Timeless Truths About Game From My Weekend In Vegas

Last weekend I took a much needed trip to Las Vegas to blow off some steam with a couple of buddies I’ve known for the better part of two decades. It was a weekend to remember for sure, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the crimson capsule crusades that ensued the minute I landed in Sin City.

The 2015 version of the Vegas Swat Team was as follows:

“Paul” is a tall, good looking dude I’ve known since my college days. I mentioned him near the end of this article. He’s a stone cold assassin and red pill to the core.

“Doug” is a good friend of Paul’s whom I’d never met before this trip. Paul told me about some of the red pill knowledge Doug had inadvertently dropped in the past so I knew he’d be a solid guy to roll with. Upon meeting him it didn’t take long to discern that he was as advertised.

“Norm” is a good friend of mine who resides in Las Vegas. I’ve known him as long as Paul. He was a slut slayer back in the day but unfortunately, he’s failed to evolve with the changing landscape of the sexual marketplace and holds onto many of the Disney-esque fallacies of the present.

So now that we have our players, let’s get to it.

Most men are white knights…even your friends

I landed in the 702 on Thursday afternoon, where I was scooped up at the airport by Norm. Paul and Doug weren’t due in until later that night so we decided to grab a burger and a beer on the strip and shoot the shit until the rest of the crew arrived.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to steer in the direction of women when Norm revealed to me he hadn’t gotten laid since February. When I asked him why he told me he couldn’t find a girl who stimulated him mentally. In other words, he wanted an “intelligent girl.”

I chuckled and explained to him that all a man needs from a woman is her body and her compliance and that they’re not good for much more than that these days (Paul, Doug, and I would later bust his balls about being concerned with a girl’s SAT scores). To my surprise he looked at me like I had insulted his mother.

Over the next hour and about a half a pack of cigarettes, I explained certain aspects of the red pill without actually identifying them by name. I took care to tread carefully because Norm was obviously new to these concepts, but I could tell they made sense to him. He is a man, after all.

He did his level best to refute these truths but I swatted them away like low-level shit tests. When he finally realized he didn’t have any more ammo (read: he knew I was right) he said:

“Look dude, you make some good points, I’ll give you that much. But all girls aren’t like that.”

Right then and there I realized I had a bona fide white knight on my hands.

Club game is difficult

Okay enough about Norm and his beta-fied ass. Friday night the crew (sans Norm) hit a club a few blocks from where we were staying on the strip. We threw on our best threads, pre-gamed with a few shots of cheap liquor, grabbed a few beers and headed to the night spot.

To that point we’d seen very little talent in the way of good looking girls in and around the strip but upon entering the club, we saw a market uptick. Hot girls were everywhere, including in the elevator we took to get the the roof. It looked like it was going to be a great night.

Unfortunately we were dead wrong. Like most clubs, it was loud and extremely crowded. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But the one factor that stopped us all in our tracks was that it was a sausage fest of epic proportions. We didn’t do an exact headcount but I estimate it had to be at least a 5-to-1 dude to chick ratio that night.

Most of the girls worth spitting game at were either in the VIP section surrounded by oil sheikhs or they were there with other dudes. The girls who weren’t attached to men already didn’t give any of us much play, as I was personally blown out twice in about a one hour period.

It wasn’t all bad, however, as Paul was hit on by a land whale and an anorexic, nerdy looking black girl, so of course I had to egg him on to arrange a threesome (a skill he’s recently acquired) with the two of them.

What that night showed me was that my club game had atrophied badly. Sure, the abundance of sausage, my lack of female accompaniment (which I usually have when I hit the club), and the crazy loud music (which completely eliminated the one of my strongest game elements…my gift of gab) certainly played factors in my lack of success.

However, men like Troy Francis have showed us the ins and outs of club game. It’s difficult to be sure, but it can be done consistently and effectively.

The bottom line is that I’m man enough to admit that my game was straight up weak sauce that night so I definitely need to brush up on my night game and maybe hit the Francis chronicles for a refresher course.

Batman vs. Superman

Paul and I have had our fair share of conversations about  girls, game, and pickup over the years. An analogy we apply to ourselves is Batman and Superman. Me being Batman, him Superman.

I’m a good looking guy but I’m not the text book Anglo-ideal women are looking for. As a result, I rely heavily on my wit and game-relevant banter skills to snag poon.

Paul, on the other hand, turns heads everywhere he goes. He’s got underwear model looks (no homo) and utilizes this to his full advantage. This isn’t to say he doesn’t have game, but in a lot of cases next-level game isn’t as necessary for him to get laid.

The juxtaposition is that Batman can’t go after the bad guys the way Superman does, lest he be quickly disposed of. So he relies on his intelligence, keenness, and razor sharp instincts whereas Superman’s immortality allows him to fly right in with a reckless abandon and start tearing shit up.

So the night after the club Norm dragged Paul and I to some ridiculous POF mingle at a bar not far from the MGM Grand. As expected it was slim pickings, as most women who show up to these shit shows are at the bottom of the barrel—which is why they’re there in the first place.

There was, however, a solid 8 who grabbed the attention of both of our boners. Since there were no other prospects worth pursuing (we didn’t have our beer goggles on yet) we clinked our drinks together and declared: “May the best cock win!”

I was up first (me being a “mere mortal” and all). I sat next to her and struck up conversation with her and her friends. As soon as the subject of age came up I knew it was time to access my utility belt and throw out my go-to escalation line.

“How old are you?” I asked her knowing exactly what her response would be.

“How old do I look?” She predictably replied.  I faux-surveyed her for a second, shrugged my shoulders and said:

“I dunno….38?”

“Ohhhhhh my Gaaaawd!” she squawked as her jaw hit the floor. Her eyes twinkled with intrigue as she hit me no less than three times calling me an asshole. “I can’t believe you just said that!” she said delivering every word with a smile.

Her friends had similar reactions with their hands over their mouths in disbelief confirming their hot friend had never encountered such boldness. I leaned back and smirked at Paul who raised his drink at me with a facial expression that read “touché.”

Asshole game was this chick’s drug and the more I threw at her, the more she liked it. She said to me on multiple occasions (and I’m paraphrasing here) “You’re such a dick but that’s why I like you!”

To which I replied : “And you fucking love it.”

Later in the set, I upped the ante and got my phone out and started scrolling through a text thread from a girl who was sending me naked pics every few minutes. My target couldn’t help but lean over and have a look.

“Is that your next conquest?” she asked.

“Maybe,” I said. “If she plays her cards right.”

Her arousal was palpable. A blonde sitting on my other side allowed me to utilize the push-pull technique to perfection. I’d make conversation with the blonde for a while and completely ignore her, then turn back to her and neg her into submission. Standard asshole game.

