expects to be rewarded every
          time she opens her legs.

        4. Why is it so important to you that the rest of us validate what you like?
          TSMOE.C, I personally find the women you are attracted to as repellent for an initial meeting. If I had a long happy life with any of them that started when they were hot and young that would be a different story. But in this I have not just my own instincts but a great deal of research backing up my instincts.
          Excuse me for saying this, but I get the strong feeling from you that you aren’t so much trying to convince anyone else this is what you genuinely like, as much as you are trying to rationalize and justify your decision to yourself.

        5. I don’t need any validation at all tickletik….it is simply a comment….I have made a life policy to only care about what I like…and to disregard the likes and dislikes of anyone else.
          The fact that you find the women in the photos above “repellent” is puzzling to me….I simply don’t understand….you could of course have expanded a bit and explain the aversion that you have for these MILFs.
          As far as having a “long happy life” with ANY women….I’m not sure if that is a possibility in today’s world…nevertheless it is not something that I strive for…. nor care to do.
          My post was simply stating that age to me is irrelevant.
          MGTOW forever.

        6. I’m so there bro. MGTOW. My way. Or the f*cking highway. If I get some companionship, some sex, great. If not. fuhgedaboudit. There is not point in having a “relationship” with “commitment” anymore. They’re only along for the ride so long as the situation suits them anyways, so commitment is really an obsolete term. Even church vows mean absolutely nothing these days. When guys are competing for a mediocre woman, I just smile and walk away – most are not even worth it. If it’s not quick and convenient, it’s too much work.

        7. Women over 40 are less likely to have the problems being complained about. Now lets think about that.
          Do they really care about the way women in general relate or the way their sexual objects relate?

        8. Only if one of you is infertile. If there is a chance of children, you should only bang women who have the genetic traits you want, not synthetic ones their children won’t inherit.

        9. Is it really about the relationship if being over 40 is a deal breaker?
          Look, don’t bitch about how they relate if you only want sex. They can bid the price up all they want. It is a free market

        10. I can’t be with women that does no have a huge waist to hip ratio.
          I only bang such women if they are:
          a) over 40
          b) breeding, long term relationship material
          c) infertile
          and accept every term I specify up front (like not expecting any help from me or dinners).

        1. It’s acceptable with a young, nubile woman with good hygiene and no STDs.

    2. “(even from traditional societies of EE like Russia, Ukraine, etc.).”
      I´ll bring a traditional women who have I want money tattooed on her forehead and Prostitute on her work visa here, yeah, that will work.

    1. at least the male angler fish gets to have sex all the time and really has no choice in the matter

  6. Let’s face it, as a man you are nothing but a utility to a woman. It’s been that way since the dawn of human history. A tool. A beast of burden. A handbag. A walking ATM, you name it. This truth may be buried beneath nice intentions and in a rare case never come to surface, or it may be overtly clear like with predatory females.

        1. Clearly. Lets see, I’m in a long term relationship, engaged to him, living with him, looking after him. If he wants to have sex, I’m up for it, if he wants to do something else, I’m cool too. Sex is a great, but unimportant part of our relationship. I mean, we’re getting married, I have a lifetime to have sex with him. Total whore me.

        2. “Sex is a great, but unimportant part of our relationship” stage nine warning sign. sexless marriage countdown, its written in the stars

        3. Sex is unimportant? That’s gonna suck for him after 4 years of marriage when you only give it up to him once a month.

        4. “Sex is a great, but unimportant part of our relationship.”
          Unless you are marrying a closet homosexual, sex is a damn important part of his involvement in the relationship.

        5. From Urban Dictionary
          1. attention whore
          Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that
          they will do anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or
          positive) does not matter

        6. If he even exists, your persistent need to hang around commenting on a mostly-male-populated website is a massive-disrespect to him and your relationship.
          Basically, you’re attention-whoring for the attention of other men besides him, no matter how you rationalise it.

        7. Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship. I’ve been married for 10 years and we went through a dry spell recently after I had major surgery. It sucked and for sure had an effect on how we dealt with each other.Especially once children come along it’s important to be able to connect like that. You get caught up in being a milk machine and forget you’re still a sexual being. I’ll never understand why women try to downplay the importance.

    1. GAYNIGGERFROMOUTERSPACE, OVERLORD OF THE GAY NIGGERS aka MashenkaS aka Mia aka Sizwe Bazi aka PabloAndGringo aka Maria, King/Drag Queen of Androgynous Trolls is here, fear him/her now, Troll Alert!