I channeled my inner Kanye and she ate it up

It wasn’t long before Paul had his phone out taking pictures of me with both girls kissing my cheeks (never miss an opportunity for photographic evidence of pre-selection, gents).

I had this girl eating out of my hands. I’d drink out of her drink without asking (she was “shocked” the first time but offered zero resistance the next few times I did it), told her to hold my drink while I used the bathroom, and every time I told her to grab her phone to take a picture she never hesitated to comply. I never asked her to do anything, I instructed her and she loved it.

I ran to the corner of the ring and tagged Paul in. He eagerly ducked under the turn buckle and took his place next to her while I sat across from them to observe him in action.

Paul immediately went to his strong suit: physical escalation. He wasted no time establishing comfort with her through touching and playful flirting. He freely touched her pretty much wherever he wanted to and she couldn’t help but follow his lead.

The score was tied at after the first inning but as the night drew on Paul began to increase his lead. She bounced back and forth between us as we walked down the strip, telling me “we need to get you drunk and back to your room” (at which point I number closed her) then going back to Paul to continue their touchy-feely evening but eventually it became clear her preference that night was The Man Of Steel.

Recognizing my imminent defeat, I went from PUA to wingman. I took Paul aside and told him that Norm and I would run interference on her two friends to clear the way for him to work his magic. The plan would have worked to perfection…except for the fact that a trilby hat wearing, neck beard sporting, annoying ass beta schlub managed to weasel his way into our group and effectively cockblock Paul faster than a speeding bullet.

white knight

Yup….that’s him.

All was not lost, however, as Paul managed to not only successfully arrange a meet up with her the next day, the sly bastard gamed her into buying a plane ticket to fly out to the ATL at the end of this month where he will most assuredly turn her into a slutty Lois Lane.

Well played, Mr. Kent.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Rewind back to around 11 PM that night at the singles mingle on the rooftop bar. I was in the middle of my second or third at bat with Lois when I spotted Norm chatting up a couple of decent looking (maybe 6s) blondes at a nearby table.

Knowing Norm like I did, he was probably boring them to death with philosophy talk and books he’d read. Mind you, these certainly aren’t bad topics of discussion. I enjoy talking philosophy as much as any man out there and I really enjoy reading.

Today’s women, on the other hand, have neither the interest, nor the capacity to take up reading or philosophy as a hobby much less have an intelligent discussion about them……on a roof top bar…..on the Vegas strip. They’re simply not going to fuck a guy who yammers on about the philosophical irony of the works of Tolstoy.

Great conversation starter with men. Girls?….no so much.

Norm’s a sharp guy but he just doesn’t understand this. Seeing the boredom on the faces of his targets was the last straw for me but rather than trying to spit some truth to him (which had fallen on deaf ears to that point), I instructed Lois to go over talk some sense into him, and she happily and promptly obliged.

I gave Paul a quick, sharp nod to grab his phone to get this on video. Lois walked right up to Norm and pulled him away from his lecture to which he answered “What the fuck?!”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Lois asked laughing.

“I’m talking to some girls, what’s it look like I’m doing?” Norm replied laughing as well. (Though this quasi-intervention wasn’t a joke, the whole exchange was fun and light-hearted)

“You’re fucking boring them to death with your book talk.”

“What? No. They’re totally interested. One of them’s an exchange student from the UK. She’s totally digging me.”

We all laughed because we all knew that was far from the truth. Lois then delivered the most potent dose of red pill truth Norm had received all weekend:

“Listen, when girls come to Vegas they don’t want a fucking history lesson. They come here because they wanna get drunk and get laid. So pull out your dick, stick it in her ass and shut the fuck up about books and shit!”

Her words verbatim…and I didn’t tell her or coach her on what to say or how to say it. She knew exactly what to tell him without my input.

Most of the time it takes a woman to deliver red pill truth through her actions or her words for a man to wake up and realize he’s been bamboozled by his own culture. Even then there’s a better than average chance he’ll stay in his slumber holding out hope for his Disney fantasy.

I can only hope Miss Lane’s shiv drew blood in Norm’s flawed ideology because he is my friend and I wish him the best.  But I’m not holding my breath…

Where was Doug during all this?

At this point you’re probably wondering how Doug factored into all this because his name is noticeably absent in each of these misadventures. The truth is, with the exception of the singles meet on Saturday night (he spent five hours at the poker tables at Planet Hollywood), he was with us every step of the way. However, he wasn’t on the prowl because he’s got a quality girl back home so he decided to pass on the shenanigans the rest of us partook in.

Yeah he was at the club with us, walked the strip with us, drank the entire time, and took in all the sporting events with us from various high end casinos. But it was clear he had no intention of violating the trust of his woman.

You see, gentlemen, that’s the other side of neomasculine awareness. Pussy plundering is a great. But if a man knows he’s got a good woman at home he doesn’t have the need or desire to seek female companionship.

Cesar's palace hockey

Game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals between the Rangers and Lightning at Caesar’s Palace

Girls would do well to emulate Doug’s girl. She locked him down the right way, continues to prove herself as a quality woman and doesn’t rest on her laurels or take for granted that he could skate at any time. He solidified this by coming to Vegas with us and you can bet your bottom dollar she sucked the life out of him when he touched down in the ATL.

And for those of you thinking Doug may be on his way to contracting oneitis, think again. He made no bones about the fact that being single when we go back next year “wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.” He smirked when he said it.


From the smoking hot poolside cocktail waitress at the hotel pool who said she would date a nice guy over an asshole (her boob job, tattoos, and profession betrayed her attempt at snowflaking), to the young beautiful women we saw with old rich guys, to the story of Norm’s sister, a stripper, who married a man who ignored her for days at a time and cheated on her all the time (probably still does), the red pill was all around us.

Viewing Sin City through this prism only further confirmed the doctrines I abide by. I’m very much looking forward to next year’s visit.

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225 thoughts on “Timeless Truths About Game From My Weekend In Vegas”

  1. We all have a bit of Kryptonite to be fair. Like Norm, I’m very impartial to smart women. There is a three bracket rule I apply and reading this article, I’m realizing there should probably be two; the closest smart slut and communal smart slut. I had a date this past weekend with a moderately good looking German girl. First thing she suggests was to pick a place with alcohol, so I do. Personally I prefer do it yourself dates, beaches, home made dinners, things of that nature, or lounges.
    First thing out, she reveals a new tattoo. I’m scoring on the side already so the sex drive is lax so I overlook it thinking, she is being cute and showing personality. First mistake, it wasn’t personality but a talking point to touch and flirt with. I capitalized on neither.
    I had a park nearby to which I revealed what I liked. My reveals came through words and not actions so of course, while I had some pull, I was losing it by the second. Fail number 2. Engaging the senses instead of telling what you like always serves the greater purpose, in story-telling, dating, and life. Excuses are always loved and believed when there is a story attached that engages the senses.
    My final mistake was jumping the gun on escalation. I stalled on touching throughout the date although she welcomed it. She mentioned a younger guy she messed with too suggest her love of physical and I kept trying to pair logic into the picture. What I mean there is, I kept thinking what kind of person she might be to hang with long term. I had no business thinking this as women do not care about the future when dating. They want Lil’ Wayne, fuck tonight and forget it tomorrow living. Whether she was a quality girl or not, I’ll never know but the tattoo and other signs say, errr, no.
    I share this story because while Norm is clearly a white knight, this doesn’t mean that we all don’t have to face that song within ourselves every now and then. So constantly assess what you want and what you need to do to get it.