  7. Oh god, my sympathies to Nicholas. At least I clean and cook. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but at least I’m doing something to help out whilst I seek a proper job (as opposed to occasional, but decently paid work). It’s pure bullshit that Rebecca moved in then kept her own place. You have to choose, or perhaps she knew it was too soon and simply kept her place so she had somewhere to go after the inevitable break up. I don’t usually agree on such harsh ways of ending this, but good on Nicholas, she totally deserved it.

  8. More and more, any investment you make with “college educated” women is a bad one. College is little more than a liberal indoctrination camp these days if you’re not in a STEM field.
    Avoid these girls for anything other than a pump and dump if you want to live stress and drama free.

    1. True, but even the STEM fields have begun dumbing down, ostensibly in an attempt to facilitate female influx.

      1. Not really. They’re still hard; the problem is that STEM professors let girls get extra credit easily, and STEM guys tend to be soft enough to do chicks’ homework for free and basically be private tutors…That and girls blatantly cheat without getting busted. I suggest you look at Roosh’s article or ask any current stem major. This disease is prolific – and if you look at the top places – Princeton, Caltech, MIT, Uchicago… it’s much worse.

        1. In practice, it has the same consequences. There is a bias in academics in favor of women of a magnitude we (as males) can hardly fanthom.

        2. Pretty much saw that in my CS education. Yeah, there were a couple of females that had the skills and pulled their share of the load; but, they were the exception….not the rule.

        3. Having interviewed a few STEM graduates, some with master’s degrees, from good schools, and Asian, I can attest that the level of aptitude of the female variety is poor indeed.
          I’ve had good luck with women who are 40+ with STEM degrees though. Back then they had to actually earn them.

        4. Yes actually I was in a chemistry class, the typical dumb blonde sorrorislut who is glued to her phone 24/7 was sitting behind me, with a sorrorislut friend of hers, and all they would talk about was fucking this guy, or sucking that guy’s dick. Then she had the audacity to ask “Is this physics class? Liiikkee, I’m soooo lost!” Someone said it was chemistry, she was legitimately surprised. And she and her friend somehow pull A grades, even though they don’t even know the difference between chemistry and physics…

        5. Nobody should think for a second academics is a level playing field. Professors (whom are mostly male) have no qualms about f*cking you over when they think a girl ‘deserves’ a top grade, even if they have nothing concrete to back this up.

    2. Actually there is nothing preventing males from getting gender or ethnic studies too, becomes feminists without an uterus.

  9. Good writing, Douglas. But can this site please hire an editor? A lot of errors in this piece and on this site consistently. Makes RoK look amateur.

  10. Maybe I’m just to hardened by experience, but Nicholas sounded like a little bitch to me. The moment she decided to use his house without his permission was the moment he should’ve asked for rent. No pussy that you can do for free is worth any of your resources.

  11. Never give her a key, not matter what fake-reason (convenience, safety, etc.) she may give you !
    I can’t imagine how a man would give away control on his own home, but I’m glad he solved it.

    1. In essence–do not allow soiled, polluted vaginas to corrupt your most sacred hearth and home.

  12. I know you boys get a lot of flack from the female population, but I have to applaud the no-filter approach you’ve taken. I can’t tell you how sick I am of reading sugar-coated, PC-articles and posts that ride the fence, refusing to take a strong stance on anything. And, for that matter, believe the unhappy and unsatisfied women in my life could learn a thing or two from browsing through your archives. It’s an honest, valuable perspective, and I couldn’t agree more with the core values at play here.

    1. The appearance of virtue and weakness grants nothing but power in a PC world that attacks the strong and elevates the meek above everyone else. As such, women will do anything they can to preserve such appearances while conveniently invoking the “strong and independent” label whenever it suits them. This usually happens when they’ve done something entirely despicable and they need to suddenly pretend that they’re just acting as they should be.
      Women have a vested interest in maintaining the charade of being victims while behaving dishonestly, it allows them to do whatever they want and never get called out on it.

    2. Australia is a paradise for those who love a left-wing, political correctness obsessed media. The perfect nanny-state where all those degrees in psychology and social studies can be put to good use in pissing off the rest of the country.
      Hardly a day goes by without several articles being published shaming anything that is not hyper-PC, feminist, new-age tree-hugging propaganda.
      Just a few samples from today…. shaming heterosexual education in schools, corporal punishment, men looking at women, personal grooming (a feminist favorite), and girls in bikinis.