    1. “I’m scoring on the side already…” And you can bet your top dollar so is she.

      1. I agree. The lessons slipped my mind for just a second and I went with an ethical call. Like I said, I ignored all the signs that should have led into an easy poon tag.
        As long as I’m getting mine I don’t care. There is always better. And she was one of a few numbers from that day.

    1. Right here. Case in point. How do we know he didn’t get laid? I have heard its easy to get laid in Vegas (I have never been) but when people make comments like this it makes me wonder why people come to this site other than to troll. Waste of time man.

      1. Maybe he got laid and maybe he didn’t. The point is, he had one on the hook and halfway to the boat and all of a sudden handed it off to someone who, by his own admission, didn’t need the help. Who the fuck does that? A bullshitter, that’s who. I don’t troll, but I do call out BS when I see it.

  2. “I ran to the corner of the ring and tagged Paul in. He eagerly ducked
    under the turn buckle and took his place next to her while I sat across
    from them to observe him in action.”
    Love the WWE reference. Oooooh yeah, brother!!!

    1. Nice “lab” experiment. It’s a good way to show many men just how and when game (and red pill theory) works.

  3. Just wanted to share my favourite Red Pill-esque song ! www(DOT)youtube(DOT)com/watch?v=5RKZCTlDvlA

  4. I don’t know what you have against Norm! Maybe his stories about his fedora would have managed to get him a proper date with this chick while you two just in for a quick sesh. Never underestimate the fedora,homie!!

  5. I believed everything in this story except the part where the girl straight up tells your friend Norm the red pill stuff. Would a girl really say that shit? Nah seriously. And plus I know fucking a drunk chick is bad idea because they can throw around that “rape” cry all the time. Would fucking a drunk chick in vegas work well and not get “rape” charge? Damn how were you guys able to pull all this off?

    1. If she enjoys the company of your group she might run impatient with the helpless dude and spill the beans. There are cool chicks like this.

    2. “I gave Paul a quick, sharp nod to grab his phone to get this on video. ” It sounds like they got it on video.
      You asked how they were able to pulled this off? It is called game. Women will do what you tell them to if you have game.

        1. LOL I have never been to Vegas but I hope to go soon. It amazes me when people troll by asking shit like “how did you do this” or “how were you able to pull this off?” or “I don’t believe you” when they have never tried it themselves. Fucking pathetic.

        2. The questions don’t piss me off as much as facetious desire to ask. You just know the questioner views the situation as a lie and the teller as a liar, only to support this with circumstantial evidence from their own life. Sometimes talking to some people about game is like showing them a video of Moses walking on water. They will desperately look for the strings, props, and payoffs, all to support their own binary/transactional way of dating. She said yes. I brought flowers. She held hands. I got peck. Second date scheduled. Sadly, in between dates 2 guys tapped that. Maybe twice. Without paying a cent.

        3. Well said. I see so much hate for the writers on this site and all they do is question the validity of their claims. Roosh picked these guys for a reason and I’m pretty sure he’s vetted them too. Women hating I can understand but the men that ask these questions are pussies.

        4. Even If you’re jealous or full of hate, just keep it to yourself, otherwise you’ll make yourself look like the weakest weakling out there by lashing out straight off the bat. Take it to the grave with you, go over it (ego aside) and learn from more successful people.

      1. so if I tell them to murder a random man and I have game, would they do that?

        1. Maybe. Charles Mansion had some 20-something decent looking chick just recently trying to marry him.
          Also, there is no shortage of wives who have killed their husbands in order to be with their alpha fling.

        2. GhostOfJefferson is spot on. Yes, if you have game a woman will do pretty much whatever you want them to including committing crimes. I’m not a cassanova or a game master but I have relatively good success with women and if they are into you they will do whatever you want.
          You’re a beta amigo. People like you can’t fathom or understand how men get girls do things for them. If I were you I would keep reading sites like this to understand game. Then maybe you wouldn’t be asking dumb ass questions like “how did you do that?” and looking like the virgin you do.

        3. The question stolen aptly from women who were gamed: “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” Know a person who went to school with a guy, who’s girlfriend got her guy’s son to kill his stepmother, all so he could sleep with her. Which he did. He must have forgotten the biggest threat to a baby’s life is a woman.

        4. so you come up with a conclusion that I’m a beta by one question that I asked online. What do you know about me? Beta? really? , you said this place was a place to learn game. That is exactly what I’m doing. Reading and asking questions if I don’t know.

        5. When someone asks “how’d you do that” when talking about getting women to do something as simple as the author stated, you’re a beta my friend. So the short answer to your question is yes.

        6. you call me beta on internet behind computer screen. ha~ha~ha very typical. Yes call me beta any time you want. It’s easy typing that “beta” than actually saying it to someone real face to face huh?

        7. I’m just kind of stunned for a moment because I can’t believe you just called me “beta”. I mean wtf dude, why did you call me beta? All I did was ask a question. How is it dumb? I seriously wanted to know how the author was able to pull that off because not every men can and some men get harassment charges for doing that. Is the author good looking man? Like you stated and I like your honesty, me too I don’t have good game skills so I try to learn too. Don’t be so mean for novice guys like me just stepping up into this whole game theory learning. I got scored with some girls not many but few after doing some game techniques. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I come here to ask veterans like you questions and I would appreciate little more nicer reply next time.
          a noob.

        8. First sign of being a beta, not accepting critiques from other men. And being called a beta is far nicer than being called a bitch. Try some David DeAngelo Cocky and Funny at some point. It might free up what you express just enough to see a whole other side to sexual interactions.

        9. I don’t really care of being called out online from people I will never even meet in real life. People can type whatever they want online because they want to and also because of the nature of anonymity and talking whatever behind the safety behind computer screen.
          I’m thick skin for the most part but when people drop the words “alpha” and “beta” so frequently, the whole label notion is ridiculous in my opinion. A lot of people talk shit online and it’s so easy for anyone to do so. In real life, most people won’t say or talk shit in public and a lot of people hold back what they say in public.

        10. That may be, but your thin- skin is showing brightly and we can see the blood pulsing as well as the veins that are trying to spread vitality throughout your body. While anyone can come at you online, so to speak, they only truly give what they feel they get from you. Solid reflections as in the real world. The major difference here is you can pick up some solid corrections without any of the social ostracizing that so often comes with social faux pas. Most people are passive but that isn’t all. And you’ll find the few that aren’t tend to have a lot going in their favor.

        11. No need to pout about it. Just take stock, observe your own reactions, try not to make your own weaknesses so easily read, and live a little.

        12. well I appreciate your comment and advice. Seriously I can tell you are well poised just by reading your comments. This is what I like about red pill and manosphere sites. Despite all kinds of comment, there is some hard knock truth to what a lot of guys are saying. I will reflect upon myself and accept whatever good advice out there. Thanks man.

    3. I actually have one female friend from back in High Scool days. She would likely say this to a dude striking out, or something close to it.

    4. We (men) are all here to share notes, ideas, suggestions, etc…so why wouldn’t you take Sharpshooter’s (author) story, seriously? It’s why we are all here.
      Also, you seem to be tripping yourself up with too much thinking, analyzing, etc…just go with it. I’m not saying to be stupid and ignore warning signs but if things are flowing along…then let it happen.
      I’ve found that much of what should happen with an interaction with a woman should just flow. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to move on to something else or better.
      A woman who is interested in you will make it easy for you (move mountains to see you, again).

    5. Yeah, the chick “obeys” the author, and tells Norm that women come to Vegas to fuck. Of course she didnt fuck Norm, the author, or any of these other beta nerds. She no doubt got pounded by some alpha biker later that night and had a good laugh telling him about these gameless clowns.

  6. You don’t go out with a hat unless you are Humphrey Bogart. Or Pharrell Williams.
    Also, club game is becoming increasingly difficult. Many women now go out to take selfies and receive validation via social media, compete with other women in looks/clothes and exploit old rich men/beta orbiters to get drunk for free. If you get a table and are mentally worried that the bill will be a third of your monthly income, girls will sniff it in 2 minutes.
    Only guys with enormous disposable income (e.g. rich, trust fund babies) who won’t even look at the bill before signing and guys with granite-strong game are able to compete in high-end clubs. The rest of the guys better try other game sources. Club environment is designed to extract as much money as possible from beta men, not to provide them with quality entertainment.

    1. You don’t go out with a stupid player hat, true. But a Stetson, combined with nice shit kickers, pre-wets panties in a five mile radius.

      1. I think the difference is that any idiot can go out with a fedora, while only a guy who knows his shit would try a Stetson.

    2. I like sending the girl to get two drinks from the beta, one for her and one for her “friend” aka me.

  7. The red pill never lies. It’s a manifestation of evolutionary biology. The only difference between now and 5,000 b.c is a blue-pill facade filled with Disney lies thathaspolluted the culture… and contrary to popular opinion, has been far more detrimental to men than women.

  8. I’ve been to Vegas too many times, if not for work purposes then simply because where I live is an hour flight away. As mention by Sharpe and other comments, yes, if your game isn’t solid red pill A Game or if you don’t have have AT LEAST six figures of income to enter “privileged” areas and events you might be excavating the tar pits there for low SMV vagina. And the Betas know that this is a poosy paradise and come in droves (many other Pacific and Southwest major American cities are short flights or easily accessible by car so this is a major bachelor party destination for a huge chunk of the country) . Just eavesdrop on some on the game they spit if it’s convenient to do. Calling it laughable is both an understatement and being charitable.

  9. Hey Sharpe, how and from where exactly did the neckbearded hipster doofus manifest? You make it sound as if he just came down from the top of a building like Spider-Man and said “Here I am!” then lowered the tone. Details, please!

  10. So you spent $300
    On a round trip flight, $300 on hotel, $300 on food and another $200 on entertainment (total cost is over $1000) when all you got was a “promise” from a club skank that she will visit you in Atlanta. An escort would have cost just $250 in your hometown . Now if you went to have a good time with buddies , then sweet , that’s awesome , but going there to score women who aren’t escorts , not going to happen for the most part unless you’re a hot shot lawyer or doctor with sugar daddy bucks

    1. Or if you have game a relatively attractive girl costs your zero. Travel is still fun without the pretense of having to get laid and as men, well, see, we have to work for everything in life (unless we play gay or have a certain ethnic group’s last-name privilege) so letting off some steam from our arduous lives any way we see fit is justified any way we see fit.

      1. It always cost money for a girl , first meet up will cost you time and money . And what’s relatively attractive ? A 5-6 . Great . The 8s and up will cost you and if you think it doesn’t just go on to seeking arrangement . Com and see the boatloads of hot girls who demand material payment .

        1. Yeah, from old crusty beta business men. They will still fuck the pool boy or the bad boy biker for pennies on the dollar though, just don’t tell her money dude that, heh.

        2. Not really . The so called Instagram models have golden puzzy syndrome and if the pool boy does not provide social stimuli or a self esteem boost then he doesn’t wet the puzzy either

        3. Yea, really. See it all the time. Hot high value corporate chicks and kept wives showing up to bike night, visible wedding ring tan lines on some of them, scouting out their alpha fix.
          Their hubbies and sugar daddies don’t know, and would deny it if they heard about it. I mean hey, what social stimuli does a bad boy biker give, and girls certainly don’t get self esteem boosts by bedding the man all the other girls are drooling over, heh.

        4. Desperate 45 year old single mother or married moms that you describe at Harley dealership parties are not the target category for most of us

        5. The discussion was about the 8-10’s, not the women you mention. I constantly get hit on and flirted with by the 21-28 year old demographic of young women at these events. All the time. The main bike night in our area is a few blocks from a major Chase Manhattan office building that dominates several city blocks worth of real estate and is several stories high. They come out in droves. Like them aliens, at night, in Alien 2.
          WTF is a Harley Dealership Party? Who would attend that kind of bullshit, heh?
          You’re a chick for real aren’t you? Thought the name might be a put on, given some of your jargon.

        6. Pics or it didn’t happen . Whether I’m a chick or not is irrelevant to the discussion . I see from other articles you’re from Ohio . The cows have better bodies than most of the women there

        7. That is a foolish assertion. Reveal your identity anonymous disqus ID, for I need proof you soaked your penis in vagina. Were you THAT guy who asked for super, zoomed in, HD quality porn, to know for certain a guy came? If he slayed a new girl in front of you, your face right by the action would you believe him?

        8. Yeah, you’re a chick. Every post a derisive sneer. Very emotional.
          Why would I take pics of girls hitting on me? That’s fucking weird shit, right there. Not everybody catalogues every moment on the iPhone.
          And definitely, OSU, just down the street, is nothing but heifers, lol!
          Go find someplace else to troll, woman.