      1. Where do the objectivst lefties go?
        PC is disgusting and so is losers dieing on the street

    3. I prefer people that do not “learn how to be”, but rather “just are.”
      You gotta pick the right genetics!

  13. After reading articles like this, you will never ever place a girl on a pedestal.
    Anti-beta pill in your face by ROK.

    1. Past events make so much more sense to me now. I used to be all “Why me? Why am I the one always getting screwed with women, always the one that has to “man up, for her happiness as she runs off to another guy” while I was the one left in the dust to pick up the pieces?” this information is why; so that I wouldn’t become a Leif-a victim of a Jenny Erikson. So that I would not be screwed like this guy in this story. Those experiences served for me to be put on a path towards waking up about women-a path that had me pedastalizing women from age 13-17, becoming jaded at 18, and more enlightened as of last year at 23.

      1. Same here. I suffered so much by false expectations. It is much better now, knowing the truth.

  14. Well you know women are more than the sex, but they’re also more than cooking and cleaning. She needs to take care of herself and not abuse her access to his house and things, but she doesn’t need to “maintain his household”. That’s his job.

    1. The issue was Rebecca was also in the household utilizing the facilities. Yes, she and Nicholas were together, but she fully recognized she did not live there and yet did not keep the space in a state comfortable for those who did. She was being rude.
      When a woman is at your place and cleans up after herself, it’s not because she is subservient, it’s because she has enough pride to not burden someone else to do it for her. It also shows responsibility.
      Men do it as well. If you have the fellas over to watch a game and something is spilled, the guy who did it is the first to (offer to) clean it up.

    2. Translation “Herp derp, she’s a strong independent womyn who has more than just sex to offer but she doesn’t need to offer anything at all besides sex and deserves free housing accommodations and food, and never has to pay for any of it nor does she have to even respect a man’s household and can treat it how she likes.”
      If a woman makes a mess in my house, she can either clean it, or get the fuck out. It’s called basic fucking manners.

      1. Herpitty-derpitty. The wild thing is she probably thinks what she said made sense because she got good grades writing things like that in her womyn’s studies classes.

  15. Most timely article ever. Reflecting deeply on my life choices. Trying to determine if the present woman is a true catch worthy of time/money investment or if I need to cut ties. I’ll be referencing this again.

    1. Sounds like an on-going question, Cody. I know you’ve written about it before. Can you give yourself a few days or a week on your own, travel / retreat / time away to clear your head? I’ve had many insights come this way. Difficult to get perspective when you’re deep in a situation and emotionally invested.

      1. Funny you should say that TT, I’ve actually just returned to Afghanistan with a much larger salary. So I’m at the decisive point now. I know a lot of dudes insist that’ no woman is worth anything blah,blah,blah’ but I don’t entirely subscribe to that view, as you know. Just weighing the pro’s and con’s brother.

    2. “Trying to determine” = No*.
      *Caveat: Women are very deterministic. A lady does not make herself: she is made by submission to a patriarch, BEFORE most of her value is depreciated. Hard to get there in time. Hard to be respected as a patriarch today. Takes some finesse and risky imposition. Your investment, if any, should be in terms of calibrating her (and yourself) to your benevolent but revokable aegis. Does she have enough unsullied value left to make your husbandry of her rewarding to both of you? You want to risk it? You can have children without state-approved marriage. Always have an exit strategy.
      Take this with a grain of salt. Your life. I lack relationship experience, and I know nothing but the fact of my ignorace. I figure getting other opinions will help you work through yours. Good luck.

    3. One more thing Cody. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about military spouses being unfaithful and making terrible financial decisions while the other person is stationed far away. I’m talking about maxed out credit cards, no bills paid, account balanced drained; that kind of shit. Take that into account.

  16. ” “I am pregnant excuse” ”
    So what? Kick the cunt to the curb and demand a DNA test IF/When the bastard is born.
    Her Body + Her Choice = Her fuckin’ problem

    1. Ever heard of a legal abortion? its basically where a perspective father can legally sign away rights to the child, and the mother can never contact you for child support, as you aborted the child, which makes it dead to you.