        9. So they just hit on you? To me that’s a coach telling you you’re a good baseball player then proceeds to bench you .

        10. Goj just admitted he got hit on with no follow up action, case closed .

        11. Are you really this dense? What “follow up action”? What kind of insecure dude photographs his interactions with women? Are you even pretending to be serious, woman? My oh my…

        12. Yeah, they hit on me, and quit a few other men there too. This is not corporate jacket land here. what you mean by “benched” is something known only between you and God.

        13. Dude, he is married, happily, with two children about to enter college. He isn’t starved for sex nor suggested any evidence of being a cheater. Are you that boxed in to being a provider for sex?

        14. Exactly. I toy with the hotties then set them back into the waters. No need to take any home on the stringer. Other men there capitalize on this heavily though.
          If he is a guy, and marries, he is in for a lifetime of nightmares. Provider game gets you a wife who sneaks out and hits on dudes like me and my friends. And only a few of us have morals, heh.

        15. They cost you time and money (speak for yourself). I used to be that guy when I was younger (we all learn through mistakes) but now I value my time (let alone my money).
          I will outright tell a woman that I “swing for the fence” – just to let her know that she has to qualify for me (and my time). Sometimes she makes the cut, often she doesn’t make it.
          You have to set the standard (to qualify), not her – very important.

        16. This isn’t Facebook. No man should be on Facebook at all (get rid of your account if you have one – step one). It’s only good for marketing (business) and it should only be used for business but that’s about it.
          No man worth his salt is taking pictures of his interactions with women. If you’re doing this on a regular basis then you are insecure. If people don’t believe me, then fuck them (I’m not here to impress – just to share or swap stories, ideas, etc..).

        17. What insecure dude boasts of being hit on and tossing girls back into the waters ?

        18. You really need to try and make this personal, eh? Heh.
          You are a boring troll. Dismissed.

        19. Who takes pics of themselves getting hit on or talking to women?
          That sounds like something some sort of socially retarded, millenial pajama boy who’s never talked to a girl would do.
          EDIT: Should read more before posting…this was already said by others.

        20. By money I mean . The first meetup you buy $30 worth of drinks the second you buy a 60$ dinner . It’s all part of the game

        21. People have been marrying and making babies for thousands of years we are talking pick up game since that was the intent of the article

        22. You called me dense then say I’m making it personal ? Such arrogance

    2. It’s often the journey (not the end point) that really makes it worth going on. I’ve found this to be true in other aspects of my life as well (not only with women).
      You have to remember that women are the side dish (not the main meal). The trip to Vegas was about getting out (the journey) with your buddies.

      1. He’s been preaching Elliot Rodgers Game on this thread. Seems quite insistent. No doubt print screening this thread on anti-PUA.

        1. You sound like a woman who cries rapist at every turn . If you look at most pua authors they turned out to be fraudsters who never got what they preached . Thats fact call it whatever fancy word you like but it’s the truth . Do you watch jimmy swaggert for spiritual advice too ?

      2. Look at the second half of my post . If he had a good time them I’m happy for him but that’s not game

        1. Your belief “system” needs a reset. You’re bringing money into an equation that has nothing to do with money – my opinion and belief.
          If you always value yourself “as the prize” and you constantly have women needing to qualify for your time, then it doesn’t matter (money or not) with women.
          I’ll actually tell women (often) that I’m an asshole – it’s part of my charm. They love it (and it shows).

        2. Many times they see that as arrogant and not game . Being a little beta at the beginning to get her hooked sometimes works too. It’s about making her tingle in order to get laid .

        3. Fuck beta shit.
          Better to err on too much arrogance than too little. She’ll respect you at the very least.

        4. No, no man, you don’t see? If you’re beta up front, she’ll just assume that you’re alpha underneath! C’mon man, it’s worked for so many men, for example…um….well there was that on guy..wait not that was a movie…hold on….
          Well anyway, I’m sure it must have!

  11. Recent example of game and holding frame from my life. I just got out of a 2.5 year relationship with a very high quality woman. It isn’t easy no matter how red pill you think you are. Joined a free dating site, wrote up a really funny profile. Went out with new girl. She initiates first kiss DURING first date. Invites me to the bar where she waitresses two days later. More PDA outside the bar. We make plans to hang out again. Then I got a shit test.
    “I’ve looked through your profile again, do you realize how sexist you are?”
    I respond with “Yesterday’s masculinity is today’s misogyny.”
    Her: “LOL, you’re right! I never thought of it that way!”
    She says she’s free on Thursday. I invite her to my home.
    “I’d really rather meet in a public place. Keep it PG.”
    I don’t respond at all for two days. Thursday evening rolls around.
    “Hey are we still going out tonight?”
    “I don’t really feel like going out, which is why I invited you to my home.”
    “Okay, that sounds great. Is eight o’clock okay?”
    Done deal. My old self would have gone on the defense and explained how I’m not really sexist, and yes let’s meet in public, that’s a better idea. I held frame and took her shit tests, and am enjoying the results.

    1. She was into you from the first minute . That’s a situation we all strive for but typically we get the wafflers who can’t make up their mind . You got pics of this new girl ?

      1. I won’t post photos. She’s cute, petite. Not gorgeous, but pretty. Most importantly, I’m not sitting around sulking about my break-up.

      2. “She was into you from the first minute.”
        This is my take on most hook ups. I think we like the idea that we’re in control of a woman’s attraction, but it just isn’t that simple. However you can damn sure kill the attraction, THAT I’ve done before.

    2. I respond with “Yesterday’s masculinity is today’s misogyny.”
      Her: “LOL, you’re right! I never thought of it that way!”
      Did you tell her “these arent the droids youre looking for?” too?

      1. It was funny how fast it turned around. Her next text was “Maybe you’re just old-fashioned. And that’s okay :)”
        Yeah, I’m old-fashioned all right. She’s a gluten-free, vegetarian, yoga enthusiast from PORTLAND of all places. No matter how far left-leaning and progressive they are, women still crave masculinity. I invited her to get some Pho a few days later.
        “Which place? Is it MSG free??”
        “It’s called ‘Mr. MSG’s No. 1 Pho’ so I’m not sure.”

  12. Ha your Batman-Superman thing actually reminded me of me and my pal back in the early 00s.
    But that gig sounds like hell now. Trying to take down brats in Vegas/London/Paris – life’s too short.

  13. “I channeled my inner Kanye and she ate it up”
    Kanye West is as beta as it gets SMH

        1. The so called game articles here are more half truths . At the end of the day hi smv young women want it all , looks money etc and many go without a man for years until they get it or they settle when the wall hits . The Troy Francis articles reek of pua material from eben pagan (deangelo) who ended up marrying a 6

        2. That’s what Elliot Rodgers thought too. All the while writing about his disdain for the “assholes” who got chicks without his money and high statue family and looks. Huh.

        3. Patton got into a car wreck and died at the end of WW2, ergo he was not a valid general.
          See the error you just made? Lots of these men bang hot tail for a while, get bored, tired and lonely for something more than a bang, then settlle for a chick way below their abilities. I do not know why though.

        4. That’s apples and oranges. A car wreck is not war , I would never make that comparison . Deangelo preaches how it’s important for a man to game women so he can get a beautiful wife and get laid . Looks like he didn’t follow his own advice or is it that he’s a fraud and he has the gullible like follows him. That pua stuff has some elements that are good but most is for money making purposes . Troys article reek of falseness , you really believe that boasting?

        5. Maybe they settle for a chick below their abilities because those girls play less head games. They can’t get away with doing shit like that like an 8 or 9 can.

        6. Then what’s the point of pua or is it a fraudulent money making scheme ? I think the latter . We can all get 5s easily .

        7. And another derisive sneer.
          The value of the words somebody preaches are judged against their truth in accordance with demonstrated value in real life, not on whether the preacher himself practices them. You are asserting a form of argumentum tu quoque. That’s a logical fallacy.
          Person A says a fact. Person A is a hypocrite regarding that fact. The fact is wrong due to person A’s status.
          Real life example.
          Rapist: “rape is a crime and immoral”
          You: “you’re a rapist!”
          Conclusion through the fallacy: rape is not illegal or immoral

        8. I really have no idea. I believe most PUA types will be up front about not being naturals. Tiring of “the game” would be expected in that case, since it is not normal behavior. I guess.

        9. 10s, 9s or 8s, fuck it, even 7s nowadays won’t put up with being a housewife or making the husband happy. The cock carousel is not only en vogue but it’s always being promoted by media to social norm.
          A less attractive wife would have less notches than a good looking alpha cock widow. They see you transform into a beta provider losing some of that edge they were attracted to in the first place and they’ll crave the A-cockrel in no time. Then you shot yourself in the foot by marrying someone who is gonna take you to the cleaners.
          A 6 vs alpha cock widow

        10. Value of someone’s words should be judged ! That’s what is said about women. That their words and actions are 2 different things !

        11. Sophistry and histrionics. The pua’s teach specific methods that appear to work for a lot of men. Whether they use the methods or not themselves, or if they settle for a 6, doesn’t change whether those methods work for other men in real life.
          So basically you are doubling down on a clear logical fallacy.

        12. If a structural engineers skyscraper falls, he’s not qualified to be an engineer any longer . Fancy words and over analyzing doesn’t change that fact .

        13. You persist in engaging in the fallacy.
          You’ve been instructed in your error yet you persist rather than admit error. Your contribution value to this discussion is plummeting to zero quickly.
          There is plenty of photos of some of these guru types with hot women, videos even. What they choose to settle for when they tire of the stress is irrelevant to the point of the effectiveness of game.
          That is the end of the discussion. Learn or do not, your choice.

        14. And somehow you’re the self appointed judge of this discussion . You should make your credentials known to us “lost” then

        15. It’s a herd mentality – with women – just watch their actions.
          Many women will share their story of getting divorced soon because they are “unhappy” and pretty soon their girlfriends are getting divorced as well. Even with marriage, you have to keep your woman in check so that you don’t lose that edge. If you’re not a natural (many are not) then it takes a little work until it becomes natural (a formula develops).
          Men should read up on The Rational Male with Rollo Tomassi to get the inside scoop on how to keep that edge and understanding women in general, altogether.

        16. Rogers would have snapped for other reasons eventually even if he managed to get laid. Its possible to expect higher quality material at ROK and not be psycho. The writer flirted with some chick, took some pics with her, got her number, but didn’t get laid. I can do that without game.

        17. Thank you ! Women call red pill guys Elliot Rodgers when you say you hang out at ROK !! Now goj uses it when you disagree with him

        18. Well look up 2 against 2 now. So is my jury less qualified than yours ?

        19. Game has value but it gets oversold. Game can help a man take it up a couple of notches.

        20. I’ve been thinking about this a little bit lately. If you’re willing to accept her carousel past and you can out alpha her ideal man, then you can make her worship you even more.

        21. And there is more; have you any ideas how many women have delved into prostitution of some kind during university? too fucking many. From craigslist meets for rewards, cam play leading to a bit of porn to sugar daddies, etc. Add all this do the cock carousel and draw a line.

        22. this isn’t the norm. Most simply get money from their beta father. Don’t jump to crazy conclusions. Plus you can always get the truth from women if you tell stories of your bad boy times (if you have them). Chicks love to play one up.

        23. There are chicks who do that but not that many. You may be right about the bad boy stories. They like an interesting man.

        24. Never hurts to have a criminal past. Especially if you ain’t been caught. Now that’s a smart guy they can get under. Not that’d I’d know.

        25. Huh ?? Married man hanging out at Vegas gaming articles ? Doesn’t sound happily married to me . Must stay married because he’s scared of her !

        26. I actually agree PUA is way oversold.
          Out of all the videos I’ve viewed (which are “controlled” environments) I’ve yet to see the infamous ‘ugly dude with hot chick’ that so many claim is out there.
          What I see in the REAL world are an overwhelming number of couples made up of people who appear to be of similar SMV.

        27. Yes if a 9 doesn’t find that exact smv match she becomes a sugar baby . The trash , even hot trash , pro create with gangsters ,,, your strippers , cheap escorts etc

        28. Resorting to spelling errors now as a counter argument ? It’s corrected now your honor dbag

        29. Put down the remote . You probably have a tattoo of a butterfly on your gluteus and now you’re a tough guy , we get it .

        30. He is right. I have high suspicions one of my exes delved into this realm first hand. I would be surprised if that was an isolated incident designated specifically to her.

        31. You believe PUA is over sold because normalcy is over sold. Do you have any idea how many people undersell their potential for optimal anything?

        32. I’ll back up your vote as well. PUA is very sound and I’ve done enough of it to note there is a distinct difference in how you share your masculinity using some of the ideas they share.

        33. That’s why I do both for entertainment and the advancement of others. Volunteer work is fulfilling.

        34. You’re only bored if you’re boring. .. and I don’t even own a TV.

        35. Eye/beholder etc. Their chemistry works for them so what business of ours is it?

        36. Never heard of it, had to google image search them and they looked like they fit each other. Not my type but probably his… either way, not my business.