      1. There is no such thing as a “legal abortion” (at least not in America.) You are just making things up. Child support is the right of the child, not the mother. The mother cannot simply sign it away. If you have a child and the mom seeks child support you are paying something if it is yours. You might be able to bargain away parental rights in a child support agreement to pay a little less, but that depends on the State and you have to get a judge to sign off on it. The only way, at least in America, you can ever avoid pay child support is if you can convince the mother to never file for it and even then, in some states a of a child of a certain age can file for it through a guardian ad litem, so you would have to convince the child to never file too.

        1. I’m not sure how international it is, but I do recall reading about it being a thing, which I think is a brilliant idea. a man signs away all rights to a child he doesn’t want. I mean women can actively choose to have an abortion, or can actually sign their child away by putting it up for adoption. Men should be allowed to legally sign an unwanted child away too.

        2. The mother can’t sign the child’s rights away?
          Hell, the mother can sign the child itself away and have it aborted.

        3. You recall reading someone advocating for the idea. It is not presently a reality anywhere. And I doubt it ever will be – the argument will always be “A child is entitled to support from its natural father. His or her mother’s behaviour does not change this.”

      2. This is a hypothetical thing that does not exist.
        If a man gets a girl pregnant, he needs to be prepared to pay 17% of his income (or 17% of what his income used to be, if he loses his job or has a pay cut) for the next 18-26 years.

    2. The legal system doesn’t care about DNA tests. Nor does it care if the child was born to a prior husband or badboy. Even a “legal abortion” as per @ashlieelizabeth:disqus’s suggestion will probably end up overturned.
      Be careful when you test the power of the legal system – it changes on the whim of women. Your only out from this kind of extortion might be to leave America or your other home country for good.

      1. You’re right BPS, but you are putting the blame on the wrong party. It doesn’t change on the whim of women, it changes on the whim of the men with the guns, the black robed sociopaths who pass judgement and the criminals who write the laws.
        I’m saying that the entire damn thing is nothing more than a racket to get us to cough of up money.

        1. Agreed. Of course, they are controlled by the pussy too – or chase it and do what it wants, so they can get more – so again it does, in a strange way, still come back to women.
          She who screams the loudest, is the squeakiest wheel, gets the grease. Its getting to the point that “Cry Wolf” will bite them in the ass.

  17. Stop the parasite before it starts.
    Keys. Never give a woman keys to your place. Although I would qualify that statement with sometimes it is logistically impossible to never give her keys. If you must give her keys to your place she must be an LTR of at least a year and she must agree to never enter your place, without you there only with expressed permission. If she violates this trust even once take your keys back and change the locks. Also, some reciprocity helps too, if she is getting your keys then naturally you should get hers.
    Her “Stuff”. Never allow a woman, unless she is an LTR, to keep stuff at your place. Ignore her pleas that it makes it “convenient” and those threats that she will not come over as much are empty. If she starts leaving stuff at your place without your permission throw it out. If she asks you if you threw it out simply answer “well it wasn’t mine, didn’t know where it came from, so I chucked it.” For an LTR, it just makes logistical sense that she keep something at yours. Restrict her to one drawer or one box though. No more. If she starts creeping in more things put them in a bag and tell her she forgot stuff she brought over last time.
    Never Let Her Move In. Double that if you own your place. The only time you should even consider moving in together is if you both sign a rental lease for the place and even then make sure there is some way to get out of the lease before the rental term is up. Also, if you decide to marry her (for whatever reason that is) always keep your own place up to the day of your wedding (and maybe a few months afterward as insurance). Resist all attempts to move in while you are engaged. This gives you maximum flexibility to break off the engagement if things don’t feel right or stuff happens.
    Food and Booze. If you tend to spend equal amounts of time at yours and hers this usually becomes a wash. But, if you find she is at yours a disproportionate amount of time make her do the grocery shopping (and pay the bill) at least once a month. Don’t go with her either. Give her a list. If she protests tell her you are not a charity. Also, the first time she opens your fridge or grabs a beer without your permission scold her and tell her it is not nice take things without asking. Do it properly and she won’t try it for at least three months.

    1. “The only time you should even consider moving in together is if you both sign a rental lease for the place”
      LOL! Technically, if she bails you are both on the hook for breaking the lease. In reality, who are they going to come after? For her, finding a new place is a simple matter of mounting a new cock. For you, it’s a major drama. Especially if her bailing without waning means you have trouble paying the rent where you are. Especially is she has been siphoning off all your money.
      Legal contracts mean nothing to these people. If they did, the divorce rate wouldn’t be what it is. For a woman, once it’s “over”, it’s completely 100% over and you are little more than a stranger.
      Don’t sign a lease agreement with a woman.
      Never live on premises where any woman holds the lease.
      Don’t rent from a woman if you can possibly avoid it.
      I’m 47 years old, people. Been there, done that. Learn from my mistakes.