        37. You’re right, because the only important factor in choosing a wife is her subjective score out of 10.

        38. I think the reason is that beauty is only skin deep and no woman is beautiful forever. I have dated many women who were hot as hell but I couldn’t stand their personalities.
          If this guy is happy with his wife I don’t see why its a problem. The main thing is that he finds her sexually attractive and she is a decent women. Everyone else’s opinion is irrelevant.
          Btw, I thought Patton was assassinated?

        39. For me it doesn’t matter. Any girl that plays head games is out the door immediately. 8, 9, 10 whatever, I don’t give a shit. There’s plenty of girls to replace them with. When a girl meets a real man she gets in line and does what she’s told, no matter where she scores.

        40. True. Speaking of which, this chick I am seeing fucked up recently and told me how good one of her exes was in bed even though he had a small pee-pee. I told her “sweetheart, don’t ever tell a man about your past sexual experiences. We don’t want to know. As far as we are concerned, you’re a virgin. Maintain that illusion.” She apologized and made things better with a blowjob.

        41. Well now, that is kind of like you and your pessimism, eh? Either way that was the best anecdotal evidence I will provide for you. You can go fetch your wallet, speak against self improvement, and stroll back to your normal life. The best evidence for you of PUA will be when you get divorced, if you ever warranted coupling at all.

        42. That’s what the author of this article and many others say ! Are we changing the targets now ?

        43. I’ve had my share of good looking girlfriends , problem is they were train wrecks . The author of this article wasted time and money in Vegas when he could have had the same results in Atlanta

        44. Look man, I don’t know the guy. But based on even my own experiences, maybe he got some “hot” women but they weren’t exactly relationship material, or he sucked at keeping them… perhaps he wanted a relationship and this chick just clicked with him at the right place/right time. Who knows, who cares! …was it you who lost the 19 bucks that you mentioned previously (or more)?

        45. And they’re very aware of that!
          I was at the gym the other day and my eyes locked with a hot young chick, we eye each other some more and I approached her. She was flaky as hell, but I wasn’t mad, in my head I was like, “you’ll me out of shape in 3 years time and you’ll go from 9 to a 6 in no time.

        46. I thought the author of the article was talking about gaming chicks. Where does he talk about marrying them?

        47. I agree on the woman part.
          Nope, he died from injuries incurred from a wreck with a deuce and a half truck and his staff car. Paralyzed for nearly two weeks, then died.

        48. Oh I don’t doubt it, but the mating game cannot be manipulated to the degree that PUA’s claim. The proof is in the pudding.
          Not only am I knee deep in this pudding but I observe the behavior of other people all the time.

        49. This analogy doesn’t fit.
          I “know” what PUA’s are attempting to do and some of the game concepts talked about are actually useful (very much so at times), but women aren’t automatons that you can fully manipulate by entering the right input.
          If there is a large imbalance in physical appearance it must be made up by attaining status and/or money.
          If you don’t meet a certain “threshold” you could be the funniest, most socially savvy guy on the planet and you still wouldn’t be on the radar.
          That’s just how life is. We don’t all get dealt the same hand.

        50. This is very true, lower ranked girls are generally aware that they are not as good looking as other girls and will try harder to please you in other ways.

        51. That has yet to be seen. I’ve dabbled in it and while I recoiled a few times, threesomes, 5 minute bangs, thirty second fingering, and day game threesome escalation in the streets were all plausible for myself. Do I hold some combination of genes that make this possible? That may be the case. But who is to say what you can do if you don’t expand your horizons?

        52. And PUA dudes are well aware of this thus the less good looking wives they actually marry.
          I personally know a few dudes who are good looking but have sub par gfs. Why? Because an 7.5, 8, 9, 10 will not settle for someone who has their shit together until they hit 30.

        53. All his info is on the site as well, but the book is more structured and they are right that you generally retain information better when you read print.

    1. It may seem that way but looking at it from a different perspective he got a ton of publicity aka money from the whole deal, much much more than he would have received if he HADN’T married her.

    2. Kanye wifed up a bitch who is famous for making a sex tape with a guy named Ray Ray. Fucking ray ray. That’s your wife.
      Kanye rhymes with gay.

      1. Yeah kanye is so downlow. What kind of guy goes on and on about Louis Vitton and is so fanatic about fashion? Mark my words,Just like most of homophobic rappers…. he gay. Time will tell.

        1. if i had to choose between being kanye and a homeless guy who lives under the bridge, i would choose to be the broke man. in less than one second

      2. for real! he has all the money in the world yet marries a whore… he is the textbook bluepill mangina

      3. LOL! I can’t stand Kanye either. And he dated a bald chick.
        And his wife put her tits and arse on the front cover of a magazine. Nice.

  14. This is boring. So the writer went to vegas and didn’t get laid and that makes him qualified to write about what?

    1. Yeah I hit on 10 women per week with ” game” it gets me nowhere most of the time . I made a profile on seeking arrangement and they beg me to go out with them provided i throw out cash and gifts after they screw me silly .

    2. Precisely. The chick allegedly mentioned going up to his room, and he decides to number close her. Jesus Christ.
      Then the chick directly insults all of them by saying that women in Vegas are there to fuck, and not fucking any of them.

    1. It is impossible to ban them as they are algorithm based. Maybe if they had a certain word thread that could help. Or ban comments with more than one bold typed sentence in a row.

      1. create a separate wordlist that trawls the site looking for keywords we see every time in the comments and bold, or enough of the capital/no capital text and it can email your admin every time it finds one automatically. It just has to work with Discus and you can point it at the website index to glide through every article continually.

  15. What kind of dork thinks a woman’s SAT scores? The guy clearly scored high on the SAT, thinks he’s better than everyone else because of it, and is using it as a way to rationalize that people who didn’t score in his range are beneaeth him and not as good as he is. Male hamsterization such as that almost always occurs in specimins where there is a complete lack of real world achievement, so they fall back on meaningless academic results or “prestigious” degrees to feed their own egos.
    For the same reason I’d bet his game sucks ass. A lack of work ethic in one area usually manifests in other areas as well, so him not having done the work to improve his game would correlate.

    1. The higher the test scores, the more competitive the college, the less attractive the females. Compare MIT to any big state university… its obvious. The fewer the social options a woman has, the more time she has to study.

  16. Yeah, LV is pretty tricky, as far as clubs are concerned. Most guys don’t understand how far a well-fitted suit, polished shoes, clipped nails and a haircut will go. Also, I don’t understand why people hate on getting a table. ALWAYS GET A TABLE! Nothing sucks more than trying to make your way through a sweaty crowd and waiting 15 mins just to pay $100 for a round. You, your wingman or team go in on a table by the pool. The girls can dance freely, put their feet in the water and get comfortable. Not all of the tables are $10k+.
    If you’re looking for a cheap trip or to save money, then this is not the place. I’m sure there are plenty of girls who wouldn’t mind sitting with a guy that has a bucket of Coronas, in your hometown, but girls that put on red-bottoms and hit the Vegas clubs aren’t looking for that dude!
    I used to think Vegas was super douchey , too, until I started opening my ears and eyes.