  18. This is coincidentally timed, I’ve been musing recently that I haven’t met an *interesting* woman in months. I’ve a few plates on the go but the thought of actually dating one of them bores me to tears. I’m not sure if I’m going through a phase, have become disillusioned, or there really are few genuinely interesting women out there.
    And I’m not sure what to do about this.

  19. “Squatter.” An excellent observation. Most women are squatters and parasites – I knew this subconsciously, not consciously though.

  20. The proper term for these evil women, as coined by enlisted guys living in proximity to military bases, is “dependasaurus”.

    1. I think I got that wrong – it’s been pointed out to me that it’s actually “dependapotomous”.

  21. It’s AWESOME the only thing you expect a woman to bring to your relationship besides her vagina is the ability to cook and clean for you. HOLY SHIT DUDE. Get a blow up doll and hire a maid. Done. Clearly emotional intimacy, common interests, intellect, etc never factor into the equation when you choose a woman, so people/objects that can be purchased for their services should keep you quite happy.
    To the many whiny tools with “nice guy syndrome” below (you know, where you fake nice until it doesn’t get you pussy then your inner douche is revealed full force?) – you are pretty fucking stupid (well, illogical at best). The thing that stereotypically defines, and destroys, most of your gender is your inability to think rationally over pussy (or cock/ass in the case of gay men) because you don’t really factor anything else into the initial meeting a girl/boy phase except that she/he is a) attractive and/or b) willing to sleep with you.
    But then you expect all sorts of things from a mate (maturity, intellect, reciprocation of good treatment, and apparently lots of house chores) when you choose the mate not for those qualities, but simply because they put out. This makes you stupid. Very, very stupid. This has nothing to do with the mate’s gender – it has to do with you being too weak/dumb/immature to look past your sex drive long enough to evaluate a potential mate on anything but their body before you get in a relationship with them. Dumb choices = bad mate, regardless of their gender.
    Maybe get to know someone, evaluate their personality, see if you mesh and have similar ideals/interests BEFORE you stick it in or, if all you really want is to get fucked and waited on, again hire a maid and get a blow up doll or willing fuck buddy. If you think a “partner” is just someone who screws you and washes your socks, you have zero idea of what having a relationship even means, and you should stay out of them because you will a) hurt a lot of people who are dumb enough to date you, thinking you are a whole person and not a walking conduit for your dick or b) keep dating parasites who know they can take advantage of you because you are so weak your sex drive overpowers your brain.

    1. Stopped reading when I saw”gender.” Perhaps you are searching for “sex.” eg “the problem with your SEX is that etc” Gender is a made up feminist concept invented to muddy the waters of traditional masculinity and femininity.

    2. Humans have two mating strategies. Short term mating, and long term. In the case of short term, men instinctively select a mate based on a number of factors, but mainly sexual appeal. Women who partake in this mating strategy typically don’t have the tools for proper long term mating. With long term mating, the male sticks around, and works together with the woman as a cohesive unit to help raise children. Humans evolved in a way where a man’s physiology was meant to hunt and protect, performing all the hard labor. Females typically worked just as hard in agriculture, taking care of maintaining the home, and other important tasks. Over time resource gathering became easier, and so did homesteading.
      In America and other feminist influenced countries, women are taught to reel in the benefits of long term mating as well as short term mating. Alpha fucks, beta bucks. Men are increasingly acting feminine, and women are acting masculine, and this very well goes against our physiology, but that’s neither here nor there. The main issue with this though, is that women in america tend to only offer sex, which isn’t an offering since there is supposed to be mutual pleasure. The things you mention.. intimacy, common interests, intellect etc. Those are mutual pleasures, but are not resources. When a woman can only offer sex, and has a need for you to buy her things, and be a host for her, without offering anything of a resourceful value in return, then she is simply put, a parasite.
      You also take a nab at how nice guys turn into “douche bags.” Do you know why this happens? Those nice guys are attempting to operate by the long term mating strategy, but so many women in our culture are incapable of doing so properly, so they tend to use these men as emotional dumping grounds and financial resources, never giving them the time of day until these women find it is time to get married. The newly crowned friend-zone nice guys eventually realize this, and also genuinely lose respect for these women. Our new found “inner douche” actually does allow us to properly “evaluate” women/potential mates. Are they long term, or short term? Hence how this article was born, out of that awareness.
      Do you understand?

    3. “because you don’t really factor anything else into the initial meeting a girl/boy phase except that she/he is a) attractive”
      I guess you skipped biology at school. Why do you think young women are beautiful, exactly? Maybe so they will be attractive to men, and then the 2 get together and make babies? Nature, have a look at it.
      Men are visual, whether you admit it or not, and we judge women by their looks. Period. A man decides if you are sexually worthy (attractive to him) within 0.8 seconds of laying eyes on you, and that almost never changes (First Impressions Count, trite but true). Your college major, career path, future employment potential, none of that matters to a man. A man will put up with major personality defects if you are attractive enough.Today’s Western women have lowered their own bar so far they have made most other considerations irrelevant to men, as there is almost no point in a long term relationship.

      1. “Your college major, career path, future employment potential, none of that matters to a man.”
        Not anymore. College grads and high earners are marrying each other nowadays, since it takes two healthy salaries to maintain a decent standard of living.

        1. Any man getting married to woman to get more money is crazy and a fool. Any woman, regardless of income can easily walk away with your resources.

  22. My right hand can do what a vagina does. Meanwhile, it is useful for cleaning, getting things, making things, and so on.
    So, why would I want a vagina that does not also do all the useful things that my right hand does for me?
    It’s as simple as that.

      1. The common cold and the flu travel hand to hand, often with money and doorknobs as a vector, although touching things at the store is becoming an increasingly common way of passing around the common.

  23. The man is smart and wise. He made the right decision to evaluate his relationship and seeing the woman he was with nothing more than a vagina occupying a bed he ended it.
    Too many pussyfied men out there who fear being single or think that the one girl is the only girl he can ever get, will stick with the parasitic woman and even put a ring on it….
    A wise man knows when to break up with a girl

  24. Too many leeches like this around…. A strong man never let’s one of these slags into his inner world. There are some great girls around, but they don’t act like the Rebecca’s of this world. They know how to do everything around the house, look after their children/man and contribute to the success of the household. I envy my brother, he married such a girl when he was 28. He didn’t even bother fucking slags, he said that they weaken your spirit and you lower your standards. It’s either the best or your hand..

  25. You need to proof read and edit this article. Several mistakes in grammar.
    Otherwise ok.

  26. I am an editor working with the world’s biggest publishing house and this article gave me cephalgia.

    1. “cephalgia” was that the ‘Word of the Day’, or did you get that from a vocabulary game, or the Thesaurus?
      “I am an editor working with the world’s biggest publishing house” LOL maybe you should be spending your time in search of a new career, as the traditional “publishing house” is going the way of the buggy whip industry, killed by the internet and free e-books. And the proof of that would be that you had to come here and post a comment, on a Blog that is about as anti-MSM and anti-political correctness as they get, because this lowly Blog gets a lot of page views and people are talking about it all over the ‘net.

  27. I like to ask women near and after the wall what they have to offer a prince among men, per her checklist. Once I say I can get better conversation and friendship from men, they go silent. Why do I take pleasure in mild sadism? Is it revenge? Is it instructional? I don’t think a woman can unlearn privilege. They really offer nothing without sex, and as liberated beasts, it’s just sex, no doubt. The great thing I feel no guilt, no shame, for expecting more as a man. Beasts are dangerous mind-fuckers.

  28. The moment of clarity in my perspective of relationships was when I embraced my economics education to its fullest extent. Concepts such as supply and demand, opportunity cost, deadweight loss (!), self interest, search and transaction costs etc. etc. are as applicable to economies and commerce as they are to relationships.
    Using these as my prism through which to act and interpret the actions of others was like putting on contacts after being shortsighted – everything comes into sharp focus.
    Romance and pop-culture (particularly in these feminist, liberal times) are simply means to baffle the masses with bullshit and not see the obvious lack of rationality or prudence in their actions.
    And so with women, anyone interested in commitment must demonstrate explicitly the following: WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?
    If it can’t be quantified and measured up against what I’m willing to provide, then it doesn’t matter. The sad thing is that so many women will fail this test, not only because of ‘enlightened feminism’ but because women biologically expect more from a man than what they give him. As such, such an exchange is foreign to them.