    1. It is all about the money. You basically have to quietly sit at your table with some good drinks and invite some women over. Things will work out. It seems like people try too hard to prove that they can get women without money. You are correct. In their hometown where the ladies might remember you as a popular athlete, musician, breakdancer, etc…they will likely get plenty of women. In the real world, you have to spend money. If you cannot do that, do not waste your time going out to places like LV.

  17. Great article- I really like the type of article that describes actual situations and the practice of game and not just the theory. Why couldn’t you run interference on the beta schlub?

    1. Because no game was demonstrated at all in the article. A bunch of nerds went to Vegas, talked about Batman, and none of them got laid. And the author number closed a girl who had just suggested going up to his hotel room ( she was obviously joking).
      Game indeed.

  18. The challenge with parachuting into town for a 4 day weekend and hoping to bang the hotter babes is that night game requires some knowledge of the local terrain. You need to know which clubs have better m/f ratio, which nights and times to be there, how much $ to budget, etc. You could waste time bouncing between clubs going nowhere. The good thing about vegas is that women go there for bachelorette parties with their girlfriends so you can assume vacation sex is always a possibility.

  19. This article will be followed up with another article about how to use beta game to score the decisive lay .

  20. 1. Great article. We need some more of these. It’s a perfect balance to Quintus’ more philosophical articles which I thoroughly enjoy as well
    2. Clubs aren’t worth the time or the money, which you will likely need a lot of the latter to have any kind of shot. The surroundings bars though are usually a better bet.
    If you can hear yourself talk, you can actually go at it. You can’t at clubs.
    3. This is a good reminder to always be looking your best. My game is decent, but I’ve landed girls before over other guys simply because of my looks.

  21. On the subject of the Dubai porta-potties (implied by the sheiks in the VIP lounge), the Arab petrostates like Dubai and Saudi Arabia are being royally squeezed by the oil price crash, so maybe we won’t be seeing it as much in the future.

    1. Yeah, the way things are going, things aren’t going to sheik out well for them in the future.

  22. “he couldn’t find a girl who stimulated him mentally”.
    Any surprise there? Heh 😉
    When-ever I hear a Man say, “I want an Intelligent Girl or Book-smart girl” I think sure you do, that’s the Modern Metrosexual’s response to that question, sure having a girl with relative intelligence is nice, but is it the First thing on the List, not unless the Feminist Blue Pill indoctrination was successful. Reminds me of that You-tube Video”Girl who Reads”, White Knight Beta Simping Ensues:

  23. Vegas was awesome. I was there 3 nights, got a hot college chick from Chicago, and put a chick on the spit my mate and I met at Wet Republic. Good times…

  24. um the bit where u made fun of Norm or whatever for liking ”intelligent” girls was a bit misguided and dumb because a girl with wit is legitimately an aphrodisiac for men such as myself. id have to admit the whole SATs thing was retarded though.

  25. Great article man, and many thanks for the props!
    You’re right, Vegas is a fascinating place when viewed through a red pill prism. And club game IS hard there for all the reasons you mention. I got more traction in the streets, in casinos and hotel bars and so on. A guy’s best bet in the clubs may well be to stick it through to the end and pick off girls as they’re leaving or going back to hotels for afterparties etc (but avoid the hookers, obviously!)
    Awesome stuff!

  26. My friends and I have a couple of 2-bedroom suites booked in Vegas a few weeks from now. Normally I would not advocate bringing sand to the beach, but when you have a group of more than 4, having a few hot girls already with you increases the chance of bringing in more once you are there. Most women want to be wild, they just want an excuse, and they don’t want it to be spelled out. You pre-select from the women in your life who might be open to the idea and then ask if she has a friend. Even if she acts disgusted at first, she will be thinking about a three-way and you’ve set the range of realistic expectations. Further, once everyone is dressed up and drinking at the club in Vegas, and the women are dancing, all bets are off. She’ll probably even bring up the idea of adding a third and start recruiting for you.
    Also, I don’t know of the official term for it, but women are more prone to talk to you if they see you at a table with other women.
    Plus, you have added confidence since you know you’re getting laid either way that night. You’re free-rolling the threesome.
    Vegas game is definitely as the author says, but there’s also room for the exceptions. Don’t be surprised if your girl starts making out with her friend and wants to bring the stripper from the Spearmint Rhino back to your hotel. Act like it’s no big deal and roll with it. (If you’re into that sort of thing of course.)

  27. What a pile of drivel. Can’t believe I wasted ten minutes of my life reading that utter nonsense. Unbelievably sad. It’s just as well these women can’t read your despicable, infantile and quite frankly banal mind, because if they could you would never get a shag again. They would, quite simply not touch you with a barge pole. You are a woefully inadequate man.

  28. So your friend Paul is such a great player, and you and his friends are so good at wingmanship that all together weren’t able to defeat the cockblock of the beta guy with hat? Come on guys, this article is ridicolous.

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  30. You Americans are fucking jokes, using the “red pill” as a fucking excuse for acting as frat boys. I would bet you $1000 that your friend wouldve fucked the brit. Some girls are actually turned on by cultured guys, and some guys are turned on by cultured girls.
    You say you can’t find a good girls that fullfills your desire , well your behavior (because i assume you don’t act like this just in Vegas) makes the worthwhile girls run away from you. You are just a brainless douchebag in their eyes.
    It gets me very frustrated when the red pill is used by people like you to treat women like animals. The red pill is about killing the way women treat us not a vengeance to treat them like fucking shit.
    But yet again whom am i to judge your fullfiment and hapiness.
    Good night

  31. All I get from this is that good looks and height trump everything else. Girls are as visual or even more than men. Nuff said.

  32. Vegas was an easy place to get laid! My mate and I met some hot college chicks from Chicago, then the next day we double teamed a slut we met at Wet Republic – that was funny as hell, with many a high five exchanged! It was a shitload of fun and we didn’t even spend that much money. MGM cost us about $40 a night each to stay in a sweet hotel room. We didn’t waste money on gambling, and there were girls everywhere, who all seemed down to fuck. The pools were a gold mine. Maybe picking up is harder if you hang out at snobby, expensive clubs with poseurs? But certainly no complaints from me about gaming in Vegas! It seems like the case of the harder you try, the more money you spend, the less likely it is you’ll get a root!
    My experience did show me that concern about marrying an American woman is valid. They are great for fun, but you would have to be out of your mind to commit to one long term. They are just way too slutty to take seriously as wives and mothers. Aussie women are essentially the same – although they prefer to get double teamed by Euro dudes in Spain, France or Italy

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