  29. General Stalin, I am so sorry you were heart-broken. We have all been there; women and men alike. Unrequited love rocks us all to the core, but the strong do pick up the pieces… what saddens me is that some people end up putting them back together in the wrong way and end up a distorted, damaged version of their former selves. I do hope you find a mature, patient woman one day who will return your love. I do think you will have a hard time keeping that woman though, if you keep up that attitude.
    At the end of the day, we have all experienced damaging relationships and ultimately, are trying to find ourselves in the process and figure out where we fit in in society. This heartbreak is all part of the process. You’re not alone.

  30. This article needed a lot of editing. If it hadn’t been interesting, it would have been unreadable.

  31. a similar story happened to a friend of mine, a relationship which he would be defensive about in any conversation like a true white knight (he basically wanted her to have his kids, even though he didn’t have the resources for it)
    after thousands spent on airfare (he was from the british isles, she was japanese), after about 2 years relationship, she came to live with him in his
    appartement… for FREE . she worked in a sushi restaurant at first (turned out she fucked a waiter), got fired and fucked the chef in the next place she worked in.
    she came up withsome shit like she still loved him when he found out. he moved out of his own place due to the “emotional shock”

  32. Flip the script and be the parasite– at least at first. If the women can’t provide your shelter, food, etc. in addition to her vagina, then what do you have to look forward to if/when you get serious with her.
    Even women who seem to have their shit together from my experience are barely makin’ it, on the brink of bankruptcy and emotionally parasitic, if not physically looking for someone to latch onto.
    So, the only way you can know that the woman you’re dealing with has the ability to take care of herself and then some, as a prerequisite to taking care of you in meaningful ways, is to put her to the test.
    Sponge of her for a while to test her tolerance for that sort of thing. When she challenges you to contribut, hopefully after a while of sponging off her, then jump in and be a partner. Or, dump her and move, depending on your long term interest in her.

  33. This is a great example and good overall concept. But jesus use some spell check because your grammar was atrocious.

  34. cut the bullshit. women are fucking children their entire lives and everybody knows it. first came man and truth then came woman and lies. men built this world while they did their gender roles then, but now, now they want men’s balls. nice world they built, eh? they haven’t contributed shit but problem after problem and ya fucking mangina’s want to “debate” why they do what they do… it’s a choice, but the whores will lie about that as well. see, they’re so fucked up to survive they ARE parasites in every respect. be a damn man or sink under the udder lies. fuck’s wrong with you spineless idiots. fuck you feelings – and FUCK THEIRS. feelings don’t pay the damn bills! either control your women or perish at their deceitful lives. or see them for what they’ve chosen to be while blaming you – holes for dick and that’s all. judge each accordingly and do not help the weak scabs of life. period. get it yet, “people”?

  35. oh, and one more important tid-bit here… now they want to blame men for them “choosing” to not have babies… see the child minded immature life long crybaby repeat patterns of constant lies and whore-dumb!? ignore the whores. find a young legal aged girl and raise her into a woman – because obviously her mother didn’t know what she was doing either.
    lead men, that’s your job and if they choose to not follow your lead then pitch the trash into the garbage where it belongs and let them whine all they like. women did this to themselves… and it is something they will accept. but no they won’t – THEY’RE CHILDREN THEIR WHOLE LIVES!

  36. women are children their entire lives.
    parasites off man.
    sperm is alive and swimming and becomes your brain and spinal cord.
    the egg is the food and thew woman the machine to feed the egg.
    past that.
    nothing but trouble and holes for cock.
    first came man and truth.
    then came woman and lie – to survive.

  37. If there was NO money for child support, estate’s, life insurance or alimony you’d get your answer! Do NOT make repeat the mistakes of our forefathers… play, feed, and send there assessment packing.. they’ll find another ‘host’ , no worries! lol

  38. rubbish. the author offers nothing. his mother bore him as a parasite.
    women now abort you just to get away … stop lying to yourself. she makes more money and has as much great sex as she wants.
    and still will abort you.

  39. if this is what humans really are im glad God has a permanent plan to wipe you all out. God would never create men who speak this way (foul comments below of closet fags) soo angry now are we boys? get ready for the one big righteous menstruation!!! whew what a relief!!! righteous abortions of grown ups!!! (yes that is scientific) men serve no purpose anymore. just write blogs then go die. abort abort abort. next step prevention…. next step annihilation…… no need of you, get it yet????

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